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Mission Photo Album

God’s Littlest Angels in Haiti February 6-10, 2012

One Body

God’s Littlest Angels

Our Team Tim Fox, Larry Burden, Frank Sargeant, Aubrey Wiley, Dennis Tyson, Luanne Strauss, Morgan Elliott, Sharon Kuiken, Leanna Cooper, Catherine Kuiken, Edine Bronold, Julie Legg, Kris Omness, Larry Legg Brandon Summitt, Kari Montgomery, Katy Lawrence, Ruth Elm

I’ll never forget washing the feet of the nannies.

Pastor Brandon allowed us to participate in his Wednesday Bible study time with them. We filled bins with water and bath salts and washed the feet of these caregivers who have dedicated themselves to the children. At one point I noticed a large, open wound on the leg of one of the ladies. I had a hard time not having a noticeable reaction of shock or concern. It was then I had to simply let go of my fear and worry and trust that God would work in the hearts of those ladies by our simple act of pampering. We asked Brandon to convey the message of “Thank you” for their sacrifice in the care of these children and tell them what a blessing they were in His Kingdom. Kari Montgomery

Perspective Haiti is such a beautiful country!

It gives us such a chance to see the Power and Majesty of God! For a day and a half, we chopped rocks attempting to remove them for the construction of houses for children. We worked so hard, we could hardly move the next day. All of this to say, with one breath, God created all of this, and with much labor, we could barely put a dent into it. Working on the construction part, we weren't able to see the end result of our work. However, when we played with the children, we realized that we were helping to make a place for them to enjoy to the fullest, in love and safety. Brandon Summitt

The new orphanage at Fort Jacques, Haiti

God’s promise to Orphans: He will build them a home

God’s Promise to Orphans: He will lift them up

We embraced,

and served them.

Team members were OPEN

to creating hope, action, and change







God’s Promise to Orphans: He will not forget them

God’s Promise to Orphans: He will come to them

Creating Ripples

God will use the team’s TOUCHES to create ripples in the lives of the GLA family.

Never the Same

Haitian Culture




The James Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Family Christian Stores to meet the needs of orphans and widows in the communities it serves and around the world. Family Christian, through The James Fund, partners with their customers in a shared mission; reaching out to orphans and widows, showing them the love of our Heavenly Father. Through the Foundation, Family Christian customers participate in various in-store promotions. The James Fund serves orphans and widows in four primary ways: • adoption assistance programs • hands-on orphan and widow care work • quality of life improvements for orphans and widows • encourage the Church to fulfill God’s commitments to orphans and widows

Haiti 2012  

Pictures from the James Fund's trip to Haiti in February of 2012