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Fancy Flax brand creates and sells genuine handmade products for everyday and special occasions. The collections are made with love and passion, and consist of all the best natural fabrics; linen and wool are made for children and adults. All products sold by Fancy Flax are designed and made in Lithuania, Europe Union. Lithuania is well known as a country with old traditions in flax growing and weaving, as well as producing various kind of linen products. The Fancy Flax story begins in 2011 with the opening of the online shop. Fancy Flax brand was founded by Edita Korsake. Edita’s inspiration came from two super active beautiful boys; she always wanted them to be healthy, naturally comfortable and beautiful. That is why Edita always chose natural fabrics: linen, wool, organic cotton.

The Fancy Flax team chose the fabrics and started designing and curatingthebusiness;alldesignswere and are made by Fancy Flax brand. Fancy Flax represented their items in Lithuania and outside – it started from producing and selling for shops and online shops (like in small quantities until Fancy Flax became available for the global market.

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The benefits of Fancy Flax production: EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS We create genuine, original, stylish and playful handmade clothes that consist of all the best natural fabrics: linen, wool and organic cotton. MADE OF ALL NATURAL FABRICS


We only use the best quality fabrics. Linen and wool is selected from the best Lithuanian manufacturers.




We do not compromise on quality; the clothes are made with care and last longer.


All designs are made to provide the biggest comfort: the clothes are cozy and do not restrict movement. The fabrics such as linen and wool are great for all seasons: they cool up in hot or warm weather, and warm up when it is cold.






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Clothes are unique, made with love and passion; we have long-lasting traditions of making natural clothes for adults and children.

linen What makes

so special

Linen is a fabric made of the fiber of the flax plant. We think that Linen fabric can be more comfortable and beautiful than any other fabric. Linen has many benefits: linen is a unique, elegant, comfortable, functional and long lasting natural material.  Breathable. Linen is useful for skin, because it allows skin to breath, it cools in summer and warms up when it is cold. Linen is allergy free. Linen has anti-bacterial features, helps kill microbes. Linen is antistatic. Strongest of the vegetable fibers. Eco-friendly. Linen fibers are the most ecological of all natural fibers, it is 10 times more ecological than cotton.

Wool is unique, durable and flexible fabric. Wool effectively removes moisture from the body and releases it into the air. Wool fabric breathes. Wool keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is cold. Non-allergic. Dust mites don’t like wool. Wool is antimicrobial. Wool is antistatic. Wool fabric doesn’t collect much static because of its absorbent fibers. Wool cleans easily because dirt sits on the surface of the fiber. Naturally wrinkle resistant. Wool can be stretched and still bounce back to their shape.

wool Why we love

K ids’


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ing Fancy Flax’s greatest pleasure is creating clothes for kids. They consist of all the natural fabrics: wool, linen, organic cotton. The clothes are beautiful and very comfortable. They are made for active, naughty and stylish children. They are great

to wear on everyday or special occasions. Fancy Flax clothes can be worn for a long time, because of the great features of wool and linen, provided by long lasting and strong fiber. Clothes look natural and beautiful on any child.





Creative style, elegance and open-minded fashion with vintage details - that is Fancy Flax women’s style. Having your own and unique style is better than anything, and that is what we suggest. Fancy Flax produce natural and simple style with vintage details for independent, beautiful and exceptional women. Clothes look great both for leisure time and very special occasions.

Accessories Handcrafted, fashionable, vintage style accessories for kids and women. Made of pure linen and thin wool.


Contact us: In Unison, JSC

+370 600 80 677

Melsviu street 2, Kaunas


Cover photo by Mely G. Photography Design by Elena Jarmosh

Fancy Flax Lookbook  
Fancy Flax Lookbook