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Ask The Sports Coach ... PAGE 5 The importance of working with our children off the field, and cheering them on when they are in sports. Review Previews on PAGES 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 Gold Award Winners ... PAGE 10

Nathan Terepocki

Soccer Coach with Young Champions of America

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Rita Brenke

Executive Editor

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This Month Our Star Is ....

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1,500 men and women in ministry LEAVE the ministry, each and every month, due to burnout. If the CDC were covering this, it would be termed as an epidemic. 1,500 of those called into the ministry, ordained by God to do His work ... leave because the pressure is too much and they have no way to get rest... They Burn Out.

Until Now ... La Siesta ... (the rest) is a place for rest. A place where those in ministry can get away in a safe and private environment and let their hair down ... 10 days of tranquility and peace ... Allowing them time alone with God to re-energize, revitalize, recommit to their passion and revisit the deep passion that once burned inside for their God and His work.

Arizona - Year Round Sunshine! What better place to offer such a retreat!?!

Picture if you will, self contained cabins in a secluded and private setting. Surrounded by beautiful flower gardens with walking paths throughout the grounds. Tennis courts, heated pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, shuffleboard, horseshoes, darts, pool table, reading and music library, craft room, workout room, table tennis, bbq pit with picnic tables, a quiet lounge, dining hall for gathering, commercial kitchen serving homestyle meals daily, and close to hiking trails and a golf course. Room service and a caring staff that are there if needed. All of this will be provided with all expenses paid, to make it possible for those struggling to still get the rest they need and so deserve. To make this possible, we need your help!

Please use the GoFundMe Link above to make your tax deThis property is well priced and turnkey ready ductible contribution to help launch La Siesta. to launch this work, but we need your help in making that possible. Your TAX DEDUCT- You may also send a check, payable to UEC La Siesta IBLE donation is so appreciated and so needed. and mail to: If we all do our small part, the magnitude of the joint effort will be great and will impact those LA SIESTA c/o Family Review Center in ministry across the entire nation.Please help 16772 W Bell Road Suite #110-482 Surprise, AZ 85374 us today! Thank you !!! VISIT WWW.STOPTHEBURNOUT.COM

BIZ COACH It is not only what you know, but who you know!

When you are launching a new business or are trying to gain more momentum and add to your clientelle, it is a good idea to start at square one and figure out just who it is that you know. In business it is vitally important to connect with the right people and remember that you were not designed to do everything yourself. If this were the case, no one would ever hire employees. The bigger the company, the more employees they have. This is because to get the job done well you want to have the very best working on specific parts of the task. We all have strengths, but none of us are great at everything. Recognizing this and accepting it, letting go of different aspects of the business, is one of the hardest things many new business owners face. Once they have conquered this foe, they are usually off and running. Get out your address book and contact list and try to envision what each of their strengths are. Then you want to remember what their role is in the corporate world. Now try to guess who this may mean is in their sphere of influence, who they may know that may be a key component of helping you reach success with your company. Then plug in and see if they may lend you a hand in getting acquainted with those whom you need in your own sphere that can help you in the areas you may not be confident or competant in. This is a great way to advance.

We all have our strengths, but none of us are great at everything! If I bring my strengths to the table, to offer as help in areas you are not strong in, there is no reason for me then to feel bad for asking you for help in an area I may need help in as well. If there is the ability to exchange advice or strengths, terrific. If there is not an opportunity to exchange skill for skill, then it is best to offer fair compensation for their time and skill, and not ask them to reduce a fee simply because you know them. That would be seen as rude.

Many people, on their own, will offer their services here and there on a free gratis basis for a friend, but it should never be asked of them or expected, but it should be an appreciated favor when it is offered and we should always show our deepest and sincere appreciation at those times. We all work for a living, so if we offered our services to everyone we know, freely, we would be a nice, poor person. It does not work for long, even if it sounds nice in theory.

4 | Family Review Magazine | |

------------------------------------------------------------------------ -YOUNG - - - - - - - - - - - - - CHAMPIONS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - OF - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AMERICA Coach Nathan! Please tell us, as a soccer coach for Young Champions of America in Arizona, the difference you have seen that it makes when parents are hands on with their children in the area of sports. By this I am meaning when they take the time to coach them off the field, at home in practice; as well as when they are there for their child to cheer them on and encourage them in their athletic efforts. Is there a noticable difference that you see?

Ask Sports Coach Nathan

Have a question for Coach Nathan? Send it to us for a chance to be featured here. ATT’N Coach Nate | | Family Review Magazine | 5

Stress ...

It is not a Silent Killer

Stress comes in many forms. There is good stress, such as a new job or having a baby. Then there is bad stress, such as the loss of a loved one, or losing a job in a bad economy. Whatever the reason for our stress, it has a much larger effect on us that simply making our palms sweat or giving us a headache. These are just outward signs of inward trouble. While these signs should be recognized and not carelessly dismissed as being nothing, they are not the problem in and of themself. Stress is at its highest when we feel out of control in a certain area. If we know we have a handle on the situation, we can usually relax and not give it much thought. However, when it is taken out of the realm of our comfort, control and confidence level, we begin to sweat it. L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y. Usually it is when life is SCREAMING at us, that we see our stress levels peak. When life is yelling that we have had enough and that we cannot take anymore, that there is no end to the problems we see around us. This is when our bodies, minds and spirits within begin to cry out in desperation and feel like there is no hope. This is the essence of stress at it’s highest point. When you feel like you are about maxed out in the stress department, it is time to (A) Take a step back and take a look at the situation from a different perspective. Try to disengage long enough to see the problem(s) through a different set of eyes, remembering that tomorrow will come, regardless if you do or do not have this stress in your life ... (B) Push forward in the areas you have input and impact for change in and then ... (C) Trust your creator to be there and to look after you in the areas you have relinquished control and allow Him to be who He is and do what He does best. Once you can do this, you will find your stressors do not have the impact on you they once had and your body will thank you for it. ...

Usually it is when life is SCREAMING at us, that we see our stress levels peak.

Relax ...

6 | Family Review Magazine | |

Kitchen Kapers Easy Egg Noodles so easy your cat could make them!

Serves 6-8

30 Min or less

Egg Noodle Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 pinch salt 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup milk 1 tablespoon butter

Instructions: In a large bowl, stir together the flour and salt. Add the beaten egg, milk, and butter. Knead dough until smooth, about 5 minutes. Let rest in a covered bowl for 10 minutes. On a floured surface, roll out to 1/8 or 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into desired lengths and shapes. Allow to air dry before cooking. To cook fresh pasta, in a large pot with boiling salted water cook until al dente. | | Family Review Magazine | 7

Be a SuperStar



Never feel llike being you is not enough. There is only one you and there will never be another, for all of eternity. Just like the snowflake, each being unique and beautiful in its own right, there is only one you, and you are special just as you are. No one has the same fingerprint, no one has the exact same thoughts and ideas, no one has the same contributions to make to this world. You are here by design, by a creator who saw all things, knew all things and decided in his infinite wisdom that you were needed for such a time as this in his great scheme of things. Have you figured out your purpose yet, or are you in search of that? Are you stuggling with who you really are and why you are here? I encourage you to look at the things you are passionate about. What drives you crazy? What brings you true joy? Somewhere in these areas you will find your purpose and right of passage in this life. When you find it, persue it. Find that one thing that you can do, and do unlike everyone else. That one thing you can make a difference by being your very best in. Find it - Persue it - Run with it. When you know what you are passionate about, what you do best and you decide to use it for making a difference, that passion inside will drive you to be a force to reckon with. There is no stopping someone when they are following their passions and dreams. No one can stop them, no one can tell them it will not work, because they know that they know. This is why YOU being YOU is so important. No one will have that deep passion in the same way that you will, in the same areas of this life that will drive you. So, I encourage you to slow down ... find that passion, find that dream, find that purpose ... and then RUN WITH IT! and LET NO ONE STOP YOU!!! You, and ONLY YOU can do it like you do. The world needs you. The world has you. Now let them see what you’ve got and what you are all about. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! 8 | Family Review Magazine | |

Lensen Drawing Kit See Our Review Here:

Company Name: Lensen Product Price: $29.00 Suggested Ages: 3+ Description: Creating art that can be felt through your fingertips, Lensen is a tactile drawing kit for you to expand art beyond seeing. The wool is captured smoothly while drawing on the specially developed hook tape book. The cutter is hidden safely in a shaft at the tip of the pen, making it simple to swipe and cut the wool while drawing. By using multiple textures of wool you can sense various tactile line in the art piece you are creating.

See our Review of the Children & Grief DVD Here:

This 40 minute film covers many aspects of grief including: My Story, What Grief Means To Me, Worries and Challenges, What Has Helped, Advice, Life After Death, Celebrate and Remember, What I’ve learned, Hopes and Dreams and I AM.

Children and Grief DVD Free Workbook Included

In Children and Grief, ten brave children share their stories of losing a loved one. We hear about their grief and loss, how they are coping and healing. Their advice for other children who have lost a loved one is honest, sincere and heartfelt. These children have experienced a life-changing event, yet they manage to share their stories with a sense of strength and resiliency. Viewers will be left with a sense of hope and an understanding that they are not alone in experiencing death.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* | | Family Review Magazine | 9

The Squeasy Snacker™ The most versatile reusable food pouch on the market. It was designed by parents for parents to provide easy feeding on-the-go. It is the only food pouch that offers the patent pending 2-in-1 NO SPILL INSERT™ for no spill or free flow. It is easy to fill, easy to use, easy to clean. Simply fill with delicious blends of freshly pureed food or add ready-made favorites like applesauce and yogurt. It also works great with water, milk and juice unlike other food pouches. The Squeasy Snacker™ is offered in a variety of colors and currently a 6oz and 3.5oz capacity depending on serving size desired. • EASY TO FILL: Features a wide opening. The collar and spout are easy to grip for opening and closing. EASY TO USE: Simply fill with delicious blends of your favorite nutritious snack. EASY TO CLEAN: The bottle can be turned inside out and all parts are top rack dishwasher safe. • 2-in-1 No Spill or Free Flow, you choose. Featuring removable NO SPILL INSERT. No need for separate spouts. Perfect for serving purees, smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, etc. It also works great for water, milk and juice unlike other food pouches. • Reversible 100% food-grade silicone bottle for easy cleaning. Collapses completely flat to prevent wasted contents. • Eco-Friendly! No Leak! No Mess! No need to pack the spoon, bowl, plate, cup, and bib. All you need is the “Squeasy”. • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free. Dishwasher Safe (Top rack) and Freezer Safe. SQUEEZE, ENJOY, CLEAN, and RE-USE!


10 | Family Review Magazine | |

CONTEST Email us your Birthdate along with your full name and we will not only enter your name for a chance to win a FREE GAME! but we will also send you special birthday offers and a list of freebies good for your birthday month!! BUSINESS OWNERS Send us your special offers and freebies for us to include, and we will add them FREE! | | Family Review Magazine | 11

12 | Family Review Magazine | |

Lyla Shares ... When I was three and a half, my mom asked me what I wanted to give my dad for a holiday gift. I told her right away that I wanted to give him a monster. I don’t remember why I said this or what I thought Daddy would do with a monster, but when my mom asked how we would get one, I told her we should make it. My mom makes costumes so she has a lot of fabric and stuff stored in the garage. I wanted to draw a picture of the monster, pick the fabrics, and then have her help me sew it together. It was a yellow monster with long, striped legs and arms, buttons for eyes and hair sticking straight up on the top of his head. I even wanted to make him a T-shirt to wear. Daddy loved his Monster! The next year, Mom asked if I thought other people might want a monster like I made for Daddy. She was selling some hats she made at a craft show and said I could have a table to sell monsters with her if I wanted. I thought it would be fun to make more monsters with my mom so I said, “yes”. This time the monsters were all different colors. Some were girls and some were boys. Some had horns, some had T-shirts, some wore tutus and some even had a pocket right on their belly! I picked the fabric for each monster and decided how it should look so that none of them were the same. My favorite part was picking the ribbons to make bows in the girl monsters’ hair. My mom and dad said since my monsters were so cute and happy that they must be good monsters. Since my name is Lyla and Lyla Tov means “good night” in Hebrew, we made them good monsters who can help keep scary monsters out from under beds so kids cannot get scared or have bad dreams at night. Mom told me that I could keep some of the money I made selling my monsters for my piggy bank. Some of the money would go into the bank to save for college and some of the money would go to a charity to help kids that needed it. I didn’t know if any monsters would

sell, but they did! We sold a lot of them!

After that, my mom and I kept making Lyla Tov Monsters at home, but it was a lot of work and took up a lot of space. My mom and dad decided that we should find a place that could make the Monsters for us. We made a purple Charlotte Monster wearing a pink tutu and a green Forrest Monster with a T-shirt and big ears. After we sold a lot of these Monsters, we could make more, so now we have four different kinds of Lyla Tov Monsters that people can buy on our website or in stores. I like knowing that my Lyla Tov Monsters help children have a good night sleep. It makes me happy when someone tells me how much they love their Monster or even goes to our website to buy another one because they love their first one so much. I also like choosing the children’s charity that we donate money to each year because it makes me feel good to know I can help kids who aren’t as lucky as I am. I don’t know for sure what I want to be when I grow up, but maybe I will still make Lyla Tov Monsters. I hope we can sell so many of them that every child in the world will have a Lyla Tov Monster to sleep with and not ever have to be scared or feel lonely in the middle of the night.

Lyla Tov Monsters | | Family Review Magazine | 13

• • • •


14 | Family Review Magazine | |

Read our Review of Her Latest Book ...

Jesus, The Gentle Parent In this examination of mainstream Christian parenting practices and the doctrinal beliefs behind them, best-selling author, L.R.Knost, debunks common cultural and theological beliefs about spanking, original sin, sin nature, submission, authority, obedience, breaking a child’s will, and more, along with providing grace-filled, gentle solutions to behavior issues.

Scan the Code to Visit the Author’s Page to make a donation to help with her fight against cancer or to keep up to date on her progress. Linda is an awesome woman and we are sending our love, thoughts and prayers her way and trusting for a full recovery on her behalf.

Mark 3:33-35 (NIV) 33 “Who are my mother and my brothers?” he asked. 34 Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! 35 Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” As siblings we sometimes fuss and fight, and carry on. Yet, when the hard times come, as they often do, it is our brothers and sisters that come alongside of us to help us make it through. It is our brothers and sisters who bear our load, when we are unable to do it anymore. It is our brothers and sisters who reassure us that everything is going to be okay, and we are going to make it. God designed it for us to never have to walk alone. If you feel alone today, reach out. Let someone know. Allow them the blessing of being there for you in your time of need. Many times we feel alone because we were too afraid or proud to share our struggles with others. Open up today and be loved. | | Family Review Magazine | 15

STAR OF THE MONTH Nancy, from Senseez, shared with us the following. When and how did your company form? In 2012. It was started by creating a pillow for my son! What is your mission statement? To help sooth and calm children! Please tell us a little about your family. I am a Mom with a son with special needs. What are your goals for 2015? To see more children benefit from Senseez. What were your top accomplishments of 2014? We accomplished a lot! We have almost 100 vendors selling Senseez, plus almost 10 vendors Internationally! We also completed a clinical trial with very positive results. What was the hardest part in launching your product and/or company? The financing for development and production. And now keeping up with demands! What is your one piece of key advice for new entrepreneurs? Personal contacts is the way to go. I have spoken personally to every one of our vendors.

WEBSITE REVIEW of the Senseez Vibrating Heart Pillow


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Having a much larger line of soothing and calming products. What is your next big adventure? We are working on a new collection. It will be revealed later in 2015! What would be your dream vacation? With all my kids cruising....anywhere! What is your favorite hobby? I like reading. And watching detective shows! How do you relax? Spending time with my family.

16 | Family Review Magazine | |

Send us your event so we can add it next month - @No charge ...

MIPTV 2015 April 13 @ 8:00 am - April 15 @ 5:00 pm Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France MIPTV is the world’s most-established TV and digital content market and the biggest gathering of entertainment industry professionals each April. Top television execs and creative talent from 100 countries converge in Cannes to forge early-stage content development partnerships and seal international distribution deals for the year ahead. Fall Toy Preview Tuesday, October 6 – Thursday, October 8, 2015 Dallas Market Center / World Trade Center Dallas, Texas Show Hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ABC Kids Expo Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada October 8-21, 2015

SEND US YOUR UPCOMING EVENTS !!! We will list them for free. | | Family Review Magazine | 17

Family Review & Award Center 16772 W Bell Road Suite #110-482 Surprise, AZ 85374 Family Review Center launched in Washington State in 2000. At that time reviews and awards were just starting to gain a foothold in the online world. You did not find bloggers on every corner offering them, and you did not find many avenues to help promote a new product free of charge. Little did we know back then what it would grow into. I see all of the growth as a positive thing for those who are entering the marketplace with their new ideas and products. There are now so many ways to share what you have to offer, with so many different audiences available to reach. Usually two businesses will have some overlap in those they serve, but most will be unique, so the more places one shares their products, the more exposure they will receive. And if you want growth in your business and sales, this is vitally important. Family Review and Award Center offers a broad array of services for our clients, both free and paid alike. We love what we do and we do what we love, so we are good at it. From free reviews, to a full awards program, which is free but we do charge for the graphics and advertising packages that go with them. We also offer coaching on a small scale, to those we work with on a free and as needed basis. We are all about seeing our clients succeed and sharing great products we find with those who rely on us to keep them in the know. That is what keeps us going, is the curiosity and needs of those who visit our site, follow us in social media, and read our magazine. They want to know what new products are worth their time and money and they know that we will not post a review unless we think they will like the product. We do not post negative product reviews because we figure there are enough places to go for those - we share only products that pass our test of quality and pricing. We are a company that likes to help others. If this was just about the numbers game, we would have gotten out of it when the economy was so bad and times were slow because no one had the money to spend on advertising etc. This is a passion and an avenue where we can be of help, to help others succeed and that is where the payoff is found for us and that is our biggest reward. When I see one of those we reviewed in the prelaunch stage, walk out on TV for Shark Tank or QVC, HSN or the likes, or I see their product hit the shelf at Walmart or Target ... I smile a proud smile, much like I’ve done with my own children as I’ve watched them succeed. I am here, cheering them on! I want to see them go far and I take great pleasure in it when I see they surpass what they ever expected or dreamed. And when they drop me a note as they progress, thanking me and sharing their successes with me - I LOVE IT! Who could ask for more? I am truly blessed as I reach out to bless others. Thank you for being a part of the “Family Review Family!” We love having you here and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. We are setting out to lauch some new and exciting campaigns to change things up a bit and make it even better.. so stay tuned and watch for the announcements. It is going to get crazy but it is going to be AWESOME!! And you all will be able to be a part of it. Thanks again and God Bless. 18 | Family Review Magazine | |

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