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A cabinet for a Photographer

Fanny Dreyer  

Client o  Young photographer o  Lives in Darwin, Australia o  Seascapes photographer o  Facinated by the fluidity of water

Wish list o  a cabinet to store all his accesories for his camera o  recharge his camera o  see and edit his photos o  keep his lens o  an area wher he can escape to and only focus on his photos o  functional cabinet

Ideas o  Screen in order to view photos (able to edit also) o  Compatiments to put the different lens o  Circular/fluid space o  All in one cabinet o  Soft material to put camera (does not break it) o  Place where the camera can be put and at the same time be recharged/connected to screen to view the photos o  Seat incorporated to be comfortable when looking over the photos

Circular shape, seat incorporated on the right side. Left side space to put the lens

Brainstorming  To put the camera, recharges and memory stick is attached directly to the tablette

Seat to view photos and edit

Hangers to put camera bag

Movable tablette attached to the structure

Drawers for lens

Final Idea  

Charge tablet  and   automa=cally   connects  to  camera   memory  s=ck  

Material inside:   oak  wood  

Material outside:   white  high  gloss   lacquered  wood   (Tonon)  

Curvy glass  box  to  store   the  camera  with  an   opening  glass.  With  lock  

Seat for  2  people  all   white  leather  to  view   the  pictures  with  a   friend   Open-­‐to-­‐push   drawers  (2  sets)  to   put  lens/memory   s=cks/cleaning  tools  

Final Idea-­‐  Rendering  

Material inside:   oak  wood  

Material outside:   white  high  gloss   lacquered  wood   (Tonon)  

Perspec=ve Drawings  

Orthographic drawing  (scale:  millimeter)  

Height: 1610mm   Width:  1800mm   Depths:  540mm  

Open-­‐to-­‐push Drawer   to  store  lens.    

Drawers joinery  

10pcs Cabinet  Gliding   Sliding  SoW  Close  Drawer   Slides  Cupboard  Hydraulic   Buffer  Damper  Hardware-­‐   TEMAX-­‐  28.99$  

French dovetail  joint  

Inside-­‐oak wood   Outside-­‐  white  high  gloss   lacquered  wood  (Tonon)  

Wet white   tanning  by   Silvateam  

The seat  

White leather  on   the  seat  and  white   high  gloss   lacquered  wood  for   the  base    

Full blind  dovetail  

Tablet and  charging  drawer  

40x50x54cm where  to  place  the   tablet  to  recharge   and  transfer  the   pictures  from  the   camera  to  the   tablet  

Converge -­‐  USB   Charging  Hub.   approx.   30x10x12cm  

Full blind  dovetail  

Camera storage   An  example  of  All   glass  curved  box.   The  space  of  my   storage  40x54cm  

Ron Gilard   opening  example   Camera  storage   opening  from  the   side  not  top.   Custom  made  

White co`on  velour  at   the  bo`om  to  put  the   camera.  80%  Co`on,  20%   Poly  blend  

Applying it  

Cabinet for photographer  
Cabinet for photographer  

Furniture Design- Olga class