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Words of wisdom Your parenting questions answered

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5 Positive parenting

Tips on regaining confidence

How to preserve these relationships from afar

6 The importance of grandparents


8 Words of wisdom

Your parenting questions answered

6 9 Language and emotion

Communication advice for parents

Internet addiction and our children

Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One – which to buy?

10 Digital dilemmas 11 Gaming

13 Baby and toddler

Breastfeeding in public – the great debate

14 Dental pathways of infants

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From the editor Confident parenting M

ost grandparents play a leading role in the lives of their grandkids. If you were as lucky as me, a trip to visit your grandparents was always a treat. My mother’s parents didn’t always live in the same city as me – at one point they were missionaries in the Philippines, and eventually they retired in sunny Waikanae. But of those times when we were together, I remember them making me feel like the most special grandchild on earth. Nana would secretly buy me ice-creams, and let me help her bake. She would let me sleep in on Saturday mornings when I stayed over, and watch cartoons in bed while she bought me lavish amounts of overly-buttered Marmite toast. Pops would take me for a ride on his motorbike, often bring me little knick-knacks and jewellery items, and give us grandkids change to go to the dairy for a 50 cent mixture – and now I’m showing my age! I always felt that there was some kind of conspiracy between us – they would let me do things that Mum wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t tell. Later on, once Pops passed away, Nana still readily welcomed me and three of my giggling teenage friends to her home in Waikanae after our first girls’ road trip. She heard once that my kitten was sick, and she paid for his little operation. And before she passed away last year, she shared with me a secret: she prayed for me and all her grandchildren every day. I was lucky. But in some cases, grandparents today have a bit more of a challenge; many of them are not just grandparents, but caregivers – either full-time or while parents work. On one hand this gives them a unique opportunity to be involved hands-on in the lives of their grandchildren. On the other hand, it can diminish the magic of this special

Whether you’re a stay-athome or working mum, chances are you’ll experience a loss of confidence and selfbelief at some point during parenthood.

B relationship by making it ordinary and every day. Then there are those grandparents whose grandchildren live overseas, or grandchildren whose grandparents live overseas. Globalisation means that there are more occurrences of this today than say, 20 years ago. But it also means that international communication has improved: with the advent of the Internet, a video chat between grandparents and grandchildren is just a click away. In this edition we investigate how grandparents and grandchildren relate today, with special tips on how to keep in touch, and how to nurture these precious relationships. In Kids’ View, we ask kids about their relationship with their grandparents. Of course we have all the other regular features, handy hints and giveaways. Happy springtime everyone – enjoy!

ecoming a parent is one of the toughest roles in life, often with little thanks, recognition or acknowledgement. This can result in loss of identity and feeling under-valued and worthless as a person. However, the more you undertake or achieve something, the better you become at it and the more positive and confident you will feel. Recognising your accomplishments, and realising that you’re not alone in experiencing setbacks, self-doubt, guilt or negative thoughts, provides you with a sense of relief, achievement and empowerment. Achieving and acknowledging success, whether large or small, improves your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. Here are some ways to feel confident and incontrol of your life: • Establish a strong personal foundation, vision and goals. • Think and act positively – avoid or overcome any negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or unsupportive habits. • Acknowledge any feelings of guilt by writing them down then decide to let them go or do something about them. • Acquire skills that support your personal and professional growth. • Gain through giving – get involved in community groups, volunteer work or

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

physical activity. Spend time with positive, supportive and inspirational people. Set yourself small, simple, achievable goals every day. Overcome any fear of failure (and success). Fake it until you make it – practice and take one step at a time. Be true to yourself – live and act according to your personal values. Focus on your strengths, passions, natural talents and abilities. Live in the present and be grateful for what you have in life right now. Be kind to yourself and others. Take daily action or do something differently – one small, simple change has the power to transform your life. Focus on and acknowledge your accomplishments, achievements and success. Avoid negative and unsupportive people and activities that drain your time or energy. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Support your confidence with positive thoughts, visualisations and affirmations. Learn from positive role models and inspirational people you admire or aspire to be like. Never compare yourself to others – do what works for you and your family. Remember, you are not alone.

By Karyn Riley Karyn Riley is a Christchurch-based time management and life balance specialist, author, inspirational speaker, writer and mother of two. Her book, How to Keep the YOU in Mum, is available in bookstores and at

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feature story

Grandparenting from a distance We’ve heard the stories: grandparents who spoil their grandchildren rotten with guilty pleasures that they perhaps denied to their own children when they were growing up – sweets, treats, presents and all sorts of fun activities.


randparenting certainly offers a second chance at parenting and enjoying children, with the added bonus of extra time available as family and work demands lessen. But how can this important relationship be preserved if tens, hundreds or thousands of kilometres separate the families? Assistant editor Rachel Taniwha investigates. Families and patterns of ageing in New Zealand are changing, but grandparents continue to have a vital role in today’s families says Age Concern New Zealand chief executive Ann Martin. “We cannot underestimate the beneficial role of a grandparent in the life of their grandchild. The reward goes both ways and the bonds between grandparent and grandchild can be priceless.” The Parenting Place creative producer John Cowan says that many - although not all grandparents have the “wonderful luxury of time to give to their grandchildren; time for stories, chats, listening, going for walks, doing activities and chores together.” Grandparents can also provide a living link to history, heritage and the wider family. Cowan says he used to say he couldn’t wait until his

own kids provided him with grandchildren, “Then I could play with them and fill them up with Coca Cola, food colouring and sugar and send them home as high as kites for their parents to try to settle down!” He believed that grandparents got to have the fun of being involved with kids without having any responsibility. “I think I was mistaken – grandparents do enjoy the fun of being involved with their mokopuna, but I have never met any who didn’t also shoulder a great sense responsibility for their welfare and safety.”

Relationships are two-way Family Times regional writer Rosie Hill and husband Nathan live in Brighton, Dunedin, with their two children; four-year-old Leo and 11-month-old Zoey. Nathan’s parents live locally, while Rosie’s parents are based in Ross on the West Coast of the South Island. Rosie describes her mother-in-law as a “fantastically brilliant woman who often looks after the kids for us. She and my son have a particularly close relationship; they have been great mates since day one and my son loves going to “Nanny’s” to stay.”

Rosie says she knows her parents would love to be able to spend more time in person with the kids and to have a closer relationship. They visit once or twice a year, and when they come they make a big effort to have quality time with the kids - particularly Leo. Because he is older they can go on outings and adventures together. “He loves hanging out with them. My dad just does everything at his pace and follows his lead so a simple walk can take quite a long time. It is always so great to have them to stay as it really reaffirms those relationships.” Rosie says they keep in contact in numerous ways, including sending Leo letters with photos of themselves and things around their house and garden so he knows what they get up to. “This is really cool and we often send back photos and drawings that Leo has done.” They use Skype and talk on the phone as well;

this way Leo can show them new toys or things he has made. “This works really well most of the time but being four sometimes he doesn’t want to talk or is embarrassed and I worry about hurting their feelings!” Rosie’s parents agree that the role of grandparents is vitally important and a


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feature story huge honour for those people lucky enough to experience this. “Grandparents and grandchildren can each learn heaps from each other. While grandparents have a large amount of life experience to share with the children, they in turn enable us to return to a world of wonderment and fun. The great thing is we both have time when we are together to enjoy it all.”

Thousands of kilometres apart Family Times media executive Naomh Cusin is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, with her Kiwi husband Chris. She was, however, born in Ireland. The couple have two children; 10-year-old Naomi and 7-year-old Joshua. The Cusin’s lived just out of Dublin until last year, with Naomh’s parents very much a part of their daily lives, caring for and supporting the children. When Chris was offered a role in IT in Christchurch the family decided to give the children the opportunity to try a different lifestyle. “The hardest part of the move is the gap that used to be filled by friends and family and particularly my parents,” says Naomh. Naomi and Joshua missed them a lot in the beginning. “The gap for my parents is also huge. When I asked them how important they thought the role of a grandparent was they said it was hugely important as the children are an extension of their family and they have been involved with them since they were born.” Naomh says it is hard to maintain the relationship, but thankfully Skype and Facebook are a great help. A weekly

Skype call allows the children to give their grandparents an update on the week’s sporting highs and lows, a piano recital and a rundown on what’s going on at school. Although the children are too young to be active on Facebook the family regularly post photos and videos of them and sends quick updates on their New Zealand lives. “It is not an easy situation but the technology that is available enables our children not only to maintain their relationship with their grandparents but to allow that relationship to continue to grow. “

The importance of communication Social media consultant Eva Maria says social media has a huge influence on keeping communication alive, and currently the largest growing demographic on Facebook is grandparents. She says most grandparents opt to not put anything up on their social media networks, but rather use the network to see their children and grandchildren. She suggests using common-sense when joining the ranks on the online world – not making the account publicly accessible, sharing information only with friends, and taking care with what personal information is shared, such as date of birth and location. “When you get the hang of social media over time, do post up your own thoughts and photos for your family members to see too: what you’re doing, what you look like; this is a very personal process that helps family members keep the communication going.”

Grandchildren bring so much joy and happiness to the lives of grandparents. Some grandparents are fortunate enough to live in the same city as their grandchildren, but others may live in a different country or miles away. Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Let them know that you love them dearly and that you will be there for them. They may open up to you and feel more comfortable talking to you about their problems. Offer advice and guidance; let them know that the conversation is between you and them. Grandchildren need to know that they can trust their grandparents. Grandchildren can teach us many things. Perhaps you have purchased a new cell phone or computer and are struggling with it. Children these days are technology savvy; let them show you how to use it. They will be so very proud that they have taught you something useful. Being a long distant grandparent will never be easy. These days, computers and cell phones bring grandchildren closer to you. Snail mail does still have its place. Emails, texts, and being able to

Skype or Google Talk are the next best thing to actually being in the same city. • Parents: make a particular time each day when the children can contact their grandparents via Skype. • Have the grandparents read them a story while you are busy getting dinner or preparing for a new day. • Once a week, at dinner time, bring your computer to the dining table. Skype or Google Talk the grandparents and have a meal with them. Not only are you bringing joy to the grandparents; it also creates a very special bond for all. The grandparents will be able to take part in family discussions. • Make a video at least once a month for the grandparents. Put it on You Tube for the grandparents to view. • Grandparents - make up little care packages to send to the grandchildren. It doesn’t have to be large; just nice little things that you see along the way. By Sally Kabak Sally Kabak is the author of Raising Grandchildren. Visit www. for more information and to view her blog.














CH Winter

issue 2011

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Family Times would like to thank all people who responded via a Facebook post regarding tips about grandparenting from afar. We had a huge response, and all stories will be featured on our website

Tips on grandparenting from afar

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Parenting advice with Diane Levy In our winter issue, we asked readers to submit their parenting questions and concerns to family therapist, counsellor, parenting coach and speaker Diane Levy. Here are two of the questions with Diane’s helpful advice. This will be a regular column, so get those questions flowing! Email your questions to My house, my rules I have a shared-care relationship of my 8-year-old son. His father has him four days out of seven, so he seems to think his rules are what should be followed. This leads to arguments with my son re bed time, what to eat, time on computer, etc. Any advice? Which rules should operate in a household is a difficult issue for parents who see eye-toeye to sort out, let alone parents who have needed to separate and live apart. So let’s sort two options – ideal and real. The ideal option would be for you and your son’s father to sit down together and sort out the rules that should apply in both households. Your son has more than enough to deal with shifting households so frequently and he doesn’t need to live in two different cultures and time zones. I imagine that this is never going to happen though – so let’s look at a more manageable option. The reality is that most parents have very little – if any – ability to influence the household of their “ex” and have even less inclination to change the rules of their own household, so the option is to have your own rules and to make them stick even when your


Teenage angst My preteen daughter is struggling with girls at her school. How can I help when she seems upset and will hardly speak?

Let’s split this situation into two issues – the timing of getting our children to speak, and responding so that they will feel supported. Some children want to blurt out everything the moment they come home from school child insists that he has a better time at his and others are not ready to talk until much dad’s home. Consult friends (whose parenting you admire) later. I have found that the best time, with a as to which rules they use and open a dialogue child who is reluctant to speak after school, is at bed-time. with your 8-year-old. Rather than presenting him with bald rules for him to resist, discuss When you tuck her in, be prepared for a chat. with him what are reasonable limits in terms A good opening is “What was the hardest thing for you today?” This gives your child permission to talk about bad stuff and also Which rules should operate implies that bad stuff is a normal part of in a household is a difficult the day and therefore can be spoken about issue for parents who see eye- without feeling different or ashamed. to-eye to sort out, let alone Once she does speak, your job is to listen actively in a way that allows her to keep parents who have needed to sharing her woes. Avoid the temptation to separate and live apart. rush to solutions – particularly the useless advice “just walk away.” Useful phrases are “that’s horrible for you,” “that sounds awful,” of his health, wellbeing and capacity, to learn “how mean is that!” or “how unkind is that?” the following day. I always work on the basis that you need to do Whatever you two decide, write down the agreements and, most importantly, write down this for a fortnight (10 school days). By the end of this time, one of two things may happen: a review date for three weeks away with the undertaking that you will trial them and then in being able to talk things through with you, check how it is working for the two of you. you may have given your child the support and This respectful approach should place the two strength to handle the situation differently – or of you (you and your son) on the same side. – you have a lot of factual information to go to the school and seek their help.

Communicating with our children There is a constant ebb and flow of language and emotions between parents and children in the average household.


n a harmonious family, most of these emotions and words are affirmative and positive; they create and strengthen trusting relationships. Most of the language is kind and thoughtful, and words are chosen with care so as not to offend or anger the other members of the family. It is also quite normal for the parents to change their tone and language in order to manage their children’s behaviour. They might raise a voice somewhat, or frown at their toddler, or roll their eyes at their teenager and emphatically tell them that they may not go to the party. When parents communicate their displeasure or worry using negative emotions like disapproval and irritation, they set up these emotions in their children’s minds, and they hope that the negativity of this experience will help the child to stop making mistakes or behaving in a certain manner. As long as parents make sure they have far more positive interactions than negative, and are moderate with their correction, this system works quite well. Children are resilient and can cope with these fluctuations of approval and disapproval, and are able to recover from experiencing negative feelings.

In some families, however, the whole strategy of using emotions and language to moderate their children’s behaviour can cause more problems than it is trying to solve. In these families, emotions are expressed too intensely, and there are too many words spoken. Children in these families often react to the intensity of these negative emotions and become emotional themselves. These activated emotions might be anxiety and anger, and the child is often overwhelmed by these feelings. Some children will also start to copy the behaviour of their parents, and their language and emotions will become aggressive and extreme when they are under stress. They might start to interact with their siblings in this way, and when they are displeased or angered themselves, they turn the tables and interact aggressively and immoderately with their parents. And so the cycle goes on. There can be a number of causes for this problem. Sometimes both children and parents have inherited a predisposition to feel their emotions intensely. There might also be a family culture handed down from one generation to the next in which language is used immoderately. However, one of the chief causes is that the parent does not use consequences and withdrawal of privileges to teach the child to moderate their behaviour. That is, the parent only uses words and language to change the child and when this does not work they simply escalate and amplify the emotions and

words in the hope that the child will finally change their behaviour. This rarely works. One of the key ways to moderate the behaviour of a child is to make sure you invest time and effort to build a great one-to-one relationship, and to spend time coaching the child. This includes “catching them while they are good” and thus reinforcing the positive behaviour. If that doesn’t work then the next step is to calmly discuss with them what needs to change and to withdraw a privilege or administer a natural consequence if they refuse. It might be a calm talk about the importance of helping with tidying up the toys for a small toddler. For teenagers, the first step is a calm discussion about the need for responsibility,

and an explanation of consequences for their behaviour. This might mean being grounded for a weekend, doing extra chores, earning money to repair damage or giving up cherished gadgets like phones or Xboxes for a week. These strategies will prevent the use of excessive language and emotions, and will help your child to develop effective self- management skills, without becoming emotionally and verbally overwhelmed, and thus contribute to the overall positive parentchild relationship. By Joseph Driessen, education consultant Driessen speaks to parent and teacher groups about education. Email

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Internet addiction and our children Internet overuse, Determine your child’s risk There are certain kids who seem to be pathological computer use more susceptible to Internet addiction, and and problematic computer knowing if your child fits the profile may help you plan some early intervention strategies. use are three of the labels Teens who have been diagnosed with such that are often used when disorders as depression, ADHD, social phobia discussing Internet addiction. or hostility may be more inclined to use the


his addiction or compulsion to use the Internet is becoming a serious condition for many kids. Like other addictions, it can interfere with the child’s well-being, psychological and social development and physical health. The good news is that parents can prevent this addiction by being diligent in monitoring the time spent online.

Understand what internet addiction is

The idea of Internet addiction actually began in 1995, when Dr. Ivan Goldberg satirically proposed it as a disorder. It is still being debated whether or not to include it as official addiction. But basically, Internet addiction disorder, or IAD, is use of the computer to the extent that is impacts daily living in a negative manner. Red flags include spending more time online than with friends and family; irritation when computer time is interrupted; excessive checking of email; school or work becomes secondary to Internet use; disregard of computer use restrictions; preference for online relationships, or moodiness and depression when the sufferer is not online. Whether or not it is a classified psychological disorder doesn’t really matter to the parent who has concerns over his child’s attachment to the Internet, though.

computer compulsively. Often, kids who have feelings of loneliness or those who have been uprooted will also be included in the high-risk group for Internet overuse.

Know your plan of action

Unlike drugs, smoking and alcohol, which are dangerous addictions used for self-medicating or social acceptance, using a computer isn’t inherently harmful. In fact, in many ways computer overuse is similar to over-eating. People need food to survive, yet it can become a serious problem for some. Nowadays, the vast majority of kids need to navigate the Internet for school, but they can develop quite a problem when left to their own unsupervised devices. For many kids, it isn’t a matter of just saying “no.” Just as the parent of an overeater needs to monitor and assist the child in making healthy food choices, the parent of a problematic computer user will need to help their child make healthy decisions regarding computer use. One of the most significant factors in prevention is parental intervention. It’s up to you to set limits on computer use. Begin early, and set up rules so that your child is not spending hours at a time online. Make sure you offer interesting alternatives to video games and Internet interaction. Spend quality time with your child doing things that are creative and fun, and help your child develop

a strong social network offline. You can do this by getting them involved in sports or offline group activities in which they’ve expressed an interest. Find out what their passions are aside from the Web, and help them pursue them. Perhaps they have an interest in a musical instrument or art. Encourage them to develop their natural gifts and talents. Spend some time each month volunteering in some way Provided by Rosa Wilson, visit that does not require working with computers. in navigating that world will affect your ability Get your child involved in your faith to mitigate any brewing issues with computer community though the youth programme. addiction. It will take a little commitment on For physical health, get your child moving and your part and you will need to become more make sure they get plenty of exercise. closely involved in your child’s life, but when Showing your child that there is a big world you consider the alternative, it’s worth the beyond the computer and offering assistance extra work.

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here is no actual answer to this question: no easy one anyway. If you are looking for the answer to specific questions you may well be able to make a determination yourself but in reality there will not be a winner or loser in this battle, at least not in the traditional sense. Just like with mobile phones, there are people who like Apple and declare it superior, and those who like Android and declare it more versatile. The real truth is that both types of phone, and both types of gaming console, will continue to sell unless they develop some kind of unpredictable and catastrophic fault. The distraction of predicting winners and pointing to mistakes made so far (which they both have done in the past) is not helpful and no indicator of real results when the consoles go on sale. Even if one outsells the other, they will both still be in business by the time we start deciding about whatever the next big purchase in gaming will be. Sony’s PlayStation 4 definitely has the hardware edge. However, Microsoft’s Xbox One will hit the market first by roughly a month, though these dates may well change and if you don’t get a pre-order in then the initial release date may be a moot point. Some will be tempted by the reverse capability of consoles to previous generations, but

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What the real choice will be for consumers and parents of gamers with the cash to spend on the consoles that cost over $500 each, will be related to availability, personal preference of the person playing and most importantly, the price. old versions, compatible or not will pale in comparison to new titles that push new boundaries. What the real choice will be for consumers and parents of gamers with the cash to spend on the consoles that cost over $500 each, will be related to availability, personal preference of the person playing and most importantly, the price. Sony has the edge on cost currently, but prices will definitely change. Microsoft has an impressive list of launch titles (games available from day one) and they have exclusives that Sony doesn’t and Sony has vice versa. If you don’t know which one the person you are buying for prefers, just ask them. Some will


want whatever their friends are getting, some that caters to a 13-plus age range - an avid technology fiend and the father of two children will want Killzone (Sony) and some will want who also love “screen things.” Halo (Microsoft). People like me will get both. I live, breathe and work in the gaming community and see very little distinction between the two devices or, the third competitor Nintendo for that matter, who came early with When you want to succeed, it makes all the innovative Wii U. There were false the difference if you’re enjoying yourself. predictions about the death of all three of At Marley Perkins, our colourful, inspiring these hardware console makers before, and programmes encourage kids aged 5-14 as with any business it’s the company that to fully engage with maths, reading and does not evolve with the times that will die. writing. Our qualified teachers and In my house already we have two Sonys, one carefully structured lessons ensure that Microsoft and one Nintendo. The question for students explore the concepts expected me is not going to be which one to buy, but at school, and more. Whether your child how to find enough HDMI ports to service needs to catch up, gain confidence or them all. develop advanced skills, we can help. By Wayne Webb Contact us at Wayne Webb is a community services manager or 03-351-3000. for SmallWorlds - an online gaming site

Marley Perkins

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CALL AND SEE US TO ENROL 45 Randall St, Richmond (close to Palms)

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Our Junior School at St Margaret's College is awesome! We welcome you to visit us and see our primary programme in action. We have intimate class sizes and a caring, nurturing environment. For enrolment enquiries please contact: Tina Cartwright on 03 353 2563 or email JUNIOR, MIDDLE & SENIOR SCHOOL 12 Winchester St | Merivale | Christchurch 8014 |


support services

Spying online Help is @ hand Okay, so social media lets us kind of “spy” on each other. I’m not saying that’s the goal, but it’s definitely a tool that allows for this. Follow these tips to make sure you’re not borderline intrusive with your preteen’s social media use.

1 2

Talk to them about why they want a social media account, and which networks they want to be on so you’re aware. Talk about privacy issues; children do not realise the potential danger they may be exposing themselves to when putting up something as simple as their street address or phone number. Monitor if they are going online to talk to friends, and if they want to go online to play games, make it a rule that they are not to get into conversations with strangers.


Set their social media profiles with them, and make sure you are on them too.

Struggling with your teen’s behaviour? TOUGH LOVE®

can help!

4 5 6

Make it a clear rule that they are not to become friends or meet any strangers requesting a meeting. Do not use social media as a mere spying tool – respect their privacy, but keep an eye on their activity from time to time. Put the computer they use in a public place such as the living room, or a study room in your house that faces the entrance to the living room.


Encourage your kids to communicate with other family members online – this will give you extra people to keep an eye on them.


Most of all, don’t get too bogged down with worry – you can always check your computer history.

For more information Phone Barry Hay: 03-981 8593

p: 09-441 2271 E: 12

Raising teenagers is difficult. Whether you just want some help to deal with a disrespectful or defiant teenager, or more serious issues, TOUGHLOVE can help. TOUGHLOVE’s aim is to enable parents and their young people to rebuild their relationships. The TOUGHLOVE programme offers ongoing support, education, and techniques via structured support group meetings to help parents and caregivers gain the skills and strategies to deal with a wide range of problems associated with unacceptable or

Need Information? Citizens Advice Bureau 0800 367 222

Our knowledgeable and caring team can provide you with information about: • What happens to your relationship property when you separate? • Paternity (fatherhood) • Parenting Orders • Making a will • What happens to your children when you part?

We also offer information on anything from consumer rights to immigration to budgeting

such trouble with learning? Finally there is an answer...

Quote “FT4” for $20 cash-back when you order an alarm.

Christchurch Resettlement Services.

P.O. BOX 16554, HORNBY, CHRISTCHURCH Canterbury Speakeasy is a stuttering support group. We meet at the College of Education every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.

I’m smart so why do I have

We hire and sell bedwetting alarms and other continence products across NZ. Tailored professional drug-free programs to achieve dry nights. Free advice, call now.

Parenting and family support programmes open to all, free of charge. Usual office hours with late night on Tuesdays ‘till 6.30pm by appointment. 336 Cashel Street, P O Box 4237, Christchurch. Phone: 03-379 0012


Come along and find support and new ideas to make positive changes and regain control.

Phone: 03-337 9452 Freephone: 0800 868 445 E-mail:

Concerned about your own or someone else’s problems with alcohol or other drugs? Call the Alcohol Drug Helpline today for free, confidential, friendly professional advice. 0800 787 797

Free social services for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Interpreters are provided. Phone: 03-335 0311

Group meets weekly.

Alcohol Drug Abuse

Catholic Social Services

By Eva-Maria, 22 year old social media consultant for, and author of You Shut Up! International speaker and certified coach Eva-Maria is living her dream: she is on a mission to help improve 10,000,000 relationships between adults and teenagers around the world. Visit

Parent Support Group


challenging adolescent behaviour. Sometimes you need some Parent Support Groups meet weekly with information or an answer to parents able to join anytime. Contact TOUGHLOVE on 03-337-9452, email a curly question. Why not or check out www. pick up the phone and call the relative support agency? Citizens Advice Bureau You’ll find professional caring Christchurch area - Te Pou Whakawhirinaki o Aotearoa people ready to assist you.

can unlock the key to your learning.



Is your pre - school child living with a Motor Disorder/Cerebral Palsy?

We may be able to help you What we offer

• Support at your childs early childhood centre Intervention • A friendly and welcoming • Swimming programmes and horse riding environment • Social activities for • Up to 3 sessions per week Group programmes children and families which meet individual l! needs ti a n e • Support and education pot for families and whanau ising

• Centre based Early

Removing limitations for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and other challenges. Melanie Curry

Dip.Teach, B. Ed, Licensed Davis™ Facilitator

p. 03 322 1726 m. 021 367 669

m Maxi

Conductive Education Canterbury 22 Brougham Street, Addington Christchurch Ph: 03 3721399

As we progress through the year, many families are dealing with increased financial pressures. In some cases parents may decide to separate. If you separate, you’ll need to try to agree on your children’s day-to-day care (a parenting agreement). You can get a free counselling session through the Family Court to help, if you can’t come to an agreement. If this doesn’t work, one of you can apply for a parenting order, which involves going to the Family Court and asking them to make a decision for you. Call 0800-367-222 to talk to our knowledgeable, caring team.

Optimum Learning Optimum Learning provides highly effective solutions for anyone struggling with learning. Using the Davis Correction® Programmes, Optimum Learning enables individuals to enhance their gifts and overcome the challenges associated with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, maths, and reading/writing difficulties. Melanie Curry is a highly experienced teacher and licensed Davis facilitator who is dedicated to empowering you to achieve your goals. “Dyslexia isn’t a big problem for me now. When I was doing the course suddenly things made sense to me.” (Feedback from a Davis® student) Visit or contact Melanie Curry at melanie@

Conductive Education Canterbury Conductive Education Canterbury is an early intervention provider catering for children from birth to six years. Its specialist staff provide programmes in group settings that aim to improve all areas; physical (gross motor and fine motor), cognitive, communication and selfhelp/life skills. Conductive Education focuses on the holistic needs of each child, with all developmental areas being taught at the same time rather than focusing on one particular area. For further information, Conductive Education Canterbury welcomes your call; please phone 03-372-1399.

Educational and Therapeutic Resources • Stimulation • Challenge • Early learning skills • Language development • Co-ordination • Sight and hearing

OPEN Tues,Thurs 10am~4.30pm Sat 10.00am Christchurch ~Noon

109 Huxley Street, Chch Phone: 03-332 0733

baby & toddler

Breastfeeding in public B

ritish poet Hollie McNish’s provocative, raw poem, Embarrassed, on breastfeeding in public toilets (http:// has spurred international discussion. Hollie felt forced into toilets, following negative reactions after finding courage to publicly feed her newborn. In New Zealand we are perhaps more accepting, but for most new mothers public “exposure” is still daunting. Elaborate wrapping ensues, lest we offend. With one or even two baby’s heads over breast(s) and mouth covering nipple there is actually little to see, except for ample-bosomed mothers who can’t be so discrete and predominantly opt - like one friend - for their car. Use of cars and toilets as breastfeeding safe havens is common, but what have breastfeeding mothers got to hide and who exactly are we hiding from? I’m unaware of other mammals making mammary use a “not in public” exercise. Feeding in public could be defined as “in the presence of others,” as criticism may come from close quarters. One mother got asked by a relative to take her baby to the toilet to feed in her own house! That alone damages

breastfeeding relationships. Twenty years ago before breasts became market property, mothers it seemed, felt more freedom to feed where they wanted. Now, mothers who breastfeed beyond a year, two or three, often retreat into privacy beyond certain ages for fear that their continued feeding is inappropriate. The best role modelling a breastfeeding mother can do is feed her child in public, age regardless, easing the path for those following. Regardless of the feeding choices we make, how we feel when feeding our children provides a powerful insight into our beliefs. Gauging levels of (dis)comfort can, if examined, let us unravel how we really feel, peel off societal filters and just be. Is that person staring or do I feel self-conscious because of body image, because I am unsure of my mothering, because I had difficulty breastfeeding and instead bottle-feed etc? Watching a mother connect with her baby/toddler/preschooler and nurture them, particularly through the intimacy of breastfeeding, is one of the most beautiful vistas on earth. It symbolises love, hope and the future. A friend with grown up kids sums up the best approach no matter how you

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC Quality music education for children 2-14yrs

For the highest quality education and care for 0-5 years

F OPEN FREE mornRiEnEg 7.30-5.30pm ½ DA5YySrs afternoon& ALL YEAR for 3255 Greers Rd tea


Phone: 03-359 7944

Enrol in beginners classes by 27th Sept to go in the draw for FREE lessons for the term. For timetable, costs and course info, visit:

Level 1, Barrington Mall, Barrington Street Ph: 03-377-3778

Childrens Furniture Spend quality time with your 0-6 year olds Actively Learning through Play Something for everyone Fun and safe environment Fully licensed ECE provider Free NZQA Adult Education 46 centres Canterbury-wide

Bright Star White Bunks 3 beds with 2 sets of drawers, matt. incl. RRP $2786

NOW $2399


Proudly NZ-made

feed: “When I fed there was no one else in the world but me and my baby.” Public space is our space too. By Dr Victoria Metcalf Dr Victoria Metcalf is a biologist and lecturer in genetics at Lincoln University, and also a mum to a busy preschooler.

La Leche League Sarah says, “The best thing I did to get breastfeeding off to a good start was go along to La Leche League meetings when I was pregnant. After my baby was born, my friendly La Leche League leader was available to answer my questions and give support.” La Leche League meetings are available at 50 groups throughout New Zealand. If you need help with breastfeeding, contact La Leche League. Your leader will listen and offer practical suggestions. La Leche League leaders are breastfeeding mothers who are trained to give accurate up-to-date breastfeeding information. Canterbury Breastfeeding Helpline 03-338-8447.

Breastfeeding help by mothers for mothers LA LECHE LEAGUE OFFERS: • Mother-to-mother support • Telephone help • Trained breastfeeding counsellors • Regular meetings • Books and leaflets for sale • Lending libraries

CONTACT US: (03) 338 8447 EMAIL:

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Adventure Single Convertible Bunks mattress not included RRP: $1779

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Lots of lovely kids chairs from $149ea

Phone 377 2540

Disposable Nappies – Huggies, Toujours & Moltex Eco Friendly Liners, Wipes, Swimmers, Trainer Pants


Whânau tupu ngâtahi – families growing together

Check out the latest educational toys and equipment

Phone 377 4354


12 months’ interest-free and layby available, conditions apply.


Lindisfarne is an independent nursery school, founded in 1987. The teachers provide a programme that promotes independent thinking, social competence and skill development. The aim is to have happy, settled children who enjoy an environment that fosters a love of learning, a respect for all people, and a sense of confidence and self-worth. Lindisfarne encourages you to visit the nursery school and collect a full information booklet. The teachers will be delighted to meet you and your child, and welcome you to Lindisfarne. Further information is available at www.

Go Nappies

The Playcentre Shop

Lindisfarne nursery school

Find us on Facebook

145 Blenheim Road, Christchurch Phone 03 348 8358 or 0800 288 888 Botany Town Centre, 501 Ti Rakau Drive (inside Dankse Mobler, beside The Warehouse)

for new customers (conditions apply)

Enter Code: FTC13

• Call in any time to meet the teachers and view the programme • Healthy Heart morning & afternoon teas & lunch provided • Uniqueness, individuality and tolerance are values upheld by the staff and promoted in the learning programme 2012 ERO report

order online or

Open 7.30am- 5.30pm Mon-Fri 375 Worcester Street Ph: 03 389 2483

(Free delivery in Christchurch Metro*) Phone: 0800-466 277

*Conditions apply


Looking after baby teeth Give me the baby teeth and I will show you the wo/man.


here is a 500-year-old saying which goes “Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man.” The idea is that the early life experiences of a child can shape the sort of person they will grow up to be. Now, as new research from Otago University suggests, it appears that this old idea can be applied in dentistry today. Tooth decay affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives, but it affects some people more than others. This can be for a variety of reasons: too much plaque (bacteria) on the teeth, eating or drinking sugary or acidic foods too often, deep grooves in the teeth that can’t be cleaned easily, insufficient fluoride exposure, or a combination of these issues. Tooth decay can be prevented, but all too often children and adults who are at risk do not receive enough long-term preventive care. Eventually, tooth decay occurs and it gets worse over time. So how early is it possible to know who is at greatest risk of the worst tooth decay through life? This is where the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study can help. This study has followed the same 1037 Dunedin-born people over four decades, and is the first long-term study in the world that has collected dental information along with information on general

capture your memories

“Tooth decay can be prevented, but all too often children and adults who are at risk do not receive enough longterm preventive care.” health and development. Through the Dunedin study, new research suggests that for every cavity in a baby tooth, the likelihood of tooth decay in the adult teeth increases dramatically. The research shows that unless something is really done about it, tooth decay will keep progressing over time. Children with lots of tooth decay become adults with lots of tooth decay, who need many fillings or dental extractions in their permanent teeth. Looking after your teeth needs to be a lifelong habit that starts in childhood, because what happens to children’s teeth will affect them for their whole lives. Early loss of the baby teeth can cause the adult teeth to come through crooked, so it is important to repair the teeth with fillings if possible, instead of extracting them. Fillings also help to reduce pain and keep the teeth functioning, but fillings don’t reduce or remove the risk of future decay. Children get a second chance. Everyone gets a second set of teeth - the adult teeth - most of which come through between the ages of six and 12, when some of the baby

tooth enamel damage. It is also important to minimise the frequency of sugar consumption, whether it be from sweet drinks, foods, or lollies. Dental flossing should be introduced from a young age, and tooth brushing should be done at least twice a day for two minutes at a time, with a soft toothbrush and a suitable fluoride toothpaste. There are also special toothpastes for high-risk children and adults available from your dentist. Baby teeth are precious and they need to be cared for very well. If your child has had a lot of tooth decay in their baby teeth then their adult teeth will need extra special care. It is never too early to start thinking about a child’s future. By Dr Jonathan Broadbent, senior lecturer at University of Otago. Jonathan is the current NZ Outstanding Young Dentist (2011-2012). For more information about caring for your family’s oral health, visit

BUY NZ MADE! Wooden bunks

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Angela Penn 03-384 5977 or 027-488 7544

teeth are still present. Even in children who had a lot of decay in their baby teeth, the new adult teeth are free of decay to start, but they are not free from risk. The new adult teeth need protection. So if your child has already had tooth decay at a young age, how can their future rate of tooth decay be minimised? Every child should be seen by a dentist or dental therapist regularly, beginning early in life. High-risk children need to be seen more often. As part of seeing a dentist or dental therapist, the grooves in the back teeth should be “fissure sealed”, and this should be done as soon as possible after the first adult teeth come into the mouth at about age six. Fluoride plays an important role as well. Although many regions in New Zealand have fluoride in the water, this alone isn’t enough to prevent decay among children and adults who have high risk of decay. Dentists and therapists can apply concentrated fluoride to actually reverse some

• Single $799 • King Single $879

Save up to $320 OPEN 7 DAYS Mon-Fri 9-5.30 Sat, Sun 10-4

242 Ferry Road (along from AMI stadium) Phone: 03-377 8887

Kiwi beds for Kiwi kids – Bedworld, 03-377-8887,

TEENAGE AND CHILD ORTHODONTIC SCREENING Initial consultation ($78) ? Orthodontic assessment ? Jaw scan (if indicated) ? Digital photos If treatment is thought necessary further records will be required to formulate a treatment plan.

Records appointment ($175) ? Jaw Scan ? Lateral Ceph xray ? Study models ? Photo series Once all the information has been analyzed the treatment options can be discussed. 14

Treatment planning appointment (no fee) ? ? ? ? ?

Treatment options Costs Timeframes Retention Expectations

Orthodontic treatment is performed by Grahame Dutton who is a General Dentist with a special interest in Orthodontics. A specialist referral maybe required.

Phone: 03-348 5488 22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road)

Changes to child restraint laws may affect your family From 1 November the mandatory use of child restraints in vehicles will be extended by two years, with all children required to be correctly secured in an approved restraint until their seventh birthday (this includes booster seats).


hildren aged seven will continue to be required to be secured in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle, and if not, in any child restraint or safety belt that is available. The law changes will help reduce preventable The law says you must:

deaths and serious injuries to children travelling in vehicles. Seats and safety belts installed in vehicles are designed and manufactured to most effectively protect an average-sized adult in the event of a crash. Children, because they are smaller and have a different body shape to adults, need additional seating equipment to keep them as safe as adults in a car. Types of child restraints include: • infant restraints for young babies (baby capsules). • restraints for older babies, toddlers and preschool children (car seats or car restraints). • booster seats for preschool and schoolaged children (boosters). These position children in the seat so they can safely use the adult safety belt. • child safety harnesses (used with or

Until 31 October 2013

From 1 November 2013

Correctly secure your child in Until their 5th birthday an approved child restraint

Until their 7th birthday

The law also says you must:

From 1 November 2013

Until 31 October 2013

From their 5th birthday until From their 7th birthday until Correctly secure your child their 8th birthday in an approved child restraint their 8th birthday if one is available in the vehicle (and if not, in any child restraint or safety belt that is available)

As a driver you must make sure any child travelling in your vehicle is correctly secured.

The lAw sAYs You musT:

unTil 31 oCTobeR 2013

From 1 November 2013

Correctly secure your child in an approved child restraint

Until their 5th birthday

until their 7th birthday

The lAw sAYs You musT:

unTil 31 oCTobeR 2013

From 1 November 2013

Correctly secure your child in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle (and if not, in any child restraint or safety belt that is available)

From their 5th birthday until their 8th birthday

From their 7th birthday until their 8th birthday

These changes will help reduce Your child restraint must be fitted preventable deaths and serious injuries correctly. For expert advice contact a to children travelling in vehicles. certified Child Restraint Technician via

without a booster seat) for preschool and school-aged children. Using a booster seat lifts a child to the correct height/dimensions to best fit the adult seat belt, which in turn reduces the potential trauma suffered by a child in the event of a crash. Child restraints used in New Zealand must be approved and must display standards markings to show they are approved and safe to be used. Children must be seated in a restraint that provides a suitable fit that is appropriate for their age and size. It’s a driver’s responsibility to make sure any child, under the age of 15, travelling in their vehicle is correctly secured. So parents and


caregivers should start thinking now about how they’ll meet the new requirements from 1 November. For information on approved child restraint standards and where to find expert advice from a certified child restraint technician, visit


New legislation regarding booster seats for children

The compulsory use of child restraints in vehicles will be extended by two years from 1 November 2013. All children will need to be correctly secured in an approved child restraint until their seventh birthday, rather than their fifth birthday as at present. Plunket encourages the use of booster seats for even longer for best protection in a crash. They also hire and sell all types of child restraints - including booster seats and will install them free of charge.

From 01 November 2013 all children must use an approved child restraint until their 7th birthday.

Children aged 7 years must use an approved restraint if it is available in the vehicle.

Plunket Car Seat Services are available to advise you on how this will affect you. We offer a free advice and advocacy service.

Come and visit us at 5 Twigger Street, Addington, Christchurch. We are open every day 9am – 4.30pm or phone us on 03 379 9266


Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery For Urgent Medical Care Fracture Service


Urgent Pharmacy

On the Bealey Ave & Colombo St Corner

Ph 365 7777

Always there when you need us

NZTA CR FamilyTimes PRINT.indd 1

7/08/13 2:42 PM


Green Living Quiz The wasteful using up of the earth’s resources will ultimately impact not only on ourselves but on future generations. If we each develop good green habits we really can make a huge difference. Take this quick quiz to see how well you’re doing - tally up all the “yes” and “no” answers you get:  Do you use bio-degradable cleaning products?  Do you consistently recycle all the household rubbish you can?  Do you walk short distances rather than using the car?  Do you switch your computer off over night?  Do you have a vegetable garden?  Do you avoid buying highly packaged products?  Do you intentionally buy locally produced products where possible?  Do you use a cold water cycle to wash your clothes rather than hot?  Do you reuse the other side of photocopy paper for rough prints or drafts?  Do you hang your washing out when possible rather than using the dryer?  Have you put a notice on your letterbox to stop junk mail?  Do you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth?  Do you donate unwanted good quality clothes and possessions to charities?  Do you turn the lights off when you leave the room?  Do you drive a fuel efficient car?  Do you car pool when it is possible to do so?  Do you keep pockets of your home warm in the winter by keeping the doors closed?  Do you compost you food scraps and/or garden waste?  Do you use energy saving light bulbs?  Do you use recyclable bags for your shopping?

 Do you recycle your computer print cartridges?  Do you wipe up spills with a re-useable cloth rather than paper towels?  Do you reuse plastic shopping bags for other things?  Do you cook two or more meals at the same time to save power?  Do you dispose of any hazardous waste (e.g. paint) appropriately?  Do you switch appliances off at the wall rather than leaving them in the standby mode?  Do you choose your home appliances based on their energy efficiency rating?  Do you pass magazines on to others when you have finished reading them?  Do you keep yourself informed about issues effecting our environment?  Do you belong to an organisation that actively supports green living ideals and practices?

The Score: For every “yes” you had, give yourself a point. Here’s the ratings: 25 – 30 – Well done! You’re doing your bit to save resources. Keep up the good work! 10 – 25 – Room for improvement here. 10 or less – Maybe it’s time for a rethink?  Of course it’s up to you, but if you would like to practice green living try introducing these behaviours into your life one by one. Remember it only takes 28 days to create a new habit. By Kay Douglas Kay is a registered psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach. She is also the author of four self-help books: Invisible Wounds, Challenged by Childhood, Living Life Out Loud and Power. For more information, visit

In Step Footwear – the children’s shoe specialist In Step Footwear is Christchurch’s leading children’s shoe specialist. Last year it outgrew its store and relocated to a larger, more accessible location. The new store is located at 115 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton (Next to King’s Swim School). It has great road profile, five dedicated car parks at the door, and a funky monster play area for children. The space and the fun make shoe shopping a whole new adventure in a pleasant

environment. In Step Footwear specialises in a measure-and-fit service and builds lasting relationships with families; a rare quality in many retail environments these days. It also has a regular podiatry clinic available for free personalised consultations. See In Step’s large range of school, toddler, casual, fashion and sports styles. Visit soon as new styles are arriving daily and look out for the new In Step Monsters at the gate!

EXCITING S E L Y T S R E M SUM t.... now arriving a

Bruiser and the Big Snow by Gavin Bishop WIN, WIN,


Bruiser and the Big Snow features the big noisy digger Bruiser dealing with a major snow fall in a city. He works hard, clearing roads and paths and motorways, making the town safe for all. When he settles down to rest at the end, he hears a tiny sound and discovers a trike buried under the snow. Visit We have 10 of these to give away. Enter online at www. or write your name and address on the back of an envelope or postcard and send to: Bruiser and the Big Snow by, PO Box 36 004, Christchurch, to reach us by 13 October 2013. Check out our website for more fantastic competitions.

HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 9.30am-4pm

115 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch

Phone: 03-348 1528 • E-mail: •




Come along and have some fun at the YMCA these holidays. We run programmes from 6 great locations around Christchurch. These holidays we are introducing a new performing arts programme and our other programmes are packed full of exciting activities! We have extended our hours from 9am til 5pm. All of our programmes are CYF approved and subsidies are available. For more information see our new website or contact, phone 366 0689

This is an action packed 7 day residential camp held in beautiful Wainui. Participants get to be involved in exciting outdoor activities designed to provide challenges and build confidence. All activities are run by a team of talented instructors. So come join them and your new friends for a week of Y-Camp fun! For more information please see our website or contact camp directly on 304 8460.

Enrol now for term basketball, gymnastics & dance classes at Bishopdale YMCA. Gymnastics is a recreational, fun programme for available for pre-schoolers - 14 years. Basketball is available for 5-16 years and is a skills based class, whilst in terms 2 & 3 we offer competition basketball for years 5-8 at school. We offer a variety of fun dance classes including hip hop / jazz for 9-14 year olds, and Irish dancing, groovy movers and cheerleading for 5-9 years. Contact us for information & timetables ph 359 8320 or email | PH: 03-366 0689 16

Serving our community for 150 years

Build a go-kart Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the ideal time to get the kids outdoors to make the most of the sun.


hile computer games and organised sports are still popular ways for many kids to spend their time, how about organising an activity together, creating special memories and lots of fun ahead? Build a go-kart! 1 First make sure you have wheels, axles, and plenty of sturdy wood, plus all of the other materials you’ll need. The main tools you’ll use are a hammer, saw, wrench, and drill with bits. 2 Start by building a frame. Use three 2-by8 boards that are each about five feet long. You can substitute a lot of 2-by-4s for the 2-by-8s if you have to. Cut three 2-by-4s to 23 inches in length for cross braces. Nail these under the main boards with building nails, nailing some from the top and some from the bottom. 3 Make your axles out of two steel rods, each 36 inches long and the same diameter as the holes in your wheels. Clamp each rod in a vice, and drill two holes (with an extra strong drill bit) in each end. Put a 1-inch cotter pin through each inside hole, then add two washers, a lawn mower wheel, two more washers, and another cotter pin through the outer hole. If you can find wheels already on axles you can skip this step. 4 Put your axles on your 30-inch axle boards. You can do this with a lot of 1-inch

fencing nails (putting the two points of each U-shaped nail on either side of the axle) or with 1 1/2-by-4-inch U bolts (drilling two holes on either side of the axle, sticking the U bolt through the holes, and tightening the nuts on the ends). 5 Put the back wheel assembly on the cart. The back wheels don’t have to swivel, so just use large nails to fasten the axle board securely to the frame. (Be sure it’s perpendicular to the length of the frame.) 6 Put on the front wheels, which do have to swivel unless you want a go-cart you can’t steer! Drill a 3/8-inch hole through the very centre of the axle board and

another through the very centre of the front of the go-cart frame. Push a 6-inch carriage bolt through the frame from the top down. Turn the go-cart upside down and put two thick 2 1/2-inch washers on the bolt. (You need the washers to keep the axle board and frame from rubbing against each other. Without them, the steering would be very stiff). Then put the axle board over the bolt. Finally, add some more washers and screw two large nuts onto the threaded end of the bolt. 7 Put sides and a back on the cart, if you want them. You won’t need them if you’re going to be using your cart just for hauling.

If you have some sort of old seat you can add, put it in. 8 Put on a rope to steer with (and to pull the cart). Drill a hole in each end of the front axle board. Screw a 1-inch eyebolt into each hole and tie an end of an 8-foot rope to it. If you don’t have eyebolts, you can just push the ends of rope through the drilled holes and knot them. 9 The go-kart is ready to use! Take care with hills, as there are no brakes! You can also paint and decorate it as desired. For more detailed instructions, go to


lish Maths & Eng ENT M FREE ASSESS

! BOOK NOW b k d

From Year 1 to Year 11, NumberWorks’nWords after-school tuition brings out the best in Kiwi students by:

Burnside Cashmere

Ph 358 7917 Ph 332 2033

• tailoring lessons according to each individual’s needs • setting achievable goals and monitoring their progress • developing our own programmes using only qualified Maths and English experts


Karen Theobald from Family Times visited Shirley Primary School to talk with kids about the importance of grandparents and how they keep those relationships special.

Lucy Cook Darke, age 8

A workshop specifically created for: Parents, family members & support persons of those with ASD and individuals on the autism spectrum who are looking for a selfdevelopment program.

Contact: Shelley McMeeken Ph: 027 439 9020 Email: Date: 25-29 November, 2013 Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Place: Queenstown

I have three grandparents; my grandma and grandpa who live in Christchurch, and Shirley who lives in Auckland. I keep in touch with Shirley over the phone and we sometimes visit each other or send cards. I see my grandma and grandpa more because they live closer and come over often for special occasions. Grandparents are important to me as they care for you lots and they tell me I am special. They take me shopping and out to cafes.

Ella McLachlan, age 9

My four grandparents, Oma and Opa, Grandad and Nana all live in Christchurch. Oma and Opa live very close to us, so we have a lot of family time and even go on trips away together. I see my dad’s parents every second weekend. My grandparents have plenty of time to spend with me and are always there when I need them. They make me feel special. I have been fishing and hunting with them and Oma has taught me how to sew and shop on a budget.

Mahina Osai, age 9 Amberley Avonhead Bishopdale Fendalton Lincoln | Oaklands Paparoa St | Queenspark Rangiora | St Martins

Bringing out the BEST in everyone 0800 161 131

My two grandparents live in America. I call them Grandma and Grandpa. I have only met them once at a family reunion, when I was about seven-years-old. I phone them, and use Facebook and the computer to keep in contact. I like how my grandparents tell me funny and embarrassing stories about my mum and dad and their childhood. They have taught me some older songs and I show them how I play the guitar.

Alisha Isaacs, age 11

I have four grandparents. My nana and grandad live in England and Oma and Opa came to New Zealand from Holland during the war and live in Christchurch. I’ve met my English grandparents twice and we phone and Skype lots to keep in touch. They spoil me by sending over nice presents. My oma takes me to church on Sundays and out to lunch. My grandparents are very important to me. They tell me I am the best grandchild in the whole world.

It’s easy to win fantastic prizes with Family Times. Just fill in the entry form and post it to us by the due date, or enter online at www.





Win LEGO® Friends Emma’s Sports Car RRP $24.99 Take a road trip to the Clearspring Mountains! Emma has a brand-new Sports car and it’s ready to roll through Heartlake City on a scenic drive with her cat, camera and a picnic lunch! Check the road signs as you cruise the winding roads on the way to your favourite picnic spot. We have 20 x LEGO® Friends Emma’s Sports Car RRP $24.99, to give away.

Smurfs2 – In Cinemas September 19 - Prize Packs We have 5x prize packs, each consisting of: An activity set A set of character shoelace tags A shopper bag A double in-season pass Competition closes September 23, 2013. 18

Christchurch Symphony orchestra performs Pirates What would your dream drink bottle look like? Send us your drawing and be in to win an amazing $50 prize pack from Crayola! Three entry age groups: preschool (age 1-4), 5-8, 9-12. Create your design on an A5 sheet or download the template and entry form from Post in to PO Box 36 004, Christchurch 8146. Entries close on 13 October 2013.

Ahoy me hearties! Set sail with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra for a night of thrilling adventure as it shows Disney’s buccaneering blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with the exhilarating score performed live at the same time. With 70 musicians and a choir, Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and the irrepressible Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) will spring to life on the big screen at CBS Canterbury Arena. A tale of daring escapades

Congratulations to our dream job design competition winners from our last issue. They are:

1-4 - Liam MacDonald, Age 3 - “Liam and his magic monster scaring slippers. These are Liam’s furry green slippers. They are big furry slippers that look like monsters. They are magic slippers. When he wears them they make him big, strong and scary. Liam then frightens the monsters away turning his nightmares in to happy dreams”

on the high seas, the movie follows Will and Jack as they rescue the beautiful Elizabeth from the cursed crew of the infamous Black Pearl. Presented for the very first time in New Zealand, the CSO in association with Leighs Construction is delighted to bring this swashbuckling spectacular to the Canterbury audience on Saturday 12 October at 7pm. Tickets from Presentation licensed by Disney Music Publishing and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, NonTheatrical © Disney.


5-8 - Joseph Knopp, Age 7 - “This is a pieman and Hobbit slipper and it can fly because it has springs and jet packs. On the Hobbit’s door is Gandalf’s sign. Bilbo Baggins is standing outside his hobbit hole and pieman is flying in the sky. These are MY dream slippers.

9-12 - Cameron Galbraith, Age 9 -

“Rocket slippers with i-pad charger”




Presentation licensed by Disney Music Publishing & Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Non-Theatrical © Disney

KENNETH YOUNG Conductor Book through Ticketek 0800 842 538 or online at Conc. available, service fees apply Scan to Book Tickets

Win one of 10 AVEENO® Baby packs!


We have 10 delicious AVEENO® Baby packs worth $52 each to give away. Specially formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® ingredients and paediatrician recommended, AVEENO® Baby products help nourish, soothe and protect baby’s sensitive skin. Each pack contains: Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash - a tear-free wash that leaves skin moisturised for 24 hours; Baby Wash and Shampoo - for gentle cleansing that rinses clean with a soft, fresh fragrance; Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream - for non-greasy moisturisation; and Baby Daily Lotion – an emollient rich formula that protects against and alleviates chapping and chaffing to keep your baby’s skin soft.

WIN! Series sponsor

Dunger by Joy Cowley

Dunger is a new pre-teen novel; perfect holiday reading for boys and girls. William and Melissa have been roped into helping their old hippie grandparents fix up their bach in the middle of the Sounds. They’ll have no electricity, no cellphone reception, and only each other for company. As far as they’re concerned, this is not a holiday. Ages 10+ Gecko Press http://www.geckopress. Paperback RRP$19.99 We have 10 of these to give away.

Just tick the things you want to win Spring 2013

   


Name Address

AVEENO baby pack LEGO Dunger by Joy Cowley

City Phone

To be in the draw to win, enter online at or write your name and address on the back of an envelope or postcard and send to: Christchurch Competition, PO Box 36 004, Christchurch to reach us by October 12th 2013, unless stated otherwise. Only one entry per household.


cool activities

Calendar of Events Spring welcomes longer days your help! Based at Lincoln Domain from 11am. Visit for details. to enjoy events with family and friends. We’ve got plenty 29 September Open Streets. A chance to explore of interesting choices this central city streets on your bike or by foot. season, so enjoy! Entertainment along the way. From 10am4pm on Gloucester and Colombo Streets. 27 September–6 October Visit The Breeze Walking Festival. Featuring 25 free walks at prime Christchurch locations. Walks for all ages and interests. See the full programme at

Daylight saving starts. Put your clock forward one hour.

28 September

29 September

In2Hula NZ Hula Hooping Record Attempt. A free, family event that needs

Gutbusta. Running, biking and orienteering,

29 September

Rock on in to Canterbury Museum!

If you live in Christchurch, or you plan to visit over the October school holidays, your children could take part in Canterbury Museum’s fascinating holiday programme Rock On! Juniors (4 to 7-years) will make their own 3D model rock sample and seniors (8 to 13-years) spend a whole day at the museum taking part in a geology workshop. Programme dates fall between 30 September and 11 October, with a full day for seniors and an hour and a half programme for juniors twice a day. There is a charge and bookings are essential so visit www. for details. Housed in an exquisite historic building, Canterbury Museum is world renowned for

Circus Classes for kids

its natural and human history collections. A frequently changing programme of exhibitions and events complements the museum’s permanent displays. You can browse the museum store or relax in the café with tree-top views of the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens. During the school holidays Discovery will be open daily and it’s a chance for children to touch, see and learn about our natural world. They can dig for fossils, play with educational games and puzzles and view insects of all sizes and colours. Entry to Discovery is $2 per person and children under 3-years-old are free. General admission to Canterbury Museum is free; donations are appreciated.

Rhythmic gymnastics classes Great for co-ordination, fitness, flexibility, confidence and recreation.

W K NO BOO r-school fte for a ses and a l c s ober Oct ays holid

Ph: 027-436 5384 Email:

Christchurch Circus Centre | 280 Wilsons Road

• From 3 years up • We offer recreational and competitive classes • Venue: NZ Institute of Sport, Riccarton

CONTACT BIANCA 027 5217220 |

SCHOOL TERM & HOLIDAY LESSONS ALL-YEAR-‘ROUND • Wa terba bies/ • Pre Todd scho ler olers • Aq • Sch s uafitn o es ol Ag • Aq e •A uajog s • Aqua robic dults ging s


to-S Learn-

Phone: 03-314 7711 Email: 4 Clifford Place, Amberley


Children taking part in last year’s Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run and Walk. finishing with an obstacle course. Lots of mud, climbing, crawling and sliding. Based at Mandeville Sports Centre, check out www.

29 September Nature Play Park - Papatakaro Ao Turoa official opening. Play in the free nature space, meet live insects and lizards and do some conservation crafts. From 10 am-4pm at 203 Hereford Street. Email for further details.

2-5 October

12 October Leighs Construction CSO presents Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Watch the swashbuckling movie while the orchestra performs the music live. Visit

12 October Rangiora Mazda Soap Box Derby. The great Kiwi tradition where a box, some nails and wheels can become a racing car. From 10am2pm, car park off Alfred Street. Small entry fee, email

Southern Ballet Theatre presents Lights Camera Action and Divertissements. Features the senior and intermediate ballet company. Performances at 2pm and 7pm daily. Book at The Southern Ballet Theatre Office, 108 Carlyle Street, Sydenham, phone 03-3797219 or visit

13 October

5 October

14 November

Woodend Spring Flower Show. Gorgeous spring flowers, local art and craft, live demonstrations, Devonshire teas and more. From 1 to 4pm at the Woodend Community centre. Children free.

Sky Dancer. An amazing theatre production created specifically for young people. Music by the NZSO. One show only, tickets from

6 October

MV Tuhoe Cruise. Step aboard the historic MV Tuhoe for a cruise along the Kaiapoi and Waimakariri Rivers. Boarding at 12pm, tickets available from the Kaiapoi i-SITE or email

19 October and 26 October

Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run and Walk. Follow Pegasus Lake, weave through the wetlands and the forest tracks of the Tuhaitara Coastal Park. From 8.30am-12pm. Visit

Woodford Glen Speedway. First meet of the summer season, with the trophy challenge and the popular fireworks extravaganza meet the following weekend. Visit www. for information.

6 October

20 October.

Spring in to Oxford. An extravaganza of classic cars, entertainment and family activities set in the rural village of Oxford. From 9am to 2pm in the Main Street and Pearson Park. Visit

Southbrook School Fair. All the fun of the fair; stalls, entertainment and food for sale. From 10am-2pm at 26 Marshall Road. Gold coin entry, phone 03-313-7661.

cool activities 27 October Orton Bradley Park Spring Fair. See rhododendrons in full bloom; enjoy live music, pony rides, food and craft stalls and use of walkways. Small entrance fee applies. Visit

27 and 28 October The Plains Railway-150 years of Rail in NZ. Visit the museum site, steam trains, traction engines and vintage machinery. Open 11am-4pm Maronan Road, Tinwald. Visit

2 and 3 November Oxford Country Garden Fete. Relax and meander amongst the beautiful Ribblesdale Gardens while enjoying local fare and stalls of the Oxford Garden Fete. For more details visit Compiled by Karen Theobald

Robotics Club

For more information, visit:

CanTeRbuRy ChiLdren’s TheAtre PreSents

AliCe’s AdvEnTurEs in

Holiday programmes Holiday programmes are a great way to grow a child’s interest in an activity or provide quality care while parents work. Ferrymead Heritage Park

Step back in time at Ferrymead Heritage Park with hands-on activities these holidays. Visit or phone 03-3841970 for more information.

Rock On!

Find out what rocks are made from and how they are formed. Juniors make models; seniors have fun at a full-day workshop. At Canterbury Museum, bookings essential, visit

Kowhai Residential School of Riding

Quality instruction on excellent horses and ponies in a fun, safe environment. Suitable for beginners to advanced riders, 8 to 18-years. Phone 03-312-4309 or visit

Destination: Antarctica

A holiday programme where every day has a different theme, from explorers to penguin rangers, that also includes entry to the indoor attraction, 4D show and Hagglund rides. Based at the International Antarctic Centre, 38 Orchard Road, Christchurch. Suitable for 6

to 12-year-olds. Hours from 8.45 am to 3 pm. Book now and choose from a one-day or a three-day programme. For full details and dates phone 03- 357-0519 or email

Living Springs Kids’ Camp

A great live-in camp with a Christian focus from 29 September to 4 October. Awesome adventures, fully catered and professional staff. For ages 8 to Year 8, phone 03-3299788 or visit

Amberley Swim School

Aquatic Journee, a swim school in Amberley,

offers school holiday swimming lessons. Email or phone 03-3147711 for more information.

ASB holiday fun football

This is for children aged 7 to 11-years who love football. Runs both weeks from 9am-3pm, at various locations. To enrol or for more information visit

Circus Workshops

Take part in a fun circus workshop these holidays. After school classes also available. For full information phone 027-436-5384 or visit

Capital E National Theatre for Children and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra present Sky Dancer Witi Ihimaera’s novel, Sky Dancer, is the inspiration behind the collaborative work of Capital E National Theatre for Children and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, which is being hailed as the perfect introduction to classical music for young ears. “If ever there was a production that encapsulates every aspect of performance art then Sky Dancer is it. There are multimedia projections, amazing puppetry, actors in wonderfully choreographed sequences and of course the Symphony Orchestra all combining harmoniously to create what is a truly amazing piece of theatre.” Dominion Post, Wellington. The story follows the journey of Skylark, a young girl who becomes embroiled in a

prophecy, which sees her embark on a dazzling trip into the past to save the future of these islands’ earliest inhabitants - the birds. The production sees the full NZSO take to the stage accompanied by stunning puppetry and large scale projection; just some of the intriguing visual elements Christchurch audiences can expect to see. This work is a strong introduction to the sounds of an orchestra and a great way for the whole family to enjoy a unique theatrical experience. Tickets for Sky Dancer are on sale now through or 0800-842-538. CBS Canterbury Arena, 14 November 2013 at 1pm. Tickets are $10 per person, ideal for ages 5plus.

The Plains Vintage Railway in Ashburton

AdaPted by Matt PowEll & DirEcted by ScoTt CamPbell

Cu�H�o� Th�A�r� a� t�� Ma�T�O��e • �8 s�� – �3 o�� �0�3

Sa�U�D��s & Su�D�y� �1a� & 1p� • a�� Ti�K�t� $7 B��k On�I�� a� w��.Ma�T�O��e.c�.n� o� Ph�N� �8�0 Bo�K�n��

/ caNterburY . chIldrenS . thEatre

The Plains Vintage Railway museum site is on Maronan Road, Tinwald, Ashburton, just an hour’s drive from Christchurch. Spend time browsing the pioneer village and see relics of MidCanterbury’s past; view the locomotive collection that includes K88, JA1260, A64 and a Vulcan railcar along with a variety of vintage machinery. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the domain adjacent to the site, complete with playground for the children to enjoy. Visit www. for an open day list and further information.

Come and be a Mandarin Star!

endorsed visitor activity

Horse Riding Courses Quality instruction on excellent horses and ponies in a safe, country environment. Suitable for complete beginners to advanced riders. 8~18 years. Weekend: $140.00 includes 2 nights’ accommodation, all meals, horse riding, trekking and instruction. Five day camps $320.00 Seven day camps $460.00 Excellent facilities for Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country

Island Road, View Hill, OXFORD Phone: 03-312 4309

Fun & creative Mandarin classes for children age 1-12 years

Kids and Teens Modelling Workshops ? Dancing ? Singing ? Drama ? Craft ? Story time


OPEN DAYS: Oct 27th & 28th, November 10th & 24th Museum Village open 11am-4pm Mel Radford Brown Director of Portfolio

Build confidence / self esteem, makeup, grooming, hair, deportment, health / nutrition, fashion styling, goodie bags, catwalk, photo-shoot etc.

0800 68 86 68

Every school holidays BOOKINGS: PH 03-379 9011 E-mail:



cool activities

Entertainment There are plenty of attractions open and special activities to enjoy these holidays. Learn to bead, ride a steam train or watch a movie. Rock climbing You’ve tried Clip ’N Climb; now climb on the Roxx side! Further challenge your kids in The Roxx with a variety of climbs on their indoor walls. Kids must be 13-years-old to belay or an adult can be taught to assist younger children. Phone 03-377-3000 or visit www. for more information.

Orana Wildlife Park Experience unique animal encounters only 15 minutes from Christchurch Airport. Hand feed giraffe, view rhino and see the mighty lions. Open 10am-5pm. Visit www.

The Plains Railway, Ashburton View a collection of historic steam locomotives, vintage machinery and museum village located on Maronan Road, Tinwald. Visit for open day details.

Made by Me! Made by me! for all your beading , from supplies to creative workshops. Visit the Rolleston shop or for more information.

Hoyts Cinemas The No.1 entertainment destination in Christchurch. For session times phone 0508446-321 or visit Check out the great coupons in this issue.

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is now open and offers indoor heated pools for recreational swimming, WaiSwim swimming lessons and aquarobics. Phone 03-375 -5041 for details.

Fun holiday activity at Arion Farm Education Park Arion Farm Education Park is a unique facility run by the National Trade Academy at McLeans Island, Christchurch where children can see, touch and hand feed animals in a natural environment. For only $5 per person entry, it is an affordable, fun and educational holiday option. Pony rides are offered and a picnic and play area with shelter and shade is available. The farm focuses solely on New Zealand farm animals and farming heritage. Children learn about breeds, handling

NZ MODERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC We welcome beginners to intermediate on piano/keyboard or guitar. In some areas we also offer ukulele, woodwind or singing. All lessons private with the teacher. Please contact the Manager Margaret, Phone: 03-359 7500 or visit our website:

and care, the farming industry and its contribution to the economy. Arion Farm Education Park is an ideal venue for hosting children’s parties, and school holiday programmes are available. Arion Farm Education Park is now open every day from 1 September, 10 am – 3pm. For information visit www.arionfarmpark. or booking phone 03-360-2192 or 021-881-279 or visit “arion farm education park” Facebook page.

New shop in


We offer products that are antique, retro, quality second hand, shabby chic, handmade soaps, new items, handmade, plus much more... Pay us a visit... let us know what you think!

495 Papanui Road, Papanui Phone: 03-352 4050 E-mail:

Latest board g am from ar es oun the wor d ld!

Ph: 03-354 1285 58 Main North Road (opp. Northlands Mall)

Antarctic Centre A unique Antarctic experience for all, with snow and ice, an Antarctic storm, exciting Hagglund ride, 4D Extreme simulated cruise and the penguin encounter. Visit www.  

Canterbury Museum Enjoy the natural and human history galleries, followed by a snack in the cafe at Canterbury Museum. Visit for hours.

Beadz Unlimited Holidays are fun at Beadz with workshops, kits, tubes of hearts and butterflies. Take-away or bead in store. Visit www. for details.

New location Comics Compulsion is more than just comics. For more than twenty years, it has been the place to go for all your comics, gaming and war-gaming needs. Now, come and see their huge range of board games. These are not just ordinary games; many of them winners of the major international game awards. These games feature fascinating and engaging game play, high quality components and some truly stunning artwork. Come and see Comics Compulsion’s new shop opposite the Northlands mall.

Patricia Paul School of Dance Director: Patricia Paul ARAD (London) BALLET Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus Classes 3 years to Vocational Private Coaching



Performance & Syllabus Classes N.Z.A.M.D.


Private Lessons

C A S H M E R E | U P P E R R I C C A R TO N | H A R E W O O D | N. N. B R I G H TO N | F E N DA LTO N | R O L L E S TO N | S U M M N E R

Ph: 03-372-9191 | Email: |



View the Plains Railway locomotive collection of a K88, JA1260 and A64, at their Tinwald site.

cool activities

holiday specials The Smurfs at Northlands Join Papa Smurf and Smurfette on their Smurftastic European Adventure at Northlands Shopping these school holidays. From 7-11 October, 12-2pm daily. Visit www.

Mean Jean the Pirate Queen Climb aboard the Jolly Radish and join Mean Jean the Pirate Queen in a swashbuckling adventure! From 2-12 October, bookings at

Coco Pops Activity Spot Come to The Palms Shopping Centre and be part of the Coco Pops Activity Spot arts and craft activities. From 1-3 October, 11am-3pm daily. Visit

Malthouse Theatre Visitors to Orana Wildlife Park can meet Fanana, the new male giraffe and hand feed the giraffes at 12pm and 3pm daily.

Caesars – a great place for family dining Caesars is a great place for the whole family with quality food, great environment and friendly staff. There are menus to suit most tastes and budgets including gluten-free and vegetarian choices. Children love Caesars and enjoy the play rooms, the children’s menu and the colouring competition. The “families’ favourite” restaurant is ideal for birthday parties and functions of up to 200 guests. On Mondays and Thursdays children dine free, while on Tuesdays Caesars offers two mains for $25. On

Crazy Wednesdays the second main is half price or $15 Grill on the Rocks. Dine on the sounds of live music on Saturdays while Sunday is a traditional Kiwi roast day. Daily, $10 lunch menu continues in addition to $15 Grill on the Rocks lunch menu (conditions apply). Grill on the Rocks is where your meal is presented on a volcanic rock pre heated to 440 degrees. Caesars is already taking bookings for Christmas Day lunch and dinner and preChristmas functions.

Come and meet Alice as she has an amazing adventure in Wonderland. On these school holidays at the Malthouse Theatre. Phone 0800BOOKINGS for tickets.


Carnival Time Come to Avonhead Shopping Centre from 2-5 and 7-9 October for face painting, balloon twisting and yummy treats. From 12-2pm, phone 03-358-7775 for more details.

Christchurch Gondola Kids go free 28 September-13 October. Bring the family and experience the new-look cable cars, café and time tunnel. Visit www. for details.

Black Cat Cruises- Akaroa Kids cruise for free with Black Cat Cruises Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise this holiday. One child per one full paying adult. Phone 0800-436-574 or visit for more information.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve The farmyard at Willowbank will be alive with happenings during the holidays; spring babies and lots of fun activities. Visit www. Compiled by Karen Theobald

Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox

When 16-year-old Canny of the Pacific Island, Southland, sets out on a trip with her stepbrother and his girlfriend, she finds herself drawn into enchanting Zarene Valley where the mysterious but dark 17-year-old Ghislain helps her to figure out her origins. Ages 15 plus, Gecko Press http://www.geckopress., paperback with flaps RRP$29.99. We have 10 of these to give away. Enter online at or write your name and address on the back of an envelope or postcard and send to: Mortal Fire, PO Box 36 004, Christchurch, to reach us by 13 October 2013. Check out our website for more fantastic competitions.


Avonhead Shopping Centre Avonhead Shopping Centre boasts 17 specialty stores and a Countdown, and offers plenty of free parking with friendly, local service. Countdown can supply you with all your grocery essentials and also offers the convenience of a Lotto kiosk. Andreas Florist caters for all occasions with gorgeous seasonal flowers, whilst Jewellery Village are specialists in diamonds. Stay healthy with a trip to Health 2000 and pick up your prescriptions at Avonhead Pharmacy, as well as browse their extensive range of cosmetics. Avonhead also has an exciting variety of food offerings including Bakers Delight, Siena Café and Sushi Time. Monteiths have an extensive food and beverage menu and it’s a great place to catch up with friends. Bond Street Fashions

has fabulous new season stock arriving daily, whilst Green Stripes specialises in making spectacular fascinators. A new wardrobe is complemented by a trendy new “do”, so look no further than Bobsidi or Mister Snipps. Piccadilly Books is the perfect place for avid readers, covering all your stationery needs and with the added bonus of NZ Post and Kiwibank services. Stuck for gift ideas? Perfect Presents specialises in lush gifts for all budgets. ANZ, on the outside of the centre can see to all your banking needs, and next door, Harvey World Travel can send you jetsetting around the globe. Call in today for your one-stop shop! Visit for store numbers and centre trading hours.

Children’s play area Children’s menu Kids dine FREE Mon & Thurs*

$10 lunch menu or $15 Grill on the Rocks Lunch Daily*

Exclusive Grill Menu * Conditions apply.

Crazy Wed 2nd Main HALF PRICE or $15 Grill on the Rocks*

Main North Rd, Northwood Supa Centre | Ph: 03-323 5420 |


cool activities

2013 and 2014 primary and intermediate school term dates

2013 and 2014 secondary and composite school term dates


Monday 29 July to Friday 27 September

Term 4, 2013

Monday 14 October to Friday 20 December

Term 4, 2013

Monday 14 October to no later than Friday 20 December

Term 1, 2014

Term 1, 2014

Between Monday 27 January (at the earliest); and Friday 7 February (at the latest) to Thursday 20 April

Between Monday 27 January (at the earliest); and Friday 7 February (at the latest) to Thursday 20 April

Term 2, 2014

Term 2, 2014

Monday 21 July to Friday 26 September

Monday 5 May to Friday 4 July

Term 3, 2014

Monday 5 May to Friday 4 July

Remaining public holidays 2013

Term 3, 2014

27 October 25 December 26 December

Monday 21 July to Friday 26 September



Labour Day Christmas Day Boxing Day

Disney’s Planes – in cinemas 26 September prize packs

From above the world of Cars comes Disney’s Planes, an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test. 5 prize packs, each consisting of: a kids’ watch, a crayola giant colouring book, a double in-season pass to the movie. Enter online at or

write your name and address on the back of an envelope or postcard and send to: Planes, PO Box 36 004, Christchurch, to reach us by 23 September, 2013. Check out our website for more fantastic competitions.

After school care technique and incorporates yoga stretching, goal setting and communication skills. Book now for next term. Visit www.theroxx., phone 03-377-3000 or email climb@

Christchurch continues to offer a wide range of after school programmes from school-based care to special interest activities. There’s sure to be one that suits your child.

Rock Stars climbing course Tuition with The Learner Is your child not a team player but needs a challenge? Clip ‘N Climb’s Rock Stars’ after school climbing programme at The Roxx Climbing Centre is the answer. It is a safe, fun introduction to basic climbing

Help your child succeed with The Learner’s expert primary, secondary and NCEA level tuition. Book now, phone 03-423-1573 or visit Compiled by Karen Theobald

Confidence breeds success at Kip McGrath Children who attend Kip McGrath tutoring sessions not only increase their school performance but also develop greater confidence. Students can attend to boost their confidence, to catch up with their peers or to work on extension and enrichment work. Kip McGrath Education Centres offer tuition in reading, spelling, English and mathematics, and can also offer a range of other subjects depending on demand and location. Extension work is also offered and there is an increasing demand from adults wishing to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Students attending Kip McGrath Centres are firstly given a free, comprehensive assessment and then have an individualised programme planned for them. Unlike other tutoring services, Kip McGrath

employs trained, certificated teachers, who encourage the students to develop an “I can” attitude and deliver the 80-minute tuition sessions. Tutors work with their students to help them realise their potential. There are no “secrets to success” or “quick fix” methods. Tutors help the students develop the mental toughness to overcome their difficulties, rather than allowing them to give in. Excitement comes when the students learn to persevere, and they are rewarded with the realisation that they can succeed. The great thrill for parents is seeing the improved school performance together with the raised self-esteem and overall increased confidence shown by their children. Kip McGrath is enrolling students now - phone 0800-888-674 or visit www.



o ay Fo d i l o H

YOUR NEAREST ACCREDITED PROVIDER ASB Holiday Football is delivered under the supervision of New Zealand Football, the official governing body of the game.


BOOK NOW at Priced from $90 for 3 days, $65 for 2 days or $35 single day For players of any club or new players aged: 7-10 year old/11-14 year old Dates: 30 Sep- 2 Oct & 7-9 Oct, 9am-3pm Venue: ASB Football Park


Dates: 10-11 Oct, 9am-3pm Venue: Halswell Domain Check website for more details.

Summer Play Football this REASONS WHY FOOTBALL IS GREAT FOR GIRLS Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has already played the game, there’s something for you. Play with your friends – and meet new ones • Girls-only football available A fantastic way to get fit • No need to give up other sports • It’s fun! Each session will have a fundamental movement warm-up, a couple of fun games to work on coordination and technique and small sided matches. Where: Cost: Register: More Info:

When: ASB Football Park $60 for ten week block Check website for more details.

Every Tuesday after school throughout Terms 4 & 1 from 3.30-4.30pm

Fit Families

Take the fitness challenge Health, fitness and exercise are key words sitting in the recesses of every parent’s mind; especially Kiwi parents since the Ministry of Health released the following stats:

blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Sounds like a prescription to get moving — now!  The Family Times’ team is dedicated to offering you simple, fun, free ways to help your family start and retain exercise habits. As spring and summer are just around the corner, we want to challenge you - our avid readers - and your children, to participate in the KiDSMARATHON programme and  The child obesity rate in New Zealand report back to us. KiDSMARATON was children has increased from 8% in 2006/07, created by New Zealand Olympian Rod to 10% in 2011/12 (in children aged 2 to Dixon. He developed this unique programme 14-years). to encourage children and their parents to  A further 21% of children were run a full marathon (42.2 kilometres total) overweight (but not obese). kilometre by kilometre over an 8 to 10-week The obvious conclusion is that children who time frame. The programme is being started are consistently more active are likely to be in a few schools around the country, but is healthier adults. And we all know, people who focused on families and their participation. don’t exercise are at risk of developing high It’s very simple to start. Go online to www.

Get your kids swim-safe at WaiSwim Can your child swim? Would your child survive? It is important that your children know what to do if they get themselves into trouble in the water. It is important to keep them safe and to remember that regardless of where you swim, or if there are lifeguards on duty, there are dangers. The WaiSwim programme at Dudley Park Aquatic Centre and the recently reopened Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is not only designed to teach children to swim, but also to provide them with key water safety messages and techniques. Group and

individual options are available for all ages and ability levels. Children can either attend lessons during the school term or have a block of lessons in the school holidays. General bookings for term four open 8am Tuesday 24 September 2013. WaiSwim has qualified instructors and is a registered quality swim school through Swimming New Zealand. It’s fun to swim with WaiSwim. For programme details and prices, phone Dudley Park Aquatic Centre 03-311-8905, or Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre 03-375-5041, or visit

Get the family outdoors with The Breeze Walking Festival 27 September- 6 October. to follow and complete. The objective is simple.  Get up and get moving!  training-guide/ to read about the specific This programme is fun, inexpensive and details of the programme. Under the menu fitness oriented to help you and your children bars you’ll find support materials, a training accomplish a health goal together. Creating programme guide and a sheet you can print family activity time is all about scheduling it off to keep track of your family’s progress.  The training guide is the core resource for the together and then following through with the activities. So, let us know how it goes.  Rod Dixon KiDSMARATHON programme. In the guide you’ll find general knowledge, By Jennifer Beck nutritional information, warm-up routines Jennifer Beck is a writer and business strategist.  She and of course a log book for kids and teachers has six children and starts each day off with a morning walk to balance the insanity.

Email us at with experiences and photos. We want to support you and your family in this goal. Plus, if you have any other ideas to help families get moving, drop us an email.  We’d love to share your comments with our Family Times readers. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy and have fun with the experience, and the result is the development of healthy family habits.

25 FREE WALKS A service of the Waimakariri District Council

Can your child


Would your child


The WaiSwim Learn to Swim and coaching programme is available at Dudley Park Aquatic Centre and the recently reopened Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre.

The Breeze

Walking Festival 27 September – 6 October Explore beaches, forests, ridgelines and city streets. A festival that connects people and places in Christchurch.

Halswell Quarry opening event

Saturday 28 September

It is a registered Quality Swim School with Swimming New Zealand, catering for children as young as 6 months old through to adults. We are only a short drive out of Christchurch. General Bookings for Term 4 open 8am Tuesday 24 September 2013. For more information: Dudley Park Aquatic Centre – Phone: 03-311 8905 Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre – Phone: 03-375 5041 or visit: (03) 941 8999

It's fun to swim with


Family Times in the

Waimakariri Waimakariri District represents the best of both worlds; only 15 minutes drive from Christchurch, with miles of unspoiled landscape punctuated by thriving town centres. A gateway to the viticultural haven of Waipara Valley vineyards, the Waimakariri District is only an hour’s drive to Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort.

Towns The districts town centres nestled in the heart of Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Oxford and Woodend/Pegasus have personality plus with cultural and recreational offerings, including but not limited to boutique shopping, unique cafes, breath-taking art galleries and popular swimming centres.

Markets Farmers and craft markets offering innovative gifts, trinkets and the freshest local produce are held every week with the world famous Royal Ohoka Market along with very popular markets in Oxford, Kaiapoi and Cust and monthly in Rangiora.

Outdoors With a district full of trail adventures thanks to Mt Thomas, Ashley Gorge, Tutaepatu, Oxford Forest and Kaiapoi Island you will find many walking and biking trails to suit all of the family but if you are after beach fun, look no further. The costal beaches of Woodend, Pegasus and Waikuku are family magnets all year round. The lake at Pegasus is also a great playground for sailing, kayaking, and swimming or you can explore the nearby wetlands with access to beach. Dads and Mums can enjoy a round of golf at the International Golf Course in the Pegasus Township.

Kaiapoi i-SITE The knowledgable team at the Kaiapoi i-SITE are there to help you and they also hire fishing rods and bikes. Call them on 03 327 3134 or visit our website for more information on what to do, see and events to enjoy in the district.

North Canterbury

TOP WAIMAKARIRI FAMILY ADVENTURES • Royal Ohoka Farmers Market. • Fireworks Extravaganza at Woodford Glen. • Learning to kayak at Pegasus Lake. • Exploring Tuhaitara Coastal Park. • Sailing on the MV Tuhoe. • Picnic at Ashley Gorge River. • Ribblesdale Garden Tour & after a fluffy at Seagars Cafe. • Fishing for whitebait on the banks of our local rivers.

Pegasus Town

EVENTS CALENDAR - SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER Sept 29 Gutbusta Primary School Adventure Race Oct 5 Woodend Flower Show Oct 6 Northern Outlook Pegasus Fun Run & Walk Oct 6 Spring in to Oxford Oct 12 Rangiora Mazda Soap Box Derby Oct 13 MV Tuhoe begins sailing Oct 19 & 26 Woodford Glen Speedway Oct 25 Rangiora A&P Show Nov 2-3 Oxford Garden Fete


and bookings throughout New Zealand

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Visit: Kaiapoi i-SITE.57 Charles Street Phone: 03 327 3134 Email:

The historic schooner,

10am-4pm 2 & 3 November 2013

Garden Setting Quality Stalls Delicious Food Local Musicians

Ribblesdale Gardens, Corner Oxford and Barracks Roads, Oxford. Adults $15. Children under 12yrs Free. Payment at the Gate on entry. Eftpos available. No Dogs (except Guide Dogs). PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY





ENTER NOW! SAT 12 OCTOBER 2013 - 10am-2pm


Two person teams - entry cost $2 for individuals, $10 for business challenge participants. For an entry form go to the events page at or pop in and see the team at Rangiora Mazda, 27 Southbrook Road, Rangiora or contact Kirstyn on 021 312 230 /

(Conditions apply please see registration form)

The MV Tuhoe Enjoy a relaxing hour with birdlife and stunning landscape views as you sail the Kaiapoi River. Sailing Oct 13, 16 and Nov 3. The MV Tuhoe is also available for private functions and sailings. Enquire or book your ticket with the Kaiapoi i-SITE P:03 327 3134 or E:

Two person teams - entry cost $2 for individuals, $10 for business challenge participants.


For an entry form see the team at Rangiora Mazda, 27 Southbrook Road. Or call Kirstyn 021 312230

• Classic and Vintage Car Display • Farmers Market • Village Market • Music • Kid’s Entertainment • Bouncy Castle • and much more...

Family Day Out in the Country Main St, Oxford Featuring

Sunday 6 October This event is organised in conjunction with the McIvor’s Oxford Community Men’s Shed & OPAC



for the whole family! for this seasons race dates visit



Themed birthday parties Birthday parties are a great time for celebration – many children count down to this momentous occasion, and it’s a chance to show the birthday child just how special they are. Parties don’t have to be hugely expensive or stressful; sure a little planning ahead goes a long way, however, as long as the birthday child (or children!) feels important and has fun on the big day, this is a success in itself. Every second issue Family Times runs a birthday party feature with ideas for this special time. If you have any ideas regarding birthday party themes or ideas you would like to share, we would love to hear them. Please email t can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to throwing a kids’ Halloween party. It’s not that there’s a shortage of ideas – that’s the problem, in fact. There are too many ideas to choose from. How can you possibly know which spooktacular Halloween ideas your kids and their friends are going to really love? It’s a thin line between being a cool parent who gets it right and being a lame parent who’s wide of the mark and we all secretly want to be that first one, even if we don’t admit it. So, how can you throw a spooktacular Halloween party for the kids on your street? Fortunately, the answer to that is pretty simple – as long as you use your imagination and have a good time, the kids will almost certainly love whatever it is you put together for them. Stop fretting, put your party hat on and get into the mood. Here are some handy tips and tricks that you can use to throw a super successful



Halloween party for your kids.

Be age appropriate

This is extremely important when it comes to a Halloween party. Don’t forget that isn’t a birthday bash or an Easter blow out that you’re organising – Halloween is meant to be scary. That doesn’t mean that you should intentionally frighten your guests. In fact, it’s doubly important that you consider their emotional welfare – triply important if you’re dealing with very young children. If your kids and their friends are old enough to take a scare or two, feel free to amp up the spooky nature of your party. However, if you’re dealing with little ones, be careful when it comes to things like ghosts, plastic spiders, scary pumpkins, witches and masks. Accidentally scare the living daylights out of them now and they’ll probably never go to another Halloween party again.

Let them choose the costumes It can be tempting to add another ‘theme’ to your party - to ask that all guests come as scary ghosts or their favourite cartoon characters. The best thing to do, however, is to just let the kids take care of their own outfits. Sure, you’ll end up with one Harry Potter here, one Iron Man there and six different versions of the minions from Despicable Me, but it doesn’t matter. Halloween is a great time for kids to get creative and put their imaginations to good use.

Set the scene

Let your guests have fun with their costumes, so that you can have all the fun that comes

Lights Music WHO WANTS TO ROLLER SKATE? G Disco ames So...

with decorating the house. Go as wild and as wacky as you can manage. Cover your front room in fake cobwebs and place big, plastic spiders in all four corners. If you can get your hands on a dry ice or fog machine, you’ll be able to turn your house into the creepiest party venue on the whole street. Don’t forget those pumpkins.

Bobbing for apples

No Halloween party is complete without a game of apple bobbing. If your guests are quite young, don’t use a lot of water and don’t put a lot of pressure on individuals to catch an apple – you want to keep the game light hearted.

2-4-6-8 Who wants to roller skate?

Grab the kids and come roller skating - it’s fun, interactive, great fitness and perfect for the whole family. All skates are provided so come and join the party! Music, disco lights, games and prizes for just $8 per person or $6pp with your own skates. Regular public sessions, birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday programmes, school groups and lessons are Phatsk8’s speciality. They even sell skates and accessories. Visit, phone Ingrid on 03-349-9924 or 027-387-0065.

By Sarah James Sarah James is a children’s party planner and entertainer. She recommends DNA Kids Halloween Parties if you want a really successful spooktacular kids Halloween party.

Pony Parties & Their Farmyard Friends

Pony Parties & Their Farmyard Friends offer cute ponies and special farm animals especially for children’s birthdays, Christmas picnics, preschool visits etc. They can travel to you or you can book their specially designed indoor children’s party venue, located 15 minutes from Halswell. Rain or shine, they can host your party, fully catered, with entertainment galore. Visit www. and view party feedback on Facebook. Book a party with a difference, phone 03-329-7266, 027-424-7768.


get ya’ skates on & roll with us!

❀ Fundraisers ❀ Lessons ❀ Birthdays Parties ❀ Regular Public Sessions ❀ Skate Sales ❀ Parent Groups

Contact Ingrid – Phone: 03-349-9924 | 027-387 0065 |

PLAN YOUR BIRTHDAY with a real difference!


Children’s Private Indoor Party Venue

+ travel-to-you options

Rediscover the joy of

Book your OWN TRAM for 2 ½ hours! Have a birthday party on a tram or a train... KIDS, OLDIES, ANYONE!

50 Ferrymead Park Drive

Ph: 03 384-1970 • 28

FAMILY FUN ‘family games time’ & ask about


Ph 03-329 7266 or 027-424 7768

Birthday Parties! Easy Fundraising! plus - check out the special days & offers in-store Westfield Riccarton 343 3385



Budget-friendly birthday parties If you are smarter than a 10year-old you can host a fun kid’s party without blowing the budget.

Party tricks:

pizzas or quiche are firm favourites – small food appeals to kids and you are less likely For the under 10s, presentation is as to be tossing out loads of things with one important as the food itself - so decorate. It’s bite out of them if the portions are small. cheap and fun. Balloons, plates and cups at Kids will expect some treats but you can each place setting is a good start. You could include them as prizes for games if you prefer add place cards, twinkle lights or named party not to have them on the table. Alternate I really had parties sorted when our kids bags if using. were little. We packed a mean party bag, fruit with marshmallows on skewers, make Expect them to sit at the table or on a rug and even nailed that tricky shade of blue for popcorn, and make mini cupcakes or jellies to eat or you’ll be vacuuming sprinkles out the “Thomas” cake. Give us a weepy, non for something sweet. of the carpet long after the kids have moved joiner-inner and we’d have them passing It’s a good idea to save birthday cake until just out. To avoid lolly overload, substitute a the parcel like there was no tomorrow. We before leaving time as many kids prefer to coped with vomiters, non-eaters, over-eaters party bag with a single special treat like take it home to enjoy after all the excitement. decorated cookies. Bake them on popsicle and allergies. And we only had to call an Many party games also focus on food. We sticks. Ice and decorate, wrap in cellophane ambulance that one time (silly boy shouldn’t changed the famous “chocolate game” with twirly ribbons and maybe a tiny toy and have been jumping anyway). from rolling a six on the dice, putting on the let each child select one from the “bouquet” Many kids worry that their party will “tank” to take home. Set a specific time for food so or no one will show up, and parents don’t they don’t drift back and forward eating just Pampering parties with want to host a lame party. But neither do you the treats. Plan to serve savoury food first Magnifique want to go overboard. – sausage rolls, homemade sushi and mini Pampering parties are so much fun for you and your best friends. Enjoy being totally pampered from head to toe for your next Have a colourful, fun party at Beadz Unlimited birthday party. Pamper parties offer you two hours where the girls are treated like to the more complex funky friendship Imagine a stress free birthday party… no stars by getting a fabulous up-dos, minibracelet. With seven popular parties to housework, no party bags, no clean up mani and superstar makeup! Optional choose from, Beadz Unlimited knows your afterwards. extra is your very own photographer. This child will have a birthday to remember. Not Bring them into Beadz Unlimited, at 242 hair and dayspa theme has been created just for the girls either – using wood and Cranford Street, for an exciting birthday for 4 to 16-year-olds. Phone Magnifique bone beads, boys can create the surfie look treat. Beadz birthday parties are fun, Hair and Beauty on 03-322-7297. they love. The party room is available for colourful, inspiring and designed to suit a a small fee so you can enjoy your birthday wide range of ages. Children will treasure cake after the workshop. Phone 03-379their creation for years to come and learn Winnie Bagoes 5126 to make a booking and then sit back lifelong skills. Beadz Unlimited has a party and relax. to suit all budgets, with fantastic designs Ferrymead - your local from the simple treasure box and bracelet family-friendly pizza


Do you want to take the family out for dinner but struggle to know where to take them? Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead is your local family-friendly restaurant. There’s a great kids’ menu, the popular Kids’ Pizza School (which is great for birthdays at only $10 per child), and the famous Winnie’s kids’ party at the end of every school holidays. You need look no further when thinking of a great friendly restaurant that you can take the whole family too. Visit Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead at 2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead, phone 03-376-4900, www.  

costume and scoffing as much chocolate with the knife and fork before the next six is rolled, into an archaeological dig, filling the sandpit with buried plastic dinosaurs. The costume was an action man flak jacket, boots and hat and each six allowed you to dig up dinosaurs to take home until someone else in the circle rolled a six. Try an egg and spoon race with filled water balloons, and encourage any grownups to play too; the kids love it! By Sophie Gray, Destitute Gourmet Limited,

Online stockists of partyware & decorations for all occasions

Wide range of stylish products – from children’s themed party supplies to pretty, boutique items • New products arriving regularly from New Zealand and around the world Visit our online store today to browse and buy from our range.

Ph: 0508 FAIRY 4 U (0508 32479 4 8)


A1 Mini Chef logo - Rocky chef BLACK



• Small pizza • Drink • Birthday cake • Invitations • Mini Chef apron & hat for the birthday child

per child

B1 Mini Chef logo - Plain BLACK

B1 Mini Chef logo - Plain BLACK


Approx 1.5 hours & min. 10 kids . Conditions apply. Booking & deposit required. Subject to availability

LA PORCHETTA PAPANUI 484 Cranford St, PH: 352 2094


Keeping the family entertained when driving New Zealand is a veritable 20 Questions would a road trip be without an old paradise to explore on a road What fashioned game of 20 Questions? One player trip: the stunning scenery in thinks of an animal, plant or object and the players are given a total of 20 “yes” or Godzone makes the journey other “no” questions to guess the player’s item. every bit as delightful as the The game usually begins by narrowing down whether the item is an animal, vegetable or destination. mineral; for instance, you could ask “Is it an


t takes a little bit more planning if you’re taking the whole family along, but the journey can be just as much fun with just a little forethought into keeping them occupied, and you can create family memories that will last for a lifetime. Children generally have less patience for the journey than adults, so if you want to avoid the inevitable, “are we there yet,” remember, with littlies you will need to prepare for regular snacks, and provide regular stops to stretch and make use of bathroom facilities. Then there’s entertainment. Lots of kids today take along modern technology such as iPads, portable gaming consoles or DVDs, but if you want to make the most of the time together and build family bonds, how about some good old-fashioned car games? Not only can family car games help pass the time and fill in the gaps between break stops, it can further your children’s education. Check out these fun family favourites. Chances are, your children will pass these games on to their children, and so on. Of course, the driver’s prime concern should be safe driving!

animal?” Other good questions can relate to size, such as whether the item is larger than a breadbox, or location (e.g., “Would you find it in a kitchen?”). Any of your 20 questions can be a guess. If you do not correctly identify the item after 20 questions, one free bonus guess is permitted.

Word Scramble

To play Scramble, think of a five or six letter word, such as “punch,” and say the letters aloud in a random order, such as C-H-P-N-U. It’s fun to see how quickly–or long–it takes for your opponent to guess your word.

Spot a mini

To play this game, you get five points each time you spot a mini (or choose a different type of car) while travelling. Points are accrued over any journey, but start afresh once you’ve achieved your destination. The sighting has to be confirmed by another person in the car, and incorrect or unconfirmed sightings mean you have to deduct that number of points off your score.

Car cricket

If you’re travelling long distance off the city streets, you might like to try car cricket. One

person is “in” until they get either “run out” (by being passed by another car) or “caught out” (by someone seeing a Ford) or bowled (if a motorcycle is seen). While that person is in they score a single run each time they see a car, two runs if they see a four-wheel-drive, a boundary if they see a truck and a six for any vehicle carrying livestock. Possible variations on car cricket are endless, and if the children are young you can use colours rather than makes of car. It is usually played as two teams so that individual players who may be a bit weaker with their maths are supported by stronger team members.

Not a Word

Not a word must pass your lips as you take turns telling a story using facial expression, gestures and self-made sound effects. Choose a wellknown, easy story such as Snow White. The first person to guess the story takes the next turn.

True or False

Everyone closes their eyes except for the designated “looker” (and the driver of course!) While the looker describes what she sees i.e. passing scenery, animals, vehicles, the rest have to decide if it’s true or false. She might say “I see two cows.” There might be two cows or no cows or four cows. Every wrong guess gains one point and the player with the lowest score wins the game. *Time each turn perhaps 5 minutes each.

Eye Spy

This all-time classic is good for littlies who are just learning their letters and the sounds they make, right up to adults. One player sees an object either inside or outside of the car, and says, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with …” and states the letter that the object begins with. Other players have to guess the object.


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Quality children’s shoes by leading European brands We personally measure and fit all shoes

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Carlton Mews, 21 Bealey Ave (Cnr Bealey Ave & Papanui Road, Shop 3 – behind the Z petrol station) Phone: 03-377 1132 |

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School lunches

Country Kitchen Bakery

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For all your play-based educational resources.

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School uniforms

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Do you have all your summer uniform supplies? YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP for all your school uniform supplies including hats, socks & shoes. Also stockists of haberdashery, knitting wool and patterns, gift items. New arrival: Alpaca Wool – 5x more warmth than sheep wool! Services include: Alterations, Dry Cleaning, NZ Post

only $5.50

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• Redwood primary • Northcote primary • Belfast Primary • Papanui Primary • Catering for all occasions • Homemade food

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market place Gold rush family fun at Shantytown

Step back in time and discover a recreated gold rush village. Visitors of all ages enjoy steam train rides, live sluice gun demonstrations, gold panning for real gold and watching Shantytown’s holographic show based on a real West Coast story. The Shantytown village has more than 30 shops and buildings to explore as well as an onsite cafÊ with delicious coffee, and a children’s playground equipped with a flying fox. An old-time photo fits the bill as a lovely memento of your visit. Nothing beats Shantytown Heritage Park for fantastic family holiday fun. Visit to purchase your online discounted entry tickets.

Facilities include... • Swimming Pool • Games Room • Rope Course • Adventure playground • Bikes

✓ Courtesy Coach available ✓ 2.5km to Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools ✓ Accommodation for all budgets

Family Getaways

Phone: 0800 568 563

Ashley Gorge Holiday Park mping a c y l i Fam st! at its be ✓ Great swimming river ✓ Less than an hour from Christchurch ✓ 10% DISCOUNT with this advert!*

Airpark Canterbury Ltd is the only privately owned 24hr off-site airport car park in Christchurch


Phone: 03-312 4099 697 Ashley Gorge Road, Oxford * not available 19 Dec 2013–19 Jan 2014

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• A unique experience for all visitors. • An extremely extraordinary fun-filled adventure holiday park. • Adults – you relax while the kids enjoy the ultimate farm adventure!

Coach Road RD22, Geraldine Phone: 03-693 9355

“Support Christchurch privately owned local business�

0800 AIR PARK (24 77 27)

Official sponsors of the Canterbury Rugby Union



7KHWRZQVYDOOH\VDQGFRDVWOLQHDUHULFKLQKHULWDJHFXOWXUHDQG The towns, valleys and coastline are rich in heritage, culture and UHFUHDWLRQDOSXUVXLWV(QMR\QDWXUDOZRQGHUVDQGXQLTXHZLOGOLIHHQFRXQWHUV recreational pursuits. Enjoy natural wonders and unique wildlife encounters. 5HZDUG\RXUVHOIZLWKTXDOLW\ORFDOSURGXFWVH[FHOOHQWIRRGDQGZLQHDW Reward yourself with quality local products, excellent food and wine at DZDUGZLQQLQJUHVWDXUDQWVDQGDFFRPPRGDWLRQWRVXLWDOOWDVWHV award winning restaurants and accommodation to suit all tastes.

Oamaru i-SITE Visitor Centre: 1 Thames Street, Oamaru 7ÿ(LVLWH#YLVLWRDPDUXFRQ]ÿ:ZZZYLVLWRDPDUXFRQ] T: +64 3 434 1656 • E: • W: 32

Here comes the sun…

let’s go camping! As the cold and wet days lessen, and the sun makes its appearance more often, many families opt for the outdoors for a kiwiana holiday classic – camping.

(olive oil is also good for this), eye drops, small scissors, tweezers (for those inevitable prickles) as well as bandages and antiseptic cream or lotion. Involve the whole family in deciding which food to take. If possible, delegate a family member to draw up a list of proposed menus that can be created from the basics but are still nutritious and appealing. Include high irstly, once the location has been chosen, energy food such as nuts, dried fruit and energy chocolate, which can be packed into decide on and list your equipment. Is it jacket or backpack pockets for tramps and essential, desirable or luxury? Essential may day trips. Drinking chocolate, packet soups include your four-year-old’s special “blankey” and instant noodles also work well. Don’t or soft toy. If you’re using specialised forget water and drink bottles. equipment with all the latest gizmos, check Family appetites can be enormous on camp that all the bits are there and that it all works after all that fresh air and exercise. Encourage properly before you set out. your children to help with the camp cooking Essential items include: so that everyone is involved, even if it’s only • A good knife - such as a Swiss Army to help wash the potatoes or put plates out knife. on the barbecue table. You may need to • Reliable torches for every family member remind them about those all important, basic (plus spare batteries). food preparation and hygiene rules that are • Compass. vital when things like hot water taps aren’t • Maps. readily available. • Matches or a disposable lighter kept inside a plastic bag. The family campfire • Supermarket plastic bags (handy for a There’s something about campfires that makes huge range of things!). them appealing to all the family and they • A first aid kit. provide the opportunity to create special, • Food lasting memories for your children. At the • Water. end of a long day, sitting around the campfire It’s worth buying a complete, family-sized first together is a great night cap option. You aid kit, otherwise make up your own and pack can sing songs with the kids – you could be it inside a clear plastic bag. Essential items surprised by which songs your children know. include sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent


Damper ising flour • 2 cups of self-ra • Pinch of salt of milk • About ¾ cuepcentre of the dry

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Or make up songs together. A family member who plays the guitar or another portable instrument is invaluable, but even home-made instruments will suffice!

If you have older family members present such as grandparents, perhaps they could tell a special story about a camp or picnic they recall from their schooldays. Scary(ish!) ghost stories are huge favourites. Try an imaginative continuation version of this with everyone making up a small section before “passing” it on to the next person in the circle to continue. Don’t forget the camera to capture some of the more magical campfire moments! Eating by the campfire can create many memories to cherish together: there’s nothing like the soft glow of the burning embers and the warmth of a natural fire set in the scenic outdoors. Make the most of Mother Nature’s native oven – toasted marshmallows over the campfire are a popular treat, complete with hot chocolate. Damper is another favourite, but exercise extreme caution with cooking over the fire.





Family Times Spring Christchurch 2013  

Family Times Spring Christchurch 2013

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