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A family holiday can last a lifetime

The Family Holiday Association The holiday charity for families in need 16 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JL Telephone: 020 7436 3304 Fax: 020 7323 7299 Registered charity number 800262 A company Limited by Guarantee registered number 2301337 England

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The Family Holiday Association – a review of 2005

Do you remember your last holiday? It probably wasn’t that long ago and you may well be planning your next one. For most of us an annual holiday is something that we take for granted; we always have one. But for hundreds of thousands of families a holiday is a necessity that they simply cannot afford. For some even a day-trip is beyond their means.

To help as many families as we can we offer different types of holidays to suit differing needs. Holiday centres: with our partners Haven, Butlins and British Holidays we provide one-week, self-catering holidays in chalets and FHA caravans at UK seaside resorts. This is our most popular holiday option.

Holidays are good for us. They give us something to look forward to, let us relax and unwind, allow us to make new friends, experience new things and recharge our batteries. In fact holidays are essential for our physical and emotional well-being. After a holiday life’s problems may often seem easier to face.

A society in which the quality of family life is enhanced through equitable access to high value rest and recreation regardless of disadvantage or poverty.

Our mission Direct grant: a one-off contribution towards any type of holiday. Families chose their own holiday destination and book the most convenient dates, for example a stay in a privately rented cottage or a visit to relatives. Short break: we offer three or four-night stays in selfcatering accommodation at selected UK holiday parks. Short breaks particularly suit families who are not able to go away for a whole week due to caring or work commitments.

We all need holidays Poverty is only one of the reasons preventing many families from taking a much-needed break. Longterm illness, chronic depression, family break-up, disability, unemployment or recent trauma can all mean that a family cannot take a holiday. Sadly it is often those struggling to cope in the most difficult circumstances and who cannot get away that would benefit the most.

Our vision

To work in partnership with others to promote the quality of family life for those parents and children who experience disadvantage as a result of poverty through the provision of and by promoting access to holidays and other recreational activities.

Our objectives

The Family Holiday Association The FHA is the only national charity in the UK dedicated to providing holidays to disadvantaged children and their families. Every year we send hundreds of families struggling to cope with difficult circumstances on much-needed breaks. All the families we support are trying to manage on a low income and have not had a holiday for at least four years – in fact many have never had a family holiday.

Last minute break: occasionally companies, such as MasterSun Holidays, offer us holidays at short notice, either in the UK or overseas. This type of holiday suits families who are able to travel with only a few days’ notice. Group holidays: we offer one-off contributions towards holidays or day trips for a group of families, who organise the break themselves. We encourage families to become involved in choosing and organising their trip, and we also contribute towards holiday expenses, such as travel and treats for the children.

We believe that everyone regardless of disadvantage should be able to enjoy family life through access to holidays and other recreational activities. Our main objectives are to: ● increase the number of families that gain access to holidays ● research and promote the value of holidays for families experiencing disadvantage ● increase awareness of the scale and scope of the problem of lack of access to holidays.

A staggering 1 in 3 families cannot afford a one-week break away from home and 1 in 5 cannot even afford a day trip.

In 2005 we gave the Boveys a week’s holiday in Skegness.

Set in beautiful surroundings, families were able to participate in many different activities provided by a team of qualified trainers, therapists and crèche workers. We found that such breaks were particularly successful for the children, and many families made lasting friendships too. We have shared this model with social work departments around the UK.

In the beginning Pat and Joan Laurance founded the FHA 30 years ago. As a young couple in the mid-1950s they were struggling to cope with unemployment, their child’s illness and a recent bereavement. A friend lent them his seaside cottage, and they were able to take a break, forget all their worries for a short time, unwind and have fun together as a family. They realised just how much the holiday had helped them and in 1975 set up the charity to help disadvantaged families have desperately needed holidays.

● Another very successful initiative is the recent purchase of our own FHA caravans at several seaside resorts across the UK. These caravans mean we can accommodate even more families during the peak holiday season in high quality accommodation at a lower cost to the charity. First-hand experience of managing holiday caravans is proving extremely useful and helping us to improve our services even more.

At the start Pat and Joan ran the charity from the spare bedroom of their North London home. In their first year they helped 19 families. Since then the charity has grown into the national organisation it is today – helping over 1,000 families annually.

● More recently we have forged strong relationships with other similar organisations to help even more families. We are also researching the benefits of holidays to inform our important advocacy work.

Social Tourism

Celebrating 30 years This year marked the FHA’s 30th anniversary; the charity has come a long way from its small beginnings. Since 1975 we have helped nearly 25,000 disadvantaged families have much-needed holidays – families struggling with grinding poverty and poor housing, chronic illness, disability, depression and family break-up. In that time we have undertaken some groundbreaking projects. Here are just a few of our achievements. ● Our Time2Care programme to mark the millennium. Over a two-year period we were able

to give almost 2,500 children living in care a fun-filled week’s break away. For many of these children it was their first ever holiday, and gave them a chance to develop more confidence and self-esteem. ● We developed our Family Well-Being Break model during a successful two-year pilot project. After realising that sometimes families are under such great pressure that a holiday can add even more stress, we offered a different type of break: a relaxing week’s holiday in a supported environment.

This year we commissioned more research from the Policy Research Bureau. Using the concept of social tourism, our aim was to find out more about the provision of holidays for families in need in the UK. Social tourism is the inclusion of people living on a low income in holiday and leisure activities – an idea that is familiar in the rest of Europe but relatively unknown in the UK. The research found that over 7 million people in the UK miss out on a basic holiday because of poverty and 2.5 million children live in families that can’t even afford a day trip. While both the Department of Work and Pensions and the Government's Social Exclusion Unit use the lack of a one-week break as an indicator of poverty, the UK has some way to go before access to holidays for disadvantaged families is an integral part of social welfare policy.

‘The children loved the beach. They had never seen the sea or sand before, so we spent every day we could there. We walked along the beach holding hands, looking in the rock pools and playing with the children in the sea. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful family holiday.’ Mr and Mrs Cox, London The Cox family spent a week in an FHA caravan in Exmouth, Devon.

Family policy and programme forum

What the families think We ask all the families that we support and their welfare agents to complete feedback forms after their holiday. This helps us to improve the services we provide and informs our research. Again in 2005 families cited spending time together as a family, having a break from stresses and problems and getting away from home as the best things about their holidays. More than half of the families stated that their holiday was better than expected. Welfare agents felt that families had benefited through improved mental health and family relationships and were able to cope better on their return.

European Commission conference

Working in partnership European links This year we continued to strengthen our working relationships with similar European organisations: Vacances Ouvertes in France operates a well-established and nationallyrecognised holiday scheme that helps over 10,000 people every year to plan and enjoy a holiday; and Tourism Flanders, a government department in Belgium, provides thousands of individuals, families and groups access to holidays. We meet representatives of these organisations to discuss common areas of work, share information and

exchange ideas. This year the main topics included how to: ● improve our advice and information to increase families’ access to holidays ● simplify our feedback forms and compare data between Belgium, France and the UK We are also working on an international exchange project to provide summer holidays in France and Belgium during 2006 for UK families.

With our European partners, we were asked to give a presentation to the European Commission conference on social tourism. Prior to the meeting we produced a joint leaflet explaining the importance of holidays for disadvantaged families. Twenty-two European countries attended the conference and we heard many examples of longestablished holiday programmes from across the Continent. Our shared presentation was well received and there was widespread support for promoting social tourism across Europe for families on low incomes and/or in poverty.

Unison Welfare We continue to strengthen our partnership with Unison Welfare. In April we ran two workshops at Unison Welfare’s annual conference. With over 90 participants we were able to promote the FHA, which resulted in a Unison Welfare advertising campaign and more referrals to the FHA.

In February we held our second Family Forum entitled Putting social tourism on the agenda. With over 50 participants, including representatives from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), Family Fund, Unison Welfare and Tourism for All, it was a great success. International speakers from Tourism Flanders, Cheque-Vacances and the Policy Research Bureau presented an overview of current policy and practice in Belgium, France and the UK, which stimulated much debate. The head of Unison Welfare was so enthused by our Forum she asked us to draft a proposal for her board of governors on a Cheque-Vacances pilot scheme for Unison members.

Holidays make happier, stronger families.

‘It is great to see a family who have struggled through numerous difficulties come back refreshed from a holiday. They could never have had a break away if it weren’t for the FHA.’ Welfare agent for Mr de Silva and his daughter, who had a week’s caravan holiday in Norfolk.

● Great North Run, Great South Run and FeelFine British 10K – combined raised £3,000 ● Yellow Umbrella Day – organised by, 150 people walked or ran the 10k race and raised £2,200 ● ABTA Fun Run – held during the annual ABTA Convention in Orlando raised over £1,500. And thanks to the ‘ABTA Strollers’ and our sponsors the FHA’s work was highlighted and £3,500 was raised.

Travel industry challenge events The hockey challenge in February between tour operators and agents was a great match that raised a brilliant £2,000. Our thanks to corporate sponsors First Choice, Titan HiTours, AA Appointments and BCP Airport Parking. Participants in our ski challenge were put through their paces by Martin Nankoo, the British free style champion. The ski challenge was organised and generously sponsored by Mark Warner and Jackie Steadman, and raised a terrific £1,000.

A great new initiative

John McDonald, FHA Director, with the ABTA Strollers.

Premier Travel Show Another major fundraiser was the Premier Travel Show. The auction, compèred by FHA Patron John Carter, tombola and bingo collectively raised a brilliant £5,300. (Top left) Hockey challenge ; (top middle) Ski challenge ; (top right) Women’s Hydroactive 5K Challenge; (bottom left) 25th London Marathon; (bottom right) British 10K.

Raising essential funds

Travel Tubbies More than 45 top names in the travel industry lost pounds to raise pounds for the FHA. After 16 weeks’ hard dieting, and thanks to support from Kunle Odetoyinbo, fitness consultant at SPARC, the Travel Tubbies lost a brilliant 150 lbs – and raised a tremendous £15,000.

Running for the FHA

After months of training a team of 24 runners from Inviron Limited, Ideal Holidays, Visit Britain and Citybond took up the challenge to run the 25th London Marathon in April. They all completed the course with good times and raised over £25,000.

Thanks to our sponsors ABTA, ABTA magazine, Adios, Slimming World, Universal and TTG for their support.

Running is a popular way to raise money and this year was no exception. To everyone who collected sponsorship and completed long-distance races on behalf of the charity, we’d like to say a big thank you and well done for such outstanding personal achievements.

Runners also competed in other races throughout the year including the: ● Women’s Hydroactive 5K Challenge – a team from Harp Wallen Executive Recruitment raised £2,000

Travel Tubbies Keith Betton and Jackie Steadman with FHA fundraisers.

The FHA is a charitable organisation that relies on the generosity and financial support of individuals, businesses and a range of grantgiving bodies

We have signed up to an exciting fundraising programme that involves recycling old mobile phones and used printer cartridges. Every phone and most cartridges are worth money and these funds can be donated easily to the FHA. Just a few or large quantities can be recycled. For more information call us on 020 7323 7292.

On-line giving This year saw a significant increase in the funds we raised via our website. Visitors donated almost £6,000. With more and more households gaining internet access, we predict this method of fundraising will continue to grow. In 2005 we received more than 60,000 hits to our website and visitors downloaded 11,000 documents, including 1,600 application forms. This year we have also added up-to-date information on fundraising events together with sponsorship tips and a training pack for runners.

Corporate support We are grateful to be supported by many different companies, and their generosity is a crucial source of income for us. Thank you to all the companies who supported us in so many different ways throughout the year. In particular we would like to thank First Choice. Through their in-flight coin collections over the past few years they have raised in excess of £300,000. This year we helped them to introduce new FHA-branded plastic coin-collecting bags to make it even easier for passengers to donate their unwanted foreign coins.

Remember us in your Will

Most of us don’t want to think about making a Will, but it’s essential to make plans for your money after you die. After you have remembered your loved ones, why not consider leaving a legacy to the FHA?

We have four dedicated groups raising funds locally to send families under great stress in their area on a much-needed holiday. This year they organised many different events ranging from fêtes and coffee days to craft fairs and curry nights. Local fundraising is vital to us. If you would like to get involved with one of the existing groups, why not contact them (details below)? Or set up your own group? We also want to encourage help from established groups, for instance the Women’s Institute, Rotary Club and Round Table. If you are a member of such an organisation and would like to become an FHA local ambassador, please call us on 020 7436 3304. North London Friends Mr Pat Laurance 7 Childs Way London NW11 6XU

If you would like to adopt the FHA as your company charity or run a payroll giving campaign with staff please contact us at or call our fundraising team on 020 7436 3304.

The proportion of our income that is made up of legacies can vary greatly from year to year. This year’s legacy income was almost entirely from one donor, a Mr Douglas Frost from Camberley in Surrey. Mr Frost left the charity a share of his estate and so far we have received £9,000 from the administrators of his Will. We are very grateful for his generosity.

Local fundraising

No matter how big or small, it will help us to support families have a holiday they desperately need. Leaving a legacy towards the work of the Family Holiday Association helps change people’s lives for the better – could a memorial be more fitting? For a copy of our legacy leaflet call us on 020 7436 3304 or visit our website

Rotherham Holiday Aid Mrs Cynthia Henry – Chairperson 2 Church Lane Wickersley Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 1ES Sheffield Family Holiday Fund Mr John Baker – Chairperson 1 Carr Bank Close Sheffield S11 7FJ Wolverhampton Friends of the FHA David Fabian – Chairperson 12 Tudor Crescent Penn Wolverhampton WV2 4PX

Representatives from the Sheffield Family Holiday Fund and Rotherham Holiday Aid met in September 2005 to look around Butlins in Skegness where many of the families they support enjoy their holidays.

If you are a UK taxpayer the FHA can claim back the tax on your donation. If you donate £100 we can claim back £28 making your gift worth £128 – an extra 28%.

‘This holiday was a wonderful break for us as a family and we have re-charged our batteries. It made me very happy to see my children enjoying themselves so much.’ Mrs Jordan, Sheffield The Jordan family had a week’s caravan holiday in Scarborough.

In 2005 the FHA helped over 1,200 families enjoy a break.

Director’s report

Chairman’s report

Early in the year I was invited to attend a seminar, jointly organised by the Children’s Play Council and Skills Active, to discuss the Children’s Act. This Act had been amended at the last minute to include reference to the need for access to recreation. In an informal discussion prior to the arrival of Margaret Hodge, the then Minister for Children, we considered the idea of defining what was meant by ‘recreation’.

Some thirty years ago our founders, Joan and Pat Laurance, recognised through personal difficulty just how beneficial a holiday can be for families who, for one reason or another, cannot ever take a break. Since then the charity has offered grants to more than 100,000 children and parents. These small grants make it possible for them to take a short break away from home: away from the pressures of their everyday lives.

From the FHA’s perspective recreation includes the concept of an annual one-week break away from home. And I had the opportunity to try and incorporate our views in the definition. To my surprise, I discovered that my colleagues, whose primary concern is ‘children’s recreation’, were not even considering the idea of a holiday as a key part of ‘recreation’. So many people just do not realise the huge benefits to everyone – the families and society in general – of simple holidays. Our advocacy work over the years has played an important role persuading people that holidays are a necessity for everyone.

The families we help are referred to us by welfare agencies. In other words they are the families recognised by society as underprivileged and in some way excluded. We are not talking about a glamorous week in the Canaries but a simple holiday: anything from a day at a British theme park to a week at Butlins. For many of our beneficiaries this family trip is the first time the children see the sea, and possibly the first time ever that the family is able to relax and spend valuable time together.

Of course the bulk of our work is sending families on holiday, and during the year we have worked very hard to ensure we help as many families as effectively as we can. Not only have we been able to give holidays to over 1,200 families, we have also organised discussion forums, funded research and met with other interested groups, both in the UK

and Europe, to ensure that our hands-on experience is used to assist the – literally – millions of families we can’t afford to help directly. Financially 2005 has been a very difficult year for the FHA with legacy income being particularly poor. The fundraising prospects for 2006 are much better, but we can only do the work we do with the terrific support of individual donors, trusts and companies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in any way – it is much appreciated.

John McDonald, Director

For thirty years we have been telling as many people as will listen that there are huge benefits from a simple, short holiday. We all know it. How good we feel on our return from a holiday is something we all take for granted. The benefits of a family holiday for those under pressure include increased self-esteem, a greater sense of family unity and better physical and mental wellbeing. And these benefits make sense for society – quality family time adds up to less demands on welfare agencies.

Despite the difficult financial environment I am pleased with the FHA’s progress over the past year and with the efforts of our dedicated staff led by our Director, John McDonald. Our committed council of trustees backs them up and we continue to enjoy the support of our founders Pat and Joan Laurance and our president Lady Mary Mumford DCVO. It is with great sadness, however, that I have to record the death after a long illness of Roger Liddiard, a trustee and our treasurer for the past six years. Our deepest condolences go to Tess, his wife, and his children.

Keith Graham, Chairman of Council

Financial review

Income Corporates 15%

Summary statement of financial activities 2005






Investment income



Interest receivable





Incoming resources Donations and gifts


Council’s (Trustees’) Statement

Investments and interest 1%

The financial information shown here is a summary extracted from the accounts of the Family Holiday Association for the year ending 31 August 2005. Individual donations 37%

Events 9%

Legacies 2%

These summarised accounts may not contain sufficient information to allow for a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity. For further information the full annual accounts, the auditor’s report on those accounts and the Council’s report should be consulted; copies of these can be obtained from the Family Holiday Association, 16 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JL. The Council approved the annual report and accounts on 15 March 2006 and the annual report and accounts have been submitted to the Charity Commission. The accounts have been audited and have been given an unqualified audit report by our auditors.

Local groups 7%

Signed on behalf of Council Trusts 29%


Resources expended Direct charitable expenditure



Fundraising and publicity







Management and administration

‘The family took great delight in planning for this holiday. It helped the father to learn how to budget. As well as enjoying the week away, the anticipation played a big part in improving the father’s mental health’

Total Movement for the year





Funds brought forward



Funds carried forward



Change in valuation of investments

Management and administration 11%

Fundraising and publicity 22%

Carter Backer Winter Enterprise House, 21 Buckle Street, London E1 8NN

Direct charitable 67%

Fixed assets and investments



Net current assets



Total funds



Auditor’s Statement As auditors to the FHA, we have reviewed the summarised accounts shown here and consider that they are consistent with the full accounts on which we gave our opinion.

Summary balance sheet

Welfare agent of Mr Gilbert, a lone parent with two children aged 13 and 5 years.

Keith Graham Chairman 15 March 2006

President Lady Mary Mumford DCVO Founders Patrick Laurance Joan Laurance BEM

Patrons Jean Boht, John Carter, Mansukh Ganatra, Professor K Holt, John Jay, Alistair McGowan, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Libby Purves, Prunella Scales, Anthony Solomons, Sir Harry Solomon, His Honour Anthony Tibber

Council Officers Chair – Keith Graham Vice Chair – Alison Rice Treasurer – Roger Liddiard (deceased 10 March 2006)

Council Members Tony Caplin, Penny Cushing, Pippa Isbell, Michael Nicol, Martha Osamor, Ian Reynolds, Jenni Smith, Kristina Wallen

Auditors Carter Backer Winter, Enterprise House, 21 Buckle Street, London E1 8NN

Solicitors Berwin Leighton Paisner, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA

Bankers Barclays Bank plc, 99 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DN CAF Bank, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA

Investment Managers James Capel Investment Management, HSBC Investment Bank plc, 6 Bevis Marks, London EC3 3JQ

Thank you Thank you We would like to thank everyone who has given money and time to the FHA during the year. Without your generosity our work would not be possible. Our special thanks to those who have donated £1,000 or more. Charitable trusts and foundations 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust Adint Charitable Trust BBC Children in Need The Bothwell Charitable Trust Anthony du Boulay Trust Sir Walker Carter Charitable Trust The Cotton Trust The Eagle Charity Trust Donald Forrester Trust Joseph Strong Frazer Trust The Patrick Frost Foundation The Goldsmiths’ Company Constance Green Foundation The Hedley Foundation Help A London Child Alan James Henry Memorial Trust The Alan Edward Higgs Charity The Inman Charity Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust The Sir James Knott Trust The Beatrice Laing Trust The Paul Lunn-Rockliffe Charitable Trust The Moffat Charitable Trust ShareGift – The Orr Mackintosh Foundation The Paget Trust The Pitt-Rivers Charity Ponton House Trust The Rainford Trust The Ratcliffe Charitable Trust The Sir James Reckitt Charity The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation The Spring Trust Unison Welfare The Variety Club E Vinson Charity Settlement

Companies AA Appointments ABTA Adios BCP Airport Parking Bourne Leisure Ltd Chris Markiewicz Cobra Beer Conrad Advertising First Choice Airways bases: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Stansted First Choice Holidays Friday Travel Hard Rock Cafe Holiday Autos L & J Developments Ltd Mark Warner Merrill Lynch Morrocan National Tourist Office Ocean Village Premier Travel Team Lincoln Teletext Ltd Titan Hitours Tui Shepherds Bush Housing Association Universal Parks and Resorts

Gifts in kind ABTA Argyle Recruitment Bourne Leisure Ltd Butlins Cadogan Holidays Citybond Harp Wallen Haven Legoland

Mark Warner MasterSun Park Resorts Radio Times Sports Tours Steven Dunlop Photography Travel Trade Gazette Travel Weekly TravelTime World

Individuals Mr Lionel Abel-Smith Mr Martin Albu Mr D J Beales Dr S Bennett Mrs S Bentley R J G Bloomer Mr Anthony du Boulay Ms Jacqueline Ann Bow Mrs S Brada Mr D Britton Ms Barbara Cairns Lady Ann Clyde Mr R Cormell Mrs Cracknell Penny Cushing Patricia Davies A I Doyle Mr Charles Dreyfus Ms Kelli Elmer Mr Keith Graham Mr Christopher Hacking Miss Rosalind M Hadden Mr N Hartley Mr Larry Hochman CD & TM Hughes Mr Walter Johnson Dr A V Jones Mr & Mrs DJ & J Kavanagh

Mr and Mrs Kinchin Smith Mr C J King Mr J B & Mrs C Lamb Dr Richard Lansdown Mrs L M Lethby Dr P A Mawer Ms F McKenzie Mrs B McNeill Lady Mary Mumford Mrs W B Neatby Victoria Neumark Jones Dr R A Oulton Mr Martyn Ralph Ian Reynolds Mrs G E Robertson Mr Neville & Mrs Ursula Ross Mr Jonathan Ross Mrs C M Simpson Mrs V A Smith Mr M Smith Mr and Mrs Patrick Spencer Mrs H Talbot-Ponsonby Mr John Taylor Mr Richard Turner Mr Anthony Turner Mr A & Mrs D Vonk Mr J M F Wakefield Mr Patrick Wallace Mr Stephen Daniel M Watson Mr & Mrs B C West Mrs Yvonne Whitmore Mr T Whittaker Miss A J Wilton Richard J Winfrey Mrs E Woodhouse

Legacies Lady Mary Cox Mr Douglas Frost Mrs Ann Hart Ms Marie Nobbs Miss B Paul Mrs Amy Warner

Local Groups North London Friends Rotherham Holiday Aid Sheffield Family Holiday Fund Wolverhampton Friends

Travel Industry Fundraising Forum

Hockey match 2005

Keith Betton Eric Campus Alison Cryer Stephen Dowd Mary Finucane Martin Froggatt Julia Hendry Gail Kenny Jill Martin Rachel O’Reilly Sharon Price Jane Richards Ronnie Simkins Jackie Steadman Kristina Wallen Naomi Woodstock

Julie Ball Tom Barnet Phil Beard Gemma Bridgeman Ian Brooks Sarah Campus Steve Campion Cornelia Closhen Lisa Constantinou James Cougham Theo Demetriou Chris Fundell Andy Freeth Helen Gavine Julie Gibson John Hays Mark Hurst Lucy Huxley Ian Mounser Robin Searle Peter Shanks Ian Simkins Helga Slater Claire Tobin Kathryn Williamson Nick Wrightman Brian Young Frances Young

FHA challenge events Ski challenge 2005 Jackie Steadman Lawrence Assock Philippa Harris Caroline Haynes

London Marathon team 2005 James Algra Maggie Armitt Sue Boswell Craig Beaumont Robert Biddulph Renee Boucaud Louise Bryan Victoria Bulgin Gary Cooper Beverley Cracknell Tim Dempsey Karen Hatton Genevieve Job Neil Johnson John King Carla Laidler Eamonn Quinn Thomas Russell Lee Stewart Robert Sneddon Carla Stratford Christopher Sullivan Tony Youster Janice Wilson

Special thanks Russell Amaresekera Martin Nankoo

The stories and quotes in this Annual Review 2005 are true but some names have been changed to protect individuals’ identities. Some photographs are posed by models.

Annual Review 2005  

The Family Holiday Association review of 2005

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