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CHOOSING The Right Camp For Your Kid

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YMCA CAMP ST. CROIX Located on St. Croix River, near Hudson, Wisconsin. Canoe trips, kayaking, sailing, rock climbing and horseback riding camps.

YMCA CAMP IHDUHAPI Located on Lake Independence in Loretto, Minnesota. Kayaking, windsurfing, high ropes, climbing and horseback riding camps.

YMCA CAMP ICAGHOWAN Located on Lake Wapogasset near Amery, Wisconsin. Rock climbing, technical tree climbing, skateboarding and horseback riding camps.

YMCA CAMP WARREN Located on Half Moon Lake, girls camp and boys camp near Eveleth, Minnesota. Sailing and horseback riding camps. Unique in-camp activities: tennis, photography and art.

Register Online Membership not required.

call 612-822-2267

YMCA DAY CAMP Ages 4 – 14 Outdoor adventures with exciting camp activities: archery, canoeing, crafts and cookouts. Kids are home each night. 10 Locations.

SUMMER POWER Grades K – 5. Exciting weekly themes with coordinating activities plus fun field trips to zoos, waters parks, museums and more. Flexible 3, 4 and 5 day options.

SUMMER UPROAR Grades 6 – 8 explore their expanding world, increase understanding, build independence and have a boat load of fun with field trips and outings. 2


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 hoosing the Right Camp C for your Child


It’s Hip to Have Manners: 10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Mind Their Ps & Qs


12 Ways to Work Your Workout


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 upporting Teen Romantic S Relationships


Homesickness at Camp: 6 Tips for a Positive Camp Experience


 Tips to Chill the Chore Wars in 5 Your Home


Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


Reconnect with Your Spouse


B  uddy Bonds: Helping Kids Grow Lasting Friendships


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2 Entrees, Bottle of wine or a few beers & 1 round of bowling 810 W. Lake St, Minneapolis • 612-825-3737 •







$ 2 5 I N C LU D E S :

$ 3 0 I N C LU D E S :

1 Appetizer, 2 Entrees & 1 Dessert.

1 Appetizer, 2 Entrees & Bottle of Wine

3910 W. 50th St, Edina • 952-288-2882 •

324 Main Street, Stillwater • 651-430-9000 •

2919 Hennepin Ave, Uptown Minneapolis • 612-824-6300 •






PARMA 8200

$ 4 5 I N C LU D E S :

Dinner for two, Bottle of Wine, Gelato & 2 Tickets to the Edina Theater across the street. (Offer good everyday)

$ 3 3 I N C LU D E S :

2 Starter Salads, 2 Select Entrees, 1 Dessert & Pitcher of Beer or Bottle of Wine 2207 E. Franklin, Minneapolis • 612-332-1865 •




Also offer a $30 per couple sushi option.

$ 3 0 I N C LU D E S :

2 Pizzas and bottle of red or white wine or pitcher of beer 3311 East 25th St, Minneapolis • 612-722-4474 •

$ 5 0 I N C LU D E S :

2 Appetizers, 2 Entrees, 2 Desserts & Bottle of Wine 5600 W. 83rd St. #100, Bloomington • 952-896-8888 •


Choosing the Right Camp for your Child

9 Things to Consider when Choosing a Camp BY DENISE YERLAN

When it comes to choosing a camp for your child, there are a host of options. Both residential and day camps have traditional and specialty offerings. FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES



Following are a few things to consider when selecting a camp for your child. 1 P  ersonal interests and preferences.

Traditional camps offer a variety of experiences and are a good choice for the child who wants different activities or enjoys constant stimulation. Specialty camps provide concentrated instruction in one or two areas and are a good option for those who are extremely focused on a given activity and can maintain their attention span.


Talk with your child about how long he would like to stay at camp. Is this a reasonable length of time for his age and developmental level? First-time campers would do well starting in a partial- to full-week program. Even if your child decides to stay at camp all summer, allow a few weeks break between school and camp for down time.

Talk with your child about his expectations for summer camp. What are his interests? Does he want to focus on one activity or try a variety of experiences? Would he like to try something new? If so, summer camp is the perfect opportunity to do so. 2

Camp readiness. If this is your child’s first experience with camp, consider a day or residential program close to home. If your child wants to attend an overnight camp, schedule a trial run. Send him to a relative’s house for the weekend. How did he do away from home? Was he able to take care of his personal needs? Did he adjust to different foods? Did he sleep well?



Cost. When considering a camp, be sure you know what the total cost is. Some camps have a base price but charge additional fees for trips, special events and activities. If the camp you want to send your child to is more than you can afford, ask about scholarship programs. Also ask about the refund policy in the event your child gets sick or there is a family emergency.

Now accepting registrations for weekly lessons and swim camps... Schedule your FREE In-water Level Assessment today!!

From Super Heroes to Bugs, we have a summer full of awesome activities ready for your child. Peace of Mind/ Trailblazers summer camp is an activitybased program rooted in education, but full of FUN. Don’t miss out on the

Camp starts Monday, June 9. Space is limited. Enroll early.

For more information, visit

Learn To Swim!! ®

or call us at

651-731-2608 Swimmers Guaranteed.

Blaine • Chanhassen • Maple Grove • Savage • St. Louis Park • St. Paul • Woodbury

Camps for kids ages preschool – 9th grade! 8



Find out what the camper-tocounselor ratio is. Six campers to one counselor is recommended by the American Camping Association. What is the camp’s return rate? What experience and/or training do the counselors have? How are counselors chosen? What is the camp’s discipline policy? Can they accommodate health concerns such as asthma, allergies and dispensing medicine? 6

American Camping Association or the National Camp Association. While this is not imperative, organizations like these have guidelines camps must meet before they can become accredited.

Camp Counselors and Staff.


Pre-visit. Once a camp has been chosen, arrange to visit with your child. Does the camp have an open house? If not, can you drop by on a given weekend? If visiting isn’t an option, get onto the camp’s website or look at a brochure with your child so he can familiarize himself with the campground, buildings and sleeping quarters.


Summer at When considering a camp, ask for individuals you can call whose children have attended the camp. Find out what those children’s experiences have been. Also check to see if the camp is accredited by organizations such as the


 upplies, rules and S regulations. Several weeks before camp, get a list and begin gathering the

Summer at

supplies your child will need. Also ask the camp what the child is not allowed to take (iPods, videogames, etc.). Find out about other rules and regulations and familiarize your child with these rules. 9

Communicate. Several weeks before camp begins, talk with your child about the upcoming experience. Does he have any apprehension? If your child is afraid he will be homesick, remind him these are normal concerns. Reassure him of the positive experience he will have. Since fear of the unknown is the greatest cause of worry, the more information you have about camp, the better off your child will be. Consider sending letters and care packages before your child arrives so he will have something to open during mail call on his first day.

First-time campers would do well starting in a partial- to fullweek program.


Woods, wetlands, fields, prairies, rolling hills, rivers, lakes, valleys… Where the joy and love of learning meet the magic of summer

Summer at

And those are just the scenery options.

• Four locations • Day and residential sessions • Financial assistance available • More activities than can fit in a single summer 800-845-0787


Registration now open For more information please visit FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES




10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Mind Their



you read the local paper, or watch the

Today our children are subjected to a barrage of

news, there are ample people bemoaning

rude behaviors on TV, in song lyrics, in video games

the loss of manners in today’s young people. But

and online. If you want your children’s manners to

are manners really dead? More likely they are

reach a higher standard, how do you counteract

transitioning. Manners morph over time to keep

those external, powerful influences? You do not have

pace with societal changes. Did you know that it was

to be Emily Post to encourage good manners in your

once good manners to spit within a distance where


you could put your foot on it? Obviously that edict belongs back in the 1700s from whence it came.



A FEW SIMPLE TIPS can keep manners and kindness top of mind and spark ideas about customizing manners to suit your family.


Explain the why. The essence of good manners is that you respect yourself and the other person. Remind your children of times when someone else has offered them a simple courtesy, such as holding a door, and made them feel valued.


Teach greetings for when guests arrive. Decide upon how formal you want to be. You may want a child to stand, shake hands and address visitors. Or maybe you are satisfied with teaching your child to say hello and make eye contact with the visitor, even if they remain seated on the couch. Your rules may vary depending upon the guest.


Develop and enforce a technology basket. Declare a ban on electronic use when interacting with another person. Deposit cell phones and mobile devices in the basket so that there is no texting at dinner or when hanging out with family and friends.

The essence of good manners is that you respect yourself and the other person.


Request courteous greetings for family members. Say good morning and good night to each family member while making eye contact. This ensures you are all truly present for each other and it may help minimize those teenage grumpy starts to the day.


Facilitate promptness and teach this value. Speak to your children about how it feels when people do not arrive on time when they are the person waiting. If you notice that tardiness is a chronic issue for your family look at your level of organization and your number of commitments. Maybe a few changes to the family schedule would have you feeling less rushed.


Protect privacy. Teach your children to speak softy when they are having conversations in public places, whether they are speaking with a person face-to-face or via cell phone. This will protect their privacy and is less disruptive to others.


Teach elevator etiquette. Let everyone exit before you enter. Practice this a few times with small children and they will remember the rule for life. Find a floor with reduced traffic or go at less busy times and repeat until they master it. Then take your show on the road. Make it a fun game.

Summer Programs

For students with learning & attention challenges Open to students from any school Small class sizes & personalized instruction

Learn more at


Remind them to follow the leader. If you child is in a new situation, say at a friend’s house for dinner and the table is set “fancy”, suggest that they sit back and watch what their host does. That way they know they are following the expectations of that household. This rule comes in handy for grown ups too because we don’t know the rules in every situation and it is ok to admit that.


Encourage the holding of doors. When you are out in public model and teach the kind act of holding the door for the person entering behind you, or the person who looks like they could use the help. Smile and say thank you to anyone who does the same. Your children will see that it feels good to interact so positively with others.


Teach them about selfishness. Why are manners good for them? People who are kind are more desirable to be around. Your children are more likely to get repeat invitations when they practice good manners. Manners are also good for self-esteem because we all feel better about ourselves when we are doing the right thing. Sue LeBreton is a health and wellness journalist and mom of two children. She strives to be mindful of her manners.

Science & Engineering Camps For curious kids entering Kindergarten - Grade 7

Grades 2-8, June 16 to July 11

Reading, writing, & math, optional enrichment classes

Grades 9-12, July 28 to August 8

Algebra, study skills, writing, & reading comprehension

Located at 35W & 98th Street in Bloomington • or 952-888-4262 FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES


Set up your kids for success by encouraging healthy nutrition and activity habits Combining a healthy diet with regular physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle – for adults and children. If you’ve made a new year’s resolution to improve your health, include the whole family in setting goals to become healthier and more active. Park Nicollet’s pediatrics experts offer their tips for a healthier family.



FOCUS ON NUTRITION For your child’s growth and good health, do your best to make sure he or she is eating the recommended number of servings a day for each food group. MyPlate guidelines, which replaced the food pyramid you likely grew up with, recommend filling at least half your plate with fruits and vegetables; one quarter with lean protein; one quarter with grains; and adding a low-fat dairy product. FAMILY DINNERS Family meals are making a comeback. “By eating more meals at home as a family, you can improve the nutritional quality of everyone’s diet and save money, time and energy,” says Amanda Lindberg, MD, a Family Medicine doctor at Park Nicollet’s Rogers clinic. “Family meals are also a comforting ritual for both parents and kids, and gives the family a chance to catch up with each other.” It can be a challenge to find the time to plan, prepare and share family meals. Try these three steps to make them enjoyable for everyone who pulls up a chair. Plan. Get the family together to plan meals. When children are involved in planning, they are more likely to eat what is prepared. Prepare. Once you have all your supplies on hand, involve the kids in the preparation. Have them help with tasks appropriate for their age. Keep the atmosphere upbeat. Enjoy. Make your time at the table pleasant and a chance to enjoy being together as a family. Family meals are a good time to teach proper behavior, so establish rules about staying seated, passing items and not talking with your mouth full.

“Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges – from running to catch a bus to studying for a test,” says Anna Rakovshik, MD, a pediatrician at Park Nicollet’s Plymouth clinic. School-age kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each day, which can seem daunting. But for kids, exercise means playing and being physically active. Kids exercise when they have gym class at school, soccer practice or dance class. They’re also exercising when they’re at recess, riding bikes or playing tag.

ACTIVITY FOR ANY AGE Parents should encourage their kids to participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities so they can work on endurance, strength and flexibility. Check out these suggestions: AGES 2-5 Dancing Jumping games, such as leapfrog Pedaling a tricycle or bicycle Crawling over and under objects Playing hopscotch

AGES 6-11 LESS SCREEN TIME, MORE ACTIVITY Making sure your kids are active enough might mean limiting sedentary activities, especially watching TV or playing video games. Try to limit your kids’ screen time to less than two hours a day to free up time for physical activity. So, how do you get kids motivated to be active? The key is finding activities they enjoy. “When kids find an activity that’s fun, they’ll do it a lot, get better at it, feel accomplished and want to do it even more,” says Andrea Singh, MD, a pediatrician at Park Nicollet’s Lakeville clinic. “Likewise, if they’re pushed into activities they don’t like, they’re unlikely to want to participate and will end up feeling frustrated.”

Doing jumping jacks Swimming, playing in the water Crossing the monkey bars Doing the hula hoop Playing jump rope games

AGES 12-17 Using a jump rope Playing dance or sport video games Using an inflatable exercise stability ball Using rubber exercise bands Hiking

GETTING HEALTHY TOGETHER The best way to create healthy habits is to do them together. Making nutritious choices and doing physical activity as a family can lead to better health, better relationships and more fun each day. With your help, your child will develop good habits that can last a lifetime.

ENCOURAGE EXERCISE Being active is a key component of good health for all kids. It will strengthen their muscles and bones, control their weight and decrease their risk of chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Park Nicollet is dedicated to offering the highest quality care to promote the health and well-being of your child. Our compassionate medical experts are highly trained in caring for children from the very start. The Family Birth Center at Methodist Hospital is being remodeled to deliver an even more exceptional experience for families, and we offer pediatrics care at 15 clinics and family medicine at 20 clinics. You can count on us for convenience, experience, knowledge and expertise. Visit or kids to learn more. FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES


Summer Rocks! in Hopkins & Minnetonka

K-6 Youth Add the sizzle to your child’s summer! Popular! Full- and half-day camps – build your own schedule.

PreschoolAge Exciting preschool-age summer activities.


summer camps extreme fishing • fairy and pirate camps • clay camp • golf farm explorers • rafting • archery • hunting • log rolling

paddling • forts • dangerous and daring camps Laura Ingalls and Little House camps and lots more

763.559.6700 •

For the ACTION! r5CBMM r(PMG r#BMMFU r#BTLFUCBMM r'JTIJOH r*DF4LBUJOH r4PDDFS r'MBH'PPUCBMM For the fun of LEARNING! r"SU r'SP[FO5IFBUFS$BNQ r-FHPT r.VTJD r4DJFODF r/BUVSFMPWFST r45&. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


Summer classes, camps, and fun for your child! Download our catalog for class descriptions and to register: 952-988-4070

Building a great place to live

Hopkins Community Education: Youth Enrichment

F O L L O W  T H E   PAT H   T O   S U C C E S S Moving Tennis From a Game of Skill to a Game for Life

ALREADY “SERVING� OVER 10,000 JUNIOR AND ADULT CAMPERS SINCE 1999 We have 24 weeks of spring, summer and fall day and evening tennis camps: -High Performance Camps- Ages 10-18 -Junior Development Camps- Ages 5-15 -Quick Start Camps- Ages 4-12 -Adult Camps -All Ages and Levels

NEW in 2014-Four locations to choose from in the Metro Area -Golden Valley Camp at Brookview Park -Plymouth Camp at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club - Michael Lynne’s Tennis Camp at Blake School- Hopkins Campus -St. Paul Tennis Camp at St. Paul Academy Tennis Complex

PRIVATE  K - 8  CHRISTIAN  EDUCATION                                                                                                             SERVING  THE  TWIN  CITIES  SINCE  1970

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Are YOU Signed up yet?

Early Bird Discount Registration Deadline: March 15 - Spring Camps April 15 - Summer Camps

REGISTER NOW Call 612-600-2460 Camp Director - Daniel Nabedrick



Ways to Work Your Workout BY ASHLEY TALMADGE

Did you indulge a little more than you would have liked at the end of 2013? If so, you’re not alone.

Take heart! There are ways to beat the odds and ensure your personal success. Make a commitment to becoming fit, stick to a plan, and most importantly, take a long-term view of your health. Think about what you’re modeling for your kids. Start slowly and don’t expect a miracle in three weeks. Follow these twelve surefire tips to start and maintain your workout routine, and maybe you won’t be making the same resolutions next year.

hose extra dollops of whipped cream and smidges of fudge have many of us promising to lose weight and eat healthier food in the upcoming year. But if current research is any indicator, these ever-popular New Year’s Resolutions will never go out of style. Though we all know that maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising regularly, and eating well are good ways to prevent chronic health problems, only 8% of resolution-makers meet their goals.

1 | BABY STE PS FIRST. Promise yourself a brisk 15-minute walk on your lunch hour each day, or a 20-minute yoga DVD while the baby’s napping. Start with something you know you can manage, and grow from there.


2 | B  EWARE TH E SHORTCUT CHARL ATAN . No, you can’t use “vibration technology” to jiggle flab into a beach-ready bikini body. The quicker you’re able to develop immunity to such outlandish claims, the quicker you can get to the real business of getting fit. Exercising can be fun, but it’s not effortless. View your health and fitness as a creative lifelong endeavor, rather than a phase.


Summer Enrichment Program for Grades 4 – 12

Expand their knowledge. Challenge their perspective. Ignite their curiosity.

3 | KNOW YOU RSE LF, BE YOU RSE LF. Not a rooster? Don’t schedule your workouts at 5am. Enjoy camaraderie? Join a fitness class. Inspired by screams of, “Make it burn!” as you writhe in pain after your hundredth crunch? Hire the burly retired marine as your personal trainer. Nothing burns you out quicker than hating every minute of your workout. Use the equipment and techniques that motivate you. 4 | PRECISION COU NTS . It’s easier to work toward a goal that’s detailed and specific. So “I’ll exercise more,” becomes “I’ll bike five miles, three times a week.” Amy Carroll, full-time insurance agent and mother of two, has been going to the gym regularly for almost four months. She says, “My long-term goal is to be the weight that is on my driver’s license. I have mini goals to shoot for along the way…[and] currently have hit my first goal of losing 15 lbs!” 5 | PE RSONALIZ E IT. One-on-one time with a personal trainer can help demystify the vast array of techniques and equipment. Personal trainer Brandon Senn claims that many people don’t stick with a fitness program because they’ve chosen a “cookie cutter routine.” He says, “Many people don’t understand what they’re doing

real friends.

real faith.

real fun.


Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth

CAMP CHERITH is a Christian camp near Detroit Lakes, MN with separate weeks for boys and girls, ages 7 to 17. While enjoying traditional camp activities campers are taught how to make Christ real in every phase of their lives while focusing on fun, building skills, friendships, and nature.



A workout partner with similar goals can foster some healthy competition.

and why.” A personal trainer can help you create a flexible and diversified program. Most can also provide advice regarding nutrition and weight management. 6 | SCALE BACK . Resist the urge to weigh yourself every day. Sure, you want a concrete way to track the pounds being siphoned away in your sweat. But for most people, losing more than 1 to 1½ pounds per week is unrealistic. Senn says progress is more accurately tracked by getting a regular body fat measurement (easily obtained at most gyms). In addition, he recommends keeping an accurate log of your workouts as “a great way to see where you’re making progress, and where you might need to modify what you’re doing.” Hop on the scale only weekly (or even monthly) to get a better sense of weight loss and avoid discouragement. 7 | BU DDY U P. A workout partner with similar goals can foster some healthy competition. You don’t need to coordinate every workout, but check in with your buddy

Laying the foundation to educate minds and inspire faith

LYNCH BASKETBALL CAMPS Players will learn the basic skills, fundamentals and techniques of the game. The always popular 5-on-5 scrimmages will also take place in the morning & afternoon (for full-day camps).

Preschool • School K-8 Child Care • Summer Day Camp • Before/After Care 33 months to 8th grade, 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Nationally Accredited School • SMART Boards • Spanish • Drama • Music Athletics • Art • Chapel • Half or Full Day Kindergarten

952-474-5181 23290 Hwy 7, Excelsior (Just east of Hwy 41)



HELD IN: Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Lakeville, Plymouth, Princeton, Rogers, St. Louis Park, Wayzata & Victoria WHO: Boys/Girls ages 7 - 14 WHEN: Sessions of various lengths offered at above locations, weeks of June 16th - August 18th CONTACT: Mike/Kevin Lynch (email) 612-347-8649 (phone) TO REGISTER: Please go to

regularly to compare notes. Choose a person who won’t let you off the hook too easily if you miss your workout. 8 | U  SE BRIBE RY AN D BL ACKMAIL . Reward yourself in some small way for completing your workout. Sometimes all it takes is the thought of a post-workout shower at the gym, uninterrupted by small children pounding on the door. If you’re more motivated by penalty than reward, agree to buy your workout buddy lunch if you miss more than two sessions in a row. Post your intentions on Facebook. 9 | R  E M E M BE R YOU R PHYSICS . A body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to keep moving. This goes for your body too. When unforeseen schedule challenges arise, do a brisk 20-minute walk or jog rather than ditch your workout completely. Adopt a “something is better than nothing” attitude. Missed workouts pile up quickly, while your feet get more comfortable on the ottoman.

10 | A  VOID TH E BL AM E GAM E . You ate a huge piece of cake after your daughter’s birthday party, and now you feel like your workout was all for naught. Allow yourself a specific amount of time to indulge in guilt (no more than 15 minutes!) and move on. Emphasis on move. And don’t try to compensate for those cake calories by doubling your workout time. Forget the “sugar debt” and keep moving. 11 | MIX IT U P. Try something new when you feel stuck in your routine. Carroll says she loves her Zumba class, but also uses the elliptical, some weight machines, and some free weights. She adds, “I just started doing some basic kick boxing stuff at home and I have enjoyed that too.” 12 | G ET INSPIRE D. Look for someone who makes you think, “If she can do it, so can I.” Whether it’s the restaurant blogger who shed 90 pounds, or the 90-yearold who still walks 3 miles a day, let your “hero” spur you on.




are so excited to share with you Twin Cities FamilyTimes Magazine’s amazing new resource for our parents & families with the unveiling of our new website! Bringing you everything from the latest recipes for you and your family, DIY projects around the house, date night adventures, family fun activities throughout the cities and so much more, taking Family Times past the print and at your fingertips at any moment! Check daily for posts & all the buzz for families in the Twin Cities!

Physical Activity Leadership Teamwork Self-Confidence

Summer Fun with a Purpose A high-energy adventure camp for young men ages 11-16 promoting physical activity, leadership, self-confidence and teamwork ‌ while having fun!

PaintballtRappelling/Rock Climbingt“THE MUD PIT� Archeryt Obstacle CoursetWater SurvivaltSCUBA Diving Session 1: July 6-12 Session 2: July 13-19

Session 3: July 20-26 Session 4: July 27-August 2

Call or click today to learn more!

1-800-752-2338 SJNMA is located on a 110-acre campus in Delafield, Wisconsin. Located in the heart of Waukesha County’s “Lake Country,� Delafield is 35 minutes west of Milwaukee and one hour east of Madison, adjacent to US I-94. Proud member of the American Camp Association

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy







Learning from Love “A Your daughter’s latest crush has a shock of thick black hair and a brown belt in Aikido. Enamored of his vegetarian lifestyle and Eastern interests, she’s talking tofu and downloading anime movies by the gigabyte. You? Not so impressed.

lthough many parents would like pre-teens to participate in supervised group activities, school dances, and trips to the mall or the movies, kids are starting to date earlier than most parents would like,” says relationship education advocate Lindsay Kriger, creator of the young women’s romance advice blog If Only I Knew. Tweens are often preoccupied with romance. They may be infatuated with classmates or obsessed with peers’ partnerships. Spending time with mixed-sex peer groups exposes kids to potential love interests and offers opportunities for flirtation. By ages 16 to 18, 75% of teens report they’ve had a relationship, dated or “hooked up” with someone. Dating is an opportunity for adolescents to test out different identities, says Stephanie Madsen, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at McDaniel College

in Westminster, Md. One month your teen may be sporting an athletic persona; the next, he may be asking to turn your garage into a recording studio. His clothing choices and personal style may shift to please the latest would-be girlfriend. For parents,

teens also learn about their values and goals, explore their feelings, and practice communication and commitment in dating relationships, says Los Angeles-based teen life coach Melissa Kahn. “In some ways, teenage love is the purest, sweetest love of all – the kind that is about attraction and fun,” says Kahn. But that doesn’t mean “Failed relationships can make young love is easy. “Romance is a doubleteens feel inadequate, and those edged sword,” says Madsen. Being admired and desired feelings of unworthiness may be is exhilarating, getting carried around for a long time” disregarded or dumped can be crushing. First relationships also create a template teens use watching kids try on identities may be to understand future relationships. like watching bad comedy. Although “Failed relationships can make teens the characters are awkward and feel inadequate, and those feelings unbelievable, you just can’t look away. of unworthiness may be carried Relationships are like a mirror: around for a long time,” says Kriger. kids see themselves as others see Parents can help kids learn what them and find out how their words is appropriate in a healthy, loving and actions draw others closer partnership by taking a consulting or push them away. Tweens and role in early romance.

SUMMER PROGRAMS Academic, Enrichment and Athletic

PreK-12 Experiences

Upper School Courses for Credit

GIRLS ROCK N ROLL RETREAT 2014 July 14-18 or July 21-25

Open to girls ages 9-16 • Instrument Lessons • Band Practice • Songwriting • Workshops ...and TWO Friday night concerts!

Guitar! Bass! Vocals! Drums! Keyboards! No Experience Necessary! Instruments Provided! Financial Aid Available

Located at Main Street School of Performing Arts in Hopkins, MN

Register online at: Girls Rock n Roll Retreat~ Empowering Girls Through the Art of Music! Brought to you by She Rock She Rock, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. This activity is funded, in part, by appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State's general fund, and its arts and cultural heritage fund that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Call 612-728-7745 or visit for a catalog. FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES


Parenting Pointers Meeting your daughter’s date at the door with a loaded shotgun or a list of killer questions would likely do more harm than good. Support healthy relationship skills development by following these do’s and don’ts.

DO Listen and Share.

“Romance can be a fun topic for parents and kids to bond over,” says Kahn. “Parents can take a listening role to hear what is on their child’s mind. They can also share their personal experiences with love, which a lot of kids are curious about.” Ask your child what qualities she looks for in potential boyfriend and what she likes to do on a date. “A teen who has talked through what she wants in a relationship is better prepared when important choices – like when to end a relationship – present themselves,” says Kahn. Initiate an ongoing conversation.

DON’T Overemphasize Sex.

“Fewer than half of teens in high school have

had intercourse,” says Kahn, “yet many parents – fearing the worst – assume their teen is engaged in sexually risky behavior and discourage dating altogether.” Be careful to distinguish between romance and sex, they aren’t the same thing. “Many young girls are more interested in infatuation and the logistics of being asked out on a date than in sex,” says Kahn. If you immediately bring up sex when your tween or teen mentions a boyfriend, you’ll shut down the dialog.

that you must meet a date before your child goes out and that you need to know where they’re going and when they’ll return. “Restrictive rules that tell kids who they can (and can’t) date, and what they can (and can’t) do on a date are perceived as overbearing,” says Madsen, and they can backfire. Kids may look for loopholes or keep relationships secret to avoid punishment.

DO Supervise Appropriately.

Dating is one way kids separate from parents and that may evoke some anxiety, says Madsen. Holding on isn’t healthy. “Teens crave privacy and independence,” says Kahn, and they’ll pull you away if you’re overinvolved. Forego and spy missions you might be contemplating. Just be available to act as a sounding board when your

Madsen’s research shows 64% of parents have rules about kids’ romantic relationships. The best rules give parents a chance to step in if their child needs support, says Madsen, they don’t restrict kids’ behavior. For instance, you might make a rule

DON’T Intrude.


Enrollment with Ad

Create * Learn * Grow FREE enrichment programs

Spanish * Music * Kids Yoga * Interactive Storytelling Serving Infants - School age children Nationally and Parent Aware of Minnesota Accredited! National Association for Education of Young Children Accreditation Parent Aware 4 Star Accreditation

Early Education Centers Anoka • 763-323-4067 Centerville • 651-429-4097 Lexington • 763-780-4087 Maple Grove • 763-559-3700 Minnetonka • 952- 473- 2557 Mounds View • 763-792-4077 Orono • 952-473-1225 New Full Time Enrollment Offer Expires 3/31/2014 · 20


Ask your child what qualities she looks for in potential boyfriend and what she likes to do on a date. child wants to talk. When he chooses to share his dating troubles and triumphs, keep them in strictest confidence. It’s not cool to post your kid’s romance-related news to Facebook.

DO Set Clear Expectations.

Adolescents are learning what behavior is normal during dating. Explain what is and is not acceptable. Studies show many tweens and teens experience verbal harassment in dating relationships and nearly one third say they worry they might be physically hurt by a romantic partner. Kids need to know they don’t have to tolerate disrespect or abuse. Establish a code your child can use to escape a bad situation. If she calls or texts you the code, come to the rescue. Tell her you need her to return home immediately due to a “family emergency” and pick her up if necessary.

DON’T Project.

Thinking back on your own teenage years may help you better connect with your child, but remember, your child is not you. “Parents may fear teens are repeating the very same mistakes we made, which – in retrospect – seem horrifying,” says Kahn. Be careful not to assume kids are making the same choices you made or that the same results are inevitable. You can’t prevent your child from making mistakes – or talk her out of her latest crush. You can be there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Heidi Smith Luedtke, PhD, is a personality psychologist and mom of two. She is the author of Detachment Parenting.

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Worried about the effects of homesickness on your child’s camp experience this summer? While homesickness isn’t unusual, a proactive approach now can minimize homesickness hardships later. Amy Gragg, a licensed clinical social worker, offers tips to prepare your child for a fun, positive camp experience, whether your child is staying in the Twin Cities area or going to camp out of state.


University of Minnesota Directed by Head Men’s coach, Geoff Young Junior Overnight and Day Camps | Boys & Girls ages 9-18 Camp Dates: June 8-12 | June 15-19 (+tournament training) June 22-26 (+tournament training) All camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by age and number of campers. 1-800-NIKE CAMP (1-800-645-3226) All Rights reserved. Nike and the Swoosh design are registered trademarks of Nike, Inc. and its affiliates, and are used under license.Nike is the title sponsor of the camps and has no control over the operation of the camps or the acts or omissions of US Sports Camps.



Where big ideas become the next big thing. ONLY AT CAMP INVENTION. Camp Invention inspires confidence in curious children like yours. Not just for a day or a week, but for a lifetime.

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Brought to your community by local educators. S. T. E. M. At 40 local schools in Minnesota!

In partnership with United States Patent and Trademark Office, an Agency of the Department of Commerce

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Work up to it.

When her children were younger, Stephanie Maass says sleepovers with friends helped her sons, Spencer, 18, Hunter, 15, and Carter, 11, adjust to eventual week-long camps.

Talk to your child. Include

your child in the process of choosing a camp and discuss whether or not she is ready to go. And remember, every child is different. Adrienne Andrews has two daughters: Janelle, 13, and Cameron, 9. While Janelle felt ready to attend weeklong Girl Scout camps at 7, Cameron didn’t feel ready until last summer.

Include your child in the process of choosing a camp and discuss whether or not she is ready to go. Practice coping skills.

“Make them feel like they can still be connected with [you],” Gragg says. If a phone is available, agree on a specific time each day to talk. Or pack pens, paper, envelopes and stamps so they can send you letters. Positive, self-calming statements like “I am safe. I can handle this.” can also help. “This gives control back to the child when they’re able to calm themselves and change their thought patterns,” Gragg says.

packs a flashlight, a cell phone (if allowed), a couple books and a hand-held video game. If your child calls feeling homesick, calmly remind him about the coping skills you discussed before camp and ask him if he talked to his counselor. “The more reassuring and calm [you] can be, the more helpful that’s going to be for [your] child. At this age, they are listening to our words and tone of voice Find familiar faces. Find out more,” Gragg says. Above all, try to if other children from your child’s avoid going to pick up your child. school or your neighborhood plan If, however, your child is to attend the same camp. A few homesick to the point of not eating, friendly faces can go a long way sleeping or participating in camp to help a child transition from activities, talk to a camp counselor. the home to camp setting. When You may decide it is in his best Andrews’ daughter Cameron interest to bring him home. But, attended a camp in Wisconsin last focus on the positive. Praise your summer, her older sister Janelle child for going in the first place: went, too. With Janelle there, “I’m proud of you for going because Cameron adjusted easily to a 10-day that was an accomplishment.” camp away from home. While homesickness is difficult, Maass says she is happy her sons Pack a connection did not miss out on the camp to home. experience. “Camping helps them Typically, morning and bedtime learn camaraderie. It builds their are the most difficult times of the self-confidence,” she says. day for children at camp – times Andrews agrees. “It provides when they normally enjoy a routine an opportunity for them to grow and are more likely to connect with and learn how to be independent a parent or another caretaker. In without mom or dad hovering,” she addition to stationery, pack your says. “They both came home feeling child’s favorite stuffed animal or very good about themselves. They toy. Even something that smells made new friends; they tried new like home or a parent can provide things and felt good about being on comfort as they drift off to sleep. For their own.” her sons, Maass says she always

Do your homework. Find out the camp’s caregiver-to-child ratio in each cabin, the staff’s experience and qualifications, and if a nurse or physician is on staff. Also ask about the camp’s policy on homesickness, including how they train staff to handle it. “If they don’t have [a policy] in place with how they support your child, I wouldn’t send [your child],” Gragg says.

“She has love with fallen in books and reading parent, th as a beautiful at is so to se ~ Sue, a e.” mom

Early Bird Savings for summer enrollment are available now. Reading ~ Comprehension ~ Math


3300 Edinborough Way, Suite 206 (952) 835-0700

NOW ENROLLING Summer 2014 Musical Theatre Camps

CALL (612) 521-2600 VISIT




5 Tips to

Chill the Chore Wars in Your Home BY JUDY M. MILLER

One of our jobs as parents is to raise the future's responsible adults. Doing so begins at home. Parents can begin to build the foundation of responsibility through teaching and expecting their children to do their fair share around the house.


hen children pitch in with chores they learn more than responsibility. Children also acquire competence, self-reliance and self-worth, and an appreciation for teamwork and cooperation-skills that will accompany them throughout their lifetimes. Follow these tips to alleviate any chore wars in your home:

BEGIN EARLY Little ones are eager to help. They can help you pick up and put away their toys, match socks, hand you their dishes, bring you ingredients, or stir the muffin batter. They are learning through your everyday experiences and loving guidance.

START SMALL Tasks should not be overwhelming. For example, asking a three-year-old to clean the bathroom by himself is too much. So is folding all of the laundry. He can though learn how 24


to rinse out the tub with a plastic cup after it is used or fold the washcloths and smaller towels.

PROVIDE CHOICES When your child is older he can take on additional and more complex tasks like taking out the trash, walking the dog, and doing the dishes. These chores have multiple steps involved and will likely require some supervision and training until your child is doing them correctly. Have a family meeting for the purpose of discussing what chores need to be done and how often and who will

be assigned to do them. Also make sure everyone understands that they may have to pitch in where needed, say another family member is sick or otherwise unavailable.

DO YOUR PART Chores are part of daily life for every person, whether they live with others or not. You should model a good attitude about doing chores. Be calm and matter of fact when you are doing chores or asking your child to do them. A child who observes his parent doing a chore in this manner is more likely to cooperate when asked to do a chore. Consider partnering with your child, working along side them to complete a task. Partnering offers you opportunity to explain why

you do the task the way you do and demonstrate the steps you take. Ask your child to copy you. You are there to gently and lovingly encourage and guide him.

PROVIDE INCENTIVES AND REWARDS Motivate your child as he moves through preschool, elementary, middle, and high school years by using incentives and rewards, along with loving encouragement. Tailor incentives and rewards to the individual child and his interests.

Be patient and consistent. And don't forget the verbal praise, thanks and hugs.

Chore Ideas by Age Groups 

 C  learing their place at the kitchen table.

Join one of the nation’s premier youth orchestra training programs! Since 1972 our programs have enriched and inspired talented K-12 orchestral musicians by providing a professional, comprehensive educational experience.

2014-15 Auditions: June 10-14

Saint Luke Lutheran Church, Saint Paul Learn more at:

Help care for the family pet.

Putting dishes in sink.

 Putting their clothes away in their room.

Matching socks.  F  olding towels and washcloths.

Picking up their room.

 P  utting their toys away.


Helping to put dishes away.


Stripping and making the bed.

Doing the dishes.

Sweeping the floors.

Mowing the yard.

Vacuuming. Judy M. Miller works with pre- and adoptive parents, equipping them with new techniques and information and encouraging and empowering adoptive families through difficult times. She is the author of the international selling What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween.



Taking out the trash. Dusting.

Laundry. Washing the car. Cleaning the bathroom.

Discover the world of Baroque music through our one-of-a-kind Summer Program! Chamber Strings & Advanced Chamber Music for beginning to advanced K-12 students July 7-18 � Monday-Friday � 9 am-3:30 pm � $500 Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 Snelling Ave., Saint Paul

Learn more at:





Chicken Pot Pie

4 – 9” diameter store bought or homemade piecrusts. Chicken Pot Pie Filling: 1 lb. Skinless boneless chicken breast, cut into small cubes 1 c. sliced baby carrots 1 c. frozen green peas 1/2 c. chopped yellow onion 1/3 c. butter 1/3 c. all purpose flour 1/2 tsp. salt


1/2 tsp. ground pepper 1/2 tsp. dried basil 1/2 tsp. Lowrys Seasoned salt 1 3/4 c. chicken stock 2/3 c milk 1 large egg white, beaten, as for brushing

DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 425F. Grease & flour a large baking sheet To prepare filling: In large saucepan, combine the chicken, carrots, peas and celery. Add water to cover, bring to a boil & boil for 15 min. Remove from the heat and drain, then set aside. In the same saucepan, sauté the onions in the butter over medium heat until soft. Stir in the flour, salt, pepper, basil and Lowry’s Seasoned salt. Slowly stir in the chicken stock and milk. Simmer over medium-low heat until thick. On low heat, add the chicken and vegetables and stir, for another 5-10 minutes. Let cool to room temperature before using. Reduce oven temperature to 375F.




To assemble the pie pops: Flour both sides of the two pie crusts, then roll flat with a rolling pin. Using a 3-in round cookie cutter, cut 24 rounds from the dough, 12 for the bottom crust and 12 for the top crust. Lay out the 12 bottom crusts on the prepped baking sheet. Brush each bottom crust with egg white. Press an 8in-long cookie stick firmly on top of the center of each bottom crust. Dispense a half-dollar sized amount of the chicken pot pie mixture in the center of each bottom crust. Place a top crust over each bottom crust and press firmly around the sides only, sealing the filling inside. Seal the top and bottom crusts by crimping them with the tongs of a fork firmly. After each pop is sealed and pressed, brush more egg white on the top crust. Bake for 15-18 minutes until crust is nice and golden. Place the individual pops on a cooling rack and let cook for at least 15 minutes before serving.



with minnetonka community education

Professional Educators… All Level of chess Instruction


Summer Chess Day Camp Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm Full time: $250.00

Offering over 500 summer classes & camps for children birth - 18 years � � � �

STEM World Language Arts Theatre

� � � �

Culinary Tennis T-ball Gymnastics

� � � �

Horseback Riding Dance Sailing Much More!

LOCATION: St Louis Park Recreation Center, 3700 Monterey Drive June 23-26, July 7-10, July 14-17, July 21-24, July 28-31, Aug 4-7, Aug 11-14.

INCLUDES: Swimming, Tubing, Soccer, Fishing, Roller Skating, Tennis, Bowling, Sign Language, and Role Playing games, Drama, Ice Skating. Lunch and Snacks included.

Call for additional information: 763-593-1168 Chess instruction tailored to the Students’ individual needs. Five levels of instruction, beginning, advanced beginners, intermediate, advanced, and super advanced taught by a chess master. Wide variety of optional activities in addition to chess instruction and merit-point tournaments

School Chess Association registration form can be down loaded from the School Chess Association website:

For a complete list of summer classes and camps visit or call 952-401-6800 FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES



Reconnect with Your



hile supremely rewarding, being married with children can be a time-consuming and exhausting life role when you’re in the middle of it. Juggling schedules, driving across town for afterschool activities, helping with homework, enduring long commutes, cooking dinner, and assisting in bath time often leaves no quality time for your significant other. Spouses tend to stop making the effort and their relationship gets lost in the family shuffle. Remember your spouse was there before you had kids and will be there once the last kid leaves home. It’s quite common to find yourself disconnected with one another while you are in the midst of giving your time and energy to good intentions – your children. Every relationship needs a boost now and then.



REMEMBER FLIRTING Back in the day, flirting was a daily playful exchange between you and your soon-to-be spouse. Flipping your hair back, batting your eyes, and giving a sweet, shy smile have all become things of the past. Between diaper changes, wiping up spilled milk, and chasing after little ones, flirting just doesn’t seem to be a part of your regular interactions with your husband. Rekindle the good ‘ole days and bring flirting back into your relationship. Acknowledging him in a flirtatious way will make he feel accepted and wanted, a great way to make him feel good about himself. It may take a time or two, but he’ll likely respond to your actions in a very positive way and quickly reciprocate. A constant reminder of being interested in one another keeps the romance alive.

We have 4 simple ways to reconnect and bring romance back into your life.

DAILY CHECK-INS Keep the lines of communication flowing by taking a few minutes to see how each other are doing after a long day. This doesn’t have to be done immediately after walking in the door because a lot of people need

a few minutes to decompress from their workday. But it is important to take some time to share new information about your day. Hopefully, he will share something about his day. If not, ask him. A little conversation will go a long way to strengthen your connection and keeping each other up-to-date on your lives outside of your home. To change it up, in the middle of the chaos, grab your spouse and give him a long hug or a slow kiss. It just is a reassuring way to show him that you still have great interest in him and a fun way to check-in with each other amidst your hectic home life.

SMALL GESTURES You can easily make your husband’s day with a small act of kindness. Write a love note and place where he will find it, run an errand for him or offer a foot rub at the end of the day. It is often the little favors that say the most. Be willing and get creative. Do something unexpected for your spouse. Your actions will speak volumes.

REVIVE DATE NIGHT Remember going on a date? A night just

A constant reminder of being interested in one another keeps the romance alive. for the two of you doesn’t have to be a thing of the past even if you have been married for years. Make the effort to carve out some time just for each other and shoot for date night once a month. Hit a comedy club, attend a live music performance, or go to a wine tasting at a local wine shop. If you want to be really creative, try recreating a date from your courtship. It will bring back so many memories and some newfound heartfelt laughter. For most couples when kids enter the scene, their relationship takes a backseat. Every relationship takes work, love, and nurturing. Put your relationship with your spouse back on top of your list of priorities. Both of you will feel loved, appreciated and desired. Start today and watch the sparks fly again. Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.



Your local Twin Cities Metro Area KinderCare centers offer a summer program that’s awesome for kids and smart for families. Tour Now! • 6 great themes that mix learning and fun • Flexible scheduling — full - or half-day, week by week, or all season long • Programs for 6 weeks through 12 years










rom preschool through the teenage years, friendships are a fundamental part of childhood. True friendships broaden a child’s horizons, build confidence, and bring lasting joy. And childhood friendships aren’t just fun and games: positive social relationships have profound developmental benefits for children. New research shows that close childhood

Childhood friendships can bring lifelong joy. How to help kids of all ages find, make, and keep ‘em.

friendships increase feelings of self-worth and help kids counteract stress. But making and keeping friends isn’t always smooth sailing. From preschool shyness to best-friend bickering to peer pressure, friendships supply kids with a steady stream of challenges that can flummox even the most proactive parent.

Minecraft, Robotics, Video Game Design, Movie Making & More.

Discover! Create! Imagine! Innovate! Camp Courage

Camp Friendship

Maple Lake

Camp Eden Wood


Camp Courage North Lake George

Eden Prairie

Camp New Hope 30



OVER 200 CAMPS IN MINNESOTA 651-730-9910

Research-proven technology camps for ages 5-14. Where learning is fun, innovative, challenging and hands-on.











When kids hit the school years, friendships take on more meaning. High-quality friendships in kindergarten are especially vital to boys: in a new study from University of Illinois, boys with at least one good friend in kindergarten had fewer behavior problems in first and third grade. As friendships become more significant, so do clashes between friends. The elementary years are a prime time for bickering between otherwise close pals. Around age six or seven, kids start to develop trust-based friendships, say Katie Overcash, a licensed clinical social worker who runs social skills groups for children. Conflicts can spring up when one friend feels that trust has been violated—when a friend spills a secret, for example. Fights between friends are a normal part of growing up, says psychologist and author Frank J. Sileo, Ph.D., executive director of The Center for Psychological Enhancement in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Parents can help children patch up their rifts by acknowledging their child’s feelings, problem-solving different outcomes, and modeling conflict-resolution.

Peer groups take center stage during adolescence as tweens and teens spend more time with friends—but what if one of those pals is a bad influence? Parents have more power than they realize, according to Overcash: “Teens want their parents’ approval, even though they might not act like it.” By avoiding negative judgments and harsh criticisms, parents open the door to an honest dialogue about a questionable friend. Ask teens and tweens what they think of this friend’s actions, why a certain friend is appealing, and whether a friend’s poor choices might affect their own. Above all, parents should avoid an authoritarian “You can’t see him again, period,” approach. Instead, get to know your child’s friend, ke ep the lines of communication open. “As a parent, you may want to make your home a welcoming place for teens to hang out. This way you can observe what is going on,” says Sileo. Involving teens and tweens in decisions about friends paves the way for adolescents to become independent thinkers with relationship savvy.

Though babies and tots might enjoy spending time with pals, children don’t develop true friendships— relationships based on mutual appreciation, trust, and give-and-take—until around age four or five. For some children, these early friendships develop naturally through daycare, playgroup, and community interactions. Other kids may be hesitant or even frightened around children they don’t know. Above all, parents should avoid labels like “shy” that can stick around for a lifetime. Instead of labeling withdrawn behavior, parents can help a child come out of his or her shell by arranging playdates with one child at a time. When social situations cause stress, parents can help by redirecting the child’s attention to an absorbing toy or game, pointing out a familiar face in the crowd, and validating the child’s feelings (for example, Family Times Ad “I understand that new places can be overwhelming,”).

Malia Jacobson is a nationally published freelance writer and mom of three. Her latest book is Sleep Tight, Every Night: Helping Toddlers and Preschoolers Sleep Well Without Tears, Tricks, or Tirades.

501 (c) (3) Non-profit

Summer Camps

Add fun and fitness to your summer plans! Join us for day camps at

Ages 6-18 • June 2-July 18

Full Day & Sampler Day Camps $85-$395 The most talked about unique camp anywhere! 1270 Montreal Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55116 • 651-699-8229 •

Find dates and details at FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES



RESIDENTIAL Camp Chippewa for Boys 22767 Cap Endres Rd SE Cass Lake, MN 56633 218-335-8807; 800-262-1544 Adventure, Tradition, Character has defined Camp Chippewa since 1935. Trained, mature staff members promote growth, community, and friendships to develop. The wilderness of northern Minnesota and Canada provide the setting for many outdoor activities.

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Camp Lincoln Rd Lake Hubert, MN 56459 800-242-1909 Provides campers from all over the world the opportunity to experience: Community, Excellence, Fun, Personal Growth and Development, and Quality Relationships at a 105 year-old camp in the great north woods of Minnesota!

Camp Omega 22750 Lind Ave Waterville, MN 507-685-4266 Summer fun that changes lives! Camp Omega is a Christ centered community exploring God’s Word together. The


program is staffed by trained and caring Christian Counselors who live out the faith as role models and mentors while helping campers understand Jesus’ love for them and experience fun in creation through swimming, archery, campfires, canoeing, sailing, rocket building, shot fun safety, river trips, outpost village living, and all camp games. Two, three, and five night stays for children, adults, and families.

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center 28097 Goodview Dr Lanesboro, MN 55949 507-467-2437 or toll free 888-8009558 (MN, WI & IA) Eagle Bluff offers summer camps for youth entering grades 4-9, family weekends and adult events! Activities vary by theme but include the favorites: ropes course, rock climbing and canoeing! A beautiful location in SE MN with modern amenities for all to enjoy.

Girl Scouts River Valleys’ Summer Camps 400 Robert St S Saint Paul, MN 55107 800-845-0787 All girls, including non-Girl Scouts. Four locations with varied scenery and outdoor opportunities. Traditional and horse camps, wilderness experiences, swimming, boating, biking, archery, arts and crafts, robotics, and more. Day and residential sessions. Financial assistance available.


Leadership Camp: Sponsored by Minnesota Farmers Union Camp is held at Sibley State Park near New London, MN & Lake Sarah near Erskine, MN Minnesota Farmers Union Address: 600 County Rd D West, Suite 14, St. Paul, MN 55112 651-288-4066 Leadership Camp is affordable and open to everyone. It's all about helping young people become good citizens by planting the seeds of responsibility, leadership and cooperation in an environment where those qualities can grow and flourish.

North Central Camp Cherith 32884 Camp Cherith Rd Frazee, MN 56544 612-615-5842 Camp Cherith, a Christian camp, has separate weeks for boys and girls. Enjoying traditional camp activities, campers are taught to make Christ real in every phase of their lives while focusing on fun, faith, and friends.

Shell Lake Arts Center 802 First St Shell Lake, WI 54871 715-468-2414 There is something for everyone’s creative side at Shell Lake Arts Center

this summer! Choose from twenty different sessions in art, music, dance and theatre. New camp – Adventures in Creativity, multi-media art! Visit our website or call for session dates.

FAMILY Wolf Ridge Family Camp 6282 Cranberry Rd Finland, MN 55603 800-523-2733 Love adventuring outdoors and learning together as a family? Our all-inclusive Family Camp’s choices for ages 1-101 include naturalist-led explorations, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, campfires, crafts, folk dance, and more.

GENERAL DAY CAMP Camp Como 1225 Estabrook Dr St. Paul, MN 55103 651-487-8272 Week-long camps June-August. Choose from over 30 different camps. Behindthe-scenes experiences. Prepare food for the animals. Adventure through Rainforests. Meet zookeepers & gardeners. Perfect for Preschool-8th grade.

CAMP4 GUIDE Camp Genesis 23290 Highway 7 Excelsior, MN 55331 952-474-5181 x231

Kids are constantly engaged with activities such as swimming in our indoor water park, playing outdoors at our playground, ice skating, crafts, group games, field trips, special guests and much more!

Camp Genesis is a collection of weeklong camps featuring high interest areas for children such as golf, fishing, art, field trip eruptions, cooking, and so much more. Parents may combine the camp with before or after care to make a day of learning, friends, and fun!

MN Waldorf School Summer Day Camp

Hopkins Camp Royal

Creative play, relaxed games and fun summer projects in a lovely natural setting. Counselors lead children through indoor/outdoor play, gardening and crafts as they celebrate the bounty of summer!

1001 Highway 7 Hopkins, MN 55305 952-988-4070 Hopkins Camp Royal offers fun, affordable half-day and full-day camps Mondays-Thursdays. We offer a variety — from art, sports, science and technology (STEM), to Legos, cooking, and academics.

70 County Rd B East Maplewood, MN 55117 651-487-6700

Peace of Mind & Trailblazers Summer Camps

Come for a day, a week, or the entire summer. Camp runs daily from June 9 – August 29, 2014, for kids ages Preschool – 9th Grade!

Roseville Parks and Recreation Day Camp Office: 2660 Civic Center Dr, Roseville, MN 55113 Camp location: 1810 W County Rd B 651-792-7006 Online registration available. Summer Spectacular & Summer Spectacular Plus are action-packed, all day, all summer camps. For Ages 5-12. June 23 - August 14. Optional Camp Days: June 18-19 & August 18-August 28. 8am-5:30pm. Cost: multiple registration options and fees available.

Summer at Blake

Three Rivers Park District St. Anthony – Minnetrista, Maple Grove – Prior Lake 763-559-6700 ReservationsHelp@ Outdoor adventure - extreme fishing, fairy and pirate camps, golf and sailing lessons, farm exploration, clay and photography camps, rafting and kayak, dangerous, daring, Laura Ingalls and Civil War camps, more...

SPECIAL NEEDS True Friends–Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, Camp Eden Wood, Camp Courage North, Camp New Hope Main office: 10509 108th St NW Annandale, MN 55302 800-450-8376

Kids R.O.C.K.

Peace of Mind Early Education Center 9025 Tamarack Rd Woodbury, MN 55125 651-731-2608

110 Blake Rd S Hopkins, MN 55343 952-988-3463

8055 Barbara Ave Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077 651-450-2585

Get Ready for the Best Summer Ever! From super heroes to cooking, our summer camp is packed full of awesome activities for your child. Each week we’ll explore a new theme and take a field trip. Flexible scheduling.

Where the joy and love of learning meet the magic of summer! From day camp to football camp to math classes—there are options for everyone ages 4 - 18 and you don’t have to be a student at Blake to attend. Camps and classes run June-August.

Camp Courage and Camp Friendship are part of True Friends, a nonprofit organization providing camp, respite and travel services to children and adults with physical, developmental and learning disabilities.

Live the language!

Eat in a new culture. Swim in a new language.


at a Minnesota summer camp!

• Programs available in 15 languages. • 1, 2, and 4 week programs. Day Camps, High School and College Credit sessions available. • Scholarships available. For more information visit

(800) 222-4750 • •

The Best Summer Camps in History. Register today at FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014 FAMILY TIMES


CAMP4 GUIDE Looking for more information on local camps?

SUMMER PROGRAMS/LESSONS You're in luck! Family Times' next camp issue comes out in April! For more information or to advertise e-mail

Chapel Hill Academy Camp Extreme 306 W 78th St Chanhassen, MN 55317 952-949-9014 A variety of fun and active learning experiences, characterized by quality teaching, a nurturing environment and a Christian perspective. These camps are for students entering Kindergarten – 9th grade.

Chess & Video Game Creation Camp Mounds Park Academy 20151 Larpenteur Ave E St. Paul, MN 55109 1-888-652-4377 Chess campers can experience instruction and play in a fun filled environment designed to improve their skills in casual or competitive chess. Video Game campers can learn how to design and program an introductory or advanced game using GameMaker software.

Creative Kids Academy Program offered at locations in Anoka, Centerville, Lexington, Mounds View & Orono 763-360-6730 We have a fun and educational summer enrichment program. We are small groups of no more than 30 children. Activities include on and off site field trip, weekly themes and a fun curriculum.

Foss Swim School Locations in Blaine, Chanhassen, Maple Grove, Savage, St. Louis Park, St. Paul and Woodbury Please visit website for additional contact information. Fit it in and learn to swim with Progress Builder® Swim Camps at FOSS. Eight lessons in a 2-Week or 4-Week format provides many options for busy schedules.

Groves Academy Summer School 3200 Highway 100 S St. Louis Park, MN 55416 952-920-2068 Reading, writing, and math classes designed for students with learning disabilities. Small class sizes, individualized instruction, elective options. Grades 2-8, June 16 to July 11;



Grades 9-12, July 28 to August 8; ACT Prep July 8 to August 7 (Tues. & Thurs.)

KinderCare Learning Centers 70 locations throughout the metro, visit our website to find one near you. Searching for SUMMER FUN? KinderCare Learning Center's summer camp ignites a child's mild with their six summer programs: Animal Antics, Art Expo, Dig Ancient Egypt, Wilderness Survival and Splash Sports.

Minnehaha Academy Summer Programs 4200 W River Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-728-7745 This 10-week program offers over 60 different half-day and full-day athletic, enrichment, and academic classes for grades PreK-12, including courses for credit for grades 9-12.

North Star Camp 11287 Eagleview Dr NE Brainerd, MN 56401 Off-season: 763-424-8923; Camp: 218-829-6631 Riding in an awesome ski boat, wakeboarding, horseback riding, and testing my aim at archery. Ending my day with worship; singing, laughing and praying together with my friends. It all happens at North Star Camp.

Trinity School Summer Enrichment Program 601 River Ridge Pkwy Eagan, MN 55121 651-789-2890 Ext. 653 Jonathan Peasley, jpeasley@ The Summer Enrichment Program is taught by Trinity’s exceptional faculty as they share their passion for learning. Each class is designed to create an environment for hands-on, interactive participation.

ACADEMIC Lindamood Bell Learning Processes 3300 Edinborough Way, Suite 206 Edina, MN 55435 952-835-0700 Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is dedicated to helping all individuals learn to their potential. For over 25 years, our research-validated programs have improved reading, spelling, comprehension, and math for all ages of individuals.

CAMP4 GUIDE MITY 1600 Grand Ave St. Paul, MN 55105 651-696-6591 MITY offers academic enrichment for bright and motivated students. Students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge, challenge their perspective and inspire their future with passionate teachers and alongside other students who also love to learn.

SAI: the Summer Algebra Institute for Kids 2225 Fernwood Roseville, MN 55113 651-645-4432 Turn your child ON to math! Algebra is THE gateway to EVERY higher math class your child will take. SAI makes algebra be FUN & memorable, with games and hands-on activities. Weeklong, half-day programs for grades 3-7 with all-day option for grades 4-6. Sites in Lakeville, Rochester, Bloomington, Moorhead, Roseville. Check website for dates.

School Chess Association Summer Chess Day Camp St. Louis Park Recreation Center 3700 Monterey Dr St. Louis Park, MN 55416 763-593-1168

Bloomington, MN 55431 952-563-8557 Join BTAC for a summer of creativity and inspiration. Choose from over 45 visual and performing arts camps that are hands-on, educational, and FUN! Kids and teens can spend either a half day or full day with talented local artists and actors.

Kidcreate Studio woodbury-art-studio Kidcreate Studio offers summer art camps for children ages 3 to 12. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and educate your young artist in an environment where giggles and grins are encouraged. Camps focus on art principles and introduce students to many types of art materials. Campers get to explore, make a mess and have fun! This year’s camps include: Big and Messy, My Favorite Disney Princess, Beautiful Ballerinas, Me and My Doll, Lego Loco, The Messiest Art Camp Ever, Glow-in-the-Dark Art, Clay Creations, Masters on Canvas, Star Wars and many more! At Kidcreate Studio, making a mess is the best!

MCAD for Kids Summer Art Camps

The Learning Cube

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers outstanding week-long, half and full-day art camps for kids ages 5-11 and multi-week art and design classes for teens ages 11-18.

The Learning Cube is a computer-based program designed to help maintain learning over the summer. Students will have a learning path designed based on their individual needs.

ART Bloomington Theatre and Art Center: Summer Spectrum Youth Art Camps Bloomington Theatre and Art Center 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd

a aChrist centered community Christ centered community exploring God’s Word together, helping participants have fun, grow helping the participants in meaningful relationship, and understand Jesus’ love them. understand Jesus’ love forfor them. Woodbury: 1785 Radio Dr, Suite F, Woodbury, MN 55125 651-735-0880

June, July & August • • • •

• •

Programs consist of two, three and five night Programs consist of two, three and five night stays for for children, children,youth, youth,adults adultsand andfamilies. families. stays Many outdoor outdooron-site on-siterecreational recreationalactivities activities Many and off-site off-site adventure adventuretrip trips opportunities. and opportunities. Trained Christian counselors helping campers Trained, caring counselors. learn, grow andChristian have fun. Accredited Accredited by bythe theAmerican AmericanCamp Camp Association. Association.

(507) 685-4266 • Visit us online at

1011 Washington Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415 612-215-2575 The Loft’s Young Writers’ Program (ages 6–17) features creative writing classes that start each week from June 16–August 15. Taught by established authors and professional writers, each class is here to meet youth on their writing journey and cheer them on to the next step!

Your son’s adventure begins at


Mike Endres, Camp Director


Chippewa2014_1/10V.indd 1

• • • • • •


Minneapolis College of Art and Design 2501 Stevens Ave Minneapolis, MN 55404 612-874-3765

The Loft’s Young Writers’ Program

Make this his best summer yet!

Camp Omega

Eden Prairie: 7918 Mitchell Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-974-3438

Mon. - Thurs. 8am-5pm Full time: $250.00 Chess instruction tailored to the Students' individual needs. Five levels of instruction, beginning, advanced beginners, intermediate, advanced, and super advanced taught by a chess master. Wide variety of optional activities in addition to chess instruction and merit-point tournaments.

9400 Cedar Lake Rd, Suite 7 St. Louis Park, MN 55426 763-231-2700

Summer Fun that Changes Lives!

1/13/14 1

Summer Camps

Wildlife Care 101 – June 15-20 Night Owls – June 29-July 2 Forkhorn I – July 6-11 Survival – July 13-18 Junior Adventurers – July 20-24 Forkhorn II – July 27-Aug 1

Family Fun

• Summer High Ropes Challenge – Saturdays and Tuesdays • Becoming and Outdoor Family Weekend June 7-8

Women’s Events

• She is‌. Outdoors May 16-18 • Becoming an Outdoor Woman Weekend September 19-21

CALL: 651 .603.6209 VISIT: musicaltheatrecamp

1-888-800-9558 Located 5 miles NW of Lanesboro, MN

Mad Science Camps are... •Fun and Hands-on! •Uniquely interactive! •Available for different age groups! •Schoolhouse Chess available too.

Camp locations throughout the area!




CAMP4 GUIDE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Camp Invention 40+ camps at local schools in MN 800-968-4332 Led by local educators, Camp Invention immerses elementary children in hands-on activities that reinvent summer fun. Children will build original prototypes, create a personalized motor-powered vehicle and take apart electronics to construct a pinball machine.

Computer Explorers 80 Minnesota Ave Little Canada, MN 55117 651-730-9910 We teach over 200 technology camps throughout Minnesota. Classes include: Minecrafting, Video Game Design, Robotics, Engineering, Movie Making and more. Now hosting Birthday parties in our new Roseville location.

iD Tech Academies Held at Lake Forest, Stanford, Princeton, and Select Universities Nationwide 1-888-709-TECH (8324) Ages 13-18 Gain a competitive edge and learn how programming, app development, video game design, 3D modeling, filmmaking, or photography can become a college degree and even a rewarding career. 2-week, pre-college summer programs for ages 13-18: iD Programming Academy, iD Game Design & Development Academy, and iD Film Academy. Held at prestigious universities including Lake Forest, Stanford, and others.

iD Tech Camps Held at Macalester, Stanford, Princeton, and 80+ Prestigious Universities Nationwide 1-888-709-TECH (8324) Ages 7-17 Take interests further and gain a competitive edge for school, college, and future careers! Ages 7-17 create apps, video games, C++/ Java programs, movies, and more at weeklong summer programs. Held at Macalester, Stanford, and others. Also 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18.

Mad Science Camps Locations throughout the Twin Cities 651-793-5721 Mad Science camps get kids excited about science with hands-on activities and take home projects. Camps offered throughout the Twin Cities include Rockets, Flight Academy, Robots (Jr. and Sr.), Secret Agent, Eureka, Jr Scientist, Kids in the Lab, CHESS and more.

Science & Engineering Camps at The Works Museum 9740 Grand Ave S Bloomington, MN 55420 952-888-4262 Camps for girls and boys in grades K-7 who love to explore, design, and build! Kids learn how things work through fun, hands-on science and engineering projects. Discover messy chemistry, Lego Robotics, electricity, architecture, and more! NEW in 2014 – Girls Design, Code Camp, Maker Mania, Friday Fun Days, and more!

DANCE Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center Summer Camps 4259 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-721-8619 Week long summer camps at Ballare Teatro! Frozen! Little Mermaid! Shake It Up! American Girl! Junie B Jones! Much More! Camps are movement based. Technique classes too! June 24-July 23.

Deuxmensions Dance Theatre & School 4402 France Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410 952-926-7542 Preschoolers experience dance through movement surrounding one of four themes. School-age workshops in jazz, tap and ballet. Teen and adult ballet, tap and modern classes. Contact us for complete schedule.

O’Shea Irish Dance

28-August 1), and Hip Hop (August 4-8). All students train, choreograph and perform!

DRAMA Concordia University Musical Theatre Camp 1282 Concordia Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104 651-603-6209 Take center stage at Concordia’s overnight camp June 22-27! Students will explore musical theatre performance and technique with a faculty of theatre, dance, and music professionals in a state-of-the art theatre facility. For grades 7-12.

Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts Musical Theater Arts 1617 N 2nd St Minneapolis, MN 55411 612-521-2600

The Celtic Junction 836 Prior Ave N St. Paul, MN 55104 612-722-7000

Become a triple threat at Lundstrum Center! Students train with Broadway veterans in dance, voice, and drama, and perform musicals. June 9-20: Aladdin Jr., ages 4-12; June 23-August 3: Once Upon a Mattress, ages 13+

Irish Dance with its toe-tapping rhythms and high-flying steps are sure to get you bounding through summer. Register for the 2014-15 season or for Summer Camps. Spaces limited.

Roseville Parks & Recreation Summer Theater Camps

Zenon Dance Company and School Summer Camps 528 Hennepin Ave, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-338-1101 Half-day dance camps for ages 6-14: Hip Hop (July 21-25), Interdisciplinary (July

2660 Civic Center Dr Roseville, MN 55113 651-792-7006 Online registration available. Each week a new play will be created. For ages 7-15 (ages vary by play). Camps meet weekly from July 7 – August 1 at Roseville Area Middle School Auditorium, Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm. Bring a lunch. Weekly cost Regular $138 Roseville Resident $130. 36


CAMP4 GUIDE Shell Lake Arts Center 802 First St Shell Lake, WI 54871 715-468-2414 Join us for our 47th year of working with the nation’s top performers. Our internationally renowned faculty provides a week of music, dance, art and theatre you will never forget, in the heart of the Northwoods. Visit our website or call for session dates.

StageCoach Theatre Arts Valley View Middle School, Edina; All Saints Lutheran, Minnetonka; Concordia University, St. Paul Edina & Minnetonka: 952-300-5893; St. Paul: 651-775-2849 StageCoach Summer Camps give equal emphasis to the three main Performing Arts elements of Dance, Acting and Singing. Age appropriate camps for ages 6 - 16 provide real musical theatre experiences for your child, culminating in a fully staged musical.

Stages Theatre Company Summer Theatre Workshops 1111 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN 55343


SteppingStone Theatre School for Young Actors

Exciting summer workshops, June 16-August 15 for ages 4-16. Tuition assistance is available for all classes and for more information, please go to www.

55 Victoria St N St. Paul, MN 55104 651-225-9265 Transit: Grand Ave & Victoria St

StarPlayers Musical Theatre Camp 3518 Tara Ln Woodbury, MN 55125 651-730-0024 Musical Theatre Day Camp for girls and boys in grades K-7 (2013-14 school year). Children participate in any of three weeklong Sessions (June 23-27; July 7-11; and July 14-18) exploring, rehearsing and performing scenes and songs from musical theatre. Each Session has identical content and concludes with an original show performed by Campers on Friday for families. Camp Directors are Jon and Karen Seashore, 35 year Woodbury High School Theatre Directors. Staff includes professional acting, vocal, dance, and art instructors, as well as small group counselors. Children learn while having fun with students in similar grades. Additional take-home benefits include Camper t-shirts, water bottles, art projects, and photo collections showing the week’s activities.

HORSE CAMP Bunker Park Stable Horse Camp

SteppingStone Theatre develops young people through Theatre Arts! Join us for Summer Camps where you can CreateA-Play, go In-Depth, learn theatre skills. Or produce, design and perform something new together!

SummerArts Theater Camp – Roseville Parks & Recreation Summer Theater Camps 2660 Civic Center Dr Roseville, MN 55113 651-792-7006 Online registration available. Each week a new play will be created. For ages 7-15 (ages vary by play). Camps meet weekly from July 7 – August 1 at Roseville Area Middle School Auditorium, Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm. Bring a lunch. Weekly cost Regular $138 Roseville Resident $130.

550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW Andover, MN 55304 763-757-9445 1, 2, 3 & 5-day horse camps for ages 5-18 starting at $85. Low student to instructor ratio. Safety is #1. Clean, modern facility with indoor and outdoor arenas and miles of trails.

Skyrock Farm 2825 Willow Dr Medina, MN 55340 763-475-3350 During the five-day camp, campers are instructed in riding fundamentals - they learn horse care, nutrition, safety and the responsibilities of caring for, riding and owning a horse. A typical camp day consists of one traditional English riding lesson, a horse related arts and crafts project, bathing the horses with the hose, (which is especially great on a hot day)!



Register Online

Summer Power is your answer to quality care and exciting adventures. We offer flexible 3-, 4-, and 5-day options. Kids enjoy their day in small age appropriate groups and participate in activities such as rafts, group games, sports and weekly field trips. And over YMC A Blais dell YMC YMC A A in Burn sville YMC A in Eag an Elk R iver YMC A Emm a B. How e YMC Nor thto A in wn Has YMC ting YMC A s A in Hud son YMC , WI A in Lino Lake Mpls s Dow ntow Nor n YM th C CA a omm t FA unit IR s YMC cho y YM ol A in CA New Hop Ridg e eda le Y MCA Rive r Va lley YMC YMC A in Prio A in r La Sho ke revie Sou w thda le Y MCA St. P in E aul dina East side St. P Y M aul CA Mid way YMC YMC A in A Wes t St Whit . P a e Be ul ar A rea YMC YMC A in A Woo dbu ry

Grades K-5

SUMMER SPORTS Grades 1-6 Youth will have the opportunity to learn new skills, practice and play new sports. Y Summer Sports is a safe, fun, non-competitive sports program designed to build teamwork, leadership skills and self-esteem. Summer Preschool


SP Kindergarten

Grades 6-8

Summer Power

Uproar provides an exciting combination of spirited adventure and growth. Participants get their first taste of leadership as they help to plan their summer activities. Participate in weekly field trips. 14-SP11_FT_Mar_half

Membership not required. Financial assistance available.

Summer Sports Summer Uproar Specialty Programs



CAMP4 GUIDE LANGUAGE/CULTURE Concordia Language Villages Administrative offices: 901 8th St S, Moorhead, MN 56562 Physical location: 8659 Thorsonveien NE, Bemidji, MN 56601 800-222-4750 Concordia Language Villages is the premiere language and culture immersion program in the United States. For over 50 years, it has provided programs for all ages and proficiencies in 15 languages.

Korean Culture Camp Minnehaha Academy 3100 W River Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 952-994-2815 Korean Culture Camp - Minnesota provides a great week of Korean culture, history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food. The camp is entering its thirtysecond year and our doors are open to all!

MUSIC Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs Day Choir Camp Bloomington Center for the Arts 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd Bloomington, MN 55431 Calling all kids in grades 2 - 5 that love to SING! Join us for a week filled with singing, music games, and arts activities. Boys & girls will explore their vocal potential and increase their confidence in singing. Taught by the professional artistic staff of the Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs program. July 21 - 25. 9:45am - 12:15pm. $88 Visit or call 952-563-8572.

Children’s Yamaha Music School Free Yamaha Music Preview Classes in Jul & Aug 2014 Edina: Edina Community Center, 5701 Normandale Rd, Edina, MN 55424 Roseville: Hamline Center, 2819 N Hamline Ave, Roseville, MN 55113 612-339-2255

Children's Yamaha Music School offers innovative music lessons and keyboard instruction for children ages 3 and up! Exciting Yamaha classes include keyboard playing, singing, composing, ensembles, theory and more!

Shell Lake Arts Center

Girls Rock n Roll Retreat

Join the tradition of excellence at the longest running jazz camp! Shell Lake Arts Center offers weekly sessions of Jazz, Concert Band, Show Choir and Strings in beautiful Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Visit our website or call for session dates.

5115 Excelsior Blvd, Suite 316 Minneapolis, MN 55416 952-223-1354 Girls Rock n Roll Retreat is day camp where girls will learn an instrument, form a band, attend workshops, write original songs and put on a concert for the community.

Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS) Summer Programs 408 St. Peter St, Suite 300 Saint Paul, MN 55102 651-602-6800 Two unique summer programs provide fun and challenging orchestral experiences for beginning to advanced string, woodwind, brass, and percussion students ages 8 – 18. No auditions required; scholarships available. Details at

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1-888-709-TECH (8324) 38


Tech Camps held at Macalester, Princeton, NYU, and 80+ Universities Ages 7-18


Minnesota Youth Symphonies Auditions St. Luke Lutheran Church St. Paul, MN 55116 651-699-5811 Minnesota Youth Symphonies (MYS) enriches and inspires talented K-12 orchestral musicians by providing professional, comprehensive educational experiences, and thrills audiences with outstanding performances of orchestral repertoire. Auditions for our 201415 school-year program will be held June 10 - 14, 2014.

Minnesota Youth Symphonies Summer Program Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 700 Snelling Ave S St. Paul, MN 55116 651-699-5811

 


802 First St Shell Lake, WI 54871 715-468-2414

 

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies Summer Program is a day camp for beginning - advanced music students offers a one-of-a-kind experience that incorporates Baroque performance practice, improvisation, theory, and dance into ensemble playing.

Sing Minnesota Concordia University, Saint Paul, MN Sponsored by The Minnesota Boychoir 75 W Fifth St, Suite 411 St. Paul, MN 55102 651-292-3219 August 11–15, 2014, 8:30a.m.4:30p.m. Sing Minnesota is a week-long day camp for girls and boys, ages 8-12 (completed grades 2-6) sponsored by the Minnesota Boychoir at St. Paul’s Concordia University. While focusing on choral singing, campers also participate in other creative arts – drama and movement, visual arts, and outdoor fun and games! $325, scholarships are available.

CAMP4 GUIDE Twin Cities FamilyTimes’ April/May Camp Guide is Minnesota Families go-to resources for finding the perfect camp for each of their adventurous, musical, creative or all-of-the-above kids!

Become part of TwinCities FamilyTimes Camp Guides today and let us introduce you to our Minnesota Families.

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CAMP4 GUIDE NATURE Harriet Alexander Nature Center 2520 N Dale St Roseville, MN 55113 651-792-7163 Nature education and outdoor recreation for many ages and interests, including: 3 half-day Nature Pals programs for ages 3-5; 1 week-long, half-day Fishing Camp for grades 1-4; 2 week-long, full-day, camps: Nature’s Kitchen, A Bee’s Life for grades 1-5.

Minnesota Historical Society Day Camps

Johnny Tauer’s Championship Basketball Camp

Four locations around Minneapolis-St. Paul


From Historic Fort Snelling to Mill City Museum - we've got the best summer camps in history! Campers have a great time while learning about Minnesota's history, with different programs designed to meet different interests.

Minnetonka Community Education Center 4584 Vine Hill Rd Excelsior, MN 55331 952-401-6800

SPECIALTY Camp St. John’s Northwestern 1101 Genesee St Delafield, WI 53018 800-752-2338 Camp St. John’s Northwestern, accredited by the American Camping Association, is an adventure camp for boys ages 11-16. We combine leadership and adventure skills training in a structured program while having fun promoting growth in leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and physical endurance.

Circus Juventas Summer Camp 1270 Montreal Ave St. Paul, MN 55116 651-699-8229 Travel the globe without ever leaving our Big Top! Our full-day, week-long camps explore a vast array of circus arts from Morocco to Russia. Reserve your spot now to be a part of one of the most talked-about and unique summer camps anywhere.

Cooks of Crocus Hill Cooking Camps St. Paul, Edina, Stillwater 651-288-7239 Junior Baking Boot Camp, June 23-25, 10 am – 1 pm, ages 8-12, Stillwater Chef Cynthia Maxwell Kids Cook: International, July 8-10, 10 am – 1 pm, ages 8-12, St. Paul, Chef Tracy Figuero Professional Approach to Basics Junior, August 5-7, ages 13-17, Edina, Chef Becky Caterine


Minnetonka Community Education is proud to offer over 500 classes and camps for children birth-18 years. Camps include: STEM, Art, Theater, Music, Leadership, T-Ball, Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics and much more.

SPORTS/FITNESS Concordia Academy Summer Camps 2400 N Dale St Roseville, MN 55113 651-484-8429 Join us for a variety of athletic and arts camps for girls and boys in grades 3 to 8. We offer camps for volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, weightlifting, dance, drama and visual arts. Check out our website for more details.

Gleason's Gymnastic School Summer Program 2015 Silver Bell Rd, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55122 651-454-6203 9775 85th Ave N, Suite 500, Maple Grove, MN 55369 763-493-6203 It is the goal of Gleason's Gymnastic School to offer a program that ensures the development of confidence and a positive self-image through successful experiences for every student! Ages 2-Adult.

Glenn Caruso Youth Camp 2115 Summit Ave St. Paul, MN 55105 651-962-5917 Non-Padded camp available grades 3rd-8th. Session 1: June 9-10th or Session 2: June 16-17th. $110 fee includes football fundamentals, T-Shirt & Lunch. For details contact Wallie Kuchinski at


20th Annual Johnny Tauer Championship Basketball Camp. Dr. Tauer's 20th year of outstanding camps offers both fullday and residential basketball camps, for boys and girls, grades 1-10 at the University of St. Thomas and other locations in the metro area. Emphasis is placed on skill development, motivation and teamwork.

Kenwood Gymnastics Summer Camp 3440 Beltline Blvd St. Louis Park, MN 55416 952-922-2774 Add fun and fitness to your summer plans! Kenwood Gymnastics Center's Summer Day Camps include facilitated gymnastics lessons, open gym, gymnastics activities, contests & games for boys and girls ages 6+. Camps run 9am to 4pm Monday-Thursday.

Loppet Adventure Camp 1301 Theodore Wirth Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 55422 Camp held at Wirth Lake 612-604-5333 Experience a variety of outdoor activities, including rollerskiing, mountain biking, orienteering, adventure racing, swimming, canoeing, capture-the-flag, ultimate frisbee, and more at Theodore Wirth Park! All equipment is provided. 9AM-4PM Monday-Friday. Ages 9-13. Scholarships available.

Lynch Basketball Camps 6001 W. 98th St Bloomington, MN 55438 612-347-8649; 952-426-2506 Have fun & be challenged in this top Minnesota Basketball Camp! We work on skills and fundamentals & play some full-court games too!

Roseville Parks & Recreation Summer Sports Camps 2660 Civic Center Dr Roseville, MN 55113 651-792-7006 Have fun and improve your game in these sports camps held in Roseville: Girls Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Boys and Girls Tennis, Football, Track and Field, Lacrosse, Golf, and Cheerleading. Online registration available.

Sports Camps at AirMaxx 7000 Washington Ave S Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-232-0096 AirMaxx and Champions Hall welcome you to a sports focused camp with dodge ball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, relays, kickball, and so much more. This camp will send the kids home ready for bed!

TAGS Gymnastics Camps TAGS Apple Valley: 5880 149th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124 952-431-6445 TAGS Eden Prairie: 10300 W 70th St, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-920-5342 Fun, Fitness, Friends! Gymnastics camps for boys and girls ages 3 to 17 in June, July and August. Kids will work fun skills while developing strength, flexibility, and coordination in a safe, positive atmosphere!

Twin City Tennis Camps 8014 Highway 55, Suite 102 Golden Valley, MN 55427 612-600-2460 At Twin City Tennis Camps we're moving tennis from a game of skill to a game for life. We emphasize personal character development, lifelong friendships, and skill building through tennis instruction, games and tournaments. Join us now in 2014!

University of Minnesota Nike Tennis Camps Baseline Tennis Center (on campus) Minneapolis, MN 800-645-3226 university-of-minnesota-nike-tenniscamp Come join the fun and get better this summer! Junior Overnight and Day Camp Options for Boys & Girls, Ages 9-18 All Skills & Tournament Training. See you on the courts!

The Phipps Summer Art Camp The Phipps Center for the Arts 109 Locust St Hudson, WI 54016 715-386-2305 Partial-day and full-day classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, Pottery, animation, fiber arts, and jewelry-making, as well as creative dramatics, musical theater, and magic, ages preschool through teens. June 16 – August 15


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Minnesota Golf Show

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

MSHSL Boy’s State Hockey Tournament

Irish Day of Dance

> FEB. 14-16. Minnesota’s golf season

> FEB. 22. This fun-filled charity walk

raises funds for the millions of people living with and affected by type 1 Diabetes. Come out to the MOA and join thousands of other participants walking to put an end to Diabetes!

> MAR. 5-8. Embrace Minnesota’s

Mall of America 60 East Broadway Bloomington, MN 55425 952-883-8800

Xcel Energy Center 199 W. Kellogg Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-265-4800

favorite traditions! Day of Dance features over 10 local schools of Irish Dance. Irish music, foods, and genealogical information is also available at this family-friendly event!

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

Twin Cities Auto Show

A Scottish Ramble > FEB. 16. The Upper Midwest’s largest

> FEB. 26-MAR. 2. Explore the

Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association of Minnesota, the 41st annual Twin Cities Auto Show will feature an estimated $15 million in domestic and imported automobiles, trucks and SUVs. Fun for kids and family members of all ages!

begins with a huge event that is host to dozens of golf industry exhibitors, an indoor driving range, the First Tee Junior Golf Clinic, the “$100,000 Putt Challenge,” and more! Minneapolis Convention Center 1301 2nd Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-335-6000

indoor Scottish cultural festival, complete with highland dancing, foods, music, shopping and cultural information about all things Scottish! Landmark Center 75 W 5th St. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-292-3063

Glorious Feature Gardens, stroll down Innovation Avenue and get inspired at the Lifestyle Stage all at this year’s Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Grab your girlfriends or bring the whole family for a day of design, demonstrations, and delicious food! Minneapolis Convention Center 1301 2nd Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-335-6000

title as the “State of Hockey” with some high school hockey. Come cheer on your team or just enjoy the action of the state’s best teams!

> MAR. 16. Enjoy one of St. Paul’s

Landmark Center 75 W. 5th St. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-292-3063 St. Paul Osman Shrine Circus

> MAR. 8-16. Presented by the

Minneapolis Convention Center 1301 2nd Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-335-6000

> MAR. 27-30. Come visit the

longest continuously running Shrine Circus in America and check out the talented tigers, elephants, acrobats, and of course, the hilarious Osman clowns! Minnesota State Fair Coliseum 1784 Judson Ave. St. Paul, MN 55108 1-800-8-CIRCUS





Toddler Tuesdays

Looking for daily updates on events, giveaways and more?


your kids and head out to the MOA for a morning of fun! Enjoy arts and crafts, story time, special character appearances, and entertainment by Radio Disney Junior! Kids even eat free following Toddler Tuesdays at select MOA restaurants!


Mall of America 60 East Broadway Bloomington, MN 55425 952-883-8800 FamilyTimesMagazine

Winter Flower Show > NOW THRU MAR. 16. The Winter

Flower Show offers guests an opportunity to escape the cold snow

August 11 - 15, 2014

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Concordia University, Saint Paul

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory 1225 Estabrook Dr. St. Paul, MN 55103 651-487-8200 American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition > NOW THRU MAR. 16. Meet the

drys, wets, gangsters, flappers, lawmen and suffragists of America’s most colorful, complex constitutional hiccup. This exhibit includes rare artifacts, a re-created

speakeasy, films, music, photos, milti-media exhibits, and even a video game! Minnesota History Center 345 West Kellogg Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-259-3000 Ultimate Dinosaurs > OPENS MAR. 1. Learn about a

whole new breed of dinosaurs and how continental drift altered the landscape that set the stage for the evolution of these bizarre creatures. Science Museum of Minnesota 120 W. Kellogg Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55102 651-221-9444

On Stage

for girls and boys ages 8-12 completed grades 2-6

A day camp focusing on choral singing, campers also participate in other arts – drama and movement, visual arts, plus outdoor fun and games! Sponsored by the Minnesota Boychoir 75 West Fifth Street, Suite 411, Saint Paul, MN 55102

(651) 292-3219 

July 28 - August 1

$180 per Camper $170 before March 1 For registration information, contact Lisa Bentley



and enjoy some colorful flowers. Featuring beautiful varities such as Cyclamen, Pansies, Viola, Azaleas and more, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of spring amidst the winter chill!


inspired audience favorite is back for its 30th season. Watch the book come to life in this exciting production as various woodland creatures seek a warm place in the snow-filled forest: a single lost mitten.

Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you will never forget! This ultimate feel-good show is already one of the most successful movie musicals of all time. Now it’s your turn to fall for this smash hit that combines the magic of ABBA with an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship.

Stages Theatre Company 1111 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN 55343 952-979-1111

Orpheum Theatre 910 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403 800-982-2787

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other Eric Carle favorites

The Little Mermaid

> NOW THRU FEB. 23. Follow the

the beloved, best-selling Disney animated feature, The Little Mermaid will make its Main Stage premiere with a show that is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

The Mitten > NOW THRU FEB. 17. This ballet-

brave journeys of three of Eric Carle’s most treasured stories in this unique on-stage adaptation complete with colorful puppets pulled straight from the pages of the beloved books. Children’s Theatre Company 2400 3rd Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55404 612-874-0400

> FEB. 28-AUG. 30. Based on

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres 501 W 78th St. Chanhassen, MN 55317 952-934-3515

Mamma Mia!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

> FEB. 18-23. A mother. A daughter.

> MAR. 7-23. Pity poor Alexander.

He went to bed with gum in his mouth and woke up with gum in his hair. And things went downhill from there. Come enjoy this laughout-loud performance based on the classic story book favorite! Stages Theatre Company 1111 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN 55343 952-979-1111 The Scarecrow and His Servant > MAR. 11-APR. 6. When a lightning

strike suddenly brings the Scarecrow to life, he sets out on an elaborate quest for fame, valor, and romance. The Scarecrow may argue with stubborn road signs along the way, but he would give his servant boy the coat off his back with his back still attached. Based on the internationally celebrated, timely book, this production is sure to be enjoyable for the whole family. Children’s Theatre Company 2400 3rd Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55404 612-874-0400

Horse Camp at Skyrock Farm in Medina!


• Ride Horses every day (ages 6 and up) • Learn basic horse care • Do arts and crafts • Make new friends Friday is horse-show day Horse show followed by root beer floats and train ride weather permitting

All weather Birthday Parties! Horse/pony rides • Train rides • Carousel Ride... Cake and Ice Cream in the Ballroom!!!


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