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Kelvin Grove Urban Village: All in One An examination of By Serena Ye

a master-planned urban village

Part 1 Teneriffe/Newstead Situated 2km north of Brisbane’s Central Business District, Newstead is a regenerated suburb that consists of a multi-cultural society, sustainable residential apartments and urban renewal. The place has several positive and negative aspects socially, economically, and environmentally. Firstly, it

There is also not much litter or vandalism. Socially and economically, there are many shops, businesses and restaurants; some located on the bottom of apartments for residents’ convenience. There are also riverside restaurants and sidewalk cafes. Additionally, there is a balance of medium

is environmentally friendly as the area is surrounded by trees and shrubs that give shade and fresh air, thus making the atmosphere clean and pure. Teneriffe is not affected by high traffic or congestion and is very accessible to transport, including the availability of hiring CityCycle bikes for sustainability.

and low density homes to accommodate the requirements for different families such as mothers with children. Teneriffe also contains many boutique buildings with own labels. Some building may seem old as the suburb is currently undergoing urban renewal and examples of improvements include new parks, recreation facilities and removal of industrial traffic.

CityCycle bikes for hire

There are many old buildings in Teneriffe

Overall, Teneriffe is definitely a ‘desired residential address’ and a unique suburb for its historic wool stores and modern apartments.

However, though the aforementioned positives are evident, some people question whether it is sufficient. For example, some request for more shade and trees, as well as initiatives for promoting people to travel more on public transport, when these aspects are already considered a benefit in the area. It may be quite controversial. There are also places where you must pay for parking. Furthermore, while the peaceful suburb is environmentally sustainable, there is a lack of social blending within the community; residents do not interact with each other as well as in certain other suburbs where inclusive communities are formed from social activities and cultural facilities.

home to families particularly with a high income. This means that Teneriffe does not have a very blended community, and is disadvantaged in terms of healthy social interactions with a range of citizens, as well as perceptive knowledge and experience gained through a blended community. West End West End is one of Brisbane’s oldest and most densely populated suburbs next to the Brisbane River near the CBD. The area promotes use of CityCycle bikes as a more environmentally friendly mode of transport aimed at reducing traffic congestion and parking pressures. There is a very frequent and convenient schedule of public transport such as the CityGlider which provides highfrequency bus transport that links to busway and rail connections, CBD attractions and new residential developments. This is also part of the Brisbane City Council’s commitment to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transport across the inner city.

Teneriffe is quite peaceful

The CityGlider

Finally, Teneriffe has above median rent prices and consequently, only quite high

West End is also home to a diverse culture and demographic range; it contains a range of restaurants and food. Services such as a library, news agency and health facilities are available in the area to accommodate

income people can afford to reside there. As a result, individual and national household incomes for the precinct are well above the national average, placing the suburb as a

residents’ needs. There is also a cultural centre and entertainment opportunities to enhance the quality of life. West End is close to the airport, another convenience that is

economically beneficial. Overall, West End is a well designed and facilitated suburb characterized by its cultural, structural and lifestyle diversity.

convenient by the range of regular bus services from the urban village to the CBD. There are educational facilities within the village as well as cultural facilities including the roundhouse theatre and exhibition spaces.

West End will be undergoing major developments over the next 15 years to overcome certain disadvantages in the area. Environmentally, it is affected by vandalism, litter and pollution and therefore the environment may not be very fresh and pure. Some buildings are energy insufficient and show signs of urban decay. Economically, West End contains a high proportion of rental housing and renters pay higher median rents. Additionally, some regions do not have convenient and well maintained gardens or open spaces to access. There are busy roads; however, they are balanced with pedestrian paths. The area is being developed by the Brisbane City Council and private developers.

Kelvin Grove Kelvin Grove Urban Village is a master planned urban village near the Brisbane CBD designed to exemplify environmental, economic and community sustainability. The area contains many parks equipped with barbeques and playgrounds and there is plentiful sunlight. The sustainable apartment designs reduces carbon footprint and is well insulated and ventilated. The area is very public transport orientated and linked to the city centre and surrounding suburbs by roads, bikeways and walkways. It is very close to the city and travelling there is made very

A QUT campus within the urban village

Kelvin Grove Urban Village exemplifies selfcontainment as the area is near shops and takeaway restaurants and along with the educational and cultural facilities, accommodates residents’ everyday essentials. The area also provides social opportunities for people to partake, demonstrating the attempt to form an urban village. Additionally, the urban village houses many low income families as the Brisbane Housing Company provides homes to many low income people. Kelvin Grove consists largely of mix-used medium density buildings that ensure environmental sustainability and considers residential convenience.

A few negatives of Kelvin Grove Urban Village include evidence of litter and the quite high noise volume from traffic, since it is a very busy suburb. As the master planned village is not completed, the construction phase is ongoing and this contributes to the level of noise.

be environmentally friendly, witnessed from the buildings that contain gas or solar hot

Evidence of litter

water systems; water-efficient taps, toilets and showers; a water recycling program; natural daylight and ventilation as well as insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The construction is ongoing

As well, the multicultural society may cause some conflict between the citizens. Socially, because the village offers low-cost housing, many people who may be suffering financially have been attracted to the area, leading to drug and crime problems and therefore the desire for a diverse community and the issues that comes with supporting low-income people conflict with one another and some wonder whether the village can be completely sustainable. However, overall Kelvin Grove Urban Village has mainly received praise for its design, development and infrastructure.

Recycle bins in the area

Public transport is very convenient in the village, promoting residents to help reduce air pollution. Additionally, there are many parks in the area with recreational equipment and native trees have been planted to help maintain a healthy environment. Finally, the landscape is designed so that rainwater can percolate





replenishing underground water supplies. The urban village was designed to alleviate urban sprawl.

Part 2 From analysing the three Brisbane inner-city suburbs of Newstead/Teneriffe, Kelvin Grove and West End, it is evident that Kelvin Grove Urban Village, on average, best exemplifies the





containment, environment and economic sustainability. Firstly, the village is designed to

Residential apartments in the urban village

Socially, Kelvin Grove Urban Village includes


numerous programs and activities to create a

educational facilities. When completed, more

sense of community; these include activities

than 4,800 people will be employed within

in the park, a business and residents’

the Village and there will be more than 2,900

association as well as student exhibitions and


performances. The geological place of Kelvin Grove is also convenient as the Royal Brisbane and





grounds, South Bank and Suncorp Stadium are all within 2km away. Residents state that they enjoy living in the village and many low income







the area,

facilitated with convenient transport, services and parks. Additionally, wireless internet connection is available in parks and cafes in





In conclusion, Kelvin Grove Urban Village is definitely a master-planned urban village that exemplifies environmental, economic and social sustainability. It will be completed with mixed-use







recreational, requirements





village has received positive publicity and is an idealistic residential environment.

Kelvin Grove is economically sustainable, a



butcher, pharmacy, newsagent, and over 10 different restaurants and cafes. The area was intentionally





containment – residents would live, work, shop and be entertained within the same area. The precinct includes a QUT campus as well as other schools, the roundhouse theatre, the Creative Industries Enterprise Centre, the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, as well as retail shops and restaurants. Already $1 billion has been delivered to create a mixed use development combining



commercial and recreational facilities. There are many employment opportunities in the


demonstrate self-containment. The urban

consideration of residents’ comfort.



A plan of Kelvin Grove Urban Village


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