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ow what a frustrating month, everything that could go wrong, went wrong this month, but lucky our

Fanbase Team pulled together and once again we’ve put together a great issue. Apologies for the lateness but as they say, better late than never. So what do we have install in this kick ass issue? Our front cover feature is an awesome band that is doing very well in the music industry, with a new album under their belt, I interview Wolftown and find more about them as well as their new album, check it out.

Editors Note

Next up I interview some other awesome bands/musicians, namely Pedestrian Knockdown, Spoonerman, Matthew Mole, Night Natives to name just a few, go check it all out. As usual our teams, Full Metal Panic, Durban Vibes and Wild Child Chronicles have all put together some interesting reading, so go check them all out and see who and what they have lined up for you. With interviews, gig reviews and awesome articles you can see our Team have been working hard this month Go check out Stephan’s, Life inside a Library section. Where he interviews and reviews Stewart Taylor. Go find out all about this unique comedian who has also just released a book. It’s a very interesting read. I would like to take the time to thank my whole entire Fanbase Team, it’s been a hectic stressful time but we have pulled together and made it through. It is times like this that I am so proud to be part of such an amazing team. A special thank you to my Mom, who puts most of the mag together and also my lovely girlfriend who does so much for me and the magazine, I love you both very much and appreciate all you do for the magazine. Well guys that seems like all, you will just have to check the rest of the mag out to really get the feel of awesomeness from this issue, so sit back and enjoy.

Till next time

Keep Rocking Duwyne and the Fanbase Team



WRITING IS ON THE WALL Hi Fanbase Team How about featuring “One Republic” I am a huge Tamara fan. Keep up the good work, always a good read Hi Duwyne and Camella A big thank you for putting us in your magazine! (Issue 31) Much appreciated. Have a great weekend. Regards

Jackie Dunston Duzzy Replies Hi Jackie

Hannah and De Wet (Electric Corvette)

Thank you for your email. We are looking into interviewing Tamara very soon so will keep you posted.

Duzzy replies

Have a great month

Hi Hannah and all at Electric Corvette Its our pleasure to be able to feature you in our mag, we look forward to hearing more music from you guys. Keep up the good work

Hello Fanbase How do I go about writing for Fanbase Music Magazine, I am studying journalism and it would be great to have this on my CV Look forward to hearing from you Tracey Anderson Duzzy Replies Hi Tracey thank you for your email. We are always looking for more writers to help us out I will be in contact with you soon

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team

3 piece Rock band influenced by the blues and folk. "They are rebellious, intriguing and raw. They are Truth-tellers, weaving together their real world experiences of love and loss, hopes and fears, desires and dreams. They’ll draw you in, hold you tight and keep you begging for more." Band members Sarah Pope. Vocals, Guitar, Bass Damian Upton. Bass, Guitar Kyle Sanders. Drums and Percussion

Hi Guys thank you for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Magazine, let’s start from the beginning, where did it all start as a band, what is the history of Wolftown? Hi! We’re really excited to be in your magazine. So thank you for the interview! We were all introduced by friends and family a few years ago and have been jamming together ever since. Something just clicked when we jammed together; there was an energy that flowed from all of us. We instantly become a family. How long have you been going as a band? We formed Wolftown officially about two and a half years ago. Who are the members of the band and what can you tell us about each member? Sarah sings and plays guitar; she has a weakness for tea Damian plays bass and guitar; he loves Reese’s peanut butter cups Kyle plays drums; he has an unbelievable talent of being able to recall the most one-liners from comedy movies.

Wolftown is quite an interesting band name, how did that band name come about? The name Wolftown is a play on words and it represents our mind-set as musicians. It’s the place that represents our hopes & dreams; it’s powerful & dominant and it also lends itself to a sense of mystery and grace.

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

What genre of music would you classify yourself in? Folk/Rock with a hint of the blues. What is some of the bands influences? Musically we’re influenced by quite a varied pool of artists. We all grew up listening to old school rock n roll music but we each had our own outside influences. For instance, Kyle grew up in a family of pipe band drummers, so he grew up listening to quite different types of drumming. Okay let’s talk about the new album; by the way which is awesome (check out the album reviews section for a review of the album), what can you tell us about the album, what’s the album called, and how many tracks are on the album? Thank you very much. It makes us really happy when we hear people enjoy what they hear and of course it’s so exciting for us to release our first album! The debut album is called “Soul on Fire” and there are 10 tracks.

Who is the songwriter on the album and where do you get your inspiration from for writing the album?

“we were all introduced by friends and family”

Sarah is the main songwriter on this album.

I generally write songs and then only have a realization a few months later what they were about for me. It’s kinda like I open the door to talk about what I’m feeling when I write but I’m just not ready to deal with it. So a few months later when I am ready, I’ll be singing the song and it hits home and I have to deal with what I was feeling. One song in particular “Flimsy Walls” only hit home when I was singing it in studio, I was so in the moment that I did the song in like 1 take. All the emotions came out and it was such a beautiful (even though sad) space to be in. Where was the album recorded? We recorded the album at Sound & Motion studios in Cape Town with our producer, Shy. Can you explain the process of putting a song together, how do you get the lyrics, drums and riffs all together to make up a Wolftown song? Generally Sarah will come in with a melody idea and we’ll hash it out from there, but sometimes Kyle will come up with a drum line that’s infectious and we will start to lay the song over it. Damian is our instrument go-to guy. He plays multiple instruments on stage and does backing vocals, sometimes he is playing 3 different instruments and singing all in one song! You are about to tour Johannesburg in September, where exactly will you be playing and on what dates? We will be playing the following dates: 5th Sept: Wolves Café in Illovo 6th Sept: The Bohemian with Michael Lowman and December streets 7th Sept: Live at 5 – Live on 5fm 7th Sept: STM Live with December streets and Graeme Watkins Band.

Have you played in JHB before, if so what did you think of the music venues over here? This is Wolftown’s first Joburg tour, so we’re very excited. We have been on tour before in previous projects we were a part of, but we’ve never been this excited. The crowds in Johannesburg are so so great and we can’t wait to introduce them to Wolftown. How is the music scene over there in Cape Town? We know some bands say it’s hard to get people to shows, but we’ve been really lucky to have some great shows and we have wonderful fans! We like to put on more than just a regular gig, for instance our album launch featured dancers and a DJ in a cool and different space. There are some massively talented musicians in Cape Town. Our favorites are the singer-songwriters Joshua Grierson and Lexi Frame. How can people get hold of you and the new album? People can find out most of the things they need to on our website:! Go to facebook for photos and the most up to date news: Follow on twitter for behind the scenes chatter: @wolftownband For Music Videos subscribe to our youtube account: wolftownband Our Album is available for download on Itunes, Amazon and it’s on our website store. You can also order the physical CD on our website store and we’ll ship it anywhere in the world. We’re hoping to get our t-shirts and all merchandise up there in the next few weeks too. Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last words for your fans and the readers? Thank you! We would just like to thank everyone for all their support and love. Our fans are really great and they always send the most awesome messages to us. We hope we get to travel and meet every single one of you. Keep Howlin’

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

Spoonerwho? Spoonerman is a dirty rock 'n roll band from Johannesburg, made up of brothers Saul and Adam Abelson on vocals and guitar respectively, Dave Mthembu smashing the drums, and Lorimer Wilmot tying it all together on bass guitar. Spoonerwhat? The band members’ differing tastes and influences include classic punk, the hardest metal, Seattle grunge, and even trance. But it’s in the origins of all these genres, and contemporary music in general, where the members of Spoonerman find common ground – rock ‘n roll. And while they’ll often stray from this centre, it’s the one place to which their music keeps coming back. Songs like fan-favourite Egghead, the first version of which was written by Adam at the age of 16, with its sexually frustrated lyrics including the couplet “And if I spill my yolk/I hope you’ll see the joke” showcase the band’s refusal to take themselves seriously, while recently released Deathswing, a swinging number about a jilted lover seeking to avenge his broken heart, reveals that Spoonerman does in fact harbour a dark side. Spoonerhow? Spoonerman’s origins lie in Adam and Lorimer’s involvement with the underground, backyard music festival, JawFest. After putting on these festivals for a number of years, the two decided that, for all their hard work, they too deserved a spot on the line-up. First Dave was recruited and the trio got to practicing and working out songs, including two covers picked on the basis of being fun to play and easy to learn. This is because none of the three had much experience or training on their chosen instruments. While at first all three members attempted singing (to varying degrees of success), with a debut performance looming, it was decided that a dedicated vocalist would be necessary. Under pressure, Adam put forward his brother, Saul. With singing experience limited to school plays in his pre-pubescent years, he seemed a perfect fit. And thus, Spoonerman came into being.

Hi guys thank for doing this interview with us, can you tell us where did it all start as a band and what is the story behind Spoonerman? It started as kind of a joke band called Sex Ramp that I was playing guitar in. We played one gig at a micro-festival called JawFest (that I’m in running). But then our bassist was deported, our singer had to leave the country for some other reasons, and our drummer went soul-searching in Russia. But I’d been bitten, and wanted to keep playing, so I got together with Lorimer, one of the other JawFest organisers, and Dave, a mutual friend, to play bass and drums respectively. After a couple of jams as a trio, we asked my brother, Saul, if he’d be interested in singing, which lead to the creation of Spoonerman.

Did you all come from a musical background? Not really. Lorimer played guitar in another band quite a few years ago. But mostly we came to this thing as beginners. Learning as we go. Saul sang in a school play when he was around 12. What can you tell us about each member of the band? Between the four of us there’s a garden-loving hippy, a hardrocking, hard-living metalhead, a dude who wishes he’d been a teenager in Seattle in the 90’s, and somebody who claims to have received multiple compliments on the aesthetic appeal of his man -parts. You’ll have to come to a show and guess which description fits which band member. Who is the songwriter in the band and where do you get your inspiration from? Lyrics are mainly written by Saul and me, and inspiration comes from the usual sources of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. With the occasional social consciousness thrown in to balance it out. Can you explain the process of putting a song together, from the time the riffs, lyrics, drums etc are all put together and a song becomes a complete song? There’s no real set process. Sometimes somebody will come up with a riff which we’ll jam out in practice. And sometimes somebody will come in with lyrics and the rest of us will create music around it. Occasionally the instrument playing parts of the band will just be jamming and messing around, and Saul, will have some words in his back pocket which fit perfectly. If we have never been to one of your gigs, what can we expect if we were to attend a Spoonerman gig? We’re all about having a good time, which directly translates to our audience having a good time. The important thing is to never take ourselves too seriously; we just want to rock out and get people dancing. We play almost all our own music, but there are a few covers we dig pulling out, just because they’re fun to play. We try to add our own twist to anything we didn’t write ourselves.

Can you name some of your achievements as a band? We once played an acoustic show, and this little kid, about 5-yearsold, wandered up to the front of the stage to rock out. That was an awesome thing for us. Oh, and we recently played our first headlining show which went down a storm. Spoonerman is quite an interesting band name, how did that band name come about? Spoonerman was a superhero comic that almost nobody has heard of. He ran around with a magic spoon on a necklace that gave him his powers. We liked the name, and hope that it’s obscure enough that we don’t get sued.

How can people get hold of you, do you have any social network links? You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and a few of our tunes are up on Soundcloud and Reverb Nation. And I think we’re on Google Plus too, but only because we’ve got a Gmail account and Google doesn’t take no for an answer. Thank you so much for doing this interview, do you have any last words for your fans and the readers? Thank you. Yeah, fans and readers, find us on Facebook, find out when we’re having shows, and come check us out. It’s a spooning you won’t forget.

“Spoonerman was a superhero comic that nobody has heard of”

Pedestrian Knockdown started in 2009 originally as Urban and after replacing the lead singer and bass player in 2011 reformed to become Pedestrian Knockdown. The members now - Kevin on lead vocals, Riaan and Wynand shredding the guitar both on lead and rhythm, Derrick slammin the bass and Beer beating bones apart on the drums to bring you an all new and original sound to the rock genre. Prepare to be blown away by kick ass solos, old school rock n' roll beats and a voice that you will never forget. Welcome to Pedestrian Knockdown Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

Hi guys thank you for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Magazine, I really like your music, can you tell us where it all started as a band, what is the story behind Pedestrian Knockdown?

What genre of music do you play?

Well, it all started about 2009. Wynand, Riaan and Konrad started the band. Not fixed yet with a permanent band structure, we used Hennie and Leon as stand in members. So began the band called “Urban”. We did a launch at Stones Centurion in July 2009 we tested our rock in the music industry. Getting great feedback we still did a few gigs around the Pretoria area. With our vocalist and temp bass guitarist leaving in 2010 we reformed to become Pedestrian Knockdown. The band then consisted out of Wynand van der Linde, Riaan Botha, Kevin Heyneke, Anthonie Wijnja and Leon Wolmarans. In 2011 we entered the Stones Rockstars Battle of the Bands. Pedestrian Knockdown competed against 39 other bands – including the heavy weights such as Jack Valve and Vintage Kings. Even with our drummer, Leon Wolmarans, leaving the band during the quarter finals and us getting a session drummer, Roelof Fuls, we achieved a 3rd place status. Through tedious auditions we then found our new permanent members: Derrick Barlow and Beer Le Roux. Between 2010 and 2013 we recorded two songs and are still busy with new recordings.

Influences include the legends such as: Guns ‘n Roses, AC/DC, Metallica, Billy Idol, Stone Temple Pilots and Bon Jovi.

We are good old fashion old school rock with a new twist! What are some of your influences?

Who are the members of the band, and what can you tell us about each band member? Kevin Heyneke: Our front man and the man with the voice joined the band in 2010. Ripping vocals throughout his amazing range and adding to the uniqueness of Pedestrian Knockdown. Kevin sang in a vast amount of competitions and has extensive vocal experience. Not only is he the man with the voice, but also a creative machine as he also designs our logos, posters etc.

“we are good old fashion old school rock with a new twist”

Who is the song writer in the band and where do you get your inspiration from? It is collaboration between Riaan and Wynand. Riaan or Wynand or sometimes both of them would come up with a tune and then just jam through it. Riaan then writes the lyrics of the songs. The inspiration comes from previous life experiences and the mood of the tune. Can you explain the process of putting a song together, from the time the riffs, lyrics, drums etc are all put together and a song becomes a complete song? First a basic tune is given by Riaan and Wynand. Then the tune is played at a band practice where we all jam along to it to see if we can make it a unique Pedestrian Knockdown single. Once song potential is established, lyrics are written and the song gets rounded off. Finalizing this process would be to perform the song in front of an audience and getting the right amount of positive feedback to keep it in our playlist database. The last step is registering the song at SAMRO. If we have never been to one of your gigs, how would you explain a Pedestrian Knockdown gig? Wynand van der Linde: This shredding daemon is firing up the frets on lead/rhythm guitar and also one of the founding members of the band. He has been stretching his strings on the axe for the last 16 years and comes from a very musical family. His Dad, who is still playing in a band, is his inspiration and can play over 20 instruments. Wynand also handles all our IT needs. Riaan Botha: The machine that is Riaan joins Wynand in the role of lead/rhythm guitarist. Also one of the founding members this guitar beast has been jamming for the last 17 years and also comes from a musical family. When he is not tapping the frets on stage, he is a police reservist in his spare time. Derrick Barlow: With just one string less than Riaan and Wynand, Derrick groves the bass. This bean post of a man lets his bass do the talking on stage – when of course he isn’t doing “the worm” (a signature grove move). Whoever said bass guitarists aren’t very clever, can retract their statements as this bassist is currently busy with his honors degree in programming. Derrick joined the band in 2012. Beer (Tiaan) Le Roux: Last but not least, the corner stone of our rhythm section and our own resident metronome and drummer. Where there is beer, you’ll find Beer. This skin and symbol bashing master adds his beats to the band. Impressing even more, he finished his degree in drumming and music through COPA in 2012. Beer also joined the band in 2012. Pedestrian Knock Down is quite an interesting band name, how did that name come about? Hehehehe. Two words… subliminal marketing. Taking us about 6 months, while having a beer at Spur in Moreleta Park we stumbled upon the name. On 80% of radio stations the DJ’s reporting on the traffic will use the phrase: “There was a pedestrian knockdown…” Keeping that in mind, we thought that this band name will generate some marketing value as people have already heard of the phrase “pedestrian knockdown” sometime during a traffic report on a radio station.

Energetic, absolutely energetic. Psyching ourselves up before the gig, mingling with the crowd and rooting for the other bands, helps us achieve a musical mesh and a right frame of mind on stage. Giving the crowd intimate attention that lasts from the beginning of a show till still long after the show. We are there for the crowd and we give them a performance they deserve. You have been getting a lot of air play from Zone Radio, just how important is it for radio stations like Zone Radio for a bands career, which makes it really easy to be play listed and have the format to leave it up to your fans to keep you playlisted on the airwaves? All credit for our latest success definitely goes to Zone Radio. It is more important than one would think and the end results are amazing. It is an ongoing process of not just sitting back and doing nothing, but actually participating, interacting, networking and rallying other listeners up to the band’s music frenzy. The radio station is the marketing platform that promotes the name and sound of the band and by creating enough curiosity, the audience while actually come watch you at a show. Zone Radio is also international and that is fantastic to get our music heard by people all over the world. Lastly do you have any social networks we can find you on and where can we find your music? You can find us on: or on or follow us on twitter: #pedestrianknockdown or you can get hold of us on Thank you for doing this interview with us, any last words for your fans and the readers out there? Our success is mainly due to three factors. Zone Radio, Stone Live and last but absolutely not least… Our fans… Thank you to every person who has taken the time to come watch us on stage, request our songs on radio and all of you appreciating our music by also liking our Facebook page. A special shout out to: Danielle van Eck (CEO of Stone Live and Stone Studios) who signed to their company, Richard Griggs (CEO of Zone Radio) who gave us a shot on their radio station and Kleine Beyers (our publicist) who devotes every waking moment by promoting us, networking on our behalf and supporting us every step of the way. Your band is what you make of it and all success can only be determined by your own dedication, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile. Rock on !




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Durban the place to be and the bands to hear. This month has been very entertaining. One of my favorite nights was a dubble night! Our Durban team where invited to the Barnyard to go see the legendary Just Jinjer and then the next night we got to see Mr Frontman himself Ard Matthews again at the Cool Runnings Open Mic, where Lieutenant Vinyl had an interview. Majozi played an awesome gig and we got to see some awesome bands. Check it all out in this month’s Fanbase Durban Vibes section, the place where rock stars are found. Let's not forget our own little metal section in Durban Vibes. We spent a night with Darm Matter and Nerve Zero. Enjoy this month’s issue from our Fanbase team Peace out and see you on the shore side.

Chantell vd Walt

Cool Runnings

We walk into our favourite joint on a Tuesday night and I can’t believe my ears, its Ard singing on stage as we walk in. He’ s jamming his songs with a couple of mates. Them setting the mood as we wait for the night to start. We are here to check out the hottest rock band, Lieutenant Vinyl. But we are taken by surprise by a new found talent discovered by Ard Matthews is the new and first time performance on stage or anywhere else. The young Brad Knight. Brad Knight is a rediscovered local who just turned 18 and has a golden voice. He likes to play cover songs and the first one he played was a Michael Bubbly favorite. Don’t let his age fool you as this spark of a talent wrote a song just for this night. His first own written song and It was awesome. He really enjoyed the stage and I think Ard will have his hands full with this new upcoming talent. With an acoustic set lined up for us tonight @coolrunnings L.V takes the stage. They warm up with an awesome tune and set the crowd up for an exciting set. This set was amazing the sounds where more mellow then their normal music but yet they still amazed at the ability to adjust whatever they are asked or feel in their music. These guys love the stage and interact with the crowd making jokes and enjoying their set. We hooked up with the boys before the show and we even manage to get a signed CD that we have so greatly enjoyed. We thank the gents with much love. There new found manager Ard Matthews is very excited about this band and I predict great things coming from them, maybe even another EL. We’ll catch them later in an interview with them.. This was a night to remember, thank you to Ard and staff for always being so helpful and creating this event so our Durban talent can get the beat out there.

I begin this @tuesdayms with a huge thank you to Total Exposure for the 2 xdubble tickets we received to auction off on this fabulous Tuesday night session at Cool Runnings. Without the help of you and Ard Matthews would not have been able to give each of the lovely gents that played Rorke Hunter Kemp and Majozi their prize. We salute you. It was all planned at very short notice but I truly believe we did a great deal last night. The night started with a bang. First up we find out that we are on live feed and that people can watch the event on YouTube, epic right aren’t you wishing you were there. Our first up opening band is Rorke Hunter Kemp. Now I bet you are thinking to yourself who is this, well you don’t know this 16 year old musician who can play the blues, acoustic guitar and sing? You will be quite surprised as to what we heard that night. We chatted with Rorke outside while we were catching our breath from the blast; we chatted a little about a possible interview in the near future. So yes people we will do a little research and inform you who this young talent really is. Did I mention we were live streaming that night, so next up we met another musician, MAJOZI. Again we get hit by this music that sooths your soul. Majozi starts of slowly then he brings through the beat with a strong voice behind the soul singing “take me to where the street lights glow”. I must say this gent can sing and the crowd loved the music. With his acoustic guitar and his pedal on the ground Majozi is making music, with his own written song, he sings Glory to God, and it sounded epic. He even had to play it again at the end of his set as Ard requested it. Wow is the reaction we get from Majozi when he takes to the stage. Enjoy yourself and only take what you need from it, what a good cover song with a twist of Majozi beat, I am finding myself tapping to this chaps music. Durban we have a problem, the boys are blooming and taking over this little cool running’s town. Dancing in the moonlight was also a favorite and bullet proof was played on acoustic and boy o boy I enjoyed that. He really got the crowd going with his music. A clapping crowd is a very happy crowd in my books. As the Majozi set is nearly finished Ard announces the ticket winner, Paul from “Functions for Africa”. We took some amazing photos on the night. What a great atmosphere was created that night. Last but not least Majozi finishes his set with a cover song of the Killers, for his mates that always support him, and I can safely say well done again for a great evening out here on our Durban shores. Once again a big thanks you to Total Exposure, and we can’t wait for the next Cool Runnings event !

Ard Matthews with winner, Paul from Functions for Africa and our very own Tania



Ard Matthew (we all know who he is by now) takes the sparkling stage for a little info about what's been happening around the Durban shore sides. He told the crowd about this coffee shop he owns @iwantmycoffee just behind the gateway mall and how in this coffee shop he runs his own radio station @iwantmyradio where all he plays all day is albums. Yes albums, full albums of any and every musician that put down a track, or a single song. He will play it. I totally agree about radio stations where there is way too much talking and playing of money games on air. Where is the music man? Then he spoke about his little project that happens every Tuesday at the famous venue @coolrunnings. Our readers do know about these cool nights that happen but for our new readers, this is the place to be. New South African talent discovered in Durban and all around. If you have a band and you want to sing and show the world your talent, get down there. R25 donation to the band and crew that run the music that night is all you need to experience the best time of real music in Durban. This is where Ard gives back to the Durban shores. But wait, all three Jinger boys are giving back. Dehnholm Harding their bass guitarist that are so famously known for his perfect shoes, this man is known to run his own producing company and a new band called Illegal. I’m very curious to hear their tunes. Next but not least is Brent Harris, OMW, this dude can play the drums and sing. Amazing ! Also releasing his solo album Brent Harris and three jam has a hit single Run Away. Next I wanted to thank the Barnyard, they really make for a glamour’s night out by the superb service we get from them, many thanks for a beautiful venue where we can enjoy our music with good food and wine. Next up we’re introduced to the up and coming THE KICKSTANDS, who will also be the opening band for our very own Durban day. They are really good. They start off by telling the crowd a little about the band and where it originated from, which happens to be Toti. We’ve seen them play live @coolrunnings, but this time around it was even better as they had their beating drum joining the two guitar playing heroes. Hold on, a song they wrote when they moved to Durban to start their project band, the Kickstands. His powerful husky voice accompanying this beating tune. Next song is Black sea, much slower beat and quite a tune. These boys had the crowd well entertained while we were nibbling on snacks and waiting for Just Jinger to take the stage. First up is Ard with a solo and a song from his new album Time over wine. Then Dehlomh Harding joined with bass playing a song Shoe lased. It’s like they were never apart and never took a break. She knows just what to do is a special favourite of mine as it’s an amazing song. And again in wow of the moment Brent Harris takes to his drums and joins the boys to complete the circle. Lay me down on perfect ground is streaming in my ears, man they can make music. As always Ard and the boys entertain the crowds and having some drinks. Even Sugarman received a place in the spotlight with Delhom putting adding some fancy foot work and his interesting bass sounds to the song that makes the crowd jump to their feet and dance. With a spectacular finish to Sugarman I’m still hungry for more. Ending the evening with an encore Just Jinger took to the stage again for a last song, making the crowd go wild with their perfect combination called music. Once again, a big thanks to Barnyard for a smashing evening. To the opening band The Kickstands, I wish them a rocking time. A big thank you to Ard, Dehnholm and Brent for an outstanding performance from the Just Jinger group. You guys really know how to do it. Thanks for an epic night out.


Interview by: Tania Meyer / Chantell vd Walt

Who are the members of the band and what instrument do they play? Paul Edy (guitar/ lead vocals), Brett Edy (bass/ Backing vocals), Michael Wagner (drums/ Backing vocals)

What type of band are you? We’d like to think we’re a rock ‘n roll band, but lately we’ve honed our acoustic set to the point where it seems like the majority of the gigs we play are acoustic. But we will always love putting our feet on monitors and riffing till our ears bleed way more than sitting down playing acoustic guitars. I think we tend to reach into the rock ‘n roll genre even in our acoustic sets.

Tell us the brief history of your band. I, Paul, played in a band with two brothers, Brad and Josh Klynsmith, now members of the mighty Gangs of Ballet. The name of that band was Five Fold. While playing for Five Fold, Josh and I decided it would be fun to start a side project. I’d always wanted to front my own band, and to have a drummer like Josh be keen, it was a no brainer. So I called on my brother to join us on bass, and that was the formation of Lieutenant Vinyl. We played our first gig in July 2008 alongside an awesome band from PMB called the Ranks. Over some time Five Fold had dismantled and Brad and Josh started their own project, namely, Gangs of Ballet. Josh was playing for a number of other artists and so we were led to find a new drummer. Josh played his last show for us on New Year’s Eve 2010, which saw young Michael Wagner, a young drum student of Josh’s who we knew very well, capably filling his big shoes.

Who are some of your musical influences? Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Foo Fighters, Wolfmother, Jet, Kings of Leon, and lately in a big way. . . Biffy Clyro.

“I’d say one of the biggest ob

Who writes the songs and what are they about?

What's new in the recording of your music?

I mainly write the songs. I couldn’t say there’s any specific thing I write about. What I can say is that they are usually pretty personal, talking about either a way I’m feeling at that particular time or things I’m observing in situations that surround me in that moment, usually trying to convey a truth or message relevant to those situations. So for each song the answer to that question would be different. But I’d like to think that all of our songs would provide a challenging perspective on the way people live their lives and what or who they live for. I think the common denominator in all of our songs is, once you’ve dug through all the personal experiences, emotions and metaphors, you’ll find Jesus Christ at the core. Without him, these songs would have no meaning.

Answer: We recorded 3 songs at Hitrecord studios in April with Brent Quinton. We are currently waiting for another mix of those songs to get back to us. So none of those are available yet.

Who and how did you come up with the name of the band? I imagined a record with a face, wearing a beret, winking and giving thumbs up. I picked up Josh for a band practice one day, and he said, “What are we going to call this band?” to which I replied laughing, “I was thinking Lieutenant Vinyl”. We laughed our heads off and he said, “That’s the one!” and it was.

What advice would you give to fellow bands? Song writing and arrangement is 90% of the battle. Learn from your favourite songwriters. Ask other songwriters to critic your songs, and then learn and apply their feedback as you continue to write. A lesson I’ve recently learned is that “if a part doesn’t add to the song, it takes away from it”. So if it doesn’t add to the song, take it out. If you’re not sure whether it adds or not, take it out. If you’re not excited about it, no one will be. Every second, every bar of a song counts. Keep your songs moving, but never stop writing the music that you love to play, that music that makes you come alive. Because when a crowd sees you loving your music, they’re way more likely to be sucked in. The other 10% of the battle is tone and performance. Invest money into good gear (Gumtree is your friend), and invest time into honing your skill.

What are some of your pet peeves? People who follow everyone else. We love you guys but please undo your top buttons. That’s not what makes you a creative person. Also. . .we live in Durban (aka a bunny chow). A guy playing an acoustic guitar and a kick drum. Having to edit out guitar solos for the sake of radio play. People thinking rock ‘n roll is a thing of the past.

How can our readers get hold of you? Look for us on Facebook and twitter. “If you book them, they will come.”

bstacles is money”

And, most recently, we’ve started recording an acoustic album with Ard Matthews in his coffee shop, “iwantmycoffee”. We’re hoping to capture these songs with a very natural feel, no big effects and no layers of overdubs. What we play is what you get kind of vibe.

What are the biggest obstacles for bands? I’d say one of the biggest obstacles is money. How do you get great tone if you can’t afford great gear. How do you get on radio if you can’t afford a great recording. How do you get good gigs if you can’t get on radio. So, I think that is a massive obstacle. The music can’t support you financially, but your job doesn’t allow you the freedom to play and tour your music. And then another obstacle is not having a producer. So many bands, including us, save up their money, and go into studio, record their songs and those songs don’t get them anywhere. We are in the process of learning the importance of production. Having an outside, experienced voice has a big say in your songs. Work the songs first, then go and record. If you’re not ruthless with the songs, you’re just being ruthless with your bank account.


Winston pub on the 30 August 2013. On us entering the Winston pub, we felt the darkness of the evening come upon us as we settle down for entertainment of the the four metal masters. Some drums kicked the bass in gear and informed of a mosh pit we knew that was not going to be a night for the faint hearted. I must say I think our own metal head Ryno de Lange would fit in very well but Tania and I sure tried to get into the spirit of the vening. The first band got their gear together for a sound check. 5 Young males from Your CynicaL Sanity. With their deep pig squeal or so they call it, these gents blew our minds as they started drawing the attention of the crowd and started moving forward to the stage. These boys had fans and they were a well know band. We met the owner of the Winston pub, Kevin who knows how entertain his friends and loyal supporters, and made us feel so at home and welcomed. In between the breaks and gear change we had a quick chat with two gents from Your Cynical Sanity and only then found out that the youngest member is only 16. Next up its Nerve Zero, now these dudes looked more like rock stars as they set the stage to entertain the waiting crowd eager to hear these Johannesburg born gents who decided to come to Durban and metal these guys out. Darren our UK lead singer had the crowd quite shocked as this little ball of fury showed them how it’s done. Throwing shooters down and inviting them all to grab a sticker as he throws them into the crowd. I even got to have a little chat with Darren and the boys and wow these guys where really jamming there stuff. We will be conducting an interview with them in the near future. Keep a look out for then in one of the future Fanbase Magazines. Next our hosts of the night, Dark Matter, wow when these gentle giants walked up and introduced them I was scared, but soon relaxed we saw these 3 guys making music. Jacque our lead singer has a coffin case for his guitar, yes my friends a coffin case. Morne on the lead guitar and Grant on the drums, these boys music created a mosh pit and I was quite surprised to find out what it was all about. The dance floor was even blessed with Morne jumping to the floor and ripping down. We had a blast. We even bumped into a few old friends from the mag, Domain 8 brothers who informed us that they have a new single out, I was sad that we were never informed but they reassured us that we would be informed of their next release. We also bumped into Hezron Chetty, and we have a date with the tea master. The night was very eventful and I love metal and I think I could do more shows with these guys. We even had the opportunity to say good bye to our new found friends from Dark Matter that stopped at our place to wish us farewell. It was sad to see them leave, till we meet again boys. And a huge thank you to all the Dark Matter, Nerve Zero and there manager Tony for all the “gifts” we received. PS a shirt two drums sticks and the pick of destiny……

Tonight's gig was an experien

nce all on it’s own……………..

If you haven’t heard of Matthew Mole then where have you been, not only is he very talented and makes awesome music. He has just achieved (under the record label of “Just Music”) to be the first South African to have a No. 1 album on iTunes. That is already such a great achievement at his very early career and we really look forward to see what else this unique musician comes up with. We catch up with Matthew Mole and find out more about him and ask about how it feels to be the first South African to have a number one album on iTunes. Enjoy the interview!!!

Hi Matthew thank you for doing this interview with us, before we talk about your awesome achievement of being the first South African to be number 1 on iTunes, let’s start from the beginning, did you come from a musical background and was your family into music? My Dad is so good at playing guitar and singing. So I got him to teach me, that’s where it all started. Did you always know you wanted to be a musician, how did it all come about that you wanted be a musician?

Let’s talk a bit about the album, for those who haven’t got it, how many tracks are on the album? There are 12 tracks on the physical copy. iTunes has a bonus 13th track. Don’t tell anyone, but there is a hidden track on track 12.

Haha okay your secret is safe with Fanbase (and all its readers lol), what is your fave song on the album?

I never thought of music as being a full time career. But when I moved up to Joburg in early 2013, I realized that I was doing exactly that.

Free & Untorn. The whole process was just amazing. Everything flowed so nicely in studio. I really like the change that we brought to the original version.

What genre would you classify your music in? Folk/Electronica

You’re currently signed under the label “Just Music”, did that play a big part in the success of the album?

What is the process like of your song writing and where do you get your inspiration from?

Definitely! I love them so much; they have given me so much direction and provided so many amazing opportunities. They are to be thanked for the album success.

I first come up with a theme and story, then I’ll come up with music, lastly I’ll come up with lyrics. My family and the way that they have brought me up, are the main influence in my songwriting. Now for the big question well done on being the first South African to be No1 on ITunes with your album “The home we built”, how was that experience for you, you must have been very chuffed? It was so unexpected. It felt so great to see it at No. 1 on the morning of its release. Super encouraging that people have been so supportive. Yes I can imagine it’s very encouraging, what new opportunities have come your way since then? There have been thousands of radio, magazine, television and blog interviews. I’ve loved that so much.

“my Dad is so good at playing guitar and singing”

We agree the guys at “Just Music” are awesome, how can people get hold of you, do you have any social networks links? Yes! Facebook – Matthew Mole. Twitter - @matthewjmole.

Thank you for doing this interview with us, do you have any last words for your fans or the readers? Thank you so so so much for all of the support, it’s been so much fun and there has been so much encouragement.

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

WE ARE ONE South Africa’s first colour festival creates “colour festival phenomenon”

In March and April this year tens of thousands of colour-crazy revelers covered Cape Town and Johannesburg in a kaleidoscope of green, orange, pink, yellow and blue at the original WE ARE ONE Colour Festivals. When it launched, WE ARE ONE was the first electronic dance music (EDM) event based on a colour powder festival concept to launch in South Africa. As the first festival of its kind in the country, WE ARE ONE attracted sell-out crowds in Cape Town and Johannesburg. It also set in motion a “colour festival phenomenon” that has seen several ‘copycat’ versions of the original WE ARE ONE colour festival crop up in cities around the country as promoters jump on the colour powder bandwagon after seeing the success WE ARE ONE generated. The public has taken notice of this as questions are asked online and in social media about why there are so many different colour festivals that seem so similar. As the company responsible for putting on WE ARE ONE, award-winning Seed Experiences wants to set the record straight. “We don't claim to be the first colour festival ever and the concept of a non-religious colour festival is no longer new and many are held around the world. But to be sure WE ARE ONE is South Africa's First Colour Festival of its kind and, as Seed Experiences, we remain committed to throwing successful colour festivals that are about music and people having a great time in the spirit of togetherness,” says Brian Little, Managing Director of Seed Experiences. Despite other versions of the first WE ARE ONE Colour Festival popping up, Seed Experiences is confident that both existing fans and new colour-party revelers will support the country’s first EDM colour festival. “Like all of Seed Experiences events WE ARE ONE set the standards in South Africa. People who attend WE ARE ONE know they are part of the first festival in the country and they know they can expect a world-class event, the best line-up, and an overall amazing experience. This is clear from our sell-out events in March and April,” adds Brian. Seed Experiences will be announcing the new venues and dates for the summer WE ARE ONE Colour Festivals very soon. The official announcements will be made on the Facebook pages and to media in the coming days. If it doesn’t say WE ARE ONE, it’s not South Africa’s First Colour Festival music and party event!

Facebook: WE ARE ONE Cape Town

Facebook: WE ARE ONE Johannesburg Twitter:@WEAREONESA Seed Experiences is the award-winning agency behind South Africa’s top festivals such as Rocking the Daisies, Sowing the Seeds, Vodacom In the City and the We Are One Colour Festival. The company also produces 5Gum’s exclusive events as well as the digital industry’s Bookmarks Awards; and will be hosting the Vic Falls Carnival in Zimbabwe this New Year’s Eve. Accolades include: Winner – Climate Change Leadership Award in the Small to Medium Business Category (2009 and 2010); Winner – Eco-Logic Award for Climate Change (2011); Finalist – Eco-Logic Award in Transport (2011); Finalist – Mail and Guardian Future Greening Awards (2012); Finalist in the Bookmarks Awards (2012); nominated in the ‘Best Music Festival’ category for the MK Awards (2012); awarded the Highly Commended A Greener Festival Award (2012); Winner – Eco-logic Awards in Transport (2012) and Winner – Eco-logic Awards in Recycling (2012). Issued on behalf of Seed Experiences by One-eyed Jack. FOR MEDIA QUERIES, IMAGES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION contact Mike Pocock at One-eyed | +27 82 294 0946

“and in other news! “ FOO FIGHTERS FINISH WRITING NEW ALBUM, DAVE GROHL TALKS REISSUE OF NIRVANA’S ‘IN UTERO’ Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently revealed both some good news for fans of the band: Foo Fighters have completed writing their new disc, and it should be coming out in 2014. In a recent interview with XFM, Grohl was forthcoming with all the details, sharing, “Well, I’ll tell you, we have been in our studio writing and in the past few weeks we’ve written an album and we are going to make this album in a way that noone’s ever done before and we’re pretty excited about it.” Although the writing process has wrapped, the disc isn’t expected out until some time in 2014, according to Grohl. In addition to the new release, Grohl also hinted about 2014 being the year of the Foo, explaining, “It’s a little ways off – it’s not ready to happen right now but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question.” Grohl also took some time to chat about the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s legendary final studio release ‘In Utero,’ and the upcoming reissue of the disc. “I recognize myself back then and I remember what it was like to be in the band but it’s hard to believe that that much time has gone by,” Grohl admitted. “A lot has happened in those 20 years, when I think about ‘In Utero’ and what the world was like, what my life was like back then, it’s strange, you know. It’s kind of a blur to be honest,” Grohl said. “From the time that ‘Nevermind’ came out in September of 1991 to the time that Nirvana was over, it was really just a few years and a lot happened in those few years. I look back at this album and looking at the packaging and the old pictures and listening to songs that I haven’t heard in 20 years, all of these rarities and demos, it’s kind of a trip.” While waiting for the new Foo Fighters release to drop, Nirvana fans can join Grohl on his trip down memory lane when the 20th anniversary edition of ‘In Utero’ is released on Sept. 24.

Fans hope that the rest of Korn’s album is better than the first single called “Never_Never!!! Some Korn fans have taken to Social Medias to express their views and disappointment of the new highly anticipated Korn album. The band released the first single off the album called Never Never and it seems there is mixed emotions of the new Korn Track. A lot of fans hoped that with Brian “Head” Welch being back in the band, the band would have been able to be recapture some of their old magic they once had with the songs being more heavier and darker. The new track did have some Darkness in the song in terms of it lyrics of the track, but many fans expressed their disappointment saying the song is too dubstep and not heavy enough with one fan even saying “Heads” guitar talent is over powered by poppy electronic dubstep sound. With all this pressure Brian “Head” Welch took to his facebook page and said the following “New KoRn song "Never Never" climbing up the radio charts! We're excited to try a new sound with "Never Never" at radio, and we're equally excited to release our crushing new heavy song "Love & Meth" (coming soon) for the die hards! Thanks to all the KoRn fans who are supporting us and wishing us great success!” So with the song being more radio friendly and climbing up the charts, it seems like fans want more heavy songs, like on the album “Follow the leader” We can only hope that “Head’s” status message is enough to go by that the next single that will be released called “Love & Death” (and the rest of the album) will be more like the old Korn that we know and love.

Former Korn Drummer speaks out about new Korn music Meanwhile ex Korn drummer DAVID SILVERIA has spoken out about Korn’s new music. Many of Silveria’s comments seemed heavy handed and painfully critical, drawing both positive and negative reactions from Korn fans worldwide. The former drummer has posted a response via his personal Facebook page. Among Silveria’s original posts concerning the state of Korn’s union, he spoke out about the differences between current Korn drummer Ray Luzier and himself. “I am a funky groove drummer and Ray [Luzier] is a heavy metal drummer,” writes Silveria. “That’s why Korn will never sound as unique as we used to … I’m not talking crap on Korn, I’m just saying until they have the real “funky drummer” it’s just not gonna groove the way it could. I’ve made it clear that I would come back and restore the groove:)” Silveria had plenty more to say in his original series of comments, but he’s offered even more of his own insight with yet another Facebook post: Hello people. Before I get into this post I want to be clear I’m just explaining some history from the early days of Korn. Not bashing Korn at all. I hope Korn fans will find this info interesting. To all the haters that will talk smack. Then why bother reading this? Maybe you should get some help. So here we go. In 1991 when Korn was first writing music it was in our rehearsal studio. When we had 6-8 songs we went and played our first show then back to our rehearsal room to keep writing. So over the next couple years we wrote songs and re-wrote songs,played numerous shows. The songs that became our first record,”Korn”, were written and played live and fine tuned over a course of around two and half years. Our second and third records,Life is Peachy and Follow the Leader, were written in our rehearsal studio and rehearsed and fine tuned over and over. We didn’t play shows while writing though. The music and vocals were written all together. This is the key point. The first three records had all kinds of strange and off time breaks in the songs. We would purposely speed up and slow down parts. Most of the weird breaks were made up by Fieldy and I. We would change the timing in the middle of songs that made no sense. One of the great things about music is there are no rules. Fast forward to our next record “Issues.” A big name producer was brought in telling us he would “take us to the next level.” I immediately called bullshit. I thought we had just made three legendary records? Here is the next key point. He wanted to record the record on the digital system pro-tools. He also wanted to record everything to a click track eliminating all crazy timing changes and off time breaks and the pushing and pulling of parts. I was the only one to think this was a horrible idea. Our signature style was under attack and the guys said just listen to this “big time” producer. So we started writing music. I did my thing on the drums by playing in my style. The producer immediately wanted me to simplify my playing. I said to him “this is not your record. I’m going to do my thing.” The next day I get a phone call from our manager saying one of the band members says I’m being hard to work with.

Seriously!! So I was being asking to be a puppet and dumb down my playing and be a good boy. I heard this enough times I finally just simplified everything. Pretty lame right? Then next it came to our attention that we were going to record all of the music before Jon even started on the vocals. That’s another major blow to our signature sound. We always wrote songs as a five piece band and made unique accents and breaks specifically to the vocals. Well there goes that unique Korn sound. Once our original way of writing was totally changed the original sound was also changed. I was disappointed. I’ve been asked hundreds of times why our sound changed so much after Follow the Leader. Well, now you have the answer. I love the music we made after Leader, don’t get the wrong idea. It just lost so much of our unique trademark sound. I really think the fans noticed. I made several attempts to get the band to get back to the basics and write and record like we did the first three records but was met with opposition every time. I don’t know why. All I wanted to do is make better records. But the other members didn’t want to spend the extra time it takes to write the original way. But hey, I tried. When I was talking about bringing the funk back I was talking about the original writing style. I would love to get back in the rehearsal studio with the guys and resurrect the original passion and unconventional writing style and make a record that stands up to the first three. Of course before that could happen I would love to just sit down with guys and talk about our humble beginnings and really put things in perspective. I really hope to see you Korn fans again soon from behind my drum kit on stage with the guys. If anyone wants to post this on other sites please do so. All I ask is to be honest and post it in its entirety and not take parts out of context. I hope you true Korn fans thought this insight was interesting. Take care everyone. Talk soon:) With all that said from the former Korn drummer it seems like there is still a lot of bitterness from leaving the band and the many changes that happened during and after the departure. And there is a bit of excitement in this message with maybe a possible return of the drummer back behind the drum kit playing along side the Korn members and then maybe then we will be able to hear some of the old magic that was once Korn. Korn’s 11th studio album, ‘The Paradigm Shift,’ is set to be released on Oct. 8. This is news just in, well after I have just finished writing the previous Korn articles just before this page some more news has come to light with the new Korn album with even a small preview of the next single called “Love and Meth” Brian ‘Head’ Welch, guitarist for Korn and frontman of Love and Death, contributes a popular monthly column called ‘HeAd’s KoRner’ to a music site called Loudwire. For his latest edition, Head treats Korn fans to an amazing exclusive: an audio clip of Korn’s new track ‘Love & Meth’ off their upcoming album ‘The Paradigm Shift’ (due Oct. 8), along with a video of Head interviewing his bandmates Munky and Jonathan Davis. This is what “Head had to say. Hello from London, Loudwire family! The KoRn dudes and I stopped in Germany, Paris and London to do some press on our way to our first gig in Shanghai, China! Most of the press had a chance to listen to a private stream of the new KoRn album and the feedback has been incredible! Everyone is saying it’s the best album since ‘Issues’ or ‘Untouchables,’ which is a huge compliment. A few months ago, the KoRn camp came up with the plan to release another song around the same time as the ‘Never Never’ single was released. We filmed two videos last week before we flew to Europe — one for the ‘Never Never’ single and the other for a bangin’ song called ‘Love & Meth.’ It’s gonna be a few weeks before the videos are done, so for now, check out the clip below from the ending of ‘Love & Meth,’ along with a fun little interview/chat with me, Munky & Jonathan Davis in London. Rock on, y’all! HeAd So with that been said, we at Fanbase couldn’t wait to hear the new single to see how it differs to the first single “Never Never”. And much to our delight the new single is awesome, almost back to the same old Korn days with heavier riffs. But don’t take our word for it, take a listen for self by clicking on the link below Please note this a link to the Loudwire page and all credit goes to Loudwire for the track and interview

Jon Davis addresses very serious drug addiction topics in a radio interview Meanwhile, Korn singer Jonathan Davis addressed some pretty serious topics in a recent radio interview. Along with the band’s upcoming album ‘The Paradigm Shift,’ and the record’s first single, ‘Never Never,’ Davis went in-depth about his personal struggles with addiction and how the stress of his son’s diabetes diagnosis added on to the vocalist’s issues. With guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch‘s return to Korn, the mood within the band is mostly triumphant and brotherly, but not without its cracks. During an interview with the Metal Hammer Magazine Show on TeamRock radio last week, Davis was extremely candid about his addiction to benzodiazepines. According to Davis, he is now clear of drugs, but the weight of addiction still weighs heavy on the vocalist. Davis professes: I stopped writing and listening to music and a lot of stuff that I love because I was really battling with this detox off of benzo’s. It’s a horrible drug; they call it Xanax at home, I don’t know what it’s called here [U.K.]. I was fighting having seizures, I was shaking all the time, I couldn’t think. My brain, actually, was wired a certain way from the medicine so it had to rewire itself. I had one foot in reality and one foot out. I was freaking out. My baby had diabetes and I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to lose his feet and go blind.’ Music has always been my savior, but I wasn’t having … I don’t know where I was, honestly. We can only hope with “Head” back in the band and there are some good vibes going around within in the band, Korn are working on their Drug Habits and working on staying clean, Fanbase Music Magazine wishes the band well

Fire Brigade gets called to the Osbourne house as Ozzy tries to make a bacon sandwich Trust Ozzy Osbourne to have to get the Fire Brigade called in while making a bacon sandwich. While in London, wife Sharon Osbourne tweeted saying the following: I'm in London, Ozzy Osbourne is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!! The Black Sabbath front man’s desire for a late-night snack caused problems when, according to WENN, a fire broke out in his home in California. Firefighters were called out to tackle the blaze. The incident marks the second time the Osbourne’s have requested the services of the fire brigade in the past year. In January, Ozzy was injured and had to receive medical treatment after Sharon Osbourne left a candle lit overnight and it exploded in its glass vase, sparking a fire which took over the living room of their home. Luckily Ozzy was not hurt in this incident. We think Ozzy shouldn’t be left alone in the kitchen. EVER!!!

MOTORHEAD CANCEL REMAINING EUROPEAN DATES TO AID LEMMY’S RECOVERY, AND SLASH REASURES FANS ON LEMMY’S HEALTH Motorhead have cancelled the remainder of their summer 2013 European tour after doctors recommended frontman Lemmy be given more time to recover from a hematoma he reportedly suffered last month. The band’s drummer Mikkey Dee revealed the news to Swedish newspaper (translation via Blabbermouth). He reported that Lemmy’s condition is improving but also said, “The doctors in Berlin are recommending that he rests for another couple of weeks. We can’t keep canceling show after show, it’s too costly. Therefore we unfortunately have to cancel the entire tour. There will be an official announcement regarding his health shortly.” Motorhead have yet to confirm reports regarding either the hematoma or the defibrillator Lemmy apparently obtained recently to assist with an undisclosed heart problem, declaring only that the legendary singer and bassist underwent a “Motor-pit-stop for some medical maintenance this past spring.” When asked if he had a message for fans planning to attend the shows, which were scheduled to run through Aug. 4 in Belgium, Dee responded, “We’re really sorry. But we’re not canceling because of a cold and this is something we’ve put a lot of thought into.” He seemed particularly sad about having to cancel a July 4 show in his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden: “It’s so f**ing typical, but what are you going to do? You have to put health before everything else.” Meanwhile Rock Icon guitarist Slash tweeted recently about his visit with Lemmy and reassured fans he is doing well, he had this to say in his tweet “Visited Lemmy today; he's doing well. There's been a lot of rumors. But he's in good shape. & finishing Motörhead record now. iiii]; )'” All at Fanbase Music Magazine wish Lemmy well and hope he gets better soon!!!

Just Jinger to work on new album material The rumors are all true, Just Jinjer are back in the studio to work on new material for an upcoming album. The rumors first started last week when Just Jinjer drummer let slip on his status message saying the following “This week we start working on a potential new Just Jinjer album. Lets see what happens.... Pretty amped!” Well today (5th September) both bassist Denholm Harrding and Just Jinjer’s Facebook page said that they are going into the studio to work on some new recordings. This news is really awesome considering it’s been 4 years since Just Jinjer have recorded together as a band. The band has been working hard on solo projects and only playing together as Just Jinjer at a few occasions. But it seems with this new info, there is a feeling in the air and the band will be playing together a lot more these days. We at Fanbase can’t wait to hear the recordings and you can bet as soon as word comes out of any new recordings, our Fanbase readers will be the first to know. ( Check out the Night Natives interview in this issue where Denholm Harding is involved in this new exciting project)

This is a band that I am so excited to feature in the magazine, I have always been a fan of Just Jinjer but when I heard bassist Denolm Harding is involved in a new project, I immediately had to give it a listen, and what is also cool is Denholm took on the drumming duties for this project. But Denholm isn’t the only one in this project, and it was in fact the idea and mastermind of Dale Orchard of which I must admit I didn’t quite know much about him but after doing this interview I realized that he’s been in the music industry for quite a while. Denholm was going to originally just stick to the production work but as things have turned out they have collaborated and the result is nothing short of amazing. Ladies and Gentleman I give you Night Natives!!! Enjoy the interview

Hi guys thank you for featuring in Fanbase Music Magazine, let’s start from the beginning, how did Night Natives start, what and who is Night Natives? Hello Fanbase! Thanks for having us. Night Natives started as a handful of songs that I had written - some complete, some just ideas & some packed with too many ideas. Denholm & I often bumped into each other at various events & shows & we got chatting about the possibility of him doing some production work on the songs. We had a few pre-production meetings to discuss the way forward with the songs, the place we’d like to take them, and the techniques that would be used to get them there. Night Natives is an interesting band name, how did you come up with that band name? Just another band name inspired by two super-tired blokes sitting in a studio until the wee hours of the morning… haha… we thought it fitting… Dale, to be honest I don’t know much about you, can you tell me who you are and what have you done in the past, have you always been a musician? That’s OK man, I don’t know much about you either ;) I’ve been playing the circuit for a fair while, for bands like Easy Tiger, Fevertree & Plush. Night Natives is my first spin on lead vocals though, it’s proving to be a lot of fun, it’s a great challenge too.

Have you guys known each other a long time? This is starting to sound like a personals ad Duwyne hahaha! Listening to your album, the music is Rock based with an electronic edge, was that the sound that you were going for and how did it come about to play that kind of genre? We found that we had quite similar tastes in music, varying from the Deftones, TV On The radio, Nine Inch Nails to bands like Depeche Mode, Snow Patrol & Placebo. It was a lot of fun taking the sound ideas from my original demos and work shopping them to become something of a reflection of our tastes. We played around a lot with my bass tone; we came up with quite an interesting/unique stack from which we recorded. There was also a focus on keeping the drum feel robotically tight, with no swing what-so-ever. This was where Denholm came to the fore and crunched out all 12 drum tracks in just over half an hour. Pretty talented guy that one ;) Who writes the lyrics and sings, who plays what? I write, sing lead & play bass & Denholm is on Drums & B/V’s. We used a few of the original guitar and synth parts from the demos (while also creating some new ones together), other than that, we both recorded the extra guitars on the album. How do you put a Night Native song together, can you explain how the lyrics, riffs drums etc all come together to make up a song, do you have a procedure you follow? There was no concrete procedure at all. In fact poor Den was probably woken up way too often by email notifications on his phone from me sending song ideas through to him at 3am in the mornings ;) the song demos where .

pretty much there before we went into studio. Denholm then worked his magic from the production side – moving parts around to places where they’d fit better, crafting certain lyrics and creating solid dynamics across the board. Is Night Native a touring band, will we be able to see you play live and if so, where? Night Natives is a very new entity, we’re making our plans as we go along, We finding this attitude of approach quite refreshing too. Keep an eye out though; there are things that will be happening in the upcoming months. How can people get hold of you, do you have any social network links? You can reach us at, alternatively we are on nightnatives, as well as on twitter. Thanks for doing this interview, do you have any last words for your fans and our readers? The album is due for digital release in 2013. It is up on Soundcloud for streaming at the moment, feel free to have a listen when you get a sec.

“Just another band name inspired by two super-tired blokes “

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

When most people hear the name Craig Hinds, the first thing that comes to mind is the band Watershed but now the talented musician has embarked on a new solo album which is called “Ordinary Boy”. We catch up with Craig and find out more about the new album and also find out the latest of Watershed, enjoy the interview Hi Craig thanks for featuring in Fanbase Music Magazine. Before we talk about your new album, let’s get to know you better, where did it all start as a musician, did you come from a musical background? Yea my entire family is musical all the way back to my gran who was a piano teacher. I was actually a school teacher before I got into music. I started doing one man band stuff at the local pubs and then started writing my own music and the rest is history!

What made you get into music, is it something you always knew you wanted to do? Yea I sort of felt it in my blood. I always knew I could sing and then realized I could also write my own songs, so I formed Watershed

What kind of music do you listen to and influences you as a musician? I just enjoy good music, great songs. I think I listen for good songs with big hooks. I love the Counting crows, matchbox 20, crowded house... That sort of sound

Okay let’s talk about the new album, what it is the new album called and how many tracks are on the album. It’s called Ordinary boy and there are 12 songs on the album

“I always knew that I could sing and then realised I could write songs” Where did you find the inspiration to write this album and what was the writing process like? It’s a creative time and everything seems to happen pretty quickly. I went to Hollywood to write with a friend of mine and before I knew it the album was written so I just stayed for a little longer and recorded there as well

What is your fave track off of the album? It’s a song called ‘leave tomorrow behind’

You have been the front man of popular South African band Watershed for a long time now, is this album different to what you have done for Watershed or have you embarked on a whole new musical journey? I love the vocals on the solo album and sonically we experimented with little more guitars and programming... I went for a big sound and I think we nailed in the production

Now that you are doing the solo thing, are you a bit more intimidated doing it without Watershed compared to having familiar faces with you on stage and in the recording studio? I now have a bit of both worlds because Watershed is actually still touring so my schedule can be pretty hectic at times. The solo show isn’t just me on stage so I’m with guys all the time which is cool. I prefer playing in a band than playing alone

Speaking of Watershed, what is the latest with the band is it still together or have you sort of all gone your separate ways hence the new solo album? No we are still together and on the road, planning a new album for next year. My solo album is something I’ve wanted to do for a while so it was a creative outlet for me and I love every minute of it!

Where can people get hold of your new album? You can get the album country wide at all good record stores as well as on iTunes globally

You have recently collaborated with the ladies of Blackbyrd with the song called “From the bottom of my heart”, how did it come about to be able to collaborate with them and how was it to be able to work with Blackbyrd? They sent me the song for a listen while I was recording my album. I loved what I heard so I did my vocal while I was in Hollywood and there you have it. It’s a great song and the girls are great too

What are your social network links, how can people get hold of you? You can get me on Facebook and twitter @craigwhinds

Thank you for doing this interview with us, do you have any last words to your fans and our readers? Go and get the album and then give me feedback on social media. Only nice things please. I love all the fans. You guys keep me on the road and writing new songs! Thank you!

Craig Hinds Announces “Ordinary Boy Unplugged” Tour— SEPTEMBER 2013

Craig Hinds, the front man for longstanding SA band Watershed, embarks on an unplugged tour in September, performing his brand new songs off his debut solo album 'Ordinary Boy'. The tour kicks off at White Mountain Festival in Drakensberg. White Mountain is the acoustic cousin of Splashy Fen Festival which turns 25 years old next year. It's a great festival which will set the tone of this tour. The tour will take Craig Hinds to Mosselbay Barnyard, Bramon Wine Estate in Plettenberg Bay, Warwick Wine Estate Cellar, Cape Hollow Hotel in Cape Town and Café Roux in Noordhoek. These venues are all acoustic gems, intimate and sonically stunning. He will be performing songs like 'The Light', 'Ordinary Boy' and 'Something About You' acoustically. These shows will be up close and personal with Craig chatting a bit about the songwriting journey and the story behind his brand new album. Don’t miss it! Book your tickets directly with the venues now. For more info contact Este on 0845049637 or email You can also go to his Facebook page or website Tour details:

18 September – POPArt Theatre, Johannesburg Time: 8pm Tickets: R120pp Bookings/ info / directions: Contact:

21 September – White Mountain Festival, Drakensberg Time: TBC Tickets:

23 September - Mosselbay Barnyard, Mosselbay Time: 20:00 Tickets: R100 pp

24 September – Bramon Wine Estate, Plettenberg Bay Time: 19:00 Tickets: R150 pp, Call Lois 044 534 8007 or email

27 September – Café Roux, Noordhoek Time: 20:00 Tickets: R130 pp, Call Café Roux 021 789 2538 for bookings or email

28 September – Warwick Wine Estate Time: 19:00 Tickets: R150 pp, or call 021 884 4410



Jayson King and the Queens


Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September 2013

Time doors open

19h00 show starts 20h00


Mardi Gras Theatre, Carnival City, Brakpan Cost R100pp Tickets From the door

The legend of song and dance, Jayson King is back to entertain at Carnival City on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September, together with his gorgeous and talented Queens. Jayson has been in showbiz since the early 60s and is still firing on all cylinders and keeping audiences entertained in his warm and personal style. In Jayson King and the Queens, he will perform a string of love and fun songs from the 60s right through to the present time. His versatility will see him singing Jazz, R&B, Contemporary, Country, Rock n Roll and more. Expect to hear Man without love, I’ve got you under my skin,Amor amor amor, Unforgettable, Crazy little thing called love, Buena Seraand Elvis Presley’s hit Can’t help falling in love” amongst others. Jayson is backed by the Queens, four female singers, who are seasoned performers in their own right: Ruth Knight, Kashifa Blaauw, Sumaya Hendricks and Janine Cupido cover songs paying tribute to the talents of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Gloria Gaynor, Etta James, Tina Turner, and Celine Dion and together will do numbers made famous by Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Dreamgirls and the Pointer Sisters. So come and enjoy a glorious and happy trip down memory lane with Jayson King and the Queens at 20h00 on Friday 13 or on Saturday 14 September at Mardi Gras Theatre, Carnival City. Tickets are R100 each from the door.

Kids Ahoy – V&A Spring holiday activities Looking for some great entertainment to thrill your little ones during the September spring school holidays? The V&A Waterfront has a variety of performances and activities on offer from 20 to 30 September to keep your children busy and entertained. First up on the list of holiday activities are free performances by the Zip Zap Circus School at the Amphitheatre. The daily one hour shows take place from 24 to 30 September between 15h00 and 16h00. The acrobatics, juggling and trapeze acts of these talented youngsters will blow you away. At the Kids Ahoy playground, situated next to the open air Amphitheatre and near the Cape Wheel, there will be oversized floor games that include Twister, Snakes & Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe and Ludo. There will also be R5 carnival games such as bean bag toss, and Go-Fish. For the younger children, play dough tables will be set up. Sealed packets of play dough will be on sale for R10. Other crafts include canvas painting and beading at R30 each. The ever-popular petting zoo will also be back, giving our younger visitors an opportunity to cuddle their favourite furry friends. Situated at the V&A Waterfront Craft Market and Wellness Centre, entrance to the petting zoo is an affordable R20. The petting zoo will run from the 21 to 30 September from 11h00 to 17h00. For the budding artist, there will also be art and craft activities at the V&A Waterfront Craft Market and Wellness Centre. Suitable for children aged 3 years and older, the activities are priced to suit all budgets starting from R20. Diarise these dates and activities and pop down to the V&A Waterfront for some wholesome family fun. For more information on holiday activities or call information on 021 408 7600.

Stephan Ferreira is just an ordinary guy suffering from a severe case of insomnia and an unhealthy love for books. Apart from reading, Stephan spends most of his time hating Kylie Minogue. He is also an avid supporter of anything chocolate and hopes to one day discover the secret on how to quit smoking without the constant urge to kill everyone around him. His opinions are his own and cannot always be trusted.

Laughter @ The Lyric By Stephan Ferreira

Stuart Taylor is just an average guy and the day he got married, like most men, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. As it turns out Stuart quickly discovered that marriage was more than a piece of paper and required tremendous hard work and, more often than not, lead to many situations where he felt oblivious and confused.

Instead of admitting defeat, Stuart did what all comedians do best – he improvised. He started pretending that he knew exactly what he was doing and to his surprise no-one knew the difference. As part of his comedy tours, Stuart started making fun of himself and the fact that he sometimes felt overwhelmed. After the shows countless men approached him, only too grateful that they were not the only ones who felt that way. Later on he decided to do an entire show called The Learner Husband and so the idea for the book started. Two years and a lot of hard work later, The Learner Husband book tour was finally launched and men around the country were eagerly wanting to learn what it really takes to be a husband. As I entered The Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg I was expecting to see hundreds of men lining up to share in the experience. But I could not have been more wrong. Yes, there were hundreds of people, but they were not all men. In fact, most of the audience consisted of women. This only proved that although the book was written mainly for men, many women also felt like they needed guidance when it comes to marriage.

While the crowd frantically searched for their seats, young comedian Mojak Lehoko took to the stage and within a few minutes all eyes were on him. Although Lehoko has only been performing since 2010 he definitely comes across as a natural that truly perfected the art of comedy. His ability to deliver hilarious jokes made for some very memorable moments. At one point the woman next to me grabbed hold of my arm, and laughed uncontrollably while a stream of tears ran down her face. The fact that I was a complete stranger did not seem to bother her one bit. Lehoko’s performance was unquestionably one of the best I have ever experienced, and there is no doubt in my mind that we can expect many great things from this young man in the near future. Mojak Lehoko is revered as an observational and spontaneous stand up comedian, with a knack for identifying the humour in even the most “dire” of circumstances. As Stuart Taylor stepped on the stage, impersonating James Bond, in his perfectly tailored suit the crowd could no longer hold their excitement. People from all ages went absolutely wild and the woman next to me looked like she was about ready to pass out. Even though I have never been to one of his performances it was obvious that Stuart comedic ability and insight in to human nature was remarkable. He approached the very complicated topic of relationships effortlessly without being preachy and he showed that humour can be found in the most unexpected of places. Not only did he entertain the crowd but he interacted with his audience which only made the experience that much more enjoyable. I can honestly recommend this show to any couple struggling with every day relationship issues, and if we are lucky we can expect another DVD from Stuart soon. I was also very fortunate to interview Stuart before the show. Here is what he had to say about his new book, the writing process and the South African comedy scene:

Stuart, thank you for making the time to chat to us today. You graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a science degree, but today you are a critically acclaimed stand-up comedy heavyweight. How did that happen? Did you always want to be a comedian? The science degree was a case of bad guidance counselling. I liked Maths and Biology at school so I opted for studying natural sciences - I wasn't really thinking about what career it would afford me. I started doing Stand- up at clubs in my last year at varsity. Round about the same time it was evident that this science degree wasn't really going to get me a great job without further study. Meanwhile the comedy circuit was growing and it seemed like a no brainer to jump on that wave and see where it takes me. That was 13 years ago. Tell us about The Learner Husband book. Where do you get your inspiration from and what made you decide to write this book? Stubbornness and stupidity made me write the book. While other comics are shooting DVD's, I decided to write the book. There seems to be a lot less piracy in the book market. It was however inspired by the fact that most husbands don't know what they're doing and they don't want to read long, preachy books on how to get it right. I wanted to write the book I wanted to read. How did you experience the writing process? And how much harder is it to write a book than to get up on stage in front of a live audience? It's a different experience. You have multiple attempts to get it right when you're writing so there are no sweaty palms like when you're on stage. The downside is that you don't get the instant gratification you get on stage. Strangers don't walk past my laptop and laugh out loud or applaud the writing. The Learner Husband theatre show received rave reviews. Why do you think the show was so successful? I told honest stories. Honesty resonates with people, especially if it's somewhat embarrassing scenarios that everyone has experienced.

When it comes to relationships, many topics are often sensitive and not many people are brave enough to discuss these topics candidly. How did you approach this? And are there any topics you steered clear of? I think the beauty of stand-up is the ability to tackle taboo subjects head on in a non confrontational way. In a sense, it makes the audience feel that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. A 'Thanks goodness I'm not the only one' sort of experience. Do you think people will see relationships in a different light after reading this book? I hope so. The book is meant to be a voyage of discovery for newly-weds and a heads up on what to expect for the un-married. Some of the advice may seem counterintuitive but it's grounded.

You have mastered the art of touring and performing over the last decade. How do you make sure your shows stay fresh and exciting? The nature of a stand-up show is that you feed off what happens on the spot. I have to stay in tune with the audience and respond to what they give me to stay fresh. I've also changed the touring model lately so that I limit the number of performances in each city - that keeps things fresh. During the Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr last year, David Kau joked about the fact that South African comedians are trying to recreate something they saw on American television. What is your take on this and where do you see South African comedy heading in the future? I think South African comedy is in a great space. We are starting to stake our claim to the global market. I think that a South African style of comedy is finding its feet as well. You are man of many talents. Presenting Going Nowhere Slowly, sold out comedy shows, a critically acclaimed book. What is next for Stuart Taylor? It's a long life and I want to do it all. Movies, more TV, definitely more live tours that stretch outside of SA's borders. Who knows? I'm open to everything.

Stuart Taylor holding his new book, The Learner Husband – A short, entertaining and amusing guide for new husbands to learn how to cope with their new wives. It includes elements of genuinely useful advice. The focus of the book is on maintaining the humour and readability and not veering too far into the realm of self- help or taking itself too seriously.

Stuart Taylor’s new book The Learner Husband now available in bookstores nation wide. Ultimately, find out how to crashproof your marriage and avoid having those pesky collisions with your wife. This is life-affecting comedy!

Gig Review

Gerald Clark Neither an injured leg nor the flu could deter Gerald Clark, accompanied with seasoned artist Guy Collens, from giving their all in their fantastic album launch at “The Library” in Sandton, Johannesburg. The extremely talented duo took to the stage with a bang, opening the set with “All I need is your love”. A Fresh country soul sound enhanced with the up tempo banjo, kept the audience’s feet tapping. The unique combination of acoustic guitar, banjo, slide guitar and percussion, gives this duo a full band sound and makes them a force to be reckoned with. But wait, there is more! A Secret weapon in Gerald’s arsenal… At first glance the mic stand with the telephone handset strapped to it might seem odd. Not only odd, but down right funny. All until Gerald starts to sing into the handset… The “telephone voice” gives Gerald a vintage gramophone sound giving him even more of a soulful southern sound which leaves you begging for more! Within the first half of the set, Gerald pays homage to the legend that is Ray Charles by covering the song “Hallelujah I love her so”. Brilliantly performed and completely made it his own by putting the Gerald spin on it with all the bells and whistles. Each song performed by the dynamic duo promoted their perfectly balanced versatility and range. Brilliant choice of venue by these veteran musicians as the intimate setting of “The Library” makes you feel like you are on stage with them. In short, Gerald Clark’s album: “Follow the river” is a must for any avid country soul fan. Not only buying the studio album, but seeing the duo live is an absolute must! It is so refreshing to see artists who are brilliant, professional and remarkably talented having a ball on stage. Make sure to catch them next time they pop in your town and experience a New Orleans sound in South Africa. Till next time folks! Review by: Riaan Botha Photography by: Chrizanja Beyers

Gerald Clark to raise funds for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome sufferers The 9th of September is International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day. This year, in support of this worthwhile initiative, Gerald Clark and Luna Paige will be banding together to raise funds and create awareness about this preventable disorder. Working alongside the established Beyers Truter Foetal Alcohol-Syndrome and Interrelated Treatment Help Fund (FAITH), Clark will be launching his FAS-t Forward Project - an initiative aimed at raising funds to send young FAS-sufferers to the Equitots programme using ponies to strengthen the children in every aspect of their development, physically as well as cognitively. This riding can be beneficial to almost anyone with any kind of special needs. Aside from the physical benefits of improved balance, posture, muscle tone and joint flexibility, it also develops attention span, reasoning skills, memory retention and a host of other cognitive functions. It is Clark's hope that his initiative will succeed in raising the funds necessary to make this incredible programme available to underprivileged FAS-sufferers, thereby giving them a fighting chance at becoming functioning members of society. Join Clark and Paige at Beyerskloof Wine Estate at 08h30 on the 9th of September for live entertainment and a full English breakfast. There will also be a discussion session that will serve to highlight the many benefits in putting these children in contact with the Equitots programme and how the FAS-t Forward Initiative will use the funds they raise to provide neglected children with an equal opportunity for a better future. The organisers ask that each person attending bring along a bell to ring at 09:09 on the 09/09 to ring in this momentous occasion and to symbolically represent the nine months that pregnant mothers should abstain from using alcohol. Bookings can be made at Please call 021 981 0195 OR 082 457 3334 for more information. More details: Launch of the FAS-t Forward Charity Venue: Beyerskloof (Koelenhof 7605, Stellenbosch) Start time: 08:30am Date: 09 September 2013 Price: R120 Please note: Tickets can also be bought at Jade & Velvet stores. Jade & Velvet outlets can be found at Tyger Valley (shop 56) and Somerset Mall (shop 37). If you buy at one of these two stores you will receive a R200 gift voucher which you will receive at Beyerskloof on the day of the event. Social media links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Media contact: For more information, high res images and/or interview requests with Gerald Clark please contact Ice Carstens at / 072 516 1703

Micasa I love The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, I think it’s a great idea that Old Mutual holds these concerts here, the place is beautiful and the people are friendly. This time around I had come to watch Mi Casa and Sisco Umlambo a DJ who was the opening act for Mi Casa. Sisco is also known as "The Son of House Music". He played a killer set and had people on their feet (by the way, the venue was packed). I had never heard him play before and I was impressed. We waited a few minutes and the on came Mi Casa. The girls went wild (and most of the guys) and there was screaming all around. There was not a single person who was not singing along to their popular songs. They did a wonderful rendition of one of their biggest songs called "la vida" and added Adorn to the mix. They gave us a taste of a song called "Jika" from their new album and showed us the dance moves that go along with the song. It got even better when Mo-T (who plays the trumpet) and Dr Duda (the pianist) played their solos; I for one was completely blown away. These 3 guys are bringing a beautiful, fresh angle to music. Oh and can I say J.Something can dance way better than I can, its sad really!!! All in all it was a glorious day, filled with dancing and music and fun. Review by : Lerato Mohlala

Gig review and Photography by: Rene Parkin Maritz

It is a local hangout and such a treat to be able to see such top SA entertainers performing literally in our very own back yard. The show was going to be a little different as ‘Paige Mac’ and ‘The Kiffness’ were entertaining us for the evening. I noticed there was a smoke machine and strobe lights which just added to the atmosphere of the evening, which was about to unfold. I felt like a teenager as the vibe was so electrifying, you could literally reach out and touch it. People were chatting eagerly and trying to get the best possible spot, not wanting to miss out. Paige Mac came up first and as always they were sensational! From their very first song right through to their last, people lapped them up, shouting for more and sending out special requests. When they perform ‘Play that Funky Music’ I just love it! Paige Mac is a group that performs with such soul. They are real and honest with their lyrics. One can see how much they love what they do and they touch hearts wherever they go. Recently ‘Paige Mac’ played at The Waiting Room in aid of a ‘Human trafficking awareness event’. They also performed at a ’Cancer Awareness Breakfast’. This just proves what amazing people they are, always giving back to the community. Paige Mac also recently did a show for Kelvin Klein, then the Cape Town annual Folk Festival where after it was up to Johannesburg to open for the amazing ‘Lira’. ‘Paige Mac’ have been confirmed for ‘White Mountain Acoustic and Folk Festival’ in The Drakensberg this September. They have also recently gone on a road trip to the Garden Route, playing at various venues. Paige Mac travel all over S.A. sharing the beauty of their music with our country. ‘Rocking The Daisies’ will be graced with their presence on Saturday the 5 October, around 1pm. To quote Paige MacMahon ~ “Music is an outlet, a route of expression,” she explains. “It’s an uncensored story of the revelations in the journey of my life. It’s there, in the music, that I develop these heightened emotions into chord progressions and melodies.” Melodies expressing disappointments, heartache, frustrations, love and joy – they’re all etched into stories that each sum up what Paige Mac is.” One deep lady.

Paige Mac & The Kiffness

On Saturday night ‘The Stoep and Swing’ were hosting not just one band, but two!! I decided this was an evening I was not going to miss. After contacting a couple of friends, they confirmed they were also eager to come out for the night, and what a night we had!

If you haven’t heard of them or listened to them, you need to! Find out more about what they are up to, and catch them in an area near you, check out their website and Facebook page – pages/Paige-Mac/349281421847312 Despite being a smaller venue, the ‘Stoep and Swing’ has such a lovely vibe, and one is always welcomed upon arrival. The waiters always make sure you have a drink and check up on you. Next up was none other then ‘The Kiffness’. The people were already excited ~ clapping and dancing. The mood had been set with ‘Paige Mac’ performing. From the moment they opened with their popular song ‘Voetsek’ which has been featured on radio stations such as 5FM, everyone was bouncing around the room enjoying their funky, electronic tunes. “The Kiffness’ comprise of ‘Rave Dave & Black Norris’, a duo that play electronic music, which is so different, unique and ‘kiff’. I guess they truly live up to their name. Dave plays trumpet, keys and synth, and Black on bass. The crowd ate them up. The treat for me, was looking at Black Norris, his face was a picture of joy – he didn’t stop smiling the whole evening. I could tell that these guys truly enjoy every minute of what they do, and we the crowd couldn’t get enough. From old to young we were all up and moving. If you would like to find out more about ‘The Kiffness’, go check out their website – as well as their Facebook page –

Simon & the Bande À Part at Alma Café Gig review by: Rene Parkin Maritz Photography by: Gorm Helfjord & Jonx Pillemer

I had booked to go watch a band that is fast becoming one of my favorite bands, that is Simon & the Bande À Part on Friday 23 August 2013. Alma Café is one of the quaintest venues in Cape Town, known for their tasty home cooked meals, as well as desert that makes one’s mouth water. Considering it is very much a family affair, my personal experience of Alma is a place that is homely and has a warm, personal touch. It is such a pleasure to enjoy chatting, and breaking bread with friends, and, at the same time knowing that after dinner the venue would become quiet, literally turning into a theater environment. Alma Cafe is known for instilling this, and it shows their respect for the artist/s. One could barely hear a pin drop as the band took to the stage. When we arrived we were ushered to our table and made to feel welcome. People were gathered all around chatting spontaneously, and waiting with bated breath for Simon and his band to take the stage. Simon and his band members were mingling with the guests and he came over to meet us. I was touched at his warmth and humble personality. From previously watching Simon in action, I just felt the need to see this remarkable band play again, because Simon has a rare gift in lyric writing. He is like a poet who unravels mysteries and there is such deepness in his lyrics. Some are vibrant, and conjure up images in one’s mind creating visions of moments and places in time. Simon has a way of grabbing one’s attention and he captivated the audience with his storytelling. We held onto each and every word. I think what gets me personally, is the way he captures the hearts of people, as there wasn’t a sound to be heard, other than Simon and his band. I noticed one very eager fan who had obviously been attending gigs for as long as Simon and his band have been together. The lady in particular knew most of the songs, singing along, and even requested one from yesteryear, to which Simon humbly complied. Simon did not rush the evening to completion, but gave patiently and consistently of himself to his audience, and there seemed to be no question of time. The evening flowed beautifully and we didn’t want it to come to an end. It was a night that is still fresh in my memory. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity of watching them in action, check out their websites to find a venue near you. You are in for a real treat. Here are some of their websites and links:

Blackstoneradio Set To Release New Music Video The groove rock band Blackstoneradio is ready to launch their second music video, for their song ‘Sweet Mary Jane’. Blackstoneradio hails from Cape Town and was established in a garage in Bellville in 2008. The band of four is JC Malengret (vocals), Francois Louw (guitar), Trevor Edwards (bass) and Dylan Haskin (drums). In an industry often characterised by overproduction, Blackstoneradio’s music echoes simpler times when the amplified guitar was purer and the vocal melodies hauntingly charismatic. The Song: In many ways ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ changed the way we thought about our sound. It opened up new ideas around what type of music we’re capable of pulling off as a band. - Blackstoneradio ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ is the third track off Blackstoneradio’s debut album, ‘Out of Rock’, which was released earlier this year. With its folky intro riff, the song’s feel is a noticeable departure from the band’s more characteristic rock sound. The Video: We wanted to create imagery that fit in with the lyrics and have fun doing it. - Blackstoneradio The concept for the video came from having discussions with a good friend of the band, Troy Davies (from Retroyspective), who was eager to take on the project of creating a light-hearted and fresh video production. The band ran a search on their social media platforms and via a few media partners to find the perfect ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ leading lady. Jacqueline Roux stood out among the entrants and won the search. Jacqueline is a young and talented singer songwriter with a natural radiance about her which fitted the idea around Sweet Mary Jane’s character perfectly. In the video three of the band members (JC, Dylan and Trevor) are seen in fairly arbitrary settings minding their own business, when Mary Jane catches their eye and they follow after her in a hot pursuit. The fourth band member, Francois, plays the role of the always-present, guitar-strapped narrator. The video was shot over two days with a very small behind-the-scenes crew. Locations include a marina and a forest in Cape Town, an old airstrip and a country movie set on the West Coast, and Jacqueline’s actual house in the suburbs. Francois was also very honoured to hook-up a full sponsorship deal from Ibanez and his brand new guitar can also be spotted in the video.

Videographer and Editor: Retroyspective - www. Sponsors: Ibanez - Actress: Jacqueline Roux - Hair and Make-up: Razana Omar Hair and Make-up - Listen to ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ here: Youtube: Soundcloud: The Launch: Blackstoneradio will be officially launching the ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ music video during an intimate performance at Altydgedacht Wine Estate in Durbanville on the 6th of September 2013. The video’s leading lady, Jacqueline Roux, will be opening the evening with some of her own compositions. Tickets are R40 each and bookings are essential via mail - Facebook event:

It’s the 1st of September and spring has eventually sprung. It is a picturesque day to spend outdoors at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens listening to great music like Prime Circle live no less. Jet Black Camaro , setting the vibe for the day at 13:00, made for pleasant background music as picnicers found a spot on the green lawn. The second act, Naming James, made a good vibe even more festive. Both opening acts were awesome and I am now a huge fan of both opening acts. Well done guys!!! Everyone there was waiting on tender hooks for the headliners of the day, Prime Circle. They were absolutely amazing all round. They played a highly dynamic set by changing the tempo of the songs from high energy to more chilled out vibe and again back to high energy. The band sang hits like - Same goes for you and Live this Life which had the crowd on their feet, dancing and clapping along to the tune. They also performed songs from their latest album Evidence. As I peered into the crowd you could actually feel everyone become energized by each song that was sung by Prime Circle. They kept the crowd entertained and engaged the entire time they were on stage. South African music at its best! It was so great to see that Prime Circle still absolutely rocked live (and always do). Since the Kiosk was quite a distance to walk from the actual stage area, you definitely didn’t miss any action while getting yourself refreshments, as the sound at the venue carried throughout the entire Botanical Gardens. There was ample space for friends and family to lay out their blankets and enjoy a pleasant Sunday outdoors. Kids could run around, while Mom and Dad enjoyed the blissful sounds coming from the stage.

The venue setting was superb to celebrate the beginning of spring in full bloom and enjoy the South African sunshine, spending quality time with family and friends. To top a perfect day off – listening to great S.A music playing in the background! Was a fantastic day all round and as a bonus, you got a great work out trying to carry your cooler box (hopefully empty by then) back to your car almost parked on another continent (or so it felt). A big thank you to Old Mutual for holding these concerts and a special shout has to go out to Total exposure for always hooking us up with Press Passes,. This was indeed another great gig .

Gig review by: Chantal Fouche

Hello my wild readers. I hope you have all had a great month. As you can see our Fanbase Team has put together a really great issue. So who survived OppiKoppi? I must say it was one wild gig. It was so wild that we’ll have to feature the review over two issues. In this issue we interview some bands that played at Oppi. The Anti Retro Vinyls and the Locnville boys sat down with us and we spoke about all things Oppi, check it out. In the next issue (Part 2) we’ll have a full gig review plus with some more bands that played at this historical event. So don’t miss out on that!!! Till next time, keep it wild!!!

How does it feel to be playing at Oppi Koppi 2013? Andrew: it's an honor. OppiKoppi is rated 3rd biggest festival in the world or something like that. I recall going to Oppi in 2011 just to see what the vibe was like, and it changed my life. I can account that as a large reason for the change of musical style that we've done lately.

With the release of your new album, how has the reaction been to live shows and downloading of the tracks in general? Andrew: The reaction has been mind blowing actually! We've just secured our second #1 this year which is always a good thing. With regards to our live show, we're really feeling our new tunes and I think it shows, we've never had such good feedback from our live sets!

Considering you're known at the LCNVL twins, tell us what each of you feel differentiates you from the other (musically). Andrew: It really depends day to day, but I'd say we've come up with a really good balance of me mostly making the music and then Brian mostly writing the lyrics and melodies.

Where is your favourite place to play and why? Andrew: That's a very tough one to answer as every place has an aspect that we love! I think it's got more to do with vibe than actual location!

If you guys had to come up with a music video concept for Jack Parrow and Toya Delazy collaboration, what would it be? Andrew: The first thought that jumps into my head visually is Mad Max meets Total Recall. Haha, I think you could have quite a bit of fun playing on both of their 'personas' in a visual manner.

Firstly, how does Greg get his hair like that? haha hairspray and bravery.

What do you think are 5 essential items to pack in your Oppi Koppi bag? Sunblock, cigarettes, sunglasses, a smile and something to drink

What new musical projects are you guys working on? We have been writing a bunch of new unplugged tunes, its good stuff.

Tell us about your first live gig, where was it and how did it go? Our first live show was a disaster of sorts (back when we were called The Otherwise) we played The Winston in Durban...we showed up not knowing that we had to bring our own mic's and drum kit and ended up scraping together all the gear we didn’t have, but by the time it all came together it was too late to charge entrance so we played for free...a fond memory :)

Where would be the most ideal location you guys would like to go to tour, for good food, crowds and exposure? (local or international). I think the UK would be a big deal for us, we are all really into British music and culture....and food.

Interview by: Camella Reed

RAMFEST 2014 *FIRST ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPE TOWN: 6 – 9 March: Elandskloof, Villiersdorp. JOHANNESBURG: 6 – 9 March: Witfontein, JR 512, Bronkhorstspruit Now most would say that they hardly remember their 8th birthday, but RAMfans, this is all going to change right here, right now! Get your party shoes out! We are bringing you a stellar line up of incredible international and local acts in 2014: These bands have sold millions of albums, won coveted awards, charted on the Billboard 200 and play major festivals worldwide. Ladies and Gentlemen, the long wait is over, and in vowing to always bring you the very best in alternative music, RAMfest 2014, presented by Red Heart Rum, proudly presents:

Biffy Clyro (Scotland), Killswitch Engage (USA), Camo and Krooked (Austria) featuring Dynamite MC (UK), Foals (UK) and Trivium (USA.) We know you are as happy as we are right now! RAMfest 2014, presented by Red Heart Rum is a full weekend camping festival in both Cape Town and Johannesburg from 6- 9 March.

Here more info about the international acts:

Biffy Clyro (Scotland) Biffy Clyro is a Scottish rock band that formed in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, comprising of Simon Neil (guitar, lead vocals), James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). Currently signed to 14th Floor Records, they have released six studio albums, three of which, Puzzle, Only Revolutions and Opposites reached the top five in the UK Albums Chart. They also claimed their first number one album in the UK Albums Chart with their sixth studio album, Opposites. After their first three albums, the band expanded their following significantly with the release of their fourth, Puzzle, in 2007. Puzzle peaked at number 2 on the official UK album charts and went platinum in the UK in 2012, selling over 300 000 copies. Biffy Clyro`s popularity was built upon further in 2008 and 2009 with the release of the singles “Mountains” and ‘That Golden Rule”, which both reached the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart. In 2011 the band was nominated for the Brit Awards for Best British Group. At the 2013 NME Awards they received the award for Best British Band and on the 25th August 2013 Biffy Clyro headlined the main stage at Leeds & Reading Festi-


Link to video “Mountains”: Link to video “Bubbles”: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

Killswitch Engage (USA) Killswitch Engage is an American metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1999. Killswitch Engage's current line-up consists of vocalist Jesse Leach, bassist Mike D'Antonio, guitarists Joel Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz, and drummer Justin Foley. KSE burst onto the scene with the genre-defining Alive or Just Breathing, notching a Grammy nomination in 2005 for the title track from 2004's gold-certified The End of Heartache and following up that landmark album with the Gold-selling As Daylight Dies and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with gracing the covers of countless metal and rock magazines around

the world. The band has sold over four million records in the US. Their music mixes "crushing" riffs, double bass drum patterns, power chords, dual-guitar harmonies, often punctuated with pinch harmonic squeals in their music and breakdowns that one can expect from the metalcore genre. Their music is influenced by gothenburg metal scene and thrash metal.

The band has released six studio albums and one DVD up to date. Killswitch Engage has played at many live arenas, including Wacken Open Air, Rock Am Ring, Download Festival, and the Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Their latest album, Disarm the Descent was released on April 2, 2013 In 2009, MTV, while naming "The Greatest Metal Bands of All Time" referred to Killswitch Engage as "one of the founders of metalcore". Jason D. Taylor of Allmusic said Alive or Just Breathing (2002) “is a pure metal album that seemingly has ignored any fashionable trend and instead relies solely on skill and expertise to sculpt some of the meatiest heavy metal since the glory days of Metallica and Slayer." Link to Video “In Due Time’ - Website:http:// Facebook: Twitter:

Camo and Krooked (Austria) featuring Dynamite MC (UK) Camo and Krooked Austrian duo Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner, otherwise known as Camo & Krooked have quickly become one of the hottest production outfits in Europe. Working together since 2007 and signing exclusively to Hospital Records in 2010, the Viennese pair have created a whirl of dancefloor anthems and a fearsome reputation for their untouchable production skills. In autumn 2011 they released their first album on Hospital “Cross The Line”; a fourteen-track rollercoaster ride of emotions, veering between polished vocal-led beauties to filthy tear-out monsters, which delved into dubstep, drumstep, electro-house and everything in between. The album was a universal success and the duo won three awards in the Drum & Bass Arena Awards 2011 for “Best Producer”, “Best Video” and “Best Album”. 2012 saw the release of their remix album “Between The Lines” which featured remixes of key “Cross The Line” cuts by a range of producers including Metrik, Mefjus, Subwave, BCee and more. Since then, the boys have also had their music featured on some high profile computer games and have released ‘All Night’, the first single off their second album “Zeitgeist”, due for release in September 2013. With Eighteen months of hard graft under the belt, ‘All Night’ foresees the new album in its influences from French house, disco and minimal techno that creates yet another angle to the Camo & Krooked signature sound. Link to Video “All Night”: Twitter: Website:

Dynamite MC He started his MCing career on pirate radio station Krush FM, broadcasting in Gloucester, South West England during the early 1990s. After meeting the now legendary Roni Size in 1994 and MCing for the Full Cycle crew, the Bristol collective formed the live band Reprazent where Dynamite shared vocal duties with singer, Onallee. Their debut album New Forms won the Mercury Music Prize in 1997, and Dynamite's role was enhanced for Reprazent's second album, the hip-hop influenced In The Mode (2000). He released a solo album, The World of Dynamite, and the mixtape CD Big Man Talk was released on the Strong Records label (featuring samples from Enya and Kanye West). Further proving his versatility as an artist, the track Bounce (produced by Switch, now one half of Major Lazor) is not only featured on the soundtrack of Madden NFL '07, but also in the video game Need for Speed: Carbon, along with After Party. Warning also makes an appearance on the Xbox console’s Crackdown 2. After this run of production success, Dynamite took time out to host two national radio shows in the UK, interviewing artists such as P Diddy, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Redman, Shaggy, Pussy Cat Dolls, Ja Rule, Estelle, Chipmunk and many more Twitter: Website: Facebook:

Quote of the Month ‌..



Carnival City Comedy Sessions Wednesday 11 September – NDUMISO LINDI Wednesday 18 September – JOHN VLISMAS Wednesday 25 September – MARK BANKS 20h00 Mardi Gras Theatre, Carnival City R100 each from the door

By popular demand, Carnival City will be staging their popular Carnival Comedy Sessions from 8pm every Wednesday during September. Hosting the hilarious sessions will be top comedians The Goliath Boys, Ndumiso Lindi, John Vlismas and Mark Banks. Kick off with the show on Wednesday 4 September, The Goliath Boys provide double the fun and double the laughter. Jason and Donovan Goliath are not related but besides having a surname in common, they are both very funny men. Jason is the larger one and Donovan claims that if you stand too close to him, you lose cell phone reception. Donovan is a Caucasian-looking coloured man who speaks Xhosa. Then on Wednesday 11 September (9/11 be warned!) its Ndumiso Lindi’s turn to make you laugh. Ndumiso is known for his trademark hat and stylish urban look. Between his alter ego Roosta and his honest observations of everyday South African life, Ndumiso will have you in stitches. John Vlismas takes the Comedy Sessions spotlight on Wednesday 18 September. John has just turned 40, so do be careful. Expect him to do the two things he loves best, talking dirty and making people laugh. John has been described as a short, sharp troublemaker. Completing the September line up will be one of South Africa’s most enduring comedians, Mark Banks and he will be standing up for you on Wednesday 25 September. Serious and politically correct is not Mark’s style and he never loses an opportunity to poke fun at you, his audience. Tickets cost R100 each and are available from the door.

We arrived at the Cape Town City Hall to see a massive queue rolling down the side of the building. We’d come in a party bus all the way from Strand to witness our childhood heroes this night and it seemed we were not alone. The Kentucky across the road was not complaining. It was packed full of excited kids saying things like “red flag”, “fallen leaves” and “eight Zinger Wings please”. By the time we’d almost reached the door we were given the devastating news that all the shirts were sold out. A few people cried. Inside we headed into the main auditorium to see the opening band, Dead Lucky, who was rocking loudly to an audience of whom every second person wore a much desired shirt. Dead Lucky were a hard rock outfit which seemed to be influenced quite a bit by old school rock. This hypothesis was further confirmed when I saw the members wearing shirts advertising “The Who” and other bands from yesteryear. Enough about shirts. Dead Lucky gave a good performance and there was no doubt that these guys knew their instruments ;) We spent a few minutes at the bar purchasing drinks and admiring Jagermeister’s friendly marketing team before heading back for Goodnight Wembly. As always, Goodnight Wembly was right on form. Their unique classy-yet-rude onstage style and personality carrying over the now swelling crowd, causing bouncing, dancing and headbanging, which is pretty fun unless you attempt them all at once. Then you look like the idiot in front of me. Their relatively new single “Bad Reputation” was received on very good terms and when they whipped out “Time Machine” all the people moved. Hats off to their drummer who played with the previous band too. Double rockstar points to you sir! As soon as Goodnight Wembly were done the pressure literally increased. I was pushed forward and from the sides along with everyone else. By the time the main act started we were packed tighter than sardines and if you needed the toilet I felt sorry for you: you were not going to get out very easily while controlling your bodily functions at the same time. Billy Talent took to the stage. The audience roared as the show started, the drummer, Aaron Solowoniuk, showing off his “Die Antwoord” shirt. Ian D’Sa, the guitarist, started with “Lonely Road to Absolution”, the intro to their “Dead Silence” album as each member fell in. We sang along at the top of our voices and then all glory/hell broke loose with “Viking Death March”. I can honestly say that I have never been in a crowd as rough as this, not even Bring Me The Horizon was this hectic. I am of small stature and basically went where I was forced. Thankfully, this was right to the front and before I knew it I was three feet away from Ben, centre stage and that is where I stayed for the rest of the experience! Being an avid follower of Billy Talent since the start of high school and having depressingly missed their previous South African tour, there was a lot expected of these Canadians. They blew me away. “I hope you guys aren’t tired because we’re going to play another five thousand songs!” Ben announced after an intense few tracks. The crowd goes wild. Just a side note: The sound quality on the night was amazing! Well done to Ultra Events for keeping our ears full and a huge thank you to RAM Touring for hosting such an incredible event! After what seemed like hours and at the same time only ten minutes, the band disappeared off stage. Calls for encore were chanted and the wooden auditorium floor shook under the marching stomp of thunderous feet. The giant picture of the Dead Silence skull was pulled down to reveal another huge banner which boldly stated: BILLY TALENT. The band returned and the madness started over again!

By the end of the concert everyone was drenched in sweat and hoarse from singing/screaming along. As the crowds shuffled out many just lay down where they were, completely exhausted by the ordeal. I discovered Set For The Sky’s guitarist, Trent had caught a drumstick and J-Drake, Set For The Sky’s bassist, had been gifted Aaron’s snare skin by the drum tech. Highlights: Ben showing exactly what a frontman should do on stage; singing along to nostalgic anthems from my formative year seeing how cool and down to earth Billy Talent’s members are in real life and their enthusiasm and love towards Cape Town and South Africa. Overall: Best and liveliest performance that I’ve ever seen (and we were at RAMfest)!! Billy Talent is: Drums – Aaron Solowoniuk Bass – Jon Gallant Vocals – Benjamin Kowalewicz Guitar – Ian D’Sa Photos by Feathery Fox Media Productions and Event by RAM Touring

Article by: James Roberts & Woolly Wolf Media

Woodstock Mafia album launch dates, news and new single anounced! “Woodstock Mafia earned every minute of their main stage spot … bringing their A game in support of the international artists.” - What’s On in Cape Town review of Ramfest 2013 Launched in April 2011, Woodstock Mafia hit the ground running, blazing trails on the SA music scene. Their unique blend of hard, grunge and alternative rock explodes in high-energy live performances that have had fans screaming for more. Having played every major festival in South Africa, supported American rockers Chevelle, received extensive playtime on major commercial radio and succeeded in two MK Award nominations, Woodstock Mafia have one last box to check for 2013. You've heard them on the radio, seen them on TV and partied to them at festivals all across South Africa. Now, Woodstock Mafia is releasing their full length debut album and you are invited to experience it first-hand.

Woodstock Mafia – DEFIANCE will be launched at Mercury Live, Cape Town Friday, 13 September | R30<10PM>R40 | Doors open at 9PM

DEFIANCE is a 12-track journey through Woodstock Mafia's definitive 'thumping grunge rock' sound, punctuated by haunting

melodies, electric riffs and banging rhythms. Following on from “Electric Light” and “Rebel Dreams”, DEFIANCE will include a number of new singles and music videos, including “Trigger and Gun”, which will be on your radio and your screens within the next week. The DEFIANCE Tour kicks off in Cape Town on 13 September and concludes in Johannesburg on 29 September. Here are all the tour dates: Friday, 13 September - Mercury Live, Cape Town with Dead Lucky and Ballistic Blues Thursday, 19 September - Bohemia, Stellenbosch with Set for the Sky Saturday, 21 September - Music Kitchen, Port Elizabeth Friday, 27 September - SEXPO, NASREC, JHB see for details Friday, 27 September - The Boh, Mellville, JHB with Jet Black Camaro and Sticky Fingers Saturday, 28 September - Krank'd Up Music Festival, Sundowners, Alberton with Dead Letter Circus (AUS), The Narrow and many more FB event URL: Sunday, 29 September - Mama's Shebeen, Greenside with special guests Facebook: Twitter: @woodstock_mafia Official hash tag: #DEFIANCE Order your copy of DEFIANCE for R150 at

“Without going into too much detail, as SAMS has reviewed them on a few separate occasions, (Woodstock Mafia) really know how to get the crowd going. Watching the progression from small clubs to the big stage sees their music catalogue translating brilliantly…” – SA Music Scene review with Chevelle at Grand West

How did you get into photography? I have always had a passion for photography since a young age. I decided to go professional with my photography last year. What camera are you currently using? I use the Canon EOS 1000D. Why do you like Photography? I love photography as it is an art form and a way of expression of one self. I really enjoy capturing moments in life. What style of Photography do you like? I really like black and white photography. I enjoy sports photography as I photograph MMA events (AFL and MFC in Durban) and also enjoy new-born photography which I think is the most rewarding. Where do you see yourself in five years, in terms of your photography? Currently I do photography as a freelance career, so in five years I would like to be doing photography fulltime. Who is your favourite photographer and why? Geoff Goldswain, the best wedding photographer as he has the most creative photographic shots and he is absolutely passionate about what he does. What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? I suggest that they continuously look at photographic works of others and learn from other photographers. Use different angles a lot and be as creative as possible when taking photos. Always love what you do and do what you love. How can people get hold of you? They can email me on or call me on 0828945804, they can also visit and see my works at Shutterfly-Photography/532740803406558

RIHANNA DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR CONFIRMS SOUTH AFRICAN CONCERT DATES! Worldwide superstar Rihanna - the “#1 Person On Facebook” with over 63 million fans – is bringing her DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR to South Africa this spring. World tour promoters Live Nation together with Big Concerts confirmed today that the tour which kicks off in North America this week is set to dazzle fans with concerts confirmed at FNB Stadium Johannesburg on Sunday 13 th October 2013 and Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 16th October 2013. Rihanna has dominated global charts with “Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date and first single to be release from UNAPOLOGETIC her 7th studio album for Island Def Jam in just seven years. The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has sold over 41 million albums and 150 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.9 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist, over 63 million Facebook fans, and over 27 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 12 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 24 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts. Tickets for the Diamonds World Tour in South Africa will go on sale for Johannesburg on Thursday 11th April at 9am priced R330 – R930 and in Cape Town on Friday 12th April at 9am priced R275 – R820. Tickets will be available from,, the Computicket call centre on 0861 915 8000 or any Computicket outlet at Checkers and Shoprite. Rihanna Diamonds World Tour is promoted world-wide by Live Nation Global Touring. SOUTH AFRICA 13-Oct Johannesburg, South Africa FNB Stadium 16-Oct Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town Stadium Itinerary subject to change. For complete tour and ticket information, visit: and FOR FURTHER MEDIA INFO: Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) (Tel) +27833261776 * Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) (Tel +27726561906 (m) *


Band reviews…… by: James Roberts@WoollyWolf

Genre: Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore Scene: Punk and Hardcore Hometown: Cape Town Members: Hennie – Vocals Stefan – Drums & Synth Reece – Guitar Mitchel – Guitar Mishyel – Bass “Blending a fusion of hardcore roots, catchy pop punk riffs & synth melodies, Among the Clouds creates a unique & interesting sound. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, they wish to capture the hearts of a national & international audience.” Among The Clouds started early in 2013 with 5 friends playing music together. They recorded their first three songs in the bedroom - ;) - with Stefan (the drummer) mixing the tracks. They are currently in studio for the production of their EP. What surprised me about ATC is the massive following they had gained in such a short time despite the small amount of live shows that they’ve played. Not only is this a result of brilliant online marketing, but also the three songs they have online are really really good :D Recently when I checked these okes out at R.O.A.R.

I witnessed them to the max. Mitch and Reece are all over the place with brilliant guitar skills, while bassist Mishyel not only plays like a boss twice his age but also does not stop bouncing and jumping (one of the real highlights of the performance). Stefan works the drum kit like the pro he is and has said that he draws a lot from a certain Afrikaans Streetlight Children band. The front man Hennie gives himself to the audience and really puts in everything, creating a massive vibe that you don’t see often. His screams are incredible. If you do hear of a show and you are not yet a follower of ATC, do yourself a favour and go experience the great energy and fun that they bring. They are really fun guys as well and are always keen to jam out with the crowd and other bands. Their fanbase continues to grow. Be part of it on Twitter.

Genre: Reggae/Ska Scene: Irie/Ska Hometown: Cape Town Facebook: Rhythm & Tide Members:  Michael Pole - Guitarist  Reece Rautenbach - Guitarist  Josh Rudman - Bassist  Julien Roux (King Julien) - Vocals  Lemo Tsipa - Drums  Paul Lodewyk Avenant—Percussionist “Surfing, Longboarding, Jamming, Exploring, Convening in philosophical debates, Debating as to what goes on in Reeces mind and enjoying life." Rhythm & Tide was born in 2012 with 2 guitarists figuring out what they wanted to do. They seemed to settle onto Ska when they came up with the unbelievably catchy tune: Jellyfish Feet. They soon gained more members, including an elusive drummer, Lemo (who proved to be the Swiss army knife of drummers that comes with Crocs and who'd never listened to reggae before), who shared the same common goal and so they started on their way into the Cape Town music scene. They have gained in popularity and have been very busy playing shows all over the place with some wellknown names, spreading their good vibes and friendly attitude to everyone listening. Although these guys lead a "Keep It Chilled" surfer lifestyle, they are still very hardworking and serious musicians. Telling by the face-pulling and smiles onstage, there's no doubt that they do this for the love of it :D With King Julien (vocals) sweeping people up in the mood of their music and Michael and Reece complimenting each other on respective guitars, they keep the sounds crisp and fresh. Josh Rudman keeps the band together with his 5 string bass while Lemo and Paul determine the movements of the audience's feet with their percussional beats, which they often alter in an instant to change the swaying audience into a dancing crowd! I'd advise anyone to go watch these guys as soon as possible before they hit big and you can't afford it anymore.


MINUTE WORLD TOUR Venue: Date: Time: Cost: Tickets:

Big Top Arena, Carnival City Friday 4 & Saturday 5 October 20h00 R295 – R595 Computicket

Look at the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and you could be forgiven for thinking Smokie’s success story was a 1970s phenomenon. After all, 11 of their 14 British hits came in that eventful musical decade. However, their massive success story has continued to flourish around the globe including Scandinavia, South Africa, Germany and even China. Smokie are a band which has sold out tours and gained platinum records in four decades – the 70s, 80s, 90s and the present day. Frans Swart, CEO of Lefra Productions and Promoter of the SA tour, said he is very excited about SMOKIE visiting South Africa again. “We organised the SMOKIE tour in 2008 and it was a sold out success with many extra shows that had to be scheduled. SMOKIE is one of those groups that understands how to entertain their audiences – from young to old. With all their international renowned hits and the talent as a band, audiences around the world party with them. Their new CD, TAKE A MINUTE has just been recorded and will be released worldwide in February. In SA it will also be released in February by Lefra Productions and Next Music. SMOKIE fans can expect a complete new show with wonderful new material. But as in any SMOKIE show, the hits will definitely feature. Who can forget Alice?” says Swart. Terry Uttley, the founder member of SMOKIE, said they cannot wait to come to South Africa. “This is our favourite country and it has always been a wonderful experience to come to South Africa. The people of South Africa likes our music and it is such a warm feeling to get such wonderful support. We have just recorded TAKE A MINUTE and people around the world likes our new material and songs and we are very confident that South Africans will also like our new show.” Bookings for the SMOKIE – TAKE A MINUTE WORLD TOUR can be done at Computicket (011) 340 8000 or Groups and hospitality packages at reduced prices: (011) 815 3000 or email

The arrival of spring means it’s time to start looking forward to this year’s White Mountain Festival, where you can unwind in a stunning setting while enjoying acoustic performances by some of the best live acts in the country. Running from 20 to 24 September, the four-day line-up includes Watershed frontman Craig Hinds performing songs off his brand new debut solo album, as well as Cape Town singer-songwriter Matthew Mole, who recently became the first South African artist to enter the iTunes album chart at No. 1, ahead of international superstars like Jay Z, The Rolling Stones, Michael Buble and Robin Thicke. Mole’s debut album The Home We Built even managed to beat the world’s biggest compilation series NOW That’s What I Call Music to the top of the chart! Also on the bill are American singer-songwriter Brett Newski, Johannesburg’s Nakhane Toure and Margaret’s Daughter, plus a strong showing of Cape Town artists such as Paige Mac, Gerald Clark, Luna Paige, Stefan Dixon and Lucy Kruger. And from Durban, expect the likes of The Kickstands, Anton Cawthorn -Blazeby & Nick Pitman, Shomon and The Incidentals, to name a few. Other acts to watch out for are acoustic guitar maestro Steve Newman collaborating with renowned percussionist Ashish Joshi, as well as Radio Kalahari Orkes, the hugely popular ‘boere folk’ outfit fronted by actor, playwright and musician Ian Roberts, who’s probably best known for his role as Boet in the iconic Ja Swaer TV advertisements for Castrol motor oil. They promise irreverent, toe-tapping music that smells, tastes and sounds like the veld and is thick with the kick of mampoer! A quick 25km tarred detour off the N3 towards Giant's Castle in KZN brings you to White Mountain Lodge, which is where this gem of a festival is held. With its spacious grounds, fishable dam, swimming pool, playground, convenience store, restaurant and charming old pub (with satellite TV and late-night live music), the lodge’s many amenities add another dimension to the usual festival experience. There are also loads of fun activities for the whole family, colourful arts and crafts, assorted food outlets, a beer market featuring several local breweries, plus a new tipi village – all set against a backdrop of the scenic central Drakensberg. Known for its intimate, relaxed atmosphere, White Mountain 2013 promises to hit just the right note! Advance tickets cost R600 at Computicket, which includes four nights’ camping in a beautiful site overlooking the dam. Children aged four to 11 pay R125 and children under four get in free. Gates open at 7am on Friday 20 September. No under-18s permitted without parental supervision. For more information and the full programme, visit or contact 031 563 0824.

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can bands, artists and celebrities to show your support for peace in South Africa at the Peace Starts in the City Concert taking ber at SkyRoomLive in the Johannesburg CBD.

Rock and Hip Hop concert featuring some of SA’s top acts, representing the crossover culture we are experiencing in Joburg at The International Day of Peace (21 September).

RoomLive, Peace Starts in the City invites everyone to “Love Jozi” again and enjoy the mesmerising performances Newton’s 2nd Law, D-Skwad, Impande Core and Eden Michelle & Owen Kay against the beautiful city skyline of Johannesburg.

e One Day (UK) and The United Nations.

y will open at 2pm with the performances kicking off at 3pm on Saturday, 21 September and running until approx. 8:30pm.

ets online is essential to guarantee admittance on the day as space is limited. Bookings can be done at http:// or at ividually, as a unique code will be emailed to each attendee, which must then be presented at the entrance.

e for sale throughout the day and evening.

involved in staging the event, have given of their time and talent free of charge, to ensure that this could be a free event and bration of peace.

not in Johannesburg, the concert will be filmed and streamed live for online viewership by SkyRoomLive as we celebrate Peace ating peace observers worldwide.

ts; “Each year I feel honoured and humbled at the willingness of artists and venues to get involved in support of this important year to have SkyRoomLive hosting our event, so that we can not only celebrate online alongside the rest of the world, but also c talent that SA has to offer, to the world at the same time.”

n 21 September, The International Day of Peace is aimed at commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace.

ed filmmaker, began to make a documentary about world peace that eventually led to the formalising of a UN resolution deervance of peace. This goal was reached in 2001 when UN GA resolution (A/Res/55/282), put forward by the UK and Costa Riusly adopted to establish the first ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence fixed in the calendar as 21 September annual-

to the concept of choosing peace over conflict, with our democracy being built on these very principles. Peace is not an idea. sibility of our government or our police force, but the responsibility of each and every South African.

er of SA’s legendary rock band, WONDERboom, formed the “Peace Starts In Your Heart” initiative. This stemmed from a t Back to Basix in Johannesburg in 2008, and has since become an annual event, as part of the global events that take place the Day of Peace.

y concert promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and will be held on Saturday, 21st September from 15h00 – hannesburg CBD.

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as a central theme, and 2013 is no different. This year’s theme is “On Peace Day, who will you make peace with?” Peace One aw, has this to say:


ica as it is around the world, and therefore Peace Starts will be supporting this initiative in the lead-up to this event, and at the urage as many South Africans to get involved and making that same pledge for the betterment of their individual communi-

ce Starts has grown and taken on a new chapter. This year, Peace Starts in the City invites the rest of South Africa, and the of the most important day of the year, Peace Day, by observing it online!”

alongside the Peace Starts Celebrity Ambassadors and fellow citizens at Peace Starts In the City 2013; be a part of a global initiPeace in our land on 21 September.

ude to SkyRoomLive, The CoLab Network, Halcyon’s Haven and Fix Post Production.

ernational organization Peace One Day, go to


3 WEEKS TO EFC AFRICA 23 An epic fight card awaits fans on September 12 Johannesburg, South Africa – The entire EFC AFRICA 23 fight card has been finalised, and promises incredible MMA action from tail to top. Apart from the two title fights scheduled, where Andrew van Zyl defends his heavyweight crown for the first time against kickboxing colossus Sors ‘Guru’ Grobbelaar, and Michiel Opperman his welterweight title against former British and Commonwealth Muay Thai champion Dino ‘The Lion’ Bagattin, 11 other scintillating bouts play out on the night. Fan favorite Boyd Allen finally gets his three rounds against Durban bad boy Wesley Hawkey. Allen has been asking for a tougher opponent and Hawkey offers just that. This bout has been postponed twice, both athletes are rearing to have a go at each other, and has massive fight of the night potential - if not fight of the year. Martin ‘The Punisher’ Van Staden goes head to head with Nigerian born, Ireland based Henry ‘Herculeez’ Fadipe in a matchup that has already erupted on social media. Postponed from EFC AFRICA 22 due to Fadipe not receiving his VISA in time, Van Staden has accused him of ‘hiding’ and incompetence, while Fadipe has responded that all he wants now is the moment where he stands over Van Staden’s unconscious form. Wilhelm ‘Tiny’ Strauss and Congolese black belt Judoka Vandam Mbuyi complete the main card with a heavyweight clash certain to crunch. Strauss is fresh from an epic, three round fight of the night war at EFC AFRICA 21 and will want a repeat performance, Vandam is a veteran of that same event. There he out boxed Egyptian Mohamed Karim over three rounds and afterward stated that all he wants is more. The evening’s prelim card, only available for viewing live at the venue, in full HD at selected Nu Metro cinemas throughout South Africa and via live streaming, seethes with the best African talent. Cheboub and Akleker face off in a highly skilled encounter. Both are known for unorthodox and specialized technique, both are seeing this as the ultimate opportunity to truly test their skills against an opponent as dedicated to the craft of MMA as the other. Johan van Staden, renowned for his gritty striking and unbelievable toughness takes on the next prodigy to appear out of Cape Town, Sibusiso Mdoku. This man put on a near fight of the night performance against Cheboub last time around, this time he will stop at nothing for the win.

Roelof Scheepers, the monster that destroyed in his debut at EFC AFRICA 22 with a first round annihilation of Egyptian wrestler Koko Hammer, returns for an encounter at a whole new level with Brendon Groenewald. Groenewald submitted heavyweight title challenger Sors Grobbelaar at EFC AFRICA 16, offering a wealth of dangerous experience to challenge the newcomer. Francois Groenewald and Craig Ninow, both massive talents determined to avenge recent losses, do battle at featherweight and K1 world champion Dricus du Plessis returns for what he terms ‘the chance to lay on a real beating’ against massively rated Takedown Academy debutant Bruno Mukhulu. In addition both Botha brothers - identical twins and All Africa wrestling champions - go to war at feather and bantamweight with Peter Nyide and Baldwin Mdlalose respectively. Mdlalose is one of only two entering the Hexagon for the first time. Nelson Feiteria is the other, an athlete already trailing a huge reputation, who goes up against Nigerian boxing champion Kanyeba Anicet. EFC AFRICA 23 presents six full hours of non-stop MMA action from the greatest on the continent. Get your tickets now. EFC AFRICA 23, presented by MusclePharm, takes place at the Carnival City Big Top Arena on 12 September 2013. Tickets on sale now Tickets for the live broadcast to Nu Metro Cinemas available soon Broadcast information and full fight card available at About EFC AFRICA™ – The Extreme Fighting Championship™ Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC AFRICA™ now produces 10 live Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events annually, all hosted on the African continent.With over 100 athletes exclusively contracted to the organization from across Africa (Angola, DRC, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and more), EFC AFRICA is the continents leading MMA organization and showcases the greatest warriors on the continent. EFC AFRICA™ events are broadcast to over 110 countries across the globe on 9 television networks in multiple languages. The live broadcast is available to over 130 million homes across Africa on SUPERSPORT, the continent’s largest sport network, as well as in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean on FIGHT NOW! TV, America's only 24-hour combat sports and entertainment channel. Live broadcasts of every event are available across Romania on free to air broadcaster Transilvania L!VE. Delayed live events are broadcast throughout Malaysia on MAX MAN TV. The best bouts from every EFC AFRICA™ event fill up action-packed television episodes broadcast to 50 million homes in the USA on the CSI SPORTS network, throughout Europe and the Middle East on EXTREME SPORTS CHANNEL and across Canada on FIGHT NETWORK as well as in Africa on FOX FX and SUPERSPORT.

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