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Online Shops/Distributors: The proper underground sound of Italy is rather hard to come by outside of its native home, so it's a pleasure to receive this 12" co-produced by Maximiliano Faccio and Dario Bedin (who provided the interview with Lindstrom on Keep On). "Jack Ibiza" is from the darker end of the Mediterranean, an electronic Italo house cut with moody synthesizers and a Robert Hood techno-angle. "Black Side" is a deeper, slow-burner which gradually rises from the slightest of origins into a throbbing movement. Cool new two-tracker + acappella from the Italian Mogdax duo that’s way more Berlin than Balearic. "Jack Ibiza" would sound perfect on a Poker Flat or Get Physical release with its clicky drums, hot synth work and eerie minimalist groove. A-side is more of a snappy tech-house rhythm, while the flip goes for a breaky-house fusion with a nice wash of deep chords. Perfect stuff for the Swayzak, Mood Music and Steve Bug fanatics out there. !!! * + + Title: Fact 1 Format: 12" Label: Made In Italo US - MIIR 1 Distribution: Unique NY Listen: A1: jack ibiza 8:26 [press here 3 min download] B1: black side 7:09 [press here 3 min download] B2: jack ibiza (acappella) 1:00 some friends: Keep On Magazine, Family House web site, Daniel Wang, Hans Peter Lindstrom, Stevie Kotey - Chicken Lips, Gerardo Frisina, Jazzanova, Alexander Robotnick, Swayzak - Roger23, Booka Shade, Dirt Crew, DJ T, Sasse, Joakim, James Duncan, Jason Drummond, Mathias Modica, Zak Frost, Guglielmo Mascio, Nico de Ceglia, Fabrizio Mammarella, DJ Kent - Force of Nature (Japan), Fabrice Lig, Savas Pascalidis, Mayaku, Putsch '79, Jollymusic, Jury Hulkkonen, Pastaboys ...

SONAR 2005 - Advanced Music and Multimedia Art 16. 17. 18. June

Presenting: MADE IN ITALO RECORDS LISTEN AND HAVE A LOOK TO MOGDAX fact 1 artist MOGDAX composed by two old friends Mog and Dax, both raised in the electronic music. The two of them, from the early nineties, have always encircling the electronic scene, Mog as a musician and Dax as a DJ. dates Live set: MADE IN ITALO project.

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Mog, Daniel Wang, Dax DJ - Jazz Not Dead festival releases

Title: Moodlex "Original" Format: 12" Label: Wha? Roots 019 Distribution: N.E.W.S. Listen: Original (Mogdax Remix)

Title: Montuno Vibes

Ministry of Sound Deepblue freestyle LIVE radio show 08.09.2004: Hosted by Zak Frost with special guest Mogdax! View the PDF download DOWNLOAD: MOGDAX old live set UNRELEASED: Round the Funk * ALL TRAX REGISTERED / PROTECTED BY S.I.A.E. (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori) ©

This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

MOGDAX - Fact 1  

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