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She peers through the blinds at the dimly lit street, eyes scanning the shadows cast by the streetlights, looking to see if He’s there. Is He watching her right now? Does He know her thoughts? Does He know that she can still feel the soft graze of His teeth against her neck, hear His voice full of longing and desire as He groaned “Not Yet...” before sliding back in the shadows of her room and vanishing. Feel His body pressed against her, the weight of Him holding her down like a warm heavy velvet fog. Her breath coming in fast gasps as He pins her arms above her head, holding them there as he slowly drags His nails over her flesh. Some animalistic instinct inside her taking over spreading her thighs, feeling Him slide between. His hot breath teasing her as his tongue slides up her neck. Feeling Him take deep breaths as if He’s drinking her in. Drinking in all her desire for Him, Her fear of Him. Feeling Him shudder above her, sensing the battle raging within Him, her blood rushing in her ears, every sense burning. That distinct unexplainable sense of loss as He pulls away. “Not Yet...” Shaking her head as if it will remove the memory of Him, His cool skin against her. She goes back to scanning the shadows. Something moves, almost too fast to see, but she knows that stealth, that grace. She hears a single footstep falling behind her, too close. Turning slowly , breath catching in her throat , eyes raising to meet His, instantly her lips caught in His kiss. Her body molding to his...His heart pumping hard against hers...Knowing that eventually the price for this feeling, this yearning, this desire, must be paid. Sinking into him, losing herself in His arms. “Not Yet...”

In a pixellated world full of Barbie dolls and their clothing stands a Fashion House with a different spin on things. Enter Nymphetamine Boutique, a place where a fuller figured “normal” AV is revered. The clothes with sumptuous fabrics like silk, satin and velvet scream sensuality. And if the fabrics call wasn’t loud enough the design is. All very cheeky and playful, but powerfully sexy in design. A new world of fashion realized through the eyes of Paeoti Pomeray, the owner of Nymphetamine Boutique.

Jesie - How did you develop a interest in Fashion? Paeoti - I am not necessarily sure I have a interest in fashion perse’

as in what’s HOT and what’s NOT. I do however have an interest in unique wear, in particular romantic wear, on all levels whether it be costumes, lingerie, era wear, etc. I love the romanticism and the femininity of it all but most of all I think I love how it allows me the creativity to make a statement that I enjoy so much.

Jesie - What is your muse? Paeoti - The rl designers that most influence my work? I love

the designs of Collette Dinnigan or Marjolein Turin, which are dramatic and romantic.

Jesie - Describe where your inspiration comes from? Paeoti - My creative juices come from all sorts of things and there never seems to be enough damn juice! Sometimes it may come from someone I meet or maybe a song, even other fashion designers, but there is NEVER enough juice. It is always a short spurt of creativity.

Jesie - What was the first article of clothing you did

and how do you feel looking back at it now?

Paeoti - Looking in my inventory it was called Rapunzel, which I

barely remember and I’m probably very thankful I DON’T! I really don’t want to look at it. :-)

Jesie - One theme in your line is showcasing a more “average” to fuller

figured avatar. This is not something shown often in SL or RL for that matter. What is your reasoning for this and what experiences shaped this way of doing things?

Paeoti - I should hug you. You are the first person in doing an interview

to actually ask me that! To answer your question: While I realize there is a large need for rail thin fashion models for the high end high fashion world it truly doesn’t fit my needs nor my wants. I am not rail thin in RL, actually I’m a short lil plump girl, which keeps me realistic in what I design. Some might think that rather odd in a fake world but I find that most mature women in SL are looking for clothing such as what I create for NYMPHETAMINE. I like curves on a woman, even if those curves aren’t perfect. Having said that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a perfect rail thin person either. LOL

Jesie - When i asked one of your models, Lalita Graves, what made her

want to work for Nymphetamine, she said, “A friend of mine referred me. She told me the group was great. And they are! Some of the most delightful people I’ve met in SL. BUT, I also really love the clothes so truly enjoy promoting them. The textures and detail are amongst the best in SL, I think. I also like that Pae and Stacy promote ‘real’ bodies - not Twiggys. When I applied they told me to gain weight. lol.” What goes through your head when you hear such a rave review from your staff?

Paeoti - HAHHAHA, Stacy tells them to eat some of her pasta and bur-

ritos if she sees them looking a lil um frail. What goes through my head is easy. I LOVE NYMPHETAMINE MODELS. I wish so much that I would have done it 4-5 years ago. They have the absolute best sense of humors and when I’m tired or stressed they make me laugh, smile and drive me to create more. They have been a true Godsend to me, but my customers absolutely appreciate them. That program, thanks to Prue Coronet and Jennyferer Ceres, runs and works exceptionally well. My customers are also thrilled to see real, live models to help them when they visit. We have gotten rave reviews on the program. Lalita is one of the first models to join us so if she’s still loving what she does then I’m sure something must be working!

Jesie - There is definitely a goth feel to your clothing but at the same time

not so much dark (though it can be very) as cheeky. Do your clothes reflect the person? What you like to wear?

Paeoti - I think in MY perfect world, that is the sort of clothing I would

wear yes. I like darker fashion but it’s not a requirement in either of my lives. I enjoy color as long as it’s not stark and irritating. I enjoy solids more than I do prints in both worlds as well. I am trying to break out and experiment more in texture layering. I’m enjoying what I’ve done with that so far. Cheeky? HA cheeky is my favorite part! I love fun wear.

Jesie - Where can people find you In World and Outside of world? Paeoti - NYMPHETAMINE is located at a altitude of 3700 on the sim of

DRAGONS TAIL. The lower level of Dragons tail is where our biker track is which is located right next door to the biker sim of LIL STURGIS. You can find us in SEARCH or my profile. Either works as we are not hard to find.

Jesie - Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share? Paeoti – Absolutely! We invite anyone and everyone to visit us at NYM-

PHETAMINE BOUTIQUE. We offer more than ladies clothing. We also offer a very romantic area set aside for lovers. That area is a vent for my other creative side. It is loosely based on a LOTR type theme and I love it. If you haven’t came to check it out yet, please do. You can contact NYMPHETAMINE business manager Stacy Maracas, our models or myself and we will be happy to show you around. We are all rather proud of all things NYMPHETAMINE :-)))

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