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Providing Effective Information to the Physician

February 1998


Volume 98 Number 1

Practicing Good Medicine

It's Time to Get Moving

Our emphasis is on providing service for our patients that is both personal and results-oriented. Being able to correctly identify patient problems and the actual source(s) of pain and/or dysfunction has been the key to our success as practitioners. In doing so, we have been able to address the problem much faster, thereby decreasing the overall duration of treatment. This approach ultimately creates healthcare savings.

“Just Do It!”, the Nike ad encourages. And now there is a new ad that pictures a blue-jeaned bottom with a slogan that demands, “Get off it!”. The campaign has begun to get America moving.

More importantly, we strive to maintain a level of personalized care for each patient. We feel that this is successful in developing the patient’s trust and confidence in the practitioner. The associated positive outlook directly affects the outcome of any treatment approach that we may pursue. In our practice, the patient comes first. In an environment where business people strive to harness medicine, the only “good” medicine is provided by fellow practitioners who care about the patient and the quality of the care. By working with a full array of treatment techniques emphasizing hands-on care, Family Physical Therapy Services can offer the patients you refer to us the results we are all striving for. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to assure quality healthcare by continuing to think of Family Physical Therapy Services first when you have patients in need of physical therapy.

Last summer the Surgeon General released a report on the recommendations for and the benefits of exercise. Moderate activity on a regular basis has unarguable benefits. Most of us know either from experience or from what we have heard that this is true, yet 60% of Americans lead a sedentary life. We are an increasingly busy society, with many demands placed on us, but technology makes it less physically challenging to get things done. So we are sitting more and physically stimulated less and our bodies cry for activity and our response is, “I just don’t have the time.” So how is the balance met? How do we find the time to do all that needs to be done and still find time for the physical activity that our body deserves? In order to answer those questions, I think that it is important to first address the benefits of exercise. Basically this answers the question, “Well, what do I get out of it?” According to Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the Surgeon General regular physical activity allows the following benefits:

• greatly reduces the risk of dying of coronary artery disease;

If you have any questions regarding our practice, please feel free to contact us directly at your convenience. We look forward to working with you in the future.

• significantly reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, and colon cancer;

• enhances mental health; • promotes healthy muscles, bones, and joints; and The Able Body Newsletter is published by Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc., 176 S. River Rd., Bedford, NH 03110-6925, 603-472-3787. Send all requests to this address, Attention: Editor.

• helps older adults maintain functional ability and

Cont. from page 1, "It's Time to Get Moving" maintain independence. So now that you know the benefits of exercise, the question is “ What do I have to do to obtain these benefits?” The Surgeon General’s report recommends moderate exercise on most if not all days. Examples of moderate exercise include the following:

get clearance to exercise, but we still haven’t figured out when you are going to exercise. First you should know that when you exercise you have more energy, you are more productive, your body requires less sleep, and


• a 30 minute brisk walk, • a 15 minute run, or • 45 minutes of volleyball. It is also recommended that strength training be done at least 2 times per week, including 1-2 sets of 8-12 repetitions for all major muscle groups. There are certain times when you should not exercise without a physicians approval. People diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or any other chronic illness should be examined by their physician and given an individualized exercise program. Also, previously inactive men over 40 and women over 50, and those at risk for heart disease should see a physician before beginning an exercise program. We have answered the questions of why you should exercise, how you should exercise, and when you should We are open Monday through Friday, with early morning and evening hours available. FPTS is an approved provider for: Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthsource, and most independent third party insurance carriers. Direct insurance billing is provided for your convenience.

As part of our practice of keeping you informed about the latest treatments in physical therapy and our expanding resources to meet you and your patients' needs, we welcome your questions. Our clinicians are willing to answer any questions that you have and meet with you at your convenience to present inservices to your staff. Simply call us to set up a convenient time.

Continuing Education Providing high-quality treatment to our patients means staying on top of new and improved techniques. Recent continuing education courses attended by our staff include: • Strain and Counterstrain • Fascial Mobilization • MENS and Mechanics - Cervical and Lumbar Dysfunction • Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis, Sacrum, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine • Upper Extremity Sports Injuries

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Family Physical Therapy February 1998 Newsletter  

diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, and colon cancer; We hope that you will join us in our efforts to assure qual...

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