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Issue 16— May 2012

♦ Editors Note ♦ Team Profile ♦ The Writing is on the Wall ♦ Featured Bands Shortstraw

♦ and in other news ♦ Danni’s Punk Pit The Black Cat Bones The Sunday Punchers

♦ Jo’s Corner ♦ Togger of the Month ♦ Contact Page



s Da

13 M ay



ey all you Fanbase readers. I hope everyone is well this month and ready for another hard rocking issue!!!

So last month was Splashy Fen, I’m so bummed I didn’t get to go but I believe it was a real rocker. We would love to hear some of your stories. What did you think of it this year? What did you think of the bands? Let us know your views at

Editors Note

Right, lets talk FANBASE and what we have in store for you in this kick ass issue. Before we get to the featured bands this month, I want to direct you to our “and in other news” section, where every month I search high and low and sometimes even in the middle, to find the latest news on bands/musicians out there. Whether it’s hot gossip, new album releases or even a weird hair cut. If a band has something to share, I want to know about it. So go check out what scoop I’ve managed to find on bands such as Volume Conflict, Red light Stereo, and Matt Roux. If you are in a band and want to share some news with us then let us know at

In Jo’s Corner she talks about Mother’s Day, as May is the month we salute all you Mothers out there. So go checkout her article and don’t forget Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 13 May. Also in Jo’s corner she has her usual “Just for giggles” if you’re looking for a laugh and don’t forget her quote of the month

BANDS- Between Danni and myself, we have some awesome bands lined up for you .

I get to interview an awesome Indie band from Johannesburg by the name of Shortstraw. Seriously these guys are rad!!!

In Danni’s Punk Pit she interviews a punk band who go by the name of “The Sunday Punchers” This punk band is so awesome and is set to do huge thing in the industry. Next she interviews a band named “The Black Cats”. I’m looking so forward to this interview, so go check out these two interviews. Also in Danni’s section she interviews a clothing designer, Jami, or better known as Jami-lee Designs. Danni’s Punk Pit is an all round awesome read.

Lastly we have our Togger of the month who is a very talented and inspirational photographer who goes by the name of Stoffel de Roover.

Well that’s it folks. Hope you enjoy this issue filled with fun stuff..

I would like to thank my awesome team who put this awesome issue together. Without them this mag is nothing, so thanks guys. A special thanx to my Mom for her awesome designs and a very special Happy Mothers Day to her. Love you mom.

Keep rocking everyone

Duzzy, Danni, Jo and Mom

Name: Duwyne

Nickname: Duzzy

Fave saying right now: Mamu or Lani Greatest ambitions in life: In the words of Just Jinjer’s song “What he means”, “ PEACE , LOVE MORE, TOLERANCE (Live by that and you won’t go wrong) Fave shoes: All Stars What’s playing in your CD player/iPod right now: Rock till you drop volume 4 (but I find myself playing “Flyleaf- all around me” on repeat. That women’s voice is amazing.

Name: Daniela

Nickname: Danni / Greenday Fave saying right now: "To do something that you feel in your heart that's great, you need to make a lot of mistakes. Anything that's successful is a series of mistakes." Billie Joe Armstrong Greatest ambitions in life: Become a music journalist and follow Green Day around the world!! Fave shoes/item of clothing: My Green Day chucks and doc martens (Oh and my crazy high heels) and black hoodie. What’s playing in your CD player/iPod right now? Green Day's Warning CD and some Aerosmith



Nickname: Jo

Fave saying right now: Yebo Greatest ambitions in life: To be a teacher Fave shoes: Black boots Fave item of clothing: Jeans What’s playing in your CD player/iPod right now: Seether

WRITING IS ON THE WALL Howzit Fanbase……. Enjoying the mag. Rad articles and photographer interview. Thanks for the read !


Hi Fan Thanks for taking the time to write. Glad you like the mag and hope you enjoy this issues awesome articles ….. Rocking : Duzzy

? Hi there Congratulations on another great issue. Keep up the good work Fanbase.

Hey reader Thanks for taking the time to write—we at Fanbase appreciate comments for our readers, specially if they are compliments. Hope you enjoy all future issues as well. Remember any feedback welcomed. Yours in “rocking” Duzzy

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team

“and in other news! “ Matt Roux Cape Town singer Matt Roux has just finished the recording of his latest song called “King of the Hill”. We’re so excited about this song. It’s going to do really well in the future. Have a listen by following the link below. Be prepared to be blown away. Well done Matt !!!!!

Red Light Stereo Red Light Stereo have been busy recording some new singles, which will be released in May 2012. The songs have never been played live and will only be played once the singles have been released. Sounds like very exciting times coming up for this rad Durban band. Lead singer Dylan Rhodes says this is definitely the bands best work yet. The sound is more contemporary with elements of pop rock hip hop and even a bit of dance. Check out the bands Facebook page for release dates of these singles.

Volume Conflict After having a very successful gig at Ramfest, this band has been very busy playing gigs at Little England Festival on the 1st of April and also playing the Veldbrand Festival on the 7th April. They will also be releasing a brand new music video soon. Just when you think this awesome Grunge band can’t get any better, they have just been play listed on 21 internet radio stations. Also sporting the title Band of theYear on S.A Rock bands. Volume Conflict will be going into the studio for their highly anticipated first album. They will be playing the Jbay Pro Fest from the 13th to the 24th of July in Jeffreys Bay. Check out their new website for upcoming dates of gigs. Pheeew this band is really working very hard. Well done guys!!!

Shortstraw interview….. Where did it all start as a band? Ollie and Al started playing as a two-piece in 2009. After recording their EP, they added new members on bass and guitar, and since recording their debut album, You're Underfed, I'm Wonderful, have added synth to the line-up as well. All the members have been playing in bands since high school, so it's only natural for them to have come together to form the band.

How did you come up with the name Short Straw? Al was swimming in a local public pool a few years back, and this young child started drowning. He dived in to rescue the boy, but he had stopped breathing. CPR wasn't working, and it was soon discovered that the child had swallowed a bee and his throat had become enflamed, so Al cut open the kid's oesophagus and the only thing he could find to assist the child's breathing was half a straw that was lying next to him. He found the situation quite ironic that the kid got the short straw that saved his life. None of that is true. It’ s just a name. Shortstraw, because 'Short Straw' was already taken.

You first started out as a two-piece, then three-piece, and now a fivepiece band. Why so many changes? Our sound has changed as we've recorded our various albums, and in the recording process we've layered in more and more instruments and sounds that require more members to reproduce the sounds live. The growth was inevitable from the start, we just didn't have the right people to fill the positions at the time.

Tell us a bit about each member of the band? Russell owns an independent theatre in Johannesburg. That's pretty cool. Tom has an agent. Ollie knows the answer to everything, whether it's wrong or right. Gad collects superhero t-shirts and Al has two dogs, called Bowser and Killah.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage? Nope. Usually a couple of drinks, but nothing special.

Do you get nervous before going on stage? Not really, but the drinks help you loosen up, which helps with crowd interaction.

You recorded your E.P., 'We slept through it all' with ex-Tweak members, Chris Brink and Mike Scott. How was it working with them? It was rad. They went to the same high school as us, so we had known them for a while. They had a really relaxed setup with some really nice gear, and they obviously knew what they were doing. It also helped that they could add in their two cents here and there, which was lank appreciated. Chris helped us work out all the harmonies and coproduced the album with us.

“Shortstraw started out as a two-piece

drums / guitar band”

“we just like to have fun when we play� You have just finished recording your full length album called 'You're underfed, I'm wonderful'. First off, where did you get that title from and what was the recording process like with the album? The name comes from a friend who went overseas for a year and came back a little chunkier than when they left, and when we reunited for the first time, Al commented on how fat he was, and he replied with, "you're underfed, I'm wonderful." It could also just be that Al had a skinny girlfriend, but it was good. Wonderful. Seemed like an appropriate name for the album. The recording process was similar to how we recorded the EP. We recorded it ourselves in our old guitarist's bedroom with some sweet gear we rented (from Mike Stott). That allowed us to take our time and be in a comfortable environment when we were recording it.

We spent three months recording after work and in our spare time and then sent off all the recordings to Chris Brink, who now lives in London. We back and fro over the internet with preliminary mixes, and Al went over there for a week to finalise all the mixes. The album is released on Howl records (Shane Durrant from Desmond & the Tutus' label).

If we have not seen you play live before, what exactly can we expect, in your own words? Umm, happy times? We just like to have fun when we play. We have some catchy choruses that are easy to sing along to, so maybe you'll sing along too. Some drinks. Expect some drinks. Because bands sound better when you're a little drunk. So expect a hangover the next day. And lolz.

Finally, where can people find your music and watch you play in the month of May? Find us on or our soundcloud page. And we have a few videos up on Youtube too. Do a search for Shortstraw band. One word. One love. Pssh. We're playing on the :

4th of May at the Bohemian 9th at Cool Runnings Benoni 11th at Shishika (Old Horror Cafe) 25th at the Bohemian 27th at Mamma's Shebeen in Greenside More should come up. We want to go to Durban again soon. So keep checking our Facebook page for details. Rad.

After all the success Son of a 1000’s had to date, this hard working band are finally getting HUGE recognition for their pure talent. After a late entry at The Klipdrift Battle of the Bands that took place at Carnival City, the band wasn’t planning on winning the battle or even getting very far. They just thought it would be a good way to open their sounds to a new crowd. Well one thing led to another and they managed to hit the 1st spot for 8 weeks in the battle. Then after that they won the semi finals’ showing that they have what it takes to go far in this event. With the finals approaching and knowing that this was a huge gig and the prize would be a huge record deal and lots of cash, they decided to play no covers in their set, thinking, well if there was a record label listening they will give the label some pure original music to listen to. As fate would have it, their runner up band played a cover song and that band ended up winning the battle, which was a prize of 20k from Klipdrift and a record deal worth 100k.

But that didn’t get the boys from Son of a 1000 down for too long because shortly after that gig, the CEO from Stone International (a new record label with branches in London and The States) offered them a HUGE record label deal. WOW!!!

This is so great for Son of 1000 and their fans. We can look forward to some great tunes in the near future and those awesome gigs which turn into huge parties. Well done Son of a 1000 !!!!!

We at Fanbase are very proud of you!!!

Photographer : Delicia - Stone Photo Studios

This is a story I am so excited to print.

Article by: Duwyne Clayton


Hello to all my favourite readers!! ;) I trust you all are well and happy J I want to first start off by thanking my fellow Fanbase Team for making my birthday so special! I love you all and am so blessed to work with such amazing people! You all amaze me everydayJ x Anyway I hope you all enjoy the interviews I have in store. I have a feeling you will! Keep sending me that poetry, been getting some real keepers! My email addy is, so get that poetry to me!! No excuses!! Have a lovely month ahead and good luck to all of you writing exams! My thoughts and love are with you all! Let’s make it our mission this month to do something kind for another so we can keep on spreading the Punk love. Keep it Punk and Glamorous. Danni x x

Coffee Shop Poetry…… “I love you” Oh, how easy that was for you to say. Yet those three words still haunt me, Even though you walked away. A thousand lies, I could have dealt with, Yet the severity of using these three seemingly simple words so crassly, Is something that I cannot forgive. I hear your cries In the still of the cold nights, They seem emptier now since you are out of my life. I bid you goodbye, I hope your life is sublime Thank you for messing up a huge part of mine.

Miss Jami Klumper is taking the Durban Fashion scene by storm! I can honestly say that any woman is sure to feel absolutely beautiful and glamorous in any of her designs. I wore one of Jami’s dresses at my 21st and I have never felt better! I hope you all enjoy her interview and check out all her designs. X

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

Tell us a bit about yourself first before we talk about your clothing line! Well I’m 17, turning 18 in September. I’m homeschooled, and have been for the past 2 years. It suits me much better than going to an actual school - as I was able to start my clothing company and do my studies at the same time. I was born here, but moved to America at the age of 9. Lived there for almost 7 years, and moved back just over 2 years ago.

When did you first become interested in fashion? When I was 12. One summer holiday I was at home and bored and I decided to make paper dolls. I made a little family and covered their bodies with double sided tape. Then I sat for hours drawing my own clothes I had designs in my head and cutting them out. Then I would sit and change them every day! (I still have these dolls framed in my sewing room to remind me every day where it all started)

Who is your ultimate style icon? I’m struggling with this question- but I can honestly say I’m stuck between 2! Olivia Blois Sharpe (from jerseylicious) and Kim Kardashian of course. When I make clothes I keep these two in mind and I find a balance between crazy colorful jersey- and classy sophisticated Kim.

Describe your business to us! My business is just like a normal boutique, but it is at home so the hours are flexible. What happens is someone will ask to come and see my clothes and I will set up a time and day for the visit :) I like to bring trends from all over the world into one store and I also focus on what the shops here offer, and try and bring in stuff that they have not yet stocked. My clothes are the trends from overseas, that I’ve put my own spin on.

What do you want a girl to feel like when she wears your garments? When a girl puts on my clothes I want her to feel like she can do anything. I want them to look beautiful and feel confident. Feel confident and look fabulous doing it.

How do you keep up with the latest trends? Like I said- I lived in America so I have a lot of American friends. I’m forever looking at their pictures and seeing what the latest tastes and trends are. I’m also always on the internet, looking at magazines, and fashion TV to see, not only what the celebrities are wearing, but what the stores are bringing out or not.

Name your favorite designer! My favorite designer would have to be Coco Chanel. I not only love her clothes and handbags, but I love her story. I read one day that she started out on her own, in her room sewing . and she went to every house and boutique around her area and told them about her brand and so she became an international star in the fashion world, and that is what I represent and respect! I’m starting from one room in my house, and just like Coco I have huge dreams for my business.

Why is fashion important? Fashion is important because , in my opinion, it has the power to help a woman get where she wants to go in life. It may sound far-fetched but to me if you dress in the most fashionable clothes , whether it be super vintage-or super modern, it makes a woman feel confident and with confidence comes success. I also think that fashion brings out the personality in all of us.

I'm so excited to buy my first designer dress from you!!!:) how can people get hold of your clothing? Thank you so much! :) I can be reached via email, phone, bbm, or Facebook and we can set up a time for them to visit my boutique . All my latest clothes are advertised on Facebook- so they can look out for my new designs.

What is your favorite item of clothing to wear?

Personally I like jumpsuits- they are so easy to slip on, and they flatter my figure the best. Shorts and a top all in one! Who wouldn’t love jumpsuits ;)

The Black cat bones

Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

Modern-day storytellers, representing live through music in its most honest form. Their collective influences fused together in an audio diary made up of traditional, as well as modern Blues, Rock, Folk, and Country-inspired music. Paying tribute to the founders of these classic genres while maintaining a strong modernized presence. I have a feeling you are all going to dig THE BLACK CAT BONES!!!!! I love their vibe!! Enjoy my lovelies!! xx

Tell us about The Black Cat Bones style of music. Contrary to popular believe, we are in definition not a Blues band but rather a band that represents live through music in its most honest form, paying tribute to the founders of all the classic genres while maintaining a strong modernized presence. Son House meets The Black Keys. It’s all the same thing, just represented along a different timeline.

Give us a brief description of each member of the band. Kobus: Poet Andrè: Godfather Chris: Madman Jason: Playa

How did the band start? Andrè and Kobus hooked up in 2001 and started jamming in an acoustic blues outfit. Life went on, and in 2007 they reunited to form what is now known as The Black Cat Bones. 1st album release ‘Silverton Swamp Songs’ came in 2009. After some changes in the rhythm section, the Bones settled on Chris and Jason, we recorded our second studio album ‘The Long Drive’ in 2011 and the rest as they say is history.

Where do you all like to perform? It matters not. ‘You book it and we’ll come’ (quote from Wayne’s World 2). Smaller, intimate settings allow us to express ourselves better dynamically, which is not always possible at bigger events where you are expected to ‘rock out’ and keep the pace going throughout the entire set, BUT, once we hit a big stage it’s all guns blazing!

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you guys whilst you were on stage? R3 tequilas at a sports bar in Cape Town, it all went south. Jason having to play drums with a snapped up broom stick, Chris taking the ‘plunge’ off stage at Cool Runnings. Getting asked to leave the stage after only 2 songs, for ‘not playing the right cover songs’ at yet another Sports Bar in Alberton (we still got paid in full, nogal)- there’s something about sports bars and blues.

Does your band have any rituals that you perform before you start your gig? Drink, smoke, kiss our girls, JAM !

Name some of your musical inspirations! Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Son House, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Jack White and all the hard working folk on the live SA music circuit.

When do you guys practice? Whenever we’re not on the road.

Who do you think has had the greatest impact in the Rock and Roll world? The discovery of OVERDRIVE and them Blues-men of way back when.

Album: The Long Drive (Oct 2011) ‘The Long Drive’ is a culmination of experiences gathered from a demanding two-year touring and performing schedule, reflecting every emotion, every triumph, and every loss - on the road, on stage, and in life. Following their well-received debut release ‘Silverton Swamp Songs’ (2009), ‘The Long Drive’ combines both the timeless energetic blues-rock sound of the band with a new, mature and innovative approach to their music. Well known songwriter Koos Kombuis calls it ‘a fusion of Blues and Rock n Roll, but they do it so damn good that it sounds like something totally new..’

Contact: Management: Andre Kriel: 072 146 8819 Bookings: Southern Pulse – Gareth Wilson 076 043 3893 E-Mail: Web: Facebook:

This band does Punk proud. Give them a listen kids x Interviewed by : Daniela de Almeida

How did you come up with your band's name? Shaun, the wielder of the Banjo, had the idea years ago, it is actually an old boxing / military term, it is a boxers "haymaker" the final and most powerful blow, thrown to knock his opponent out!

Punk is a lifestyle, do you all lead a Punk Rock life? Most of the band work and study for a living, and excel in their chosen fields, but the band members are all very eccentric and unique and have their own personal styles when doing things, this includes their music, which is a big part of all our lives, if you want to label that "Punk Rock" then be our guest.

Who are your musical inspirations and why? Each member of the band takes inspiration from their own personal musical tastes, this ranges from the Sex Pistols to Leonard Cohen to Bob Dylan and Rancid and Flogging Molly... right down to traditional artists like the Dubliners! music is our inspiration however it is served!

“ music is our inspiration however it is served ! �

Tell us a bit about each member of the band!

- Mostert is a bit of a hooligan at times (Whiskey makes him crazy!), but this generally turns into a good laugh later on, he also has another side where he is reliable and a great asset to the band. - Shaun, is the old man of the band, he keeps all the kids in line but also has a wild streak from time to time, generally brought on by too much rum! - Darryn is the most reliable drummer on earth! he's always first on the scene and always set up and ready to go before anyone else even arrives, he's a very down to earth, chilled out guy and lives for the music! - Mike is a party animal, a social butterfly and a crazy musical genius! he can be threatening when the music comes out wrong, but a loveable guy none the less!

- Gavin is "the new guy" he is a freaking MONSTER on the bass and we are really privileged to have him come on board! - Ankia is the invisible violinist, the band members regard her as an urban myth, a fable, she may just be an imagined dream, a figment of their imagination.. like the abominable snow man or Nessy...

What has been your craziest moment together as a band? Splashy Fen 2011... one does not simply tour with the Sunday Punchers.. nuff said!

Who writes your songs? We all do, we get together and s**t just happens! we are a bunch of legends! .. just kidding!

Describe your typical practice session. Mostert is always late... Shaun and Darryn are always early and wake Mike from his afternoon nap, because we practice at his place, Gavin is the new guy and is pretty punctual! We usually practice on Wednesdays.. Because Wednesdays are close enough to Friday for our liking!

Where is your favourite place to perform? Festivals we freaking LOVE festivals...

What do you want your music to achieve? Mass enlightenment! just kidding... we just want people to feel the energy our music invokes and carry that forth into their daily lives!

Give us some tour dates!!! Nothing on the books yet, we are currently trying to finish our long awaited album! We will however be performing at Woodstock 2012 (if it happens this time!) AND Rocking for Rhinos in Hoedspruit! and we hope to be hitting OPPIKOPPI this year! fingers crossed!

“ we’re a bunch of legends!….. just kidding! ”

Hello peeps! Hope you all well. Weather is getting chilly hey, winter is definitely on its way brrrrr. In this issue its Mother's Day and a special time of year when you should do something nice for your Mother to show her your appreciation for all she does for you. So often it's the simple things that matter most to Moms. It's not about buying expensive jewellery or elaborate gifts. The most important thing is to remember your Mother and let her know how much you love her. Try some ideas below, they are examples of simple ways to say "I love you" to your Mom on her very special day this year. Till next time light and love to all you readers.

1. Buy her a beautiful corsage to wear to church

2. Gather your siblings and take her to a nice family dinner 3. Give her a gift certificate for a 30-minute foot massage 4. Treat her to a full day at the spa

5. Make her breakfast in bed

6. Call and tell her that she's the most beautiful Mom in the world 7. Thank her for being your Mom 8. Plant a tree in her front yard

9. Build or buy her a brand new front porch swing

10. Paint her front porch swing 11. Plant new flowers in her flower beds 12. Send her on a spiritual weekend retreat – alone!

13. Have a painting of your parents made from a recent photograph 14. Send her a handmade Mother's Day card

15. Give her a big hug and kiss on the cheek 16. Take her to walk barefoot on the beach 17. Surprise her with a dozen roses

18. Run in a marathon in honor of your Mother 19. Make a donation to your mother's favorite charity, in her name

20. Buy her that new dress she's been talking about for weeks 21. Make a scrapbook with all her grandchildren's pictures in it 22. Give her a bottle of expensive perfume

Quote of the Month ….. Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever

Grandma on the Plane For two solid hours, the lady sitting next to a man on an airplane had told him about her grandchildren. She had even produced a plastic-foldout photo album of all nine of the children. She finally realized that she had dominated the entire conversation on her grandchildren. "Oh, I've done all the talking, and I'm so sorry. I know you certainly have something to say. Please, tell me... what do you think of my grandchildren?"

Just for laughs ….. We have new Babies

My Teacher is Thankful

For weeks a six-year old lad kept telling his firstgrade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

Son: “Mom, teacher was asking me today, if I have any brothers or sisters who will be coming to school.”

One day the mother allowed the boy to feel the movements of the unborn child. The six-year old was obviously impressed, but made no comment. Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

Mom: “That’s nice of her to take such an interest in you. So what did she say when you told her that you’re the only child, my dear?”

The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said, "Tommy, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?" Tommy burst into tears and confessed, "I think Mommy ate it!"

Son: “She just said…“Thank goodness!”


…… R U NO



ss / e n i s ur bu o y s at e u s t ti r c a adve cont o e t ill be s e a w k e i l l e nd w ould e ine, p a z w a m u g nabl a o o c . s m l i a If yo r gma ry re n ou i e @ v y g t b a hob te, a sicm o u u m q e as you a e fanb v i g y to p p a h s. price


Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton

How did you get into photography? Not sure when exactly I became interested in it. I have flashes in my memory of taking some pictures with a Polaroid camera when I was about 5 or so.. having a Kodak camera when I was about 10 or so, and I liked advertisement pictures a lot in magazines. Around the age of 17, my parents bought me an SLR camera and I did some ‘photo shoots’ with friends, tried some artistic pictures, took pictures of an artist’s clay sculptures etc. A couple of years later I had my first digital camera, and as it was just a point-n-shoot, I lost some of my creativity and interest for a couple of years. Then in 2004 I got a digital SLR and got passionate about photography again and ever since.

What camera are you currently using? My main camera is a Canon 5D mk2, and I still have my Canon 20D as back-up

What do you like about Photography? There are so many things I like in photography. The process leading up to taking the pictures, the actual shooting, the post-processing, seeing the final results and sharing them with others. I like showing the beauty of things and people, and in the case of my smoke photography, showing things that cannot be seen without freezing time with a camera.

What style of Photography do you like? I enjoy all good photography. From landscape to fashion, portraits to abstract. To photograph myself, I’m most drawn to people: portraits, fashion, events, and of course the smoke photography.

Where do you see yourself in five years, in terms of your photography? Good question, not sure if it will be in five years, but I hope to have my own studio at some point, with a clientele that covers photography in different areas: fashion, advertising, portraits. I also hope to do another exhibition with my smoke art, combined with other artists’ interpretations of my work, as well as make a photo book on that subject.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? I don’t have one favorite photographer, there is so much talent everywhere that I get inspired by so many people. the classics, the current grand masters, the passionate professional and amateur photographers that share their work through the internet etc.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? As I’m not a photographer full-time, this is probably not for me to answer. I work as an account manager for a speech and imaging solutions company. I’m also a husband and father of 2 kids, and photography fills up the space it can in between – weekends, evenings, vacation, days off for specific projects.

What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? Obviously to shoot a lot, look at the pictures and try find out what you can improve on, then try it. Try to get feedback from others, then try to improve based on that feedback. Networking with other photographers is also very interesting and inspiring. There is also the whole business side to it for those that want to make it their career, but I’m probably not the best source of advice for that yet.

Fanbase Music Mag Issue 16  

We're a South African based online music magazine that brings you up to date news on local and international music bands and various other i...

Fanbase Music Mag Issue 16  

We're a South African based online music magazine that brings you up to date news on local and international music bands and various other i...