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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Time to relax and make memories

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t’s hard to believe that Christmas is here again, but comforting to know that we made it through a turbulent yet thoughtprovoking year. What we’ve learnt, among a whole lot of other things, is to be adaptable and resilient – qualities we forget to cherish and nurture when routine simply swallows us up. 2020 certainly threw us all out of routine, but although it was tough, it also increased awareness around the importance of living in the now, having renewed gratitude for things usually taken for granted, and appreciating togetherness – both in our immediate families and close communities. Let’s be conscious of not letting the pandemic struggle

becoming our identity, and let’s be positive and excited about 2021 – whatever it may bring. Our festive issue is always lots of fun putting together, and this year was no exception. There’s food, food… and more food. Enjoy, and use our selection of


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“From the first meeting right through to publication, my experience with The Crest has been such a pleasure. The exposure we have got is mind-blowing, it really exceeded my expectations! The costs incurred is not even a fraction of the new business gained, so I will without doubt continue advertising on a regular basis.” – Melissa Jacobs, MJ Chartered Accountants

“We have been advertising with The Crest for the past 10 years, and during that time our company growth tripled as Image Insured became a household name. During lockdown we needed to think out of the box, and grew our business nationally and internationally with online consults. However, not a week goes by without someone telling us they miss seeing our makeovers in The Crest, so we are delighted to say that once again Image Insured will become an ongoing feature in this amazing, high quality magazine. Nothing beats getting recognised in your local community when it comes to growing your business.” – Fay and Megan Coleman, Image Insured

“Being a local, family-run business owner, I like to support our community and other local businesses. The Crest offers their community a top lifestyle magazine – a magazine that we want our products to be seen in. Their team of people have an vested interest in us and our business succeeding, and offer a superior service with a warm heart.” – Julie Anthony, Rawbiotics

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mouth-watering recipes to help you celebrate that all-important togetherness with those you love. Extend the love into creative gifting (page 20), which – with that added personal touch – centres around how much thought goes into the gift while also inspiring memory-making. The wonderful experiences in Trending (page 44), along with local gems for the whole family to explore in Take Note (page 4), will also contribute to fun, happy holidays. We’re also sharing the love and spreading festive spirit with our amazing Gift Guide, it’s full of ideas and giveaways for the young, the old and the four-legged. Pamper each other, spend time outdoors, eat and be merry! And if you need something else to do on top of that, change a few things around in your home for a fresh facelift that doesn’t break the bank – take a look at useful tips in our decor feature on page 46. Thank you for journeying through this year with The Crest magazine – for your continuous encouragement, support and loyalty. We can’t wait to share more stories with you in 2021!


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A Ray's Kitchen hot favourite



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Party looks to turn heads





Off to varsity – advice for parents

EMBRACE ADVANCING AGE Don't fear it – make the most of it



HELLO SUMMER New fashion looks for summer



Brackenhill Craft Distillery


Seth Ngcobo's love of dancing

BALANCE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE Health tips for surviving the festive season



ON THE COVER: Pampering at Talloula Garden Spa, photographed by Kelly Daniels



Home revamp ideas to do these holidays

Gift ideas plus prizes worth R20 000 to be won

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FOR MORE INFO: Shannon 082 925 3023; www.africanraptor.co.za




Situated on 60 hectares of scenic valley bushveld and just half an hour’s drive inland you’ll find the mesmerising African Bird of Prey Sanctuary. This community conservation facility opened its doors in 2006 and is a safe haven to a wide selection of South Africa’s indigenous raptors. Visitors can experience these magnificent aerial predators in flying displays that take place from Wednesday to Sunday at 10.30am. The demonstrations allow the raptors themselves to become both teachers and ambassadors for their wild counterparts, so we can experience these normally rare and elusive birds first-hand. Behind the scenes is Raptor Rescue, an

onsite hospital dedicated specifically to treat sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey from throughout KZN. The sanctuary is also home to the only captive Bearded vultures in the southern hemisphere, and part of a breeding programme to save this critically endangered species from extinction. It is estimated that only 400 of these magnificent birds remain, living high up in our Maloti-Drakensberg mountains that separate


Rocky van Rensburg runs a biological farming system at Three Little Pigs farm in Curry’s Post, which practises mixed rotational grazing. That means all animals pass through all the paddocks at some time. Sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle are all on the ground, never inside. “We also don’t use any chemicals to control weeds or pests. This means our animals produce far more natural meat with much higher vitamin, mineral and good fats content than any commercial meat,” explains Rocky’s son Allan – who runs the Midlands Food Market store in Hillcrest. “My mom, Charmaine, prepares our Romesco olives, olive oils, tapenades and pestos – all with local ingredients, and the range is hand processed and packed by an all-lady crew,” adds Allan, explaining that Real Meat Co changed their name to Midlands Food Market to show that they weren’t exclusively a butchery anymore, but now offer a wider variety of products. The Farmyard Cafe is run by 1000 Hills Chef School trained Mienke Labuschagne – famous for her made-from-scratch pies and scones. The coffee is great too, so this is a place to sit down to have a conversation with the staff or catch up with a friend, before you tackle your weekly deli shopping. “We are a full service butchery and will cut, roll, debone and marinate as you need. Kyle Eksteen, our manager, is an experienced cook and can recommend roast sizes and cooking styles and flavours,” says Allan.

FOR MORE INFO: 083 652 9401; 3 Builders Way, Hillcrest; www.realmeatco.co.za

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the border between Lesotho and South Africa. Breeding just once a year in winter, the elusive pairs lay two eggs, but only raise one chick. The challenging aim of the project is to harvest 20 to 30 second eggs from the cliff-face nests to hatch and raise at the sanctuary. This breeding group will form a genetic reserve, and their progeny will be released back into the wild to supplement the dwindling population. The sanctuary’s tranquil, park-like environment is ideal for family visits, and there’s also a coffee shop, playground and bunny enclosure. Adults R70, kids R40, pensioners R60. Open Tues-Sun 8.30am – 4pm, and vulture feeding takes place on weekends and public holidays at 12.30pm.



GET INVOLVED UBUNTU - So Much More Than Coffee You’ll have to look hard to find someone as passionate and dynamic as Lungile Manyathi. The bubbly business development manager has been with HACT (Hillcrest AIDS Centre

Trust) for four years. “As a NPO, looking at ways to become more sustainable is always on the cards,” she smiles. The Ubuntu Ground Cafe is a social enterprise to generate income, but also a space to learn a skill. “Ubuntu is humanity in the sense that

‘my actions have an impact on others’,” explains Lungi. “Be part of this wonderful ripple effect, because when you walk in here you are immediately supporting others – every sip and bite is making a difference in someone’s life.” With delicious cakes along with skilled baristas trained by Lineage’s Craig Charity, you can’t go wrong. A small playground and baby change room caters for moms looking to catch up while tots play. The Woza Moya centre also has a plant nursery, a shop perfect for Christmas shopping and a second-hand book store. Although the Ubuntu trainee programme has run out of

An Amazing Taste EXPERIENCE

funding, business still continues with core staff in place. Upskilling further is however a big wish, so if you can help in any way, please contact Lungi on hactbiz@hillaids.org.za. You could be helping youngsters such as Khanyo Shange (pictured) – one of the trainees who after 12 months has just graduated from the Barista and Hospitality Internship programme. She says, “Sitting at home for a year with no hope of finding work almost broke my spirit. Joining the Ubuntu team has given me hope and confidence.” FOR MORE INFO: 26 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, www.hillaids.org.za; W @UbuntuGroundCafe

and plan each shot meticulously. We love telling raw stories through our filming, but adding our flavour of artistic creativity,” says Eugene. Jess bakes banana bread, brownies and a low carb cheese cake for Velvet’s customers, and the couple is looking to add San Francisco style street food in due time, but want to remain focused on serving great coffee. “We’re obsessively critical on our shots of liquid gold. Zero critical of anyone who walks in. Even more interested in the lifechanging moments that happen with a coffee in your hand,” says Eugene – adding that the name Velvet describes their ultimate experience of coffee, and that using high value beans, not roasting so dark, and supporting fair trade is key. Pop in for an amazing taste experience!

At Velvet Coffee Co, a brand new, welcoming little space created by Jess and Eugene Coetzer, you’ll find excellent coffee – along with great conversation and Wi-Fi. The pair met in a Potchefstroom coffee shop just over three years ago, and that’s where their journey started. “Literally love at first site. We are both obsessively crazy about coffee, so coffee definitely played a role,” smiles Eugene. Eugene was born in Pretoria, while Jess grew up in Colorado, America. A singer songwriter for Monark, Eugene is also a contract researcher for UKZN – with a PhD in Ancient Literature. Together the couple own Reel Emotiv, a motion picture and stills company. “Emotion is everything. The way we shoot and edit shows just that. We obsess over cinematography

FOR MORE INFO: 079 241 2153; Shop 10, Maytime Centre, Charles Way, Kloof

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Julie de Robillard started Puppy Ciao during lockdown. “My husband and I had been chatting about the convenience of pet food delivery, and what better time to get your pet food delivered than during lockdown,” she says – focusing on the Dogsense range, developed and manufactured right here in South Africa. Julie had great response from day one, and quickly saw that there was a need to expand her offering to more than just dog food. This is when the online store was launched, stocking a bigger range of food, treats, pet care products, collars, leads and harnesses, and more. FOR MORE INFO: www.puppyciao.co.za; W puppyciao031


It is time to consider your future! Phase Two at Vian Village in Winston Park will become a reality in the new year. To complement the established and successful Assisted Living facility on-site (Phase One), Phase Two introduces four Life Right Cottages for independent living with assistance when needed. Pre-sales of the four one-bedroom units will begin early next year. Each unit includes a hobby room, enclosed garage, lounge, dining room and patio.

FOR MORE INFO: www.kloofretirementvillages.co.za; W kloofretirementvillages


GIVEAWAYS 18 - 24 DECEMBER 2020 12:00 - 15:00 EACH DAY

17 - 24 DECEMBER MONDAY - FRIDAY 08:30 - 19:00 SATURDAY 08:30 - 18:00 SUNDAY 08:30 - 17:00



Coffee And Kids Activities At WILD AND RAW

“Essentially we are a plant nursery selling seedlings, succulents and other indigenous plants,” says owner Nikki Phillips. “We also have a fully stocked garden shop – with among other things lawnmowers and brush cutters for sale.” The newly opened Wild and Raw coffee shop is buzzing with great coffee, milkshakes, smoothies and sweet and savoury treats. “Our main aim is to target families with kids, and we love animals – dogs are most welcome,”

says Nikki. “Fun activities for the kids to do here include ornament painting, a scratch patch and sand pit, building fairy and fantasy gardens, and a small race track – which is being converting into a go cart track,” says Nikki, adding that “we also have a special place in our hearts for the older generation, who love spending time in our garden.” There will be kids workshops during December, so watch this space and follow the Wild and Raw Facebook page for further details. FOR MORE INFO: 1 Gardens Rd, Hillcrest; 031 785 9195; W@thewildandrawgarden

THE PARLOTONES December 18: Join the multiaward winning Parlotones as they take you on a musical journey, embracing a larger than life sound rich with favourites from the band’s award laden catalogue right up to and including their recent SAMA nominated album China. Tickets: R220 each.

ROCKING THE GLOBE Until December 30: Enjoy a journey to 15 music destinations and experience the best hits from around the world in this rocking show! Be entertained by the dynamic cast performing everything from Tom Jones to Roxette, Lady Gaga to Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen to Bob Marley, and loads more favourites. Tickets: R195 each.



Physiotherapists Practke no. 072 0000104434

Benze is a family enterprise steeped in tradition and old fashioned values since 1970. WE DEAL WITH ALL FABRIC HOUSES

Quality Care Quality Health

Backs & Necks Sports Injuries Muscles & Joints Jaw Pain Women's Health � �


RE-UPHOLSTERY * RESTORATION * REPAIRS * SCOTCHGARDING * CUSTOM FURNITURE DEEP CLEANING SERVICES: LOUNGE SETS, DINING CHAIRS, CARPETS, PERSIAN RUGS AND MATTRESSES 55 Buro Crescent, Unit 19 Buro Centre, Mayville, Durban upholstery@benze.co.za | www.benze.co.za | 031 208 7131 | 082 635 0165 (WhatsApp)

Fem1na Health, 75 Old Main Road, Kloof 1nfo@Jarphys10s co za

031 767 3989

www Juhannnleyphys,o wordpress com

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Get Well. Move Forward 031 - 764 2750 Backs & Necks • Sports Injuries• Post Surgery• Rehabilitation • Pilates

The Gillitts Medical Centre, 15 Old Main Road, Gillitts info@rileyphysios.co.za * www.rileyphysios.co.za


LEFT: ActionCOACH Ignite team Chenal Brummer, Darryn Le Grange, Deborah Coskey and Natasha Swartz.

Is your business giving you the freedom you



hen business owners are asked why they started or bought their own business, an overwhelming majority respond that they did it to get freedom – more particularly, time and money freedom. When asked how they are doing with this, most admit to feeling trapped with very little free time and no sight of the piles of money they dreamt of. Why is this? We believe it is because they are not building their business the right way. Let’s explore the notion of Time & Money Freedom and provide a few tips on how to achieve this. Time Freedom This means you don’t need to be at work every minute of every day to keep things going.


You have the freedom to take holidays and long weekends away whilst the business still continues to operate without you present. You can take time off to watch your children’s sports days and school concerts. You get home at a reasonable hour each day, spend quality time with your family and get a good night’s sleep. You also have time to exercise regularly, do activities and hobbies that interest you and enjoy your life. Money Freedom Money freedom means that you have good cash flow in your business as well as reserves for the unimaginable (think 2020). You don’t lie awake at night wondering how you are going to make payroll this month. You are saving a good portion of your income towards retirement and have a solid plan that will see you become financially free in the future (financially free = passive income from assets and investments exceeds your monthly living costs). You can enjoy the finer things in life – after all you have worked

extremely hard, put in blood, sweat and tears and now deserve to really enjoy your life. Money certainly does not buy you happiness, it does however buy you moments of happiness. Most importantly money gives you choices and options. If you can’t relate to a number of the examples mentioned above, then you are probably not building your business the right way. Make no mistake, when you first start out you are going to have no time and probably not a lot of money, but the longer your business is around and the more experienced you become as a business owner, the better things should get.


A COMPLIMENTARY BUSINESS SELF-ASSESSMENT Email darrynlegrange@ actioncoach.com and we will send you the self-assessment document that will enable you to assess where your business currently is.

Here are some of our top tips to achieving these levels of freedom: Time Tips • Plan your week in advance at the beginning of each week. • Be extremely disciplined and constantly prioritise and re-prioritise. Remember, some things are just more important than others. • Employ the right people to join your team and make your

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

expectations crystal clear in the form of KPIs. • Hold your team accountable to their deliverables and ensure you are documenting all the systems (processes and procedures) in your business so that you have a fully systemised business. • Empower your team by delegating responsibilities to them and learn to let go. Don’t be a control freak or micro manage your team members, as this will prevent you from ever having time freedom. • Constantly teach, coach, manage and lead your team so that ultimately the business can work without you.  Money Tips • Have a very clear understanding of the numbers in your business (targets, breakeven, margins, etc). • Ensure you master the marketing in your business, as effective marketing is the key to business growth and success. • Pay yourself a market-related salary as soon as possible (the salary you would earn based on your skills and value if you worked for somebody else). • As you start to grow your profitability, save a minimum of two months expenses as a contingency and then start to commit to monthly savings. Don’t get tempted to buy “toys” that don’t grow in value until you have saved in accordance with your plan. • Make sure you have a solid wealth plan that will lead you to financial freedom.

www.actioncoachignite.co.za W ActionCOACHIgnite


INGREDIENTS  12 medium asparagus  1/2 a cup artichoke hearts  1 cup Panko crumbs  goat’s cheese (Ray uses Belnori balls)  1 bag mixed baby leaves  2 eggs, beaten and seasoned  sunflower oil for frying ARTICHOKE MARINADE  1 bunch/handful Italian parsley, chopped  1 clove garlic, finely chopped  2 tsp olive oil  pinch salt and pepper  splash white wine vinegar  1/4 tsp pickled oregano DRESSING

Sassy summer


 40ml lime juice  40ml white wine vinegar  250ml light olive oil  pinch salt and pepper  1 tsp honey (runny)  1 tsp smooth Dijon mustard



his year has without doubt highlighted the importance of family, children and community. With the festive season upon us, we’re all conjuring up magical menus which celebrate


summer, togetherness and our South African lifestyle. Ray’s summer salad – Panko crusted asparagus, marinated artichoke and herby goat’s cheese on baby leaves with a lime vinaigrette – serves two and is fresh, seasonal and extravagant. Enjoy!

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

METHOD  Drench the asparagus in flour, dip in egg wash, roll in Panko and shallow fry in sunflower oil until golden. Set aside.  Drain artichoke hearts and halve. Add to a bowl, gently mix in parsley, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar and oregano.  For the lime dressing, whisk the mustard and honey into the vinegar and lime juice, and slowly add the olive oil whisking with vigour to emulsify. Season with salt and pepper.  Build the salad by gently layering leaves into the middle of the bowl. Place the artichokes and goat’s cheese on the leaves, and dress with the dressing. Finish with the crunchy asparagus and a crack of fresh black pepper. FOR MORE INFO www.rayskitchen.co.za




his year will be remembered as the year that sent many people’s personal finances into a tailspin. With retrenchments, short time, reduced salaries and loss of earnings being a common consequence of the Covid-19 impact, taking stock of your finances and planning your recovery should be at the top of your new years’ plans. Here are our top tips to help with that recovery:  Be sure you have an accurate record of all your debts and liabilities. Aim to pay off the most expensive debt or the debts with the smallest

Getting on top of your personal



OUR SERVICES  Outsourced Accounting Services  Outsourced Payroll  Business & Individual Taxes

balances first. Short term personal loans and credit cards would normally be the most expensive debt.  Draw up a monthly budget showing your net income (plus that of your partner/ spouse, where appropriate) as well as all your fixed monthly commitments. Budget for the discretionary items like entertainment and leisure activities too. Keep a record of your actual expenditure and keep it in line with your budget.  Re-look all your expenses and cut out any unnecessary fat. Shop the market to ensure you are getting the best deal

with items like insurance, medical aid, etc.  Once you have paid off the short term expensive debt, start a monthly savings account. It’s important that you save a fixed amount as soon as you get paid each month. What’s left is what you have to spend for the month, so the key thing is to save first and spend what’s left, not the other way around.  Be sure to live within your means. Avoid spending money on things that look fancy or flashy when you cannot afford them. A good policy is always to pay cash – if you don’t have the cash, then it generally means you can’t afford it.


Our Offer To You A Complimentary Tax & Accounting Health Check to ensure all your affairs are up to date and fully compliant. To book your session email Melissa at melissa@mjacc.co.za  The ultimate measure of

your wealth (or lack thereof) is your net asset value, and this is calculated as the market

D E C - J A N

2 0 2 1

price of all your assets less the settlement value of all your liabilities. This number is very important, as it’s the number that will need to sustain you and your family when you one day retire. A good idea would be to set yourself a goal for your net asset value and every year measure this value to see if it’s growing in line with your goal.  If you are a registered tax payer, ensure you engage the services of a competent tax practitioner to legally claim all the allowable deductions on your annual taxes. Any tax refunds would be most useful for those who have had a tough 2020.


festive food*


'Tis the season to be




t’s the most wonderful time of the year – fun, festivities, holidays, family and friends. And let’s face it, more so than any other year, this festive season is meaningful, momentous and will be about making magnificent memories. We made it! Let’s celebrate this holiday season with the people we love most, sweating our butts off in the kitchen and eating ourselves into glorious, hallucinatory comas. Enjoy!


food ant ellis and phillida ellis assistant brendon newport pictures sally chance

 PHILLIDA’S KICK-ASS PORTUGUESE MUSSELS VINAIGRETTE Light, bright and perfect for a sweltering Durban day. For best results, wash down with enormous, ice-cold beer shandies. WHAT YOU NEED: 24-30 medium mussels * 1/2 cup olive oil * 3 Tbsp red wine vinegar * 1 tsp capers, chopped * 1 Tbsp onion, minced * 1 Tbsp pimento or red pepper, minced * 1 Tbsp flat leaf parsley, minced * salt and pepper * 1 thick slice lemon  TO MAKE: In a bowl whisk together oil and vinegar. Add capers, onion, pimento, parsley, salt and pepper. Leave aside to combine flavours well. Pour about a cup of water into a large frying pan, add lemon slice. When hot, but not boiling, add mussels and bring to the boil. Remove and cool. When cool, remove the mussel meat from the shells and mix into vinaigrette. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Clean mussel shells and place in a bag in fridge overnight. To serve, return the mussel meat to the shells and pour over a little vinaigrette, making sure each mussel gets some of the minced onion mix. Serve at room temperature with crusty bread – essential for soaking up remaining dressing.

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

 APPLE AND FENNEL SALAD WITH BLUE CHEESE, CANDIED NUTS AND RANCH DRESSING This is one of my versions of a salad we loved in New York City. Crisp, fresh and summery, it’s a winner every time. Ranch is a USA staple, and this cheat’s recipe comes close to the real thing that’s usually made with buttermilk.

WHAT YOU NEED: Salad: 2 apples, cored and sliced thin * 1/2 a red onion, sliced thin * 1 fennel bulb, topped and tailed and sliced thin * mixed salad leaves of lettuce, spinach and cress * 1 cup walnuts * 1/2 cup brown sugar * 100g Blue cheese (any mature soft cheese or even feta will work

great) * fennel fronds Ranch Dressing: 1 cup mayonnaise * 1/2 cup sour cream * 1/2 tsp chives, fresh chopped or dried * 1/2 tsp parsley, fresh chopped or dried * 1/2 tsp dried dill *1 garlic clove, minced * 1/2 tsp onion powder * 1 tsp vinegar * a drop each of Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce * pinch

each of salt and ground black pepper TO MAKE: Salad: Prepare the candied nuts. In a pan add sugar and stir over high heat until melted. Add nuts, stir quickly to coat. Spread on a non-stick baking mat or heavily greased wax paper sheet and allow to cool. Don’t touch! Spread a generous

D E C - J A N

2 0 2 1

layer of washed lettuce leaves in your bowl or platter. Layer with apple, fennel and red onion. Bash the nuts a bit and sprinkle over salad, with dots of Blue cheese. Decorate with fennel fronds and serve with Ranch Dressing. Ranch Dressing: Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl or blender, mix thoroughly. »


festive food*

SPICED GAZPACHO WITH GRILLED PECORINO TOASTIES I’m not really a fan of cold soups, but this is the absolute bomb. It’s refreshing and delicious, and a great way to kick off a festive feast. WHAT YOU NEED: 5 slices white bread * 1 garlic clove, minced * 80ml olive oil * 60ml red wine vinegar * 2 fresh tomatoes, chopped * 1 tin whole Italian tomatoes * 250g cucumber, peeled, deseeded and chopped * 200g red pepper, chopped * 1 red onion, chopped * 80ml orange juice * fresh parsley * ice-cubes (traditional, optional) * sliced baguette * Pecorino cheese TO MAKE: Trim the bread and tear the insides into pieces. In a bowl combine bread, garlic, oil and vinegar, stand for half an hour. Blend the bread mixture with tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, onion and orange juice until smooth. If you prefer a smoother gazpacho, strain. Cover and refrigerate. To serve, top with a drizzle of olive oil, diced fresh cucumber and chopped parsley. Top your baguette slices with Pecorino and grill until melted and golden.



 CHEF P’S MOROCCAN BUTTERNUT For this killer vegetarian main, choose butternuts with a nice big “bowl”. One butternut serves two. WHAT YOU NEED: 2 butternuts * 125g couscous * sprinkle of dried chilli flakes * 1/2 cup pistachio nuts, plus extra for garnish * 6-8 soft eating dried apricots, coarsely chopped * 6 Medjool dates, coarsely chopped * 1/2 cup olives, coarsely chopped (black or green are both great) * 1/2 cup slivered almonds * squeeze of lemon juice * salt and pepper * 1/2 cup pomegranate rubies * good bunch of fresh coriander, chopped TO MAKE: Cook couscous according to packet instructions, adding chilli flakes to the mix. Dry roast the pistachio nuts, set aside to cool. When the couscous is done, add the dried apricots, dates, olives, 2 heaped tablespoons of chopped coriander, pistachio nuts, almonds and lemon juice. Fork through and leave to stand on a warm surface. Season to taste. Roast butternuts whole at 180°C, skins on. When almost cooked remove from heat and cut off tops. Scoop out seeds leaving a bowl for filling. Fill with couscous mixture. Warm in the oven at 180°C to heat through before serving. Serve sprinkled with extra pistachios, pomegranate rubies and coriander leaves.

w w w . t h e c r e s t

o n l i n e . c o . z a

left-over glaze halfway through cooking time. The gammon is ready when the fat is glossy and golden. Cover with foil if the top begins to get too dark. Remove from oven and set aside for 15 minutes before carving. Slice gammon and serve with fruit, gravy and mustard. Fruit: Brush gammon juices on to a hot skillet. Add cherries and nectarines directly into the skillet until fruit softens slightly and caramelises.

ANT’S CIDER AND CRANBERRY GLAZED GAMMON WITH STONE FRUIT It’s usually a honey or apricot jam glaze, but this is better. Serve hot with grilled fruit and gravy, or cold with wine. Lots of wine. WHAT YOU NEED: Gammon: 2kg boneless gammon * 2 onions, quartered * 2 carrots, roughly cut into 3cm chunks * 2 celery stalks, roughly cut into 3cm chunks * 3 bay-leaves * 10-12 black peppercorns * 8-10 cloves Glaze: 300ml apple cider * 100ml cranberry sauce Fruit: nectarines, stoned and halved * whole cherries TO MAKE: Glaze: In a saucepan, add cider and cranberry sauce and bring to the boil. Reduce to a syrup and cool. Gammon: Place gammon in a pot. Cover with room temperature water and bring to the boil over a high heat, boil for 5 minutes. Drain, add fresh water and remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat, cover with lid and simmer gently for 20 minutes per 500g, turning the gammon over halfway. Once cooked, remove gammon from water and set aside to cool. Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a roasting tin with foil. Using a small, sharp knife, remove rind from gammon, leaving as much of the fat intact as possible. Place gammon in roasting tin and brush liberally with glaze. Roast in the centre of the oven for 10 minutes, then take out and brush again with glaze. Continue to roast for a further 15-20 minutes, brushing with any

 EASY CHICKEN, CHORIZO AND OLIVE TRAY BAKE It’s hot. You’re knackered. Make this super easy, a Spanish-style one-tray wonder that’ll satisfy everyone and keep your drinking arm free. WHAT YOU NEED: 1-1,5kg chicken thighs and drumsticks, bone-in and skin on * olive oil * 1 onion, cut into eighths * 150g chorizo, sliced * 150g green olives, pitted and halved * 1 bulb garlic, halved and loose skin removed * 2 lemons, halved * 1/2 tsp dried oregano * 1/2 tsp dried thyme * salt and pepper * 2 cups chicken stock TO MAKE: Preheat oven to 200°C. Add a good glug of oil to a roasting tray. Add onion then chicken, then fill the gaps with chorizo slices and olives, and nestle in the lemon halves and garlic bulb. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with herbs and pour in the stock until the chicken is just over half-submerged. Cook for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 180°C. Cook for a further 60-70 minutes or until chicken is tender throughout. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes. »

D E C - J A N

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festive food*


BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH LEMON, CHILLI AND PROSCIUTTO Brussels sprouts are a Christmas tradition and done right, they are nuggets of goodness. Try this kickin’ East Coast twist on the old boiledto-death ones. WHAT YOU NEED: 250g Brussels sprouts * 2 Tbsp olive oil * 20g butter * juice of half a lemon * 1 red chilli, finely chopped * salt and pepper * 6 slices prosciutto, fried until crispy and chopped (streaky bacon is fine) TO MAKE: Slice off the bottom of the sprouts and cut a cross in the base, a few millimetres deep. Blanch in boiling salted water for 3 minutes, drain and cool. When cool, cut into halves. Heat a pan, add oil and butter until melted, then add sprouts and fry for 6-8 minutes, tossing often. Add chilli and lemon juice, cook until tender and golden. Season to taste. To serve, top with crispy prosciutto and an extra squeeze of lemon juice.

* 1/2 cup dried walnuts, coarsely chopped * 1 tsp dried sage * 1/2 an onion, finely chopped * pinch of nutmeg * pinch of tarragon * zest of half an orange * salt and pepper * 8 slices streaky bacon TO MAKE: Preheat oven to 180°C. Cut the sausage skin and squeeze meat into a bowl. Add remaining ingredients except bacon, mix thoroughly with clean hands. Line the walls of each cup of a muffin tray with a slice of bacon, then fill each cup with sausage mix. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until top edges are crisp.  MEDITERRANEAN SMASHED POTATOES Easy. Quick. Delicious. And don’t leave out the balsamic, it’s next-level goodness. WHAT YOU NEED: medium potatoes, roughly one per person * olive oil * balsamic vinegar * fresh rosemary * salt and pepper TO MAKE: Keep the skins on the potatoes and microwave until half cooked. Remove from oven. Using a potato masher, press down on each potato to slightly bust open the skin. Pour olive oil and some balsamic vinegar over, season liberally with salt and pepper, and toss on a good few rosemary twigs. Roast at 180°C until golden brown and crisp. To serve, swap out the roasted rosemary with fresh and you’re good to go. »

MY YUMMY ROCKING CHRISTMAS STUFFING BOMBS If you aren’t doing a turkey but love the flavour of stuffing, my reinvention of the tradition is for you. It’s pure Christmas in every bite, that is if you don’t swallow them whole. WHAT YOU NEED: 8 pork sausages * 3/4 cup breadcrumbs * 1/2 cup dried apricots, coarsely chopped


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


style your hair should be. Our makeover this month is the gorgeous 45-year-old Monique, who looks 20 years younger after her session t’s been a hard year for everyone and we are sure there are many of you out there feeling a bit bedraggled after months of home schooling, working from home and just general fatigue from our new “Covid” life. Let our team at Image Insured help you look amazing again by teaching you the correct colours and styles that suit you, how to apply your make-up correctly, and very importantly, what colour and

Pop into our shop in the Delcairn Centre, Village Road, Kloof and browse through our beautiful clothing range or contact us for more information on one of our life-changing makeovers. Tel 031 764 1039 or email info@imageinsured.co.za

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with us! Monique is a “Winter” with cool undertones to her skin, and she looks drop dead gorgeous with her new hair colour, make-up and clothing. People tend to forget how powerful colour really is, but the truth is; the wrong colours can completely overpower you, leaving you looking washed out and tired. At the heart of each of these transformational makeovers is an in-depth personal colour and figure analysis, in which we will find out the colours that uniquely suit you, as well as exactly which styles will complement your body shape best. Hair by Carl Putz, Kloof : 072 640 7185


festive food*


ď ľMOCHA AFFOGATO Coffee and chocolate are a match made in Christmassy heaven. Dig into this top notch sweet ending, paired with your favourite liqueur. WHAT YOU NEED: top quality, full cream chocolate ice-cream * 1 espresso shot per person * your favourite milk chocolate bar, for grating * 1/2 cup brown sugar, for toffee shards

TO MAKE: Make toffee shards by melting sugar in a hot pan. When it’s liquid, pour out on to a nonstick baking sheet or a properly greased sheet of wax paper and spread to 2-3mm thick. Cool. To serve, add a scoop of chocolate ice-cream to a bowl, cup or mug. Pour hot espresso shot around ice-cream, finely grate chocolate over and decorate with shards of toffee.

tablespoon of lemon juice and 1/2 a cup of syrup into a blender, food processor or bowl. Blend until smooth. Strain if desired. Pour into a pre-chilled container and freeze overnight. Serve with berries and a sprig of mint. FRUIT SORBET WITH FRESH BERRIES AND MINT Fresh fruit sorbet is a light and bright way to end off a big meal. You can make an easy sorbet with pretty much any fleshy fruit, using this method and not much effort.

WHAT YOU NEED: 900g fresh fruit (5 cups after prepping and slicing) * 1 cup sugar * 1 cup water * freshly squeezed lemon juice * fresh berries of your choice for decoration * sprigs of mint for decoration

Give your son the Highbury advantage At Highbury, we know that boys learn differently. They need space, they need challenges and they need to be active learners. That’s why, over 117 years, we have developed an environment tailor-made to bring out the best in your son. Highbury offers your son all the advantages of a dynamic education, through academics, culture and sport – while equipping him with Christian values and the skills to succeed as a well-connected global citizen. Knowing Boys. Since 1903.


TO MAKE: Make a simple syrup by combining water and sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Dissolve all the sugar and reduce by about 1/5. Peel, de-seed and chop your fruit, then freeze. Add frozen fruit, a

Until next time, enjoy this well-earned, welldeserved and magically sub-tropical East Coast holiday season, drink good drinks (no driving please), and Rock the Kitchen with everything you've got.


FOR MORE INFO: Talk to me at ant@rockthekitchen.co.za






hristmas can be a stressful time for many, with last-minute scrambling through the stores for gifts. Take time this year to plan and beautifully present gifts that focus on the person; using their favourite colour, tastes or likes as a theme. A thoughtful gift infused with happiness is guaranteed to be appreciated and spoken about for years to come – so be the favourite gran, aunt, friend, or sister by “wowing” your family and friends with a oneof-a-kind gift. Add handwritten personal messages to each item, explaining why you chose that item, or insert quirky humour to elevate a simple item. Focus less on what the value is, but rather the thought and effort you have put into creating a unique gift experience. On behalf of Talloula, put together for their fabulous annual Christmas showcase, Venessa Matthews has created 10 wonderfully unique and inspiring ideas: Gifting money should not be boring. Create a themed gift based on a “hamburger”




1 bath sponge, complete with sliced “yellow bar of soap” chips, and mini condiments filled with bubble bath and bath salt. Hide money underneath the hamburger sponge, and present


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


the gift in burger packaging from your local takeaway. Create a “braai” hamper filled with eco firelighter balls in a jar, a quirky “match” lighter and other favourite braai loving items: beer, bottle opener, biltong, braai spice, etc. Create a cute tag: “Come on baby light my fire” – beautifully presented in a handy galvanised braai caddy. Recycled egg cartons make the best packaging for a creative gift from the garden. Propagate rock roses, and this gift will cost you only the ribbon and tag. Other fun ideas to fill: home-made bath bombs; mini muffins; candy/chocolates; jewellery; folded money. Coloured glass jars from Consol Glass not only look great, but “hide” contents. Gift swimming trunks or a costume in a blue glass jar, adding dimension by gluing a bendy toy to the lid. Use a fun summer image to create a unique and personalised gift tag that hints to the theme of the gift. Repurpose gift bags from your shopping spree this Christmas. Many stores use great quality gift bags to package your purchases in. Hide store branding with a strip of patterned paper or gift wrap, and finish off with a homemade Christmas decoration and tag. Alternatively trace a circle using a side plate to “cut out” store branding from packaging to create a window into the contents of your gift. »




Weavers’ Nest is Highbury’s co-educational pre-primary school for Grades 0000 – 00 (from age two to five). Here, your child will be at the centre of everything we do and, through our dynamic pre-school programme, will be given the wings they need to fly. We will inspire your child with a love of learning and their deep curiosity and innate sense of adventure will drive their interest to understand the world and their place within it. Your child will be acknowledged as strong, capable, resilient and full of wonder and potential. Our dedicated and experienced teachers are passionate about the development of your child and encourage discovery through play in a nurturing environment, providing our young girls and boys a solid foundation for the years ahead.



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BOOK A PRIVATE TOUR • www.weaversnest.co.za



Support your street vendor by purchasing a homemade basket to make a unique stationery gift basket perfect for any stationery lover’s desk. Colour co-ordinate the contents, completing the look with home-made tassels. Merry Fishmas … Jars make the most wonderful gift vessels. Remove packaging from items purchased and fill a jar. Fishing hooks can be put into a smaller jar, lining the bottom of your jar with tissue paper or paper shreds. Attach a homemade stick fishing rod and fish tag to the outside of your jar using washi tape. Spray paint the jar lid blue to match the colour theme of your gift. A great way to present a “fishing shop” voucher too. Impress the baker in the family with a large jar filled with cupcake baking goodies. Decorate the jar with clear dot stickers; paint the handle of an inexpensive wooden spoon to match, and add a large tag with a cupcake recipe. Colour co-ordinate for a successful and useful gift. Get creative and repurpose old glass jars to make fun, unique and “wow” gift vessels for gifting money or vouchers this year. No need to wrap these gifts; insert money or a voucher with candy, and place straight under the tree. Use spray paint, acrylic paint and permanent marker pens to decorate the jars.


9 8

6 7




9 w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


Theme a gift for a car lover with a car wash hamper. Using a pineapple theme, purchase yellow and green car wash items and present in a handy storage basket. Contents include pineapple key ring, sponge, cleaning cloths, spray bottle, chamois (remove sticker from packaging), pineapple car freshener and shopping bag, and petrol slip folder.




Venessa Matthews Talloula: www.talloula.co.za; @olive_finch


LOCAL this season

Christmas Super Store

Locally made gifts and treats for the whole family! Between Ster Kinekor and Spur

Watercrest Mall 31 October to 24 December @thefestivemarket

gift guide* WIN A Skin Peel



The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial visibly plumps and hydrates the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Zero downtime and instant results. Available at Skin Solutions in uMhlanga. Value: R1 700. 031 001 0877; www.skinsolutionssa.co.za

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WIN 2 Gin Gift Boxes

Each gift box consists of a wooden serving tray, a 750ml bottle of Amabala Nguni Dry Gin, a gin celebration glass with a unique fitted stemware coaster, and a jar of Nguni Dry Gin Mix. Value: R825 each. Available online at www.brackenhillcraft.co.za



WIN A Decor Hamper

This hamper is made up of four wooden placemats with matching napkins, and two succulents in wooden planters. Value: R1 000. Available online at www.bungalowliving.co.za  


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To win any one of these prizes, download a free QR Scanner app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter once by scanning the QR code below. A form will pop up, fill in your details and submit. It’s that easy! Closing date: January 8, 2021.

WIN A Pair Of Pearl Earrings

Look beautiful wearing this pair of La Conch Paradise Baroque Pearl earrings, AAA grade in 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver. Value: R1 495. @la_conchs; 072 953 9967.

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Offering a range of dog food to suit all our doggies’ needs, dog treats, pet care products such as shampoo, odour control spray and Bobum dog towels. Plus a stylish range of collars, leads and harnesses. Value: R1 000. Available online at www.puppyciao.co.za

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Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at The Spa at The Oyster Box hotel.Value: R1 250. www.oysterboxhotel.com

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WIN An Electronic Travel Case

This Thule Subterra PowerShuttle is designed to protect large headphones (not included) along with your full kit of cables, adapters and other electronics in dedicated storage compartments. It also allows you to charge your phone. Value: R900. www.thule.com

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Treat yourself to a Lou Harvey bag of your choice – pack bags, overnight bags, coolers, lunchboxes, wallets and cosmetic bags, in a range of beautiful prints that pay homage to nature, as well as bold floral prints. www.louharvey.co.za

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gift guide* WIN A Drinks Hamper


000! • W WIN 2 R500 Chocolate Hampers

New from Cadbury – delectable Festive Gingerbread, mouthwatering Cinnamon Crunch, creamy Butterscotch & Crushed Almonds, as well as the festive classic, Cadbury dream-coated Whispers Snowballs. A treat in every bite!

TH R20


For whiskey lovers, a bottle of Paddy whiskey with two highball glasses, plus a bottle of Pampelle VAP – a fruity aperitif – with beach bat and balls, both from Truman & Orange. Value: R570. www.trumanandorange.com

WIN 2 R550 Pamper Vouchers

Pamper yourself with a Talloula deluxe back massage with exfoliation treat, plus coffee and cake for two people. Valid until the end of March 2021.

WIN A Gin And Whiskey Hamper Celebrate the new year with a gin and whiskey hamper. The hamper consists of a bottle of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whiskey, a bottle of Monkey Shoulder Scottish whisky, and a Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Curler gift pack, which includes a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin and a special edition Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Curler. Value: R1 100. All available from reputable bottle stores.


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

WIN A Luxury Floral Box

Say it with flowers. The pink Floral Box speaks luxury; silver is associated with a sleek, glamorous and sophisticated look; while gold is associated with success, magic, knowledge and a little sparkle. Value: R1 950. To order: 071 494 5182; #lm_florals_sa

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Start the New Year with losing weight with Exuberance. This weight loss cocktail consists of both an infusion and an injection geared towards aiding with losing weight. One-hour treatment. Value: R1 000. www.exuberance.co.za

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The Thule Gauntlet Sleeve is designed to safeguard your laptop with a rigid exterior and enhanced corner and edge protection, also stores accessories and cords in internal pockets. Value: R1 100. www.thule.com

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WIN A Rum And Gin Hamper

Celebrate the holidays with this hamper consisting of a bottle of Don Papa Rum plus a bottle ofBloedlemoen Gin, both from Truman & Orange. Value: R840. www. trumanandorange.com

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Spend this voucher online for all your favourite Volpes and Biggie Best accessories, furniture, fabric and bedlinen. www.volpes.co.za

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tertiary education*

Time to let




story anne schauffer

t’s often tougher for parents than it is for the student. Empty nest syndrome can be real and ugly for some, while for young people there’s the promise of a wonderful adventure ahead. Don’t fuss. Your anxiety about their departure can unintentionally transfer to them, not something you want. This is their time, and whether it’s your exuberance around “decorating” their res room, or a long list of Dos and Don’ts


About Life with which you bombard them – remember, this is what you’ve prepared them for: adulthood, decisionmaking, independence, and a host of other attributes. And if it’s to be, let them make mistakes in this controlled environment. You can’t control it all. One piece of advice for those who are working hard to replicate home in your teen’s new environment, don’t overdo it. Keep it real. Whether your son or daughter is going into a university residence, a private student res or digs, don’t create what you think they’d like. Let them inject their own personality into their space. It really doesn’t need to look like a film set on day one. Let it develop over time, in their time. Julie Simpson’s daughter is heading to Stellenbosch University from Durban. Julie recognises that as a mom, it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of it all, and wants to create a homeaway-from-home nest: “I’m trying to reign myself in, and follow my ‘student’s’ lead ... within reason of course. I do think one mustn’t forget it’s a student room and not a decor spread. If it’s too perfect, they may feel too uncomfortable to study, relax and party in there. There are so many clever decor budget options to create a quirky space that’s not wasteful or over the top. The expression ‘less is more’ comes to mind, particularly after this difficult year ...”

There are so many clever decor budget options to create a quirky space that’s not wasteful or over the top” If your child isn’t eligible for onsite university campus accommodation, you’ll have combed through the many off-campus options. Budget plays a major role of course, and you’ll have scrutinised the trade-off between X which

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

offers a laundry service, and Y which offers stable Wi-Fi. With nationwide brands like CampusKey Student Living, the choices are wide. They offer everything from furnished single en suite rooms with kitchen, through to communal style living where four to 10 people have their own bedrooms, but share a bathroom and kitchen. As a parent, what are your priorities? Speaking to mums in particular, primary concerns are around a very secure environment conducive to study and healthy social interaction, with easy and safe access to the university campus. Take

buying again unnecessarily. We have all the basics in terms of bedlinen, towels and some small decorative items, but will need basic kitchen items for her res. The rest she’ll be responsible for as time progresses.” Check out the residence’s rules regarding what’s


A multiplug and power surge plug for phones, laptops, reading lamp and so on. An extension cord is handy. A backpack for campus, and for those weekends away. A suitcase which packs flat, so it doesn’t take up space in a cupboard. Washing hamper for dirty clothes – those concertina ones work well so they can be tucked away when not in use. Small collapsible hamper or litter bin for masks after a day on campus.

Picture: www.freepik.com

security for instance – at residences such as CampusKey, you’ll find biometrics and more, and facilities range from DStv, study spaces, dining facilities, to gyms, bicycle hire and offstreet parking. Rooming choices aren’t only about budget, but about your child’s personality and social habits. If you have a loner or shy teen who struggles to mix, often pairing them up in twobedroomed accommodation is the smarter move than a single room where they can be reclusive. But once again, make sure their opinion is heard. But no matter the accommodation, every student

wants to put their stamp on their own new home. Combining practicality and personality can be a challenge in what is often a small space – and if they’re sharing that space too, collaboration and consideration is required. As a parent, don’t get carried away with glam decor ideas – let your child settle in with the basics, and gradually build up their own space to their liking. For mum Tanya Bailey, they had a headstart – they’d already bought items for their daughter for boarding school: “We bought all that with university in mind, so we wouldn’t find ourselves

prohibited and what’s not. Are you allowed to put nails in the wall, or paint them your favourite colour? What’s the standard furniture, if any? If you’ve visited (or scrutinised the website), get

D E C - J A N

2 0 2 1

the dimensions. If it’s a digs situation, you may need to provide your own furniture. Consider finding the different channels used by departing students to advertise their furniture – source all the sale sites/secondhand stores for the basic furniture needs. Buy a secondhand bed and desk, then add a new mattress and paint a tired desk, and so on. Less is always more, so avoid turning the room into an obstacle course. They’ll have a heap of friends in there, so don’t drown them in scatter cushions. What makes a room look and feel bigger? No clutter, pale colours, and loads of light. Storage is not only essential, but minimises clutter. Choose multifunctional furniture or make it multifunctional – your desk can double as a dressing table and a storage unit. Ottomans with hidden storage can be footrests and seats. Plastic storage drawers can be a bedside table. If it’s possible to fit large plastic storage boxes on wheels under the bed, do it. Two things which, as a parent, you could well put on the list: an inexpensive floor rug that’s happy in the washing machine; and a good reading/study lamp. Once you’ve supplied the basics such as bedlinen, towels, and ample resilient crockery or cutlery for the kitchenette, hand it over to your teen. Rest assured, that room is going to look quite different when you next see it.





eneo online school opened its doors three years ago – two years before the word “pandemic” reared its ugly head. Of course, Teneo opened its virtual doors for completely different reasons. They knew online teaching was the future. Pandemic or no pandemic, online teaching is the answer to a rapidly changing and highly mobile world. “Digital can enhance the learning journey, not limit it,” says Paula van Berkel, Head of Academics. Unlike other online schools, Teneo is modelled on a traditional school in one major respect. Just as in a bricks-and-mortar classroom, classes operate on a timetable – school starts at 7.45am, and the first class at 8am. All students log in and out of each live class – where they interact with their teachers and peers – write mid-year and year-end exams, produce projects, and parents get school reports. Catering from Grade R to Grade 12, there are two options open to parents: Teneo School, which teaches the South African curriculum; and Teneo International School offering the British curriculum. Children in Teneo School can learn in English or Afrikaans with the final matric examinations written with SACAI (one of the three examination boards in South Africa). On the British curriculum side, students can achieve their International GCSE, AS and A levels with examinations being done


TENEO the future school

TENEO PROVIDES STUDENTS WITH THE COMBINATION OF A TRADITIONAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, WITH A BLEND OF NEW SCHOOL THINKING through British International examination centres. But, more than just curriculum, it is a simple philosophy which underpins Teneo – quality schooling for all, no matter where you are. Having deliberately entered the online learning space, Teneo has researched it extensively, investigated other models and digital platforms, and created their own unique offering. “We’re offering a new paradigm of education,” says John Shaw, CEO of Teneo.

“This is not ‘home schooling’, it’s way beyond that. It’s the school of the future. We’re equipping young people with the tools to enable them to do things differently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Van Berkel explains, “We are the first school in Africa and possibly the world, as far as we are aware, to have a Futures Thinking expert working with us to assist teachers with futures thinking and help integrate it into the traditional curriculum.” The school has over 300

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

educators, about 95% of them full time. Teacher hiring is not bound by geo-physical barriers as teachers work exclusively in the digital space which enables them to be hired from anywhere in the world – and they are. At Teneo, the team recognises the numerous challenges facing the new world, whether it’s environmental or social. “South Africa needs a nation of self-starters and entrepreneurs to create positive action,” says Shaw.

Our goal is to produce kind young people who’re lifelong learners, and ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Encouraging their students to be active citizens and part of the global creative economy, Teneo understands that it is essential to teach students to have a growth mindset and to be hands-on in a world that is becoming increasingly isolated. “They’ll need to find solutions to world problems,” says Jackie Cook. “We want them to be able to look at their neighbourhoods, identify the issues, create solutions and activate communities to work together to solve them.” FOR MORE INFO www.teneoschool.co.za

*advertorial LEFT: Join a community which feels as you do, enjoys the lifestyle you do. BELOW LEFT:


There are endless paths and walkways to walk the dogs – it’s good for them, good for us. BELOW: Our events are such fun, and a great way to meet up with friends, old and new.

I didnÕt expect thisÓ



o, what is it about Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village that’s so surprising? What makes everyone do a double take? Many things, but as we get to know our existing and prospective homeowners, it’s largely about the contrast between what they envisaged as a traditional retirement village – and ours. Walking around the Village gives you a very good idea of our lifestyle. A tranquil, indigenous landscape where bird life is prevalent – perfect for walking pets, shady benches to chill with a book, and everywhere you look … immaculate, clean, and so safe. And because we’re integrated into Kindlewood Estate, residents have access to the wetlands, and community facilities too. It’s also the sounds. Sounds of life, laughter, people getting on with their lives. Canasta with friends? Walking out with the birders? Wine tastings and festive community events. Join in, opt out, start your own painting club. It’s all up to you. Welcome to multi-generational living. It’s a good feeling. Step into your choice of a unit. They’re


•On-site full service Totalcare medical and frail care centre. •24/7, full security, including patrols and panic buttons. •Pet friendly. •All gardens/maintenance taken care of. •Access to all Kindlewood sporting facilities. •Five minutes to daily shopping needs. •Eight minutes to Gateway Theatre of Shopping. •10 minutes to King Shaka International Airport.

D E C - J A N

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ABOVE: A light-filled, airy design for the units – that’s high on my wish list for a home! charming. They’re specifically designed to maximise light and air, so whether yours is a bigger, spacious unit, or more compact, this is feel-good architecture. Don’t let curiosity get the better of you. If you haven’t seen one of our newly launched two-bedroomed units (at the perfect price point), why not pop in? We’re pretty sure you’re going to be saying, “I didn’t expect this!” But you be the judge. Come on! You know you’re itching to see how our residents do grown-up life. FOR MORE INFO: www.merv.co.za



EMBRACE advancing age



ave you ever considered that your greatest achievement in life has been growing older? When looking back over your 60, 70 or even 80 years most of you can truthfully say, “Wow, that was a hell of a ride.” Everyone has ups and downs in life, good and bad things happen and we all have secrets and regrets. But instead of wallowing in self-pity it’s so much better – as you grow older – to dump your baggage and look to the future with joy and anticipation. You may be wrinkly, wider and not quite as agile as before, but don’t let that stop you from having fun and living your best

life. Age is simply a number and the beauty about ageing is that the older you get the more free you are to do and say what you please. Don’t fear advancing years but rather embrace them. Keep your friends close and contact them often. Talk to small children and interact with teenagers. Gatecrash the occasional 40-something party and discover how quickly the “generation gap” with the almost middle-aged is shrinking. Talk to animals and stroke dogs and cats. Erect a bird feeder in the garden and delight in local birdlife. Start taking the slower, more scenic route through life by making the small things matter. It’s good for the soul.

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


e v a h We ! d e v o m

Oakleigh Funeral Home has moved from Hillcrest, to Shop 3A, Gillitts Corner, 7 Old Main Road, Gillitts continuing to serve the Upper Highway community and...

24 HOUR CONTACT: 086 111 1380 031-205 9959 info@oakleigh.co.za www.oakleighfuneralhome.co.za

Probably the greatest fear about ageing is financial. “Are my savings enough?” “How long am I going to live – will they stretch that far?” There are the lucky few who don’t have these concerns, but they are in the minority. The rest of us have to cut our cloth to fit our coat. The first thing to do is to consult a trusted financial advisor. Secondly, make sure you are debt-free before you retire. Thirdly, cut down and cut back to ensure you live within your means and don’t accrue new debt. Don’t get rid of your medical aid. Rather adjust it to a more affordable level and then, if you can, add Gap Cover. And lastly, do not dig into your capital without sound financial advice – that capital is all you’ve got. Retirement always comes as a bit of a shock, even to those who have been dreaming about it for years. To minimise the jolt, plan and prepare for the change in lifestyle and circumstances. As previously suggested, find a part-time job or a hobby to keep your brain agile and exercise – even a 30-minute daily walk – to keep your body fit and supple. Never think of yourself as “old” because then you will be. Be sure to behave like a “seenager” as often as possible – it will

keep your mind young and drive your children crazy! I often think of the singer, Cher, who, when some guy asked her, “Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock ’n roll?” replied, “You’d better check with Mick Jagger.” Enjoy the forthcoming holiday season. Many of us will be missing family this year due to international travel restrictions, but this too will pass. Instead of letting the

Men (and women) do not quit playing because they grow old – they grow old because they quit playing – Oliver Wendell Holmes situation get you down, share this time with friends, speak about the future and new plans. There is an Irish saying: You’re not as young as you used to be. But you are not as old as you’re going to be. So live every second of every minute of your life with joy.


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


Whether your dream retirement includes spectacular gardens, glorious weather, an active social calendar or attention to the finer details, Renishaw Hills delivers retirement done right. With state-of-the-art security and an inclusive monthly levy covering more living expenses than most competitors, you could soon be living the holiday from as little as R1.64 million. To find out how we offer true value and an array of home and purchase options to suit your needs, book your private tour of Renishaw Hills, Scottburgh today. Email sales@renishawhills.co.za or take our virtual tours on www.renishawhills.co.za.


Julieann: 084 514 8028 | sales@renishawhills.co.za | www.renishawhills.co.za



A gin with very local



actually make our own grain-based alcohol.” But Brackenhill has taken it one step further than fermentation. “We have a community in the Ulundi area who are growing Zulu rainbow maize for us, which we then use as the grain in our grain-based neutral spirit.” It’s a wonderful angle to have taken, both in terms of marketability but also, and more importantly, in generating jobs and an income in a rural community. An added benefit is that Zulu rainbow maize, an heirloom crop, won’t disappear as it is replaced by hybrid maize varieties. Carl also uses sorghum and barley in the grain mix. Carl and Brackenhill Distillery’s journey to where they stand today has been one full of red tape and patient waiting. It took almost two years for their liquor license to be processed, and during that time they had to pay rent for their distillery and spend their days looking at their still standing idle. The 2020 lockdown obviously didn’t help, but now that all the bureaucracy has been overcome they are producing a tremendous tipple that is catching people’s eyes.

story and pictures stephen smith


here science drifts into the realm of magic.” This is how Carl Grossman explains the process of distilling gin from humble maize. His passion is infectious as we walk around his small distillery in Waterfall, and he speaks of his dream for a beautiful big copper still and where he hopes Brackenhill Craft Distillery will be in a few years’ time. Carl explains what makes his gin stand out from the rest, both in terms of how the gin is made and also how their gin physically stands out on what are very crowded gin shelves in bottle stores, thanks to its classy and local branding. “We’re one of the few distilleries that actually does the fermentation ourselves. Where most craft distilleries buy in batches of neutral alcohol and add botanicals, or flavours, to turn it into gin, we


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

ABOVE: Juniper berries are a must for gin to be called gin. LEFT: The machinery used is beautiful in itself.

Carl explains the distilling process, and while there isn’t enough space on these pages to share it with you, it is interesting to see how this drink, which has become such a powerful trend, is made. For gin to legally be called gin, it needs to contain juniper berries, but on their shelves Brackenhill has up to 40 plant products, or botanicals, that are used to impart flavour into various gins. One of these is the indigenous umsuzwane, lemon bush in English and Lippia javanica in Latin, which has become the brand’s signature. It lends a lemony note to the gin, but is also used by some local cultures as a medicinal herb. Again, a local community, this one near St Lucia, grows this for Brackenhill. Carl is obviously proud of his product, of how it is made from scratch from indigenous grain and how indigenous botanicals have been used. Even the wood used to age the gin is indigenous, and is hung in the alcohol to impart levels of toasted flavour.

ABOVE: Brackenhill makes both rum and gin, and the Umqhokwane gin should be on shelves in early 2021.

We have a community in the Ulundi area who are growing Zulu rainbow maize for us, which we then use as the grain in our grain-based neutral spirit

Brackenhill’s branding reminds you repeatedly of this local origin, with the Amabala Nguni cow in the label, below an African silhouette in copper hanging from the neck of the bottle. Amabala is the Zulu name given to white Nguni cows with black spots, and Carl tells a story of how he went into the field to take a photograph of a particular Amabala bull for his gin bottle. Those who are keen to find out more about gin and distilling, or who’d like to do a gin tasting, should get in touch with Carl. He runs tastings in the distillery, and a group can even come up with their own unique batch of gin, using different botanicals under Carl’s expert guidance. Brackenhill Craft Distillery has walked a long and windy road to get where it is today, but they have been noticed along the way both locally and internationally, and if things work out like they seem destined to, this very local brand will soon be showing off our heritage around the world.


FOR MORE INFO: Carl Grossman: 079 695 2398; www.brackenhillcraft.co.za; carl@brackenhillcraft.co.za

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Let's story shirley le guern pictures val adamson


oung Seth Ngcobo might be working at the Total Service Station in Botha’s Hill by day, but his dream of becoming a professional dancer and following in the footsteps of the local dancers who are making their mark on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is alive and well. More importantly, while he’s waiting for an opportunity to quick step his way to a world-renowned ballroom, he is sharing his love for dancing with local communities spread across the Valley of 1 000 Hills. Late last year, he was approached by Ubizo, a nonprofit organisation that has created a school of arts to nurture young talents. Based on the fact that unemployment and poverty are rife across disadvantaged communities across the valley, and because performing arts such as music, drama and dancing are almost non-existent in local schools, Seth is looking forward to holding classes for children at the local arts centre. Apart from discovering talented young dancers from these communities, he also believes that evening classes for adults will provide some “couple time” and give families with little that is inspirational in their lives a chance to have fun. Just as the poorest of the



poor danced the night away to the strains of African jazz in the dance halls of Sophiatown in the 50s and 60s, there’s no reason why locals should not dance present day troubles

ABOVE: Siphosethu Ngcobo and Madison Bromfield put in a shining performance at Shall We Dance 2018.

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

away and include dance in their culture once more, he believes. “People think that they need to go to gym to be well and to get fit, but dancing can do that for you and you can have fun.” Seth followed in the footsteps of his mother who danced until 1990, when she hung up her shoes to take care of him and his younger brother. In 2003, at the age of just seven, his mother persuaded him to trade in his gymnastics classes for dance classes. He says she invested a great deal in dancing for both him and his brother, eventually moving the family from Umlazi where they didn’t have many opportunities to dance. He admits that it wasn’t the coolest thing for a youngster to do – although now he is often approached about dance classes via social media, thanks to a resurgence of interest following the popularity of international television programmes. Seth’s love of dance has also allowed him to navigate a number of challenges in his life – including the loss of his mother. “When I go on to the floor, everything else in my life goes out of my mind. When I’m not dancing, I feel as though something is missing,” he admits. Today he practices up to three times a week and says his favourite dance is definitely the romantic waltz. Seth won his first South African dancing championship with partner Kayla de Chalain

ABOVE: Dancers Seth Ngcobo and Juanita Pillay at the launch of the annual

dance extravaganza Shall We Dance 2019 that took place at the Durban Playhouse.

in 2011. When she moved away to continue her studies, he teamed up with Madison Bromfield, opening up another exciting chapter in his dancing career – participating in the local version of Shall We Dance South Africa for a number of years. This was an important boost to his dancing career, and he has worked extremely hard to be a lead in this event – which is presented annually by the South African Dance Teachers’ Association (SADTA). The partners also won the SADTA South African Rising Star Championship in 2017. The Covid pandemic and

lockdown slowed the creation of the dance school but classes are, at last, up and running for both youngsters and adults. Meanwhile, Seth is also looking for some vital equipment – a sound system, fans and mirrors – and is appealing for donations. With his present partner, Zandile Mbhile, Seth will be teaching ballroom and Latin American dance. But he is open to other professionals joining in to offer classes on everything from ballet to traditional indigenous dance.


FOR MORE INFO: Instagram @ seth_Benjahmin or call 067 759 2491

We offer advanced, convenient yet effective aesthetic treatments for facial balancing, aging and skin health. Dr Ndlovu has 12 years experience and has trained with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

SUMMER READY SKIN R500 OFF microneedling with Vitamin C for radiant skin and protection if you purchase our Dermaceutic or pHformula Vitamin C skin products AND a Heliocare sunscreen. FROM 1ST -31ST DECEMBER E info@intoskinma.co.za n 066 225 4420  www.intoskinma.co.za H Confidential Dental Studio, 19 Attercliffe W T @intoskinma


Road, Westville



he Upper Highway area has a brand new player in the SUV market, proudly owned and managed by the Alpine Motor Group. Haval becomes the third brand to be represented by the Alpine Group in Hillcrest, and brings with it an exciting opportunity for Alpine to increase their offering to the local area – and beyond. This new business will be located at 36A Old Main Road, and will share a site together with the existing Alpine Renault Dealership – in


More for


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

conjunction with their high quality pre-owned offering. As a multifranchise business that can now offer cars catering for almost any budget and discerning taste, it’s clear that the Alpine Motor Group’s getting things right – with you in mind. With the Haval range focused solely on high quality SUV derivatives, this brand will no doubt pack a powerful punch in the local SUV market. The superb value offering of the GWM brand can also

BELOW: Alpine management team, from left: Tyran Ramlal, Byron Warner and Anthony Robinson.

not be ignored, and this will provide a high quality commercial and lifestyle offering to the local community – without breaking the bank. It’s very likely that the latest and greatest addition to the SA Big Bakkie market will also be on show by Alpine – the GWM P-Series, with a range, size and incredible value-based pricing that is set to cause shockwaves throughout the country. This will be a must-see for any bakkie-buyer before they make a decision to sign on that dotted line. Management at Alpine have taken this opportunity to not only

increase employment prospects in our area, but also to undertake a sizeable revamp to their existing premises – both to accommodate their new family member, and to provide a better setting for any prospective clients to come and enjoy an experience centred around service, quality and convenience. The Alpine Service Centre has also received a state-of-the art revamp, with technical expertise to match. Being RMI approved, the Service Centre is available to service

With the Haval range focused solely on high quality SUV derivatives, this brand will no doubt pack a powerful punch in the local SUV market Renault and Haval/GWM, as well as any other brands. The invite is out –come and put the Alpine Haval and Renault teams to the test! For anyone looking to buy an economical Kwid or Stepway, the evergreen Renault Duster and showstopping 7-seater Triber, or one of the best value high-end SUVs on the SA market – the Alpine Motor Group has a one-stop shop at 36A Old Main Road in Hillcrest. Haval and Renault Hillcrest are ready to provide the service you deserve. FOR MORE INFO Contact the management team via info@havalhillcrest.co.za and info@renaulthillcrest.co.za, or dial 031 765 8329 for a chat. Dealer Principal Byron or managers Ant and Tyran will gladly assist.

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*Be Mesmerised




t’s been a year of extremes and challenges, our normality has shifted, and we have had to adjust to a new way of working, exercising, socialising and relaxing. This holiday season keep things local and explore fun adventures to end your year on a high note.


Experience 1 200 degrees of adventure and romance all year round. Fly from KwaZulu-Natal’s finest ballooning venues – from a mountainous backdrop in the central Drakensberg to English countryside scenery in the KZN Midlands, or game viewing at Tala Private Game Reserve – the choice is yours.  Enjoy a one-hour flight which is part of a four-hour adventure that includes hot drinks before you fly, sparkling wine when you land, a buffet breakfast after the flight, and a flight certificate.

FOR MORE INFO: Hot Air Ballooning SA; info@hotairballooningsa.co.za; R2 500 a person.

Adrenalin Rush

Looking for an adrenalin pumping adventure? Why not try shark snorkelling at Aliwal Shoal on KZN’s South Coast. Simply don your wetsuit, position your mask, slip into the water and experience an encounter of a lifetime. Come face to face with a supreme predator, the shark. Open to all ages and does not require scuba diving experience.

FOR MORE INFO: Blue Wilderness: 071 705 8518; bluewilderness.co.za; R950 for kids; R1 100 for adults.

*Take Flight

Explore the freedom of a unique helicopter ride and have an adventure beyond compare! Adventure flights range from aerial photography tours to wine estates, luxury bush safaris and Drakensberg picnics. Take a helicopter trip to East Coast Breweries in Umkomaas, and enjoy the sights of the Durban harbour, whaling station, Amanzimtoti and Umkomaas on the way. Land at the brewery for a craft beer tasting experience and finish it off with a traditional wood-fired pizza. No drinking and driving worries on this trip! FOR MORE INFO: Marsh Kraay: 082 550 8540; info@flight.tours; bookings: www.flight.tours; prices vary according to tour.


w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

Coastal Splendour


Experience the luxury of silence and wide-open spaces, be humbled but feel privileged, reminded of what is truly important in life! Wild Child Africa is an adventure tourism company providing privately-guided, tailor-made adventures. The Pondo Trail is their flagship trip, consisting of a four-night trail between Mtentu and Manteku that encapsulates the very best the Wild Coast has to offer. Each day is professionally guided to ensure the safety of the group and a genuine Pondoland experience. Harvesting oysters and mussels off the rocks, making bread, collecting berries, diving for crayfish and catching that elusive kabeljou are just some of the experiences to be enjoyed. The rich Pondo culture and history will also be shared.

FOR MORE INFO: Wild Child Africa: 071 642 1318; info@wildchildafrica.com; wildchildafrica.com


Save An Animal

Take part in Fair Trade tourism and get hands-on in an award-winning conservation project being run in Zululand to save endangered and threatened wildlife. Join professionals in the field and support some of the most important and exciting work being done on the ground. This unforgettable experience is an opportunity to see how true conservation work is carried out. Zululand is recognised as one of the most biodiverse wildlands in Africa, with

much of it declared as a World Heritage Site. Conservation volunteers work across five unique parks, and work focuses on endangered and priority species including the African wild dog, cheetah, rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and vulture. Volunteers are required to be over 18 and the programme lasts 14 days. FOR MORE INFO: Wildlife ACT: wildlifeact. com; price – reduced SA citizen rate of R10 000 for two weeks. All proceeds are used to cover the running costs of the conservation projects.

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Take it





 ADD COLOUR AND PATTERN Introducing colour, texture and pattern in the accent pieces can completely transform a drab room into a gorgeous interior as Jocelyn Jones of Jossi Interior Design has done here. “Bring in pops of colour, be more daring with pattern, and add a rug for some texture,” she suggests. “Scatters can set the tone and pull the decor together delivering enormous impact with little effort as they give you colour, contrast, pattern and design all in one,” says Shelley Scribante of House of Decor. MOUNT SOME SHELVING “Without taking up too much space, shelving offers a very practical way to get creative and showcase your favourite pieces, whether art, decor or crockery,” says Lane Baglione of Interior Lane.  DISPLAY ACCESSORIES “Turn an empty wall into a gallery using artworks and sculptural art pieces,” says Jocelyn. “Look out for interesting vases and objects for


1 Whether you are all about colour or prefer a simpler more monochromatic finish, you can make over an area just by adding wall finishes

empty console and coffee tables and group these together to create focal points on otherwise bare or cluttered tabletops.” “Choosing contrasting colours or patterns and different textures in your accessories can give you depth and interest in your decor,” says Shelley.  HANG SOFT CURTAINS “Adding the right window treatment can truly transform your interior,” says Lane. Hanging your curtains from the highest point possible makes a room feel more spacious. “I like to combine Roman blinds and soft flowy curtains to both block out

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a



6 4

5 D E C - J A N

2 0 2 1

light when necessary and let natural light pour in at other times.”  FEATURE PENDANT LIGHTS Adding feature pendants to a room instantly makes it feel more contemporary. “Pendant lights can be functional, but the right fitting can also enhance the mood – creating an intimate or glamorous feel,” says Jocelyn. “It is a quick and easy installation and you can add a pendant to the side of your dressing table, bathroom vanity or above bedside pedestals, and of course, pendants over dining tables and breakfast areas is incredibly popular,” she says.  WALLPAPER A WALL Shelley uses wallpaper to provide another dimension to a space. “Whether you are all about colour or prefer a simpler more monochromatic finish, you can make over an area just by adding wall finishes,” she says. »




8 suggests Shelley. “I enjoy playing with scale as it makes an impact. Look for different mediums of artwork and challenge yourself.”  OVERHAUL YOUR BATHROOM Sabrina Schaller of Couch + Interiors says changing your bathroom is not as difficult as it sounds. “Change bathroom fittings or spray your bathroom sanware as we did here,” she says. “Changing or adding a mirror or updating an existing mirror with a painted or new frame can transform a bathroom, too.”

9  REPLACE THE HANDLES “A simple yet highly effective way of updating your home is to change your old handles to something that suits your style and taste,” says Lane. “There are no set rules when choosing handles or knobs as long as they are practical. With so many options on the market you can choose from bronze, brushed nickel, copper, wood and shiny steel finishes. They come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.”  ADD ART TO YOUR WALLS “Introduce artwork in different forms,”



I enjoy playing with scale as it makes an impact. Look for different mediums of artwork and challenge yourself”  ADD GREENERY “Adding plants is one of the easiest ways to update your home for summer,” says Sabrina. “Even changing the plants around from time to time can add a new look and feel. If a space is too dark, there are many faux plants that look realistic without the fuss.”


FOR MORE INFO House of Decor: houseofdecor.co.za Couch + Interiors: couchinteriors.co.za Interior Lane: interiorlane.co.za Jossi Interior Design: jossi.co.za

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A New Mount Edgecombe Address for You

from R2,475 Million S H O W U N I T S AV A I L A B L E F O R V I E W I N G

The market has spoken! Introducing new 1, 2 and 3-bedroom homes at the spectacular Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village. Tastefully designed units feature airy, open-plan interiors with spacious living areas, modern finishes and practical layouts with uninterrupted inland views. A new lease on life awaits. Enjoy an active lifestyle and top-notch facilities in an accessible and safe environment. Wide open spaces, use of an exclusive clubhouse and access to our exceptional Care Centre is part of the relaxed and secure estate lifestyle on offer. Why wait to embrace the ultimate in retirement living? Limited stock available.

2-bedroom homes from

R2475 million

Come join us for a coffee & one-on-one site tour.



Dav e 0 83 45 6 1 897 | w w w.m erv.co.za






ABOVE: Anglaise tunic dress.

ABOVE: Surfing In Rhythm A T-shirt and Roxy Never Been Better Dobby Midi Skirt.

ABOVE: Black cocktail dress with lace finish and belt.

ABOVE: Embroidered detail viscose blouse.

ABOVE: Garden Surf fixed triangle bikini top and regular bikini bottom.

ABOVE: Pleated skirt, comes in three different colours.

Calypso Collections

Quiksilver SHOP 16, TEL 031 765 4105

SHOP 15, TEL 064 880 5982


ColŽ Bridal & Boutique SHOP 13A, TEL 061 528 9663

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a


 Bold royal

blue layered tulle statement piece.

 Classic

black redcarpet gown.

 Timeless

off-the-shoulder draped blush dress.


 High neck lace and sequinned cocktail dress.


 Strappy

cerise year end party look.

 Elegant mesh

and lace Christmas celebration dress.

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

 Plunging matric dance dress with appliqué detail.

 Gorgeous

 Pink blossom

gunmetal ball gown with nude undertone. .

ball gown with pockets.

FOR MORE INFO: Dresses range from R2 995 to R7 995. Contact the Amanda Ferri showroom on 031 566 3745 or visit www.amandaferri.co.za

Upper Highway Residents

Many things to plan but a thief ain’t one.

for this season

Stand to win R20k and get 3 months free security when you join this summer. Spend more time planning for the things you want and we will take care of your security.

Valid from 1 Nov 2020 - 31 Jan 2021

Dial *120*310*14# and follow the prompts. *Standard USSD apply.


086 12 12 100

Keeping you safe, securing your assets.

Ts & Cs apply




o often we brace ourselves for the indulgence of the festive season, and entering into it with this mindset can either fill every indulgence with guilt or we give up completely on our wellness goals, only to regret the progress we sacrifice. The only way to face this season is with a mindset of balance, keeping a check on the things you can and choosing the best option wherever possible. Some easy ways to maintain balance are to focus on the things that come more naturally.  Get enough vitamin C every day Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body can’t produce it. Yet, it has many roles and has been linked to impressive health benefits. It is water-soluble and found in many fruits and vegetables. When your body has sufficient vitamin C available to it, you are literally protecting your body at a cellular level from infection.  Spend 20 minutes in direct sunlight It is believed that up to 90% of adults may be vitamin D deficient, and by simply spending 20 minutes a day outside you could start to improve your vitamin D levels naturally. You don’t even need to be out in the heat of the day to receive benefit – having your breakfast or an early dinner outside in the fading light can be beneficial.    Eat raw foods where


Balance, plain and


THE HARVEST TABLE’S CATHERINE CLARK’S TIPS ON SURVIVING THE FESTIVE SEASON possible at the start of a meal Raw food – such as fruit and vegetables – are full of important enzymes but most importantly full of enzymes that assist us to digest our food. This makes raw foods almost self-digesting. This also means that raw foods can assist us to digest other cooked foods, such as protein, which might be more difficult for your body to break down. 

 Keep an eye on your stomach acid levels In our rushed and stressed lifestyles, our bodies’ production of stomach acid has dramatically declined. When we now eat protein, our bodies cannot digest properly and the food begins to ferment. To add to this, your stomach valves are designed to only open to let food out of your stomach when the right level of acidity

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

is achieved. A lack of stomach acid therefore hinders the entire operation of your stomach. You can incorporate some lifestyle changes to improve your acid levels by adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water and drinking this morning and night, adding it to meals or buying an acid supplement to take with each protein meal you eat.  Practice gratitude Practicing gratitude daily really helps put things into perspective and energises us to continue on our journeys. A lovely way to make this a daily habit is to carve out time in your routine, either alone or with family or a friend, and find things to be grateful for. Express it out loud; articulating the “gold” in our lives makes it so much more real and valuable.  Laugh a lot Stress can cause inflammation and prevent your body from doing the vital repair work that it needs to perform daily in order to stay healthy. Laughter assists your body with the release of endorphins, which reduce stress and increase the general feeling of happiness.   Listen to your body and give it what it needs Our bodies need good nutrition every day. Choose one meal to focus on getting the good stuff in, and it will leave less space for the things your body doesn’t want or need. When we take good care of our bodies they really do return the favour and take good care of us.


FOR MORE INFO www.theharvesttable.co.za


Maple Syrup



INGREDIENTS: 4 cups vanilla ice-cream ¼ cup Illovo Maple Flavoured Syrup ¼ cup whole milk 1 tsp vanilla extract whipped cream, optional sprinkles, optional METHOD: Add ice-cream, syrup, milk and vanilla extract to a blender, blend until smooth. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles, if desired. It’s that easy! Serves 1.

20 sec

Even over the holidays, safety is a priority! THE SAFETY OF OUR STAFF, SUPPLIERS AND THE COMMUNITIES WE OPERATE IN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A PRIORITY, BUT EVEN MORE SO THIS YEAR WITH THE PANDEMIC. WHILE THE LOCKDOWN LEVELS HAVE BEEN REDUCED, COVID-19 IS STILL RIFE. WE URGE ALL SOUTH AFRICANS OVER THE HOLIDAY SEASON TO STAY VIGILANT AND SAFE THIS SUMMER. Here are a few safety tips we have shared with our staff ahead of the summer holidays: Stay safe and happy holidays! Connect with us on W www.facebook.com/IllovoSugar  www.illovosugarafrica.com

• Opt for cashless transactions at pay points.

• Sanitise your hands every time you touch surfaces – especially in public places.

• Wear your mask at all times.

• Make social distancing the norm by avoiding crowded spaces, always keep a 1,5m to 2m distance from others.

• Wash your hands with soap or sanitise regularly.

• If possible, choose outdoor over indoor restaurants.



t’s that time of year again. After a stressful year of lockdown, we all deserve a break. It is, however, very important to ensure our pets are well looked after during the holidays. Here are some handy tips to make sure your pets have the best care while you are away. Boarding arrangements If you are going away and will not be able to take your pets with you, now is the time to book a place in a kennel or cattery. • Do your due diligence and take your pets to places recommended by your vet. • Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date – especially for Kennel Cough – since this can be transferred very quickly in a kennel environment, and most reputable kennels will not allow your pet to come stay without this vaccination having been done. Finding a great house-sitter is also a viable option. I must encourage you, though, to do your research first. • Interview the person and see how they react around your pets. • Always introduce your pets to the person who will be taking care of them. • Familiarise the sitter with any special medical and dietary needs your pet may have. • Leave the sitter with your vet’s number and an emergency family contact.

Holidays and your



Travelling with your pets If you take your pets with you on holiday, please take them for their annual visit to the veterinarian beforehand. You want to ensure your pet is healthy, and it is also an ideal opportunity to discuss needs your pet may have during the trip. Some issues you may wish to discuss are: • Motion sickness medication for the car ride. • Anxiolytic medications if they will be around noisy New Year celebrations. • Collecting emergency medication such as antibacterial treatment for wounds, antihistamines, anti-nausea meds and pain medication.

Dr Karien Brink qualified from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria in 2010. She worked at Valley Farm Animal Hospital from 2011-2019, before she joined RCL FOODS. She has a special interest in animal behaviour and dermatology, and is passionate about nutritional advice and preventative health care for pets. Drop her a message at www.ultra-pet.co.za/dr-karienscorner/ if you have any questions.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped – you don’t want to potentially ruin your holiday because your pet got lost. Internal and external parasite control is important; stock up on deworming meds and tick and flea control products. And finally, do some research on your holiday destination as follows: • In case of emergency, Google which vets are close by and save their details on your phone. • Have a copy of your pet’s medical records with you, so your holiday veterinarian will be well informed of your pet’s medical history.


ULTRA DOG Manufactured in a world class factory under the strictest care Tried and tested by veterinary stores and shoppers for over 25 years Over 40 years of in-house scientific and expert advice V 20964 (Act 36 of 1947)

FREE pet accident cover 100% money back guarantee Exclusive access to our resident veterinarian A wide range at prices you can afford LEARN MORE AT ULTRA-PET.CO.ZA

Explore the sprawling coastline, buzzing restaurants, magnificent outdoors and a heritage rich in culture – Durban has so much more to create new and lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Feel the pulsating energy that moves from Umlazi across

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Durban to the drumbeats of Inanda, Clermont and many other townships that give a full Durban experience. Rediscover a crisp ocean breeze, year-long sunshine that takes you from Durban’s Golden mile promenade to the urban

cosmopolitan beats of downtown Umhlanga. This summer Durban has packaged an all-inclusive selection of products and experiences that will cater for all tastes, expectations and accommodate the whole family…

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RE-DISCOVER DURBAN’S HIDDEN GEMS - where the culinary scene encompasses unique cuisine experiences suitable for every palate, world-class shopping and some of Durban’s unique nightlife, Durban has it all and more... For a complete Durban

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experience, make sure you visit at least one of these:  Florida Road in Morningside  Station Drive in Umgeni Road  Inanda Heritage Route  The Valley of 1000 Hills  Umhlanga Arch  Davenport in Glenwood

 UShaka Marine World theme park  Mackeurton Ave in Durban North  Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga  The Sapphire Coast Remember to visit www.visitdurban.travel and follow us on @DBNTourism on all social media platforms and you could win awesome prizes this summer.





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Take a HIKE



ith summer here, now’s the best time to padding on the back panel, shoulder straps and hip belt strap. explore and enjoy one of the amazing hiking The Thule AllTrail collection is a must for a day hike, offering a trails right on our doorstep. It’s also the singular pack for all your hiking needs. An adjustable torso fit is perfect way to spend time with your family built into the back panel, and combined with breathable shoulder with not a screen or digital device in sight. straps, hip belt padding and back panel, even the toughest day Whether you’re hiking for the first time hike is super comfortable. All your or are an old pro at it – here are some gear is within reach thanks to the easy tips on choosing a hiking backpack, access side zippers and front shoveand hiking essentials that are a must. it pocket; hydration sleeve frees up Three things to look for when space for other essentials like keys buying a hiking backpack are: and snacks; and there’s an integrated  A hiking backpack needs to rain cover. This versatile all-rounder distribute weight evenly. The is available for men and women and most important factor to keep in mind comes in various sizes.  is comfort. No matter how many For something more lightweight, cool features it has, if the bag does the Thule Stir range of hiking backpacks not sit comfortably on your back and offer a simple, clean design, quick shoulders, then it is not the right hiking access via the top zippered mesh bag for you.  pocket, and über organisation for all your  The size of the backpack is all items. To be more streamlined, remove important. Decide if you’d prefer a the sternum strap and hip belt; side bag that is wider and shorter, or longer pockets expand to stash water bottles and thinner. Obviously a bag that isn’t and other essentials; weather resistant massive is first prize, but think about coated nylon fabric and breathable back the duration of your hikes and how panel and shoulder straps help you to much you need to take with you for a stay cool. Comes in different sizes for short hike (snacks and water) versus men and women. a full-day hike (light lunch, water, For the ultimate in comfort, opt for additional clothes). Internal storage the Thule Capstone collection. The is an important factor, and is the difference between tensioned mesh back panel provides unparalleled Hiking having enough room or potentially having to take breathability keeping you cool on your trail; the essentials multiple bags. high-visibility rain cover keeps your gear dry during Comfortable shoes and The key to a comfortable backpack is a storms; a customised hip belt is compatible with socks (and a few plasters). balanced load. Too little padding will not protect your A hat and sunscreen. interchangeable VersaClick accessories (sold Water and snacks or body from the strains of weight and can cause painful separately); there are a host of pockets – on the a light lunch. chafing. Similarly, too much padding will cause awkward top and the side – to store loads of things; gear can Flint/matches and and uncomfortable pressure against your body, which a warm jacket. be lashed to the front of the pack using the durable A Thule hiking backpack may lead to soreness, or standing in a strange way to buttonhole webbing. Comes in different sizes for and accessories. ease the pressure. A decent backpack should have men and women.

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don’t give Christmas presents,” I said to my partner. “It just ends in tears.” In fact, I don’t give any presents at all, and my partner thinks this is because I am a cheapskate – but that is only mostly true. It’s also because I’ve been traumatised. It all started when I was young. I don’t know if you’ve met my family, but they’re a bunch of weirdos. There was my Aunty Irene, who used to travel a lot for business, so every Christmas she would give me a loosely wrapped bundle of those tiny free soaps and shampoos from cheap hotel bathrooms. It’s not just that 10-year-old boys are about as grateful for sudsy cosmetics as they are for a twin-pack of underpants – sometimes she would already have used some shampoo but then not closed the lid tightly enough so that it leaked and I would sit there unwrapping a soggy, soapy piece of festive wrapping paper, trying to smile through my tears. By the way, have you ever wondered precisely when hotels started folding the ends of toilet rolls into points? I know exactly when it was because that was the year my Christmas present from Aunty Irene was a half-used roll of toilet paper with its end folded into a neat little point. That half a toilet roll made my dad laugh. “It could have been worse,” he said. “She could have given you the used half!” The rest of them weren’t much better. My granny was very frugal. You couldn’t come


The trauma of


FOR SOME, THERE’S VERY LITTLE JOY IN THE ART OF GIVING – AND RECEIVING – CHRISTMAS PRESSIES, LAMENTS DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY to her house without bringing her a gift, but she never opened it in front of you – they went into a special cupboard. She would open them later after you’d left, keep the ones she liked and sticky-tape the others back into their crumpled wrapping paper for re-gifting purposes. Once I opened my Christmas present from granny and my mom frowned and said, “Mom, isn’t that the electric carving knife I gave you for your birthday?” I didn’t mind, because I could definitely use a knife that could cut through a tree if it had a long enough extension cord, but my mom took it away because if anyone was going to use the electric carving knife she’d won at the work raffle, it would be her.

She would open them later after you’d left, keep the ones she liked and sticky-tape the others back into their crumpled wrapping paper As granny got older we realised she didn’t even open the presents any more before re-gifting them, so I made big savings by giving her my spare supplies of socks and handkerchiefs and mini

w w w . t h e c r e s t o n l i n e . c o . z a

shampoos. Once I gave her a brick, which I recognised two years later when my sister opened it at her baby shower. I explained all this to my partner. “I don’t care,” she said. “We’re seeing my parents on Christmas Day, and you’re not arriving without a present.” “But I don’t even give you a present!” “I’ve noticed,” said my partner drily. “But they’ll have bought a present for you. Imagine how awkward it will be.” I grumbled but it was my first Christmas with the in-laws and I wanted to make a good impression. I didn’t know what to buy, but fortunately my partner had a suggestion. It was a bit expensive, but she knew they’d love it. On Christmas Day I proudly presented the gift. “Merry Christmas!” I bellowed. They looked at me awkwardly. “Um,” they said, “you do know we’re Jewish? We don’t celebrate Christmas.” Even while I was blushing and stammering, I realised that in the game of life, my partner is way ahead of me. “Oh, he knows that,” she said silkily, taking the present from my hands. “He bought it for me.”



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KEARSNEY COLLEGE 2021 Information Evenings, for boys entering Grade 8 in 2022 Join us and discover how Kearsney can give your son the edge. At Kearsney College: Thursday 28 January: For families from Durban central, South Coast and inland Monday 01 February: For families from Durban North, Dolphin Coast and Zululand Monday 08 February: For families from the Upper Highway In Johannesburg: Wednesday 03 February at the Kyalami Country Club Thursday 04 February at the Bryanston Country Club Friday 05 February at the Houghton Golf Club Events start at 18h00. Registration essential. Please email marketing@kearsney.com.

Seize the Day Phone: +27 31 765 9600 | Email: marketing@kearsney.com | www.kearsney.com

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