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AWARD EDITION January 2015

Meet The Stars of 2014 ... Key To The Front Door ... Sir Licksalot & The Bay Fools Zeenie Dollz : Sini ... Senseez Heart Pillow The Gentle Parent ... The Smart Playbook Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids ... Superhero Purecare Bathroom Cleaner ... Sea Songs CD

The Family Review

Welcome, 2015! We greet you with open arms and with anticipation for great things to come in our homes, in our businesses and in our world!


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Star of the Month Page 3-4 This Month: DL Carroll, Author Award Winners Page 7-8 This month Best of the Year 2014 Birthday Club Page 6 - We Celebrate YOU, our readers!

... Crax & Hax

Strange smell in your hotel room? Tape a fabric softener sheet to the a/c (heater) unit and turn it on for a few minutes. Take a photo of the business cards people give to you, using your phone, so you have the information handy in case you lose the card. When traveling, place a bar of scented soap in with your dirty laundry to keep them smelling fresher. Bounce batteries from about 6� in the air to see if they are good or bad. If they bounce a little bounce and fall, they are good. If they bounce more than that they are dead or on their way out. Use your cellphone light under a plastic juice container, filled with water, to make a nice lantern.

When and how did your company form? By chance. While taking a sabbatical in late 2006, I accepted a NANO writing contest challenge to write a novel in 30 days. My son wanted to read it but it was adult material. He asked me to write him a book. Since he struggled to find reading material that kept his interest for SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) I wrote him a story about a dog named Sir Licksalot. In 2008 Children’s Chapter Book, Sir Licksalot & The Maverick Fools, was published followed by Sir Licksalot & The Island Fools in 2012, Sir Licksalot & The Arctic Fools in 2013, and Sir Licksalot & The Bay Fools in 2014. What is your mission statement? Write to ignite a child’s desire to read and then leave a paw print on their heart. Please tell us a little about your family. I am a single mom, with an 18 year old son in his first year of college. We live in the the Silicon Valley. Another member of our family is a miniature dachshund named, Rocky. When Rocky was a puppy my son was just 5 years old. Rocky woke him up every morning with wet kisses. One morning my son told him, “Stop, Sir Licksalot!” Rocky is the inspiration behind the mischievous & inquisitive character, Sir Licksalot. What are your goals for 2015? Looking ahead for 2015...Ideas for book 5 are keeping me awake at night. An outline is drafted. It is my intention to complete this manuscript. I am also planning to make a couple school visits. Increasing awareness of the series is always a goal. More online presence and social media attention will be a focus. What were your top accomplishments of 2014? In 2014, the Sir Licksalot Series was featured in Bay Area Parent Magazine and also in a local newspaper. A science camp embraced Sir Licksalot & The Arctic Fools, carrying it on their book shelves for the campers to read. A 5th grade class read Sir Licksalot & The Arctic Fools, and highly recommended the teacher to purchase the entire series for her future classes. The 4th book in the series, Sir Licksalot & The Bay Fools, was published and released in late October. Family Review Center’s timely efforts for the pre-published review resulted in a Seal of Approval recommendation & the most recent “Best of the Year” honor for book 4. It was a great year for the Sir Licksalot Series. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Learning how to write cartoon scripts. What is your next big adventure? My vision for the future is turning each book into a 30 minute cartoon. How do you relax? I love to visit the beach and go for walks in the mountains. I am a big fan of the movie theater too.

Interview with DL Carroll Continued ... What would be your dream vacation? A 3 week trip to Europe. What is your favorite hobby? That is easy, writing! What was the hardest part in launching your product and/or company? The hardest part was learning about the publishing industry. What is your one piece of key advice for new entrepreneurs? Educate yourself about your market. It is exhausting,

yet exciting, at the same time. Determination and passion will help you conquer the roadblocks, and in my case as an author, rejection and criticism.

You can learn more about DL Carroll and her book series by viewing her website, facebook page, and our review center. Website: Facebook: Review #1: Review #2: Review #3: Review #4:

Stay tuned for next month’s Star of the Month, when we feature Don Winn, Author of Superhero - Review #3086

January Contest of the Month This month’s CONSUMER contest is all about Valentines Day! Send us an email, sharing how your lover inspires you to be a better partner and/or parent. Send this to us at by the deadline, which is February 28, 2015. One winner will be announced Feb 28, 2015. * No purchase necessary This month’s BUSINESS contest is all about our love for our clients! Send us your business card for a chance to win 1/2 page ad within the magazine for the March issue. One winner will be notified Feb 28! Mail to: Family Review Center 16772 W Bell Road Suite #110-482 Surprise, AZ 85374

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Easy Glazed Baby Carrots

2 small bags of peeled Baby Carrots, or 1 large bag 1/2 Cup Honey 1 1/2 teaspoon Ginger 1 Cube Butter 3/4 Cup Brown Sugar

Boil or steam baby carrots until tender Drain all water from the carrots On low heat, melt a stick of butter in the pot and stir to ensure it evenly coats all carrots Add the honey and again, stir until evenly distributed Add the ginger, and stir again Add the brown surgar and stir to evenly distribute. Continue stirring on low heat until all of the brown sugar is melted and forms a nice glaze on the carrots.

Serve immediately. Serves 6-8

tt Email us your child’s birthday and first name, as well as your state and we will send them birthday greetings on the website and in the magazine! Everyone loves to be in the spotlight on their birthday! email:


Mom Moments ...

Sometimes it takes stepping back from the situation to see it clearly. There is nothing wrong with taking a time out for us as parents too. This helps us to see the big picture, to calm ourselves and to make a plan that is best for all parties involved. We can become so upset and stressed, that we lose sight of what is really important ... which is our love for the other person(s) and our concern for their best interest and our relationship with them. We need to keep it real and admit to our limitations. Not always do we have all of the answers and not always do we make the right choices, but we need to practice practical resolutions by just taking the time to slow down and think it through. We may even need to ask for the input of someone from outside the scene, to gain proper perspective ... but it will be worth it to do what is necessary to get it right and not bring damage to our relationships and to those we love. The old saying that says words can never hurt me, LIED! Words do hurt and they leave scars. Let us choose our words wisely, so we bring no harm to anyone we encounter... be it family, friend or foe... no one deserves our hurt.


Funny Bone


Last month I started on a new diet ... so far I have lost 30 days. If you ever wish to call a family meeting, turn off the wifi and wait in the room where the router is located.

The World Unknown ... The Principality of SEALAND Population: 4 Sealand boasts a living area of 5,920 square feet, multiple bedrooms, a chapel and a prison. In WW2, The British Army built fortresses in the N. Sea, to defend the coast. Maj. Roy Bates occupied one of these fortresses, and in 1967 it became known as Sealand. Head of State - Prince Michael Bates

Location: North of the Thames River

Currency: Sealand Dollar Size: 657.8 square yard

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L.R. Knost is a loving wife, mother and author. Her work is both admired and praised by many, as she works diligently to help parents young and old discover the path to loving parenting, using a positive approach, rather than the negatives we often hear proclamied in parenting books and articles. We have reviewed man of her books and granted her many awards. At the time of this magazine going to print we have a copy of her latest book in the office ready for review soon. Today I insert this little information tidbit, as she is fighting the battle of a lifetime ... in fact, she is battling for her life. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She fought it once, and then it came back quickly with a vengence. Her friends and family have set up a page for donations to help this beautiful family, as the costs of medical treatment for cancer is enormouse and when you are fighting this battle your income becomes idle, as you are unable to focus on much else than living and fighting. I encourage our readers to please go to her page and read her story and if you have a little to help, please do. Thank you for your thoughts and consideration. If you have a warm and inspiring message you wish to send her way, you are welcome to post it on her page, or you can email us and we will be happy to pass it along, just be sure to put in the subject line LR KNOST NOTE, so we can get it directly to her. Here is the link, to learn more or to make a donation - large or small: Again, Thank you for caring! Thank you for sharing! ~ Executive Editor, Rita

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