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Family History in Art Larry D. Macfarlane

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Family History Art captures your special memories in an original oil painting. If you have some wonderful memories and you want to have a permanent visual record, Family History in Art is here to help you. Frame your memories by converting a photo into an original oil painting.


Great, great grndfather’s village on the Island of Bornholom in Denmark

A huge bull elk made a We prize the memory of our particular hunting trip 10-year-old son and a friend he the one of remember found on a Club Scout outing

We found a beautiful Dad used to go everywhere We could always smell in his beloved old red Grandma’s cooking when mountain stream that was one of the best fishing spots ever orchard truck we got to her gate


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Family Memories in Art  
Family Memories in Art  

Preserve your family Memory in the form of art with the help of Painter of Memories.