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Clean, Beautiful, Unfussy Party Food By Susan Rutter Figuring out what to serve can be the obstacle between you and your party. The idea of serving twenty or thirty guests filling, yummy foods, above and beyond crudites, can be overwhelming, especially if you want to impress with great tastes and presentation. Adding to the difficulty of feeding a group is the fact that people are becoming more aware of their food sensitivities and allergens, as with gluten. Throwing a shindig sometimes means being sensitive to these very common issues. After catering many cocktail parties, New Years bashes and family reunions, a few favorite hors d’oeuvres recipes have emerged as all-time favorites for me and my clients. Happily, they both happen to be gluten-free! I’d like to share two recipes with you to help make a casual get-together more flavorful or a fancier party more filling! Smoked Salmon Dip With Rice Crackers (Gluten-free) 1 8 oz package cream cheese 1 cup sour cream juice from two lemons horseradish to taste (at least 1 tablespoon) salt to taste 1 or 2 cups flaked or chopped smoked salmon ½ cup chopped, toasted pecans chopped chives Combine cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, horseradish, and salt. Fold in chopped salmon, chives and pecans. Serve with rice crackers for dipping. Sliced English Cucumber Rounds with Lemony Goat Cheese and Tomato (Gluten-free) 3 English Cucumbers, sliced into rounds 10 oz goat cheese 2 t chopped fresh thyme 2 t grated lemon peel 1 clove minced garlic 5 t olive oil cherry tomatoes, halved Mix goat cheese, thyme, lemon peel, garlic and olive oil. Spread on top of each cucumber round and top with a cherry tomato half. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt and serve as bite-sized appetizer. Susan Rutter is chef and owner of Pure Ingredients personal chef and catering service. Find her at and 541.550.9220.

Tour du Chocolat Returns Taste Local Chefs’ Decadent Desserts and Support Tower Theatre Foundation For the fifth year, the Tower Theatre Foundation’s Tour du Chocolat returns as the centerpiece of Downtown Bend’s First Friday festivities on April 6. A delectable buffet of desserts from local chefs will fill the historic, Art Deco-style theatre starting at 6 p.m. For only $5 per person, visitors can sample a smorgasbord of chocolate creations, sip a Deschutes Brewery beer especially crafted to accompany chocolate, and experience the Tower from a new perspective—on stage, perusing the many sweet samples. The perfect family outing, admission includes milk from Eberhards Dairy, beer, wine, soda or water. Proceeds support the nonprofit Tower Theatre Foundation and help bring more events and programming to Central Oregon like the recent appearances by the Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats and the Tao drummers from Japan. Raffle tickets for free Tower memberships are $5 each. The Tour, presented by Country Financial and hosted by 99.7 The Mountain’s Donna James, offers the entire family an opportunity to sample treats from an allstar lineup of local chocolatiers, including: 10 Below; 900 Wall;

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Broken Top; Fearless Baking; Ida’s Cupcakes; Lidia’s Chocolates; Tate and Tate; The Well Traveled Fork. In addition, student teams from COCC’s Cascade Culinary Institute offer their indulgent desserts. Chef Gene Fritz, Director and Executive Chef at COCC’s Cascade Culinary Institute, heads a panel of local judges, including The Bulletin’s John Gottenberg Anderson, COTV’s Kristi Miller, International School of Baking’s Marda Stoliar and KBND’s Julia Gray. Categories include Best Tasting, Best Presentation and Most Creative/Original Theme. Last year’s Best of Tour prize went to Broken Top Club. The Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates the historic venue in downtown Bend. Individual and group tickets are available at the Tower Theatre box office (541-317-0700). Program information is online at www. or at www. What: Tour du Chocolat Desserts, drinks, raffles to raise funds for Tower Theatre Foundation When: Friday, April 6 ~ 6 p.m. until the chocolate runs out Where: Tower Theatre ~ 835 NW Wall Street ~ Bend, Oregon Tickets: Available at the door ~ $5 four tastes and beverage/$5 raffle tickets


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Recognizing Various Levels of Anxiety in Children and Adults By Dr. Michelle Jackson In this article, I would like to discuss anxiety in children, but many of the symptoms cross over into adults. We all feel anxiety at some point, it is a normal reaction to stress and can actually be beneficial in some situations. For some children and adults, however, anxiety can become excessive, and while the person suffering may realize it is excessive they may also have difficulty controlling it. This may negatively affect their day-to-day living with friends and family. There are a wide variety of anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and specific phobias to name a few. Collectively, anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders experienced by Americans, including children. Anxiety disorders affect one in eight children. Research shows that untreated children with anxiety disorders are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, miss out on important social experiences, and engage in substance abuse. Anxiety disorders also often cooccur with other disorders such as depression, eating disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With treatment and support, children can learn how to successfully manage the symptoms of an anxiety disorder and live a normal childhood. Naturopathic medicine treats the whole person, and I feel it id important to look at all possible causes of anxiety including physical, mental and emotional. I would like talk about only a few of the most common anxiety disorders. If your child has generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, he or she will worry excessively about a variety of things such as grades, family issues, and relationships with peers, and performance in sports. Children with GAD tend to be very hard on themselves and

strive for perfection. They may also seek constant approval or reassurance from others. Second is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. This is characterized by unwanted and intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and feeling compelled to repeatedly perform rituals and routines (compulsions) to try and ease anxiety. Most children with OCD are diagnosed around age 10, although the disorder can strike children as young as two or three. Boys are more likely to develop OCD before puberty, while girls tend to develop it during adolescence. Panic disorder is diagnosed if your child suffers at least two unexpected panic or anxiety attacks—which means they come on suddenly and for no reason— followed by at least one month of concern over having another attack, or losing control. Children with posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, may have intense fear and anxiety, become emotionally numb or easily irritable, or avoid places, people, or activities after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic or life-threatening event. Not every child who experiences or hears about a traumatic event will develop PTSD. It is normal to be fearful, sad, or apprehensive after such events, and many children will recover from these feelings in a short time. Children most at risk for PTSD are those who directly witnessed a traumatic event, who suffered directly (such as injury or the death of a parent), had mental health problems before the event, and who lack a strong support network. Finally, social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, is characterized by an intense fear of social and performance situations and activities such as being called on in class or starting a conversation with a peer. This can significantly impair your child’s school performance and attendance, as well as his or her ability to socialize with peers and develop and maintain relationships.

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Nutritional and herbal supplementation can be an effective way to treat anxiety. Activities such as regular exercise, yoga and tai chi can be helpful, also a balanced diet, minimizing stressful experiences as much as possible too. I also recommend a B complex vitamin- B vitamins are essential for stress management, the Bs help make some of our calming brain chemicals such as serotonin. A complex with all 8 of the essential B vitamins is ideal. Gaba- is actually a brain chemical that can be found as a supplement. It usually has a calming effect on the brain. Gaba should be tested though since low or elevated GABA levels can cause anxiety. My very favorite for almost anyone to try is magnesium; it is very effective for moderate or mild anxiety. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer that I also use for

any muscle tension. Specific anti-anxiety herbal supplementation is also obtained with passionflower, and valerian. Both herbs improve anxiety without effecting daytime school or job performance but passionflower and valerian can also used at night for insomnia since they can cause drowsiness when used at night. Finally Rescue Remedy, like magnesium, I highly recommend for most anyone. It does not interact with conventional medicines of patient are already on medications for anxiety. As with any illness, a trained professional should evaluate anxiety concerns in you or child. Conventional therapy will usually involve medication; more alternative treatments with a naturopathic physician may involve psychotherapy, medication and or herbal, nutritional, or supplemental treatments.



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Celebrate!! By Jane Meyers The heart of a party is the impulse to celebrate. But celebrating doesn’t require a party. It can be very simple and, if we want a life that feels rich and joyful, ought to be an integral part of our living. Small occasions can be worthy of celebration. In her delightful book called “Life is a Verb” Patti Digh relates the story of her daughter coming home in first grade after her very first test. “How did you do?” her Dad asked. “I got 30%!” she exclaimed proudly. Patti says she was already mentally preparing to have to hire tutors to get her through the first grade and was already ruling out college. She was about to say “You must feel awful” but something made her bite her tongue and instead simply ask, “How did that make you feel?” Her daughter responded with enthusiasm, “I got some right!!!!” This was a turning point in Patti’s family because they realized that little achievements are cause for revelry and so they keep a stock of birthday candles on hand at all times to enable spontaneous celebrations. Candles can be lit for a new haircut, passing the swim test, rearranging the bedroom, learning to tie shoes, finding your lost keys, reading your first chapter book, falling off a horse

and getting back on, making a new friend, getting a part in the school play, shoveling the snow without being asked, losing your first tooth, growing another inch, getting your first babysitting job, a new scouting badge…..the possibilities are endless. Business guru Tom Peters said, “Celebrate what you want to see more of.” I love this quote. It takes the idea of positive reinforcement of behaviors we want into party mode. So much more energetic and compelling than a mere “Atta Boy (Girl)!” Are you familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks? They talk about focusing on thoughts that make you feel good and on what you want rather than what you don’t want. If you take that concept and add celebration it really puts an exclamation point on what you want. You end up really noticing the good stuff in life. The more you notice, the more good it all seems. Like the little girl who could celebrate getting some right, you find there’s some good in every situation—and you may as well make that silver lining a reason for whooping it up. Not only are there unlimited reasons to celebrate, there are also unlimited people that can be honored with candles. What about having one day a week that is devoted to honoring one

person in the family? Suppose you make Tuesdays “Honored Person Day”? On this day, the family member of the day receives a shower of appreciation for the fine qualities s/he possesses, an acknowledgement of recent achievements, and a plethora of candles to illuminate his or her beautiful face! Why wait for birthdays to make a fuss over people that you love? So here’s your challenge. Don’t wait another day. Find an excuse to celebrate now. Get down to the grocery store without delay and stock up on candles. Watch the surprise and delight on the family faces when you light the celebration candles tonight! Jane Meyers, C.Ht. is the owner of Positive Life Connections. She has been serving Central Oregonians since 1993. You can learn more about Jane at

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Yoga in Counseling with Children By Anna Thedford, M.A., LPCI As a newer community member to Central Oregon let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Thedford and I am a Child and Family Therapist and former school counselor. My family and I moved to Bend six months ago where I opened a private practice to do what I love, counsel children and families. I have a childcentered approach to therapy. Meaning, I look at each child as an individual with individual needs. Therapy is not one size fits all. When I go to a conference for therapists it is the same scene, a manual for different issues; anger, ADHD, depression/anxiety, etc. These manuals can really build up on the book shelf and though they can have great pieces of information they seem to be missing an important piece. I

was looking for a well rounded program that I and my clients could get excited about. Six years ago I found that in a program called Yoga Calm®. My counseling education is in traditional forms of therapy such as play therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, but I also provide a type of counseling that some might say is “out of the box”. The unique part of my practice is the integration of yoga and counseling. This is done in individual sessions, peer groups, and in-home sessions with families. When working with families it is a way to bring them together, teach them to play, have fun, communicate, and honor each others unique gifts. This work is especially powerful for a child with special needs such as Autism or ADHD. These children may experience

Because Every Child Deserves a Healthy Beginning...

a lot of negative feedback from peers, siblings, and adults telling them that what they are doing is wrong. Messages these children may hear are: “You can’t sit still”, “You are weird”, “You are too wild”, “You can’t focus”, “Stop fidgeting with that”, and the list goes on. How often are they given positive feedback that the way they are is perfect and beautiful? Is the positive feedback off setting the negative? These are questions that many of us face who live or work with these wonderful, yet challenging children. Addressing these challenges in counseling with the integration of Yoga Calm has been very effective in my work with children. I appreciate their philosophy and humbleness as not proclaiming to be the “cure-all”, but a highly effective tool to integrate into any program. Yoga Calm is a balance of using physical yoga poses, cognitive development, and social/ emotional learning in each of their sixty published activities. They use experiential learning through games and discussions to develop important life

skills. Yoga Calm was originally designed as a curriculum for teachers and school counselors to use in the classroom and in small groups. It was developed for children of all ages, but is especially beneficial for the most difficult child who has a hard time regulating their emotions and controlling their behavior. Over the past ten years Yoga Calm has expanded to multiple professions such as Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Nurses, Psychologists, Yoga Instructors, and Parents. It is even being used by the Mayo Clinic, a highly acclaimed medical research institute. Right here in Central Oregon, there are over thirty educators and practitioners using Yoga Calm in their classrooms and practices with great success. I am excited to be a part of this work in our Central Oregon community. For more on how to get Yoga Calm into your schools, upcoming Central Oregon workshops, and becoming a certified instructor visit You can reach Anna Thedford, M.A., LPCI at 541- 390-8655.

Yoga Calm®

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strong connections can help kids steer clear of alcohol use

By Oregon Partnership Although many kids may not always admit it, time and again they say their parents are the most significant influence in their lives. And the fact is, a child whose family has clear rules against alcohol and other drug use is much less likely to experiment. A study a few years ago by the nonprofit research organization RAND Corporation involving children in the sixth and seventh grades found that those exposed to alcohol advertising at high levels - from television, magazines, in-store displays and promotional items such as T-shirts and posters - were 50 percent more likely to drink and 36 percent more likely to intend to drink than children whose exposure to alcohol advertising was very low.   The stakes are incredibly high when it comes to influencing our kids and helping them steer clear of alcohol. Alcohol is the No. 1 drug of choice for teens. According to a 2010 survey, about one in five Oregon 8th-graders, and more than one-third of 11thgraders, said they drank alcohol in the past month. And far too many youngsters are drinking to get drunk, with about one in every

five 11th-graders reporting they had five or more drinks of alcohol in a row, on at least one day in the past month. But there are many ways parents and caregivers can help keep kids safe, healthy and alcohol free. With April’s national Alcohol Awareness Month upon us, here are a few strategies: - Talk early and often with your child about the harms of alcohol use. Use marketing messages you and your child see that glamorize alcohol as teachable moments and opportunities to encourage critical thinking. And share what science tells us about alcohol’s harms to the developing brain. - Listen to your child and try to understand his or her concerns. Paraphrase what he or she says to you. Your child may have opinions, fears and concerns about substance use. In addition to sharing with your son or daughter the facts about alcohol and other drug use, ask them open-ended questions and listen to their perspectives. -  Establish clear, consistent rules and consequences about youth alcohol use and other inappropriate behavior. Ask for your child’s input about family rules. Create an environment in which youth drinking is

unacceptable, and enforce consequences consistently. Possible family rules might include requiring your child to always tell you where they are going and who they’ll be with, and not drinking until they turn 21. - Help your child develop the skills to refuse offers of alcohol and other drugs from their peers and others. Together, practice responses they are comfortable saying. - Praise your child and reward good behavior consistently and immediately. - Promote healthy, creative activities such as the arts and sports, and encourage your child to tell you about their hopes and dreams. - Get involved with school activities as much as you can. - Establish together time, a regular weekly routine for doing something special with your child. This time can help restore and strengthen your connection with your son or daughter, providing space outside the hustle and bustle of daily life to talk about their challenges and successes and to have some fun. - Remember that parenting doesn’t have to be done in isolation. Consider spending time with the parents of your child’s friends. You’ll find other parents

share many of the same concerns and challenges about raising kids. Together, you can establish standards of behavior, explore ways to build your parenting skills through classes and seminars, and become an even better parent. Parents and other caregivers in Central Oregon interested in parenting resources and information about helping youth stay alcohol and drug free may contact the Deschutes County Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator (541-330-4632); the Crook County Prevention Coordinator (541-416-8392); the Alcohol/Meth Prevention Coordinator for Warm Springs (541-553-2211); or the Certified Prevention Specialists at the BestCare Prevention Office in Madras (541-475-4884). Parenting resources and information also are available from the Central Oregon Family Resource Center ( This article was submitted by Oregon Partnership, a statewide nonprofit that exists to prevent substance abuse and suicide. For parenting resources and more information, please visit www., or call 503-244-5211.

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Spring Programs for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety by the Oregon Department of Transportation. SRTS is an international program, which creates safe, convenient and fun opportunities for children to bicycle and walk to and from school.

By Annissa Anderson Commute Options


This spring, Commute Options will be conducting bike safety education at local middle and elementary schools. The classes, offered through Safe Routes to School (SRTS), are funded

With the help of community volunteers, Brian Potwin, SRTS certified instructor and program coordinator for Commute Options, brings a fleet of over 30 bicycles to schools to give eight hours of instruction over a two-week period. During the course of the session that is part of their regular school day, students learn everything from pedestrian safety to vehicular cycling. Participating schools for the spring sessions are Bear Creek, Elk Meadow and Juniper Elementary schools (4th and 5th grades) R.E.A.L.M.S. middle school (6th grade).

“Safe Routes to Schools promotes healthy, active lifestyles from an early age,” says Potwin. “But just as important is the knowledge children gain about how to navigate streets and sidewalks safely. By the end of the class, kids have a much better concept of how the transportation system works, and how they can safely be part of that system,” he says.

be predictable. In addition to learning the rules of the road, the bike safety courses also teach kids the fun of riding bikes. If kids (and their parents) feel confident in biking safely, they can bike to school and around their neighborhoods, increasing their energy and self-confidence and making them healthier citizens.

The standardized curriculum Potwin uses in all SRTS courses teaches not only how to properly fit a bike helmet, bike maintenance and riding instruction, but most importantly, how a bicycle is a vehicle. Students learn about laws for bicyclists that they would otherwise not be learning. Many classes also include a visit from a local law enforcement officer or physician to talk about the importance of following laws and how wearing a helmet can protect your brain in case of an accident. Free helmets are offered to any participating student who needs one.

Potwin and volunteers will also be conducting after-school rides at Highland Elementary at Kenwood on early release Wednesdays in May. The program is open to all enrolled students as an opportunity to promote bicycling to school for elementary school students (in place of other SRTS training).

All SRTS courses cover the key components of bike safety – be visible, be alert, be aware, and

National funding for future SRTS programs is not guaranteed. Potwin recently returned from the annual National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. where he spoke to congressional members about issues regarding transportation. Specifically, he – and others from the Summit – urged members of congress to vote for laws that will return funding for SRTS to current

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Computer College! Design a Website ~ Bend 6/18-6/21, Madras 7/23-7/26 Flash Animation ~ Bend 6/18-6/21 Digital Photography ~ Prineville 6/25-6/28, Bend 7/9-7/12, LaPine 7/23-7/26 Video Production ~ Bend 6/25-6/28 Create an iPhone or Android App ~ Bend 7/16-7/19 Computer 3D Modeling & Animation ~ Bend 7/23-7/26

Language College! Spanish Language for Middle School ~ Bend 7/9-7/12

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3 Easy Ways to Register! Online at Telephone 541.383.7270 In person (M-F 9am-5pm) COCC Community Learning Boyle Education Center . 2600 NW College Way . Bend OR 97701

COMMUNITY LEARNING (541) 383-7270 ~ In advance of College events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability, contact Joe Viola: 541-383-7775. For accommodation because of other disability such as hearing impairment, contact Anne Walker: 541-383-7743.

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levels. Summit attendees also met on finding alternative forms of funding for bicycle programs, strategies for increasing ridership in other demographics and ways to demonstrate the economic benefits of cycling. Looking ahead, Commute Options was recently awarded four mini-grants by the Alliance for Community Traffic Safety (ACTS) to complete action plans for four schools – Ponderosa and Miller elementary schools in Bend, Sage Elementary in Redmond and Black Butte School in Camp Sherman – to create baseline data on the bike- and walkability of these locations. “The action plans are the first part in bringing future SRTS education programs to these schools,” says Potwin.

“Maintaining Safe Routes to Schools programs is important because they create convenient and fun opportunities for kids to bike and walk safely to and from school,” says Potwin. Interested in volunteering to help with SRTS courses? No previous experience is necessary, but volunteers must provide their own bicycle and helmet. To volunteer, contact Brian Potwin with Commute Options, brian@ Commute Options promotes choices that reduce the impacts of driving alone. For more information about Commute Options, contact Jeff Monson, Executive Director of Commute Options at 541/3302647 or visit

Safe Routes to School 2012 Spring Schedule* R.E.A.L.M.S.: April 2 –13 Bear Creek Elementary: April 23 – May 11 Elk Meadow Elementary: May 14 – June 1 Juniper Elementary: May 21 – June 8 *SRTS classes are not held on Wednesdays due to early release.

Annissa Anderson is a freelance writer and public relations consultant in Bend.

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By Lillian Quinn The family home is commonly the biggest asset in a divorce case. Sadly, in these economic times the family home can be a troublesome area when it comes to divorce. In the good old days, the home would be sold quickly and each party would have a nice pot of equity to restart their lives. Today, a lot of family homes are upside down and no equity is to be had. There are different options that can be examined in a divorce situation. One option would be for one of the spouses to remain in the family home making the mortgage until the home is no longer upside down. Sometimes, one spouse does not have the financial resources to make the entire payment. It would be beneficial for the other spouse to chip in on the house payment until the home can be sold. It is a marital asset along with a marital debt. I have had some couples who have had to reside in the home together even though they have separated. This is emotionally difficult but sometimes it is the only option. You may see if there are any relatives and/or friends that would like to go in on a real estate investment and help with the mortgage in exchange for part of the profit when the home sells. I have had some clients who have secured roommates to make the mortgage payment. As a last resort, some couples end up having to give the house back to the bank. My understanding is that a short sale is better than a foreclosure but I would encourage anyone in this position to speak with an experienced realtor and a bankruptcy attorney. Often, one party will ask to be taken off the title but if you are

on the bank loan then you are responsible for the debt even if the divorce judgment states the other party is awarded the house. The mortgage company cares who is signed onto the loan and they don’t go by what the divorce judgment states. That is why it is important that if one spouse takes the family home that the family home is refinanced into their name so the remaining spouse is under no financial obligation. Often, a refinance can’t occur right away and both spouses must make sure that house payment is being paid monthly or both parties can be thrown into default. It won’t work to say, “I thought my ex-wife was making the monthly payment”. Please see a family law attorney for any questions you may have regarding your specific situation. Family law attorneys are coming up with some creative solutions in these troubled times. Lillian Quinn works as a family law attorney with over 20 years of experience. You can reach her at 541-318-8038 or on the web www.

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Car Seat Clinics Bend Fire Department 1212 SW Simpson Ave 541-322-6200 Fourth Wednesday of every month 10am-1pm St. Charles Hospital Monday - Friday call for appmt 541-706-3799 Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild Meets monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 5-8 PM. Open to all non-traditional sewers and quilters. The groups meets at QuiltWorks in Bend at 926 NE Greenwood Ave. Visit to find out the latest news. Bring a project, a friend and learn about the Modern Quilt Guild. Partners In Care For family and friends mourning the death of a loved one, Partners In Care, offers free, on-going support groups. All classes are at the Partners In Care location unless otherwise stated. 2075 NE Wyatt Court. Please RSVP at 541-382-5882 for the class you’re interested in. Partners In Care offers monthly community educational. Coffee & Doughnuts with Bob & the Boys Last Thursday of the month 10–11am. Sorry ladies…. gentlemen only for this grief support group. My Friend’s House For children and families who have experienced a loss through death. Parents & caregivers can meet for support and healing while their children attend group with other children. No cost. Dinner included. Contact Eileen for pre-registration at 382-5882. First Thursday Banjo Jam River Rim Coffeehouse, 7-9 features a fun group of Bluegrass players. Goody’s Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory Tours At 1111 SE Division, 541-385-7085. Come experience the award-winning tastes of Goody’s Chocolate and Ice Cream, a Central Oregon tradition

for over 27 years. See the website for details and to find out when the tours start! www.goodyschocolates. com. Kids’ Night Out at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center 6:30 PM. A safe and fun-filled program for children ages 3-11, runs every Saturday from 6:30 -9:30pm through May 26th. Young children, ages 3-5, enjoy games, crafts, stories, movies and more while older children, ages 6-11, enjoy an evening of swimming, crafts and games. (Swimming is not available for young children, ages 3-5.) Pizza, a drink and a healthy snack are included. This low-cost program is $10 per child for district residents and $14 per child for those living outside district boundaries. 800 NE 6th Street, Bend. Participants may register at https:// Ice Skating at Seventh Mountain Resort 18575 SW Century Drive, Bend. Spin and twirl your way around the finest sheet of ice in Central Oregon. Birthday party, private ice time and fundraiser options available. $8 admission, $6 skate rental. www. Leapers and Creepers at the High Desert Museum March 1st-April 29th. 10am. Live panther chameleons are among more than 20 types of native and exotic frogs and reptiles in the exhibit Leapers & Creepers. Learn about their fascinating natural history and conservation topics through interactive activities. At the High Desert Museum, 59800 South Highway 97. Family-to-Family Classes NAMI Central Oregon will begin new sessions beginning in March. The class will be on Monday evenings from 6:30-9pm beginning March 5th. This is a free 12 week class but does require registration and a commitment to attend all classes. To register for the class please call either Maryann Shelton at 541-419-5638 or Roger Olson at 541-480-1960. For information: Template.cfm?Section=Family-toFamily&lstid=605.

Kids’ Night Out at Bouncing Off The Walls Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month. 6pm. We’ve got your date night,ladies night,or dudes night out covered! Ages 3-10 are welcome! Unlimited bouncing, slice of pizza,craft,snacks, and a movie on the big screen! Cost: $20. www. Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting For Godot” April 5th-22nd, 7:30pm. Innovation Theatre Works announces the next production of its 2011-2012 MainStage Season is one of the single most important plays in the history of the modern theatre and a first for Central Oregon audiences. Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot has been hailed as a masterpiece of absurdist theatre and a play that forever changed the landscape of drama. Cost: $20 regular and $18 Senior/ Students & Groups. Location: 1155 SW Division Street, #B-8, Between Reed Market & Third. www.visitbend. com Family Fun Night at Bouncing Off The Walls Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. 6pm. Bring the whole family for a night of unlimited bouncing. We pull out all the stops with our Velcro wall and jousting poles as well as access to all the usual bouncers. Includes (1) Topping pizza, and 2-liter of soda and a reservation time for your family to eat in our party room.

Cost: $20 per family of 4. Location: Bouncing of the Walls. www. Cascades Theatrical Company Presents Rabbit Hole April 20th –May 6th. Becca and Howie Corbett have everything a family could want, until a lifeshattering accident turns their world upside down and leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. This drama charts their bittersweet search for comfort in the darkest of places and for a path that will lead them back into the light of day. The play paints an incredibly honest, hopeful and unexpectedly witty portrait of a family navigating its feelings of grief. Location: 148 NW Greenwood Ave.

April 3rd

Are You My Mother? 6pm. An original musical based on P.D. Eastman’s enduring children’s classic. Tickets: General Admission $12 Adults and $8 Children. Location: The Tower Theatre, downtown Bend. High Desert Museum New Volunteer Orientation 10:30-11:30am. Are you interested in becoming a member of our awardwinning volunteer team? Come to a one-hour informational orientation session to learn about becoming a High Desert Museum volunteer. Location: High Desert Museum.

April 2012 11

April 6th

Inside Out City Walls at City Hall First Friday Art Show 5-8pm. This wonderful show is a unique collaboration between The Environmental Center and a dozen of our member groups with local artists that will be interpret our work in the community through art, expressing how Bend’s external environment inspires our internal environment (mental, physical, emotional & spiritual). Location: Bend City Hall, 710 NW Wall St. Raise The Vibe Performance 6:30-8:30pm. Serving up funk! Be there. Cost: FREE. Location: The Common Table, Oregon St, downtown Bend. www.raisethevibe. net First Friday Art Walk 5-9pm. Held the first Friday of every month. Galleries in downtown Bend and the Old Mill District open their doors for these special monthly evenings. Most are already open seven days a week, but First Fridays are a special gathering for art lovers. Many participating galleries bring in live music, new exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, plus the everpopular food and wine samplings. Tour Du Chocolat 6pm. The Tower’s annual delectable sampling of Central Oregon’s best desserts. A “must stop” for chocolate lovers of all ages during downtown Bend’s First Friday. Special reception for Tower Members at 5 p.m. Doors open to the general public at 6pm. Four chocolate samples and a drink (wine, beer, milk or water) for only $5. Presented by Country Financial. Proceeds benefit the Tower Theatre Foundation. Tickets $5, available at the door only. Location: The Tower Theatre, downtown Bend. www.

April 7th

Ladies of Jazz Benefit Concert at The Loft 7-9pm. With more than 30 years of experience each in the vocal jazz scene, we are proud to present Dae, Van Handel & Ross for a great night of jazz at the Loft. Backed by AJ Cohn (keyboards), Michael Scott (bass), and Karl Lindgren (drums), Lisa Dae, Michelle Van Handel and Teresa Ross will be singing the night away with great jazz standards from Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington and more. Free to Loft Members. Non-members: $20. Space is limited so reserve your tickets today. www. Raise The Vibe Performance 10-1am. It’s gonna be crazy! Cost: FREE! Location: The Astro Lounge, Bond St, downtown Bend. www. April 8th Elks Easter Egg Hunt 9am. Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Location: Juniper Park.

April 9th

Bend Poetry Slam 8pm. The slam is open to all poets

who have the bravery, or enough liquor, to perform original pieces in front of a rowdy audience in three minutes or less. Five judges randomly selected from the audience score the poets and advance them (or not) to subsequent rounds. Poets sign up to perform at 7:30. Location: Astro Lounge.

April 11th

“Table of Content” Fundraiser Featuring Tradition Mexican Taco Menu 6pm. Enjoy the dishes created while you listen to excerpts from Isabel Allende’s memoir and cookbook, “Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses,” read by Dick Falxa. A retired OSUCascades professor of Spanish, Falxa has worked with Spanishspeaking students as a volunteer at The Storefront Project of The Nature of Words. Cost: $70 per person. Location: Ginger’s Kitchenware.

April 12th

Clean Bin Project 7pm. 2011 Best Conservation Film - Brought to you by BendFilm and Cascades Academy of Central Oregon. The Clean Bin Project follows our year our trying to live consumer and waste-free and explores the larger issues of garbage in North America. Featuring interviews with renowned artist, Chris Jordan and marine pollution expert, Captain Charles Moore, the film presents the serious topic of waste reduction with optimism, humor, and inspiration for individual action. Join Grant & Jen after the film for a live Q&A! General Admission: $12. www.towertheatre. org.

April 14th

Triage 7:30-9:30pm. An improvisational comedy show for the whole family in the style of “Whose Line is it Anyway?. Doors open at 7pm, $5 cover. Location: Greenwood Playhouse. Musical Play Date Dear World I Love You: 10-11am. He’ll show you how with a musical play date featuring songs, dances, instruments and fun activities! This one hour class includes an instrument and music for you to take home. Cost: $12 per child or $20 per family. Ages: Infant - 8 years with adult. Limited space available! Please be sure to register via email to amyj@ www. Raise The Vibe Performance 10-1:30am. Locations: Players Bar and Grill, SW Century Dr, Bend. www. The Fat Boy Chronicles 7pm. Inspired by a true story and based on the bestselling book, this feature film reveals the emotionally painful world of obese teens. Humiliated by taunting classmates, 14-year old Jimmy focuses on his goals, loses weight and wins the girl of his dreams. A stirring story featuring Bend’s own Cole Carson. (2010, rated PG). General Admission: $9.

12 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

Disc Go Ball: 8am. Come celebrate the installation of Bend Park & Rec’s new 9-hole disc golf course. The golf tournament coincides with the Gandy Goose, an ultimate Frisbee event featuring 16 teams from across the Northwest. The combined events will feature non-stop disc flying action; including an array of Frisbee side games, on field snacks, entertainment, demonstrations, and a Saturday night player’s party. Let’s disc go! Location: Bend Pine Nursery.

April 14th and 21st

Bonfire On The Snow 7-11pm. Celebrate the holidays with your family like you never have before! Snowshoe a short way with a Wanderlust Tours guide to a quiet spot in the snowy forest to bask at a glowing “bonfire” in the middle of an amazing amphitheater hand carved into the snow! Naturalist guides share fun facts about the forest, its animal life and the night sky while you relax around the fire enjoying desserts and hot drinks. Includes all transportation, snowshoes, food/ drinks and the best naturalist guides around! Kids 8 years old and older welcome. Reservations required. For reservations or more information, call 800-962-2862. Cost: $75 per person. Location: Tour takes place in the High Cascade Mountains. Shuttle van pick-ups available in Bend & Sunriver.

April 14th-15th

Northwest Crossing Bend Spring Festival 11am. The Mainstage features an outstanding lineup of local, regional and national performers. From tribal sounds and soul acoustic to Middle Eastern fusion and hip hop, this free stage of romp-stomping entertainment will implore you to dance all weekend long. Located at the intersection of Mt. Washington Drive and NorthWest Crossing Drive. Chamber Music Concert: April 14th, 7:30pm. April 15th, 2pm. We will feature two local performing groups: Candlelight Chamber Players and the Summit Express Jazz Band. All of musicians are members of the Central Oregon Symphony. Audience members will be entertained to the toe-tapping tunes of The Summit Express Jazz Band. This event is for donating members of the Central Oregon Symphony Association (COSA). Tickets are required. Location: Bend High School Auditorium. www.

April 20th-21st

“Choralscapes” 7:30pm. Join the Mastersingers as they journey into evocative times and places through the medium of choral sound. Classic choral pieces by Samuel Barber, Gyorgi Ligeti, and Claudio Monteverdi will be explored alongside new music by Veljo Tormis and others. Location: Church of the Nazarene. com.

April 21st

Walk MS 2012: Join a 5K Walk to create a world free of MS. Walk MS helps raise critical funds that support cutting edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education and provide programs and services to help people with MS move their lives forward. Registration required. Location: the Old Mill. Earth Day Fair and Parade 11-3pm. Join The Environmental Center for our annual Earth Day Fair and Parade! Location: The Environmental Center - 16 NW Kansas Avenue in downtown Bend Cost: FREE. Central Oregon’s Got Talent 6pm. The BEST annual talent show in Bend! Brought to you by Pacific Source and Bend Park and Recreation District. Local singers, dancers and more compete for cash prizes. Proceeds benefit therapeutic and adaptive recreation. $12 adults $8 kids (12 and under). Doors open at 5pm. Location: The Tower Theatre.

April 22nd

CASA’s Light of Hope Walk/Run Proceeds from the Light of Hope will benefit Court Appointed Special Advocate’s program serving abused and neglected children in the juvenile justice court system. Location: the Old Mill. Registration required. Banff Mountain Film Festival: 5-9pm. This Earth Day, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, one of the most prestigious, mountain festivals in the world, will be in Bend for one performance at the Century Center at 6pm. The tour has stops planned in about 390 communities and 35 countries across the globe, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival. Location: The Century Center. www.

April 27th

The California Guitar Trio & The Montreal Guitar Trio 7:30pm. An astounding evening of wide-ranging instrumental music from classical to jazz, pop to surf rock. This rare six-by-6-string event features two virtuoso groups performing separately and together, with intricate original compositions and breathtaking blends of acoustic and electric guitar wizardry. Tickets: Reserved Seating $25 and $30. Location: The Tower Theatre. www.

April 27th-28th

Christian Youth Summit-Point of Faith 6:30pm. Come join hundreds of Christian teens for an empowering Summit designed to help Christians live out their faith in an increasingly secular world, answer challenging questions, and impact the world for Christ. Cost: $30, Price includes: All general and breakout sessions, snacks & lunch on Saturday, worship concert, extensive resource binder,

& ministry fair. Location: Westside Church.

April 28th

March for Babies March for Babies raises money to support programs that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. March of Dimes has been organizing walks since 1970 and have raised an incredible $2 billion to benefit all babies. Registration required. Location: The Old Mill. Twist and Shout: 8pm. Twist & Shout is truly the definitive Beatles experience played by brilliant musicians with an inherent understanding of why The Beatles will forever be the most beloved and respected rock band in history. Tickets: $39.00, $33.50, $28.50 ($2.50 increase all seats Day of Show). Location: The Tower Theatre.

April 29th

Keola Beamer 7pm. Slack key guitar legend Keola Beamer and twice Grammynominated Hawaiian songstress Raiatea Helm come together to create music that is generating a lot of buzz in the islands. Their songs incorporate ancient Hawaiian musical instruments into inventive arrangements of both well-loved Hawaiian music and contemporary songs for something new and fresh. “This is a wonderful collaboration so much heart and soul and beauty.” --George Winston, Pianist/Producer. Reserved Seating: $25 and $35.

LAPINE April 8th

3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt 1-3pm. This event is for ages 0 to 13. This year it will be on Easter Sunday . This will be an event you won’t want to miss, as there will be over a 1,000 eggs up for grabs!! Location: Lapine Event Center. April 20th La Pine Chamber of Commerce Breakfast 7:45-9:15am. Come and join the Chamber for Breakfast at the La Pine Senior Center, 16450 Victory Way. Open to Chamber Members and their guest. Speaker, Sponsor, and lots of networking. Cost for the Breakfast is $8. Call the Chamber for more information and to reserve a seat, (541) 536-9771. www.lapine. org

April 14th -15th

Lapine Sportsman Jamboree April 14th, 9-5pm. April 15th, 9-3pm. Gun, Knife, Coin & Collectible Show. Exhibit - Swap - Buy - Sell - Trade Come and Look. Antique & Modern Firearms - Knives - Coins - Collectibles. Great home cooked food available for purchase. Admission is $5($4 with trade gun). Children 12 and under admitted free with an adult. All proceeds go to support the La

Pine Senior Activity Center. Location: Lapine Event Center.


Car Seat Clinics Madras-Jefferson County Fire Department 765 SE Adams Dr., Madras 541-475-7274 Third Thursdayof every month 11am -1pm

April 6th

Art Adventure Gallery Reception 5:30-7pm. Madras Local artists featured for the month. Location: 185 SE 5th Street, Madras, OR. Contact Chamber Office at 541.475.2350.

April 14th

10th Annual Honor Dinner Join us in Honoring Lillian Pitt, Broughton ‘Brot’ Bishop, and Adeline Miller at the Museum at Warm Springs 10th Annual Honor Dinner April 14th at the World Forestry Center! Lillian Pitt is an award winning artist from Warm Springs Indian Reservation whose work continues to inspire artists throughout the nation and the world. www.museumatwarmsprings. org

April 21st

Kid’s Club of J.C. Fundraiser 6-11pm. Location: Madras Elk Lodge at 262 SW 2nd Street in Madras.


Skating Rink Open Friday and Saturday nights, 6-9pm through May. The Parks District operates a roller skating rink from September, after school begins, through early May. It’s located in the gymnasium of Crooked River

April 21st

Crook County Cleanup 9-1pm. Help keep Crook County Beautiful! Free BBQ for volunteers. Location: Begins at Pioneer Park.

April 28th

Bowl For Kid’s Sake Bowl for Kids’ Sake is about having fun to help kids. It is our most important fundraising event. Funds raised go directly toward matching children with carefully-screened, caring Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers.

Central Christian School Tiger Tuesdays: 10am-2pm. Every Tuesday the community is invited to visit us. 2234 SE 6th St., Redmond.

April 3rd & 17th

American Red Cross Blood Drive 11-4pm. American Red Cross Blood Drive at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Donors are needed every day. Don’t wait to help save a life. Identification is required. Location: 450 SW Rimrock Way, Redmond.

April 8th

Adaptive Easter Egg Hunt 11-1pm. Bring your basket and find those eggs. All ERC and ILS students are invited to join us for an Adaptive Easter Egg Hunt. In addition to searching for eggs, join us for face painting, a spring craft, lawn games and photos with our very own Bunny! Location: Quince Park.

April 21st

Redmond Earth Day Fair 10-4pm. Outdoor festival with music by Moon Mt Ramblers, with bounce houses and costume parade with prizes. Catered lunch and Cascade Lakes beers for sale. Volunteer clean up of Dry Canyon. Family friendly and pets on leash welcome. Cost: Free. Location: American Legion Park, 850 SW Rimrock Way. 4th Annual Spring Fling Car Show 9-12:30pm. Diego’s Spirited Kitchen is sponsoring the 4ht Annual Spring Fling Car Show on Evergreen Ave. and Seventh Street (Next to the Redmond Chamber of Commerce).Location: 447 SW 6th St.

April 22nd

Vocaldente 2pm and 6:30pm. A Cappella Quintet with incredible energy and artistry. Their pitch and timing are right on and their ensemble sound is fluid, dynamic and moves like one voice. You will love this amazing “export from Germany”. Location: Redmond high school auditorium.

SISTERS April 13th

My Own Two Hands Art Stroll 4pm. This is an annual event that helps support the Sisters Americana Project & art education in the Sisters School District. Community Parade is followed by Art Stroll & Chili Feed. Location: Downtown Sisters. www.

April 14th

My Own Two Hands Art Auction Community Art Party & Entertainment. This is an annual event that helps support the Sisters Americana Project & art education in the Sister’s School District. Call the Sisters Folk Festival office for tickets. Location: Downtown Sisters.

April 15th

Peterson Ridge Rumble: 7am. Bring a great sense of adventure, and you’ll enjoy it! To stay true to the low-key vibe of the event, dogs are allowed in the 20 mile race (Sorry, no dogs in the 40 mile). Both races will start and finish at the Sisters Middle School. There are two distances in the event: 40 mile and 20 mile options. Location: Sisters Middle School.

SUNRIVER April 8th

Easter in the Village Easter egg hunts for all ages, carnival games for kids, visit by the Easter Bunny AND MORE! Location: The Village at Sunriver.

April 14th

Second Saturday Art Walk 4-7pm. Begin this monthly Art Walk in Sunriver with a visit to the Artists’s Gallery Sunriver (bldg #19) where you can visit with local artists while enjoying refreshments. Get your Art Walk punch card and then tour various merchants in The Village at Sunriver to view additional works of art. Once you’ve visited all the stores on the Art Walk and have your punch card filled, enter it in the special prize drawing. Location: The Village at Sunriver.


Car Seat Clinics Redmond Fire Department Have local car seat technicians help you install your child car seat correctly for FREE! Statistics show that 8 out of 10 car seats are installed wrong! By appointment, 3rd Thursday of every month 4-6pm. Questions: 541-504-5016 or go to

Redmond Gymnastics Academy 541-923-3513

1789 SW Veterans Way Unit B1 / Redmond (behind Walgreens)

April 2012 13

E V Lo our pets

April Showers Bring May Flowers By Dr. Megan Kinnear

associated with malignant hyperthermia in dogs. Outside of the gardens and compost piles, we also need to be aware of the potential hazards on the trails. There are some toxic mushrooms that can cause gastrointestinal distress, as well as damage to the nervous system, kidneys, liver and red blood cells. If your pet ingests a mushroom, contact your veterinarian immediately. If possible, it is helpful to bring a sample of the mushroom to show the doctor. There are many poisonous plants in our homes, yards and on our trails, but a few of the most common and dangerous plants include Lilies (in cats), Autumn Crocus, Azalea, Castor Bean, Foxglove, Kalanchoe, Oleander, Rhododendron, Rhubarb (leaves), Sago Palm and Yew. A more complete list of toxic plants can be found at http://oregonvma. org/care-health/poisonous-plants. It is true that April showers can bring some dangerous May flowers, but with a little knowledge about the plants and pesticides to avoid, you can enjoy springtime adventures and hard-working days in the garden with your animals. With the support of your veterinarian, you can learn the warning signs and the appropriate treatment regime if your pet is to ingest a toxin. So be aware of your surroundings, but do not miss spring’s sounds, sights and smells with your furry friends. Here is to a healthy and happy spring. See you on the trails! Megan Kinnear, DVM and outdoor enthusiast, is a new resident of Bend. With her dog Oliver, she has been enjoying the outdoor playground of Central Oregon. She is a part of the wonderful crew at Bend Veterinary Clinic, and when she is not on one of her bicycles, she enjoys helping to create healthy life styles for our companion animals.

Believe it or not, spring is here. It is time to put away our down coats, to let the cats outside and to excite our dogs with longer walks in the park. Time, too, to start thinking about the potential dangers our pets might find in the garden, compost pile, and on the trail. Learning about the various toxins that are present during spring can prevent upset stomachs and more serious toxic injury to our pets’ livers, kidneys and intestines.

Healthy Adventures Await you with Dr. Lauren Stayer, Dr. Robben Jones, Dr. Byron Maas and Dr. Megan Kinnear. Now Open Saturdays 9-4 pm

The sunshine will soon have us playing in the dirt and planting seeds for the summer’s vegetable and flower harvests. As many bugs, slugs and rodents will be threatening the seedling’s quest for maturity, we may reach for pesticides and fertilizers. It is important that these products are pet friendly since our furry friends will most certainly help with the digging and planting. Natural alternatives to chemicals such as diatomaceous earth or fermenting liquid (like yeast, water and yogurt or beer placed at soil’s surface) can be effective ways to keep gardens pest free and our pets safe. If it is necessary to use chemicals, keep them in well sealed packages, up and away from the dog and cat’s reach. Although not a complete list, the pesticides to be most careful with include insecticides containing methomyl, disyston or disulfoton and mole or gopher bait containing zinc phosphide. Most forms of rat poison are extremely dangerous. Although we do not see many slugs in this area of Oregon, our friends on the west side of the mountains need to be careful with the snail and slug bait containing metaldehyde or iron, especially since some dogs find this snail bait quite tasty. For more information you can visit http://oregonvma. org/care-health/outdoor-hazards or check out the National Pesticide Information Center. Our compost piles can also pose a risk to our pets. Many mycotoxins (molds) and bacteria grow on composting food, and if ingested they can affect the central nervous system causing tremors and seizures, and can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. Also, home brewers need to be careful with their used hops as ingestion of spent hops has been

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541-382-0741 360 NE Quimby Ave

10 Questions

for All For Dogs Rescue of Central Oregon By Susan Rutter From humble beginnings to 20 foster homes and close to 700 dogs saved in less than three years, Local Views & Events wanted to know more about All For Dogs Rescue. We sat down with board president Kym Garrett and asked her to fill us in. Here’s what she had to say about this successful non-profit organization whose mission it is to save more dogs. How long has All For Dogs Rescue of Central Oregon (AFD) been around? AFD was started in August 2009 and we adopted our first dog in September 2009. What kind of dogs does AFD rescue?

We are an all breed rescue so we do not discern by breed, age or sex. We do however have strict temperament requirements. Any dog we bring into rescue must be good with people and social with other dogs. Does AFD work with local shelters/Humane Societies? We have a very good working relationship with the Bend shelter. How many dogs does AFD save? We average about 5 adoptions/ week. We have adopted out close to 700 dogs since beginning. How did you get into rescue? When I bought my first house I adopted a dog from the Bend Humane Society and fell in love with her. It blew my mind that so many dogs like her were put to sleep in our country simply due

April Pet Events Petco Adoptions April 14th. At Bend PetCo. Bend Meet A Retired Racer Day: April 14th, 11-2pm. At Bend Pet Express, 420 N.E. Windy Knolls. For more info call 800-767-5139 or Membership Drive In April, all month HSR is inviting the public to become members of the organization, and receive awesome privileges when they “Flash Your Paw” at Central Oregon businesses, who are part of our Shelter Buddy Business program. Folks can join in one of three ways: at participating businesses (listed on our website, or in the ad), online through our website at, or at the shelter. Redmond Humane Society Open House April 28th, 2-5pm.

to lack of space in our country’s shelters. I learned about fostering and knew I had to get involved. You have a full time job -- how do you find time to do this and what keeps you inspired? Hah, good question. All I can say is that I am a great multit-tasker and talk really fast on the phone and can type quickly. I also spend time in the mornings, evenings and on the weekends doing All For Dogs stuff. We are fortunate enough to have a great group of volunteers that I can delegate stuff to and a great board of directors. What’s the best way for an individual to help the cause? Our two biggest needs are foster homes and monetary donations. We are an all volunteer organization and currently don’t have the infrastructure to organize any large fundraisers so we rely on individual donations and our adoption fees. And without foster homes, All For Dogs would not exist. Our foster

Traildogs’ Pet Service FREE obedience assessment & training tips the first & third Saturdays at Laurie’s Gentle Grooming, 8392 NW HWY 97 in Terrebonne. Questions? 541-408-5091 or email to Bow Wow Bingo Thursday nights at 6:30pm. Seventh Street Brewhouse, 855 SW 7th Street by Fred Meyer. Cash awards. $1 per bingo card. 50% proceeds go to the Humane Society of Redmond.

homes are the heart of AFD. Any fundraiser’s coming up? Not currently but if there’s anyone out there feeling compelled to organize one for us we are all ears. How would I find out what dogs are up for adoption through AFD? Our website lists all our adoptable dogs, www.allfordogsrescue. com. What is the future of All For Dogs Rescue? When we started All For Dogs over two years ago we thought we would maybe do 5 adoptions per month with two or three volunteers. Now we have close to 20 foster homes and average about 5 adoptions per week. We are taking it day by day and trying to build a strong core of volunteers and create systems and policies and procedures so when the current board of directors steps down, the systems are in place for a new board to continue the work.

Mark Larson | Chris Larson

Deschutes Educatio

Bend, Oregon 97701 INC

Your road to safety. Classroom & Behind-the-Wheel

(541) 647-0478 Teens & Adults

April 2012 15

E V Lo our pets

The Rewards of Rescue By Reese Mercer

Bringing a rescue dog into one’s home and heart can be an immensely rewarding and enriching experience – whether through a permanent adoption or as a temporary foster while awaiting a new, forever home. For the displaced dog who ends up at your local shelter or dog rescue organization, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that he/she has been damaged emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically. They arrive failed by previous owners – often themselves, damaged individuals – not able to care in a healthy way for themselves, let alone the pets in their care. The shelter or rescue organization is often this dog’s first encounter with a safe, secure environment with consistent routine, regular meals, and kind, patient handling. Having worked with rescue dogs now for over 15 years, I’m still entirely moved and awed by each of the dogs in my care - in their ability to heal, to relearn a new way of life, and to trust again in people.

relearning his or her natural love of people. Spencer is such a dog. Three weeks ago he arrived at my home from a shelter, afraid of my approach, afraid of confinement, and lacking many home skills. It seems Spencer had not been socialized around new people and his distrust of men was especially obvious. In a short period of time, Spencer no longer panics when entering his crate at bedtime, he doesn’t back up at my approach, and he no longer trembles and bites at the men he meets. He is quickly learning new ways to respond to life, in this healthy environment. It will be a few more months until he’s completely comfortable and confident with new people. But he’ll slowly blossom over time, and reveal his wonderful true self. Enabling this process, is the reward and the magic, of rescue. If you’re interested in helping a rescue dog, consider local foster programs through one of the area shelters, or through All for Dogs Rescue of Central Oregon. Reese Mercer is founder of New Fido Finder - providing expert advice and guidance on selecting and living with a new Fido Love, forever. She also proudly serves on the Humane Society of Redmond Board.

Dogs don’t start their lives as fearful or mistrusting creatures though - have you ever met a puppy afraid of, or aggressive toward, people? Like children, from the moment of birth, dogs are learning all of the time – the good and the bad. Unfortunately, these dogs have mostly only learned the bad. In rescue, our job is to provide a secure, safe and consistent environment where a damaged dog is comfortable in

TURNING 65? Recently moved and have to change Insurance? Need answers to your Medicare options? Is your mailbox overflowing with confusing Medicare information? Not sure who to call or what to do? Do you dread calling those 800 numbers? Why not call a Licensed, Independent Agent representing multiple companies who can meet with you locally to answer your questions face to face? No obligation, No high pressure, and best of all it costs you nothing!

Supplemental HealthCare Insurance

Call 541-647-0639 and speak to Dan McNally to get your Medicare questions answered!

Now providing half or full day Montessori programs for Toddlers (12 – 35 months) through Kindergarten! • • • • •

Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Licensed by the State of Oregon American Montessori Society Member School We have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. An Education for a Lifetime! Enrolling now for 2011-2012 Now Nowproviding providinghalf halfororfull fullday day Montessori Montessoriprograms programsfor for Toddlers (12 ––35 Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Toddlers (12 35months) months) Extended Day 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Licensed by the State of OregonKindergarten! through through Kindergarten!

Now providing half or full day Montessori programs for Toddlers (12 – 35 months) through Kindergarten!

• • • • American Montessori Society Member School • We have moved to the Old Mill District!!

Curiosity, Independence, Confidence. • • for Morning, Afternoon, and Full Day Classes Morning, An Education a Lifetime! Afternoon, and Full Day Classes

Pet Sitting in Your Home. Dog Walking too. Licensed & Insured

Nurturing Your Pets with Love & Exercise.

Certified Pet Spoilers Sarah-Anne & Beau

w w w . t a i l s a w a g g i n b e n d . c o m 541-288-3744

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• • for Extended Extended Day7:30 7:30am am––6:00 6:00pm pm Enrolling now 2011-2012 Day

• • Licensed Licensedby bythe theState StateofofOregon Oregon • • American AmericanMontessori MontessoriSociety SocietyMember MemberSchool School • • We Wehave havemoved movedtotothe theOld OldMill MillDistrict!! District!!

Curiosity, Curiosity,Independence, Independence,Confidence. Confidence. An AnEducation Educationfor foraaLifetime! Lifetime! Enrolling Enrollingnow nowfor for2011-2012 2011-2012

Deschutes River Montessori School

Deschutes River Montessori School 520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

520 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 624 541-633-7299

Cat Rescue in Central Oregon By Sandy Kalister I’ve had cats all my life but it wasn’t until I rescued my first ‘feral’ cat that I became aware of the overpopulation problem. In 2004, a coworker had a stray cat problem in her Redmond neighborhood, and even found a litter of kittens in her boat while water skiing! When her neighbor planned to shoot a young tuxedo cat, I stepped in to save it. I borrowed a humane trap from a vet clinic and because this little guy was so hungry, he couldn’t resist the sardines behind the tripplate, and was quickly trapped. When I called the shelter, I was horrified to learn that ‘non-social’ or feral cats had no options in the shelter, other than euthanasia. So “Quigley” lived in my spare bathroom for weeks - the day he finally let me pet him was magical. His trust grew and before long I was carrying him draped over my left shoulder. I had him neutered and vaccinated, and found him a great home. In 2005, the Bend Spay and Neuter Project (BSNP), a non-profit clinic opened it’s doors to the public. The founders were passionate about their mission; to help end the tragic overpopulation problem by providing low-cost spay and neuter. Estimates nationwide are, approximately 3 out of 4 cats

that enter shelters are euthanized. Those first years I volunteered for BSNP, and later with CRAFT (Cat Rescue Adoption Foster Team), were an emotional roller coaster. One lucky cat was adopted by a fabulous family, while the next cat, just as deserving, was diagnosed with a fatal disease. There was no time to grieve, too many others needed help - this became ‘normal’ in cat rescue. Although I lacked medical knowledge and skills, I could still do a variety of things like wrap/sterilize surgical packs, foster and tame feral kittens, help with adoption events, advertize adoptable cats online, tend to cattery chores and rescue homeless cats. Cat trapping is another way of helping the cat overpopulation problem. Both BSNP and CRAFT have TNR programs.TNR ( trapneuter-return) is a practical solution. After being trapped, unsocial cats are adopted as barn or shop cats where they are ‘free’ and usually thrive, and people appreciate the ‘natural’ rodent control, in return for daily food, water, and safe shelter. These feral and ‘semi-feral’ cats prefer little or no human contact and deserve a quality of life.   Many trapped cats thought to be feral are actually tame but were abandoned, abused, or lost at one time in their life.  After months or

April MeMbership Drive! open house

Saturday • April 28th 2pm - 5pm

at Humane Society of Redmond Come meet the animals, and learn about innovative sheltering solutions for our displaced community pets.

Sandy Kalister is a Humane Society of Redmond volunteer and cat advocate.

Dyslexia • Spelling • Reading • Writing • Language

We can heLp! • Diagnostic assessments • Comprehensive evaluations • Individualized Treatment Hours by appointment Evening appointments available

Linda Balsiger, M.S., ccc-SLp Literacy & Learning Specialist Certified Speech-Language Pathologist 1011 SW emkay Dr, Suite 101 Bend, OR 97702 541-385-6002 Insurance Accepted

Private Pet Cremation

member privileges at these participating businesses

Bend Mutts About You Training Horizon Pet Services

Because of this year’s mild winter, we’re bracing for a particularly bad ‘kitten season’. Each shelter and rescue group in Central Oregon has it’s own mission and philosophy but we all agree that spay/neuter is key.   With the poor economy and limited funding/donations, most groups can only do so much and must rely on the public for help.   The essentials are high-volume/

low-cost spay and neuter, TNR, microchipping and lost & found networking, improved adoptions with councilors and follow-ups, communication between shelters, foster care and volunteers. Here are more ways to help: • Feeding a stray cat or feral colony?   Take the next step to prevent further unwanted litters with TNR (call BSNP @ 541-6171010 or go to • Adopt a shelter cat - you’ll be saving a life and it’s an all-inclusive bargain! • Support shelters/rescues that are committed to saving lives as their priority - donate supplies, food, litter and money.  Foster or volunteer your time and talents! • If you are a landlord or rental management company, allow cats and require written proof of spay/neuter from a vet or shelter.


Flash Your Paw for

Sisters Central Bark Groomingdale’s M&J Carpet & Upholstery

years of fending for themselves, they are often terrified or ‘shut down’. These cats need time before a valid temperament assessment can be done, to determine the right living situation for them, whether in a traditional home, barn or shop.   The ‘fearful’ cats I’ve rescued have been the most rewarding - we may not always know what they’ve been through but when they learn to trust again, like with Quigley it is ‘magical’ and they often become the best pets!

“Peace of Mind In the Heart of Bend”

Redmond Oregon Feed & Irrigation Supply Happy Tales Pet Resort Redmond Pet Care Cascade Photography Kim’s Mobile Pet Grooming Carpet Co Flooring Witzend Consulting

♥ Home Pick-up available. ♥ We are available 24/7 please call.

♥ Serving all of Central & Eastern Oregon

♥ Pre-needs forms available on the web site.

Call Becky Vaughan 541-318-0026 1723 Lytle Street, Bend

1355 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, OR 541-923-0882 •

Deschutes County’s only privately owned & fully DEQ/EPA licensed pet cremation facility.

April 2012 17

E V Lo our libraries All Libraries CLOSED April 8th


601 Northwest Wall Street, Bend


Baby Steps Story Time 11am. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15 & 11am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Preschool Parade 1:30pm. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5. Small Business Counseling 5:30pm. Avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes by learning from someone who’s “been there, done that.” SCORE business counselors are available every Tuesday from 5:30–7:30pm for free one-on-one small business counseling. No appointment necessary.


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Baby Steps Story Time 1:30pm. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.


Open Computer Lab 2-3:30pm. Free time to practice your computer skills or work on any problems you’re having with one of our staff on hand to help. CANCELLED April 26th.


Preschool Parade 10:30am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5.


Bend Family Stories 12:15pm. Stories, songs, rhymes, & crafts for ages 3-5.

April 1st

Friends of the Bend Libraries Spring Book Sale 1-5pm. Pick up some terrific books at great prices for spring reading at the Bend Friends Book Sale!

April 6th

SNAP 10am. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family. A Novel Idea Rules of Civility Quilt Show: 5-7pm. During April, QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery is exhibiting 40 quilts, each inspired by the novel Rules of Civility. Each quilt, uniquely different in color, style, setting, and shape celebrates Rules of Civility and the quilters who

have woven together their love of reading and quilting. Free and open to the public.

discuss Apology, Crito, and Phaedo by Plato. Everyone is welcome.

April 12th

A Novel Idea: History and Mixology of 1930’2 Cocktails 6-7:30pm. Mixologist Columbine Quillen highlights the history of the cocktail and shows you how to mix up something special using Bendistillery gin and vodka. Must be over 21. Signups is required.

Good Chair, Great Books 12-1pm. Feed your mind at this monthly lunch-hour book club. April’s title is the A Novel Idea...Read Together selection “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles!

April 14th

Novel Idea 2012 Kick Off A Novel Idea 2012 kicks off with an overview of events, followed by a presentation from COCC professor of English Stacey Donohue on this year’s featured book, “The Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles, and an exhibit of quilts by the members of Quiltworks.

April 15th

A Novel Idea Second (Third) Sunday--New York Poets of the 1930’s: 2-3:30pm. A panel of local poets and writers will discuss and read work from New York poets of the 1930’s. An open mic will follow the presentation. Free and open to the public.

April 20th

SNAP 10am. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family.

April 21st

A Novel Idea: Meet the Rules of Civility Quilters Reception 10-2pm. During April, QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery is exhibiting 40 quilts, each inspired by the novel Rules of Civility. Free and open to the public. A Novel Idea: The Social Documentary Photographs of Walker Evans 3-4pm. Lewis & Clark professor of Art History Matthew Johnston will examine how different types of written texts played a role in making the photographs of Walker Evans effective instruments of social change. Free and open to the public.

April 22nd

A Novel Idea: Money Enough for a Martini an Hour Women, Work, & Leisure in 1930: 2-3:30pm. Professor Jamie Bufalino from the University of Oregon explores the relationship between single women’s work outside the home, their consumption of leisure, and their efforts to be independent in 1930s New York. Free and open to the public.

April 24th

Know Classics 6-8pm. The Classics Book Club will

18 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

April 30th


62080 Dean Swift Rd., Bend


Open Computer Lab 2pm. Brush up on your computer skills or problem solve with a staff member. Bring your own laptop or use a library laptop.


Toddlin’ Tales 9:30-10am. An interactive story time for ages birth-36mo. Preschool Parade 11-11:30am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and a craft for 3-5yrs.


Saturday Stories 10am. Saturday Stories features stories and songs that develop early literacy skills and foster curiosity. For all ages.

April 3rd

Open Computer Lab 2pm. Brush up on your computer skills or problem solve with a staff member. Bring your own laptop or use a library laptop. Animal Adventures with the High Desert Museum 9:30-10:30am. Meet a new animal every month, hear their wild tales, and join in on a fun craft. It’s 3045 minutes of adventure! For ages 3+. Limited to 30 children and their caregivers.

April 4th

SNAP 1-3pm. SNAP Food Stamp Program provides information about food benefits for your family.

April 6th

SNAP 1-3pm. SNAP Food Stamp Program provides information about food benefits for your family.

April 17th

Good Chair, Great Book 10-11am. Read and discuss the Novel Idea...Read Together selection. Free and open to the public.

April 19th

A Novel Idea: Thoreau Worked at Walden 6:30-7:30pm. University of Oregon

professor of English William Rossi will discuss why Henry Thoreau’s Walden, much like Moby Dick and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, is known by many and read by few. Free and open to the public.

April 20th

SNAP 1-3pm. SNAP Food Stamp Program provides information about food benefits for your family.

April 21st

Novel Idea Film Screening, “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration” 2-4pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s. Free and open to the public.

April 26th

A Novel Idea: The American Dream? Rules of Civility and The Great Gatsby 6:30-7:45pm. Modernist literature scholar Joel Clements examines the traits the two share, explores the American notion that we can be any identity we construct, and discusses the modern concept that American Dream can become a delusion. Free and open to the public.


16425 1st St., La Pine


Teen Laptop Lab: 3pm. Grab a laptop and play games, do your homework, check your social media, etc. Staff member in room.


Family Fun Story Times: 10:30am. Feature stories, songs and rhymes that develop early literacy skills and foster curiosity. Best for ages 0-5 with their caregiver.

April 4th

La Pine Teen Territory Laptop Lab and Wii: 1-2:30pm. Check your email, use the laptops, or play Wii!

April 11th

Teen Territory, Duct Tape Day: 1:303:30pm. Create amazing things out of duct tape. Your only limit is your imagination! Free supplies! Open to 6th-12th graders.

April 18th

Teen Territory Earth Day Bizarre: 1:303:30pm. Make some swanky jewelry or funky robots out of upcycled materials. Free and open to 6th-12th graders.

April 19th

Good Chair Great Book 12-1pm. Come discuss great reads at this fun and relaxed book club. This month we will be discussing the library’s Novel Idea selection. All are welcome!

April 23rd

Novel Idea Film Screening, “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration” 10-12pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s. Free and open to the public.

April 25th

Teen Territory 1-3pm. Game Day. Play Wii, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Madden Football, card and board games. Librarian in room; free and open to 6-12th graders.


175 Northwest Meadowlakes Drive Prineville

April 2nd

SNAP Information 10-2pm. An OSU Extension agent will be at the library to answer questions about food benefits for families and help with applications.

April 26-27th

Library CLOSED: For staff training.


241 Southeast 7th Street, Madras


Baby Storytime 10:10am. Ages toddler to 2 yrs. Rhyme, repetition and familiar things. Pre-school Storytime 10:30am. Ages 3 and up. Narratives, world experiences, word play and crafts.


Spanish Storytime 1pm. Bebes y ninos de edad preescolar pero todas las edades estan invitados. Leeremos un cuentito, cantaremos y haremos un proyectito educacional y divertido que se podran llevar a casa. www.


827 Deschutes Ave., Redmond


Preschool Parade 10:15 and 1:30. April 21st and 28th only. Stories, songs, rhymes, and craft for ages 3-5.


Toddlin’ Tales 10:15am. An active story time for kids 18-36mo. Baby Steps Story Time 11am. A gentle story time for infants up to 18mo.


Open Computer Lab 3-4:30pm. Free time to practice your computer skills or work on any problems you’re having with one of our staff on hand to help. CLOSED on April 27th

April 3rd

Pajama Party Story Time 6:45-7:15pm. Night time stories, songs, rhymes, & activities for ages 0-6 years

April 4th

Teen Laptop Lab 2:30-4:30pm. Check Facebook, play games, do your homework.

April 5th

Teen Territory Crazy Can Creatures: 3-4:30pm. Create your own crazy creatures from recycled materials. No artistic talent required. Cans and hot glue provided. Free and open to 6th – 12th graders. Snacks provided.

April 12th

Good Chair Great Book 12-1pm. Bring your lunch, and feed your mind at this thought-provoking and fun book club. April’s book is Novel Idea...Read together selection “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles.

April 16th

Novel Idea Film Screening, “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration” 3-5pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s. Free and open to the public.

April 18th

SNAP 12:30pm. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family.

April 21st

Saturday Stories 10:15am. Stories, songs, rhymes, and activities for ages 0-6. A Novel Idea: Money Enough for a Martini an Hour: Women, Work, & Leisure in 1930 3-4:30pm. Professor Jamie Bufalino from the University of Oregon explores the relationship between single women’s work outside the home, their consumption of leisure, and their efforts to be independent in 1930s New York. Free and open to the public.

April 24th

A Novel Idea: The American Dream? Rules of Civility and The Great Gatsby 6:30-7:45pm. Modernist literature scholar Joel Clements examines the traits the two share, explores the American notion that we can be any identity we construct, and discusses the modern concept that American Dream can become a delusion. Free and open to the public.

April 30th

A Novel Idea: Rules of Civility Book Discussion 5:30-7pm. Discuss the 2012 Novel Idea selection with friends and neighbors. Free and open to the public.


110 N Cedar Street, Sisters


Family Fun Story Time 10:30am. Come join us for reading, rhyming and singing, all of which strengthen early literacy skills! Ages 0-5.

April 4th

Open Computer Lab

9:30-11am. Practice computer skills! Problem-solve with staff! Find answers to your e-reader questions! Free and open to the public. Use a library laptop or bring your own. No registration required.

April 11th

SNAP 10-1:30pm. Meet Cindy Culbertson, OFNP Education Program Assistance with Oregon State University Extension Service, who will provide information about food benefits for your family.

April 15th

Diane Jacobsen Memorial Program Series 1:30-3pm. “Tree House Puppet Theater” Linda Barnes presents “Ricky & Rocky Racoon’s Forest Friends”, a puppet theater production great for families & kids of all ages! Program is free and open to the public. Doors open 30 minutes before program starts.

April 22nd

A Novel Idea: The Social Documentary Photographs of Walker Evans 1-2pm. Lewis & Clark professor of Art History Matthew Johnston will examine how different types of written texts played a role in making the photographs of Walker Evans effective instruments of social change. Free and open to the public.

April 25th

Good Chair Great Book 6:30-7:30pm. Your library-sponsored book group meets once a month at 6:30 PM on a Wednesday in the Community Room at the Sisters Library. All thoughtful readers welcome!

April 29th

Novel Idea Film Screening, “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration” 1:30-3:30pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s.


56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver


Family Fun Story Time 10:30am. April 20th and 27th only. Come join us for reading, rhyming and singing, all of which strengthen early literacy skills! Ages 0-5.

April 4th

Teen Territory Game Day: 1:30-3:30pm. Challenge

friends to a game of Mario Kart, jam out on Rock and, or gather around a board game. Free ages 12-17

April 11th

Middle Ground: Game Day 1:30-3pm. Video and board games galore! Free and open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

April 14th

Write Now! 1-2pm. Write Now is a library program where attendees will be able to brainstorm, play word games, and enjoy the written word in a casual setting.

April 18th

Novel Idea Film Screening, “Jazz: Swing, the Velocity of Celebration” 2pm. This documentary film by Ken Burns gives an in-depth look at the jazz musicians and singers of the late 1930’s. Free and open to the public.

April 19th

Live Read! 1pm. Live Read (lîv rçd) n. 1. A program in which attendees enjoy light refreshments while being immersed in short fiction read out loud by others; sharing encouraged.

April 20th

A Novel Idea: Thoreau Worked at Walden 1pm. University of Oregon professor of English William Rossi will discuss why Henry Thoreau’s Walden, much like Moby Dick and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, is known by many and read by few. Free and open to the public.

April 24th

Good Chair Great Book 1-2pm. Read and discuss “a novel idea book.....title to come” . Free and open to the public.

April 25th

Middle Ground: Creative Day 1:30-3pm. Explore your creative side through craft activities! Free and open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

April 28th

A Novel Idea: 1930’s in Jazz The Swing Era 3-4pm. Professional jazz musician Tim DuRoche will discuss the emergence of swing jazz in the 1930’s as the dominant form in American music. Free and open to the public.

April 30th

A Novel Idea: Rules of Civility Book Discussion 6:30pm. Discuss the 2012 Novel Idea selection with friends and neighbors. Free and open to the public.

Enrolling Now!

The Children’s Learning Center Child Care ~ Pre-school ~ Head Start Ages 6 weeks thru 5 years

Approved Curriculum Qualified Instructors Approved USDA Meals/Snacks Services for children with special needs

650 NE A St Madras OR 97741 ~ (541) 475-3628 ~

April 2012 19

E V Lo our schools Focus on Preschool Redmond Learning Center revamped its pre-school program, starting with the hiring of new Executive Director, Zach Sartin. “The Center has always had a preschool. We decided to formalize the hours and focus on curriculum.� said Shannon Hall, President of the Board of Directors. Zach Sartin worked in Early Childhood Education for many years in both standard and alternative programs. With a Master of Arts in Teaching, his experience includes both non-profit and public school settings. He started at the Redmond Learning Center at the beginning of the school year and has revitalized the Center, bringing a focus to best practices by setting high learning standards and goals based on research and Oregon Department of Education guidelines for Preschool and Kindergarten readiness. Redmond Learning Center is determined to educate the whole child to create happy, healthy citizens. Preschoolers can look forward a new activity this spring and summer. The Redmond Learning Center was just awarded an Earth-Smart grant from Bend’s Environmental Center. Thanks to this grant the Center will soon be home to 2000 red wrigglers and a Worm Factory, which is a multi-layer bin where compostable table scraps will be fed to the worms. Educational materials will also be purchased and the children will learn about worms, compost and gardening.

Amanda M Rose Photography

541.288.3180 view my online portfolio like me on Facebook

Acrovision Sports Center

Redmond Learning Center opened in 1994 as a community effort. Care is provided for infants, toddlers, preschool, and Kindergartensecond grade, with transportation to local schools. Serving such a large age range provides a family atmosphere at the center and allows families to find care for siblings at one central location. We offer full and part time care and accept DHS payments for low income families.


XXXBDSPWJTJPOTQPSUTDFOUFSDPN Acrovision Sports Center has been Central Oregon’s fitness/educational experts since 1994, offering professional instruction in gymnastics and martial arts.

20 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

•Private or Semi-Private •Learn to Swim Program •Designed for All Ages •Specializes in Infant •Toddler Swim lessons

“Mermaid Jody” SPORTS NANNY

MARCH SCHOOL EVENTS Amity Creek Elementary

April 6th 9:30-11:30am: 4th Graders BEAT Play “Annie Get Your Gun “@ Bend High April 20th All-Day: Free Spring Clothing Exchange

Bear Creek Elementary

April 16th 6-7pm: Third Grade Music Program April 17th 6-7:15pm: Evening with the Jugglers in the Gym April 28th 4-5:30pm: Kid’s Choir Festival

Cascade Middle School

April 3rd 7pm: Choir and Jazz Concert

April 10th 7pm: Advanced Orchestra Concert

Juniper Elementary

Mt. View High School

April 16th Spring Running Club Kickoff April 20th PTA Auction & Family Fun Night

April 13th 6:30pm: Talent Show April 19th 6:30-8:30pm: Dance Team Tryouts April 20th 3:30-5:30pm: Dance Team Tryouts April 21st 8-11am: Dance Team Tryouts April 24th ACT Testing April 27th 6:30pm: Cougar Pageant

Rosland Elementary

Summit High School

Lava Ridge Elementary April 9-12th PTO Scholastic Book Fair

Ponderosa Elementary

April 23-26, and 28th 3rd Grade Swim Lessons

Three Rivers K-8

April 11th Choir Festival April 12th Band Festival April 21st PTA Dinner & Auction

Sachs Tax & Accounting, LLC

Skyview Middle School

April 5th 5:30 and 6:30pm: 1st Grade Spring Concert April 12th 6:30pm: 5th Grade Musical

April 5th Family Math Night in the Gym


Pilot Butte Middle School

April 5th 7pm: Advanced Orchestra Concert April 10th 7pm: 7th/8th Grade Band/ Choir Concert April 11th 7th/8th Grade Choir Festival @ SHS April 12-13th 7th/8th Grade Band Festival @ Redmond April 14th Advanced Orchestra Festival @ MVHS

High Lakes Elementary

Child-Paced Programs

April 18th 6-9pm: Mr. Thunder Pageant April 24th ACT Testing April 26th 7pm: Musical Recital for Band/ Choir Concert

Kevin Sachs, CPA 354 NE Greenwood Ave #112 Bend OR 97701 541-728-0886

Tax Preparation Bookeeping Payroll Personal Financial Help


Free Move-In Truck at Redmond and Terrebonne locations. Call for details

Safe & Secure • Easy In & Out • Long Term Discounts


Smith Rock Self Storage 1030 B Avenue (541) 923-6388


Redmond Mini Storage 1401 N Hwy 97 (541) 548-1813


Hwy 97 Mini Storage 1600 N Hwy 97 (541) 548-4817


Prineville Storage 1222 NW Madras Hwy (541) 416-9107

Rent One Month Get One Month FREE

coupon required - cannot combine with other offers new rentals only - dependent on availability expires 8-31-2012.

April 2012 21

Find your

Aspen 1, Barbara Berry, A Painting-A-Day in Acrylic

inner artist Adults You Can Draw and Paint Always wanted to draw and paint? This is the class for you! Anyone can draw and paint if you learn a specific set of skills. Learn keys to “seeing” so you can tap into the creative part of your brain. After practicing drawing skills, students will explore acrylic paint media and tools. Beginner/ Intermediate. Supplies List. $252 M | Apr 2-May 21 | 12pm-3 | Berry

Day Clay This friendly day group provides a supportive and engaging clay experience. Open to all experience levels; learn new skills in this project oriented class. Work in clay as you learn the basics of hand-building, explore 3-D design, and practice at the wheel. First bag of clay, firings, and tools included. $198 Sess. 2 | M | Apr 2-May 7 | 12pm-3 | Bommarito

Watercolor Fundamentals Workshop Materials, tools, techniques and exercises will be explored to help the beginning watercolorist get started in this versatile medium. This single-day format is a great introduction for students with a tight schedule. Supplies included; paper available for purchase. $36 Sess. 3 | T | April 3 | 12pm-3 | Holtzman

Dynamic Acrylic Painting Explore distinct and different strategies for creating dynamic paintings with acrylics; discover how to make a visual impact, explore elements of aesthetics, color and value as illusion and inspiration. Previous acrylic painting experience recommended. Supplies List. $180 W | Apr 4-May 9 | 6pm-9 | Kinker

Masterful Greeting Cards Create your own greeting cards inspired by techniques of artists throughout history during this two-hour lunchtime series. Each session will include a brief introduction to the featured artist and their work. Come make your own series of cards just in time for Mother’s Day. Sign up for one or all four. Supplies included. Supplies provided for five cards for every student, additional cards can be purchased for 50 cents each. $20 Sess. 3 Words and Images | W | Apr 11 | 12pm-2 | Solley

A Portable Studio Work from a few surprising (and inexpensive) sources to create a portable writing or painting studio that could travel with you wherever you go. Three simple books or journals will be made as part of your portable studio. $20 Materials fee paid to instructor. $120 F-SA | Apr 13-14 | 10am-4 | Holtzman

22 Local Views & Events - LoVE us on Facebook

Terracotta Planter Terracotta is the quintesential medium for the garden planter. However, it doesn’t have to take the form of a run-of-the-mill flower pot! Design your own planter using new hand-building and clay construction techniques that will liven up your garden and showcase the beauty of your plants. $33 SA | Apr 14 | 10am-1 | Anderson

A Painting-A-Day in Acrylic Students will complete a painting using a variety of exercises in acrylic media. Choose any or all workshop sessions, each focusing on a specific subject, technique, or medium, encouraging continuing artists to explore new skills and expand their repertoire. Supplies List. $30 Sess. 3 “Portraying Trees” | F | Apr 20 | 12pm-3 | Berry

Cherokee Style Basket Using rattan splits and twining techniques, students will weave a basket with a Cherokee inspired pattern. Students will practice reading a basket pattern while using tools and materials supplied by the instructor, to create the alternating light and dark stripe pattern. Open to all skill levels. Supplies list, and $12 materials fee paid to instructor. $50 SA | Apr 28 | 10am-3 | Noel

Youth Observational Drawing Ages 6-8

Students will LOOK at an object and focus on exploring the world of observation. This class involves key terms and drawing techniques, and most importantly, using unique, creative tools that help students observe what they see instead of what they “know.” $68

Experimental Drawing Ages 13-17

Think you’ve tried it all when it comes to drawing? Think again! Experience drawing using a variety of new tools and techniques. Go beyond the traditional pencil on paper as you learn to transform drawings to paintings and more! $68 T | Apr 17-May 22 | 4pm-5:30 | Schoessler

TH | Apr 5-May 3 | 4pm-5:30 | Williams

Paint Exploration Ages 6-8

A variety of paints, tools, and techniques will be explored in this introduction to painting. Young artists will experiment with paint while practicing basic skills of color-mixing, idea development, and composition as they create bold and colorful artwork. $68 T | Apr 17-May 22 | 4pm-5:30 | Williams

Clay Around the World Ages 8-12

Take a journey around the world to explore how cultures use clay. Use global inspiration as you explore many styles and techniques to create your own sculptures, dishes, masks, and more. $83 TH | Apr 5-May3 | 4pm-5:30 | Bommarito

Weaving Workshop Ages 8-12

From wool spinning and finger knitting to weaving on a sun loom, students will learn the ins-and-outs of this practical art from. Create your own woven artwork while you build weaving vocabulary and find enjoyment in the fiber arts. $83 M | Apr 16-May21 | 4pm-5:30 | Noel

joining Atelier 6000, 389 SW Scalehouse Ct. Ste 120, Bend, Oregon from April 6 - 30, 2012 for their Upcycled Art showcase. For further information about “Upcycled Art” or about Atelier 6000, please visit or call the studio workshop at 541.330.8759. Printmaking and Book Arts Studio Classes and Workshops in APRIL feature studies in multimedia work with specific emphasis in book arts, printmaking and drawing. Atelier 6000, 389 SW Scalehouse Ct. Suite 120, Bend, OR 97702

In honor of Earth Month Atelier 6000’s Presentation Gallery presents its April exhibition

Upcycled Art

Opens First Friday, April 6, 2012, 5:30 – 8 pm Closes April 30, 2012 Upcycled Art, an Earth Month Art Showcase 2012 marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day as a national event, and it is Atelier 6000’s intention is to celebrate the day all month long. Earth month is celebrated every year in a variety of ways, through tree plantings, beach cleanups, community recycling drives, and many more eco-inspired gatherings. With a hope to inspire environmental awareness, Atelier 6000 presents “Upcycled Art.”

For Full class description and supply list, view website: Registration is underway, call 541.330.8759 to register. Office hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. M - F Custom Classes If there is a workshop that you would like to attend sooner than later, gather together three or more friends to create your own custom class. Start the ball rolling, contact A6 and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Price varies according to supply needs.

The juried Upcycled Art Exhibition attracted over 50 submissions from five states and Canada. Submissions include inspiring and distinctive two and three-dimensional works reflecting the artist’s view of good usable design and real beauty. Taken to new heights in upcycled art, Atelier 6000 exhibition promotes the notion of reprocessing and conservation in a uniquely sophisticated presentation. The exhibition includes jewelry, sculpture, mobiles, printmaking, book arts and more. Art enthusiasts and the ecologically conscious alike will enjoy art creations made from substances that once existed in different form. Mark the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day as an event on your calendar by

April 2012 23

How To Choose A Caterer By Ken Clarke

Finding the perfect caterer is an essential part of any large scale event. Weddings, corporate events, parties and family gatherings are all times when the services of a caterer might be needed. Unfortunately, there is no standardized grading system for caterers and anybody can start their own catering business. Here’s how to choose a good caterer so that the food at your event is something memorable, for all the right reasons. Listen to word of mouth recommendations. No amount of advertising can replace a good recommendation from somebody you know and trust. If a friend or acquaintance had a great caterer for their wedding, then this is a caterer you should talk to for your next big event. Poor reviews can spread fast among the population and should be avoided. In today’s competitive business world an active social media page like Facebook and Twitter can be great source of finding the top caterers in your area. 1. Schedule a tasting. Caterers who provide food for large events should offer to provide you with a tasting, in order to gain your business for a large contract. Keep in mind, however, that this tasting will be the very best product the

caterers can produce. There’s also often a huge difference in quality between preparing a meal for 2 compared to 500. The same passion in producing food for 2 should be the same as 500. As a caterer, I always choose the

most unique selections of the customers menu so they can experience new styles of cuisine. 2. What does the Caterer specialize in? Some caterers specialize in larger scale events and have the equipment and expertise to professionally handle larger numbers of guests. Other caterers specialize in smaller intimate events, cocktail parties, or even just delivery of catered food. Large scale caterings take a lot of planning and research of the location. Once on site, the caterer needs to know the best places for the equipment needed to deliver a flawless event. From a casual backyard barbeque to a sophisticated wedding reception, the scene has to be set up to run smooth. 3. Consider what services you need. Some caterers will only prepare and deliver you the food you ordered, and may even go so far as to set it up. Others can provide fully trained wait staff and support personnel. If you’re having a formal event requiring an elegant plated dinner, then

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you will want a catering service that can provide the appropriate staff that may include water and beverage service and clearing and resetting for each course of the dinner. Some events may only need an onsite chef to prepare passed appetizers and or some light grilling depending on the menu selected by the client. Ask for references. When entrusting a single company to handle the food for your event it is essential that you ask for references. Don’t just ask them to hand over names; instead ask for referrals of several recent events they catered. Inquire about food freshness. Many caterers cut corners in food preparation by using frozen products. Fresh is always best and they may be charging you as though it were made fresh. Insist that your caterer only use fresh food, not frozen. Ask for a quote. The caterer should provide a professional quote to the client. In addition to the menu chosen, the quote should also have a breakdown of services required for the event including on site Chef’s time (if needed) and the non-food charges such as delivery, gratuity, additional staff (if required) and pricing of rental items. Read the contract. The contract must be read carefully by the client to be sure they understand the agreement. The caterer must be able to answer all questions the client may have. Once the contract is signed, the caterer is booked and the date is saved. At this time a deposit is made. The industry standard is usually 50% of the invoice at the time of booking and the remainder, the week before the event. Ken Clarke is owner and chef at Cascade Catering Company. You can reach him at 541-480-4199.

Local Views and Events - April 2012  

Central Oregon local events and veiws.

Local Views and Events - April 2012  

Central Oregon local events and veiws.