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∞ Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon, Social Palace

Winner of the Young Architect Price of Lyon category "Architectural Heritage" 2011

Conversion of Grand Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon, Social Palace A Humanitarian and Solidary Federation

By adressing the issue of the conversion of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu of Lyon, we questionned the definition of its heritage. More than a unique architectural complex, the Hôtel-Dieu is the witness of the humanist tradition of Lyon, from charity to medical excellence. Our project is centered around the notion of «immaterial heritage» refering to the meaning and the memory of this symbolic building. This approach aims to preserve and perpetuate this heritage in the 21st century city of Lyon. From an asylum giving shelter to the pilgrims and the sick to a reference for international medecine, the program living in the Hôtel-Dieu has always kept its humanist and solidarity vocation. Today, in order to allow an international efficient solidarity, we need to compose alliances and generate a coordinated effort between the associative network in Lyon, the pionniers of the humanitarian action, economic partners and the public. We wanted to develop a project of interactions and emulations to enable the emergence of major humanitarian projects in Lyon. The program for a Humanitarian and Solidary Federation would be established in the courtyards network of the Hôtel Dieu.

Inmmaterial heritage of the Hotel-Dieu in the context of lyon refuge to pilgrims, sick fleeing famine campaigns surrounding Pioneers of humanitarian action in Lyon

Colonialism: association "Work of Propagation of the Faith" turns Lyon into "World Center of Catholic Missions"

Development of the associative network.

Notion of charity transformed in notion of humanism. Development of social economy, associations of health and social actions.

International Solidarity = Media Solidarity

Development of a dense network of associations in Lyon.

ÂŤTo compose new alliances between the forces of Lyon's area for efficient international solidarityÂť concept of "humanitarian marketing," branding for companies

BenoĂŽt Silve, Director of Bioforce school.

actors in the humanitarian project

the virtuous circle of the Humanitarian Project













Access circulation SURFACES

1. Take advantage of Hotel-Dieu's ground floor : galleries and arcades. The structure was conceived in order to respect the existing arcades rythm and spatial composition.

Companies partners


2. Take advantage of Hotel-Dieu's ground floor: remarkables courtyards and areas. 3. Federation in the groundfloor being the mediator : create a nonpolarized fluid and porous space to allow emulation interactions between all the actors. 4. Temporary and permanent offices are established for associations and economic investors in the aisles, revealing an autonomy of distribution and access, while remaining connected with the Federation and the public gallery. 4 areas: geopolitical, health and solidarity, society and emergency.

Federation number : 210 surface : 3700 m2 (without circualtion)

Media library


5. A public promenade is designed in the main gallery of the fa莽ade Soufflot, facing the Rhone river. A place of interaction and curiosity. 6. Annexes fonctions, the independant sets around the 4 non-covered courtyards (C.H.R.S., Museum of H么tel-Dieu, Hotel)

Partners number : 250 minimum

residential and social reintegration center

public surface Galerie : 3000 m2 surface Media library : 2400 m2




1. concrete pillars

2.Assembly wood-concrete with piece of steel

3. imbedded timber cross-beam

4. mezzanine floors

By installing the Federation in four out of nine courtyards, a continuous space is created on the ground floor, linking all the parallel aisles together. Thereby, all the actors of the Humanitarian project are interacting in the ground floor for the Federation where Work spaces are designed in the courtyards. A laminated timber structure lies on a concrete socle, enhancing two spatial layers : _on the ground floor, circulation and collective workspaces _on themezzanines, work cells and private offices The glass roof structure is animated and shaded by a sliding solar protection, which creates a variable rooftop and therefore a Fifth faรงade from the gallery.

5. laminated timber structure

6. glass roof

7. solar removable protection

8. The roof as a fifth facade, a vector of public awareness.

Extension of the frame of intervention in the public gallery and on the street Bellecordière

create emulation and interaction

Emulations and interactions in the context of a humanitarian project student

Way of the student

Involved actors Spaces requested

The student arrives at H么tel-Dieu, rue Bellecordi猫re

plan and transversal section Cuisine courtyard

The student enters into the Federation by Cour de la Cuisine, main entrance of the H么tel-Dieu in the street Bellecordi猫re

contact with existing building : gutter between glass roof and ledge

plan and transversal section Arbre COURTYARD

The student joins Cour de l'Arbre to consult the resources of the federation and talk with a researcher

assembly of the structure wood-concrete column / floor-beam

plan and transversal section chaufferie Courtyard

The student joins a briefing with an animator-coordinator responsible for the exhibition in a collective workspace Cour de la Chaufferie

assembly of porch and roof beam

plan and Transversal section Bonnet courtyard

The student goes to develop his project on a work cell on the mezzanine, Cour Bonnet

The student exhibits his work in the Gallery Soufflot and exchange with the responsible of an association in a cafĂŠ

The student joins the banks of the river Rh么ne

FanĂŠlie Pardon_architect_Diploma2010


diploma final project (english version), Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon, Social Palace A Humanitarian and Solidary Federation, Winner of the Young Archi...

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