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Annual Report 1

Annual Report 2017


Welcome A super strong team, a supremely engaged community, and the most productive year ever – that was 2017!

Message from Executive Director & Board President: Starting the year off by working on a strategic plan (with Ostara Consultants) was both validating and invigorating. The staff affirmed and clarified our values of “advocating with dignity, inclusion, and empowerment” and the entire leadership team of Board and Staff renewed our mission of connecting neighbors and families to nourishing food, essential resources, and a supportive community, so people can build resiliency to meet life’s challenges. A central outcome of our strategic plan is a commitment to being responsive to community needs, including expanding food and family resources as needed. Throughout 2017, we grew programming in both

JAKE WEBER Executive Director

our Wallingford and Greenwood locations as a result of community listening. We are humbled and honored when our participants voice their experience at FamilyWorks with us. It’s a privilege to share this participant’s quote, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with you in this effort: FamilyWorks has been a shining beacon of radical inclusivity, positive non-judgmental support, true diversity, and a deep well of nourishment for body and soul for me and countless others over many years. I am moved by how FamilyWorks’ space opens me up to my own humanity. - Food Bank Participant


Annual Report 2017


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Annual Report 2017

Family Resource Center The Family Resource Center continues to be a safe, welcoming space where people connect to resources, skills, and a supportive community— things that we all need to become our most resilient selves.

In 2017, over 536 Families (1,653 individuals) enrolled in Family Resource Center activities, gaining skills, resources, and a supportive community, including: • Parenting Classes & Workshops • Family Playgroups (Spanish, English, and Japanese) •T  he Teen Parent Program (education, skill development, and peer support) • Classes (nutrition, cooking, language, CPR, and first aid) • Resource Navigation - connection to vital services • WIC (supplemental nutrition support and education for women and infants) •C  ommunity Connections (culturally relevant, educational experiences) • Family Advocacy in Spanish and English

In 2017, as part of our Strategic Plan, our Family Advocacy services expanded to five days a week, providing 958 advocacy sessions. These sessions offer families a vital way to cultivate their resiliency by connecting them to resources to address concerns such as: domestic violence, immigration, education, health, and much more.

Teen Parent Program: 30 young parents participated in the 2017 Teen Parent Program and reported strengthened social and community support networks as well as improved parenting & life skills.


Annual Report 2017

“FamilyWorks and the Teen Parent Program have impacted my life, the life of my son, as well as the other moms that have been a part of this program by providing a safe space for mothers like me. I feel so fortunate that I didn’t have to take this journey alone.” –Teen Parent Participant, 2017

Khurshid’s Story Khurshid spoke at the FamilyWorks Sunday supper in 2017. In her own words: Hello, my name is Khurshid, and I am a participant at FamilyWorks. Several years ago, I fled from Afghanistan with my children. I was pregnant. We eventually came to Seattle, where I have two uncles. They helped me as much as they could, but it became clear that I needed to find a place of my own for my newborn and 2 small children. I found temporary housing, but my purse was stolen with all of my documents. I was in a country where few people speak my native language. I was homeless with no Visas, no money and without my ID cards. Even my EBT card for food was taken. I was at the DSHS office trying to get help. All of my money had been stolen, and I had no money to pay for rent in the transitional housing I’d just moved into. I was worried we’d have to sleep on the street. I don’t even own a car. Someone approached me. It was Gladys from FamilyWorks. Gladys taught me how to get my documents replaced and where to find funding to pay rent. FamilyWorks has become like a family. Everyone has helped me, the food bank, Hayley, Launa and of course Gladys.

2017 Family Resource Center Highlights: We successfully completed a Pilot Program with the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department/Family Support – hitting well above targeted goals in five milestones:

958 advocacy sessions

• Health and Wellness • Family Advocacy • Family Education and Support • Parent/Child Development • Connection to Community 5

Annual Report 2017

Over 536 families enrolled in Resource Center activities

Food Banks and Delivery Programs Our emergency nutrition programs continue to be a vital source of groceries and sustenance for children, families, adults, and seniors in our community. Over 40,000 food bank visits and grocery deliveries were made in 2017! Over 2,256 households accessed our emergency food programs and increased their health.

Highlights We are grateful for the hundreds of individuals, as well as groups from businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations who contributed resources of food and financial donations to increase the health and well-being of community members in 2017.


265 tons of

food collected & distributed

Our Wallingford Food Bank and on-site Family Resource Center continue to serve 450 households weekly, and help to make the bridge to greater family resiliency.

Greenwood In partnership with the Salvation Army, we celebrated two years of operating the Greenwood Food Resource Center (GFRC) and consistently serve over 120 households each Wednesday!

450 households served weekly in Wallingford

These active and compassionate members of the Greenwood community (and many more!) pulled together to raise food, supplies, and money for our work: The Hunger Goblins, PNA’s Winter Festival & Craft Fair, the North Pole on the Ridge, The Messiah Sing-A-Long, Greenwood Car Show, and Verity Credit Union!


Annual Report 2017

120 households served weekly in Greenwood

Weekend PowerPacks and Snack-Packs

1,899 backpacks

Each week when school is in session, we prepare kid-friendly, “PowerPacks” filled with food, for students at BF Day (415 bags),

of food distributed to students

Daniel Bagley (619), and Licton Springs (865) totaling 1,899 backpacks in 2017. We also delivered 2,340 nutritious Snack-Packs to Mary’s Place for the children to have healthy afternoon snacks.

2,340 snack-packs delivered to Mary’s Place

Delivery 1,842 deliveries were made to 120 individuals in the community with medical conditions who are unable to visit the food bank, lovingly hand-delivered by our delightful volunteer, Mary Fielder: “I adore all my clients - they are all so appreciative of the deliveries and the thoughtful, nutritional selection in their bags. They all feel very lucky to have a roof over their heads.”

1,842 deliveries made to 120 individuals

Other 2017 Happenings We are fortunate that Mike Cox, our Food Bank Manager, recovered from a heart attack and surgery in 2017. We are so grateful for the team of volunteers and staff who worked extra hard to keep the food bank running on all cylinders during his recovery!

Lost and Found! Although someone broke in to our Food Bank on the 4th of July and stole our Van, our community, through Facebook, got the word out and the van was spotted and recovered in just three days! 7

Annual Report 2017

2017 Volunteerism

551 people VOLUNTEERED

9,338 hours

“I have had a wonderful time volunteering here and working with everyone, especially Billy and James. Everyone is genuine and friendly and I couldn't have picked a better place to volunteer at. I've learned a lot here at Family Works!” –Ricky Pham, Volunteer


Annual Report 2017

Congratulations to volunteer David Tate, recipient of the 2017 Kerwin Manuel Impact Award for his volunteerism and extraordinary efforts to empower the community. For 10 years David has given his time, working passionately in many facets of the food bank and resource center, helping to strengthen our community. Thank you David for this commitment! 9

Annual Report 2017

2017 Financial Summary Building resiliency to meet life’s challenges, FamilyWorks advocates with dignity, inclusion and empowerment.

Income for 2017

Expenses for 2017

Income vs. Expenses

In-Kind ($925,472)

Program ($1,547,898)

Income ($1,862,040)

Contributions ($415,656)

Management/General ($124,798)

Expenses ($1,792,223)

Special Events ($85,591)

Fundraising ($119,527)

Grants ($107,750) City/State Contracts ($324,857) Interest/Other ($2,714)


Annual Report 2017

Thank you to the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department, King County United Way, and the wonderful donors who support our families and neighbors through their funding.

“Having a full stomach provides an individual experiencing poverty the dignity of having a basic need met, reinforcing their sense of self-worth. Not having to worry about where the next meal will come from can free up energy to address other hurdles and barriers in their lives.� - Mike Cox, FamilyWorks 11

Annual Report 2017

FamilyWorks Staff Along with our volunteers, FamilyWorks staff put their heart and soul into this work, creating an environment where our entire community feels respected, where we have opportunities for growth, and where we can all make a positive impact.


Awela Aboudou Family Programs Coordinator

Joey Ashenbrenner Development & Communications Manager

Hayley Berra Family Advocate

Edsel Blanche Family Programs Coordinator

Mike Cox Food Bank Manager

Kat Johnson Volunteer Coordinator

Launa Lea Family Resource Center Manager

Kirby Lochner Communications Coordinator

Elsie Martinez BSW Intern

Gladys Martinez Teen Parent & Family Programs Coordinator

Billy McLendon Food Bank Coordinator

Pete Metzelfeld Driver

James Moody Food Bank Coordinator

Jesse Shandrowski Driver

Jake Weber Executive Director (celebrated her 20th year in 2017!)

Annual Report 2017

Newly Joined Staff in 2018

Shanna Woody Data & Office Coordinator

Former staff and Interns in 2017

Elizabeth Ralston Volunteer Coordinator

Serena Barr Special Events Coordinator

Priya Saxena Marketing Intern

Rosie Marquez BSW Intern

Board Members/Executives in 2017 What would we do without the hard working visionary leadership of our Board? Their insight and behind-the-scenes help with infrastructure, development, and other mission-based activities keeps us growing strong. They are a mighty bunch! Scott Allard

Alison Parsons

Clare Breidenich, Vice President

Alessandra Pollock, Secretary

Julie Daman, Treasurer

Jon-Michael Pratt

Mary Harding

Nancy Swierkos

Sharon Kioko

Greg Traxler, President

Will Lewis

Jim Vonasch

Mandy Levenberg

Kymber Waltmunson

Caroline Mburu

“I’ve watched FamilyWorks grow, and observed the staff in action. Their quality of engagement is thoughtful, compassionate, authentic, and inspirational.” - Food Bank Participant


Annual Report 2017

Thank Your For Making An Impact To Our Donors – We are so thankful for your generosity. Our neighbors and families have been nourished, connected and empowered because of the resources you generously shared with us. We thank you for believing in our programs and the power they have to shape a stronger community for everyone. We are most definitely stronger together and we thank you for being such a critical part of this work!

2017 Individual Cash Donors Marco Abbruzzese Michele Acquavella Derek Adams Erik Adams Genevieve & Mark Agopsowicz Judith Aks & Diana Pallais Lisa Alado & Gregory Ettl Jessica Alan Scott Allard & Heather Hill Amanda Allen Jeremy & Rachael Allen Miles Allen Shary & Terry Almasi Barbara & Stephen Anderson Benjamin Anderson Brenda Anderson Lois & Frank Anderson Pam Anderson Rebecca Anderson & Robert Earhart Sally Anderson Anonymous (12) J. Cyrus Appell Dave Arnold Joey & Aubrey Ashenbrenner Wendy & David Ashenbrenner Janis Avery & Mary Kabrich Amy Avnet & James MacConnell Judy Ayers Amy Baernstein Eiko Bailey Judith & Max Bailey David Bair & Wayne Winters Emily Ballard Katherine & Caleb Banta-Green Liz Barbee & John Butler Donna & Christopher Barker Dean Barnes


Robert Barr Thomas Barwick Martha Baskin Paula Matthews & Larry Baum Mary Lynne Baum Melissa & Daniel Becker Kerby Beckman Tim Belden Erica & Herbert Bergamini Erin & Ethan Bernau Denise Bevacqua Jack Bigelow William Bigelow Wayne Billingsley Michael Billish Jamie Bird Deborah Black Edsel Blanche Eric & Fiona Blank Beatrix Wiedmer & Carl Bolstad Alan Bond Serge Boro Jane Ann Bradbury Brian Bradshaw Mallory Braun Clare Breidenich Martha & Larry Breslauer Aziza Brewer Kate Brewer Trevor Brightwell Derik Broekhoff Aaron Brooks Elbert Brooks Linda & Steve Brown Sarah Bryar JoAnn Buchanan Cheryl Buck

Annual Report 2017

Linda Buck Caitie Buell Hahns Burg Suzanne M. Burke Claire Burnett James Buszkiewicz Janet Buttenwieser & Matthew Wiley Karen Calara Richard Caldart Lisa Callegari & Zac Widmyer Daisy dePaulis & Clarke Canfield Kim Cannova Leah Lee & Aaron H Caplan Mark V. Carpenter Lynn & Bill Carr Deb Carstens Monica Cary Deborah Casso Wendy Chamberlin Rachelle & Paul Chapman Alice Chew Annabella & Ralph Chiocco Charles Cho Kimberly Christensen & David Sielaff Lawrence Chung Linda Clifton Susan Coupe & Mike Coleman Robin Colleran Mary & Mark Comstock Peggy Confer Anne Cotton Kelvin Council Peter & Beatrice Crane Claudia Crawford Wallingford Community Senior Center Lee Oatey-Crouse & James Crouse Nathan Cummings

2017 Individual Cash Donors Robert Curley John Curtin Mary Ann Curtis & Amy Schwegler Ashley D’Amico Julianne Dalcanton & Chris Borden Julie Daman & Stephen McCandless Marilyn Damato Ann Davies Angus Davis Robert Davis Sharon Davison & Rex Houchins Ms. Kathy Dawson Lee Dawson Martha Dawson Margreet De Leeuw & Peter Van Der Ven Rebecca Johnson & Earl De Wald Bev DeCook Marion & John DeForest Elisabeth Dekker Cynthia Dellinger & James Baer Joshua DeLong Frances DeMarco Melinda Denson Richard Dermer Barbra & Nick Dey Brian Dillon Lynn Dillon Laurie Dils Rebecca DiNino Steve Ditto Julie Doll Allen & Stephan Doll Sasa Dombek Eva Wagner-Donahoo & Patrick Donahoo Sarah Donnelly Ian Dotson Holly Kellog & Michael Doyle Emily Drake Kira Druyan & Joel Walker Ellen & Edward Duffield Steven Dunham Macail Eaton - Beads For Needs Emily Eberle-Levine Linda & Buckley Eckert Shannon Fitzgerald & Kenneth Elam Anita & William Elder Fredrica Elliot Jeff Elston Patricia Emmons & Shmuel Elad Steve Eney Carol England Peter Erickson Sarah Ernst


[continued] Nan Evans Birte & James Falconer Jennifer Fangman Alice MacCuish & Chris Fassel Jean Feagin , Ph.D. Ali & Sean Feary Ron Feigal Dian Ferguson Nancy & Donald Ferkingstad Julie Ferkingstad Mark Ferkingstad Sylvia Rosenfield & Marvin Feuerberg Ava Feyez Cyrus Fiene Young Jee Filer Susan Findlay-Nomura & Jeff Nomura Katie Findling Elissa & Stan Fink Patricia & Bruce Finlayson Michael Finley Lindsey & Allen Firle Sara Fischer David Fisher Kathleen Fisher & Diane Magasich Allen Fitzpatrick Jamie Flaxman Mary C. & Denny Fleenor Gregory Flood Peggy Foerch James Fogarty Lorna & Marcus Forgey Franklin William Fort Karin Fosberg & Kevin Majeau Anne Fote Sue Fox Jennifer & Joe Hurley Renee Fredrickson Chadwick Freeman John Freeman & Cedar Burnett Bridget Frey & Devin Parry Kirsten & James Frits Ann Frost Terry Furchgott Joe G Cheri & Lawrence Gail Faye & Gary Gallagher Tara Gallagher Robin & Bruce Galvin Michelle Gamboa Ann Gardner Timothy Garrison Jennifer Gaus & David Lion Judith Gay Lauren & Peter Gaylord

Annual Report 2017

Chris & David Gedye Beth Gendler & Reginald Zisette Mandy George James Gilleland Janice & Lawrence J. Gockel Demian Godon Marjorie Goldman & Gary Prince Candy Masson & Martin Goldman Nicole Waller & Kevin Goldsmith Anne Good Lori & Ian Goode Kelly & Philip Goodhue Ken Graff Patricia Graves & David Nash Sarah Gray Deborah Green Laura Thorne & Alan Greenbaum Darcy & Craig Greene Pat Greene Shevaugn Greenlee Elizabeth Flavin & Paul Grekin Shirley Grekin Leo Griffin Dan Grigg Peter Grimlund Martha Groom Matt Guido Geoffrey Gund Thoren H James Haagenson Kathryn Schaefer & Glenn Hackney Shane Hager Kimberlee & Daniel Hagood Bruce Hall Lynda & Jason Hall Diane Hammer Terry Hammer Malia Hardin Mary & Maurice Harding Scott & Jan Harlan Denis Harney Freddie Harris Stan Harris Sophie & Elizabeth Hartshorn - Sall Chris Haven Sarah Phillips & Fraser Havens Leanne & Ryan Hawthorne Robert Haynes Daniel Heath Carolyn & Greg Heberlein Jessica Hege Mary & Joseph Heim Sarah Hein Mary Helbach

2017 Individual Cash Donors Susan Helbig & Rory Link Sarah Heller McFarlane & Jonathan Heller Priya Helweg Ruth & Robert Herold Billie Hess Ryder Higganbothom Mary Ellen Higgins Sandy & Steve Hill Tessa Hill Christopher Hirata Michelle & Adam Hitch Iris Hodgson Theresa Hoeft Marie Hoffman Paul Holt Shari & Michael Houser Nancy Howard & Martin Chew Matthew Howe Jen & Charlie Hughes Steven Hunt Scott Hutsenpillar Deborah Hyman Gary Imanishi Alexandra & Thomas Immel Laura Inveen & William Shaw Pamela & David Jackson Adrienne James Anna Johansen Cassy B. & Jeff Johnson Carol & David Johnson Kathryn & Mark Johnson Phyllis Johnson Vicki Weeks & David Jones Norma Jones & Fred Jones Debbie Juntunen Amia Kane Gwen & Mustafa Kapusuzoglu Krys Karns Anne Karppinen Nazneen Kateli-D’Souza & Ian D’Souza Jennifer Kauffman Carol Kelly & David Meekhof Kari Kelly & Gene Dodd Angela Kennedy Maureen & Michael Kerschbaum Helen Kim Christy Kinnaird Sharon Kioko Neil Kitchen Kay & Jack Kite J Timothy Kleespsies Jill Klein


[continued] Jennifer Kline Shernoff Melissa & Merle Knapp Anna Knechtel Deb & Robert Knetzger Diana Knight Mary Koch Stephen Kosack Robert Kosara Adrienne Kosewicz D’vorah Kost Leann & Paul Kostek Nina Krauwangmon Holli Krebs Alyssa Kreider Kara Kreider Alan Krider & Dee Ann Campbell Brooke Kruse Emily & Marc Kubischta Colleen Kurke Jocelyn Lacey Steven Lafrance Ronda Lagerbaug Miller & Brad Miller Frances Marshall & Chuck Lare Debra Larson Michael Lazarus Heather Leach Cara Lee Lauren Lee Ernest Lehman Anita Lehmann & Rex Lyon Mandy Leifheit Dr. Chris & Jyl Leininger Amanda Levenberg & Clay McDaniel Teri Lewan Paton Lewis Patricia & Will Lewis Nancy Lieurance Amy Lillard Nancy Lillehei & Grover Nogawa Bryan Lindeman Monika Lirio & Jeff Taylor Lynn Livesley & Kevin O’Neill Patti & Rick Lochner Patrick Lofy Kim Lokan & David Roast Janel & Brian London Frank Chopp & Nancy Long Martha Hyde & Patrick Long Priscilla Long Steven & Jolene Louie Judith Lovelace Paul Lowe Brent Lyman Erick M

Annual Report 2017

Lila M Brandon Macinnis Kate MacKenzie Kate Macneale & T Adam Welman Nicholas MacPhee Jake & Meg Mahoney Denise & Gerard Mamaril Amy Mann Jacob Mans & Daniel Wilson Megan Elizabeth & John Marek Sheryl Marks & Standford Hackley Lauren Marshall Lynda & Harris Martin Will Martin Gladys Martinez Cheri & Rob Marusa Margaret Masar & Geoffrey Nichols Lora Mason Walter Mason Tiare Mathison Catherine Maxson Julie & Michael Mayer Jeannette Mayes Anthony Maze Caroline Mburu Pamela & Bob McCabe John McCoy & Cynthia Creasey Conor McCracken Mary & Marty McCune Helen McGough Eamaer McGuigan Gordon McHenry Mary McHugh & Anthony Olney Ruby McLachlan Mari McLellan Laura McMillan & Dale Brandenstein Laurie McMillan Trish & Jerald McNeil Joah & Mark McPherson Margarita Medina & Emma Le Du Emily & Vijay Menon Bender Pete Metzelfeld Julia Metzner Jeffrey Meyer Stephen Meyer Martha Jane Meyerding Susan Mikkelsen Ashley Miller Erica Mills & Matt Barnhart Tiffany & Michael Minor Shalini & Gregg Miskelly Alex Mitchell Ella Monaghan Joshua Monaghan

2017 Individual Cash Donors Emily & Marc Mora Mario & Dina Moreno Jane Mushabec & Arthur Morgenroth Leona & Jim Morton Robert & Kiyomi Morton Sharon Rodgers & Duncan Munro Corey Murata Paul Murphy Ryan Murphy V Nagarajan Julie Anne Nagel Molly Moon Neitzel & Zack Reinig Bruce Nelson Richard Nelson Roberta Nelson Stella Newman Lisa Nicholson & Jon Huffman John & Joann Nicon Kathryn Nielson Hoon Noh & Ok Nam Ahn Kelly & Dermot Noonan Crosby Nordblom Randi Noreng Emily Norman & Nathan Brixius Jeanette Norris & Steven Buck Sylvia & Jacob Nussbaum Patrick O’ Leary David O’Connor Peggy O’Heron & Conrad Smith Timothy O’Malley Kerry O’Neill Alexandra O’Reilly & Charles A. Desiderio Sara Weaver & Dan Ogborn Eileen Olson Emmett Olson Cindy & Greg Olson Colleen Dillon & John Olson Paula & Richard Olson Carol & Thomas Olson Mary & Steve Orth James Ortiz Jennifer Otten Amanda Page Jeremy Palenchar Sal Panelo Leah Papernick Donald Parda Grace Parker & Kenneth Wells Josh Parker Emma Parks Dave Parrish Shelly & Morris Parrish Alison & Lee Parsons


[continued] David Pascoe William Patterson Cecilia Paul & Harry Reinert Fred Paulsell Jane & Alan Paulson Susan Payne Rob Perrilleon Lisa Perry Lisa Peters Dr. Theano Petersen Erik Peterson Helene Obradovich & Ed Phippen III Stephanie Phommachack Eric Pidkameny Angela Pietschmann Georgia Piggot Courtney Pine Catherine & Christopher Pirich Krista & Matthew Place Ronit & Colin Plank Alessandra Pollock & Greg Foltz Andrea Pollock Joshua Pollock Barb Potter Debbie Potter Kelly Stapleton Powers Jon-Michael Pratt Geoffrey Prentiss Shanta Puchtler & Sarah Lord Barbara & Paul Quay Ann Rackl Elizabeth Ralston & Ed Pottharst Dave Ramp Terri & Bill Rasmussen Virginia Ratliff & Dennis Schaffer Emily & Dan Raymond Rachel Reed Sara Nickerson & Matthew ReidSchwartz Katie & Scott Renschler Christian Reynolds Jenny Rhodes Carrie Richard & Brian Guggino Marlee & Michael Richard Kristen Riley & Colin Beazley Rebecca Ringhouse Marjorie & Ed Ringness Amelia Roberts Julia Robinson Paul Robinson & Mireille Sema Jennifer Romich Marco Roseman James Rosenwald Sheena Ross

Annual Report 2017

Tim Roth Sharon Rowley Edith & Mike Ruby Louis Rush Jennifer Cells Russell & Read Handyside Diana Ryesky & Gerald Delay Thomas Sackett Susan Salzer & Bill Fort Cathryn & Carl Sander Priya Saxena & Seth Dawson Kendall, Ada, Will & Kate Scales Brandon Scalf & Mike Cox Kathy & Lee Schahrer Alex Scheffield Barbara Ann & Lloyd Schneider Melody Schneider Ann Schuh Kate Schultz & Jim Bruene Jean Schweitzer Megan Scoville Kristan Seibel Linda Sewell Jesse Shandrowski Colleen Shea-Brown Elya Schechtman Elizabeth Sheppard, Ph.D. & William Badgeley Dr. David Sherman & Jeanette Farrell Michael Shiozaki Cay Shoemake Cathy & Fred Short Amy Shumann Katharyn Sikorski Jackie Fradkin & Oori Silberstein Karen & Jamie Simone Darren Simsek Glen Singer Jason Skolrud Julietta Skoog Dr. Marian Small Heidi Smets & D Hoyt Colleen Smith Drew Smith Ian Smith & Lisa Williams Lorena Smith Richard Smith Shethy Smith Virginia & James Smyth Franz Snyder Ann & Steven Sonnen Gretchen & Lyle Sorensen Kathleen Spector Cynthia Spurgeon

2017 Individual Cash Donors Lawrence Spurgeon Alison Stamey & W.C. Twig Mills Shannon Standish H.E. Starks & I.R. Mackay Tony Stearns Danielle & David Steele Kimberly Steffensmeier Megan & Kevin Stein Ira & Mecca Stevenson Judith Stoloff Storck/Park Family Beth Struckhoff & William Parks Mrs. Michele Stutzman Brenda Stuvek Kim Colwell & Patrick Suhrbier Beckey Sukovaty & Toby Thaler Cathy Sullivan Rebecca Sullivan & Eric Westberg Shelly Sundberg & Whit Alexander Robin Wehl Martin & Clay Martin Karen Surabian & David Carey Jessica Sutter Marian Svinth & Gene Slape Judith Swain & David Strauss Penny & Daniel Swanson Nancy Swierkos & David Hansen, Jr Lisa & Adam Szofran Ian Tanaka Deborah Kerdeman & David Tarshes David Tate Anne Tegen & Jonah Harrison John Terry Evelyn Thompson & L.M. Keller Caroline Berg & Skylar Thompson Gary Thomson David Totten Tuan Tran Patricia Kiyono & Greg Traxler Izabella & Tiberiu Trofin Mary & Chris Troth


[continued] Joan & Louis Truskoff Loretta & Daniel Turner Cathy Tuttle & David Notkin Eric Tuttle Vaiva Vaisnys Caleb Van Essen Emma van Inwegen Jane Vande Kamp Andrew Varnes Keshar & Ishaan Vasudera Jana Vitols & Greg Ruby Sharon & James Vonasch Kim & Mike Waag The Waltmunson Family Eric Ward & Tanya MacFarlane Susan & Jay Wardle Tatiana Webb Ann & Gary Weber Jake Weber & Kevin Kane Philippa Webster & John Mulligan Sarah Webster Katie Weiss Perry Welch & Dave DesVoigne Lindsay & Scott Westover Hilary Wething Joella & Myron Weybright Cynthia Whitaker Linda & J. Michael White Anne Whitehead Suzanne Whitehead & Russell Patterson Susan Wickwire Ella & Greg Widmyer Susan & Dylan Wilbanks Robert Wilding Judy Cites & James Wilke Maddil Willace Gail & Don Willis David Wine Tara Winkler

Annual Report 2017

Christina Witteman Jeff Woiton Karen Wold Dylan Wolf Christopher Woodfield Wesley Wozniak Katie & Dustin Wright Norm Wright Susan Bidwell Wright Yi-Fen Yang Adelia Yee Wen-tau Yih Karyn Yonekawa Joanne Young Julie Young & Bruce Clarkson Verona Young Lisa Younglove Maja Zavaljevski Ann Zavitkovsky & Parker Lindner Jan Zimmerman Mary Ellen & John Zoulas Kathryn Zufall

2017 Anna Banana Fund Donors FamilyWorks is honored to partner with Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, providing nutritious dairy products to families struggling with food insecurity. Thank you to all who donated milk in loving memory of Anna.

Kieran Adcock-Starr Lauren Aguirre Molly Allison Isis Amen-Asia Barbara & Stephen Anderson Eric Anderson Anonymous Gabriella Arrastia Kiruthika Arulmozhi Hunter Backlund Judith & Max Bailey Kimberly Baker Stephen Baldock Cheyenne Barton Morgan Bass Julianne Bell Maggie Berg Dalia Bernal Jason Beverly Ari Bobbitt Artemis Bobbitt John Boyd Hana Bradbury Sean Breslin Denise Brown Kierstin Brown Marissa Bruno Erin Cali Strawberry Casey Mariana Castaneda Lisa & Gabe Castillo Sarah Chaney Morgan Charnley Mariah Clayten Aronka Cooper Piper Cramer Oliver Daniels-Pavich Mary Anne Davis Zachary Demers Linda Derschang Heather Diaz James Diebold Christina Dolinski Daniel Dominguez Kathleen & Michael Dommer Colette Dunbar Lauren & Paul Edlund Sara Elloway Iris Estell Richard Fehrenbacher Sofia Fernandez Salinas Gregory Flores


Daniel Foerch Autumn Gardaya Olivia Gheradini Laura Goens Lillianna Gonzales Kessiah Gordon Rebecca Graves Sarah Gray Nickolas Gucker Austin Hackett Casey Hamilton Jacob Harvey Courtney Hastings Bridgette Hawes Louisa Heal Briana Hendricks Melissa Henry Ashlee Hill Sadie Hinklin Heather Hodge Charles Hoffman Charlie Hoffman Hannah Hoffmeyer Rachel Hong James Hopkins Nathan Hopkins Sam Hopkins Rebecca Hough Audrey Huber Sebastian Hulburt Mikayla Jackson Milo Jackson Samantha Jewell Maren Johnson Megan Kammarmeyer Sara Keshmiri Iman Khalaf Jamie Kieserman Emily Kim Donovan King Alan Krider & Dee Ann Campbell Emily Ladd Sean Lafferty Joyce Lane Bunny Lee Olivia Leslie Anastasia Lincoln Megan Linner Veronica Loflin Meri Magee Alyssa Mastropieri Holly McConnell

Annual Report 2017

Kristina McDonnell Darien McMillan Kenneth Meyers Bradleigh Miller Hayley Miller Bethany Mosshart Leslie Mutuku Bailey Navratil Kevin Neitzel Molly Moon Neitzel & Zack Reinig Jason Netland Peter Nguyen Megan Norton Jessica Nutt Gemma O’Neil Conor O’Neill Alyssa Oldroyd Derek Opitz Mara Palmer Katherine & Max Pavesic Susan Pengilly & Craig Holmquist Jeremy Pintus Christine Powers Mark Purther Randi Rachlow Robert Regan David Reid Marjorie & Bill Reinig Chad Rosevear Dejah Sanchez Gabriela Santana-Ufret Dyboraratha Sary Kathy & Lee Schahrer Sulaiman Shelton Brandon Shepard Andrea Shull Amy Silvia Devon Smith Jerel Smith Miranda Smith Gal Snir Tara Snyder Carola Sonder

2017 Anna Banana Fund Donors Dixie Steele Brian Stermitz Sam Stout Alexandria Strosahl Janti Sun Kelabe Tewolde


Margarita Vaca Loren VandenBerghe Lynn Walton Charlene Wilson Maggie Wimmer-Magnant Sophia Wiskerchen

Sam Wooley Celeste Wrye Ariel Wygant Joanna Yuan Greta Zorn

2017 Resiliency Team Donors Individuals who donate to FamilyWorks on a monthly basis provide a foundation of support that helps us consistently provide nutritious food and vital resources, and operate more efficiently. To each of our gracious and loyal monthly donors, thank you!

Anonymous Joey and Aubrey Ashenbrenner Amy Avnet and James MacConnell Linda Bevis & Ed Mast Maureen Carr & Dan Charlson Jenna Crouch James Crouse & Lee Oatey-Crouse Michele Crowley Mark Dersom Kathleen and Michael Dommer Ian Dotson Jane Elliott Nancy Geiger and Michael Krasik MaryBeth Gilbrough and Tom Helser Becky Harbine Iris Hodgson Antonia Jindrich and David Dicks Anna Johansen

Kathryn & Mark Johnson Eric Jones Laurie Kavanagh and Marc von Holzen Mary Koch Douglas Larson Megan Lees Sue Lesser Lynn Livesley & Kevin O’Neill Stephanie Lowe Amy Mann Anna Marburg Tiare Mathison Ashley Miller Erica Mills and Matt Barnhart Marjorie Walter and Timothy Moran Jean Myers Deborah Nelson Stella Newman

Carol and Ralph Nussbaum Delilah and Dick Obie Margaret and Paul Olson Cecilia Paul and Harry Reinert Jane and Alan Paulson Kristen and John Petersen Helene Obradovich and Ed Phippen III Eric Pidkameny Ian Porter Michelle Quesada Beth Randall Mr. Brian Rowe Thomas Sackett David Tate Sharon and James Vonasch Catharine Youngs

Adobe Matching Gift Program Aetna Foundation Banner Bank Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts Program The Boeing Company Boeing Employee Credit Union Community Engagement

Corporate Visions, Inc. Costco Wholesale Corporation Eastlake Zoo Tavern Even Stevens evo Expeditors International of WA - CHQ First Fruits Foundation Google Matching Gifts Program

Liberty Mutual Foundation Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Milliman None Will Perish Foundation The Nordblom Family Foundation Nordstrom The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Tableau Foundation

2017 Church Donors

2017 Grantors

Bethany Community Church Fremont Baptist Church Grace Gospel Chapel St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church St. Benedict Church Wallingford Presbyterian Church

American Family Insurance Amica Companies Foundation Anonymous Fales Foundation Trust Catherine Holmes Wilkins Foundation David McKinlay Trust Medina Foundation Moccasin Lake Foundation

2017 Business Donors


Annual Report 2017

Norcliffe Foundation OneFamily Foundation Puyallup Tribe of Indians Schiff Foundation Tableau Foundation Tulalip Tribes Verity CU - Wallingford Branch

2017 Community Campaign Donors Scott Allard hosted a book launch & signing event at MiiR. Bizzaro Café sold SOZO wine, from which a percentage of the sales is donated to FamilyWorks. Aziza Brewer asked for donations as part of her birthday. Chidamoyo Christian Hospital hosted a fundraising dinner & auction. Cobalt Construction, LLC raised donations via an at-business food drive. Richard Dermer & Paton Lewis hosted a giving drive. Macail Eaton of Beads For Needs sold handrafted jewelry. Grocery Outlet of Aurora hosted an in-store giving event. Scott & Jan Harlan sold hats at a POP UP after the Fremont Sunday market. Greater Good Granola donated net profits from granola sales. MiiR hosted Scott Allard’s signing of Places In Need. None Will Perish Foundation donated a percentage of SOZO wine sales from Bizzaro Café. Krista’s Music Studio music students & families gave to GFRC at their recital. evo hosted an in-store “Round Up.” Twist Architecture & Design hosted the Twist Architecture giving event. Conrad Smith organized the “FamilyWorks Works For All People” Relay Race Fundraiser. Amir Razzaghi Razzi’s Pizzeria hosted an online “charity of the month” promotion. Cathryn & Carl Sander hosted the 2017 Guitar Outlaws benefit concert. Keshar & Ishaan Vasudera hosted a lemonade stand. Jake Weber donated proceeds from the sale of her album, You Make Me Happy. Music Center of the Northwest gathered food at St. John’s Lutheran Church for the Messiah Sing-a-Long. Seattle Parks & Recreation gathered food at Green Lake Community Center’s Pathway of Lights. W.G. Clark provided hundreds of full holiday food and resource baskets. John’s Dairy Services always delivered the special deal on dairy products!


Annual Report 2017

2017 Individual In-Kind Donors Shiloh Abad Chetana Acharya Adriana AlfaroZierten Scott Allard & Heather Hill Pranar Amin Jennifer Amsterlaw Rebecca Anderson & Robert Earhart Colleen & Buck Andrews Anonymous (3) Jerolyn Armstrong Joey & Aubrey Ashenbrenner Katherine & Caleb Banta-Green Terri Barry Vaughnetta & Peter Barton Alanna Beebe Erin & Ethan Bernau Ashish Bhumiteddi Erika Bigelow Victoria Birden Alison & Crai Bower Diana Brannan Clare Breidenich Barbara Burrill Lori Campion Deb Carstens Anindita Chatterjee Lisa Chick & Thomas Marriott Kiran Chitluri Erica Clemente Candy Cribbs John Curtin Mary Ann Curtis & Amy Schwegler Ashley D’Amico Alison Dahmen Julie Daman & Stephen McCandless Delaney Dechant Kelly Delahunty Pima Dento Patty & Joey DeVore Nicole DeWolf Roy Diaz Lisa Dietrich Conway Downing Willie Dumars Kady Dundas Macail Eaton - Beads For Needs Anita & William Elder Kirsten Evans Rachel Feldstein A. J. Fischer Jack Fischer Richard Fisk Jamie Flaxman Lorna & Marcus Forgey Renee Fredrickson


Bridget Frey & Devin Parry Ramon Gallego Shawna Gamache Lauren Gardiner Lauren & Peter Gaylord Courtney & Nathaniel Gerlich Gebretinsae Gidey Laura Glueck Colleen Goodwin Martin Gortz Jessica Graybill Brianna Grozak Ellen Gryj Iris Hagerschmidt Ben Halpern-Meekin Marisol Hanley Sarah Harbert Leanne & Ryan Hawthorne Sarah Hein Brooke Henn Danielle Henty Katie Hill Bob Hiltner Iris Hogan-Schmidt Paul Holt Elizabeth Hom Kimberly Iller Pam Irvin Nicole Jabany Lana Jacobus Cynthia Jed Antonia Jindrich & David Dicks Cindy Johnson Denesia Johnson Kathryn & Mark Johnson Marina Kabeto Ken Kadlec Susanna Khahil Victoria Khemani Marilyn King Sharon Knowles Sarah Kuerner Gail Lau Cara Lauer Susan Lauzac April Lavery David Leech Amanda Levenberg & Clay McDaniel Giuli Lewis Patricia & Will Lewis Cynthia Linder Nicole & Shawn Lipton Geri Lirio Amy & Bill Little Patti & Rick Lochner

Annual Report 2017

Loera Family Shawna MacNeale Kathleen Mansfield Sheryl Marks & Stanford Ackley Robert Markwardt Rosie Marquez Julie Martin Samsara Martin-Gray Judith Maurer Tuvette McCroskey Lisa McMillan Teresa & Ted Metcalf Brady Minor Molly Moon Neitzel & Zack Reinig Pamela Ng Spyridon Nicon & Family Kelly & Dermot Noonan Jeanette Norris & Steven Buck Sinead O’Donoghue Peggy O’Heron & Conrad Smith Barbara Osborne Alison & Lee Parsons Jigna Patel Michelle Perham Diana Perry Victoria Pham William Pharr Barbara & Dennis Pistoresi Alessandra Pollock & Greg Foltz Andrea Pollock Kelly Stapleton Powers Kelly Prang Rebecca Prashner Jon-Michael Pratt Christy Qualin Michelle Quesada David & Molly Ramberg Ana Ramon-Laca Menendez de Luarca Carol Reingold Shanna Remke Keri Rhodes Rebecca Ringhouse Dana Robbins Sara Robbins & Funso Adekanbi Doug Rosenberg Laura & Bo Roth Austin Ruf Cathryn & Carl Sander Paola Santa Kate Schultz & Jim Bruene Kathryn Russell Selk Sachita Shah Maggie Shipley Lisa Smith

2017 Individual In-Kind Donors [continued] Emily Steed & Eric Leese Jennifer & Robert Stephenson Shelly Sundberg & Whit Alexander David Tate Tsehay Tesfaye Lisa Thompson Patricia Kiyono & Greg Traxler Izabella & Tiberiu Trofin Allen Tushall Kristine Tsujikawa M. Turnovsky Martha Ultis Elizabeth Umphress Erin Vagley

Arianna Valcarcel Jana Vitols & Greg Ruby Thuy Vu Robert Walker Jennifer Wallace The Waltmunson Family John Warner Margaret Warner-Lubin Kristina Weidert John Werner Rachel & Ryan Wernet Suzanne Whitehead & Russell Patterson Julie Whitman

Kylie Whittaker Gail Williams Michelle Williams Joe Windemuth Julie Wittman Annabel Wrightsman Saori Wunderlich Valeree Yee Camille & Robert Yocum Joanne Young Sarah Zielinski

Copperworks Distilling Co. Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts Daniel Bagley Elementary PTA Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Delta Zeta Sorority Dick’s Drive-Ins, Ltd., L.P. Disneyland Resort Display & Costume Dunn Lumber The Essential Baking Company Espresso Supply Evanston P-Patch evo Exploration Academy at Wallingford Center Farmhouse Organics Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery Food Lifeline Fred Meyer - Greenwood Fremont Abbey Arts Center Fremont Brewing Company Matthew Lincecum Fremont P-Patch (Whirled Peas) Fuel Garage Billiards Gates Foundation GloryBee Good Shepherd P-Patch Greater Good Granola Greenwood Car Show Gregg’s Cycles Grocery Outlet Guardian Cellars Guitar Outlaws Hamilton International Middle School Hayton Farms Hazel Heights P-Patch

Holly Gummelt - owner of The Sock Monster HomeStreet Bank - Fremont & Greenlake Hothouse Sauna & Spa Huckleberry Forest Preschool Hunger Goblins Husky Athletics Ian Fitness Illumination Learning Studio Interlake Childcare Center Irwin’s Bakery & Café Jazzercise Seattle Jennifer Boyle Photography John Stanford International School Kangaroo and Kiwi Keller Williams Realty Ken’s Market KEXP Kids on 45th Kipling Law Firm Kirsop Farm Krista’s Music Studio Kvichak Marine Ladywell’s Vitality Spa & Sauna Lagunitas Brewing Co. Landmark Theatres Macrina Bakery and Cafe School Springs Little Friends Preschool Lyall Farms Marblemount Maritime Pacific Brewing Company Marketime Foods Martin Family Orchard McDonald International School McMenamins, Inc.

2017 Business In-Kind Donors 5th Avenue Theatre ACT Theatre ActivSpace LLC Adobe Systems Inc. Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club All The Best Pet Care Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Alphabet Soup Preschool Alpha Martial Arts - Capitol Hill Alvarez Organic Farms AMC - Oaktree Cinemas Approach Management Services Bakery Nouveau Banner Bank Banya 5 The Barrel Thief Bartell Drugs Big 5 Sporting Goods Bishop Barber Shop Book-It Repertory Theatre Bootyland Kids BRIGHT! Preschool Broadway Band Brooks Calvary Wallingford Church Central Bakery Central Market Cereal Box Bakery Chaco Canyon Organic Café Chef John Howie Restaurants Childish Things Children’s Museum Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints City Fruits Collins Family Orchards


Annual Report 2017

2017 Business In-Kind Donors Michael’s Crafts Microsoft Bing Team Mighty-O Donuts MiiR Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Mud Bay Museum of Pop Culture Naked City Brewery & Taphouse Northwest Harvest The Ostara Group Pathway of Lights Phinney Farmers Market New Roots Organics Northhaven NW Cleaning Angels Pacific Science Center Pagliacci Pizza Paul Herbert Estate PCC Natural Markets Pecado Bueno Peddler Brewing Company Peet’s Coffee & Tea Greenlake Pharmaca Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op Picardo Farm P-Patch Pima Dental Hygiene Pinckney Cookie Cafe Proletariat Wine Company QFC - Wallingford Ravenna P-Patch Amir Razzaghi Razzi’s Pizzeria

[continued] Re-marks, Inc. Real Change Rest Awhile Country Market Ross Stores, Inc. Safeway - Greenlake, Greenwood, Roosevelt, & University Village Sandra Coan Photography Sea Wolf Bakers Seattle Aquarium Seattle Art Museum Seattle Center Seattle Mariners Seattle Musical Theatre Seattle Public Schools Seattle Reign FC Seattle Sounders FC Seattle Storm Seattle Symphony Seattle Theatre Group Seattle Tilth SHKS Architects Sidha Farms Sir Herbert Read Consortium Alternative School #1 at Licton Springs St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church St. Benedict Church St. Benedict School The Stage Door Stoup Brewing Tableau Software

Tall Grass Bakery Taproot Theater TCi Design + Branding TDW+Co The Summit at Snoqualmie Tilth P-Patch Todo Bien! Wellness Center Tofu Alliance Tom Douglas Restaurants Top Ten Toys Total Wine & More Sarah Bien Troll’s Knoll P-Patch Tutta Bella Twist Architecture and Design U-Haul of Ballard University Book Store University of Washington University Village Veraci Pizza Verity CU - Wallingford Branch VMA W. G. Clark Construction Wallingford Center Wallingford Community Senior Center Wallingford United Methodist Church Wallingford Presbyterian Church Welcoming Wallingford Wells Fargo WIC Woodland Park Zoo ZIVA Mediterranean Foods

2017 In Memory Of Donors Barbara & Stephen Anderson In Memory of Milt Anderson Martha Baskin In Memory of Della Baskin Michael Billish In Memory of Richard Billish Leah Lee & Aaron Caplan In Memory of Harry Lee Caplan Silvia Rosenfield & Marvin Feuerberg In Memory of Beth Deutsch Anita & William Elder In Memory of Christina Dewey Jocelyn Lacey In Memory of Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Bethany Mosshart In Memory of Paul Fletcher-McGookin Casey Hamilton In Memory of Mrs. Follett Katherine & Mac Pavesic In Memory of Anna Neitzel Suzi Pengilly & Craig Holmquist In Memory of Anna Neitzel Laurie Dils In Memory of Lisa Owens Grace Parker & Kenneth Wells In Memory of Margaret Parker Susan Wright In Memory of John Pope Catherine & Fred Short In Memory of Bert Puchtler Shanta Puchtler & Sarah Lord In Memory of Bert Puchtler Marjorie & Bill Reinig In Memory of Kathy Short Daniel Heath In Memory of Bill Strothman


Annual Report 2017

We will miss Emmett Brown, beloved member of our community.

2017 In Honor Of Donors Greater Good Granola In Honor of All FamilyWorks Staff and Volunteers Jessica Alan In Honor of Huckleberry Forest Preschool Kathleen Cromp In Honor of FamilyWorks Team Lynn Dillon In Honor of Dillon Family Christmas Jan Zimmerman In Honor of Scott Allard and Heather Hill Sandy & Steve Hill In Honor of Scott Allard and Heather Hill Tessa Hill In Honor of Scott Allard and Heather Hill Scott Allard & Heather Hill In Honor of Anne Althauser Mary Davis In Honor of Anna and Faye Emily Eberle-Levine In Honor of Babs Mary Baum & Steve Savitt In Honor of Paula Matthews & Larry Baum Tiare Mathison In Honor of Clare Breidenich Scott Allard & Heather Hill In Honor of James Buszkiewicz Robin Colleran In Honor of Emily Colleran Mandy Levenberg & Clay McDaniel In Honor of Michael Cox Michele Crowley In Honor of Mary & David Crowley Nathan Cummings In Honor of Isaac Cummings John Curtin In Honor of Joe Curtin Thomas Sackett In Honor of Richard Dermer Brian Dillon In Honor of Sol Dillon Nazneen Kateli-D’Souza & Ian D’Souza In Honor of Arielle D’Souza Terry Hammer In Honor of Emmett and Theo Scott Allard & Heather Hill In Honor of Victor Fanucchi


2017 In Honor Of Donors


Rachel Reed In Honor of Jamie Flaxman Rachael & Jeremy Allen In Honor of James Frits Robert Knetzger In Honor of Pat and Francis Fullam Tara Snyder In Honor of Jamie Garcia Franz Snyder In Honor of Lauren and Peter Gaylord Fiona & Eric Blank In Honor of David Goodwillie Sarah Gray In Honor of Don Gray Helen & Jim McGough In Honor of Elizabeth Flavin and Paul Grekin Paul Holt In Honor of Marcia Holt Tony Stearns In Honor of Winifred and Peter Hussey Diana Knight In Honor of Len Kannapell & Mark Adolph Jessica Nutt In Honor of Nolan Keen Anna Knechtel In Honor of Blythe & Larry Knechtel Robert Knetzger In Honor of Jack and Marilyn Knetzger Elisabeth Dekker In Honor of Wallis Lapsley Lynn Walton In Honor of Phenix Lauglin Jane Mushabec & Arthur Morgenroth In Honor of Amanda Levenberg and Clay McDaniel Patti & Rick Lochner In Honor of Kirby Lochner Judith & Max Bailey In Honor of Molly Moon Neitzel Joann & John Nicon In Honor of Spyridon Nicon and Family Nan Evans In Honor of Carol and Ralph Nussbaum Scott Allard & Heather Hill In Honor of Emmi Obara Diane Hammer In Honor of Emmett Olson Diane Hammer In Honor of Theodore Olson Anonymous In Honor of Kathy Plischke Elizabeth Ralston & Ed Pottharst In Honor of Danny Pottharst Rebecca Sullivan & Eric Westberg In Honor of Michelle Quesada Martha Dawson In Honor of Priya Saxena and Seth Dawson Scott Allard & Heather Hill In Honor of Milo Shea-Brown Erik Adams In Honor of Paula & Tim Tendick John Terry In Honor of Eugenia Terry Cynthia Dellinger & James Baer In Honor of Mary and Chris Troth Mari McLellan In Honor of Sarah Turner Katie & Scott Renschler In Honor of The Waltmunson Family Emily Ballard In Honor of Jake Weber Kimberly Christensen & David Sielaff In Honor of Jake Weber Ruth Herold In Honor of Jake Weber Ella & Greg Widmyer In Honor, “The women in my world - my mom, my wife, my daughters, and my friends.” Fred Paulsell In Honor of Marcia and Klaus Zech


Annual Report 2017

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2017 Annual Report  
2017 Annual Report