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December 2012

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World Famous “Lamb Chop” Kicks-Off Christmas

Holiday Puppet Show Especially for Families at the Tower

NOW OPEN: Tumble Weeds Preschool


1789 SW Veterans Way Unit B1 / Redmond (behind Walgreens)

‘Tis the Season for Papa Murphy’s Gift Cards



hari Lewis’ daughter Mallory brings Charlie Horse, Hush Puppy and Lamb Chop to Bend’s Tower Theatre for a celebration of the true holiday spirit, Saturday, December 1 at 6 pm. ‘Tis the season for Christmas and Hanukah sing-alongs, the story of Kwanza in rhyme, and a video message from Shari. The one-hour “A Very Lamb Chop Holiday” is the perfect Christmas show for families with younger kids, and lovers of “the song that never ends”! The lovable Lamb Chop never fails to rekindle recollections of sitting in front of a TV, entranced by Shari Lewis and her amazing puppets. The Tower show culminates a special Saturday for the iconic puppet— Lamb Chop will “fire” the starting gun at the Jingle Bell Run/Walk, and ride in the Bend Christmas Parade, both in downtown Bend earlier the same day. Mallory began working with her mother at age 12, ghostwriting her newspaper column. After writing and producing “Lamb Chop’s PlayAlong” show, Lewis assumed responsibilities for her mother’s three prime-time variety specials, and served as executive story editor and producer of “The Charlie Horse Music Pizza” on PBS. She has penned 20 children’s novels, and won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series.” “A Very Lamb Chop Holiday” launches the 2012-13 season of the Tower’s LessonPLAN (Performing Live Arts Now) series, sponsored by BendBroadband. The series is made possible by grants from Children’s Edu-Investors Fund, WHH Foundation, Bank of the Cascades, and WESTAF.

Papa Murphy’s Gift Cards are available in any amount you choose. PHONE AHEAD We’ll have it ready!


BEND (NORTH) . . . NE 3rd St & Revere . . . 541 389-7272 BEND (SOUTH) . . . S Hwy 97 & Murphy . . . 541 382-6767 REDMOND . . . . SW 10th& Highland . . . . 541 548-7272 PRINEVILLE . . . . . . 1300 NE 3rd . . . . . . 541 447-5999 MADRAS . . . . . SW Hwy 97 & Bard . . . . . 541 475-1555

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The Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates the historic stage in downtown Bend. The Foundation’s mission is to provide performing arts, civic, educational and social events that enliven and enrich the lives of all Central Oregonians. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-317-0700) or online (www. Details on events are also at TheTowerTheatre. What: A Very Lamb Chop Holiday When: Saturday, December 1 -- 6 pm Where: Tower Theatre - 835 NW Wall Street - Bend, Oregon Tickets: $12 adults / $8 children 12 & under Ages: Recommended for ages 5-10 Contact: 541-317-0700 or

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Central Oregon Mastersingers and Bells of Sunriver “Ring Noel”

Jen Dorsey Graphic Designer

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Erin Miller Driver

Celebrate the magic of Christmas when the Central Oregon Mastersingers, directed by Clyde Thompson, perform perennial choral favorite “A Ceremony of Carols,” and join forces with the Bells of Sunriver for familiar carols and new music for the season, Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9 at Bend’s Tower Theatre. The concert, presented by the Tower Theatre Foundation, is sponsored by Robberson Ford and Pacific Power. For Benjamin Britten’s “A Ceremony of Carols,” the women of the Mastersingers will be joined by Central Oregon harpist Rebecca Smith. The men of the chorus will present three works of their own, including “Silent Night.” The Bells of Sunriver will perform selections ranging from “Jazzy Jingle Bells” to a special arrangement of “What Child Is This” for solo bell tree. The Central Oregon Recorder Consort also performs a selection of Renaissance Christmas music. The Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates the historic stage in downtown

Bend. The Foundation’s mission is to provide performing arts, civic, educational and social events that enliven and enrich the lives of all Central Oregonians. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-317-0700) or online (www. Details on events are also at

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E our health V o L

Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Children By Dr. Michelle K. Jackson

Nutritional deficiency is the lack of a certain vitamin, mineral or food substance needed for optimal health and to prevent disease. Even with the rising rates of childhood obesity, we cannot assume that because kids are getting bigger that they are better nourished. When looking closely at the data we see that the prevalence of overweight kids (6-19 years old) was 4-7% in the 60’s and 70’s and it went up to 16% between 1999 and 2002. Current rates of childhood obesity hovers around 19%. It is extremely important to provide kids with the appropriate foods and nutrients during growth and learning periods to prevent under nutrition, growth retardation, iron-deficiency anemia and dental cavities. Another important “deficiency” is inactivity. It is essential to feed our children “real” food and get them exercising. Obesity may lead to chronic long-term health problems such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis because we also know that overweight kids are more likely to become obese adults. We also recognize that kids consume too much fat, especially saturated fats, and sweetened beverages. They also don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables and consequently don’t get enough fibers. The most common nutrient deficiencies among school kids are calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E. Calcium is essential for bone and teeth health at any age. Kids’ calcium intake seems to decrease as they start school, as milk is replaced by sweetened drinks. If kids could take a yogurt or a drinkable yogurt for two of their snacks, it would provide about half of their calcium needs for the day. The other two servings could come from 1 ounce of cheese and 8 ounces of milk- that is if they are not dairy intolerant. Other non-dairy sources of calcium are vegetable greens, lamb, sardines, oatmeal, rice drink, broccoli and tofu. Fiber is essential for gastrointestinal motility and health. It also reduces the risk of several chronic diseases including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and colon cancer. Fiber comes from beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grain products like cereals, breads, rice and noodles. An easy way to calculate how much fiber a child needs it to take their age and add another 5 grams. For example; if a child is 9 years old, simply add 5 grams and that means they need about 14 grams of fiber per day. You do not need to calculate every gram from all the food consumed daily but get an idea. Folate or folic acid has a vital role in cell division and red blood cell formation. Children could therefore develop anemia and weakness from folate deficiency. Folate comes from the word “foliage” since it’s mostly found in dark green leafy vegetables. Besides leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens, folate is also found in beans (legumes), asparagus, beets, sweet potatoes, oranges, liver, peas, Brussels sprouts and avocado. Iron is the most widespread type of mineral deficiency in the world and we are not immune from this here in the United States. Most of our iron is used in the body to deliver oxygen to cells of the body

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and to also bring oxygen to all the muscles of the body. The best food sources of iron come from meat, poultry, organ meats and eggs. Dark green vegetables, fortified cereals, beans and lentils and nuts and seeds are also good sources. Magnesium plays an important role in the production and transport of energy, contraction and relaxation of muscles. Foods high in magnesium include green vegetables, legumes, soybeans, nuts, seeds and halibut. Another mineral, Potassium is essential for proper kidney function. It is also essential to keep blood pressure regulated and for heart and other muscle contraction. Excellent food sources of potassium are bananas, broccoli, cantaloupe, tomatoes, apricots, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Finally, Vitamin E protects and maintains cellular membranes by acting as an antioxidant. Good food sources include nuts, seeds and their oil, mangos, broccoli, spinach, dandelion, wheat germ, oats, cereals and egg yolks. As you can see that many of these deficiencies can be avoided by eating leafy green vegetables, fruits, meats and whole grains. The younger a child is the more they rely on their parents to provide nutritious meals, as our kids get older though, other circumstances will influence his or her food intake, but if healthy food is available, they will eat it.

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Bringing a Revolutionary Technology to Central Oregon By Terry Fong Over a year ago, I spent time with a mentor, a fellow naturopath, in Arizona. I watched her treat patients with this machine known as Scenar. I was skeptic over using machines in my medical practice because I had utilized my share of machines across the years as a treatment modality in the world of rehabilitation. People generally felt better with machines like Estim or ultrasound but it never lasted. People were even given TENS units to take home with them for low back pain but they became dependent on such devices. Most devices that I used in rehabilitation were mechanical in nature, so the effects remained local and did not address the body as a whole. Scenar is different.

“I had a horrible cramp in my right calf for several weeks following a difficult hike. I am also at Naturopathic physician and tried everything I knew to heal the muscle with nothing working effectively. Dr. Fong used Scenar over my calf and within minutes the pain was resolved. It never returned. I would highly recommend Dr. Fong and Scenar for any pain conditions.” ~ Erin in Carefree, AZ “The Scenar that you did on the Baker’s cyst on the back of my knee really, really helped! It is not as large or painful or obstructing as it was. Oh what a relief! Thank you so much for your help.” ~ Connie in Bend, OR “I’ve had low back pain for the last 18 years. I’ve tried numerous things and the comfort was only temporary. I had a scenar treatment with Dr. Fong and the pain went away immediately. I couldn’t believe how better I felt afterwards. “ ~ Brian in Phoenix, AZ Dr. Terry Fong is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Arizona and Oregon. She is trained in conventional and alternative medicine. She is the only certified professional in Central Oregon providing Scenar technology. For a limited time she is offering complimentary scenar treatments. Call 541-678-5356 or visit

In the time that I spent with my mentor, I saw Scenar to be effective for pneumonia, urinary tract infections, migraines, fatigue, gastritis and chronic pain. She even used it on a client with lymphoma. It wasn’t until she used it on area an of pain that I had on my back that I became a believer in its effectiveness. In two minutes the pain was gone. I had to become trained in the use of this technology. Scenar is a technology that was developed in Russia decades ago for the astronaut space program. They needed a form of treatment that would meet limited space requirements and that could treat any medical condition. The result was a device smaller than a book that simply is applied to an area of concern on the body. It picks up an imbalance and sends that message to the brain. The brain then responds by making the neurochemicals needed to balance out the discrepancy. It does not heat the body or mechanically massage the area. It allows your body to mobilize nutrients and the chemicals needed to actually heal what needs to be healed. In my own practice I have seen Scenar be effective for all kinds of conditions. From chronic pain to shingles-it has worked wonders. I have used it with patients post-stroke and on avid athletes. Here is what others have said about it:

Dr. Jocelyn Cooper Licensed Naturopathic Doctor


Botanical Medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and nutrient therapy to keep you and your family healthy Specializing in Pediatrics & Women’s Health Redmond Office: 916 SW 17 th St Ste 202 Bend Office: 745 NW Mt. Washington Dr. Ste 104


Services: • Primary Care • Preconception Planning • Cognitive Enhancement • Weight Loss • SCENAR Therapy Dr. Fong can help you overcome: • Chronic Fatigue • Chronic Pain • Chemical Sensitivities & Toxicity • Emotional Imbalances • Immune Conditions Call


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December 2012 5

E our health V o L

Your Spiritual Support Team In Motherhood By Alison Elsberry

with pure intention. Present in the moment, enjoying the relationship with your child. How Does Receiving Spiritual Support Help Your Child? Receiving help and support is a powerful demonstration of selflove and respect. When you receive spiritual support, you nurture the relationship within yourself. You awaken your Divine presence within. Your child longs to experience your Light so they can feel safe to express their gifts. When you receive spiritual nourishment, giving to your child feels easy because it comes from a place of abundance. Meeting both of your needs becomes a natural and healthy balance. 3 Simple Tips To Begin Connecting With Your Spiritual Support Team: 1. Ask Asking for their help invites their energy into your heart. They are patiently waiting. They have a strong desire to support you and want you to ask for their help. 2. Believe Your guides are always right by your side. Trust and have faith even if you can’t “see” them. Know that they are surrounding you with love. You have all the support you could ever imagine...and MORE! 3. Receive Be open to receiving messages. This may come in a variety of ways such as in your dreams or seeing and hearing words or phrases repeatedly. Maybe you even hear them! The more open you allow yourself to be, the more guidance you receive. Giving yourself time everyday to connect with your team nurtures a deeper relationship over time that will eventually feel natural and easy. In Motherhood, You Are Gifted With an Abundance of Support! The illusion of having to do it all yourself no longer serves you or your child. You are NOT alone.

It’s overwhelming trying to figure out the “right” answers and decisions when it comes to caring for your spiritually gifted child. You’re exhausted from trying to manage every aspect of their life. And you end up stressed and anxious. Perhaps craving more help and support. Did you know you’re gifted with a team of spiritual guides and allies supporting you every step of the way? Your very own circle of support cheering you on! And uplifting your spirit when you need it most. Imagine breathing a little easier knowing you are gracefully guided when learning to care for your unique child. Why Is Spiritual Support Important To You? Having a support system helps you feel successful as a Mom. Family and friends often fulfill this role. And tapping into your spiritual support team takes it to a completely different level. When you connect with the loving energy of your spiritual guides, it offers you peaceful clarity that ignites the wisdom already inside your heart. It awakens your intuition and feeds a desire for connection. You feel held in compassion and filled with love that soothes your soul. Your worries melt, fears diminish and joy fills your spirit. It’s not your job to carry the worries and fears of what may or may not be for you and your child. Give them all to your team. Allow them to unburden your mind. So your heart is light and free. Guiding the way

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Asking for spiritual support invites ease and dissolves barriers to love. You were not chosen to guide your child without heavenly support. Are you ready to be gracefully supported? Your child is. And they are patiently waiting. Alison Elsberry, OTR/L is an expert in supporting Moms to empower their spiritually gifted children. Visit to learn how she can help you ease into your highest vision of Motherhood so your child can easily fulfill their divine purpose.

Because Connection Matters

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Childhood Obesity Part 2: Keeping our Kids Active By Lori Brizee MS, RD, CSP Last month I wrote about the importance of decreasing “screen time” for our kids. So, what are alternatives do we have? How do we deal with those cold, wet winter days? Being stuck inside does not mean being stuck in front of the TV or computer! Ideas for inside, at home activities: Toddlers and preschoolers— age 2-5: •

Wooden blocks, large connectable plastic blocks (e.g. Duplos), plastic dishes (just wash them before you put food in them), cardboard boxes, and tubes. Any combination of these can be used for building things and playing all kinds of “make believe”.

Dolls, teddy bears, doll stroller can keep a young child busy for quite a while.

Toy cars, trucks, trains….

Soft balls (e.g. “nerf” ball), beach ball—any light weight ball that cannot do damage if it hits your favorite lamp or picture.

Art projects—construction paper, used computer paper, nontoxic paste, cotton balls, washable crayons and markers can be used to create great art.

Dress-up—have a costume drawer and let your kids dress-up and play make believe. Use an eyeliner pencil or face paint to help make their costume complete.

Cooking—let your child help make a meal, or bake something together. (You not only keep your children busy, but you are teaching them great skills for the future.)

Make sure your kids help clean up and put things away when they are done playing!!

Paid jobs such as babysitting, yard work…take a lifesaving and water safety instructor class and become a lifeguard and swim instructor at the local pool!

Household chores are a must for these kids—you only have a few years left to teach them how to live on their own!

During dry weather—even if it is cold, get your kids of all ages outside as much as possible. Take the time to be outside with your toddler or preschooler for a few minutes, several times per day—walk to the mailbox, water the flowers, play ball, go to a park and play on the climbing toys or swings. Send your school aged kids outside to play—yard “toys” such as a swing set, tire swing on a tree, basket ball hoop make outside play more inviting. Kids often say “there’s nothing to do”….”I’m bored”….. but a wise mother once told me, boredom is good for kids; it breeds creativity! Our local parks and recreation departments and public swimming pools offer a variety of great activities for reasonable prices. Swimming lessons in indoor pools as well as “free play time” fantastic winter time activities. Gymnastics, basketball, martial arts, music….. We don’t think “physical activity” when we think of the library; BUT our libraries are amazing free resources! Check out your local library and see what it has to offer…story time for preschoolers, classes for older kids…let alone hours of entertainment in books!

School aged—5-10: •

Use blankets and sheets to make a fort in the living room.

Blocks, Legos, Erector sets—school aged kids can become very creative with these.

Board games and card games.

Read a book!

Build model airplanes/cars/trains.

Household chores; a must for ALL kids, starting by age 4—empty garbage cans, fold and put away laundry, set/clear the table, do dishes, clean bathrooms, dust, vacuum and sweep floors, rake leaves, yard clean-up…..the list is endless! Kids need to be contributing members of your family—mom and dad should not do all the work!

Middle schoolers and High schoolers need to be redirected away from the TV or computer (this can be more difficult than it is for younger kids!)— •

Enforce the limit of 6-8 hours screen time per week. A teenager who has grown up with a limit on screen time will be able to find plenty of things to do—it will take a bit more creativity to wean any kid off of TV or computer games.

More sophisticated versions of the ideas for school aged kids can keep teenagers busy. Encourage hobbies that do not involve a computer or TV.

Bend: Bend Parks and Rec and Juniper Swim and Fitness:; A wide variety of activities offered for toddlers through adults. Redmond: Redmond Parks and Rec and Cascade Swim Center:; A wide variety of activities offered for toddlers through adults. Madras and Jefferson County: Jefferson county parks and rec: Madras Swimming pool:; A wide variety of activities offered for toddlers through adults. Prineville and Crook County: Crook County Parks and rec department:; A wide variety of activities offered for toddlers through adults. Unfortunately, Prineville does not have a public swimming pool. La Pine:; Offers and after school program for middle and high school students, Unfortunately, La Pine does not have a public swimming pool. Libraries: Bend: La Pine: Redmond: Prineville and Crook County: Madras and Jefferson County:

December 2012 7

E our community V o L Bend’ Parks Bond Narrowly Passes By Susan Zimmerman

What improvements can we expect now that the majority of us have said yes to the fees? A total of three new miles of Deschutes River Trail will be built, including a section that would link the current end of the trail to Tumalo State Park, and which would include a pedestrian bridge over the river. A Simpson Avenue recreation facility will be built on the site of the old Mt. Bachelor Park n’ Ride, which would include a winter ice rink. The measure calls for expansion of Pine Nursery Park sports fields, acquisition of land for future park expansion including near the Senior Center and Larkspur Park and completion of the Colorado Dam Safe Passage project, which would allow floaters to continue through the dam without a portage, and also create whitewater for kayakers. In addition to the more traditional parks improvements and land acquisition, 9-86 breaks new recreational ground with the promise of a winter ice-skating facility and the possible creation of a whitewater area near the the Colorado bridge. Kayakers, hockey and recreational skaters will thrill to these additions to our recreational choices. Additionally, these new recreational opportunities will be attractive to our friends who visit and play here, our awesome tourists. Whitewater play features are a major tourist attraction in other American cities. The people have spoken on the issue of parks and recreation funding, albeit many of them spoke against this specific measure. Whether or not you happily pay your new fee, the Park and Recreation District will build, acquire and improve, in the spirit of helping all of us play and live more fully in our beautiful town.

With the election of 2012 over, it’s time to let the healing begin. Close elections and a punditry that harps on our “divided nation” have become the norm in the last few decades. This year in our Central Oregon community the Bend Parks & Recreation District’s Bond Measure 9-86 was also a very close win, speaking to a local electorate divided on the issue of new fees and taxes. Last February, the Parks district polled 401 voters to assess how a possible bond measure might fare on the November ballot. They estimated it could pass by 56%, and from there forged ahead to get it on the ballot and successfully market the measure. When all the results were in, the measure had only narrowly passed 51.7 to 48.3% of voters. The cost for homeowners in the District will be $4 per month, or $48 per year, for the average homeowner whose home is assessed at $200k. Largely understood as a measure that would provide the funding for the Park District’s next generation of mega-projects, including very expensive new construction projects, the bond can also be seen as a guarantee that the brand of generous livability for which Bend is famous will continue into the foreseeable future. The measure is progrowth in the best sense of the word. Bend’s reputation is built on recreation and play, and our small city attracts thousands of visitors (not to mention new residents) all year long searching for their own experience in the rivers, desert and mountains. A good many of our residents chose to live here exactly for these experiences. After so many good years of providing recreational access to residents and tourists alike, the Bend Park and Recreation District is now doing the hard work of making certain these experiences will be here for even more people in the future, through expansion, acquisition, improvement and new construction, all of which come at a very steep price.

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December 2012 9

our community E V Lo Be Of Good Cheer: Choosing Happiness This Season

By Susan Jean Zimmerman


appiness, joy and good cheer! Many of us can access those nice feelings if we think back to Christmas past and remember the magical Christmases of childhood. Our Moms and Dads were there, organizing the magic, holding up their end of the Christmas bargain, making sure it was special for us. The tree-lot was visited on a cold December night, and the best, most symmetrical tree was loaded into the family truckster. Decorating the tree with all the family ornaments, which grew more special every year, was a big deal in our small family. Our Grandparents were still there, as well as aunties and uncles, cousins and friends. Sweaters, snow flurries, cookies and hams. Christmas smelled a certain way, too: pine and sugar, nutmeg and wood stoves. Many of us keep this connection to Christmas-past alive through our own children. Others of us in Central Oregon are removed from our families of origin and spend the holidays figuring out new rituals and traditions. For the child then and the child still within, happiness at Christmas time comes more naturally than at other times of the year. Though the more stressful parts of the holidays (shopping, spending, lines, expectations, traffic and, ironically, family) make their anxious marks on our collective brow, in general we feel a more generous spirit during the holidays, if we let that spirit in. Happiness at Christmas-time is related to choice and attention. If we feel obligated to spend and

buy for a long list of family and friends, but we don’t enjoy shopping, we are open to feeling stressed and unhappy. If we feel obligated to spend the holiday time with people we don’t enjoy or who don’t treat us well, we have made a choice to be stressed and unhappy. What we spend time doing and thinking about has consequences for our happiness. How can we convince ourselves that we are worthy of happiness and make choices that support our feeling happy? One basic way to move toward happiness is to take time to feel our feelings so that we really know when we are happy. When we know we are feeling joyful, we can then notice how we arrived there, and if we manage to stay somewhat conscious of our emotional states, even though they tend to move through us like weather, we might at least use them to help make practical decisions to increase happiness. What better time to make practical decisions that increase our sense of well-being than at this time of year, when stress and unhappiness are at least as much a part of our modern American tradition of Christmas? For instance, if you suffer a trauma trying to find perfect gifts to the extent that the joy of giving is clouded by the stress of searching (or going into debt), some changes to your tradition may be in order! Or if you usually derive great pleasure from cooking, but the hosting responsibilities have burdened you with feelings of obligation, it might be time to make reservations at a restaurant or invite someone to share the responsibility of preparing a perfect meal. If you are having a hard time drumming up even a fraction of the magic, freedom or happiness of Christmas-past, take some time to feel your feelings and notice if they are connected to any activities or people over which you might have some choice. Do you need to cook or shop or does it just make you miserable? Do you need to accept that invitation from the person in your life who is just not that great with respecting boundaries? Would you benefit from helping others in a volunteer capacity to get the focus off your own unhappiness? The amazing thing about these examples is that only one person can make these choices for you: YOU! The season needs your happiness! Our community in Central Oregon is pretty happy and healthy already. It is amazing how many people went out of their way to verbalize a “welcome to Bend” when I first moved here. And the driving was disarmingly polite. When you are happy and full of good holiday cheer, you bring nice things like smiles, compassion, and polite driving. But only you can choose the happy fork in the road for you.

specializing in acne and corrective skin care

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Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama 10 Local Views & Events


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Homemade Holiday Harmonies

the Chorus, an affiliate of Sweet Adelines, has brought holiday harmonies to Christmas events in Central Oregon as far south as Sunriver. The Chorus, which practices year round on Monday nights at the Redmond Senior Center, welcomes the opportunity to deliver the joy that only live music can bring. To prepare for the caroling, the Chorus has invited woman singers to special holiday carol practices. Starting in November Christmas music is reviewed. Most of the repertoire is familiar. A few songs, like “Funky Rudolph” are fresh offerings to the traditional Christmas faire. Back at Fred Meyer’s, the choir’s director signals the start of the next song, raising two fingers and blowing the pitch pipe. “A twofer” whispers an old hand to one of the newbies. The singers bid their audience holiday cheer, singing “We wish you a merry Christmas.” They close their song books and hurry to their next engagement. For more information on Central Oregon Showcase Chorus, call Diane 541-447-4756 or Jeannie 541-526-5006.

Shoppers at the Fred Meyer’s store smile as the familiar strains of “Deck the Halls” echo through the rafters. Following the sound of the singing, they find a group of carolers, dressed in sparkly vests stationed near the jewelry counter. A crowd gathers, listening to the familiar carol. Families pause in their busy day of errands to enjoy the pleasure that only music can bring. The carolers are from the Central Oregon Showcase Chorus who every year visit malls, hospitals and assisted living facilities with their holiday song. For singers, the holidays are a doubly special time. Besides the decorating, baking and shopping, song can be a special gift for the receiver as well as the singer. This time of year allows the members of the Central Oregon Showcase to share the gift of music with the communities of Bend, Redmond and Prineville. . For several decades 61147 S. Hwy 97 Bend, OR 97701 541.318.2962

Now providing half or full day Montessori programs for Toddlers (12 – 35 months) through Kindergarten! • Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes • Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm • Licensed by the State of Oregon Hours of operation: • American Montessori Society Member School Monday-Saturday 11:00am• toWe8:00pm have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. An Education for a Lifetime! Enrolling now for 2011-2012 Now Nowproviding providinghalf halfororfull fullday day Montessori programs Montessori programsfor for Toddlers (12 ––35 Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Toddlers (12 35months) months) Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Licensed by the State of OregonKindergarten! through through Kindergarten! American Montessori Society Member School

Now providing half or full day Montessori programs for Toddlers (12 – 35 months) through Kindergarten!

• • • • • We have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. • • for Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Morning, An Education a Lifetime! Afternoon, and Full Day Classes

• • for Extended Extended Day7:30 7:30am am––6:00 6:00pm pm Enrolling now 2011-2012 Day

• • Licensed Licensedby bythe theState StateofofOregon Oregon • • American AmericanMontessori MontessoriSociety SocietyMember MemberSchool School • • We Wehave havemoved movedtotothe theOld OldMill MillDistrict!! District!!

Curiosity, Curiosity,Independence, Independence,Confidence. Confidence. An Education An Educationfor foraaLifetime! Lifetime! Enrolling Enrollingnow nowfor for2011-2012 2011-2012

Deschutes River Montessori School

Deschutes River Montessori School 520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

Dyslexia • Spelling • Reading • Writing • Language

We can heLp! • Diagnostic assessments • Comprehensive evaluations • Individualized Treatment Hours by appointment Evening appointments available

Linda Balsiger, M.S., ccc-SLp Literacy & Learning Specialist certified Speech-Language pathologist 233 SW Wilson ave, Suite 2 Bend, OR 97702 541-385-6002 Insurance Accepted

December 2012 11

December events

friendly atmosphere. Reservations preferred. 541-306-6587 or

December 8-9

Central Oregon Mastersingers “Ring Noel” Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 2pm, Reserved Seating: $16, Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. Celebrate the magic of Christmas as the 40-voice choir with harp, directed by Clyde Thompson, performs perennial choral favorite Benjamin Britten’s “A Ceremony of Carols.” The Mastersingers then join forces with the Bells of Sunriver for a jazzy “Jingle Bells” and an unforgettable “Carol of the Bells.” 541-317-0700 or

December 8


December 1

Bend Christmas Parade Noon, Downtown Bend A Picture Perfect Christmas A Very Lamb Chop Holiday 6pm, Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St General Admission: $12 adults, $8 12 and under. Shari Lewis’ daughter, Mallory Lewis, brings Charlie Horse, Hush Puppy and Lamb Chop for a family celebration of the true holiday spirit. A perfect one-hour Christmas kick-off for younger kids, and lovers of “the song that never ends”! 541317-0700 or Bend Jingle Bell Run/Walk 11:00 AM The Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk. Be one of the many runners and walkers to hit the pavement this winter to fight arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability. Festivities include: Ugly Holiday Sweater & Holiday Costume Contest Kids Fun Run Jingle Bell Run/ Walk Followed by refreshments and swag! Kids Night Out 6:00 pm Bouncing off the Walls We’ve got your date night,ladies night,or dudes night out covered! Ages 3-10 are welcome! Unlimited bouncing, slice of pizza,craft,snacks, and a movie on the big screen! 541-306-6587

December 1-2

“The Nutcracker” Bend High School, 230 N.E. Sixth St. Saturday 3p.m. & 7p.m., Sunday 3p.m. The Central Oregon School of Ballet performs the classic dance. Holiday Book Sale Saturday 10 am-4 pm, Sunday 1-4 pm 507 N.W. Wall St. Deschutes Library Administration Building. The Friends of the Bend Public Libraries hosts a sale featuring books, CDs, audio books and more.

December 4

RAP Benefit Dinner 6:00-9:00pm, Aspen Hall, Bend. Residential Assistance Program is a not-for-profit in Bend, raising money

12 Local Views & Events

for renovation costs for resident’s home. Our Benefit Dinner will be sold by seat or by tables. $30 – Individual, $50 – Pair, $100 – Bronze (4 seats), $250 – Silver (8 seats), $400 – Gold (8 seats). 541-388-3060 or

December 5

Winter Wonderland Gala 6:00pm, Seventh Mountain Resort Please join the Network of Entrepreneurial Women for their 5th annual holiday silent auction event. Come enjoy a fun evening filled with music, great food, drinks, and a silent auction. All proceeds from this evening will go to Meadowlark Manor, a local non-profit for addolescent girls. 541-848-8598 or First Friday Art Walk 5:00 PM, Throughout Downtown Bend. View sensational local and national art at dozens of businesses downtown on the first Friday of every month. Shops are matched with artists and stay open late. Many businesses will serve food and wine as they welcome you in to enjoy their space and this wonderful evening.

December 6

Family Fun Night 6:00 Bouncing off the Walls. Bring the whole family for a night of unlimited bouncing. We pull out all the stops with our velcroe wall and jousting poles as well as access to all the usual bouncers. Includes (1) Topping pizza, and 2-liter of soda and a reservation time for your family to eat in our party room. Every 1st and 3rd thursday of the month. 541-306-6587 or 3rd Annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show 7:00 PM at the Century Center, Bend. Transforming trash and inspiring community for a sustainable earth.

December 7

Tween Night 6:00 pm at Bouncing Off The Wall 1134 SE Centennial Court. 541-306-6587 Calling all 9-12 year olds! Join us for a night of unlimited bouncing, a slice of pizza,games, and great music in a well supervised,

Roller Derby Junior Derby starts at 4:30 and the Adult bout starts at 6:00. With over 37,000 participants worldwide, Roller Derby is the fastest-growing femalefocused amateur sport in the world. Come out and see all the action right here in Bend with your Lava City Roller Dolls. Buy tickets online at

December 9

Live Community Christmas Concert 7:00pm 21610 NE Butler Market (Bend Adventist Church) Don’t miss these talented young musicians as they present this years program “O Holy Night”. This youth orchestra/ choir has been featured on various television stations across North America, including CTV coverage during the Vancouver Winter Olympics. They have toured to the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC as well as internationally to Ukraine, Guatemala, Panama and more. For more information see www.

December 15th

Craft-O! Holiday Bazaar 10:00 AM, The Old Ironworks, 50 S.E. Scott St. Buy local and hand-made this season at the second-annual Craft-O! Over 30 super fantastic makers, artists and crafters will be on hand in the beautiful Old Ironworks Arts District. Hot drinks by Oregon Spirit Distillers. From 10am to 6pm. Kids Night Out 6:00 pm Bouncing off the Walls We’ve got your date night,ladies night,or dudes night out covered! Ages 3-10 are welcome! Unlimited bouncing, slice of pizza,craft,snacks, and a movie on the big screen! 541-306-6587

December 17

Moscow Boys Choir 7:30pm, Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. “Christmas Around the World”. Celebrate the season with an exquisite blend of Christmas standards and Russian folk songs performed by twenty-five heavenly soprano and rich bass and tenor voices.m

December 21

A Christmas Carol Fri & Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 2pm, Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. This

unique local version starts with Dickens introducing his famous reading of the classic holiday story that packed auditoriums across Europe and America. Produced by Cascades Theatrical Company. Tween Night 6:00 PM, Bouncing Off The Wall, 1134 SE Centennial Court. 541-306-6587 Calling all 9-12 year olds! Join us for a night of unlimited bouncing, a slice of pizza, games, and great music in a well supervised, friendly atmosphere. Reservations preferred. 541-306-6587 or

December 29

Kids Night Out 6:00 pm Bouncing off the Walls We’ve got your date night,ladies night,or dudes night out covered! Ages 3-10 are welcome! Unlimited bouncing, slice of pizza,craft,snacks, and a movie on the big screen! 541-306-6587

December 31

New Year’s Eve Celebration 9p.m. McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St. Featuring performances by Harley Bourbon and Across the Great Divide. 541-382-5174 or


2nd Annual EVERGREEN BOUTIQUE 10:00 am-5:00 pm, La Pine Square. Sponsored by the La Pine Ya Ya Sisterhood Society. There will be an ornament tree from which you can purchase, to benefit cancer.


Weight Watchers 5:00 at the La Pine Senior Center, 16450 Victory Way

December 1

“As You Like It” 7 pm. La Pine High School, 51633 Coach Road. The La Pine High School drama department presents a play by William Shakespeare. 541-355-8400 $5, $4 students and seniors, $1 off with donations of nonperishable food.

December 7-8

Holiday Craft Fair Senior Center 8:00 am - 4:00 pm La Pine Christmas Bazaar 11:00 am - 9:00 pm, La Pine Event Center. Hundreds of crafters show their wares. Great food & good family fun followed by vehicles all lit up displaying holiday spirit. Annual Christmas tree lighting at 6:00pm.

December 8

La Pine Holiday Lights Parade 6:00 - 7:00 pm La Pine Event Center 541-536-9771

December 10

Bells of Sunriver La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St. 11a.m. Ring in the season with handbell choir the Bells of Sunriver, as they play familiar holiday tunes. 541-312-1034

LoVE us on Facebook | 541-385-1849 |

December 31

New Year’s Eve Bingo 5:00 - 9:00 pm at the Senior Center


December 14-24

KOA Christmas Lights Spectacular 2435 SW Jericho Lane at KOA Park in Culver. “Keep Our Athletics”! Proceeds go to the Madras & Culver High School Sports Programs. Donations of $5.00/car + 2 cans food for JC Food Bank. Everyone is Welcome! Stop in the Store First! To Decorate a space in the Park, bring your own Decorations to the Park & choose your space anytime after November 26th until December 14th! There is NO FEE for Decorating a Space! Call the Chamber of Commerce at 541.475.2350 or the KOA at 541.546.3046 for more information!


Lighted Christmas Parade 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

December 19

Lunch – N – Learn 12:00-1:00 pm at Rimrock Health Alliance 236 N. Main. Topic this month is Depression. 541-233-0706

December 28

Coffee Club with Pat Lenahan 7:30-8:30 am Book & Bean, 395 N. Main. Last Minute investing changes to minimize taxes. 541-447-8922

REDMOND December 1

Festival of Trees Deschutes County Expo – Middle Sisters Building Contact: Hospice of Redmond (541) 548-7483

December 1-2

6th Annual Holiday Village Market Centennial Park 7th & Evergreen from noon - 6:00 p.m. The Redmond Chamber of Commerce & CVB is proud to present the 6th Annual Holiday Village Market. A uniquely Redmond holiday tradition, the Holiday Village Market showcases seven small buildings, replicas of what you would find in a European village. These buildings will be set around Redmond’s community Christmas tree. This dreamy winter wonderland will feature seasonal specialties, holiday gifts, and distinctive arts and crafts and food perfect for the season from Redmond’s most talented vendors. 541-923-5191 or www.

December 2

Presidio Brass 2:00 pm, Redmond High School, 675 SouthWest Rimrock Drive. Presidio Brass takes us on a wild ride of blazing technique and seamless precision. By combining a brass quintet, piano and percussion instruments with fresh

original arrangements their unique sound has become a trademark for this ensemble.

December 8-9

High Desert Nutcracker Saturday, 7 pm and Sunday, 2 pm Ridgeview High School Auditorium. Redmond School of Dance presents its annual High Desert Nutcrackeron at Ridgeview High School Auditorium. This is an updated ballet, danced to the familiar Tchaikovsky score, features a slightly dysfunctional family in Act I. Soldiers and Mice are replaced by Farmers and Rockchucks in the famous Battle of the Nutcracker and King Mouse (Rockchuck). Tickets are available at Redmond School of Dance and at the Door. $11 Adults, $5 Children under 10. For more information call at 541-548-6957.


Sisters Community Theatre Workshop ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ Casting Call: Tuesday, December 11 7 p.m. at SPRD, Call Backs: Tuesday, December 18 7 p.m. at SPRD, Rehearsals: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Beginning January 8 at SPRD Performances: February 28-March 3, 2013 at Sisters High School. Open to high school students through adults with any level of experience who are enthusiastic about theatre. The auditions are cold readings. Performers must be available for all productions and rehearsals to be considered for a part. Casting requirements: 9 men and 7 women, with three small parts for men/women. We will be seeking volunteers for production crew, costumes and marketing. For more information contact Angela Lund at communitytheatre@

Black Butte Ranch 11am - 2:30 Make it a memorable holiday with horse drawn carriage rides over Big Meadow and through the woods. Rides begin every half hour from 11am2:30pm at the Lodge. $9 per person includes a hot cocoa, tall coffee or a spiced cider at the Lodge Espresso to enjoy around the fire pit before or after your ride. Call 541.595.1252 to make your reservations.


On Going

Gingerbread Junction Home building never looked so sweet! Bring your family and friends for a stroll through the 17th Annual Gingerbread Junction and see the largest display of Gingerbread Houses in the Pacific Northwest. These creative and extravagantly decorated gingerbread homes will be on display in the Sunriver Lodge through January 1st, 2013.


Weight Watchers 8:00 am - Sage Springs Club 57001 E Meadow Rd.

December 14th

Sunriver Music Festival’s Christmas Concert 7:00 PM The Homestead at Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive. Chuck Israels Jazz Orchestra of eight musicians and two vocalists will be performing their original renditions of the great American jazz masters as

Armstrong, Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis, as well as Christmas arrangements. 800-801-8765

December 15

Tree house Puppet Theatre Presents. . . Look Who’s Coming Down The Chimney!? 7:00pm North Pole (Upper level of the Sunriver Lodge) Ricky and Rocky raccoon hide behind the Christmas tree to discover Sammy skunk and many other uninvited guests coming down their chimney! Will they be able to stop the wild ruckus before Santa Claus comes? $5 children 12 and under, $1 Adults 13 and older.

December 24

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 7-8pm Sunriver Lodge. Join us for holiday trivia, caroling and a live presentation of the treasured holiday poem that made Santa a household name. Located at the Homestead. Free Admission. We will be collecting donations for the Wonderland Express instead.

December 28

Warren Miller’s “Flow State” 7:30 p.m. Sunriver Lodge. For the 63rd year in a row, Warren Miller Entertainment brings you the newest installment of Flow State, following skiers and snowboarders from the from the peaks of India to the mountains of New Hampshire, as they perform incredible feats that amaze and inspires us all. Check with the concierge for movie location.

Want your organizations event featured in our publications events section? Send us what, when, where as well as a brief description and we’ll include it. Please send all submissions by the 10th of the month prior to your event. Email your event to

December 2

Magical Voices of Christmas Sisters High School at 5:30 Free to the public. Sponsored by Sisters Rotary

December 8

Elf Hunt at Suttle Lake 3:00 to 6:00 The Lodge at Suttle Lake Help Santa round up his naughty elves with Nerf dart guns. Bring the elves back for chances to win fun raffle prizes. Cookie decorating, hot chocolate or cider by the wood fire.

December 17

Community Dinner Join the Sisters School Community for our December Community Dinner. The dinner will be held at Sisters Middle School on Monday, December 17th at 5:30. Come and enjoy a tasty meal for only $2.00 per plate. Chat with friends and neighbors and maybe meet a new friend. Everyone welcome!

December 22-31

Carriage Rides at Black Butte Ranch

December 2012 13

What There Is To Be Thankful For In Divorce By Lillian Quinn

former partner shows up for that soccer game and cheers your child on. You can find a million things wrong but if you start focusing on the positive things the parent does it can really change your life. I have come to learn that you can never change a former partner and the only person you can change is you; your attitude. There can be tremendous growth that comes from divorce. For the first time in a lot of years you start getting to know yourself again. What are your likes and dislikes? I know it is easy to put yourself on the backburner when you have a spouse and kids to take care of. You find out that you can make it on your own regardless of the obstacles. I hear so many people say that they are so much happier now out of the big house and into their own space. Of course there are financial worries but divorce puts you in charge of rowing your own boat. There are wonderful resources out there to help you learn to budget. I attended a video class called Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey and it was a wonderful opportunity to look at money and budgeting in a more positive light. I encourage my clients to seek financial counseling as well as mental health counseling. Often times people start to take better care of themselves and begin an exercise program. Divorce makes you realize that you must take care of yourself and that it is essential that you are in good shape. I’m thrilled when I run into former clients who have changed jobs and now are following their passion. I often hear the phrase, “there is so much more peace in my life”. Isn’t that what all of us can use? Divorce is extremely painful but it is a journey and there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you choose not to be stuck in the past. Former clients report that they have a closer relationship with their children after going through divorce. I am thankful that Deschutes County has great resources such as the parenting class and the mediation service to help people through the process. We have some of the best Judges in the state who truly care about families. We have committed attorneys who work countless hours on cases and sometimes don’t get paid. We do it because we believe in helping people. With holiday time here, make sure you have a clear plan of where the kids will be spending Christmas and Christmas break. If you do not have the children for Christmas, plan a special event for yourself. Realize that the holidays may be different this year but maybe even better. Instead of the big Christmas eve dinner, get Chinese takeout and go to a movie with a cherished friend. Do something creative to celebrate you.


t is holiday time again and I want to share some positive things that can happen in divorce or separation. I have run into clients who six months or a year from their divorce could not be doing better. They tell me their children are thriving and they are better friends with their former spouse. I know this is true because there is no more nitpicking about Husband and Wife issues and only issues regarding their children. People love their kids no matter what happens in their marital life. It is important to be thankful that your

N on H o st il e Fa m i l y L a w

Lillian Quinn

Attorney and Counselor of Law Oreg on B ar C er t i fi ed s ince 1992 Small Consultation Fee


zon Pet Ser v Hori i ce

Low Cost Flat Fee

• Pet Cremation with Compassion • Available 24/7 • Home Pick Up Available • Pet Loss Support Group Please call or have veterinary clinic call when the time has come.

Helping People To Avoid Litigation

• Legal Advice • Mediation • Drafting Court Documents There is a better way. 45 NW Park Place • Bend, OR

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Call Becky Vaughan 541-318-0026 1723 Lytle Street, Bend

Deschutes County’s ony privately owned & fully DEQ/EPA licensed pet cremation facility

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Bed bugs - Part 2

from getting into your clothes. Inspect your beds, including the headboards for bed bugs and other bed bug evidence. A few of my colleagues have found bed bugs in their rooms while attending seminars about bed bug detection and prevention. No one is immune to bed bugs.

Detection and Prevention By Glenn Bissell, Owner, Alpine Pest Management Last month I discussed the history of bed bugs and their close association with humans throughout the ages. This month I’ll cover the life cycle, prevention and detection techniques and some control measures that you can use to either prevent or limit a bed bug problem. Bed bugs arrive at your door with humans or on human belongings. The most common method of bringing bed bugs into your home is through traveling. Many hotels and motels are now experiencing bed bug problems. Guests can bring them into your home. Another way bed bugs are coming into homes is through personal contact. Three of our recent bed bug jobs were thought to have originated from sleepovers with other children. Another infestation started because an infested used bed was brought into a home. And another had bed bugs arrive with a new mattress, probably delivered in an infested delivery van. Additionally, some furniture rental companies have rented out bed bug infested furniture.

When you arrive home: Your washer and dryer are your first line of defense. All your belongings should start here. Dirty clothes should be washed immediately. Store all of your clothes in plastic bags until they are laundered -- don’t put them on the counter or the floor. This can allow the bed bugs to infest your laundry room, which could then allow them to spread throughout your house. Put all unworn clothes (or newly purchased items) in the dryer for at least 30 minutes on the medium temperature setting. A temperature of 120 ºF for 15 minutes will kill all stages of bedbugs from eggs to adults. Finally, thoroughly inspect your luggage for bed bugs or bed bug evidence. Store your luggage in your garage or other outside storage areas. Keeping luggage in your closet isn’t a good idea from a bed bug control standpoint.

All of these situations could have either been prevented or at least minimized by thorough inspections or some simple, very effective control measures. The best prevention is to stop them at the door, before they get in your house. The next best prevention method is early detection.

And at home: If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, a thorough inspection of the suspect area should be done. Bed bug nymphs and adults hide in tight spots usually within 5 feet of their food sources—sleeping humans. This may also be the time to call in a pest management professional. Don’t move anything out of the area until it has been thoroughly inspected. Infested mattresses and box springs do not have to be discarded. Many can be treated successfully and enclosed in bed bug control covers which are very effective in controlling bed bugs on mattresses and box springs if properly installed and maintained.

Bed bug life cycle: 1. All stages, from nymphs to adults are similar in appearance, they are just different sizes; 2. All stages feed on blood; 3. The eggs hatch about 4-12 days after being laid; 4. Under ideal conditions (70-80 ºF), bedbugs can mature in about a month; 5. A mature, mated female can lay an average of 5-7 eggs per week and survive from 6-12 months. That’s a lot of bed bugs!

Final thought: bed bug treatment is not a do-it -yourself job. They are very difficult to control. Infestations are best treated by professionals with training and specialized equipment. A word of caution: many pesticides, products, remedies and information found on the internet aren’t effective against bedbugs, and may cause you additional problems and unnecessary costs.

Visual inspections: All stages of bed bugs, from eggs to adults, and their fecal material are visible to the naked eye. A bed bug adult is about 3/16”long, oval shaped and dark reddish brown in color. People often mis-identify them as ticks or beetles.

Please contact us if you need more information. Our phone number is 541-389-4942, my email is and our website is

Some people, though not most of us, will react to bed bug bites. If someone experiences “mystery bites”-- bites without a known source, you can determine if the bites are from bed bugs with a thorough inspection of his/her sleeping area. Bedbugs hide along the seams of mattresses, in crack and crevices, and in other small places close to the sleeping area of the person. Fecal smears should also be visible if bed bugs are present. Visual inspections are also important when traveling (see below). When traveling: Keep your clothing in your suitcase or bag on a luggage rack with metal legs, or hang them up rather than putting them in the dressers provided,. This helps prevent bedbugs

The Environmentally Conscious, Scientific Solution specializing in non-pesticide control methods

................. Say Goodbye! ................. Prompt Service & Free 15 minute Phone Consultation Schedule at or call


Mice, Paper Wasps, Raccoons, Skunks, Spiders, Termites, Yellowjackets, & More.

Ants, Bats, Beetles, Birds, Bushy Tail Wood Rats/Pack Rats, Flies, Millipedes

For the little things that bug you!

December 2012 15

E V Lo our libraries



601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend For additional Library Events visit:




Toddlin’ Tales: 10:15 & 11am. 18 – 36 months with caregiver. Stories, songs and rhymes! Preschool Parade: 1:30pm. An active early literacy storytime for children 3-5. Downtown Bend - Small Business Counseling: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Toddlin’ Tales: 10:15am. 18 – 36 months with caregiver. Stories, songs and rhymes! Baby Steps Story Time: 11:30pm. Infants – 18 months. Gentle story time activities. Know Coffee Know eBooks 1:30-2:30pm.


Open Computer Lab: 2-3:30pm. Baby Steps Storytime: 1:30pm. Infants – 18 months. Gentle story time activities.


Preschool Parade: 10:30am.

December 1

Winter Book Sale: 10 am - 4 pm

December 2

Winter Book Sale: 1 pm - 4 pm

December 5

Oragami: 2 - 4:30 pm John Thompson, teenaged origami whiz, will present his incredible creations and demonstrate some simpler models. Test your skill at paper folding! Ages 12-17

December 12

Know Heroes: From 4-color to 3D: A History of the American Superhero : 6:00 - 7:00 pm


62080 Dean Swift Rd., Bend 175 Northwest Meadowlakes Drive For additional Library Events visit: Prineville For additional Library Events visit: Toddlin’ Tales: 9:30-10am. 18 – 36 months with caregiver. Stories, songs and rhymes!



Growing Tales: 6:30-7:30pm.

Wee Read: 10-11am.


Preschool Parade 9:30-10am. An active early literacy storytime for children 3-5.



December 15

Saturday Stories 9:30-10am.

December 13

Bruce Springsteen - An American Musical Hero: 6:30 - 7:30 pm Author of the recently published biography Bruce, acclaimed music writer Peter Ames Carlin presents a startlingly intimate and vivid portrait of the rock icon. Books available for sale following reading.


Wee Read: 10-11am.


Growing Tales: 11-12pm. Friends BOOK SALE: 10:30 - 2:00 pm



Family Fun Story Time: 10:30am. A fun and interactive storytime with stories, songs, rhymes and crafts aimed at getting your child ready to read! Best for ages 0-5 with an adult.

December 19

Book Ends: Babymouse!: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

December 27

Dance Jam: 3:00 - 4:30 pm Explore dance with Lonnie from Sisters Dance Academy. Put together a hip hop routine! For tweens & teens ages 11+.

827 Deschutes Ave., Redmond For additional Library Events visit: 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver redmond/ For additional Library Events visit: Tuesdays Open Computer Lab: 3pm. sunriver/



Preschool Parade: 10:15 and 1:30. An active early literacy storytime for children 3-5.

16425 1st St., La Pine For additional Library Events visit: Thursdays Toddlin’ Tales: 10:15am. lapine/ 18 – 36 months with caregiver. Stories, songs and rhymes! Mondays Baby Steps Story Time: 11am. Teen Tech Time: 3pm. Infants – 18 months. Gentle story Thursdays time activities. Family Fun Story Time: 10:30am. A fun and interactive storytime with December 3 Redmond Animal Adventures with stories, songs, rhymes and crafts the High Desert Museum: 10:15 am aimed at getting your child ready to read! Best for ages 0-5 with an adult. - 11 am

November 10

December 13

Bells of Sunriver 11:00 - 11:45 am

The Library Book Club: 12:00 - 1:00

November 20

December 15

Library Book Club Book Party! 12:00 - 1:00 pm

110 N Cedar Street, Sisters For additional Library Events visit: sisters/

LEGO® Universe: 10:30 - 12:00

December 4 &11

Family Fun Storytime: 10:30 am A fun and interactive storytime with stories, songs, rhymes and crafts aimed at getting your child ready to read! Best for ages 0-5 with an adult.

December 7

Bells of Sunriver: 1:00 - 1:45 pm

December 8

Write Now!: 1:00 - 2:00 pm Play with words! Do you enjoy creative writing but dislike how the process is oftentimes a solitary activity? Write Now is a library program where attendees will be able to brainstorm, play word games, and enjoy the written word in a casual setting.

December 12

Know Origami: 5:00 - 6:00 pm

December 15

Four-Legged Heroes: From Protection and Detection to Search and Rescue: 4:00-5:00 pm

December 18

Classics Book Club: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

December 23

Train Man: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm All Aboard! Come meet Mike, the “Train Man” and his amazing toy trains, chugging down the tracks.

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Using your Imagination

Acrovision Sports Center

By Heather McNeil, Youth Services Manager, Deschutes Public Library 541-617-7099

wo years ago a book appeared that said a lot in a very little way. The book itself is small, it contains very sparse text, and there is lots of white space rather than an abundance of garish, computer generated “art.� But this little gem contains a wallop of a message.


The book is Press Here by Herve Tullet. At first reading you might think it’s about using your imagination, and, indeed, it is. But it’s also about taking a risk, and creativity, and art. It’s about interaction between a child and a book that has paper pages. It’s about reading. The premise is that by interacting with the book you can consider new possibilities, create a new picture, or tell a new story. That’s what happens when a parent and child cuddle up with a book and talk about what they see, or what might happen, or what the bunny is feeling, or why the bird flew away. You don’t have to have anything electronic or battery-driven. It just happens. The conversation is led by the child, and results in a unique, once-ina-lifetime, always to be remembered journey of the imagination. This past year several more books have appeared that emphasize the importance of imagination, and I recommend any of them as holiday gifts for the young child. Chloe by Peter McCarty introduces a rabbit family who has just received their first television. Chloe, the one in the middle, is not impressed, and yearns to return to the way it was before, when parents and children played together. Her storytelling, and bubble wrap, save the day. David La Rochelle’s It’s a Tiger! involves not only the imagination, but also actions, as a boy journeys through the jungle, encountering a tiger at every turn. Listeners won’t be able to resist joining in the story, and, hopefully, creating their own version after the book has been set aside. Wait a minute‌.what’s that hiding behind the couch? It’s a tiger! Mem Fox is well known for her early literacy-based books that always have perfect rhythm, rhyme and repetition. Tell Me About Your Day Today is another masterpiece as it encourages the child to tell his stuffed animals all about the day, â€œâ€Śthe who, the what, the why and the way‌the whole wild thing‌turned out okay.â€? Remembering events and the order in which they happened is part of the narrative skills a child needs in order to learn to read, and this book makes it ever so much fun as one prepares for bed. Finally, there’s Hello! Hello! by Matthew Cordell. Lydia is fed up with all the electronics in her family so she steps outside and discovers a world of action and fun. Cordell’s use of lines and color make it clear to the reader that interaction and imagination are what make a young child’s life more meaningful than any device.


XXXBDSPWJTJPOTQPSUTDFOUFSDPN Acrovision Sports Center has been Central Oregon’s fitness/educational experts since 1994, offering professional instruction in gymnastics and martial arts.

LITTLE ANGELS Preschool & Childcare “Where a Lifetime of Learning Begins� Now accepting ages 6 weeks - 5 years Monday - Friday 7:30 to 5:30 Conveniently located in SE Bend off Reed Market & 15th Street

(541) 318-7351 Mention this ad and we will waive the $75 Registration Fee!!!


Piano and Keyboard Lessons Teacher holds Music Degree and over 20 years performing and teaching experience. Instruction in:

classical •pop •boogie •easy-listening •jazz•ragtime and •improvisation Lessons for beginners through advanced, children through adults. •


Call now for class schedules • Jeri Richards

December 2012 17

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our education

SCHOOL EVENTS NO SCHOOL December 7 December 24-31

Amity Creek Elementary December 4 - Winter Talent Show

Buckingham Elementary

December 17 - 1st and 2nd Grade Winter Music Program

Elk Meadow Elementary

December 11 - Book Fair December 20 - Holiday Concert

High Lakes Elementary

December 6 - 2nd Grade Performance - A Berry Merry Christmas December 12 - 4th Grade Performance - The Nutcracker

Lava Ridge Elementary

December 11 - 4th & 5th Grade Holiday Musical December 13 - 1st Grade Holiday Musical December 19 - 3rd & 4th Craft Fair

Pine Ridge Elementary

December 20 - Chorus Concert/3rd Grade Music Concert

Ponderosa Elementary

December 4 - Winter Concert D-wing December 5 - Winter Concert A-wing December 6 - Winter Concert C-wing

Three Rivers Elementary

Decvember 20 - 7th & 8th Grade Concert

Westside Village Magnet

December 1 - Holiday Bazaar December 20 - Winter Solitice Program

Cascade Middle School

December 4 - Beginning Band/Choir/Orchestra Concert December 11 - Concert/Intermediate/Jazz Concert

High Desert Middle School

December 11 - 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra Concert December 13 - 7th & 8th Grade Band Concert December 18 - 7th & 8th Grade Choir Concert

Being Seen is Being Safe

Visibility is Key for Low Light Pedestrian Travel By Annissa Anderson for Commute Options Yes, it’s the time of the year to be especially alert driving on the road now that it’s darker earlier. Whether you’re a driver or pedestrian, you have an added responsibility that is as important as someone’s life. Drivers should be keeping an extra eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists, and those on the roadside should take extra care to be seen by motorists. More than half of the pedestrians killed in Oregon in 2010 were wearing dark clothing and walking at night or in low-light hours. For that reason, organizations like Commute Options and Drive Less Connect, a statewide rideshare campaign which seeks to reduce single-person car trips by promoting travel options, are urging bicyclists and pedestrian to be as visible as possible when traveling in the dark. “Reflective clothing is one of the best ways to be seen at night,” said Jeff Monson, executive director of Commute Options. “Drivers can first see you 500 feet away if you’re wearing reflective clothing. That’s compared to just 55 feet if you’re in dark clothes,” he said. Steve Stenkamp, a Bend High School teacher who walks or bikes to work an average of three days per week throughout the year, agreed. Stenkamp recently posted on Facebook that he recommends, “Two blinking red lights on the back, a flashing headlamp and a bright headlamp on the front plus a “vis” vest.”

Sky View Middle School

“I don’t ever assume that anyone can see me,” said Stenkamp. Even with the proper lighting on his electric bicycle and person, Stenkamp said he always rides defensively. “And even when I’m walking, I have a blinking light on the back,” he said.

Bend High School

Boosting your visibility at night can be as simple as using a mini flashlight while walking around, or clipping on an inexpensive flashing light. Stenkamp said he has purchased flashing lights at Ace Hardware for less than $3.00 apiece. Another low cost option is adding reflective tape and stickers to shoes, pant straps, bags, backpacks, hats and jackets.

December 6 - Orchestra Concert December 11 - Band Concert December 13 - Choir Concert December 13 - Orchestra Concert December 18 - Band Concert December 20 - Choir Concert

Mountain View High School

December 18 - Orchestra/Band Concert December 20 - Choir Concert

Summit High School

December 13 - Winter Band Concert December 14 - Improv Show December 20 - Winter Choir Concert 18 Local Views & Events

Even changing the color of your clothing can keep you more visible on the road. Choose a bright or neon colored jacket in place of a dark-colored one for wearing when walking or biking in the dark. “Bright reflective clothing, along with reflective tape and a red flashing light are all necessary for safe travel in dusk and dark conditions,” said Monson. “If biking, a front light and rear red light are essential.”

LoVE us on Facebook | 541-385-1849 |

Get the word out about being seen and being safe. Check to make sure you and your children have the required lighting on your bicycles so that if you are caught out in the dark you and others on the roadways will stay safe. Share this information with others on Facebook, Twitter or in person with friends and neighbors. For more useful tips and how-to information, check out Commute Options for Central Oregon promotes choices that reduce the impacts of driving alone. For more information about Commute Options, contact Jeff Monson, Executive Director of Commute Options for Central Oregon at 541/3302647 or visit Annissa Anderson is a freelance writer and public relations consultant in Bend.

Be seen. Be safe. Posts & Tweets Drive Less Save More recommends Facebook posts and Tweets to friends to remind them how to keep themselves and others safe now that it is darker earlier and many people are traveling in low light conditions. Try some of these, or create your own messages to get the word out. Be sure to be seen now that it’s darker earlier. Try wearing lighter clothing and a simple light, plus be sure to light up that bike. Time to boost your visibility out on the road-just a simple light makes a big difference. Make a shining fashion statement on the road this fallaccessorize with lights, reflective tape and extra flash.


“Inspiring perfection fueled by belief and positive energy” Parent participation classes, boys and girls preschool and recreational gymnastics, dance and competitive team through Level 10 as well as a full educational preschool!

Parent’s Night Out Offered Every Saturday night from 6-9pm Gymspastics Open Gym for children 6 and under M/W/F 11:00-12:00pm Saturday 10:00-11:00

Open Gym for children 6 and up: Saturday 11:00-1:00pm

Be sure to light up your bike this fall now that it’s darker earlier. Have at least a front light and rear red reflector. Extra lights on your bag, rack and helmet are an added plus to boosting your visibility.

1045 SE Paiute Way Bend, OR 97702


December 2012 19

BEND’S ULTIMATE MODELING CHALLENGE THE VOTING IS GOING! Have you voted for your favorite yet? Vote Today @

Our second photo shoot was styled by and featured clothing from Gypsy Soul Boutique. We are very excited to have partnered with Tambi Lane Photography on this shoot! Our competitors were the first to be photographed in her new studio space, in the Old Iron Works District. Tambi was able to capture our competitor’s beauty using lots of natural light from the Central Oregon sunshine. Our competitors are counting on your votes, and the competition is close! Stay tuned for next month’s issue with our final round photo shoot, and watch for more information on our Grand Finale Fashion Show!

Executive Producer – Flip Flop Sounds

Make sure you “like” the Local Views & Events Facebook page and the One Model page for lots of additional information about our contestants and behind the scenes photos.

Photography by Tambi Lane Photography

How YOU get Involved: Check out the photos below to see how beautiful the girls look after their second photo shoot and take a minute to choose your favorite. Go to “One Model – Bend’s Ultimate modeling Challenge” page on Facebook and cast your vote. Pick up Local Views & Events again in December, January, and February to see the different looks and styles that the girls will portray and vote again. Join us at the Grand Finale Fashion Show in February to the girls stomp it out on the fashion runway. You get to vote at the fashion show for your favorite! That night, we will crown our winner! The finale fashion will be a huge event with many local celebrities, lots of new surprises, and amazing fashion and fun.

Sydnee O’‘’ Loughlin, 19

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Maria Anderson 20 Local Views & Events

Coordinating Producer – Undefined Events

Make Up Design By Haley Bennett of Lemon Drop Salon Hair Design By Errilla DeTienne and Maria Anderson of Lemon Drop Salon Thank you to Haley Bennet, Maria Anderson, and Errilla DeTienne for your styling of our competitors!!! Visit them at the Lemon Drop Salon! (located at 5 NW Minnesota, #105) Clothing Provided by Gypsy Soul Boutique. Furniture provided by Gypsy Home. Gypsy Soul is a shopping adventure. You will find new fashionable women’s clothing and accessories that will enhance your style. Gypsy Home shabby pieces will make your space vintage hip. All of this in one boutique, so come put some gypsy in your home, heart and soul. Located at 815 Wall Street, Bend Oregon. A special thank you to Local Views & Events for their media sponsorship.

JoriLynn Messner, 19

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Errilla DeTienne LoVE us on Facebook | 541-385-1849 |

Shelby Alvarez, 15

Monae‘ ’ Khorvash, 16

Hannah Schreindl, 21

Krystina Jermaczonak, 19

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Maria Anderson

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Errilla DeTienne

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Maria Anderson

makeup by Haley Bennett and hair by Maria Anderson December 2012 21

Adult Classes Clay Candelaria Ages 14 and Older

Cultures around the world use different traditions for holding their candles, from candelabras to menorahs and luminaria. Using these influences, students will create a candelaria of their design to hold one or multiple candles. Pieces will be bisque fired and ready glaze on the second day of class. $80 SA | Dec 8 & 15 | 1pm-5 | Bommarito

A Painting A Day in Acrylics Series Ages 14 and Older

Youth Classes

Students will complete a painting using a variety of exercises in acrylic media. Choose any or all workshop sessions, each focusing on a specific subject, technique, or medium, encouraging continuing artists to explore new skills and expand their repertoire. Supplies List. $30

School’s Out, Art’s In: Gifts from Clay

Sess: 3 “Winter Floral” | F | Dec 14 | 12pm-3 | Berry

Handmade gifts are kept for a lifetime. Create a personalized ceramic gift using hand-building techniques, to be fired and picked up in time for the holidays! $36

Art Paired with Wine Series

Sess: 1 Ages 8-12 | F | Dec 7 | 9am-12 | Bommarito Sess: 2 Ages 6-8 | F | Dec 7 | 1pm-4 | Bommarito

School’s Out, Art’s In: Wintry Watercolor Collage Create a winter landscape that will capture the beauty of the season. Using artists’ watercolor techniques like salt resist, make painted papers that will show texture and color for a unique, wintry collage. $36

Ages 21 and Older

It’s a little bit of art, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of inspiration! Each session introduces a different art medium. Create in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. All supplies, two glasses of wine, and light appetizers included. $40 Sess: 4 Mixed-Media Collage | TH | Dec 20 | 6pm-9 | Holtzman

Sess: 1 Ages 6-8 | F | Dec 7 | 9am-12 | Williams Sess: 2 Ages 8-12 | F | Dec 7 | 1pm-4 | Williams

Register at Atelier 6000, office hours are 9:30 – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday ART TALK at Atelier 6000 Wednesday, December 5, 6 – 8 pm The Language of Prints, What does it all mean? Multiples, Limited Editions and Unique Selections? View print collections and hear about the process and techniques of printmaking while learning the language of prints. FREE Atelier 6000, 389 SW Scalehouse Ct. Suite 120, Bend, OR 97702

PRESENTATION GALLERY A contemporary presentation gallery, Atelier 6000 is transformed each month exhibiting original, inspired exhibitions featuring local and regional artists, artist in residence works, outsider artists and fine art crafts. Two exhibitions are highlighted at Atelier 6000 in December - Opens: December 7, 5:30 – 8 pm Branching Out Invited artists and Atelier 6000 members investigate “Branching Out” as a metaphor for exploration into new imagery and technique. Objects In the spirit of the “handmade” this exhibition epitomizes small revered objects d’art we desire to collect and admire for their unusual internal spirit. ATELIER 6000 MEMBERS EXHIBIT AT TOWNSHENDS TEAHOUSE Original prints and mixed media prints by A6 members are highlighted in Inked Surface, an exhibition at Townshends Teahouse. Opens December 7, 2012. ATELIER 6000’S PRINTMAKING & BOOK ARTS STUDIO WORKSHOPS Classes are open to the public and perfect for the novice, serious art student and professional. Classes in December feature study with specific emphasis in BOOK ARTS.

December 2012 23

Local Artist Kevin Schwarting

Two Passions Come Together By Susan Zimmerman Artist Kevin Schwarting has only lived in Bend for a couple of years, but in that short time he has spread an impressive amount of colorful magic around town. Like a fire piercing

the darkness at the ski shelter or the new Jubelale label jumping out at you in Safeway, Schwarting’s scenes are explosive bouts of color in our otherwise earth-toned Central Oregon winters. His color-

saturated fantasy-scapes are bizarrely realistic, popping out at us in bands of blue, white, and green to represent mountainside, treeline and sky. Though the shapes and color are stylized, Schwarting’s canvases seem to belong to Central Oregon, like an organic outgrowth of the ponderosas and snow. They are the exaggerated colors we all see in the Cascade’s crystalline air.

Pottery Painting


arth•Fire•Art is a new paint your own pottery studio located at 117 NW Oregon Ave, in downtown Bend. Brandi Gleason, who started her new business in June of this year, is offering a unique holiday gift giving idea for those who want to give handmade items.

Schwarting’s art makes me think about other western landscape artists whose love of natural beauty was translated so colorfully. His greens and blues especially call to mind Emily Carr’s Canadian forests of the early 1900s. So many of us came to this area attracted to the mountains, and at least one of us, Schwarting, took that inspiration in and then gave it back to us through his own experience on the slopes. His skiiers are humorous, tubepeople, hurtling vertically through the air, extreme-style. Of his subject matter, he says: “I paint to bring people to that magical headspace of what skiing can be on those rare hero days. I paint the feeling of what extreme skiers experience. It is a dreamscape and an understanding of what it feels like to be the skier in the painting. Some people like the colors, the snow or the trees. Some people like the mountains. MY ultimate goal is achieved when I see the reaction of people who have experienced the images I paint. I know I’ve done good when those people complement me. Those people are my biggest asset.” Kevin Schwartings art can currently be seen at Crow’s Feet Commons in the Mirror Pond Plaza. For more information on Kevin, check out his new website

participants, please call School of Enrichment at 541-771-2275. For more information look Earth*Fire*Art up on Facebook, check out their website at, call 541-323-3480 to make reservations for groups or parties, or drop by the store and check out the wide variety of unique pottery items that will make great gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

“All Christmas holiday items are on sale right now,” said Gleason. “This is an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind, hand-painted holiday gifts for all of your loved ones,” she added. Earth*Fire*Art offers a wide variety of pottery pieces to choose from: wine glasses, piggy banks, serving platters, flower pots, light switches, tiles, cars, animals, sports items and much more. There truly is something for everyone of every age and experience level that customers can paint in their own style and color schemes. Children are always welcome at Earth*Fire*Art and there are special kid-friendly, affordable pottery projects for all ages. This is a great way to keep kids occupied on days when school gets out early, weekends, evenings and holidays. Specialty projects such as hand and foot imprints with a child’s birth date make unique gifts for grandparents, in-laws or other distant relatives and friends.  Capturing hand and footprints on a wall hanging tile, a coffee cup, a serving platter, or other items, is a fun way to record milestones for your whole family. Groups of six or more, for parties of all types — birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal showers, family reunions and company team-building — are also welcome though reservations are encouraged to insure enough seating is available. Open studio time is also available for customers to create hand-built clay items that can be glazed and fired, as well as the other types of pottery. Hand-built creations do require a two-step process of building the art piece, firing it, then coming back a couple of days later to paint and do a final firing. Clay for hand-building projects costs $15 per pound and includes the whole process of painting, glazing and firing. Please allow one week for hand built items to be completed. Earth*Fire*Art is open seven days a week. Store hours are: Mon – Fri, 1pm-7pm, Sat. 11am-7pm, and Sun. 11am-6pm.  Private parties may make reservations at any time during normal business hours. For those customers who enjoy downtown Bend’s First Friday Art Hop, Earth*Fire*Art collaborates with the School of Enrichment to offer Drop and Hop, an evening of child care with pottery and other fun projects for kids to enjoy while parents can enjoy the adult festivities offered in the downtown area. Reservations are required for all Drop and Hop

24 Local Views & Events

117 NW Oregon Ave • Bend OR 97701 Open 7 days a week • M-F: 1pm-7pm, Sat: 11-7pm, Sun: 11-6pm


Personalized Unique Holiday Gifts! LoVE us on Facebook | 541-385-1849 |

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