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Table of Contents Menu for a healthy life and healthy food ........................ 1 Tips for a good health.......... 6 Results an analysis from people from our community .......................................... 8

Breakfast: •

chocolate milk 1 cup

brad 1 oz

pancake 1 oz

strawberry juice 1 cup

lunch: ·

A portion of vegetables or salad and a serving of fruit (fresh, canned or dried also counted.)

• A serving of milk or low-fat milk or fat, such as cheese sticks, a cup of yogurt or some low-fat cottage cheese. • A serving of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, peanut butter, beans or any other protein source. • A healthy drink such as water or juice with 100% fruit


◦ green salad with asparagus ◦ scrambled eggs with mushrooms ◦ wheat tuna ◦ yogurt with a handful raisins


Breakfast :

ingredients ■ 3 tablets of dark chocolate ■ 3 tablets of chocolate ■ with vanilla ■ 1 1/2 liters of milk preparation

Break the chocolate into small pieces. In a saucepan over low heat warm the milk with the chocolate pieces and stir until it is completely undone. When mixture boils and starts to rise, a time apart from heat and put it back until the chocolate up again, and repeat once more, with these three will make the chocolate concoctions make more foam to beat . Measure then a chocolate cup, empty it into a roll and beat with the grinder until lather, pass it to the cup again and repeat this with the other five cups; immediately serve.


ingredients - 1 lettuce - 1 boiled egg - 1 can of anchovies - 150 g of parmesan cheese - 1 lemon

- 1 clove garlic - Fried bread - mustard - oil Preparation

In a wooden bowl, crush the garlic and anchovies, making use of a fork. Then add the egg and began to beat. While beating, add a teaspoon of mustard and a little olive oil.

Then add the lemon juice and oil, until we achieve a creamy consistency.

Cut the lettuce and mix with croutons. Add the above prepared mixture and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Dinner: Use tuna in water or oil, if spicy is not right for you change it to 2 tablespoons olive oil and vinegar. ingredients: 4 cans of tuna 15 corn tostadas ½ lettuce washed, disinfected and sliced 3 tomatoes finely chopped ½ onion, finely chopped 1 small bunch cilantro washed, disinfected and finely chopped 1 small can chopped pickled peppers Mayonnaise to taste

Preparation: We drain the oil or tuna water, place it in a bowl, add the remaining ingredients including chili vinegar, stir everything we spread on toast with mayonnaise and served on them quickly to prepare tuna, can decorate with radishes.

Our community and our health

The nutrition is important because if you don’t have good health you can die for it by: heart attack, anorexic and just resuming it up you can get a lot of diseases that can cause dead.

A nutritional survey was made to know how well people are eating from our community. There’s not to worry because the people are eating well. We ask the question: How frequent you eat fast food, and the people answer from all this answers never, 2 times a week, 1 time a year 5 times a year and varied. They choose 1 time a year and varied so that means people eat kind a healthy but the varied is worrying because people can eat more fast food. Here’s the graph that shows that maybe I´ll right:

que tan frecuente comes comida rápida? 0% 8% nunca 2 veces a la semana


1 vez al año 50%

5 veces al año variado


We ask the question: What snack do you choose normally to eat? And the major people of our community respond candy and that is very bad for us cause we are going to have high cholesterol

and that is a cause of dead. But the pie graph also shows that people choose after the candy the fruit and that’s awesome. That means some people care about their health and that’s very good. The people that don’t is very bad for them cause that can die very easily.

que snack elijes normalmente para comer? 0% 9%

caramelos 37%


frutas doritos zanahorias



This pie graph show us that the people have a good diet is it’s about vegetables because you should eat a snack (a healthy one) after each meal. So in this graph we ask the question: How many times do you eat a day vegetables and fruits? A 59% of the people ask they eat 3 times a day, that means that the half of the population eat healthy and have balanced eating. At the same time the 25% of the population are eating 1 times a day fruits and like the all graphs it’s worrying. You should eat 3 times a day or maybe more because the fruits and vegetables are important to a part of your body and nutrition.

cuantas veces comes al día frutas o vegetales? 0% 8% 25%

1 vez al día 5 veces al día 3 veces al día

8% 59%

nunca siempre

We ask the question which type of fruit do you eat more and the people repond apple and then banana. I recommend the people should eat the bananas most because it has more vitamins and is healthy and also is sweet and tasty. So you can enjoy a lot and been healthy at the same time. The apples are good but it dosen’t have so many thing (vitamins, calcium, etc..) as the banana but the good thing is that it also has vitamins and that stuff. In conclusion this pie graph shows if the people knows what is the better fruit for you and which will help you more.

que tipo de fruta consumes más?







We ask the question: How many times a day you eat? The people respond 3 times a day but truly you should eat minimum 4. You need to eat a lot of times because you need a snack after de 12pm to have balanced meals. If you don’t have a snack is not so balanced but if your other meals are healthy then it will be fine not to have a snack. This pie graph is important because it shows if the people are eating well.

cuantas veces comes al día frutas o vegetales? 0% 8% 25%

1 vez al día 5 veces al día 3 veces al día

8% 59%

nunca siempre

This question: Do you like fast food? Is extremely important because in this graph all of the important thoughts come together and this is the main objective to see if the people in our community understand the importance or true meaning of a good nutrition. In here you can see that the people are not sure about the fast food. It said yes and more or less and more or less proves that people are not sure about the fast food, if it is good or bad for themselves and for their health. You should be careful of the things you eat and the fast food and with your decisions, with the food.That’s the importance of this graph, the peoples choices and the peoples health.

te gusta la comida chatarra?

si 50%


no nunca he probado mas o menos

0% 0%

eating dessert everyday can be dangerous because that can make you cholesterol high and you can become an diabetic person. If you don’t take care of your health when you have that problem maybe you can die for it. As this graph shows the community people are not eating so much candy and that’s great but you also need sugar for your body but not in excess. It is important to control

yourself and think if its good for you or is not. That are the things that this graph want to show.

comes postre todos los dĂ­as? 9% 9%

nunca si no




aveces 0%

This question is also important. The graph is very worrying because the 42% of the people take their sometimes their dinner and they should take them everyday. But in the other side the people are very c conscious about their health and this pie bar is showing the bad side and the good side. The only thing that is weird is that people don’t eat their dinner and that’s very bad for them for the reasons I tell you before. This is an important pie graph as you can see.

cenas todas las noches? 0% 0% 8% no si


aveces nunca 50%


Bibliography!!: -10-ways-to-live-a-healthy-life/

J The EndJ

all about food  

its about the health and nutriton of the people.

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