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Artist Profile by Brandi Price

Lorra Kurtz was originally planted in Texas, but lucky for us, she’s bloomed in Georgia. After a career in business, Lorra transitioned into the artistic world by interior design. At ADAC, a design center, Lorra channeled her creativity into high-end furniture showrooms. After having twin sons, Lorra plunged deeper into art out of necessity. She made handmade cards and scrapbooked, but she found her passion in painting classes. She soon found success submitting her work to juried art shows. Lorra is thankful for the combination of luck and hard work that has enabled her to do what makes her soul happy. Her tranquil and whimsical mixed-media pieces have found homes with collectors in the southeast.

Once Lorra began taking painting classes, she never stopped. She found that she preferred acrylic painting because of its flexibility. At a local weekend workshop, Lorra fell in love with the ancient encaustic tradition of painting in wax. Encaustic was immediately intriguing with its layering ability and surprises. Lorra gathered her supplies, began reading and experimenting and continued engaging in workshops to build her knowledge. Lorra’s paintings now have a wonderful textural quality. In both acrylic and wax mediums, she incorporates many materials including papers, fabric, charcoal, India inks, oil pastels and pencils. Lorra’s inspiration is expansive, but a recurrent theme in her work is the spirit of her father, continued on page 38



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