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MAY 2016

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Editor’s letter Hello and a welcome to my May Issue of Family Living Magazine. In this Issue I have some great tips for spending quality time with your mum this mothers day as well as ways to help dissolve the supermum myth that a lot of us a striving to live up to. I interviewed 2 inspiring mums who are running their own businesses and balancing family life; Emma Lovell and Uldouz Van Eenoo. Im also excited to announce that Family Living Magazine have now teamed up with Northern Beaches Kids Guide who will be providing our monthly Whats On Guide as well as interesting local articles for families.



Dont forget to enter our Mothers Day Giveaway and in this issue we are also giving away 3 Kids Zoob packs valued at $117.95 each.


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In this issue… 6

The Newport- Now Open


Dissolving The Supermum Myth


Spending Time with Mum This Mothers Day


Sandcastles Childcare


Meet Emma Lovell from Fly Babee


Kids Giveaway


Spotlight On Uldouz From The Mothers Den




Top 5 Northern Beaches Playgrounds


What’s On Calendar?

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Set on the stunning shores of Pittwater with a variety of outdoor dining spaces and bars, The Newport re-opened its doors over the Easter long weekend. The Newport is home to a diverse marketplace of food and drink experiences crafted by Executive Chef Sebastien Lutaud and pizza maestro Vincenzo Biondini. The Burger Shack offers sizzling grass-fed beef and tender chicken burgers with soft potato buns, melting cheese and classic condiments while Vinnie’s Pizzeria serves up lightlycharred, wood-fired creations from the open kitchen. If that’s not enough to satisfy the little ones, families can also tuck into grilled fish, classic fish and chips, seasonal salads and smoked meats. There is also a host of outlets for big and small to quench their thirst. Kids will find their favourite offering at The Kiosk, where little tongues will be wagging for the Strawberry Orbit, Banana Rama or Cheeky Chocolate smoothies and delicious cold pressed juices. For adults, 6 | familyliving magazine

a wide selection of wine, beers and quintessentially Sydney drinks are on offer. Frozen cocktails such as the Yuzu (made famous at the pop-Asian hangout Ms.G’s), Pina Colada, Miami Vice and Strawberry Slushie are served alongside margaritas and classics - all drinks made to sip as the sun sets over the peninsula. The Newport presents an exciting programme of free events and activities every week. Over the Easter long weekend, children enjoyed face painting, Easter egg hunts and bunny rabbits and a petting zoo. Gold coins donations were collected for ‘Mums for Mums’, a local charity group supporting families of Newport, Bilgola Plateau and Avalon Public Schools through times of illness and bereavement. Similar games and activities, such as balloon twisting and petting zoos will be available for kids to enjoy every weekend. For children and adults young at heart, The Newport also features a unique games area inspired by a vintage gymnasium - think badminton, ping

pong tables, exercise bikes that can charge mobile phones and a giant magnetic scrabble board. Of the iconic venue’s relaunch, Justin Hemmes said “The Newport is at the heart of so many wonderful memories in the local community, so it is incredibly important for us to honour this as we create the new chapter in its history. With its sprawling grounds, magnificent landscaping and team of over 450 passionate locals, this is one of the biggest ventures we have ever undertaken. We are so excited and proud to finally open the first phase�.

The Newport has been welcomed by the Northern Beaches as a vibrant gathering place that offers a diverse range of spaces to laugh, play, dine and admire the unrivalled views.Drawing on influences from Montauk, The Hamptons and the Mediterranean, the reimagining of The Newport has been led by a team including Kelvin Ho and Emilie Delalande of Akin Creative, stylist Amanda Talbot and Justin and Bettina Hemmes. Due to the sheer scale of the property, Merivale has planned a gradual and thoughtful approach to its redevelopment, with stages two and three set to be revealed later in 2016.

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Dissolving The

Supermum Myth The role of a mother is a truly beautiful and life-changing experience for any women. It is the opportunity to shape and have a profound impact on another human beings journey. This role appears in many diverse forms for different women, dependent on beliefs, religion, culture and country of birth. At times, this can also result in external pressures to follow certain customs or behavioral patterns in order to feel socially accepted and considered the ‘ideal mother figure’.

The list of expectations required to fit the ideal mother mold is often unrealistic and a setup for failure. The expectation to lead the family’s role of the cook, cleaner, psychologist, friend, doctor, teacher, nurse and more, is guaranteed to cause physiological and psychological stress within the family dynamics when the mother falls short to this stereotype. No human being has enough hours in a day, or the vitality to lead the copious role expectations at their top potential. Wearing too many hats simply sacrifices quality for quantity. To produce a new generation of highly empowered mothers, it would be wise to make key changes to the old motherhood stereotype. Put simply, It’s time to drop the super mum gig! When we put the needs of others in 8 | familyliving magazine

the family continually before our own, we exaggerate our altruistic persona and decrease our selfworth. Such exchanges store built up resentment and tension unconsciously over time. This resentment later explodes once our values are later challenged. As a consequence, mothers may experience deep resentment towards children or partners for assisting them to acquire their valued goals in life and in return feeling they have lost time or sacrificed on achieving their own. Alternatively, If we continually put our values above others within the family dynamics, we can experience shame or guilt for perceiving we have been too narcissistic and inconsiderate. This also minimizes our self-worth as we later feel the need to sacrifice and over compensate to restore an equilibrated balance. You may be wondering what is required to create a fair exchange? The answer is balance! A balanced exchange between ourselves and others creates an increase in self-worth for everyone involved. The key is making sure as a mother that you have an equilibrated exchange of self-

fulfillment levels, vitality, self-worth, decrease stress levels and resentments. You’re already an amazing mother. Give yourself permission to shine as much as you give others permission to and you will restore balance in the family dynamics.

Take the time to set clear boundaries for yourself and your family. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour daily, achieving inspiring goals for you. Set personal objectives for the next day, week, month and year, ensuring that you achieve at least one personal goal weekly. Set highly valuable goals in all seven areas of life (Physical, financial, mental, spiritual, social, vocational, family). The time allocated to your goals and being authentically you will increase your

Thank you to Emmanuel from The Emmanuel Anthony Institute. Emmanuel is a human


time to other time. Doing so may mean some adjustments in your schedule, but it’s well worth it. Start off by identifying the value in spending time with and away from your family. Learn to understand how achieving your goals can serve your family and inspire them to follow in your footsteps.

behavioural expert dedicated to living an inspired life teaching universal laws of which will assist humanity to achieve the results they desire in all area’s of life by maximising their potential and evolving their conscious awareness. EmmanuelsLifeCoachingPage P: +61 3 8680 2357 I M: +61 422 218 710 I E:

Ignite your child’s passion for sport and exercise We are Australia’s leading sport program for 2.5–6 year olds! • Over 50 locations across NSW • Small class sizes • FREE trial available Franchise opportunities available

RSG???? 1300 766 892

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Spend Quality Time with Your Mum This Mothers Day Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you’ll be needing a decent idea up your sleeve. Your dear old mum deserves a treat, after all, and this is the day when you can show her a bit of well deserved gratitude for all of her hard work bringing you up. But what should you buy? Why not, instead of simply snapping up chocolates and flowers, think about something you can ‘do’ rather than ‘give’? Arranging an activity on or around Mother’s Day is a great way to spend some quality time with your mum and give her an experience to remember. Here are six ideas to get you started: 10 | familyliving magazine

Recreate a moment One nice way to show you appreciate your mum and the time she spent on you when you were young is to recreate something from those days. Maybe there’s a picture on the mantle piece in a park of you and her that you could re-stage, looking as you do now? You’d have a laugh getting the picture and then you could upload it to PhotoBox and create a gift to sit alongside the old pic for a long-lasting present. A nice meal You cannot go wrong with food. Pick your mum’s favourite restaurant, book it now before all the tables are taken and you’re bound to put a smile on her face.

Day trip Just like the photo opportunity idea, there’s a chance to roll back the years and take your mum to one of your favourite family haunts with a day trip. Alternatively, why not whisk her away shopping or sightseeing to somewhere she wouldn’t normally get to visit? The nicer the scenery the better the idea. Make it fun and it’ll be a memorable Mother’s Day.

Fun for all ages There’s a chance that your mum is also a grandma these days too. Plan in some quality cross-generational time by doing something that involves you all. Why not doing some crafts or baking? It’ll be extra special if you involve your mum and children in something you used to do with your mum as a child.


A glass of wine would go down well too. Maybe even club together with brothers and sisters and make it a suprise family occasion.

Put some thought into Mother’s Day, plan ahead and arrange an activity that shows her just how much you appreciate her.

Pamper day Imagine how much your mum would enjoy a bit of time to put her feet up and properly relax. It’s probably a rarity so that’ll make it even more of a treat when you spring a surprise pamper day on her for Mother’s Day. Book a spa or a treatment or even just offer to take all the chores off her hands for the day. It’ll go down a treat. Thanks to for this article

Tickets There’s a good chance that your mum harbours a secret desire to see that musical, film, play, concert (delete as appropriate) that she has always loved but just needs someone to go along with her. Be that someone for Mother’s Day. Snap up a ticket and take her for a treat. Your dad might be pleased about not having to bother taking her too familyliving magazine | 11

Enrol Now at Sandcastles Childcare and Receive 1 Week of Care Free* Sandcastles Childcare Centres have been a part of the Northern Beaches community for over eight years. The seven centres in the group are committed to the families within the community and have a strong emphasis on good, honest and open communication between educators and families. The staff and educators pride themselves on their ability to listen, understand and communicate with parents about their child’s development and their developmental needs. The strong relationships with families which are built from this are important in fostering children’s learning and wellbeing. Centre Manager of Sandcastles Elanora Heights, Melissa Silverman, has been part of the Sandcastles group for six years. Ms Silverman’s son attends the centre and has developed a love of learning through the well-resourced learning environments where children are safe to explore and express themselves. “At Sandcastles, we focus on providing environments that are secure, loving, caring, nurturing and free from bias and judgment,” Ms Silverman said. 12 | familyliving magazine

Emily O’Brien has been the Centre Manager at Sandcastles Mona Vale for over four years and also has her children at the centre. “Being a parent and having three daughters at the centre, I have a strong understanding of the importance of constancy between the home and the centre. We pride ourselves in working closely with all of our families to ensure a coherent and stable environment for the child from the home to the centre.” Sandcastles Kalang Road Centre Manager, Amy Quinnell, said the centres actively aim to extend and develop each child’s skills, knowledge and interests. “At Sandcastles, we believe that each child should be respected and valued as an individual. We believe that play is essential to a young child’s learning and encourage the development of a positive self-concept and positive selfesteem,” she said. With limited vacancies available, please contact your local Sandcastles centre for more information or visit www. *Conditions apply. Please contact your local Centre Manager for full terms and conditions.

LOCAL BUSINESS familyliving magazine | 13

Meet Emma Lovell from

Fly Babee

1. What did you do before you started Fly Babee? Originally I was a high school teacher of Business Studies and IT. When I came to Australia I spent the winters as a Contiki Tour Guide and the summers as a climb leader on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After tearing myself away from those dream jobs, I became General Manager of a group of children’s entertainment centres and then I started working as a contractor for large start-ups. The last job I had before starting Fly Babee was on the start-up team of Q Station Retreat – a hotel on Sydney’s famous Quarantine Station. 2. How was Fly Babee born? Five years ago, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and given just nine months to live. My baby girl was just five months old at the time, and I made the difficult decision to relocate to the UK to help care for my mum during her final year. I left my husband behind, so during that time, we flew back and forth from Sydney to London four times in 9 months. Flying with a baby is difficult - The airline bassinets are in the main thoroughfare of the plane and there’s so much going on. This over-stimulates your baby and makes it near to impossible to get them to sleep when they need to – which in turn it leads to overtiredness and this is the worst problem to fix. 14 | familyliving magazine

I found myself rigging up all kinds of sheets and tape to cover my daughter but none of them were effective. I looked everywhere on the market for something that might help, but found nothing. Months after my mum passed away, I found myself still thinking about the fact that there was nothing out there to help travelling with babies easier. With a little encouragement from my husband, I set about designing something and that’s when Fly Babee was born. 3. How did you get the opportunity to go on the TV Show The Shark Tank? I received a text message from a friend one-day reading “you should apply!” Attached to the message was a picture of her TV. On it was an advert from Channel 10 promoting “Australian Entrepreneur” a new show looking for people that had an interesting business and looking for investment. I took a look and started filling out the application straight away and then I spoke to my husband about it. He wasn’t keen and told me to not apply. I left it for ages and it kept creeping back in my mind and about 3 weeks later, I just logged on, closed my eyes and hit the submit button. They called me about 10 minutes later and told me about Shark

5. What tips could you give our readers who have a great business idea and

want to get it off the ground? First of all – Be brave! You rarely get anywhere in life by constantly playing it safe – so you will need to take some risks but try to only make well calculated risks. Set a budget but be prepared to double it and if you set a time limit – be prepared to triple it. Do you research and make sure others think it’s also a good idea. Find yourself a mentor, research people and ask them to help – you’ll be surprised at how generous some successful people are with their time.


Tank… the name was a lot less friendly than the earlier working title don’t you think? 4. What did you learn from the Shark Tank Experience? That I can handle anything…. Oh my goodness, I truly was out of my comfort zone in that Tank. It was one of the most unnerving and terrifying things that I’ve ever done…. And I’ve been quite brave along the way! You’re drilled by the sharks for a lot longer than you can imagine. As a viewer you get to see a 10 minute snippet of what goes on, but I was in there for over an hour answering questions – some of the questions, I had never considered the answer for so you really have to be thinking on your feet!

6. How can our readers purchase a Fly Babee? Fly Babee offers Free Postage Australia Wide and ships internationally at:

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16 | familyliving magazine

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Sydney's Most Beautiful Baby Store Is Here Combining a big brand baby store with a chic boutique, the new Babyography on Sydney's Northern Beaches, has achieved a stunning space that new parents are going to love. Babyography’s new store sets a new bench mark in baby retail, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for new parents, family and friends. Beautiful unique products not seen in any other baby shop sit along side well-known brands and products, making Babyography a one stop shop to design your perfect nursery, choose a pram and car seat, and pick out the cutest outfit for your little one. Spanning over 700 square metres, Babyography is conveniently located at the major cross road of the Northern Beaches at 577 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, Sydney, with plenty of under ground parking. Instore Features: 

Beautifully styled nursery's and bedrooms, designed in conjunction with interior designer Jennifer Bright, offers parents inspiration and ideas for their nursery. Products not usually seen in a baby store allows parent to customise and add personality to there little ones nursery/bedroom.

Interactive Pram track allows parent to test prams on various surfaces...with the Sydney harbour bridge in the background!

The super cool night light cave is every little kids dream as they choose their very own nightlight. It is also perfect for parents wanting to check out the night vison features on our large range of baby monitors.

Clothing boutique filled with sweet onesies, designer dresses and a sleeping bag range to keep little one cosy and warm.

Onsight car seat fittings by RMS (formally RTA) trained and authorised installers BabySafe Child Restraints.

The Info-hub Ipad station allows customers to look up our informative Babyography website for product specifications, features, related products and more.

Online store ( allows customer from anywhere in Sydney to purchase the unique ranges on offer no matter where they live

Olga Lukich, owner of Babyography says ‘’We really wanted to create something special and unique, a truly beautiful store that is for the modern parent looking for something different. I believe we have done that. We want parents to come in to our store and experience that WOW moment.” Babyography stocks all major brands across all baby categories including, Bugaboo, Mountain Buggy, Safe-n- Sound, Boor, Oeuf, Stokke, Angelcare, Avent and much much more. For more information and/or photography please contact Kay Kennedy on 043807162 or

18 | familyliving magazine







ZOOB 75 piece box – including instructions for 16 creations. RRP $34.95 ZOOB Mobile Car Designer Kit – 76 ZOOB pieces in special colours designed for building vehicles, plus wheels and instructions for 12 vehicles. RRP $54.95 ZOOB Z-bricks – connect moveable ZOOB pieces onto all popular brands of building bricks with Z-bricks parts. The set comes with 12 ZOOB connectors in 4 styles with a brick bottom to connect with other plastic bricks, plus 18 classic ZOOB pieces. RRP $27.95

To enter - like family living magazine on facebook and tell us why you deserve to win. Entries open 1st May and winners drawn 19th may familyliving magazine | 19

SPOTLIGHT ON U THE MOTH Uldouz Van Eenoo is the founder of The Mother’s Den, a home away from home for the new breed of mum entrepreneur. Through their networking events and online community, they give you a space where you can be heard and supported all while meeting other mums who are speaking your language. What inspired you to start your company the Mothers Den? When I was starting out in business, I had a hard time finding a group I connected with who understood what it was like to have a business while also trying to be my best self at home. The groups I tried were either too focused on the ‘mum’ aspect or didn’t take it into account at all. I wanted to create a productive environment where business owners and entrepreneurs could come and talk freely about the challenges of trying to make it all work and be supported on that journey without it being overrun by the narrative of how hard it is. I also wanted to make great business information more accessible to women with kids. So many seminars, workshops or networking events are either held in the early morning during the school/ breakfast rush, or of an evening during 20 | familyliving magazine

the dinner/bed/bath chaos. It was important to me that we provide our audience with brilliant information to help them with their business growth is a way that’s as easy as possible. What is your business philosophy? I have two actually. One of my favourite mantras is “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. I think we live in a society where we like to blame others for why things aren’t going our way and I find that really unproductive. Secondly, I believe in running my own race. I used to spend too much time worrying about what other people were doing and how fast they were progressing. Then I realised that if the reason that I wasn’t moving as fast as them was because I’d just spent the day at the beach playing in the sand with my kids, then that was a pretty good trade off. What are some of the benefits that the members of The Mothers Den report? We get so much feedback about how nice it is to spend time with other people who understand the same life path. Often the people in our life, as supportive as they may be, simply don’t get our experience as a business


ULDOUZ FROM HERS DEN owner with kids. We also get loads of feedback about how our events are a much needed retreat - a couple of uninterrupted hours to meet amazing people and focus on bettering yourself. How do you see the company evolving in the future? We are building a membership program which will go live in the first half of the year. There is so much love and heart going into this program and it’s really important that the membership provides a virtual space where our members feel understood, supported and empowered to create the life they want for themselves - whatever that may look like.

on balancing family and your own business? Be clear and realistic about what you want out of both, what the best version of you looks like in each and where the gaps are. You have to enjoy the journey and not let life pass you by as you embark on the all consuming process of building up a business. To get in touch with the Mothers Den or to attend the next Brunch Session, head over to:

How can our readers get in touch and join? You can visit our website (www. to find out information about our upcoming events and private coaching if you feel like you need a little extra push to get back on track. By signing up to our mailing list, you’ll get first information about our membership and release dates. Can you give our readers any advice familyliving magazine | 21


KINDER GYM KIDS FROM 1.5 - 3 YRS OLD mum’s or dad’s participate





mum’s and dad’s now get to watch

mum’s and dad’s can relax with a coffee



Manly Warringah 22 | familyliving magazine Gymnastic Club - 24 Middleton Road, Cromer NSW 2099

Tel: 02 9972 9222 Fax: 02 9971 1747 e-mail:

John Colet School

Enriched learning, Inspired Students John Colet School is a multi-faith coeducational infants and primary school in Belrose with a strong emphasis on character development and spiritual values such as self-awareness, presence and attention. At the same time, the school has a record of achieving high academic results and also has a commitment to an enriched education, for all students, which includes an annual Shakespeare Festival, choral singing and classical languages. Another unusual aspect of John Colet School, which has led to proven results in terms of both character development and academic success, is that students



Enriched learning, inspired students K-6 co-educational, multi-faith school 6 Wyatt Avenue, Belrose, NSW 2085 Telephone: 9451 8395

stay with the same teacher for 3 years in Infants and for 4 years in Primary. Our teachers use modern teaching methods such as open, enquiry based learning and iPads, as well as more traditional methods such as learning times tables, grammar and so on by heart. Another dimension of the school which gives the children focus and resilience is Mindfulness. We have been teaching children simple acts of Mindfulness for more than 30 years. And our multi-faith philosophy introduces the children to their responsibilities as global citizens. We have found over the years that our approach prepares students for success in high school, and life beyond, and instils in them fine qualities of courage, resilience, fair-play and empathy. John Colet School is consistently placed among the top ranking primary schools in Australia. Come along to our Open Day on Sunday 29th May 9:30am-2pm and visit our classrooms, meet with our teachers, find out about our inspired teaching, be entertained by our students and enjoy our delicious food and free entertainment. 6 WyattAve Belrose NSW 2085 Telephone 9451 8395 familyliving magazine | 23

If you are yet to take the kids to the dentist, we recommend visiting Little Smiles Family Dental in Mona Vale.

machine, tooth fairy letterbox and a kids room complete with books, toys and a Playstation.

Little Smiles Family Dental is a family friendly practice that makes going to the dentist fun for kids and mums and dads too!

Kids are entertained in our playroom with an iPad, Playstation, giant chalk wall, books, toys, colouring in and more. We play with the kids to help them feel relaxed and comfortable before their checkup.

Their brand new, state of the art dental surgery has been custom built with inchair iPads, ceiling mounted TVs, coffee

Call them on 9986 0600 to book today!!

Ph- 9986 0600

24 | familyliving magazine

Shop 6A, 13 Waratah St Mona Vale 2103

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1 cup fresh or frozen fruit 3 tbs of Chia seeds 1/2 cup water 2-4 tbs honey or maple syrup

METHOD 1.  Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring to the boil reduce heat and simmer until sauce has thickened 2.  Spoon into yoghurt jars (2 tbs each) and top with your choice of yoghurt or serve with pancakes or over icecream. Thank you to Back to Her Roots for this recipe

26 | familyliving magazine



6 Chicken Drumsticks 1 Carrot roughly chopped 1 Stalk Celery roughly chopped 3 Garlic Cloves roasted 2 Leeks finely chopped 1/4 tsp Tuscan Herbs 1 Pack Vermicelli Rice Noodles chopped into small pieces 1 tsp Oil 1 Litre Salt-reduced Chicken Stock 2 medium Potatoes diced

METHOD 1.  2.  3.  4.

Cook leeks in the oil (use butter for better flavour). Put ieverything in the slow cooker except the noodles Cook for 6 hours until chicken is falling off the bone Pull out the bones and shred the chicken. Put chicken back in the pot and throw the bones away. 5.  Place noodles in and cook for another hour. Serve. Thank you to Stay At Home Mum for this recipe

familyliving magazine | 27

BUSINESS & TRADE DIRECTORY Busy family, need a holiday? I bring the Travel Agency to you! Sue Barton - Mobile Travel Agent m: 0415 396 622 e: w:

28 | familyliving magazine

Top 5 Northern Beaches Playgrounds Warriewood District Playground (Rocket Park) Located off MacPherson Street in Warriewood is this fantastic all ages playground. There is a HUGE rocket to climb and slide, built in hill slides, huge round basket swing, toddler play equipment, swings, bbq’s, bubbler, toilets and lots of seating, shade and grass! Free parking available in the surrounding streets. ✔ Street Parking ✔ Toilets ✖ Enclosed ✖ Cafe

Collaroy Beach Playground

A fantastic new playground for children of all abilities. Lots of fun equipment including a huge climbing net, a small water play channel, lots of musical equipment to bang and shake, merry go round, swings (including wheelchair friendly) and lots more. Lots of seating, shade and a bubbler are also available. ✔ Parking ✔ Toilets ✔ Enclosed ✔ Cafe’s Near By

Winnererremy Bay Parkland (Flying Fox)

Flying Fox is a very popular playground with a surrounding bike track and picnic are right on the foreshore of Pittwater. The playgound is enclosed and is located in front of the popular Flying Fox Cafe. The playground features a flying fox, swings, basket net, see saw and more! Lots of play equipment for all ages! ✔ Parking ✔ Toilets ✔ Enclosed ✔ Cafe

Clontarf Reserve

Located on Sandy Bay Rd, Clontarf is a fantastic reserve with lots to offer for families and children. Apart from the HUGE playground (which is not fenced, but is shaded), there is an enclosed harbour swimming pool, restaurant, kiosk, toilets, bbq’s and parking (it is metered unless you park outside on the street). ✔ Parking ✔ Toilets ✖ Enclosed ✔ Cafe

Woolgoolga Reserve, North Balgowlah

Situated in the heart of North Balgowlah is this great playground that caters for the toddlers through to the teenagers. The reserve has a bike track that runs around the play equipment, two play structures two swings, twirly seat and a half basketball court. Plenty of natural shade and grassy areas too. ✔ Street Parking ✖ Toilets ✖ Enclosed ✖ Cafe

Find more local attractions and events at familyliving magazine | 29

What’s on in May This months highlight’s brought to you by Northern Beaches Kids Guide




• Pittwater Food & Wine Fair Winnererremy Bay Foreshore Reserve 10-4pm

• Peek a Boo KindygymPittwater Sports Centre 9-9.30am

• Storytime Forestville Library 10.15-10.45am

• Water Inflatable Fun Warringah Aquatic Centre 1-4pm

• Toddler Time Manly Library 10.30-11.15am

• KidsKapers Dee Why Village Plaza 11am-2pm




• Storytime Mona Vale Library 10-11am

• Storytime Warringah Mall Library 10.15am-10.45am

• Beaches Market Rat Park Warriewood 8am- 1pm

• Baby Bounce Manly Library 10.30-11.15am

• Storytime Forestville Library 10.15am-10.45am

• Rhyme Time Belrose Library 11-11.30am

SATURDAY 7TH • Manly West Organic Market - Manly West Public School 8am-1pm



• Kids Day Terrey Hills Tavern 3-5pm

• Rhyme Time Dee Why Library 11-11.30am

• Frenchs Forest Organic MarketParkway Hotel 8am-1pm

• Mums and Bubs Special Offer Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary 10am-11.30am

TUESDAY 10TH • Storytime Mona Vale Library 10-11am

WEDNESDAY 11TH • Peek a Boo KindygymPittwater Sports Centre 9-9.30am

THURSDAY 12TH • Storytime Warringah Mall Library 10.15am-10.45am

• Storytime Manly Library 10-30am-11am

• Baby Bounce Manly Library 10.30-11.15am

• Storytime Manly Library 10.30-11.15am



• Saturday Night Kids Club -

Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse 6-9pm

FRIDAY 13TH • Beaches Market Rat Park Warriewood 8am-1pm • Rhyme Time Dee Why Library 30 |11-11.30am familyliving magazine

• Warringah Community Markets Warringah Church, Beacon Hill 10am-3pm

• Narrabeen Village Market Berry Reserve, Narrabeen 8am-4pm • Kids Day Terrey Hills Tavern 3-5pm

• Mums and Bubs Special Offer Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary 10am-11.30am • Toddler Time Manly Library 10.30-11.15am THURSDAY 19TH

TUESDAY 17TH • Storytime Forestville Library 10.15-10.45am

• Baby Bounce Manly Library 10.30-11.15am

• Storytime Manly Library 10-30am -11am

• Peek a Boo KindygymPittwater Sports Centre 9-9.30am


• Storytime Forestville Library 10.15-10.45am

• Beaches Market Rat Park Warriewood 8am-1pm

• Storytime Manly Library 10.30-11.15am

• Rhyme Time Belrose Library 11-11.30am



• St Ives Show: - St Ives Showground 9am-4pm • Frenchs Forest Organic MarketParkway Hotel 8am-1pm WEDNESDAY 25TH


SATURDAY 21ST • Manly Village Public School Market 8am-4pm • St Ives Show: - St Ives Showground 9am-9pm • 2016 Fire Station Open Day 10am-2pm TUESDAY 24TH

• Peek a Boo KindygymPittwater Sports Centre 9-9.30am

• Storytime Mona Vale Library 10-11am

• Rhyme Time Dee Why Library 11-11.30am

• Storytime Manly Library 10.30-11.15am



• Peek a Boo KindygymPittwater Sports Centre 9-9.30am

• Storytime Warringah Mall Library 10.15-10.45am

• Beaches Market Rat Park Warriewood 8am-1pm

• Storytime Mona Vale Library 10-11am

• Storytime Forestville Library 10.15-10.45am

• Rhyme Time Dee Why Library 11-11.30am

SATURDAY 28TH • Manly West Organic Market - Manly West Public School 8am-1pm





• Narrabeen Car Boot Sale Narrabeen Sports High School 8am - 2pm

• Mums and Bubs Special Offer Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary 10am-11.30am

• John Colet School Open Day 9.30am-2pm

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among the top ranking primary schools in Australia. John Colet School is a multi-faith co- We still have a few places available for educational infants and primary school Lower First (kindy) in 2017 and some in Belrose with a strong emphasis on other Grades. To arrange a school tour character development and spiritual please call our Registrar Mrs Belinda Early Education Centres values such as self-awareness, presence James on 9451 8395 or visit our website and attention. At the same time, the school has a record of achieving 6 WyattAve high academic results and also has a Belrose NSW 2085 commitment to an enriched education, Telephone 9451 8395 for all students, –which includes an Working alongside an Urban Farmer and Environmental Educator annual Shakespeareto transform Festival, their choral playground into an edible outdoor classroom singing and classical – Alanguages. bilingual head start with our French Language Program

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– Develop body and self awareness with Yoga The skills to become Another dimension– of the school which curious and engaged lifelong learners – Preparation with the skills for lifelong health & wellbeing gives the children focus and resilience

is Mindfulness. We have been teaching children simple acts of Mindfulnessall for inclusive more than 30 years. And our multi-faith philosophy introduces the children to their responsibilities as global citizens.


– Extended care 7am–6pm Inhouse Paediatric Dietitian & Nutritionist Another unusual aspect of John –Colet – Meals prepared fresh, daily by our qualified Chef School, which has led to proven results – Yoga, French, Music & Sports Programs in terms of both character development – Nappies, wipes & toilet training assistance provided and academic success, is that students – Online portal to your child’s daily portfolio stay with the same teacher for 3 years in – Custom built yoga & music studio Infants and for 4 years in Primary.– SPF OurSun Protection

teachers use modern teaching methods such as open, enquiry based learning the Greenwood and iPads, asExperience well as more traditional methods such as learning times tables, grammar and so on by heart.


We have found over the years that our approach prepares students for success in high school, and life beyond, and instils in them fine qualities of courage, resilience, fair-play and empathy.


John Colet School is consistently placed

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