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Go for a hike or bike ride: One of Redmond’s attractions is Smith Rock State Park

Eat an ice cream cone: Need a quick sugar boost on a hot day? Stop by the historic very old west Juniper Junction building outside of Smith Rock State Park

Go shopping: In Redmond you will find unique shops that will make your shopping more than just retail therapy

Get a massage: Visit one of several spas to unwind the tensions of your everyday life – or recover from that hike or bike ride

Take a Spa Day: From Eagle Crest to Redmond you’ll find so many options for relaxation and recovery that will enhance your living in Redmond – and send you home feeling truly recharged and ready to get back in the race

Enjoy a coffee drink: Redmond may be a small town, but it’s big time when it comes to coffee. You’ll have no problem finding your favorite drink – and a beautiful spot to sit down and enjoy it while playing family games, surfing the Web or getting a little work done

Catch some live music: Whether it’s Music in the Canyon or Music on the Green during the Summer or at a local venue during the Winter, you’ll find great tunes year round

Dine out: Redmond has so many great choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and to suit all tastes and budgets

Take a class or participate in a camp: Redmond Park & Recreation District has a wide range of offerings for organized fun

Watch a movie: You can catch first-run movies at the Redmond Cinema or rent a DVD for family night in your home

Catch a fish: Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just getting your feet wet, you can find some great fishing around the Redmond area – and plenty of professional guidance to help you land that big one

Visit one of the local lakes and rent a ski boat, house boat or party barge: There’s nothing more relaxing than being on the water

In the Summer months: Don’t miss the Redmond Farmers Market every Tuesday starting in June

In the Winter months: You will want to make sure and take the family to Redmond’s Ice Skating Rink


Did you know? Redmond

- The town of Redmond was named after Frank T. Redmond, who settled in the area in 1905. It was platted in 1906 by a company which would become part of Central Oregon Irrigation District building a canal. - There is no sales tax in Oregon. - Oregon is only one of only two States where you are not allowed to pump your own gas (New Jersey being the other) - Climate: Redmond's climate is typical of the high desert with cool nights and sunny days. Annual precipitation averages between 8 and 10 inches (200 and 250 mm), with an average annual snowfall of 24 inches (61 cm). The winter season in Redmond provides typical daytime temperatures between 10 °F (−12 °C) and 40 °F (4 °C). Average nighttime temperatures range anywhere from 0 °F (−18 °C) to 40 °F (4 °C). According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, [10] the average annual extreme minimum temperature in Redmond is −5 °F (−21 °C) to −10 °F (−23 °C).[11] - Redmond's growing season is short. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Resources Conservation Service, in half of the years between 1971 and 2000, the USDA weather station in Redmond recorded the last below-freezing temperatures after July 3 and the first below-freezing temperatures


- Roberts Field (Redmond Municipal Airport) is in Deschutes County, Oregon a mile southeast of Redmond. It is the main commercial airport in Central Oregon, with nonstop regional airline flights to several hubs in the western U.S. The airfield serves Redmond as well as nearby Bend, Oregon. -R edmond is known for their many Antique Stores -D on’t miss out on Redmond’s Ice Skating Rink. Whether you're a timid beginner or a pirouetting pro, the Redmond Ice Skating Rink will offer you and your family winter memories that will last a lifetime. Nestled next to the Redmond Chamber of Commerce in the Redmond Downtown Plaza, just across the street from beautiful Centennial Park, the Ice Skating Rink welcomes people of all ages and from all corners of Central Oregon (and beyond) to enjoy the thrill of gliding coolly across the winter ice. -F or the Summer months don’t miss the Redmond Farmers Market every Tuesday starting in June from 3:00 – 6:00pm on the corner of 7th & Evergreen.

Redmond General Facts


United States


3,077 feet




Winter, High 40 | Lows / 0 – 40 Summer, High 75 -100 | Lows 40 – 60



Rain Fall / Precipitation

Average Annual – Rainfall 8 - 10 inches Average Annual – Snowfall 24 inches


July 6th, 1910

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time




44.2908 N, 121.5489 W


Redmond Timeline & History

Oregon has been a state for 45 years by the time Frank and Josephine Redmond pitched the first homestead tent near the area that would later be named after them. Frank and Josephine chose to homestead near a canal right-of-way and a projected rail line, which also interested investors who saw profit in the establishment of a town in the area.

In 1943, the U.S. Air Force selected Redmond for a B17 and P38 Training Base, which eventually led to the establishment of commercial air service at Roberts Field after World War II. Currently, Redmond is a progressive full-service municipality and is considered one of the fastest growing industrial and residential communities in Oregon, hosting a population of 24,805 residents; the growth rate continues to be about 11 percent per year.


By 1910, when Redmond was incorporated, the area population had reached 216 and the downtown was lined with commercial storefronts. That year also saw the formation of a volunteer fire department, library, small hospital, town bank, laundry, lumberyard and several new businesses. Some old timers remember William Wilson, owner of the Redmond Hotel, which was built in 1928, coming out to the street with a cowbell during the 1920's to call the local businessmen to lunch. The Redmond Hotel was billed as the finest hotel east of the mountains.

Redmond's early beginnings are directly tied to the arrival of the railroad. On September 21, 1911 the golden spike was driven in place signaling the completion of the rail line. The rail link opened up markets for farmers and merchants. To mark the occasion, a huge annual Railroad Days Celebration was held and town folk from around the area came to participate in the festivities.

Redmond Attractions

Smith Rock State Park Terrebonne, 541.548.7501 Smith Rock State Park is an American state park located in central Oregon's High Desert near the communities of Redmond and Terrebonne. Its sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt are ideal for rock climbing of all difficulty levels. Smith Rock is generally considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing, and is host to cutting-edge climbing routes. It is popular for sport climbing, traditional climbing, multi-pitch climbing, and bouldering as well as hiking.

Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint 7100 OR Hwy 126, 800.551.6949 Cline Falls is located on the Deschutes River approximately four miles west of Redmond, Oregon. The falls were named for Doctor C. A. Cline (1850– 1926) a Redmond dentist, who owned the land adjacent to the falls. The falls occur just north of the point where Highway 126 crosses the Deschutes River. In the 1950s, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department acquired property above Cline Falls for the purpose of creating a day use park.

Redmond Caves - SE Airport Way The Redmond Caves are a group of five lava tubes in Deschutes County, Oregon, United States. The caves are located in the city of Redmond and are jointly managed by the city and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).] They are part of the Redmond Caves Park and have been well known locally for many years. The caves are a part of the Horse Lava Tube System and the farthest northern extent of the system. The lava flow that created both the Horse system and the Redmond Caves continued on into the Redmond Dry Canyon and terminated near Crooked River Ranch. The caves have a geologic age of about 80,000 years.

Tumalo Mountain Tumalo Mountain is a shield volcano in the Cascade Range of central Oregon, located just northeast of Mount Bachelor across the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. Ice Age glaciers carved a large cirque into the northeast flank of the mountain, producing a bowl which is popular with local backcountry skiers. A United States Forest Service fire lookout tower was built on the summit in the 1930s, but abandoned in the 1970s and subsequently removed. A trail to the summit ascends the southwest flank of the volcano.

Tumalo Falls Tumalo Falls is one of the more scenic areas in Central Oregon, and it's an easy drive west from downtown Bend. Take Highway 20 east to 3rd Avenue south. Turn right on Franklin Avenue and head west from downtown Bend to Galveston Road which turns into Skyliner Drive and leads to the gravel Tumalo Falls Road. There's an overlook (short walk) and interpretive site and a picnic area. If you want to make a hike of it – and you should – there are many trails in the area. Hike upstream along the creek and you'll run into more waterfalls.

Lake Billy Chinook - Culver Lake Billy Chinook lies in canyons carved by the three rivers into earth held in place by basaltic caprock. Construction of the Round Butte Dam was completed in 1964 across the Deschutes River. Operated by Portland General Electric (PGE), and jointly owned by PGE and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, the dam and lake primarily provide electric generation for thousands of homes throughout the state. The Confederated Tribes named the lake in honor of Billy Chinook, a member of the Wasco tribe who acted as a guide in 1843 and 1844 for John C. Frémont and Kit Carson in the region of the lake. The lake extends beyond the boundaries of The Cove Palisades State Park.

Redmond Antique District History in Redmond spans more than a century. The town’s humble beginnings provide a stark contrast to life in Redmond today. It can be hard to imagine life in 1910 and how Redmond no longer resembles a frontier town. Luckily for visitors and shoppers, remnants of Redmond’s past remain, and are on display in our various specialty boutiques and antique shops. An ever-increasing coalition of antique shopkeepers work at acquiring and curating unique finds that tell a story of life long ago and enrich the experience of a Redmond shopping excursion. Vintage treasures can be yours with a simple stroll down 6th Street and along Evergreen Avenue.

Steelhead Falls Not easy to find, but worth the effort. Perched between an often frothing Deschutes below and rocky pinnacles above, the Steelhead Falls Trail follows the water downstream for about a mile and a half before coming to a dead end. Along the journey are tranquil fishing and picnic spots, majestic High Desert canyon walls and, of course, the falls.

The Cove Palisades State Park - Culver, 541.546.3412 The Cove Palisades State Park is a state park in eastern Jefferson County, Oregon, near Culver and Madras in the central part of the state, and is administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. It is located on the waters and surrounding lands of Lake Billy Chinook, an impoundment of the Crooked, Deschutes, and Metolius rivers.


Central Oregon Trails


Alpine Trail

3.5 miles

Mt. Washington/Skyline Park to Tetherow

East Bend Canal Trail

1.1 miles

27th St to East Bend Canal

Big Sky Park Trail

0.8 miles

Through Big Sky Park to Neff Road

Haul Road Trail

3.3 miles

Bill Healy Bridge to USFS boundary

Brooks-Scanlon Rail Trail

27 miles

Shevlin Park/Phil’s Trailhead to city of Sisters

Larkspur Trail (North)

2.3 miles

US20 underpass to Stover Park

Cascades Highlands Trail

4.6 miles

Overturf Park to Phil’s Trailhead

Larkspur Trail (South)

1.8 miles

Larkspur Park to US20 underpass

Central Oregon Canal Trail

3.5 miles

Reed Market Road to Deschutes River Trail

North Parkway Trail

0.5 miles

Butler Market Road to Empire Ave.

COCC – Shevlin Park Trail

1.8 miles

Mt. Washington to Shevlin Park

North Unit Canal Trail

1.5 miles

Deschutes River to Canal Row Park

Colorado Trail

1.1 miles

Haul Road Trail to McKay Park

Pilot Butte Canal Trail

1.7 miles

Canal Row Park to Pine Nursery Park

Coyner Trail

0.8 miles

Ponderosa Park to Juniper Park

Pine Nursery Park Trail

1.9 miles

Pine Nursery Park (loop trail)

Deschutes River Trail (North Reach)

3.6 miles

Tumalo to Tumalo State Park

Shevlin Park Area Trails

9.8 miles

Shevlin Park (above canyon & along Tumalo Creek)

Deschutes River Trail (River Run Reach)

1.3 miles

Sawyer Park to First St. Rapids Park

Sylvan to Summit Trail

0.6 miles

Sylvan Park to Summit Park (on Awbrey Butte)

Deschutes River Trail (Pioneer Reach)

2.4 miles

First Street Rapids to Columbia Park

Tetherow Trail

3.3 miles

along Tetherow Resort Roads

Deschutes River Trail (Old Mill Reach)

3.7 miles

Columbia Park to Haul Road Trail

Three Pines Trail

0.2 miles

Three Pines Park to Shevlin Commons

Deschutes River Trail (South Canyon Reach)

4.3 miles

Haul Road Trail to River Rim Park

West Bend Trail

2.7 miles

17th Street to USFS Road 4606 (Phil’s Trailhead)

Discovery Trail

0.7 miles

Shevlin Park Road to Skyliners Road

Redmond Parks

American Legion Communtiy Park

Located at 850 SW Rimrock Way, includes an amphitheater, baseball diamond, bleachers, concession stand, multi-use field, restrooms, rock climbing wall, walking path and trails

Centennial Park

Located at the corner of SW 7th Street & SW Evergreen Avenue, includes concession stand and water feature/splash park for kids of all ages

Disc Golf Park

Located on W. Antler

Dry Canyon Trail

This trail goes from NW 19th Street to Quartz Avenue, includes picnic tables, walking paths, trails and a water fountain

Fairhaven Park

Located on NW 23rd street, this park includes a basketball court, horseshoe pits, play structures and walking path and trails

Fireman’s Pond

Located on SW Lake Court, this park is fun for kids to go fishing. It includes BBQ’s, Children’s fishing area (under 14), picnic tables, wildlife viewing and walking path and trails

Homestead Park

Located on NE Hemlock Avenue, this park has a BMX bike park, picnic tables and walking paths and trails

Kalama Park

Located on SW Kalama, this park includes a baseball diamond, basketball court, BBQ, picnic tables, play structures and a soccer field

Quince Park

Located on NW Quince, this parks includes BBQ’s, picnic tables, play structures, restrooms, walking path and trails

Redmond Community Skate Park

Located on the corner of 15th and Antler, this skate park is open for 7:00am – Dusk

Sam Johnson Park

Located on SW 15th Street, this park was built for the whole community 0 – 100 years old, including those living with disabilities. It features BBQ’s, pavilion, picnic tables, play structures and tennis court

Umatilla Sports Complex

Located on SW Umatilla, this park includes a baseball diamond, bleachers, concessions stand, paved parking, picnic tables, restrooms and a soccer field

Valleyview Park

On SW Reservoir Drive, paved parking and tennis courts

Weigand Family Dog Park

Located on W. Antler, dog lovers will appreciate the large and small dog area’s for taking your furry friends to play


Redmond Coffee Shops



Green Plow Coffee Roasters LLC

436 SW 6th Street


Coho Coffee Company

306 NW Street


One Street Down Café

124 SW 7th Street


Proust Coffee

235 SW 6th Street



Several Locations Around Redmond

Silver Leaf Café

7535 Falcon Crest Dr. Suite

300 541.548.7558

AK’s Tea Room

525 SW 6th St.


Dutch Bros Coffee


Several Locations Around Redmond

Oregon Ski Resorts





13000 SW Century Drive Bend, OR 97702



GPS Coordinates: N 43° 36.033 W 122° 02.200



20 Hwy 20 Sisters, OR 97759






14040 Hwy 35 Mt. Hood, OR 97041



Timberline Lodge

27500 E. Timberline Rd. Timberline Lodge, OR 97028



Mt. Hood Skibowl

87000 E Hwy 26 Government Camp, OR 97028



Cooper Spur

10755 Cooper Spur Rd. Mt Hood Parkdale, OR 97041



90255 Government Camp Loop Rd. Government Camp, OR 97028






693 Washington Street Ashland, OR 97520



Mt. Bachelor Willamette Pass Resort Hoodoo

MOUNT HOOD Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard Resort

Summit Ski Area

SOUTHERN OREGON Mt. Ashland Ski Resort


Redmond Golf Courses



Juniper Golf Course - 18 Hole (Public)

1938 SW Elkhorn Ave.


Greens at Redmond - 18 Hole (Public)

2575 SW Greens Blvd.


1401 NE Maple Avenue


1590 Mountain Quail Drive


The Resort Course at Eagle Crest - 18 Hole (Public)

1522 Cline Falls Road


Crooked River Ranch Golf Course - 18 Hole (Public)

SW Clubhouse Road, Terrebonne


Smith Rock Golf Course & Driving Range 9 Hole (Public) with a fantastic driving range

Eagle Crest Golf - 18 Hole (Public)


Central Oregon Universities & Colleges



2600 NW College Way, Bend


4555 SW Elkhorn Avenue, Redmond


Oregon State University Cascades Campus

1500 SW Chandler Ave., Bend


Phagans Central Oregon Beauty College

1310 NE Cushing Drive, Bend


369 NE Revere Ave, Suite 101, Bend


Central Oregon Community College George Fox University

Sage School of Massage & Esthetics


Redmond Historic Buildings

First Presbyterian Church of Redmond Built in 1912, the First Presbyterian Church of Redmond is the oldest standing church structure in the city of Redmond, Oregon, United States. It is also the second-oldest religious building in Deschutes County. The church was built in the Gothic Revival style with Queen Anne architectural detailing. It was the home of Protestant congregations from 1912 until 1979. Today, the building is privately owned and used as a special events venue. The First Presbyterian Church of Redmond was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001

Historic Redmond Hotel The New Redmond Hotel is a historic commercial hotel in Redmond, Oregon, United States. The hotel was built in 1928 after the original Redmond Hotel, (sometimes referred to as "Hotel Redmond" was destroyed in a fire. It is a three-story Georgian-style brick masonry building located on 6th Street in downtown Redmond. It has been in continuous use as a commercial hotel since it first opened. Today, the New Redmond Hotel is a major landmark in downtown Redmond. Because of its importance to the history of Redmond, the New Redmond Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Milton Odem House The Milton Odem House is a small bungalow home located in Redmond, Oregon. The house was built in 1937 by Ole K. Olson for Milton Odem, a local theater owner. It is one of the best examples of residential Streamline Modern architecture in Oregon. The Milton Odem House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.


Redmond Wineries/Tasting Rooms

Maragas Winery 15523 SW Hwy. 97, Culver

Crater Lake Spirits by Bendistillery 19330 Pinehurst Road, Bend

Maragas Winery is located in a beautiful area of Central Oregon at 15523 SW Hwy 97, Culver, Oregon. Couched between the beautiful rock formations of Smith Rock and seven peaks of the majestic Cascade Mountains, their visitors relax on their patio and lawn and soak up their views. Maragas Winery is the first winery in Jefferson County, Oregon and the first vineyard in Jefferson County, Oregon. They’re the founding Winery and Vineyard of Central Oregon.

We just wanted to live in the mountains and make great spirits. That’s just what we have been doing since 1996 when we released Crater Lake Vodka and Gin to the people of Oregon to enjoy. We are America’s most award winning small batch distillery and have ignited the craft cocktail revolution.

Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyards 70450 NW Lower Valley Drive, Terrebonne Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events Center was founded in the belief that growing grapes in Central Oregon would be as widely accepted as growing grapes in other Oregon regions. We are currently growing nine different hybrid grapes, LaCrescent, Vignoles, Marechal Foch, La Crosse, Frontenac Gris, Traminette, St. Croix, Leon Millot and Marquette. Each one unique, we take great care in tending our vines and selecting only the best team to bring you the best wines at affordable prices. Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events has grown to become Terrebonne’s premier tasting room.

In the past 20 years we have grown. Releasing new products such as infused vodkas (Hazelnut Espresso, Pepper, and Sweet Ginger), Reserve products, ground to bottle Estate products, Special Projects (Hatch Green Chile Vodka), and Rye Whiskey. Also, we have expanded out of Oregon and are distributed in thirty-two states. We moved our distillery in 2010 from Bend to a 24-acre farm property in Tumalo, Oregon to get ourselves a little more elbow room. There we have a tasting room that serves up free tastings and tours seven days a week, as well as, a gift shop.

Our fine wines are only available for purchase from our tasting room, but we are open every day except for major holidays like Thanksgiving, and Christmas, from Noon to 5PM.


Redmond/Terrebonne Recommended Restaurants

One Street Down Café

124 SW 7th Street, Redmond


Mo’s Egg House

950 SW Veterans Way, Suite 100, Redmond


The Original Pancake House

3030 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Christie’s Kitchen

614 NW Cedar Avenue, Redmond


Silverleaf Café

7535 Falcon Crest Drive, Suite 300, Eagle Crest Resort


Niblick & Greens

7535 Falcon Crest Drive, Eagle Crest


Ida’s Cupcake Café

445 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Diego’s 447

SW 6th Street, Redmond


The Rooftop – SCP

521 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Becerras Bistro

646 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Brickhouse Restaurant

412 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Fiesta Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

905 SW Rimrock Way, Redmond


Oishi Japanese Restaurant

511 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Red Martini, Wine Bar & Grill

509 SW 6th Street, Redmond



514 NW Greenwood Avenue, Redmond


E Bar & Grill

314 SW 5th Street, Redmond


Carnaval Mexican Grill

343 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Madaline’s Grill Mexican American Bistro

2414 S. Highway 97, Redmond


Baldy’s BBQ

343 NW 6th Street, Redmond


Mi Cielo Mexican Restaurant

950 SW Veterans Way, Suite 102, Redmond


Bogey’s Burgers

655 NW Greenwood Avenue, Suite 2, Redmond


The Pig and Pound Public House

427 SW 8th Street, Redmond


Pho House

1604 S. Highway 97, Suite 9, Redmond


Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

1302 S. Highway 97, Redmond


Redmond Burger Company

249 NW 6th Street, Redmond


Geno’s Italian Grill

1857 N. Highway 97, Redmond


Grace & Hammer Pizza

641.SW Cascade Avenue, Redmond


Soup 2 Nuts

457 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Thai O Restaurant

974 SW Veterans Way, Redmond


Jersey Boys Pizzeria

527 NW Elm Avenue, Suite 1, Redmond


Cindy’s Chinese Garden

1362 S. Highway 97, Redmond


Chan’s Chinese Restaurant

615 NW 6th Street, Redmond


Terrebonne Depot

400 NE Smith Rock Way, Terrebonne


Base Camp Pizza

8060 11th Street, Terrebonne



Redmond Arts, Culture and Museums

Redmond features several permanent public art pieces and several “on loan” pieces through a program called Art Around the Clock. This is an outdoor gallery that is designed to enhance the beauty and livability of the community and features a select showing of juried pieces on a rotating basis. For true art lovers, a walk through downtown Redmond during one of the Third Friday Strolls says it all. Paintings, sculptures and photography are on display in businesses, retail shops, restaurants, offices and on sidewalks. Also check out downtown Bend and the Old Mill District during one of the First Fridays of the month. Paintings, sculptures and photography are on display in galleries, retail shops, offices and on sidewalks. Award-winning juried art fairs draw thousands to Bend and Sunriver every summer while the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in July – going on now for 41 years – remains the largest of its kind in the U.S.

Petersen Rock Garden & Museum 7930 SW 77th Street, Redmond | 541.382.5574 www.redmond.gov Petersen Rock Garden, is a rock garden and museum on 4 acres (1.6 ha), located between the cities of Bend and Redmond in Deschutes County, Oregon. Rasmus Petersen, a Danish immigrant who settled in Central Oregon in the early 1900s, began constructing the garden in 1935 using rocks he found within an 85-mile (137 km) radius of his family home. Petersen worked on the garden until his death in 1952; the garden has remained in his family's care since then. The garden, considered a roadside attraction with novelty architecture, includes roaming peafowl and a museum with a gift shop that sells rocks. High Desert Museum 59800 US Hwy 97, Bend | 541.382.4754 www.highdesertmuseum.org Hands-on kid friendly museum showcasing the natural & cultural history of Eastern Oregon. Museum at Warm Springs 2189 US Hwy 26, Warm Springs | 541.553.3331 www.museumatwarmsprings.org Visitors to The Museum at Warm Springs will experience firsthand the sounds of ancient songs and languages, the mastery of traditional craftsmen and the sights of rich and colorful cultures that make up the Confederated Tribes of The Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon.


Redmond Breweries & Tap Houses

Odem Theater Pub

349 SW 6th Street, Redmond


The Pumphouse Bar & Grill

8320 N Highway 97, Terrebonne


Porter Brewing Company

611 NE Jackpine Cebter, #2, Redmond


The Hideaway

507 SW 8th Street, Redmond


7th Street Brew House

855 SW 7th Street, Redmond


The View Tap & Grill

1938 SW Elkhorn Avenue, Redmond



3315 S Highway 97, Redmond


Hub City Bar & Grill

2498 S Highway 97, Suite E, Redmond


Checkers Pub

329 SW 6th Street, Redmond


Wild Ride Brew & Food Carts

32 SW 5th Street, Redmond


Clock Tower Pub

2757 NW 7th Street, Suite G, Redmond


Initiative Brewing

425 NW 5th Street, Redmond


Rimrock Taphouse & Food Cart

845 SW 17th Street, Suite 310, Redmond


The Vault Tap House/Kobold Brewing

245 SW 6th Street, Redmond


General Duffy’s Waterhole

404 SW Forest Avenue, Redmond



Central Oregon Websites

Relocating to Redmond or seeking new adventures in our fine city? Check out the websites below!


Relocating to Redmond Information


Visit Redmond


Redmond School Districts


Moving to Oregon


Dog Friendly Parks


Redmond DMV


Redmond Library


Public Transportation


Beacon Report and Market Overviews


EDCO Central Oregon Profile


USPS Movers Guide


Redmond Photos Provided Courtesy of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce.

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