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Spousal Support Part - I At the law office of Terri M Miles, you the client benefit from the experience and dedication of an attorney with specialization in family law. Terri Miles puts the client first; meaning you will have a strong advocate who will guide you through every step of the justice system providing you with high quality representation.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Grandparents rights, Custody or joint custody & Community property Whether you seek to dissolve your marriage; desire to modify your present custody/visitation or support order; wish to prepare a prenuptial agreement; enter into a covenant marriage; or adopt a child or surrender a child for adoption, the law office of Terri M Miles can handle your family law matters. Areas of Practice: • Divorce: contested or no fault; with or without children; • Marriage Contracts/Prenuptial Agreements; • Changes of property regime from community to separate property; • Covenant Marriages; • Adoptions: Intra Family; Private; Open; adult adoption; Father’s Opposition to placement of child for Adoption; • Paternity Established; DNA testing ordered; Establishment of Parental Rights; • Disavowal of Paternity of non-biological child; • Child Custody: Joint; Sole; Shared; Split; Modification of Custody order; visitation issues; Joint Custody Implementation Plans; Relocation of Child; • Tutorships; • Emancipations; • Contempt rules for violation of court orders; • Child Support issues: increases or reductions; extraordinary expenses of child; extracurricular expenses; health care coverage; tuition and/or daycare; wage assignments • Interim Periodic Spousal Support { prior to divorce and up to 6 months after} • Permanent Spousal Support / Fault trials • Community Property Partitions , voluntary or by order of court. Credentials: • • • • • • •

Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Cum Laude Juris Doctorate from Tulane Law School Attorney at Law, licensed in Louisiana Notary Public licensed in Jefferson Parish, commissioned for life Admitted to practice in the Eastern and Middle Districts of the United States District Courts Board Certified Family Law Specialist Certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization in 2001

Spousal support part i