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COVER FEATURE KISSED BY KATIE We talk to Katie Windt from Kissed by Katie to give you the low down of this new exciting band who is taking the world by storm

FEATURES THE OTHERWISE With an album under their belt, we talk to The Otherwise about everything you need to know about this fast energetic hard working band.

THE HOLLOW Roaring vocals, hard crunching music and also winning Stone City battle of the bands at The Winston, The Hollow is going to make it far in the heavy metal music industry.

MOSHING Moshing can be really fun if done properly. . . We give you the a- z steps on what and what not to do in a mosh pit.

REVIEWS ALBUM OF THE MONTH This month’s album review is, THE OTHERWISE “SHE DOESNT CARE, SHE JUST WANTS TO DANCE”, this is an album everyone should have in their C. D. collection.

REGULARS GIG GUIDE With Thornfest on everyone’ s lips, we have all the details and info on this awesome yearly event.

OUT AND ABOUT We all like to party hard with the bands at the Night Clubs. . . Every issue we give our readers the chance to send their pix of the night of being OUT AND ABOUT.

JO’S JO S CORNER In this month’s issue we looking at the top 10 infamous celebrities on facebook

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PROFILE PAGE INTRODUCTION Welcome to the very first issue of the Fanbase Music Magazine. We are a music magazine aimed at entertaining and bringing you the latest in what’s happening in the music scene. We provide the opportunity for upcoming bands to get recognised. This magazine is about the fans (as you can see by the name). We hope to have your support on our journey to discovering more about the music scene. FANBASE music mag would like to thank all the bands that we have worked with in this issue, thank you to all our friends and family for all their support. We would also like to send out a special thanx to Pratica Rhamdani and Matt Williams for all their hard work and a very huge big thank you to you the reader because without your support this will not be possible. We salute you all. FACT FILE Name: Nickname: Favourite food: Favourite drink: Favourite song: Favourite Band/Artist

Duwyne Clayton Duzzilicious, Duz, DW Chicken, Pasta Bake Klippies and Cola Nirvana - Aneurysm Nirvana

Name: Nickname: Favourite food: Favourite drink: Favourite song: Favourite Band/Artist

Joanne Jary Jozina, Jo Potato Bake, Vegetarian medley pizza Malibu (cause it don’t make me drunk Prime Circle - Breathing Prime Circle

Name: Nickname: Favourite food: Favourite drink: Favourite song: Favourite Band/Artist

Michael Williams Mike Pies, hotdogs and pizza Vodka Endeverafter - No More Words Nickel


On the couch with Katie Windt I first saw Katie Windt perform a few years back when she was opening up for Stealing Love Jones in Hillcrest Durban, back then it was just her and her guitar with some awesome original songs and a few well known cover songs too. Her songs were catchy and meaningful and her set list was a lot of fun with Esjay Jones from Stealing Love Jones joining her on stage to sing ‘Just’ from the well known South African band Henry Ate, I could see then that Katie had already a very good stage presence. As of that night I was a Huge Fan... I added her onto Facebook and continued to support her at every gig I could. I watched her grow from strength to strength into an awesome musician... a few months later she put a band together and they called themselves Kissed by Katie. Brett F. Botha originally joined on bass guitar but soon switched over to lead guitar... Jethro Snyders joined on drums and Matt Williams joined on rhythm guitar as Katie played bass and did the vocals, after months of working hard as a band collecting lots of fans along the way, Matt and Jethro left the band to pursue other careers and thereafter Steph Plevier took over the drums duty and they became a three piece band, they progressed substantially as a three piece drawing big crowds and continuing to build a huge FANBASE... Going to their gigs you will find yourself having lots of fun and an insane time, with Katie’s pop/rock star bass image and her awesome vocals, and Brett’s crazy stage presence and mean guitar work which is all brought together with Steph’s hard hitting edgy drum work... this is a band to look out for in the future as they are ready to take the world by storm.

Where did it all start as a band? I performed by myself for two years and I got tired of that, because I kind of plateauxed and stopped progressing as a musician. At one of the open mic nights at Wilsons Wharf, I came across Jethro. He came to one of my sets and he asked if I needed a drummer, and I asked if he was any good (laughs). He came up with a Jembe drum and improvised to one of our songs, which, back then was just one of my songs. I think it was something stupid like “So Confused” (laughs). He was the first member of the band. Shortly afterwards came Patrick, who I went to Varsity with. In December, I found Brett through a friend of mine, and he came into the band as a bassist. Then we got confirmed for Splashy Fen and, oh no before Brett was Matt, so Patrick left due to personal reasons. Brett came into the band as a bassist at first and back then we were still acoustic with me on the acoustic guitar and Brett could only play one song on the acoustic guitar. He had this one riff that he made up which was the beginning riff of “Eyes Grow Wider.” So in one afternoon it was the first time we jammed with each other. Brett and I sat on my back veranda and he was playing this riff and I said “Let’s do something with it,” and we wrote the song in like ten minutes. When I tried to sing it and play it, that didn’t work, so Brett suggested that I play the easy bass line. So I played that and for that song I played bass and then I figured I might as well learn all the songs on bass and I will just be the bassist because that is hot. So for Splashy Fen I became the bassist and Brett became the lead guitarist and Matt was on rhythm and Jethro was on drums and that was amazing. Then Matt left after our Joburg tour, then Jethro also left and Steph came along on drums. She is good fun and now we have the band Kissed by Katie which you see today.

How would you define your music? Our music has changed so much since we started. With new members came new influences. My influences were of like Roxette, Meatloaf - I still listen to Meatloaf in my car at full volume all the time (laughs) You should see me at karaoke with Meatloaf! (laughs). Then as I got older and started to write my own stuff my taste in music changed pretty drastically. Bands like Blue October, Hole, Something Corporate - which is one my absolute favourite bands, really moulded the way I wrote my music and lyrics. I also love The All American Rejects. I can’t care what people say. I love them. Like, I would kill to see them live. The boys all loved Paramore, I mean, Matt and Jethro did the Paramore tribute at Burn so I think that was their main influence. Brett and I have quite similar taste in music so that’s great (laughs). Steph came from a metal kind of background so she brings this like, edge to our music, especially the new stuff. It’s much harder hitting and rougher than our stuff that we started with but I love it. Lately all three of us have been listening to Lil Wayne. I have such love for him! We actually do a cover of his song “Knockout”. Just because I want to rap. All I want is a song where I can rap. It’s my life’s dream (laughs). I can pull it off. I’m a white girl but I can pull the “thug-life” vibe off (laughs). So yeah, we went from like bubblegum pop nonsense to something that really reflects each of our personalities.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KISSED BY KATIE SONG? Definitely our new song “Wired.” It was written in like, five minutes. We were sitting in Brett’s back yard jamming and he said “You know what Kate? You remind me of a guy I know.” And I was like “Why am I not surprised?” and that became the song. So it’s like (Katie sings) “you remind me of a guy I know, why am I not surprised?! why am I not surprised?!” (laughs). That is definitely the whole band’s favourite song right now. I think my personal favourite song we’ve ever written is a toss-up between “No one said” and” Eyes Grow Wider”. I just love both of those.

What inspires you as a band? Honestly it’s the fans, because if we didn’t have people supporting us, we wouldn’t be doing this. There have been times when we’ve been tired and everything’s gone wrong, nothing’s happening and then we will go to a show and even if it’s like two people busting out in the front, it’s like those guys make it worth it (laughs). Also watching people enjoy our music and actually understanding it.Like, if someone says our song really touched them and that they can actually relate to it, that is what inspires us. That makes us happy in our hearts (laughs).

If I was someone who has never heard your music, what experience would I get from going to your gigs? Basically if you came to our show, you’d be wondering “is that a guy singing?” (laughs). I’m kidding. Our shows are banging! It’s hot. And it’s loud. And it’s sex.(laughs) Also we love to interact with the fans afterwards. We love to sit down with the people, have a drink, and get to know them. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have met the great people we have along the way.

our songs are so different. Someone may hate one song but love another and I think that’s what sets us apart. After Matt left, and you became a three piece band, how has it been so far? Well we’ve become stronger and have learnt from it all. There have been lots of times when all three of us have had break downs together, but we all sort of lift each other up and we have just become stronger and more mature as a band. Do you have any rituals before going on stage? ( Katie points at red wine – laughs) A drink is always good. I quite like my whiskey and lime. Brett likes to have a box of cigarettes - he smokes the whole box (laughs), but what we kind of do before every show is suss out the scene and say “ok. This is who we’re playing for, this is the crowd we have to please” etc… and we go over our set list again. Then we kind of just tell each other how awesome we are, I’m like “Steph you bang those drums, and Brett you strum that guitar good” (laughs).

What sort of crowd is your music aimed at? Well our music does have that commercial element to it and I wanted to keep that because with the Durban music scene the way it is, there’s not an incredible amount of support to be like incredibly different and make it... So I like that we got that pop element and our catchy things that we do. Our music is aimed at everyone who can relate to it. You’ve got to be open minded, because I was speaking to someone and they asked why did I have to make the lyrics so complicated and put all these metaphors in and stuff, and I’m like well it’s so boring if I don’t. If it’s all straight forward it’s just bland to me. But ja, I think we’re lucky in the sense that all of

We have personally seen you perform as an acoustic set, where just you and Brett play, then you play bigger shows where Steph joins. How do the two shows differ and which is more fun to play? They’re completely different. Our whole mind set is different I guess. The biggest difference between the two is that if we do a live show with the whole band we do songs like “Wired” and “Sweet Revenge” because they can’t be done acoustically. I love live shows because I get to dress up and we get to rock out so much more. I love acoustic show because they’re much more personal and intimate and I just feel I can interact with the crowd so much more. I also came into the music scene playing acoustic guitar so it’s kind of where my heart is and when Brett and I practice or write new material, its always acoustic. So personally for me, I love the acoustic shows.. I know Brett loves the live shows,

I mean have you seen that guy on stage... He’s insane! He loves to fling himself around on stage and throw himself at the ladies (laughs). What I love about live shows is the connection we all have. Like, Brett will come and lean on me while playing and Steph is just mad on those drums, especially in our newer songs. Well the first time we saw you perform was an acoustic set and that was with Esjay from Stealing Love Jones so acoustic is kind of where you started... Ja, you’re right. The whole experience was so great because Esjay has moulded me as a musician and has inspired me so much. She was there when nobody saw anything in me and took me under her wing and did her best to make something of me. Like, when I first started out at Open Mic night’s I got to perform with her and that was something that changed my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous before! (laughs) So yeah, she was a huge inspiration to me and I’ll always be grateful to her for getting me on my feet and pretty much helping me start my music career.

Do you as a band ever have differences of opinion and how do you deal with them? (laughs) Oh yes we do, but what I love about it is that I think for anyone who is going into a band has to realise that you have to be able to find someone that can put up with you no matter what. The first time Brett and I ever jammed together was at his house. I pull up outside and as I was parking I ramped the curb and popped my back tyre. So poor Brett is standing outside and I must’ve looked like a crazy bitch cause I fly out of the car and I'm saying every swear word under the sun, and I’m throwing things around and Brett is like “God help me…” I ended up changing the tyre by myself – mad skills (laughs). This band wouldn’t work without its members, we spend endless amounts of time together and spending so much time together, you’re obviously going to fight every now and then. We know what ticks each other off. Like, I know now not to break Steph’s drum skins (laughs). I kind of still need to replace that (laughs). Where do you find inspiration for your song writing and what is the process like? Initially I wrote most of the songs but since Brett has joined we’ve begun to write together. We go through the songs and change things together, etc. I love working like that. Also, if something is crap, we’re not scared to tell each other “No, that won’t work,” so he will usually come to me with a piece of music and we’ll sit there and if lyrics don’t come to us immediately we put it down, leave it and come back to it like a week later. I think the best thing that has ever happened to me is getting my heart totally destroyed – I get a lot of my lyrics from that. The nice thing about Brett and myself being the song writers, is that we have these minds that just don’t stop working. Its like we think far too much for our own good (laughs) I over analyse what people say, and I constantly jot down things people say to me and come back to them later on to use them for lyrics.

Have people ever thrown things at you while you were on stage? Yeah! At Splashy Fen, we had just finished a song and this bra flew up on stage and I was just like “welcome.” And then a shirt came on stage and then a pair of some guys underpants flew on stage and then I was like “ummm..okay..”(laughs). Nothing horrible yet has been thrown on stage, but I would love - have you ever seen that movie The Runaways? - well in that movie, the manager of this band says people are going to throw shit at you, nobody wants to see girls on stage rocking out, so they practice and they get people to throw shit at them and they learn to hit back with the headstock of their guitars. So I'm dying for someone to throw something like that at me so I can hit it back with my guitar (laughs). I will probably need to practice first. I have terrible aim. Jethro gave me drumsticks to throw into the crowd at Splashy. No one told me that you throw it underhand. And gently. I think I may have taken out someone’s eye with that.(laughs)I'm working on it though, I promise. (laughs).

What do you wish for the future in terms of the band? I think in the beginning we wanted to be famous, but after this last year and everything we’ve gone through together, I'm so glad that we have realised that we want to do this for the music. I love seeing people enjoy our music. We’re also going to get our E.P out there and record a full album which will have all our new songs on. So that is going to be awesome. You know we wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for the people who made us. So we want to carry on doing this and making great friends along the way. I never thought that I would be on stage and have people singing my words back to me. We’ve had absolutely amazing experiences so far. I got to perform with Dilana from Rockstar Supernova who is one of my biggest idols, we played Splashy Fen, we shot a music video, lost members, gained some, we’re performing at Thornfest at the end of this month and we’re going to be the opening band for Van Coke Cartel on the 18 February. So we kind of want to keep doing what we’re doing, and hopefully make it big along the way.

Kissed by Katie will be performing at this year’s year s Thornfest (see gig guide) and they will be releasing their video of ‘Eyes Eyes grow wider’ wider early this year

Photos taken by Emma Harber and Sebastian Schmidt


BAND BIO The Otherwise is a four piece band out of Durban, South Africa. The band consists of brothers Greg Allan (Vocals) and Harry Allan (Guitar) and another set of brothers Christiaan van Renen (Drums) and Carl van Renen (Bass). Drawing influences from Indie, Old School Punk, Rock ‘n Roll, Disco, Dance and Pop, the music is a blend of creative, dirty-sounding guitars and smooth, punchy bass lines over loud disco/punk/rock beats, with Greg's unique voice tying together the mix to create catchy, partyhard, rock-out dance music with attitude. They released their debut album She Doesn’t Care, She Wants to Dance in July 2010, subsequently securing a national distribution deal with Look and Listen stores. They’re debut single “Can I Kiss You” has been play listed on campus radio stations all over the country (including TUKSFM, UJFM, MFM and KOVSIE FM and they have just recently been added to the play list of DSTV DMX channel Campus Rock) and also made it to Number 1 on Jon Savage’s Local Rock Chart on 5fm. The band has played on some of the biggest stages in the country including Splashy Fen and Thornfest. They’ve performed with such luminaries as Shaun Morgan, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel, Taxi Violence, Aking, Straatligkinders, CrashCarBurn, Stealing Love Jones, Prime Circle, Cassette, Wrestlerish and many more.

Congrats on the release on your debut album, how did the title “she doesn’t care she just wants to dance” come about?

Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

Are your “brotherly love” relationships as rival as Liam and Noel From Oasis or do you all get along in the band?

Greg and Carl will have as many black label beers as possible and

Well with your blood brother you

Well it is lyrics to one of our

Chris will sometimes just have

don’t hold back so you tend to

songs and it basically means

two beers haha so yes we just

say more things that you

chasing girls, whether the girls

like to have a few drinks before

wouldn’t say but the only time

are keen or not we still try

going on stage

we fight is when we writing songs

chasing them and partying with

Where did it all start?

If I was some who has never heard your music before, what enjoyment would I get from listening to your album or going to your gigs?

It started in 2007 with Greg

You will realise that The

and Harry; we just wanted to

Otherwise is the best F@%king

play something different and

band in the world haha


take from every genre and basically make music without having having any rules in it. What is the meaning of your band name?

Recently you have got airplay on MFM (Stellenbosch),Tuks fm (Pretoria) Kovisie FM ( Bloemfontein) how as that response been so far?

playing our song a lot which is

and being out there.

helping to sell a lot of albums everywhere especially in Pretoria

and lots of fun. What inspires you as a band? E.g. musical influences etc The Libertines The Beatles The Ramones

Red Hot Chilli

Led Zeppelin


The Stokes

Artic Monkeys Old school rock

What sort of crowd is your music aimed at?

What do you wish for the future in terms of the band? We would like to expand overseas and do this for as long as possible The otherwise will be performing February (see gig guide on page??) and their album “can I kiss you “is available in all Look and listen stores country wide.

It means going against the grain/

It’s been awesome and amazing

work done

at this this year’s Thornfest in

Its ts going great and Tuks is

So Carl you have recently joined the band. How has it been so far?

and that is when we get our best

and although we have never played in Cape Town but we are selling a lot of albums there due to radio play. We have personally seen you play acoustic sets where just Greg and Harry play, and then you play rock shows where the rest of the band join, how does each of these shows differ? It doubles gig opportunities and we get to play a lot more acoustic and rock shows which shows another side to us, we have also developed a chilled out acoustic new set with the whole band but it just depends what

Our music appeals to anyone and

the venue allows because

everyone who listens to good

sometimes the venue only allows


two people to play due to space.

THE OTHERWISE will be performing at this year’s year s Thornfest (see gig guide)

The Hollow is a Durban, (South African) based Melodic Death-Metal band. Having an early beginning from 2001 to 2007 the band was started by Dean and Duncan, going through many band members, in 2005 Caitlyn Joined the band on bass, her creativity and bass skills gave the band a new sound. In 2008 Patrick ‘Fly’ joined the band as the new rhythm guitarist and Wojtek Starzak joined on vocals. The Hollow became more brutal and heavier than before, creating a strange cross metal genre of music. They started gigging in June 2008 and never turning back, The Hollow has always been about the fans, creating a crazy stage presence and insane show. In 2009 they joined Blackout Entertainment under their JHB manager Adam Prevo’st. Adam helped push the band many a time in JHB and The Hollow is proud to have him on their team. Sadly at the beginning of 2010 The Hollow lost its Lead Guitarist Dean Thomson (left to pursue a career in the U.K). As big a loss this was, the band kept together and used this to help push their writing to new boundaries. In April 2010 Kyle Edward joined the band as the new Lead guitarist. Being a friend and fan, he was the best choice and he immediately got hard to work learning the songs. The Hollow is going to push hard in 2011 and the following years to come, in search to spread their music around the world.

Q&A’s with The Hollow

Where did it all start as band?

Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

I became familiar with Patrick Fly (guitarist) back in the days of when he was jamming alongside Kissed by Katie. After he left Kissed by Katie and joined The Hollow, I continued to watch him as a performer and musician and that is when I became a fan of The Hollow. With their brutal lyrics and heavy crunching music I was soon able to see that this band will go far in the metal music industry. Having been to a few of their shows, they definitely have a strong stage presence and a huge fan base where everyone has an “insane” time of moshing and going crazy.... Wojtek Starzak’s roaring screaming vocals and Kyle and Patrick ‘s heavy melodic guitar sounds makes for a brutal night of death metal, topped off with Catlyn’s crunching bass lines and drummer Duncan’s hard hitting beats, making The Hollow a definite must for any heavy metal fans. Doing frequent gigs at The Winston, Burn and many other venues and playing at this year’s Thornfest in February, I suggest you go see this band if you want to see death heavy metal at its best.

Well the band has been going for a very long time since around 2001, officially started in May 2008 and Kyle joined us in 2010. Our first gigs were at the Lazy Lizard in hillcrest and The Winston pub.

Take a piss

How would you define your music? We write our music to bring out the primal beast in humans and farm animals haha, In other words we write it for people to mosh and go crazy to! What inspires you as a band? The music! The lifestyle and wanting to improve as musicians. What is your favourite The Hollow song? Dead chewy cock.... we couldn’t decide on one so we mixed up our three favourites, The dead rodeo, Chewy and fire cock. If I was someone who has never heard your music, what experience would I get from going to your gigs? A high energetic blend of melody and brutality. What sort of crowd is your music aimed at? We try to reach a wide audience, mixture of all the metal genres. And it is to all ages that want to listen to it.

Catlyn, you play for The Hollow and Theatre Runs Red, how do you manage both? (Cat) lack of sleep, lots of KGB (hangover tablets) Well done for winning battle of Stone City at the Winston, has it brought any new opportunities? Thanks!! Yeah it helped pay for our album, being released early 2011. And we got some free clothes out of it. Do you as a band ever have differences of opinion and how do you deal with them? Yeah we always do. We kind of just resolve it over lots of drinking Where do you find inspiration for your song writing and what is the process like? Well someone in the band will come up with an idea, and we keep working on it, adding and changing things until we are satisfied with it!

Do you ever get nervous before performing on stage? At new venues, if it’s a large gig and if there is a large crowd. What do you wish for the future in terms of the band? To get international recognition, Sell lots of albums and being able to live off playing music. Wojtek wants a tour bus.

The Hollow will be performing at this year’s year s Thornfest in February (see gig guide on page) and will be releasing their debut album early this year.


Know protocol and unwritten rules. While it may seem otherwise, moshing is by no means a way to hurt someone. Moshing is about releasing aggression, and having fun while enjoying some awesome music. The 'rules' are mainly common sense.




Falling - Lift that person and make sure they are not hurt. They will probably just laugh and thank you before joining back in or stepping out if they are hurt. This could possibly be the most important rule of all; you must pick up a falling Mosher at all times. Copping a feel - It's wrong. Don't do it. Every female Mosher isn't a groupie and if she doesn't get revenge the guy beside you will. Not only is it wrong, it's very disturbing to a girl. But, it does happen, and if it does, call out whoever did it. More respectful moshers will usually push him away, or get between you and him. Hitting - It's not a fight! If you hurt someone it is etiquette to maybe shake their hand or clap their shoulder. Do a friendly gesture and apologize (flashing the



'horns' and mouthing an apology over the music works). Also bear in mind that if you start a fight, you will be surrounded and greatly outnumbered. The Pull out - When you're standing around an extremely violent/large pit watching the action and you see someone trying unsuccessfully to get out of the pit, if you think you can handle the pit, go and get them. It's always appreciated. The Lift Up - If someone is hurt but no one will move to let them out of the crowd (which is common at larger festival pit and crowds), ask the people around you to lift the person up and body surf them to the front so security can help them out. Make sure to ask if it's okay first though as getting lifted freaks some people out at first.

Know what you're getting into. Be objective and recognize that you may get hurt, and you're definitely going to get covered in sweat (and maybe even saliva or blood) of complete strangers. While the objective of a mosh pit is to make physical contact without getting hurt, there is a good degree of unpredictability and risk. Much of the risk comes from the type of music playing. Ska will be more relaxed, while metal and some punk will be rougher. If you're considering making your debut in a mosh pit, be aware of the potential consequences and make sure that they're worth the thrill. Wear the right gear. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting stained or even ruined. Your outfit should also be comfortable and light, since it will get hot in the pit.




o o

Make sure your shoes fit tightly and lace them well, because if a shoe falls off, you'll have a hard time getting it back and your unprotected foot will suffer in the meantime. Boots or chucks are recommended. Remove any spiked wristbands or other dangerous accessories, as they could injure a fellow Mosher (or even yourself). Avoid anything that can be grabbed (i.e. chains, chained wallets, long necklaces and dangling earrings). Unusual and easily injured piercings may look cool, but will be a liability in the pit. Never take bags or backpacks into the pit as they are a liability to you and the people around you. Give any loose articles to a trustworthy friend. Do not keep anything in your pockets in a pit! They will most likely fall out. If you can see reasonably well without your glasses, take them off and leave them with a friend who is not moshing. Better yet, wear contacts to the show. Your shirt will most likely be grabbed and pulled, so it is best to get a shirt with good coverage. If you are female, it is best to wear a sleeved shirt, not a tank top.

Brace yourself. Whether in the mosh pit or out, you need to keep your hands and more specifically, your arms prepared. Don't look like you're ready to strike someone, but certainly don't put yourself in a position where your hands are going to be stuck to your sides, you may accidentally get your face knocked by someone's skull flying at you and you weren't ready for it. Watch and observe from the side. How brutal are the individuals bouncing around this particular pit? Are people just having fun, or are they going for blood? Know the

difference between those who are slam dancing and the idiot high school jock who's running around smashing people in the face with his knuckles. There are many different types of moshing, and adapting to these is an important step if you want to enjoy it. Participate on the side line by pushing people back in the pit and embracing mosh pit kids from falling as they circulate the rim. There are going to be people flying back and forth, side to side, up and down and all over the place. Circle the circle pit. You're going to continue pushing, bouncing, and slamming off of other people in the pit. Eventually you're going to be able to control your direction and choose your hits, maybe even on your first night. Go at the speed of the crowd. Watch out for pauses, though. Typically, all moshers who know when a pause in the song is coming will clear the pit and start after the pause. Be sure to either know the music or be ready for pauses to occur if you don't know how to mosh yet.


The dropper (or breakdown) is the violent outburst that many metal, hardcore, alternative bands, punk rock, and similar types of music have that goes from normal lyrical music to a crashing point which will set off the adrenaline of every kid around you and is virtually the "go" sound or green light that it is time to smash and slam again. If you're unfamiliar with the music, this is going to be hard to spot, but if you see it coming, you won't be caught off guard by the sudden outburst.

Open up the pit. Sometimes mosh pits occur in very crowded places. When this happens, there will be a natural tendency of the crowd to push the outer rim of the pit towards the center. Eventually this will close the pit unless the crowd is continually pushed back. Seasoned moshers will typically counteract this by launching themselves into the sides of the pit in various ways. Basically, if the people on the cusp of the pit have more incentive to stay out of your way than to let the crowd push them into the pit, the pit will stay open. Some strategies for doing this include...

o o o o o

"Crack back" by having several people lean back onto the walls of the pit with their arms outstretched "Cluster" a bunch of people with their arms over each others' shoulders and have them bounce around the walls of the pit "Slingshot" into the sides by using another person's momentum to launch you. "Circle pit" by creating a whirlpool of people running around the outside of the pit. Anything that involves flailing limbs that looks like it will hurt if someone gets too close. There are numerous hardcore dances that can facilitate this. Look to the crowd for inspiration. Researched from:


The Otherwise debut album “She doesn’t care, she just wants to dance” is an awesome choice for any punk/rock fans cd collection. Having various influences ranging from the Ramones to The Arctic Monkeys, this album is a fun, energetic, in your face listening pleasure. Tracks to give a listen to is 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Although it’s hard to pick specific tracks cause this is an album you can listen to from start to finish and be blown away, with track 11 being an unplugged bonus track of “like a fairytale.” “Can I kiss you” is the debut single and has got airplay on various campus radio stations around the country and it also boasts making it to Number 1 on Jon Savage’s Local Rock Chart on 5fm. and has regular airplay on DSTV’s DMX channel campus rock. “She doesn’t care, she just wants to dance” is in all Look and Listen stores countrywide.


Yip, you read right, THORNFEST is back to kick your ass even harder than last year. If you we’re living in a cave for the past few years, THORNFEST is a music festival which takes place once a year at Route 28 Resort in Jagfontein. ( +- 55 km from JHB) . This time THORNFEST will take place from Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 – Sunday, 6th February 2011. The festival will boast 4 stages including Burn Nightclub stage, The Black Dahlia stage, Cool Runnings Open Mic Stage & the Main Stage which will host over 90 local & international Artists over 4 days. Other entertainment will include: Cool Runnings beer tent, Tattoo Convention, DJ’s ( Trance & Drum & Bass) , Suspension show, Circus Gothica, Food Stalls, Flea Market, Camping, Drinking Games, Mechanical Bull, 5 bars, Graffiti/ Art Display, Hydration Station, Paintball, Fire Dancers, Swimming Pool, Mini Skate Ramp, D- Tour Girls, Guitar Hero and loads more… The Resort features clean ablution blocks, ample parking, Professional security, Hot Showers, Medics, and Information Desk. Email: Website:



Top 10 Most Infamous Celebrities on Facebook When it comes to popularity, there are very famous celebrities which are loved by their viewers. Some of them might be respected as better people than just for their acting talent. However, this is not where it ends. The celebrities who are infamous among their fans are also reviewed by the fans for their troubled real life or reel life acts. Here, we will read about Top 10 most infamous celebrities on Facebook.

1. Michael Jackson He rules our hearts with his music. However, controversies followed him as much as his popular music did. He has been accused of child sexual abuse more than once, during his career. It was believed that he has bleached his skin to gain a fair complexion. His huge fan list of 18,497,798 fans on Facebook is still increasing. He died with no confirm reason revealed of his death.

2. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is more popular for her fashion style then her music. Her music is also outrageous and depicts bare daring acts from Lady Gaga. She does not keep bisexuality a secret from people. In fact, she is very famous in gay community. With 15,634,240 fans following on Facebook, Lady Gaga is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo With his popularity in football game, Cristiano has been famous for his mysterious relationships and women. He is a father to a baby boy. However, the name of the mother is still not public yet. His relationships have been in news as much as his game is. However, he still rules his fans hearts with 10 million figure on Facebook!

4. Britney Spears Britney has been synonymous to controversies. She married a childhood friend, Jason Alexander in 2004 and divorced him within 55 hours. Later, she gave a statement that she just wanted to know what it feels like to be married. Britney was married to Kevin Federline in September, 2004. She gave birth to two children and filed for a divorce in 2006. On one occasion, she was seen driving with her eldest son on her lap, while she was holding the steering with one hand only. She was also sent to rehabilitation centre due to her drug abuse and behavior. Her fan list still remains one of the best, with 4,034,680 fans on Facebook.

5. Usher Usher started his music career in 90’s. He has given us several popular singles. However, her relationships are the always surrounded with controversies. He filed for a divorce in 2009 from his wife, saying that they were living separately for almost a year, while their relative claimed that it was a lie. His former girlfriend, who broke up with him in 2003, claimed after that breakup that Usher cheated on her during their relationship. Usher’s huge fans list comprises of 2,698,924 fans. He is controversial, but he is also very popular for his music and innovation among his fans.

6. Madonna She has always been in limelight for her adventurous and daring acts. If any of them goes controversial, Madonna comes out with a better one next time. No controversies discourage her in being what she is. Madonna is famous among her fans as a pop music legend. She has done several things in her career, on stage and in personal life, which led to unlimited controversies. On one occasion, she went through a lip lock with Britney Spears and Christiana Aguilera on stage while performing a show. The act was highly controversial even after several days of the show. Her huge fan list of 2,100,210 proves her popularity as a controversial diva on Facebook.

7. Tiger Woods He rules his fans for his game, but that is not all what he is famous for. Tiger Woods has been one of the most popular celebrities for his extra ordinary game and winnings. However, in 2010, he confessed to his wife that he had 120 affairs in the past. Tiger Woods was suspected of infidelity several times before his confession. Shortly afterwards, there were several women claiming his extra-marital affair with them. Most of them proved their point by text messages and voice mails from Tiger Woods. He has 1,423,545 fans on Facebook.

8. Rachael Ray She ran several shows and owns the thirty minute meals concept. Rachel Ray is a skilled celebrity. She is famous among her fans for her skills. However, she led to several controversies in year 2006, when she posed for a men’s magazine, FHM. Despite of these controversies, Rachel Ray is still famous among her fans. Some love her for her food, cookbooks and shows and some are interested about her controversies, break-ups and personal life. Her strong fan list of 280,115 proves the strength of her popularity on Facebook.

9. Mel Gibson He has different shades when it comes to his movies. We remember Mel Gibson as a star who can surprise us with his acting skills. However, there is more about him than his acting that is loved by his viewers. Mel Gibson started drinking at the age of thirteen. He has been caught several times for driving drunk. On one occasion, he was accused for his insulting statement against Bill Clinton. He made a comment against him that Bill Clinton is a low level opportunist. Mel Gibson is also charged a few times for domestic violence in drunken state. His not-so-perfect image has brought him popularity among his fans. His fans list is 109,352 on Facebook.

10. Lindsay Lohan She started her career at a very young age. She was a rising start of her childhood, where she was chosen for modeling for various top brands. However, the popularity magic didn’t last very long for Lindsay Lohan, especially for her acting skills. She started involving in drugs and alcohol to such an extent that she was caught several times, crashing her car on the road, injuring herself. Although, she was appearing in new movies but she was not able to collect any positive reviews by her fans. Her fan list of Facebook, 105,127 reveals her bad reputation number. Despite of the controversies, these celebrities are famous on Facebook with a huge fan list following them. Perhaps, their fans are interested in knowing about them for anything that is coming up. Controversies might be creating more interest among their fans. Researched from:

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