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Summer 2013

Children’s homemade cards brought tears to our eyes… We love hearing from families you have helped send away on a break. Many people choose to send us cards and letters and we’d like to share some of these as it’s because of you.

Earlier in the year Judy, a support worker, wrote to us to tell us how important going away was to 5 year old Lucy. Here is a small part of what she said:

The letter sent in from Claire* after she and her two children had been on a break clearly shows how much it meant to them.

It was a really tough time.

This is a letter just to say a big massive THANK YOU from me, Claire, and my two children. We as a family have been through a lot in the last six years, with me having depression, going through a messy divorce, living in poor temporary accommodation; life just didn’t seem like it had a light at the end of the tunnel. I hear good things happening to other people, and I actually don’t think about them happening to me. Thanks to the charity, something good did happen to us. Going on this holiday is just what we needed as a family. The children had a good time, I got to sleep (something I don’t do much of), and I didn’t think about my bills or things that needed to be done. It was an actual break from ‘reality’. I was offered a place to live before I went on the holiday but really struggled to sort it out, now I’m back, I’m doing it bit by bit, I’m thinking more positively and really want to sort myself out. Once again, THANK YOU for everything. It meant a lot to my kids to be able to do this. With love, Claire

As does the effort that went in to creating the cards and the lovely flowers by children in the picture far right!

I’ll never forget the first time I met Lucy. She was a scared little girl and the sadness in her eyes was just heart-breaking. The trauma and upheaval from living at home with her parents to losing her mum and then going to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins was really tough on her. She had trouble settling in to her new home, difficulty bonding with her cousins, and was clearly crushed by the loss of her mum. I just had to help Lucy bond with her new, extended family and give her some time away from her unfamiliar and very cramped surroundings. So I got in touch with the Family Holiday Association and applied for a holiday for Lucy’s now very big family. Laura, Lucy’s aunt, was over the moon when I told her they’d been awarded their holiday. She screamed down the phone and then cried. She was just so happy that the Family Holiday Association had done this for them – something her and her husband would never be able to afford now they were looking after six children. Thinking about the holiday immediately gave Lucy something else to focus on. Like I said, she looked forward to it every day for months. She began to open up to her aunt and uncle, talking about things they could do when they got to the seaside – games they might play, food they might eat, creatures they might find on the beach.

It’s thanks to you we are able to keep helping families like Claire and her children, and Lucy, so we want to say a big THANK YOU on their behalf.

*all names have been changed to protect the identity of the families but all quotes and circumstances are real

To get more involved with The Family Holiday Association, call us on 020 3117 0650 or visit 3 Gainsford Street, London SE1 2NE Registered charity number 800262 A company Limited by Guarantee registered number 2301337 England

STOP PRESS A fantastic start to summer 2013 was proved, with May’s coin collection highlighting 14 airport bases have exceeded the May 2012 coin collection fundraising. The total raised for the month saw a whopping 67% increase which is truly brilliant. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

Why not join us? We’re running into 2014 already… Michelle Barnes, Events Fundraiser is calling all runners to take part in one of our 2014 events such as the;

Brighton Marathon Now the second largest marathon in the UK and twelfth largest in Europe, the 26.2 mile course starts in Preston Park and winds its way through the city and along the coast before finishing just east of Brighton Pier • Distance: 26.2 miles • Date: Sunday 6 April 2014 • Entry fee: £40 • Location: Brighton, Sussex • Fundraising target: £400

London Marathon

Charity staff attempt to gain their wings… Emma Snipp, TUI’s Charity Relationship Manager, met Rebecca Saglam the Thomson Airways charity ambassador at East Midlands Airport. Rebecca gave Emma a tour of the Crew Room and Training Centre as well as showing off the displays of the new Thomson Airways uniform. While at the Training Centre new recruits were being put through their final paces before receiving their flying wings and Emma was able to get involved with opening the emergency exits… Emma and Hazel East from the fundraising team also visited Suzanne Marie Locke at Manchester Airport and hope to be able to visit more of you over the next few months …

Join the 36,000+ runners and 1,000,000 spectators that enjoy this iconic marathon that is broadcast live on the BBC • Distance: 26.2 miles • Date: Sunday 13 April 2014 • Entry fee: £100 • Location: London • Fundraising target: £1,400

Why run for the Family Holiday Association? As a Family Holiday Association runner we will be there to support you throughout the lead up to the event, and you will receive the following benefits: • a free charity t-shirt for you and your supporters • a professional running vest to wear on the day, including iron on letters • fundraising tips and ideas, and promotional materials such as balloons and stickers • training, nutritional and fundraising advice

More ways to fundraise… Feel free to contact or call her on 020 3117 0663 if you have any other fundraising ideas you would like help with. We will send you a fundraising pack to help you get started and we can offer you assistance too…

Born Free receives 25% of on-board collections. Thank you for your support!

Born Free News Here are just a few highlights of how YOUR hard work collecting spare change and encouraging passengers to donate makes all the difference to our wildlife charity. But there’s no room to tell you about protecting wild lions and tigers, returning monkeys to the wild, taking action for marine turtles and the world’s biggest fish, or… You’ll just have to visit to read all about it!”

Alison Hood Programmes Director Born Free Foundation

A girl called Douglas With your support our charity has just helped rescue a baby hippo called Douglas in Zambia. You’ll be surprised to hear Douglas is actually a girl - she was so small when first found her rescuers thought she was a boy. We think the name’s so cute we decided to keep it! Douglas was only two weeks old when first rescued and close to death. Now she’s recovering at a special sanctuary, but needs 3½ pints (2 litres) of milk every THREE hours! The funds you raise will help us look after her while the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust team gradually prepare her to return to the wild

“Actually I’m relieved,” said Stephen Brend as he disinfected the wound on his hand. “At least he isn’t the leopard I was told to expect!” Born Free’s Project Manager has got his hands full with a feisty new arrival at our rescue centre in Ethiopia. ‘Sekota’ is a baby caracal, just three months old. Caracals are lynx-like wild cats, with bewitching large eyes, red-brown fur, and black tufts on their ears.

Stephen cut away the rope that Sekota bit him – ouch! “No matter,” said Stephen, “the cuts will heal; it is great he is ‘wild’ and will eventually be able to go free again.”

Thank you for all you do at Thomson Airways to help us care for Sekota. Your on-board collections help our charity provide the food and care he needs, until one day he is ready to be returned to the wild. We’ll let you know how he gets on!

“Despite my bloody hand, a caracal is not as dangerous as a leopard,” explained Stephen. “Leopards are big and strong, and expert climbers. It’s really tricky to care for them and return them to the wild, they are potentially very dangerous.” Caracals by comparison are smaller, eat less food, and are much easier to look after and ‘rehabilitate’. Poor Sekota has a tragic story. His mother was killed and he was going to be sold as a pet, but fortunately he was confiscated by government officials. He arrived at Born Free’s centre with a filthy piece of rope around his neck which had been used to tie him up. It was as

Stephen Brend has got his hands full!

You can help Douglas is now available for adoption, just £2.50 per month FREE cuddly toy includes FREE cuddly toy, gift pack and regular updates. For a wonderful, caring and very unusual gift call 01403 240170 or visit Please help care for Douglas

S Brend/BFF

“As you can see, with your support the Born Free Foundation is hard at work for wild animals this summer. We rescue orphans, keep rare species safe in the wild, and stop the suffering of animals in captivity. But we couldn’t do any of it without YOU. So a massive ‘thank you’ on behalf of us all at Born Free!

2.2 kg of fury!


Thank you from us all

Summer holiday suffering

Virginia received her award from Brian May and Anita Dobson

Wizz Kid Productions

Earlier this year our Founder Virginia McKenna OBE was awarded the prestigious ‘Outstanding Contribution Honour’, at ITV’s inaugural British Animal Honours. Nearly four million viewers enjoyed the awards ceremony hosted by Paul O’Grady, which celebrated extraordinary animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them. “We’re very proud that my mother’s tireless work has been so publically recognised,” said Born Free’s CEO Will Travers OBE, “the tributes are still ringing in my ears!”

:D Turner/BFF

Well done Virginia!

Sadly millions of animals are exploited in zoos, circuses, dolphinaria and for tourists’ photos in resorts around the world. If you see any suffering on your travels please send your reports and photos via or our hotline 0845 003 5960 and we will investigate. Thank you!

It’s a boy!

On-trend new t-shirts

Emily Kate, Born Free’s adopted elephant, recently had her very first calf in Kenya. Twelve-year old Emily Kate, named by our Patron Martin Clunes after his own daughter, lives with her family in Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya. The ‘EBs’ have been made world-famous, thanks to the BBC’s popular Echo of the Elephants tv series. The birth was announced by Cynthia Moss, who – supported by Born Free for over 20 years - monitors the elephants in Amboseli National Park. Every member of the EB family has a named starting with ‘E’ and following a Born Free competition the new calf has been named Ewok!

PERFECT FOR SUMMER! Tell everyone you’re part of the Born Free family and show your support. Women’s scoop-neck

You can help To adopt Emily Kate and Ewok (£2.50 incl cuddly toy and gift pack) call 01403 240170 or visit

Emily Kate and Ewok with their family

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UK P&P incl

£16.99 To order call 01403 240170 or visit ATE

See for our full range of merchandise and wild gifts.

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Wild fun!

For the latest wildlife campaigns and animal news sign up for Born Free’s free monthly email news at, and join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Born Free’s NEW WILDlife FUNdraising pack is full of ideas and tips to help you raise funds for wildlife. Could you hold a cake sale, guess the sweets in a jar, or hold a 2nd hand book sale in your crew room? Or if you fancy a fun run or even a marathon, join our Run Wild team. Call 01403 240170 or visit

To get even more involved with Born Free, call us on 01403 240170 or visit Born Free Foundation 3 Grove House, Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PL

Charity No: 1070906