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The mission of Family Services is to help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships. We build safety in homes, in relationships, and for children through informed and compassionate care that helps people heal from trauma.

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Safer Community Where We Can All Thrive

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We are one thread 2014 Board of Directors

Shirley Batchman President Joan Watters Vice President Russ Lebo Treasurer Patty Wagner Secretary Bob Ainley George Betancur Lynn Fjeld Debra Hansen Denet Igou Afreen Kaelble Mike Leoni Betsy McCarley Billys Scott McLellan Kathleen Nunes Colleen Richards Julio Sanchez Marybeth Seay JoeAnna Todd Kristopher Vander Kooy Michael Wallace

Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you for the incredible ways you supported Family Services in 2014. An increased demand for services made it a busy year, but with your support we were able to meet this need. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we took a hard look at the way we deliver these services. Our staff worked together to fine-tune process and policy to ensure we are providing the best care for the clients we are privileged to serve. In that exercise, something became clear: physical and emotional safety form the common thread that ties all of our programs and services together. • In safe homes, women are not afraid to go home at night. • In safe relationships, partners and families have the tools to go through the ups and downs of life without inflicting violence and abuse. • Safe children are loved and nurtured by their guardians, and grow up in homes free of abuse and neglect. There are homes, relationships, and children in our community that are not safe. Family Services works to make them safe again. It can be tempting to distance ourselves from these uncomfortable issues, but the truth is that safe homes, safe relationships, and safe children lead to a safer and healthier community where we can all thrive—together. We are one thread. We hope you’ll read on and learn more about the programs and client successes your support over the past year has made possible. Thank you, once again, for your commitment to Family Services’ mission. Sincerely,

Caity Meader

Executive Director

Shirley Batchman

President of the Board of Directors

has not “Humankind woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

–Chief Seattle


Safe Homes Programs

2014 Impact

Domestic Violence Services: At Karen’s House, we provide 24-hour crisis response and emergency shelter to women and children affected by domestic violence. The program also offers support groups, case management, financial empowerment training, and legal services for victims.

• Sheltered 167 women and 142 children at Karen’s House.

Supportive Housing: We provide long-term housing and supportive services to individuals and children who have fled violent relationships and are trying to recover from the effects of abuse while becoming self-sufficient. We also serve individuals and families who have been chronically homeless due to disabilities, mental health issues, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.


• Responded to 536 crisis calls on the domestic violence hotline—a 35% increase from 2013. • Maintained 53 units of supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence and homelessness. • 98% of supportive housing clients maintain housing stability.



hen Jennifer called us she had lost almost everything: her relationship, her children, her home, and her income. But not her hope.

That scrap of hope she managed to keep tightly in her grasp was for her little boys. When she lost custody of them due to the domestic violence and drug abuse in her home, she knew she had to try to change things. She called Family Services’ domestic violence crisis hotline and an advocate helped her create a safety plan—a plan to safely escape from her abuser and get help. Jennifer had nowhere else to go, so she came to Karen’s House.

She came to the shelter ready to do whatever it would take to get her children back. Once she was in a safe environment, she showed everyone just how much focus, inner strength, and determination she really had. She wouldn’t resign herself to sitting around and waiting for her Child Welfare Services worker to contact her. No, Jennifer took the initiative to call and push to get her classes and meetings started right away. Meanwhile, she used her time at Karen’s House to work closely with her case manager, setting and aggressively pursuing goals. First up: housing. She found a stable, affordable apartment for herself where her children could join her once they were returned to her care. Her second goal: school. Jennifer saw this as the first step toward finding employment that would allow her to support herself and her children. She enrolled in classes at College of the Sequoias and has been attending diligently ever since. Today, Jennifer is living independently and free from abuse and drugs. That bit of hope she was able to hold on to during the worst time in her life has grown, and it continues to drive her as she works toward her goals.


Safe Relationships Programs

2014 Impact

Mental Health Services: At our Counseling Center and at rural locations throughout Tulare County, we offer individual, marriage, and family therapy to people who might otherwise be unable to obtain quality mental health services.

• Managed an average active caseload of 240 mental health clients at any given time.

Sexual Assault Services: At our Rape Crisis Center, we provide 24-hour crisis response and comprehensive, trauma-informed services to adults and children who have been victims of rape, sexual assault, molestation, and human trafficking.

• Delivered mental health services at 10 sites throughout Tulare County.

• The Rape Crisis Center responded to 237 victims of sexual assault, and Outreach and Prevention: We work to raise an advocate personally community awareness about domestic violence, sexual accompanied 111 victims assault, and human trafficking, and reach victims to evidentiary exams. where they are. At our primary prevention clubs, MyStrength and MyVoice, high school students learn • Staff and volunteers reached more than about healthy relationships while 23,000 youth and developing leadership skills. adults via outreach Violence and Abuse and presentations. Intervention: We offer a Probation Certified Batterer’s • Served 149 clients with batterer’s intervention, Intervention Program, as child abuse intervention, well as anger management and anger management and child abuse intervention programs. groups to address the root causes of domestic violence and child abuse.


Carlos & Sofia


id you miss me when you did drugs, Carlos?” Sofia asked. Her hands were busy shaping brown and green Play-Doh into a tree, but clearly, her mind was busy with other things. “Yes,” her father answered, “and you’re one of the reasons I wanted to get clean.”

Eight-year-old Sofia hadn’t had any contact with her father since he had been briefly off drugs three years ago. But then he fell off the wagon and disappeared from her life once again. Since then, Carlos successfully completed an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. He got a job and an apartment, met regularly with a mentor, and lived clean for 18 months before taking any steps to re-enter Sofia’s life. And when he thought he was ready, Family Court said that if he wanted to be in contact with her, it had to be through the process of therapeutic reunification. That’s when Family Services met Carlos and Sofia. At first, their therapist met with them individually. Carlos learned about child development, and he took responsibility for the damage it caused Sofia when he had abandoned her—not once, but twice. Sofia talked about memories of her father, looked through family photos from when he was there, and worked through some questions she had. “He was supposed to visit. He was supposed to bring pizza, and he never came,” she said. When Carlos and Sofia were both ready, they began meeting together with their Family Services therapist. They would play games, work with Play-Doh, talk about school—and talk about what had happened, too. It didn’t feel right to Sofia to call him Dad, and Carlos accepted that. He was willing to take it slow. At their last visit, Carlos showed up with pizza. “You remembered this time!” Sofia said, surprised. Carlos knew that a pizza wouldn’t heal his relationship with his daughter, but it was a way of acknowledging his past mistakes and a small step toward rebuilding the trust that his addiction took away. Their therapeutic reunification case is now closed, and Carlos and Sofia are still visiting, still taking those small steps, one at a time, together. 5

Safe Children Programs

2014 Impact

Parenting Resources and Support: Our parent educators teach free parenting classes for community members and travel to homes and correctional facilities to teach healthy, well-balanced parenting skills.

•9  31 parents, including 122 inmates, received parenting education through one of our parenting programs.

Children’s Counseling Center: Our child therapists provide free or low-cost mental health services for children who have experienced violence or trauma in the home or the community.

•5  91 children received free or low-cost mental health services.

Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange: At our Supervised Visitation Center, children can visit with their non-custodial parent or transfer from one custodial parent to another in a safe, conflict-free environment. Goshen Family Center: This resource center is a welcoming, family-friendly place where community members in Goshen can go to access resources, information, and supportive programs and services.


• Our Supervised Visitation Center provided an average of 100 hours of visits each week. •2  0 children from Goshen attended the Summer Passport to Learning program, a summer enrichment program at Goshen Family Center.

David & Sara


e picked her up. He put her down. He handed her toy after toy. He started to sing a song, but felt embarrassed. David tried everything he could think of, but eight-month-old Sara wouldn’t stop crying, and he was ready to give up.

Family Services met David when Family Court required him to participate in parenting classes and supervised visitation with his infant daughter. He fully participated in his classes, but his first visitation wasn’t going so well. Sara cried constantly, and because she was so stressed, the visit had to end early. David lacked not only parenting skills, but the patience he needed to nurture his daughter. This interaction between father and daughter continued for 10 consecutive visits, and David became frustrated and angry. Before his next visit, Family Services staff asked if he would be open to having his parenting class instructor come and help him through a visit. David accepted the offer. During the next visit, the instructor coached him to understand how his own behavior affected the child and the outcome of the visit. David followed the instruction she gave and interacted with Sara in a more calming and nurturing way. Within a few minutes, Sara cried less, David was calmer, and the visit lasted for a complete one-hour session as scheduled. Afterward, David cried in relief. He finally understood that the nurturing skills he had learned were valuable and useful, and he committed to use them to strengthen his relationship with his daughter. After completing his parenting classes, Family Court agreed to increase David’s visitation time with Sara. Equipped with parenting skills and resources, David is on his way to establishing a positive and nurturing relationship with his daughter.



Why do you volunteer with Family Services?


I have been a member of Soroptimist of Visalia for more than 40 years. It is through them that I became involved with Family Services and started volunteering at Karen’s House. Once I became involved with Family Services and Karen’s House and realized the difference we make, I was hooked. It takes so little time and effort to make a difference in the lives we help. Cooking for the Mother’s Day Brunch is one of my favorite events. There is no way I could not want to volunteer. It makes me smile and happy to see the smiles on their faces.

Jessie Veyna Service Club Volunteer


I volunteer with Family Services because in my mind and in my heart it feels right to be able to help others in need.


Adrian Gonzales Outreach Team Volunteer

I volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center because it is the least that I can do. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help others with the skill set that I have.


Iryna Oliver Volunteer Rape Crisis Counselor



crisis line calls in the middle of the night


victims at hospitals, police stations, and forensic exams


clean, organize, and repair things that help us accomplish our mission


out to the community to raise awareness


for children while their mothers attend financial literacy classes


Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2013/2014–June 30, 2014 ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents $ 518,340 Grants Receivable $ 435,852 Accounts Receivable $ 21,065 Prepaid Expenses $ 6,471 Restricted Cash & Deposits $ 23,064 Property & Equipment $ 1,524,494 TOTAL ASSETS: $ 2,529,286 LIABILITIES Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Notes Payable Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES:

$ 47,749 $ 89,082 $ 1,371,582 $ 1,020,873 $ 2,529,286

SUPPORT & REVENUE Grants Donations Program Fees & Misc. Revenue Non-Monetary Donations TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE:

$ 3,031,550 $ 330,127 $ 369,530 $ 174,258 $ 3,905,465


$ 3,413,158 $ 397,124 $ 67,320 $ 3,877,602 $ 27,863




9% 8%




and mobilize others to donate money or items that benefit clients


of their time, talents, and hearts to serve people in need

In 2014, Family Services’ amazing team of volunteers gave 14,839 hours. That’s the equivalent of seven full-time employees. Thank you! If you’re interested in joining our volunteer team, please call our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator:

(559) 732-7371

Program Fees & Misc. Revenue Non-Monetary Donations


2% Programs



Support Services

Fundraising Family Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Tax ID # 94-2897970. Form 990s are available at


Major funding Major Funding for Domestic Violence Services

Major Funding for Sexual Assault Services

Major Funding for Violence and Abuse Intervention

Alcoa Foundation Allstate Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Emergency Food and Shelter Program Granville Homes Soroptimist of Visalia Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Sheriff’s Office The TJX Companies Verizon HopeLine Foundation

California Department of Public Health California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Central Valley Against Human Trafficking Clif Bar Foundation Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Office of Education Tulare County Sheriff’s Office

Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency

Major Funding for Supportive Housing

Bank of America Foundation California Department of Public Health City of Porterville City of Tulare City of Visalia Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


Major Funding for Mental Health Services

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District Fansler Foundation First 5 Tulare County Mental Health Services Act – Prop. 63 Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Visalia Unified School District

Major Funding for Parenting Resources and Support

The Bennett Family Foundation Fund at the Fresno Regional Foundation The Fresno Regional Foundation Mental Health Services Act – Prop. 63 Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Western Milling Major Funding for Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange

First 5 Tulare County Superior Court of Tulare County – Access to Visitation Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency


Guest Chef Series Family Services’ signature annual fundraising event is the Guest Chef Series. Each year we invite a different chef to prepare a unique, three-course tasting menu in the cuisine of his or her specialty. The 6th Annual Guest Chef Series, An Evening in Washington D.C., featured Chef Michael Ratzlaff, a former Washington D.C. chef and White House steward. Ratzlaff prepared favorite Presidential dishes with a modern twist. Each tasting was paired with a fine wine, and the tastings were followed by a full dinner catered by David Vartanian of The Vintage Press. Special thanks to our gracious hosts Tom and Ann Brodersen and to our presenting sponsors: • Gillespie Ag Service • Clarence and Janet Hill • J.C. Lansdowne, Inc. • Leffingwell Ag Sales • Western Milling SAVE THE DATE:

 th Annual Guest Chef Series 7 Saturday, June 13, 2015

For more information or to get involved with either of these fundraisers, please contact or (559) 732-1970.

“Thanks for Giving” Mum Sale Each year, before the Thanksgiving holiday, Family Services sells potted chrysanthemum plants to raise critical funds for our programs and services. In 2014, 130 local businesses and organizations participated by taking orders for the plants from their employees, customers, or members, and on November 12, Family Services staff and volunteers delivered 2,892 plants in about six hours! Because all costs for the plants were underwritten by our generous sponsor, The Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare and Kings Counties, 100% of plant sales went to Family Services’ mission to help children, adults, and families heal from violence and thrive in healthy relationships. Special thanks to: • Top seller Rosa Jiminez of RE/MAX – All Estates Realtors • E  vent sponsor Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare and Kings Counties • Delivery day supporters Pacific STIHL and Cal Bennett’s SAVE THE DATE: M  um

delivery day Wednesday, November 18, 2015 11

Thank you, donors Philanthropy is “the love of humankind.” Thank you for loving your community. Your philanthropic support makes Family Services’ work—which is also your work—possible. Donations for January 1– December 31, 2014 Platinum Sponsor Bennett Family Foundation Fund at the Fresno Regional Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation Foundation for Medical Care of Tulare and Kings Counties Gilson Family Fund at the California Community Foundation The Otis Booth Foundation United Way of Tulare County Verizon Wireless Western Milling

Gold Sponsor Bank of America Foundation California Partnership to End Domestic Violence Carolyn Kruse Foundation Clif Bar Family Foundation Fansler Foundation Fresno Regional Foundation Granville Homes Clarence & Janet Hill Ruiz Foods Soroptimist International of Visalia The TJX Companies

Silver Sponsor Allstate Foundation Bank of the Sierra Shirley Batchman Dr. Betsy McCarley Billys Tom & Ann Brodersen Steve & Doris Bullock Central California Women’s Conference Central Valley Auto Transport CompassPoint Nonprofit Services Delta Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation Der Manouel Insurance Group Dooley, Herr, Pedersen & Berglund Bailey LLP Dowling Aaron Incorporated Dwelle Family Foundation Eric Black Far Western Farming Company, Inc. Gannett Foundation Donald & Anne Gilles Gillespie Ag Services, Inc. Gilman, Harris & Travioli Marybeth Higuera & Lester Seay J.C. Lansdowne, Inc. Mike & Sherri Jefferis Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores


Gil & Penny Junstrom Ralph & Afreen Kaelble Steven & Linda Lansdowne Leffingwell Ag Sales Co., Inc. Lewis & Associates Joe & Theresa LoBue LoBue Citrus Lyles Foundation Donor Advised Fund at the Fresno Regional Foundation Linda McElrath Dona & Paul Meinhardt Gary Meinhold Maria Morfin Luis & Margarita Mota Payality Earl Pearson Eunice Riso Riverbend Dairy Dr. Chris Rodarte and Mrs. Marivel Rodarte Rotary Club of Visalia San Joaquin Valley College Sence Foundation ServiceMaster by Benevento Soroptimist International of Tulare Jeff & JoeAnna Todd Tulare County Board of Supervisors Visalia Host Lions Club Visalia Players Wells Fargo Bank

Benefactor George & Susan Betancur Buckman-Mitchell, Inc. Citizens Business Bank William & Marla Decker Moses & Lauren Diaz Mrs. Marilyn T. Doe Leopoldo Esquivel & Miguel Esquivel Debbie Evans Farley Law Firm G.W. Stewart’s Salon & Gift Emporium Nicholas & Dena Gambini Nick & Trina Gomez Mike & Jane Grassel Teresa Herr Walter Hill J.D. Heiskell & Co. Kaweah Delta Health Care District Kay Link Bob & Carole Ludekens William & Diana Lutterbein Jeff & Caity Meader David & Morri Nash

Eugene & Carol Nickel Rabobank, N.A. Paul Schommer & Diane Post Pete & Claudia Sherwood Kimberly Sierra Sierra Gardens Apartments Bret Stuber Gailerd Swisegood Frank & Sherry Tietjens Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council Valley Business Bank Visalia Breakfast Rotary Club Robert & Carolyn Wilbur

Founder Alternative Billing Consultants, LLC Stuart & Leslie Anderson Ralph & Betty Bookout California Coalition Against Sexual Assault Bruce & Darlene Campbell Jane Caviglia Linda Craig Glena Crumal & Eddye Farrar Linda Del Rio Doris Dooley Ruth & Ethan Dutton Roy Estridge Denise & Edwin Fletcher Patricia Foster Sam & Jody Gilman Jonathan & Susan Graves Jim & Margaret Hall Robert & Debra Hansen Shirley & Robert Hickam C. Guy Honnell, Jr. Debbie Hornung Denet & Dale Igou Steven & Rachel Katz Gregory & Karen Kirkpatrick John & Carlyn Lambert Olivia & Mike Leoni Bob Line Terry & Carol Linville Fred & Donna LoBue Melissa Lyons Scott & Carol McLellan Tracie & John Mitchell Margaret Moholt John & Elaine Morin Susana Mota Marty Prah Ruth Ann Rosh Julio Sanchez Tulare County Panhellenic Conference Daniel & Cindy Underwood

United Way California Capital Region Tony & Sandy Valenzuela Patty Wagner Faye Zeeb

Sponsor 4Creeks, Inc. Jeffrey & Barbara Basham Brenda Bretoneche Margaret Broyles Richard & Mary Jo Eastes Edgewood Orchards Lupe Garcia Pam & Norm Gatineau Peter & Ruth Golombek Green Box Rentals, Inc. Irene & Yezdyar Kaoosji Steven & Darlene Kennedy Cheryl Lehn Michael & Julie Levine Dean & Cheryl Levitan Charles Loftis Rafael & Beatrice Lomeli John Manuele Robert & Joy Marshall Linda Merkle Susan Munter Stephen & Diane Murray Don Nikkel & Carol Enns Phyllis Ogden Marla Prochnow Frank & Dee Quatraro San Joaquin Valley College, Visalia Student Council SaveMart S.H.A.R.E.S. Ken & Sandy Story Beate Weidemann Smith Steven & Denise Williams

Member Adolph J. Nava, M.D., Inc. Celia Arroyo Del & Patricia Ault Auto Oil Changers Richard & Rita Barron Gerry & Lynn Beckers Judith & Doug Berg Dr. & Mrs. Richard P. Berkson Beta Sigma Phi Laureate Iota Upsilon Chapter Sachman Bhatti Norman & Joan Black John & Susan Booker Gloria Bowman Cal-Agro Seed Co. David & Sarah Case Rosemary Caso Forrest & Jessica Cavale Kathy Chandler

Jon Chessum Darwin Choy Kenneth & Carmelita Conn Jayne Cooper & Andy Kirshenbaum John Coppola Phyllis Coring Leonard & Marian Cote Glenda Douthit Joanne Dudley Jeffrey Duncan Sandie Edwards Jim & Linda Ely Laurie Fiori Joe & Elizabeth Garcia Garrett German Haro’s Insurance Agency Steve & Mariann Hedstrom Edward & Carol Jones Jim & Sue Kirshenbaum Bill Kitchen Christina Knox Keith Lindersmith Robert LoBue Robert & Sue Machado Ruben & Elizabeth Madrid McDonald’s Corporation Mike & Barbara Chrisman Betsy Murphy & Dirk Holkeboer Adolph & Trini Nava Neighborhood M.B. Church Terry & Laraine Ommen Dorothy & William Osak Keith & Amy Pack Frank Pahkamaa & Melody Schepp Palma Plumbing Peña’s Disposal Service David & Kathy Prewitt Res-Com Pest Control Robert & Wanda Rogers Connie Rolland George & Judy Skaff Soroptimist International Sierra Pacific Region United Methodist Women Elvin & Phyllis Valenzuela Phil Vandegrift Visalia Friends Meeting Ted & Stacie Walters Marilyn Watson Mike & Julie Weger Harry & Ruth Wood

Friend Robert Ainley Jason Allday Karole & Roy Andrada Natalie Armitstead

Donna Bailey Barbara Balerud Claire Bankston Rebecca Bates Sandra Bennett Angela & Thomas Biscotti Jennifer Boteilho Pearl Call Donna Carlson Richard & Karen Carlstrom Warren & Suzanne Cederborg Vincent & Lorna Cheng Donna Denham Adrian Dieleman Clifford & Diane Dunbar Robert & Allyson Farrell Carol Glass Nancy Gregg Jody & Kari Grove Marilyn Hadley Robert & Janice Hansen Robert & Laurie Hart Gina Haycock Karen Holland Vicky Holmstrom Rosa Jiminez Tom & Betty Johnson Brittany Johnson Christine Lawton Jennifer Lewin Thomas & Ordonna Link Darlene Loose Michelle MacElvaine Robert & Shirley Martin John & Erica McCormack Mike & Diane Medico Patricia Nagel Jennifer Pacheco Brian & Rebecca Peter Lindsey Peyton Ryan and Lori Riezebos Romanced Records Andy Romero Dale Rowden & Cindy Myers Marilyn Russell J.G. Shuman Dean & Karen Simpson Anya Spear & Joe Walsh Linda & George Sward Stephen & Erica Tootle Robert & Kathy Trujillo Gloria & Gary Turner Frances Tweed Steve & Joan Watters LouAnn West Nora Willoughby

Tribute Gifts In honor of: Mr. Jerry Hill In memory of: Kay Link Jane Orlopp Ina Stanley

It is our intention to accurately list each donor’s name. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at (559) 732‑1970 or if there is something we should correct.

Thank you!

In-Kind Donors We remember you, too, in-kind donors! Thank you for your outpouring of support in donating items to assist clients in times of need. Caring community members donated food, clothing, hygiene supplies, school supplies, household items, appliances, and holiday toys. We couldn’t do it without you!

24-hour crisis hotlines

(559) 732-5941 or (800) 448-2044 SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINE: (559) 732-7273 or (559) 784-7273


815 West Oak, Visalia, CA 93291 (559) 732-1970 | (559) 732-1987 Fax | |


@familysvcstc |


Family Services 2014 Annual Report -- We Are One Thread  

Thank you. Family Services’ 2014 Annual Report is here, and thanks to you, it’s filled with good news. As you read the report, we hope yo...

Family Services 2014 Annual Report -- We Are One Thread  

Thank you. Family Services’ 2014 Annual Report is here, and thanks to you, it’s filled with good news. As you read the report, we hope yo...