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Adriaan Brand

Issue 18—July 2012

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s we go into Issue 18, I would be lying if I said it’s been an easy month.

As some of you know I have not only moved house but I have also relocated from Durban to the city of gold, Johannesburg but it feels good to know that I have settled down and ready to take on a new month. A lot of you have asked me now that I have moved to Jozi, am I still going to be carrying on with Fanbase Music Mag. The answer to that is YES ! Everything will still be the same and Danni and I will still be running the mag as usual.

Editors Note

All said and done, we have a really rad issue lined up for you this month. First of all we have Adriaan Brand as our front cover feature. You may remember him as one of the members from rock band Springbok Nude Girls. I am so excited about interviewing him. Something a little different this month we are also featuring last year’s idols winner David Van Vuuren, but this isn’t a normal straight forward interview as we have given his fans the opportunity to ask him questions and basically do the interview. We have selected some of the best questions and put it forward to David to answer. Well done to all the people who participated with coming up with awesome questions – thanks. This month in Danni’s Punk Pit, she interviews Rock/dance band Shannon Strange. You might remember Alex Searle who we featured a few months ago, well he plays bass for this band so this should be an interesting interview to read. Danni also interviews a rad DJ who goes by the name of Dillyn-Will, and a photographer by the name of Matt Cornell who has some damn good skills on the camera. Speaking of Toggers this months “ Togger of the month” is a photographer who goes by the name of Lupa photography. This lady’s skills are insane so go check out her interview. I’m sure by now you all know Lady Gaga is coming to South Africa. If you’re a fan then I hope you have already purchased your tickets coz according to the latest news, tickets were selling hard and fast. So much so that the computicket website crashed due to the number of people trying to buy tickets. You can read all about this story in our “and in other news” section. Also in that section we talk about Energy Related landing a record deal and we report on Sensations radio FM doing their 100th show, and you are all invited to the huge party, so go read more about it in. Lastly check out my article on online radio station Zone Radio, I’ve become a huge fan of this radio station. You can find them on streaming audio by logging onto their website, but go read my article and decide for yourself – they are the best thing since sliced bread to come out of the radio world. Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoy the read

Hobo hugs Duwyne, Danni and Mom


Thanks so much for the interview. (Issue 17 June 2012) It came out really cool :D . We really appreciate it dude. U guys rock!!! Sent in by Yuvir Uv-ray Pillay (Plastic Shadows) Nice magazine will certainly continue to read it. Well done to the editors and reporters, all the best for the future!! I will keep track of your mag from now on as my schedule allows me. It is my pleasure to have been a part of this get together Regards David Gilmour

Duzzy replies Hey Uv, The pleasure is all ours. Thanx so much for the opportunity, you guys rock big time

Sent in by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Duzzy Answers Wow this truly is an honour to receive such positive feed back by someone of your celebrity status. Thanx so much for the kind words and wishes. We hope this is a start of a good relationship

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team

Photography by :

Peter-John Freeman and Chaylee Livingstone

ADRIAAN BRAND I remember in the 90’s when I first declared that music is going to play an important role in my life that a certain rock band came out of South Africa, but this just wasn’t any other rock band, yes, it had its share of hard rocking guitars, bass and drums with a guy with killer vocals but there was something more added to this unique blend of rock style music. I was never a fan of keyboards or synthesisers in a rock band but the sounds that were coming out of these instruments were like something I have never heard before from a rock band. It was almost alien or space like and it really worked well with the bands heavy rock sound. My fave song at the time from “The Nude Girls” was “Bubblegum on my boots today”, but hang on? There was a trumpet playing in this song and many of the other songs too, a trumpet? That is unusual but yet again still worked well with the rock sounds of the guitars, bass and drums. I was hooked. So a few years down the line I have had the privilege to interview the lead singer Arno Carstens, but this issue is just as exciting because I get to interview the guy responsible for all the rad keyboard and trumpet sounds that changed South African rock for ever. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you - Adriaan Brand!!! ENJOY THE INTERVIEW!!!

INTERVIEWED BY : Duwyne Clayton

First of all thanks so much for doing this interview with Fanbase Music Mag. It truly is a great honour. Welcome, Brother. Always a pleasure. I’m a great fan of your live photography. Where did it all start as a musician? Do you come from a musical background? I come from a line of charismatic evangelists, and those DIY Baptist -style outfits in the 70s and 80s always had a kick-ass band (well, most of them still do, actually). In our case it was a family church and family band affair. Everyone played something. That was my childhood. In teenage years I got a formal classical music education, culminating in regional youth symphonic orchestra activities etc., and I started playing jazz at varsity. Then the Nudies got me into rock, and the rest is history, in a way. You play the trumpet and keyboard for Springbok Nude Girls. What made you want to be a trumpet player? That started at the beginning of high school. Back in the mid-80s there were still these horrid weekly ‘kadet’ periods in public schools, where you had to march and act in a ridiculously military manner, and that at an institution where you had to be if you wanted to get an education. (I didn’t like it, can you tell?). One of the ways to get out of the marching was to join the school band, and there were spare trumpets available when I joined. As it happened I fell in love with the trumpet very quickly. It’s an instrument which, once you get into it and the mouth muscles start making sense of the mouthpiece, offers a way of music making which feels like singing with a voice. Also, a voice which can be quite loud if you want it to be, plus which adds other expressive possibilities, like note stabs. It’s also like scatting, in a way, but without having to take the explicit step where you say “ok, now I’ll, uhm, scat” – something which has always felt really weird for me to do as a singer. I guess what I’m saying is it offers expressive freedom and release quite unlike any other instrument I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a few. As mentioned before you are part of “The Nude Girls”, how does it feel playing for such an awesome successful band? From where I’m looking at the current juncture in my life, I can say without a doubt that it was the best imaginable way to spend my twenties. We partied, travelled, met people, saw places, had fun, and such delicious opportunities to create and express, with budget backing, and to have people enjoy it with us; lots of people. At the moment it’s something which has become more of a side project, and which adds nice extra income and some ‘like old times’ fun when it happens. I also made some really solid connections with really nice people in the media and industry which add value to my other more current endeavours.

“I fell in love with the trumpet very quickly”

What does the future hold for “The Nude Girls”? Are there any other new albums in the pipeline? Our contract with Sony Music Africa is still going, so I guess the time will come again when the boys get together and say “let’s write some songs and have some fun again”. But there’s no definite plans to do so right now. We released a half-album last year – some of our best work yet, if it were up to my five cents’ worth. Theo gave me full free reign in his state-of-the-art recording facilities, to go bananas on those really expensive orchestral sound banks, in creating bridges be-

“Symphonic orchestration has always been my soft spot” tween the songs on the EP. It was the first time we did something like that, and it came out really haunting and beautiful. Symphonic orchestration has always been my soft spot, and something I have studied and practiced in a disciplined and passionate manner over many years, mostly with the real thing (whether with a full ensemble of live players or with a multi-tracking handful). So when these banks started sounding really good, as an actual orchestral arranger I knew how to make them sound not only good, but real as well. In a ‘yeeehaaa!’ kinda way.

What other projects have you been involved in lately? I have a day job which is basically like NGO management, but in this case it’s the nicest possible community based work one can imagine: community music development rolled into collective mental health strategy. I teach farm workers how to play brass instruments, and co-ordinate a large-scale project with lots of bands, including a 70 piece Cape Klopse walking band, a 20 piece stage band, a choir, and combinations between them. The project is run from Solms-Delta Estate in the Cape Winelands, and in this beautiful setting we put on the most amazing showcases, music festivals and events. What is also really nice about it is that it’s not a fly-by-night: the financial backing of the funders is offered in a committed way. The project is here to stay. As a musician do you still get nervous on stage? It depends on what the performance is about. For a Nudies show, I don’t get nervous. If I were to get paid a handsome sum to play a demanding classical piece however, it’s a different story as if you mess that up it’s pretty clear you have lots of egg on your face. Another example would be if, in the middle of a show where I play mostly other instruments, I have to pick up a cold trumpet in record time and play something really difficult, high and loud (while balancing an accordion on one shoulder…) the risk is significant that a very noticeable note might be mis -pitched. That can be stressful, but just requires some committed technical patch-up training in the rehearsal phase.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage? Yes: a systematic trumpet warm-up and some back stretches really help. Joking around and having fun with the musicians I’m about to play with is equally important though, if not even more important: It’s the stuff of life. Who are some of your musical influences? I have practically worshipped Bjork since the very beginning, and love the jizz out of Jamie Cullum. My favourite rock singer is Skin, and favourite jazz artist undoubtedly Miles Davis (he gives me every kind of bumps everywhere)… though Stacey Kent can rock my socks off when she gets going. Among the more serious composers I love Holst and Shostakovich the most, and my favourite conductors are Leonard Bernstein and Carlos Kleiber – they just invite their players into creating meaning on so many beautiful levels, and that without being unnecessarily controlling. I have to give the most ultimate credit though, to the Kyteman Orchestra for being my absolutely most favourite band ever, at the moment. Do check them out on Youtube if you haven’t heard of them!

If you could write any song from any other musician. Who and what would it be? Isobel by Bjork, the ‘live at the opera house’ version with live orchestra; Mushroom Cloud by Kyteman Orchestra; the entire Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (sorry, I just couldn’t narrow that down to one). Finally what does the future hold for Adriaan Brand? I am currently busy doing a master’s degree in Music Therapy, and am designing a new application for my dissertation study: a music based well-being intervention, informed by Music Therapy thinking, for corporate contexts. It’s basically team building on psychological turbodrive, and I’ve been in contact with some of the most major corporate entities in the country, all of whom are very interested. Also, the key ones have given me access to their staff and databases for the research, which is very exciting and promising in terms of providing a basis on which to build a future business. I can’t give out more information, as the organisations need to remain anonymous for ethical reasons. Also, the concept still needs to be scientifically researched and patented before I can publish it safely. Thanks so much for doing this interview. Welcome, Dude, you’ve got some good questions there.

“and in other news! “ Lady Gaga After the announcement that Lady Gaga’s “Born this way tour” was coming to South Africa, excitement was in the air a bit too much amongst her S.A monsters ( monsters being the nick name she has given her South African fans) After the ticket sales went on sale online, the site crashed from to many people trying to purchase tickets at the same time. Many irate fans had tweeted about their frustrating ticket buying experiences to the singer through social network Twitter, as fans waited for up to 5 hours in an online queue to purchase tickets. One disgruntled fan waited for over five hours just for her to get kicked off the site when she reached the front of the queue as the site crashed Lady Gaga has voiced disbelief in a tweet on twitter saying “Just woke up to emails saying South African monsters crashed the online ticket servers due to high demand for TheBTWBall! I cant believe it!” Lady Gaga is set to perform at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on 30 November and at the Cape Town Stadium on 3 December.

Energy Related record deal On the 14th April 2012 Energy Related went to “Wired Sound Studio” to record their song called “She” for their Single “Bluesy Mondays” for release early June 2012. After the single was recorded Energy Related was very impressed with the work done on the recording. Makemore Records (the record label whom Energy Related is signed by) then decided to come up with a proposal to discuss a record deal on behalf of Energy Related to record 26 songs over the next 13 months. 100th show is having its 100th show on the 8 July broadcasting live from Fetich Cocktail Lounge Urban Nexus Part 2 is in collaboration with Psyforia Productions alsoBbraodcast via Psyflyday is a bi monthly part focusing on the clubbing side of psy music So if you in the area on 8 July 2012 then make sure you get there for the party of your life.

David van Vuuren

As David made his presence known on “SA Idols” I had no choice but to sit up and take a closer look at this young man with an individual style and so, I listened tentatively as he belted out his rendition of “Day old Hate” (his first audition song) . This is where my interest in David van Vuuren began. I have to mention that I have not always been a fan of South African Artists nor South African music for that matter but David has managed to change all that. His Idol performances were unique and somehow showcased his personality and his style perfectly. As he sang to me, and the rest of SA Idols watchers, he very quickly became my absolute favorite and I was fully invested in at least making some sort of a difference in his journey on Idols. I was hooked right from the onset and voted for him, week after week, to get through to the next round and he did! As most of us know he is our current SA Idol and in my opinion, doing an absolute brilliant job of it. Almost as soon as he stepped off the Idol’s stage and quite literally, even before the confetti had time to reach the floor, he was whisked off on a whirlwind of radio interviews, TV appearances and post Idol Shows around this beautiful country of ours. SA Idols spared no time getting him out in the public eye. I must admit to having followed his journey around the country by keeping up with his regular Facebook page updates and reading various posts on his wall of other fans who had attended his Post Idol shows. I myself, together with a few other fans and friends were privileged enough to be part of the crowd at the Lira Concert in Sun City were David was the opening act, as well as going to the “Top Two” Idol’s Show at Silversar Casino where I had the opportunity to meet the young man himself and then again at the Emerald Casino. David van Vuuren did not disappoint on both levels (as a performer and a person), he was truly as humble and down to earth as he had been portrayed on Idols, what you see is what you get!! He has a heart of gold too as I have come to realize. He performed at the Extravaganza for the disabled in December of 2011 in between his hectic Idols schedule, he flew from Cape Town the morning of the show which took place on the 16th and came directly from the airport to the Sandton Convention Centre. As tired as he was, he gave a stellar performance to the very special human beings in the audience and I then saw a side of David that day, I had not seen before, his gentle and compassionate side was on display for all to see.


Some of TeamDave were part of the Crew for the Extravaganza and what I experienced once the show came to an end was a young man with a soft heart for people who sometimes (or shall I say) most times are ignored by society. He made time for the children that so eagerly wanted to just be in his presence, he joined in with their “hide and seek” games and playfully became a child for a moment just to be able to connect with them. Being a David van Vuuren fan has been very rewarding for me as it has been for many (I am sure). I use the word “rewarding” because it has most definitely been a privilege to experience Dave in his element. This young man has always said and I quote “music is from the soul” and this is exactly what we are rewarded with when we experience a live gig. He is all heart and soul on that stage. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is given from somewhere deep within his being. Allow me to explain; his acoustic set is an absolute masterpiece, he plays the guitar with such passion that he literally becomes “one” with this beautiful instrument. To say that David loves this specific musical instrument is an understatement. I feel that the guitar is as important to him as breathing is to you and me. As he stands on that stage accompanied only with his precious guitar and proceeds to belt out songs like Day old Hate, Vincent, Cow girl in the Sand and The Blowers daughter one is transported to a moment in time where nothing else but the sound of his voice and the echo of the strings matters. He delivers each song with heartfelt passion which leads to believe that these songs mean a great deal to David because as he performs them, every word is sung gently and passionately. He has a unique gift of interpreting the meaning of each song and with his vocal portraying every possible emotion required. When witnessing his acoustic set, one can’t help but feel that this is a moment exclusively reserved for a loved one because of its pure intimacy. As David brings us all back to reality by calling his band on stage and introducing them to the crowd as “Free the Animals”, immediately the atmosphere changes. These young men have developed a strong bond which is evident on stage and they connect perfectly with one another. As they begin with “If we don’t fear” once again we find ourselves spellbound by what is projected from the speakers! This song (as every other) has been transformed solely for the entertainment of their audience. David and his band derive pleasure from the response of the crowd. The band members are passionate about their music and perform each song with just as much heart and soul as their lead singer.

As they get into their set they become comfortable with one another as well as with the crowd. The gig they performed at Firkin in Pretoria showcased exactly that. The crowd were on their feet most of the night firstly to get a closer glimpse of the Idol they were so eagerly waiting for and then as the band joined him on stage, they had no choice but to remain on their feet because “Free the Animals” delivered a rocking performance with songs such as Troublesome mind, Hall of Mirrors, Lovers fight till the end and You will leave a mark (David’s current single). Turning my attention to David I notice the intensity on his face and I realize that he is completely engrossed in the music and all that matters to him is being in his “zone” as we (his fans) have lovingly labeled that which happens to him when he performs. Some may find his intensity a little bit uncomfortable at first but given a chance one sees that it’s who David van Vuuren is, he does not sing or perform half heartedly, he gives his all in every performance. Music runs deep within his veins and is transported throughout his entire being, he lives and breathes music. It’s just who he is. As I look back at all which David has accomplished since taking the title of SA Idol season 7, I am reminded of what he had said once on Idol’s: “I just want to perform my own music” and it puts a great big smile on my face knowing that he is now living his dream and I now understand the reason why he said that very important phrase. David is at his best when he is given the opportunity to perform his own music. Not only does he possess an enchanting voice but he is an all round extremely talented musician. The songs he has written are intimate and meaningful. They touch one deep within one’s soul. This young man we have all come to know as David van Vuuren is all about the music, nothing more, nothing less.

Written by: Sonia Campos



What do you mostly like to write about?(Sent in by Shaska Campos) There are so many things that I write about, right now, I’m writing about following your heart and soul. Making love the priority. The next album is a concept album. So I’m trying to apply this to as many situations and in so many different ways for the next album.

What goes through your mind when you sing? (Sent in by Maria Kraak) Nothing.

As an artist, what will your first reaction be if you get a bad review after a concert? (Sent in by Hettie Fordham) I would be hurt, obviously. Music is a huge part of me. I need music to live, just like I need my lady and my family and God.

Would you ever, say, do a competition whereby a fan could win the opportunity to sit down and write a new song with you? (Sent in by Chantal McCreadie) I’m not sure about that, depending on the fan. I have never been able to write lyrics with another person so that’s out of the question, but as from the music side of things. Maybe.

What Spiritual significance does your music have for you? (Sent in by Rene Parkin Maritz) All the spiritual significance in the universe.

How do you feel when people compare your passionate performances to the late (great) Freddie Mercury? (Sent in by Riette Smit) I’m honored of course. He was an amazing performer!

How does it make you feel knowing you are watched and loved by all your fans and how has it changed your life? (Sent in by Merilyn Riggen Smith) It’s an AMAZING feeling!!!

“music is a big part of me, I need music to live”

What is your favorite part of the music business? (Sent in by Gerda de Kocks) The music.

How has Idols changed your life and do you get upset when your fans follow your every move? (Sent in by Ana Pinho) It has drastically changed my life. I now, without any fail, get to play music every single day. I get to spend more time focusing on the people I love and I get so much time to write and centre myself with all of my beliefs. Spend time on important things. The type of things that money and fame could never buy. The things that go with you when you die. Ah it’s fine hey, I don’t get upset.

What do you know for sure? (Sent in by Grant Darron Lesch) So many things. I know that love is the most important thing in life. I know that I am following my destiny, I know that I am going to spend the rest of my life with Jessica Nolan, I know that I have so much to be thankful for, I know that I have been raised well and that I have amazing parents, I know that God is love and that you just need to open your heart and soul in order to be truly happy. Just to name a few.

I once read somewhere that you believe in extra-terrestrial life, if a visiting alien were to land in your garden and asked you what it meant for human beings to have a soul, how would you answer? (Sent in by Carien van Schalkwyk) I would say that soul is all we’ve got really. It’s our connection to everything real. To pure happiness and true undying love.

If you had not made it to the Top 3 of Idols, would you have had any idea how popular you were and what would you have done? (Sent in by Cheryl Rimmer) I don’t like to analyse things. I always follow my heart. I believe that is all I need to do.

“I always follow my heart”

What music act would you say had the biggest influence on your perception of music and your own music, and why? (Sent in by Reinhardt Botha) Jeff Buckley, this is because there are no others. He sang and made music straight from his soul. No one has channeled music in that way for me ever. Only him. An abundance of love in every note.

If your manager told you “go and pack your bags, you are going to perform overseas for the next 5 years, what would your response be? And what would you tell your die hard fans in South Africa? (Sent in by Roger Quan) I would cry first, then give thanks and I’d tell my fans that I’m going to fulfill my destiny. I NEED to go overseas, there’s no two ways about it…

What is your next big dream? (Sent in by Elizete Juliao) To release my own music.

How do you feel when you see your fans defending you every time there’s a negative commented about you or your performances? (Sent in by Sonia Campos) I feel blessed. It means a lot. Thank you dearly.

Will your next album be only David van Vuuren material? (Sent in by Chantal McCreadie) Yes and Free the Animals material.

When you write your music, where do you go for inspiration? What gets your creative juices flowing? (Sent in by Reinhardt Botha) I am constantly writing music. I think in music. That’s all I do man. Inspiration is just a word.

What is your favorite song of all time? (Sent in by Gerda de Kocks) At the moment, “What Will You Say” by Jeff Buckley.

Peep Show

SON OF A 1000


Review by :

Duwyne Clayton

Photographer credits :

Kristina Meyer Photography Turtlephin Photography

We were personally invited by Son of 1000 to view and review their peep show gig held on Friday, 29 th June 2012. Why was it called “The peep show” gig I hear you ask? Well the answer to that is simple, Son of 1000 are soon releasing their new album and they gave their fans a chance to hear all the songs live to give you a little peep into what’s install. I can vouch that if the peep show gig is anything to go by then you are in for a treat. I cannot wait for the release of the album. The new album called “To jump with eyes closed” has no release date as yet but you can be sure as soon as we know we will let you know. So don’t miss any of our future issues.

The band has a new bassist who goes by the name of Johan Ven der Vyver who really brings some great bass lines to the new tracks. David Munn on Drums is such an awesome performer and was amazing to watch, as always, and is the driving force in a lot of the songs. Lead singer Shaun Parsons vocals are perfect and never out of tune, really leading each song brilliantly as you get lost in the lyrics. Federico Fernandez who is a guitar legend and fun to watch. His performance was on full form for this gig, hitting each note and lead solo brilliantly and never missing a beat. Federico Fernandez is responsible for all the music on the new album. Showing off his many talents.

New Album Cover

Although I’m sure the whole album is going to be great, some songs that really stood out for me at the “peep show gig” include Velvet, Tricky, Nu wave and Time will show you. Talking to guitarist Federico Fernandez, apparently this is also some of his fave songs on the album. The album is mixed by Kevin Leicher, who was nominated this year for a SAMA Best Producer. He is also responsible for producing the album along with Federico Fernandez

All I can say for this “peep show” gig is WOW, it was truly amazing and I’m so glad I was there to be a part of it and I cannot wait for the new album. Watch this space to for more details on the release of the album Thanks so much to Son of 1000 for inviting us to the “peep show gig” You guys rock!!! You can find Son of 1000 on YouTube Facebook: Twitter: @sonof1000

I have recently stumbled on a rad radio station on the internet and I so impressed with what I’ve heard. Zone Radio is an audio streaming radio station which you can find on the internet by logging on to Review by : Duwyne Clayton

WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT ZONE RADIO? Although this radio station has its own share of DJ’s who run their own shows with their taste of selection of music, talk shows and themes, this radio station is however also literally run by the listeners in the sense that any time of the show you can request any song you want to hear and they WILL play it for you. They run on a “you say and we play it” policy. I must say I am a bit of a groupie when it comes to this as I am forever requesting songs and they always play every single one. Most radio stations only have certain time slots that you can ask to request a song or do a dedication over the air but with zone radio they encourage you to be part of the playlist and request as many songs as you want and let you leave a little message dedication if you want. Requesting a song is quite easy, you can either write on their Facebook group page wall, or you can tweet them on twitter or you can log on to their website and follow the prompts there to request your song.

SUPPORTING SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC Something which is very dear to the Fanbase Music mag’s heart is promoting S.A music, and Zone Radio is very good at playing South African music on a regular basis and they also like to promote S.A music, both old and new songs. They also have regular gig guides so you can plan your week on where to watch your fave bands.

A PLATFORM FOR ARTISTS/MUSCIANS TO GET HEARD Zone Radio offers you a chance to have your music played over the air and be added to the playlist, doing this is really easy, just send them an mp3 version of your band’s song to with a short bio of yourself and they will then put it on the playlist. My advice is once you’ve got your song playlisted then try and get as many of your friends, family and fans to request your song so more people will get to hear it.

HOW TO GET HOLD OF ZONE RADIO To listen to Zone radio log on to Catch Zone Radio on facebook : Follow Zone Radio on twitter: @zoneradiocpt Email Zone radio:

Hello my monkeys! I hope you are all well and are reading this in good health. ( Aaaaah I am just so considerate ;)) Anyway I have some interesting things lined up for you all to read. So get cracking!!! Keep it Punk <3 Danni xx

Coffee Shop Poetry‌‌ Cracked pavements, Are all that is left of this empty street, They said to tread carefully or it would get torn, But who listens anyway? So I decided to face all their scorn. One thousand lies Said one thousand times, Even up to the moment that we bid our goodbyes, So this empty street is all I have, To be grateful for the love I never truly had.

Ice vixen


Congrats on being the first photographer in my section Matt!!! I trust that you will all enjoy this talented mans photography. He is not only just a photographer; he has a kindness within him that not many are blessed with. Happy reading kiddos! xx

How did you become interested in photography?

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

I’ve always been interested in photography, always wanting to take photos of people from a young age but I can thank my Dad for always supporting me and even taking a photo or two with me.

Maybe even more. One of the things I love about photography is that if you get your photo looking exactly the way you want, it says everything it needs to.

What inspires you most?

What is your most memorable photograph?

I really enjoy seeing other photographers views and find myself inspired to create something that will give an alternative view on a situation. I could spend hours online looking through photos and getting fresh perspectives

The truth is that photography has taken me to a few very memorable places so I couldn't pick just one. Why take a photo of something not worth remembering?

Who is your favourite photographer? My favorite photographer would have to be my cousin, Brandon, who never fails to blow my mind with his work. He takes very simple photos that have a very big impact and makes me realise just how much I love to be behind the lens. He also loves film photography and can hopefully teach me a bit about that!

Photography is a form of art, do you agree? Definitely! Its all about expressing yourself and what you love. Photography is about lighting and having an eye for picking the right place at the right time. These are the things that take it from pointing a camera and clicking a

How is photography a tool for expressing who you are? As a photographer I will always want to take pictures of what interests me, so you can tell what is important to someone by what they symbolise with their photos.

DJ D I L L Y N W I L L Enjoy DJ Dillyn-Will’s interview everyone. He has fresh and fabulous sounds that will send you to another universe. ;) xx

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

Tell us some of your greatest achievements! Well has to be when it was confirmed that I would play at Durban's Biggest club “ORIGIN” !!

What styles of music do you particularly enjoy? I enjoy playing Progressive House, Commercial House, Tech House and sometimes Minimal Tech.

How did you get into the industry? Well, I had a friend that used to live with me by the name of, DJ Jozi. We went to a friend’s house for a braai (barbeque for our overseas readers) and they had CDJ'S there so I just started playing. After that News Cafe Emperors booked me to play for my first time and from there I just started enjoying it more and more.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Every single person who contributed to where I am today. They are my inspirational icons and whom I cannot thank enough for believing in me, but my biggest inspirations must be Essential Groove and Mark Stent.

What is the craziest thing that's ever happened to you on stage? I was busy ripping up the floor at UltraFest SA and when these random people stormed at me and just asked me to sign their shirts :) Was quiet a shocker for me.

So what's your average day like? Average is producing music and downloading new stuff as well as getting my name out there.

Why is it important to make sure you are as unique as possible in the music world? As Number 1 you always have to bring something new to the floor. You always have to surprise the crowd.

When and where do you perform? Any date possible and basically performing at any available venue.

Name your dream holiday destination! Belgium

If you weren't a DJ, what would you want to be? Computer analyst.

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

I am so excited about this band!!! Shannon Strange is an up and coming band, who is going to take our nation on an edgy ride. As they say on Facebook, their sound has elements of rock, dance and even some “sparkling disco finishes”. I must say a quick congratulations to Shannon for quitting her smoking habit, best you never touch a ciggie again young lady, the whole of Fanbase is watching you ;) A big thank you goes out to the gorgeous Alex Searle who answered these interview questions beautifully even though he left me hanging on Facebook for a little while;) This is his second appearance in my section, so keep it up Mr Searle. Cape Town keep your agendas open on the 10th August 2012 as “Shannon Strange” will be performing their first opening gig at the Zula Bar. Xx

Firstly, give us a run down on each band member.

How did you come up with that rather odd name?

Shannon Devy is our lead singer and front person extraordinaire. Blessed with a wonderfully edgy voice, both soothing and haunting. Great lyric writer, too. By day she turns words into ideas at Ogilvy.

I believe it was Shannon’s old stage name. We thought long and hard about a decent band name, initially wanting to call ourselves ‘The Belvederes’ after our practice venue in Belvedere Road, Claremont. As it turns out, there’s another band with that name, so we just decided to take on her stage name and extend it to all three of us.

Jay Kruger is our man on the skins. Grooves along like a charm, often plays beats and fills that leaves us all openmouthed. He also runs his own successful catering company. I play bass, guitar and keyboards. Aside from dabbling in backing vocals, I’m completing my English degree at UCT.

Who writes all the songs? With us, the songwriting process is very organic and democratic. Someone has a little riff, then another person will sing a melody over that, and suddenly you’ve got something promising. We’re very critical of what we do and of each other, but in a good-spirited and healthy way, constructively edging each other to push our abilities even further than we thought.

When did you decide to start this band and why? Shan and Jay have known each other for quite a while, but I’ve been on board for a year. We all have a manic love for music and writing decent, quality songs. We also love gigging and exploding our energy on stage so we’re lucky to have such a uniquely compatible chemistry.

Is the Cape Town music scene pretty open to new bands? It definitely is, but because there are so many great artists out there you really have to be on your toes if you want to make it. You need to be thinking at least six months ahead, planning gigs, recording times, tours, marketing events and a hundred other things before your name even gets on the map. What’s great about Shannon Strange is that we’re willing to put in all that hard work and more.

When are you coming to visit us in Durban?;) As soon as possible! We’d love to come by and rock out! We hope to do a nationwide tour sometime next year.

Who inspires you? Each of us have quite a varied and distinct set of influences. Shannon loves punk-rock but also adores indie-pop and synth-rock. Jay digs alternative rock and classic rock but also has some roots in jazz. I’ve always been into funk and world music, but I like anything with a good melody. As far as influences go, they range from Radiohead and The Police to MGMT and M83, to name just a few.

Do you have any advice for up and coming bands? You’ve gotta have three things: a good product, perseverance and patience. One usually doesn’t come without the other. A good support structure always helps too, so that you never stop believing in yourself and what you can accomplish.

How do you all keep motivated in this rather challenging industry? As Jay rightly puts it, a band is like a family, which means you need to take care of each other and look out for our collective interests. We’re also all good friends, which I think lets us create better songs, understanding each others abilities as well as our limitations. So we’re always there for each other. Like last week, Shannon quit smoking (wooohoooo shout out to Shannon!!), And we try and support her as she goes through it.

Describe a typical band practice. Jay sits at the laptop, Shan in front of her notepad and I’m usually behind the keyboard. Ideas flow from one person to the other, and before you know it, we’re grooving to a new piece of music. Then we take it to the live practice room and thrash the ideas out, working at them tirelessly until we’re all happy.

“never stop believing in yourself and what you can accomplish”

Quote of the Month ‌.. Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens Jimi Hendrix


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How did you get into photography? Photography has always accompanied me from a very young age. My Dad is a exceptional photographer and he is very passionate about the art form. He sparked my interest. I always dabbled in it, but never really went for it. Then in 2009 my brother asked me to assist him at a wedding (it was his first as well). I always said to myself , I would never photograph weddings professionally since you only get once chance to make it work. I reckoned I'm not the main photographer, so I thought it would be fun to assist. The experience was so overwhelming, I was hooked from the word go and the rest is history. From every shoot, I still learn loads, adapt my style as I see fit and of course, just be happy that I'm behind the lens.

What camera are you currently using? Currently I'm using the Canon 450 D. Very reliable and efficient for me at this stage. What do you like about photography? Diversity. Photography has such a wide field of experimentation and styles. I'm the type of person that gets bored very quickly with one subject, I need constant change. Photography offers that. Every shoot, every situation and even every location is different from the previous one. There is something special about sharing a moment with people through the lens.

What style of photography do you like? For me it's difficult to choose and box photography into a specific style. They offer me different things. When I'm out shooting a gig, the energy of the band on stage, connected with the crowd, is a rush I cannot explain. The situation is always challenging, your light conditions vary, your angles and of course, the artist on stage. There is a thrill in adapting to the shoot as it unfolds. Then on the other side when I'm doing a wedding or maternity shoot, I get to plan, stage and do a bit of set up. In the end it comes to just being behind that lens. I love and embrace all of it. Where do you see your self in five years, in terms of your photography? At the moment I'm not yet a full time photographer, part time. I would like that to change soon. Otherwise for a few extra lenses and camera's, I'm very happy where my career is heading.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? Difficult question, there are so many photographers that specialize in a field that I admire. In fact, I always appreciate and learn from other photographers. They inspire me. Gregory Colbert, Bruce Geils from Flyinghorse Photography, Drikus Le Roux (Photography by Drikus Le Roux), Sean Brand, Noah Grey etc. Have to say if I can pull of a concept shoot like Annie Leibovitz, I am done. Happy to the max.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? It's never the same. Constant change and challenges. Suits me just fine. What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? Perseverance and hard work. When you decide to become a photographer, you have to marry it. It's a mutual understanding and compromise. Simply put, if you work hard and put in the time, you will reap the rewards. Never be afraid to learn from others, in fact this is your most valuable source. Adapt all you learn into your own style and believe in that. Most important though, do what you do with passion. Nothing beats that. How can people get hold of you? Either join my page on Facebook – Lupa Photography or follow me on Twitter @LupaPhotography. You are welcome to Email me at : or and very soon, my website will be finished. Keep track on Facebook / Twitter for details.

Interviewed by: Duwyne Clayton

BENEFIT FOR MATATIELE MUTHI SURVIVOR THE WITNESS 17 May 2012 - front page headline : “FAILED BY THE SYSTEM” Destitute Dad’s plea for help after baby’s shocking mutilation BLUE & FAITH immediately set-up plans to raise monies for the needs of baby Reanetse Jabare, as well as for other ‘Muthi’ Survivors here in KZN PLAN OF ACTION *

To launch the first Music Benefit Concert : Sunday 15th July 2012 at STABLES LIFESTYLE MARKET from 10 am – 5 pm PROPOSED ENTERTAINMENT & COLLECTION OF DONATIONS : MC/MASTER OF CEREMONIES

- popular Radio Jock

ARTISTE - Well-established performers from various cultural groups

(Comedian, Musicians, Dancers, .......... ) Containers for donations will be marked ‘RAISING HOPE’ on stage Stickers with the words : ‘I GIVE HOPE’ will be sold Stall advertising will be sold (MC will advertise their stall throughout the day) An Auction by the MC of several exciting items from STABLES stalls Celebrity Sports Personalities (i.e. local Cricket & Rugby Hero’s) to offer an Autograph and a photograph for a generous donation ‘High profile’ guests (Government Officials from both eThekwini and Matatiele) will be invited to attend *

To approach the corporate industry with the KFC concept i.e. one cent from selected items sold will be paid into the FNB Trust Fund We welcome your contribution, comments, advice and questions Yours in HOPE,

Blue Saebel :

082 428 8559 / 031 826 4910 ~

Faith Eastwood : 073 377 7336 / 082 487 8876 ~ “If each person helps another, nobody will be without help”

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