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exercises to shed fat on This pdf will feature snippets of wisdom regarding exercises will help you to shed fat from your core if you do them regularly and properly. The fat loss needs to be gradual for it to last a long time. Do not jump at quick weight loss solutions as they are not sustainable. This strategy will lead to satisfaction with your improvement and stronger motivation. Take adequate time at the initial point of each exercise routine to learn the movement technique then slowly increase your intensity. Before long you will be able to withstand a long workout, but try to keep them short and sweet at the beginning. Abdominal crunches Lie on a towel on your back. Begin by putting your arms just behind your head. Keep the chin up and slightly away from your chest. Imagine a ball in between your chin and your chest. Lift your chin up and try to reach your knees with your forehead. Work the abs as much as you can, more than your neck. Exhale gently on your way up, and inhale gently on your way down. Vacuum pose and belly rubs Inhale, suck in the tummy as far as possible. Exhale and release your stomach. Do this while standing for as long as you can hold it. Stomach twisting Stand comfortably with the feet close together. Stretch out your hands in front of the face with nails facing back. Carefully move the arms as far left as possible while keeping the legs straight facing forward. Hold this position for a second. Release the position and return to center. Now repeat this movement twelve times. Repeat this exercise on the right side after you have finished the left side. Breathe when the stomach expands and breathe out when the stomach shrinks. Belly resting Lie relaxed on your back flat out on the ground. Lift the arms and legs up straight as far as is possible and hold for a long period as possible. Repeat this exercise ten times in quick succession. This exercise prepares the body for eating and should be done before every meal to add pressure to the stomach and prepare it to burn calories. Russian twist Lie on your back and bring your shins up to face the ceiling, with knees parallel to the ground. Rotate the legs over to the side to form a 90 degree angle with the body. Return the legs to the center. Repeat this light exercise with the other side of the body. Repeat this exercise slowly until exhaustion sets in. Hip raises Lie relaxed on the back with both your legs pointed up. Thrust your hips up off the floor. Engage your core muscles to apply strength to the hips and lift them off the floor. Keep your hands on your sides. Point your toes to the ceiling.

Back press with double leg lifts This is quite challenging so try doing a back press or other exercise to warm up first. Lie flat out on the back and gently place a neatly rolled up soft towel at the back of the neck to align the head with the spine. Keep feet hip width apart with the knees bent. Keep hands to the side with palms pressed up and the back of your hand pressed down to keep the arms straight against the floor. Lift both of the legs straight out in the air. Lower the legs as much as possible until you cannot keep your back flat on the floor. Return the legs to straight up. Repeat this until it's too hard to continue. Tucks Bring yourself down on the floor, bring your nose to your knees, inhale and grab your knees on the back of your thighs and bring them to your chest. Then hold this position for a while. Exhale and release your knees. Then, lengthen your legs and arms in front of your body and behind without touching the floor. Repeat this simple technique for as many of the repetitions as you can. Alternative leg lifts Lie your body down. Relax your shoulders, palms facing the floor. Lift your legs up in the air, bend them if necessary. Alternatingly lower one leg to the ground without letting the leg touch the ground. Return the leg to the top where the other leg is. Exhale as you lower your leg and inhale as you lift your leg. Advanced individuals in this technique can try 80 to 100. Intermediate can try 40 to 60. Beginners can do 20-30. Crab workout Lie flat on the ground. Raise your legs up in the air. Bring both arms just behind the head with your elbows back. Do a crunch to the side, with your elbow trying to reach for your toes. Exhale on the movement to your side. Move back to the center and inhale. Repeat with the other side. Advanced people in this technique can try 80 to 100. Intermediate can try 40 to 60. Beginners can do 20-30. Front squat Cross both your arms just in front of the chest. This exercise technique is designed to work the front of your quads. Push yourself up from the heels. Keep your body steady and your knees straight over your toes. Lower the body gently as if you happen to be sitting in a chair. Repeat this exercise until you can feel a burn in your quadriceps. Sit-ups There are a lot of varieties. Lower yourself to the floor or mat. Keep your legs bent if you are not strong enough to straighten your legs. Flatten your back into the floor. Emphasize most pressure on the curling up motion as you move up toward your knees. Relax the chin. Keep arms crossed over the chest. Do not let your shoulders rest too long when you come back to the lying position. Hold and exhale as you move downwards. Inhale as you move upwards. These exercise routines should be sufficient for building up the muscles in your core. They should not become a substitute for what is otherwise known as good nutrition and a proper diet. People

who want to lose weight in their core have to watch their calorie intake and make sure every calorie comes from a good source and goes toward a healthy, balanced diet. Losing weight is a process that takes time. You did not gain weight overnight. It shouldn't be realistic to expect to lose weight overnight. If you do then be assured that the weight loss will be temporary and cannot possibly last for a long time. Reference site:

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