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Elkins’ Recommendations Related Legislation Passed

AB 404 Foster care
 Author: Mark Stone (D) Summary: Current law establishes the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, which may adjudge a child to be a dependent of the court under certain circumstances, including when the child suffered, or there is a substantial risk that the child will suffer, serious physical harm, or a parent fails to provide the child with adequate food, clothing, shelter, or medical treatment. Current law establishes the grounds for removal of a dependent child from the custody of his or her parents or guardian, and establishes procedures to determine placement of a dependent child. This bill would make various changes to these procedures relating to the placement of dependent children, including, among other things, by revising the preference to make a placement with specified relatives and, instead, to grant a preference for placement with any relative. AB 507 Resource families: training topics Author: Blanca Rubio (D) Summary: Current law authorizes a county to require a resource family or applicant to receive relevant specialized training for the purpose of preparing the resource family to meet the needs of a particular child in care. This bill would require a portion of the annual resource family training to
 support the case plans, goals, and needs of children in the resource family home, if there are any children in the home, in accordance with applicable written directives or regulations, as specified by the Department of Social Services. The bill would also authorize a county, in its discretion, to require a resource family or applicant to receive one or more hours of relevant specialized training that is in addition to the hours of that training that are required by state law.

AB 712 Civil actions: change of venue Author: Richard Bloom (D) Summary: Would require a court transferring jurisdiction of a family law action to retain jurisdiction, if another court has not assumed jurisdiction over the action or proceeding, to make orders designed to prevent immediate danger or irreparable harm to a party or to the children involved in the matter, or to prevent the immediate loss or damage to property subject to disposition in the matter. The bill would require the Judicial Council by January 1, 2019, to establish timeframes for a court to transfer and to assume jurisdiction over a family law action or proceeding.

SB 213 Placement of children: criminal records check Author: Holly Mitchell (D) Summary: Current law subjects foster care provider applicants and resource family applicants to a criminal records check and prohibits licensure or approval of an applicant who has been convicted of certain felonies, but authorizes the department or county, as applicable, to grant an exemption from disqualification for the conviction of any other crime. This bill would also (1) prohibit the final approval for an adoptive placement, (2) prohibit the placement of a child in the home of a relative, nonrelative extended family member, prospective guardian, or another person who is not a licensed or certified foster parent or an approved resource family, and (3) prohibit licensure of a foster care provider applicant and approval of a resource family applicant, if the person or any individual subject to the background check requirements, as specified, has a felony conviction for any of certain specified crimes.

Elkins’ Recommendation Related Legislation Suspended

AB 270 Restraining orders: witness James Gallagher (R) 
 Summary: Would require the court to consider issuing an order restraining a criminal defendant who has been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence from any contact with a minor who was not a victim of, but who was physically present at the time of, an act of domestic violence. The bill would provide that the minor, under those circumstances, is a witness. The bill would make conforming changes relating to the stated intent of the Legislature. ACR 117 Supervised visitation providers: training Tony Thurmond (D) Summary: This measure would recognize the need for statewide conformity in the training of supervised visitation providers, enabling them to foster safe visitation environments for children and their noncustodial parents.

Elkins Recommendations Related Legislation  
Elkins Recommendations Related Legislation