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Below is a preview of some of the artists you will see at this year’s Riverfest event.

Angela Kook, of Rusted

By Rachel Sprouse

Larry Meyer, of Old Federal Trading in Ball Ground, Georgia, creates handcrafted hunting knives. A former boat captain for a towboat company, which he refers to as the “Triple A of the water,” Meyer set up his shop when he and his wife, Peg, moved up to the Cherokee County area. Although Meyer creates custom sheaths out of vegetable tan leather for each knife, he does not take custom orders. “I don’t do that because what they’re thinking in their head may not be what’s in my head,” Meyer said. “I usually try and keep about 100 knives, and hopefully, one of those is what they want. I don’t really make any two knives alike.” Last year was Meyer’s first time attending Riverfest as a vendor. Meyer placed second in the Crafts category, which he said was a surprise. “[The judges] came by, there was two or three of them, and they were asking me all kinds of questions,” Meyer stated. “I was just talking to them like I do everybody else.” He’s excited to go back and doesn’t care if it rains all weekend; “[If there’s] mud, I don’t care,” Meyer said.


Woodstock Family Life | SEPTEMBER 2016

Roots, said she’s always been reusing, recycling and “trying not to waste” things. “Where I started, I guess, it was just my own personal desire to not have as much trash,” Kook said. In the last two years, she has taken repurposed wood and made various items like handmade planters, picture frames, trays and shelves. As a regular at the Canton Farmer’s Market, she feels “blessed” at the amount of positive feedback she’s received. “I want to continue to grow and hopefully become something really prominent in the community,” Kook said. Last year was Kook’s first time as a vendor at Riverfest, where she learned to bring smaller items this year. “I don’t feel like Riverfest is the place where people are going to buy furniture,” she stated. “You’re not looking for a dresser when you go to Riverfest.” Kook is looking forward to the family-oriented event, “It’s a staple here,” she said. “Everybody has to go to Riverfest.”

Bettie Anderson, of Bettie’s Blueberry Jams and Jellies, sells more than 70 flavors of her products at farmers markets with her partner, Reggie Nash, who everyone calls the “Jelly Man.” “Everybody thinks we’re married, but we’re partners in both senses,” Anderson said. “It’s a partnership in that I make it, and if you come to the farmer’s market, you’re going to see him selling it along with me.” While there are some ingredients she can’t get locally, Anderson makes small batches of each flavor with ingredients from local farmers markets. She took third place in Gourmet Products at last year’s Riverfest, which she said surprised her. “I didn’t really come for the jury part of it,” she said. “I just came to get my name out there.” Anderson is excited to return to Riverfest this year. “Sometimes it rains us out, but it’s still fun to be out there with the people,” Anderson stated.

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