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wice a year I tell myself, Beth—Fashion Stylist “Eleanor, come on, it is Imogen—Film Reviewer time to pull yourself Em—Upcoming Books/Films together”. I never do, of course. Emilie—Interviewer But maybe 2014 will be different—I will become a new me. Maybe I’ll Emily—Grammarian actually start revising before the day of the test, Emma—Illustrator but maybe I won’t. What I do truly, really hope Eve—Columnist for, however, is that Fandoms Assemble will keep Imi—Music Editor on getting bigger and bigger. We are setting Jessica—Fandom Updater ourselves goals every day: a thousand followers Lily—Quiz Master on twitter; five hundred followers on tumblr (at Saffy—Book Reviewer the time I am writing this we are only four away!!!); five thousand reads on a publication. All images are You get the gist. And so my New Year’s owned by their resolution, I think, will be to spend as much time respectful owners working on Fandoms Assemble as I can, in and we do not between school and dance of course. wish to take any This is my New Year’s resolution (something I credit for them. hope you all can help me with!), but I want to know yours. Tweet me at @fandomsmagazine and I hope you have a happy new year.


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Right now I’m re-watching Doctor Who. I’m on season 2 at the moment and it’s bringing back such great memories.


Lately I've been really into Firefly! It's got several really excellent female characters, a dash of romance, a pinch of suspense, and a whole lot of adventure! I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Star Wars or Doctor Who.


Updaters Rae—Creative Director Victoria—Publicity Imi—Chief Updater Beth—Ariana Grande, Phandom Cian—Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, Percy Jackson, Pretty Little Liars Jessica—Doctor Who, Marvel, Sherlock Laura—Divergent Lisa—Jedward Rae—Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Supernatural Saffy—Divergent, Lord of the Rings, The Mortal Instruments Soshin—Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend Yasemin—The Hunger Games



have to admit that if I didn’t put any effort into school I would probably be one of the worst students there. For example, in year 7 I didn’t even listen to one word of the History lesson and scored 0 out of 50 on the test. However, now I’m in the highest sets for all my subjects. Do you want to know why that is? Because I work hard. And I’m proud of it. I don’t mean to be big headed, but in a way, I think I deserve to be. I revised 50 hours in 3 weeks for a maths exam, and thanks to that I received an A* a year early. I'm certain as well that if I did not revise that much, then I wouldn't have got it. The moral of the story is you won’t get anywhere without hard work, but when you do work hard, it will be worth it, trust me. So why not make this year your year for working hard? You only have one chance at this and you don't want to regret it. It may seem like hard work and pointless to begin with, but nothing is sweeter than when hard work pays off. This year might be an important one for you, or it might just be an ordinary one, but either way, start off early and get it done. It is also the perfect excuse for a new years resolution.

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To be honest, I’m enjoying the new One Direction album, Midnight Memories, and blogging lots.


started watching Reign this week and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve also started watching 30 Rock which I know is over, but it’s never too late to start watching. It’s hilarious!

TAGG MOST REBLOGGED: FANFICTION PROMPT: Character A writes a Valentines Day card for character B but something goes wrong.

Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint’s nominations for WhatsOnStage Awards 2014 for their performances in The West End.



Your fanfiction should be between 500 and 2,000 words and emailed to fandomsassemblemagazine@gmai The best fanfiction will be featured in February’s edition and the rest will be placed on the tumblr.

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@Wh0viansUnited @Wh0viansUnited is a Twitter account run by Beth. Her time on Twitter has seen her gain over 12,800 followers and she talks about all things Doctor Who, including the 50th anniversary, the Christmas special, the departure of Matt and the arrival of Capaldi. When did you first get into Doctor outside and travels through time and Who? space. How could anyone not fall in I believe I was around two years old love? when I first watched An Unearthly Child. I was mesmerised from the moment the music started, and my love for the show and that daft old man grows every day.

Why did you decide to dedicate a twitter account to the show? To share my love for the show and to interact with other Whovians around the world.

Obviously the 50th anniversary was in November, do you think it was a good celebration of Who? Do you think more of the other doctors should have been involved or was it good as it was? I believe it was a great way to celebrate 50 years. All the nods to the past were just perfect, I have never cried that much while watching the show before. I was a little disappointed to hear Christopher had decided not to take part, but it was his decision and I accepted that. It would have been nice to see other Doctors interact but having them all on screen (even if it was old footage) and then having them all look up to Gallifrey at the end sent a shiver down my spine. And the appearance of Tom Baker as The Curator and Peter Capaldi's eyes was just beautiful. And The Eighth Doctor finally getting a regeneration was just the icing on the cake in my eyes.

What do you love most about Doctor Who? How do you feel about Matt leaving?

The whole concept of it; the story of a I was sad when it was announced but in mysterious man who lives in a blue box my heart I think I knew it was coming. 10 that is bigger on the inside than it is

Favourite Doctor It's always difficult to have a favourite, especially if you have grown up with The Doctor. To me it doesn't matter what he looks like, he will always be The Doctor. Favourite Companion I love all the companions, but Sarah Jane Smith will always be my companion. She was my hero as a child and I always wanted to be her; I still do. Favourite Episode City of Death, Warriors of The Deep, School Reunion, Blink and A Good Man Goes To War are just a few that come to mind. Favourite Cast member The entire cast across the whole 50 years are charming, funny, beautiful and talented. The cast is just one of the reasons why I love the show.

The show is all about change; it Handles, one last drunk giraffe dance wouldn't have survived 50 years and of course Raggedy Man Goodnight. otherwise. What's your opinion on New Who vs Do you think Capaldi will be a good Classic Who? Do you have a preference? Doctor? I actually don't like using the terms The second it was announced Peter would be playing Twelve I screamed with joy. He is an amazing actor and will bring so much to the part, as soon as he spoke in The Time of The Doctor I fell in love, well, I was always going to.

Classic and New because it's all the same show. I grew up on the series so I have no preference; the whole 50 year history holds a place in my heart. Do you belong to any other Fandoms?

A few others: Harry Potter, Sherlock, What was your view on the Christmas The Walking Dead, Merlin, Once Upon A special? Time, Supernatural, The Hunger Games I admit there are some plot holes and I and Marvel. But Doctor Who will always didn't see the point of Clara's family; it be my main fandom. just didn't fit with the plot. Other than Are there any Fandom related events that I enjoyed it and Matt gave such a you're looking forward to in the new fantastic performance. The regeneration year? was short but sweet but I liked it; it Series 8 of course and the return of didn't hurt as much as other Sherlock in the new year. The final regenerations did. And how can I not Hobbit and Mockingjay Part One. 11 mention naked Doctor, old man Doctor, 11



DON’T WORRY, IT’S OKAY IF… can’t decide between wanting to date a celebrity or wanting them to be your parent.

…you don’t ship something. …you haven’t read the books and have only seen the movies. Reading books just means you are interested in knowing more about the story. You can still love something as much as anyone else when having only seen the movies. …you don’t know what a Crumpled-Horned Snorkack is. …your favourite actor isn’t famous and you simply love them for them, not because they are not popular. …you have a different opinion to someone else. …you love Phil over Dan… or vice versa. …your favourite band member happens to be the lead singer. don’t find someone hot, even if it seems that the rest of the internet does.


…you tag your hate.



IN 2014 Your guide to the hottest fandom conventions this year

MCM LONDON MCM London Comic Con is a spectacular celebration of all that’s best and brightest in the worlds of movies, sci-fi, anime, videogames, comics, manga and cosplay!

Fandom(s)? Anime, sci-fi, comics etc Where? ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock, London When? 23rd May—25th May How do I find out more? You can visit their website www. and also check out all of the other MCM comic cons across the UK and Ireland. 14 14

ASYLUM 12 Asylum 12 is Rouge Events’ 12th convention under the name ASYLUM. Rogue Events have the pleasure of bringing you the very best stars to conventions from various TV shows and films.

Fandom(s)? Supernatural Where? Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

When? 16th May—18th May How do I find out more? You can visit Rogue Events’ website and find the Aslyum 12 section


SUMMER IN THE CITY SitC offers a chance for YouTubers worldwide to enjoy a fun, semi-casual weekend with some of their favourite vloggers, musicians and friends.

Fandom(s)? Youtube Where? Alexandra

Insurgence 6 is Rouge Events’ 6th UK convention under the name Insurgence. Rogue Events have the pleasure of bringing you the very best stars to conventions from various TV shows and films.

Palace, London

Fandom(s)? The Vampire Diaries

How do I find out more? You can visit

Where? Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

When? 13th-15th June How do I find out more? You can visit Rogue Events’ website and 15 find the Insurgence 6 section

When? 9th and 10th August

their website or their tumblr summerinthecitygathe 15

Peeniss is such a horrible ship name. Everlark is so much better, and Galeniss should be Everthorne.


I almost don’t want to see the Sea Of Monsters movie because I know I will be disappointed when it doesn’t measure up to the book. I think the Gallagher Girls series is underrated. Ally Carter is an amazing author and more people should realise this.



SSIONS People are so obsessed with Dan Rad and Emma, but I feel like they forget about Rupert. The only reason I watch Teen Wolf is for Dylan O’Brien.

I haven’t watched any of the Doctor Who episodes past David Tennant. I just can’t stand Matt Smith.




On April Fools Day 2013 the Supernatural fandom took down social networking sites by force. And how did they do it? Well, they only plastered Misha Collins’ face on EVERY tumblr post created on the day. Misha’s face is no stranger to tumblr anymore, he ‘infected’ everyone’s blogs out there.

FANTASTIC BEASTS On the 12th September 2013 Warner Bros and JK Rowling announced that the hit book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is to become a film series scripted by JK herself. As expected the fandom went crazy and we are still demanding more news.

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON This year San Diego Comic Con bought out the best twists and turns we have ever seen. From the Catching Fire panel, to Karen Gillan’s shaved head, to Tom Hiddleston walking the premises as Loki. AND we got a livestream of the whole thing! 18


STARKID: AVPSY It began in 2009 and it ended in 2013. The finale of the Very Potter Musical series starring Darren Criss, and this time our Luna Lovegood: Evy Lynch. It was the end of something big when AVPSY came to a close, as Starkid have become a large name, in the Potter fandom and the Youtube community.

JEN’S FAME From winning her Oscar and falling up the stairs to being on the front cover of world famous magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, 2013 really has been the year for JLaw. And the reason we love her so much is that she’s not the kind of celeb who would gloat, she’s the kind of girl who’d accept an award by quoting Mean Girls.

50th ANNIVERSARY There was neither a Brit nor a Whovian alive that did not know that this year was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. And ‘Doctor Who’ summarises 2013, due to the sheer amount of Who that hit our screens. By this we mean the Series, the 50th and *cough* Matt's Regeneration *cough*.

McBUSTED In November the announcement came that McFly and Busted were to form a super group together. The announcement was met by a scurry of ordering tour tickets from everyone. The announcement brought upon many smiles and hopefully McBusted will stay a permanent thing. 19







“A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.” - Carl Sagan


ROMANCE The Distance Between Us Kasie West

Ginny’s aunt dies and leaves her $1000 and 13 envelopes with instructions to follow.

Anna and The French Xander and Caymen are from Kiss Stephanie Perkins two different worlds, so what Anna is shipped off to France will happen when their lives for her senior year, which she collide? is not all too happy about, One Day David Nicholls 15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter meet on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? This Song Will Save Your Life Leila Sales

Francesca’s mum starts suffering from depression and Francesca feels lost and alone. What she doesn’t know is that she is not alone at all. Broken Soup Jenny Valentine Rowan is busy taking care of herself, her sister and her mum, but everything changes when a boy hands her a photo.

Leap of Faith Jamie Blair When Faith steals a baby and runs away to give her a better life, she discovers that sometimes, love won’t last through lies.

until she meets Etienne St Clare.

How to Love Katie Cotugno

Stargirl Jerry Spinelli

Just One Day Gayle Forman

Reena has loved Sawyer from Before I Fall Lauren Oliver afar for years, until he finally notices her. Soon after, he Samantha relives the same leaves without explanation, day again and again until she leaving her pregnant and finally realizes what she must alone, only to return two do. years later.

Stargirl begins her first day of school and everyone is Elise has given up on trying to enchanted by her fit in, until she stumbles unusualness, until things across a warehouse party. start to go wrong. Saving Francesca Melina Marchetta

happiness last?

Where the Stars Still Shine Trish Dollar

Allyson first meets Will at a Shakespeare production in England, and soon they are travelling to Paris together. The Last Song Nicholas Sparks

Seventeen year old Ronnie is Callie has been on the run forced to spend a summer with her mother for years. with her estranged father, Now, after the police have who left her family three caught up with them, she years ago. During the summer must try to live a normal life she finds new love, and with the memories of the past begins to rediscover her love behind her. for her father. Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor is a new girl at school after she returns to live with her family and befriends Park. 23 The two connect through 13 Little Blue Envelopes Maureen Johnson music, but can their

P.S I love you Cecelia Ahern After Holly's husband Gerry passes away, she doubts she'll ever be able to be happy again - until she comes across a series of letters he left.


The Notebook Nicholas Sparks Noah and Allie were deeply in love, like neither of them had felt before, but they are separated, by their class, family and a number of circumstances. But when Allie returns after years have passed to see Noah, what will come of them?

DYSTOPIA The Knife of Never Letting Go Patrick Ness There are no secrets in Prentisstown; everyone’s thoughts can be heard. Todd unwittingly stumbles across a patch of dead silence, which is impossible, and must run for his life. The 5th Wave Rick Yancey 5 waves of the apocalypse, each bringing more death and disaster. Cassie has lost her brother and father and finds herself lost and alone. The Selection Keira Cass America comes from a lower class family, and when she gets the chance to compete for Prince Max’s hand, her family persuade her to enter. Blood Red Road Moira Young 24

When Saba’s brother is kidnapped by a notorious

institution, she embarks on a isolated in prison until her perilous journey to rescue captor releases her and tries him. to use her power. Unwind Neal Shusterman Connor, Risa and Lev are all on their way to being Unwound, when events unfold and they find themselves on the run. The Darkest Minds Alexandra Bracken

The Wind Singer William Nicholson Kestrel and her twin brother Bowman escape the strict regime in Aramanth to rescue the Wind Singer, said to free the citizens of Aramanth. The Killables Gemma Malley

On Ruby’s 10th birthday, something horrific happens and she is sent away to a prison camp.

Evil has been eradicated by the System, but anyone showing any signs of it disappears forever.

Legend Marie Lu

Tomorrow When The War Began John Marsden

Day is a wanted criminal and June is the State’s biggest prodigy, groomed for success. When the two meet, their worlds collapse.

Ellie and her friends camp in the Bush for a weekend, a weekend which irrevocably changes their lives forever.

Under the Never Sky Veronica Rossi

How I Live Now Meg Rosoff

Exodus Julie Bertagna

The Bone Season Samantha Shannon

Daisy moves in with her Aria’s life has been spent in English cousins and finds the safety of the Dome, so herself enjoying it, until a war when she is exiled, how will breaks out and they must she survive in the wilderness? fend for themselves.

The world is drowning and Mara makes a desperate attempt to save the inhabitants of her sinking island. Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in almost a year; she is

Paige is a rare kind of clairvoyant, in a world where being a one is illegal. When she’s captured, she’s sent to the forgotten city of Oxford where she must try to survive.

EMOTIONAL The Book Thief Markus Zusak Liesel lives in Nazi Germany and starts to steal books to feed her growing desire to read. Now Is Good Jenny Downham

watches events unfold. Elsewhere Gabrielle Zevin Liz is killed in a hit and run, and finds herself in Elsewhere, a place where everyone ages backwards until they are reborn again. 13 Reasons Why Jay Asher

sent to live with her aunt, where, instead of salvation and redemption, she finds love and laughter. Boys Don't Cry Malorie Blackman When Dante pictured his future, he definitely did not imagine himself struggling to cope with fatherhood at his age.

Clay returns home from school one day to find a box As Tessa battles cancer, she full of tapes; tapes made by a falls in love with the boy next girl he had a crush on, telling Last Chance Angel Alex Gutteridge door. him why she committed After Jess is knocked off her suicide. If I Stay Gayle Forman bike and killed, she is given Bridge To Terabithia b one last chance to say Mia lies unconscious in a Katherine Paterson goodbye to her loved ones. hospital bed after a tragic While back on Earth, she is crash, but is also strangely When Jess meets Leslie, his unknowingly told secrets aware. world is transformed by her some that cause her to make The Sky Is Everywhere Jandy imagination and love of the biggest decision she'll everything. They build a Nelson ever have to make. world together and become When Lennie’s sister dies in a each other’s closest Hostage Three Nick Lake sudden accident, Lennie must confidants, until tragedy When Amy’s father takes her strikes. learn to live without her. on a cruise, none of them The Cellist of Saving June Hannah expect to be taken hostage by Sarajevo Steven Galloway Harrington Somali pirates. When Harper’s sister kills herself, she impulsively runs away to California with her best friend and a mysterious boy who knew her sister. The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold

In a city under siege, the lives of four people are narrated, from the cellist, playing in memory of people killed in a mortar attack to the sniper, meant to kill the cellist as he plays. Burned Ellen Hopkins

From heaven, Suzie relays the When Pattyn’s father catches tale of her murder, and her 25 her in a compromising desperate desire for her position with a boy, she is murderer’s capture as she

Cat’s Eye Margret Atwood Artist Elaine returns to her childhood town and reflects upon the memories she has of growing up. The Snow Child Eowyn Ivey Alaska, 1920. Jack and Mabel own a farm but are drifting apart until one night, they build a snow child together.

The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd


Kami’s imaginary friend Racism is still rife in South suddenly appears in her life, Alabama, 1964, so when Lily’s with a real family and a real black mother figure is jailed life. for insulting a white man, Lily The Raven Boys Maggie decides to free her and run Stiefvater away.

PARANORMAL Daughter of Smoke and Bone Laini Taylor Karou’s whole life will shatter after she meets Akiva and discovers their tangled past. Angellfall Susan Ee Penryn’s world turned upside down when the Angels invaded, but when her sister is kidnapped by them, she will do anything to get her back. Hunting Lila Sarah Alderson Lila runs away to live with her brother after a weird accident leaves her shaken and scared, until she realizes that her brother is keeping secrets too. The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson Rory arrives at her new London boarding school as a series of Jack the Ripperesque26murders occur. Unspoken Sarah Rees

Now, she’s in a new town, starting over,but the past won’t stop haunting her. The Hunter L J Smith When Jenny buys a game for her birthday party, she never expects to be thrown into a game that may threaten her life and the lies of her friends.

Blue is the only non-psychic in a house of psychics and suddenly becomes tangled up Starcrossed Josephine in a boy’s quest for a Angelini forgotten king. Helen Hamilton has hid her Everneath Brodi Ashton abilities for her whole life, but when the Delos family move Nikki has been in the into town, everything she Underworld for several knew is turned upside down. months, now, returned to her normal life, she must find a The Stolen Alex Shearer way to escape her demon, Meredith is an orphan, before it’s too late. supposed to live with her Sweet Evil Wendy Higgins dear grandmother and be looked after. But nothing is as Anna is the daughter of a it seems in this house. A fallen angel, and her life vicious old woman, who depends on leading other refuses to die, a young soul is people astray. stolen, and suddenly Meredith is not Meredith at Poison Princess Kresley all anymore. Cole Pivot Point Kasie West Evie’s hallucinations become real, and she is thrown into a Addie has the power to see terrifying new world where the consequences of any rules don’t exist anymore. choice she has to make, but just how much can her life The Unbecoming of Mara change in 6 weeks? Dyer Michelle Hodkin Marah wakes up in hospital, the only survivor of a building collapse that killed her friends and her boyfriend.


Demons at Deadnight A&E Kirk

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray Chris Wooding


Aurora has the worst superpower ever, and with a host of demons after her and 6 hot boys trying to protect her, life just gets more and more complicated.

Thaniel and Cathaline are wych hunters who stumble across the lovely, possessed Alaizabel Cray, who endangers the whole town

The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight Jenny Valentine

Finnikin of the Rock Melina Marchetta Finnikin has not been to his home country for 10 years, and so when rumours of a heir appear, he traces the stories to the source and embarks on a quest to free his country. Forsaken Jana Oliver Riley’s father is killed by a demon and so she vows to avenge him and takes over his role of a Demon Trapper Cinder Marissa Meyer Cinder is a cyborg, a second class citizen who is indebted to her stepmother for keeping her fed and housed. When the Prince drops by Cinder’s stall, her life will change forever. Malice Chris Wooding Malice is a terrifying comic in which children fight for their lives, trapped in an inescapable world. Rumour says Tall Jake can take you to his world, Malice, if only you 27 say the chant. But, it’s not real. Is it?

When 16 year old runaway Chap is mistaken for a missing boy called Cassiel, his Eragon Christopher Paolini life changes dramatically as he takes on another life. Eragon is just a farm boy who unwittingly stumbles across a Framed! Malcolm Rose dragon egg in the forest, and Luke Harding is about to finds his life endangered become the youngest ever forensic investigator; his The Night Circus Erin career is all set until he is Morgenstern framed for a crime he didn’t The circus arrives without do. warning. No announcements precede it… it is simply there, Holes Louis Sachar when yesterday it was not. Stanley is sent to a Young Offenders Institution for a The False Princess Eilis crime which he did not O'Neal commit. There, he meets Nalia believed she was a Zero and finds out that their princess, and the heir to the lives are tangled. throne of Thorvaldor, but her world is shattered when she Six Months Later Natalie discovers she was a cover up, Richards as a way to protect the true Chloe nods off to sleep in princess. class during the summer and wakes up six months later to The Girl of Fire and find her life dramatically Thorns Rae Carson different. Now, she must Elisa is one of the Chosen, but unravel the mystery behind also the youngest of two her memory loss, while trying princesses who is married off not to get killed. to a struggling King who needs not the disappointing The Curious Incident of the Princess but the Power of the Dog in the Night Time Mark Haddon Chosen. Christopher is autistic, and

sees the world differently to anyone else. When the next door dog is murdered, he attempts to unravel what really happened. Golden Jessie Kirby Parker Frost’s job as a Teacher’s Assistant in her senior year of high school is to post off all the journals written as a project by a class ten years ago, which is how she finds the journal of a young girl who was killed in a car accident 10 years back

chapters of the Book of Genesis that are about her father, Jacob, and his dozen sons. The White Queen Philippa Gregory 1464. Cousin is at war with cousin, as the houses of York and Lancaster tear themselves apart. War Horse Michael Morpurgo

CLASSICS The Woman In White Wilkie Collins On a road, late at night, a traveler stumbles across a woman in white, whose mystery he soon begins to unravel. Flambards K M Peyton

Orphaned Christina is sent to live with her uncle in the In the deadly chaos of the countryside where she falls in First World War, one horse witnesses the reality of battle love with the horses. The Shadow of the from both sides of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafón Anne of Green Gables L M trenches. Montgomery Daniel, a book dealer’s son, stumbles across a mysterious The Boy in the Striped Anne is an orphan who is book. Soon, he discovers that Pyjamas John Boyne adopted by the Cuthberts. She he may have the last book soon settles into her new written by the author. Where Nine-year-old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Solution home, enchanting everyone are all the other copies? with her imagination and and the Holocaust. Until he kindness. meets Shmuel, a boy who lives in a strange parallel existence on the other side of The Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett The Song of the adjoining wire fence. Achilles Madeleine Miller The Siege Helen Dunmore Sara finds herself confined to the attic in her old boarding When Achilles takes young Leningrad, September 1941. school after her father dies Patroclus under his wing, neither can predict the extent Hitler orders German forces and she has nowhere else to go. of their friendship, which will to surround the city at the start of the most dangerous be tested in the war that winter in its history. For two Little Women Louisa May comes. pairs of lovers—young Anna Alcott The Red Tent Anita Diamant and Andrei, Anna’s novelist The March girls, Tomboyish father and actress Marina— Jo, beautiful Meg, fragile Beth, Her name is Dinah. In the the siege becomes a battle for and romantic Amy, struggle Bible, her life is only hinted at survival. 28 and violent detour with growing up poor while in a brief their father is away, by within the more familiar


sticking together and making The journal of a young girl living with her penniless, the best of what they have eccentric family during her Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 17th year of life. Jane, a girl sent from relatives to become a governess, later meets the broody and mysterious Mr. Rochester... a man whom she grows to love, and a man who has many secrets.

The Silver Sword Ian Serraillier In 1942 Warsaw, World War II is raging, and people live in fear from day to day. Ruth, Bronia, and Edek have to fend for themselves when both of their parents are taken by the Nazis.

labour and cruelty. The Odyssey Homer The great epic poem about the adventures of Odysseus during his return from the Trojan War and the drama of his homecoming. Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell

Hidden away in the Record Department of the sprawling Ministry of Truth, Winston Mrs Bennett desperately tries The Prisoner of Smith skilfully rewrites the to find the perfect men for past to suit the needs of the Zenda Anthony Hope her daughters to marry, but party. Yet he inwardly rebels for Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy is far Rudolf Rassendyll is against the totalitarian world from the kind of man she transported from a he lives in, which demands comfortable life in London to absolute obedience and wishes to marry... at first. fast-moving adventures in controls him through the allTo Kill a Ruritania, a mythical land seeing telescreens and the Mockingbird Harper Lee steeped in political intrigue. watchful eye of Big Brother, symbolic head of the Party. A young girl named Scout Tuck Everlasting Natalie deals with the issues of Babbet Ballet Shoes Noel Streatfeild racism while gaining knowledge, experience, Winner Foster stumbles Pauline longs to be an actress. strength, and courage, while across the Tuck family, who Petrova is happiest playing her father, a lawyer, is have been blessed – or cursed with cars and engines. And, if persecuted for defending a – with immortality after she could, Posy would dance falsely accused black man drinking from a magic spring. all day. But united by the being charged with raping a But what happens when puzzling disappearance of someone wants to make a their benefactor, Great Uncle white girl. profit from the magic powers Matthew, the girls share a The Great Gatsby F. Scott future of a dazzling life on of the water? Fitzgerald stage where their dreams and Black Beauty Anna Sewell fears will soon come true. A man longs for the girl of his dreams, and builds a new life Black Beauty is a handsome, No one person will love every single book on the list, since we for himself to impress her.. sweet-tempered colt with a all have different tastes. We but who is Jay Gatsby really? strong sprit. When his would love to hear your opinions owners are forced to sell him, on the books we have included so 29 I Capture the Castle Dodie he goes from a life of comfort send us a tweet or message on Smith and kindness to one of hard tumblr with your thoughts. Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

FANDOM UPDATES What is happening in the fandom world right now SHERLOCK

MARVEL 2 new trailers were released for “The Amazing SpiderMan 2”. The movie follows Peter Parker and his difficulties of being a high school student and SpiderMan. The movie stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Campbell Scott, Embeth Davidtz, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti, and Sally Field. The movie is 30 set to premiere on May 2, 2014.

Sherlock season 3 is finally returning! On January 1st 2014 the first episode “The Empty Hearse” premiered on BBC One. Also, a mini episode was released on Christmas entitled, “Many Happy Returns”. The 2nd episode was called “The Sign of Three” and the 3rd “His Last Vow”. There was an early sneak peak of series 3 for some lucky people on December 15, 2013 where they showed “The Empty Hearse”. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey, Amanda Abbington and Steven Moffat all attended and answered questions after the episode.

DOCTOR WHO Goodbye Raggedy Man! Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock strikes twelve. Matt Smith is done being the Doctor and his final episode was “The Time Of The Doctor”, which premiered on Christmas Day. Matt said that he was hoping his Doctor would go out with a “bang” and that it wouldn’t be like David Tennant’s (tenth Doctor) regeneration. Matt is now starring in a musical, “American Psycho” playing Patrick Bateman and says he doesn’t want to do anything related to his previous role. Billie Piper was at the press night with Matt for American Psycho.


THE FAULT IN OUR STARS The Fault in Our Stars movie poster was released in late December and was available to buy. The cover features Shailene Woodley (Hazel Grace) and Ansel Elgort (Gus). The money from the posters was given to charity. The money was raised from Youtubers for “Project for Awesomeness”. John and Hank Green were both 31 involved.

JK Rowling approves that there will be a Harry Potter stage play. Both Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are nominated for WhatsOnStage Awards 2014 for their performances in The West End! Rupert is nominated for London Newcomer of the Year in his production of Mojo, which is also nominated for Best Play Revival. Daniel is nominated for Best Actor in a Play for his performance in The Cripple of Inishmaan. The Harry Potter books are being republished in the UK which will be “fully-illustrated.” Jim Kay will be designing them. The Philosopher’s Stone will be released in September 2015.

ONCE UPON A TIME It has been revealed that Rebecca Mader will be playing the newest villain on Once Upon a Time, and that Alexandra Metz will be playing Rapunzel. We look forward to the next three episodes, premiering in March 2014, “New York City Serenade”, “Witch Hunt” and “The Tower”. Alexandra Metz is to appear in “The Tower”.





Films of 2014 American Hustle


The Book Thief

The LEGO Movie

Vampire Academy

Captain America 2



Amazing Spiderman 2



22 Jump Street

The Fault in Our Stars

Purge 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Transformers 4

Guardians of the Galaxy

Inbetweeners 2

The Maze Runner

Nativity 3

Mockingjay, Part 1

Dumb and Dumber To

The Hobbit, Part 3

Night at the Museum 3



PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS destroy everything they know.

It's been a hasty 3 years since The Lightning Thief was released and despite the fact it received mediocre reviews from both critics and fans, Fox have attempted to revive the franchise with Sea of Monsters. The second book in the 5 part series that sees our favourite demigods battle against the deepest and darkest of mythological monsters. For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Percy Jackson series is a Greek mythology based tale of a troubled teen that discovers he is the son of a Greek God. The story follows him and his friend Annabeth as they struggle with murderous monsters, colossal quests and the eerie uncovering of the many layers of mythological titans and villains that threaten to 35

Beloved readers of the series, be warned. Sea of Monsters may be more truthful to the book than Lightning Thief, but it struggles against movie adaptation greats such as HP and THG. However it's clear newcomer director Thor Freudenthal has attempted to patch up the movie disaster Chris Columbus left us with. He adds small book elements such as Martha and George, discreet Camp Half-Blood t-shirts and even a blonde Annabeth. However, my favourite component of this movie was the revamped version of Camp Half-Blood. It has the familiar warm and humorous aura that we gather from the books. Mr D makes his movie debut portrayed by Stanley Tucci, leopard print shirts and mispronounced names included. Nonetheless, all this positivity is putting aside the cringe-worthy lack of loyalty to the book concerning the storyline. Kronos makes an appearance 3 books early, half the characters are resurrected and, oh, apparently Luke trailed through Tartarus to gather Kronos's coffin (let's not remind ourselves of House of Hades.) Frankly, Sea of Monsters may be a moderate improvement from Lightning Thief, but it still lacks the book loyalty that consequently left me raking my fingers down my face. Nevertheless, it's worthy of a watch out of pure curiosity; just prepare yourself for an hour and a half of cringing and shouting at your own television.


City of Heavenly Fire

Ignite Me

Cassandra Clare

Tahereh Mafi

The Blood of Olympus

The One

Rick Riordan

Keira Cass

Into The Still Blue

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Veronica Rossi

Laini Taylor

Silver Shadows


Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

The Iron Trail

The Infinite Sea

Julie Kagawa

Rick Yancey

The Retribution of Mara Dyer


Michelle Hodkin

Lauren Oliver

A John Green Book

Penryn #3

John Green

Susan Ee


32 36

The Raven Cycle #3

Throne of Glass #3

Maggie Stiefvater

Sarah J Mass








Within the walls of Baalboden, Rachel Adams has a secret. She knows how to survive in the wilderness and deftly wield a sword. When her father, Jared, fails to return from a courier mission and is declared dead, the Commander assigns Rachel a new Protector, her father's apprentice, Logan--the same boy Rachel declared her love for two years ago, and the same boy who handed her heart right back to her. Rachel decides to escape and find her father herself.

Briony blamed herself for all her family’s hardships and it has become a second skin. She often escapes to the swamp, where she tells stories to the Old Ones, the spirits who haunt the marshes. But only witches can see the Old Ones, and in her village, witches are sentenced to death. Briony lives in fear her secret will be found out, even as she believes she deserves the worst kind of punishment.



Cam has a hunger, an alwayshunger; it drives him from home, to war, from north to south. When he returns from war alone - all his fellow soldiers slain - suspicion swirls around him. He's damaged in body and soul, yet he rides a fine horse and speaks well of his foes. What has he witnessed? Where does his true allegiance lie? How will life unfold for his little sister, his closest friend, his betrothed, his community, and even the enemy Lord who maimed him?

Elisa is the chosen one. But she is also the younger of two princesses, the one who has never done anything remarkable. Now, on her sixteenth birthday, she has become the secret wife of a handsome and worldly king—a king whose country is in turmoil. A king who needs the chosen one, not a failure of a princess. And he's not the only one who seeks her. Savage enemies seething with dark magic are hunting her.

Editor’s pick:


Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly This novel is written about two teenage girls, Andi and Alexandre, both suffering due to the tough cards life has dealt them. One lives in the present day and the other in mid 1790’s Paris. The novel beautifully switches between the two time frames and you wish it will never end. Andi and Alexandre will stick with you for a long time after you have turned the final page.

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Paper Towns by John Green.

One Day by David Nicholls is almost flawless. It is so much better than I ever expected and a really good read.

It is very entertaining and amusing while still having lots of deep meaning. I’ve heard so many good things about John Green’s books and even though this is the first one I have read by him, I already love his work. Natasha—@jilysnutella

@_shivanib I read Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, and it’s amazing because the interesting points raised are still incredibly relevant.

@ekholcombe_ I read Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I 39 loved it because it was so adorable!

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. This book has ‘modern day classic’ written all over it. It is set in a world on brink of war, and a world where only love can pull you through the hardest things, whether it be love, illness or death. Definitely read this if you are a fan of Jane Eyre. Em—@voldemoriarty

Angellfall by Susan Ee. A fantastic post-apocalyptic novel, in which angels have invaded earth! A great read for those who enjoyed books similar to 'Warm Bodies' and 'The Hunger Games'. Imogen—@ginnyweasleys

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My Favourite:

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Taylor Alison Swift

Age: 24 Famous for: Singing and acting Genre(s): Country, country pop, pop, pop rock Album(s): Taylor Swift; Fearless; Speak Now; Red I only became a huge fan of Taylor Swift late 2010 and got my first album, Speak Now, for Christmas. Since then, however, I have become obsessed. Not only am I in love with her song writing abilities, a skill so rarely seen with artists as famous as she is, but also her personality. Taylor truly loves her fans, once holding a meet and greet for thirteen hours straight. She also holds an after party where she chills with fans after every show, once called the T-Party and at the moment named Club Red. The fans do not pay to get into Club 40 Red—she has scouts, including her mum, who find people during the

concert who have the best costumes or signs or who know every word to her songs. Taylor also strives to be a role model for them. She once said: “For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old girl and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night.” What’s more, Taylor gives thousands of dollars to charity. She donated $100,000 to the Red Cross in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to help the victims of the Iowa flood of 2008 and donated her prom dress, which raised $1,200 for charity, to In 2009 she performed on BBC’s Children in Need concert and donated £13,000 to the cause. On 12th October 2013, Taylor also opened the Taylor Swift Education Centre at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Taylor’s $4 million gift to endow the centre is the largest individual artist gift in the Hall of Fame’s history. She has given much, much more, not including everything she does not donate under her name. Taylor was put on Adam Tod Brown’s list of The 5 Most Undeservedly Hated Famous People of 2013. For a woman to write about her feelings, and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you

marry her is taking something that potentially should be celebrated and twisting it into something that is, frankly, sexist. People have been singing about love for decades, however, as soon as a woman actually becomes successful through it, they must add in a ’yeah, but’. Taylor resents “that there has to be some downside to your personality or lifestyle if you’re a woman and successful”. Yet Taylor does not seem to let it get to her. She goes to lunch with her guy friends despite people will say they’re dating. She refuses to change the way she lives her life in that way due to her being in the public eye. What Taylor does, though, is slay awards. She has won 7 Grammys, 15 American Music Awards and 11 Country Music Association Awards, as well as becoming the youngest artist to ever be nominated for, and win, the award for Entertainer of the Year at age 19. In 2013 Taylor also became the second person (and first woman) to receive the Country Music Association's Pinnacle Award. I could say so much more about why Taylor is my favourite, about the vlogs she did and her songs like Best Day and Tied Together With A Smile and how she loves her band to pieces, but I do not have any more room.


“Faction before blood.”

FANDOM BEFORE BLOOD them until we win.

This quote from Divergent is If someone were to tell me that Doctor something we’ll never really Who was rubbish, I would not stop completely understand for ourselves. bombarding them with messages and We don’t live in the world that Tris photographs about the show until they lives in, so we can’t say that we would finally agreed that it was amazing. In put faction before blood. However, we my opinion, people who don’t like do have plenty of Doctor Who haven’t experience of WE’RE lived. They don’t know something that we WITH how it makes us feel. would put before Some people just don’t THIS ONE THING AND understand how much blood. time we spend Fandoms. IT’S obsessing over our They take over our fandoms. Only we lives from the know what it’s like to moment we enter wait 2 years for a series or have our one. We don’t just ‘enjoy’ a TV show, favourite Doctor return in the 50th film, book or band. We live it. Our episode. Only we felt the excitement Christmas lists suddenly consist of when we found out all about Fantastic posters, albums, DVD box sets and Beasts and Where to Find Them. merchandise. We’re suddenly obsessed with this one thing and it’s on our Being in a fandom is an experience that people don’t actually know about until minds 24/7. it happens to them. Then they realise We also suddenly become very why we would want to put fandoms protective over them. If anyone dares before blood. 41 to insult our fandom, we will fight



NEW YEAR? NEW INTERNET. People’s New Year resolutions are usually along the lines of “sleep more” or “eat healthier” or “organise school work better”, but we all know these are hard to actually stick to. So this is where we come in: we have devised resolutions for fangirls and boys which, hopefully, are a lot easier to stick to.



We see fanart, fanfict role-playing on the in basis and deep down w people. Surely we can’t didn’t think so. So whe sad, or any emotion in write or draw or photo We urge you to let it o harm you/those aro because if you want to work on the internet a for it. Being in the fa too! Who knows, with could become the next

you’ve been seeing on your Okay, we get that you like tumblr dash for far too a certain type of fiction, long without actually we do (most of our staff understanding the are the same), but try references, or a series of and read other genres. books-turned-films which You may love dystopian, you must read to see what but maybe you’ll love the hype is about, joining a paranormal books too! new fandom will help you Or maybe it will be the make more friends and classics which do it for broaden your mind. And, you. Either way, it is nice hey, what else will pass to try new genres of your time between the book and they don’t have to be fandom books season breaks? (You can either! If you’re stuck for book ideas, check out also 42never have too many page 22 for our One Hundred Books To Love! fandoms.)


5) START A FANDOM It’s always nice to give back to the community, PROJECT

but at the same time it’s always hard to know Fandoms and celebrities exactly how. Yeah, working in your local mean more to us than Oxfam can be pretty fun at the best of times, but it would be much better if it was related most people care to to fandoms. So in 2014 why not sign up for imagine and so we love to GISHWHES— the Greatest International say ‘thank you’. But for Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It some, just saying ‘thank will help you boost your confidence and you’ isn’t far enough. create huge overall help you feel better about yourself. People What’s more, the projects for their idols, CREATIVE prize may have like Rowling Day, and something to do with their idols actually do see Misha Collins! There it. So why don’t you be tion, graphics, vlogs and is no way you can part of that group and start up a project. ternet on almost a daily refuse. we strive to be like those 6) FINISH WHAT YOU t be the only ones? No, we enever you feel happy or HAVE STARTED between, we urge you to Many, many of us will admit to starting a piece of oshop or vlog or role-play. artwork or fanfiction or just about anything before out in a way which won’t leaving it to rot tucked away somewhere on the ound you. It is great computer or in some old drawer. Yet, we all hate o, you can showcase your stumbling across amazing fanfiction, finding it and people will love you finishes on a cliff-hanger and was last updated in andom will motivate you 2007. Hm. So in order to make the whole world a h time and practice you much better place, I propose we finish (or at least Jewels5 or nerimon. legitimately try to) all of these mini projects. Sign up for NaNoWriMo! However you do it, do it, as it will not drive you insane, no longer hanging over you like an evil essay, but it will also bring peace to those43 who just want their favourite fanfiction to be updated at least once every 6 years (but preferably sooner). 43






47 43




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