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The La Els

EDITORS NOTE Finally we’re into our 5th issue. I’m very proud of this issue because it seems to be going in the right direction and has some sort of structure to it. I would like to thank my Fanbase Team first and foremost for the excellent mag produced ☺. Special thanks to my Mom, Emily Clayton who stood in and helped put this issue together. Without her we would not have managed to get this issue out on time (grin) - so thanks Mom so much - love you lots ☺ As you might notice with this issue there’s been some changes within the Fanbase Team. Last month we saw Stini’s last contribution to the mag. I would like to personally thank her for all she did while she was with us and wish her well for the future - I know she will make a success of it. ☺ Also a huge thanks to Michael Williams who officially stepped down from the Mag , although we still call on him for help now and again. We wish you all the best at your new job and well for the future. ☺ Having said all that, I am very excited to introduce a very special person who’s joined the Fanbase team. ☺ Ladies and gentleman, I am very proud to introduce to you, probably Green Day’s biggest fan ever - Daniela de Almeida aka Danni. Check out her section called “Danni’s Punk Pit” where she has landed an interview with Alan Oller, half brother of Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong - read the awesome front cover interview. Also featuring in Danni’s section, an interview with band “The La Els” who’s currently doing big things in the S.A. music industry. In this part of the Mag Danni also gives you, the readers, a chance to send in your Poems or Song Writing. So if you’ve got some good creative writings that you want to send in then make sure you send it to and we could quite possibly feature your Poem or Songwriting in one of our issues, and, another great interview with a fashion guru aka Brett Webb. Our first feature of an Afrikaans band for the mag called “ 7StukkeSilwer”. This band is set to make it big in the South African music scene - a must read ! Jo’s corner this month is dedicated to “Kissed by Katie” who has currently gone their separate ways for the time being. Check out all the memories as Jo relives the awesome music this unique band produced over the past few years. As a huge fan of KBK myself I would like to take this opportunity to wish the band members well. Katie good luck with your travels overseas and have a rocking time, and show those Americans how to party hard, South African style. Brett, good luck for the future in Joburg, I know you are going to go far as a musician and remember Fanbase will always back you ☺ and to Steph continue banging those drums – looking forward to watching and listening to you in the future ☺ Thank you Kissed by Katie… Love, Love, Love. FAREWELL KISSES Our togger of the month features Sarah Jane from 35mm Shootout. If you like your local band/gig photography, then you will definitely like this feature coz this togger takes some amazing pics at local gigs. Speaking of which, check out photo’s in the Conclave music launch review sponsored by Fanbase Music Magazine. It was an awesome night and the video is impressive. Well done to the Conclave boys Last but not least we would like to congratulate Shannon Rice for winning “Chop of the month” your Tatt is awesome man, If you would also like to have your tattoo feature in the Mag send your tattoo pics to Well that’s it for this issue. Huge Big Thanks for everyone’s support, you guys all rock!!! Happy reading !! Duwyne Clayton and The Fanbase Team.

Full Name Nickname Favorite drink

Favorite food Favorite song at the moment Favorite band What is playing in your CD at the moment?

Duwyne Clayton Duzz, Duzzy Klippies and cola (failing the Klippies a Black Label or Borange – ask the Conclave boys what that is Chicken, KFC or pizza oh and garlic bread Conclave- End of the line Prime Circle Puddle of mud

Full Name Nickname Favorite drink Favorite food Favorite song at the moment Favorite band What is playing in your CD at the moment?

Joanne Jary Jo Malibu and Coke Potato bake

Full Name

Favorite band

Daniela de Barros Lamy de Almeida..(I'm Portuguese so I have a thousand surnames!!) Dani / Green Day Coke Anything with peri peri- ie Portuguese food! Oooh and Macdonalds! Uuuuum at the oldie by Alanis Morissette "you oughta know" and "Country song" by Seether! Green Day

What is playing in your CD at the moment?

Green Day and Adele, also some Alanis Morissette! X

Nickname Favorite drink Favorite food

Favorite song at the moment

Good Girl Prime Circle Kissed by Katie

7StukkeSilwer 7StukkeSilwer Where did it all start as a band what is the story behind the band? It all started back on the 7th of Feb 2007 when brothers Burger and Nico decided that they want to use music as an instrument to address the wrongs in the world, especially the blatant racism in South Africa. Both Burger and Nico had spent a lot of time in a whole heap of other bands. It is from one of these bands that they asked Christiaan (the drummer from their band when they were in high school) to join. Soon Jaco, their little brother joined as the guitarist. How did you come up with the name 7StukkeSilwer? “7StukkeSilwer” has a little bit of a biblical connotation where it refers to the trade of Jesus’ life for monitory value, being 30 pieces of silver. The “7” is merely a little bit of alliteration.

What sort of crowds are your music aimed at? We aim our music at the Afrikaans (and English) folk that follow the more prominent English metal scene in SA. We do believe that we are probably one of the hardest Afrikaans bands out there so we try and give the Afrikaans metal okes something to listen to in their cars.

How would you define your music? Loud guitars, heavy drums, catchy riffs, melodic choruses and hellraising metal vox. If someone’s never heard your music what experience would they get from going to one of your gigs? We try and put a lot of effort into our live shows. When we get off stage we are totally soaked and spent. We give it a good go because we feel that music should be something for the eye as well...and now and again you’ll see some epic acrobatic jumps and leaps depending on the size of the stage.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage? Uhm not really anything specific although everyone does something before they go on stage, like Nico taping his fingers, Burger drinking some weird honey mix for his vox, Jaco packing up the hubbly and Peter stressing his ass off.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened on stage? We are cursed with bad-luck on stage. If mics pack up, or amps bail, it’s usually in our slot. So we are always prepared for weird stuff to happen when we’re on. Nico’s nose once started bleeding whilst on stage, and a girl from the crowd offered him her shirt to wipe the blood...totally freaky.

Where do you find inspiration for your song writing and what is the process like? We find inspiration from our peers, families, relationships, society and politics, anything that influences us in any way. We draw a lot from society, like socio-political, racism and hatred issues. South Africa’s youth is in a very weird place at the moment and we try and provide answers to where we’re going as South Africans. Burger normally comes up with the lyrics and guitar riffs then we get together and play them until they gel. Which music and bands inspire and influence you? Bullet for my Valentine, As I lay dying, Staind,

Do you ever get nervous before going on stage? Not so much, although Peter usually gets very anxious and quiet in the corner. As an Afrikaans band, do you find it harder to make it in the music industry? Yes and no. Afrikaans people are more receptive to Afrikaans music. It’s easier for us to make it in the English metal scene than we think it is for English metal bands, there are just so many...and there are so many that are good. Do you as a band ever have a difference of opinion and how do you deal with them? We often have different opinions when writing new music...but we have no issues discussing them. If it’s a valid point we’ll vote on it...luckily when you include Justin our manager, we are five people, so there will always be a winner when we go to a vote.

What do you wish for the future of the band? We are already quite happy with where we are. We’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities and experiences so far. Obviously it would be great to be able to do music full time although when you do things as a hobby instead of a day-job you are more passionate and creative about it. And lastly where can people get hold of you or find your music? The wonders of social networking. You can check us out at, ukkesilwer, or on

Photography by: Profile photo credited to: Chris Townsent & Performance photos credited to: Tanye Schreuder


Hello everyone! My name is Daniela, I’m a Portuguese Punk, and this is my first edition with Fanbase Magazine. I am completely in love with Green Day as you will soon find out and pride myself on having their heart hand grenade tattooed on my ankle. My Pit is here for awesome interviews and I would like you guys to send me poems or your own song lyrics so we can show them off in my section. There will be a Poem of the month, so get those creative thoughts flowing and send me your stuff. Anyway hope to hear from you all soon and hope you enjoy reading my interviews. A special mention to give thanks to Alan Oller for giving up his time for my interrogation. Also a special thanks to my Mom and Dad for helping me out as well as my little “sister” Jessica for coming along to all the shows so I can get interviews! In this month’s pit you will get to know Alan Oller, Brett Webb and his clothing label “WETT THREADS” as well as one of the greatest bands in South Africa – The La Els! Keep it Punk <3 x

BIT OF THIS……..BIT OF THAT …….. Interview with : BRETT WEBB – Fashion guru I was lucky enough to capture the birth of what is most likely to be one of the biggest clothing labels around town. Wett Threads is a unique and quirky clothing line that caters for all of those who dare to be different. The genius behind this creation is a man by the name of Brett Webb. It is always a pleasure to be in his company and after speaking to him you are bound to have a huge grin on your face as well as becoming slightly more fashionable. His work stays true to who he is and his ideas all display his sense of creativity. He is honestly one of the funniest guys around and if he ever tells you he is Indonesian…take it from me, don’t believe him!

How can the public purchase your product? The site will be up soon where they can order online, EFT the cash to my account and it will be delivered to your door

What inspired you to join the fashion world? I'm a graphic designer by trade but needed another outlet to get my creativity outta my head and into the world.

The designs that you have available, will they be mainly printed on shirts or do they each have a specific purpose ie for jeans and so on ? Ultimately the designs were made for shirts but I wanna get into caps and hoodies next year.

How did you come up with the name "Wett Threads"? BrETT WEbb = WETT threads What is your vision for this range ? I started it just to get my designs out there without really hoping to make any profit from it, so ultimately my

vision is to see people I don't know wearing my shirts in stores, bars, etc Cloth Cloth is so important these days, so what type will you use? I found a place that offers 90% cotton from America, seamless, and GREAT quality Will it be imported or local material? Imported… What else do you do besides fashion? I'm a graphic designer and art director.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I see myself running my own design company working on fashion, print design, multimedia and photography Can your customers come up with designs for you to produce? I think that's an idea for much later but first I wanna concentrate on my OWN brand and getting my own designs out there.


I’ve always been completely in love with Green Day, Hence why I have a Green Day tattoo on my ankle. They have always inspired me in so many ways and guided me into the Punk way of life. The Armstrong/Oller family is filled with pure talent for all to enjoy. I had the privilege of interviewing Alan Oller, Billie’s older brother who possesses a great skill when it comes to writing songs and unleashing his soothing voice for all to hear. He is so down to earth and is such a character so it was a joy to interview him. Through this interview you will all be able to see just how close this family is and how songs touch the lives of all who take the time to listen. Once again thank you Gramps.;) x

What drew you into the world of music? I'm not really in the music world. I've never sold a song or got paid to play. I just do it because I like it. In fact I have no interest in playing in front of people. Years ago I tried to sell my songs as a song writer but nobody was interested. hahaha.... Who are your inspirations? I am inspired all the time. I love good song writing but also artist interpretations of songs. I've heard the same song by different artists and loved it by one and didn't care for it by another. I tend to like songs with a message and love songs. I write mostly sad songs but I'm not a sad guy. In fact I'm pretty happy. Maybe I get it out in my songs.

How would you describe your music? Most of my songs are stories. Most are true. Things that have happened to me in life. Sometimes they are about many experiences I have had over the years. All my songs are simple because I don't really know much about music. Basically I learned a few chords so I could put my lyrics to music. I didn't even learn to play the guitar till I was about 38 years old. I'm 60 now and I still can't play very well. Who do you aim your songs at? I write for me. I don't think about who, maybe, will listen to it. I have no aim hahaha. People on Facebook asked me if I would post some music. I couldn't figure out how so a friend in Argentina said send the song to him and he made videos and posted them on Youtube and linked it over to my Facebook page. My friend Pablo did a great job.

Do you and your Brother, Billie, ever write together or play together? Billie and I never really play together but years ago, before Green Day was well known, we wrote a song together and they would do it live. They never recorded it. He did run across a band years later that was covering it and had the singer send me a live recording of the band doing it. They only knew one verse but I thought it was pretty damn cool. Billie recorded and played on one of my songs once but over the years it got lost. I just had it on a cassette.

What parts of the world have you shared your music with? Well thanks to Facebook a few people all over the world have heard a couple of my songs. And anybody who happened to trip across me on Youtube hahaha.

You are so friendly and helpful on Facebook, have you enjoyed getting to know people from all over the world as well as developing friendships and fans through your music (grandpa)? People have befriended me on Facebook because they found out I am Billie Joe's brother. I asked one, one day how they found me because Billie and I are half brothers and have different last names. They said that on all the Green Day web sites the names of all my brothers and sisters are there. But I have made some really good friends on Facebook, and yes a lot of the kids call me Grandpa hahaha I think it's sweet

Would you ever visit South Africa? I would love to visit South Africa but I don't fly. I don't like being closed in. Billie has tried to get me to go with him several times. The truth be known I like being close to home. Never cared for traveling much.

Are you currently working on any other songs that you plan to release? I'm always working on songs. Whether or not anybody hears them I never know. I have lots and lots of songs that no one will ever hear. Some aren't very good hahaha.

The song "Sadness" is very touching and compelling. Who inspired it? The song sadness is probably my favorite song that I wrote. It's about a woman that I met at a Green Day concert who's husband had died a few weeks before. Her husband was in a band that played with Foxboro Hot Tubs and she wanted me to give Billie some memorials she had for her husband. She was crying and her friends were crying and I wanted to cry too. I gave them to the guys but I couldn't get her off my mind. The next day I wrote the song. I told a friend Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida about it who was a friend of hers and said if she ever wanted to hear it, it would be on my Facebook page. I heard she heard it.

What is your greatest childhood memory? My greatest childhood memory. That's a tough question. I have many memories but to pick just one that is the greatest ??? Probably when I got my first motorcycle when I was 15. I've been building and riding motorcycles for 45 years and it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. When I bought the bike the guy asked me if I knew how to ride. I said sure and left his driveway and almost ran into a parked car. I was lucky I lived through that first day and many days after that. It is the most freedom I've ever experienced.

Check out Alanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s songs on Youtube! Once again I would like to thank Alan for this insightful interview! I sincerely hope that all who read our magazine show him the support that he deserves!

If you want to truly forget about all your troubles and just let loose, go and watch The La Els! They are a fun and energetic Electro/Rock band that captures the hearts of every member of the audience. Not only do they have cleverly written songs that leave you thinking, they are paving their way and making their mark in the Durban scene. Each member is quirky and full of life, just like their music. To be in the crowd watching them was a fantastic experience which I shall be a part of again very soon! They leave you wanting more and always let their audience have a laugh. Watching them is an invigorating experience and will leave you walking away with a huge smile on your face. Be sure to get their album! You will be in for a treat! Dani x

How did you guys come up with the name "The La Els"? It’s oddly awesome! The La Els is “the the the”, in three different languages. It’s an attempt at humor. How would you describe the style of your music? A mix of electro with a rock ethic What is the funniest thing that has ever happened at one of your gigs? I have seen a seen person throw a beer bottle on stage, get thrown out and in a couple minutes be back in the front row, only to get thrown out again for a different reason. Crazy guy... Who writes all the songs? Josh writes the songs, and then we all put lyrics to the music in different ensembles. Sometimes just Jonas and Josh, sometimes everyone together.

Where do you guys see yourselves in ten years? ha ha, as a band, we can't be certain. Hopefully still writing music and still passionate. Who is the most responsible person in the group and why? Definitely our agent Taryn Who causes the most trouble? ;) The soundman Have you guys traveled overseas as a band? If not would you like to? Yes and no respectively. Who are your greatest musical inspirations? Six guys so a ton of influences! Seriously too many to mention. If you could say anything to your fans, what would it be? Hello

Do you guys have any rituals before going on stage? We try to remember we play for the enjoyment of music and try and keep the harness the energy of the guys and take it on stage. It’s kind of a meditation of sorts, but without the cool abilities like levitation... What do you want your fans to get out of your music? Some enjoyment, some food for thought. Do you have a particular image you wish to portray? Just try and be ourselves, but more emphasized Where can we next catch a gig? We’ve got a show coming up with Ashtray Electric and another with Tumi and the Volume. Both these bands are great and we're looking forward to being a part of that!

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

Poem of the Month A blizzard of emotion Hidden behind a veneer of a smile The strain of laughter Insanity waiting to erupt Imaginings waiting to assault Sadness waiting to consume Out of the endless barrenness Of his soul Its’ relentless march …Inevitable …Seemingly eternal As pieces of his humanity Seem to fall Into the abyss Leaving nothing but A silhouette’s shadow Ever more

N.K --oOo--

♥ ♥ ♥


In the spirit of celebrating “Kissed by Katie” the Lyrics of the Month for this issue goes to Kissed by Katie - Oblivion…Enjoy!!! --oOo --oOo-oOo--

OBLIVION You’re eyes see through me but your mouth won’t speak Heartbeat quickens with anxiety I’m patiently waiting for those words I know you’ll never say Sinking into oblivion Losing track of where we began Contemplating things that I lack Every one step forward is two steps back My mind’s unweaving as time trickles down Looking for answers where they cannot be found Even see me? Even care? Beg to notice when I’m not there Sinking into oblivion Losing track of where we began Contemplating things that I lack Every one step forward is two steps back

Lyrics of the month ♥

♥ ♥


Tonight is a sad night, I have just come back from “Kissed by Katie’s” last gig at the Winston Pub. Now anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge KBK fan and have had the privilege of being a fan from the beginning. The first time I ever saw Kissed by Katie was live at Burn and wow it rocked. They played some awesome tunes that night. I knew this band was meant to be. It only gets better. A few months later my friend Duzz organized this awesome band to play at my birthday party, what an awesome evening we all had, I scored a free Kissed by Katie CD and Duzz was not happy (laugh). From then on attending gigs for “KBK” was not an option but a must, we were “Kissed by Katie’s” number 1 fan. With Katie’s dynamic stage presence and Brett’s crazy energy and the rest of the band following, what awesome times and memories were made. So now its time to say good bye for a while, wish them well in whatever they do - come back to sunny South Africa and rock in “ KISSED BY KATIE STYLE” We leave you with a quote that Katie said on stage when performing her last gig: “I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE ON A STAGE” Katie Windt

Photogaphy by : Terence Worsley



Friday the 13th will never be the same again, often thought of as an unlucky day, one would be a bit sceptic to go out that night. Especially to a heavy metal gig at that, but as it’s Conclaves first music video launch and our very first sponsoring gig, I decided to put my superstitions away and go enjoy the evening. As I reach the door I’m greeted by familiar faces of the band and some regular crowd goers that normally attend these gigs. The venue is Unit 11 and not bad for my first visit to the venue. I’m handed my laminated entry pass to place around my neck, making me feel very important and all VIP like and I realize why I started this Mag in the first place - it’s for moments like these! (grin)…………..

Unit 11 looked good with a great stage and a big

Next up is the “Hollow”. (See issue 1 of Fanbase music screen playing music videos, which really set the Mag), this band is easily one of SA’s biggest metal acts, scene and by playing heavy rock band music you with Worjtek’s Screams and the bands heavy crunching really get a feel for what the night is going to be sound the mosh pit was really happening by now. They like.( Brutal) played a solid set and added to the mood of the evening.

First up is “Cheap Bad Habits” which rocked the stage as always. Their guitarist is amazing (as is the whole band) and the lead singer really has that rock star look.

They rock the ever growing crowd and play an awesome set with catchy but solid songs, really starting the evening on a high note.

Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the mighty boys of “Conclave”. People sitting in their chairs suddenly jumped up and moved to the front as Jared and the rest of the band gave it all they’ve got. Grant and Devin complimented each other well with their guitar riffs, while brothers Andy (bass) and Robin (drums) completed a great set. I’ve seen Conclave play a few times but this was easily their best set with each member giving it their all. I looked over to my left and the whole entire front row of the crowd was head banging to every growl and every noise the band made while the rest of the crowd moshed their way around the pit. They really rocked the night. Suddenly the band gets off stage for a bit as Jared turns our attention to the big screen, this is it, Conclave’s “End of the line music video”. The unmistakable riff of Grant’s guitar blares over the speakers as the video plays. The video filmed, directed and edited by Preston Kyd is really awesome and was well worth the wait. I could tell you more about the video but I urge you to rather watch it for yourself, it’s really a cool video, and I can honestly say - Conclaves music video was a great success and they had every element covered.

Well done Guys !!!!! Article by : Duwyne Clayton


Sarah jane 35mm shootout

How did you get into Photography? In my home there are 100s of books, many of which are coffee table photography type books. As a young child I would sit for hours looking through the pictures. For my seventh birthday I got a camera and would take it everywhere. As I got older one of my favourite places to go was Stellawood Cemetery and take black and white pictures of the old statues and trees. A couple years ago I realised that my love of taking photos was more than just a hobbie and recently decided to start 35mm ShootOut.

What camera are you currently using? At the moment I am using a Canon 1000D. What do you like about photography? I could sit and discuss the reasons why I like photography forever, they are endless but if I had to cut it down to a few I would say, It gives me a chance to show people what the world looks like through my eyes. I love the rush of adrenalin that I get when I stand right at the front of a stage during a bands live gig capturing moments which are often overlooked by others. Lastly taking photos of Nature helps me appreciate the beauty of earth but also reminds me of how cruel it can be.

What style of photography do you like? I enjoy taking photos at events, in particular concerts and festivals, but I also have a great love for black and white Nature and scenic photography. In terms of your photography, where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years time I see myself living in an open plan loft in America taking photos for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Who is your favourite South African Photographer and why? There are so many talented photographers in South Africa but Adrian Shields has been my favourite for many years. The first time I saw a photo shoot by Adrian Shields was White Dress project, I loved how natural the photos were and how he captured the different personalities of the ladies involved. I have sat and looked through the Rag n Roll wedding photos Adrian did a million times, each photo is so unique. I get so inspired when I look through them.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? My day starts at the crack of dawn, I begin by editing photos from weekend shoots. My mornings are usually the busiest part of the day. I do online promoting for 35mm ShootOut, answer emails of prospective customers and upload new photos onto my website. Every few days I go to a different place in Durban to take photos, recently I have been going to different parks and gardens.

What advice do you have for up and coming photographers? Take time getting to know your camera, take it everywhere you go and explore all the different settings and functions. Have confidence in yourself and your ability and be open to trying different styles of photos. Just like with everything in life - What you put in is what you get out. Out of your portfolio, give us the one image youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve taken recently which really blows your mind. The photo below is defiantly one of my favourites. It was taken at Unit 11 last weekend. I feel that by looking at the photo you can tell how amazing the vibe was by looking at the three guys in front. I love how the movement of their hair was caught in the photo and how close the bands are to their audience.

We have been searching high and low for the best chop of the month sent in by our readers, and would like to thank Shannon Rice for this awesome pic …….. Nice one Shannon !

And to those of you who did not manage to send in “chops” for this issue, there is always the next issue and the next and the next ……… so keep them coming ……….


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Fanbase music mag issue 5  

we are a fun filled music mag aimed at giving you the reader awsome reading bout the music and its industry

Fanbase music mag issue 5  

we are a fun filled music mag aimed at giving you the reader awsome reading bout the music and its industry