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elcome one and all to Issue 25. I must say I had a lot of fun putting this issue together;

I am just so excited about this issue and all of its contents.

Editors Note

Our front cover feature is one of South Africa’s Rock legends. He goes by the name of Cito. You will best know Cito from the band Wonderboom, but that is not the only band/project he has been involved in. He also teams up with Sugardrives lead singer Paul E Flynn under the band name Absinthe. Apart from that he is also involved in El Cantante, you can read up on all that and more in our exclusive interview with him. Now as you may know Just Jinjer is one of my all-time fave bands. We have featured the likes of Ard Matthews and Brent Harris in past issues but this month we get to interview The Just Jinjer bassist Denholm Harding, go check that out. Now you may remember Chronic Vitality who featured a while back, well they have just released an album, so we catch up with them and talk about their new anticipated album. With so much already in the mag you would think I would need to take a breather, nope, not in this issue, there are still lots more. We feature awesome band Kongos, who are just taking the world by storm at the moment. We also feature an Australian musician who goes by the name of Joe Matera, he is rad so go check him out. Wild eastern Arches are a band that Ice Carstens put me in contact with. I am really excited about this new talent and very happy to be featuring them in the mag, check out their interview. A while back I was in the Zone Radio Studios on the Breakfast Zone show and I mentioned on air that if you’re in a band or a musician and want to feature in the mag then all you have to do is get hold of me and we will feature you in the mag. One talented musco did just that and I am happy to say that we are featuring him in this month’s issue of Fanbase Music mag, he goes by the name of Mike Cunningham and he has a band called Cunning Brad band, check this interview out and get to know one of the most passionate muscos I have ever met. Lastly Brendon Shields is no stranger when it comes to appearing in Fanbase Music mag, we feature this unique musician once again in the mag, although it is not for a happy reason, we are saddened to say Brendon has decided to move to Ireland to further his music career, check out this exclusive interview where we find out where, why and when he is leaving our shores. As usual we have the Zone Radio presenters featuring and this month we feature both Simone Cloete from the Drop Zone show, Bryan O’Pines from the O-Zone show. So check out what they have to say and don’t forget to tune into Zone Radio via streaming audio Our togger of the month is “ItsNot Phir Photography.” Check out his awesome pics. In our Full Metal Panic section Ryno catches up with metal band called Infanteria and he also has a Rock the river review of the metal stage. , Speaking of Rock the River as well as covering the metal stage, we also separately covered the rock stage so go check out both those reviews in the mag. We have decided to bring back our “Tattoo of the month” section to the mag seeing The Cape Town expo is on everyone’s lips. Something to look forward to in the March issue, we will be doing a review of the whole expo, but until then enjoy this issue and thanx for all your support. A huge thank you to my awesome team who are the real reason you see a mag out every issue. You guys all rock Hobo hugs Duwyne


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Duwyne Clayton

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Full name:


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Nick name:


Nick name:


What is your occupation at Fanbase

What is your occupation at

What is your occupation

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

at Fanbase Music Mag?

Editor in Chief


What do you like about Fanbase

What do you like about

Photographer and cover layout/ design

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag has become a very great and unique platform for local bands. Although we love and support international acts, We are really passionate about South African music. Fanbase Music Mag has the best team who help every month to put our awesome issues every month. We are not a team, we are a family!!!

Our Team <3

What is your favourite band at the moment? Being in this business I come across such great talent daily, but one that practically comes to mind is Volume Conflict What is your favourite quote? “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are” ― Kurt Cobain

What is your favourite band at the moment?

What do you like about Fanbase Music Mag? The awesome interviews, articles and people involved with the mag! And the gigs off course.

Green Day (obviously;))

What is your favourite

What is your favourite quote?

band at the moment?

Anything that comes out of Billie Joe Armstrong's mouth is my favorite quote!

Red Hot Chili Peppers What is your favourite quote? “Damn the man, save the empire” - Empire Records.


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Marisa Horn

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Marisa HippieHeart

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Simone Factor

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S Factor

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Ryno de Lange

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Mr. Ryno


What is your occupation at

What is your occupation at

What is your occupation at

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Columnist, freelance contributor

Full Metal Panic / Writer

Promoter/Researcher/Assistant Editor

What do you like about Fanbase

What do you like about

What do you like about Fanbase

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Music Mag?

I love it because it is a total celebration of local music and shows all the strength and possibilities of our musical community.

Fanbase is passionate about the music scene and promoting and spreading local music throughout South Africa. Fanbase also gives all bands and musicians a fair chance to be feature in the magazine.

Fanbase Music Magazine is colorful and fresh. It has a great team of editors, music lovers, promoters and photographers .

Who is your favourite band at the

Who is your favourite band at the




There are so many great bands out there…so many genres. It’s impossible for me to single out ONE favourite. I would however like to mention a few of my favorite local artists in various genres of course and in no particular order: The Paige Mac Band (Paige Mac Mahon), Volume Conflict, Brendon Shields, The Yoo and many others

What is your favourite quote?

What is your favourite quote? “I do believe Music is the highest form of art”

"today you are you , that is truer than true , there is no one alive that is youer than you " Dr Seuss

Who is your favourite band at the moment? Zombies Ate My Girlfriend - Local. Metallica (early days) - International. What is your favourite quote? tune Favours the Brave.


WRITING IS ON THE WALL Hi Dude Loved your interview on the radio—well done and thanks for keeping the music alive. Three cheers for Fanbase Music Mag and Zone Radio. Your No. 1 fan LCEC xx Hi LCEC Nice to hear from you again, our loyal Fanbase fan. Thanks dude, glad you enjoyed the interview, was a little nerve wrecking but got through it thanks to the help of the smooth operators at Zone Radio !

Awesome mag ! Always something new and follow up news of previous featured bands— great idea Fanbase. Thanks for keeping SA Music alive. From : Music Lover Thanks “Music Lover”. Hope you enjoy the mag for many more years to come. Please let us know if there is something you would like to see featured in the mag and we will see what we can do to accommodate. Keep rocking ….. Duzzy

Hobo hugs ! Duzzy

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team


I’ve got to love my job, I get to interview some really awesome musicians for the magazine and this interview is a really exciting one. I have been following Cito and his band WONDERboom for as long as I can remember. They were and have been one of my favorite bands from my teens. So it gives me great pleasure to be interviewing Cito for this month’s issue of Fanbase Music magazine. Other than being the lead singer for WONDERboom, Cito has also been involved in other projects such as El Cantante with Martin Schofield (also from WONDERboom) and collaboration with Paul Flynn from Sugardrive under the name Absinthe of where they do a rendition of their own interpretations of cover songs. Check out this interview as we get to talk about all of the above and more.

Hi Cito, thanx for featuring in Fanbase music mag, let’s get straight into it, last night and tonight (time of interview) you been involved with El Cantante, what can you tell us about that?

You mentioned about your Spanish background and you said your Mom is Puerto Rican but you were born in Los Angeles, so can you tell us about the country you were born in?

El Cantante is basically an invitation to my Spanish upbringing. My mother is Puerto Rican and most of my siblings are too, so we spoke Spanish at home, I was raised with a lot of gospel music, classical music and Puerto Rican folk music and stuff like that. So it’s something I have been attempting to do, its basically old traditional songs that have influenced me and probably my style of singing, and it is all sung in Spanish. There is also some new songs, some contemporary Salsa numbers but they are sort of interpreted in a desperado tex mix kind of way. It’s just my voice and guitar ( Martin Schofield from WONDERboom on guitar), and it’s just a lot of fun, I tell stories in between and I talk about the song, tell people what the songs are about etc. We have had 3 shows so far, the first two were very intimate but last night was our first theatre moving and we had to use the stage a bit more and create scenes and the people dig it so it’s going to be cool to see where this side project goes.

Yea I was born in L.A, but most of my childhood was spent in New York in Queens, and up until the age of 13 we came to South Africa and carried on here. But yeah, living in Queens we were part of a big Spanish community and I have lots of great memories. Who joins you on stage for these performances? Well it’s me, and Martin joins me on guitar and we also have WONDERboom’s drummer who joins us on stage to do a few tracks when El Cantante is staged in a bigger stage environment, like in theatres. But what I always try to concentrate on is keeping it simple and minable, because something I have learned over the years especially with my other project with Absinthe, that the “less is more” concept is what touches the people the most. When there are very few instruments and only a voice or two and a guitar, there is a certain vulnerability about it that I think people dig. They kind of take the journey with you. They hear every mistake but they are also there with you when you’re peaking and sound brilliant.

You have a big “Peace Starts” initiative on the go at the moment called "Pledge for Peace" What can you tell us about that? “Peace Starts” started about five and half years ago, a friend of mine had told me about this great initiative that was founded in the late 90’s, which is basically a documentary. A film maker did a full on research report and doccie on peace and will it ever be attainable? And by doing this report he realized there was no day of peace. There are other days such as Valentine’s day, Christmas Day etc but there was no day for peace so he made it his mission to convince the United Nations to officially declare 21st September an International Day of Peace and they endorsed it and it was officially declared. So I saw the promo video that “Peace One Day” which is like a short intro film explaining the background of it all and it just completely blew my mind and I decided there and then that I wanted to dedicate my life to it. So Peace Starts started off with just doing music events to create the awareness and every year it has grown and grown. Then last year September instead of doing a music event we decided to do a yearlong campaign launching it on 21 st September and we called that campaign “Pledge for Peace” which is basically just welcoming and encouraging everybody to do something about it within their own means and whatever way they can. Weather it be to make a video or recording etc stating what you think peace means to you. Go onto our website to see how you can get involved OK let’s talk about WONDERboom; you guys are one of South Africa’s biggest bands. Was it hard to become that well known and how long did it take you to reach what you’ve become today? When WONDERboom started, things were very different to the way they are now and there was a buzz in the industry that was quite undeniable and you kind of felt you were at the beginning of a musical revolution, There were bands like WONDERboom, Sugardrive, Springbok Nude Girls, Just Jinjer, Squeal that were just doing so well, there was a lot of bands at the time that were making real serious waves. It kind of helped having platforms in terms of festivals like Oppi Koppi and Splashy Fen to reach masses, but I think as South Africa was going through its own political change, a lot of other things also changed and I think it was easier for us then, than it is today because we were part of something that was quite new and radical and revolutionary with regards to original music in South Africa. The difficult thing has been to maintain that because you got to be current, you’ve got to keep busy, you’ve got to keep gigging and recording and just keep on being productive. I think cracking it in the beginning wasn’t so hard if you got something hot and new. Nowadays its quite a tough scene and I feel there has been an explosion because in all genres of music there’s some really, really good acts out there and I think now that we have a lot more access to music that is happening around the world from the big time pop hits to your more underground type of music. I think that the network is just so much greater now. So I think it’s tough now unless you just have something that’s fresh, and new and people pick up on it. I think what makes it difficult is when you don’t have sincerity on your side, like when you have the right song but the wrong format behind you or management or marketing etc. Or even radio not picking up on you, so a combination of that makes it harder than it used to be. So we shot to fame because it was a bit easier back then. But we also worked very hard to get where we are.

“there was a buzz in the industry that was quite undeniable and you kind of find that you were at the beginning of a music revolution”

You’re going on to your 17th anniversary with the band WONDERboom, how have you managed to stay together for so long especially with you doing all these other side projects? Well , we as band members all have different side projects so in a way we have taken our foot off the pedal, with 12 months it’s only been WONDERboom, we went from doing that to doing side projects but still keeping WONDERboom going, we will get together every few months and work on new recordings and new sounds. The gigs will still keep coming. But I think the biggest key is if I was relying solely on WONDERboom, I think we would all go mad. In this day and age it is sometimes silly to keep your eggs in one basket because we are such versatile characters. So I think the pressure has been taken off WONDERboom, solely bringing in the bread and butter every month. So it’s now just about us having fun. Essentially we are a band of brothers and we just dig hanging out together and we dig performing together. A conclusion we came to last year was when Martin was doing one of those musical productions for Idols and we were at a cross roads and we were asking ourselves what we are going to do, what kind of sound are we going to go for etc, and the conclusion we came to is, let’s forget about all the other stuff like the money and all that and lets just get together and have fun, that is the reason we are in a band and the reason why we started in the first place so let’s just have fun and jam together. There is something very magical when WONDERboom perform live and it is still happening to this day. The last couple of gigs that we had it felt like it was our Heyday again and I don’t think we will ever lose that. Is there any chance of a new album out in the future with WONDERboom? Yea, we’re working on new material, but we are nowhere close to determining when a new album will be out, it’s one of those things where we made the mistake in the past by sort of pin pointing a deadline and then because of unforeseen circumstances we haven’t been able to meet that deadline, but we are definitely working on new stuff, we feel the hunger and craving for it and I also think we feel very creative at the moment. I think a lot of what these side projects have done for us is it allowed us to release a lot of different sides to us that’s been hiding if we were just in WONDERboom, and by releasing all of those desires we have been experiencing new things for WONDERboom. I am really looking forward to the next few recordings. I must say I’m loving what you’re doing with Paul Flynn under the name Absinthe, what can you tell us about that project? You guys only do covers? Yes we only do covers. Years ago Paul and I were living quite close to each other; I was staying with Martin, Paul lived about five houses away. We would go visit each other have coffee and sit around chatting, and I think the one day I picked up the guitar and started playing tracks by my favorite artists and he also started jamming and then we were like, why don’t we do something different to our original band and lets just do covers but do them like Simon and Garfunkel. Let’s pull into a restaurant and just with our acoustic guitars and see what we can do, it started off with a fun thing being laid back and it’s been going on since 2004. What we found out was a lot of the music that we were influenced by originally was very mutual, a lot of the British 80’s 90’s Indie music and some of the USA stuff, we found when performing these songs together we had a very unique sound between our voices, with the whole strip down minimal guitar playing it kind of made it more laid back and pleasant to the ear, and just the cheek of taking songs that were already hits and making them our own was what amused us the most.

I think Absinthe’s version of Hallelujah is the best version I heard, because there are a few versions of it out there but Absinthe’s version is definitely the best Thank you man, yea there is a few versions of the song but I think there is no point of doing covers if they going to sound like the originals. Obviously the lyrics have to sound the same and certain elements of the song has to be the same but just the way we try to interpret it, we try to make it our own and different. Okay well you spoke about your different backgrounds etc, but what other influences did you have while growing up and even still today? OK well up until the age of 13 and 14 I was only really listening to classical, gospel and Spanish kind of music and also a bit of Salsa. I only started to get into rock music when I started listening to Christian rock towards the end of my teen years but then U2 was like my window drug band to the rest of the world kind of music, and then after that I was just U2 bef*k, and friends would tell me listen man you got to listen to other music, there is other cool bands out there. Then a friend of mine in high school started playing alternative music to me and I really started to love that sort of sound, it really grabbed me, so I got into the whole alternative rock

and I was heavy into the Doors and obviously a lot of the classic bands like Led Zeppelin etc so that is where the influence came from and I completely denied my Spanish roots, up until recently with El Cantante. With WONDERboom, Absinthe, the odd theatre production and your solo stuff, what does 2013 have in stall for Cito. I’m launching two projects this year, one is a sort of Gothic alternative electro thing but that is just going to be recording for now and then other than that I am launching a very exciting live band at the end of February which I cannot disclose because we’re doing the unveiling at an exclusive event but all I can say is “watch this space” because it’s going to be awesome and something completely unexpected. Thanx so much for doing this interview Cool pleasure man and thank you for doing this.

Interviewed by: Duwyne Clayton Photography by: Crystal Rees-Gibbs Photography & Paul David Photography

Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton

I was lucky enough to go attend the Linkin Park gig, a few months back when they were touring South Africa. Now, seeing Linkin Park was huge enough, but much to my delight there was an awesome opening band, I am talking about none other than Kongos. They have already been making big waves over the radio airwaves so it was awesome to be able to see them play live. And what a great live band they are. That is why I am so excited to be featuring them in this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s issue of Fanbase Music mag. KONGOS is a rock band of four brothers - Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Danny Kongos. Sons of British singer-songwriter John Kongos, they grew up in London and South Africa, and are now based in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy this interview, they are awesome!!!

Thank you for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Mag, Can you tell us where it all started as a band, you are all brothers?

“Lunatic” is the latest album in question, what was the process like of the song writing of that album and where did you get your inspiration from?

Thanks Fanbase, we all played music from a young age but only “officially” formed the band in 2003. In 2007, when we released our first album, we started to get more serious.

We all write individually but the collaboration comes when we take the song into the studio and flesh it out. We like to do it this way because it allows for a wide variety of sounds and songs to be on one album. We get inspiration from everything – relationships, nature, politics, other music.

Your band name is also your surname, how did that come about to use that as your band name, you didn’t have to put a few names in a hat lol? It was just easy to remember :) Where exactly is the band situated at the moment? We're based in Phoenix, Arizona. Can you tell me a little bit about each member in the band? Danny: 24, into photography and puns Dylan: 26, aggressively gardens Jesse: 29, likes baked beans on toast Johnny: 31, only reads the headlines of articles You had the amazing experience of opening up for Linkin Park; can you tell us how that experience was? It was incredible! We've never heard a roar from a crowd like we did when we first walked into the stadium. It was a hell of a way to end a tour and a great opportunity to get in front of a whole new crowd. What was Linkin Park like as a band and as people, were they down to earth and were you able to interact with the band much?

“Come with me now” has made it quite far on the 5fm charts, what can you tell us about the song writing of that song, what is that song about? That song was written by Johnny and originally was inspired by Kwaito music. This is Dylan answering these questions so you'll have to ask Johnny ;) “Hey I don’t know” music video has just been released, how has the response been? The response has been great! People have really enjoyed the different perspectives that the GoPro cameras gave. Where was that video shot? Almost entirely in SA – Oppikoppi, Joburg Day, Linkin Park shows etc. You have achieved so much in 2012, what does the band have installed for 2013? We are working on new material and more videos but we start the year off with a tour in Europe with DISPATCH and the UK with AWOLNATION. We're very excited about that! How can people get hold of you, do you have any sociable networks you want us to know about? They can reach us on our:

We actually didn't get to meet them.

Website –

You are an amazing live act, how much work goes into the build up for a gig?

Twitter - @kongosmusic

Thank you! We rehearse a lot, especially leading up to gigs or a tour but the biggest help in “honing our chops” was playing for 3-4 hours at a small club in Phoenix called “The Lost Leaf”.

Facebook – Youtube - /kongosmusic

Thank you so much for doing this interview.

“we are working on new material & more videos”

Big Concerts 2013 Big Concerts is gearing up for an even bigger year in 2013. Already confirmed for the first half of the year are tours by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rodriguez, Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Dralion’, Metallica, Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber. With tickets already sold out for Red Hot Chili Peppers, record stadium sales for Justin Bieber and nine Rodriguez tour dates added; CEO Attie Van Wyk commented, ‘We are extremely delighted with the start of 2013. We’ve never had such a kick-start to a year where we have 67 confirmed shows between February and July - ranging from rock/pop and family theatre to comedy. With over 600,000 tickets into the market it’s been a lot of hard work. Soon we will start making announcements for the second half of 2013, which looks to be a jam-packed touring season”. Tickets are still on sale for Cirque du Soleil Dralion, Metallica, Bon Jovi and a fourth and final Cape Town date has recentl y been added for Rodriguez on the 9th February. Stay tuned for more acts later in 2013. To keep up to date with the latest tour information go to or

2013 Calendar Red Hot Chili Peppers Johannesburg: 2nd February 2013 at FNB Stadium – SOLD OUT Cape Town: 5th February 2013 at Cape Town Stadium – SOLD OUT

Rodriguez Cape Town: 9th/10th/20th/21st February 2013 at Grand Arena, GrandWest. TICKETS ON SALE FOR 9 TH FEB ONLY Johannesburg: 12th/13th/15th/16th/18th February 2013 at Big Top Arena, Carnival City – SOLD OUT

Cirque du Soleil Dralion Cape Town: 5th to 10th March 2013 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest – TICKETS ON SALE Johannesburg: 21st to 24th March at the Coca-Cola Dome – TICKETS ON SALE

Metallica Cape Town: 24th April at Cape Town Stadium – TICKETS ON SALE Johannesburg: 27th April at FNB Stadoum – TICKETS ON SALE

Bon Jovi Cape Town: 7th May at Cape Town Stadium – TICKETS ON SALE Johannesburg: 11th May at FNB Stadium – TICKETS ON SALE

Justin Bieber Cape Town: 8th May at Cape Town Stadium – SOLD OUT Johannesburg: 12th May at Cape Town Stadium – SOLD OUT

Another BIG Concerts Experience: (, or

Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton Interviewed by: Duwyne Clayton

I was approached by Brad Cunningham after he heard my interview on the Breakfast Zone of Zone Radio. Now I haven’t heard of him or his band Cunning Brad Band before but in his writing to me I could already see he was a very passionate musician. I did a bit more research and even asked Zone Radio to play one of his songs so I could hear what his music was all about. Wow, I was blown away, passion isn’t all that this awesome musician shines out. He’s also very talented in what he does. I’m pretty excited about featuring him and his band. Read the interview below and get to know The Cunning Brad Band!!!

Thank you so much for doing this interview, where did it all start, did you come from a musical background? It’s a huge pleasure, thanks for the opportunity. Yes, my Mom was musical, she played piano accordion and piano and had huge artistic flair, my Dad however has never had much musical ability, but he is such a character and my ability to entertain comes from him. My first guitar that I started to learn on was literally scraped out of a school dust bin, bashed, battered and broken. My Dad who has always had craftsman hands glued I back together and that was it, I was totally hooked. Tell us about The Cunning Brad band. Who and what is Cunning Brad? The name is just a derivative of my name Brad Cunningham that came about while I was trying to open an email account. A young musician saw my business card and after seeing and said “Cunning Brad man, that’s a cool band name. What genre of music do you play? Multi-genre. I do steer towards the old school classic rock genre which is my favourite, but I cannot limit myself to just one genre. I just love music, I always say it can be sad, slow and melancholy or loud, fast and raucous, but if there is a melody, I will find something to appreciate. My songwriting normally comes from an inspired place so even though I refer to my original music as folk, blues, reggae and even African. In our cover repertoire you’ll hear, the obvious old school classic rock, but don’t be surprised if we toss in the mix a bit of light jazz, Motown, folk and country rock, with maybe even averse or two of Sinatra just thrown in for fun.

Do you still get nervous when you on stage? Not anymore, maybe just frustrated when I have technical hitches, maybe a little if there is a musician in the audience whose talent and ability I really respect, but even then, I’m confident and even more determined to strut my stuff. Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Um, haven’t thought of that, whoops!! I guess I should be doing vocal warm ups and guitar scales, but instead I find a beer and a Sambuca before the 1st set much more comforting….lol What is your biggest claim to fame? Fame????What the hell is that….lol Let me just refer to that which I am most proud of. I am so proud of my 2 albums thus far (‘Big Cigar’ and ‘Back to Life’) I am really hard on my song writing and incubate my songs for ages until I am happy enough to record and release them. My 3rdalbum is in preproduction as we speak. I am also proud of the 2 shows I wrote and performed ‘Back 2 Acoustix’ and ‘I Wanna Be a Rockstar.’ The times when people say that my music has moved them, made them cry or affected them positively, to me is a huge achievement. I pour every bit of my heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into my music, albums, shows, songs and performances and for that fact I am both proud and grateful.

Where do you get your song writing inspiration from? Well it isn’t dagga as a lot of people expect!! So that means I gotta plug in manually. If you listen to my material you will hear it comes from my life experiences, my family, my joys, my fears and I guess I wouldn’t be lying if I said my inspiration comes from my Maker. Playing with words is a huge passion of mine; I lovingly agonize over my lyrics, not only with rhyme, but with double meaning, symbolism and innuendo. If I have never been to one of your gigs, what could I expect? Unfortunately more covers than originals, but that’s just how it is for now I still love what I do. I reckon you could expect beefy vocals, gutsy guitar, howling harmonica and all around general madness. You could

see me grab a member of the audience’s finger and use it to play a guitar solo or get them to sing in the mike with me and if the bar counter looks strong enough, or there is something to swing on, you bet I’ll be on it. Where are some of the places you have gigged? Well, besides the normal pub and club scene, in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. I have even performed in Cairo, Egypt. We have performed in many festivals like KKNK, Aardklop and Innibos to name a few. We have performed at venues like Monte Casino, Carnival City, Emerald Casino, Gold Reef City, Firkin and the Rhapsody’s chain of Restaurants. Theatres include The Performer, West End, Rustic, Bulawayo, Lyric, Globe and many of the Barnyard Theatres throughout S.A.

“I am so proud of my two albums thus far”

You have been play listed on Zone Radio, just how important is it to have radio stations like this that support S.A music so well? Yes Zone Radio amongst others have been kind enough to playlist me. It’s hugely important to have stations supporting local musicians, not only is it a great way of exposure but it also puts us in the good books of The S.A. Music Rights Organization that gives us membership and allows us to earn royalties on that airplay. I have also found that it is these smaller community stations that are always keen to playlist aspiring artists and I commend them all hugely on this, so I say to all you radio listeners out there, if ever you want to “stick it to the man” please tune in and support the stations like Zone Radio as they support a much broader scope of local musicians. You mentioned about your albums earlier on, can you tell us about those albums and do you have other places where we can listen to your music? Absolutely YES. Two official albums to date the first being “Big Cigar” and the second being “Back to Life” The third is in the pipeline as it is still in the preproduction stage. I have posted my music on many sites, like My Space, Reverbnation and Soundcloud, but I guess the most accessible site would be the ‘Cunning Brad’ page on Facebook. Check it out, because here you will be able to see my music videos and download my music for FREE. brad.cunningham.161?ref=tn_tnmn#!/ pages/CUNNING-BRAD/17615659385? sk=app_6452028673 How can people get hold of you? Social Medias? The easiest way to get hold of me would be to visit my website at that will get you phone numbers and an email address, as well as ringtones and videos, however if you can’t wait to contact us then just mail me at With great reverence and humility I wish to thank all my friends, fans, colleagues and family who have helped and supported me thus far and of course great gratitude to everyone at Fanbase Music Magazine for featuring us in this issue, long may we all prosper. Much love and peace to you all. Brad

HOLI ONE Colour Festival SA Announces Johannesburg Festival Details 6th April 2013 | Emmarentia Dam Something colourful is on its way!

After the announcement that the HOLI ONE Colour Festival will be launching in South Africa, with the first event scheduled for Cape Town on the 2nd of March 2013, people were asking ‘When is this coming to Johannesburg?’ The excitement surrounding this event is tangible, and we are proud to announce the details for the first-ever HOLI ONE Colour Festival in Johannesburg! The event will take place on Saturday, the 6th of April at Emmarentia Dam, from 12:00 – 20:00. Expect a day of top electronic dance music artists, exhilarating energy, and last but not least, throwing the colourful HOLI ONE powder in the air (and at each other) on the hour, every hour, from 13:00 onwards. Throwing the powder not only creates an amazing visual experience for all those attending, but also expresses freedom and the colour of everyday life. The motto for the HOLI ONE Colour Festival is ‘We Are All One’ which encompasses the passion and showcases the diversity that our beautiful country represents. Inspired by the original Holi Festival in India, the day is a huge fun-filled celebration of music and dancing, and has no religious aspects connected to it, but shares the same values in bringing people together in love and peace. The festival concept has quickly gained popularity worldwide with colour festivals springing up in Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Hannover, the USA and Singapore. The HOLI ONE coloured powders are safe, water soluble, completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If you would like to take part in the festivities, make sure you get your hands on the hottest ticket in town! Artist line-up to be announced soon!

2nd March 2013 – Cape Town, Grand Parade – 12pm – 10pm 6th April 2013 – Johannesburg, Emmarentia Dam – 12pm – 8pm Cape Town: Twitter: @holioneSA General Admission: R190 from Webtickets: General Admission including powder (5 colours): R290 from Webtickets: Gate Price excluding powder: R250 at the entrance of the festival. Powder will also be sold separately at the event for R20/100g. Five different colours are available to choose from. Event Info: Facebook: Johannesburg: Issued on behalf of Seed Experiences by One-eyed Jack. FOR MEDIA ACCREDITATION, IMAGES AND INTERVIEWS contact Mike Pocock at One-eyed Jack: +27 82 294 0946 or +27 21 462 0016. ADDITIONAL NOTES CLEANING: Environmental Credentials: Seed Experiences has won numerous leading environmental awards for the work they do in producing Rocking the Daisies and would ensure the same principles apply to HOLI ONE with a robust clean up operations plan in place. Winner of the Climate Change Leadership Award 2009 & 2010 Winner of the Eco-Logic Award "Climate Change" 2011 Winner of the Eco-Logic Awards - "Transport" & "Recycling" awards in 2012 Finalist in "transport" category, Eco-Logic Awards 2011 Finalist in Mail & Guardian Future Greening Awards 2012 Entered into the International Greener Festivals Award 2012

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS SOUTH AFRICA 2013 Big Concerts have confirmed that multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform live for the first time ever in South Africa. The tour is scheduled for Saturday 2nd February at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg and then Tuesday 5th February at Cape Town Stadium. One of the most successful acts in rock history, Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards, including “Best Rock Album” for Stadium Arcadium, “Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group” for “Dani California, “Best Rock Song” for “Scar Tissue,” and “Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal” for “Give It Away.” The band holds the record for the most No. 1 singles of all time at Alternative radio, a total of 11, and a combined 81 weeks at No. 1. They have also won 8 MTV Video Music Awards. In April 2012 the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their newest release, I’m With You, was produced by Rick Rubin, who has produced the band’s previous five albums, 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, 2002’s By The Way, 1999’s Californication, 1995’s One Hot Minute, and 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Both ‘Californication’ and ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ have ranked in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest albums of all time. ‘I’m With You’ was mixed by Andrew Scheps and Greg Fidelman and features the hit single ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ and latest release ‘Brendan’s Death Song’. Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, will perform live for the first time in South Africa. They will be supported by local zef rave group Die Antwoord. Tickets go on public sale via all Computicket channels for the Johannesburg performance on Wednesday 29th August, followed by Cape Town the following day (Thursday 30th August). The tour is presented by 5FM and M-Net. Another Big Concerts Experience.

Johannesburg – presented by 5FM and M-Net

Cape Town – presented by 5FM and M-Net

2nd February 2013

5th February 2013

The Soccer City, Complex, FNB Stadium

Cape Town Stadium

Tickets from R315 – R715

Tickets from R215 – R665

Tickets go on sale Johannesburg: Wednesday 29 th August at 9am Cape Town: Thursday 30th August at 9am or from Computicket Call Centres 0861.915.8000 or any Shoprite/Checkers outlet

TOUR PARTNERS 5fm: MNET: Another BIG Concerts Experience: (, or

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS The Muffinz added as Johannesburg support Big Concerts today confirmed that Johannesburg Eclectic Soul Trip group The Muffinz will be added to the line-up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Johannesburg only. They will perform along with Die Antwoord on Saturday 2nd February at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg. The Muffinz began in 2010 when Mthae, Simz and Atomza met while singing in the University of Johannesburg choir. They decided to call themselves The Muffinz explains Mthae: ‘We wanted a name that would be remembered, something catchy but a name that people would want to find out more about. Plus, we all come from different backgrounds musically and so we all bring different ingredients – as in the ingredients in a muffin’. By April 2011 Skabz and Keke had joined the band and they found a residency in the suburb of Melville. They released their debut album in May 2012 called ‘Have you Heard?’ produced by Robin Kohl, Tebogo Moloto and Leroy Croft. Their awards include the 2012 Standard Bank Ovation, the Feather Award for musicians of the year and the ImpACT award for music and singing.

One of the most successful acts in rock history, Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multiplatinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards, including “Best Rock Album” for Stadium Arcadium, “Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group” for “Dani California, “Best Rock Song” for “Scar Tissue,” and “Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal” for “Give It Away.” The band holds the record for the most No. 1 singles of all time at Alternative radio, a total of 11, and a combined 81 weeks at No. 1. They have also won 8 MTV Video Music Awards. In April 2012 the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The tour is presented by 5FM and M-Net. Another Big Concerts Experience.

Johannesburg – presented by 5FM and M-Net 2nd February 2013 – SOLD OUT The Soccer City, Complex, FNB Stadium Tickets from R315 – R715

Cape Town – presented by 5FM and M-Net 5th February 2013 – SOLD OUT Cape Town Stadium Tickets from R215 – R665 This document serves to give you all the information you will need in order to ensure that you have a comfortable experience at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Show Date: Saturday 2nd February 2013 Venue: FNB Stadium City: Johannesburg Gates Open: 17:00 The Muffinz: 19.00 – 19.30 Die Antwoord: 19:45 – 20:30 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: 21:00 – 22.40 Please note that support artists and times are subject to change without notice. We have split this document into three sections to help you with any queries you might have about attending the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert: 1)

Before the concert


Getting to the concert


At the concert

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS EXTRA TICKETS ON SALE NOW Big Concerts today confirmed that additional tickets have been made available for fans wanting to attend the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Johannesburg on the 2 nd February 2013 at FNB Stadium. The concert has been sold out since it went on sale in August 2012 however due to additional production sight lines a limited amount of certain tickets have been made available. Fans can now purchase:  seated tickets in block 102 and block 124 (restricted view) priced R515 from Computicket  a dry hire suite ticket for R400 – this is a seat only offer in a private suite with no amenities,  a ticket in the Hi-Sense Vision Club for R600 which is a seat in a large shared suite with access to a private cash bar. To purchase tickets please visit Computicket or Offer valid while stocks last. Tour Itinerary

Johannesburg – presented by 5FM and M-Net 2nd February 2013 FNB Stadium

Cape Town – presented by 5FM and M-Net 5th February 2013 Cape Town Stadium

BEFORE THE CONCERT Can I purchase tickets at the Stadium? NO tickets will be available for purchase or collection from the stadium box office. Can I resell my tickets or use it for commercial purposes such as advertising, promotional competitions or to promote the sales of other goods and services? Tickets cannot be resold or offered for resale (including on-line auction sites) or used for commercial purposes including advertising, promotional competitions, or to promote the sales of other goods and services. If this condition is breached the ticket may be cancelled without refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused entry. Is it safe to buy someone elseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tickets? In order to be certain that your ticket is not counterfeit/fake you should purchase it directly from Computicket only. Our security staff are trained in spotting counterfeits, and even though you might believe that you purchased a legitimate ticket from a tout/friend/ gumtree you might find yourself denied entry into the venue (without a refund), or even arrested for possession of a fake ticket voucher. If the tickets are lost or stolen will they be replaced? Should you have lost or misplaced your ticket, please contact Computicket customer service PRIOR to the show date. Tickets are considered legal tender and as such we cannot replace or refund lost or stolen tickets at the venue. GETTING TO THE CONCERT Gates will open at 17:00 and the show will start on time. As the transport and entry systems will be pressured with this very large crowd, fans are strongly encouraged to allow enough transport and entry time so as not to miss any of the show. There are two options in place for fans attending the concert: Park n Ride Tickets are R120.00 per ticket (return) from Park & Ride facilities for RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS music concert from Northgate Shopping Centre, Birchwood Hotel- Boksburg, Menlyn Shopping Centre, Emerald Casino, Royal Elephant Hotel / Conference Centre or Silverstar Casino All Park n Ride facilities will open at 13h00, first bus to leave at 14h00 and the last bus at 16h00 except for Northgate Shopping Centre at 16h30. Depending on the facility, there will be no additional payment at any of the park-and-ride facilities and you are NOT EXPECTED to pay any security or parking attendance staff. 30 Minutes after the show buses will leave the stadium for the Park n Ride centres as and when each bus reaches capacity with the last bus no later than 1 hour. Parking at the stadium A limited number of parking tickets within Soccer City precinct are available from Computicket. Please remember to car pool if you have purchased a parking ticket. If you DO NOT have a parking ticket you will not be allowed near the FNB Stadium. Is there disabled parking? Yes. Disabled fans in possession of a Disabled Parking Ticket will be directed to parking conveniently situated close to the stadium entrance. These parking tickets can be purchased from Computicket. How do I get to FNB Stadium? Please do not attempt to approach the stadium by car, unless you are in possession of a Computicket issued parking ticket. Roads into FNB Stadium precinct will be closed from 06:00am on Saturday 2nd February, and you will not be allowed entry unless you have the prerequisite parking ticket. AT THE CONCERT What are the gate opening and closing times? Gates are expected to open at 17:00 and fans are strongly encouraged to arrive early. The concert will end before midnight. Is there a support act? Yes. The Muffinz and Die Antwoord ( see above) Are there pass-outs from the venue? No. Once you exit the gates (after entry) you will not be permitted to re-enter. If I have standing tickets which gates shall I go to? All field standing ticket holders must go to Gate M on the South West side of the Stadium. Field standing ticket holders will then collect armbands which will allow then access into the stadium. If I have seated tickets which gates shall I go to? Seated ticket holders enter through Gate C, K and H. What should I bring with me on the day? Ticket(s), adequate cash, mobile phones (with charged battery), photo ID as proof that you are 18+ years of age (if you intend to consume alcohol), suitable clothing and footwear.

There are no ATM machines within the venues. Will the concert go ahead if it rains? Yes the concert will go ahead come rain or shine. Is the concert a non-smoking space? Absolutely – in terms of smoking legislation smoking is strictly not-permitted unless in designated smoking areas. Will I be searched on arrival? Yes, you will be subject to a personal search and/or search of your personal possessions at the time of entry to the venue. If you refuse to comply with a security check will you be denied entry? Security procedures are in effect for your own safety and as a consequence you will be requested to submit to a search of your person and/ or property. Failure to comply will mean you will be prevented from entering the event. What are the consequences to disruptive and offensive behavior? Appropriate standards of behavior are expected of all fans attending the event and persons deemed to be behaving in a manner that is dangerous or unacceptable will be refused admission and/or removed from the venue with no refund on the ticket. Are activities such as stage diving, moshing, climbing and crowd surfing allowed? Activities such as ‘stage diving’, ‘moshing’, ‘climbing’ and ‘crowd surfing’ are strictly prohibited for your own safety. To be served alcohol do I need a valid ID? Patrons wishing to consume alcohol must have a valid Photo ID in order to prove that they are above the legal age to consume alcohol. We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to under 18s and intoxicated persons. Will alcohol be available at the venue? Yes there is a full bar facility in operation selling Beers and Ciders (NO hard liquor is available). The bars will begin operation when the gates are opened and will cease one hour prior to the end of the performance, unless otherwise instructed by the safety and security officials. Is there a lost property area? If you find property that someone else has lost, we request that you hand this to one of the security managers at the main pedestrian entrance. All lost items are can be identified and collected from the Big Concerts office.

Can I take pictures of the performance? Professional photographic, audio and video equipment is prohibited in order to prevent unauthorised infringement on the publishing, music and other rights owned by the artist. You will not be allowed to capture the show unless you are an accredited photographer/videographer with a recognised publication or media owner. Non-Professional cameras are acceptable however ipads and tablets are not allowed. Where can I get a backstage pass? You can’t, unless you’re part of the working staff employed at Big Concerts. And why would you want one anyway – it’s not as glamorous as it seems. Can I bring my young child with me? Yes, but it is your responsibility to provide children with proper hearing protection – these concerts are very loud. Minimum age may vary. Tickets for children are charged at full price regardless of their age. What bathroom facilities are there available? There will be ample toilet facilities onsite including facilities appropriate to the mobility impaired. For fans that arrive early at the stadium, we will ensure that toilet facilities, as well as food and beverages are available. Is there food available to purchase? Yes there is a wide selection of food available to purchase, both within the stadium and outside in the queuing areas. Is there Mobile Phone Coverage? As a consequence of the high attendance at this show, there is likely to be congestion across the mobile phone networks and therefore coverage will be extremely limited. What if I injure myself - is there medical personnel/first aid available? Yes, there are medical personnel on site. Directional signage will guide you to these facilities. Ushers and security are clearly marked and are able to assist you at any point. Is there wheelchair/special needs access? At every Big Concerts we work to ensure that access is as easy as possible for concert goes requiring assistance, including the provision of facilities for the mobility impaired to aid the enjoyment of the concert. For the best possible service please email for direct assistance.

Will there be merchandise available? Yes, a large range of tour merchandise will be available to purchase within the stadium. Will I be able to withdraw cash from an ATM on site? Unfortunately, due to the risks of carrying cash on site, there is no ATM located at the venue. We suggest therefore that you bring sufficient cash with you in order to purchase food, beverages and merchandise. What items are you not allowed to bring into the venue? Glass bottles or containers or other heavy and/or sharp objects , which could potentially be used as projectiles (excluding sunglasses, binoculars and prescription or reading glasses) Any illegal drugs Skateboards, scooters, roller blades or bicycles Knives, weapons of any nature or fireworks Any object that could be used to distract, hinder or interfere with any performer including laser pointers and flashlights Flags with poles, large flags or banners that may obstruct the view of other patrons Any whistle, horn, musical instrument, loud hailer, public address system Digital, electronic or other recording or broadcast device Any item that you intend to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes No animals apart from authorised guide/companion dogs Any dangerous goods and any other items by management to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance Professional cameras or video recorders Umbrellas Braais Camping Chairs Cooler Boxes Food and refreshments (including soft drinks and alcohol) which will be available for sale inside the concert. AND MOST OF ALL â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ENJOY THE SHOW.

Joe Matera is an Australian solo instrumental artist and rock guitarist. As a 20 + year veteran of countless original and covers outfits, his impressive playing CV includes, being lead guitarist in Australian rock outfit GEISHA (2007 - 2010) and founding lead guitarist for classic rock band DOUBLE VISION (2003 - 2008). He has also contributed guitar sound to a number of various projects and recordings, one of which include being guest guitar soloist on legendary UK Metallers Atomkraft's scorching cover of Thin Lizzy's 'Cold Sweat'. He has also worked with legendary US producer Tom Werman (Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, Poison) who produced two tracks for his former band Geisha. Both recordings feature his electric guitar playing. But this is just a drop in the ocean of what this musician is and has achieved, read the interview and get to know this musician, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be disappointed - he is awesome!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for doing this interview, where did it all start, did you come from a musical background? It all started for me at the age of four when I heard the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album that was in my parent’s vinyl collection. I didn’t come from a musical family as such, - my parents emigrated from Italy to Australia a few years before I was born- but music was always heard around the house. My parents had a good collection of records in the home that ranged in stylistic variety from vaudeville to the latest Italian pop records that my mother would purchase at a local import shop. Then when I hit my early teenage years, it all became serious for me. The rock music of the day and which I was listening to, really spoke to my heart. That’s when I knew what I wanted to do with my life; play guitar and be a professional musician. But it took many years of hard work and paying my dues, to finally reach the level where I am at today. What genre of music do you classify yourself in? I would best describe my music as melodic rock instrumentals and melodic vocal songs. For me the most important element in music is the melody, something that is catchy and connects with listeners and keeps them interested. If the song evokes something in you and has a melody then it has achieved its goal. Do you have an album out, and what can you tell us about it? Yes I do, my latest album is the recently released Creature Of Habit. It’s a guitar driven instrumental album that also includes a rock vocal track ‘Fallen Angel’. The vocal track has connected with a lot of people so it’s encouraged me to write and record more vocal tracks in the future. ‘Fallen Angel’ has just been released as a CD single for Europe. Where is the album available or how can people hear it? The album is released through European label W.A.R Productions (the label I am signed to) that operates out of Linz, Austria. It’s available in selected stores in some countries, but the best way to get it is via my website or via CD Baby or if you want a digital version, then any digital outlet such as iTunes. Where do you get your song writing inspiration from? Inspiration comes from a variety of different places, from life itself and day to day experiences to literary influences to even the music that I may be listening to.

Though I am first and foremost a guitarist, I am always about the song, and the bigger picture. A lot of times I can be noodling around on the guitar and a song idea will pop out. Who are your main influences? I have a variety of influences, but a lot of it comes from the classic rock bands and guitarists from the 70s such as Boston’s Tom Scholz, Ace Frehley from KISS, Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd, Brian May and even far

“it all started for me at the age of four” back as Hank Marvin from The Shadows. You are Australian; it is so cool to be featuring an Aussie in Fanbase Music mag, what can you tell us about the Aussie music scene? Is it as hard as it is for South Africa to get your music noticed? Yes it is very hard, though I think the situation is the same today everywhere due to the way the industry has changed so much over the past ten years. It’s a very competitive scene in Australia, and the avenues available for exposure is very limited. One just needs to just take a look at music history and see a long list of Australian acts that have gone abroad in order to achieve any sense of progress, success and recognition for their work . If I have never been to one of your gigs, what could I expect? You can expect to hear some very cool guitar driven melodic music and songs, and a strong animated stage presence and performance. There is no staring at the shoelaces stances for me. It’s about putting on a show as well and giving the audience the total live experience; basically pure rock and roll energy underscored by a feel good, happy vibe. Do you still get nervous when you on stage? It is normal to feel the flutter of butterflies in the stomach before a gig as it’s a sign of anticipation and prepares you for when adrenaline finally kicks in. I don’t get nervous onstage. I have performed hundreds of live shows in my 25 year playing career, so for me it’s more of a case of I can’t wait to get out there do the show.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? I usually just have a drink, and will pick up my guitar and do some warm-up finger exercises on the fret board, but there is nothing really ritualistic that I stick to. Can you list some of your achievements so far? I am always setting new goals to achieve, but achievement musical wise so far, it’s been etching out a successful solo career after I left my previous band in 2010, signing to a European label, having released two CDs and venturing on my first ever European tour in late 2012. Those have been my biggest career achievements thus far. How can people get hold of you? Social medias? I am very accessible and have a high presence on the internet and via social media, I have an up-to-date website as well as am on Facebook, where fans are free to send me Facebook friend requests. I am contactable via both mediums. And now, probably the most important question of this interview, who is better at sports, South Africa or Australia? To be honest I am not really a sporting person. Music takes up most of my every waking hour. I don’t get time to actually watch or see any sports so any answer I give you would not have any sense of authentication to it. Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton


Wild Eastern Arches

Thank you so much for doing this interview, where did it all start as a band? It started out as two people with a similar musical vision, which is usually the case we guess. We went through a few stages, with band members coming and going, and finally settled in the form weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in now, about a year and a half ago. Can you tell us the story behind your band name? There isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really a literal story behind it. We threw around words and their connotations that we felt we identified with and that combination of words and their imagery felt good, so we stuck with it. How would you describe your music, what genre would you classify it in? We suppose it's the closest to psychedelic music. Experimental music would also fit, but it's hard to classify it seeing we all draw inspiration from various musical backgrounds. Psychedelic music would be the vessel where we all connect. Tell us a bit about each member of the band? Assuming about what we do other than the band rather than a detailed character sketch of each of our personalities? Raoul is the tattoo artist. Jack is a graphic designer, hence all our posters etc. Dan still studies, Patrick is an account executive and Ben manages a local market.

Did you all come from a musical background? We all played in different bands at earlier stages in our lives. Who is the song writer in the band and where do you get your inspiration from? We write the songs together, the tunes usually pop up in studio when weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re playing together and improvising, feeding off of each other. The lyrics are usually written a little later when a rough structure is finalized.

If I have never been to one of your gigs, what could I expect? We'd like to believe and try to create a journey and complete experience when it comes to our performance musically and visually. We would be very happy if our audiences experience the same journey as we do on stage through every song. Take every note and sound in to their core. There is nothing better than a band and an audience sharing the same state of mind. Do you still get nervous when you on stage? Depending on the show, but definitely a little. A few drinks always take the edge off.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Not really, but maybe trying not to take the edge off too much.

“there is a certain mystical uncertainty about nature and how it affects one”

You have just released an EP called ‘Mountain’, what can you tell us about that album? 'Mountain' was recorded live at Coffee Stained Vinyl and mastered by Johnny Tex. For the type of music we play, we try and play a lot with dynamics and the best way to capture moments where it comes into play, live recording compliments it best. You can download the album on our Bandcamp page: Where did you find the inspiration for the E.P? We never wanted to put too much planning into the EP, we felt we had try and take what we have created and lay it down as it is. The inspiration for the EP would be the inspiration to every track we create, which we're not even sure what exactly that is. Why the name ‘Mountain’ for this album? There's a certain mystical uncertainty about nature and how it affects one. The way nature can alter your inner being could maybe be a parallel to what we strive for in/with our music. Nature being such a powerful and gigantic compound of beauty, we felt 'Mountain' captured it best as an album name. Is this your first recording work as a band? Yes, it's our debut album. How can people get hold of you? Social media? We're on Facebook (, Twitter (@WE_Arches) and our album 'Mountain' can be found on Bandcamp.

“and in other news! “ AS I LAY DYING pull out of Ramfest As you may know “ As I lay Dying” has pulled out of Ramfest 2013. We have an exclusive letter from the band to their fans explaining and apologizing To our South African Fans, We regret that we will not be able to perform at this year's RAMFest. This is a direct result of scheduling conflicts and should no way be misread as a lack of desire to play in your country. When we learned of our upcoming year's incongruous timetable, we immediately sought to reschedule for later in 2013. Hopefully those wheels in motion will bring us to you soon. On a side note, we couldn't help but notice how livid some of you are. I mean we're talking some serious RAGE. This consequently does TWO different things for us: 1) Kinda bums us out because it wasn't a decision we personally made because we didn't want to play for you guys. 2) It actually makes us look forward to returning, as it seems you guys are extremely passionate people. Our hope is that those currently with the most extreme amount of anger give themselves some time to cool off, and then come to one of our rescheduled shows to take it out in the pit. Nothing like blowing off some steam in a mosh friendly atmosphere. Anyway the point is that we're sorry to disappoint you guys, but we will return soon enough. Love,


SLASH Well well well, if all goes to plan we will be seeing guitarist extraordinaire Slash visiting our South African shores in the near future, that is if Slash’s Facebook status is anything to go by. On the date of January 8, 2013, Slash status said the following, and I quote “Btw, don't think I haven't tried to get S Africa booked, I have. It's going to happen on the next album cycle, I sh*t u not. iiii]; )' Could this mean he will be touring South Africa soon? Even though they didn’t get to visit us in the last tour, it sure seems like Slash is doing everything he can to make it on the next album cycle tour. Man oh man that would be awesome. Slash shot to fame as the original lead guitarist for Guns Roses back in the late 80’s and early 90’s… After the band had too many disagreements, Slash left the band and went on to pursue a number of successful projects such as Velvet revolver who included ex guns and roses members such as Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum, alongside Dave Kushner formerly of punk band Wasted Youth and Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland. Slash has been involved in a number of projects after that and one being under his own name Slash playing alongside musicians such as Myles Kennedy (vocals) Todd Kerns (bass), Brent Fitz (drums), And that is the band in question that he is planning on getting to visit our shores in the near future. It’s pretty much all up in the air at the moment but you can bet your Gibson guitar that if more news comes from this story, Fanbase music mag will be right there to report it back to you.

DJ Ashba explains & defends Guns n Roses After taking a few knocks in recent years for appearing on stage late, but one of the main reasons for that occurrence is the production value that they’re bringing to audiences around the world. New Guns N Roses Guitarist DJ Ashba tells Australia’s Yahoo7 News that the production issues are a common reason for the delay in getting the band to the stage. “We have a huge rig and pyrotechnics so often it’s the case of fitting all that into the venue. Our number one priority is to make the shows safe. He further explains. (The criticism from fans on social media] kills us as a band because we’re not doing any of this on purpose. Our main goal is to go and give the fans a show they will never forget and we understand how expensive tickets are. We take that into account and when we do hit the stage, it’s almost impossible to get us off.” Front man Axl Rose has also gotten flack in recent years about being the reason the band get on the stage late. DJ Ashba explains “I think a lot of people and the press tries to blow it up and say he’s an a**hole, but everyone can be an a**hole if you get them on the wrong day. One thing people don’t seem to get is that he’s genuinely funny and he’s always joking around and telling stories to make people laugh. I always say that if he wasn’t a musician, he’d be a great comedian. I wish the world could see that side of him because it’s the opposite of what people have branded in their brains.” Even though Ashba is one of the last members to join the current Guns N’ Roses lineup, he says that Rose has done nothing but treat his band mates like gold since he started. He adds, “He lets us write our own solos and gives everybody their time to shine on stage and I think that says a lot about who he is. He has no problem sharing the spotlight; in fact he quite likes it.” Guns N’ Roses will next take the stage this March in Australia.

Amy Winehouse death ruled caused from alcohol poisoning There were speculations after Amy Winehouse death that it might have been caused by too much alcohol or drug taking. It is no secret that Amy Winehouse struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for most part of her short career. Autopsy results have finally revealed that large amounts of alcohol found in her body was the reason that fatefully took her life almost 2 years ago. It is reported that she had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416 mg per decilitre (of blood) and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death, coroner Suzanne Greenway told the Telegraph. There was no sign of illegal drugs in the results, as most allegations originally reported on. Amy Winehouse’ death is very sad and we can only hope she is in a better place, The “try to make me go to rehab” singer joins the 27 club of musicians who at the age of 27 have all passed away. Such musicians in the 27 club are Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix amongst other big names. If you, or know of someone who suffers with alcohol or drug abuse, you can seek help by getting in contact with “The City’s Alcohol and Drug helpline” who will refer you to the most suitable treatment service providers according to individual circumstances.

Korn ex guitarist Brian “head” Welch names new band name Former Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch marks a new beginning with the announcement that his band will now go by the name Love & Death. “I put this band together in 2009” states Welch. “Since then, we've experienced some very intense highs and lows. Michael Valentine, Dan Johnson, JR Bareis and myself have toured around the world playing a lot of killer shows, but we've also had some heart shattering difficulties along the way as well. To us, the name "Love and Death" symbolizes everything we've been through as a band over the last few years. We love this band so much and we'll go through hell to connect with our fans. We've proven that to ourselves over and over again.” With Love & Death, the music now lives under it’s own banner. “Many people have confused my speaking dates and our band dates because they were both being booked as Brian Head Welch” says Welch. “I have wanted to go to a band name for branding my music for a few years. It has been an ongoing discussion with my management, but we were just starting to tour and I was in the middle of supporting my third book and it seemed like a bad time to switch brands. Now with the new music coming out, its time to really separate the things I do. I want the music to be about music. I will still be doing public speaking under Brian Head Welch. I am happy that all the confusion will be over.” Love & Death formed when Welch decided to have band try outs on YouTube in 2009. “I picked the guys and then had a jam session in Phoenix” says Welch. “Over the last couple of years, there have been a few line up changes as we went through normal growing pains. The current band has been together and touring for a while now and they are a big part of the new music and the future of this new brand.” The band’s latest single “Paralyzed” is already #5 on the BDS rock chart (the single was released under the name Brian Head Welch). “Paralyzed” was produced by Jason Rauch (Red, Breaking Benjamin) and mixed by Lee Bridges (Third Day, Newsboys). “‘Paralyzed’ was one of the first songs co-written with Producer Jason Rauch” states Welch. “He came to me with the idea and we both dove into it until it was all there. Jason is really helping me get back to crushing riffs. My first solo CD was an experimental album so the riffs were definitely lacking. Today's a new day and I'm excited about the future. ‘Paralyzed’ is only a taste of what's to come.” After becoming a Christian, Welch left the band Korn in 2005 to focus on life as a father and to kick his drug habit and to pursue his own solo career. He released his debut Christian album Save Me from Myself, in 2008. Find Brian’s band Love and death on facebook :!/LoveandDeathMusic

THRONE PULL OUT OF PURIFY “HAIL SUICIDE” TOUR—Durban leg of tour Heavy metal Christian band, Throne have decided to pull out of the Purify-Hail Suicide Durban leg of the tour due to a Purify music video making its round on YouTube. Throne, who was going to be a support act for the tour decided that as a Christian band (although they do respect all religions creeds and beliefs and are open minded), could just not support a band that thinks it’s okay to attack and literally rape a woman on stage. The Video shows a woman getting pulled by the hair on stage and her clothes ripped off while the band take turns at spitting and beating her, although the word is that this act was staged and planned before the gig, the meaning and disgust behind it isn’t right and thus Throne making the decision to pull out of the tour… As Chief Editor of Fanbase music mag I would like to congratulate Throne on this decision and we as a mag stand by their decision also. In a recent press release, Throne had this to say to their fans and the press: To all of our fans, friends, and fellow musicians - It is with great disappointment that we have decided not to support Purify on the Durban leg of their ''Hail Suicide'' tour. Due to recent events that have come to light, we have decided that it will not be in our best interests or in the interest of our fans to take part in this tour. Staged or not, we do not support nor condone, in fact, we strongly oppose the actions taken in the ''Hands of Apocalypse'' video that has been making the rounds on YouTube. This video is disgusting and promotes both violence and sexual abuse against women and we feel that it will only further damage an already struggling alternative scene, when it has already been labelled as vulgar, violent, and negatively influential. As our Durban fans and fellow musicians know, the metal/ alternative scene has done more than its fair share to promote charities, and raise both money and awareness against abuse of any nature. THRONE, as you are all well aware, is a Christian band and although we are open-minded, and very accepting of people of all faiths, creeds and religions, we will not condone these actions. We know this may seem unprofessional, but as a band we must make a stand against what we believe is wrong. We hope that you will support us in this, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming shows!

Gerald Clark to take local and foreign audiences across Black Water Having recently launched his album ‘Black Water’ on our sunny shores, Gerald Clark is now ready to introduce live audiences both locally and abroad to his inimitable, foot-tapping gritty blues. Locally Clark will be performing in a headlining slot at the BIG Blues Music Festival in Kleinmond on Saturday, 2 March (21:30), after which our favourite muso will be packing up his guitar and heading over the pond to the Czech Republic to give them a taste of our homegrown talent over the course of a three-week tour. Some of his performances in the Czech Republic will include: 12 March 2013 - Jazz Dock, Prague 15 March 2013 - Club Andaluzja, Poland 22 March 2013 - Echo of Blues Alive Festival (17th anniversary) 23 March 2013 - Jazzinec Jazz Festival (15th anniversary), playing alongside such greats as Erik Truffaz and Anna Aaron (F/CZ), the Paul Lieberman Quartet (USA/CZ), Frank Gambale Natural High Trio (USA) and the Benson McGlashan Jazz Trio (USA, CAN, CZ) 27 March 2013 - Piestany, West Slovakia No need to fret though, Clark is already hard at work recording his next album (Gerald's ‘Country Soul’ venture) which will be launched as soon as he is back on SA soil. This expertly crafted work is being polished to a high sheen and promises to introduce a wider than ever audience to Gerald Clark's exceptional talent. Social media links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Media contact: For more information, high res images and/or interview requests with Gerald Clark please contact Ice Carstens at

Up the Creek Music Festival brought to you by 4th Street, Swellendam: 31st January – 3rd February 2013. Up the Creek 2013 Line Up Running Order: We’re super excited to share the running order of the bands for Up the Creek 2013 with you. This year’s line up will have you dancing in your party shoes all weekend long! In typical Up the Creek tradition we will be running live music on 3 stages throughout the weekend: The 4th Street Main Stage, the MK river stage, and the late night Rolling Stone stage. Also look out for the new addition down at the river this year: the BOS acoustic river stage will be keeping things flowing between sets.

Pull in on Thursday, 31st January for a chilled out preview gig at the Rolling Stone SA stage. You can choose the best spot for your tent and kick-start the weekend’s carousing. The place will be cooking by the time the rest of your friends arrive. The bands and artists performing to kickstart the weekend on Thursday night are: Saintfearless, The Swingsetters, ISO, Piet Botha, the Lizard Kings, Tombstone Pete and Dave Ferguson. Rolling Stone SA Magazine will be showcasing up and coming bands on Friday afternoon. Be sure to arrive early to catch performances by Crimson House Blues, Ballistic Blues and Long Time Citizen. Comedian Nik Rabinowitz will take the stage at 18h00 to woo and welcome all. What better way to switch gear and get into the full swing of the weekend than by having some of SA`s most popular and talented female artists making waves on the 4th Street Main Stage. The line up for Friday night is themed: Up the Creek`s Tribute to Women and it includes performances by SAARKIE, Tailor, Machineri, Karen Zoid and BEAST. Saturday morning`s cup of coffee will be with Lucy Kruger and Shotgun Tori and then you can move down to the river for the Anything That Floats Competition, sponsored by Lilo* – float your homemade boat, while listening to Peter Mitchell, Trenton and Free Radical, No One`s Arc, Nomadic Orchestra and Grassy Spark on the MK river stage, right next to the river.

*Lilo is a creative web design & digital marketing agency that turns great ideas into creative digital solutions. They do everything that is web. You name it, they do it. Apart from having some of the best developers in town they also have the best Wii tennis players on the block. So if you want to keep your boat afloat give them a call (021 424 2797) or go to Red Bull "splash your neighbour DJ series” will keep the rhythm going late afternoon, before you head back up to the main stage. Saturday night brings you more of the best on the 4th Street Main Stage: YOAV, Peachy Keen, Jeremy Loops, December Streets, Desmond and the Tutus and Black Cat Bones. To top it all off, the Rolling Stone SA late night stage will keep the party going after the main stage closes down for the night. Friday night`s late night acts include: The Mysticcs and Good Night Wembley and Saturday just after midnight you can dance to the beat of Woodstock Mafia and Taxi and Friends. Sunday morning`s hangover cure will be Janie & The Beard and Piet Botha and of course a splash in the river to the happy tunes of Dave Ferguson, Shotgun Tori and Akkedis. Funnyman Siv Ngesi will also be showcasing his new material. So, now you know who’s playing and what the score is. All you need is your ticket, your tent and your toothbrush. Tickets at or on our FB page: Thursday – Sunday: Presales: R600.00 – Gate: R650.00 Friday – Sunday:

Presales: R550.00 – Gate: R600.00

Saturday – Sunday: Presales: R450.00 – Gate: R500.00 Kids 13 years and younger: free entry. Heartbreak Motel: If you want to rock out in a little more comfort, then the Heartbreak Motel is for you. There are various options of pre-pitched tents, hot showers, clean toilets, buffet breakfast and other luxuries. For more info and bookings go to: Social Media: Facebook: Twitter:


Website: Line up:

Up the Creek 2013 line up

General queries: and Media queries: Up the Creek Music Festival is organized by Red Hot Events and Blue Moon.

Up the Creek 2013 would like to thank our sponsors: 4th Street, MK, Rolling Stone SA, Bos Iced Tea, Lilo, Red Bull and Mitchell’s Brewery.

Chris Chameleon featuring the Drakensberg Boys Choir: Droomland (CD and DVD released by Christian Art Music.) Bringing two incredible musical forces together is a rare and special thing. Chris Chameleon never ceases to amaze with his innovative and interesting musical offerings. His latest release “Droomland” (DVD and CD) features the Drakensberg Boys Choir and was recorded in the theatre of the Sudwala Caves in Mpumalanga. Fourty five of the choir`s top students joined forces with the magnetic Chris Chameleon and the sold out show titled “In Dreams” inspired the title of the CD and DVD “Droomland.” This latest offering takes you on a journey of exquisite aural and visual magnificence. Bringing these two incredible musical forces together is a rare and special thing. The caves form a beautiful and unique backdrop and the production is of the highest quality. “Droomland” is simply an extraordinary must have for any music lover`s collection. Chris Chameleon was excited about performing with the “Drakies” and said it was a childhood dream of his to be part of this special boys choir of heavenly voices. “As a child it was always a dream of mine to be in the Drakies, but due to my mom’s circumstances I could not join.” Chameleon said. He commented that he was astounded by the good manners, discipline, happiness and solid education of the boys. The choir consists of 11 sopranos, 11 tenors, 11 altos and 12 bassists, with the age of the boys ranging from 12 to 16 years. Joining Chris Chameleon and the choir was Jonathan Crossley (guitar), James Grace (guitar) and Riaan van Rensburg (drums/percussion). The first 5 songs on “Droomland” make up the Misa Criolla, which is the most famous work of the Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez. They also perform a special version of “Pie Jesu” together. Chris Chameleon fans will recognise some of his greatest hits like “Droomland”, “Droomverlore”, “Lied van die gebreekte riete”, “Champion”, “Here Comes the Night” and “Apie”. Chris is famous for his witty storytelling and entertains the crowd with humorous stories as he introduces the songs to the audience. Apart from the well known classical songs that they performed together, Chris also motivated the Drakensberg Boys Choir to collaborate on the track “Chamion”, from his monki- punk Boo! days, which resulted in fun and humorous “choirpunk.”

For a preview of “ Droomland”, herewith a link to Chris and the choir`s performance of “Pie Jesu”:

Chris Chameleon is being hailed as a musical phenomenon on the South African music front and abroad. His exceptional fouroctave voice and dynamic stage personality have won him rave reviews and a total of 20 impressive awards over the past five years, including two South African Music Awards (SAMAs) and a Medal of Honor from the SA Academy of Science and Arts. The production of “In Dreams” also won the Innibos Festival 2012 Award for Most Popular Production.

Chris Chameleon will leave for Europe on 30 January for his annual Theatre Tour in the Netherlands. He will be presenting his Ingrid Jonker “Klank van Jou Oe” production. The tour stretches over three weeks from 1 to 24 February. Chris will be performing in some of the Netherlands most renowned theatres.

More info on:

METALLICA LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA Stadium Dates Confirmed for April 2013 Big Concerts confirmed that Metallica will perform two stadium shows in South Africa next year. The tour is scheduled for Wednesday 24th April 2013 at Cape Town Stadium and Saturday 27th April at Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg. Metallica Live in South Africa is another Big Concerts Experience presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK. Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo collectively known as Metallica, are one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands in history, having sold 110 million albums worldwide and playing to millions of fans the world over. They have scored almost a dozen multi-platinum albums, including 1991's Metallica (commonly referred to as "The Black Album"), which is the bestselling album in history of Soundscan, scanning almost 16 million albums in the United States alone, and nearly 30 million worldwide. In October 2008, their latest album, Death Magnetic, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and in 27 additional countries around the world. Metallica have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including nine Grammy®Awards, two American Music Awards, and multiple MTV Video Music Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. In December 2011 Metallica celebrated its 30th anniversary. This past summer Metallica unveiled a brand new stage that featured iconic elements that spanned its 30-year career.

South African Tour Dates: Wednesday 24th April 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK Saturday 27th April 2013 – Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg Presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK For more information on all things Metallica, visit Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Wednesday 21st November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R340 – R900 Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Thursday 22nd November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R295 – R900. Tickets available online from, or Computicket. CONTACTS Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) +27 (0) 833261776, Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) +27 (0) 726561906, Wendy Verwey Bekker (Universal Music - International Rock & Pop Product Manager) +27 (0) 8444 22216,

What do you like about Zone Radio? Location. Having a studio in the V&A is really awesome. What made you get into radio? Initially, it was a dare. I started out at a different station and after a few months with them, I joined Zone Radio. What’s your fave genre of music? EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ). What would be your dream play list if you had to play your top 10 songs of all time? This is a very difficult question to answer for this genre... : * Dinosaur blood - PH Fat ( Magson remix ) * Slam - Pendulum * Work it - Missy Elliot ( R4 bootleg ) * Satisfaction - Benny Benassi ( RL Grime remix ) * Ghosts & Goblins - Grimehouse * Perfect match - Grimehouse * The Shout Out - TripLow ft Fonzo * Brick City Anthem - Antiserum & Mayhem * The last void - FearBace * Come with me - Steve Aoki ( Jigsaw SA remix ).

Full name: Simone Carolene Cloete Occupation: Writer ( Specializing in

Character development ) Your show name and time/day: The Drop Zone, Saturdays 3—6pm

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing? Radio is my hobby, not something I do full-time but I suppose I would have found an alternative hobby Now is your chance to sell your show for Zone Radio... Tell us why we should tune into your time slot...123 go!!!? The Drop Zone is the only show on Zone Radio which focuses on underground EDM, so whether you like Dubstep, Electro, Moombahton, DnB, Trap, Hardstyle, etc, there will be something for everyone. The play list consists of 2/3 LOCAL DJs/Producers. I believe that local, talented entertainers deserve a platform to showcase what they can do, without having to do ridiculous ( non-music related stunts ) things to get air-play. I have no respect for radio hosts with a GOD complex who forget that radio is about music and not shameless self promotion. Zone Radio is the best radio station….why? Well... I would not use the word 'best' as that is label that should be given from our listeners to us, not a tag we throw around from the inside out. I do respect what Zone Radio represents and the platform they provide. Respect. Any last words for the readers and your listeners? Yes, I do have a few cliche things to say:

“Sat 3pm—6pm”

* Whenever someone tries to block your progress, it is because they feel threatened and are insecure in their ability to remain on par. * If you come across a mix, please don't just listen and move on. SHARE IT! Fb, twitter, Gmail... get creative. You ( the clubber/listener ) are just as important to the scene as the artists are. Lastly, there is no Drop Zone without DJs/Producers who are willing to allow me to play their tunes and DJs/Producers who send in mixes so please feel free to send your mix/link to : or drop your link on my twitter timeline : @simonecarolene and thank you VERY much to those who support the Drop Zone. Much appreciated.

What’s your fave genre of music? That's impossible to answer! I listen to so many genres from the 60s pop/rock of the Beatles to today's Metalcore and Hardcore bands. If I had to pick a genre, it would be either 90s grunge (e.g. Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden etc.), 70s rock (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath) or 00s Nu/Rap Metal (Defones, Incubus, P.O.D., System Of A Down, Rage Against The Machine etc). What would be your dream play list if you had to play your top 10 songs of all time? Another impossible question! I have always had a top 5 since watching High Fidelity! A top ten though....this could change on any given day! I'll give it a shot though:

Full name: Bryan Marc Vally

Nick name: Bryan O'Pines

Occupation: Merchandise Planner

1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, 2. Incubus - Pardon Me, 3. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb, 4. Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You, 5. Incubus - Just A Phase, 6. Nirvana - Aneurysm, 7. Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away), 8. Springbok Nude Girls - Genie. 9. System Of A Down - Chop Suey, 10. Rage Against The Machine - Guerilla Radio If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing? Probably chilling and listening to music. I may have gotten my blog ( - what a shameless plug!) off the ground. I'd still be talking about music with people on the various forms of social media I think. Now is your chance to sell your show forZone Radio... Tell us why we should tune into your time slot...123 go!!!?

Your show name and time/day: The Ozone, Fridays 7-9pm

What you like about Zone Radio? The opportunity that I have been given to live my dream and present a radio show which features the music that I am truly passionate about - alt and hard rock and metal from SA & abroad. I also met my girlfriend through Zone Radio, and the opportunity to present shows on the same radio station is great! What made you get into radio? A friend had just joined another online radio station. I mentioned to him how envious I was. He told me about Zone Radio, so I gave Brett a call…and the rest is history. What motivated me was my passion for the music that I love and a 16 year old dream to try to emulate my hero, Barney Simon, to play something different to the normal radio fare as well as to highlight some of the brilliant local music that comes from this awesome country!

Hopefully because - despite my idiocy - there's some awesome Rock and Metal on the playlist every week! I'd like to think that, if you're a music lover that enjoys those genres, that you would hear some new music that you haven't heard before, or be reminded of some old favourites. If you're passionate about supporting the local music scene in South Africa and hearing some emerging talent from both SA and abroad, then I think that The Ozone is for you. Zone Radio is the best radio station….why? Well, there may be some bias involved in this, but I would say that the opportunity and training that I was given to start my "career" in Radio. It's difficult to know if we are the best, but I am certain that having a listener-driven playlist for the majority of our shows as well as the diversity of our lineup would set us apart from the pack. Any last words for the readers and your listeners? There's nothing in this world quite like music - so if you have a passion for ANY genre of music, listen to it LOUD! Support local bands and festivals as often as possible! Oh, and don't miss The Ozone on Zone Radio!

“Fri 7pm—9pm”

Because of Betrayal A New Beginning for Metal…….. For the past decade, the genre of Metal has taken a backseat in the South African Music Industry. Even though metal heads were still going to see their favorite local bands and listening to their albums, to many, it seemed like Metal was dying if not surely dead already. Well, at least to the media this seemed to be true. Yet, inside the circle, underground, and hidden away, there has been an eruption of energy and anticipation. All thanks to the “New Wave” of Local Metal bands appearing on the scene. Because of Betrayal - A Metalcore band based in the East Rand of Johannesburg, has truly exploded on to the scene again in 2012 after an 8 month hiatus. With a Full Length Debut Album set for release in April, an official Music video for “Perception” released on MK and a Second for “A life in the Dust” on it’s way soon, 2 songs already play listed on local radio stations and a Countrywide Tour with Chromium in the pipeline, 2013 is set to be an Epic year for this 5-piece outfit.

Because of Betrayal is: Chaz Nielsen (Vocals) Byron Horn (Drums) Dwayne Tomovic (Guitar) Tony Casey (Guitar) Jonothan Bowett (Bass)

Your first single, Perception has had very good response locally and abroad. What is the song about and why did you choose it as the first single? It was definitely a combined decision to select Perception as our debut single. Much like the theme of the song, the reason for choosing it stood out for us. Besides it being the fist song we wrote together as a band. The song is about the way people carry themselves and how important other people’s perception is of you as a human being and in our case how people react and connect with our music. Oh, plus it’s a really catchy, melodic track.

Being the hardworking band you seem to be, what keeps you motivated? Honestly, we really look up to our favorite bands and tend to keep up with all their latest releases. We YouTube a lot and watch live footage. Seeing them live that life, makes us want to reach that level of success and pushes us even more to work hard at accomplishing our goals. We’d like to get there so we can help the less fortunate reach their dreams too. Everyone deserves to have music in their lives – Music is Happiness.

Byron, Why do you wear a mask on stage? Probably to be a little different and stand out a bit more than the average drummer in the back. HaHa! I think it creates an aspect of mystery, not just as to what I look like but for the band in general. It definitely makes me come alive and let go more for some reason, and adds uniqueness to our live shows. It’s my persona I guess and interact with the kids.

What’s it like competing against other local bands?

An EP is normally the root of a bands career, but you guys have chosen to bypass it and go straight for a fulllength debut album. Quite a bold move, Why did you decide to do it this way? Well we initially planned on an EP only, but halfway through recording the demo, we decided on going all the way… We are very excited and can’t wait to release this album. For our fans, for ourselves and for METAL!

Thanks for taking the time to give us some insight on your band. Where can people find out more about Because of Betrayal? The usual. becauseofbetrayal becauseofbetrayal

From our live experiences, we’ve definitely picked up on a certain “rivalry” or “unspoken animosity” between bands at shows. Sometimes the bands that play together at an event don’t even greet each other backstage. This is bullsh*t and it’s gotta stop! Muso’s should stand together to grow the industry. We never see it as competition, cause we go there to have fun.

Where do you draw inspiration from to create your music? We mainly just listen to as many different bands and genres as we possibly can. Anything from Trance to Classical to Hard Rock to Jazz. And of course we love our Metal – Especially the “PostHardcore” metal has been ear-catching to us lately. We are fascinated by Synths and Strings and how it comes together so well with Brutal riffs and Screaming. So right now our sound is still natural and raw, but who knows what future albums might have in store.

So what can we expect from BoB in 2013? We are currently finishing up on our first album. We already have a 3-track demo up for sale on our social pages, proceeds of which goes to The Fender Music Foundation to bring music to unprivileged kids. The Album will be called “Breach of Trust” and is set for release in April this Year. We just released our official music video for Perception and we’ll be filming our second for A Life In The Dust within February. We also plan on Touring the Country with “The RedRoom United” gang https:// This year should be a big one for us.

“we are fascinated by synths & strings”

Interview by : Duwyne Clayton

Denholm Harding Every now and again, I get to interview someone who I really admire. Denholm Harding along with the rest of Just Jinjer has been an inspiration for me since my teens. I remember the early days when I watched the band play at the Bluff show grounds. Denholm Harding is the bass player for Just Jinjer. When he is not spending his time jamming with Just Jinjer, he makes himself busy with other exciting projects. Such as producing and doing jingles etc, we catch up with this talented guy and find out more about him.

Thanx so much for doing this interview for Fanbase music mag Denholm, it really is a dream come true for me, where did it all start as a musician? Did you come from a musical background? My pleasure! My parents are both musicians but never pushed it on me, I naturally gravitated towards it. At 5 years old, I won a national talent contest and flew to Jhb from CT to perform on a TV show called 'Follow That Star'. That's pretty much where it started. What does it feel like to play for such an awesome successful band like Just Jinjer, you guys took the South African music industry by storm? It's very flattering, obviously, but also vindicating. We all worked for many years in different bands before JJ, paying our dues, even though I joined when I was only 19. Having people react in such a passionate manner as they have to our music, is an honor but also a responsibility in a way. You have been gigging a lot with Brent Harris and Thee jam, what else have you been up to since Jinjer have been on a break in 2012. We hear you are a producer? Yeah, I'm playing guitar with Brent live. By New Year’s Eve, we did 78 shows in 100 days! (I played bass, guitars, keys and mixed his solo album) Then during the day, I've been producing a lot of bands and singer/songwriters. Being able to play most instruments makes it easier to interpret what the artist really desires, without multiple musicians inputs/egos/styles/etc. I really want to help artists that are frustrated or have been taken for a ride. It's about integrity! Just Jinjer played Dunes in Cape town which has somewhat become a tradition for Just jinjer for the past 11 years, the event was sold out, It must be good to know you still got Jinjer fans after all these years especially as the band has been on a break? It's difficult to put in words. So many mixed emotions. Ard, Brent and myself have been exclusive to each other since '97. We lived in the UK and USA for 8 years in total, trying to fly the flag for SA music, and through all that, the SA fans dedication and belief never wavered! 2012 just saw us pursuing individual interests, musically, for the first time. Ard and Brent wanted to see what their solo musical 'voice' would sound like and I wanted to be a musical chameleon, hence the production, jingles, etc. We got together in CT 3 hours before the Dunes show to rehearse the rust off. Plugged in, looked at each other and kicked straight into gear. Very special.

In your own words, what is the latest with Just Jinjer, with the band busy on side projects etc, will there be a time when Just Jinjer put out another album and gig more consistently again. We're talking. We would love to release something this year, schedules permitting. With Ard staying in Durban and Brent and I in Johannesburg we rely on technology to send each other ideas... so we'll write the next batch of songs via the net. There will definitely be more JJ gigs in 2013! We are humbled by the continued support. Who are some of your musical influences? It’s sooo varied! Through my folks and their peers, I was raised on every genre imaginable. I've had a thirst for new music since my teens and that is why I really love the production side of music. I get to mix all those wonderful colors. As long as it's performed with conviction and talent, I'm always listening! As a musician do you still get nervous on stage? Personally, never. I always get up there with a point to prove, which is why JJ is such a powerful live act… all three of us are the same in that respect and keep pushing each other. That's how it should be! People have invested their time and money to see you so give it your all. Over the years we've managed to become a more musically mature version of ourselves and harness that live energy in the right direction. Do you have any rituals before going on stage? Until we moved to L.A. it was all very relaxed and we approached it with very little planning because we had talent and hits and relied purely on that. A city like that teaches you that being a successful musician is a rare blessing and not a certainty so you need to give it the respect it deserves. Now we discuss set list, dynamics, lighting, etc. before shows and make sure there is focus from the first note and then discuss the highs and lows after the show as well. It makes a huge difference. Finally what does year 2013 have in stall for Denholm Harding? Tons of producing! I also have a post-production studio with Vernon Hodgetts that does radio and tv jingles, voice overs, etc. called Bird In The Hand Productions. Folks can contact me: For band/artist recording, production and mixing: denholm.harding For jingles, voice-overs, film soundtrack, etc: birdinthehandproductions Thanks so much for doing this interview Denholm. Thanks to you Duwyne for raising awareness for SA artists. Our industry needs it! Keep doing the do. Take good care, D.

“I always get up there with a point to prove”


Jozi audiences can’t get enough of the memorable music of QUEEN and they’ll soon be given a fabulous chance to enjoy the hits of the iconic band when artist extraodinaire Joseph Clark brings THE QUEEN EXPERIENCE to The Mandela stage at Joburg Theatre for a one-week season from February 12th - 17th, 2013. The Queen Experience was first staged in November 2011 at The Gelredome Soccer Stadium in Arnhem, where Joseph Clark wowed a sold-out audience of over 30,000 people. In December 2011, he completed theatre runs in The Hague and in Amsterdam, causing Netherland audiences to fall in love with him and his talented band. Elzette Maarschalk produced the show in July and in October at The Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria last year where all the shows were sold out. Disappointed audience members who could not get tickets urged for more performances and luckily a week became available in Joburg Theatre’s busy programme. Elzette got the same 12-piece cast together to mesmerize those who will see the show for the first time, as well as those who want to have the “Queen experience” again, just for the thrill of it! The 12-piece cast consists of Joseph Clark – Lead Vocals/Piano/Backing Vocals, Nathan Smith - Lead & Accoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals, Peach van Pletzen (Yesterday’s Pupil/Bittereinder) – Drums, Richard Brokensha (ISO) – Guitars/Backing Vocals, Kyle Petersen - Keys/Keytar/Backing Vocals and Trevor Donjeany – Bass. Zetske van Pletzen - Vocals/Backing Vocals, Kate Borthwick - Piano/Backing Vocals, soprano Yollandi Nortjie Vocals/ Backing Vocals, Altus Theart – Vocals and The Gaabo Motho Tenors are the special guests. Joseph became established as “an American African” after he left his ballet career in the USA when brought to South Africa to dance the leading roles in Swan Lake, Papillion, Romeo & Juliet and Witchboy. He soon moved into musical theatre with lead roles in The Buddy Holly Story, West Side Story, The Fantasticks, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Sweeney Todd, March Of The Falsettos/ Falsettoland, Little Shop Of Horrors, etc. In 2000 he was nominated as “best actor in a comedy” for his role in the solo play The Male Intellect – an oxymoron?, becoming the first/only performer in South Africa to have received numerous awards and nominations for acting, singing and classical ballet. He became well known for his powerful interpretation of Queen’s music since his first appearance in the popular Queen At The Opera. In 2004 he toured Italy and Germany performing his own tribute to the music of Queen. In 2009/10 he sang in 13 concerts with the Netherland Symphony Orchestra and in 2011 he and his band did five performances at The Madinat Theatre in Dubai. The Queen Experience runs at Joburg Theatre from February 12th to February 17th. Ticket prices range from R100 to R300, and are on sale by visiting, or by calling the theatre’s direct ticketing line on 0861 670 670. A special Half Price PREVIEW takes place on the 12th! There are also special Valentine’s Packages for the duration of the week’s performances. For further information on the various packages available, please contact the Hospitality Office at Joburg Theatre at or call 011 877 6834. FOR MORE INFORMATION and INTERVIEW REQUESTS WITH JOSEPH CLARK Please contact Collett Dawson / 082 653 1338

Welcome to Fan base Music Magazines; Full Metal Panics second issue of 2013. In this issue I will be taking the metal readers behind the curtains of Rock the River, with the Rock the River Panic Review part one. jammed with performance reviews, some interviews and my personal experience of Rock the River 2012/2013, . I am proud to featuring an interview with thrash outfit Infanteria's front man Chris Hall, I take a one on one to find out a bit about their up-coming debut Album "Isolated Existence" and what they have planned for their album release at's Summerfest '13. Get your fill inside.

Infanteria – Interview with Chris Hall “Isolated Existence” album release Interviewed by : Ryno de Lange

In 2010 I had my first experience in a Cape Town music venue that caters for heavy metal when I climbed on-board a party bus organized by Worcester’s ex-Jack n Jill band, our destination was Muzone in the Brakenfell industrial area, I am sure many of the Western Cape metal readers will remember Muzone. Not knowing much about the industry back then or what bands Cape Town had hidden away I had no idea what to expect and to my absolute thrash pleasure; for the first time I witnessed Infanteria perform. If memory serves me right they were the second band on the bill after Cold hand Chemistry, I was blown away by the ferocious guitar playing, metallic melodies and the overall energy and attitude that Infanteria portrayed on stage, it was true thrash in every aspect. I could not help but become a fan of Infanteria and wait patiently for the band to bring out a full length album; the wait was well worth it. Infanteria are releasing their debut album Isolated Existence after almost a decade of reigning as Cape Town’s thrash kings. Having signed with Burning Tone Records for the recording and release of Isolated Existence, Infanteria are gearing up for a colossal album release at’s Summer Fest ‘ 13 as well as an accomplished year. I had the gratification of interviewing Chris Hall, Teria’s front man and guitar architect. He enlightens us about Isolated Existence and a look at the band and its members.

Can you give the readers a short history of how Infanteria arose from the South African underground? Infanteria originally started back in 2005/2006 as a little high school band and we kept growing and improving and a few member changes down the line, you now have the 2013 version of Infanteria. Opening the first ever Metal4Africa festival really got us off the ground and the band went from there. Why did the band choose the name Infanteria and what is the meaning of the band’s name? Rob (my brother and drummer) and I were looking through the Spanish dictionary one day and came across the Spanish word for "Infantry" Infanteria. We thought it had a great ring to it! Before we take a look into Infanteria’s debut album Isolated Existence, I would like to know more about the band members; can you give Fan Base a brief description of the band members personalities? (Laughs) Rob is our drummer; he's extremely organized and quite a reserved dude. An absolute demon on drums! Adriano, our guitarist, is a great planner and always full of ideas. Lots of fun being in a band with him and he's a brilliant guitarist. Phil, our keyboardist, is a true academic with a mean way of playing the keyboard. Brilliant musician and allround nice guy. Mark, our bassist, is the quietest guy on the planet until you get a few beers down him, then all hell breaks loose! Also a great bass player! Everyone in Teria is a true master of their craft, which is important to us. How long has Infanteria been working on their debut album “Isolated Existence”? We first started recording at Burning Tone Studios in 2008, but that was just one track for Hammer The Masses 2. The actual recording of the album started in 2009 and took it's time because all of us were busy with college at the time. We had a few line-up changes which set us back quite a bit. Can you tell us about who created the albums art work and what is the album art work’s concept? The finished piece, as you see on the album, was done by 4 people Michael Gill, Brendon Barnard, Maxine Koen, and Dathym Spear. They all added their expertise to the finished piece. The artwork shows the end of the world and how isolated the earth's existence is. Meteorites are falling from the sky, huge waves are crashing into the cities, people are running away and Armageddon is in full swing! Pretty epic! Infanteria has been around since April 2006 manning the fore front of the thrash scene in Cape Town; why has the band only brought out their debut album now? Well, like I said, we were all in college, varsity, or school when we started recording the album so we didn't have enough time or capital to bring it out sooner. I'm glad we did only bring it out now though, seeing as we're a tighter group now than we ever were, and more solid as musicians. Producing an album is not only a long and hard task, it also takes a great amount of patience and team work; How well did the band work together as a team during the recording of Isolated? Most of the teamwork came during the writing process. Barry, our previous guitarist, and I would write the structures of the songs and then get together with the rest of the band to run through them and see if we could add any extra flavours and tweaks. We work very well that way and it comes out in the quality of the songs. When it came down to the recording of the album, we just had to schedule when each dude could come into the studio and track his parts. That took patience, especially with everyone having a working/college life too. Who are the key song writers and lyricists of Infanteria? The songs on the album were written by myself and/or Barry. Since Barry's departure, I've become the sole songwriter with input from the other guys, which is working out really well for the new material. I'm the sole lyricist except for the lyrics on the track "Deceived By The Blind", which were written by our good friend, Michael Gill.

Isolated will be released at’s Summerfest ‘13 and I am sure Infanteria has a pot of gold waiting for the fans; Can you give Fan Base an idea of what is to come, merchandise and performance wise? Yeah, we've got so much "Teria-ness" for the fans to consume at SummerFest! (laughs) The album and brand new merchandise will be available at the Burning Tone Records Merchandise stall at SummerFest. Performance wise, we've been hard at work preparing the best live set we've ever put out. Sound, lighting, and visually it's gonna be a great experience for the fans. We're playing a song off the album we've never played live before as well, so we're really excited! Recording an album is a long and painful experience for any band; what was the hardest aspect of recording Isolated? Probably the fact that it took a while to get finished, and when Barry left, we had to retrack quite a few of his guitar solos, which I did. It was tiresome but very much worthwhile! I'm very happy with the results. Burning Tone Records, who officially launched last month January 2013 has welcomed Infanteria into their family, how has the experience been working alongside Burning Tone Records? Absolutely brilliant! They have the same vision as us and are prepared to make our goals come true. We speak with them every day and we're always popping ideas around to make the business, band, and scene grow. South African metal has been missing this and I see big things happening in the future. How do you think an organization such as Burning Tone Records will affect the South Africa heavy metal industry? If the fans embrace it and BTR (Burning Tone Records) keep going the way they're going with the same hunger and drive, I can only see good coming out of it. Hopefully the quality of SA metal will improve and the public will take the genre more seriously in the country. Is there one specific track on Isolated that is Infanteria’s favourite? We all have our own favourites, but my own at the moment would have to be "Beyond All Strength". It's immense! Can you take Fan base through the daily process of recording an album? From the preparations at home, to the action in studio. It all starts out with a cool riff and the writing goes from there. Once we're happy with the songs for the album and we've all practiced them perfectly, we track the drums, then the guitars and bass, and keys and vocals are last. Louis Henn, our producer, and I were there for every moment of tracking and we mixed the album too. Infanteria is one of the first, if not the first thrash metal band to have emerged from Cape Town; how has the South African metal thrash scene grown since Infanteria has been active in 2006? Yeah, we were the only thrash band that I knew of at the time in the Cape Town scene. When we first started we had knuckleheads who just didn't get it saying "You sound just like Metallica...". Nowadays, we have bands like Wargrave, ING, Hellucifix and even Mind Assault flying the thrash flag and with bands like Evile, Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Havok etc. making a big name for themselves internationally, thrash is showing a resurgence which is fantastic! Who would Infanteria like to give thanks to for the production and release of isolated Existence? The biggest thank you would have to go to Louis Henn for his patience and faith in Infanteria. It took a long time to get this album done, but he was with us all the way and never lost his enthusiasm. Big respect! Where can the fans buy or order Isolated Existence? The album is up for pre-order at the moment. Just send your details to and the BTR guys will sort you out with an album. Otherwise, wait for the launch at M4A Summerfest’13 to buy an album, or contact BTR to get one sent to you. BTR are also organizing a digital download option. What advice does Infanteria have for any young heavy metal bands starting out in the South Africa metal industry? Stay true to what you like and enjoy but don't be afraid to take criticism from others. If quite a few people think you suck, you probably do, so go back to the drawing board and learn from the masters. Don't be afraid to grow and never lose enthusiasm. Have fun, that's the most important thing!

ROCK THE RIVER 2011 / 2012 Review done by : Ryno de Lange

Rock the River 2011/2012 proved that this new and fresh music festival had what it takes to becoming as the organizer of RTR put it; “a premier new years eve destination”. With such a successful festival in 2011; how did Rock the River live up to the excpetations of 2012/2013? Sure a five day music festival with over 250 artists is something to boast about. Yet is that all it takes to please hundreds or rock, electro and more importantly to Full Metal Panic, heavy metal supporters? That we will answer at the end of the “Rock the River Panic Review”. In this months full metal panic I take the reader’s behind the stage curtain of Rock the River with performance reviews, band interviews and my personal heavy metal experience at Rock the River SA New Years Eve Festival 2013. Day -1 – 28th January 2012. The sun shines down upon the dry open fields of Savannah Farm, the home and new venue to Rock the River SA. To the far left, what almost seems a far away village in the far distance; lays The Heart Break Motel a tent hotel for the comfort seeking festival goers. In front of me an oasis of trees peaked over the scope of the blue clear sky, tents gathered around the oasis behind the security fencing closing off the VIP camp site, what an inviting sight for any camper. After a few minutes of waiting to obtain my media pass I boarded Alex Booysen Volkswagen combie. Somewhat of a bundu-bash later I was pitching my tent alongside the fun blokes from Geheime Skaduwee and Niva Records. My excitement of camping in an oasis got killed along with hopes of avoiding considerable sun burn whilst staring at an open field of dry veldt and a column of trees situated next to a barbed-wire fence separating the camp site and the festival arena, which I later took refuge in the following day to seek refuge from the unforgiving sun.

My exhilaration got the better of me as I killed the cat with curiosity and headed out to inspect the wonders of Rock the River SA. With much uncertainty, I took out to find someone who could point out a way to the festival arena, after finding out that management had MacGyverd a hole through the fence to secure a reasonable way point into the arena from the VIP camp site for the media and bands to pass through and later on stumble through in a drunken stupor. I located and then Walked through the cut barbed-wire fence down the small path that lead into a cleared out village of asorted food and merhcandise stalls, with the red comedy tent centred in the middle, it was not the shadded food and merchandise village we were promised, yet this did not bother me as much as this year’s food market was double of what Rock the River had the preceding year, surly an appetizing banquet for those alcohol absorbed taste buds. Just a skip over the dusty road following the food court, with the Savannah Farm damn to the right a pleasant view for the eyes and straight ahead, 12 ‘0 clock as they say; Stood the main stage, a massive tent stretched over a wooden black deck, covered with wires, sound equipment and assorted gadgets. It’s an accomplished stage, yet it did not feed my heart with wonder and ardour, as it was not the metal stage which our beloved South African metal bands were set to destroy. At once I set forth! Excitement built up as I came into view of the metal stage after leaving the tented bar area. At the far end of the festival, the tip of the debauchery, prominently and proudly, however small or tucked away it may have been; I proudly gazed at the black metal stage, the home too many of South Africans unsurpassed heavy metal bands for the next three days. With one night to go, once again the metal stage at Rock the River would for a second year to be the life, glory, triumph, heart and soul of Rock the River SA.

Day - 2 – 29th January 2013. Having only enough page space to review a certain amount of bands per day I decided that I’ll take the readers straight into the dusty evening mosh pits of Rock the River. A hoard of metal followers gathered around the metal stage like a pack of hungry wolves, eager, thirsty and impetuous. Taking my place front and centre excitement rushed through my blood, minutes away, one of Cape Town’s fastest growing metal acts was about to electrify some and flabbergast others; Sindulgence, an experimental progressive heavy metal band hailing from Cape Town was about to take to the stage. Pockets of small groups stood waiting patiently; the band walked onto the stage and started setting up, after several minutes a brief calm settled in before Sindulgence blasted through a wall of sound. More metal fans joined their fellow brethren as Sindulgence ‘Swindled’ them in with a well choreographed show. It was not long before Sindulgence’s energy spread out through the crowd like an energetic pulse racing through wires. The audience erupted into a frenzy of flying arms, whiplashing hair and positive aggression. Muller van Niekerk Sindulgence’s growler a tall, skeletal figure looms over the audience gripping the mic pouring out he’s insanities with the use of guttural deep vocals using he’s bands aggressive and experimental instrumentals as a canvas to paint upon. It is observable that Sindulgence have built up a strong and dedicated fan base throughout 2012 with the launch of their debut album Recollections, to see a good amount of that fan base enjoy their music at Rock the River was more than a satisfying experience. Hairs rose on my arms and neck, Sindulgence captures the audience and plays with their musical emotions like a ventriloquist, tapping into the minds obscurities. Seeking my way through the dark, I used the lights peeking out of the long bar tent as a guide to get to the bar and grab another beer.

The sound of boisterous and excited music fans met my ears as I pushed my way through the packed bar tent, dirty sweat drenched festival goers guzzled down their beers, embraced their Jagermiester shots preparing themselves for the apocalyptic soundtrack of Cape Town’s Zombies ate my Girlfriend. Zombies emerged late 2012 and has ever since gained a great amount of ground in the metal industry with their straight forward, hard-hitting music in a rapid amount of time. The lights on the stage turned dark blue; Zombies ate my Girlfriend strides onto the stage to be met with an eruption of growls and metal horns, the energy had returned once more and this time gnawing and biting for more aggression and bloodshed. All good metal fun in other words. “Silent Night” crashed into the audience like a tidal wave colliding with a small fishing boat tearing it into a thousand splinters. Zombie’s tight musicianship and stage presence gripped the audience from start to finish. The last notes of Robert Carlyle’s eerie lead rung out of Adriano’s guitar; demanding attention from the hungry infected hordes, Gavin Zombies vocalist commanded the audience to split down the middle in preparation for a wall of death, now for those of you who do not know what a wall of death is I suggest you Google it at once. The cool on stage left as Zombies high tailed into a build up releasing the fans into the wall of death, which can only be described as a mid evil battle with the two opposite sides colliding with each other face to face to end up in a mosh pit. Zombies ate my Girlfriend has never disappointed, a band with international quality and a relentless thrive to shape the metal industry, the stiffness can only become greater from here on out. The previous two sets had started to take its toll, my back felt as if it was going to burst open from the strain of head banging and reckless violent mosh-pit fun. After a stumble around in the dark, a shot and another beer I was ready for the last onslaught of the evening. Thrash fathers of Cape Town, Infanteria took to the stage.

At once the energy of Infanteria’s attitude driven music possessed the audience, taking each and everyone on a wild ride, a taste of true thrash with a back hand. Infanteria’s members are well disciplined musicians who know how to apply their musical skills to the music they create. Seeing these guys live is a delicacy, flying the old school metal flag high. Infanteria’s Chris Hall’s demonic stage poise can be intimidating to those outside the heavy metal circle. To me it seems as if Chris channels he’s aggression into he’s guitar playing and vocals, releasing he’s opinions of the world through aggression yet meaningful and personal content. Metal horns pushed through the air, a few attempts to crowed surf with some more successful than others to not get a bloodied face. Infanteria’s performance was well received and well played out; with covers such as Metallica’s Sanitarium and Creeping Death gracing their set an incline of heavy metal euphoria was injected into every old school thrashers veins. A cure for the fever to thrash, an antibiotic for the corporate music industry that is forced into our faces daily. What more can one say about Infanteria who have been the forefront of South Africa’s thrash industry, except that these guys have shaped themselves into a professional musical outfit that have many years to reign as the kings of South African thrash. In the March issue of Fanbase Music Magazine I carry on my journey of Rock the River SA and share some camp site stories, I have a drink with Paul Rahilly front man of The Impalement Theory and talk about he’s departure to Johannesburg and the bands last performance at Rock the River. I sneak off to cover some of the metal acts on the main stage, continue the debauchery of the metal stage and come face to face with a spider of which the likes I have never seen. So look out for part 2 of this review in March issue of Fanbase Music magazine!!!! I would like to give a special thanx to the following photographers for letting me use their work Ezelle Louw - Lupa Photography. Diane Lilin - Pinskull Photography

“Look out for Part 2 of this review in the March issue of Fanbase Music Mag”

It is with great sadness that I write this article and get ready to interview the great Brendon Shields. The reason I am filled with sadness is because yet another talented South African musician is moving overseas. This is not the first time that we have featured Brendon in Fanbase Music magazine and it is for this very reason that we have really grown to like his music. We catch up with the man himself and find out what is his reason for the move. So help us give him a great send off as he waves the South African flag high. Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton Photography:

Roger Jardine

Photography design: Dominique Strauss

Hi Brendon, it’s great to be featuring you in Fanbase Music mag again, but it’s also a pretty sad time because you are moving overseas, can you tell us where to? Thanks aplenty. It’s always great to speak to you guys. I am moving back to Ireland Why have you decided to move away from South Africa? My wife is Irish and we both felt it’s time we expose our kids to that part of their culture. It’s an added bonus that Ireland has a great music scene and that it’s close to the UK where I want to grow my career as a songwriter for other artists.

When will you be leaving? At the start of March but we will only emigrate around the end of the year if all goes well. What does this mean for your South African fans, will this be the end of Brendon Shields as we know it, will you still come back and visit and do the odd gigs here? I am sure of it. However it might not be for a good while as I will have to work my butt off in Dublin to get my music out. Do you already have a fanbase in Ireland or are you moving and totally starting from scratch? Pretty much from scratch. The idea is to have the album released by and Irish label and have it reviewed by Irish publications and start from there.

So far so good – my debut Irish single release of the track “The Point of no Return” has already been play listed at one radio station there so we fight on! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in South Africa? I can only thank my fans for their support and it’s them I want to make proud in Ireland. It would be great if we can grow a stronger culture of attending live music events. Good luck with your travels and we hope that you are able to make a success of it over in Ireland. Don’t forget about us and keep us posted on what is happening in your new life. Thanx for the music No thank you. It’s publications like yours that keep guys like us motivated.

Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton

Chronic Vitality is a band that has appeared in the mag a few months ago. Our good friend Alan Oller put us in contact with him as he produces the band. They have just released their first album; check out this interview as we talk about the new album. Enjoy the read peeps!

Hi guys it’s been a while since you have been featured in Fanbase Music mag, welcome back. What have you been up to, I hear you have a new album out, what is it called? Well we’ve been up to a lot. We won a battle of the bands in San Francisco, which led to us recording an album at Studio 132 in Oakland. It’s called “On Our Own” and we released it back in November. We’re really proud of it. Its good old rock and roll, but with our own modern twists and ideas. I think there’s something on it for everyone. Other than that, we have really just been playing a lot live around the bay area, especially in the college town of Davis.

Who was the song writer for this album and where did you get your inspiration from? I wrote all the lyrics and most of the general foundations of the songs - chord progressions and all. A lot of the time Aryien, or “The Professor” as we call him, will come up with a great guitar riff to take the songs to the next level. On “Whiskey and Beer” he came up with the whole instrumental part of the song, which I ended up coming up with the words to. It’s been a great collaborative effort between me and him because it’s difficult coming up with a good and powerful arrangement.

How many tracks are on the album? 9 original songs. In your opinion what is your fave song on the album? My favorite is the last song on the album, “Free Me.” It’s actually the first song I wrote...probably goes back a few years, before I even started the band. It really is just about my love for music and rock and roll, and how the things that we have to do in life, that our society kinda forces us to do, get in the way of our true passions and dreams. So many people give up on what they want to do most in life because they get pulled into doing petty work. It’s basically a song about my frustrations with seeing that happening in my own life. So it’s very personal for me, so I saved it for last on the album.

It sums up what I want most, but can relate to anyone’s dreams as well. G, my brother and drummer, actually got a line from that song tattooed on his arm, so I think it might be his favorite as well!

The Professor likes things a little bit more guitar heavy, closer to hard rock. Now that this album is out, will we be seeing you visiting our shores in sunny South Africa for a tour? Not unless we get a lot of funds going! We’re looking to tour some places though soon.

Is this your debut album or do you have any other albums out? We did a demo to get started, but this is our first album, yes.

Thanx so much for doing this interview guys. Thank you, we really appreciate it!

s g bi ring a Sp ’m “I uce Br n” en te

Who are some of your influences? I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and I know his influence can be heard in a lot of our songs. Especially with our saxophone and keyboard, which a lot of other rock bands don’t have, I think you can see traces of people like Bob Seger and John Mellencamp. I’m proud of that. Our band has a lot of variety with the type of music we play, but I tend to like things more towards classic rock whereas

Where can people get hold of the new album? We’ll have a link up soon on our website You can keep up with us on facebook too!


For those readers that don’t know you, what can you tell us about your band, where did it all start and what genre of music do you play? Well I started a band a couple years ago, but I wouldn’t say it’s the same band as we have now. We go by the same name, but we’ve had so many lineup changes that it’s pretty much a whole different living and breathing thing now. We really just keep getting better every gig. Our whole thing is about bringing back rock and roll. I think it has sort of given way to pop, rap, and country music on the radio, and there aren’t a lot of channels that play new rock and roll. So at our shows we play a lot of classic and modern rock covers and mix in our own songs in with them. We don’t just play causally either. We go for broke at every show. So if you’re looking for new rock and roll, we’re your band!

Fourth and Final Cape Town performance date added Due to a phenomenal demand for Rodriguez tickets, with 3 sold out Cape Town performances, Big Concerts have added another concert in Cape Town on Saturday 9th February at the Grand Arena, GrandWest Cape Town. The tour will be produced by Big Concerts, and is presented by Talk Radio 702, 567 CapeTalk and M-Net. Tickets and tour details are available from Computicket. The Mexican-American singer-songwriter known simply as, “Rodriguez" had been working on his music career in Detroit since the early 1960s. He recorded an album in 1969 that many believed was going to secure his reputation as one of the greatest recording artists of his generation. Instead, Cold Fact bombed and the Rodriguez seemingly disappeared into obscurity, even being subject to rumours that he had committed suicide by setting himself on fire onstage and other imaginative tales. The album took on a life of its own when a bootleg recording found its way into our own South Africa. Banned by the Apartheid government, the album became a nationwide phenomenon over the next two decades, and the soundtrack to a resistance movement of liberal African youth. Back in Detroit, living a hardscrabble life, Rodriguez was totally unaware that he was not just a folk hero but a household name thousands of miles away. Eventually, two South African fans then set out to find out what really happened to their hero, and their investigation led them to a story more extraordinary than any of the many myths they’d heard. Their story forms the basis of the recently released documentary Searching For Sugarman which was a big hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival where it won the world documentary audience award and a special jury award, and it received fantastic reviews at this year’s SXSW, Tribeca film festival, Sydney film festival and several others around the world. He has since appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and Rodriguez was recently featured on the television program, 60 minutes. Stunning. One of the greatest, and most moving documentaries ever made." ***** Q magazine "The all-too-credible story of a superstar that never was." **** Empire “The buzzworthy Sundance documentary” - Yahoo! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the iconic Rodriguez live in South Africa performing his classic hits in support of ‘Searching for Sugarman’.

Johannesburg – Presented by Talk Radio 702 and M-Net

Cape Town – presented by 567 Cape Talk and M-Net

12th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

9th February 2013 – ON SALE NOW

13th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

10TH February 2013 – SOLD OUT

15th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

20th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

16th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

21ST February 2013 – SOLD OUT

18th February 2013 – SOLD OUT Big Top Arena, Carnival City

Grand Arena, GrandWest Tickets from R310 – R520

Tickets from R225 – R520

Tickets available online from or at any Shoprite, Checkers or Computicket Store

Hi Jarryd thanks so much for doing this interview, can you tell us what exactly it is you do? I specialize in providing music for Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions, hence the name KZN Wedding DJ. I ensure all music aspects are taken care of at each and every wedding we are booked for. With a passion for music and people – This is what I specialize in –Making guests HAPPY! Every Wedding is different, Different guests, setups, crowd capacities etc. For me it’s about interacting and making my crowd have an amazing time.

What makes you different to other Wedding DJ’s out there? All DJ’s differ in styles, personality and various other ways

What else do you do, other than being a DJ? Besides a DJ, I have been a photographer for the past 6 years which infact goes hand in hand with my Weddings. You will find me at strange, but interesting locations in and around KZN shooting Fashion, Landscapes and even doing some Aerial photography. Jarryd Sunkel Photography can be found on Facebook or by visiting which includes my up to date gallery. I also spend a lot of my time on the roads & promenades cycling. 2013 brings along with it a few races which I look forward to as well.

Describe a day in the life as a DJ? I woke up on during the week and get into my office and reply to any enquiries which come in via email, website or so-

which make you, as the DJ, unique. I would say being myself – a vibrant, passion-driven Wedding DJ is what differentiates me from the rest of the Wedding DJ’s out there. As a professional in the industry, I advise you as a bride or groom to meet with your DJ prior to booking and ensure he has a good “Wedding DJ” reference.

cial networking sites.

Do you only specialize in weddings?

If time allows, I usually go for a 30km cycle…

I began my DJ career in 2003 operating as JS Music Technologies which in fact is still operating in full force today and deals with all mobile DJ requirements for any function including Weddings, 21st Birthdays, Corporate functions, Karaoke, 50th Birthdays and many more. Weddings take up approx 95% of my Booking diary which is why I specialize in weddings.

How many functions have you done so far? I do an average of approx 25-30 Weddings a year… Functions in total.. Wow that takes some admin to check…

What sort of music are you into? I am into most genres except heavy metal & Rap. I have never been a great fan of both these genres, I am more the commercial dance, Pop, House DJ. Weddings require the DJ to be versatile and be able to read any age group. Unlike the Club DJ, I move between 4 or 5 genres before the end of any Wedding.

What sort of music do you play at your functions? I play the likes of Pink, David Guetta, Pitbull, Maroon 5 etc. The list is endless. I am more of the Commercial Dance, Pop and Old Closet Classic kinda DJ but my wide music selection allows me to play at a club, 21st, 50th or any other private function.

Weekends are somewhat different. Depending on the venue, I wake up & ensure all sound gear is packed and ready for transport to the Wedding. I leave 2-3 hours prior to any function to ensure that all the sound and lighting is setup properly.

How can people get hold of you? Pop onto my website : or like my facebook page For All other functions visit

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL RETURNS TO SOUTH AFRICA WITH DRALION In Cape Town from March 5, 2013 and Johannesburg from March 21, 2013 Exclusive tickets offers available now for Cirque Club members Tickets available to the general public on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embargoed until Monday 19th November at 9am South Africa, November 19, 2012 - Cirque du Soleil is pleased to announce its return to South Africa with Dralion performing from March 5, 2013 at Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town and March 21, 2013 at Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg. Since its debut in 1999, Dralion has wowed over 2.5 million people worldwide. Presented by 567 CapeTalk, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net. Exclusive tickets offer for Dralion are available now online to Cirque Club members. Cirque Club membership is free and benefits includes access to advance tickets, special offers and exclusive behind the scenes information. To join, go to Tickets for the general public will be available nationwide starting Tuesday, November 20 at and Computicket. About the show Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion (pronounced “Dra-lee-on”) draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West. In Dralion, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved.

Show Schedule Cape Town Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 8pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 8pm Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 8pm Friday, March 8, 2013 at 8pm Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 4pm and 8pm Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 1pm and 5pm Cape Town: R330 – R495. Plus off peak shows on 5th March/6th March, 7th March and 10th March (5pm only) priced R275 – R440 Johannesburg Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 8pm Friday, March 22, 2013 at 8pm Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 4pm and 8pm Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 1pm and 5pm Johannesburg: R365 – R515. Plus an off peak show on 24th March at 5pm priced R340 – R490.

A limited number of Premium and Front Row tickets are also available for all performances. Tickets are available nationwide at and Computicket. Group bookings are available through Computicket For show and ticket information, please visit Cirque du Soleil From a group of 20 street performers at its beginnings in 1984, Cirque du Soleil is now a major Quebec-based organization providing high-quality artistic entertainment. The company has 5,000 employees, including more than 1,300 performing artists from close to 50 different countries. Cirque du Soleil has brought wonder and delight to more than 100 million spectators in more than 300 cities in over forty countries on six continents. For more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit To find out more about the ONE DROP Foundation, visit

BON JOVI BECAUSE WE CAN – THE TOUR **** BAND TO BLAZE A TRAIL ACROSS THE GLOBE IN 2013 *** South African Stadium Dates for May 2013 Presented by 94.5 KFM, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and MNET October 29, 2012 – The best just got bigger. Bringing their signature brand of rock ‘n’ roll back to the people, Bon Jovi will hit the road in 2013 to fill stadiums and arenas worldwide with “BON JOVI Because We Can – The Tour.” Blazing a trail across the globe, the tour will kick off in North America in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and travel throughout Europe, the Far East, Africa, Latin America and Australia. The band’s return to the road in 2013 will cap an incredible run which has secured Bon Jovi’s status as the essential live rock band – having performed more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 35 million fans, and earning the #1 grossing worldwide tour twice in just three years. “Because We Can – The Tour” will also debut brand new songs from new album What About Now, due out in Spring 2013, loading even more ammunition into the band’s huge arsenal of hits including “Livin’ on a Prayer,” “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” “It’s My Life,” and many more.

With one of the greatest catalogues of songs in the history of rock n’ roll, Bon Jovi has sold more than 125 million albums and racked up a stellar resume of career accomplishments.

South African Tour Dates: Tuesday 7th May 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Presented by 94.5 KFM and MNET Saturday 11th May 2013 – FNB Stadium, Soccer City Complex, Johannesburg Presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and MNET For more information on all things Bon Jovi, visit Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Thursday 1st November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST) Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Friday 2nd November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST) Tickets available online from, or Computicket. A limited quantity of exclusive pre-sale tickets opportunities are available beginning Monday 29 th October 2012 from, and Computicket. Pre-sale tickets are limited to 35% of the available stadium inventory and will be available strictly while stocks last! About BIG Concerts: BIG Concerts (Pty) Ltd., founded in 1989 by Attie van Wyk, is South Africa’s premier live entertainment company and consistently rated as one of the best in the world according to Pollstar magazine’s annual list of global music promoter’s (Big Concerts was rated #20 at the end of 2011). Amongst many past accomplishments, Big Concerts staged the first international concert held in celebration of the lifting of the cultural boycott of South Africa in 1992 featuring Paul Simon. Since then, Big Concerts has been involved in almost every significant international live music event promoted in South Africa during the last two decades and have promoted over two hundred major international tours, featuring more than 500 artists (including The Killers, U2, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Metallica, Elton John, The Eagles, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Usher, Coldplay, Neil Diamond, Sting, Kings of Leon, and Bon Jovi), as well as major international theatre productions such as Mamma Mia!, Lord of The Dance and Tap Dogs, and various other global live entertainment events, including Live Earth, World Wrestling Entertainment and Dunhill Symphony of Fire. Over the past two decades, Big Concerts has entertained more than 10 million people. CONTACTS Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) +27 (0) 833261776, Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) +27 (0) 726561906, Wendy Verwey Bekker (Universal Music - International Rock & Pop Product Manager) +27 (0) 8444 22216,

Quote of the Month â&#x20AC;Ś..

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty What would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music For giving it to me -ABBA


Rock the river SA, a five day festival that stood as a test of ultimate survival for those of us who were crazy enough to attend all five days. The music never stopped, the booze was endless and the showers, well they were useless. Rock The River team seemed to have bitten off a little more than they could chew but one thing was for sure, they had one hell of an epic lineup. Friday Sunscreen, water bottle and smokes, we arrived at Rock the River ready to party. It was clearly stated when we arrived at the venue that sleeping was for the weak, however after battling to set up a tent in the crazy wind it seemed like sleeping was the only thing we wanted to do. What made things worst was that the entrance to the festival area was too far from the artist area and we were forced to walk across hills of sand to access it. Luckily by the end of the night someone had found a hole it the bob-wire behind the electro stage that made accessing the festival area a little easier. The Sleepers took us into the night with an outstanding performance as per usual. Despite the small turn out on the first day they manage to pull the crowd and probably gained plenty of new fans. Van Coke Kartel delivered as promised. Francois’s stage presence screams “rock star” and the first night ended on a good buzz. Saturday Saturday started bright and early as the morning sun beat down harshly on our tent, turning it into a human sized oven and forcing us to get out of there. So we decided to camp out in front of the electro stage as Taz The Spaz opened. Despite the technical difficulties she managed to pull us out of our zombie-like state of mind and back into festival mode. Most of the day was spent at the electro tent as it was the only bit of shade we could find without having to walk across the mini dessert between the electro stage and the main stage. The afternoon sun treated us a little bit better as we made our way toward the main stage to watch Fingers in the Sky. When a bassist manages to snap his E-string, that itself should be a warning that they were probably going to blow some minds. A crowd of barefoot stompers sang along to the likes of Mr. Thompson and White Lies. Their set consisted of both old and new material however, these guys deserve more recognition for the music they make. Junkyard Lipstick took us into the evening, sporting new members since the last time they graced the RTR stage. Their music has definitely become a lot heavier and more structured. The older songs seem to have found the punch that was missing before. It seems that they still need to find what works for them on stage in terms of presence as the new member appear as if they haven’t quite settled yet, but nonetheless, Junkyard Lipstick has proved that nothing will stop them from making the music they love. Sunday The weather cooled down quite nicely and more people were seen roaming around the stage areas. There were people only arriving that morning so the place was a lot livelier than the previous 2 days. Black Moscow took the stage with their new vocalist and a mellower set. While the set was a mix of old and new songs the atmosphere they created was one a lot more chilled than what I’d expected, it lacked the darkness of their older stuff. I doubt that it’s the addition of Clem that has called for this change, as the progression throughout the last year shows them slowly infusing the change. A good set from the band, the new vocalist brings a different kind of presence; he’s got those skinny geek chic vibes going for him. The Mysticcs were and treated us to some upbeat poppy blues tunes. Ebi’s stage presence is always something to look forward to. The awesome facial expressions as he rips into a solo indicate his absolute love and passion for the music he plays. The Mysticcs have been a promising act since the first time they entered the scene however the lack of fresh material is a bit disappointing. The bands leading up to the headline act created an almost comfortable tension as we all waited to see Lark Electro. The likes of Woodstock Mafia, Sabretooth and pop rock band Taxi Violence kept the growing crowd entertained but it was when the enigmatic Inge Beckmann and the mind blowing talent of Mr. Sakatumi took the stage that the crowd finally came alive. The entrancing presence of Inge captured all, whether or not they were fans. The warlike drumming of Ascending and breathtaking vocals left the crowd in awe and begging for more. Most of the material played was from their latest album Gong is Struck; while it wasn’t as familiar as the older stuff it did not compromise the quality of the performance. They did however spoil us with the likes of Tricksy in which Mr. Sakatumi picked up the guitar, as well as Heroin Mary and Cradle of Cable. But it was the cover of We Are Growing that had the crowd singing along. Lark is a band one needs to experience rather than solely listen to. They ended off night 3 with a bang.

Monday Monday morning consisted of pulling ourselves together as my band Sonnet 30 was playing the metal stage at 1pm. The experience on the other side was definitely a lot different, it makes you appreciated what the bands have to do to put on an epic performance; all the technical difficulties that they have to put up with and still pull through to deliver quality music for the love of music. After a fun performance it was time for us to get back into the festive mood. A trip to the river to check out the waterslide educated me in the danger of swimming in places like these. The rumors of leeches were not just that, dudes were checking their manhood as the got out of the river and vowed to stay away from the infested waters for the rest of the festival. Not too long after the encounter with the leeches, as I was chilling on the grass in front of the main stage, waiting for Half Price to play I met another unlikely festival goer. A huge orange tarantula looking spider the size of a fist was casually walking across my lap. This of cause was followed by girly screaming both from me and everyone else around me as the spider scurried away. The New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eve line up was a chilled one, filled with Ska. I was introduced to the amazing Rudimentals who counted us into the New Year. The Hog ended off the night on the main stage and those who still had a little bit of party in them headed to the electro stage to dance till they finally dropped. Rock the River 2012/13 organization was not of the best, the lack of drinkable water, the showers that were barely functioning and the size of the venue were definitely major problems that need to be fixed before the next event. But Rock the River is about the music and the music was up to standard. And besides, we were all there to party and nothing could stop us from doing just that. Gigg Review by : Abdeah Davis Photography by: Lupa Photography


Fokofpolisiekar will be 10 years old on 1 March 2013. To celebrate this milestone, they have just released a double disc offering with a decade of Fokofpolisiekar Rock-‘n-Roll music and videos. The double album consists of songs which fans consider to be their personal favourites, as well as all FPK music videos, official and previously unreleased bootleg stuff. This is the ideal must have for those who have lost their original FPK CD copies, the younger brothers and sisters of the original followers who were still in the lower school grades when Fokof first broke the mould and those who are curious to see some unreleased video material of the band in their early days. A decade ago in March 2003 the legendary 5-piece Rock outfit, originally from Bellville, penned down cult classics like ‘’Hemel op Die Platteland’’ and ‘’Fokofpolisiekar’’ and made a massive imprint on the local music scene with their first musical offering, As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand, released in February 2003. Since then Fokofpolisiekar has had a controversial, exciting and successful career to date. Nine years later and a month away from their ten year anniversary as one of South Africa’s most celebrated bands, Fokofpolisiekar still exudes the same magnetic pulling power at their shows . The band’s show at OppiKoppi Sweet/Thing 2012 drew one of the largest crowds at this festival. Media quotes from OppiKoppi Sweet/Thing: “The area was packed and the energy was amazing. I’ve heard guestimates of 15 000 people, which could be correct. Either way, the people came to see the boys they love so much. Men were crying. Everyone was singing along. Next year is their ten year anniversary. It’s going to be hard to top what we saw at midnight two Saturdays ago.” – Dan Nash nash/cape-to-oppikoppi-2012/

Double disc :  Audio CD 23 Songs,  DVD 12 Music Video’s, including previously unrelease material. Track list : Audio CD : 1. Hemel op die platteland ( 2:41) 2. Maak of braak (2:26) 3. Vernietig jouself (2:00) 4. Tygerberg vliegtuig (2:53) 5. Fokofpolisiekar (2:38) 6. Tevrede? (4:20) 7. Angs aanval (3:01) 8. Tiny Town (2:11) 9. Die illusie van veiligheid (4:14) 10. Ek dink aan jou as dit reën (3:41) 11. Monoloog in stereo (4:03) 12. Brand Suid-Afrika (3:22) 13. Tiener Aksie Einde (4:02) 14. Klipgooi glashuis (3:25) 15. Prioritiseer (3:42) 16. Ek Skyn (Heilig) (3:50) 17. Swanesang (3:31) 18. Bel vir Middelvinger ( 4:03) 19. Vasbeslot Korporasie (Deel 2) (3:51) 20. Tussen die krake (3:15) 21. Kyk Noord (3:04) 22. Antibiotika (2:54) 23. Hemel op die platteland (Akoesties) (3:17)

DVD Disc : 1. Tussen Die Krake (unreleased) 2. Hemel Op Die Platteland 3. Tevrede? 4. Hemel Op Die Platteland (Akoestiese Weergawe) 5. Die Illusie Van Veiligheid 6. Tiener Aksie Einde 7. Brand Suid-Afika 8. Ek Skyn (Heilig) 9. Antibiotika 10. Maak Of Braak (unauthorised) 11. Tygerberg Vliegtuig (unauthorised) After a sold out tour in December 2012, Fokopolisiekar is back by popular demand and will be celebrating their ence with the following upcoming shows: Date: 26 January 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: Memphis Rock, Potchefstroom Address: 102 Steve Biko Ave, Potchefstroom Contact: Hannes du / 079 796 2491

10-year exist-

Tickets: R60 p/p at the door

Date: 6 March 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: Neetlinghof, Stellenbosch Address: Neethlingshof, Polkadraai Pad Contact :0218082019 Time:20:30 Entrance:R60 studentekaart, R90 Pre Sold: R60 studentekaart, R90, Computicket

Date: 27 February 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: Rio Casino, Klerksdorp Adress: Rio Boulevard, Meiringspark, Extension 8, Klerksdorp, 2570 Contact : +27(18)469 9116 /

Date: 28 March 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: The Assembly, Cape Town Address: 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town Contact: Pierre Coetzee - / +27 21 465 7286

Time: Doors open18h30 / Start 20h00 Entrance: R120 pp

Time: Doors open at 21:00 Entrance: R100 p/p at the door Pre Sold: R80 p/p (only 200 available) from http://

Date: 28 February 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: Barnyard Theatre, Cresta Adress: Shop L205, Cresta Mall Contact : 011 478 5300 / Time: Doors open18h30 / Start 20h00 Entrance: R150 pp Pre Sold: 011 478 5300 / Date: 1 March 2013 Line up: Fokofpolisiekar Venue: Firkin Pub Centurion Address: cnr Hendrik Verwoerd & Embankment drive

Early Bird: R60 p/p (only 100 available) from http://

Facebook: Twitter: @fokofband Web:

Press Release: RAMfest 2013 presented by Red Heart Rum. RAMfest, South Africa’s biggest annual Alternative Music Festival, is proud to present three outstanding international bands as the headlining acts for the 2013 concert: Rise Against (USA) , British Metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will be setting our stages alight in four cities. Throw some stellar local acts in the mix and the RAM family can rest assured that the event will be even bigger and better than ever!

RAMfest 2013 will be touring Cape Town, Johannesburg, PE and Durban.

Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon’s performances include RAMfest Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and Pendulum DJ Set and Verse will be performing in all 4 cities. Note: There are two different concerts in Durban, so make sure that you know the exact line-up before you purchase your ticket. The internationals, except for Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, will not be performing in PE.

Rise Against Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band`s first two albums “The Unraveling” (2001) and “Revolutions per Minute” (2003) met with considerable underground success. Their major label debut “Siren Song of the Counter Culture” brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. The two albums after that, “The Sufferer and the Witness” and “Appeal to Reason”, respectively debuted at number ten and number three on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Facebook: Twitter: @riseagainst Website:

Bring Me The Horizon Formed in Sheffield in 2004, Bring Me the Horizon has had many highlights since the launch of their career. They have won 3 Kerrang Awards - one in 2007 for Best British Newcomer, the second in 2011 for Best Album for “There Is A Hell...”, and most recently the 2012 award for Best British Video for “Alligator Blood”. They were officially the biggest band on MySpace UK in 2011, boast over 3.4 million fans on Facebook, as well as over 50 million UK and European views on YouTube for their official videos.

In late 2011 BMTH supported Machine Head in UK and Europe, including a return to UK arenas. For the first 6 months of 2012 the band has been in the studio working on their next album, to be released through Sony in 2013.

Facebook: Twitter:

Website: https//

Pendulum: After the success of their performance at RAMfest 2010, Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will also be returning to perform at RAMfest 2013. Facebook: Twitter:



Dates: Good news! Cape Town attendees can look forward to the former weekend-long festival format and Joburg residents can also ready their tents – we’re setting up shop for a full weekend up North as well.

7 -10 March: RAMfest Cape Town, including all international acts (Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend) RED HEART RUM MAIN STAGE: Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon, Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Goodnight Wembley, The Black Cat Bones, Beast, Fuzigish, Woodstock Mafia, Dead Alphabet and many more. MONSTER ENERGY ALTERNATIVE STAGE by METAL4AFRICA.COM: Facing the Gallows, Haggis and Bong, Juggernaut, All Will Fall, Four A Penny, Marching Dead, Pestroy, Chromium and many more. OLMECA TEQUILA ELECTRONIC STAGE: Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, Niskerone, Sideshow, Veranda Panda, Hyphen, Das Kapital, Sibot, P.H.FAT, Tommy Gun and many more. BOOM! STAGE: The Ratrod Cats, The Man Motels, Love Glory Pyrotechnics, Crimson House Blues, Holiday Murray, Andy Lund, Gerald Clark, Sons of Settlers, Tailor, Black Handed Kites and many more. Full line up and details RAMfest Cape Town:

8 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse (Durban, Origin Nightclub) Line-up: Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, Das Kapital, more soon! Updates for Durban Origin:

15 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Das Kapital (Old Grey, Port Elizabeth) Line up: Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, Das Kapital, more acts to be announced soon! Updates for PE, Old Grey:

15 March: RAMfest presents Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon (Durban, Wavehouse) Line up: Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon, Lowerprofile. Updates for Durban, Wavehouse:

15 & 16 March: RAMfest JHB, including all international acts (Riversands Farm, Fourways) RED HEART MAIN STAGE: Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon, Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Fuzigish, Black Cat Bones, Pestroy, Beast, Mind Assault, Deityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Muse and many more. OLMECA ELECTRONIC STAGE: Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, Double Adapter, Das Kapital, Veranda Panda, Sibot, Benson, Rude One, Reepa and many more. BOOM STAGE: Rambling Bones, Planet Joy, North of Winter, The Action Thrillers, Short Straw, Tamara Tree, City of Heroes, The Frown and many more. Johannesburg campers please read carefully: There are only 5 000 camping spots available at RAMfest Johannesburg. Read options when purchasing tickets carefully to select Ticket including camping or Ticket excluding camping. If purchasing tickets excluding camping, you will have to leave premises after each night and return the next day. If keen to camp, purchase tickets soon to avoid disappointment. Full line-up and details for RAMfest Johannesburg:

Ticket prices for RAMfest shows: Cape Town: 7-9 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate. Johannesburg: 15 & 16 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate. Durban: 15 March: R350 pre-sold, R450 at the gate. Durban: 8 March: R150 presales and R100 early bird. PE: 15 March: R150 presales and R100 early bird.

Ticket sales: Tickets at:



DBN Wavehouse: DBN Origin:


Social Media: Facebook:



Media Contact: Liny Kruger at LK Mediabook: 082 464 1926 / We would like to thank our sponsors: Red Heart Rum, Olmeca Tequila, MK, Monster Energy, Rolling Stone SA, Hunters Dry, Music Connection, Black Label, Lipton Ice Tea, Ticketbreak.

MICHAEL JACKSON HISTORY II HEADS TO JOZI IN JANUARY 2013 After wowing audiences across the country, The Michael Jackson HIStory ll Show, starring Kenny Wizz direct from Vegas, heads to Johannesburg for a season at Joburg Theatre opening 17th January with a strictly limited season until 10th February 2013. The widely acclaimed Michael Jackson HIStory ll Show, a musical biography of Michael Jackson's life, is an all-new production that has recently taken New Zealand by storm and has had audiences up on their feet in Cape Town and Durban already on this tour. Now, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Joziâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s turn. Together with a live band of talented musicians, fully choreographed dancers, authentic costumes and high production values, HIStory II brings fans what they want but can never again see, a Michael Jackson concert. The show stars Kenny Wizz, widely recognised as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world.

The first HIStory concert was tremendously popular when it was first presented at Joburg Theatre in 2011 and since then Michael Jackson fans have called for its return. True to Michael Jackson, the show has reinvented itself, with a brand new production that has raised the bar and exceeded all expectations, with the addition of new songs, outstanding dance routines and spectacular visual effects. The production takes fans right back to the Jackson 5 era and through a thrilling journey to the current decade. Hit after hit tells the story of one of the greatest pop icons the world has ever known and features over twenty songs performed live by Kenny Wizz, the celebrated Las Vegas performer. The concert's success is the product of Wizz's dedication to championing the genius of Michael Jackson, and HIStory is the result of more than two decades perfecting "the art of sharing MJ". Wizz was shattered by Jackson's death and at the time closed his act down in Las Vegas, despite calls from fans to continue. On his return to the stage he noticed that Jackson's death had made concert-goers even more critical of his performances. He commented, "It's more difficult because my act is observed through a microscope now he's gone - people want the closest thing possible." Wizz delivers remarkably. Wizz was twenty when Michael Jackson's career exploded with the release of the pivotal album Thriller. During that time, his strong resemblance to Jackson heralded the start of a long career as a conduit for Jackson music. His regular performances in Atlantic City gratified audiences and allowed him to perfect his act. After tours in Europe and Asia, Wizz settled in Las Vegas where his show was signed for eleven years at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Michael Jackson, repeatedly described as a musical juggernaut, had an influence on popular culture and music that remains virtually unparalleled. Beside his inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Jackson held thirteen Grammy awards and twenty-six American Music Awards including "Artist of the Century". His roll of accolades, however, is almost too massive to mention, and for most the focus weighs more heavily on the music Jackson has shared since the 1960s. Songs such as ABC, Ben, Smooth Criminal, Beat It and many more will be performed on the upcoming HIStory tour, providing a flawless live experience that might otherwise be unattainable. Jackson's popularity which has gained epic proportions since his untimely death in 2009. The rampant popularity of these concerts is driven by their ability to transport audiences to a time and place they once loved. It's a founding principle of the success of Showtime Management Australia, the Producer bringing the HIStory II tour to South Africa and the company behind the immensely popular concert series Queen - It's a Kinda Magic. The Michael Jackson HIStory ll Show runs at Joburg Theatre from January 17 th to February 10th 2013, with performances Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Ticket prices range from R100 to R295, and are on sale by visiting, or by calling the theatreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s direct ticketing line on 0861 670 670. Michael Jackson's gone, but fans still can't get enough - "Music has been my outlet, my gift to all the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever." - Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson HIStory ll is presented in South Africa in association with Mzansi Magic. Follow the latest Joburg Theatre news on Twitter - @joburgtheatre gives you all the latest information, special offers as well as news from behind the scenes of Joburgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s world class theatre. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PHOTO AND INTERVIEW REQUESTS Collett Dawson 082 653 1338 /

JUSTIN BIEBER LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA Big Concerts have officially confirmed the Justin Bieber tour dates for South Africa. Justin Bieber will be performing live for town stadium shows on Wednesday 8th May at Cape Town Stadium and Sunday 12th May at FNB Stadium Johannesburg.

May 2013

Justin Bieber became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 when he released ‘My World’ in 2009. His first full-length album ‘My World 2.0’ (2010) was certified platinum in the United States and spawned hit singles "Baby" ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘U Smile’. His most recent release ‘Believe’ (2012) became his fourth chart topper in the United States, debuting at number-one on the Billboard 200 and went to number one in 30 other countries. With hit singles ‘Boyfriend’, ‘All Around the World’, ‘Die in Your Arms’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me’ which all placed in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. He has received numerous awards including Artist of the Year at the 2011 and 2012 American Music Awards and was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. He also recently won 3 MTV Europe music video awards including ‘Best World Stage Performance’.

With worldwide album sales in excess of 15 million units, Bieber has dominated pop culture and social media for more than three years. He has more than 44 million Facebook fans, more than 23 million Twitter followers, and more than three billion YouTube views, making him the most popular YouTube artist of all time. Now he performs live in South Africa for the first time with two stadium shows. South African Tour Dates: Wednesday 8th May 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Sunday 12th May 2013 – FNB Stadium, Johannesburg Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Monday 10th December 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R315 – R750. Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Tuesday 11th December 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R315 - R700. Tickets available online from, or Computicket. Important Information All minors must have a valid ticket. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian.


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How did you get into photography? I started at a young age, think I was around 12 the first time my Father put a Nikon EM (which I now own) in my hand and taught me how to use it. I always enjoyed capturing moments and round about the time I hit my 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s I realized I had a knack for it and my passion suddenly blossomed. I had all my digital equipment stolen from me in about 2009 and this knocked me back terribly; however I am back in full force.

What camera are you currently using? Currently using a Nikon D70, not that it matters. Glass and light are what make the difference. Although, that being said Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to go full-frame.

What do you like about Photography? The ability to freeze a moment, an emotion, a memory in time. Also, the practice of mastering light is something that appeals greatly to me, suppose it has something to do with the notion of balancing darkness and light in a creative manner.

What style of Photography do you like? Not sure what you mean by style, I like energy in photos, gung-ho angles, crazy lighting and a sense of movement. Suppose this is what got me into event coverage.

Where do you see youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re self in five years, in terms of your photography? Travelling. I want to see and document the world, and I want to be showing the world the difference between the upper crust of living as well as the downtrodden and poor in stark contrast. I want to reveal the injustices that go by unnoticed day in and day out.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? So many to mention and pay credit to. Henry Cartier, father of 35mm. Annie Leibovitz, for her creativity and tenacity. And locally, Liam Lynch; the man just has this approach to photography that I really respect never mind the fact that his work is excellent.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? Well considering my photography often takes a back seat to my day job (I manage a fairly young company), my day normally consists of work, rushing home and grabbing a shower, ensuring my gear is ready and catching a cab to whatever gig I am meant to cover. Then editing, and admin.

What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? Pay your dues, rediscover the basics, and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to push the boundaries. And above all, respect yourself as an artist, while still keeping respect for all those who have come before. Buy the best gear you can afford and then learn to use it, know your equipmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s limits better than you know yours; because that is where the magic happens.

How can people get hold of you? My Facebook page: ItsNot Phair Photography Twitter: @itsnotphair Email:

The tour kicks off on the 15th of Feb in the band’s hometown of Cape Town at Mercury Live before travelling on to Stellenbosch and playing Aandklas on the 16th of February. The five-piece then travels upcountry to play four gigs in a row, starting in Bloemfontein at Die Mystic Boer on the 20 th, then a very special once-off at Joburg’s Roosevelt Park Bowling Club on the 21st, followed by Pretoria’s Arcade Empire on the 22nd and ending up at Durban’s majestic Live! The Venue on the 23rd, before flying home to London and a well-earned rest. Fetish regrouped in the Autumn of 2012 to record their first new material in over a decade. Now that the album is widely available on the Just Music label, the band is hitting the road for a series of affordable, hard-hitting,lo-fi gigs that will showcase the “rock-ier” side of the band to the public. Fetish will be hooking up with local artists such as Matthew Mole, Tailor, Bat Country and NakhanaToure as support acts on the road. Tickets are available through Webtickets, while CD’s and posters will be available for sale at all the venues. Watch the press for details and join the Facebook ( Fetish.Band) page to keep up to date with all the latest news and dates of the

SKYROOMLIVE.COM SOUTH AFRICA’ S TOP LIVE STREAMING PORTAL Partners with SABC 1 To launch Season 1 of SKYROOMLIVE on SABC1 South Africa, 29 January 2013 -, South Africa’s most popular live-streaming Internet portal announced today that it has partnered with SABC 1 in the first ever live-streamed music concert series on South African television. The first of 26 live concerts airs on SABC 1 on Saturday 16 February at 22h00 and will include contributions from some of South Africa’s leading artists, who will all perform hour-long concerts. Apart from the first broadcast, which will be pre-recorded, all additional shows will be broadcast live. The entrepreneurial company behind – Mushroom Broadcast - has quickly built up a reputation for being South Africa’s top live-streaming solution, racking up 273,325 live views via live streamed content for the likes of Sony, Nike and Peugeot and concerts from The Parlotones (live-streamed in 3D to cinema), Jack Parow, HHP, Daniel Bedingfield, The Kongos, Pete Tong and more. Impressed with the unique concept,’s advanced Internet streaming technology and top MTV nominated music video Director Eban Olivier’s filming technique, SABC 1 entered into negotiation with the team to produce a series for them that would revolutionise and modernise the broadcasting industry. According to (the most comprehensive source for live streaming concerts on the globe), is rated number 16 in the world under American Express and Google, and is the only South Africa live-stream portal to be rated in the Top 50 worldwide! 2012 also saw achieve world-class status as being in the Top 10 views across the globe under the ranks of Rihanna and Deadmau5. “We are excited to bring our viewers a brand new concept that is current and relevant to the progressive society today. We encourage them to tune into this ground-breaking show – SkyroomLive,” enthuses Vukile Madlala, the channel’s Publicity Manager. “The concept opens up a world of exciting opportunities for any type of event”, comments Director Eban Olivier. “This technology affords us the pleasure of being able to broadcast any event in 2D or 3D from anywhere in the world and we’re pleased to be recognised as the team breaking new ground from South Africa’s soil.” While millions of fans can watch the concerts from the comfort of their homes, tickets are available for fans who would like to attend the live performances. Tickets available through Computicket – 0861 915 8000 or For more information please go to:

FAN BASE music mag

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