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nd we have finally reached it. This is a bit of a milestone for us; Ladies and Gentleman we have finally reached ISSUE 30. That means 30 months of Fanbase reading. We would like to thank all the bands, managers, publicists, event organizers, venue owners, radio stations, past writers and of course all our readers who have stuck with us throughout the months. It is much appreciated, more than you ever know.

Editors Note

Well we have a very jam packed issue install for you. Our front cover feature is none other than Gerald Clark, who in my opinion is a very talented musician. We also feature bands Cicada, Rest for the Wicked, David Greenham, Wake to Wonder, Skelmbosch and Pete Lincoln, wow so much talent in one mag, and that is not all, we have still got so much more for you. The Full Metal Panic Team has put together great articles, which includes bands such as My Dark Fugue amongst others, you will have to just read it for yourself to see for yourself what they have put together – they have really outdone themselves again. Can you say KINGS OF CHAOS?? Wow wow, wow, is all I can. It is defo one of the best concerts I have ever seen. What made this whole tour special was that were invited to a press conference with the band, you can read about all that and the actual gig review in the mag, so go check that out. Billy Talent is coming to South Africa again, and thanx to Erin from Hilltop Live we were one of the first to announce it. Check out all the details inside and get your tickets fast, I have a feeling they going to sell fast. Do you know the Coli and Rockets? Well I suggest you get to know them because they have a very bright future ahead. We held a battle of the bands and although the competition was tough, and I must say a big well done to all who took part, I am happy to announce Coli and the Rockets won it. You can check out their interview plus the gig review of the battle in Wild Child Chronicles. Our Durban Vibes team has put together a sweet section for you, namely Ard Matthews, Cool Runnings Tues nights where they have gig reviews of The Kickstands and Lieutenant Vinyl, go check it all out. Our Togger of the month is a Togger who goes by the name of Disorganized Chaos, go check out her work. Some Awesome stuff. There is so much more in this issue that I could have touched on but will leave it up to you to explore. ENJOY THE READ!!! Hobo Hugs



WRITING IS ON THE WALL Hi Guys Wow oh wow, thanks guys for my winning tickets for Riders of the Storm last night. We had an amazing time, so much talent and the vibe was brilliant. Double bonus being we shared the table with 2 of your Durban staff Chantell and Tania, who have such an awesome passion for the magazine and music, and shared some lovely upcoming gigs with us. Thanks again to you all for the experience. :)

Great mag, you all rock Sent in by Peter Stein Duzz Replies Hi Peter, thank you for the kind words, we hope you enjoy this issue just as much, Keep us posted!!!

Sent in by Joleen Venter Duzz Replies Hi Joleen, we are glad you had a great time. Riders of the Storm is such a great show, you can look out for the gig review in the August Issue of Fanbase Music Mag so look out for that.

Hello everyone at Fanbase Just want to say what a great job you all doing, I really look forward to reading it each month. Keep up the good work. Sent in by Michelle Williams Hi Michelle Duzz replies Thanx for the kind words, we really value our readers and hope you enjoy this issue.

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team

Gerald Clark is a name that’s no stranger to the music scene. Not only can he be found playing with his band “Gerald Clark and the dead men”. Gerald is also a very established solo artist. With a few albums behind him, including the Black Water album which Fanbase Music Magazine reviewed a few months back. Gerald is back with a new album called “Follow the river” which takes him on a new musical direction. We catch up with the talented musician himself and find out a bit about the new album as well as his musical history. Enjoy the interview

Hi Gerald, thank you for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Magazine, it’s been a long time coming as we have reviewed your ‘Black Water’ album and did a gig review for you while you were in Pretoria, but we have never interviewed you before. So first of all can you tell us where did it all begin as a musician? Like any respectable blues man, it all started in a church. I learned to play guitar from the church band and sang gospel as an early teenager until I heard John Lee Hooker and then I swung over to the darker side represented by yours truly - The Blues.

For people who don’t quite know you yet, what genre of music do you play? I think I cover a few bases of genres, obviously blues, some country, and some more ‘folk rock meets country soul’. I also perform in Afrikaans, my first album, ‘Sweepslag’, was in Afrikaans and got nominated for a few awards. My album after that, ‘Black Water’, was predominantly bluesy but the new album is a completely different direction than my previous two albums. I like to call it ‘Country Soul’ but it’s very much open for interpretation depending on the listener.

Did you come from a musical background? An interesting fact is that the day that I was born my grandfather’s uncle (who was a composer of gospel music in the church) died. Something to think about (laughs). Haha so it’s like you carried on his legacy in a way. At what age did you start playing guitar and singing? The combination of the two started when I was 14 but I was a closet guitarist when I could climb up onto my mother’s closet where I played this f**ked up guitar (inside the closet) that my mother bought at a second hand place in Welkom.

Speaking of Black Water, your Black Water music video was nominated for an International animation Supertoon fest, first of all can you tell us what is the Supertoon fest and how did it feel being nominated and how did it all come about? The company (Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation) that made the Black Water music video also made Mr. Cat & the Jackal’s video, “Bad Man He Comin”. Their video was nominated for last year’s festival so they applied again this year with my video and received a nomination.

Before we talk about the new album, what can you tell us about the ‘Black Water’ album, where did you find the inspiration for that album? My inspiration for ‘Black Water’ came from the neglect of love. Inspiration for a blues man usually comes from one thing, and that’s the inability to keep one woman happy; the late nights, the alcohol and the downward spiral into every bar when the sun goes down. You do a unique cover of House of the Rising sun, has that song got any significance to you? Not really, I liked the lyrics and the way I recreated it made me think of a saloon bar ‘type of vibe’. And that’s how it came about. Ok let’s talk about the new album now. What is the new album called and how does it differ to the last album? The new album is called ‘Follow The River’. It differs in genre and it’s mostly songs that I have accumulated over the years that could never fit into the ‘blues mould’. So I decided to make a contemporary album that opens up to a wider audience.

I heard the new album takes you on a new musical direction, what can you tell us about that? We tried to stay close to a ‘Country Soul’ type of vibe. I think that the production on the album wasn’t restricted by any preconceived ideas of what the album was supposed to sound like. After a while in the studio we made the album into what it is now, we re-produced the songs so it made sense. This is definitely a more vocal album from my side. How many tracks are on the album? There are 11 tracks on the album Where did you find your inspiration for your song writing of ‘Follow The River’? The inspiration comes from the post traumatic experiences of lost love and also the self exploration that one needs to go through after failure. Did the album take very long to record, what was the process like? It took us two weeks and it went according to plan in a certain way, but like I said, the album led itself and we followed it - that’s also how the album’s name, ‘Follow the River’ ties in. It’s also about not always following the pre-set ideas but rather seeing where it takes you and being able to roll with the changes and let it strengthen you.

“I learned to play guitar from the church band and sang gospel as an early teenager”

Your music recently appeared on Super Sport, can you tell us more about it and how it came about that your songs got played on this TV channel? Mark Chipps (who also produced my Elandbsaai music video) was the camera man on that specific Super Sport program (JoBerg2C mountain bike racing) and he initiated the whole process. My music was presented before a panel and my song - ‘Feel So Good, I Just Can’t Keep From Crying’ - fitted the bill like a glove. They also played out each episode with two tracks from my new album “Follow the River.” You recently visited the Czech Republic to tour, can you tell us how the tour went and how you were welcomed by the Czech audience? The tour consisted of two rehearsals, a vampire blues band, twenty shows in twenty days throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia. I sold out all my albums within the first 15 shows that I played. Because I was unknown I would say that 30 percent of the gigs weren’t that well attended but that’s like a lot of shows in Cape Town. The two festivals I played were very well attended and my music was received with standing ovations and encores deluxe! I felt like a Rock Star (laughs). I plan on going back in 2014.

Interview by:

Good luck with the new album, can you tell us where can people get hold of it? I am currently in the process of signing a distribution deal, but for the time being people can order albums through my publicist Ice Carstens at . My albums are also available at Classix on CD (14A Andringa Street) in Stellenbosch. Lastly do you have any social networks, how can people get hold of you? Sure, please find my social media links below: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Thank you very much Gerald for doing this interview Thanks to Fanbase Music Magazine!

Duwyne Clayton

Gigg Review : by Duwyne Clayton Photographs courtesy of : Sun City - Zunaid Samodien

My life is finally complete; I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best concerts I have ever been to. First of all a huge thank you to Amp Events, Andy Mac and Jeni Fletcher for making my dream possible by bringing the Kings of Chaos to South Africa and allowing me to cover this awesome show. What made this line up of Kings of Chaos so special was that Slash and Myles Kennedy joined the lineup, Yes it was at Sabastian Bach’s expense that Myles Kennedy took on the vocals duty due to unforeseen reasons of Sabastian not being on this tour but I am not going to cry over spilt milk as I am a huge fan of Myles Kennedy, and of course to be able to see a legend like Slash play live is a huge dream come true, and they did NOT disappoint. That is the thing about Kings of Chaos. It is no specific members in the band that make up the band. Matt Sorum explained that he realized he had a few famous names in his phone book and he intends on inviting some big names to join the lineup for certain tours etc. I am very happy of the lineup that joined this tour, especially Slash and Myles Kennedy who up until now hadn’t toured with the band. I must say the whole show and production was nicely put and planned out. With so many big names on stage, I thought the show was nicely put together giving everyone a chance to take the center stage and put on a great show. Unfortunately because of other commitments Duff was not able to do the Sun City shows which was quite disappointing for me but it was awesome to see Glen Hughes from Deep Purple fame take over the bass duties who is such a talented musician, not only on bass but as a front man and singer. Even at his age (being the oldest generation of the lot) he can still reach those high pitch notes with ease and played bass on every song throughout the two hour concert. He has defo made me a huge fan, not that I wasn’t a fan before but seeing him play just made me have a new found respect for him. Ed Roland from Collective Soul has such a good stage presence and seeing him do some of Collective Soul’s big hits was awesome to witness. I really have to dig up some of my old Collective Soul albums because that band actually makes such great music. With Ed Roland been here before in S.A it was actually a conversation between Matt Sorum and Ed, that made the idea of Kings of Chaos come to light and that it should be toured in South Africa, and after a bit of planning and phone calls on Matt’s part Kings of Chaos SA tour was born. Def Leopard’s Joe Elliot has always been one of my fave musicians of all time and it was great to see him do his thing on stage. Especially during the acoustic set when he did “Two steps behind”, you could see the real vocal power this talented man has. Speaking of the acoustic set, this was an idea the band put together while sitting back stage in Cape Town and them messing around on acoustic guitars, they thought to themselves why don’t they do a chilled out acoustic jam session on stage, thus making them literally bring out some couches onto the stage, a few acoustic guitars and a few shakers and doing a few songs chilled and laid back, making the event really chilled. Playing songs such “Knocking on Heavens Door” (of which I must admit, it was so intimate and emotional that I did get a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat) Myles Kennedy also did a sweet rendition of Velvet Revolvers “Fall to pieces” with the rest of the band playing it acoustic, defo a highlight of the evening. But you can imagine with such energetic musicians in one band the acoustic set didn’t last for too long before the electric guitars came out and they jammed and rocked out hard and heavy. One guy in the band, who in my opinion doesn’t get enough recognition, is Dave Kushner who is from “Velvet Revolver” who to my amazement is actually an amazing guitarist. I never knew he can play such good lead solos but what do you expect when you play alongside people like Slash who is also in the band Velvet Revolver. That is the thing about this Kings of Chaos idea. Every band member gets a chance to shine and I must say my eyes were opened with Dave Kushner and his guitar playing skills.

There were so many big names on one stage and it was hard to say who was better or took the show because everyone played their part and played it very well. There is a reason they are called Legends and if you were at th night you would have seen why.

I look forward to a time when Kings of Chaos come back to South Africa and if the bands word is anything to go by, they a planning on coming back next year and I will be right there rocking it out.

he show that

are already

Kings of Chaos Press conference review –Johannesburg Gig Review done by: Duwyne Clayton Photography Done by: Willem Kotze Photography You can imagine the excitement we were experiencing as Willem Kotze , our photographer, and I made our way to the Jacaranda Studios for The Kings of Chaos Press conference. The road to the venue felt like forever considering we got lost trying to get on the N1 haha. That’s what happens when you put a Durban and a Pretoria boy in a car without a GPS. But after endless of stopping asking for directions (yes we men, but we did ask for directions) hehe and countless conversations on the phone with my girlfriend who eventually got us on the right freeway. We made our way to the Jacaranda Studios with only minutes to spare. It was nice to finally meet Jeni Fletcher who I have only been in contact with over email in the past. She showed us to the room where the press conference was going to be held so Willem and I made our way to the front chairs so we can be about 2 meters away from where the band will be sitting. Before the band came out, they had an interview with the legendary Barney Simon who is now a presenter for Jacaranda FM. We would hear the interview with the band over the speakers which in a way made me more nervous for when the band would join us for the press conference. Nerves is a funny thing but who can blame me as this isn’t just any band I am about to be in the same room with. These are musicians from very well established rock bands, legends in the music industry of the highest form. Excited and nerves was defo going to be felt. We were “briefed” about what questions we weren’t allowed to ask and as you can imagine the Guns N Roses (Axl Rose) saga was on the list of what not to ask the band, which is understandable and I did suspect that would happen, although I did have my questions ready to talk about this subject but had to put that aside. As we waited in anticipation we were told unfortunately that Slash could not make the press conference as he was still on a game drive. I will be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed because he is a huge influence in my life when it comes to music and it would have been kewl to be in the same room as him. But as the room went quiet after that announcement was made it did not take long to feel lifted again with the realization that although Slash is not there, the other members of Kings of Chaos is still Rock N Roll royalty and it is a huge honor to still be a part of something like this. I mean this is people like Glen Hughes, Joe Elliot and Matt Sorum and others. Excitement and butterflies appear again as the band finally come into the room and take their seats with a warm welcome from the people who were there to witness this press conference. After a brief standing pose in front of the press of which our Togger, Willem Kotze, got some good shots the band took their seats and things got underway. I was very pleased to see how down to earth the band members were, answering every question and laughing with the press. Even when Joe Elliot got told he is old from one journo, he handled that question quite well and laughed it off. All in all it was a great press conference, but I can’t even call it that because even though we were in the company of great rock giants, it was almost like we were having a great chat with some good friends. It was a really great experience and I am so happy I was a part of it all. To see the full Press conference on YouTube, you can click on the following link to watch it. http:// watch?v=2KC68nSKxS8

Kings of Chaos Press conference review – Cape Town Gig Review done by: Jacques Roux

I roll into the seemingly empty Grand West Parking, and my mind is racing. I am going to get to do something I thought would never happen. I get to go to the KINGS OF CHAOS Press Conference. For the few out there who don’t know who the KINGS OF CHAOS is: It is a supergroup created from GUNS N ROSES’ Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Slash and Duff McKagan, Dave Kushner from VELVET REVOLVER, along with Glenn Hughes from BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION and DEEP PURPLE, COLLECTIVE SOUL's Ed Roland and DEF LEPPARD's Joe Elliott and of course ALTER BRIDGE and SLASH singer, Myles Kennedy. Kennedy replaced former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach who is not performing with KINGS OF CHAOS in South Africa. I sit myself down, right in the middle, so I can get the best view of Slash, my (and I guess pretty much most guitarists) hero. The promoters come in to tell us they are running late but we will see them soon. Nerves kick in – will I be reduced to blabbering fool once I get to ask Slash a question? We get told the rules, and they are quite simple, anything goes, except – No questions whether GUNS N ROSES are getting back together. Please do not mention Axl Rose at all. None of the members of this supergroup wanted to get into the dramas of this once-great musician, and the destruction he brings. Easy enough and I think. And then they arrive. They come out to loud applause and as luck would have it, Slash goes to sit way at the end. It doesn’t bother me, I get to sit in front of none other than Joe Elliott. They look every bit the rock stars we know them to be. What happens for the next 30 minutes will be etched in my mind forever. What rock stars, they immediately get down to business. They tell us about how the KINGS OF CHAOS kinda just happened. They all proclaim it was all Matt Sorum’s idea. It then dawns on me, these guys are all real musicians, guys who made it long before, “autotune”, MP3’s and lip synching destroyed music. We get told by Sorum and Elliot that they just wanted to have fun. They just wanted to get together and jam. There were no expectations and no pressure. Then we get into what they think about South Africa, and let me tell you, they love it!!! They actually lured Slash here by promising that they will go on “safari” It seems Sorum and Elliot is the ringleaders. When asked what rituals they have before a show the band looked surprised at first and then Joe Elliot promptly said: “We sacrifice Virgins!!!” in true rock fashion. They were quite willing to talk about the old days and the wild parties, but also realized that they are now mostly married and parents, which surprised me. We tend to think of them as just rock stars. These guys are all good parents and besides touring love spending time with their kids. I’m up and I ask Slash what was the first song he learned, and what is his favorite solo of all times. He seems floored(hard to imagine no one has ever asked that question), and then admits that Tangerine – Led Zeppelin, was this first song he ever played. He doesn’t answer the second part - just yet. Two minutes later out of the blue Slash interrupts and says, Can't You Hear Me Knocking – Rolling Stones. The more we hang out with these guys, the more I’m starting to like them. They are very involved in charity work, specifically with animals, and that explains why they can’t stop talking about the nature here is South Africa. They quickly explain that there are no plans to record yet, but that if it happens it would be great, but it needs to be organic, and not forced. We ask them what music they are listening to right now and strangely enough they mention “Die Antwoord” I don’t know whether to be proud or shocked, but it seems that these guys listen to a variety of different genres, even electro, which seems to be a Slash favorite. I guess they realize that they are a dying breed, real musicians playing real music. They are first to admit that the digital age and MP3’s has somewhat killed the real music industry as they remember how they had to get money together to buy that new vinyl of their favorite band. Back then you had to really want that record to get it and holding that vinyl/tape, not the physical disconnect you have when you just download an mp3. You can clearly see these guys are in a good place, having left their wild past behind. And they are ready to make music, loud and rocking music. All hail the KINGS OF CHAOS.

The Hives and Skunk Anansie join rocking international line-up for

Vodacom In the City Vodacom In the City has added Swedish rock sensationThe Hives and revived iconic British bandSkunk Anansie to this year’s international line-up, cementing the festival’s creds as one of the edgiest and most anticipated music events on the South African calendar. These two powerful and dynamic music forces now join alt-j and Boys Noize for this one-day music festival, and all are guaranteed to rock downtown Jo’burg and the 15,000 fans who will pound the ground at Newtown’s Mary Fitzgerald Square on 4 October 2013. The Hives will no doubt satisfy long-standing fans with music ranging from their early albumsBarely Legal (1997) and Veni Vidi Vicious (2000) to Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004),The Black and White Album (2007) and their most recentLex Hives (2012). Catapulting them to international rock status with hits like Hate To Say I Told You So, Main Offender,Supply And Demandand Die, Alright! off of Your New Favourite Band (a compilation of songs from Barely Legal, VVV and the A.k.a I-D-I-O-T EP) The Hives made lovers of garage-rock sit up and take notice.Tyrannosaurus Hives gave birth to tracksWalk Idiot Walk, Two-Timing Touch & Broken Bones and A Little More For Little You; andThe Black and White Album shook the airwaves with its hit singleTick Tick Boom! Knowing they still had so much awesomeness to share with the world, the 12-track compilationLex Hives was released in 2012 on The Hives’ own label, Disques Hives. Lead singleGo Right Ahead moved the band into glam-punk territory and was met with rave reviews and huge airplay.

Be prepared to rock out with The Hives when they’re unleashed on theVodacom In the City stage, performing in their trademark black and white suits.

That same stage will also host the brooding, funky beats, edgy lyrics and punk riffs ofSkunk Anansie.

Reunited after an eight-year hiatus, Skunk Anansie have “come home”, says lead singer Skin. Along with band members Ace (guitar), Cass Lewis (bass) and Mark Richardson (drums),Skunk Anansie have rekindled the feeling and soul of their previous work to continue the distinctive and dynamic sound that has made them the award-winning music force they are today.

Skunk Anansie will get feet stomping and crowds jumping with their versatile range of hits from multi-platinum albumsParanoid And Sunburnt (1995), Stoosh (1996) and Post Orgasmic Chill (1999). Fans will remember singles likeBrazen (Weep), Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good), Weak and Secretly.

Newer music off their albums Wonderlustre (2010) andBlack Traffic (2012) combines Skunk Anansie’s trademark raw rock riffs, deep funk, frenetic drum-work and lush vocals with more confidence and maturity. SinglesMy Ugly Boy, and the gothic, slow-burningMy Love Will Fall have reinforced their status as one of rock’s most innovative, passionate and soulful bands. Skunk Anansie will also be releasing their first-ever live acoustic album; the as-yet-untitled collection will be released in September this year, just in time for Vodacom in the City!

Adding The Hives and Skunk Anansie to an international line-up that already includes alt-j and Boys Noize will ensure tickets to Vodacom In The City are even more sought-after. Festival organiser, Seed Experiences, is urging eager fans of great music to get their tickets early to avoid missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime music line-up.

So before you make your plans for 4 October 2013, ask yourself: Where else can lovers of powerful rock and the best in electronic dance music hear four outstanding and iconic music acts in one awesome festival in downtown Joburg?

The Hives and Skunk Anansie will also be performing at Rocking The Daisies alongside alt-j and Boys Noize on the 5 October 2013 at Cloof Wine Estate in Darling, Western Cape. For more info please visit Tickets for Vodacom In The City: Webtickets: Event Information: Event Info: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @InTheCityJHB The Hives information: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: SoundCloud: Website: Skunk Anansie information: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Vodacom In the City is a Seed Experience:| Like us on Facebook: /SeedExperiences Follow us on Twitter: @SeedExperiences Watch us on YouTube: /user/weareseed1


If you've seen the video on YouTube, you can't help but marvel at the sight of over 100,000 fans singing along to "Viking Death March," the first track released to the public from Billy Talent's fourth album, Dead Silence. Watching the mass celebration of this song is powerful enough but the fact that the track had only been released days before the band hit the stage at the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany is testament to the loyalty of the band's fans around the world. Dead Silence is the follow up to Billy Talent I, II and III and was recorded in three different studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles. The album was produced by Billy Talent guitarist Ian D'Sa and is perfect proof for Billy Talent's inner strength, their focus and hard work ethic; character traits that have turned them into one of the most successful international rock acts of the past decade. Being together for almost 20 years and having travelled thousands of miles in vans, buses and planes turned the four piece not just into a band, but into a family — a tight brotherhood that will challenge and tackle any obstacle in front of them. Equipped with countless awards (such as multiple MuchMusic Awards, Juno Awards, MTV Awards and even two of those rare German Echo Awards) and having played the biggest festival stages worldwide, Billy Talent are ready to take on their next mission: to complete their world domination. When Billy Talent started their adventurous journey into what would become Dead Silence, all they knew was that they wanted to record an album in the traditional sense of the word — a collection of songs that all tie in with each other, a journey through ups and downs, highs and lows, hope and decay, love and disgust, joy and sadness. An album that has a start, a finish and everything in between thus "represents all aspects of life basically," says singer Ben Kowalewicz. They are 14 songs, as straight from the heart, intense and intuitive as previous milestones like "Try Honesty", "River Below" or "Red Flag" and as unwilling to compromise or give in. It was a long, winding and bumpy road Billy Talent had to take in order to turn Dead Silence into what it is today: a tour de force rock album. The band started working on their fourth release shortly after they returned from touring their previous album. Billy Talent III was produced by Brendan O'Brien, debuting at #1 in Canada and peaked at #2 on the German album charts, marking the third consecutive platinum album for the band in Canada and second (after Billy Talent II) in Germany. The band had just purchased a building in the East end of Toronto where they could rehearse, record and stock their gear while not on tour. Guitarist Ian D'Sa, singer Ben Kowalewicz, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk and bassist Jon Gallant spent five to six days a week setting up their new headquarters, building walls, varnishing floors, painting and getting the new computers and pro-tools running. "It is our first big band investment", Gallant says. D'Sa remembers: "The first couple of months after we returned home we were fixing the place up. At first we needed to soundproof the place and build a room within a room. It's on a residential street and we didn't wanna piss off any neighbours. After that we saw the potential of what we could do with this place. It was so big that we could actually build a recording studio in it. We thought it'd be a good idea so that we could demo the new songs. It turned out to be a beneficial thing for the album. And that's probably why the album turned out the way it is." A smart decision for sure, as having their own rehearsal and recording space gives Billy Talent convenience enough to practice and record whenever they want. No deadlines, no curfews, no one to beg for the keys. The main goal for each member was to push their boundaries for this new album, to leave comfort zones and question each and everything. As with the previous albums, the band channeled their ideas into compositions by D'Sa. The London born guitarist with roots in Goa had most of the parts already worked out in his head. For Dead Silence, he envisioned Kowalewicz's voice as the fourth musketeer, an additional instrument, the link between his licks, riffs and leads and the pumping rhythm section from Gallant and Solowoniuk. "On this record I wanted to step up what we do with vocals," explains D'Sa. "A lot of the vocal melodies are super high, or in the higher register, so I pushed Ben pretty hard in the vocal booth a couple of times. He nailed it." "The good thing about Billy Talent is that there is no ego in the band," adds Kowalewicz. "If anyone has an idea, the others know it is for the greater good of the song. We always ask ourselves what can we do individually and collectively to make this song the best we possibly can?! And Ian's song writing skills have improved so much; it makes all our jobs a lot easier because he provides us with this vessel that we can jump on and hang on to."

"It's important to hear everyone out", says D'Sa. "If I write a piece of music and I already know that I want a guitar thing to happen here and then a vocal thing to happen there, Jon may not know that. So if he has a bass idea I think it's important to keep an open dialogue going and listen to everyone's ideas." It's obvious that these guys have learned their lessons. With three highly successful albums under their belt, the members have developed a mutual trust in and a deep respect for their band mates, knowing that their unique sound is based on the contribution and talent of each individual member. For Dead Silence the four-headed democracy decided to take their fate by their own hands, leaving the production to guitarist Ian D'Sa, who had already co-produced Billy Talent II. His vision of what defines the sound and vibe of Billy Talent was the roadmap for Dead Silence. "Our fans really liked the sound of Billy Talent II," says D'Sa. "We were confident that this is our sound, and we just wanted to execute that."

In the midst of the recording, the band was rocked to its foundation when, around Christmas of 2011, Solowoniuk broke the news to his band mates that he would have to undergo heart surgery — very soon. "I knew about it for five years," the drummer explains. "My heart was working overtime. In order to get the right amount of blood through my veins it had to work harder and it was growing at that point. The doctor said if I would let it go over a year or two, it would be terrible. After he told me that, I had open heart surgery to get it fixed. The surgery is a routine thing. But for anyone who's going through it, it's pretty scary. But I had a great doctor and that's why it healed so fast. I started playing drums lightly eight weeks later. Twelve weeks after the surgery I was pushing myself because I knew I had to play live. So I pushed through it, and it feels great! Drums are fun and everything just feels easier, whereas before I was getting tired a lot. So I guess I'm fixed." While Solowoniuk was pushing for recovery, his friends kept working on Dead Silence, refining ideas and browsing through countless scrapbooks and lyric sheets, looking for words to fit the music. Still shaken by their drummer's surgery, the band gave the song "Don't Count On The Wicked" a lyrical turn: "Aaron has a charity called the F.U.M.S. organization (Fuck You Multiple Sclerosis), and one of their slogans was 'Turn Anger Into Hope'. I thought that was a pretty cool line or lyric, and we put it in the song." Kowalewicz said, "The thing with Aaron jarred all of us; it was pretty shocking and tough to wrap your head around, especially after all the things he's already been through. That really shook the foundation and it came at a weird point as well, we were already so far (in the recording process). But when you put everything in context of Aaron's situation, then the rest is pretty small." Hearing this explains why Dead Silence offers some of the hardest and edgiest songs Billy Talent have ever recorded, charged with the most honest, deep and dark lyrics to date. The band touches base with various subjects, such as the tongue in cheeky first single "Surprise Surprise," a song that deals with "the fact that advertising has seeped into our culture so much that people buy into it blindly now," says D'Sa, or the fake reality implemented by social networks. "A lot of the album has to do with how important it is not to get caught up in material culture, internet culture and all those things that distract us from what's real," adds Kowalewicz, "Life is real. So go for a walk, turn your phone off. Go get some sun on your face. Get some perspective." The cover for Dead Silence was created by Australian artist Ken Taylor, and it looks just as dark, detailed and thrilling as the new songs from Billy Talent sound. "The underwater scenario, a city immersed under the ocean, reflects songs like 'Dead Silence' or 'Swallowed Up By The Ocean,' but it also points out that there's always an element of hope. There's the phone box, so when the world is destroyed and everything goes to shit, there's still hope," laughs Kowalewicz. "If there's anything that comes close to some sort of concept for this record, then it would be the underlying theme of this year being 2012, with a little bit like an end-of-the-world -mentality seeping in there — and being aware that you only got one kick at the can, you only got one shot! Dead Silence is about following your dreams, standing up for yourself, realizing what's important and what's total bullshit."

Billy Talent returns to South Africa for the first Official One Night in Cape Town After Party Having headlined OppiKoppi in 2010, Hilltop Live are proud to announce that Billy Talent will be returning to South Africa for two shows only. After the success of their previous tour to South Africa, Canadian melodic punk rockers, Billy Talent, wanted to play at the OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast Festival but due to their touring schedule, the dates did not work out. The band jumped at the opportunity to be part of another event just shortly after. On Friday 23 August 2013 Cape Town’s City Hall Auditorium, will be rocked like never before as the first concert of the band’s 2 leg tour. Fans of the band can purchase tickets to meet the band as well as limited edition tour merchandise at the concert. Billy Talent are currently touring as part of the Van’s Warped Tour USA, before traveling to Europe to headline three festivals as part of their promotion of the new album, “Dead Silence” (2012), the bands fourth studio album, which features the single, “Viking Death March”. The video for the single, shows 100,00 fans singing along to the song, and is testament to the loyalty of the band’s fans around the world. Tour dates Date: 23 August 2013 Venue: City Hall Auditorium, Cape Town Tickets: R350 Tickets available from VIP Boxes: Box 1 & 2: R6000 per box (10 people per box). Includes tour t-shirt per person, personal waiter per box as well as a meet and greet with Billy Talent Box 3 & 4: R5000 per box (10 people per box). Includes tour t-shirt per person and a personal waiter per box. Box 5 & 6: R4500 per box (10 people per box). Includes personal waiter per box. Hilltop Live Facebook: OppiKoppi Official Website: Billy Talent Official Website: Viking Death March Official Youtube Video: v=VRFCMM3bra8

Billy Talent returns to South Africa for the first Official OppiKoppi After Party Post aKOPPIlyptic Punk Picnic Having headlined OppiKoppi in 2010, Hilltop Live are proud to announce that Billy Talent will be returning to South Africa for the first official OppiKoppi after party - Post aKOPPIlyptic Punk Picnic. After the success of their previous tour to South Africa, Canadian melodic punk rockers, Billy Talent, wanted to play at the OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast Festival but due to their touring schedule, the dates did not work out. For the first time in the 19 years of OppiKoppi, there will be official after party. The Pretoria Botanical Gardens will host a picnic like no other. The Post aKOPPPIlyptic Punk Picnic takes place on Saturday afternoon, where Billy Talent fans can expect the band to get on stage as the sun sets over the Capital City. OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast attendees can look forward to a number of new benefits including a R100 discount when purchasing their Post aKOPPIlyptic Punk Picnic ticket (show goers must keep their valid 2013 OppiKoppi armbands on), being able to purchase the official OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast merchandise (if they didn't get round to doing so at the festival), as well as being reunited with lost phones, keys, personalities and even names that were left behind in the OppiKoppi dust at the OppiKoppi Lost and Found desk. Billy Talent are currently touring as part of the Van’s Warped Tour USA, before traveling to Europe to headline three festivals as part of their promotion of the new album, “Dead Silence” (2012), the bands fourth studio album, which features the single, “Viking Death March”. The video for the single, shows 100,00 fans singing along to the song, and is testament to the loyalty of the band’s fans around the world. Tour dates Date: 24 August 2013 Venue: Pretoria Botanic Gardens Tickets: R450 without an OppiKoppi 2013 wrist band or R350 with a valid 2013 OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast wristband. Show goers will be checked for the band at the gate. Hilltop Live Facebook: OppiKoppi Official Website: Billy Talent Official Website: Viking Death March Official Youtube Video: v=VRFCMM3bra8

T&C DURBAN VIBES BY: Tania Meyer Chantell vd Walt

Hi guys and welcome the 30th issue of Fanbase Music mag. The Durban Vibes team have been very busy the last few months. We would like to urge everyone to go to Ard Matthews Cool Runnings Open Mic every Tuesday nights. You won’t be disappointed, we were lucky enough to check out The Kickstands and Lieutenant Vinyl. Go check it out and enjoy the read.

Cool Runnings

As we were standing outside it seems we have been blessed with the press. The Kuluma TV crew was also at the same show and had an interview with Ard and all of this is to be seen on YouTube. Please go check it out. The Kickstands @ Cool Runnings Maybe in a couple of months we will get the chance to do a follow up interview and see where and what the band is getting up to.

As always the place to be on a Tuesday night is Ard Matthews @tuesdayms @coolrunnings and boy did we have a good crowed. We walked in and we could feel the vibe of the people anxiously waiting for The Kickstand to take the stage. I must say the acoustic guitar in this setting gets played in a very different way to what I have seen. It has very Spanish like beats for me, something different for the ears to hear. They surely have a toe tapping beat. The Kickstands started in 2009, these boys played some gigs at local places and around Scottsburgh where they are from. This was the first time I’ve heard them playing live, but our Chief Editor Duwyne was lucky enough to get an interview with these guys and even put them on the May cover issue of Fanbase. They have come far since then, playing some sweet mellow sounds with just the two of them (Gary and Rudi) and their guitars. Gary’s voice carried the sound of the words to the deepest corners of this little stage as they had the crowd cheering on. They sang a song they had only written the night before called Bones with no mishaps. They have mastered the guitar and the 6strings. The next number” Hot and Spice”. The most interesting sound came out from them tapping beating and knocking on these superb instruments.

Lieutenant Vinyl With a slow start to a hot evening we were very excited to hear for the first time live Lieutenant Vinyl. Some of the bands loyal fans walked in greeting the members like old friends. After some waiting the little east coast hot spot was packed and ready to go. The lead singer started off by saying with a smile that they will be assaulting our ears for the remainder of the evening. A rocking good start to the first song, I never expected this load sound to come from a 3 man band, you could feel the beat of the base in your bones. This would not be the first time that this grunge rock band performed @coolrunnings, but the word on the block was that they did not disappoint then either. Our lead singer Paul Edy was on vocals and guitar, the beautiful orange bass guitarist, Brett eEy and our ‘Daniel son’ Michael Wagner on the beating drums. This stick of dynamite was beating the drums to the sound of rock and roll. I was tapping my feet while listening to the lyrics of the music which gave you something to think about. You could hear the influences of a few of my favorite musicians, such as, Pearl Jam, Velvet revolver, Wolf master, Muse and Foo fighters. Some old school rock is streaming through the speakers and while Paul is tapping on his electric pedals to make the most amazing sounds with his guitar. The boys where having fun and so was the crowd that came to support their favorite local band. The song “My own two hands “ was very touching, the truth about our country and the poverty it goes through, but with my own two hands I can make a change. A very inspiring song. The boys seem to wanna change the world. We hope to hear from them again in the very near future but in the meantime check them out on YouTube and Facebook.

CRAIG HINDS The Voice of Watershed announces

ORDINARY BOY Three City SA Tour His wasn't destined to be an ordinary story. Now comes the next chapter in the evolution of an extraordinary musician.

Craig Hinds announced today his three city “Ordinary Boy” Tour, which will see him performing in Port Elizabeth on 29 June at the Vodacom Ampitheatre, Johannesburg on 13 July at Room Five in Rivonia and at Moyo Kirstenbosch in Cape Town on 19 July. Tickets on sale now through Computicket for the shows in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg and Webtickets for the performance in Cape Town. Craig Hinds knows, perhaps better than anyone else in the country, how to craft a song that gets under the skin, seeps into your soul, and stays with you. Making unforgettable pop songs is something he's been doing for 15 years. As songwriter and lead vocalist he's turned out archetypal performances, making Watershed not only a legendary band, but the number one acoustic rock outfit in the country. He's penned some of the most memorable pop songs and radio hits of the last decade and a half. Four great albums and more than a decade as the country's number one pop-rock outfit has brought tremendous fulfillment, but as Craig says A solo project is a natural progression for a singer-songwriter, and Craig felt ready for "a bit of 'me' time." The other members of Watershed each have their side projects and alternative outlets, and whilst Craig has written songs for other artists, he's been keen to do something more deeply personal. The album, which is available in all music stores nationally is tipped to be the most exciting pop album to come out of South Africa this year. TOUR DATES: 29 June – CRAIG HINDS Ordinary Boy Launch Port Elizabeth Vodacom Amphitheatre, Boardwalk Casino, Port Elizabeth Doors open – 19:00 Show Starts- 20:30 Tickets from R130 pp 13 July - CRAIG HINDS Ordinary Boy Launch Johannesburg Room Five - Shop 5 First Floor, Rivonia Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Rivonia Boulevard and Mutual rd, Rivonia Doors open – 19:00 Show Starts- 20:30 Tickets from R150 pp 19 July - CRAIG HINDS Ordinary Boy Launch Cape Town Moyo Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Tickets R150 each from Doors open 19:00, show starts 20:30

Formed early in 2012 Daniel was jamming with his good friend Clint Jones (Drums) and began writing songs. Soon it was clear that they needed a bass player and the third and final member Adrian Wood was the clear choice, also a longtime friend of the two. Cicada was formed. With a passion for the same music and a desire to be a stand out live band they play a genre of music many thought was dead, grunge with influences from many of the great rock bands. Heavily influenced by the movement in Seattle and described as a cross between Nirvana and Silverchair's early work the boys are hungry for success. In January 2013 Cicada released their debut EP, including the 4 tracks:

Can you tell us, how it all started as a band? Well, originally I was the guitar player in another band but that didn’t work out for a number of reasons, so once we broke up I was immediately looking at starting my own band. When a mutual friend introduced Clint Jones to me, I knew straight away that we had a kick ass drummer. A long-time friend of mine (when I went to both primary school and high school with) Adrian Wood joined us on bass and we had a tight little 3 piece with everyone loving the same kind of music. It’s awesome. Band practice isn’t a chore we just go and hang out with some friends with some music thrown in. What can you tell us about each member of the band? We are all very similar but different in our own ways, Clint’s main influences came from Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age while mine were mainly Nirvana, Seether and old Silverchair. Adrian’s roots were originally punk rock so he has the down stroking nailed which lead nicely into him becoming a massive Metallica fan like everyone else in the world haha But we are all fans of all of those bands so it was the perfect meshing of styles. I’m studying psychology, Adrian is studying engineering and Clint studied marketing. Do you all come from Musical backgrounds? Yes and no. Neither of Clint’s parents plays instruments but his Dad is a mad collector of albums and has an awesome collection. Every time I am over there he is showing me some other obscure band that he found haha so that’s definitely where he gets his passion from. Adrian’s parents are both musical, his Mum playing the piano and his Dad the classical guitar. My Mum was a trained piano player from a young age so apparently it’s her side that I get the music from, (there’s some semi famous concert pianist down the line somewhere) and my Dad has always been into rock music so I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Status Quo and all the classics. What sort of Genre of music do you play? We don’t really like to label what we do as a specific genre because that kind of limits your creative scope and none of my favourite bands did that, it’s something the media does to you, but it’s mostly Grunge rock. We have songs that sound like grunge; we have songs that sound like heavy rock and others that sound like some acoustic ballad of a lost Zeppelin album. Sometimes it’s the softer songs that make the heavier songs sound even louder. But people can listen and judge for themselves.

If we have never seen you play live, what can we expect from one of your gigs? We always have had the belief that a band is only as good as they are live. With so much reliance on computers now you lose that sense of power and energy that bands used to have. We play every show like it’s our last, and you have to because your fans expect that and you should expect that of yourself. We just bring energy, power and emotion and honesty back into music, plenty of head banging and rocking out haha. If you give out energy you crowd will give it back to you. Stand up on stage and play like status but make no mistakes and no one will care. People come to watch a show so you have to give them one.

Do you still get nervous before a gig? I wouldn’t really call it nervous, like we aren’t sitting around scared to death to go on stage but I mean everyone gets nervous before a gig but its more excitement for us now, and we use that energy to make our first song even more powerful. If you aren’t a little nervous then you don’t care enough.

Do you have any rituals before a gig? Haha there’s a funny story about that actually, just before we were about to go on stage for our first round Emergenza festival gig I went looking for Clint and couldn’t find him. Went looking for Adrian and couldn’t find him and I was just like, cool. I have no band. Clint has this thing where he needs to Zen out and run through the set list by himself and Adrian usually just grabs a drink and chills out, but we always come together before a gig and psych each-other up. In January 2013 you released your debut EP, what can you tell us about that EP, what is it called? How many tracks on the EP and is there any chance for a full length album in the future? That was actually more of a demo EP rather than our first official EP. Our friend Matt Nelson needed to record a few bands to showcase his producing abilities so he asked us if we wanted to lay down a few tracks so we did. We are very happy with the sound but didn’t have enough time to get to some of the more creative things (e.g. the guitar solo is missing from “Warped”) so I guess we just call those the demo’s. It was a 4 track EP tracks being: 1. Break the Bend 2. Warped 3. Down 4. Negative Incline

We are actually demoing up 6 new tracks this week which we will be releasing on our first official EP, after the demos are done we will be looking for a producer who is into our sound and who we want to work with. As far as a full length album, we have enough songs for one but don’t really see the point just yet unless we get signed to a label. But you never know. You are from Australia, how is the music scene over there, is it easy to make it as a musician in that part of the world? To be honest, the live music scene, at least for rock bands, isn’t that good over here in Aus. There are still some good places which support local music but it’s not what it was say 15 years ago. There is a reason why most bands you would have heard of from here had to go overseas to make it big. That being said, we love playing here, but since hardly anyone else is still playing Grunge music, people usually get excited when they see we are going to be playing as it’s a chance to get to see what many people though was dead. A genre can’t die, it can become less popular, but it cannot die. Do you have any social networks? How can people get a hold of you? Of course we do! Just check out of Facebook

and all the links to the other sites are through there like reverbnation, and triple J unearthed. People can message our page if they are interested in grabbing a digital copy of the demo EP which we can organise for anyone in the world, but our official EP release we will be shipping worldwide. Details will be coming later. Thankyou for doing this interview Not a problem! Hopefully we can come over and do some shows for you guys soon we would love to play SA! Peace!

Hi there Pete thank for featuring in Fanbase Music Magazine, can you tell us where it all began, what is the story behind your music career? I saw the Beatles on TV when I was 7 years old and, although I didn’t really understand it, I just thought that’s what I want to do! Did you come from a musical background? Yes - my parents were both amateur musicians. My father played the violin in local orchestras and my mother was a classically trained singer. How long have you been a musician? Well, I played the piano from the age of 8 and the guitar from age 10, but I guess I’ve been a pro musician since I left college age 21 and that’s quite a long time ago!

Your single “All at Sea” is pretty c you tell me a bit more about tha

I wrote the song several years ag ways thought it was a pretty catc The nice thing is that it works ab fine with just me and a guitar.

Do you have an album or an EP o the near future?

Yes - I’ve just released the ‘All At as a digital download on iTunes e also includes a solo acoustic arra of the title song plus two other s my new solo album which is due lease later this year.

What is your song writing proces

Songwriting is a mysterious art a songs are the same for me. Some a lyrical idea or a title that come sometimes it’s a guitar riff or eve mic idea. In don’t mind . . . so lo ideas keep coming!

go and I alchy tune. bsolutely

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and no two etimes it’s es first and en a rhythong as the

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

cool, can at song?

“I played the piano from the age of 8 and the guitar from age 10” When you’re not doing the solo thing, you are also in a band, can you tell us a bit about your band and its achievements? It's more the other way around. I'm working with the band most of the time and doing the solo thing alongside that. The band is The Sweet, from the 70s Glam Rock era. We are touring on and off round the globe and throughout the year. For more information check out The original band sold in excess of 55 million records, with massive hits including Ballroom Blitz, Blockbuster, Fox on the Run and Love Is like Oxygen. Still rocking today! If we have never been to one of your gigs, what can we expect when we see you on stage? A lot of my solo gigs are pretty free-form with lots of cover songs and humor, with audience members requesting stuff and me basically having fun with it. I try to combine this with some stories and one or two of my own songs.

Do you still get nervous when you on stage? It’s always good to have a little bit of nerves just to prove that you’re alive! I love being on stage and I love entertaining. It’s a privilege that I would never take for granted.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Just a couple of glasses of wine to loosen up, and a little vocal warm up. With The Sweet, the show is pretty much set, but when I’m solo I try not to plan too much in advance. That’s the beauty and the danger of it when you’re alone - anything can happen! Thank you for doing this interview with us, how can people get hold of you, any social Medias or ways we can hear your music? Thank you for the interview – it’s a pleasure. Well – I’m on FaceBook with both a personal and an Artist page so that’s pretty easy to find. I also have a website at which I’m trying to keep up to date. Drop me a line and say hi!

Hi David, how are you, it’s been a while since you have been in Fanbase Music magazine, can you tell us how have you been and what have you been up to since you were in the mag last? Hey Duwyne, I’m good; excited about music as always! Since I was last with you, I’ve been diving deeeeeep into new sounds and styles actually; always trying to cultivate a new acoustic genre of incredible energy. I managed to hop into studio and do acoustic versions of some of my best tracks for my Percussive Acoustic EP and they’ve been playlisted on Zone Radio in Cape Town and elsewhere. Got a music video for “What I Won’t Do For You” on YouTube. Done some events, a couple for charity and yeah, I’ve become a university lecturer as well, but luckily lecturing still gives me free time for music...and projecting across a lecture hall is like voice training, ha ha! For the people who didn’t catch your interview in Fanbase last time you featured, can you tell us a bit about yourself, where did it all start as a musician? It all began when my dad left his dusty old Hofner electric guitar lying around the house and we decided to learn to play James Bond’s theme song! Next we learnt Nirvana tracks and as soon as I could play 3 chords I wrote a song. I later learnt John Lennon said you only needed three chords... He was right. Fortunately I’ve learnt more than 3 chords since then! I’ve started a couple bands, but love the freedom of solo performances so I bid a fond farewell to that. Otherwise, you’d be surprised how my style is always re-starting and starting over again with each new musical idea. What kind of music do you play? I call it Acoustic Energy! and it’s about everything you can get out of one guitar... And believe me, one guitar is not a hollow sound when you use it like a drum and bass machine. Using a natural clean guitar tone I borrow elements from Electronic Dance music for build-ups and beats as well as Dubstep and Hardcore Rock for halftempo drops... I had no idea that I’d be lead back to Blues music and Folk because of my love for Techno, but they all share a similar musical science! You have a unique sound, which includes playing drumming sounds on your guitar, can you tell us about this technique and how did you perfect it by being able to sing, play guitar and do drum beats all at the same time? Just yesterday I was in Coastal Music drumming all over my guitar and striking strings and a grey-haired man said to me, “What you do is really complicated, but to me that’s not guitar.” In response I said, “I’m not a guitarist.” And it’s true, I want to add something direct instead of all that cutesy guitar tapping and alternative tuning stuff, I’m more interested in melodic riffs, solid beats and a proper foundation for my voice. The genesis of my percussive sound was when I left a thumb ring on and learnt to drum on the neck. I’d never seen anyone do that before, and my pickup was very unique. With a snare sound off the neck and a kick sound off the guitar body, plus a hi-hat from the tail I had enough elements to work with. I want a band sound, but I need to be spontaneous and “remix” my songs on-the-go so I can’t just shout out to every other band member, “Add an extra bar on C#! Oh, and I’m gonna double the tempo when I get to the build up!” But yeah, practice makes perfect and live-performance-practice builds confidence and soon I was able to sing, strum strings and drum simultaneously whilst maintaining independence if I wanted to single out an element.

What is your fave song that you have ever written? My latest song is always my favorite song! Ha ha... A new song gets most of my attention, and if I get stuck only then do I move on and come back later. With that said, I am most proud of “Won’t Go Quietly” which was always being re-constructed and re-written as I went through relationships and breakups and failed attempts in life... But that song takes you from the pits of despair right back up to “Maybe, just once, I won’t go quietly into the night!” It’s the summation of what I learnt and finally it was complete after years. I first discovered you playing at Amsterdam bar (Durban) a few years ago, do you still play there and where else can people catch you jamming? I had such a great gig at Billy The Bums’ Acoustic Wednesday recently with Greg Allan from The Anti Retro Vinyls and The Incidentals. My style means that I can appeal to most audiences and ages. Otherwise I’ll be at Jack Rabbits on a Tuesday ‘cause Helen and Lee and the guys who run it there are so awesome and supportive of Durban’s music. Otherwise I’m hoping to be at Cool Runnings soon, but that’s not set in stone yet. Catch me on YouTube, my style is filmed so you can always catch me there! ha ha! What is the music scene like in Durban, is it easy to get your music recognized in that part of the country? I’m trying not to rely on a “scene” too much. I should be better if I want to be noticed and that’s what I must focus on. The way I see it, if we are underappreciated then that’s incentive to improve. Durban is such an awesome place, and even if it doesn’t give you incredible exposure on its own, it makes you happy... and that’s what you’d really want as a musician! There’s radio, there’s internet press like Fanbase Music Mag, there’s everything online from

Soundcloud to YouTube, so I don’t see what the problem is. Musicians want their music heard worldwide, right? Then they must go global. If I can find insane Hardcore Gabber Rave Freeform Electronic Techno from the other end of the world as well as rare B-sides from Elliott Smith’s unreleased acoustic recordings, I think someone can find me.

“It all began when my Dad left his dusty old Hofner electric guitar lying around the house and we decided to learn to play James Bond’s theme song”

Talking about discovering you all those years ago, Fanbase Music Magazine is happy to announce you are under the band management of Fanbase. Can you tell the readers how you feel about that? It’s AWESOME! The reason being that I trust you! I’ve known you how long now? Ages. So it’s great, and you know my limitations and strengths, so you guys are perfect. Also, you genuinely like my music and that means a lot. I will always go where I feel looked after. Plus, you’ve done so much for me musically in terms of getting radio play an exposure in magazines including Fanbase that I’m actually hoping I can make a success of this in return!

You have been playlisted on various radio stations such as Zone Radio, Rocktheradio Local Eyez, in your opinion just how important is it to be playlisted on stations like this and how important of a role do they play in a musician's career? As important as radio is, it all depends on the listener, some are digital and prefer online distribution, but for the old skool listener it’s about a car radio... For the slightly “newer” old skool listener, ha ha, it’s about internet radio. I use every means of getting to hear music! I believe that most music lovers share my desire to hunt for what’s worth listening to. As a musician, it’s such an honour to be on the radio. There’s something special about hearing a song off the airwaves; it’s fleeting and you can’t hit repeat so the sound is sweeter! The radio is here to stay and it will evolve along with listeners and musicians alike. It’s still instrumental to a musician's career, ha ha!

Describe a typical David Greenham gig? I try and be as genuine as possible, and honest about each song and where the inspiration came from if I’m introducing it. Then I open with an original song. My covers are few and far between, and if I do one, it’s more of a “remix.” I do love covering dance songs though, ha ha! And yeah, just open with a cool riff, start smashing out some simultaneous beats and then let them have it vocally with everything I’ve got! MY lyrics are as deep as I can make them and if I’m trying to get a point across I will make sure the catchiest part is laden with meaning. I’ve been fortunate to have every age-group appreciate what I bring because emotional music is ageless. Also, it’s so awesome when people clap along, or start drumming on their tables, and it’s easier to get that since the Acoustic Energy I have brings such a percussive style. I once saw you play at an open mic where a black rapper put you on the spot and asked you to play a beat while he raps a few lyrics, no rehearsal or anything, how was that experience for you and do you find that sort of thing easy to do? Oh yes! That was with the D’urban Knights (from Durban, of course). It was actually a lot of fun, ‘cause I appreciate the science of a good beat and with Rap music you get drops and build ups too! I haven’t really collaborated much because I’m still searching for more of my sound and it’s own unique vibe, but when I am done searching, I’ll beg some of Durban’s talent to deliver something awesome with me.

Lastly what is the plan for your music now, where to from now? The search for a new sound and the Acoustic Energy evolution must go on! Ha ha... Doesn’t that sound epic. But yeah, apart from hopping back in studio to make some more full band versions of my tracks, I just want to perfect a live act that’s full and energy driven. I am hoping to be a positive influence on music and maybe to leave it with a few songs worth remembering before I put away my guitar. Look out for me performing around Durban and listen out for me on the radio waves... And yeah, under Fanbase Band Management, I’d say that where I go from here is also up to you, Duwyne! Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. How can people get hold of you, what are you social network links David Greenham Music on Facebook: David Greenham on Youtube: David Greenham on Soundcloud: Percussive Acoustic EP available @ davidgreenham


The ever-popular annual SA Tattoo returns to Montecasino’s outdoor event area for just six performances from Thursday, 5 September to Sunday, 8 September 2013. From the mighty hail of the drum major to the toe tapping of the Highland dancers and the traditional sounds of the massed pipes and drums, this year’s programme combines the finest local and international talents to present South Africa’s biggest show. Now in its fifth year, the SA Tattoo has grown in stature and popularity. More than 90 000 people have enjoyed the multi-cultural and multinational performances that bring diverse mass entertainment to Montecasino year after year. The organisers of the SA Tattoo are delighted to announce the return of the iconic Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland who previously performed at the 2008 Tattoo to critical acclaim. Having developed almost rock star status in Europe, the SA Tattoo is proud to welcome back this group of precision drummers who turn drumming into an entertainment art form. Renowned beyond the world of drumming and Tattoo organisations, their unique blend of American-ScottishBasel styles has made the “Corps” musicians a top international act that has won the hearts of global audiences for more than 20 years! “As the Top Secret Drum Corps has limited their performances to only a few select venues, we regard their participation at this year’s Tattoo is a major coup for South Africa”, says Simon Carter, Executive Producer of the SA Tattoo. Presented by JacarandaFM and DSTV, this year’s SA Tattoo line-up is the show’s most exciting yet. Featuring sensational international acts from France and Switzerland, the show’s Producers are particularly pleased that iconic local rock band; Just Jinjer is the headliner for the show. Having toured internationally with mega stars U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard and with album sales exceeding a quarter of a million plus two albums with double platinum status, Just Jinger is one of this country’s biggest rock band exports. Previously based in Los Angeles for eight years, Just Jinger has performed for thousands of adoring fans at concert venues across the globe. Now Just Jinger brings its unique musical sounds to the wonderful mix of Tattoo acts that also features drum majorettes, a local massed choir, the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, the SAPS Tshwane Band, the National Ceremonial Guard Band and the Code Red Drum Corps. On the international front, the traditional French Paratrooper army band, Musique des Parachutistes direct from France brings colourful European flair to the Tattoo while Top Secret Drum Corps from Basel, Switzerland is set to wow local audiences with its display its quick paced rhythms and knife-edge drumming precision. A remarkable act from Taiwan will soon be announced. "Our most sensational international line-up ever." adds Simon Carter. The ever popular SA Tattoo trademark sounds of the massed pipes and drums will be played by this country’s finest musicians collectively from the African Skye Pipe Band, Benoni MacTalla Pipe Band, Pretoria Caledonia Pipe Band, the SA Irish Regiment Pipes and Drums, Sandton Scottish Pipe Band, Transvaal Scottish Pipes and Drums and Glen Allen Pipes and Drums. There’s no sound quite like 180 pipers and drummers playing in unison under an African sky to render the audience speechless. The SA Tattoo is recognised as one of the world’s premier Tattoos and has been welcomed into the International Association of Tattoo Organisers (IATO) whose members have acknowledged and endorsed the SA Tattoo to be in keeping with the professionalism, ceremony and prestige that is expected by fellow IATO members the world over. Members of the SA Tattoo’s production team have been individually honoured by Erik Julliard, producer of the Basel Tattoo and and Steve Walsh (MBE), producer of The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo who recognize the SA Tattoo as a world class event that proudly promotes and showcases South African culture and tradition to the rest of the world. This show has sold out for four years running so hurry; don’t miss the fanfare, the massed pipers and bands, dancers and other incredibly talented performers representing a global stage. Book now at Computicket service centers, visit or call 0861 813 9000. Ticket prices range from R218.00 to R398.00. Discounted tickets apply to groups of 10 or more and children under the age of 12. The disabled seating area is strictly reserved for disabled persons and their one companion. Bookings for the disabled area can only be booked via a Computicket service centre or via the call centre. Regret, bookings for this section are not available via the Internet.

Owing to inclement weather, last year’s show on Thursday, 6 September could not take place. Patrons who are in possession of 2012 tickets for this particular performance may exchange these tickets for this year’s Thursday performance on 5 September 2013 at 20h00 by sending their contact details and a copy of tickets by fax to (011) 465 3190, or by emailing a scan of the tickets to by no later than Wednesday, 31 July 2013. Replacement tickets, in the name of the patron will be available for collection at the Box Office, Montecasino from 3 September 2013. For further information contact or visit or Facebook: South African TATTOO

Thanx for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Magazine, where did it all start as a band?

Reg vanuit die Bellville Rock City hart is Skelmbosch gebore. Wat eers as n kantlyn projek begin het, het in n volstoom Afrikaanse rock outfit ontnigter. Skelmbosch het die Afrikaanse rock bedryf storm geloop en hulle sommer self gou gevestig as n harde, geen nonsens rock groep.Skelmbosch bestaan uit Neill Schoeman op guitar en vocals, Sean Schoeman op Bass en vocals en Jakes Steenkamp op dromme. Die band se eerste EP "Die Vrede Straat Opnames" is al vrygelaat en vrylik beskikbaar. Alhoewel die band lief is vir studio tyd, le die regte passie by hulle energieke, lewendige vertonings.

We started the band in 2010; we began as a side project because the drummer and I were playing with another band at the time. So we started on the low down skelm in a way. What can you tell us about each member of the band? Me (Neill) I love collecting guitars, have 7 at the moment Sean (plays bass for us) he is in his final year at AFDA film school- and has shot both our music videos with him as director. Jakes (Drums) - he loves driving his Audi RS4 and skydives. Did you all come from a musical family background? We all feel like family. Neill and Sean are brothers

What genre of music do you play? Full on Rock & Roll - Alternatiewe AFRIKAANS You are an Afrikaans band from Bellville, do you feel it is a bit harder to make it in the music industry being an Afrikaans band? In a way yes - but we can’t do it any other way! We do this in Afrikaans, and if people come to the shows, they will see just how much we love Afrikaans and Rock & Roll. I feel because we are all Afrikaans boys that we can be as honest as we need/want to be in this Afrikaans band. Your bands first EP - "Die vrede straat opnames" has been released and is available online for free, what can you tell us about the E.P, how many tracks are there? We did 5 tracks in December 2010, before we ever played a gig, it was just songs that I have written on the acoustic guitar, and it came out so good. Where was the EP recorded? We recorded in Bellville with Neil Basson from Foto na Dans as producer, and he just understood what type of music we were there to make. The guy is a genius.

Who is the song writer in the band and where did you find the inspiration from to write the songs on this EP.

Do have any rituals before you go on stage?

I (Neill) am the main songwriter in the band, but my brother Sean has written such good songs too that we use at the moment. So I guess it’s a brotherly attempt to write new songs. We also live together, so we spend a lot of time writing new material.

We get together in a circle like a sports team and each of us will just say a little something, and off course a shot of tequila before each gig.

What are the band’s fave songs on the EP? Juffrou van Wyk (It’s a true story) If we have never been to a live gig of yours before, what can we expect if we were to see you play live? Just a good time, we like to have a beer with everyone who is at the gig, and you can expect to lose yourself in the music. Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Thank you for doing this interview with us, do you have any social networks that we can find you on and where can we get the new EP from? We are on Facebook and Twitter - just type in Skelmbosch. Our music is for free on Facebook and Soundcloud as well. Just download it and copy it with your friends, thanx for the awesome interview with you guys, was real fun answering all your questions.

Soooo nervous

“we all get together in a circle like a sports team”

WOLFTOWN Video of new single out and date for Cape Town CD Launch announced! “This trio has the passion, talent, drive and originality to be the next big international act South Africa has to offer.”Gary Cool. Wolftown `s debut album- “Soul on Fire” will be launched at The Harley Davidson Club, 46a Canterbury Street (Cnr Canterbury and Constitution Street) Cape Town on Friday 26 July. / Time: 20h00 / Door entrance: R30.00 WOLFTOWN is a female-fronted 3 piece rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. Their debut album, “Soul on Fire ”was recorded at Sound & Motion Studios and the first single off the album“ Don’t you know ”was submitted to radio nationwide in June 2013. The track is currently featuring strongly on the Puk FM Red Bull Top 30 Chart and is playlisted on various stations nationwide. The video of “Don’t You Know ” has just been released: Link: Great house party, pole dancing, kissing, drinking, dancing and…a little more! Wolftown launched their first single “Settle Down” in 2012 with great success. The track was part of an EP release of 3 songs that were mastered in London by Kevin Metcalfe, who has worked with The White Stripes, David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, The Police, U2 and more. “Settle Down” played on 5fm (SA), featuring at #3 on Jon Savage’s rock chart and received a 93% HOT public rating on the Fresh Drive Show. The track also reached the no 1 position on Tuks fm and 2Oceansvibe Radio. The track will also be available on the album. WOLFTOWN has played all major venues in Cape Town and started their festival circuit with‘Road to Rock’ and ‘Synergy Festival’ in 2012 and“Utopia Music Festival” in 2013. Facebook: Twitter: @Wolftownband

“Look out for their debut album coming in July. Judging by the single, this might just be a very impressive piece of work!”

Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival 2013 "Collaboration" 26th July at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town – 20h00 25 top South African acoustic artists will come together for a magical evening involving 12 unforgettable collaborations Real Wired Music and Sedgwick's Old Brown are proud to announce the fourth instalment of the Cape Town Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival at the Baxter Theatre on Friday 26 July at 20h00. 25 South African artists will perform completely acoustically in an intimate, concertstyle setting. These performances will be delivered in the form of 12 collaborations and stripped down to the essence of the songs – guitar or piano and voice. The evening is set to be an experience of the finest musical storytelling from the personal journeys of some of South Africa's best songwriters and musicians. The line up includes:

Anton Goosen / Gian Groen + Gerald Clark / Guy Collins + Jeremy Olivier / Ezra Lingeveldt + Sannie Fox / Tim Parr + Andrew James / Gary Thomas [Cabins in the Forest] + Amanda Tiffin / Dave Ledbetter [Facing South] + Nick Turner / Paige Mac + Gavin Minter / James Stewart + Lucy Kruger / Shotgun Tori + Auriol Hayes / Lionel Bastos + Caroline Blundell / Jonny Blundell / Julie Blundell [The Barking Family Tree] + Andy Lund / Emma Du Preez [Oh Mercy] Tickets are R140.00 – R160.00 at Computicket.

The first 200 tickets sold will receive a goody bag from Sedgwick's Old Brown. Stay in touch:


FB: Twitter: @CTFolkFest

As the 26th July will be in the middle of Winter, we will be doing a blanket drop for the homeless - if you have spare blankets bring them along and we will have a designated collection spot at the venue. All blankets will be donated to Bread for Life and distributed to the homeless - Real Wired Music would like to thank our sponsors: Sedgwick's Old Brown, Hellfire Productions and Party Design.


Kids Ahoy is a holiday programme edu-tainment, crafts and creativity. D Wellness Centre and the Two Ocean materials are incorporated, encourag lated, parents can use the opportunit half. A free Kids Ahoy cap is includ WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE ON OFFER?

Potato Prints

This is a simple technique to stamp material and potato stamps.

Grass Heads

Create a personalised Grass Head and watch its grow kids will have loads of fun trimming it and

Play Dough Craft

Play dough is one of the most enjoyable things dough, colour it and create whatever they can im


There is something so magical about mobiles – own mobile from a mix of recycled and crafting


The magical beauty of light will be the focus. K

Cardboard Aquarium

Come and create a fantastical underwater world fect setting for inspiration. Activities can work up an appetite but with over itwww.discoverdelicious for more info. And for newly opened Sweets from Heaven store. It’s si There is much more happening at the V&A Wa pay for the different workshops to avoid disappo



that will run at the V&A Waterfront from 29 June to 6 July. This holiday, the focus is on Different activity areas can be found at the Market on the Wharf, the Craft Market and ns Aquarium., each featuring craft-based activities to keep little hands active. Recycled ging positive and practical ideas. While little hands and minds are kept busy and stimuty to browse. Workshops cost R100 each and range from half an hour to an hour and a ded.

d create something amazing by simply adding a playful print with ordinary baking potatoes. Kids will make their own

green hair grow! We will provide the supplies and inspiration to create a unique character. Once the hair begins to d designing different looks!

to play with – soft, easy to work with, colourful and entertaining. Children will learn how to make their own play magine.

the way they balance and move as well as the colours and variety of shapes. Children will be able to create their very g supplies.

Kids will make two different types of lanterns – a glass one and paper one. Let the light shine!

d with a cardboard aquarium made out of recycled and craft materials. The Two Oceans Aquarium provides the per-

r 80 eateries and a host of specials this winter, there is ample choice for every parent’s taste and budget. Visr the final cherry on top while you’re busy spoiling them, why not treat your little angel to a sweet treat from our ituated in the kiddie’s mall and is open till midnight seven days a week, ideal to pop into before taking in a movie. aterfront to entertain your little ones this holiday. for more information orpre-register and ointment. A maximum of 8 children, aged between 6 and 11 years old, can participate per time slot.

Wake to Wonder hail from Gauteng, South Africa, and have been stirring up a storm since they were established in August 2007. Their innovative tunes, mixing melodic vocals with powerhouse drums, in-your-face guitar leads and melodies and dynamic bass riffs have put them on the map in the South African music scene as well as generated a steadilygrowing international footprint for the band internationally. Wake to Wonder completed their debut album entitled SALUBRIOUS in 2010 and promoted the album with a two month national tour during February 2010. This included dates in Pinetown, Durban, East London, Cape Town, Potchefstroom, Secunda, Welkom, Bloemfontein as well as their home town of Vanderbijlpark. This also sparked many mini tours throughout the country and landed the band on many major South African Festivals such as Woodstock, Thornfest "the camp", Seasons Wither, Aardklop, Jo'Burg Burning and many more. The have performed alongside some of SA's top bands as well as international acts, most notably the platinum-selling American band The Ataris (made famous by their song "Boys of the summer"), UK metal band Seven year Kismet as well as Platinum selling pop rock outfit from Ireland ‘Ash’

Hi there thank you for featuring in Fanbase Music magazine, let’s start from the beginning, Where did it all start as a band, what is the story behind “Wake to Wonder”? Wake To Wonder started off as a hard rock band with Screamo elements back in 2007, but after a couple of member changes and time spent in the music industry we decided to change our style to appeal to a broader audience but still keep the edgy rock and roll element to our music. “Wake to Wonder” is an interesting band name, where and how did you come up with that name of the band? We get asked this question so often and I think the answer changes all the time (Laughs), but to be honest it literally came about when I (Adam Boyd) and our old drummer (Zack Slabbert) were throwing names around while on our way home from band practice cramped in the back of an old Datsun bakkie. The name means to wake up one morning to a site of wonder, like waking up to inspiration, that something beautiful that instantly changes your life for the better. How many people are there in the band and what can you tell us about each member of the band? There are 4 members in the band. Grant Coetzee (Guitarist). He is currently studying guitar and is in his final year at COPA.

Graeme Swale (Drummer) who has completed his drumming qualification at COPA a couple of years ago and is currently teaching and studying further at the Georg Voros School of drumming. Werner Ainslie (Bass/Keys) who completed his degree in sound engineering at Damelin And myself, Adam Boyd (Vocalist/Guitarist) What genre of music do you play? It’s always a tough question because we don’t like to group ourselves into a certain category but I would say it’s a mixture of Alternative/Progressive rock. You have been in the studio for the past year working on your 2nd album, what can you tell us about the album, what is it called and when will it be released? The album is called ‘Descarify’ and is due for release in July 2013. The album contains some familiar songs that have featured on MK and radio such as The Silence, With You, Descarify and a couple of new ones which we are extremely excited about. The album was designed by our good friend and talented artist Mark Shaun Hopkins and holds a few visual surprises.

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

How many tracks are on the album? 10 tracks and 2 live recorded bonus tracks. Which are the bands fave tracks on the album? I would have to say Skin and bone, Radioactive heart, Built for better days, Betty’s not so spiritual and Stay. The band also wrote and collaborated with Kwaito megastar Mandoza for one song called ‘Nigimandla’, what can you tell us about that experience with the collaborating with him and how different is it working with someone from that genre? It was such a pleasure to work with Mandoza on this track. He came in and literally rapped from the heart without writing anything down. He is such a passionate guy and we will be working closely with him in the future on other projects. This is your second album, what can you tell us about your first album, when was that released and how does the 2nd album differ from the 1st album? Our first album ‘Salubrious’ (released in 2010) featured a broad style of music from acoustic to hard rock to metal. Our second album ‘Descarify’ (Due for release next month) has an experimental progressive rock feel to it and is truly music that we all enjoy playing. Thank you so much for doing this interview, do you have any social networks, how can people get hold of you?


Accomplished acoustic duo Margaret's Daughter takes to the stage at Indulgence Cafe in Northcliff as part of their fascinating monthly soiree line-up for winter, on Thursday 5th July at 7:30pm. At R165 per person, the evening is a dinner and show package, with partings enjoying a delectable buffet dinner while the acoustic duo sweeps them away with Ami’s timeless songs and unique voice, accompanied by her rhythmic acoustic guitar playing in this intimate setting. Once upon a time, not so long ago, Margaret had a daughter. She called her Adri-Mari, or Ami for short. Fast forward a couple of years and Ami has established herself as one of South Africa’s top singer-songwriters. Together with multi-instrumentalist and indie producer, Etienne Ghyoot, they are the Margaret’s Daughter duo that fans have come to know and love. Over the years, Ami and Etienne have paid their dues by performing literally hundreds of shows. They’ve shared the stage with most of South Africa’s top artists, have played most of South Africa’s major festivals and have even performed internationally (Mexico, England, Spain, Mozambique). Check out Margaret's Daughter here: Indulgence Cafe is a coffee shop with a heart, a happy place designed to make you feel comfortably at home, with decor which is a bright, eclectic mix of fun, funky and arty. For more information, visit Margaret's Daughter's appearance at this event is being facilitated by The CoLab Network in association with Hit Music. For interview requests and these images in high resolution, please contact Collett Dawson of The CoLab Network at Margaret's Daughter are Afrikaans speaking, although will be singing in English at this event. PERFORMANCE INFO Friday 5th July, 7:30pm. Buffet Dinner available from 6:30pm (included in the ticket price). Performance starts at 7:30pm. No under 3's for patron comfort. Ticket price : R165 including a buffet dinner and performance



Saturday 13 July 2013


Matinee: 12h00




GrandWest Grand Arena


Computicket R150 to R250

The bigger and better Huisgenoot Skouspel returns to Cape Town on Saturday, 13 July at the GrandWest Grand Arena. Afrikaans music fans will be able to enjoy a top -class production featuring some of South Africa’s top artists, from Elvis Blue, Emo Adams, Heinz Winckler and Kurt Darren to Nianell and Andriëtte. “Skouspel Cape Town has its unique energy and features,” says Izelle Venter, editor-inchief of Huisgenoot. “We’re working hard to make it the best one yet and readers won’t be disappointed.” The matinee starts 12h00 and evening concert starts 19h00 tickets are available from Computicket between R150 to R250. GrandWestCasinoAndEntertainmentWorld/


Savanna and The CCA’s launch a night ofcomedy history at The Soweto Theatre The Soweto Theatre erupted in applause on Tuesday night as 21 new comedians delivered their best performances for South Africa’s comedy industry in an exciting new event launched in the run up to The 3rd Annual South African Comic’s Choice Awards™ (CCA’s). The first event of its kindever, the inaugural Savanna Newcomer’s Showcase surprised everyone with its caliber of raw talent and fresh material and the theatre echoed with wild applause and standing ovations. As the CCA’s is an industry event, the nominees in the Newcomer category are voted for by their peers and not the public, which gave rise to the question “how does the industry know who to vote for if they’ve never seen these Newcomers perform?” Inspired by this insight, Savanna and the CCA team created this developmental initiative to give SA’s budding talent a platform to strut their stuff in front of SA’s finest, in a bid to be selected as one of the four nominees in their category. An event for beginners, no one knew quite how it would turn out, so it takes a brave brand to see the potential in something and back it on the feeling that its simply going to be great! Instead of just sponsoring the awards, Savanna reached out to all registered Newcomers, flew in the out-of-towners and proved that they really are in the trenches with comedy by giving each comedian a five minute slot in one momentous evening hosted by the hilarious Kagiso Lediga. “It was a true sign that SA comedy has come of age, is extremely diverse and world class”, stated a proud Lediga after the show. Garnering massive support from the industry, previous award winners and the country’s iconic talent cheered and jeered with endorsements from the likes of Alyn Adams, Ndumiso Lindi, Lazola Gola, Skhumba Hlophe and Goliath and Goliath. “The crew and the acts all worked out into a fantastic mix. Our gut tells us that we have started something very important in Soweto. Thanks Savanna, you're building comedy history with us and we are most grateful”, comments John Vlismas, founder of the CCA.

Career-defining moments were captured by numerous Tweets from Newcomers throughout the night, such as Eureka Nkese’s"The Showcase was amazing. Performing at the beautiful Soweto Theatre alongside Kagiso Lediga will be an unforgettable experience for me. I felt like a real comedian", and Newcomer Liam Bento’s"Easily one of the biggest highlights of my comedy career, meeting other comics, getting advice from seasoned comics, amazing venue... Priceless!!!"Newcomer Nicholas Goliath:"Comedy is the future and the Savanna Newcomer’s Showcase proves that the industry is growing in leaps and bounds"

Watch the press for the nominee announcement, which takes place on 17 July 2013. Luckily there is one category that’s open for public vote, theSavanna Audience Choice Award. Visit for details. The award ceremony takes place atThe Teatro at Montecasinoon 24 August 2013, and is in association with The Times, Mzansi Magic and Kaya FM. Event Information: Event Info: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @ComicsChoice:#CCA2013 Tickets: Computicket ( from R230 to R270.

What inspired you to make music? I watched a lot of television when I was a kid and would see bands jamming in front of big crowds and having fun so that kicked it off for me.

Tell us how you got started with 11th hour, what was the concept behind the band? Well it wasn't much of a concept really; we just wanted to make rad music for all to listen to so we got together back in 2005 and started on our crazy journey. Your musical influence shines true in your music. But what other music do you listen to that you think will surprise your fans?

What I'm known for, I listen to a lot of classical music depending on my mood otherwise its Gangster Rap and Metal all the way. What albums have you released and are you currently working on a studio album? Well we released our debut album 'Between Guilt & Innocence' back in 2010 and we've just released our brand new album 'Organized Chaos' and we're busy preparing to go on tour for it.

What are your views on the SA music scene? How do you think we can improve the industry? It's not bad but it's not that great either, it all boils down to bands knowing their craft and sounding amazing...But the bottom line is we need more venues and people should start filling those venues.

“I listen to a lot of classical music depending on my mood�

Will you guys be doing any tours to promote your new album? (If so where can your fans go to see you? Yeah we're thinking of hitting the entire country to reach all our fans and hopefully we can tour the Ukraine where most of our fans are. Would be amazing!

Where can fans get hold of your music? You can order your copy at


Donovan Fourie

Swanie Zero Music:

IN HOMAGE TO THE MANDELA LEGACY – VIVA MADIBA. Performed in 8 languages by Anton Goosen, Gloria Bosman, Rebecca Malope,Dozi, Helena Hettema, Charlize Berg, Theo van Rensburg , Manuel Escorcio , Kathy Neuland andMammie Ntshauba. During 1992, Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela president of the ANC, attended a dinner function in Pretoriaat the home of businessman Hendrik Swanepoel. The renowned leader's presence plus a spontaneous performance of his famous “Madiba shuffle” made the occasion unforgettable for all present. Years later in 2006, Hendrik took his son Henry to meet Mr Mandela personally. Madiba said to Henry; “Henry my father's name was Henry” and wrote an inspirational message addressed to the young boy:“Dear Henry, We hope that you will grow and become an important leader in our country and beyond. Mandela.” Hendrik was so moved by his communications with Nelson Mandela that he resolved to have a song of praise written about this icon. Anton Goosen,well-known musician and friend, was commissioned in 2011 by Hendrik to write the music and the lyrics of the song “Viva Madiba.”Anton Goosen wrote and recorded the Afrikaans version at his home in Gansbaai and produced it over the internet with musicians as far apart as Clarence, Pretoriaand Amsterdam. In order to honour this great statesman and perpetuate his memory, locally and internationally, Hendrik then decided to have the song translated into various national and foreign languages. The album features renowned South African artists including Anton Goosen (Afrikaans), Gloria Bosman (English), Rebecca Malope (Xhosa), Dozi (Zulu), Helena Hettema (French), Charlize Berg (English), Theo van Rensburg (Guitar), Manuel Escorcio (Portugese), Kathy Neuland (German) and Mammie Ntshauba (Tswana.) The Ubuntu in Madiba that represents his sense of peace and forgiveness has always been an inspiration to me as a songwriter. Now, and even more so in the future, we must follow his example.” - Anton Goosen.

Gigg Review : JOSHUA GRIERSON AND FRIENDS at ALMA CAFE Research by: Marisa Horn

Gig Review by: ene Parkin Maritz

Photography by: Dirk Pieter and GUI When I first discovered Alma Café, I was delighted by the homeliness of the place. This quaint little venue is perfect for an intimate night of music, good sound and good food. From the moment a person arrives, you are made to feel welcome. The aroma of the food tantalizes the taste buds, and once tasted leaves you craving for more. The deserts range from Chocolate Brownies to Lemon Merinque Pie, YUM. The reason for the evening arrived shortly after our dinner…. a man who knows what music means… a singer and songwriter who writes music that reminds one of the great Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, or Bruce Springsteen, lyrics that speak to one’s mind and soul,……folk/blues/rock/pop and music that is spiritual, none other than Joshua Grierson! Thinking back to the very first evening I had the privilege of sitting under his spellbound performance, I felt like my life had changed forever. The heart has to feel, to have a change happen within. Joshua’s music not only touches my heart, and every time I hear him perform, I feel like I’ve been transported to another place. ‘Every time he performs I feel like a fire has been lit in my soul, and I come away with my heart ablaze’.

I could picture an era of days gone by, where people would gather around to listen to some of the greatest soul singers; this is how truly great his performances are visibly and audibly. His music doesn’t just tickle ears, but a soul connection is felt. There is literally nothing that he cannot accomplish musically. He lives himself into each, and every performance, and a person feels like you become part of the music; a part of a road he has traveled. The essence of who he is, comes alive in his eyes, and can be seen and felt. It is like an invisible cord, that connects your very soul, to his music, and it reels one in. Joshua comes alive on stage, and wears his heart on his sleeve for all to see. He is not afraid to expose his very essence. His music speaks to the humanness of mankind, the ups and downs, and the harsh reality of life. A person must have a heart of stone not to be moved by his deep, meaningful lyrics. Some of his intense rock music makes one want to jump up, and start dancing, every part of your body feels like moving to the music. The intensity and pure rawness of his performance captures the mind and heart completely. His music reminds me of walking through a deep, dark forest, with different shades of darkness, but always a ray of light that shine through the darkness, or a river that doesn’t stop flowing, and the sound of a gentle ripple is heard on the pebbles below. I feel like I’m falling into a waterfall that sweeps me away, with its powerful flow, and leaves me gasping for air at the bottom. Joshua performed with such passion tonight, and all his musically gifted friends accompanied him to perfection.

He blew the audience away, and we couldn’t get enough, hands clapped profusely. Joshua was gracious enough to perform one more song, upon being requested by the audience to do so. This show was truly remarkable, from the variety of songs performed, to the instruments played, it was delightful. It was the first time I had ever witnessed a French Horn being played, it gave me goose bumps. This performance should be seen, and felt throughout the whole of S.A. and beyond! If you haven’t yet had the privilege of watching him perform, do yourself a favour, and get down to one of his shows. The name ‘Joshua Grierson’ is going to be upon many lips, he is destined for great things. All you need to know about Joshua can be found on his various websites. Some of Joshua’s songs are available for free download on Soundcloud - https:// Joshua also posts all his events and news on various social networks. Go check out these links for more on Joshua Grierson:

An Interview with Joshua Grierson Interview by: Renè Parkin Maritz Photography by: Dirk Pieters and GUI

What are your plans for the year ahead? I have formed/in the process of forming 2 new musical projects to be revealed later this year. Besides Joshua Grierson and Big Exit (an alternative rock band), I am working on material for YOU BEAUTIFUL WILD THING! , which is a fusion of experimental, noise, post-rock and instrumental music and halfenhalf, which is suburban folk-rock band; think Kurt Vile meets KoosKombuis. It’s my first attempt at writing Afrikaans lyrics and thus I am feeling a lil apprehensive and vulnerable about the whole affair, but I am enjoying the new challenge. I have also started a company with a business partner based in America and together we will be releasing all the music from the 4 projects, throw parties and give selected artists/creatives the marketing and representation they need. The latter will only really take into effect from early 2014. Name to be confirmed soon. Come Spring, Joshua Grierson is set to release the long awaited Strange Heart album and later next month, I in association with Joshua Grierson will be releasing a live album recorded at The Alma Café. What projects are you working on at the moment? Joshua Grierson, Big Exit, YOU BEAUTIFUL WILD THING! And halfenhalf Before going on stage, what goes through your mind? “Don’t forget your lyrics, Josh” Name some of your all-time favourite music artists? Top 5 International: Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright, Ryan Adams, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits Top 5 National: Sannie Fox/Machineri, Darren Roderick, Taxi Violence, Beast!, Miss Texas 1977 What does music mean to you personally? It’s a journey, an ocean to sail on, a shallow pool of water to dive head first in, a thunderstorm, a saviour, my god.

Where did it all begin, and who taught you? At age 5 my dad bought me my first guitar, after seeing I could keep a strum going on the many guitars lying around the house. He taught me the basic chords and some finger picking styles, till I was about 8 years of age and then I just played and played. I can’t remember a day when I was not playing my guitar and trying to learn the songs in music books and coming up with my ditties.

What style of music do you enjoy doing the most? I no longer can tell you. I have become absolutely obsessed with trying to reinvent myself and see what lies out there on the ocean of sound available to me. Guess you’ll have to listen to the albums I play on, to find out.

What are your earliest music memories? Getting my first box guitar, listening and taping Kfm’s Top 40 from 10am-2pm on a Saturday, sitting with my headphones on and Walkman in hand, in the waiting room of my psychologist and listening to Nirvana ‘Unplugged’ and failing Grade 7 cause I had no time for school and all I did was play and write.

If you could do a show with whoever you chose, who would it be? Leonard Cohen What do you enjoy seeing from your audience, while performing? A sense that is usually displayed in their eyes, that they get it, get me and are willingly being transported to another destination.

Do you prefer smaller or bigger venues? I like both for different reasons.

Give us a brief outline of who Joshua Grierson is? A singer, songwriter, musician, creative, enthusiastic supporter, lover and a fighter

Gigg Review : ZEBRA AND GIRAFFE— Cape Town

Thursday 20 July 2013 The first thing I noticed upon entering was the clarity of the sound. It created a magical atmosphere, and along with the smoke and lights hovering over the performers, it felt like I was witnessing history in the making. Glen Hartman used quite an array of instruments and even pulled out a flute at one point. Singing, strumming an acoustic and a kick drum all at the same time, with heart-stroking melodies and beautiful harmonies. A female and male vocal together is always a winner. Second was Tailor. What a performance, I could not keep my eyes off her from start to end. With an edgy look and a great stage persona, her vocal control and range blew me away. She is a fantastic songwriter, using different dynamics for each song. I have never seen such a big turnout for a local acoustic set. The audience made whistles and woops as Zebra and Giraffe graced the stage. There’s something honest about an acoustic guitar and with his resonating vocals it wasn’t difficult to see why they have created such hype among young people everywhere. Greg, the main Giraffe, entertained with short chats and stories between songs giving off a pleasant, down-to-earth feel. The crowd loved every second of their performance and at times were even louder than the band when singing along.

Gig review by: Karla du Plessis

Gigg Review : ZEBRA AND GIRAFFE— Pretoria

Ok,so on the June 28th I got invited to join a party in Pretoria,and where other than Arcade Empire! I knew its was going to be a great party as its always almost impossible to think that the next party at Arcade Empire is going to be better than the previous one.I just had to go and investigate and what a surprise I got… With Arcade being packed already on arrival and me being way too early I just had to get myself one of their amazingly delicious pizzas!And YES,u gotta try them! Soundcheck soon finished and it was time for the bands to hit the stage.First up was Glen Hartmann,another great artist that im sure is going to be huge in this country!He really was the perfect choice to warm up the crowd with a great gig.Next in line was The Shaun Jacobs band.ive seen them before,but damn!cant remember being That good!!!!they kept the party going and warmed up for Zebra & Giraffe. It was time for them to set the stage on fire and yes they made sure they did!Ive seen them perform a couple of times so I kind of knew what to expect…yea right!I didn’t even know that it was going to be an unplugged set so I was totally surprised!When they got on stage you could feel the vibe changing,the stage area soon got packed and everyone couldn’t wait for them to start.Hit by hit followed as the night continued.their unplugged set was out of this world and they really had me and the rest of the crowd having an amazing time!It truly was one of the best unplugged shows ive seen in a while.Really was a great evening at Arcade Empire yet again.great food,ice cold drinks and the best bands under one roof!Just the way we at Fan Base like it!

Thank you Arcade Empire!!! Till next time… Gig review and photography by WILLEM KOTZE

Gigg Review : ZEBRA AND GIRAFFE— Johannesburg When Zebra and Giraffe first appeared on the South African music scene in 2008 they had a lot to prove. Let’s face it – the music industry is highly competitive, and to make a name for yourself is easier said than done, but lead singer Greg Carlin and guitarist Alan Shenton showed that they were up for the challenge. Five years later they are one of the most influential and respected local bands with three very successful albums under their belt. After the band released their debut album they quickly proved that they have what it takes, and that they were here to stay. Radio stations across the country quickly jumped on board and the band’s songs enjoyed quite a bit of airplay while climbing to the top of the charts. The band also established a large and loyal fan base when touring and performing at various venues around South Africa, and their live shows are always spectacular. It is however at smaller venues where they truly shine and where fans get the opportunity to see just how talented this band really is by connecting on a more personal level. People of Performing Art, or POPArt in short, was established in 2011 by three actresses who shared a passion for performing arts right in the heart of Johannesburg. The idea was to create a space where performers can network, develop ideas, rehearse and ultimately show of their talent. The fact that the venue can only accommodate around 80 people makes the experience so much more relaxed and memorable which is why people from different walks of life gathered to see the amazing Zebra and Giraffe in action during the final leg of their unplugged South African tour on Saturday, 29 June 2013, following performances in Durban, Cape Town, Knysna, Port Elizabeth, East London and Pretoria. Supporting act, David Garbers, got the crowd excited using only his guitar and incredible voice. Another clear example that dynamite comes in small packages. Garbers’ performance was truly remarkable and inspired and his emotionally driven songs had the audience, who called him back to the stage for another song at the end of his performance, completely hooked. Although his voice can be compared to John Rzeznik or Alex Band, this young man can hold his own. He shows a great deal of potential and I am convinced we can expect to hear more from him in the future. As Carlin and Shenton took to the stage the crowd could barely contain their excitement. They were also joined by newest members Mike Wright on the keyboard and drums as well as Stefan Henrico on bass guitar. Together the four-piece performed a collection of songs from their latest album, The Wisest Ones, and also a few favourites from their previous two studio albums, Collected Memories and The Inside.

Review by: Stefan Ferreira Photography by: Crystal Rees-Gibbs Photography

In between songs Carlin and Wright entertained and interacted with the crowd by sharing a few stories and jokes

from previous performances on the tour. Despite all their success they still remain humble and it is very clear that they have so much respect and appreciation for the fans that support and follow them wherever they go. Carlin’s vocal ability is extraordinary and there is no doubt that he was born to perform. When he is on stage he makes it look so effortless and it is easy to get lost in the songs which is exactly why Zebra and Giraffe is fortunate enough to perform at sold out shows across South Africa. The band’s incredible stage presence provides for an out of body experience and will leave you wanting more. As the band is taking some time off to write new material for their next album they will undoubtedly be back on the airwaves and performing brand new songs at their live shows in the near future. For more information on what Zebra and Giraffe is getting up to check out their official site: Also be sure to check out POPArt for more amazing live performances:

Rest for the Wicked formed in Pretoria, South Africa in 2012. The band’s members, drawn and gravitated together by a shared sense of spiritual mission and love of music, naturally and very quickly established their very own and unique sound by incorporating various Metal and Rock sub-genres without being confined by the limitations of producing one specific style of music. Contrary to popular spiritual reasoning or believe, the band’s title ‘Rest for the Wicked’ suggests that even the wicked can find rest for their weary souls as each of the band’s members did. This rest was found in God through Christ Jesus and thus the group’s mission, through music, to bring this message of hope to all those in need of God’s rest, a rest that is obtained in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and not a set of religious rules, rituals and obligations.

Thanx for featuring in Fanbase Music Magazine, let’s start from the beginning, where did it all start as a band, what is the history of “Rest for the Wicked?” Gideon and Hein met and started jamming 2011. We went through a few member changes trying to find the right people. In mid 2012 Jason, Armand and Marius joined forming Rest for the Wicked! What can you tell us about each band member? Gideon - Guitar => Founder of Rest for the Wicked, self-taught guitarist for the last 11 years (studied @ SAMI – South African Music Institute in 2011) guitar tutor & producer, music enthusiast and Jesus freak…Ex guitarist of JHB metal band “All of eternity” and PTA Christian metal band “Adorned in Ash” Jason - Drum => Self taught drummer with 10 years of drumming experience Hein - Bass =>Grew up with music, and finally decided to play bass guitar because there is simply too many guitarist. Played in a few different bands but never really got serious until Rest for the Wicked Armand – Guitar=> initially started playing guitar in order to move over to bass, but found guitar simply too fascinating to leave. The energy and passion from the more serious bands’ guitarists, especially Jim Root and Mick Thompson, inspired me more than the other elements commonly found in a band. Marius-Vocals=>ex vocalist and co-founder of Adorned in Ash. Started as a metal vocalist shortly after discovering his hidden talent in 2009

Interview by : Duwyne Clayton

Did you all come from musical backgrounds? Jason, Hein, Gideon, Armand => Yes Marius started getting into musical performance later in life. Everybody except Gideon (self employed) and Armand (student) has day jobs in IT though. What sort of genre do you play? We all tend to listen to different genres and therefore we tend to mix all of it in our music, but it all tends to gravitate to a more metal sound. We like to throw in nice grooves and one maybe two breakdowns to really get heads banging. We try not to write too many breakdowns or mindless death-slam stuff and we try to keep our songs as diverse as possible in order to reach as many people as possible. We feel that if you force your band to write and jam in a certain way you limit the progression of the band and that’s never a good thing. We want to be something fresh and something everyone can listen to, and more importantly, identify with. We simply write and play music we love so whatever comes out naturally, that is Rftw’s sound. Not really cared for what people call it or what metal sub-genre it falls under, as long as it rocks!!!

You are a heavy metal Christian band, how do you remain grounded with your music and message, do you get a lot of flack for being a Christian band and how do you deal with it? We believe that as long as we keep our focus on Jesus, we will be able to stand strong together as a band and in our message. The Bible says we will be persecuted for the sake of Jesus and we gladly embrace this Jso the more flack we get from the public because we stand for Christ, the more it is an indication that we’re on the right path It is easy to stay grounded once one realizes that our skill, talent as well as music itself, is not self-obtained, but by grace and a gift from the Lord Jesus! Being Christians we constantly have our own doubts and our daily struggles where you are constantly ‘tested’ and tempted and that’s why we as a band honor unity above all else and because of this we have found that not only does our music develop but we become stronger through Christ and more ‘grounded’ as well. We believe in the Grace and Righteous judgment of Jesus and the gift that God gave us with His Son Jesus and should we ever encounter ‘flack’ or conflict, we don’t aim to force our beliefs down anyone’s throats, its choice the Bible says… We’re there to tell our side of the story and how we each have experienced how God moves in our lives. What made you all became Christians... do you have any stories or testimonies? We all walked our own roads (in sin and death) and we were all saved @ different places and times in our lives. By nature the human heart tends to be “wicked” just watch any news channel and see the state of sin (murder, rape, and corruption) and chaos we live in. There is only one cure to this, transformation by the Holy Spirit by the gift of grace and acceptance of the loving pursuit of Jesus our Lord. The Holy Spirit turns our wicked hearts from ourselves to Christ and reveals Him as our Father, Author and Finisher of our faith and lives. So again we have no credit to ourselves but to Christ for our salvation!! Gideon had a vision about 12 years ago about a big stage that the band played on, and the Holy Spirit touching each and every individual in the crowd!! We have a passion for reaching the lost with the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ!!! Who by and through grace has changed our lives and blind eyes forever and for the better…

Do you find it hard to find venues to play as a Christian band..? The fact that we’re a Christian band has never lead to the situation where we can’t play any particular venue. Instead we found that Christian bands seem to be respected for standing up for what they believe by both believers and nonbelievers alike. Lately in PTA and JHB there are quite a few Christian metal bands, so there is a community of sorts. Speaking of playing live, if we have never seen you, what can we expect? We like to bring lots of energy mixed with technically minded music but not skimping on the essence of good music. We like to groove out and create some hard core head banging!! Our music seems to have gathered a reputation of having ‘a lot more balls’ than most bands. Do you get nervous before you go on stage? Before the show maybe. But once we are on stage we feel right at home. Pre show jitters are not bad thing. Keeps one focused on the task at hand Who is the song writer and what’s the process?? Once an idea has been played to the band and everyone gives the ‘go’ to start working on the song Armand, Gideon and Hein get together, add some meat to the song and then is presented to the band once again. Jason and Mars then add structural changes and then we start working on it again. This process is repeated until everyone in the band is happy with the song and overall feel it projects. We feel that if someone is unhappy with the way a song is going, it might affect the unity and the performances during a gig. With our current set list everyone really loves the songs and that boosts the energy we have on stage.

So we will never finish a song until everyone is happy with it. Our aim in writing material is for every member to put their own creative stamp on each song. This way every person can identify with each song and the performance of the songs are so much better as a result. This also keeps the music fresh since as people, we grow and thus the music will as we as a band progress in age Where do you find inspiration? Well, we believe that the only thing that "inspires" us it the Holy Spirit of Jesus, but in terms of influences, we all draw from different bands, backgrounds, mindsets and sounds… Do you have any recordings out….? We recorded our first single –Pure Filth which is available on all our social media sites…We plan to record another song next month. We want to try and record a CD or EP next year God willing..

Thank you for doing this interview, how can we find you online? We try to keep an online presence on our e-media sites, so you can find us on Facebook, ReverbNation, Sound Cloud, and YouTube Thank you -always a pleasure!! Hoping to see everyone in the moshpit!!! -Rest for the Wicked

“pre-show jitters are not a bad thing. Keeps one focused on the task at hand”


Date Time Venue Cost

Saturday, 3 August 19h30 Carnival City Big Top Arena - Brakpan R150 - R250

Tickets Available from Computicket Don’t miss the 2013 Spirit of Praise Celebration concert at Carnival City’s Big Top Arena in Brakpan on Saturday, 3 August for an evening dedicated to Praise and Worship. The DVD recording of the live event in 2012, entitled Spirit of Praise volume 4, won this year’s SAMA Award in the Best Traditional Faith category. The 2013 event will include well known Gospel Artists such as double platinum selling artist and SAMA and Crown Gospel Award winning Benjamin Dube, SAMA nominee Tshepiso, and Zaza and Omega. Special guest artists include Vicky Vilakazi, Papane Bulwane, Joey Mofoleng and Neyi Zimu. Joining them on stage will be a 22-strong community choir. The show starts at 7.30pm, and tickets are available from Computicket between R150 and R250.

YOUR FAVOURITE COUNTRY LEGENDS ARE BACK AND KEEPING IT REAL EVENT COUNTRY LEGENDS & Friends with Lance James, Sally Vaughan, Tommy Dell, Matt Hurter, Barbar Ray, Clive Bruce and Dennis East with friends The Campbells, Alan Ladd, Jason Bradley, Manie Jackson, Rinel Day and the Rodeo Girls DATE Saturday 6 July 2013 TIME 20h00 VENUE Big Top Arena, Carnival City TICKETS From R115 to R195 each BOOKING or call 0861 915 8000

The Country Legends and Friends show is back by popular demand for one performance only at Carnival City on Saturday 6 July 2013. The show brings together stellar gathering of South Africa’s country legends, as well as a new generation of country singers. Topping the bill once again will be Big Daddy Lance James, who has just released a new albumFor Tears to Come. Lance will be joined by ‘mama Country’ Sally Vaughan, the ‘midnight cowboy’ Clive Bruce, big Matt Hurter the current president of the SA Country Music Association, the ‘killer’ Tommy Dell, queen of country Barbara Ray and well-known entertainer, writer and producer, Dennis East. They will be joined by their friends The Campbells, Alan Ladd, Jason Bradley, Manie Jackson, Rinel Day and the Rodeo Girls. Tickets are from R115 to R195 each and demand is likely to be very high, don’t be disappointed, book now or phone 0861 915 8000.

`To See the Cage is to leave it By Aimee Eveleigh Gordon

The one undeniable experience that I believe everyone on Earth is having right now is that of immense change. Time seems to be speeding up, cataclysms are erupting and destabilising communities, economies are crashing and wars are erupting. Fear is prevalent, but why then do I feel this overriding current of intense love, truth and harmony? This change, I feel most viscerally, is certainly beautiful – albeit a change that is the product of a period of much upheaval. My reason for writing this article is most definitely not to focus on the bad stuff that is happening on this planet. I don’t want to spend time identifying the people who cause the bad events and discuss theories that pertain to the “end” of the human race and the various other speculations that are becoming such voraciously consumed trends in the alternative information arena. I believe we should all be questioning any mainstream source of information. Not because it is aspirational to be ‘anti-establishment’ (although blindly following the herd is equally undesirable), but because there are so many roads to ‘truth’ ,and true knowledge can’t be acquired by merely trusting a single source of information (mainstream-media as a single entity in its entirety). My reason for writing this article is to suggest ways and means for us to collectively as a species make the transition period we are experiencing as gentle and harmonised as possible. We can experience this together WITHOUT being affected by the fear which is a product of so many of the events which are being unleashed into our current projection of reality. Right now at this specific point in the timeline of the Earth’s journey, the human race is experiencing many things which are shaking a great number of us t o our very core. Don’t get me wrong. At any given point in the history of mankind, the human experience on this planet would have always seemed full of chaos and unsettling events to the people living in each respective era. However, what is becoming more and more apparent to me is the fact that growing volumes of people from all over the world are starting to ‘question’ the official versions of reality that have been dished out to us through out the course of our lives through the educational and religious institutions, the media, society, culture, military and governments. I acknowledge that tragedy will always occur by default because the definition of consciousness is that for it to evolve it has to have experience through a variety of expressions/manifestations of the original source-consciousness. Some expressions will be positive and some negative. And so we have the eternal loop of the good and bad events occurring all over the planet. I am noticing however, that we seem to be alive at an extremely auspicious point in the timeline of the human race. The era of human civilisation on Earth is just a drop in the ocean in comparison to the lifespan of our planet. We love to tell ourselves our species is the most important thing that has ever evolved by natural selection. However, everything happens in cycles and the human experience on the planet is no more than another phase that begins and ends. The time of our species existing on Earth is drawing to a close. Our collective consciousness is – unbeknownst to our conditioned minds –already preparing for a great shift into a new density of existence. Humanity has unwittingly volunteered itself into its relinquishment of authentic freedom, through the subjugation of our species to the unauthentic experiences of the era of ‘instant-gratification’. Be this through a lifestyle of consumerism, addiction to processed foods , the acquisition of pricey material items and the belief in the words that come out of the mouths of our societies ‘authority’ figures, we sign away our freedom by conforming to the template the powers-that-be have constructed for us to conform to. But the contrived control of the human journey is losing its hold over the collective human soul. The slightly ponerological pursuit which fuels our coerced enslavement is being challenged by our intrinsic need to evolve spiritually. I believe that the individuals who work hard to project the structured and segregated illusion of reality have to exert intense energy to smooth cracks of truth that start shining dazzling slivers of light through their fraying veil of concealment. These “truth-cracks” are appearing everywhere at an increasing rate where entire belief systems have been broken to reveal the true nature of our existence. Once truth trickles into the foreground it quickly becomes a colossal downpour of clarity. This is a complete nightmare for the people who have the ridiculous need to control populations of people. The laws of physics have already been placed under pressure by a miniscule minority orchestrating their agenda over a gigantic sum of people. The fact is: we are more in numbers than the minority of oligarchs. When the collective consciousness of human souls leaves this realm to be part of the ONE, the never-ending, all-encompassing plane of existence known as pure conscious energy it will be the time we will have been given for authentic choice. Right now your mind is still locked in the (for lack of a better word)“matrix”, but your soul has already made its choice about its evolution.. I’m not going to harp on about the depraved and depressing details of the dastardly plans of the angry-at-each-other-all-thetime-world-leaders, because you, the reader, already know what their tools for control are. I’m just reinforcing a proposition that change is coming. You would already know this, but we need to have our instinctual knowledge acknowledged when we can’t always receive approval by publically broadcasting our speculations about the future of mankind. Human life as we know it will end – but life will continue, albeit in a very different capacity to what we currently have a frame of reference to define.

Everything that you can see, touch, taste and smell is pure, conscious energy materialised in waveform frequency.The Earth is a living, breathing entity who is experiencing her own journey independently of us humans. Gaia is embarking upon her own transition period. Whether or not you believe in the prophecies of ancient cultures (Mayans, Aztecs, Hopi) or whether you ascribe your belief system to a religious institution or whatever your basis for your acknowledgement of a global change is, there is one undeniable truth here: The Earth and every sentient being that calls it her home, is going through a transition into a brand-new age of learning, growth and experience. The human life experience will change. A rebirth into the new is always the result of unconditional pure love and individuals that seek to control the course of the journey are appearing to amplify and increase the instances of global tragedy. So it appears that there needs to be a period of upheaval before we make the final transition into the new era of the human experience. If anything, the elements of control that perpetuate the fear paradigm over the human soul-collective are merely trying to halt our journey into the new era of pure LOVE consciousness by creating events that keep our minds locked into the “fear” grid. The intention could therefore be presumed to be one in which the dominant elite don’t want us to spiritually evolve as the result of our universal third-eye opening because it means they would have to relinquish complete control. The scenario I am painting of course is completely irrelevant if you understand how to protect yourself from fear and its emotional subdivisions. We should all have empathy and send love to those who are suffering at the hands of unscrupulous psychopaths and their enslavement agenda , however the magic of karma is that love always balances out whatever pain has been caused at the hands of fear. We can’t allow ourselves to impede our transition into a new life expression of consciousness by allowing the worry and anxiety of world events to impose itself into our higher-selves evolution. At the highest level of awareness, it is almost irrelevant how much death and destruction prevails on Earth in these last days because Gaia will regenerate and our species will endure. Whatever souls lose their human experience- vessels (the death of the physical body) in whatever geophysical or man-made tragedies occur, these souls will still have the same opportunity as the rest of us to choose whether they will remain in the reincarnational cycle of the third dimension or ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. The choice is ours and each individual one of us is at some level of our awareness, making this choice right now! Let me backtrack here to put you in the picture with regards to what I think the prevalent issue is with us humans and how to overcome the programmed adversity. I believe that one of the most destructive forces with regards to our emotional, spiritual and physical health and well-being is low-vibrational emotion. Our body is similar to a computer and fear-based emotion essentially destabilises the computers construct. Therefore the electric and chemical equilibrium will too become off-kilter. This is akin to how ingesting chemicals (pharmaceuticals, street drugs, etc) or the effects of radiation and other electromagnetic fields imbalance our physical bodies. So either way the consequence is that we are affected vibrationally. Absolutely everything in this reality is ultimately vibrational – we are energy vibrating at a frequency densely compacted into a perceivable manifestation for which experience can occur. Reality as we know it is the simulated expression of the waveform metaphysical universe. When we embody, harness and stimulate lowresonating emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, judgement or hate, it keeps our body-computer in a state of shock and imbalance and this limits our ability to think, feel and exude a necessary level of empathy towards other expressions of consciousness. As mammals we are all hard-wired to feel and express empathy spontaneously. However, when we focus on the tragedy that happens around us, like the events caused by megalomaniacs in high-status positions around the world fighting amongst themselves for more ‘money’ and “power”, etc, we then become enveloped in the fear which is the product of such events. When we feel the fear that is projected through the low-vibrational frequency which is off-set by negative events it naturally leads us to start behaving in fear-based patterns. In other words, we become left-brain oriented, logic and analytical behaviour prevails and survivalonly thinking becomes dominant meaning we become beings who live day-to-day operating for the benefit of ourselves, our own survival and protection. This is counter-productive to the journey to enlightenment and freedom because we stay trapped in a never ending loop of selfish self-serving behaviour . This is what makes us so CONTROLABLE to the people who enjoy controlling. This is actually a very foreign state for the human-being to exist in. When you consider the nature of the human body, specifically with regards to our physical bodies overall health and well-being, your entire perspective can be drastically altered when you understand the “illusion” that reality really is. You have to understand that absolutely everything is energy. So for the pure sake of the different forms of consciousness needing to have diverse experiences in an infinite number of parallel and varied realities , surely it is reasonable to presume that each reality is then just a hologram or a projection that we just perceive through whatever ‘perception’ tools we have been allowed in the dominant incarnation? Atoms after all contain nothing but empty space, so something ‘solid’ is of course about as solid as the air between the solid objects, technically speaking. The human body is then the result of atoms bumping into each other and forming a frequency field which is the decoded result of a type of projection by other frequency codes. These other frequency codes are of course the DNA and the RNA which are the central processing units which store the information which make us US! When one truly gets this, when this truly sinks in, the epiphany is that one understands how mainstream science can’t always explain how people can heal or how the physical body can improve in its overall strength and health through something as simple as a loving interaction or even alternative healing modalities such as Reiki or acupuncture.

I feel like I should sum everything up now with some principles I feel are important in applying to our journeys in this exciting transition period. Each and every one of us has the power and the choice to decide how we feel in each moment that we live during this exciting journey. We have the ability to introduce love into our experience at any point and to make that the dominant frequency that resonates through our story. If you search for truth and answers outside of yourself you will be denying yourself so much freedom and potential to evolve because there is only one truth. The one truth that is and always as and always will be is inside you all the time. The truth and the answer to everything in the eternal experience is love. That’s it. Let go of fear and conditioning which perpetuates concern about what others think about you. Embrace and own each and every single unique and different view and idea you may have about reality. If you do this you can step outside of the farm, you stop being a head of cattle. If everyone does this we all leave the herd so there is no more herd! In turn it is an act of love to respect and revere other peoples choices in terms of how they choose to walk their journeys. When we allow others to embrace their unique

understandings without them fearing our reaction or opinion we then allow ourselves more freedom to explore our unique journeys more fully. We quit being so focused on the choices other people are making in their stories and relinquish the need to correct and judge. Free will is a gift, we have to allow each other to enjoy this gift completely. Imposing our beliefs onto others is never out of love. Love is loving the learning that is the product of loving everyone for their diverse and individual understandings that they take in as they go along. The meaning of all life is to take in what we learn as we go along. Love just helps us take it all in much more thoroughly.

Remember who you are – You are not the you who has been moulded to template of terra Its all part of an agenda to keep us ignorant in this error Mind is not the one with which our trust should be aligned Universal soul was granted to guide true paths assigned Don’t let the veil suffocate your beauty Remember who you are You are whole perfection absolutely Remember who you are You’re not a separate story Remember who you are You’re all the parts of Nirvana’s glory Remember who you are The lies of simulation world will keep you subservient to mind The power that will free you is the one to which most are so blind You are the eternal space of all the atoms in the sky Your true self calls you home today and love will tell you why Don’t let the veil suffocate your beauty Remember who you are You are whole perfection absolutely Remember who you are You’re not a separate story Remember who you are You’re all the parts of Nirvana’s glory Remember who you are

STAR STUDDED CELEBRITY CONTESTANTS FOR STRICTLY COME DANCING Musicians, comedians, TV presenters, actresses and beauty queens to take centre stage Celebrity contestants and their dance partners for the 6th season of the much anticipated return to South African TV screens of popular international dance show, Strictly Come Dancing have been confirmed. Due to start on 10 July on SABC3, the weekly live show will put the 10 celebrity contestants through their paces as they attempt to conquer the glitzy world of dance. The five male contestants are: Expresso presenter Graeme Richards, comedian Mpho Popps, 5fm breakfast radio producer Damon Kalvari, Durban based musician L’vovo and popular actor Thapelo Mokoena. The female contestants are; TV presenters Lalla Hirayama and Kuli Roberts, and popular actresses Connie Ferguson, Zakeeya Patel (High Rollers) and Jay Anstey (Isidingo). Risuna Mayimele, SABC3 Marketing Manager added that “This is a very talented and exciting group of celebrity contestants that will no doubt provide loads of weekly entertainment for our loyal viewers during the live show every Wednesday between 8pm and 10pm. Their various attributes and entertainment industry experience will make for very entertaining and electrifying television”. Putting the celebrities through their paces will be a very talented team of professional dancers that consists of; Hayley Hammond, Hayley Bennet, Nombulelo Hlathi, Mary Martins, Lindsey Muckle, Sylvester Sefotlhelo, Grant Esterhuizen, Brandon Eilers, Ryan Hammond and Tsholo Moholowane. Hayley Hammond, Mary Martin, Ryan Hammond, Brandon Eilers and Hayley Bennet have been part of previous seasons of Strictly Come Dancing and share four victories amongst themselves. They return to hunt for more accolades alongside very capable newcomers Nombulelo Hlathi, Sylvester Sefotlhelo, Grant Esterhuizen and Tsholo Moholwane. Pairings for the celebrity contestants and their dance partners are: Damon Kalvari and Hayley Hammond Thapelo Mokoena and Hayley Bennet Mpho Popps and Nombulelo Hlathi L’Vovo and Mary Martins Graeme Richards and Lindsey Muckle Kuli Roberts and Sylvester Sefotlhelo Llala Hiriyama and Grant Esterhuizen Connie Ferguson and Brandon Eilers Zakeeya Patel and Ryan Hammond Jay Antsey and Tsholo Moholwane

Hosts for the show were also confirmed earlier with comedian Marc Lottering and radio DJ, Pabi Moloi taking over the anchor roles on the weekly live show. With a brand new judging panel of dance industry professionals Michael Wentink, Tebogo Kgobokoe and Samantha Peo; the sixth season of the popular dance franchise, and first season SABC 3 promises to be a major highlight for South African television this year. Strictly Come Dancing will air on SABC3 Wednesdays at 20:00 – 22:00 from Wednesday 10 July 2013.


We were lucky enough to interview the great Zonke via telephonic interview. After preparing for this interview all week, it turns out Zonke is such a nice sweet lady and even though this was my first interview ever, I was soon put at ease as Zonke was so down to earth. Here is what we spoke about - enjoy the interview.

Interview by: Lerato Mohlala

P.S check out my gig review on Zonke which will appear in the August issue of Fanbase Music Magazine

Good morning Zonke how are you? I’m fine thank you Lerato, how are you my girl? I am fine thanx Zonke, excited to be interviewing you, I hear you will be performing at the Old Mutual Concert on the 30th of June, can you please tell me more about that? Well this is the second of these Old Mutual concerts; unfortunately I couldn't attend the first one due to a death in the family. But I am very excited about it and will be performing most if not all the songs from the "Ina Ethe" album and also depending on how much time I'll have on stage. You postponed a few of your concerts including the recording of your live DVD, will you be resuming the concerts any time soon? Yes the DVD was supposed to be in June, but now it will be in July, it’s definitely on, in fact we’re busy with rehearsals right now. I've got a 20 piece band that I will be performing with on the night. How would you describe this album? It’s very different from your other albums? It’s definitely not afro pop; in fact it’s anything but afro pop. I think you could classify it as urban soul or afro soul! Do you have any collaborations coming up? No not at all, I think I did so much of that when I was breaking into the industry. I'm so over that! Apart from Anthony Hamilton, that's a colab worth doing. He's super talented and I'm excited about that! Thank you so much for letting me interview you, I can't wait to see your performance at the Walter Sisulu Gardens. I'm a huge fan! You are very welcome Lerato. Thank you for talking to me.

Glitz, glamour, amazing vibes, sensational outfits and dance-floor antics will be the order of the day on the 6th of July in Durban! The G&G Live Marquee at this year’s Vodacom Durban July, along with the Samsung #GALAXYexperience, is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate in party atmospheres at the prestigious event. Building on the success of their debut daytime tent at last year’s race day, the G&G Live Marquee is not only back, it’s better. Situated between three water hazards on the golf course, it is the most striking of all the tents with chic and comfortable lounges, stylish décor and a winning party vibe. Production and hospitality have been stepped up to new levels, creating a relaxing milieu that doesn’t compromise on buzzing party spirit. The G&G Live Marquee will offer the discerning race-day goer more than just a little extra as the Samsung #GALAXYexperience continues to deliver on its promise to be at the forefront of the electronic music scene in South Africa. With tickets flying fast, we recommend getting your passport to the hottest and most happening party at the Vodacom Durban July now! There will be no better way to cap off a day of races and celebrating your winnings than with the Samsung #GALAXYexperience at the G&G Live Marquee. A top DJ line-up featuring the likes of DJ Fresh, Roger Goode, Gareth Cliff, Benny Maverick and many more will get your dance on while sipping on a delicious cocktail and partying the day away. Lulo Café (16:00-17:00) Line-up and times: Sp!ndoctor (17:00-18:00) Graeme (11:00-13:00) Gareth Cliff (18:00-19:00) Funky B (13:00-14:00) DJ Fresh (19:00-20:00) G-Funk (14:00-15:00) P.H. (20:00-21:00) Benny Maverick (15:00-16:00) Roger Goode (21:00-22:00) Secure your place at the G&G Live Marquee now from Computicket for this exclusive oasis on Saturday, 6 July 2013, 12h00-23h00.

DETAILED TICKET OPTIONS: Regular: R495 Includes: Entry to G&G Live Marquee Village, several bars, food area, totes, smoking lounge, cloak room, chill areas, Samsung Galaxy experience main dance floor and photo areas. VIP: R895 (only 800 tickets available) Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular ticket holders. Additional chill area, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service. Skyy VVIP: R1,595 (only 500 tickets available) Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular and VIP ticket holders. Additional chill areas, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, Additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities, complimentary full bar until 6 pm. Does not include Champagne and top-line premium drinks. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service in the Skyy Lounge. Table Buying Options VIP lounge: R3,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge setup for six people, including waiter service. Can be tailored at an additional R500 per [additional] person. Skyy Vodka lounge: R4,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge set-up for six people, including waiter service. Includes a bottle of Piper Champagne and Skyy 90 Premium Vokda. Can be tailored at an additional R600 per [additional] person. Tickets are for the G&G Live Marquee only. Event attendees will need to purchase their general access ticket to the Vodacom Durban July via the ‘Gold Circle’ precinct. Details at

“and in other news! “ Scott Weiland married long time photographer girlfriend Ex Stone temple pilots rocker Scott Weiland, married his long time photographer girlfriend Jamie Wachtel on June 22 at their home in Los Angeles. Weiland, who is 45 years old, and Wachtel 35 years old, met when she worked on shooting photographs on the sets of his Christmas album videos Wachtel reported, “We had the most beautiful, heartfelt ceremony,”. “We all cried and laughed. Scott and I are over the moon!” Weiland sported a John Varvatos suit while Wachtel wore a vintage dress. The news of Weiland’s marriage is a positive event in what has been a tumultuous year. The singer was recently fired from Stone Temple Pilots and replaced by Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. That has led to some verbal venom and legal action between Weiland and his former STP bandmates. With Stone Temple Pilots recording and touring with Bennington as their singer, Weiland continues to hit the road playing STP classics and other tunes with his solo band the Wildabouts.

Slash auditioned for Poison during his time in Guns n Roses Not long before we were all welcomed to the jungle, Slash auditioned for the Bret Michaels-led Poison. In a 2010 interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Slash revealed that he had decided to quit the pre-Guns N’ Roses band Hollywood Rose and was referred to Poison by their exiting guitarist at the time. Slash says he made it to the final two, but knew it wasn’t going to work when he was asked about wearing makeup. Poison ended up offering the job to C.C. Deville. Had Slash been chosen for Poison, would Guns N’ Roses have ever reached the pinnacle without him? And while successful in their own right, would Poison have become the iconic act that GN’R went on to be?

Stephan Ferreira is just an ordinary guy suffering from a severe case of insomnia and an unhealthy love for books. Apart from reading, Stephan spends most of his time hating Kylie Minogue. He is also an avid supporter of anything chocolate and hopes to one day discover the secret on how to quit smoking without the constant urge to kill everyone around him. His opinions are his own and cannot always be trusted.

Carolyn Jess-Cooke – The Boy Who Could See Demons

Ten-year-old Alex Broccoli is not like other boys his age. His best friend is a demon. Actually, Ruen is his only friend. Anya Molokova is a child psychometrist with a painful past. After the death of her daughter she spent years researching mental health disorders. When Alex’s mother tries to commit suicide again, Alex and Anya’s worlds collide. She desperately tries to figure out why Ruen is a part of his life, while he struggles to explain something he doesn’t quite understand himself. The Boy Who Could See Demons had me hooked from the very first page. Carolyn Jess-Cooke has the ability to bring her characters to life like few authors can. The novel is brilliantly written, alternating between Alex and Anya’s points of view. Despite the fact that the story starts off at an incredible pace, I couldn’t help but feel totally disappointed after reading the last few chapters. This novel had such great potential, and yet the author failed to deliver.

“Ruen has explained many things to me about who he is and what he does, but never about why I can see him when no one else can. I think we’re friends. Only, what Ruen has asked me to do makes me think he’s not my friend at all. He wants me to do something very bad. He wants me to kill someone.”

Trust me when I say that this novel is not worth your time. Unless you tear out the last few pages before you start reading it. If that is the case, you are looking at one of the best books ever written.

“I know what you’re thinking: I’m crazy and Ruen is all in my head, not just his voice. That I watch too many horror movies. That Ruen’s an imaginary friend I’ve dreamed up because I’m lonely. Well, you’d be incredibly wrong if you thought any of that.”

Katie Price – You Only Live Once Although Price has not done anything worth remembering, she somehow remains relevant and more than a decade later people are still following her every move. You Only Live Once is Katie’s fourth autobiography, and although I have not read the first three I can honestly say that whoever gave this women a book deal should be fired immediately.

“So yes, three boob jobs in just over three years – not something I would have wanted ideally, but I finally got the boobs I wanted and they brought me a great deal of work and helped make me famous, so respect to the boobs!.” Katie Price, formerly known as Jordan, shot to fame in 1996 as a topless glamour model. This, unfortunately, allowed her to branch out in to other areas of the entertainment industry from reality

The majority of the book revolves around Price’s many plastic surgeries, desperate need for attention, her failed marriage to singer Peter Andre, and also her rather unhealthy relationship with cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid. Although some parts were mildly entertaining it soon became apparent that there’s not much to this wannabe D-List celebrity. If you look past all the plastic surgeries, bad writing and obscure life she’s really just a girl struggling with low self esteem and trying her very best to squeeze in to clothes that are obviously three sizes too small. Since this book was published in 2010, Price married and divorced Reid in less than a year. She is currently married to her third husband, part-time stripper, Kieran Hayler and I am certain that we can expect a third divorce and fifth autobiography in the near future.

“During that nightmare time it felt as if someone had created a voodoo doll of me testing my endurance to see how much pain I could take. Well, not much more, I can tell you. I was at breaking point.”

Chelsea Handler – Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang

Apart from her talk show, Handler is also a successful writer with three best-selling books under her belt. Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang is a collection of humorous essays about her various life experiences that will have you laughing from the very first page. This book is perhaps one of the funniest books ever written. Handler is a natural story teller and she has the ability to laugh others, but also at herself which makes it even more special. Handler has the balls to say what everyone is thinking. If you have a sense of humour, you have to read this book.

“My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate.” Chelsea Handler might be the biggest bitch in Hollywood, but it is her politically incorrect comments, insults, and rude behaviour that made her talk show Chelsea Lately one of the most watched talk shows today. Her outrageous antics and foul language keeps viewers tuned in episode after episode. If there is one thing you can be sure of - Handler tells it as it is. From calling Angelina Jolie a home wrecker to publicly ignoring Joan Rivers at a network party and blasting Taylor Swift’s many failed relationships, there isn’t a celebrity in Hollywood who hasn’t been the centre of a Chelsea Handler joke. And she’s not about to apologize anytime soon.

“The fact that Sex and the City: The Movie had come out a year before and I’d had less than no desire to see it yet was about to buckle myself in for a second showing in less than twelve hours meant that all proverbial ducks were not in a row. They weren’t even ducks. They were seagulls. Dirty seagulls.”

It was finally the last Sunday of the month and yes you guessed it, it was time for Park Acoustics and what a lineup they had installed for all the fans in the month of June! The birthday month is done and dusted, so what was Park Acoustics going to do next was the question on everybody’s lips. Well let me, yours truly, tell you exactly what happened…ok ok and some photos for those unlucky ones that couldn’t be there. Gates opened at 10am as usual, with me arriving early enough to get my spot right in front of the stage, but this time I had to be there a lot earlier. The place was already halfway packed as I got in and I could feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s always part of the event. Knew it was going to be yet another awesome Park Acoustics! First up on stage was Die Skynmaagde. A band all the way from Cape Town that I wish I had seen more off, but definitely will in the future. They are really good and the people loved their music and onstage personality which is always a good recipe!

The Brother Moves On kept the party going while their ‘MASCOT’if I may call it that went through the crowd and made a lot of new friends, even with Zet (jip,the TV character we grew up with).Now those two can dance and went crazy on The Brother Moves On's hits! The Black Cat Bones came on stage and got everyone Rocking & Rolling. They yet again proved why they are MK award winners! As everyone know time flies when you’re having fun and soon their song “Up on the Mountain” followed and everyone came closer to the stage as they knew Koos Kombuis is almost on stage.


Late Night Fox was next in line to show us what they have and man, they made sure everybody knew exactly who they are!

Finally Koos appeared on stage and started singing hits including Lisa se “Klavier”, “Jonhny is Nie Dood Nie” and “Huisie By Die See” was on his list. Everybody sang along and I could even hear the songs echo as Koos Kombuis had an unforgettable gig yet again! He truly is a LEGEND! The evening continued with some of the best DJs and comedians our country has to offer. All and all it was really an amazing Park Acoustics and they just keep on getting better and better! THANK YOU PARK ACOUSTICS!!!

Review & Photography by: Willem Kotze

Welcome to the Wild Child Chronicles for July. I've got some cool stuff lined up, the review of our Battle of The Bands which was epic. The night was well supported and the bands were in high spirit, and I would like to personally thank each and everyone who were a part of it. Then I caught up the winners Colli and the Rockets, check out my exclusive with them. Colli and Tinus will be hitting the cover in September so don't miss it! Next month I feature Colour me Kacey, Electric Corvette and some other rad stuff. Catch you all on the flip side, so keep it real and play it safe peeps! Until next time.

Battle of the Bands – Report Back The Battle of the Bands took place at Crossroads in Boksburg on 31st May and was a treat to personally organise and watch this event. Firstly a big THANK YOU to you all for taking part in the Battle, from the bands, judges, MC as well as all my helpers. Without you all the night would not have been such a success. Thank you to Crossroads for hosting the battle and DP for the sound. The result of the Battle was as follows: Winner – Colli and the Rockets Runner up – Colour Me Kacey Third place – Arondite Fourth place – Acoustic Revolution Fifth place – Who Did It Since the score between the two top bands was so close, we decided to offer a prize to the runners up as well. The prizes were allocated as follows;

Colli and the Rockets A free band shoot with Twisted Puppy Photography A 2 page exclusive in Fanbase Music Magazine for the July edition A cover on Fanbase Music Magazine for the September edition

Colour Me Kacey A free band photoshoot with Twisted Puppy Photograrphy. A1 page exclusive in Fanbase Music Magazine for the August edition. Congratulations to the remaining 3 bands, the scores although very close were unfortunately not high enough to win, BUT you all did a fantastic job at entertaining the crowd! The Battle was definitely well received by the vibey crowd and the interaction between bands was certainly an indication of the love of South African music, even in a competition such as this! I hoped the

sound quality would’ve been a bit better but the bands coped well despite the challenges. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and keep your eyes peeled for write up and exposure on the bands coming up over the next few months1

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing this amazing Indie band, winners of our first Battle of the Bands with our awesome Fanbase readers. Colli & the Rockets, a dynamic duo of sorts to say the least, Colli and Tinus have rightfully earned their spot on my list of promising SA talent. When listening to Colli & the Rockets, their influences are clear to me. They blend thought provoking lyrics with a melodically pleasing sound. Their live performance is real and raw, and truly synchronised between these musical companions. I highly recommend watching them live for exactly those reasons! Besides Colli’s amazing voice, their gigs are lively, fun and original. I asked Colli and Tinus to answer some questions for me so you can all get to know what makes them tick, and here’s what they had to say.

For those readers who don’t know who you guys are, tell us a bit about ‘Colli and the Rockets’ Hi, we’re a two piece Indie acoustic band from Johannesburg. We’ve been playing gigs in and around Joburg for a year. We met at Music College in 2011 and just hit it off as friends and partners. We started Colli and the Rockets originally just to get on stage again, since both our previous projects haven’t worked out. We are actually very surprised how our styles have blended into creating the new sound that we have. We worked hard! Where did each one get your musical influences from? Tinus – Not so sure … I’ve always played guitar and since I’ve bought my acoustic guitar everything just changed for me. The sound, in my opinion, is just so amazing pure and energetic. I’ve never understood why acoustic acts have to be so lame and boring. Why can’t they just turn it up to eleven? I’ve realised you don’t need to have electric guitars screaming to have a mind boggling fun, upbeat show. Anyway bands I enjoy are: Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, Mumford and Sons, Artic Monkeys, The Beatles, Arcade Fire and a whole range of local acts. Colli – Melodically I just love bands like: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, Paramore, Mumford and Sons and Little Dragon. EVERYWHERE. We live, eat and breathe music.

Two piece bands are few and far between. What do you think gives Colli and the Rockets an edge and makes you successful as a duo act? We know each other so well! When one of us feels down the other can immediately feel it in our performance and on stage. We believe that’s one of the main ingredients of Colli and the Rockets. It’s hard; we just give it our all to get that full sound even though we have limited equipment to our disposal. At the end of the day we came up with, what we feel is, this unique style, sound and vibe that we don’t see in bands anymore. It’s no secret that the SA music industry is tough, what do each of you do to pay the bills? Tinus – I’m a music student at the moment. Majoring in Sound Technology at COPA (Campus of Performing Arts) in Johannesburg. It’s a risky choice, chasing your dreams, but somewhere along the line I just decided to take the leap. It’s truly what I’d love to do for the rest of my life. Colli – You can say I’m a music teacher slash student. I finished my second year at COPA then decided to work full time as a teacher and finish my music studies part time. I love kids and just love working with them. Yes, the industry is hard. We’re not at the point where Colli and the Rockets can pay’s bills, but it’s our dream to get there. PLEASE SUPPORT LOCALS ACTS!

And how does this ‘day job’ affect the band (positive or negative)? Tinus – As a student the band hasn’t really influenced my studies. It has actually been helping me out with my college projects. ‘Harvey’ was my final studio project for last year. I’m quite proud of the result; Colli is such a talented vocalist! Colli – For me it’s been a bit harder. Running a full time job, studying and doing Colli and the Rockets has been no breeze! At what age did you start pursuing a musical career? Tinus- I have been playing guitar since a young age, but I only took it more seriously when I signed up for Music College. I originally wanted to do Graphic Design, but followed my heart instead. Colli – I was born for this. To put things lightly.

Tell our readers one thing about Colli and the Rockets that they may not know. (e.g. romance between Tinus and Colleen, opening for a big act soon etc. HAHA) Hahaha! Just between us, we’ve been working on a new single that’ll be released on an EP in about two months. It’s going to be free so you’ll just be able to download it off our SoundCloud page … and if come to our shows; we might just give you a free copy ;) We’re pretty excited about this one! We also hand-picked some amazing people to work with us, but let’s just keep you in suspense for now. Tell us about a time Colli and the Rockets were performing and something went wrong (e.g. sound equipment failure). And how did you recover from it?

We know each other so well! When one of us feels down the other can immediately feel it in our performance and on stage.

Colli – I forget my words… a lot! Tinus drools and forgets to smile a lot. So I guess we all have our flaws! But as exciting as being chocked by the mic cable sounds, our gigs are pretty much smooth sailing. (We have ninjas on our side) Tinus – I agree with Colli. (Maybe not the drooling part though…) That being said I once forgot my drum pedal at home, it was like a drummer not pitching for a show. We need our backbone! How many hours per week do you guys spend practicing and rehearsing. Does it get more frequent when you have an up-coming gig? We have a set time per week. Band day. Keeps us tight, keeps us ready. Keeps Colli’s vocal chords strong and Tinus’ fingers flexible. Depending on how hectic the week goes, we’re generally well-rehearsed. Tell us what inspired you to write my favourite song ‘Harvey’? Aaah yay! Thank you. Uhm… it’s a funny story. The words explain most of it. Harvey is one of my friends. The story: after a long day at work we hot boxed my beast of a car. Being completely smitten with this person, fell in love with them, only to have my dream left out in the cold and yeah it’s got way more depth than that. But I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Being our first single we had huge long discussions about the sound and vibe that we wanted to portray. It’s hard putting your creative work out there for others to criticise, but we’re so happy with the results!

What did it feel like winning the Battle of the Bands at Crossroads Boksburg 31st May, were you surprised? Tinus – Completely surprised! A two piece band generally doesn’t have much of a chance versus full bands, but somehow we pulled it off. I’m also quite surprised at the support we had. I love our fans! Colli – So surprised! Did you see the last band? I was so impressed with their whole image and sound. So much hotter than us! Also so professional! Well done to everyone, you guys rocked. I still don’t believe we won. If you could open for 1 South African band, who would it be and why?

So there you have it folks, crazy, amazeballs Colli and The Rockets. I would like to congratulate Tinus Pieterse on guitar, and Coleen Helberg on vocals for allowing me the opportunity to write an exclusive for Fanbase, and also for taking part in the Battle. You have proven that it doesn’t take much more than real talent to get noticed and a mind set on success.

For show dates, hiring them or just to get to know Colli and the Rockets, check out their social media below. Sound Cloud - Twitter -

Tinus – Mr Cat and the Jackal. I believe they have an amazing sound and also have a soft spot for ‘indie’ and experimental music. Colli – Die Antwoord. They are going down in history. If you could open for 1 international band, who would it be and why? Tinus – The White Stripes. Again; very experimental and also a two piece band. I’d love to walk into Jack White backstage! Colli – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I dream of sharing the stage with someone so insane. Where do you see the band in 5 years’ time? Is Colli and the Rockets something you would want to take overseas and promote as a South African band, following in the footsteps of Saron Gas (Seether) and Just Ginger? In five years we’d love to be a proper professional South African act and we’d totally go overseas if we get the opportunity. We just want many ears listening to our music. Tell us about the best time you guys had at a performance, where was it and what made it the best gig for you? We had this gig at Finigans, Parys, late last year. It was the biggest gig we’ve hosted by ourselves ever. We got so many people to come and we both where nervous wrecks because of all the promises we made. Our heads and reputations where on the line! Many of the people attending the gig haven’t ever seen us perform. After the first song the crowd just kept quiet for a while, they were completely flabbergasted and then the silence made space for wild cheering. After that we just had a great show and truly learned how to perform and enjoy the experience with the crowd. We pulled it off! One of the best moments in your career is a sense of achievement and that night was a landmark of many shows to come. Also the best moments on stage for us is when people get up and dance to our music, we didn’t even believe it was possible for a two piece acoustic act!

Interview by: Camella Reed

Photography by: Kevin Schnider




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IT’S POSH OH MY GOSH IN VODACOM’S VIP PADDOCK A limitless weekend awaits VIP guests at the Vodacom Durban July

Vodacom will be hosting captains of industry, business partners and leading figures from the fashion and entertainment world to a limitless weekend of Posh in its VIP Paddock at Africa’s greatest horse racing event – the 2013 Vodacom Durban July on Saturday 6 June. Commanding a prime position overlooking the home straight and finish line at the Greyville racecourse, guests will be catered to by celebrated chef Vicky Crease, entertained by SAMA winner Lloyd Cele, treated to a fashion show by 8 leading South African designers in Vodacom’s custom designed VIP paddock which will be decorated in a largely white pallet accented with red. Making things as effortless as possible Vodacom has created a mobile App exclusively for its guests who will be able to track their travel and transfer arrangements, get fashion and betting tips, detailed race and jockey information, notifications on food and entertainment throughout the day, as well as being able to order their drinks all from the comfort of their cell phone. Vicky Crease will be creating a menu to inspire and entertain guests from breakfast through to dinner – there will be living tables, champagne showers, smoothie, cocktail and coffee bars serving throughout the day and into the evening. In between the racing, leading South African designers Terence Bray, Jean Paul Botha (Ruff Tung), Bianca Warren, Hanrie Lues (MejLues), Hangawani Nengovhela (Rubicon), Haroun Hansrot, Francois Vedemme and Craig Jacobs (Fundudzi) will be showcasing their interpretation of the Posh Oh My Gosh theme to the Vodacom VIP guests as well as judging who is the best dressed in the Vodacom VIP paddock. Rounding off the day will be a live performance by SAMA winning artist Lloyd Cele. The 2013 Vodacom Durban July marks 12 years of Vodacom’s sponsorship of this premiere horse racing event that attracts both local and international interest. Tsabiso Letsoela Vodacom Executive Head Of Sponsorships commented, “We are really looking forward to hosting the 2013 edition of the popular Vodacom Durban July. The combination of fashion, horse racing and entertainment makes this a must attend social event. And behind the scenes we will ensure a seamless communication and networking experience for the 50 000 fans gathered at Africa’s greatest horserace”. The 2013 Vodacom Durban July takes place on Saturday 6 July at Greyville racecourse in Durban and will be broadcast lilve on SABC 3

Inerview by: Duwyne Clayton How did you get into photography? I really fell in love with photography in my first year of studying at the Stellenbosch academy of Photography and Design. We were doing black and white film photography during this time where we developed the film and images ourselves and it is here where I really got into the whole photography scene. What camera are you currently using? Currently I am using a Canon REBEL T2i, but I am saving to get my hands on a Canon 7D. I am a big supporter of Canon, will never divert from it.

Where do you see yourself in five years, in terms of your photography? I definitely see myself in Cape Town touring with bands like Junkyard Lipstick, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend and/or any Metal/Punk bands. I also see myself at music festivals documenting events and then I would also like to have a music magazine going. (In a sense a more visual magazine with less text and more visual imaging.) At this stage I am more focused on bands, festivals and out of this world photography.

What do you like about Photography? The fact that the end result is in the hands of the photographer. I love being up on stage when I am busy with a band shoot, being able to catch the faces of the crowd having a blast. Mostly I love it when at the end of a shooting session the result reflects a job well done. What style of Photography do you like? I LOVE black and white film Photography, but due to a lack of dark rooms and developing material here in Windhoek I stick to digital and just convert to black and white. It will never have the same effect, because nothing beats developing your own photos.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? To be honest I don't really have a favorite photographer. I get my inspiration from my fellow photographers and photography that has more than just an image, the photograph must tell a story on its own.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? All depending on the event, but pretty much like this - get on location, meet the client, get the brief, do the shoot, and mingle with the production/sound and the rest of the crew. It's always important to remain professional and do a good job and make sure you are happy with the results before handing it over to the client. At the end of the day when the work is done I usually have a couple of beers with my fellow photographers. What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? My only advice would be - DON'T BE A SHEEP - do your own thing, create new angles and strive to produce something that has not been done before. ALWAYS make use of the natural lighting and try and stay away from using a flash when you are doing photography where the provided lighting can be used to produce amazing works of art. How can people get hold of you? You can get hold of me via FaceBook Page: email me at: I don't have a website yet, but it is a work in progress at this stage. Please feel free to look through my page as there is a wide variety of different genres of photography, but I am mostly known for my band photography.

Samsung GALAXY Experience Presents The G&G Live Marquee at the Vodacom Durban July

The G&G Live Marquee is back at this year’s Vodacom Durban July and as one might expect with a Samsung #GALAXYexperience event, it is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate in party atmospheres! Building on the success of their debut daytime tent at last year’s race day, the G&G Live Marquee is not only back, it’s better. Situated between three water hazards on the golf course, it is the most striking of all the tents with chic and comfortable lounges, stylish décor and a winning party vibe. Production and hospitality have been stepped up to new levels, creating a relaxing milieu that doesn’t compromise on buzzing party spirit. The G&G Live Marquee will offer the discerning race-day goer more than just a little extra as the Samsung #GALAXYexperience continues to deliver on its promise to be at the forefront of the electronic music scene in South Africa. This year’s entertainment includes the recently awarded ‘Best Drive Show DJ’, the man with the most distinctive laugh on the airwaves, 5FM’s own DJ Fresh. Also from 5FM’s folds, the ever-popular Roger Goode will be keeping patrons dancing long into the night. To complete the 5FM trio is the man you either love or hate: Gareth Cliff. The well-read and highly opinionated shock-jock will be partying up a storm as he spins eclectic tunes exclusively for G&G Live Marquee guests at one of the most anticipated days in South Africa’s social calendar. Support acts include resident DJ Graeme, Funky B, G-Funk, Benny Maverick, Lulo Café and Sp!ndoctor. Where other tents fail to defy the ubiquity of providing drinks alone, the G&G Live Marquee features three levels of superior hospitality and entertainment. As in 2012, R495 will get you entry into the tented village site, access to multiple bars and the #GALAXYexperience dance floor, a food village, smoking lounge, chill areas, screens featuring the day’s horse racing action and betting totes. For R895, a VIP ticket affords guests access to the separate VIP tent with additional lounges,bars and private bathrooms. VIPs will be treated to a scrumptious selection of finger foods and canapés throughout the day. A VVIP ticket at R1,595 grants patrons access to the Skyy VVIP lounge area where they will be treated to an open bar (excluding premium champagnes and spirits) until 18h00, as well as private bathrooms and access to the marquee’s decks which overlook the water features. The Vodacom Durban July is all about the glitz and glamour and, of course, the racing. For those who bring along their lucky rabbit foot and take an active interest in thunderous galloping to the finish line, they need not miss a thing with screens large and small scattered throughout the G&G Live Marquee displaying each riveting race. To keep energy levels up, the G&G Live Marquee will have a food court serving a variety of delicious meals, from sushi to wraps and much more.

For those after that extra extravagance one would expect at a day at the races, G&G Live has a limited number of lounge areas in both the VIP and the Skyy VVIP areas which can be reserved for the day for a party of up to six guests. These lounge areas will be attended by waitrons and are on offer for R3,000 for a lounge in the VIP tent and for R4,000 in the Skyy VVIP tent. These prices are in addition to individual entry ticket and places are limited. Secure your place at the G&G Live Marquee now from Computicket for this exclusive oasis on Saturday, 6 July 2013, 12h00-23h00.

DETAILED TICKET OPTIONS: Regular: R495 Includes: Entry to G&G Live Marquee Village, several bars, food area, totes, smoking lounge, cloak room, chill areas, Samsung Galaxy experience main dance floor and photo areas.

VIP: R895 (only 800 tickets available)

Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular ticket holders. Additional chill area, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service. Skyy VVIP: R1,595 (only 500 tickets available) Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular and VIP ticket holders. Additional chill areas, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, Additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities, complimentary full bar until 6 pm. Does not include Champagne and top-line premium drinks. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service in the Skyy Lounge. Table Buying Options VIP lounge: R3,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge setup for six people, including waiter service. Can be tailored at an additional R500 per [additional] person. Skyy Vodka lounge: R4,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge set-up for six people, including waiter service. Includes a bottle of Piper Champagne and Skyy 90 Premium Vokda. Can be tailored at an additional R600 per [additional] person. Tickets are for the G&G Live Marquee only. Event attendees will need to purchase their general access ticket to the Vodacom Durban July via the ‘Gold Circle’ precinct. Details at Line-up and times: Graeme (11:00-13:00) Funky B (13:00-14:00) G-Funk (14:00-15:00) Benny Maverick (15:00-16:00) Lulo Café (16:00-17:00) Sp!ndoctor (17:00-18:00) Gareth Cliff (18:00-19:00) DJ Fresh (19:00-20:00) P.H. (20:00-21:00) Roger Goode (21:00-22:00)

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND PERFORMS LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SOUTH AFRICA with special guest VUSI MAHLASELA _________________________________________________ Big Concerts announced today that Dave Matthews Band will tour South Africa for the very first time performing in Cape Town on 30th November 2013 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest and Johannesburg at the Coca-Cola Dome on 3rd December 2013. Presented by 567 CapeTalk, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net. Another Big Concerts Experience. Tickets on sale from or Computicket from 9am, Tuesday 11th June 2013. Dave Matthews Band – comprising Carter Beauford (drums), Jeff Coffin (saxophone), Stefan Lessard (bass), Dave Matthews (vocals, guitar), Tim Reynolds (guitar), Rashawn Ross (trumpet) and Boyd Tinsley (violin) – has sold a collective 37 million CDs and DVDs combined. The group ranked as the biggest touring act worldwide of the past decade and has sold over 18 million tickets since its inception. Dave Matthews Band will be supported by music legend Vusi Mahlasela. Vusi has shared the stage with Sting, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Josh Groban, Paul Simon, Ray LaMontange, among many others. One of his proudest moments was in 2010 when he helped ring in the World Cup at Orlando Stadium in Soweto at the FIFA Kickoff Concert. To date, Vusi has released seven studio albums on Sony Records and is signed to Dave Matthews' ATO Records in North America; his hit songs include Silang Mabele, When You Come Back, and Say Africa. Dave Matthews Band is touring in support of its latest album, Away From The World, which Rolling Stone named as one of the Top 50 Albums of 2012 while The New York Times’ Jon Pareles noted: “The songs have grown-up concerns, from lifelong love to the entire sweep of human history, in settings that range from sparse intimacy to intricate folk-and-funk excursions.” Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the record entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1, making Dave Matthews Band the first group in chart history to have six consecutive studio albums debut atop the chart. Born in Johannesburg, Dave Matthews went to high school at St Stithians College but moved to New York in 1986. He has never performed in South Africa and this will be the first opportunity to watch Dave Matthews Band live in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Tickets go on sale at 9am from and Computicket.. Tour Itinerary Cape Town – presented by 567 CapeTalk and M-NET Saturday 30th November 2013 Grand Arena, GrandWest Tickets on sale at 9am from and Computicket priced R400 – R600 Johannesburg – presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-NET Tuesday 3rd December 2013 Coca-Cola Dome Tickets go on sale at 9am from and Computicket priced R400 – R675

RIHANNA DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR CONFIRMS SOUTH AFRICAN CONCERT DATES! Worldwide superstar Rihanna - the “#1 Person On Facebook” with over 63 million fans – is bringing her DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR to South Africa this spring. World tour promoters Live Nation together with Big Concerts confirmed today that the tour which kicks off in North America this week is set to dazzle fans with concerts confirmed at FNB Stadium Johannesburg on Sunday 13 th October 2013 and Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 16th October 2013. Rihanna has dominated global charts with “Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date and first single to be release from UNAPOLOGETIC her 7th studio album for Island Def Jam in just seven years. The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has sold over 41 million albums and 150 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.9 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist, over 63 million Facebook fans, and over 27 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 12 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 24 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts. Tickets for the Diamonds World Tour in South Africa will go on sale for Johannesburg on Thursday 11th April at 9am priced R330 – R930 and in Cape Town on Friday 12th April at 9am priced R275 – R820. Tickets will be available from,, the Computicket call centre on 0861 915 8000 or any Computicket outlet at Checkers and Shoprite. Rihanna Diamonds World Tour is promoted world-wide by Live Nation Global Touring. SOUTH AFRICA 13-Oct Johannesburg, South Africa FNB Stadium 16-Oct Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town Stadium Itinerary subject to change. For complete tour and ticket information, visit: and FOR FURTHER MEDIA INFO: Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) (Tel) +27833261776 * Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) (Tel +27726561906 (m) *


Carnival City Comedy Session Date Time Venue Cost Tickets

Wednesday 10 July 20h00 to 21h30 Carnival City Mardi Gras Theatre - Brakpan R80.00 Mardi Gras Theatre

“I was born in the 80's, running from the police, throwing Petrol bombs and ducking teargas…wait that was not me. But saving the White Queen playing Mario Brothers was a struggle.” – don’t miss Ndumiso Lindi at the Carnival City Comedy Sessions every Wednesday from 20h00 at the Mardi Gras Theatre. Ndumiso guests this week are: Loyiso Madinga, Muzi Dlamini and Richelieu Beaunoir

Date Time Venue Cost Tickets

Wednesday 17 July 20h00 to 21h30 Carnival City Mardi Gras Theatre - Brakpan R80.00 Mardi Gras Theatre

“I'm married now and hope God blesses us with a Junior one day. I pay attention to other people’s kids like I'm shopping for a car. "hmm that one is cute and quiet I want one just like that." – don’t miss Ndumiso Lindi at the Carnival City Comedy Sessions every Wednesday from 20h00 at the Mardi Gras Theatre. Ndumiso guests this week are: Khanyisa Bunu, Nina Hastie and Tumi Morake

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