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Helping families have a break

16 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JL Telephone: 020 7436 3304 Fax: 020 7323 7299

Many doctors believe that a break away can help alleviate problems such as depression, stress-related illnesses and insomnia, and benefit the whole family.

Registered charity number 800262 A company Limited by Guarantee registered number 2301337 England

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Review of 2008

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Imagine never having a break The majority of us have at least one break every year. We take for granted the opportunity to have time away from our everyday lives. Some of us have to save up, but we know it’s worth the effort as a break away gives us time to relax and have fun, recharge our batteries, see different places, meet other people and try new experiences.

Family breaks are extremely important and have lasting benefits for everyone – children, parents, carers, wider family, communities and society in general.

It’s not just the time away from home that offers so many benefits. Looking forward to even a short break makes us feel positive, motivated and excited. On our return life’s problems seem easier to deal with and the precious memories bring smiles for many years. We all instinctively know that a break away from home is good for us: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

approximately a third of ● children living in poverty go without toys and regular meals. For these families a break is ● deemed a luxury that they cannot afford. Many are too ● poor to manage even a day trip.

But a staggering one in every three families across the UK is not able to take a break. The reasons are often complex – chronic illness, depression, domestic issues, family break up, disability, bereavement – but for many it is simply a lack of money. For families trying to survive on very low incomes, it is a never-ending struggle to feed and clothe themselves; many live in sub-standard housing in areas with few amenities and where children have little or no space to play;

The Family Holiday Association, set up in 1975, is the only national charity in the UK that specialises in providing holidays to disadvantaged families. Every year we help many hundreds of people take a much-needed break. We believe that a break away from home can: ● improve well-being and reduce stress ● increase self esteem and confidence ● strengthen family communication and bonding

Ironically it is the poorest families, often facing the most difficult circumstances and trying to cope, who benefit the most from a break: but they cannot get away.

provide new skills, widen perspectives and enhance employability give long lasting, treasured memories result in happier, stronger families and a more inclusive society.

All the families we support are struggling on low incomes and have not had a break for at least four years – many have never had a family break. These families are referred to us by a range of professionals, such as social workers, health authority staff and voluntary welfare agencies.

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The Family Holiday Association Our vision is to achieve a society in which the quality of family life is enhanced through equitable access to high value rest and recreation regardless of disadvantage or poverty. Our mission is to work in partnership with others to promote the quality of family life for those parents and children who experience disadvantage as a result of poverty through the provision of and by promoting access to holidays and other recreational activities. e believe that everyone regardless of disadvantage should be able to enjoy family life through access to holidays and other recreational activities. Our main objectives are to: ● increase the number of families that gain access to holidays ● research and promote the value of holidays for families experiencing disadvantage ● increase awareness of the scale and scope of the problem of lack of access to holidays.


To help as many families as we can we offer different types of break to suit varying needs. Using the feedback that we gather from both welfare agents and families after their break, we strive continually to improve the services we provide.

Holiday parks: with our partners Haven and Butlins, we provide one-week, self-catering holidays in chalets and Family Holiday Association caravans at UK seaside resorts. This is our most popular holiday option.

Last minute break: occasionally travel companies offer us holidays at short notice, either in the UK or overseas. This type of holiday suits families who are able to travel with only a few days’ notice.

Direct grant: a one-off contribution towards any type of holiday. Families choose their own holiday destination and book the most convenient dates, for example a stay in a privately rented cottage.

Group holidays: a one-off contribution towards holidays or day trips for a group of families, organised by their welfare agent.

Short break: working with our partners we offer three- or fournight stays in self-catering accommodation at selected UK holiday parks. Short breaks particularly suit families who are not able to go away for a whole week due to caring or work commitments.

We encourage families to become involved in choosing and organising their trip. Although we also contribute towards holiday expenses, such as travel and treats for the children, we strongly encourage families to save for their break.

In 2008 the Family Holiday Association offered breaks to over 1,600 families.

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Breaks for families With Bourne Leisure we continued to use our extremely popular and successful voucher scheme. These vouchers allow families to book their own holidays at Haven or Butlins, choosing the most convenient site and dates for them. Vouchers are far more cost effective for the charity, as staff are no longer involved in lengthy phone calls over dates and destinations. During the year Bourne Leisure offered us even more vouchers with exceptional discounts and they were able to offer us more breaks in peak school holiday periods. Superbreak in York, a well-known company that specialises in UK short breaks, offered 12 free short breaks in 2008 – and families were very grateful for the support.

Travel for free Thanks to the generosity of First Great Western, the rail provider for south-west Britain, we were able to offer free train journeys to families travelling to Haven Devon Cliffs near Exmouth and Butlins in Minehead for their breaks. Sometimes families struggle to organise travel to their destination so the offer of free train tickets can make a big difference to their ability to get away. Free travel can also mean that families have more money to spend on having fun – which is what a break away is all about!

Our caravans Over the last six years, the charity has embarked on a programme of purchasing and maintaining its own caravans sited on holiday parks across the UK. Owning our caravans means that we can provide more holidays for families during peak

school holiday periods and always ensure a very high standard of accommodation. We currently have 11 Family Holiday Association caravans at five seaside holiday centres: Butlins in Skegness, Haven Devon Cliffs near Exmouth, Butlins Minehead, Haven Hafan y Môr in Gwent and Haven Presthaven Sands in north Wales. We carry out inspection visits to our caravans throughout the year to check that the accommodation continues to meet our exacting standards and to draw up a maintenance programme for the winter period when the holiday parks are closed. These visits also provide the opportunity to develop good working relationships with staff at the holiday parks, and on occasion allow us to meet some of the families we help and obtain some feedback first-hand.

During 2008 over 300 families benefited from a week’s break in our Family Holiday Association caravans.

At the last minute In August we were delighted to be able to help the Campbell family from Middlesbrough. They had been offered a break by another charity, but at the last minute the offer had fallen through. The children woke up that morning expecting to set out on an adventure only to be told the bitterly disappointing news. Their welfare agent had heard about the Family Holiday Association, so gave us a call. Luckily we were able to offer them a break at Presthaven Sands – and they were able to travel the very next day.

At least seven million adults and children miss out on an annual break because of poverty.

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Working in partnership UNISON Welfare Wellbeing Breaks With over 1.3 million members, UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK. Many of its members suffer hardship at some time or other and do not have the opportunity to take a break. We continued our highly successful partnership with UNISON’s support service to its members UNISON Welfare. During 2008 we offered breaks to almost 160 UNISON families through their Wellbeing Breaks scheme.

The Family Fund


Helping more families

The Family Fund specifically helps families caring for severely disabled or seriously ill children. To maximise the number of families this organisation supports, it began trialling our special voucher scheme. Although we were able to offer over 50 breaks in 2008, many families were unable to take up these offers for a variety of reasons. Changes to the Family Fund’s structure and funding meant the trial had to be terminated early. However we continued to work together and we passed on 180 of our referrals to the Family Fund (if they met the Family Fund’s criteria). This arrangement works well and helps both charities support more families in need.

We work hard to establish links with a range of welfare agencies, as we rely on them to refer families to us. In the past few years we have developed excellent relationships with many agencies, in particular with Caia Park in Wrexham, Rotherham Social Services, Rotherham Sure Start, York Separated Families and South London African Women’s Organisation (SLAWO). During 2008 we worked very closely with Harlow & Broxbourne Women’s Aid to find families at short notice who could take up offers at the last minute (due to cancellations in our caravans).

Each year we manage to raise enough funds to help about 1,600 families, but we have hundreds more on our waiting list. We know that currently we cannot help them all, so instead have compiled an up to date list of other charities and organisations that may be able to help families have a break away for home. This list is published on our website, and has quickly become one of our most frequently downloaded documents.

‘I am extremely grateful for the chance to go on a family holiday this year, as financially there is no way we could afford to go. It gave us all a chance to relax away from the stress, and I was able to come off my antidepressants afterwards. Thank you.’ Mrs Gordon, Warwick.

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A lasting tribute Pat and Joan Laurance promised to set up a charity to help others have a break away, when they themselves returned from a family holiday. It was the mid-1950s, Pat was unemployed, their daughter had chronic bronchitis and they were grieving for the loss of another child.

he family was terribly stressed and struggling to cope. A friend lent them his seaside flat and they were able to get away for a wonderful week’s break. The time away made a huge difference to their lives. In 1975 they were able to realise their promise and launched the Family Holiday Association, working from the spare bedroom in their north London home. They started by helping 19 local families. It is a tribute to their hard work and tenacity that the Family Holiday Association has grown into a national organisation helping almost a hundred times that number of disadvantaged families each year.


*African Positive Outlook provides information, advice and support services to people of African descent, living within the boroughs of Kingston, Richmond and Surrey County areas, who are affected/ infected by HIV/AIDS.

It was with great sadness that we learnt of Pat’s death on 11 January 2008. He had an extraordinary life: he fought in World War II, spoke several languages with fluency, worked as a sales manager and director, served as a Councillor,

refereed youth football and volunteered for several other charities. His greatest achievement was to found the Family Holiday Association, which, in the last 30 years, has helped over almost 25,000 seriously disadvantaged families have much-needed breaks away from home.

The Patrick Laurance Memorial fund

The very first beneficiary of this special Fund was a group of eight families from Kingston who had a great time on a day trip to Southend-on-Sea. The trip was organised by the charity African Positive Outlook*. All the families who went along are in some way affected by HIV/AIDS and, as many of the families live in flats, the children have few opportunities to play outside. The children and their parents and carers had great fun walking along Britain’s longest pier and enjoyed the atmosphere of a typical British ‘seaside’ town.

To remember Pat’s life and continue his good work, the charity established the Patrick Laurance Memorial Fund. The money in this special fund is invested to provide a steady income and allows us to give even more families holidays every year.

So far the Patrick Laurance Memorial fund has allowed us to help over 70 disadvantaged families – that is over 350 people. Our thanks to everyone who responded so generously to our appeal, last February, for donations to this Fund.

As a tribute to Pat Laurance, Bourne Leisure donated 88 family breaks in 2008 – one break for each year of his life.

Pat and Joan Laurance founded the Family Holiday Association, and worked tirelessly to raise funds and give breaks to disadvantaged families. Sadly Pat died on 11 January 2008, aged 88. He is missed by everyone who knew him.

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Social tourism Social tourism is defined as the inclusion of people living on a low income in holiday and leisure activities. It is a concept familiar across much of Europe; for decades Tourism Flanders in Belgium, Cheque Vacances in France and IMSERSO in Spain have all been providing direct support to help people access holidays. But social tourism is relatively unknown in the UK.

On the agenda

*Breaks for All comprises the Family Holiday Association, the Family Fund, the South London African Women’s Organisation, UNISON Welfare and the YHA (England & Wales).

The UK Government’s emphasis on reducing child poverty and social exclusion has given the Family Holiday Association a clear focus to lobby for social tourism to be integrated into the UK’s social and welfare policy. After hosting two highly successful forums about social tourism in 2007, we played a key role in bringing together a number of other organisations to form a working party on the topic called Breaks for All*. After its first meeting in February 2007, to discuss ways to put social tourism on the Government’s and the public’s agendas, the group commissioned research to evaluate the stated needs for supported holidays. Undertaken by the Christel DeHaan Research Institute at

Nottingham University, this research showed that holidays: ● have lasting impacts on families through spending time together, improving relationships and building happy memories ● allow time to relax, unwind and offer a chance to resolve issues ● encourage people to face the future more positively. In the autumn the working party launched its website, also called Breaks for All, to encourage people to pledge their support for social tourism, and prepared two publications to present at the World Leisure Forum in Quebec in October: ● a briefing paper summarising the finding of the group’s research into the stated needs for supported holidays ● a leaflet describing social tourism in the UK.

Giving familie s break! a

A guide

to social


in the U


During our research into the need for supported holidays families told us:

‘We feel as a family we’d benefit from a holiday. We live in a deprived area and do not feel our children are safe to play out. We have little opportunity for family time outside.’ ‘We need a holiday because the past few years have been very stressful. After a complete breakdown a holiday would help keep the family together. ‘It would do us good to get away from the stress and try to enjoy life for a change.’

Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities. Article 31, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

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A chance for a break We believe that everyone regardless of disadvantage should be able to enjoy family life through access to holidays and other recreational activities. Our Healthy Breaks and European Holiday Experience can offer benefits to families beyond the usual expectations of a family break away from home.

Healthy Breaks The Healthy Breaks project forms part of our social tourism strategy. Such breaks are aimed at improving the quality of life for families and individuals living with depression, health related problems and lifestyle issues around healthy eating and physical activity. A Healthy Break gives families the opportunity to address health concerns in a relaxed environment and to learn strategies for self-help through shared experiences with their peers alongside specialist support. With an initial development grant from the Big Lottery and in partnership with the YHA, we began work to formulate a five-year programme of Healthy Breaks and run a pilot project. The success of the pilot convinced us that Healthy Breaks would benefit many families suffering a range of health issues. But unfortunately we were not able to secure further Big Lottery funding in 2007.

Undeterred by this funding setback, we scaled down our programme and in 2008 developed a plan to deliver Healthy Breaks to families in Warwickshire. We established links with various agencies based in and around Nuneaton, and the first Healthy Break, at Kench Hill Education Centre in Kent in October, was a huge success.

agency in Flanders, Tourism Flanders, we have set up a programme of exchange trips to allow disadvantaged families to experience a supported break away in another country – for many this is a real opportunity of a lifetime as they have little chance of saving enough money for a trip abroad.

For the families the offer of a trip to Europe causes excitement, but also presents ‘I started eating muesli many challenges – for instance for breakfast, I really obtaining passports, travelling enjoyed it. I now eat on the Eurostar, unfamiliar muesli before I go to work surroundings and different food. and I feel so much better Before families agree to a during the day.’ European Holiday we explain the possible difficulties such a break ‘My daughter still has might cause, ensure all family some chocolate and crisps, members have realistic but will eat fresh food now expectations and encourage as well. That’s a real step them to approach their break forward!’ with an ‘open mind’. We were delighted to assist five families from Rotherham on a fun-filled In Europe week to Poperinge in Flanders, Working with a similar Belgium in October. And Tourism organisation in France, Vacances Flanders planned a trip for their Ouvertes, and a government families in October 2008. After their healthy break, families said:

‘Mum tells me the family has started to smile again. They had lots of new experiences, such as seeing the sea. Thank you so much for helping this family. They have so enjoyed themselves.’ Welfare agent for the Singh family from Liverpool.

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Project update Throughout 2008 we continued to progress several important and innovative projects, both independently and with a range of sponsors and like-minded organisations.

Our school project ‘Providing opportunities, raising aspirations and improving outcomes for disadvantaged children’ is the formal title of our school project, set up in January 2006. With funding from First Choice, we have been working closely with Burbage School in Hackney, London, to develop a pilot scheme to measure the impact of holidays on children, their parents and the school as a whole. Hackney is recognised as a very deprived area and many of the children attending the school live in families struggling on low incomes. In 2008 we were able to send different families on a range of breaks. February half-term saw a group of seven Turkish families, all with English language issues, have a break away at Kench Hill Education Centre. They engaged in a range of activities including an outdoor barbecue, a trip to the seaside and a farm visit. The Centre’s staff reported a marked improvement in the families’ use of English and witnessed more

parents talking with their children in English, rather than relying on Turkish. On their return some of the parents had gained enough confidence to organise a school coffee morning to promote the experience to other Turkish families. Interest in the project grew during the year and as well as the school’s head and deputy teachers’ involvement, we have welcomed to the team the Turkish mentor from the Hackney Learning Trust, the extended schools co-ordinator from the Shoreditch Trust and a parent liaison officer. News of the project’s success is spreading and we had serious interest from Extended Learning in Reading, which we hope to take further in 2009.

The online project Currently several of the charity’s systems are still paper-based. Although

effective and efficient, these systems could be streamlined and improved by making more use of the Internet. The online project’s main aim is to develop an online application and booking system. Work is progressing and next year we hope to test online application forms with one of our established welfare agents.

Evidence project Over the years the Family Holiday Association has amassed a wealth of data on the impact of its work. The evidence project is working to find easy ways to access this data. We have started work on listing what we have learnt from families’ and welfare agents’ feedback as well as from our literature reviews and research. Simpler access to our data should allow us to present our findings more clearly and hence influence different audiences more effectively.

‘The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and they seemed to be more content because there were loads of activities. The week away made us more relaxed – everything about the holiday was great.’ Mr Cooper, London

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A successful year of fundraising TUI Travel PLC During 2008 First Choice, who had been long-term supporters of the charity, and TUI merged to form TUI Travel PLC. To our great delight, the newly-formed company chose the Family Holiday Association as its designated group charity. We have been meeting company executives to discuss how we engage their 17,000-strong workforce in supporting our work. The first, very exciting, fundraising activity that TUI has undertaken is to make coin collections on Thomson Airways flights. These began in January 2009 and will continue indefinitely.

The HBOS Foundation

Travel Trade Gazette

In last year’s Annual Review we reported that we were one of HBOS Foundation’s Million £ Challenge Charities for 2007. Each year staff at Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) plc challenge themselves to raise £500,000, which HBOS Foundation matches to make £1 million for the chosen worthy cause. Our relationship with HBOS Foundation was a great success and, as we worked with RNLI, British Heart Foundation and WRVS on this project, was nominated for a Charity Times Award for best partnership.

Travel Trade Gazette (TTG) is one of the most widely read and respected of the travel trade newspapers. TTG are very supportive of the Family Holiday Association and our productive relationship continued in 2008. TTG provide free advertising for our events and appeals and also cover our events to help raise our profile in the travel industry. TTG staff regularly take part in our fundraising events.

Guests at the TTG Awards raised over £3,000 after watching a During 2008 we received over recorded video message, from £400,000 from HBOS staff and HBOS TUI CEO Peter Long, about the Foundation. So far we have used this Family Holiday Association and income to purchase two new Family its work, and at the TTG Holiday Association caravans, and Business Awards the auction of provide hundreds of breaks for two Silverjet tickets raised more families in these caravans. than £2,000.

‘Give a Break’ gift scheme In 2007 we launched our ‘Give a Break’ gift scheme. During 2008 this novel way for people to support our important work continued to raise valuable funds for the charity. Instead of buying presents, the scheme offers the opportunity to give family and friends a Family Holiday Association gift to help a disadvantaged family have a great break away. The gifts are available online at

During 2008 the Family Holiday Association raised over £1.3 million to help disadvantaged families have much-needed breaks. t

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ABTA Fun Run

Raising essential funds Running for the charity

Malta Marathon Team

London Marathon Team

Travel industry pub quiz

Raising sponsorship money by competing in a running event is a popular way to help the charity. We are very grateful to everyone who took part in these long-distance events on our behalf and congratulate them on their personal achievements. ● Great North Run in September – 2 runners raised over £500. ● Malta Marathon in February – 19 runners raised over £12,000. This event was sponsored by the Malta Tourism Authority. ● London Marathon in April – 25 runners raised almost £39,000. Our thanks to Tourism Malaysia for sponsoring the team. TUI Travel contributed a generous £2,800, comprising £200 sponsorship of each of the 14 TUI Travel group runners.

money through a series of events. Over 50 runners took part in the Convention’s popular Fun Run in aid of the Family Holiday Association, which was organised by Argyle Travel industry pub quiz Recruitment and sponsored by The ever-popular annual travel industry pub quiz in May raised well Citybond Suretravel and Olympic Holidays: it raised over over £5,000. Over 20 teams from various companies across the travel £3,500. Silverjet tickets and industry competed. We are grateful accommodation were auctioned to Teletext Holidays, Malta Tourism at the lunch and raised £2,300, and a collection Authority and Gail Kenny Executive raised almost £1,000. The sale Search for sponsoring this event. of useful trolley keyrings, sponsored by Arnold Fisher ABTA Convention (Canary Islands) Insurance Services, raised a The ABTA Convention is an important further £3,700. date in the travel industry’s Our local groups calendar. The Family Holiday The Family Holiday Association Association is always invited and is supported by three dedicated makes the most of the opportunity local groups, which raise funds to network with delegates from to help disadvantaged families across the sector as well as raise

in their areas to take a break away from home. Rotherham Holiday Aid thanked its outgoing chairperson, Cynthia Henry, for her many years of hard work, and welcomed former Rotherham Mayor Allan Jackson to the position. He made an excellent start with several appearances on local radio publicising the group’s work. North London Friends also welcomed a new chairperson, Sarah Robson. She takes up Pat Laurance’s role of steering the group’s successful programme of events. Sheffield Family Holiday Fund continued to work tirelessly and organised a range of popular fundraising events.

Thank you to all our supporters who gave up their time to raise money for the Family Holiday Association. With your help we are able to give many more families the chance to get away.

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Director’s Statement

Chairman’s Statement

The past year has been again very successful. We have helped more families than ever (over 1,600) and fully expect, despite the economic downturn, to equal, if not exceed, that number this coming year. Of course, while helping families directly forms the bulk of our work, our aim as a charity is to improve the lot of all families currently excluded from the benefits a break can deliver.

Once again, I am pleased to be able to present a picture of a charity in good health. We increased the number of families that we helped this past year to a record 1,600, our income has reached a further high and we have a strong programme that we continue to drive forward.

We have continued to develop our consortium of like-minded charities including UNISON Welfare, YHA and the Family Fund and, together, we have published our joint Guide to Social Tourism and commissioned our first joint research paper from the University of Nottingham. This coming year the consortium will continue its work to push the need for breaks onto the public’s agenda. The charity also took the decision to seek support at the highest levels and successfully added to its list of patrons with the Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster and the Chief Rabbi, who all expressed support for our work. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, declared, ‘I firmly believe that even a simple break away from

home can make a real difference to a family’s stability and happiness.That is why I support the work of the Family Holiday Association which endeavours to facilitate access to holidays for families who are currently excluded, for whatever reason. As a Patron, I commend the Association to you.’ Such open support for the work of the Family Holiday Association can only help ensure the needs of families are recognised.

their support. I am also very pleased to announce that from this coming year we have been chosen by TUI Travel plc to be their supported charity. We will have the backing of their airline Thomson Airways, their network of First Choice and Thomson retail shops and in-destination teams. I would like to thank the staff team at the charity for all their hard work and the trustees for their continued support. Most of all our thanks to you – the people who fund our work with disadvantaged families and make a real difference to the lives of so many children and parents.

But of course our work with families requires a great deal of money and I am pleased that this year we are able to report having raised over £1.3m thanks to generous support from our donors. This huge amount was in large part due to our success with the HBOS charity of the year event, which raised over £370,000. We are all John McDonald Director very grateful to the bank for

To achieve all that we wish to accomplish, we have to depend on the support of many people from individual donors to large trusts, from company CEOs to others who give of their time and expertise. But increasingly the Family Holiday Association has developed important relationships with other likeminded charities in the same sector. I also am delighted to see how we have continued to work with UNISON Welfare and brought other charities, such as the Family Fund and the Youth Hostel Association, into the consortium of charities interested in developing a social tourism agenda. We have added to our board of trustees two new and very accomplished members. David Burling is the commercial

director at TUI Travel and he has helped cement our relationship with the travel industry. Felicity Clarkson is a recently retired senior civil servant who has added considerably to the abilities available to both the board and our Programme & Policy Committee.

of distribution for holiday application forms. In fact, we now print very few hard copies of this form.

The trustees are very pleased with the progress of the charity over the past year and the efforts of our dedicated staff, ably led by John McDonald. Our dedicated council of trustees is The charity also has a new look well supported by other hardworking committee and feel following our remembers and we continue to branding. The process took almost two years, involved the enjoy the support of our dynamic founder Joan Laurance staff and trustees at every stage and took into account the and our gracious president Lady Mary Mumford DCVO. views of MPs, journalists and other charities. The new look using seaside holiday icons has been utilised particularly well on our new website. Our shop window to the world, the website has some 2,000 visitors each week and it is now the main method

Ian Reynolds Chairman of Council

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Council’s (Trustees’) Statement

Financial information

The financial information shown here is a summary extracted from the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Family Holiday Association for the year ending 31 August 2008.

Summary statement of financial activities 2008




Incoming resources Donations and gifts



Trading operations



Investment income






Resources expended Direct charitable expenditure



Fundraising and publicity





Trading operations Management and administration Total Movement for the year







Change in valuation of investments


Funds brought forward



Funds carried forward




Summary balance sheet Fixed assets and investments



Net current assets



Total funds



Auditors Carter Backer Winter, Enterprise House, 21 Buckle Street, London E1 8NN

Solicitors Berwin Leighton Paisner, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA

These summarised accounts may not contain sufficient information to allow for a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity. For further information the Consolidated Financial Statements, the auditor’s report on those statements and the Council’s report should be consulted, copies of these can be obtained from the Family Holiday Association, 16 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JL. The Council approved the Consolidated Financial Statements on 18 March 2009 and the annual report and accounts have been submitted to the Charity Commission. The Consolidated Financial Statements have been audited and have been given an unqualified audit report by our auditors.

President Lady Mary Mumford DCVO

Investments and interest 2%

Founders Joan Laurance BEM

Events 6% Individual donations (inc trading ops) 25%

Patrick Laurance (deceased 11 January 2008)

Patrons Jean Boht

Trusts 17%

John Carter Mr Justice Coleridge Mansukh Ganatra Professor K Holt John Jay Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster

Legacies 6%

Lord Pearson of Rannoch Libby Purves Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi Prunella Scales Anthony Solomons

Local groups 4%

Sir Harry Solomon

Corporates 40%

Signed on behalf of Council

His Honour Anthony Tibber Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr Rowan Williams, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury


Council Officers Chair – Ian Reynolds

Trading operations 4%

Vice Chair – Alison Rice

Keith Graham Treasurer 18 March 2009

Management and administration 9%

Treasurer – Keith Graham Council Members David Burling, Tony Caplin,

Auditor’s Statement

Felicity Clarkson, Penny Cushing,

As auditors to the Family Holiday Association we have reviewed the summarised accounts shown here and consider that they are consistent with the Consolidated Financial Statements on which we gave our opinion.

Pippa Isbell, Michael Nicol, Martha Osamor, Kristina Wallen

Fundraising and publicity 25%

Carter Backer Winter Enterprise House, 21 Buckle Street, London E1 8NN

Bankers Barclays Bank plc, 99 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DN CAF Bank, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA


Investment Managers James Capel Investment Management, HSBC Investment Bank plc, 6 Bevis Marks, London EC3 3JQ

Direct charitable 62%

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Thank you We would like to thank everyone who has given money and time to the Family Holiday Association during the year. Without your generosity our work would not be possible. Our special thanks to those who donated £1,000 or more.

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The stories and quotations in this Annual Review 2008 are true but some names have been changed to protect individuals’ identities. Our thanks to photographers Steven Dunlop and Michael Powell. Some photographs are posed by models.

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Family Policy & Programme Committee Penny Cushing Helen Ford Eleanor Frost Lorraine Gibson Joan Laurance BEM Martha Osamor Special thanks to Simon Calder for being an exceptional quizmaster at the Family Holiday Association travel industry pub quiz.

Annual Review 2008  

The Family Holiday Association's review of 2008