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Alex hits the road

Welcome to The Family Support WA Times! We hope you enjoy seeing a snap-shot of the work and achievements of the wonderful individuals, staff and volunteers at Family Support WA. Our updates will aim to highlight new and exciting projects and events happening at Family Support WA and in broader community. We will also share with you our success stories big and small. Happy reading!

Captains Log- A message from our CEO Welcome to our new and improved newsletter! It has been many years since Family Support WA put out a regular newsletter but with so many changes in funding and support for people with disabilities, we felt this was a great way to keep everyone upto-date. In addition to our newsletter, our revamped website is a great source of information. You can find it at, and while you’re on the web, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram - just search for “Family Support WA”. We also have a lot of exciting new group activity options and courses available, as well as continuing to provide the excellent individual services we know are so important. You can find more details in our newsletter, on the web or by calling our office. André Shannon BA LLB GAICD Chief Executive Officer Family Support WA

Alex Hits the Road Congratulations to Alex, who has recently achieved getting his learners permit! “It was my support worker Cameron who finally got me to stop being lazy and have a go- and I got it!” Alex said modestly. Alex is looking forward to being able to go where-ever, whenever he likes, and told FSWA this is going to give him a new level of freedom he hasn’t had before. “I practiced the learner’s test online every day for a few weeks before the test” said Alex of his preparation for the test. Alex continued “In the end it was actually pretty easy and now Dad is going to start taking me out on the road as well as having proper lessons. I’d like to help other people get their licenses one day.” Looking forward to seeing you out on the road Alex!

Cup Full of Style Family Support WA celebrates the Melbourne Cup Sharp dressed men and fashion forward ladies- The Family Support WA group certainly added some flair to the Kingsway Bar & Bistro’s 2017 Melbourne Cup Lunch! The race that stops the nation was observed in front of the big screens as a decadent three course lunch was served. The ladies couldn’t resist posing for paparazzi in front of the flower wall, while the gents swapped tips for the race. Whilst Rekindling was the fastest on the day, it was James (a Family Support WA participant) who took home the prize for ‘Best dressed Gentlemen’ in the fashion parade! Champagne glasses clinked and excitement built as the raffles were drawn. It must have been our lucky day as the Family Support WA table won multiple raffle prizes- much to our surprise. We had a great day and now all that’s left to do is wonder “is it too early to start planning our outfits for next year?”

Toby & James

Edward & Daniel

Edward & Daniel

Pip & Tabitha

Tina, Maurice, Esther, April, Gail & Grace Toby & James

Toby & James

Nathan & Drew

Its in the Bag! Ladies give back to support Share the Dignity.

Share the dignity is a Charity providing essential feminine hygiene products to women experiencing homelessness. Recently two FSWA Staff, Jo and Rhonda, decided to support the cause by encouraging and collecting donation's throughout the organisation. Fifteen full handbags were donated by families, individuals and staff. The bags were bursting with new products and gifts for women. "It's nice to know, someone in need is going to receive a lovely gift that they can really use." Coordinator Jo said about the cause.


5 minutes with Simon, a stand out staff member!!

What led you to becoming a Support Worker? My passion in working with people with disabilities started in my teens. I also worked at a school for kids with disability, back home in Germany. But life led me onto a path of becoming a Pastry Chef first. The passion to help others got rekindled recently through my work for The Big Issue Street Soccer Program. I decided it was time for a career change and I decided to jump into support work full time. I Haven't looked back so far. What is the coolest achievement you have seen from one of the people you support? They're all champions and achieve things all the time, but the coolest achievement so far was when I helped one of my clients get part time work. His confidence and self-esteem improved dramatically. It was so amazing to see him grow from needing a lot of assistance and training to being able to work by himself and being good at it. He also socializes regularly now and made new friends along the way too. How do you enjoy spending your free time? Spending time with my wife and Ziggy Stardust, my dog. Playing Soccer and Beach Volleyball as well as hosting a Hip Hop Radio Show and running a German food stall with a friend. What’s the best life advice you have ever been given? Don't take yourself too seriously and never miss a good chance to shut up. If you could give advice to people wanting to work in Support roles what would you say? No two people are the same, you have to think on your feet but it's very rewarding when you see individuals succeed and achieve great things. Every shift is as much fun as you make it!

Growing Mo's for Bro's November was a big month for community fundraising at Family Support WA, with the gentlemen teaming up to raise money for men's health. The Movember foundation provides much needed funding and support to The prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia for research and to Beyond Blue Australia to be able to assist men with mental health and suicide prevention.

Andre Shannon and Martyn Green both signed up, and the race for the bushiest (and unofficially- most ginger) facial hair was on! By the time November 31st rolled around both gentlemen were both sufficiently itchy and had collectively raised two thousand dollars. Thank you to all families, friends and staff that donated to this 'Mo-mentous' cause!



International Day Of People with Disability

Community Sausage Sizzle A day for celebrating individuality and diversity. In December FSWA took the opportunity to share a community sausage sizzle with the locals on the Mullaloo foreshore. We embraced meeting new people, and raising awareness of inclusion, along with having a good few rounds of cricket and football. The day was also a great opportunity for new individuals to meet and get to know each other, with plenty of time to kick back and chat. It was lovely to see so many community members welcomed to our picnic as well families and even some four legged friends!

Did you know?.. IDPwD is a United Nations sanctioned day that is celebrated internationally. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disability.

John & Milo

Aiden B

Doug & Aiden A

"We all have the right to feel safe all the time!"

Congratulations to our latest Feel Safe workshop participants who in December, successfully completed the 7 week workshop. Participants were joined by staff members Simon G, April and Kaitlyn to complete the program which develops skills in personal safety, protective behaviours and safety within the home. All members of the group contributed wonderful experiences, ideas and perspectives on safety. Participants learnt to identify their own 'Early Warning Signs, or body feelings that occur when a situation is unsafe. Role-plays and team activities helped the group to gain strategies in assertiveness, responding to an emergency and very importantly seeking help from trusted people. We wish all our participants the best and hope the skills will help them enjoy even more confidence in the community! If you would like more information on enrolling in our Feel Safe workshop please call April at the FSWA office 9405 1885

WA Joins the NDISÂ On the 12th of December 2017, The Commonwealth and WA state Government have announced that WA will join the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The Bi-lateral agreement signed in 2017 will now be replaced with a new agreement, as WA transitions to the National Scheme.

The expected completion for the roll-out of the NDIS is 2020, and will be a phased geographical transition, ensuring every effort is made to maintain continuity for families and individuals with disabilities. The NDIS trial sites in WA have allowed organisations such as FSWA to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge. We have had the opportunity to walk along side families and provide support throughout their experience in the scheme at the same time refining our own skills to ensure the highest quality services. Family Support WA welcomes the decision and the certainty for individuals moving forward.

If you have questions about NDIS and your circumstances, give our team a call today!

Big home, enormous hearts... Meet carers Joy & Steve

Most parents of children with disabilities know how challenging it can be to find suitable people and places for their loved one to enjoy respite. There are so many things to consider - availability? Is the space practical for their equipment? Will their medical/behavioural/personal needs be catered for? Most importantly of allWill they provide attentive and nurturing care to my loved one? Enter Joy and Steve...

It's hard to believe when you arrive at their property that such a place has been created. Lovingly named "Anytime accomodation" Joy and Steve purpose built their home to provide respite care for people with varying and complex needs in 2010. Having cared for their daughter with complex medical needs and disability, they realised the need for people with disability to access quality holidays and respite and the shortage of good options available. Joy and Steve's journey in the caring world officially started all the way back in the 1970's with Joy working in nursing and aged care. The couple decided to register as foster carers in the 1990's and began caring together for children in out of home care. Joy and Steve found that working together created a perfect balance for the people they support and a wonderful sense of 'home' for their regular guests. Joy and Steve have spared no thought or effort creating a space that is welcoming, and fun. Each guest room is decorated individually with thoughtful touches all throughout. Guests at Joy and Steve's enjoy a mini golf course, made by Steve himself, a swimming pool and more space than you could possibly need. FSWA participant Samantha said 'I loved my first stay at Joy and Steve's and I can't wait for next time!" Family Support WA are proud to welcome Joy & Steve and their wealth of experience to the FSWA team as they continue to do what they do best!

HOLIDAY PROGRAM Check out how our crew have spent summer holidays!

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The times edition 1  

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