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Our new shirt collection, 100% Fresh, 100% SG Introducing our 3 new shirt styles: Oxford, Poplin and Stretch As always we’re keeping things simple. All styles are available in 4 key colours for Men and Ladies in both long and short sleeves (3/4 sleeve on the ladies stretch). We’ve made the poplin for kids too in long and short sleeves. More choice for you and for your customers.






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Contents 6 Today, Tomorrow and ‘Someday’

#1 autumn/winter 2011

30 The hidden magic of Krakow

Steve Ross interview

A guide to this beautiful City

12 Winter Warmers

34 Think BIG one small step at a time!

Hot stuff for cold days

17 Available now! SG Shirts. 100% fresh

18 Ice watch. Change, you can! start of an empire

20 Style a Polo

it’s all in the combination

22 Inside the Falk&Ross Warehouses Behind the scenes

26 Rate-A-Shirt

Why wear what shirt

Gildan’s view on corporate responsibility

39 Italy’s Passion: Food & Fashion A history of this relationship

42 Lifestyle or Workstyle?

The thin line between fashion and function

46 What’s going on out there… News from suppliers

50 New faces

Who’s new at Falk&Ross

51 Competitions

your chance to win

Upcoming exhibitions


Hello and welcome to something...

Different a little bit

elcome to the first issue of F&R, our new supplement bringing you the best of this season. It comes at a time of celebration for Falk&Ross and our customers, as this is our 30th Anniversary.

us to read first-hand about the highs and lows of his inspiring 30 year journey. So, I invite you to read, enjoy and hope it brings something a little bit different to your day.

Inside this exciting first issue, we bring you a little taste of what we are seeing as the hot styles for autumn/winter along with ideas on how they can be worn (see Style a Polo), what we rate as the best (see Rate a Shirt) and the history of some sectors (see Workwear).

Jacqui Gale, CEO.

Most importantly we see you, our customers, as partners and so we also want to share some real-life business stories, starting with our very own Steve Ross. Steve invites

ps don’t forget to look at the back for news on some exciting competitions such as winning a day sailing on ICE Black, the racing sail boat ICE WATCHES sponsor.

4 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

PSI Dusseldorf Germany 11th - 13th January 2012 PTE Milano Milan Italy 18th - 20th January 2012 Trade Only UK 25th & 26th January Rema Days Warsaw Warsaw Poland 1st - 3rd February 2012   TV Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 2nd - 4th February 2012   Communiquez Textile Lyon, France 7th - 9th February Printwear & Promotion UK 26th- 28th February

The Team The launch of this first issue of F&R has been a real team effort and we hope you love it as much as we do. Every Falk&Ross country office has been involved in either writing articles such as the Krakow City Guide or helping with translations. Suppliers have also given fantastic support and enthusiasm. Thank you! Editor Susan Irvine Creative Direction Oy Communications Contributors Alec Worlock, Glenn Hyams, Anna Sliwinska, Yasmina Alvarez, Sally Holgate, Nacho Mayoral, Eva Lindner.

Finest corporate tailoring

6 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Today, tomorrow and ‘Someday’ Steve Ross shares his dream and how sheer determination, adaptability and a focus on detail got him his ‘someday’ To tell his story properly, let’s go back to a different time, a time when this industry as we know it didn’t exist. It was 1976, Steve Ross was serving in the US Army and at this time he took a part-time job working in an off-base clothing store established by former Army Officer Max Falk. And so it all began. On leaving the Army in 1978 Ross stayed in Germany and, delivering custom-printed apparel to surrounding Army facilities, Falk&Ross GmbH was born. The next few years saw the company grow, focus, change and adapt as the textile and printing industry in Europe grew. Max

Falk moved permanently to the US in 1981 and Ross assumed full control of the company. In 1988, they moved to larger premises and became an accredited Jerzees distributor in Germany. By 1994 a complete shift to wholesaling had

Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as establishing Europe’s first online wholesaling stores. In 2006 the firm moved its German warehousing operations to a 14,000sq meter headquarters in

Be forewarned: This is a story with a happy ending! taken place and Falk&Ross supplied brands such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Result to Germany and beyond. Subsidiary divisions opened in The Netherlands,

Sembach, Germany and expanded its warehousing in Spain with a new facility in Barcelona. It’s a lot to achieve and here are some lessons learned along the way.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 7

After 3 decades of growth, success and lessons learned. 1. B  e prepared to change your business model

3. Position your business for the inevitable future “change”

When Ross is asked what his biggest challenges were in growing the company, his response is immediate: “Non-Believers! …As a foreigner living in a different country and culture, I found it all but impossible to sell my concept to local bankers, whose quick answer was always ‘Nein!’ So, you learn to find other ways to achieve your plan. In time, this simply sharpens your focus and brings you closer to success as you learn to adapt.”

One thing is for sure, things don’t stay the same. As Ross explains, “In our industry, huge changes took place as decorators moved from buying directly from the Far East and Egypt to almost being forced to form alliances with wholesalers. Products multiplied at such a rate and new suppliers exploded into the market and the distributors became the essential middlemen. The lessons learned here is, position your business to be flexible.

2. S  ee your business through your customer’s eyes As Ross observes, “[Continental] Europe has over 260 million people, but that’s made up of 23 different countries, culture, languages and expectations. So for true success, you need to know what your customers’ individual needs and pressures are, and only then are you able to provide them with the best solution and become a true partner with them.”

8 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

4. Look beyond the tip of your nose to see your possibilities – and your future! Don’t rely simply on the way things are in your business or industry, it’s as important to look to the future and see what’s happening and where things might evolve or change. Be ready to respond before your competitors do. As Ross comments “In the early ‘80’s we were too heavily reliant on the US military market and not skilled in the realities of currency fluctuations; a 30% drop

in the exchange rate of US dollars in six weeks nearly pushed us over the cliff. All that and then the light bulb went on when I realized there were 250,000 US military personnel in Europe – versus 260 million Europeans! I was too focused on what I knew how to do, not what I had to learn to do to really grow our company.”

5. It’s ok to admit defeat and re-group for the next campaign You do what’s right for today, but it doesn’t always mean it’s right for tomorrow. And that’s okay as long as you quickly address and recognize the shift in focus needed. “We moved our printing facilities to larger quarters in 1994. But I finally got the message that our customers – and some very large potential wholesale accounts – viewed us as a competitor. So, I decided to close the shop and get out of the screen printing business altogether in only three months – and after we dropped a 100,000 Deutschmarks on the move.” Ross now chalks up such blunders to “tuition costs.” You can never stop learning, both in business and in life.

6. Balance career with family, or learn that lesson the hard way “One of the hardest things to achieve and one that nearly everyone I meet aspires to have. I can honestly say that the very biggest mistake I made was forgetting who really supports me: my family! I worked too hard on building one of my dreams, to lose another in the process.” Ross adds that in the past few years, he has worked even harder to restore and maintain the critical balance between career and family, one in which his children are now at the top of his priority list. Son Zack lives with his Dad in Germany while daughter Shayne, just completing her studies in Music management lives in the UK with her new husband. Shayne’s twin brother Shawn has followed in his fathers entrepenurial footsteps and operates his own tattoo business in El Paso and Steve’s oldest son Andrew now lives and works in Ohio and contemplates someday going into business for himself.

7. Turn to experts when you need help. It will shorten your learning curve and pay real dividends As for advising others vis-à-vis his smartest business decisions, Ross comments “Know when to ask for help” to get the knowledge you need to grow your company. If you don’t know how to do something, find somebody who does

and learn from them. A consultant is a teacher who gives you one-on-one tutoring” recalling, “I hired my first consultant in 1981 and have hired consultants regularly ever since. Whatever we learned helped get us where we are today. I hired a marketing consultant and an IT consultant early on, both of whom taught me to create systems in everything we do and to automate these systems wherever possible.” Expanding on that aspect, Ross explains further, “Technology, of course, has played a big part in the growth of Falk&Ross – from creating a paperless warehousing system and later, when we moved to our current facility in 2006, to an automated warehouse. Beyond physically loading and unloading of trucks, most of the process is done today robotically.”

They are more important and fundamental than you think. If you can understand them, you can explain them and make selling your plan to lenders a whole lot easier. A business without a plan is a plan to fail - it’s all in the detail and all about the ‘inches’

10. Hire people smarter than you in their respective fields You are not the best at everything – and to be successful in business you aren’t meant to be. Hire people who are experts, and then get out of their way and let them work their magic.

“We all do, few people are truly successful and make no mistakes along the way. Sure you get knocked down, but you just have to stand back up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and go at it again.’

So did that “Someday’ ever come for Steve Ross? Yes it did. He is no longer at the helm of the company he built, having traded that position for the helm of “SomeDay!”. In June 2009 Ross, at 51, sold 75% of his business to investors in Germany. His home will still be in Kindsbach, Germany, though he’ll be spending a lot of time with friends and family. “And, most importantly,” in his owns words, “spending lots of time enjoying my children, seeing them become successful in their own lives, and in time, having the time to enjoy their children as well!”

9. Learn to read and understand your profit-and-loss statements and your balance sheet

Look to the future, plan, learn to adapt, but don’t forget to live for each and every day as well as you can and someday…

8. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s about what you do after that’s important

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 9



#8800 MODELS














#8605 PINK,
















Winter Warmers At the height of summer when we’re working the season’s lightweight looks, it’s often hard to remember the pleasure of winter dressing.

It’s during the darker months that we luxuriously build our layers, offering ourselves comfort and protection from the elements, with the option of peeling them back as we move indoors to more sheltered environments. The key to building successful layers is remembering that several fine layers offer more warmth, comfort and versatility than one or two heavy ones.

Mascot 50177-870 Valongo Undershirt F&R ordercode 135.76 catalogue page 312.

Mascot 50179-870 Segura Undertrousers F&R ordercode 907.76 catalogue page 312.

Jerzees Colours 520F Ladies Sports Shell 5000 Jacket F&R ordercode 420.00 catalogue page 219.

12 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Result R36J/Y Kids Fleece Jacket

Result R115F La Femme Micro Fleece

B&C Coolstar Men’s Fleece Full Zip

Result R17 1/4 Zip Lined Fleece

F&R ordercode 817.33 catalogue page 168.

Hanes 7710 Tagless Crew Neck L/S

F&R ordercode 801.42 catalogue page 163.

Base layers The recent introduction of base layers now means that we have literally the perfect base on which to build our layers. Designed to keep the body warm and dry these figure hugging garments keep the muscles warm whilst drawing moisture away from skin. From here we build in our layers chosen for indoor wear; t-shirts, polo, sweats, knits and shirts.

and expensive, taking an age to dry when wet. Modern fleece is compact and soft and can be cut to flattering shapes. Choose a close fitting style and it’s the perfect first defence from the cold and the ideal under-layer to a more substantial jacket.

wind proof membrane sandwiched between an outer and inner layer. The ‘all in one’ nature of the fabric makes it an ideal choice for a smart and slim line look.

F&R ordercode 863.33 catalogue page 160.

Fleece As the temperature drops most of us turn to is a trusted fleece for that first serious layer of warmth. Traditional wool, whilst luxurious, it is heavy

F&R ordercode 822.33 catalogue page 161.

Jackets But which jacket? There are so many to choose from. Between the seasons Gilets are the ideal choice, as are lightweight shell jackets, perfect for combining with fleece to seal in warmth. For stylish all-round practicality softshell has to be a winner; a breathable waterproof and

F&R ordercode 030.02 catalogue page 292.

As the temperature dips it’s padding and protection that counts, sealing in the warmth generated by the layers below. Membranes help to not only keep you dry inside and out but manage your body temperature too. Accessories Accessories come into their own in winter with a myriad of hats, scarves & gloves to choose from. F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 13

B&C 3-in1-Jacket 3-in-1 Jacket

F&R ordercode 424.42 catalogue page 231

B&C Sirocco Women JW Ladies Windbreaker

F&R ordercode 497.42 catalogue page 209

B&C Cocoon+ Men Down Jacket

F&R ordercode 481.42 catalogue page 211

SG43 Softshell Men

F&R ordercode 438.52 catalogue page 208

Result R190X Dax Down Feel Gilet F&R ordercode 431.33 catalogue page 245

SG80 Mens Full Zip Fleece

F&R ordercode 870.52 catalogue page 165

14 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Jerzees Colours 510 HydraPlus 2000 Jacket F&R ordercode 410.00 catalogue page 217

Result Headwear RC33 Thinsulate Lined Ski Hat F&R ordercode 333.34 catalogue page 390

Result R40 Accessory Set

F&R ordercode 840.33 catalogue page 397

Result R146X Team Scarf

F&R ordercode 5051.33 catalogue page 394

Result Headwear RC33J Kids Ski Hat F&R ordercode 399.34 catalogue page 393

Result R144 Active Fleece Gloves

F&R ordercode 843.33 catalogue page 396

Result Headwear RC60Y Youth Esco Army Knitted Hat F&R ordercode 398.34 catalogue page 393

Result R143 Active Fleece Scarf

F&R ordercode 814.33 catalogue page 395

Result Headwear RC140 Active Fleece by Result™ Headband

F&R ordercode 360.34 catalogue page 391

Result Headwear RC56 Classic Sherpa Hat

F&R ordercode 356.34 catalogue page 389

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 15


New 2011

Winter Essentials

Result’s biggest winter mix yet of hats, gloves and scarves in both earthy and rich bold colours for adults and children. This practical range of knitted and fleece winter products offer a high warmth-to-weight ratio making them the perfect lightweight, yet snug accessory for the colder months of the year.























New R149X

New R151X



New 2011 New R139X


New R152X

New R148X

Call now for your free Winter Essentials brochure

% 0 0 1 esh

als v fner i r r wa

Available now!


ringing 3 fresh new shirts to the market, these new SG Shirts capture the purest quality and styling to simply bring you the best.

And keeping in line with SG’s brand values of keeping choice simple, all styles are available in White, Black, Pink and Blue and in Men’s and Ladies sizes with long and short sleeves (¾ on the ladies stretch). The Poplin is also available in white and black with Kids sizes in long and short sleeves. The Oxford SG70/71 is a stylish shirt with a high cotton-content of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, enhancing the wearing experience and is woven with fine pinpoint weave for a luxurious and smooth surface, perfect for decoration. The fabric also has Easycare for minimal ironing. Washable at 40 degrees and with the ability to tumble dry these shirts show the true meaning of stylish quality at its simplest. The new Poplin SG 72/73 Shirt available in Men’s, Ladies and Kids also details a high cotton-content, at 60% cotton to 40% polyester to increase the

comfort for customers. Made from a wrinkle-free fabric this fantastic shirt handles anything and at 105g/m2 it’s the perfect lightweight companion. The new Stretch SG74/75 Shirt brings a whole new user experience to the word ‘stretch’. The body fabric is made from 58% Mercerised Cotton, 42% Poly Schreiner Jersey and in the Ladies style the placket is made from 60% Cotton and 40% Poly Poplin. The Mercerised Cotton adds stretch and sheen to the shirts while the Schreiner Jersey increases luster, allowing your customers to wear the most comfortable, stylish and simply gorgeous stretch shirt on the market. SG invites you to visit their website and register for your free pack, containing a swatchcard and poster.

The full colour range of the SG shirts

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 17

Ice watch.

Change. You can.


t’s already been over 3 years since ICE-WATCH® timepieces burst onto the fashion scene, and whether they are made of silicone, polymer or leather, the collections always remain true to the same principle. The colours are what have made the watches a hit, along with the simple and well-crafted designs.

The ICE-WATCH® brand was launched in 2007 when the Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen and the Chinese Polly Yu and Christy So, both watch manufacturers, met. At that time, Jean-Pierre Lutgen worked within the promotional industry and seeing a gap in the

From the sketch to the canvas, colour says it all, colour is what conveys emotion and captures the spark of creation. 18 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

market, proposed the concept of a personalised watch. Today, the Belgian brand is an international one with the watches being available in over 90 countries around the world, with more than 6000 points of sale. It really is a dream come true.

Quality Aside from conquering the fashion world, the ICE-WATCH® brand is all about quality. All of the watches are subjected to the strictest quality control. The intricate watch parts come from Japan, the designs are created in Belgium, and assembly is done in China. The magic of colours! Colour is a part of our world and we all have a favourite, a colour that catches our eye. We associate them with seasons, moods, activities, fashion. Play, dance, work, do sports, have fun… ICE-WATCH® timepieces come in a range of collections suitable for any style, any time of day, and in tune with the seasons.

Sail the ICE Black A recent collaboration for the brand has been with race sailing and in particular Offshore 45, a magnificent race sailing boat with an impressive record of winning several famous competitions. The sailing boat, renamed ICE Black for the occasion, will be seen in various competitions over the next 4 years. Win a days sailing Refer to page 51 to enter our free prize draw and win your chance to sail on this magnificent sail boat.

Jean-Pierre Lutgen

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 19

Style aPolo When choosing the right polo and decoration it’s all about the customer and what the right fit is for them. For a different view on things, choose your favourite polo and style it up! Here are a few little fashion nuggets...

Mens Polo: Jerzees Colours 588M Order number 587.00 catalogue page 95. Ladies Polo: Bella Mini Piqué Polo 750 Order number 526.06 catalogue page 113.

Mens Polo: Kustom Kit KK606 Order number 504.11 catalogue page 97. Ladies Polo: Kustom Kit KK706 Order number 503.11 catalogue page 97.

BCBG Bon Chic Bon Genre (good style, good class) innately French and looking effortlessly put together, the look has been meticulously planned. Choose a good quality well cut polo in sherbet or pastel shades or look for one contrast features and wear open at the neck with collars popped. Dress the shoulders with a luxuriously fine knit and loosely knot across the chest. Wear with classic chinos or shorts, well finished accessories (belts, loafers, deck shoes) for an effortlessly polished look. 20 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Bella figura La bella figura, literally “the beautiful figure” is an essential philosophy that rules the lives of gli Italiani. Bella figura can mean many things, but at its core is it presentation... how one looks, how one composes oneself, how one makes the best possible impression in all things. A fine pique and narrow cut is essential to making this look work, ladies experiment with a style with a deeper placket. Wear a narrow bodied structured jacket, blazer or suit. Team with classic loafers, fine leather accessories, fabulous sunglasses and immaculately groomed hair. Best place to decorate To keep the look neat and chic work with discreet embroidery on the collar tip or sleeve. Alternatively for larger decorations use the back yoke where chest embroidery is best for small options.


be inspired

llection features Now the B&C Co Full Zip. the B&C Hooded

the actual King of

The DUO B&C Hooded Full Zip /women & B&C Hooded Full Zip /men

t e e r t s e h t m Call fro the street:



swea t Technology

higher stabiLity and ComFort, better resistanCe and printabiLity Link BeTween ouTside and inside a CoNtiNuous thread polyester filameNt for exCelleNt staBility wheN washed.

Let you inspire by the Last street trend with the b&C hooded FuLL Zip sweatshirts, avaiLabLe in men, women and kids version.

THe inside a thiCK polyester/CottoN thread providiNg a perfeCt Nap aNd outstaNdiNg pilliNg resistaNCe.

THe ouTside a fiNe 100% CottoN thread, providiNg a perfeCt appearaNCe, superB priNtiNg, uNrivalled feel aNd exCelleNt pilliNg resistaNCe. FabriC

urban styled, it features great details such as a covered front zip allowing overall decoration or mp3 player compatible pockets. those new styles are part of the great pst - perfect sweat technology - range offering you high quality and superior supports for your actions. you will love it.

Discover all the B&C Collection on the App Store

Inside the Falk&Ross Warehouses The Falk&Ross warehouses are at the very heart of what we do as every garment you receive passes through here. To help you get to know us a little better, here’s a look inside; at the history and at some of our ground-breaking technology.


ith the addition of BTC in 2010, the Falk&Ross landscape and service offering changed dramatically. We were able to service customers across the whole of Europe, with 3 main warehouses; one in Sembach (Germany), one in Wednesbury (UK) and one in Barcelona (Spain). We now deliver to most customers within 24 hours, with only the far-reaching places being 48 hours. Out of our 3 warehouses Sembach is the largest, measuring at 19,000 sq meters. As with most big dreams it started small with the warehouse starting life out of a garage in 1981. Today, its vast size includes the re22 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

cent extension in 2010 of 5000 sq meters, desperately needed to hold more stock so we could service all customers with the garments they needed in the shortest time. Another huge leap forward in both technological advancement and efficiency was the introduction of our fully automated ‘robots’. Now fully integrated into our warehouses our robots help improve our service to you by improving on time and costs and we are proud that they have become part of the Falk&Ross family. The addition of BTC in 2010 meant that, for the first time in Falk&Ross

history an enormous UK distribution centre was born. The warehouse in Wednesbury has 10,000 sq metres of storage space, 15 feet high and has been in operation since 2008, with stock being held in various different locations before this time. Finally, the Spanish warehouse, is slightly smaller and therefore completely full all year round to ensure their local markets can be serviced in the very best way. In 2006 with the help and support of Steve Ross and Neil Blackshire, the warehouse was adapted, painted and cleaned for its launch allowing Falk&Ross to bring the very best service to all countries.

Top: inside the Sembach warehouse, bottom: the Sembach production line F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 23

Webshop ordering process Before 4pm

10-15 minutes

in the merchandise management system

Webshop order

Our People We recognise that our warehouses run with the efficiency that they do because if our fantastic team of people. They work tirelessly behind the scenes but are the ones who make the real difference, get your order out on time and to you when you really need it. Here we’d like to give you a taste of some of our great personalities: Nacho Mayoral, Sales Manager, Spain ‘Our warehouse is different, because our market and our mentality is different from the rest of the markets in middle and North Europe. As

24 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Mediterranean people our emotions fuel our actions. This is the real battery of the Spanish warehouse.’

10-15 minutes

in the stock management system

Master means everything has a pick location so we can ensure stock levels and locations are correct – enabling us to have a higher accuracy rate.

Pete Grice, Assistant Warehouse Manager, UK ‘The best thing about working with BTC/Falk&Ross is that it has a family feel – everyone works together and helps each other – no matter what their job title is, we are all one big team.’

Sigrid Busch, Team Leader, Department Special Handling, Germany ‘Some of my favourite products include the Sweats from Fruit, they are really comfortable and I like wearing the B&C Fleeces, they fit perfectly.’

One of the biggest changes in the recent years has been the introduction of Fashion Master – a state of the art stock system. Before this, we had to remember stock locations! Fashion

Some of my favourite memories of working with Falk&Ross include our parties; all our Christmas parties and summer celebrations are legendary. It is always fun to meet all our colleagues

From left to right: Sembach warehouse, Barcelona warehouse, Birdview of BTC warehouse Wednesbury.

5 minutes

95% of our orders get to our customers within 24 hours.

to shipping

30 minutes

for order picking and packing

next day

delivery to you

and to speak with the people you do not meet very often.’ Isabel Salvador, Handling orders Spain ‘Some of my favourite styles include the Bella garments; they are very cute and trendy.’

Offices Warehouses

‘Some of the best things about my job are the atmosphere and the rest of the warehouse team. We all work very hard as a team to try to bring excellent service to the customers and get the orders out on time. I feel proud to work with a big company which has a good name in the market.’

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 25

Rate - A- Shirt With so many fantastic shirts in our brochure, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s best to recommend to customers. So here’s a little look at some of the best shirts and what makes them so good... Best



100% cotton

Standard Polycotton

for Uniform

Russell Ultimate Non-Iron 956M / F

Kustom Kit KK100

SG72 / SG73 Poplin Shirt

Why: Truly innovative. The 100% cotton fabric genuinely remains iron free throughout its lifetime as long as the care instructions are adhered to, otherwise a light iron will knock out any wrinkles. The inbuilt ‘scaffolding’ on which the fabric hangs ensures the garment constantly retains it shape.

Why: Durable easy iron work shirt. 35%/65% cotton polyester blend ensures great wash performance at temperatures up to 60° degrees. Shirts are supplied plain with a separate chest pocket that can be easily applied by the decorator with an embroidery machine.

Why: Classic styling in wrinkle free fabric. Available in men’s, ladies and kids styles to enable simple uniform building across genders and age groups. The high cotton count (60%) and its polycotton fabric increases the comfort of these easy care shirts.

Order code 756.00 Mens and 706.00 Ladies catalogue page 182.

Order code 700.11 Mens and 728.11 Ladies, catalogue page 194.

Order number: NEW!

Also worth a look: Russell 958M Tailored Shirt, catalogue page 197 B&C La Havana, catalogue page 198.

Also worth a look: FOTL 65-118-0 Poplin Shirt, catalogue page 195 SG72 M/L/K, Poplin Shirt: NEW!

Also worth a look: Russell 946M Tailored Stretch Shirt, catalogue page 188. Kustom Kit KK351 Workwear Oxford, catalogue page 193.

26 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011




for Colour



Kustom Kit KK105 Corporate Oxford Shirt

SG 74 / SG75 Stretch Shirt

Russell 919M Mens Roll Sleeve Shirt

Why: Shirts are available in 11 different colours, from classic boardroom shades to traditional workwear. Cotton rich polycotton fabric.

Why: The Mercerised cotton and Schreiner polyester in the knitted jersey body of this fitted ladies style gives this shirt natural stretch and an amazing lustrous finish. The poplin collar and placket gives this stylish shirt contrast and structure.

Why: Great details on this 100% cotton roll sleeved shirt include tabbed roll sleeves and two buttoned chest pockets. Herringbone tape in the neck completes the casual feel.

Order number 778.11 catalogue page 192.

Order number: NEW!

Order number 719.00, catalogue page 183.

Also worth a look: B&C La Havana Catalogue page 198. Kustom Kit KK100 Workforce, catalogue page 194.

Also worth a look: B&C London Longsleeve Stretch Shirt catalogue page 194. Russell 993F Long Sleeve Stretch Shirt catalogue page 199.

Also worth a look: Russell 916M / F Long Sleeve Classic Twill Shirt Catalogue page 190. B&C Longsleeved Stretch, catalogue page 194.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 27



Spiro blends the latest high performance fabrics and cutting edge technology with designs that meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of the wearer under tough workout conditions.

HIGH TECH ENDURANCE Call now for your free Spiro brochure.

the hidden magic of


30 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Kraków rightly deserves its reputation as one of those places in the world that you simply must visit. While it’s true magic and beauty can only be experienced in person, here we bring you a taste of one of the most historical and fascinating places on earth. Brought to you by the Falk&Ross Polish team


et’s start with The Old Town district of Kraków, home to about six thousand historic sites and more than two million works of art. The whole district is bisected by the Royal Road, the coronation route traversed by the Kings of Poland. Attracting visitors from every corner of the world, The Old Town is one of the 13 places in Poland that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The metropolitan part of the City of Kraków is known as the City of Churches, simply due to the abundance of landmark, historic temples along with the plenitude of monasteries and convents. In the Market Square stands the magnificent Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica (Kościół Mariacki). It was re-built in the 14th century and to this day a trumpet call (hejnał mariacki) is sounded every hour from the top of the Church’s main tower.

Being a cultural center for centuries, it’s not surprising that Kraków is also a major centre of education. Jagiellonian University, the oldest and most famous University in Poland was founded in 1364 and is the second oldest University in Europe after Bologna. Famous historical figures connected with the University include Nicolaus Copernicus, Pope John Paul II and Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska.

St. Mary’s Basilica

The Old Town district

Jagiellonian University is the second oldest in Europe.

Jagiellonian University St. Mary’s Basilica F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 31

Food Havens When it comes to some rejuvenation following the sightseeing, Krakow boast an abundance of bars, cellar cafes and restaurants, and it’s said to have the highest density of these places anywhere in the world. From the terrace seating that surrounds the Main Square one can see the world go by whilst sipping an ice cold beer or a coffee. Whatever your taste or favourites in cuisine, you will find it here. A few gems not to be missed and highlighted in TOP

Krakow, the leading guide in the city, include Pod Aniolami for Polish food, Pod Roza and Trzy Rybki for international and Szara for a top Main Square experience. Shopping Paradise For a truly unique shopping experience visit Pasaz 13 in the Main Square, an amazing architectural gem of a shopping complex that carries all the top brands and which wondrously blends 15th century solidity with the ethereal of modern design.

PASAZ 13 Trzy Rybki

Pod Roza

PASAZ 13 32 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Luxurious Hotels At the end of the day, the Likus Hotels which include Copernicus, Stary, and Pod Roza are perhaps some of the finest hotels for you to rest your weary feet. For a night time experience, one that only Krakow can offer, you can go up to the rooftop grill and bar at the Hotel Stary and enjoy simply take in the whole town and the energy and vibrancy it has.


What to wear in

Krakow What does one wear to take in the sights of this magical City? look no further than some of these favourites; here you will find style, comfort and warmth for a winter get-away. Stay cosy!

B&C Zen Ladies Bodywarmer

F&R ordercode 420.42 catalogue page 215.

B&C Sirocco Windbreaker Metallic F&R ordercode 487.42 catalogue page 210.

SG Softshell SG43 Russell Thermolayer jacket

F&R ordercode 438.52 catalogue page 208.

F&R ordercode 430.00 catalogue page 216. F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 33


BIG one small step at a time! W

hile that may sound confusing, it epitomizes Gildan’s success. As one of the industry’s few vertically integrated manufacturers, they control every step of the process, from the raw cotton fibres to the finished garments and take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. Their substantial investments in new plants and equipment, over

34 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

How can a small Canadian company have grown from a family business 20 years ago into one of the world’s largest apparel manufacturers? Gildan’s management would tell you they did it by maintaining a BIG PICTURE perspective while focusing on every small detail along the way.

the last five years, have allowed them to become one of the world’s lowest cost manufacturers of basic apparel. The company employs more than 28,000 workers in Central America, the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, Bangladesh and Barbados. “Our workers are certainly our most important resource,“ states Garry Bell, Vice President Global Marketing, “our

success comes from having motivated and dedicated employees. Without their commitment to delivering high quality, great value products each and every day, none of our other investments would matter.” Gildan’s CSR program, named Genuine Stewardship is based on three important pillars, namely Environmental Stewardship, Labor Practices and Community

Involvement. Gildan is a participating member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and their labor compliance program is accredited not only by the FLA but also by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production WRAP. Gildan has achieved Gildan has achieved Oeko-Tex Standard 100 accreditation on the complete product offering.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 35

Bell adds, “As a vertical manufacturer that produces everything we sell, we adopted the Oeko-tex codes and banned substance lists within our own Environmental Code. It actually ended up helping us further reduce costs in the process.”

from their dyeing and finishing operations flow by gravity through a series of lagoons where bacteria and UV light eliminate virtually all the dyes and chemicals. The process takes close to 30 days and afterwards the treated water

is shared with local farmers to irrigate their crops.

Gildan also introduced Biomass Steam Generation systems into their facilities. These European designed systems burn agricultural waste to produce the steam that is used in the wet processes of Gildan’s operations. The incremental reduction of 12,000 tons of CO2eq emissions per month would make any environmentalist smile. In adopting these systems, the company has also managed to reduce its energy costs, while dramatically reducing its environmental footprint.

Environmentalists applaud these types of systems because they efficiently clean the effluent while using no chemicals and almost no

In 2010 Gildan acquired a production facility in Bangladesh to produce ring spun garments to service the European and Asian

The employees flourish with the investments we have made and the introduction of our Gildan practices. Gildan operates some of the world’s most efficient factories and continuously seek to improve quality while driving costs out of their processes. An example of that is their BioTop wastewater treatment systems, where effluent

36 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

incremental energy. This in turn creates cost efficiencies for the company.

markets. That facility previously produced for some well known European brands. The factory has been revamped with new equipment, new processes, implementation of the Gildan Quality System (GQS) and most importantly introduction of Gildan’s Code of Ethics (Code) and Environmental Codes of Practices (ECP). Mike Hoffman, President said, “the purchase and expansion of the Bangladeshi facility provides us with the perfect opportunity to expand our product offering and service the European business with soft, ring spun products tailored to a Euro fit. It is very encouraging to see the employees flourish with the investments we have made and the introduction of our Gildan practices. We look forward to further investments in this factory and are continuously looking for other opportunities in the region.” There certainly is a lot to digest when you start looking at this company. Hoffman adds, “We are a growth-oriented company, and our market share in Europe is not yet where we want it to be. We are very confident that with our increased capacity, both in Honduras and Bangladesh, and continued focus on international markets, 2012 should be a very exciting year for Gildan and its European network of professional

Find out more! Gildan’s complete collections and Genuine Stewardship information will be available on a new web platform at in late fall. For more information on Gildan’s products or CSR initiatives please visit or speak to your Falk & Ross account manager.

distributors, like Falk & Ross.” Gildan’s 2012 expanded product line will include more styles in the 150gsm Soft Style collection as well as an all-new 190gsm ring spun product under the Premium Cotton label. They are also adding a series of new polo shirts, expanding their 270gsm sweatshirt collection into ladies and fashion styles and adding some exciting new colors.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 37

be inspired

B&C Cocoon + /women & B&C Cocoon+ /men

be inspired

Fashionable looks, classic styles, technological soFtshells, light, medium or heavy weight, light pack concept‌ the astonished variety oF b&c jackets Fabrics and designs can take you everywhere. the b&c jacket collection features 30 jackets to support brands and actions with style.

Discover all the B&C Collection on the App Store

Italy’s Passion Food & Fashion Stylishly brought to you by the Falk&Ross Italian team

In the 12th Century from Milan to Northern Italy wool manufacturing became one of the most productive and important industries in the country. By the 16th century areas such as Venice f lourished with merchants travelling to Asia and the Middle East to supply Italy with such precious textiles. And by the 17th Century Italy produced half of the world’s silk. Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold Restaurant, Milano

Bar by Marc Jacobs

Culinary tradition In Italy today, textiles are still a financial motor and food a true passion! Italian people love to talk about food: what they eat, how they cook dishes. Every region, every village, every family has a secret recipe, a unique culinary tradition that is a sensory delight. Around the table, Italians share, socialize, define themselves and go back to their deepest roots. But these two great traditions can intertwine in a true symbiotic relationship and Milan is a example of this. Here many designers have merged their passion for fashion and food and opened restaurants, cafés and bars.

Nobu Restaurant by Armani

Armani is all things sophisticated and minimalist and their new collaboration with restaurant Nobu is the epitomy of this. Situated in the Golden Mile, one of the most famous fashion districts in the world Nobu brings a truly unique fushion of Japanese, South American and Peruvian inf luences. Striking contrast Dolce & Gabbana’s “Gold’, in striking contrast to the minimalist Armani, is a mix of luxury, extravagance and sensuous beauty. Drapped all in gold, mirrors and marble the café, restaurant and bar is over 3 f loors and even provides food and dessert for take away in chic gold bags.

Cavalli Club, Florence

Cavalli Club, Florence

Truly refined elegance Situated in the commercial and cultural heart of Milan, the Bulgari Hotel is a tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo bringing you truly refined elegance. With interiors of black marble from Zimbabwe, stone from Vicenza and teak and oak coming together to bring you harmony and balance, indulging the Bulgari secret cocktail here makes you feel like a true movie star. And it’s no surprise that this energy and passion for style is in our industry today, with brands such a Bella and B&C being true examples of this.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 39

YOKO Hi-Visibility

all the boxes


great value

great quality

great stocks

Mascot Columbus Pilotjacket F&R ordercode 405.76 catalogue page 306.

Lifestyle Workstyle? “THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WORKING” Possibly not what Nancy Sinatra had in mind when she released her single back in the 60’s, but my, how footwear in the work place has evolved since then!


he days of the old hob nail steel toe cap boot have gone forever. The beginning of the migration from work to fashion footwear in the UK can probably be traced to the rise of the Mod sub culture in the mid 60’s and the use of Dr. Martens, sometimes referred to as ‘Cherry Reds’ due to their colour. The sight of hundreds of ‘Mods,’ as they were called, descending on British resorts on their Vespa’s or Lambretta’s dressed in Ben Sher-

man shirts, Sta-prest trousers with braces and rolled up legs, Green Parker Jackets and DM’s was frightening for residents and tourists alike. Quite often violence would break out on a beach in Brighton or Margate with Mods and Rockers, known as Bikers today having running battles. The birth of the workwear DM as a fashion icon was born. Today, workwear footwear has evolved to reflect our ever changing times and the new technologies and man-made materials now

Dickies Super Safety Texan Rigger Boot BTC ordercode FD23160 catalogue page 47. Available in the UK; Available throughout Europe 2012

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 43

available to us all. The emphasis is now on comfort, functionality and appearance. Lighter materials such as polycarbonate toe caps, more comfort with increased emphasis on better support, padding and orthotic insoles and new technology in the soles offering non-slip, resin or rubber depending on the environment they will be worn in. Another fairly new development has been the growth of the workwear trainer, complete with Air Cushioned Mid Soles.

Mascot Naxos Jumper F&R ordercode 402.76 catalogue page 310.

Along with better aesthetics and combination of colours now available for shoes, boots or trainers, there has never been more choice for the workforce. Footwear is only a part of the superior workwear offering available from Falk&Ross With over 14 workwear suppliers we can help you find garments for catering, manfacturing and more. In fact the Falk&Ross Group have been instrumental in bringing many of these brands to the distributor market. Today’s workwear is not just about supplying a promotional product for a professional environment, its now about supplying the right garment for the job. Like footwear, workwear has developed to bring technically superior garments that perform with real style. Take Mascot’s Ovar Work Trousers, the highly durable fabric is is egonomicly cut to allow the trouser to work with the body, every feature is there for a reason and stitched re-enforcements are picked out in contrasting colours. Technical, functional and stylish. Another example is the Hi-Viz Safety Helmet from Venitex, built in a baseball cap shape, it’s only useful for better vertical vision but it also responds to the vogue to wear your hard hat backwards without compramising safety legislation. Practicle, safe, and modern. 44 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Result Workguard™ Heavy Duty Combo Coat F&R ordercode 472.33 catalogue page 346.

Panoply Mach 5 Overall F&R ordercode 903.83 catalogue page 322.

New 2011


R204X R200X&J


Core is a new budget range of simple, durable and comfortable garments that offer great value for money. Each product has been priced well below existing prices but still offers RESULT’S assured quality.





Call now for your Core free brochure

What’s going on

out there… Bella and Canvas

Fueled by fashion and laboured with love

The Bella and Canvas collection features fashion forward styles and superior fabrics. We take only the best fabrics and work them into all of our unique and desirable pieces. Introduced in 2011, the Flowy tee

Urban Outdoor for Country or Town

Result Clothing’s Urban Outdoor Wear is a range of contemporary, classically styled no nonsense outerwear packed with reliable features ideal for when out and about in the country or around town. Two fantastic new products have been added to the Urban range and will be available late September 2011.

New R191X Urban Outdoor Jacket

This is a luxurious lightweight down feel jacket that thrives in cold weather conditions. The 350g/m2 Polyester

collection is crafted with a rich poly viscose fabric and has stylish modern details like dolman sleeves, rushing, and off the shoulder styling. The standout triblend collection is a super soft fabric blend with trendy designs like racer back tanks and unisex fleece hoodies. We are all about the details. Unlike other companies, we impose a certain amount of geometry into our patterns for balance and fit by tailoring each garment individually, making standard grading a thing of the past. This unique devotion and understanding is just one of the reasons that Bella and Canvas is a leading fashion line. They promise that once you get into one of our tees, you will never want to take it off. See for more information.

46 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Result Core Core is a new budget range

of 11 simple, durable and comfortable garments that offer you great value for money. Each product still offers RESULT’S assured quality and has been designed for easy embellishment. On example of this is the New R204X Windcheater. This practical, windproof, water repellent windcheater offers fantastic value for money and comes in a great choice of colours; Black, Navy, Red, Bottle, Royal, Purple, Emerald Green, Hot Pink. It’s extremely lightweight


insulation delivers plush body warmth in extreme conditions and the HydraDri Nylon glazed waterproof outer offers good protection from the rain. Going from size S – 2XL this is available in a Black/Orange colour-way.

New R195X Urban Cheltenham Jacket

A stylish lightweight quilt jacket, this is ideal for those cooler days in town & country. The elegant design incorporates all the careful attention to detail that you come to expect from a Result jacket. The diamond quilted Polyester outer is complimented with a Polyester Taffeta lining, Polyester insulation and a smart corduroy collar. It is a true country classic. Again, from sizes S – 2XL this comes in Black and Navy. To view all Urban Outdoor products visit or contact Falk&Ross on

B&C invades the App Store!

You can now download the B&C iPhone application free of charge either on the device with Wifi via the App Store or on the computer via iTunes. Just enter « B&C » as a keyword in the App Store Search tool and you will reach their App. It puts the B&C collection right in your pocket! More than just a nice and trendy gadget, it allows you to check information about B&C from everywhere. The application features 5 sections: The B&C Collection, B&C News, B&C Quality, Who is B&C and More! The Application is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish so go on, have a peek!

design allows it to be stowed away and taken out for use in no time at all. To view all 11 new Core products visit or contact Falk&Ross at

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 47

FA S H I O N W I T H L E Relaxed meets refined in soft, deluxe 30’s Softstyle Ring Spun yarn made from USA Cotton. Our 64000 and 64000 L tees are wardrobe staples of such effortless style they’ll never look back. 64000 Softstyle Ring Spun Adult T-Shirt 150g/m 2 ; S-2 XL ; 30 colours 64000 L Softstyle Ring Spun Ladies’ T-Shirt 150g/m 2 ; LS-L 2 XL ; 25 colours

GENDARY STYLE For everyday fun and function, nothing beats the perfect tee! Our hard-working Heavy Cotton 5000 and 5000 B t-shirts are detailed for supreme comfort and durability. 5000 Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt 185 g/m 2; S- 3 XL ; 39 colours 5000 B Heavy Cotton Youth T-Shirt 185 g/m 2; YXS -YXL ; 31 colours

Gildan is the only vertically-integrated apparel manufacturer in the world to have its labour compliance program accredited by the Fair Labor Association and provides safe working environments in the communities where we operate. We buy 100% USA Cotton, ethically grown and harvested, and our OekoTex certification assures that our garments do not contain any harmful chemicals or materials. Visit and Gildan CSR .com.

New faces AT F&r As we continue to grow and expand our teams, we’d like to introduce some of our New Faces to you. Group


Nigel Roden head of group marketing, Andrew Neale head of group purchasing, Helen Scott european hr director.

Customer Service Sabrina Santell (1) assistant manager, Nicole Broßart, Susanne De Leon, Christian Stäbler (2), Dirk Schlotter (4), Eliane Berg Warehouse Personnel Pierre Haag, Waldemar Frick, Simone Schlütter (3), Sebastian Frisch, Jennifer Seifert, Yvonne Heinrich Scholz Steffen.

United Kingdom Sally Holgate marketing manager, Rachel Quick business development manager, Mike Pledge head of IT, Jenna Bradley sales office manager, Kathryn Coales assistant finance manager, Natalie Powell marketing assistant.

Office Team Gerda Halter (5), customer service/reception, Christoph Kastl, purchasing team leader, Erich Fischer (6), sales director, Eugen Wilhelm, IT support.







Austria Najeeba Krejci Customer Service Team

Poland New Call Centre Team Adrianna Karolina Formela team leader, Milena Dobrzycka, Karolina Szpuner, Ewelina Kapusta, Agnieszka Simonides-Trojanowska, Aleksandra Olbrich, Ewa Wojewoda.

50 | F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011

Don’t miss your chance for A Day on the

racing sail boat

ICE Black

to win a limited edition SG Scooter What better way to see in the Autumn season than with your very own SG Vespa to get around! No more waiting in traffic, choose the simple life! Simply scan the QR code below or log onto and fill in your details to be entered into the free prize draw. The closing date is 20th December 2011 and the winner will be announced in Issue 2.

Simply scan the QR code below or visit www.fandronline. eu and fill in your details to be entered into the free prize draw. The closing date is 20th December when 6 lucky winners will be chosen for this amazing experience.

F&R Magazine #01 Fall 2011 | 51

2012 FALK&ROSS CATALOGUE SALES FORM IS NOW ONLINE. Scan the QR code below or visit for your personalised order.

F&R Magzine - Europe/English - Issue 1  

F&R Magzine - Europe/English - Issue 1

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