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Need supplemental insurance? By Daniel McNally Do you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball and could see what the future might hold? Well on second thought maybe not! One of the great unknowns facing us as we age is what health issues we might encounter down the road. If you’re anything like me, you look around and see many of your friends and acquaintances having knee or hip replacements, heart surgery, etc. Most of us take our health for granted until we do have problems. Medical problems can be devastating not only physically, but emotionally and financially as well! If you read about Medicare on numerous websites, you’ll find coverage for just about every type of medical need you might have. However, if you look deeper you’ll uncover coverage gaps that can amount to thousands of dollars that you are responsible for after Medicare pays. Over the last few years I’ve run into a number of folks who found out the hard way why

they should consider additional insurance. Yes, it is true that Medicare will pay for hospitalization, but it will not cover 100 percent of the charges. For example you’ll owe $1,156 for Part A deductible in 2012, and if you have multiple hospitalizations throughout the year you might have to pay the Part A deductible more than once. After you pay the Part A deductible, you will still owe more if you remain in the hospital for over 60 days, when you will start paying a daily co-insurance that amounts to hundreds of dollars per day. When it comes to doctor’s bills, diagnostic tests, and outpatient surgery you will owe 20% of Medicare’s approved amount, after you’ve met your Part B deductible. In some cases there may even be an additional 15% you owe due to what is known as Excess Charges. The bottom line is, if you have a difficult year with hospital stays, or an outpatient surgery, and multiple doctor visits

you could be faced with many thousands of dollars in out of pocket medical expenses. So the answer in many cases is yes, it is a wise decision to consider additional insurance coverage when you are on Medicare! Yes, you will probably have to pay a monthly premium, but if you do have a year with many health issues, then the additional insurance can save you lots of money! There are two main products to consider when selecting additional coverage offered by private insurance companies. There are Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans, where Medicare remains the

primary carrier and the insurance company becomes secondary filling in the gaps. Then there are Medicare Advantage Plans where the insurance company actually becomes the primary insurance (you are still part of Medicare and must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B.) Most Medicare Advantage plans offer an annual out-of-pocket maximum, which varies by company and individual policy. An out-of-pocket maximum benefit in essence limits (on a yearly basis) how much money you have to pay after insurance has paid its portion. Original Medicare, which is both Part A and Part B together, does not have an annual out-of-pocket maximum. Choosing between Medigap and Medicare Advantage insurance plans can be overwhelming and confusing. Which type of policy is best for you is dependant on various factors, and you should consult with an insurance specialist who can help you determine what would be right for your particular situation. Daniel McNally is a Insurance Agent living He can be reached via or 541-647-0639.

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TURNING 65? Moved and have to change Insurance? Need answers to your Medicare options? Do you dread calling those 800 numbers? Call a Licensed, Independent Agent representing multiple companies who will meet with you locally to answer your questions? No obligation, No high pressure, No additional charges to work thru an Agent!

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Call Daniel McNally at 541-647-0639 to get your Medicare questions answered!

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E V Lo our health

Explaining the Basic Principles of Naturopathic Medicine By Dr. Michelle K. Jackson Some aspects of practicing Naturopathic Medicine are very similar to a more traditional medical practice but I’d like to discuss the basic principles Naturopathic medicine to help understand some of the differences. So what is Naturopathic Medicine? Here in Oregon we are primary care physicians. Which means as Naturopathic doctors, we are able to prescribe and practice as Medical doctors (MDs) if we wish to do so. By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, naturopathic physicians help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. Next, I would like to discuss the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic Medicine is a natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person- mental, emotional, and the physical aspects of the whole person and how these aspects effect one another positively or negatively. Treatments are chosen to work with the patient’s vital force, respecting the natural healing processes of nature. The practice of Naturopathic Medicine includes six underlying principles of healing. These are based on the observation of health and disease to heal the whole person. The following principles make Naturopathic Medicine different from all other medical approaches: First: do no harm: Illness is a purposeful process of the organism. The process of healing includes the generation of symptoms, which are, in fact, an expression of the body attempting to heal itself. Therapeutic actions should be complementary to and synergistic with this healing process. The physician’s actions can support or antagonize the actions of the healing power of Nature. Therefore, methods designed to suppress symptoms without removing the underlying causes are considered harmful and to be avoided or minimized. Secondly: the healing power of nature: The body has an inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. The healing process is ordered and intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force. The physician’s role is to facilitate this process, to identify and remove

obstacles to health and recovery, and to establish or restore a healthy internal and external environment. The third principle: identifies and treat the cause. Many times patients are weary of taking medications that mask the cause and never get to the root of the illness. This very principle is also what guided me towards Naturopathic Medicine, it made such sense. Underlying causes of disease must be discovered and removed or treated before a person can recover completely from illness. Symptoms express the body’s attempt to heal, but are not the cause of disease. Causes may occur on many levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The physician must evaluate fundamental underlying causes on all levels, directing treatment at root causes rather than at symptomatic expression. Principle number four: Heal the whole person: Health and disease are conditions of the whole organism, a whole involving the complex interaction of many factors. The naturopathic physician must treat the whole person by taking these factors into account. The harmonious functioning of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are essential to recovery from and prevention of disease. The fifth principle is the physician as teacher: A cooperative doctor-patient relationship has inherent therapeutic value. The physician’s major role is to educate and encourage the patient to take responsibility for their own health. It is the patient, not the doctor, who ultimately creates/accomplishes healing. Teaching with hope, knowledge, and understanding, the physician acts to enable patients to heal. Finally, Prevention is the best cure. This is accomplished through education and promotion of lifehabits that create good health. The physician learns to assess risk factors and to sharpen their deductive reasoning, and understand the patient’s circumstances. Appropriate interventions are then sought to avoid further harm or risk to the patient. Building health works better and more surely than fighting disease.

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Camp for Grown -Ups By Jane Meyers Many of you are busy planning summer activities for your kids….maybe a certain number of summer camps. But what about us grown-ups? Certainly, especially in Central Oregon, we are out playing during summer every chance we get. But maybe we should take a page from the kids and plan a summer camp. Think about it. Kids go to acting camp, soccer camp, nature camp, Bible camp, science camp…. the list goes on. During the camp, besides having fun and staying busy, the kids are immersed in an area of interest, either exploring it for the first time or becoming more proficient. What if we created a “camp” for ourselves? Instead of an ordinary summer vacation week, what about crafting a way to delve into an area we’ve been wanting to explore? So instead of just mountain biking one afternoon, schedule some extra lessons and take a week to go mountain biking on trails all over Central Oregon. What if you are one of those people who have been telling yourself you’re going to write a book someday? Maybe you make plans to attend a writer’s conference, schedule daily writing time, read books by writing teachers, meet up with fellow aspiring authors and have a party at the end of the week to share some of your favorite results with close friends. Do you love murder mystery parties as much as I do? What would it be like to host one every night of the week for one week? How about stargazing? You could study the constellations and then plan to go camping for a week when the skies are usually clear….maybe time it for the August meteor showers. Camps can be something you do on your own or with a group that share your interests. Like art? Gather with a group of friends and pool your supplies. Maybe collectively hire a few teachers to come in and school you in the use of certain media. Are you a map person? You could go to old bookstores and find maps of yore and find a creative way to display them. Or take current day maps and have map following contests with a friend (no GPS allowed). You could study a map of Oregon and head off in a direction you haven’t been before and discover more of our beautiful state. You could get forest service maps and head off road, map in hand. You could create your own maps for a run through the city or make a treasure hunt map with a prize buried at the end for the one that follows the map the best. Or get into the geo-caching craze and drive off, map in hand, to find the caches. Like making a bucket list, make a list of all the subjects you have been wanting to learn more about or get better at doing. As a kid, Mom or Dad probably signed you up, but maybe because you showed an interest in the subject. As an adult you’re on your own to register, but accountability makes it easier for most of us. How about getting together with a group of friends and each of you commits to doing a self-made camp for the summer. You could party on the front end, making the get together a brainstorming session where you goad each other on to make those camps even more outrageous fun. Then you get together to party and celebrate your experiences when all that fun is over. You know how excited you got as a kid if you got to go to camp. It signals “refresh” and “special you”. Don’t settle for random entertainment this summer. Give yourself the gift of camp and make this a summer you’ll want to write home about! Jane Meyers is a counselor and hypnotherapist and the owner of Positive Life Connections. She is also the minister at Unity Community of Central Oregon. She had a few camping experiences as a child and sent her daughters on many more. Writing this article has inspired her to get more creative about her summer fun! To connect with Jane, go to or www.JaneMeyers. com.

May is International Doula Month..... What is a Doula? By Sarah Larson Doula, Greek for “woman’s helper,” is a woman who is educated and experienced in childbirth who provides physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and her family before, during and after childbirth. Arriving at the hospital can be scary and unfamiliar especially for a first time mom with little or no experience with birth. Many couples don’t realize that their doctor won’t be there until the final delivery of their baby and that their nurse is busy with many details that do not include continual availability. A doula will spend time preparing you prenatally, laboring with you at home and accompanying you at the hospital as a continual presence until after your baby is born. She will use her knowledge and experience to support and advocate for you as you make decisions for your new family. Her reason for being there is to give you the most satisfying birth experience possible. When interviewed at six weeks postpartum, women who have had a doula were found to be less anxious, more confident with who they are as a mother, more satisfied with their partner and more likely to breastfeed their babies. Recently, the work of doulas has received recognition from the Oregon Health Authority in Portland. The study completed this year confirms what many mothers and doulas already knew; that the presence of a doula during labor and birth decreased the need for intervention, pain medication and epidurals. The study recommended that doulas be present especially for low income, underserved populations. It appears that Oregon may be the first state to include reimbursement from Medicaid for doulas. This study even suggests that if all pregnant women used doulas, childbirth costs could be dramatically reduced, because women who use doulas tend to have shorter hospital stays, have fewer complications, use less medication and are less likely to need Caesarean sections. Although insurance companies are reluctant to acknowledge the financial value of doulas, the reality of the cost saving features of labor support is gradually changing their policies.

doulas are certified or trained by DONA International and are proud to be affiliated with the world’s oldest and largest doula certifying organization. In making a decision of who will share this very intimate time with your family, it is good to interview several doulas. A few questions to ask a prospective doula include: What kind of training or certification does she have? Will she provide you with a backup doula in the event that she is unable to be at your birth? What is her fee and what does it include? Other services? Massage, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum visits, Photography May we call her with questions before and after the birth? At what point will she join us in labor? What is her experience and philosophy of birth and how will this be supportive to you and your partner? Remember, both of you need to be comfortable with her. If you are pregnant, and considering hiring a doula or just curious about the work of doulas, you are invited to come to a free event sponsored by a group of local doulas in recognition of International Doula Month. It will be held at the Hawthorne Healing Arts Center at 39 NW Louisiana Ave. on Saturday morning May 12, from 10:00 to 12:00. Come meet the doulas, ask them questions and get information. They love to talk about babies!

In addition, the popularity of doulas among Hollywood celebrities has caused “doula” to become a household word. Interviews with Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Taye Diggs, Cindy Crawford, Ricki Lake and others have influenced the popularity of this “Hollywood pregnancy essential.” Should you have a doula at your birth? If you are beginning to wonder and to inquire among your friends about their experiences with a doula and the availability of one, you will be glad to know about a new, very helpful website; You will find the background, information and personal websites of a few of the women who are supporting births at St. Charles, at the birth centers and at home births in our area. Many of our local

Learning 2 Birth

Childbirth Classes & Labor Support Doula Sarah Larson CD, (DONA) Certified prenatal education & labor support Natural labor management techniques Birth vision planning Placenta Encapsulation

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Educating, supporting and preparing couples for a healthy, empowered birth since 2005. Learn nutrition information, birth vision planning, natural pain management, postpartum care and breastfeeding. Know what to expect from your body, your birth place and your partner in a small informal class as you grow from a couple to parents.

We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong. -Laura Stavoe Harm


May 2012 5


events BEND


Car Seat Clinics Bend Fire Department 1212 SW Simpson Ave 541-322-6200 Fourth Wednesday of every month 10am-1pm St. Charles Hospital Monday - Friday call for appmt 541-706-3799 Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild Meets monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 5-8 PM. Open to all non-traditional sewers and quilters. The groups meets at QuiltWorks in Bend at 926 NE Greenwood Ave. Visit to find out the latest news. Bring a project, a friend and learn about the Modern Quilt Guild. First Thursday Banjo Jam River Rim Coffeehouse, 7-9 features a fun group of Bluegrass players. Goody’s Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory Tours At 1111 SE Division, 541-385-7085. See the website for details and to find out when the tours start! www. Kids’ Night Out at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center 6:30 PM. A safe and fun-filled program for children ages 3-11, runs every Saturday from 6:30 -9:30pm through May 26th. This low-cost program is $10 per child for district residents and $14 per child for those living outside district boundaries. 800 NE 6th Street, Bend. Participants may register at https://register. Kids’ Night Out at Bouncing Off The Walls Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month. 6pm. We’ve got your date night,ladies night,or dudes night out covered! Ages 3-10 are welcome! Unlimited bouncing, slice of pizza,craft,snacks, and a movie on the big screen! Cost: $20. www. Cascades Theatrical Company Presents Rabbit Hole April 20th –May 6th. Becca and 148 NW Greenwood Ave. www.

Darkness to Light Training 1st Sat. of the month, 9am-Noon and 3rd Tues. of the month, 6-9pm. The 3-hour interactive training program is motivational and compelling.To sign up for a community training, or to schedule a training for your group: Register online at www.kidscenter. org or contact KIDS Center Prevention Program: 541-383-5958, Sordid Lives Opens May 4th with performances Wed.-Sat. 8pm, and Sun. 3pm. A black comedy about white trash! The author of Daddy’s Dyin’ (Who’s Got the Will?) brings you a comedy that was nominated for over thirty awards during its long run in Los Angeles. When Peggy, a good Christian woman, hits her head on the sink and bleeds to death after tripping over her lover’s wooden legs in a motel room, chaos erupts in Winters, Texas. Cost: Reserved tickets: $20 adult, $18 student/senior, $22 at the door. Location: The 2nd Street Theater. 20th Annual Spring Home and Garden Show Starting May 4th at 12pm and 10am the rest of the week. Cost: Adults $7, Seniors 55 and older $6, Children 16 and younger FREE! Location: Deschutes County Fairgrounds.

May 2nd

Cinco De Mayo Celebration 6pm. Learn about Mexican cuisine as we prepare to celebrate with local meat tacos, black beans, and a margarita-based dessert! Cost: $50. Location: Chef Bette’s Gourmet Kitchen.

May 5th

Salmon Run Enjoy a fun and festive post-race party with a variety of booths, beer and snacks. Hot chocolate and coffee will keep you warm during the awards ceremony and while you cheer on the kids in the Little Fry run. Location: The Riverbend Park. www. Festival de Banderas 10-7pm. The Festival de Banderas will open with a presentation of over 20 national flags by local

6 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

children. The daytime events will include music, children’s activities, vendors and artists, authentic food and colorful costumes, a Cantina, Folkloric dancers, and more. A tasty Chef’s Competition will finish out the day’s activities. Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater. Cinco de Mayo Party 5-10pm. The evening will be filled with an incredible line-up of nationally recognized musicians including: Miami’s Expresion Latina and Diego Garcia (NPR’s best artist of 2011 and former Elefant front man) and finishing the night off with the high energy beats of Hacienda! Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater. Kinko de Mayo 12pm. Bent Metal Binders, Mt. Bachelor and Snowboy Productions are bringing Kinko de Mayo back from the graveyard for an amazing day of bent snowboarding jibs, tacos, heavy metal, salsa pond skimming and general hesh’ness. Cost: FREE. Location: Mt Bachelor Ski Resort. Springtacular Concert Series 12:30pm. Featuring the reggae, hard rock, funk, and hip hop music of “Strive Roots” at the West Village Lodge. 20th Annual Art & Wine Auction 5:30pm. The 20th Annual Art & Wine Auction benefiting Deschutes Children’s Foundation features live music with Todd Haaby, art from Central Oregon artists, beverage tastings, live and silent auctions, raffle and a seated dinner. Cost: $100/ per person or $175/ two. Location: Riverhouse Convention Center. www. Diamonds at Dark Dinner and Auction 5:30pm. St. Francis School is celebrating its 75 years in the Community Center. The event includes great silent and live auction items, a delicious dinner, and lots of fun. Tickets are $55 per person. For tickets, sponsorship information and additional details, please contact Crystal Young at cyoung@, 2450 NE 27th Bend, OR 97701, or (541)382-4701

May 5th-6th

Spring PaddleFest 10am. On Saturday, in Riverbend Park meet boating representatives from major kayak, canoe and paddleboard companies and demo the latest models. Tumalo Creek staff will also be on hand to answer questions and get new boaters safely and comfortably out on the water. www.

May 6th

May Faire Festival 11-4pm. Springtime fun for the whole family! Wholesome crafts and activities. Music and local performers. Local artisans and tasty local food. Free. 19888 Rocking Horse Rd, Bend. Benefits Waldorf School of Bend.

May 7th

Mickey Hart Band 7pm. Mickey Hart is best known for

his nearly three decades as an integral part of an extraordinary expedition into the soul and spirit of music, disguised as the rock and roll band the Grateful Dead. Cost: $52 and $41 for Reserved Seating. Location: tower theatre. Raise The Vibe Performance 10-1am. It’s gonna be crazy! Cost: FREE! Location: The Astro Lounge, Bond St, downtown Bend. www.

May 8th

High Desert Museum Senior Free Day 9am. Visitors age 65 and older are invited to an admission-free day Vino and Violin with George Shiolas 7pm. Touchmark cordially invites you to this exclusive performance. Enjoy an evening of beautiful music, fine wines, beverages, and dessert. Semiformal attire requested. Tickets: $25 per person or $45 per couple. Space is limited.

May 9th

Stuart Little 6pm. Live theater performance. Recommended for ages 5-10. Performed by Sign Stage on Tour. Tickets: General Admission $12 Adults and $8 Children. Location: tower theatre. www.towertheatre. org

May 10th

7th Annual Step Into Spring Fashion Show 5pm. Local entertainer Michael John is hosting this event benefiting Bend Habit for Humanity and COWCR Education. Catch those spring fashions just in time for Mother’s Day and enjoy a night of entertainment. Cost: $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Location: St. Charles Medical Center Conference Center. www.

May 10th-13th

And A Child Shall Lead 7pm. May 10th-12th and 2pm May 13th. Presented by the young performers of BEAT. Based on true events, this play recounts the story of children imprisoned in Terezin who defied their Nazi captors by secretly conducting school, creating art and writing a newspaper. Location: Greenwood Playhouse. www.

May 11th

Annual Tight Lines Auction and BBQ Dinner 5:30-8pm. Please join the Deschutes River Conservancy for a festive evening of great food, spirits and fishing lore. Bid on exclusive fly fishing packages and guided trips throughout the west, unique art, and other wonderful items. Cost: $50 per person, $500 per table. Location: Aspen Hall in Bend. www.

May 12th

Letter Carriers Food Drive Help Stamp out hunger on our Town Leave food by your mail box May 12th. Help us spread this word to all our towns in Central Oregon. www.

4th Annual High Desert Cruise-In 8am. Hosted by the “High Desert Mopars” Car Club. Not just for Mopars. Open to all years, makes & models of classic cars, trucks, Rat Rods,& Bikes. Music all day, BBQ hosted by Albertsons of Redmond, Cost: Free to public, $10 for car entry. Location: Wagner’s Square. www.visitbend. com Gerry Lopez’s Big Wave Challenge & Luau 9am. This snowboard only event will be held in the slopestyle arena under the Pine Marten Chair. A series of huge sweeping banked corners, quarter pipes and spines will be shaped into wave-like features for a flowing course bringing the surf to the mountain. $TBD competitor entry fee. The Big Wave Challenge will be followed by a Luau in the Clearing Rock featuring traditional luau cuisine along with live music from 12:30-2:30pm. www.visitbend. com 13th Annual Bowl For Kids Day 10am. Make a difference in the lives of kids in our community while enjoying a great day of fun. It’s your chance to be a part of something big. Saturday, 10am-12pm or 12pm-2pm. Register your team online. Location: Sun Mountain Fun Center. www. National Preservation Month Celebration 11am. Celebrate National Preservation Month with the Bend Landmarks Commission and the Deschutes Historical Museum at the Deschutes Historical Museum. www. Springtacular Concert Series 12:30pm. Featuring the acoustic organic style of Bill Keale at the West Village Lodge. Young Artist Competition 1pm. The competition provides young symphonic musicians the opportunity to compete for the chance to perform solo with the Central Oregon Symphony. Wille Recital Hall in the Campus Center on NW College Way, Central Oregon Community College, Bend, OR. More information, please visit www. Cost: $35. Meet & Greet The Doulas 10am-Noon. A free, informal gathering with the Central Oregon Doulas. Meet and interview several practicing doulas all in one setting. Space is limited so RSVP to Sarah at 541-815-5165. At Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 NW Louisiana Ave in Bend.

May 12-13th

Grit Clinic For Women 9:30am. These clinics are great for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers looking to improve their skill sets. Learn the skills in a camp-type setting, then practice out on the trails. Cost: $250 per 2-day clinic. Location: Shevlin Park. www.

May 13th

Mom’s Day Dash 9am. Superfit Productions is launching a new run this spring that is all about MOM! Check out the

Mom’s Day Dash that will come to you on May 13th 2012! Cost For 5K, April 24th to May 12th, $25, $30…RACE DAY 10k $35! Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater. 15th Annual Cascade Chainbreaker Mountain Bike Race The course is laid out on private timberland west of Bend owned by Fidelity National Timber. The Deschutes Land Trust continues working to purchase this property and create a community forest so that it remains publicly accessible while still being protected from development. Cost: $30 adult racers, $15 junior racers, $5 late fee on race day.

May 14th

Dirt Divas Group Ride 5:30pm. These are women-only rides for all levels. We’ll break into groups based on riding ability and ride from the shop for about 2 hours. You can take a rental bike for free on our group rides and it’s free to join our group ride -- now you have no excuses! Come ride with us! Meet at Pine Mountain Sports at 5:30 (Come at 5pm if you plan to take out a rental bike. Know that there are no reservations for bikes on group ridesit’s first come, first served.) Bend Poetry Slam 8pm. The slam is open to all poets who have the bravery, or enough liquor, to perform original pieces in front of a rowdy audience in three minutes or less. Five judges randomly selected from the audience score the poets and advance them (or not) to subsequent rounds. Location: Astro Lounge. Cost: $3 suggested donation.

May 15th

Healing Hearts Luncheon 12-1pm. please join us for our annual Healing Hearts Luncheon to learn more about child abuse and KIDS Center. An adult survivor in our community will talk about her story of survival, the impact abuse has had on her life and family and how she is now raising awareness and helping others heal. Virginia Riggs Children’s Concert 6pm. Hands-on instrument zoo followed by an orchestral concert designed for elementary age audiences. The cost is free, but a ticket is required. For ticket information, visit www.cosymphony. com. Location: Bend High School Auditorium. High Desert Chamber Concert 7:30pm. The Crown City String Quartet returns for the season finale of the HDCM Series at the Oxford Hotel. Performing works by Shostakovich, Mozart, and Mendelssohn. Cost: $35 General Admission, $10 Child Admission. Chicken Coop Tours 10am-4pm. Tour chicken coops in Central Oregon, tour booklets act as tickets and will provide a map to the coops. Proceeds benefit Together for Children, Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center and NeighborImpact. $10 or six items of nonperishable food per booklet.

May 19th

Pole Pedal Paddle PPP is a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoe/kayaking and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of team (or pair). We invite you to take part in the festivities and enjoy Central OR. Triage 7:30pm. An improvisational comedy show for the whole family in the style of “Whose Line is it Ayway?. Doors open at 7pm, $5 cover. Location: Greenwood Playhouse.

Pure Prairie League 8pm. PPL in the new millenium may be a curious prospect to band members, but the bands longevity is a testament of the timelessness of the music. Cost: VIP $60, $40 and $32. Sammy Carlson Invitational 12pm. Mt. Bachelor has teamed up with sponsored athlete and X-Games gold medalist Sammy Carlson to host his inaugural Invitational event. Watch the world’s top skiers compete on a 100-foot big air jump to a 30foot wall-ride feature for a shot at the $20,000 cash purse! Location: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. www.visitbend. com Springtacular Concert Series 12:30pm. Featuring the music of “Quasihorse” at the West Village Lodge.

May 19th-21st

Central Oregon Symphony Spring Concert 7:30pm. Our season culminates with Beethoven, Copland and prodigious performances by talented winners of our Young Artist Competition. The cost is free, but a ticket is required. Concert days are Saturday, May 19th 7:30pm; Sunday, May 20th 2pm; and Monday, May 21st 7:30pm. Location: Bend High School Auditorium.

May 20th

Kids’ Mini Pole Pedal Paddle 10am. The U.S. Bank Kid’s Mini Pole Pedal Paddle is a fundraiser for the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation. Cost: $132 per team. Location: Old Mill District.

May 24th

ScarLitt Fever/ Last Band Standing 7pm. Come out and see what ScarLitt

May 16th

Internet and Technology Safety Training 5:30-7:30pm. The Internet can be a wonderful resource for children’s learning and development. However, technology and the Internet also play a direct role in the sexualization and potential abuse of children. Protecting children against these dangers can seem like an overwhelming task. $10 per person, Scholarships available. To sign up for a training, go to and click on our prevention page or call 541-383-5958.

May 17th

Lindsey Buckingham 8pm. Captivating his audience with songs from his recent album, Seeds We Sow as well as performing a combination of favorites from his previous solo albums, along with a variety of Fleetwood Mac classics. Reserved Seating Cost: $96 and $62. Location: The Tower Theatre. www.

May 2012 7

Fever is all about! Support local music. Tickets are free & available at the following sponsors locations: The Summit Saloon and Stage; Pack Ship and More; Rockin Daves Bagel Bistro; Oregon Spirit Distillery; The Human Bean; Audiowerks; Us Cellular Locations; American Towing; Checker Cab; Sunday Guitars; Volcano Vineyards; The Brew Shop; Dazzle Em; And Andrew Harris. Or contact us. We’ll see you there! Location: Century Center.

May 25th

The Shins Concert 6pm. James Mercer and his new bandmates turn out exceptional guitar jangle with big-hearted melodic aims on their upcoming new album Port of Morrow. Cost: $35 GA Tickets. Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater.

May 26th

Tenacious D Concert With special guests The Sights. Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater. The Kate Davis Trio 7pm. Jazz at Joe’s Volume 38 at the Greenwood Playhouse. Springtacular Concert Series 12:30pm. Featuring the hip hop music of “MOsley WOtta” at the West Village Lodge. Location: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

May 26th-27th

Happy Girls Half Marathon Bring your daughter, sister, aunt, mom or best friend and make it a fabulous holiday weekend in Bend. Terrain includes a mix of gentle trails, groomed paths and paved surfaces. Central Oregon Saturday Market 10am. The Central Oregon Saturday market is a unique and vibrant shopping choice in the downtown retail district. Location: Downtown Bend.

May 26-28th

Elks Memorial Day Tournament In 2005 the Bend Elks started the Memorial Day youth baseball tournament and have quickly turned it into one of the greatest tournaments in the Northwest.

May 27th

Beck Concert 6:30pm. Based in the underground anti-folk and noise-rock worlds, Beck encompasses all manners of modern music, drawing from hip-hop, blues, funk, indie rock, pop, soul and lounge music. Cost: $41. Location: Les Schwab Amphitheater. www. North American Pond Swimming Championships 10am. Dress up in your wackiest costume and see if your speed can carry you across the huge pond in front of West Village Lodge. First place wins a 2012-2013 season pass! Location: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

May 28th

Dirt Divas Group Ride 5:30pm. These are women-only rides for all levels. We’ll break into groups based on riding ability and ride from the shop for about 2 hours. You can take a rental bike for free on our group rides and it’s free to join our group ride -- now you have no excuses! Come ride with us! Meet at Pine Mountain Sports at 5:30 (Come at 5pm if you plan to take out a rental bike. Know that there are no reservations for bikes on group ridesit’s first come, first served.)



Toastmasters 8-9am every Tuesday of May. Interested in fine-tuning your speaking skills? You do not need to be a Chamber member to attend. Location: Gordy’s Truck Shop. www.

May 12th

Mother’s Day Tea 1pm. Tickets at $17.50 and must be purchased by May 3rd. Located at the Lavender Cottage. 6th Annual Automotive Swap Meet and Craft Fair 7am- 3pm. At the La Pine Senior Center. Have a car to sell? Have parts? Equipment? Junk? Call Tom! Looking for a car? Need parts? Equipment? Junk? It’s Free to Look! Sponsored by the High Lakes Car Club. Free admission to the public. Breakfast, Lunch and crafts inside! For information & Vendor applications, call Tom, 541-536-3416 or 541-5089835. Craft space rental, call Andi 541-536-6237 Rodeo Play Day Events: Barrels, Pole Bending, Key Hole. Divisions: Buckaroo, Age 12 and under, Maverick, Age 13–17, Wrangler, Age 18–30, Rough Rider, Age 31 and up. Pre-registrations due the Friday, one week before Play Day. No other pre-registrations will be accepted after that. If you were not able to sign up early, that’s okay, you may sign up the morning of the Play Day and a $5 office fee will be applied. Rodeo Member: $10/youth $20/adult, Non Rodeo Member: $15/ youth $25/adult, Buckle nomination entry $10, Office fee $5.00 day of event registration. Contact: Sheila McKelvie, Coordinator; Phone: 541536-7843.

May 25-28th

Ponderosa Mountain Men 8:30-5pm. Little Deschutes Rendezvous. Campers and shooters must check in at Registration! Registration: Single $15, Couple $20, Family $25 (2 adults, 2 kids) Camping Only $15 (dry camping only). www.


14th Annual Fishing Derby 7am to 11am. At the Ochoco Lake Day Use Area, cost is $5 (in advance)

8 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

$8 (at the event). There will be lots of prizes and a free BBQ for participants and family!! OBRA Turn-n-Burn Barrel Racing Indoor Arena, 10am. Information: Rhonda Kingsbury, 541-410-9737. E-mail: Crook County Chamber of Commerce 1960’s Dance and Award Banquet Carey Foster Hall, 5:30pm. Information: Jody Gast, 541-4476304.; www.

May 5-6th

Pee Wee Rodeo 9:am. Outdoor Arena. Information: Kelli Rose, 541-589-5841; www.

May 12-13th

Central Oregon Pee Wee Rodeo 9am. Outdoor Arena. Information: Kelli Rose, 541-589-5841; www.

May 15th

Can Chaser Barrel Racing Outdoor Arena. Free to the Public. Information: Judee Hagen, 541-4169099;

May 19th

4-H Animal Weigh-In (small animal) 7:AM–10AM. Grounds. Information: Kim Herber, OSU Extension; 541-4476228.

May 19-20th

C.O. Oregon Llama Association 8:30am. Indoor Arena, Free to the Public. Central Oregon Llama Association. Information: Sherry Halligan, 541-389-6855–541-4201334 Cell. Halliganranch@hughes. net;

May 22nd

OBRA Turn-n-Burn Barrel Racing Outdoor Arena. Information: Rhonda Kingsbury, 541-410-9737; E-mail:


The Art of Marriage 5-9:30pm. Join other couples May 4th and 5th for a The Art of Marriage conference, a video event. The event is just $40 per couple and includes all materials, snacks and a banquet. The accompanying manual you will receive is full of articles, useful tips, and powerful projects to help you live what you learn. Location: Highland Baptist Church.

May 12th

Miles For Mothers 9am. Located at the American Legion Park. Register online. Letter Carriers Food Drive Help Stamp out hunger on our Town Leave food by your mail box May 12th.

May 19th

Fish Fair 6-2pm. The Fish Fair is FREE and open to children up to age 13 & Younger & all handicapped persons. Free Drinks and Free Hot Dogs. There will be prizes for the biggest fish in

each age category and a barbecue, too! Location: Fireman’s Pond. www.

May 26th

Grange Fundraising Breakfasts 7-10:30am. Grange Fundraising breakfasts include: Sour Dough Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs with Ham, Juice, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and great fellowship. Adults $6, children $3, 12 and under.

May 31st

American Red Cross Blood Drive 1-6:30pm. At the Redmond Grange. Donors are needed every day. Don’t wait to help save a life. Identification is required.


Sisters Volunteer Fair 4-7pm. Find a volunteer opportunity that fits with your interests, skills, and schedule! Location: Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce. www.

May 3rd

Cinco de Mayo 6-9pm. Tickets are $20, less for children. Can make reservations at FivePine or Sisters Park & Recreation. Mexican food, dancing, silent auction & more. Proceeds go towards scholarships for higher education. Location: FivePine Lodge. www.

May 18th

Upstream 6-10pm. Join the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council for their annual fundraiser to support The Upstream Project. Location: Pine Meadow Ranch.

May 27th

Sisters Stampede XC Bike Race Third annual Sisters Stampede Mountain bike race Presented by the Peak 104.1. Riders who finish in the top three of any of the 25 different categories, will win a custom tote bag filled with goodies from our sponsors. There will also be a raffle, and give aways, and memories to last a lifetime! Register Now! Location: Peterson Rideg Trail-Sisters. www.


Second Saturday Art Walk in The Village at Sunriver 4-7pm. Begin this monthly Art Walk in Sunriver with a visit to the Artists’s Gallery Sunriver (bldg #19) where you can visit with local artists while enjoying refreshments. Get your Art Walk punch card and then tour various merchants in The Village at Sunriver to view additional works of art. Once you’ve visited all the stores on the Art Walk and have your punch card filled, enter it in the special prize drawing.

By Susan Rutter In its fourth successful year, Central Oregon Community College’s Youth College offers a fun and educational experience for middle-school aged youth. Comprised of a Computer College, a Language College and a Culinary College, the Youth College is for students entering grades 6 through 9 who are interested in anything from Flash Animation and Spanish to making their own pasta, and much, much more. All classes are offered in Bend on COCC’s campus, and for the first time since COCC began offering its Youth College, some courses will additionally be available in Madras, Prineville and La Pine. See the on-line brochure in COCC’s Community Learning pages portion of their website. So which kids spend primo summer days challenging themselves at college with intense days of Spanish, video production or cooking? David Engel, Spanish instructor with the

Language College, says the typical student in his class is “interested in exploring their world. Somebody who has fun learning.” Engle speaks as much Spanish as possible with his students, and feels that language unlocks a lot of interests and ideas in students, such as a desire to explore cultures and travel. The Culinary College is a graduated program which begins with a basics course teaching knife skills, food safety and simple sauces and breads. Two more courses offer Italian cooking and French, Spanish and Japanese cooking techniques, including sushi-making. One of the most exciting things about the Culinary College says program administrator Glenda Lantis, is that it is taught in the new Jungers Culinary Center, built just last year to house the Cascade Culinary Institute. The Center is a state-of-the-art cooking space that features labs and its own restaurant, called Elevation, which emphasizes sustainable, farm-

to-table practices. Lantis says the program grew this year and now has room for 18 students. She sees the major benefits to spending part of a summer in these programs as “obtaining hands-on, practical skills and a possible career introduction.” In addition to building new friendships, students will also gain experience with college life as they navigate the campus, engage with teachers for longer class times, and have the opportunity to envision themselves after high school in a higher education setting. The emphasis, though, says Youth College administrator Paul Stennett, is on fun. While there are no grades or quizzes at Youth College, young learners will “graduate” their summer courses with new friendships and perhaps something tangible to take away like an iPhone or Android app they’ve created, or a beautiful image created with digital photography. The Youth College is gaining in popularity every year and a limited number of partial grants are available for those with financial need. Call 541.383.7270 for more details or see Central Oregon Community College’s website at

2012 Summer Camp Guide

A Fun-Filled Glimpse Into College Life … For Middle Schoolers!

May 2012 9

E V o L

Summer Camp Guide

Listings are in alphabetical order for ease of use. Happy hunting!!

A Child’s Garden

Around the World in 60 Days. We will celebrate a different country around the world each week by participating in music, stories, crafts, games, cooking and learning some of the language. For ages 1 through 6. Starts June 1st and finishes August 24th. The program is 9 - 1 pm, with extended care from 7:45am - 5:45 pm Monday to Friday. It is weekly and you can choose from 2 - 5 days/week. For ages 2.5 - 6 years, $24/day from 9-1pm, plus $4/hr for extended care. For ages 1 - 2.5 years, $28/day from 9-1pm plus $6.25/ hr for extended care. Registration forms can be down loaded from my website or picked up at the school at 2150 NE Studio Rd, Bend. For more information e-mail, msrita@ and call 541.617.0434 or 541.390.7386

Academie de Ballet Classique Register call (541)382-4055 Pretty Princess Dance Camp (Ages 6 – 8) July 10 - 12 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) 9:30 am - 12:30 am Fantasy dance day with exciting

dance, games, crafts. Dance includes ballet, ballet dances, free movement. Students will create their own story ballet to be presented on the last day at 12:00 pm. Wear comfortable clothing or dancewear and bring healthy snacks and refreshments each day. Cost: $70 Express Yourself Dance! (Ages 8 to teen) Session 1 -July 23- 26 (Monday Thursday) Session 2 - July 30 - August 2 ( Monday - Thursday) 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Express yourself with jazz, modern dance, hip hop, lyrical, ballet and broadway style dances. Days filled with games, crafts and fitness activities.  Students will experiment with dance styles to create their own dance in the choreograph workshop.  Groups divided by ages and abilities. $110 - for 1 week $187 both weeks (2nd week differs from the 1st week) “Fantasy Ballet” (Ages 4 – 6) Tuesdays July 10 - 31 6:00 - 6:50 pm $46

Art Station

Register for classes online:, by phone:

541.617.1317, or in person by visiting the Art Station at 313 SW Shevlin-Hixon Dr., Bend, OR 97702 during business hours. Clay, filmmaking, painting, drawing, photography, printing, collage.

Athletic Club of Bend

Ages 6 to 12-year-old programs (Youth Camps) serve up sports, camp games, group tennis lessons, golf camps, fitness classes, rock climbing, crafts, swimming, snacks and fun! Most weeks include a field trip to one of the many great tourist spots in Central Oregon. Camp hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with extended care available from 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. for an additional fee. Program fees start at $27 per day and run from Thursday, June 14-Friday, August 28. Program Director: Susan Brown 541-322-5800 ext. 120. Susan@athleticclubofbend. com. June 14, 15 Golf Camp @ Widgi Golf Club June 18-22 Jr. Tennis Camp June 25-29 Rock Climbing Camp July 2-6 Camp Hoot & Holler (no camp Weds. July 4) July 9, 10 Golf Camp @ Awbrey Glenn Golf Club

July 9-13 Lights, Camera ACTION Camp July 16-20 Cascade Mt. Bike Camp July 23-27 Jr. Tennis Camp July 30-August 3 Pirates of the Deschutes August 6-10 Summer Olympics Camp August 13-17 Camping Week and camp out August 20-24 Jr. Tennis Camp August 27, 28 Golf Camp @ Tetherow Golf Club Ages 3-6 we will be offering our Summer Explorers camps. These theme based camps will encourage kids to explore the world around them through arts and crafts, stories, music, baking, swimming, tennis and team activities such as T-ball, basketball and soccer. Summer Explorers hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm and offer both half day and full day options starting at $22. Extended care is available from 7:45am to 6:00pm for an additional fee. Program Supervisor Jennifer High 541-322-5800x158 or jennifer@ June 12-15 Amazing Animals June 18-22 Move to the Music June 25-29 Passport to the Club July 2-6 Camp Hoot and Holler (No camp July 4th) July 9-13 Island Party July16-20 Sports of all Sorts July 23-27 Bakery Bonanza July 30-August 3 Ship Shape Pirates August 6-10 Summer Olympics August 13-17 Camping Fun August 20-24 Wacky Science August 27-31 Super Heroes

   

No n H o s t i l e Fa mi l y L a w



(541) 385-0775


Lillian Quinn

Attorney and Counselor of Law O r e g o n B a r C e r t i fi e d s i nc e 1992 Small Consultation Fee


Helping People To Avoid Litigation Low Cost Flat Fee

• Legal Advice • Mediation • Drafting Court Documents There is a better way. 45 NW Park Place • Bend, OR

10 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

  

    

Visit our website: for registration forms, or stop by our front desk.

Bend Experimental Art Theatre (B.E.A.T.) All camps held at BEAT Studio, 3312 Hwy 97, Bend, OR. To register go to Questions call 541-419-5558 or email betsyexad@ Shakespeare Acting Ages 10 – 18.

July 30 - August 2. M - TH 9:00 am to noon. “Speak the speech I pray you…!” Choose your favorite Shakespeare character, get up on your feet and get your Shakespeare on! This class is offered by BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre). Fee: $95. Improv: Ages 10 – 18. July 30 August 2. M - TH 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) offers this improvisational class where students learn

How will your kid spend summer vacation?

Y ou t h C o lle g e @ C OC C ! For students entering 6th - 9th grade!

Classes in Bend . LaPine . Madras . Prineville

Computer College! Design a Website ~ Bend 6/18-6/21, Madras 7/23-7/26 Flash Animation ~ Bend 6/18-6/21 Digital Photography ~ Prineville 6/25-6/28, Bend 7/9-7/12, LaPine 7/23-7/26 Video Production ~ Bend 6/25-6/28 Create an iPhone or Android App ~ Bend 7/16-7/19 Computer 3D Modeling & Animation ~ Bend 7/23-7/26

Language College! Spanish Language for Middle School ~ Bend 7/9-7/12

Culinary College! Hands-on Cooking Skills ~ Bend 6/25-6/28 Italian Extravaganza ~ Bend 7/9-7/12 Around the World with Food ~ Bend 7/16-7/19

3 Easy Ways to Register! Online at Telephone 541.383.7270 In person (M-F 9am-5pm) COCC Community Learning Boyle Education Center . 2600 NW College Way . Bend OR 97701

COMMUNITY LEARNING (541) 383-7270 ~ In advance of College events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability, contact Joe Viola: 541-383-7775. For accommodation because of other disability such as hearing impairment, contact Anne Walker: 541-383-7743.

techniques through games that they can use on stage to enhance their next play or performance. Dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared to have fun! Fee $95 Blood and the Bard: Ages 10 – 18. August 6 – 9. M - TH 9:00 to noon. Shakespeare’s audience expected their theatre to be immediate, bloody and exciting. Come ready to learn acting styles, special blood effects and stage combat! Offered by BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre). Fee $95 Voice Projection for the Stage: Ages 8 – 18. August 6 – 9. M - TH 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Voice projection is the strength of speaking or singing where the voice is used loudly and clearly. This is a great skill for the stage. BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) offers this class to all levels of actors. Fee $95. Dance Drama: Ages 8 – 18. August 13 – 16. M - TH 9:00 am to noon. BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) offers this class which focuses on expression, performance skills and dance technique. Students will gain freedom to take risks and learn to creatively express themselves. The class will be capped with a performance. Fee $95. Advanced Acting Techniques: Age 10 – 18. August 13 – 16. M - TH 1:00 am to 4:00 pm. This class is offered by BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) for the actor wishing to further develop their performance skills. By character and script analysis and performing scenes the actor will enhance their stage presence. Fee $95. Creativity Through Dance: Age 5 – 8. August 20 – 23. M - TH 9:00 am to noon. BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) offers this creative dance class for the younger set. With an emphasis on creativity and freedom to move, students will learn to express themselves using their imagination and basic dance steps. Includes Thursday performance. Fee $95.

Dance on Stage: Ages 9 – 18. August 20 – 23. M – TH 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Is dancing on stage your dream? Then this BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) class is for you! Come polish your presentation through technique, transitions and combinations. This class is for any level of dancer. Includes Thursday performance. Fee $95. Musical Theatre: Age 12 – 18. August 27 – 30. M - TH 9:00 am to noon. BEAT (Bend Experiment Art Theatre) offers this class designed for the aspiring middle or high school musical theater performer. Students will participate in dance, voice and acting to develop the skills and techniques used by Broadway performers. Fee $95. Is Acting for You?Age 5 – 10. August 27 – 30. M - TH 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm BEAT (Bend Experimental Art Theatre) offers this drama class for learning acting techniques rich with break-through games, understanding character portrayal, and how costumes and props help you on stage. This class will be capped with a performance. Fee $95.

Bend Science Station

Summer starts here! Come fly helicopters, launch angry birds and test the 5 second rule.  Ready for camping adventure?  Travel with us as we check out Old Faithful at Yellowstone or feed the tigers at Oregon Wildlife Safari. From one day camps, to overnight trips, there’s something here for you. Contact: 541-330-0433 Elementary Scientist Camps 9:30 to 3:30 For students who have completed 1st or 2nd grade. Angry Birdies: 7/2 and 8/6 Incredible Invertebrates: 7/3, 7/13 and 8/10 Under Pressure: 7/5 and 8/7 Liquid Nitrogen: 7/6 and 8/9 CCC Chemistry: 7/20 and 8/8 Junior Scientist Camps 9:30 to 3:30 For students who have completed 3rd, 4th or 5th grade. Lego Forces: 7/16 to 7/19 Slam Dunk Sports Science: 7/30 to 8/2 Hogwarts© Summer Academy: 8/20 to 8/23 Youth Scientist Camps 9:30 to 3:30 For students who have completed 5th grade or above. Extreme Explosions: 6/26 to 6/29 MythBlasters: 7/9 to 7/12 DaVinci Daze:  7/23 to 7/26 Adventure Camps For students who have completed 5th grade and above. Geyser Getaway: 6/18 to 6/29 Southern Oregon Safari: 8/6 to 8/12 Amazing Aviation: 8/13 to 8/16 from 9:00 – 4:00.

Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a camp for children, ages 5-14, having experienced the loss of a loved

May 2012 11

one. Camp Courage is a four day art camp providing a safe, healing and supportive environment where children are able to express their feelings of loss and grief. Lunch and snacks provided. Camp Courage takes place Tuesday, July 24th through Friday, July 27th at 9:00 am- 3:00 pm. For registration contact Partners In Care at 541-382-5882 or online at www. under grief and loss section and then Camp Courage section.

Camp Silver Horse

Camp Silver Horse is for boys and girls ages 6 -16. We have the staff and amenities to accommodate brand new beginners and offer big fun for experienced 4-H and Show kids. Sarah Resor (owner and camp director) is the head coach for the Summit High School Equestrian Team. Camp is from 9 am to 12:00 Monday through Friday. Campers are welcome to make a day of it and join our extended program and stay until two o’clock, also. Camp is is now in session, with the last session starting August 29th. Weekly camp sessions are $325 per week. Early bird discount price if signed up by June 1st, is $275. Weeks fill up quickly so reserve soon to insure availability! We offer an extended day option for campers who would like to stay until 2:00 pm. The cost is an additional $125 per week. Early Bird discount price for extended day is $100 per week. Camp Silver Horse at Silver Horse Ranch in Bend, 541-408-4080 63950 Tyler Road, Bend, Oregon 97701

Camp Fire USA Day Camp

6.25.12 – 6.29.12 10AM – 3PM Cost Varies; depends on age of child and Camp fire Members have reduced rates. $115.00 – 130.00 Volunteer Counselors needed – your children attend for FREE! Call the Camp Fire USA office @ 541.382.4682 or download the registration form from our website

Cascade School of Music

200 NW Pacific Park Lane, Bend Oregon 97701 541-382-6866 Kindermusik: Carnival of Music Infants to 6 yrs

Through music and movement, help your child develop his/her vocal chords, expressive speech and prereading skills, while he/she improves muscle coordination and motor skills, and learns to follow directions, take turns and interact in a social environment. $75. Includes an egg shaker, CD and activity booklet. Kindermusik: How Do You Feel? Ages 18 mo-3 yrs Through songs and stories explore the things that make us happy, sad, surprised, angry and loved. Dance to happy music, stomp angry little feet and jump with surprise. $75. Includes CD and activity booklet. Kindermusik: Feel the Music: Ages 4-6 yrs Expressing thoughts, ideas and needs is a necessary skill in school. Your child will learn to describe feelings and understand emotions. $75. Includes mini-maraca instrument, CD and activity booklet. Kindermusik: Creatures at the Ocean: Ages 18 mo-3 yrs We will dive into fun musical lessons that explore the sea. Put on your beach clothes and join us for an ocean adventure! $110. Includes CD and seashell castanets. Kindermusik: On the Road Ages 3.5-5 yrs With music and crafts, we will re-

•Private or Semi-Private •Learn to Swim Program •Designed for All Ages •Specializes in Infant •Toddler Swim lessons

“Mermaid Jody” SPORTS NANNY

create the delight of family travels on imaginary trips to a carnival, a summer cottage and the beach. $185. Includes a daily craft, snack, CD, frog guiro and hard-bound book. Kindermusik: Tell Me a Tale Ages 5-7 yrs Each lesson features a new tale from around the world, explored through multi-instrument and multi-cultural elements. $185. Includes a daily craft, snack, CD, lumi sticks and hardbound book. Kindermusik: Let’s Play Ages Infant-7 yrs We will explore the ways we play— at home, at school and during family time. We’ll play games to help with listening and singing skills, while strengthening movement and handeye coordination. $75. Includes a mini tambourine, CD and activity booklet. Melody and Meter Ages 7-8 This class is for kids who want to start instrumental study in September. Get a GREAT headstart learning music skills and concepts while playing a variety of instruments. $135 Create and Play: Ages 6-9 Create and decorate your own instruments. We’ll use them to teach

musical concepts and skills. The “band” will perform on Friday! $185 Ready Set GO! Experience Music Ages 7-10 This is a terrific program designed to launch your child into the world of instrumental music. Ready: In the first week, each child will get a chance to try all the instruments. Set: Kids choose an instrument that speaks to them. GO!: Two weeks of group class to start playing on their chosen instrument—and make new friends. Plus two individual lessons to get your child off to a great start. $275 for the program, or sign-up for classes/lessons individually (Intro Class: $95. Instrument Specific Class: $145. Two Private Lessons: $50). Little Singers! Ages 5-8 In this beginning class we will incorporate vocal exercises and solfege (do-re-mi) techniques with movement to engage their whole body while singing fun and silly songs. $75 Let’s Sing! Ages 8-12 Kids will sing together and learn fun songs. Vocal exercises and the solfege (do-re-mi) system and hand signs will expand their singing range and build confidence. $75 Guitar Adventures: Ages 8-9

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Chris Potts, Co-owner 541-610-3443 Liam Ely, Co-owner 541-480-4808 Bend OR, 97702

Child-Paced Programs


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If your 8- or 9-year-old has been begging you for guitar lessons, here’s your chance! $135. Beginning Guitar: Ages 10-14 We’ll go over tuning, how to hold, strum and pick the guitar, chords and some cool songs too. Electric or acoustic. No experience required. $135. Drums 101: Ages 9-12 This is the real deal—drumsticks, drum sets and cool beats for the absolute beginner. $135 The School of Rock! Ages 10-15 Perform classic rock tunes in a rockin’ band while you learn the theory that holds songs together, along with what it takes to play in a band. One year experience on your instrument. $155. Chamber Music for Piano, Strings and Woodwinds Ages 8-18, 2 yrs experience required. Students are grouped into Trios and Quartets based on ability, and then work on classic material with expert coaching. $155

Creative Kids Inc. Preschool

“The Little Red & White School” 61396 Blakely Road Bend OR 97702 (541) 382-2130 Call us today to Register for Creative Kids Summer Camp Ages 3 to 5 & 5-7 years 8:30 AM-12 PM - $25 per day Extended care available 12-4:30 based on enrollment-May offer later hours, please inquire. Space is limited to 10 Students only~ Snacks provided~ Call now to come for a visit~ Enroll by May 11th and save $20 on registration. Our Summer Camp Themes ~ JUNE 5-7~Planting a Garden of Friendship JUNE 12-14~Seedlings and sprouts & Father’s day GiftsJUNE 19-21~Under Sea World JUNE 26-28~Rivers, Lakes, & Streams JULY 10-12~Magical Art Creations JULY 17-19~Reptiles past & present JULY 24-26~Constellations & Planets JULY 31-AUGUST 2~Bon Voyage AUGUST 7-9~Building our community AUGUST 14-16~Culinary cuisine AUGUST 21-23~Snap your pictures

Coyote Trails School of Nature

Nestled between the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains and the connecting Siskiyou Mountain land-

bridge, home to 10,000 foot peaks, countless high mountain lakes and sweet water springs; Coyote Trails School of Nature is a family-focused, experiential wilderness skills school. Our ‘School of Nature’ curriculum supports children, teens and families in learning together the benefits of wilderness through primitive living skills, tracking, awareness, nature study, story telling, and art. Our programs range in length from weekend workshops to summer long immersion programs. It is in teaching others that we learn and grow ourselves. At Coyote Trails we are dedicated to the nurturing of all families through stories of the past and a vision for the future. Students of all ages are welcome!! Join us as a family, sign up your teenagers, or come as an adult.

Dana’s Discovery Kids Preschool

be a bumpy ride! Aug. 20th-24th, “Cardboard Box and Recycling”: Learn about the importance of recycling while turning trash into treasure! One of our most popular camps! Summer camp rates are as follows: 1 day a week… $30* 2 days a week… $50 3 days a week… $75 4 days a week… $100 5 days a week… $120 *Rates apply to ONE week of camps. Lunch hour (12-1pm, $5) Camps run from 8:30am-12pm, 8am drop off available.  Families can call to register or visit our website, www.danasdiscoverykidspreschool. com

Deschutes County Libraries

Teen Summer Reading Program: Program Descriptions for Summer Camp Guide

All these events are free, no registration required except where noted for the Teen Lock-in at the Downtown Bend Library. Contact for all events is April Witteveen, Community Librarian, aprilw@, 541-617-7079. www. Late Night Teen Lock-in Kick off the Teen Summer Reading Program with an after-hours library adventure! What goes on in the library at night? This event will be filled with games, activities, and a surprise or two.  Signed permission slip required, available in advance or at drop-off.  Teens only, ages 1217.  Supervision provided by library staff. Downtown Bend Public Library, Friday, June 15, 7-11pm.

June 18th-22nd, “Kids Cuisine”: Mix it, crack it, whip it, eat it! Make your own creative cuisine! Be the waiter/ waitress of a restaurant. Become a chef! June 25th-29th, “3,2,1... BLAST OFF!”: I want to be an astronaut! Explore outer space, discover and name your own planet, participate in a group rocket creation. July 2nd6th, “Little Sprouts”: Find your green thumb! Plant your own garden, and learn how things grow. The sky’s the limit! July 9th-13th, “Billions of Bugs”: There are billions of bugs in our world! Learn why they are important, explore different kinds and create your very own special bug! July 16th-20th, “Construction Junction”: Get your hard hat and your gear, we are entering a world of construction! Buildings, skyscrapers and houses galore! July 23rd-27th, “Hometown Heroes”: Meet our hometown heroes: police officers, firefighters, nurses and more. Use your imagination and become a veterinarian in our “pet hospital and spa”. July 30th-Aug. 3rd, “Dino Digs”: Become a paleontologist as we’re diggin’ up bones! Discover and name your own dino! Aug. 6th10th, “In the Small, Small Pond”: Our pond ecosystems are teaming with aquatic life. Watch tadpoles turn into to frogs, make a beavers lodge and learn about our local pond critters. Aug. 13th-17th, “Giddy-Up Buckaroos!”: Yee-haw! It’s round up time! Get your horses and your boot and saddle up, it’s gonna

Over 18 years of experience in structural engineering in commercial, residential, and industrial projects 61535 S Hwy 97, Suite 9-247, Bend OR 97702

May 2012 13

Diane’s Riding Place Summer Horse Camp

Horse Camp Hours are 9:00 – 12:00, Monday through Friday. Campers must be six years old. At Diane’s Riding Place Horse Camp, the Campers will learn how to care for a horse; groom, feed, bridle and saddle up and most importantly of all, RIDE and also the Campers form new friendships with other Campers plus gain new-found confidence.

High Desert Museum

Our childhood education experts have designed these week-long day camps to inspire ages 5 through 10 with unique, enriching hands-on experiences. We offer a range of themes focusing on wildlife, natural and cultural and the arts. Every day, children in every camp get to meet one of the museum’s live animals – such as owls, porcupines and reptiles – and learn about them from our biologists and educational staff. Camps are 9 am to 3 pm. To accommodate working parents’ schedules, we offer before and after care, 7:45 am to 5:15 pm. Price for each week, 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday: $175 for non-members, $150 for members. JUNE 18-22 Creature Collage ages 5-6 You’re a Wildlife Biologist! ages 7-8 Animals in Flight ages 9-10 JUNE 25-29 Scat and Tracks ages 5-6

Wild Impressions ages 7-8 Art Alive ages 9-10 JULY 2-6 Sign up by the day for this week only; $30 for members and $35 for nonmembers per day. Before or after care is $6 per day. Care for both times is $8 per day. There will be no camp on Wednesday, July 4 and the Museum will be closed. Frontier Fun ages 5-7 What’s the Matter? ages 8-10 JULY 9-13 Slippery Scales ages 5-6 Animal Trails ages 7-8 Wind, Fire, Ice ages 9-10 JULY 16-20 Living Off the Land ages 5-6 Picture the World ages 7-8 Wildlife Care ages 9-10 JULY 23-27 Creature Collage ages 5-6 You’re a Wildlife Biologist! ages 7-8 Animals in Flight ages 9-10 JULY 30 - AUGUST 3 Scats and Tracks ages 5-6 Wild Impressions ages 7-8 Art Alive ages 9-10 AUGUST 6-10 Frontier Fun ages 5-6 What’s the Matter? ages 7-8 The Art of Tracking ages 9-10 AUGUST 13-17 Slippery Scales ages 5-6 Animal Trails ages 7-8 Wind, Fire, Ice ages 9-10 AUGUST 20-24 Living Off the Land ages 5-6 Picture the World ages 7-8

Kids Need a Kids’ Dentist Pediatric dental specialists for infants, children and teens dentistry with a gentle touch to ensure • Pediatric maximum comfort for your little ones

• Fun, cheery atmosphere for kids and parents • TVs in the ceiling and video games • Flexible payment plans • Convenient westside location • Ask about our “Under Three For Free” program

(541) 389-3073 1475 SW Chandler Ave. Suite 202, Bend, OR

Steve Christensen, DMD Stephanie Christensen, DMD

w w w. d e s c h u t e s k i d s . c o m

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Wildlife Care ages 9-10

LaPine Parks & Recreation

LaPine Park & Recreation Summer Day Camps. 9 weeks of theme-based fun in the sun Ages 6-11 $95.00 / week of July 4th $75.00 Regular day: 8:30-5 Monday - Friday - See website for early drop off and late pick up accommodations. Registration forms available at La Pine Park & Recreation District office 16405 First St. La Pine or download your form at Registrations include breakfast, lunch and a weekly field trip. Visit us at or call Lynn Buck at 541-536-2223 or e-mail lynn. June 18-22 Midsummer Knight’s Adventure- Knights, princesses, castles and dragons are all apart of this fantastical King Arthur style themed week. June 25-29 Get a Clue- Follow the clues, gather evidence and solve the mystery! July 2-6 Explorations in Culture and Cooking- Explore a variety of languages and cultures through cooking, gardening and discovering what makes America great (No camp on July 4th) July 9-13 Video Theater- Get your backstage passes an put your imagination to work! Create your own commercial, work on skits and perform in front of a live audience! July 16-20 Wild West- Archery, rodeo roping, compass reading, campfire stories and so much more. July 23-27 Scientific ExplorationsFrom earth science to kitchen

science this week is sure to ignite the junior scientist in us all. July 10-August 3 Shipwreck Island- Will you survive our jungle adventure? Build a shelter, learn to fish, go coconut bowling and so much more! August 6-10 Wet & Wild- No way to stay dry this week!  Water balloons, water pinatas, water colors, water’s a wet and wild week. August 13-17 Come Fly Away- From kites to model airplanes, winged flight to rockets, it’s a week that takes flight as summer flies away.

Little Learners Preschool

Summer is the best time of year for exploring forests, camping, oceans, and beaches. During our 8-week summer session preschoolers will enjoy a 5:1 student/teacher ratio as they engage in hands-on, individualized, and purposeful activities in an urban farm setting. Call 541.231.9845 or visit www. Join us this summer for special themes, activities and friends! Open to all kids aged 3-5 (or entering kindergarten) Sign-up for one week at a time (as space allows) or for the whole summer! A fun, new camp is offered every week June 18-August 31. All camps run M/W/F from 9:30-12 and include a snack! $30 per camp, per child; Minimum of 6 kids per camp, maximum of 10. Email or call 541 362-1892 to request a registration form.

at the museum allow students to investigate, invent, and experiment. May 26 thru September 2, morning and afternoon classes. Weekend and week-long camps throughout the Northwest. Cost: Classes - $132$425; Camps - $155-$885 Register online at or or call (503) 797-4661.

R.A.D. Camps (Recreation. Adventure. Development.)


OMSI Science Camps and Classes offer the perfect combination of science, adventure, and activity.

Camps take place in beautiful settings from the mountains to the coast to the desert. And daytime Science Classes available

R.A.D. Camps is an outdoor recreation program designed to give kids, ages 7-17, the opportunity to explore exciting places while learning about their natural surroundings. These interpretive guided adventures are meant to expand kids’ knowledge and interest in all the natural wonders Oregon has to offer while promoting a healthy, fun lifestyle. R.A.D. Camps operates under a special use permit with the United States Forest Service and emphasizes fun, camaraderie, and an appreciation for the natural world. R.A.D. Camps adventures are accompanied by a Wilderness First Responder and a professional lifeguard! RAD Camps accommodates up to 10 kids per day and operates on a first come first serve basis. RAD Camps Summer Program is a day camp that operates Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm from June 14th through August 31st. All programs will meet at Harmon Park, Bend, Or. Adventures include transportation, a guided interpretive

tour of the unique location, and a whole lot of fun for just $60! The best way to sign up is to go to www., click on the signup link on the right side of the page, choose the trips you want your kid(s) to go on, and use Paypal’s checkout to reserve a spot. Please enter each kids’ name, age and gender to help our guides better prepare for the adventure.,, 541-7713988.

Schibel Teaching Farm

A nature based preschool, childcare & summer camp. Growing veggies and learning about animals all in an outdoor fun setting! June 18-August 24, 9:00am-3:30pm. Contact info: or

Seventh Mountain Resort

Cascade Kids Eco-Challenge Camp includes an array of activities, including horseback riding, exciting whitewater rafting trips on the Upper Deschutes, Frisbee golf, interpretive hikes; mini golf, pool time and nature camps on the Deschutes River Trail. Kids will have a blast this summer at the Seventh Mountain Resort! Campers will enjoy a themed activity each day, along with all the fun amenities the resort has to offer including swimming, miniature golf, basketball and tennis. The camp is offered Mondays through Fridays, June 18th to August 30th. Campers will start



PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SANDWICHES. Not Pills. Prescription drugs are far too easy for teens to access, carry and abuse. In fact, most people who abuse painkillers and other pills get them from friends or relatives. Secure medication at home. And talk with your teen about proper use, including never sharing prescription drugs with others.



May 2012 15

their days at 9 a.m. and wrap up at 5 p.m. This camp is designed for children ages 7 to 14 years old. Enjoy a day, a week, or the whole summer meeting new friends and chasing adventure. The camp is $50 per day or $250 per week. Call 866-976-9658 for reservations and special offers. More details at

Shining Light Summer Camps

3-5 year olds, child must be 3 by April 1st 2012 and be fully potty trained. Camps will be held at the preschool at Real Life Christian Church Registration forms at www. 541-306-9484 Tuesday and Thursday Camps 9:0011:30pm $15/per day or $25/per week Each week will be a different fun kid theme! We will do crafts, songs, games and just have tons of fun! Includes a light snack. Limited to 10 children JUNE $60 for whole month June 12 & 14 Cake and Ice-cream (this will be a baking week) June 19 & 21 Fathers June 26 & 28 Teddy Bears JULY $60 for whole month 10th & 12th Red, White and Blue 17th & 19th Camping 24th & 26th Circus AUGUST $60 for whole month 31st & 2nd Cowgirl/boy 7th & 9th Farmers

14th & 16th Baseball

Spirit Warrior Teen Sweat Lodge: Stories of Initiation

Spirit Warrior Teen Circles is a local, nature-based mentoring program for teenage boys. Started in 2010, we offer mentoring and initiation experiences for teens, and build community through supporting youth. Our mission is to support teenage boys in their growth to mature adulthood through presenting a positive, heart- and earth-centered model of masculinity. Sweat Lodges have been used for thousands of years by many cultures around the world for rituals of cleansing and purification. Likewise, storytelling is one of the most ancient human practices. This lodge, open to teenage boys between the ages of 13 to 19 years old, will be a fun, potent, and approachable introduction to these ancient, sacred rituals. Our teen Warriors will walk an ancient labyrinth, hear stories of initiation and self-discovery, and connect with elder male mentors who can support them in their journey to adulthood. This event will be a rich experience either on its own, or as a preparation for our Teen Vision Quest on June 22nd to 25th. Date: Sunday, May 20th, 2012 Time: 10am - 5pm Location: Bend, Oregon Cost $75 suggested donation Space is limited to 12 participants. Please call 541.977.1717 or email

Dyslexia • Spelling • Reading • Writing • Language

We can heLp!

Spirit Warrior Teen Vision Quest and Rite of Passage Ceremony

Description A Vision Quest is an ancient Rite of Passage that initiates the “second birth” of a boy into a new cycle of life as an initiated man. This weekend experience for teenage boys, age 13 to 19, will mark a significant life transition for both our participants and their families. In this new phase of life, the young man will be guided, not by external standards, but by the deep gifts and values of his soul. In our contemporary form of this ancient Quest, our young Warriors will be symbolically released from their families, and prepared by a sacred circle of elder men who have walked the Inner Journey for many years. Camped under the stars in the wild High Desert of Central Oregon, participants will be safely and expertly guided through exercises of self-discovery and taught the ways of the Spiritual Warrior -- the initiated man who lives from his heart, and walks a path of service and healing. Transformational experiences, including a twoday fast and a night alone in the wilderness, will guide participants towards an experience of their true self. The weekend will culminate with a Rite of Passage ceremony, in which the young Warriors will be welcomed and celebrated by their families, friends, and communities as initiated Men.

Dates: June 22nd - 25th, 2012 Times: 9am on 6/22 to 12pm on 6/25 Cost: $200 Location: Terrebonne, OR Space is limited to seven participants. Registration deadline: May 31st, 2012. Please call 541.977.1717 or email for more details

Terpsichorean Dance Studio

Join us for weekly “Dance Camps” & 4-week “Dance Samplers” 1601 NW Newport Ave. Bend, OR 97701 July 9-August 2, 2012 To preregister call: 541-389-5351 20% family discount after 1st (most expensive) class DANCE CAMP Week 1 & 3 (July 9-12 & July 23-26) 1:30-4:30pm $110 per session Wear dance clothes (no footed tights), bring a water bottle & healthy snack AGES 5-8 YEARS Camp includes: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Musical Instrument & Sign Language in Dance, Baton & Dance Games & Crafts AGES 9-12 YEARS Camp includes: Ballet, Modern, Yoga, World Jazz (jazz-style African, Middle Eastern and Asian dance), Hip-hop/Jazz Funk, “Free Dance” Improvisation and Dance Games

Anna Thedford, M.A., LPCI

Child and Family Therapist Counseling Services for Children and Families with:

• Diagnostic assessments • Comprehensive evaluations • Individualized Treatment Hours by appointment Evening appointments available

Linda Balsiger, M.S., ccc-SLp Literacy & Learning Specialist Certified Speech-Language Pathologist 1011 SW emkay Dr, Suite 101 Bend, OR 97702 541-385-6002 Insurance Accepted

ADHD Anxiety/Depression Autism/Aspergers Divorce andhalf Separation Now providing or full day Grief/Loss Montessori programs for Self-Esteem Toddlers (12 – 35 months) Trauma

through Kindergarten!

In Home Therapy with Yoga Available.

• • • • •

Morning, 390-8655 Afternoon, and Full Day Classes (541)

Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Licensed by the State of Oregon 334 NE Irving Ave. Ste. 102 American Montessori Society Member School Bend, OR 97701 We have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. An Education for a Lifetime! Enrolling now for 2011-2012 Now Nowproviding providinghalf halfororfull fullday day Montessori Montessoriprograms programsfor for Toddlers (12 ––35 Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Toddlers (12 35months) months) Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Licensed by the State of OregonKindergarten! through through Kindergarten!

Now providing half or full day Montessori programs for Toddlers (12 – 35 months) through Kindergarten!

• • • • American Montessori Society Member School • We have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. • • for Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Morning, An Education a Lifetime! Afternoon, and Full Day Classes

Pet Sitting in Your Home. Dog Walking too. Licensed & Insured

Nurturing Your Pets with Love & Exercise.

Certified Pet Spoilers Sarah-Anne & Beau

w w w . t a i l s a w a g g i n b e n d . c o m 541-288-3744

16 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

• • for Extended Extended Day7:30 7:30am am––6:00 6:00pm pm Enrolling now 2011-2012 Day

• • Licensed Licensedby bythe theState StateofofOregon Oregon • • American AmericanMontessori MontessoriSociety SocietyMember MemberSchool School • • We Wehave havemoved movedtotothe theOld OldMill MillDistrict!! District!!

Curiosity, Curiosity,Independence, Independence,Confidence. Confidence. An AnEducation Educationfor foraaLifetime! Lifetime! Enrolling Enrollingnow nowfor for2011-2012 2011-2012

Deschutes River Montessori School

Deschutes River Montessori School 520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

and Crafts Week 2 & 4 (July 16-19 & July 30-August 2) 1:30-4:30pm $110 per session Wear dance clothes (no footed tights), bring a water bottle & healthy snack AGES 5-8 YEARS Camp includes: Creative Movement, “Lyrical Modern”, Pre-Ballet, Drama/ Story Theater, Beginning Tap and Dance Games and Crafts AGES 9-12 YEARS Camp includes: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Musical Instrument & Sign Language in Dance, Baton & Dance Games & Crafts 4 WEEK “DANCE SAMPLERS” July 9-August 2, 2012 A Taste of Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop for ages 12 & up Tuesday & Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm *$140 (Option for Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Hip Hop $45 each) Parent/Tot Creative Movement for 18 months-3 years Tuesdays 11-11:45 *$40 Creative Movement for 3 & 4 year olds Wednesdays or Thursdays 11-11:45 *$40 Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Tuesdays 6:30-7:45 *$53 with Pointe Tuesdays 7:45-8:45 *$83 Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary Jazz for ages 14 & up Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm *$45

w w w.dentistr

541-389-6600 Avoid Hospital Expenses With In-Office Anesthesia No Referral Needed • New Patients Welcome Red Oaks Square • 1230 NE Third Street • Bend 1 block N of Taco Bell on 3rd We happily honor all special offers of other local Pediatric Dentists

Weekly “Dance Camps” & 4 Week Summer “Dance Samplers” Terpsichorean Dance Studio July 9-August 2, 2012HOP BALLET-TAP-JAZZ-MODERN-HIP SINCE 1975

Carolyn Brant-Director


If you Dance Locally, Shop Locally

Terpsichorean’s Closet

Dancewear Boutique Dancewear Boutique

Boutique Hours: 3-6 pm Monday-Thursday

1 6 0 1 N W N e w p o r t A v. / B e n d 5 4 1 . 3 8 9 . 5 3 5 1 We stock Capezio, Body Wrappers & Harmonie, w w w. t e r p s i c h o r e a n b e n d o r e g o n . c o m leotards, shoes, tights, gifts & accessories

Summer Hours Tuesday-Thursday 3-6pm 389-5351 1601 NW Newport Ave. Bend, Or. 97701 w w w. t e r p s i c h o r e a n b e n d o r e g o n . c o m

A Child’s Garden A Waldorf Inspired Program

SUMMER PROGRAM ‘Around the World in 62 days’

Travel to different Countries, make a craft, bake bread, learn games, language and music ` Ages 1 to 6 years ` Full time or Part time ` Experienced, nurturing staff Now Enrolling for the Fall

Call Ms. Rita @ 541-617-0434 or visit our website

Redmond Gymnastics Academy 541-923-3513

1789 SW Veterans Way Unit B1 / Redmond (behind Walgreens)

May 2012 17

Bend Park & Recreation Summer 2012 Camp Info

Cougar Camp Entering Grades: 3 - 6 Dates: June - August, multiple sessions, Monday - Thursday Location: Shevlin Park Sure to make great memories, Cougar Camp is one of Bend’s favorite summer camps and is located in beautiful Shevlin Park. The outdoor setting, camp crafts, swimming, skits and games will keep your child in love with the great outdoors! Kids stay for one overnight in the teepees after a family BBQ dinner on Wednesday. Fee: $155 ID $209 OD Contact:, p. (541) 389-7275 Cougar Camp - Mini Entering Grades: 3 - 6 Dates: July 2 – 3 or 5 – 6 Location: Shevlin Park Campers spend two activity-filled days in Bend’s beautiful Shevlin Park for hiking, biking, swimming, crafts, games, camp songs and fishing! Fee: $60 ID $81 OD Contact:, p. (541) 389-7275 Operation Recreation Entering Grades: 1 - 4

Dates: June 16 - August 19, M-F, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Location: Lava Ridge Elementary School Activities include daily field trips, creative arts and crafts, yummy cooking projects, hands on science experiments and lots of swimming! Weekly themes provide a great recreation and enrichment experience while kids make new friends and lasting memories. Weekly Fee: $195 ID $265 OD Contact:, (541) 389-7275 Clubhouse Day Camp Entering Grades: 5 - 6 Dates: June 16 - August 19, M-F, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Location: Sky View Middle School Custom made for adventure seeking youth and safety conscience parents! Daily explorations lead us to a variety of sites throughout Central Oregon with experienced leaders to guide the way. Days will be filled with new experiences, friends, music, swimming, hiking, arts & crafts and adventure. Daily Fee: $39 ID $53 OD Contact:, (541) 389-7275 Kid’s Kayak & Paddleboard Camp Ages: 8 - 14 Dates: Multiple 4-day sessions in July and August Location: Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe A great intro, this class takes campers through the basics of

, Dear Mom & Dad ’ having sooooo Im much


flatwater or river kayaking or too! Meals, tents and other group paddleboarding. Campers get to gear provided. learn on an area lake and river. All Fee: $156 ID $211 OD gear provided. Contact:, Fee: $275 ID $371 OD C* (541) 389-7275 Contact:, Beach Camp (541) 389-7275 Ages: 12 – 15 McKenzie River Overnight Dates: July 17 - 19 Exploration Explore the Oregon Coast - check Ages: 12 – 15 out tide pools and lighthouses, fly Dates: August 1 - 2 kites and feel the sand between Hike, camp, raft, enjoy! Start our toes. Camp at a state park with a down-trail hike along the campground with hot showers. beautiful McKenzie River, then camp Meals, tents and other group gear overnight near the river and finally provided. raft it. Meals, tents and other group Fee: $199 ID $269 OD gear provided. Contact:, Fee: $156 ID $211 OD (541) 389-7275 Contact:, The Truck Stop Skateboard Camps (541) 389-7275 Ages: 7 - 15 John Day Overnight Kayak Trip Dates: June 18 – August 30, weekly Ages: 12 - 15 sessions, M-Th 9:00 - 11:30 am Dates: July 2 - 3 Location: 1307 NE 1st Street Float the fantastic John Day River Camps for beginners and in tandem inflatable kayaks on an intermediates to improve their overnight adventure. Sun, some skateboarding skills. An open small rapids and swimming along skate jam at the end of the week with camping under the stars. Meals, will give participants a chance to kayaks, tents and other group gear show their family and friends their provided. newly developed skills. Helmets and Fee: $156 ID $211 OD skateboards are required. Contact:, Fee: $130 ID $176 OD *C (541) 389-7275 Contact:, Deschutes Overnight Raft Trip (541) 389-7275 Ages: 12 – 15 Summer Buddies Dates: August 21 - 22 Ages: 3 - 5 Two days of getting soaked Dates: June – August, multiple paddling Class III rapids, swimming sessions, twice a week in afternoon from the rafts in calm stretches and Location: Swim & Fitness for The Oregon Coast offersJuniper limitless possibilities just floating on the Deschutes River. Center exploration. The coast is a shining example of All this and camping under the stars, Children will do arts and crafts,

Northwest living. All you’ll need is a little creativity and in return, you’ll find a whole lot of adventure.

Come enjoy all that Central Oregon has to offer.

Stay 2 nights get the 3rd night free now through May 31, 2012.

G re a t P ri c e s ! Clean Houses! Service with a Smile!

Outdoor camps, art, crafts, sports, swimming and everything else to fill your summer with memories to last a lifetime.

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Call us direct at 1-800-995-2411 or email your request to info@horiz

story time, creative cooking, picnics in the park, games, and, of course, swimming in the children’s pool. Each session offers a M/W class or a Tu/Th class. Fee: $72 ID $96 OD Contact:, (541) 389-7665 All Sport Camps Weekly Grades: 1 - 5 Dates: June – August, multiple 4-day sessions, M-Th 8:30 am-12:00 pm All your favorite games such as soccer, kickball, tag, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, dodgeball, and more! Fee: $85 ID $115 OD Contact: (541) 389-7275 Running Camp Grades: 5 – 8

Dates: August 20 – 23 Location: Harmon Park Become a better, faster and smarter athlete as we provide an educational and inspirational experience for all ages and abilities. Fee: $36 ID $48 OD Contact: (541) 389-7275 Soccer Camps Ages: 4 – 16 Dates: June – August, varying multiple sessions, divided by age and level From the first kick to high school play, soccer players of all abilities have lots of great options for camps all summer long. Enjoy teambuilding, game techniques and increased ball-handling skills.

Doctors you know, care you trust.

Fees: Vary by camp Contact: (541) 389-7275 Storm Track Camp Grades: 4 – 8 Dates: June 18 – 21, M-Th 9:00 am 12:00 pm Location: Summit High School Summit High School Track coach, staff and athletes lead this camp for all ability levels. Improve your time or try a new event as coaches aim to teach the best techniques and improve your skills. Fee: $64 ID $86 OD Contact: (541) 389-7275 Sand Volleyball Camp Grades: 5 – 8 Dates: July 30 – August 1, M-W 9:30 - 11:30 am Location: Old Mill District, Sand Volleyball Courts Take your game outdoors! Conducted by high school volleyball coaches and staff, this camp includes passing, serving, setting, spiking and agility drills. Fee: $51 ID $69 OD Contact: (541) 389-7275 Middle School Tennis Camp Entering Grades: 6 - 8 Dates: August 20 – 23, M-Th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Location: Juniper Park Prepare for middle school season with 12 hours of skill tuneup! Sessions include stroke production, footwork, games, match play and

fun. Fee: $75 ID $101 OD Contact: (541) 389-7275 Youth Baseball & Softball Ages 6-12, Boys & Girls Dates: June - August This program will introduce your child to organized baseball/ softball in a fun, non-threatening environment. Fee: $52 ID $70 OD Contact:, (541)389-7275 Youth Football Camps Grades: 4 – 8 Dates: August, multiple sessions, divided by age Learn the fundamentals of football at various camps stressing the basics and sportsmanship of the game in a fun atmosphere. Fees: Vary by camp Contact:, (541)389-7275 Kickin’ Karate Camp Ages: 3 – 12 Dates: August 13 – 17, M-F 9:00 am 12:00 pm Location: Tang Soo University Learn martial arts, gymnastics and games as we work on basic technique and focus in this introduction camp. Grouped by age and ability, develop discipline, team work and motor skills. Fee: $49 ID $66 OD Contact:, (541)389-7275

Healthy Adventures Await you with Dr. Lauren Stayer, Dr. Robben Jones, Dr. Byron Maas and Dr. Megan Kinnear. Now Open Saturdays 9-4 pm

Pediatricians Neil Ernst and Peggy Philp know kids. For more than 30 years, they have worked as a team to provide head-to-toe care for infants, children and adolescents. Building on a genuine concern for preventative care in children, they provide Central Oregon kids (and their parents) the tools they need to be well and stay well. St. Charles Family Care in Redmond is currently accepting new pediatric patients, newborn through 18 years old. Please call 541-548-2164 to schedule an appointment. Open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call for an Appointment


211 NW Larch Ave., across from St. Charles Redmond | 360 NE Quimby Ave

May 2012 19

E V Lo our schools Kits for Kids About 4 years ago the Presbyterian Women’s group of First Presbyterian Church in Bend became aware of the high number of homeless children and youth in Deschutes County. In response to some of the hardships created by this situation the Kits for Kids project was established. The goal is to provide basic hygiene items in a reusable, drawstring fabric bag. In that time the project has spread beyond the church to become a project that involves many others in the county. The project begins in late April each year. Bags are sewn (from donated fabric) by volunteers from churches, interested groups and individuals throughout the community. The completed bags, which are about the size of a pillowcase, are filled


with hygiene items that cannot be purchased with food stamps. The contents are: laundry soap, dish soap, bar soap (2 bars), tooth paste (2 tubes), tooth brushes (4), deodorant (2), shampoo (1) paper towels (1 roll), toilet paper (4 rolls). These items are donated or purchased with donated funds. In late August the Kits are given to the Project Help coordinator at Bend/LaPine School District and distributed through FAN (Family Access Network) volunteers at each school. Although the results of the 2012 Homeless Count have not yet been released, it is estimated there are currently 1061 homeless students in Deschutes County. The 2012 goal of

the Kits for Kids project is to provide a hygiene Kit for each one. If you would like to be part of this community project, contact one of the following: Hilary Rothert, Community Contact, Kits for Kids 541-312-4531 Helen Smith, Co-Chair 2026 NE Shepard Bend, OR 97701 541-382-8502 Sandra Croney, Co-Chair 21362 Puffin Dr. Bend, OR 97701 541-330-5683

GRAND OPENING Room Decor Designer Baby & Children’s Apparel

Free Move-In Truck at Redmond and Terrebonne locations. Call for details

Home Furnishings Women’s Accessories

New • Vintage • Consignment

Safe & Secure • Easy In & Out • Long Term Discounts



Smith Rock Self Storage 1030 B Avenue (541) 923-6388

Hwy 97 Mini Storage 1600 N Hwy 97 (541) 548-4817



Redmond Mini Storage 1401 N Hwy 97 (541) 548-1813

1036 NE 3rd St. Bend (3rd & Greenwood) • PHONE: 541-728-0051

Sachs Tax & Accounting, LLC

Prineville Storage 1222 NW Madras Hwy (541) 416-9107

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Kevin Sachs, CPA Tax Preparation Bookeeping Payroll Personal Financial Help

354 NE Greenwood Ave #112 Bend OR 97701 541-728-0886


May 1-2nd All Day 5th Graders to OMSI Camp May 8-9th 9-3:30pm Spring Camp Amity @ Shevlin Park

Bear Creek Elementary

May 31st 9:30-11am Moving Up Day for 5th Grade

High Lakes Elementary

May 2nd 6-8pm Artist in Residence Art Show May 3rd 6:30pm 4th and 5th Grade Choir Concert May 16th 6-8pm: Science Night

Juniper Elementary

May 3rd 5:30pm Family Fiesta Fun Night May 18th 5:30pm Juniper Film Festival

Lava Ridge Elementary

May 10th 6:30pm Kinder & 1st Grade Art Night May 17th 6:30pm 4th and 5th Grade Musical May 24th 6:30pm 3rd Grade Music Showcase

Rosland Elementary

May 17th 2:30-3:30pm 5th Grade Jump Up Day Three Rivers K-8 May 24th 2:30-3:30pm 1-2-3 Music Concert

Cascade Middle School May 22nd 7pm 6th Band & Choir Concert

High Desert Middle School May 10th 6:30pm 5th Grade Student and Family Night

Pilot Butte Middle School May 22nd & 24th 7pm Spring Band Concert

Skyview Middle School May 18th 3-4:30pm Last PTSA School Dance

Mt. View High School May 3-6th 7:30pm Spring Play May 12th 8-11:30pm Prom May 15th High School Choir Extravaganza @ BHS May 24th 7:30pm Band Concert May 24th Spring Blood Drive May 31st 7:30pm Spring Choir Concert

Enrolling Now!

The Children’s Learning Center Child Care ~ Pre-school ~ Head Start Ages 6 weeks thru 5 years

Approved Curriculum Qualified Instructors Approved USDA Meals/Snacks Services for children with special needs

650 NE A St Madras OR 97741 ~ (541) 475-3628 ~

Acrovision Sports Center

Summit High School

May 4th 6:30pm Art Night May 10-11th, 17-19th 7pm SHS Drama Production May 12th 8-11pm Prom May 18th 6-8:30pm Art Night & Sr. Art Show May 19th 2pm SHS Drama Production May 24th 7:30pm Spring Concert Band May 31st Blood Drive May 31st 7pm Spring Concert and Awards


XXXBDSPWJTJPOTQPSUTDFOUFSDPN Acrovision Sports Center has been Central Oregon’s fitness/educational experts since 1994, offering professional instruction in gymnastics and martial arts.

May 2012 21

E V Lo our libraries

All Libraries CLOSED for May 6th Memorial Day, May 28th New Hikes In Central Oregon

10-11am. Read and discuss “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell. Free and open to the public.



601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15 & 11am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Preschool Parade: 1:30pm. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5.


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Baby Steps Story Time: 1:30pm. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.


Open Computer Lab 2-3:30pm. Free time to practice your computer skills or work on any problems you’re having with one of our staff on hand to help. CANCELLED April 26th.


Preschool Parade 10:30am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5.


Bend Family Stories 12:15pm. Stories, songs, rhymes, & crafts for ages 3-5.

May 2nd

Novel Idea Film Screening “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration”: 5:30-7:30pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s. Swingmania is still going strong on 52nd Street, but it has been reignited with pulsing, stomping sounds from the bands of Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw, and infused with the blues by the unforgettable voices of Billie Holiday and a newcomer—a teenage singer named Ella Fitzgerald. Free and open to the public.

May 4th

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 10am. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family. A Novel Idea: An Evening With Rules of Civility Author Amor Towles: 7-9pm. Don’t miss the literary event of the season with Rules of Civility Author Amor Towles. The reading is free, but tickets are required. Tickets are available on line at www.

2-3pm. While researching the 4th edition of his guidebook 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades, Bill Sullivan discovered new trails. He shares his discoveries during his presentation and slide show. Books available for sale following presentation. Free and open to the public.

May 7th

Baby Steps Story Time 11am. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.

May 10th

Good Chair, Great Books 12-1pm. Feed your mind at this monthly lunch-hour book club. May’s title is “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Free and open to the public.

May 13th

Second Sunday Chris Anderson and Cecelia Hagen: 2-3:30pm. Chris Anderson, author of “The Next Thing Always Belongs” and Cecelia Hagen, author of “Entering”, will both read a selection from their work. And open mic will follow the reading. Free and open to the public.

May 14th

Baby Steps Story Time 11am. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.

May 18th

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 10am. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family.

16425 1st St., La Pine


Teen Laptop Lab 3pm. Grab a laptop and play games, do your homework, check your social media, etc. Staff member in room.


Family Fun Story Times 10:30am. Feature stories, songs and rhymes that develop early literacy skills and foster curiosity. Best for ages 0-5 with their caregiver.

May 2nd

Teen Territory, Mother’s Day Make It and Take It 1:30-3:30pm. Make a present for mother’s day, supplies included but limited. Librarian in room, free and open to 6th-12th graders.

May 9th

Teen Territory, Laptop Lab and Wii 1-2:30pm. Check your email, use the laptops, or play Wii!

May 16th

Teen Territory, DIY Day 1:30-3:30pm. Try your hand at a new hobby. Supplies included. Free and open to 6th-12th graders.

May 17th

Good Chair Great Book 12-1pm. Come discuss great reads at this fun and relaxed book club. This month we will be discussing the library’s Novel Idea selection. All are welcome!

May 22nd

May 23rd

Know Classics 6-8pm. The Classics Book Club will discuss Nostromo by Joseph Conrad. Everyone is welcome.

Teen Territory, Duct Tape Day 1:30-3:30pm. Create amazing things out of duct tape. Your only limit is your imagination! Free supplies! Open to 6th-12th graders.


May 30th

62080 Dean Swift Rd., Bend


Toddlin’ Tales 9:30-10am. An interactive story time for ages birth-36mo. Preschool Parade 11-11:30am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and a craft for 3-5yrs.


Saturday Stories 10am. Saturday Stories features stories and songs that develop early literacy skills and foster curiosity. For all ages.

May 15th

Good Chair, Great Book

22 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

Teen Territory, Game Day 1-3pm. Play Wii, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Madden Football, card and board games. Librarian in room; free and open to 6th-12th graders.


175 Northwest Meadowlakes Drive Prineville

May 3rd

Teen Late Night 6-8pm. Teen Late Night at the Library

May 7th

SNAP Information 10-2pm. An OSU Extension agent will be at the library to answer questions about food benefits for families and

help with applications.


241 Southeast 7th Street, Madras


Baby Storytime 10:10am. Ages toddler to 2 yrs. Rhyme, repetition and familiar things. Pre-school Storytime 10:30am. Ages 3 and up. Narratives, world experiences, word play and crafts.


Spanish Storytime 1pm. Bebes y ninos de edad preescolar pero todas las edades estan invitados. Leeremos un cuentito, cantaremos y haremos un proyectito educacional y divertido que se podran llevar a casa. www.


827 Deschutes Ave., Redmond


Open Computer Lab 3-4:30pm. Free time to practice your computer skills or work on any problems you’re having with one of our staff on hand to help. CLOSED on April 27th


Preschool Parade 10:15 and 1:30. April 2nd 9th and 16th only. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5.


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Baby Steps Story Time 11am. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.

May 1st

A Novel Idea History and Mixology of 1930s Cocktail: 6-7:30pm. Cocktail anyone? Mixologist Columbine Quillen highlights the history of the cocktail and shows you how to mix up something special using Bendistillery vodka and gin. Participants must be over 21 and space is limited. Signups are required at www.dechuteslibrary. org. Pajama Party Story Time 6:45-7:15pm. Night time stories, songs, rhymes, & activities for ages 0-6 years

May 3rd

Teen Territory, Mom’s Day 3-4pm. Don’t forget Mom this May. Make something awesome for her at this craft. Open to grades 6-12.

May 9th Teen Laptop Lab 2:30-4:30pm. Check Facebook, play games, do your homework.

May 10th

Raven Library Teen Council Meeting 3-4:30pm. New members always welcome! We share books, plan volunteer activities, plan teen programs in the library, and have a good time! Good Chair Great Book 12-1pm. Bring your lunch, and feed your mind at this thought-provoking and fun book club. April’s book is Novel Idea...Read together selection “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles.

May 19th

Saturday Stories 10:15am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and activities for ages 0-6. Artist Reception 1-3pm. Artist Reception featuring Central Oregon Woodworkers

May 24th

Teen Laptop Lab 2:30-4:30pm. Check Facebook, play games, do your homework.


110 N Cedar Street, Sisters


Family Fun Story Time 10:30am. Come join us for reading, rhyming and singing, all of which strengthen early literacy skills! Ages 0-5.

May 5th

A Novel Idea An Evening with “Rules of Civility” Author Amor Towles: 7-9pm. This reading by “Rules of Civility” author Amor Towles takes place at the Sisters High School auditorium and is free and open to the public. A book signing by the author will follow the presentation. No tickets required.

May 23rd

Good Chair Great Book 6:30-7:30pm. Your library-sponsored book group meets once a month at 6:30 PM on a Wednesday in the Community Room at the Sisters Library. All thoughtful readers welcome!


May 2nd

Teen Territory, Game Day 1:30-3:30pm. Challenge friends to a game of Mario Kart, jam out on Rock and, or gather around a board game. Free ages 12-17

May 9th

Middle Ground, Game Day 1:30-3pm. Video and board games galore! Free and open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

May 12th

Write Now! 1-2pm. Play with words! Do you enjoy creative writing but dislike how the process is oftentimes a solitary activity? Write Now is a library program where attendees will be able to brainstorm, play word games, and enjoy the written word in a casual setting. Perhaps you will be able to get a great idea for that next short story or poem you have been meaning to write!

May 16th

Teen Territory, Open Day 1:30-3pm. It’s your place! Listen to music, chat, and activities.

May 17th

Live Read! 1pm. Live Read (lîv rçd) n. 1. A program in which attendees enjoy light refreshments while being immersed in short fiction read out loud by others; sharing encouraged.

May 22nd

Good Chair Great Book 1-2pm. Read and discuss “a novel idea book.....title to come” . Free and open to the public.

May 23rd

Middle Ground, Creative Day 1:30-3pm. Explore your creative side through craft activities! Free and open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

May 30th

Teen Territory, Open Day 1:30-3pm. It’s your place! Listen to music, chat, and activities.


56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver


Family Fun Story Time 10:30am. April 20th and 27th only. Come join us for reading, rhyming and singing, all of which strengthen early literacy skills! Ages 0-5.

May 1st

A Novel Idea History and Mixology of 1930’s Cocktails: 12-1:30pm. Cocktail anyone? Mixologist Columbine Quillen highlights the history of the cocktail and shows you how to mix up something special using Bendistillery vodka and gin. Participants must be over 21 and space is limited. Signups are required at www.dechuteslibrary.

May 2012 23

BEND’S ULTIMATE MODELING CHALLENGE CONGRATULATIONS! Brittney Wilhelm of Sisters, Oregon 17 years old She is the fan favorite and winner of One Model - Bend’s Ultimate Modeling Challenge competition. Featured in this spread are a collection of photos to showcase Brittney’s journey in the competition and uniqueness as a model. Not only did the community help us pick Brittney as the winner based upon fan votes, but the judges scores included her professionalism, rate of return of usable photos from all of her photo shoots, personality, poise, confidence and overall versatility. We are thrilled to have her hold the title! Special thanks to Brittany Dixon, fashion stylist for Brittney’s final photo shoots with Byron Roe, Tambi Lane and Brian Bulemore, our featured photographers. Produced by Eight | 18 Productions and sponsored by Local Views & Events

24 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

© Amanda M. Rose Photography

May 2012 25


Early Childhood

Watercolor Fundamentals Workshop

Clay Start

Materials, tools, techniques, and exercises will be explored to help the beginning watercolorist get started in this versatile medium. This single-day format is a great introduction for students with a tight schedule. Supplies included - paper available for purchase. $36

Ages 2-4

Sess. 4 | T | May 15 | 12pm-3 | Holtzman

Masterful Greeting Cards

Experience the tactile world of art as you and your child work in clay. Working in clay is an excellent exercise for developing your child’s fine motor skills by learning to express the world in 3-D. A caregiver must accompany each child. No child under two should be present during class. Projects vary each session. $85 Sess. 3 | TH | May 3- Jun 7 | 10am-11 | Beck

Create your own greeting cards inspired by techniques of artists throughout history during this two-hour lunchtime series. May’s session will include a brief introduction to examples and the history of Art Deco Malibu and Catalina tiles. Come make your own series of cards inspired by this colorful genre, just in time for Mother’s Day. Supplies provided for five cards for every student; additional cards can be purchased for 50 cents each. $20

Art and More

Sess. 4 “Art Deco Tiles” | W | May 9 | 12pm-2 | Solley

Sess. 3 | TH | May 3 – Jun 7 | 1pm-3 | Beck

A Painting-A-Day in Acrylic Students will complete a painting using a variety of exercises in acrylic media. May’s workshop session focuses on improving the impact of paintings through good composition, and encouraging continuing artists to explore new skills and expand their repertoire. Supplies List. $30 Sess. 4 “Composition in Acrylics” | F | May 11 | 12pm-3 | Berry

The Art of Henna With origins in Egypt, Henna is a plant-based dye that is used to create temporary body art. Learn the basic techniques of mixing your henna, applying the paste, simple designs, as well as caring for your designs after they’ve been applied. Supplies provided with a $10 materials fee paid to instructor. $48 SA | May 5 | 10am-4 | Dickerson

Sun Plaques Enjoy the cheer of the approaching summer season when you create sun plaques for your home or garden. Using terracotta clay, make a fanciful plaque based on a human or animal face inspired by the sun plaques of Mexico. Supplies included. $33 SA | May 12 | 10am-1 | Anderson

The Artful Sketchbook Practice visual journaling by using simple and fun techniques to create your own personal sketchbook. Students will sketch what they see intuitively without fear or inhibition. Supplies List. $90 W | May 16-30 | 6pm-9 | Holtzman

Fantasy Faux Mail Create your own ‘fantasy mail’ from used envelopes that have experienced the rites of passage. Using cancellation marks and intriguing vintage stamps, create scenes in watercolor either from memory, imagination or photographs. Combine images to create mysterious and fascinating artforms that can be translated into a rubber stamp, if desired. The final collaged envelope can be color copied into postcards or preserved as an original piece of art. $20 Materials fee paid to instructor. $60 F | May 18 | 10am-4 | Holtzman

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Ages 4-6

Art and literacy – a winning combination! Books will be read out loud and linked to each art project for skill development in both visual and literary arts. Your child will explore paint, clay, drawing and collage and learn important social skills. Projects vary each session. $105

Youth Monster Clay Ages 6-8

Make creepy clay projects and decorate them with a monster theme, plus sculpt your own monster pal and create a magical place for it to live. It’s all about practicing 3-D art skills while having fun! $83 TH | May 10-Jun7 | 4pm-5:30 | Bommarito

The Art of the Comic Book Ages 8-12

Discover the various states of comic book creation with lessons on figure drawing, perspective, inking, and storytelling, students will create their own comic book character and incorporate that character in a sequential narrative in collaboration with other students in the class. $68 TH | May 10-Jun 7 | 4pm-5:30 | Burke

See next page for more Youth Classes!

Hey Kids!

School’s Out,

Art’s In!

Found Object Sculpture You don’t need fancy art supplies to create something amazing. In fact, art can be found in unexpected places! Using our imagination, we will create 3-D artwork by turning everyday objects into cleverly composed sculptures. $33 Sess.1 | Ages 6-8 | F | May 4 | 9am-12 | Williams Sess. 2 | Ages 8-12 | F | May 4 | 1pm-4 | Williams

Vases in Clay The vase is a work of art that can be used in many ways: to hold pencils, store toothbrushes, organize utensils, and maybe feature flowers! Using a variety of tools and techniques, design your own version of the clay vase to glaze, fire, and pick up in time for Mother’s Day. $33 Sess. 1 | Ages 8-12 | F | May 4 | 9am-12 | Schoessler Sess. 2 | Ages 6-8 | F | May 4 | 1pm-4 | Schoessler

Our Mission is to advance printmaking and book arts as vital contemporary art forms. Atelier 6000 inspires and engages diverse artist learners and audiences in educational and creative experiences.

Atelier 6000, 389 SW Scalehouse Ct. Suite 120, Bend, OR 97702

Presentation Gallery Exhibition Title: Art & Craft

Opens: First Friday, May 4, 2012 with a 6 pm ArtTalk and Demonstration by Jeffrey Baker and Clare Carpenter, representatives from Oregon College of Art and Craft. Baker will discuss OCAC activities in Portland and here in central Oregon along with the import of arts and crafts in Oregon’s cultural dialogue. Carpenter will demonstrate a printmaking technique. Closes: Monday, May 28, 2012 Is there a line between fine art and contemporary craft? When six artists reimagine basic craft traditions to show beside their art the results include: Amy Royce encaustics and painterly jewelry; Myrna Massey Brooks found object assemblages and carved ceramic pendants; wood, metal and found object paintings and “Lost and Found” jewelry by Denise Rowcraft; abstract and photo- graphic canvases and fashions by ALXSw; famously quirky bug art and insect laden garden pots by Tara Doherty, and Lloyd McMullen’s found object 2 and 3-D paintings and Castaways upcycled clothing line.

In Atelier 6000’s Printmaking and Book Arts Studio

Classes and Workshops in May feature studies in multimedia work with specific emphasis in book arts and printmaking. For Full class description and supply list, view website: Registration is underway, call 541.330.8759 to register. Office hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. M - F

May 2012 27

Relief Nurseries Make a Difference By Tim Rusk Each year we serve 750 babies, toddlers and their families who are at risk of abuse or neglect. At MountainStar Family Relief Nursery, we simply cannot sit by knowing that over 48% of all child abuse victims--and 17 of the 22 children who died in Oregon last year--were younger than 5-years-old. We also know that in early childhood the pace of growth is phenomenal and the window of opportunity for healthy development is ephemeral. We can make a tremendous difference in the lives of babies and toddlers through the simplest actions, such as providing safety, attention, and regular food for them and encouragement and support to their parents. Children don’t choose the family they are born to, nor are they responsible for their family’s circumstances. Many of us are fortunate and come from families who cared and provided for us, but the children at MountainStar are born into families facing as many 25 major stressors. How does an infant get its needs met when competing with crushing poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction, unstable housing, or parents who

Nurseries drop the risk of child abuse by 68%. We are succeeding in giving at-risk children a fairer start in life! In all humility, where I work is the best thing since sliced bread. Relief Nurseries started in Eugene 30 years ago and now exist in 15 communities across Oregon. It is a great model that leverages government funding with private support, keeps staffing costs low and uses community volunteers, saves thousands of dollars by reducing the need for more expensive community services now

were themselves victims of abuse? Research shows that children with this start in life tend to become a burden, rather than contributors, to our society. The emotional bonds we learn to make as infants become the blueprint for our relationships later in life. As children, when we feel too much, when emotions crash like waves over the top of us, parents are our first shelter from the storm. A parent’s touch, presence and voice can help us keep our head above water and ride out the wave. Good parenting is one of those invisible advantages that some of us get and others do not.

and in the future, and prevents the individual and family devastation that occurs when a child is abused. It is hard to imagine a city without a fire department. I wish we all felt the same way about Relief Nurseries. Tim Rusk, MA has been Executive Director at MountainStar Family Relief Nursery since 2002. For more information visit www.

We all know life isn’t fair, but it seems like we should try… especially for babies and toddlers. MountainStar Family Relief Nursery is a place that does just that. Our beautiful classrooms are staffed with attentive, therapeutic caretakers and volunteers, who work with children from families that could never afford high-quality help. Home visitors give parents information about child rearing and development, teach effective strategies and techniques for parenting, and help parents set goals to make their lives better. Research shows that Oregon Relief

©Ben Edwards

Would no or low cost children’s health insurance help? Oregon Healthy Kids expands on the Oregon Health Plan by offering health care for children. There are three options for Healthy Kids coverage offered through Pacific Source and three regional carriers Trillium, Kaiser, and Samaritan.

The application is free and confidential!

No -cost* Low-cost*

To learn more or see if you qualify, please contact the following local organizations or online:

Full-cost* Less than

$44,900 annually

$44,900 $67,200 annually


$67,200 annually

* Program eligibility is mostly based on monthly income and number of members

in the family. Graphic shows examples for a family of four and annual income.

(541) 322-6820

(541) 383-6357

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(541) 382-4366

(541) 536-3435

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