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Agricultural Property AgencySzczecin Przasnysz BELARUS

Włocławek GERMANY

Brześć Kujawski Sochaczew Stryków

Military Property Agency Garwolin Zone Of Economic Activity Kozienice


Agricultural Property Agency Wrocław


Dąbrowa Górnicza CZECH REPUBLIC



Inve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


LOWER SILESIAN VOIVODESHIP ....................................................... 4 • Agricultural Property Agency Wrocław ............................................ 6 • Gromadka ........................................................................................ 8 Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship ........................................... 10 • Brześć Kujawski ............................................................................. 12 • Włocławek ...................................................................................... 14 ŁÓDZKIE VOIVODESHIP ...................................................................... 16 • Stryków .......................................................................................... 18 Masovian Voivodeship ................................................................. 20 • Military Property Agency Wrocław ............................................... 22 • Garwolin Zone Of Economic Activity ........................................... 24 • Municipality Of Kozienice ............................................................ 26 • The Przasnysz county ................................................................. 28 • Sochaczew .................................................................................... 30 • Szydłowiec .................................................................................... 32 Pomeranian Voivodeship ........................................................... 34 • Żukowo ......................................................................................... 36 Silesian Voivodeship ................................................................... 38 • Dąbrowa Górnicza ....................................................................... 40 West Pomeranian Voivodeship ................................................ 42 • Agricultural Property Agency Szczecin ......................................... 44 • Koszalin ......................................................................................... 46

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Inve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

Lower Silesian Voivodeship is situated in south-western Poland and shares

the border with Germany and Czech Republic. It covers a surface area of 19,947 km2. The 2009 Census counted the population as over 2,000,000 inhabitants, which represents 7% of the entire population of Poland.

19,947 km²

Population 2,876,600

Lower Silesian is the most urbanized Voivodeship in Poland. Its major city

Wrocław is third among the numbers of research and educational centers found in the country. Overall in the Voivodeship there are 38 public and private universities, educating more than 200,000 students (219,494, Census as of November 2009). Undoubtedly Lower Silesia is one of the most attractive investment regions in Poland. The Voivodeship has a very attractive location in the vicinity of the German and Czech Republic borders. The main transportation routes cross here. Lower Silesian Voivodeship is characterized by a very well developed transport (road, railway, river route and air) and ICT infrastructure. The availability of Internet and the ICT infrastructure belong to one of the best rated in the country.

Within the Voivodeship there are convenient road connections to which be-

70.3% in urban areas Population density 144 persons/km²

Voivodeship capital Wrocław

Other large cities in the Voivodeship • Wałbrzych • Legnica • Jelenia Góra • Lubin • Głogów

long: A4 motorway and International roads No.: E40, E36, E65 and E67. Existing here is a very well developed Railway line system including the international Railway line connecting Germany with Ukraine. Wrocław is the largest Polish rail junction serving passengers and transporting goods.

Special Economic Zones • Special Economic Zone Legnica • Special Economic Zone Wałbrzych • Special Economic Zone Kamienna Góra

The following Special Economic Zones in Legnica, Wałbrzych and Kamienna

Góra offer very favourable conditions for enterprises.

Industrial & Technology Parks

The region is characterized by a high level of industry, which allows the specialization of modern types of industrial production such as automotive, pharmaceutical and useful electronics. The well developed sectors such as electromechanical, automotive and IT services are at the forefront of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

• Technology Park „ChemiPark” in Brzeg Dolny • Lower Silesian Technology Park „T-Park” • Industrial Park Nowa Ruda • Industrial Park Bukowice • KGHM LETIA Legnica Technology Park • Wrocław Medical Science and Technology Park

According to the regional development strategy, the major industrial sectors

of the Voivodeship are mining and processing of copper ore, extraction of brown coal and other natural resources, weaving of textiles,as well as the following industries: mic, brown goods and white goods, components and parts of mechanically propelled vehicles. The Lower Silesian Voivodeship is rich in historical monuments. Due to this fact there is a constant development of tourism in the region. You will find very interesting sights in Wrocław, the Peace Church in Świdnica which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as many other natural attractions – the Sudety Mountain Range and the foothills of the Sudety.

• Bogatynia-Zgorzelec Industrial and Technology Park • Regional Industrial and Technology Park in Polkowice • Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park

Regional Investor Assistance Centre Wrocław

International airport Wrocław Strachowice

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Source: PAIiIZ,

food and drink, woodwork, chemical, machine and electrical devices, glass and cera-

• Wrocław Technology Park


Agricultural Property Agency is the national institution, of which one of its main duties is real estate. The areas offered by the Agency are not only agricultural plots but also terrains which may be used for industrial, trading, business or residential investments. There is often a belief that one must be a farmer or meet other criteria to buy land from the resources of the Agency, nothing could be more wrong. Agricultural Property Agency offers a wide range of attractively located real estates that everyone can purchase. You only need to find the right property and participate in the tender. These areas are very attractive for business development. It is worth mentioning that the Agricultural Property Agency offers the plots with regulated legal situation. Advantages of the real estates are:

Bielany Wrocławskie, surface area: 108 ha Designed as: terrains of economic activity with associated facilities.

are located in the areas that are attrac-

stallment payment for real estate which

• attractive locations: the areas are loca-

tive in terms of Tourism and Recreation.

is designed for investment purposes in

ted in the neigbourhood or in a small

• transparent procedures of purchasing

situations particulary justified by social

distance from the main communication

thru unlimited tenders.

hubs within the administrative bounda-

• as the only one institution (the Agency)

ries of Wroclaw and other towns; they

gives the opportunity to spread the in-

and business reasons (for eg. creating new job positions). • attractive prices in relation to the competition. • excellent communication not only within Poland but also with neighbouring Germany and Czech Republic. • most of the Agencies` plots are located in Special Economic Zones, among others in Bielany Wrocławskie (SEZ), near Środa Śląska (LSSE) or in Świdnica (WSSE). The Agricultural Property Agency is the largest operator of real estate in Lower Silesia with the purpose for investment. It has plots designed, among others, for purposes of: • single- and multifamily housing • service-commercial • recreation and tourism • storages • offices

Wrocław, Oporόw, surface area: 0,18 ha Projected for: multi-family residential development.


Inve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

• production

The Agency also has in its offer around 160 palace and grange objects entered as historical monuments. Among them are many valuable and unique buildings, for eg. palaces in Pyszczyn, Ławica, Wąsosz and Ścinawka Gόrna. Purchase procedure is very clear. To purchase a real estate that one is interested in, you must take part in the tender bidding and the property owner becomes the one who offered the highest price. If there is no buyer, then the Agency analizes the situation to possibly reduce the price. This causes the real estate to possibly be purchased for very competitive prices. Cooperation with the Agricultural Property Agency is a good choice. It is worth noting that in general the most attractive plots for investment in Poland is offered by the Agricultural Property Agency. Many of the world business leaders such as

Palace in Pyszczyn, surface area of the plot: 2,28 ha, usable area of the palace: 926 m2 Projected for: tourism and recreational purposes.

LG, Michelin,Electrolux, Opel, Toyota, Viessman, Cersanit, IKEA, Auchan and others,

Please read the detailed offer of the Agri-

have invested on the parcels purchased

cultural Property Agency presented on the

from the Agency.


THE AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY AGENCY REGIONAL OFFICE IN WROCŁAW UL.Mińska 60, 50-610 Wrocław MARZENA SZOCIŃSKA-KLEIN SECTION OF THE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Tel. +48 71 35 63 800, +48 71 356-39-19 e-mail :, Wrocław Muchobόr, surface area: 3,68 ha Projected for: wholesale and retail trade, services, offices, hotels, manufacturing.

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Gromadka LOCATION The Municipality of Gromadka is located in the Bolesławiec County in the western part of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, 90 km from Wrocław. The municipality has very good road connections with the neighboring countries (approx.60 km to the German border and approx. 50 km to the border with Czech Republic). It belongs to the category of rural communities. The total enclosed surface area of the municipality is 267.29 km2 of which 72.3% are forests.

INVESTMENT OFFER The investment areas in the Municipality of Gromadka which are intended for sale are located in the southern part of the community and represent an attractive offer to potential investors, mainly because of direct access to the motorway A-18. In

areas owned by the Municipality of Gromad-

vestors. The municipality offers investment

addition, the newly finished motorway hub

ka (200 ha) are situated adjacent to proper-

areas of various sizes located within the

is located just 3 km from the motorway A-2

ties which belong to the Legnicka Special

borders of Osła and Rόżyniec townships.

and A-4 junction, therefore from a transpor-

Economic Zone. Beside the area of LSEZ,

The available terrain is divided into

tational point of view, this fact is of a great

municipal investment plots create a specific

26 sites with a possibility of expanding the

importance for investors. The investment

industrial park. This space is available to in-

shared amount of plots. Together the investment area of the Municipality of Gromadka as well as the areas of LSEZ are written in the local development plan which bear the symbol PBS. This symbol`s meaning is basically to locate production facilities, headquarters, depots and warehouses. The areas designed for investment are partially enclosed (access to water supply and sewerage system). Connecting to the already existing amenities is being individually done (after agreements with local operators which distribute water, electricity, etc.). Through the investment plot runs a high voltage line (110 kV). In the municipal development plan, the above mentioned areas will be supplied with a natural gas network in the near future. Proposed areas for investment are flat.

Road network within the industrial

zone consists of municipal roads which connect the entire municipal area with the motorway as well as internal service roads


Inve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

267,29 km²

Number of residents

5540 (census per 31.12.2011)

Special Investment Zone

Legnicka Special Economic Zone / the area in Krzywa

The most important roads

• the Motorway A-18 • A-4 – hub- junction of A-18 and A-4 - The entrance to the motorway from the Municipality of Gromadka lies in a distance of 3 km from this junction.

made from concrete. The whole community

The Municipality has been awarded the

has a convenient road network. In addition

prestigious title of “Municipality Fair Play”

to direct access to the motorway, the muni-

Certified Investment Location. In addition

cipality intersects the county road network,

to this important recognition, Polish Infor-

creating excellent road connections betwe-

mation and Foreign Investment Agency

en neighboring municipalities.

S.A. granted a Certificate of high ranking in

In order to keep a good atmosphe-

the IV Edition of the competition “The Gol-

re for business, the Municipal Council has

den Sites 2010” for the investment area in

adopted resolutions concerning reliefs and

the Municipality of Gromadka in the Osła

tax exemptions for new investing compa-


nies. Current companies settled in the industrial areas are: Hormann, Młynpol, Forest


Style, Strabag Polski Asfalt, Plasticos Du-

To the main tourist attraction in the Munici-

rex, PHU Jan Wengrzyn, Atlas Copco.

pality of Gromadka belongs the Przemkowski Scenic Park located within the Forests of Lower Silesia. The Park is a home to rare

Railway lines

• Wrocław – Legnica - Żary

The nearest airport

• Wrocław

The largest companies

• Hormann • Młynpol • Forest Style • Strabag Polski Asfalt • Plasticos Durex

species of birds and a unique plant habitat. Peculiar landscape formations characterize its uniqueness. The Lower Silesia is rich in historical monuments, of which many of them are located in the Municipality of Gromadka. To the precious monuments of this area belong: churches and palaces with surrounding land and farms, some of which have unfortunately been touched by time gone by.

Gromadka Gen. Wł. Sikorski Street No.9 59-706 Gromadka phone +48 75 738 24 52 e-mail:

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Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship









In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship is located in the central part of

the country on both sides of the lower path of the Vistula River, sharing the border

17 970 km²

with the following voivodeships: Pomeranian, Warmian-Masurian, Masovian, Łódź Voivodeship, Greater Poland Voivodeship. Occupying an area of 17 970 km², the 2011


Census counted a population of 2.0695 people, of which more than 60% inhabited its cities agglomerations. Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship has two capitals-Bydgoszcz (center of voivode –government appointed governor) and Toruń (center of local autho-

2 069 575 61,1% in urban areas

rities of the voivodeship).

The main cities of this region are Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Włocławek, Grudziądz

and Inowrocław.

The excellent location of Kujawy and Pomerania guarantees convenient

access to the most important Polish and European markets and suppliers. The most important transportation routes also cross here. This Voivodeship lies in the pan-European Transport Corridor No VI (Baltic-Adriatic), which runs from Scandinavia thru

Population density

115 persons/km²

Voivodeship capital

Poland until southern Europe. Kuyavian-Pomeranian district also has in its disposition well developed rail networks which have regional, national and international meaning.

Bydgoszcz, Toruń

In Kuyavian-Pomeranian operate 20 public and non-public higher educatio-

nal institutions. The most important of them are: Nicholas Copernicus University in To-

Other large towns in the voivodeship

ruń, University of Casimir the Great in Bydgoszcz and the University of Technology and Nature in Bydgoszcz. Full range of facilities and scientific research are at the forefront of the Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń with other centres, for example The Centre of Transfer and Technology in Toruń supporting the movement towards modern solutions from science to industry.

• Bydgoszcz • Włocławek • Grudziąc • Inowrocław

The authorities of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship put great importance into creating good conditions for economic development. In this region the investments

Special Economic Zones

placed by foreign investors is increasing as well. In the voivodeship operate more than 185 000 economical operators, of which more than 1679 of them are the companies

• The Pomeranian Zone

with foreign capital. Here operating on site are five subzones of a Special Pomeranian Economical Zone, four industrial parks and a Technological Park with a Centre of Transfer and Technology. The business support system which was created, set up

Industrial & Technology Parks

among others, the Inter Alia Investor Service Centre, the Credit Guarantee Funds Foundation, Loan Funds Foundation and Regional Centre Exports. It is worth mentioning that not only investors in the economic zones, but also entrepreneurs who have their own businesses located within the parks, can count on tax exemptions and reductions.

Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship is an area of industrial and agricultural

traditions. Food Processing accounts for 30% of industrial production of the Voivo-

• Industrial and Technological Park in Bydgoszcz Sp. z.o.o • Industrial Park in Grudziądz • Technological Park inToruń • Industrial Park in Solec Kujawski • Vistula Park Świecie

friendly production. In the region, the following sectors are very well developed: food, chemical and the electromechanical industry. Located in Łysomice by Toruń is the investor from the electronic sector – a factory made by the Japanese electronic giant Sharp.

Kuyavian-Pomeranian is the perfect place for business and for foreign direct


Regional Investor Assistance Centre


International airport


w w w.i nvest m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

deship. Many farms and processing plants decide to use traditional, environmental


Brześć Kujawski LOCATION

from Kalisz. The National road No.1, which

Economic Zone which is located within the

Situated on a small hill, Brześć Kujawski is

connects Śląsk with Pomerania, is located

A1 motorway hubs. The authorities of the

a municipality located in the Kuyavian-Po-

11 km east of the town. In Brześć Kujawski,

city offer professional assistance in the im-

meranian Voivodeship, 13 km west from

national and voivodeship roads cross one

plementation of new projects in a part of the

Włocławek, on the right river bank of the

another. The construction of the A1 motor-

Brzeska Economic Zone, which covers an

Zgłowiączka river. It lies in the transport

way is planned within a distance of 7 km

area of 470 ha, where nearly 20 ha of land

heart of Poland. The town is situated ap-

from the town.

is owned by the municipality. The Zone has

prox. 13 km from Włocławek, 45 km from


in its posession a spatial development plan

Toruń, 95 km from Bydgoszcz, 210 km from


with all the investments (sewerage, water

Gdańsk, 164 km from Warsaw, 103 km from

Brześć Kujawski is open for modern techno-

and road network) in the finalizing state. The

Łόdź, 145 km from Poznań and 120 km

logies that arise in the area of the Brzeska

Brzeska Economic Zone has full access to

In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

the gas and energy network as

15 044 ha

well as wide Internet streams. In the municipality there are

Number of residents

valid preferential investment incentives for new investors as well as a range of facilities


for design and for conducting investment processes. Exemp-

Special Investment Zone

tions from the property tax are provided in the Resolution No.


IX/73/2011 adopted by the Town Council.

The most important roads

In recent years the local government successfully



has To the most important roads that run thru the municipality belong:


a number of important strategic

• Finalized A1 motorway which connects the ports in

decisions. Among these are:

Gdańsk and Gdynia with the southern part of Poland. In addition within this route, in the municipal

the rapid pace of road con-

area there will be: two motorway hubs with Toll Sta-

struction, investments which protect natural

The site is located 7 km from the planned

enviroment, sport and educational facilities

A1 motorway hub in Pikutkowo. It is desi-

partment of Motorway Monitoring and Maintenance.

as well as preparations of lucrative invest-

gned for production facilities, depots and

• the National road No.62 (15 km from the national

ment and residential areas.

warehouses with a green landscape buffer

The authorities of the town offer very atrac-

area, as well as parks. The plots are enclo-

tive investment plots:

sed with water, gas, electricity and sewage

The surface area of the first one is 3.65 ha


and 98 m2. The terrain is divided into two plots: • plot No. 596/4 with a surface area of

Kujawski where the rich history coinceides

3.54 ha and 0.8m2, perpetual usufruct,

with the modern infrastructure which is

Bp – 3.47 ha and 14 m2 undeveloped.

a great motivational factor to locate businesses.

1190 m2, perpetual usufruct, Bp –

The status of being a resort municipality gu-

0.1190 ha undeveloped.

arantees great conditions for rest and recu-

The site is located 7.5 km from the planned

road No.1)

Railway lines • Located in Włocławek in the vicinity of Brześć

Municipal authorities invite you to Brześć

• plot No. 596/4 with a surface area of

tions, Travelers Service Centres, as well as the De-


A1 motorway hub – in Pikutkowo. The plots are enclosed with: water, electricity and



Brześć Kujawski is a town of former princes

Kujawski (15 km)

The nearest airport • Warsaw – approx. 160 km. • Bydgoszcz – 100 km.

The largest companies

• Kuyavian factory of Agricultural Machinery „KRUKOWIAK” • Department of Bakery - Confectionery „Brześć”

and kings. For the first time it was mentioThe second investment area ( 8.73 ha and

ned in 1228, and before 1250 was charte-

95 m2 ) is divided into two plots:

red by Prince Casimir. The town is close

• plot No. 27/9 with a surface area of 3.27

to the heart of archaeologists, as it is here

ha and 10 m2, perpetual usufruct, Bp –

in the suburbs that the lendzielska culture

3.27 ha and 10 m undeveloped.

from the Neolithic period was discovered.


• plot No. 27/10 with a surface area of

In a town with such a rich history, you can

5.46 ha and 85 m2, perpetual usufruct,

meet many sacral and secular historical

Bp – 0.49 ha and 83 m2 undeveloped.


The Town Hall Władysław Łokietek Square No.1 87-880 Brzesc Kujawski phone 54 231 63 10 fax 54 231 63 24

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


Włocławek LOCATION       Włocławek is located in the south-eastern part of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in the Valley of Płock. Two rivers flow thru the town: Vistula and Zgłowiączka. Włocławek has a convenient location in the center of Poland on the main transportation routes. It is situated about 157 km from Warsaw, 103 km from Łόdź and around 50 km from Toruń and Płock.

INVESTMENT OFFER      Włocławek is a fast developing centre which presents the potential extending beyond the standards of other county towns

pleted many large projects in the last few

The plots are located within the boundaries

such as a self containing maintenance infra-

years which are aimed to create favorable

of the Zone and belong to the Włocławek

structure for residents, including the offer of

conditions in the town for residents, entre-

Municipality, in an industrial area without

surrounding business institutions, seconda-

preneurs and investors. To the most im-

a residential neighborhood. This fact distin-

ry schools, higher education centres, cultu-

portant of them undoubtedly belong 33.5

guishes them among the investment offers

ral, commerce and recreational diversities.

ha of enclosed land for investment, in the

of neighbouring municipalities.

A large percentage of its area (42% of the

project “Włocławska Economic Develop-

     The area is covered by the local deve-

effective surface area of the town) is cove-

ment Zone – Industrial and Technolo-

lopment plan, which reduces the time of the

red by local development plans. Włocławek

gy Park”. The following

implementation for investment. According to

is a town of “friendly investors”, which un-

amenties are in the close

the plan, the area is designed for industry

doubtely testifies the fact that in the years

vicinity: public roads, wa-

with permitted storage buildings and servi-

2006-2010 the town has received honors

ter supply, fire hydrants,

ces.The transmission of the land within the

and awards in the competition “Communi-

sewerage system, storm

Zone to future investors will follow more fa-

ty Fair Play” – Certified Location of Inve-

water drainage, tele-technical network, gas

vorable conditions than the real estate mar-

stment. Włocławek has successfully com-

network, street lighting and the electric grid.

kets, based on leaseholder agreements. In respect to entrepreneurial endeavers, a prepared draft resolution has been created on exemptions from property tax supported by regional aid to encourage new investments within the “Włocławska Economic Development Zone – Industrial and Technology Park”.      The subject of the proposed exemptions are buildings, parts of the buildings or the areas related in conjunction with business activity.The project of the above mentioned resolution is the answer to the lack of such solutions in the greater majority of municipalities in the region of Włocławek. Another significant benefit for investors is to take the efforts offered by municipalities to integrate the land from the Zone into the Pomeranian


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

THE STATISTICAL DATA AND ACCESSIBILITY Surface area 84,34 km² Number of residents 113 000 Special Investment Zone

Special Economic Zone (PSSE). Thanks to

woodland. The largest natural and touristic

this, investors will be able to obtain an inco-

values belong to the Gostyninsko-Włocław-

me tax exemption.

ski Landscape Park. The park is laid out by

     The Zone is characterized by excellent

numerous walking and hiking paths. The

connections with the town as well as the

municipality is also rich in water resources

whole country. The main Street Wiklinowa

. The 70.5 km2 Włocławek Lagoon is the

has a direct connection to the national road

largest water reservoir in Poland which cre-

No.1 (within 4 km) and a planned exit from

ates great conditions for water recreation

the motorway A1 – hub “Brzezie” (within 11

activities (including sailing and windsurfing).

km). The completion of the motorway A1 is

To the most important historical monuments

planned for September 2012. The possibili-

of Włocławek undoubtebly belong the Go-

ty exists in the future, to improve the direct

thic cathedral Assumption of the Blessed

connection of the Zone with the national

Virgin Mary, which was built at the turn of

road No.1 by rebuilding the Mikanowska

the XIV and XV century. It contains stained

Street. In addition, there is a railway station

glass from 1360, a tombstone carved by

in the vicinity of Włocławek – Zazamcze (di-

renowned artist Wit Stwosz and other uni-

stance of approx. 8.3 km), station Brzezie

que sculptures and paintings. Other highly

(distance of approx. 3.35 km) and a freight

valued monuments include the Gothic chur-

railway line (distance of approx. 0.5 km).

ches of Holy Witalis as well as a late Gothic

Located in the vicinity of the Zone is Nitro-

church of Holy John the Baptist.

gen Plant Anwil SA, a national giant in the

On the 27 of February 2012 the Town Council of Włocławek adopted Resolution No. XIX/31/2012 in the case of approval of aquiring the areas of Włocławska Economic Development Zone(Industrial and Technological Park in Włocławek) by Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. Currently underway is the procedure of covering this terrain by the status of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, which will be set up by the decree from the Council of Ministers. The most important roads • National road No. 1 • National road No. 62 • National road No. 67 • Voivodeship road No. 252 • Motorway A1 (hub “Brzezie”) Railway lines

• PKP Railway Station Włocławek • (national) normal gauge railroad Piła – Kutno

The nearest airport • Bydgoszcz Airport (approx. 100 km) • Łόdź Airport (approx. 100 km) • hobbyflying airport used by Aeroclub Włocławek located in the near vicinity of the town (in Kruszyn) The largest companies

chemical industry. The proximity of such a vibrant and modern company stimulates the economic development of enterprises which operate in different industrial sectors. Because of this other companies have settled here such as P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork SA the producer of building materials as well as the world leader in the production of PET granulate – Indorama Polymers Sp. z o.o.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS     Włocławek is surrounded by forests. Within the town limits there is 2000 ha of

The Town Hall of Włocławek Zielony Rynek No. 11/13 87-800 Włocławek phone 54 414 40 00, 414 42 30 fax: 54 411 36 00,

• Anwil SA (part of the Orlen Capital Group SA, one of the largest enterprises in the Kuyavian- Pomeranian region and the leader in the sector of the Great Chemical Synthesis in Poland). • Indorama Polymers Sp.z.o.o( world leader in the production of PET pellets) • Top- 2000 Hamelin Sp.z.o.o(one of the largest manufacturing and trading companies in the paper industry in Poland). • PV Prefabet Kluczbork SA (specialist in the production and sale of complete concrete sewers) • WIKA Poland SA (known manufacturer of Apparatus control-measuring) • DRUMET Cords and Wires So.z.o.o (renowned producer of metal products) • Rieber Foods Poland SA (formerly known as Delecta) • Sanitec Koło Sp.z.o.o( recognizable manufacturer of bathroom products)

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl











In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

Łódź Voivodeship with a total surface area of 18,219 km2 is situated in the

heart of Poland. The 2009 Census counted over 2,500,000 inhabitants, which represents

18,219 km²

more than 6% of the total population of the country. The main economic centre is the Łódź Metropolitan Area.


To the other large cities in the Voivodeship belong: Piotrków Trybunalski, Pabianice, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Bełchatów and Zgierz.


64.2% in urban areas

Łódź is a very well urbanized region that boasts one of the highest rates of private

companies per 100 inhabitants.

Central location and good connections with every region in the country are great

Population density

assets of the Voivodeship, moreover, the road connections are in a phase of expansion – under construction is a motorway junction in the vicinity of Stryków – it will be the second

140 persons/km²

largest motorway junction in Poland.

Łódź Voivodeship has strong industrial traditions dating back to the nineteenth

century and even today there is a good climate for investing and conducting business. Especially favourable conditions for entrepreneurial investment are within the Special Economic Zones – Łódź SEZ and Starachowice SEZ.

For decades Textile manufacturing and the Carpet industry were the main bu-

siness activities of the region.These traditions are still continued. Textile manufacturing is considered as one of the high potential sectors in the Łódź Voivodeship. Located here for example is a High Technology Industry Cluster of Textile and Clothing as well as a Polish Technology Platform for the Textile Industry. Moreover the dynamic development of other

Voivodeship capital


Other large cities in the Voivodeship

• Piotrków Trybunalski • Pabianice • Tomaszów Mazowiecki

industries also apply to the Voivodeship. In recent years the largest cluster of white goods

• Bełchatów

in Europe has been established here.

• Zgierz

The region offers immense reserves of brown coal – Łódź Voivodeship is second

only to Silesia in the country as a producer of energy. Large reserves of thermal waters

Special Economic Zones

located in the area may be the basis for development of renewable energy. Energetics is another sector of high potential for the area as there are substantial geothermal deposits

• Łódzka Special Economic Zone

(about 1/3 of total deposits in the country) and great possibilities of biomass production.

• Starachowice Special Economic Zone

To other lucrative sectors belong: Fruit and Vegetable industry as well as Biotechnology. It is worth mentioning that the Biotechnological and Biobusiness Fair Trade–

Industrial & Technology Parks

Bio-Forum, the largest event of this kind in Central-Eastern Europe takes place here. Prospering branches such as Mechatronics and New Media – are scientifically supported by a world-famous National Higher School of Film,Television and Theater in Łódź. An important aspect of regional development strategy for the region is also the logistics, construction and chemical industry.

All industries developed in the Łódź region have a solid scientific base. The

educational institutions, educating more than 200,000 students (206,207, Census as of November 2009).

Park • Kutno Agro-Industrial Park • Łódź Regional Park of Science and Technology • Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park

Regional Investor Assistance Centre


International airport

• “Władysław Reymont” International Airport in Łódź (formerly known as Łódź – Lublinek Airport)

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

Voivodeship is a strong academic center, as there are 31 public and 25 private higher

• Bełchatów-Kleszczów Industrial and Technological


Stryków Stryków


Municipality of Stryków is located

within the area of Łódź Voivodeship, in the Zgierz county. It is situated in the territory of Wzniesienia Łódzkie (Łódzkie Hills), on the river Moszczenica, in a northeasternly direction from Łódź.

INVESTMENT OFFER The Municipality of Stryków has a very rich and attractive offer of investment sites. The economic advantage of this community is its location on main transportation hubs: the A1 motorway (Gdańsk-Vienna) and A2 motorway (Berlin- Moscow). In addition, within the municipality runs the railway line Łódź-Łowicz, with an extra line where the freight trains are loaded.

nity there are significant global companies

ble System Polska sp. z o.o., SWM - Po-

The proximity of the international

being run from: Switzerland, Great Britain,

land Sp.z o.o. From the paper sector Pyroll

airports in Łódź – 25 km and in Warsaw

Germany, Finland, Netherlands, the USA

Sp. z o.o. and Prowell Sp. z o.o.operating

– 110 km, as well as an access to a highly

and France.

here from the automotive industry is retail

skilled workforce and academic centres ne-

Presently located on the area of

and service centre - Truck&Trailer Center,

arby encourage the location of investment.

more than 330 ha, are the companies which

and from the pharmaceutical industry one

Work is also underway on implementation

are world leading establishments in the lo-

of the world largest medical drugs manu-

of the Fast Intercity Railway connecting

gistics sector, such as: Raben Polska Sp.

facturer - Sandoz Group. Also located in

Łódź with Łowicz thru Stryków.

z o.o., DPD Polska; the branch of innovati-

the municipality are companies such as:

So convenient location is condu-

ve technology is developed, among others

Spedimex Sp. z o.o.,Jasper Sp. z o.o.,

cive to locate businesses. In the commu-

by: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG; - Corning Ca-

Dachser Sp. z o.o., GLS Poland Sp. z o.o., Hotel 500, Hermann Kirchner Polska Sp.

Panatoni Park Stryków

z o.o., Lidl Polska, Nationwide Distribution and Publishing System „AZYMUT”, Komfort-Market Sp. z o.o., Leroy Merlin Polska Sp. z o.o., COMPLEX S.A., Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska, Tesco Sp. z o.o., AL.-PI Polonia Sp. z o.o., Go-Track, Tracz and many others. The above mentioned companies have developed around 2500 job positions.

Within the municipality there are

3 Industrial parks in operation: Tulip Park Stryków, Diamond Business Park Stryków and Panattoni Park Stryków as well as Łódzka Special Economic Zone. In the new municipal zoning plan more then 1000 ha are projected to be areas for investment. • Real estate at the intersection of the Tar-


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

Tulipan Park Stryków

158 km ²

Number of residents


Special Economic Zone

Łódzka Special Economic Zone

The most important roads • Motorways A1 and A2 • National road No.14 and 72 • Voivodeship road No. 708

gowa – Wycieczkowa Streets- 3807 m2, designed for multifamily housing.

for industrial development,


uses, storages.

• Real estate, Wyskoki – 6.6049 ha, suita-

• Terrain XVI, Niesulków – 41 ha designed

ble for a forestation, possible develop-

for industrial development, warehouses,

ment for tourism.


• Terrain IV, V, VI, Sosnowiec Pieńki, IV –

• Terrain XVII, Stryków Podlipie Street –

15 ha, V – 43 ha, VI – 30 ha, designed

75 ha designed for industrial and logi-

for industrial and logistics development.

stics development.

• Terrain VII, Stryków, Brzezińska Street

• Terrain XX, Stryków Polna Street – 50

– 28 ha, projected for industrial and se-

ha designed for industrial and logistics

rvice development.


• Terrain VIII, Stryków, Brzezińska Street

• Terrain XXIV, Sosnowiec – 27 ha desi-

– 115 ha, projected for industrial and lo-

gned as plots for HQ, industry, wareho-

gistics development.

uses and storages as well as services

• Terrain X, Kalinów – 80 ha, projected for industrial and service development. • Terrain XI, Warszewice – 20 ha designed for industrial and service development. • Terrain XV, Niesulków – 84 ha designed

and wholesale storages. • Terrain XXV, Wola Błędowa – 170 ha designed for industrial and logistic development. • Terrain XXVII; Stryków Ozorkowska Street – 5 ha designed for service de-

Railway lines

• Łódź – Łowicz

The nearest airport

• 25 km Łódź – Lublinek

The largest companies

Raben Polska Sp. z o.o., DPD Polska, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG; - Corning Cable System Polska sp. z o.o., SWM - Poland Sp. z o.o., Pyroll Sp. z o.o., Prowell Sp. z o.o., Truck&Trailer Center, Sandoz Group, Spedimex Sp. z o.o., Jasper Sp. z o.o., Dachser Sp. z o.o., GLS Poland Sp. z o.o., Hotel 500, Hermann Kirchner Polska Sp. z o.o., Lidl Polska, Nationwide Distribution and Publishing System „AZYMUT”, Komfort-Market Sp. z o.o., Leroy Merlin Polska Sp. z o.o., COMPLEX S.A., Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska, Tesco Sp. z o.o., AL.-PI Polonia Sp. z o.o., Go-Track, Tracz and many others.

The motorway junction Strykόw

velopments. • Terrain XXVIII,Zelgoszcz – 110 ha designed for industrial development, warehouses and storages. • Terrain by the Tulip Park Stryków, Smolice – 40 ha designed for industrial development.

Stryków T. Kościuszko Street No. 27 95-010 Stryków phone 42 719 80 02

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


Masovian Voivodeship









In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

The Masovian Voivodeship is located in the mid-eastern part of Poland in

the Mazovia Lowland and occupies an area of 35 558 km², which is 11,4% of the total

35 558 km²

surface area of Poland, which places it in top position in terms of volume. The M .V. shares a border with the six voivodeships: Łódź Voivodeship, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Warmian-Masurian, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Lublin Voivodeship and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. In 2010 Masovian Voivodeship was inhabited by 5 242 911 people, which is about 14% of the total population of Poland. The largest cities in the region are: Warsaw, Radom, Płock, Ostrołęka and Ciechanów. This location in the centre of the country, at the crossroads of the trade ro-


5 232 432 64,6% in urban areas

Population density

utes, creates large investment opportunities. Masovian Voivodeship has a very well developed network of its` road connections. Trans-European transport corridors ensu-

147 persons/km²

re connections with the larger cities in Poland and in Europe. There are also extensive railway lines and the largest airport in the country, which offer a network of frequent

Main city

connections with the main capitals in Europe.

A large potential of the region is well educated and has a qualified workforce.


In the Masovian Voivodship there are 107 public and non-public universities and colleges, which educate more than 323 000 students. To the most well known and highly

Other large cities in the Voivodeship

valued higher education institutions belong: University of Warsaw, Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Warsaw Polytech, SGH-The Warsaw School of Economics,

• Radom

SGGW -Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Radomska Polytech,The National Defen-

• Płock

ce University in Warsaw etc.

• Siedlce • Pruszków • Ostrołęka

The Masovian Voivodeship is the fastest growing region of Poland. The high level of economical success is proved by the low unemployment rate. Gross domestic product per capita in this region is approx. 160% of the average national, which puts Masovian Voivodeship in first place in comparison to other national Voivodeships.

Special Economic Zones

• Tarnobrzeska Zone • Łódzka Special Economic Zone

The Masovian Voivodeship enters the Warsaw agglomeration with the largest

• Warmian-Masurian Zone

city in the country-Warsaw, which not only plays a dominant social economical role, but

• Suwalska Zone

is also an important hub for transport in Europe. This is a city of international importance. It is characterised by the largest dynamic and economical diversity in the country, large resources of qualified workers and high dynamics of privatisation in the national

• Starachowicka Zone

Industrial & Technology Parks

sector. • Płocki Industrial and Technological Park S.A.

ment and business activity. Located here is the biggest foreign investment, where-

Regional Investor Assistance Centre

areas almost all branches of industry have developed here.The main sectors of the economy are: trading, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, IT, the automotive industry and petrochem industry. Almost half of the biggest Polish companies are located in Warsaw. Nearly a quarter of foreign investors who want to open their activities in Poland, choose Mazovia for the headquarters of their companies. According

• Warsaw

International airport

to the analysis done, Masovian is amongst the top three most attractive Voivodeships for investment.

• Warsaw

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

The Voivodeship is also tops in terms of dynamics of economical develop-


Invest In

military property agency



Developed real property, situated on an island within the centre of Wrocław, at the distance of 5 minutes' walk along the pedestrian route from the Market Square and the University. The plot may be utilised, inter alia, for multi - family residential development (apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels), retail trade outlets, culture, education and higher education facilities. Land area: 12,8090 ha. Useable space: 25.037,00 m2 a Number of land plots: 25. Location (accessibility of communications): 11 km Airport Wrocław - Strachowice, 10 km - A4 Motorway. electricity



sewage system

EŁK, Dolna Street





Real property situated in the north-eastern part of Ełk, at the distance of approx. 4 km from city centre The land plot is situated in the new city area, where further housing development is foreseen. The plot may be earmarked for warehousing or service and manufacturing facilities. Land area: 15,7368 ha area: 14.225,00 m2 Useable a Location (accessibility of communications): Motorway. sewage system

PIŁA, Śniadeckich Street


Land plots are situated in the northern part of the city, where industrial and ware housing facilities are concentrated. The real property is located within a single - family housing development area, also earmarked for sports, recreation and tourist services development. Land area: 38,8902 ha Usable area: 266,13 m2 a Number of land plots: 2 (51/17 and 49/2) Location (accessibility of communications): 6.5 km - Piła Airport, 400 km - National Road No. 11 electricity



sewage system

PRZEMYŚL, Paderewskiego Street


Real property situated in the north-western part of Przemyśl, at the distance of approx. 2 km from the city centre. The land plots are is located within sports and recreation areas. The vicinity of housing establishments is conducive to the utilisation of the real property for multi- and single-family development and a hospitality and recreation centre. area: 13,7235 ha. Usable area: 23,00 m2 Land a Number of land plots: 4 Location (accessibility of communications): 70 km - Rzeszów - Jasionka Airport, electricity water gas sewage system 1 km - National Road No. 77

OSTRÓDA, Commune of Ostróda


Real property situated at the distance of 1.5 km east from the city centre, between Drwęca River and National Road No. E77. Appropriate development may result in the construction within the motorsport track area of sophisticated housing establishments and recreation facilities. Land area: 109,7388 ha Usable area: 172,00 m2 a Location (accessibility of communications): National Road No. 7 - 0.2 km electricity


Inve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 1 2



sewage system

Real Property POZNAŃ, Bukowska 237 Street


Real property situated 4 km from city centre, in the vicinity of Poznań Ławica Airport and housing and service development. In the Study on Development Conditions and Directions, the land plot is described as earmarked for development of low-height service facilities Approx. 1/3 of the real property (palace and park) is under the protection of the Conservator of Relics of History. Land area: 10,5942 ha. Useable space: 22 buildings - 8.367,28 m2 Number of land plots: 2 - sold as a single item. Location (accessibility of communications): 500 m - Poznań - Ławica Airport, electricity water gas sewage system 7 km - A2 Motorway.

GLIWICE, Portowa Street





Real property situated in the vicinity of industrial and residential areas (multi-family development). Located approx. 2.5 km from city centre. Area developed with, warehouses and technical or administration buildings. Possibilities for the construction of warehousing, office or production and industrial facilities. Land area: 4,5081 ha. Useable area: 15.934,38 m2 Number of land plots: 11 Location (accessibility of communications): 40 km - Katowice - Pyrzyce Airport, 6 km - A4 Motorway, 3.3 km - National Road No. 78 sewage system



Land plot is situated within the boundaries of business activisation areas, with the capacity for industrial development, a site for building bases, warehouses. Land area: 28,4161 ha. Number of land plots: 2 (dz. 57/11 and 57/12) Location (accessibility of communications): 48 km - Wrocław-Strachowice Airport Situated directly at National Road No. 8, at the distance of approx. 2.5 km east from the boundaries of the city of Oleśnica, and at the distance of 2 km from the communications node linking the S8 route (Oleśnica circular) with National Road No. 8, via National Road No. 25 electricity



sewage system

ŚWINOUJŚCIE, Bohaterów Września Street


Real property in the part of Świnoujście adjoining the harbour, close to the ferry crossing for city inhabitants and harbour authorities. The real property includes 6 office buildings. After a repair and appropriate adaptation, the buildings may be utilised for office, housing or service purposes, or as a tourist and recreation facility. Land area: 0,7124 ha Useable area: 2.361,00 m2 . Number of land plots: 1 a Location (accessibility of communications): The real property is situated in the central-north part of the city on the left bank of the waterway, close to the ferry crossing electricity water gas sewage system for city inhabitants.

MILITARY PROPERTY AGENCY Nowowiejska Str 26 A, 00-911 Warszawa tel.: 22 314 97 00, fax 22 314 99 00 e-mail: MILITARY PROPERTY AGENCY w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl



Inve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl



LOCATION Kozienice Municipality is located in central Poland, on the left river bank of the Vistula river, 80 km from Warsaw. Kozienice is a town based on the uniqueness of local strengths including outstanding natural and cultural assets together with a well developed sport-recreation basis which is very attractive for Polish and foreign tourists.

INVESTMENT OFFER Kozienice is the municipality which has a leading position in development over the area of Masovian Voivodeship. For many years this community is spearheading the rankings of investment and environmental issues. In 2011 the community received the title and certificate “Municipality Fair Play

comprehensive and substantial professio-

a forestry production enterprise was loca-

2011 – Certified Investment Location”. It

nal help, as well as tax exemptions.

ted. The plot is situated in the close proximity of a frequented transit corridor (east-west)

is a reliable sign for all investors to operaInvestment offer in Kozienice at Zdzi-

as well as national roads No.79 and 48. Ac-

a friendly and open policy to investors. The

czów Street:

cessibility to the plot from the local (munici-

fully enclosed investment areas (hotel, re-

This is a plot with an area of 7248 m2 desi-

pal) road. There is a possibility to supply the

creational and industrial infrastructure) are

gned for sport-recreational investment with

plot with electicity, gas, water and sewage

awaiting future investors, all at attractive

accommodation and a catering basis. The

from the adjacent Zdziczów Street.

prices. In addition, the municipality offers

terrain is plain square on which previously

Fot. Jakub Bebelski

te here. The Municipality Kozienice leads


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area


24 448 km²

Number of residents

Municipality Kozienice: 31 065 residents

Unemployment rate

no data

Special Economic Zone


The most important roads

• National road No. 79: Warsaw – Gόra Kalwaria – Kozienice – Sandomierz – Krakόw - Bytom • National road No. 48: Kock – Dęblin – Kozienice –

Investment offer of industrial buildings

cess to the site is possible from the newly

(former furniture factory in the center of

built road.

• National road No. 737: Radom - Kozienice

This is a plot of 8 ha, fully enclosed. The

Greenfield investment offer in the village

Railway lines

factory is prepared for production of solid

of Nowiny:

wood chipboards and furniture. Due to the

This is an area of 2 ha, fully enclosed which

wide range of equipment it can also be used

has no current development plan. The pre-

for other purposes. The surface area of the

ferred future development of this terrain is

buildings – 16 336 m2, usable area – 14 559

industrial activity and services. The surro-

m2. Along one side of the hall there is a fre-

unding real estate consists of : singlefamily

ight railway line and a covered loading and

housing (east side), warehouse production

unloading ramp (3 m wide ) with a length

buildings (west side) and the national road

of 157 m (which is a full length of the hall).

(south side). Access to the plot from: muni-

The surrounding real estate consists of in-

cipal road, national road No.79 and voivo-

dustrial objects. Possible access to the plot

deship road No.737.


Bialobrzegi – Tomaszόw Mazowiecki


The nearest airport • Warsaw –The F.Chopin International Airport “OKĘCIE” The largest companies

• Powerplant „Kozienice” S.A. • Lactalis • Esselte Polska S.A.

from a municipal road. Investment offer in the Polesie neighborRevitalisation investment offer of the

hood in Kozienice:

areas in the village of Janików:

This is an area of 1.26 ha, fully enclosed,

This is a plot of 3 ha, fully enclosed which

divided into three plots. The terrain is desi-

does not have a current development plan,

gned for multifamily housing development.

but its preferred future development are se-

The surrounding real estate consists of resi-

rvices and industrial activities. The plot has

dential areas as well as woodlands. Access

an access to the frequented, electrified ra-

to the plots from a local neighborhood road.

ilway line and freight line. The surrounding

The neighborhood is located at the in-

real estate consists of residential/social de-

tersection of the national roads No.79

velopment as well as agricultural land. Ac-

and No.48.

• Bakoma BIS • Social Cooperative „Zygmunt Stary” • Energetic Installation North Service

The Town Hall in Kozienice Parkowa Street No.5 26-900 Kozienice phone +48 611 71 01 fax: +48 614 20 48

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


The Przasnysz county LOCATION The Przasnysz county is located in the northern part of the Masovian Voivodeship on the route Warsaw-Mazovia, 100 km away from Warsaw and Olsztyn. The area of this district is 3,4% of the total surface area of the Voivodeship.

Investment offer The Przasnysz county gives priority to economic development and competitiveness, which is expressed in creating good conditions for investment in its territory and implementing active employment policies. New, fully enclosed investment areas are already made available to the national and foreign investor. The county also has land

from the State Treasury. All land area of this

theTarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone

plots for housing. The full investment offer

Zone is in a current spatial development

Euro-Park Wisłosan. Because of the esta-

is available on the web page of the county

plan meant for purposes of production, tra-

blishment of a Special Economic Zone, the

or in The County Governors Centre, which

ding, services and aviation activities. In the

entrepreneurs which are investing in its ter-

lists the Investment offers of The Przasnysz

area of Przasnyska Economic Zone there

ritory will profit from a range of benefits.


are no obstacles which may hinder the lo-

cation of future investments: there are no

ty for housing development. The Prza-

ecological barriers, no environmental polu-

snysz district has attractively situated plots

1. Przasnyska Economic Zone

tion, no waste and no terrain and undergro-

intended for housing development, which

(PSG) occupies an area of 309 ha, of which

und obstacles. There is no risk of flooding

may be a background for investors who are

202 ha are scheduled for investment, while

or landslides. The Przasnysz county, with

pondering to locate their companies in the

107 ha is intended for an aviation activity.

the support of the local government of the

area of Przasnyska Economic Zone. The

Perpetual usufruct of the sites is the Prza-

Masovian Voivodeship, gave a part of the

parcels are located in Przasnysz, in the

snysz county, who bought property rights

Przasnyska Economic Zone-55,07 ha-to

Ruda and Wiejska streets. The county has

The county offers four investment areas.

2. Areas of the Przasnysz coun-

68 plots with an area of 0,9-0,29 ha, which gives a total of 10,3 ha. Some part of the plots are fully enclosed.

3. Przasnyska Economic Zone -

Subzone I in Chorzele - The area of 179 ha-with the possibility to increase the size to 400 ha- land for business, production and warehouse storages. Situated by the national road No 57, voivodeship road No 614 and the railway line no. 65 Gdańsk-Olsztyn-Ostrołęka. In the proposed area there will be places developed for economical operators from the area of the Town and Municipality of Chorzele, the Przasnysz County , from whole Poland and abroad. The area has the development opportunities for the


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

already existing companies and creates 1,219 km²

new business ventures for foreign companies and institutions. All the necessary utilities - electricity, sewerage, water supply,

Number of residents

telecommunications - border the area.

4. Przasnyska Economic Zone-

52 252

Subzone II in Chorzele - land size 82,5 ha – area proposed for tourism, sport and

Unemployment rate

recreation. The terrain is an open public space, and its` development will follow ac-


cording to individual projects. It is assumed that on this site there will be: a buffer area,

Special Economic Zone

which may be intended to increase the amount of public space; road- infrastructural section, which can be transfered into

Special Economic Zone, Euro-Park Wisłosan

a parking lot for around 800 vehicles; gas connections designed by the Mazowiecka

The most important roads

Gas Company, sewerage, water, and electricity connections; multiple access to the national road No. 57, (under the conditions

Tourist attractions

and after consultation with GDDKiA -Gene-

To the main attributes of the region belong:

ral Directorate for National Roads and Mo-

diversified landscape, large clusters of fo-

torways in Warsaw) and also access from

rest, picturesque river valleys and unpollu-

the voivodeship road.

ted air.The county offers a variety of activities for people who value active rest. Here

The local governments provide all possible

awaits for the tourist scenic walking-bicycle

assistance in the planning and execution of

trails, bicycle paths, as well as organised

every investment to investors who locate

canoeing trips on the river Omulew and the

their projects in the Przasnysz county.

offer of „Horseback riding holidays”.

• National road No. 57 • Voivodeship roads No. 544, 614, 616, 617

Railway lines

• Railway line No. 65 Gdańsk-Olsztyn-Ostrołęka

The nearest airport

• business - tourist airport in Sierakowo near Przasnysz • F.Chopin International Airport in Warsaw

The largest companies

• ABB Sp.z.o.o. Branch in Przasnysz • KROSS S.A. • BEL Polska Sp.z.o.o. in Chorzele • SM Mazowsze Chorzele

The Przasnysz county ul. Św. Stanisława Kostki 5 06-300 Przasnysz phone./fax (29) 752-22-70

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


Sochaczew LOCATION Sochaczew is a county town situated on the edge of the Łowicko-Błońska Plain, between three agglomerations: Warsaw (in the distance of 54 km), Łόdź (80 km) and Płock (60 km). The town is an important communication hub where the regional, national and international roads cross.

INVESTMENT OFFER In Sochaczew there are many attractive investment areas because of its location, price and needed infrastructure. 1. CZERWONKOWSKIE FIELDS It is an area designed for service activities of approximately 21 ha, of which 6 ha belongs to the Town of Sochaczew and 15 ha to a private partner. Plots are located in the immediate vicinity of the cityring (National road No.2) and the area of Municipal Centre of Sport and Recreation. All amenities are

a suburb part of the city, among the fields

ted production – services development. The

available. Through the area runs an inde-

and recreation areas. Traditionally it was

plot is located by a new regional road and

pendent freight railway line (which is owned

the terrain of production and service acti-

contains the following amenities: electricity

by the private partner). This plot is an area

vities. According to the current zoning plan

(15 kV and 110 kV), water and sewage. The

of special interest of Łόdzka Special Econo-

which covers approx. 35% of the plot (its

owner of the plot is the County of Socha-

mic Zone as well as the potential location

southern part), it is an area of concentra-


of companies from the BPO sector and the logical Park. 2. GAWŁÓW

Investment area No.1 : Czerwonkowskie Feelds

An area of approximately 11 ha located in


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

Investment area No. 2: “Gawłowska”

location of Sochaczewski Science-Techno-




sed upon local infrastructure, assumes that


60% of the plot surface area will be desi-

The plot with an area of approximately

gned for warehouses, production and servi-

1.8 ha is located in the city center – the hi-

ce activities. This terrain is designated for

storical heart of Sochaczew ( former Old

the rehabilitation of the landfill – hence its

Town). It is owned by the town of Socha-

attractive price, about 0.9 PLN/m2. The plot

Special Economic Zone

czew. The Town Council of Sochaczew al-

has access from a road which runs along

located/ designed this area for multifunc-

the National road No.2 (from the south) and

tional service development and residential

municipal road (from the northern side).

buildings (Development Plan adoptation in

The plot is enclosed with most amenities,

autumn 2012). The plot is enclosed (wa-

and since 2012 also with gas.

Through the efforts of the Town Council and the Board of Directors of Łόdzka Special Economic Zone, there will arise a Sochaczewska Subzone of the Łόdzka Special Economic Zone, which lies in the part of Sochaczew investment area (already in autumn 2012).

ter supply, power grid 15 kV, storm water


26,13 km ²


under the protection by the conservator of

Every investor interested in the location of

historical monuments.

their ventures in Sochaczew can count on active support from the Town Council Officials during the whole investment process and after its completion. In the Town Hall of Sochaczew “The Department of Investor and Business Activities Service” was created to provide wide and comprehensive investment support to the companies and entrepreneurs. The Department has in its disposal detailed information about the above mentioned investment areas.

4. CHEMITEX It is an area of approx. 3.63 ha designed for production and service development. It is possible to use the already existing, reinforjoists) to build halls with an area of 0.7 ha. Chodakowskie Fiber Plant “CHEMITEX”. The area does not border with residential


development. It is enclosed with: water,

Beata Fastyn

energy network 15 kV, sewerage system

The Head of the Department of Service for

and since 2012 gasline. The plot is privately

Investor and Business Activities


located in the immediate vicinity of the cityring (National road No.2). Is is owned by the Town of Sochaczew. The area does not have a development plan. A study done ba-

Railway lines • Railway line E 20 (Berlin – Warsaw – Moscow) • The trains from Sochaczew depart among others to: Warsaw, Kutno, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Szczecin • There is a possibility to attach the railway freight lines or use the already existing ones

• Warsaw – The F.Chopin International Airport “OKĘCIE”( 60 km, around 1 h and 15 min.)

The plot is located in the centre of the old

The plot with a surface area of 11.17 ha,is

• Motorway A2 (Berlin- Warsaw – Moscow) part of the european motorway E30 • National road No. 2 (Świecko – Terespol) • National road No. 50 (Ciechanόw -Płońsk –Sochaczew – Grόjec- Ostrόw Mazowiecki) which is part of a large Warsaw cityring and international road VIA BALTICA between Czech Republic and Baltic Countries • Voivodeship road No. 705 (Wyszogrόd – Śladόw – Sochaczew – Skierniewice) • Voivodeship road No. 580 (Sochaczew – Żelazowa Wola – Warsaw)

The nearest airport

ced concrete structures (supports and roof


37 800

The most important roads

drainage, sewerage, gasline). The area is

5. KUZNOCIN (in the Municipality of So-

Number of residents

The Town Hall in Sochaczew 1st Maja Street No. 16 96-500 Sochaczew phone: +48 46 862 22 35 w. 315 mobile: +48 603 755 585 fax: +48 46 862 26 02 e-mail:

Największe firmy In Sochaczew: • Boryszew S.A. • CTS TCT Polska Sp. z o.o. • Energop Sp. z o.o. • ProLogis Poland Management Sp. z o.o. • Sarens Polska Sp. z o.o. • Wavin Metalplast-Buk Sp. z o.o. • Zibi S.A. In the vicinity of the town: • Bakoma Sp. z o. o. • HELIO S.A. • MARS Polska Sp. z o.o. • Panattoni Europe • Plecewice S.A. • „Polish Mills” S.A.

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl





industrial district S2 is the investment policy

preneurs who start economic activity and

Szydłowiec is located in the southern part

base in the city.

create new job positions.

of the Masovian Voivodeship along the im-

The Town Council proposed this district for

It is important to note that Szydłowiec has

portant transportation route E-7 (Gdańsk-

the location of different investments (from

in its disposal a fully developed infrastructu-

-Warsaw-Radom –Krakόw-Chyżne, in the

industry, service and production sectors).

ral business surrounding: Internal Revenue

near future to be named “Express Road

The Intermunicipal Economic Activity Zone

Service, Department of Social Insurance,

S-7”). Through the municipality runs an

is located in the area of this district. The

Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, Banks

electrified highly frequented railway line No.

Zone consists of two buildings: Investor Se-

( PKO BP, Pekao SA, Cooperative Banks,

8 Warsaw-Radom-Kielce-Krakόw. Future

rvice Centre and The Business Incubator.

etc.), District Court, Law Offices, etc. Accor-

plans are being made to create a cargo air-

This economic department was designed

ding to studies done, there has been con-

port in the city of Radom ( approx. 30 km

to support newly created entreprises in the

siderable growth in the tourism sector,as

from Szydłowiec).

town of Szydłowiec.

well as in the amount of low priced building

The investor-friendly municipal government

plots. Moreover, this area is rich in natural



comprehensive organizational aid

resources highly valued on the Polish and

Szydłowiec offers to future investors very

and legal assistance for a quick start up of

European markets - white sandstone and

attractive investment areas which are lo-

business activities, as well as a professional

gravel. This fact favors the setting up of the

cated on Kolejowa Street, in the close vi-

and a wide range of services to economic

distribution of these materials.

cinity of the National road No.7. The local

operators. In addition, the Town Council

Szydłowiec offers two investment areas in

spatial development plan which covers the

provides property tax exemptions to entre-

the industrial district S2:

In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

The Municipality – 138.15 km2 The Town – 21.93 km2

Number of residents

The Municipality – 19.613 The Town – 12.314

Special Economic Zone

Special Economic Zone in Starachowice

The first one of them (11.06 ha) is divided

To the other valuable monuments belong:

into 26 plots. Currently it is an undeveloped

the XVth century Holy Sigmund`s church

wasteland. The plot is enclosed with electri-

with a Renaissance interior and the “gol-

The most important roads

• The National Road No.7 • projected road S7

cal energy, water, gas, sewerage, telephone, and is designed for industrial activities

Railway lines

and services. The site is situated in the close vicinity of the national road No.7 and approx. 3.5 km from the Szydłowiec Railway

• The Railway Station in Szydłowiec – 3.5 km

Station. The second investment area (55.68 ha),

The nearest airport

located in the industrial district S2 ,is divided into 200 plots. Currently it is an undeveloped wasteland which is enclosed with electrical energy, water, gas, sewerage

den altars” as well as the XVIIth century

and telephone. According to the local de-

late-Renaissance Town Hall situated in the

velopment plan, the terrain is designed for

• F.Chopin International Airport in Warsaw –120 km

The largest companies

industrial purposes, as well as service and production activities. The plots are situated

• Biella Polska Sp. z o.o.

in the close vicinity of the national road No.7

• Zakład Elektroniki Przemysłowej Profel Sp. z o.o. –

and approx. 3.5 km from the Szydłowiec

Producer of the Industrial Electronics

Railway Station.

• Glassworks “Gracja”

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS SSzydłowiec is a town rich in historical monuments. To the one of them, undoubtly belongs The Castle of Szydłowiec – one of the most beautiful (early Renaissance) ari-

center of the market square. An additional

stocratic residences in Poland . The castle

attraction of the city is its unique cultural

contains a unique on a European scale and

atmosphere – an abundance of organized

Poland`s only – Museum of Folk Musical

festivals, open markets, concerts and sport



The Town Hall in Szydłowiec Rynek Wielki 1 26-500 Szydłowiec +48 617 86 30

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


Pomeranian Voivodeship









In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

The Pomeranian Voivodeship is situated in northern Poland and shares

a border with Russia and the following Voivodeships: Kuyavian-Pomeranian, War-

18 310 km²

mian-Masurian, Greater Poland and West Pomeranian. The Pomeranian Voivodeship occupies an area of more than 18 310 km², which is about 6% of the whole surface area of Poland. In 2010 the Voivodeship was occupied by 2 240 319 people, of which


the vast majority live in the city. The center of authorities is Gdańsk.

To the biggest cities of the Pomeranian Voivodeship belong: Gdynia, Słupsk,

Tczew, Starogard Gdański, Wejherowo.

2 235 511 66,1% in urban areas

The economy of the Pomeranian Voivodeship is one of the best being developed in Poland. Economic potential of the region may be combined in particular with

Population density

such industrial areas as: shipbuilding, refinery, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, machine, furniture, transport and port services. In view of the location, the best developed

122 persons/km²

here are maritime affairs. Ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia are credited for the origins of the Polish shipbuilding industry. They are important transport hubs which foster development of different types of production and services.

Main city

There are 28 higher educational institutions located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, which have a total of 107 196 people, or 5,9% of the total amount of university


students in the country. To the most well known and highly valued institutions belong: Polytech Gdańsk, University of Gdańsk and the Higher Maritime School. Universities are an ideal background for the professionaly qualified workforce. Some part of the universities cooperate with the current investors in the region.

In the Voivodeship operate three Scientific and Technological Parks (Science

and Tech Park in Gdańsk, Pomeranian Science and Tech Park, Starogardzki Industrial Park) and two Special Economic Zones (Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and Słupsk Special Economic Zone). Introduced in those areas are preferential conditions

Other large cities in the voivodeship

• Gdynia • Słupsk • Tczew • Starogard Gdański • Wejherowo

for the pursuit of economic activities.

In the Voivodeship are convenient road connections, thru which the most im-

Special Economic Zones

portant highway A-1 travels by, connecting the northern and southern parts of Poland. The second road of importance for the development of Pomerania, will be Via Hanseatica, to be proposed as an Express route along the Baltic coast to Kaliningrad and further onwards to the other Baltic countries. The region is well known for its capital investment from foreign companies as:

• The Pomeranian Zone, Słupska Zone

Industrial & Technology Parks

LPP S.A., Polpharma S.A., Jabil Circuit Poland Sp. z o.o., Gdańsk reparing Shipyard, GE Money Bank, International Paper Kwidzyń S.A., Flextronics International Poland Sp. z o.o., Energy Concern Energa S.A., Lotos Group S.A. The volume of smaller companies with foreign capital participation is of great

• Science and Technology Park in Gdańsk • The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park • Industrial Park in Starogard

is highly ranked at fourth place in the country.

Regional Investor Assistance Centre

To the big plus of this region belong its landscape advantages and numerous areas of protected nature. Excellent conditions of the surrounding nature in combi-

• Gdańsk

nation with many monuments of the local culture in the Voivodeship are an excellent basis for developing a tourist sector.

International airport

• Gdańsk

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

significance. Pomeranian Region in terms of private enterprises ( per 1000 inhabitants)



Żukowo is a municipality which lies

in a part of the Kashubian Lakeland. It is located 19 km southwest of Gdańsk, 27 km away from Gdynia and 12 km from Kartuzy. Current municipal residency is over 27000 inhabitants, and its surface area covers 164 km2. Close vicinity of “Tricity” (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) and a well developed system of transportation favor the dynamic social-economic development of Żukowo.


Żukowo is a very attractive com-

munity for investors. Entrepreneurship develops here within the so called “Żukowski

education as well as the modern centres of

Finland. The most important fields of eco-

Investment Corridor”, section by the road

commerce, medicine, culture and entertain-

nomic development are: small and medium

No.20, in the settlement: Chwaszczyno,


companies which operate in different bran-

Tuchom, Miszewo, Miszewko, Małkowo,

Żukowo. The technical infrastructure which

Żukowo has transformed from an agricul-

re, food processing and tourism.

is developed here focuses on supporting

ture-industrial community into the pure in-

The municipality has in its dispo-


dustrial community, therefore has observed

sition a constant reserve of enclosed are-

In recent years, the municipality

ches, rapidly developing services, agricultu-

Żukowo, like other towns, munici-

its continuous increase of entrepreneurs,

as designed for entrepreneurship projects

palities and counties from the surrounding

development of private entrepreneurship as

and residential development. Żukowo offers

area of Gdańsk, is currently at the stage of

well as a banking network.

good conditions for investors such as pro-

reunification of its territory and infrastructu-

The efforts put into the preparation

perty tax exemptions to first time investors

re into one coherent body of Pomeranian

of technical infrastructures produced profits

in the region. Recently the municipality has

Metropolis which allows more dynamic de-

not only for national but also for foreign in-

rezoned 200 ha of land (spatial develop-

velopment of the labor market, services,

vestors, mainly from Denmark, Sweden and

ment plan) which will be intended for residential and commercial development. The main areas of investment are stated in the plan. This plot is located within a section along the main road connecting Gdynia with Żukowo. Regulations allow the location of production and industrial buildings as well as logistic bases and depots.




such as Unilever Poland SA, Ashland, Swed-Polexi, Berendsen Textil Service Sp. z.o.o, Tekosom Poland Sp.z.o.o are already located in these areas.

Investing in proposed areas by the

municipality is attractive because of many reasons, such as the direct vicinity of the Tri-City and transport accessibility as well as the location along the main roads (natio-


In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface area

164 km²

Number of residents

29 324 (23 of March 2012 r.)

Special Economic Zone


The most important roads

nal, voivodeship, county roads and the A1

beautiful landscapes are the biggest attrac-

motorway), all connect the municipality with

tion of the municipality.

other regions of Poland. The close proximity

This year the town celebrates its` 800

of the airport (30 km) enhance the opportu-

year anniversary of existance. Because of

nity of contacts on an international scale.

this fact the town offers many cultural and

• National road No. 20 • National road No. 7 • Voivodeship road No. 211

Railway lines

sport events (organized by the Centre of


Culture and Sport). More information on

Żukowo is a community with an 800–year

• Railway Station Żukowo East

tradition. To the most important historical monuments belong: The Norbertine Mona-

The nearest airport

stery built in the XIII century and the postnorbertine church from the XIV century. Since the XIII century, continously operating here is the mill and bakery. Above all, the

• Gdańsk – “Lech Wałęsa” National Airport THE CENTRE OF CULTURE AND SPORT IN ŻUKOWO

The largest companies

• Unilever Polska – the producer of “Algida” icecream • Ashland Poland • Interplastic • Berendsen Textil Service

Żukowo Gdańska Street No.52 83-330 Żukowo phone 58 685-83-00 fax. 58 685 83 30 e-mail:

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl











In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

Silesian Voivodeship is situated in southern Poland and shares a border

with Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is the most industrialized region in Europe and the most urbanized region in the country. Silesian Voivodeship has a surface area of 12,333 km2 and its population exceeds 4,700,000 inhabitants which represents

12,333 km²


more than 12% of the total population of Poland. In Silesia there are 45 public and 34


private higher educational institutions including universities, which educate 10% of all

78% in urban areas

students in the country.

Silesian Voivodeship is in second position on a national scale of being the

most attractive investment area due to low risk investment and a high quantity of large investors situated here. Silesia is at the forefront of all regions in terms of gross domestic product per capita – in 2007 it was 32,761 PLN while the average GDP in Poland was 30,873 PLN. GDP growth in the Voivodeship since 2003 has been 122.3% while

Population density 376 persons/km²

Voivodeship capital Katowice

the average national growth has been 121.9%. Other large cities in the Voivodeship

Silesia has a very well developed transportation system which includes road

and railway infrastructure such as the A1 and A4 motorways and a Metallurgical Broad-gauge Line. Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice guarantees efficient dome-

• Częstochowa • Sosnowiec • Gliwice

stic and international transport.

• Zabrze

Special Economic Zones

Katowicka Special Economic Zone offers to investors income tax reliefs as

well as enclosed plots designated for the automotive sector.

• Bytom

Katowicka Special Zone

Abundance of natural resources such as the largest deposits of coal, zinc and

lead ore, played a key role in economic development in Silesia. Heavy industry (60 mines as well as 18 iron and steelworks) dominates this region. According to local development strategy, traditional Silesian sectors such as coal, steel and coking industry

Industrial & Technology Parks • Technology Park of Aviatic Innovation and Development

are in a transitional state of modernization. Parallel to this fact, industries (such as

• Industrial Park Bytom

automotive) are developing here very dynamically.

• Industrial Park Częstochowa

Silesia has various offers for investors. In addition to industry, the region co-

unts on development and modernization of infrastructure, tourism and recreation, as well as agriculture (it is worth mentioning that agricultural areas partially cover half of the land in Silesia).

• Upper Silesian Industrial Park • Industrial Park Jaworzno • Industrial Park „Cross Point” in Żory • „Euro Center” Science and Technology Park • Ziemia Pszczyńska Industrial Park • Ruda Śląska Business Incubator • Industrial and Technological Park – EkoPark – in Piekary Śląskie

The following sectors such as: small and medium enterprises, research and strategical importance in the Silesian Voivodeship.

Silesia also puts great effort into promoting its tourist attractions. The Voivo-

deship offers numerous places of value for those seeking rest and recreational activities within a large area which includes: 8 landscape parks, Kraków-Częstochowa Plateau, numerous protected areas, interesting historical heritage sites such as the Castle in Pszczyna, Tyskie Beer Brewery and the Open Air Mining Museum in Zabrze.

• SYNERGY PARK Business and Industrial Park • Silesian Industrial Park • Żory Industrial Park Regional Investor Assistance Centre Katowice

International airport Katowice – Pyrzowice

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

development, the introduction of new technologies, food industry and tourism are of

• Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park


Dąbrowa górnicza LOCATION Dąbrowa Górnicza is an important centre

construction, glass, automotive, plastic pro-

of the Silesian – Zagłębie Metropolis SI-

cessing, electronic and food industries.

LESIA, a network of fourteen cities of the Silesian Voivodeship (the most urbanized

The city offers more than 300 ha of land for

area in Poland). The advantage of Dąbrowa

investment, of which 187 ha are covered by

Gόrnicza is its extremely favorable location

Katowicka Special Economic Zone. Entre-

in the South of Poland which provides easy

preneurs who decide to run investments can

access to absorptive inland markets as well

count on special reliefs. In addition, also in

as markets in northern Moravia ( Czech Re-

force is the resolution adopted by the City


Council which exempts the buildings or there parts (new investment) from the property


tax, all covered in the regional investment

The economy of Dąbrowa Gόrnicza to

aid program.

a large extent is determined by its activity in


the fields of medium and large enterprises.

Dąbrowa Gόrnicza is an ideal recreational

Twelve thousand companies are being de-

base of the Silesian region as it has a total

veloped here, of which 120 are companies

of 860 ha consisting of four lakes, 4100 ha

employing between 50 and 250 employees.

of forest and a 180 ha of parks. Modern faci-

More than 20 companies have 250 employ-

lities include: Aquapark, Sports and Assem-

ees and 132 are companies with foreign ca-

bly Hall, Summer and Water Sports Centre

pital (among others from: India, Great Bri-

“POGORIA”. A system of bicycle paths and

tain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany,

unique natural attractions such as the only

Belgium, Austria, Spain)and world known

desert to be found in Europe: Błędowska

brands. The majority of manufacturing in

Desert make this a very appealing recre-

this area are: steel industry, coke (fuel),

ational region.

In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


„Tucznawa” the municipality of Dąbrowa Gόrnicza. It is divided into 70 plots and designed for


This is an area of 259.5 ha, owned by

Number of residents 127 431

industrial and service activities. There is a possibility of enclosing this real esta-

Special Economic Zone

te with water, sewage system, energy (

Katowicka Special Economic Zone – Sosnowiecko – Dąbrowska Subzone.

the transformer station borders the plot), gas and a telecomunication network.

The most important roads

Access to the plot from the voivodeship road No 796. The construction of a new access road and the connection thru the cityring to the National road No.94 is planned in 2012.

„Kazdębie” ce area of 10.3523 ha. is divided into three plots which contain surface areas


This investment site with a total surfa-

of: 3.9698 ha + 0.4798 ha, 2.8654 ha, 3.0373 ha. The basic technical infra-

• express road S1 • european route E75 • national road DK 94 • the construction of the access road to the investment areas in Tucznawa under the program Public – Private Partnership. The first pilot project in Poland which consists of building a 9 km section of road that will connect sites in Tucznawa with the Voivodeship road no 796. • in the neighborhood of Dąbrowa Gόrnicza cross 2 of the 10 trans- European routes: corridor Berlin – Wrocław – Katowice – Lvov as well as corridor Gdańsk – Katowice –Žilina. Logistics • POLZUG Intermodal, container train operator for trains between northern European container ports • in the vicinity of Dąbrowa Gόrnicza, in Sławkόw there is a“Euroterminal” ,which posesses an ironwork railline with broad gauge railway. This fact permits the transport of goods to Ukraine, Russia and Asia.

structure facilities are located in the vicinity. The area is projected for production and service development. The real estate is situated approx. 500 m from

The nearest airport

road No. 790 and has access to the NaZone, Sosnowiecko-Dąbrowska Subzone.Industrial plants are located in the surrounding

• Katowice – Pyrzowice (17 km) • Krakόw , “John Paul the II” International Airport (70km) • Ostrawa (130 km)

real estate.

Największe firmy

tional Road No.94 (Krakόw-Wrocław). The plot belongs to the Katowicka Special Economic

The Shaft „Paris” with an electrical grid, water supply, central heating and storm water drainage. It is located in the downtown district, near to the neighboring city border of Będzin. Access to the property is possible by public transport (buses and trams). There is also a railway station in the vicinity. This area is designed for production plants, warehouses, storages and services as well as open air sports and recreational facilities. Surrounding the real estate are industrial buildings of the former coal mine “Paris” as well as new industrial-service buildings.

The Shaft „Paris”

This is an area of 4 062 m2 enclosed

ArceloMittal Poland, ArceloMittal Service Group Sp.z o. o., Bremo Poland Sp. z o. o., DFME DAMEL S.A., Górażdże Cement S.A., Cement producer firm Ekocem, FIEGE Sp. z o.o., GTX Hanex Plastic Sp. z o.o., Hobas System Polska Sp. z o.o.,“Bankowa” Ironworks Sp. z o.o., Johnson Electric Poland Sp. z o.o., Coking Plant” Przyjaźń”, PPUH Dolomite Mine Ząbkowice S.A., PWiK Sp. z o.o., Saint Gobain Glass Polska Sp. z o.o., SIMPLE Sp. z o.o., STALPROFIL S.A., URSA Sp. z o.o., WADER-WOZNIAK.

The City Hall Graniczna Street No. 21 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza Office of Urban Development and INVESTOR SERVICES Ewa Fudali-Bondel phone +48 32 295 96 97 e-mail:;

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl











In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


Surface Area

West Pomeranian Voivodeship with a surface area of 22,892 km2, is si-

tuated near the Baltic Sea. To the west it borders on Germany (the distance from

22,892 km²

Szczecin to Berlin is 130 km). The Voivodeship capital is Szczecin, a European seaport. Other large cities in the region are: Koszalin, Stargard Szczeciński, Kołobrzeg,


Świnoujście and Szczecinek. The 2009 Census counted almost 1,700,000 inhabitants, which represents more than


4% of the total population of Poland. The high academic potential of the region is

68.7% in urban areas

based upon the operating of 22 public and 15 private higher educational institutions, which educate over 85,000 students (85,328, Census as of November 2009).

Population density

West Pomeranian is located at the junction of major international transporta-

tion routes that travel in the direction North -South and West – East, which is undoub-

74 persons/km²

tely one of the greatests assets of the Voivodeship as well as the close proximity of the German and Scandinavian markets. Transportation routes with foreign countries are available here (convenient ferry connection with Scandinavia as well as roads linking with the Western Europe motorway system: E65 Scandinavia – Prague and E28 Berlin – Gdańsk – Saint Petersburg. Under construction is the expressway S3 connecting Scandinavia with southern Europe through the ferry crossing in Świnoujście). Another great attribute of West Pomerania are its good road and river systems which connect this region to other parts of the country (river shipping towards Lower Silesia). Location is a crucial factor in determining the direction of development of the regions` economy.

West Pomeranian Voivodeship has traditionally been related to the shipbu-

ilding industry and fishery. Other sectors such as food and agriculture industry have good potential for development as half of the region consists of agriculture land. Today the region relies on development from other economic sectors, primarily related to modern technologies.The increasing number of wind turbines and thermal power stations in West Pomeranian mean constant usage of renewable energy sources.

Voivodeship capital


Other large cities in the Voivodeship

• Koszalin • Stargard Szczeciński • Kołobrzeg • Świnoujście • Szczecinek

Special Economic Zones

• Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone • Słupsk Special Economic Zone • Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

Wind power is considered as one of the growing sectors in the region. Ongoing development along with the use of modern technologies may significantly

Industrial & Technology Parks

support the regional economy in the Voivodeship. The other potential development sectors of the region are: logistics (because of good location on main transportation routes) and BPO (non-productive services to firms with special emphasis on modern technologies). Entrepreneurs who locate their companies within the Special Economic Zones in this region ( Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ, Słupsk SEZ and Pomeranian SEZ ) can rely on very

• Goleniów Industrial Park • Police Industrial Park-INFRAPARK Police • Industrial Park in Stargard • Szczecin Science and Technology Park • Koszalin University of Technology Industrial Park

Dynamic development of tourism is based on numeroues natural values of

this Voivodeship, to which, beside the Baltic sea, belong: picturesque Wałcz Lakeland and Drawsko Lakeland. Besides tourism, the following sectors such as: ( maritime affairs, industry, commer-

Regional Investor Assistance Centre


cial and virtual services, computer and telecommunication industry, IT and information services, biotechnology, genetics technology, consulting services, knowledge services

International airport

and telecertificate development) are strategic in the development of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.


w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl

Source: PAIiIZ,

convenient conditions to conduct business.


Agricultural Real Estate Agency (Local Branch in Szczecin) has in its disposal an attractive offer of agricultural and none

agricultural plots. To the none agricultural real estate (from the resources of the Agency) belong plots designated for multifamily housing, industrial and service facilities as well as commercial and recreational development, reforestation and exploitation of minerals (mining). A major advantage of our (the Agencies`) none agricultural plots is their convenient location. Mostly the areas are situated in the immediate vicinity or close proximity to main transportation hubs, within the administrative boundaries of cities/towns or in areas that are attractive in terms of tourism and recreation. The Agency offers 10 244 ha within the administrative boundaries of cities/towns. This fact creates exceptional opportunities to locate on these plots the following facilities: logistics centers, retail – service, warehouses, industrial plants or modern multifamily housing estates. It also provides the possibility of creating an attractive recreational and sport-touristic base. A large number of our plots are situated in areas which favor the development of wind farms.        1. Bagicz This undeveloped real estate with a surface area of 18.67 ha is located within the evidence zone Bagicz (Municipality Ustronie Morskie), between National road No.11 (Kołobrzeg – Koszalin) and the seaside. On the axis East –West, the plot is situated between the seaside town Sianożęty and the neighborhood Podczele (district of Kołobrzeg). On the axis North- South, the plot is located between the national road (No.11) and the former military airport which is used occasionally. Some plots are not enclosed (no technical infrastructure). Along the above mentioned national road run all amenities. To the nearest enclosed areas belong adjacent residential and service premises. Bagicz, Municipality Ustronie Morskie, surface area of 18.67 ha

              2. Zone Koszalin These real estates are located in the city of Koszalin in the Mieszko I, Hipolit Cegielski and Strefowa Streets. Until 31.12.2020, in the city of Koszalin, The Special Economic Zone will operate with attractive conditions for investments which have been created, such as: total exemption from property tax under the rule de minimis as well as income tax exemptions up to 60 % of the value from investment for capital expenditure or employment. The details in relation to possible tax benefits, can be found at the website of the Municipal Office in Koszalin – Access to the plots is available from a public road. This is a flat area with a low level of the ground water. The area is not in use.The neighborhood consists of residential development, warehouses, manufactuStrefa Koszalin Municipality Koszalin, surface area – 31.3113 ha

ring plants and forest land.



In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

3. Gardno, Gryfino The total surface area of the plots – 52.17 ha is covered by the status of the Subzone Kostrzyn –Słubice Special Economic Zone, set of plots No.1. The plots are located along the voivodeship road which connects Gardno with Żelisławiec and further with Stary Czarnόw. It is a flat area with very good access to the technical and transportational infrastructure. The whole terrain has been enclosed by the municipality. Plots are very well exposed (the area is visible from both directions of the express road S3 Szczecin – Gorzόw). The existing Gardno, Municipality Gryfino. A plot with a surface area of 52.17 ha amenities will undoubtedly influence the suc- Designed for: industrial investments within the Kostrzyn –Słubice Economic Zone. cess of future investments.        4. Przecław, municipality Kołbaskowo The area is located on the border with the city of Szczecin, in a linear distance of 6.5 km from the city center. The plot is adjacent to the national road No. 13 (Szczecin – border crossing with Germany in Rosόwek). A major advantage of this areas location is the near vicinity of the A6 Motorway. In a distance of approx. 2 km from the plots,the construction of a citiring (West) of Szczecin has been planned. The above mentioned areas border directly on the settlements of multi- and singlefamily houses as well as on new logistic centres, smaller commercial enterprises and wholesalers. The Auchan Shopping Centre is located 1.7 km from the sites. Thru this terrain a road towards Auchan Centre has been designed. The site is projected for service-production development, educational services, development of shopping – service centre that includes locations for retail facilities with Przecław, Municipality Kołbaskowo. A set of plots with a total surface area of 18.2369 ha, the largest plot being – 11.0263 ha. Designed for: production – service development, shopping – service centre near the city border of Szczecin.

a sales surface area of more than 2000 m2. The local development plan has been supplemented by storages, warehouses and headquarters.


w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl


koszalin LOCATION Koszalin is a dynamically developing economic centre located in the north-western part of Poland by one of the biggest Polish lakes – The Jamno Lake which is connected to the Baltic Sea. Subzone “Koszalin” (within The Słupska Special Economic Zone) The Subzone is located in the western part of the city in the so called “Zone of the Organized Investment Activity” surrounded by the international route No.E-28 (Berlin – Kaliningrad) as well as national road No.11

the needs of investors (minimum plot size


which connects Koszalin with Poznań and

of 2000 m ).

The surface area of the offered site is ap-


the southern part of the country.

prox.1.5 ha and is located within the City

The City of Koszalin offers attractive and

Woodlands “Gόra Chełmska”

of Koszalin between 4th March Street and

fully enclosed investment lands with a to-

It is a plot with a total surface area of 13.21

Gnieźnieńska Street. The plot is situated

tal surface area of approx. 71 ha. The plots

ha which consists of two parts: 11.50 ha and

along the national road No.11 (Kołobrzeg-

are located within the terrain of the Subzo-

1.71 ha. The terrain of “Gόra Chełmska” is


ne “Koszalin” belonging to the Słupska

located within a protected landscape area

Special Economic Zone. The sites have

“Koszalin Seaside Buffer”. According to


been designed for production facilities de-

the arrangements of the local development

This area is located in the center of Kosza-

velopment, logistic centres as well as BPO

plan, parts of this area are under environ-

lin in Polczyńska Street, in the distance of

investments - all in preferential conditions.

mental protection. The plots neighbor the

approx. 100 m from the national road No.11

The entrepreneur who posseses the permit

international road E-28 Berlin-Kaliningrad

(Kołobrzeg-Poznań). The minimum size of

to operate within the Zone can count on fol-

(from Szczecin to Gdańsk). The site is desi-

the building plot is 0.12 ha.

lowing exemptions:

gned for recreation, sport and gastronomy. 4. FOURTH INVESTMENT AREA

• till 60% (depending on company size) income tax exemption (CIT –Corporate


The surface area of the offered terrain is

Income Tax) of incurred capital expendi-

The city dedicated five attractive investment

approx. 1 ha. The plot is located in the cen-

ture or created new jobs.

areas (located within the administrative bo-

ter of Koszalin in the Gwieździsty Square

undaries of the City of Koszalin) for hotel

and borders one of the largest parks in Ko-


szalin – The Park of the Pomeranian Dukes.

• as the owner of the land, local property tax exemption according to the rule de minimis (up to 200.000 Euro) The plots are excreted in accordance with


the local development plan as well as with

This is an undeveloped plot with a surface area of minimum 3 ha, located within

The Subzone “Koszalin” SSEZ


The site is enclosed with a technical infra-

the City of Koszalin, on the foot of Mount Chełmska. The international road E -28 Berlin – Kaliningrad (national road No.6 from Szczecin to Gdańsk) borders the property on the northern side. Existing in the vicinity of this area is the Sports and Asembly Hall while the water-recreation centre will arise in the near future.

In ve s t m ent A r eas In Po l a n d 2 0 1 2


THE STATISTICAL DATA AND ACCESSIBILITY Surface area 98,3 km² Number of residents 107.948 (31.12.2010 r.) Special Economic Zone The Subzone “Koszalin” was established in 2003 on a surface area of 22 ha. Because of the large interests of foreign and local investors this area has been extended twice: in 2006 and 2007. On the 20th of March 2012 the Council of Ministers signed a regulation which extended the area of the Zone for the third time ( + 23 ha - current surface area covers 114 ha). The areas within the Zone are excellent places to locate a company, because of their technical preparation, favorable location along the main national roads, as well as the tax exemptions.


velopment as well as service, commer-

The surface area of the offered site is ap-

cial, production, recreation and sport

prox. 1 ha. The plot is located in the center


of Koszalin in Armia Krajowa/ Jan z Kolna

• operating here is The Technology Park,

Streets. The area is situated near the inter-

• well developed technical infrastructure,

section of the international road E-28 Ber-

• preferences and tax exemptions in the

lin-Kaliningrad (national road No.6) and the

city as well as in the economic zone

national road No.11 Kołobrzeg-Poznań.

area, • constant contact with the investor,

The benefits of investing in Koszalin: • developed investment areas in the Subzone “Koszalin” within The Słupska Special Economic Zone, • attractive investment plots for hotel de-

• guarantee of qualified future work force, low overhead costs, • a friendly climate for investment as well as numerous international contacts, • assistance in the investment process, • professional and efficient investor service

The City Hall in Koszalin Rynek Staromiejski No.6-7 75-007 Koszalin phone 943 488 617, 943 488 618 fax 943 488 625, 943 422 478 Investor Service: Department of Development and International Cooperation e-mail: e-mail: phone + 48 94 348 87 93 fax + 48 94 348 87 92

The most important roads National roads: • the national road No.6 (international road E-28 Berlin – Kaliningrad) • the national road No.11 Voivodeship roads: • voivodeship road No.203 Koszalin – Darłowo • voivodeship road No. 167 Koszalin • voivodeship road No. 206 Koszalin - Miastko Railway lines • Through Koszalin run two single normal Railway lines: • Highly frequented main Railway line No. 202 Stargard Szczeciński – Gdynia • Secondary Railway line No. 402 Koszalin – Kołobrzeg The nearest airport • Goleniόw • Gdańsk • Berlin • Zegrze Pomorskie (preparation is in an advanced stadium of completion to open a civil airport in Zegrze Pomorskie which is 25 km from Koszalin) The largest companies 1. Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja S.a. (Logistics center ) 2. Royal Greenland Seafood Sp. z o. o. (Fish processing plant) 3. Nordglass II (Production of automotive glass) 4. MPS International lTD (Production of plastic packages) 5. „ESPERSEN Polska” Sp. z o. o. (Fish processing plant) 6. „KOSPEl” S.a.(Manufacture of electric domestic appliances) 7. Berlinerluft Sp. z o. o. (Manufacturer of ventilation systems) 8. „Dajar” (Wholesale of metal, porcelain and ceramic products) 9. KPBP „Przemysłówka” Sp. z o. o. (General construction contracter) 10. SaNO Sp. z o. o.(commerce)

w w w.i nve st m ent ar eas. pl




Inve s t m ent A r eas I n Po l a n d 2 0 1 2

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