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Board of Directors 2015 Board Officers Shirley Batchman President Joan Watters Vice President† Russ Lebo Treasurer† Afreen Kaelble Secretary 2015 Board Members Robert Ainley Candido Alvarez George Betancur† Betsy McCarley Billys† Duane Cornett Lori Ferguson Lynn Fjeld, MSW Mike Leoni Scott McLellan† Margaret Moholt Kathleen Nunes Amy Pack Colleen Richards, LCSW† Joe Anna Todd Patty Wagner† Kris Vander Kooy Michael Wallace Peg Yeates † Ended board term in 2015

Thank you for your partnership in Family Services’ mission. We are honored that you entrust us with your giving—whether it is through donating, volunteering, or spreading the word about our services to individuals and families who need them. I hope the stories in this report will help you to realize how much your support is truly changing lives. As uncomfortable as it is to think about, services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse are needed and utilized every day in Tulare County. No age, gender, race, zip code, socioeconomic status, or education level is immune. The statistics are sobering:

A Letter from Caity Meader Executive Director

•N  early 1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.* •T  ulare County’s per-capita rate of domestic violence-related calls for assistance to law enforcement are 25–50% higher than in most major urban areas in the state.** But I hope you feel proud that your support is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in our community as they heal from violence. Your support means Family Services can help victims find hope and healing, and ultimately become survivors. We have the privilege of standing alongside our clients as they make that transformation. And you are standing behind us, making it possible. With your support, Family Services reached more than 3,000 men, women, and children in Tulare County last year with comprehensive services that promote safe homes, safe relationships, and safe families. I’m grateful to our steadfast financial supporters for the year’s solid growth in revenue. The 7% increase reflects both growth in our base of support and expansion in services for victims. For example, in 2015, increased funding allowed us to hire an attorney to assist victims who need legal representation, and to expand our prevention work with teens.

*United States Department of Justice. Crime in the United States, 2010. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports **State of California Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Statistics Center, Domestic ViolenceRelated Calls for Assistance

Because of you, Family Services’ 90 employees are working all over Tulare County—in one of our 10 office sites, in the Karen’s House shelter, in Family Resource Centers, in homes, schools, police stations, courtrooms—to help our clients build safety in their homes, in their relationships, and for their children. This leads to a safer community where we can all thrive. Thank you for choosing to be part of this powerful work. In Service, Caity Meader Executive Director

Our mission: To help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships.

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Financial Statement


“Now I can laugh and share a joke. I can leave the door open and watch my little dogs play on the grass. I can come and go whenever I want. Before, I would only cry and think about how to hide food. Now I eat like a queen in my kitchen.� 2

Silvia's Sto'ry

Silvia* was so afraid of her husband that she hid an ice chest and food in her closet. Cooking was too dangerous. When he went outside or to the bathroom, Silvia would quickly and quietly sneak to the kitchen to replenish her supply of food and ice. Sometimes, if she knew he would be gone for a while, she would pull out the electric skillet she’d hidden and cook something warm to eat in the bathroom. The physical and verbal abuse she had endured during 33 years of their marriage had brought her to this point, but one day an incident of violence left her fearing for her life. Silvia came to Family Services’ Legal Services program, frantic and desperate for a restraining order. A legal advocate helped her create a safety plan and complete the restraining order paperwork. Silvia eventually decided that she wanted a divorce. She only wanted two things: to live in peace and to stay in the house where she had lived for 33 years and raised her children. Her abuser had an attorney, but she knew she couldn’t afford to pay for one. She was intimidated by the attorney’s requests to sign paperwork. Family Services’ Staff Attorney, Jennifer, was able to take on Silvia’s case and represent her in the divorce at no charge. Now Silvia could face her abuser and his attorney on equal standing. After weeks of preparation and negotiation, Silvia arrived at the courthouse early for her final divorce hearing.

In 2015, Family Services provided safety planning and legal assistance with temporary restraining orders, protective orders, or custody orders to 350 victims of domestic violence.

“I sat waiting on the bench in the hall, and I was so relaxed because I knew my lawyer would come and represent me,” Sylvia said. With Jennifer’s help, Silvia got to keep the house in the divorce. But life in the house is completely different than before. “Now my life is peaceful,” said Silvia. “Now I can laugh and share a joke. I can leave the door open and watch my little dogs play on the grass. I can come and go whenever I want. Before, I would only cry and think about how to hide food. Now I eat like a queen in my kitchen.”

Silvia is still getting used to her freedom, but she is looking forward to reaching some of the goals she has set for herself, including taking a computer class and finding a part-time job that would help her save up for home repairs. “It was a hard 33 years. God, Family Services, and Jennifer helped me through all of this,” she said. *This is a pseudonym.

Volunteers make our Mission Possible Family Services’ volunteers are the lifeblood of our programs. Our trained volunteer crisis counselors answer our domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines and respond to crisis situations in person. Because of them, crisis services are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. These incredible community members volunteer on a regular schedule during their evenings, weekends, and holidays. Other individuals and groups pitch in with special projects, facility maintenance, or fundraising events. In 2015, Family Services’ volunteers gave 15,763 hours of their time—that’s the equivalent of more than seven full-time employees. Thank you for your service! If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please contact our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at 559-732-7371.


“I told her I was scared for our lives and that I didn’t feel safe not knowing exactly where I was and what was going to happen. Her tone of voice and words of encouragement made me feel so comforted.” 4

Ana's Story

When I crossed the Mexico-U.S. border I thought I was going to be living a dream by being in a better country to raise my son. Unfortunately, we fell into the hands of bad people and everything changed. At first I didn’t mind working from sunrise to sunset picking fruit because I knew the money would come in handy. But when I was only able to keep $40 for a week’s worth of work, and went days without seeing my child, I was shattered. Not only was I working long hours, but my son and I were also confined to a small, dirty room. I would go nights without sleep protecting him from the roaches and mice that were in that room, too. I would beg the boss to let me go so that I could find a better place to live, but she always said I was never leaving. One day when the boss wasn’t home, I had the courage to walk out of the house and seek help. I realized I was in the middle of nowhere and would most likely never get away. However, two good Samaritans walking by asked if I needed help and I yelled YES! I told them I needed to get away with my son, but a few minutes later the boss showed up. She dragged me back to the house and threatened me. I thought our chance to escape had passed, and I feared what would happen to us, but the good Samaritans called the police. This story was written by Ana, an actual When they arrived to the house we were finally freed. Family Services client who is a survivor The officer took us to a shelter and said everything was of human trafficking, and translated from going to be okay. The next day I met Linda from Family Spanish to English by Family Services Services. She explained she was going to help my son staff. Her name and some details of the and me with anything that we needed. I told her I was story have been changed to protect her scared for our lives and that I didn’t feel safe not knowing identity. Family Services and several exactly where I was and what was going to happen. Her other agencies in the Central Valley have tone of voice and words of encouragement made me collaborated to help Ana relocate to a safe feel so comforted. She spoke Spanish just like us, and location, find work, and navigate the legal that was a huge relief. She asked a few questions and system. Her trafficker is being prosecuted. explained that I had been a victim of labor trafficking. I am really grateful for Linda and the other people from the different organizations that have been involved with my son and me in overcoming these difficult situations. Thanks to these programs I have the opportunity to incorporate myself into society and feel free. These programs give us the opportunity to have a better life, a roof over our heads and food on the table. Without all your help, I think we would still be stuck in the same situation, and forgotten. I am thankful to all who work to help and support people in need. I hope that by sharing my story, more people can learn about these programs and get out of their misery.

Tour Against Trafficking

In October, the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin organized the Tour Against Trafficking, a 750-mile bike ride through the San Joaquin Valley to raise awareness about human trafficking and to raise funds to support groups working to end human trafficking. Family Services was honored to be among the 10 organizations to receive donations via the Tour. A total of 72 cyclists rode in one or more “legs” of the 18-day tour, and each cyclist could choose to ride for a specific organization or to split the funds they raised among the 10 participating organizations. In all, the tour raised $54,000 and Family Services received just over $3,400. This donation helped us establish a fund to assist human trafficking victims with immediate expenses associated with breaking free, such as shelter, food, clothing, and transportation. Thank you to the Episcopal Diocese and all of the riders and donors who made the Tour Against Trafficking possible!



At Karen’s House, we provide 24-hour crisis response and emergency shelter to families affected by domestic violence. The program also offers support groups, case management, financial empowerment training, legal services, and specialized services for children.

• Sheltered 131 women and 114 children at Karen’s House. • Responded to 426 crisis calls on the 24-hour domestic violence hotline.


The mission of Family Services is to help children, adults, and families throughout Tulare County heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships.

Healing can’t happen without first establishing physical and emotional safety. Family Services’ programs promote safety in homes, in relationships, and for children. This leads to a safer community where we can all thrive.


We provide long-term housing and supportive services to individuals and children who have fled violent relationships and are trying to recover from the effects of abuse while becoming self-sufficient. We also serve individuals and families who have been chronically homeless due to disabilities, mental health issues, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.

• Maintained 53 units of supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence and homelessness. • 98% of supportive housing clients maintained housing stability.



At our Rape Crisis Center, we provide 24-hour crisis response and comprehensive, trauma-informed services to adults and children who have been victims of rape, sexual assault, molestation, and human trafficking.

At our Counseling Center and at rural locations throughout Tulare County, we offer individual, marriage, and family therapy to people who might otherwise be unable to obtain quality mental health services.

• Responded to 179 victims of sexual assault—36% of these were children.

• P rovided mental health services at 10 sites throughout Tulare County.

• A n advocate personally accompanied 82 victims to evidentiary exams.

•M  aintained an average active caseload of 240 mental health clients.


We work to raise community awareness about domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, and to reach victims where they are. In our primary prevention clubs, MyStrength and MyVoice, high school students learn about healthy relationships while developing leadership skills.

• Reached more than 16,000 adults and youth with outreach and training presentations. • Maintained membership of approximately 30 youth in MyStrength and MyVoice clubs at Lindsay and Woodlake high schools.


We offer a Probation Certified Batterer’s Intervention Program, as well as anger management and child abuse intervention groups to address the root causes of domestic violence and child abuse. Our intervention programs are focused on accountability.

• Worked with 149 perpetrators of domestic and family violence.


Our child therapists provide free or low-cost mental health services for children who have experienced violence or trauma in the home or the community.

• 297 children received free or low-cost mental health services.



Our educators teach free parenting classes for community members and travel to homes and correctional facilities to teach healthy, wellbalanced parenting skills.

At our Supervised Visitation Centers, children can visit with their non-custodial parent or transfer from one custodial parent to another in a safe, conflictfree environment.

• 9 60 parents, including 98 inmates, received parenting education through one of our parenting programs.

• P rovided an average of 115 hours of visitation services each week.

• P rovided more than 1,000 free parenting classes in 2015 at locations throughout Tulare County.


This is a welcoming, family-friendly place where community members in Goshen can go to access resources, information, and supportive programming and services.

• Provided support to more than 300 families per month. • 39 children from Goshen attended our summer enrichment program.


Thank you, Donors Platinum Sponsor

Bennett Family Foundation Fund at the Central Valley Community Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation Carolyn Kruse Foundation Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare and Kings Counties Ruiz Foods United Way of Tulare County Western Milling

Gold Sponsor

Bank of America Foundation Clif Bar Family Foundation Fansler Foundation Clarence & Janet Hill Land O’Lakes Foundation Macy’s Sence Foundation Soroptimist International of Visalia The TJX Companies Valley Business Bank


Silver Sponsor

Anonymous Allstate Foundation Bank of the Sierra Shirley Batchman Bertz-Rosa | Strategy & Creative Betsy McCarley Billys Alma Borja Buckman-Mitchell, Inc. Central California Women’s Conference Central Valley Auto Transport Der Manouel Insurance Group David & Shelley Dever Russell & Tamara Doe Dowling Aaron Incorporated Dwelle Family Foundation Family HealthCare Network Far Western Farming Company, Inc. Financial Credit Network Annie Gilles Sam & Jody Gilman J.C. Lansdowne, Inc. Ralph & Afreen Kaelble Steven & Linda Lansdowne LoBue Farms William & Diana Lutterbein

Lyles Foundation Donor Advised Fund at the Central Valley Community Foundation Jeff & Caity Meader Gary Meinhold & Mary Alice Boylan Luis & Margarita Mota Frank & Kathleen Nunes Payality Earl S. Pearson Provident-Salierno Family Foundation Rabobank, N.A. Rie Reniers & Toby Maitland-Lewis Eunice Riso Dr. Chris Rodarte & Mrs. Marivel Rodarte Rotary Club of Visalia San Joaquin Valley College Marybeth & Lester Seay ServiceMaster by Benevento Jeff & JoeAnna Todd Valley Expetec Marissa Verastegui Visalia Breakfast Rotary Club Visalia County Center Rotary Visalia Host Lions Club Visalia Sunset Rotary Wells Fargo Bank

Philanthropy is “The love of humankind.” Thank you for loving your community. Your philanthropic support makes Family Services’ work—which is also your work—possible. Donations for January 1–December 31, 2015


Anonymous ACBL Charity Foundation Stuart & Leslie Anderson George & Susan Betancur Tom & Ann Brodersen Margaret C. Broyles Chris & Stephanie Burrage Butler Manufacturing & BlueScope Buildings Nancy Castillo Paige Cooper Moses & Lauren Diaz Disciples of Christ - Visalia Mrs. Marilyn T. Doe Dick & Do Dooley El Tarasco Restaurant Debbie Evans Britt & Judy Fussel Walter Hill J.D. Heiskell & Co. Mike & Sherri Jefferis Kaweah Delta Health Care District Bob & Norma Kay Line Terry & Carol Linville Joe & Theresa LoBue Robert & Carole Ludekens Margaret Moholt Eugene & Carol Nickel

Office Depot Brian & Rebecca Peter Byron & Marilyn Riegel SaveMart S.H.A.R.E.S. Paul Schommer & Diane Post Ken & Leslie Stevens Gailerd Swisegood Stephen & Erica Tootle Tulare County Board of Supervisors Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council Elvin & Phyllis Valenzuela Luis & Claudine Velosa Ken & Yvonne Westbrook Robert & Carolyn Wilbur Patrick Young


Anonymous Matthew & Marcia Allen Alvarez Insurance Agency Christian & Sasha Anderson Boomer & Robyn Batchman Howard Broadman Brown’s Custom Jewelry Lisa Bueno-Loverin David & Lynn Burr Jane Caviglia Cline’s Business Equipment Linda Craig

Glena Crumal & Eddye Farrar William & Marla Decker Linda Del Rio Richard & Mary Jo Eastes Eric & Lori Ferguson Figaro’s Mexican Grill Sharon Fisher Chad & Lynn Fjeld Edwin & Denise Fletcher Patricia Foster Charlie Glenn Walter & Ellen Gorelick Jonathan & Susan Graves Green Box Rentals, Inc. Lisa Greer Michael Greer Janet Hogan C. Guy Honnell Jr. Brian & Stacy Hyde Allen & Wanda Ishida Daniel & Carolyn Jones Steven & Rachel Katz Philip & Carol Laird Terry & Sandra Langiano Cheryl L. Lehn Mike & Olivia Leoni Ruben & Elizabeth Madrid Stephen & Beth McAuliff Michael & Kathy Montejano John & Elaine Morin

Roeland Neyenhuys Chuck & Susie Nichols Mahvash Noori Keith & Amy Pack Brant & Shane Partington Radiant Church Shay Rambur Stephen & Carmella Renton Romero Appraisals Richard & Joy Sakai Melody Schepp Pete & Claudia Sherwood Sister Friend Barry & Donna Sommer Bret Stuber Paul & Linda Thomton Daniel & Cindy Underwood United Way California Capital Region Tony & Sandy Valenzuela Kris & Coby Vander Kooy Visalia City Council Visalia Dental Group Patty Wagner Mark Wall & Linda Farsakian-Wall Steve & Joan Watters Harry & Ruth Wood Larry & Jody Young


Catherine Andersen Marilyn Barr Bill & Carole Benneyan Kevin & Lisa Beno Best Agri-Marketing, Inc. Honorable Judge Juliet Boccone Emily Bowen Rosemary Caso Terry Culotta Robert K. Dempsie DG Insurance Agency Glenda Douthit Edgewood Orchards Carol Enns & Don Nikkel David & Carie Ertl Miguel Esquivel Amy Gonzales Mike & Jane Grassel Margaret Hall Mariann Hedstrom Maya Marquez Courtney McCrane Wendy Mendes Mota Insurance Agency Susan T. Munter Jennifer Ogletree William & Dorothy Osak Jennifer Peck

Kevin & Janet Robinson Heather Ruggles David & Loyce Safina Julio Sanchez Dr. & Mrs. George & Judy Skaff Paul & Carol Sonier Frances Verastegui Visalia United Methodist Church Faye Zeeb


Anonymous Adolph J. Nava, M.D. Johnny & Stephanie Amaral Del & Patricia Ault Gerry & Lynn Beckers Dr. & Mrs. John & Susan Booker Jennifer Boteilho Cal-Agro Seed Co. Tony & Mary Calcagno Wayne & Winnie Chun Melissa Cole Phyllis Coring Megan DeLain Donna Denham Diana Dooley Clifford & Diane Dunbar Ruth Dutton

Chris Edwards Jim & Linda Ely Keith Fagundes Lou & Julie Fernandez DeAnna Fitzgerald Courtney Foley Erin Garner-Ford Dan & Nikki Gilman Lindy Gligorijevic Peter & Ruth Golombek Nick & Trina Gomez William & Pennie Hoover Joan Fischer Tom & Betty Johnson Kathleen Kelly Steven & Darlene Kennedy Michael Kreps John & Carlyn Lambert Russ & Kim Lebo Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Julie Levine Sylvia Lewis Keith W. Lindersmith Bob & Pam Link Charles Loftis Robert & Susan Machado John Mahoney Robert & Joy Marshall Chris & Jamie McLain Sachman Meraki

Linda Merkle Charlene Moss Betsy Murphy & Dirk Holkeboer Neighborhood Church Palma Plumbing Ron & Karen Pedroncelli Sheryl Ribeiro Bailey Riddle Marilyn Russell Jake & Chiara Sill Stanley & Wendy Simpson Elizabeth Slattery Melinda Solis Keith & Darlene Sprague Michael & Kathleen Stephens Elbert Tan-Vasquez Frances Tweed Shirley Van Wormer & Maud Thebaud Alice Villarreal Visalia Friends Meeting Marilyn Watson Beate Weidemann Steven & Denise Williams Greg & Lisa Willis


Anonymous RD Adamsdenner Aimee Sa Photography

Thomas & Joan Akin Peter Allen & Marlon Garica Gloria Alsing Karole & Roy Andrada Betty Anthony Philip & Julie Appelbaum Melinda Arbuthnot Natalie Armitstead Eunice Atherton Joanne Avila Barbara Balerud Richard & Rita Barron David Becerra Frank & Joan Bell Michael & Mimi Boyd George & Maryanne Brannan Margaret Braver Lindt, MFT Elizabeth Briseno Janice Brown Carole Brown Darnell Burrage Kristy Cagle Pearl Call Reina Carbajal Robert & Donna Cardenas Warren & Suzanne Cederborg Cheryl Cereghino Bonnie Chan Ruben & Mari Chavez Vincent & Lorna Cheng



Darwin Choy Greg & Dorothy Collins Joan Constable Duane Cornett Janice Crossland A.M. D’Arcy Bohannan Amy Davis Julissa De Lira Fran DeBenedictis & Krista Merget Bill & Marilyn DeCarteret J.E. & Patricia delaMontanya Mavis W. Depass Steve Dillard Robert & Joan Dinwiddie Chris & Tara Dudley Ethan Dutton Joyce Elliott Jose & Bertha Espinoza Robert & Allyson Farrell Mary Lou Flattley Frances Florio Melissa Fraga Kathleen Fraga Courtenay Frisch Bill & Barbara Fulmer Kristy Garavello Manuel & Carol Garcia Joe & Betsy Garcia Valerie Gardner Matthew Geiger

Bill & Carol Gerlach Rosalie A Gilcrest Larry & Deya Ginsberg Carol Glass Erica Gonzales Bob & Barb Goodsby Jody & Kari Grove Kurt Hardcastle Meriel Heinsohn Tracey Hernandez Karen Holland Nancy Holley April Holt Don Holzem July Hong Debbie Huss Elizabeth Hyde Seizen & Eleanor Inamine Robert A. Iorio Marie Labbee Christine Lawton Tami Letsinger Thomas & Ordonna Link Curt & Robbie Link Fred & Donna LoBue Nancy Loliva Rafael & Beatrice Lomeli Michelle MacElvaine John & Bonnie Maguire Dottie Mana

Jack & Norma Mann Nora Marroquin Janice Marshall Robert & Shirley Martin Shirley Masterson Susan Mathews Christina Maurer Lee McElroy Dona & Paul Meinhardt Stephen & Mary Miller David & Betty Miller Cindy Myers Joan Natoli Mark Navo Brian & Judy Newton David & Jeannette Nicol Richard & Donna Nottingham Greg & Stephanie Osborn P.E.O., Chapter UR Evelyn Parker Connie Parkin Julie Patino Tom & Marsha Peltzer Jennifer Pendergraft Wesley & Kathy Price Provost & Pritchard Jerry Pundt Jake & Marilyn Rankin Carol Richardson Timberly Romero

Robert & Young Ju Rouch Harriet Russo Nick & Delilah Schuller Rachelle Serrano Don & Dianne Sharples Sarah Shena Richard & Andi Sigmund Earl & Elaine Smith Barbara Snow Gary Spaberg Linda & George Sward Michael & Sue Tharp Mindy Van Vleet Vision Visalia Foundation, Inc. Suzy Ward Juliet Webb Mark & Sherry Webb Nancy White Robert & Dolores Wilcoxon Willow Glen Elementary School STEP UP Challenge Liz Wynn Allen Young Tammie Zaczek

Tribute Gifts IN HONOR OF

Mr. Jerry & Denzle Hill Andrew Rice Gailerd Swisegood IN MEMORY OF

Linda Caputo Karen Cooper Al Fisher Doris Fort Flores Kay Link


Bank of America Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation California Department of Public Health California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services City of Porterville City of Tulare City of Visalia Emergency Food and Shelter Program Macy’s Soroptimist of Visalia The Bennett Family Foundation Fund at the Central Valley Community Foundation The TJX Companies Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Sheriff ’s Office U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Verizon HopeLine Foundation


California Department of Public Health California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Central Valley Against Human Trafficking Clif Bar Family Foundation Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District First 5 Tulare County Land O’Lakes Foundation Mental Health Services Act—Prop. 63 Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Office of Education Tulare County Probation Department Tulare County Sheriff ’s Office U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women MAJOR FUNDING FOR SAFE CHILDREN

The Bennett Family Foundation Fund at the Central Valley Community Foundation Fansler Foundation First 5 Tulare County Mental Health Services Act—Prop. 63 Superior Court of Tulare County—Access to Visitation Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Sheriff ’s Office Western Milling

It is our intention to accurately list each donor’s name, except for those donors who have notified us that they wish to remain anonymous. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at (559) 732-1970 if there is something we should correct. Thank you!



Top 10 from 2015 You made it possible!

Because you stood with us 100% of the way, we expanded our reach, made more critical services available to families, and were even recognized by our community for a job well done. Thank you for being part of our mission.

The Visalia Chamber of Commerce named Family Services Nonprofit of the Year at its annual Awards Celebration.

We opened a new office location in Porterville, which is now making Supervised Visitation and Parenting services more accessible to South Tulare County families.

The annual Guest Chef Series event was the most successful one yet—raising nearly $90,000 for our programs and services while celebrating the food and culture of Armenia.

Lupita Aguayo received a Hands-on Hero Award from First 5 Tulare County for her exemplary work as a Parent Educator for Family Services.

The United Women’s Organization, Latinas in Business recognized Linda Bonilla, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, for her prevention and intervention work with Family Services as part of Women’s History Month.

We hired our first Staff Attorney, who is able to provide free legal consultations and represent victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in court.

The Goshen Family Center welcomed 39 children to its summer learning and enrichment program— doubling the number of children served the previous summer.

Hundreds of businesses and individuals joined us for our 17th Annual “Thanks for Giving” Mum Sale in November—and a team of volunteers delivered 3,000 plants all over Tulare County in just seven hours!

Our first annual Purple Party, a fundraiser for Karen’s House during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, exceeded our expectations—both in making new friends and raising funds for domestic violence services.

We launched MyVoice and MyStrength clubs for teens at Woodlake High School. The clubs, which have been operating in Lindsay for eight years, equip teens with leadership skills and knowledge about healthy relationships.

Financial Statement For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015 ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents Grants Receivable Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expenses Restricted Cash & Deposits Property & Equipment TOTAL ASSETS:

$ 310,028 $ 809,610 $ 30,493 $ 1,400 $ 24,481 $1,479,643 $2,655,655

LIABILITIES Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Notes Payable Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES:

$ 134,836 $ 96,494 $1,368,628 $1,055,697 $2,655,655


Support & Revenue

9% 9% 4%

Grants Donations Program Fees & Misc. Revenue Non-monetary Donations

---SUPPORT & REVENUE Grants $3,250,035 Donations $ 374,083 Program Fees & Misc. Revenue $ 382,887 Non-Monetary Donations $ 177,987 TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE: $4,184,992 EXPENSES Programs $3,678,610 Support Services $ 412,429 Fundraising $ 59,129 TOTAL EXPENSES: $4,150,168 REVENUE OVER EXPENSES:

$ 34,824


Expenses 10% 1% Programs Support Services Fundraising

Family Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Tax ID # 94-2897970. Form 990s are available at


24-Hour Crisis Hotlines Domestic Violence Hotline: (559) 732-5941 or (800) 448-2044 Sexual Assault Hotline: (559) 732-7273 or (559) 784-7273 815 W. Oak | Visalia, CA 93291 (559) 732-1970 | (559) 732-1987 FAX Twitter: @familysvcstc Facebook:

Family Services' 2015 Annual Report  

Family Services’ 2015 Annual Report

Family Services' 2015 Annual Report  

Family Services’ 2015 Annual Report