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Easter is Sunday, April 16

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a. Silly Bunny Plaque

10" x 10" $16.99 item# 1640882

c. Names of Jesus Cross

15 3/4" x 8" $19.99 item# 1640878

e. Chevron Bunny Plaque

6" x 6" $6.99 item# 1640877


12" $14.99 item# 1640897

b. He Is Risen Plaque

d. Easter Cutout

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9 1/2" x 6" $14.99 item# 1640886

Remember THE CROSS




a. Lord of Lords Metal Cross

c. Crown of Thorns

5" $26.99 item# 1640525

b. John 3:16 Wall Cross


15" $12.99 item# 1640901

8" $18.99




#9 Non

item# 1503299

d. Stone Cross


10" $19.99 item# 1640711

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Giv al2.indd


d! e a gift car





1:53 PM


Jared Emerson art a.




Watch and experience his unique style of painting at

Whether it’s a person, an object or anything you can imagine, every stroke and detail Jared paints is for God’s glory—and in his art, he captures it for you to cherish for years to come. His collection will enhance your home with a variety of imaginative paintings that represent the Christian faith.

e. d.



a. Face of God Canvas

d. Jesus Cafe Journal

f. His Sacrifice Mug

30" x 40" $129.99 item# 1640836

LeatherSoft. 144 lined pages. $12.99 item# 1641395

b. God’s Perspective Plaque

e. His Sacrifice Canvas

10" x 10" $24.99 item# 1640852

c. Jesus Cafe Apparel

black. $29.99 tee item# 1640949 $49.99 sweatshirt item# 1640944

21" x 28" $59.99 item# 1640837

16 oz. $14.99 item# 1640839

g. Face of God Sherpa Blanket

50" x 60" $39.99 item# 1640716



sale $16.74 | $24.99 Psalm 23 Cross 10" item# 1525570

sale $40.19 | $59.99 Names of God Layered Wall Cross 18" item# 1609771

sale $26.79 | $39.99 Multi-Verse Cross 14" item# 1609761

sale $16.74 | $24.99 Strength & Dignity Cross 13" item# 1609918

sale $16.74 | $24.99 Treble Cross 12" item# 1590306

sale $20.09 | $29.99 The Lord’s Prayer Cross 16" item# 1609752


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LIMITED TIME ONLY February 15–March 9

sale $100.49 | $149.99 Crown of Thorns Burlap Sculpture 15" x 9" x 19" item# 1455620

sale $33.49 | $49.99 The Way Plaque 12" x 16" item# 1552120

sale $80.39 | $119.99 Jesus Walking on Water Plaque 30" x 20" item# 1330273

sale $46.89 | $69.99 Last Supper Plaque 30" x 15" item# 1129054

sale $40.19 | $59.99 Amazing Grace Pallet Art 24" x 25" item# 1584586



Easter baskets WITH FUN

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d. f.

h. g.

k. i. j.

a. Resurrection Eggs

Includes: 1 egg carton, 12 plastic eggs with surprises inside, a sticker page and 1 bilingual storybook. $14.99 item# 1504452

b. Benjamin’s Box Melody Carlson

Use this book with Resurrection Eggs to share the important story of Easter with children ages 4 to 7. hardcover. $8.99 item# 1160444

c. Chick Plush

Comes with sound! $4.99 item# 1620720

d. Little Chick’s Bible $15.99 item# 1541198

e. The Legend of the Sand Dollar

Chris Auer hardcover.

$16.99 item# 1626446

f. The Legend of the Easter Egg Lori Walburg

h. Eco Eggs

i. Eco Grass

$16.99 item# 1495412

g. Classic Tin Kaleidoscope


item# 1622949

assorted colors. $1.99 item# 1639257

j. Bible Stories Water-Reveal Pad


pack of 24. $6.99 item# 1639256

Includes 4 themed, reusable coloring boards and a refillable water pen. $4.99 item# 1588785

k. Flower Sidewalk Chalks

set of 4. $5.99 item# 1639261


Prepare your heart

Who Is This Jesus?

On Calvary’s Hill

The Women of Easter

Max Lucado

Max Lucado

Liz Curtis Higgs

Gain a new perspective on the depth of grace extended to all of us through Max Lucado’s creative retelling of the events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion. It’s a book that will inspire you at Easter and beyond. hardcover. $14.99 item# 1635338

Join Max Lucado in an exploration of the final days in the life of Christ. Draw near to the Savior and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived. Feel the passion. Sense the truth. Hear the promise. hardcover. $9.99 item# 1552309

In this book, you’ll meet three women named Mary, each of whom has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Your mind and emotions will be engaged and your faith strengthened as each woman’s story unfolds, preparing your heart for a richer, deeper Easter experience. hardcover. $14.99 item# 1580724

Preparing for Easter

From the Grave

Devotions for Easter

C. S. Lewis

A. W. Tozer

Reflect on the grand miracle of Jesus’ resurrection with a compilation of selections from C. S. Lewis’ classic works. Each selection will deepen your knowledge of this holy season as you consider why we can have confident faith in what happened on the cross. hardcover. $17.99 item# 1639088

A. W. Tozer once said, “The neglected heart will soon be overrun with worldly thoughts.” This 40-day Lent devotional ministers to your heart as you journey from the garden to the grave to the light of day with Tozer’s best insights on faith, repentance, suffering and redemption. hardcover. $9.99 item# 1632696

It’s time for fresh spring blooms, special recipes and family gatherings. But it’s also time for remembering the Easter story—the greatest story ever told—with this beautiful devotional, which features 40 days of readings prayers and Scriptures to renew your mind this season. hardcover. $9.99 item# 1639017


Encounter the Savior SALE

The Passion of the Christ: Dubbed Edition Now dubbed in English, you’ll be able to more easily follow the last twelve hours of Jesus’ life. The film begins in the Garden of Olives where Jesus prayed after The Last Supper and takes you through His joyous resurrection. Rated R. $9.99 DVD item# 1641347 $16.99 Blu-ray item# 1642738

Risen DVD

[available March 7]

In this epic film, a Roman military tribune seeks to solve the mystery of what happened to Jesus following the crucifixion to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem. Stars Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton. $19.99 item# 1613925

Mary DVD



In this inspirational story of love and sacrifice, Mary’s journey of faith is depicted in great detail. Chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus, she dedicated her life to sharing His message. Now, you’ll see His life through her eyes. Stars Christian Bale. sale $11.99 | $14.99 item# 1641348


Saviour DVD

Close to Jesus DVD

The Passion: Live DVD

Prepare your heart for Easter with this spectacular performance featuring a full orchestra and choir with standout performances by Steve Green, Twila Paris and more. Saviour has been in performance around the world, but now you can enjoy it in your own home. sale $12.99 | $14.99 item# 1641343

Jesus has changed so many lives, and it began during His life on earth. In this series, you’ll discover Jesus’ impact on those closest to Him in this part biblical, part fictional account of their lives.

Set in the present and filmed live, The Passion uses Bible passages and a variety of popular music—sung by Seal, Trisha Yearwood and Chris Daughtry—to take you through the dramatic and inspirational story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. sale $9.99 | $14.99 item# 1636126

sale $5.00 ea | $9.99 ea Mary Magdalene. item# 1504516 Thomas. item# 1535887


Celebrate Communion c.




e. f.

COMMUNION a. Pearl Rosary $16.99 item# 1641215

b. Girl’s Rosary $29.99 item# 1642530

c. Girl’s Deluxe Communion Set

Includes a prayer book, rosary in case, scapular and cross pin. 12 $32.99 item# 1641326

d. Communion Story Charm Bracelet $14.99 item# 1446816

e. Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible $35.99 item# 1008201

f. First Holy Communion Lamb Plush $19.99 item# 1632999

g. Girl’s Communion Accessory Set

Includes a beaded purse, prayer book, rosary with beaded cross, scapular and cross pin. $44.99 item# 1641327

and Confirmation g.





CONFIRMATION h. First Communion Locket Prayer Necklace

13–14 1/2" chain. $14.99 item# 1333452

i. Cross & Dove Confirmation Bracelet $12.99 item# 1641250

j. Confirmation Gift Cross

5" $17.99 item# 1641248

k. Confirmation Blessings Metal Cross

6" $19.99 item# 1641246

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Jewelry to make c.





a. Cross with Heart Diamond Accent Necklace

18" chain. $32.99 item# 1586518

b. Infinity Necklace

c. Marcasite Heart Necklace


18" chain. $33.99 item# 1586524

18" chain. $42.99 item# 1543628

d. Cubic Zirconia Cross Necklace

18" chain. $33.99 item# 1586525

e. The Lord’s Prayer Cross Necklace

24" chain. $27.99 item# 1462379

a statement

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g. f.


j. i.

f. Crystal Cross Bracelet $9.99


item# 1589656

item# 1589610

g. Crystal Cross Bangle Bracelet $9.99

h. Cross Disc Bracelet

item# 1589652

j. Hammered Cross Necklace

i. Two-Tone Cross Necklace

30" chain. $9.99 item# 1589646

34" chain. $9.99 item# 1589653

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When you buy 3Strands’ quality handmade products, you help provide income to survivors and those at risk of human trafficking. See the full selection in stores and at

Seed Beaded Bracelets $14.99 ea maroon. item# 1640460 black. item# 1640464

Freedom Clutch

10 1/2" $24.99 item# 1640445

Survivor Tee

white. $19.99 item# 1640451


b. c. a. Antique Button Bracelet $14.99 item# 1640440

b. Earth Beaded Bracelet 16

$27.99 item# 1640435

c. Leather Bracelet $19.99 item# 1640403

d. Pendant Bracelet $19.99 item# 1640436



BLACK HISTORY MONTH Simone Biles is a 4x Gold Medal Winner who desires that her story inspire you to rise above your trials.

Priscilla Shirer is a passionate writer who seeks to empower you with the Word of God.

$24.99 item# 1629765

$16.99 item# 1575297

Lecrae has overcome overwhelming odds to become a successful hip hop artist with six No. 1 albums.

In 36 years of ministry, T.D. Jakes has become a bestselling author and a prominent charismatic leader and visionary.

$24.99 item# 1584590

$15.99 item# 1602738

SALE WOW Gospel 2017 features Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs and more!

Kirk Franklin tops the gospel music charts, most recently winning a GRAMMYÂŽ Award.

$13.99 item# 1636003

sale $9.99 | $11.99 item# 1589348

Active Faith was founded by a former NBA player passionate about giving God glory in everything. pink. $49.00 item# 1619754 volt. $30.00 item# 1629998

17 17




A New Year Birthday Boxed Cards

Thomas Kinkade Praying for You Boxed Cards

Sunny Days Get Well Boxed Cards

Thomas Kinkade Thank You Boxed Cards

3 cards each of 4 designs. $7.99 item# 1587800

3 cards each of 4 designs. $7.99 item# 1064329

3 cards each of 4 designs. $7.99 item# 1404903

3 cards each of 4 designs. $7.99 item# 1128609


Remember their legacy a.





a. In Memory Cross Pedestal

4 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" $24.99 item# 1639285

b. In Loving Memory Cross Stake

4 1/2" x 14 1/4" $12.99 item# 1639288


c. Loved Beyond Words e. In Memory Stepping Plant Pick Stone

2" x 6" $13.99 item# 1639290

d. Always Be With You Angel

4 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" $39.99 item# 1639277

10" $21.99 item# 1639294

f. Remembered Forever Chime Stake

4 1/2" x 18" $17.99 item# 1639273


SALE $797 February 15–March 30



Bird Guitar Tee

One God Tee green. item# 1643033

black. item# 1643032


Everything Tee $17.99

Delight in the Lord Tee navy blue. item# 1643034


To the Moon and Back Tee sapphire. item# 1643037


navy blue heather. item# 1643035


Love Endures Tee berry. item# 1643036


Love Tee coral. item# 1643038



Check out our full selection in stores and at

reg $17.99



Feather Scuba Tee

Behold I Make New Tee

aqua. item# 1643039

charcoal. item# 1643040


Never Quit Tee $17.99

It’s About Jesus Tee black. item# 1643041

green. item# 1643042


Nothing But the Blood Tee navy blue. item# 1643043



Emoji Tee heather. item# 1643045


Tools of the Trade Tee tan. item# 1643044


select % 50 BOOKS




sale $12.49 | $24.99

sale $12.49 | $24.99

LeatherSoft. item# 1348478

LeatherSoft. item# 1399816

sale $8.49 | $16.99 softcover. item# 1575297

sale $8.49

| $16.99 softcover. item# 1575296

sale $8.49

| $16.99 LeatherSoft. item# 1537802

sale $12.49 | $24.99

sale $7.99 | $15.99

sale $10.99 | $21.99

softcover. item# 1618262

hardcover. item# 1619722

hardcover. item# 1620032

sale $8.49 | $16.99

sale $12.49 | $24.99

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $8.99 | $17.99

hardcover. item# 1620066

hardcover. item# 1584590

hardcover. item# 1589520

hardcover. item# 1637513


Selection varies by store, see sales associate for complete details. While supplies last. No further discounts.

LIMITED TIME ONLY March 10–23 Now’s the time to stock up—while they’re on sale! Get some new reads for you, plus a few you can share with others. Check out our full selection in stores and at

sale $11.99 | $24.00

sale $11.99 | $24.00

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $8.99 | $17.99

hardcover. item# 1618368

hardcover. item# 1618380

hardcover. item# 1589404

hardcover. item# 1583149

sale $10.99 | $22.00

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $11.99 | $23.99

hardcover. item# 1619093

softcover. item# 1557656

hardcover. item# 1620677

hardcover. item# 1635163

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $10.99 | $21.99

sale $9.99 | $19.99

sale $9.99 | $19.99

LeatherSoft. item# 1599587

hardcover. item# 1617957

softcover. item# 1638180

hardcover. item# 1589482

Bulk orders available at sale price if purchased during event, see sales associate for details. Also available at


S. LEWIS SALE 40% C.BOOKS select


February 15–March 30



sale $23.99 | $39.99 softcover. item# 1639078

sale $45.59 | $75.99 softcover. item# 1639076

sale $8.99 | $14.99 softcover. item# 1639052

sale $8.99 | $14.99 softcover. item# 1639092

sale $11.99 | $19.99 softcover. item# 1639080

sale $9.59 | $15.99 softcover. item# 1639093

SALE February 15–March 30






reg $9.99–$15.99

softcover. item# 1446690

softcover. item# 1577200

softcover. item# 1635997

softcover. item# 1461849

softcover. item# 1575329

softcover. item# 1556698

A stirring biography Signed copy with prebuy!


For decades, Steven Curtis Chapman's music and message have brought inspiration to millions around the world. Now, for the first time, Steven openly shares the experiences that have shaped his life, faith and music. You’ll be captivated by the inside stories from his days of youth to his notable career, from his relationship with wife Mary Beth to the tragic loss of their five-year-old daughter Maria. His example of persistent faith and trust in God will fill your heart with hope. Includes black-andwhite photos throughout. [available March 7]

Between Heaven and the Real World Steven Curtis Chapman with Ken Abraham hardcover.

prebuy $17.97 | $22.99 item# 1638789


A Collection of Songs and Stories CD Steven Curtis Chapman item# 1640805 | $3.99

Empowering reads

Seize the Day Joyce Meyer In her latest book, Joyce Meyer continues guiding you on your journey toward fulfillment. If you’re looking for the inspiration and challenge to spend more time with God, pick up this read and discover a more special relationship than you could ever imagine. hardcover. $24.00 item# 1618368

Destroying the Spirit of Rejection

Woman Thou Art Healed and Whole

John Eckhardt

T.D. Jakes

Have you ever felt unwanted or unable to receive love from others? John Eckhardt knows these wounds run deep. In this book, he addresses how you can break free from the effects of rejection and find the healing your soul longs for. softcover. $16.99 item# 1619716

What is holding you back from letting go of the things that imprison you? This devotional will spend 90 days walking you through the healing and wholeness God offers. By the end, you’ll be set free, ready to enjoy the full and abundant life that awaits. hardcover. $14.99 item# 1602635


Recommended Reads [available February 14]


This Life I Live Rory Feek hardcover. $24.99 item# 1629411

Rory Feek’s life was forever changed by the woman he called his wife. Though Joey is no longer with him in flesh, he carries her in his heart. In this captivating and vulnerable book, Rory expands on their documentary film, the national news coverage and his blog to reflect more fully on their joyful life together and share his unwavering hope for the future, both here on earth and with our Savior in Heaven.

No More Faking Fine Esther Fleece softcover. $16.99


item# 1620377

Are you tired of pretending? Of letting hurt, frustration and disappointment weigh you down? This recommended read is your call to be honest with God about what’s going on in your heart—to voice the feelings you’ve kept inside and silenced for too long. Using the language of lament, you’ll draw closer to Him as He leads you into His marvelous light.

Do Your Children Believe? Terence Chatmon softcover. $16.99


item# 1639033

We know you desire more than anything for your kids to enjoy a vibrant, growing relationship with God, which is why we recommend this read. It gives easy principles and applications to help you raise kids who can articulate what they believe and why, teens who can handle adversity in constructive ways and adults equipped to keep the fire lit in their own families.

60 Days of Happiness


Randy Alcorn hardcover. $17.99 item# 1637133

God wants you—and commands you—to be happy in Him and enjoy His gifts. He longs for us to experience the relentless joy He promises in His Word, and we believe that this devotional by noted theologian and bestselling author Randy Alcorn will help you experience true happiness consistently and increasingly. 26

Check out our Fiction pick in stores and at

OUR 2017

Book of the Year Life, especially in today’s age, is full of difficulties, loss, sadness and fear. In the midst of these challenges, joy can often feel impossible or out of reach. But Jesus has more for His followers than a life of striving, pain and discontent. He offers life abundant, brimming with joy. Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking, each of the 365 devotions in Jesus Always connects you intimately and gently with the promises of joy Jesus offers in Scripture.

Jesus Always Sarah Young hardcover.

sale $11.99 | $15.99

item# 1616958

The latest books

Divine Direction

[available February 28]

Craig Groeschel

Grace Is Greater

[available February 28]

Treasured Grace

Every day we make choices that accumulate and eventually become our life stories. In this book, Craig Groeschel shows how the choices that are in your power, if aligned with biblical principles, will lead to a life you’ve never imagined. hardcover. $22.99 item# 1638888

Kyle Idleman

Tracie Peterson

Perhaps nothing in the Christian faith is as hard to explain as God’s grace— greater than our mistakes, failures, desire for revenge and seemingly impossible situations. This book will help you truly grasp the grace God freely offers and experience it for yourself. softcover. $15.99 item# 1638831

Before coming to Oregon Country, Grace Martindale lost her new husband and her security. Now, she is using her skills—with Alex Armistead’s aid—to help other settlers and the native Cayuse tribe. But tension between the groups soon leads to violence. softcover. $15.99 item# 1638837



me time

a. c.





a. Colored Pencils

pack of 24. $9.99 item# 1600913

c. Rise and Shine e. Live Loved Coloring Inspirational Coloring Book Book 48 coloring pages.

b. Inspiring Moments Coloring Book

52 coloring pages. $14.99 item# 1606386

d. The 5 Love Languages Coloring Book


45 coloring pages. $9.99 item# 1605328

54 coloring pages. $14.99 item# 1636294

$12.99 item# 1599925

f. A Walk in the Garden Coloring Book

96 coloring pages. $9.99 item# 1605319


God time

With features that help you connect with Scripture more intimately, journaling Bibles are a unique way to engage with God’s Word. Their wide margins give you the space you need to get creative inside the pages, drawing your reflections or jotting down prayer requests, study notes and more. Shop more journaling Bibles in stores and at

NIV Beautiful Word Bible item# 1602366 more translations available.

My Creative Bible KJV

ESV Journaling Bible

hardcover. $39.99 item# 1626603

mocha. $44.99

item# 1212694

Inspire Bible, Large Print NLT hardcover. $49.99 item# 1621477

CUT OUT AND SAVE Coupons are on the back cover!



select % 50 BIBLES

sale $39.99 ea | $79.99 ea NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible


sale $34.99 ea | $69.99 ea Life Application Study Bible NIV

sale $37.49 ea | $74.99 ea The Chronological Study Bible NKJV

black. item# 1342512 burgundy. item# 1342513

brown/auburn. item# 1604337 stone/midnight. item# 1604338

sale $32.49 | $64.99 ESV Study Bible, Personal Size

sale $29.99 ea | $69.99 ea Holman Rainbow Study Bible

brown/tan. item# 1362457

NIV. item# 1547394 KJV. item# 1558086

sale $17.49 ea | $34.99 ea Sword Study Bible, Large Print: Personal Size KJV

brown/tan. item# 1621529 black. item# 1621527

sale $24.99 | $49.99 Inspire Journaling Bible NLT blue/cream. item# 1604757


black. item# 1586927 burgundy. item# 1586929

sale $22.49 | $44.99 sale $19.99 | $39.99 NKJV Notetaking Bible ESV Single Column Journaling Bible black/brown. item# 1604790 black. item# 1404072 Selection varies by store, see sales associate for complete details. While supplies last. No further discounts.

LIMITED TIME ONLY March 24–April 6 We have so much to offer—different colors, translations and features so you can choose what’s best for you! Check out our full selection in stores and at

sale $39.99 | $79.99 Battlefield of the Mind Bible AMP

sale $29.99 | $59.99 Beyond Suffering Bible NLT

sale $24.99 ea | $49.99 ea Women’s Devotional Bible NIV

blue/dark blue. item# 1626272

brown/tan. item# 1626252

raspberry. item# 1400515 turquoise. item# 1419295

sale $14.99 ea | $29.99 ea Adventure Bible

sale $12.49 ea | $24.99 ea KJV Study Bible for Kids

sale $18.49 ea | $36.99 ea The Big Picture Interactive Bible CSB

boys. item# 1611886 girls. item# 1611887

flower. item# 1640591 lion. item# 1640594

sale $22.49 ea | $44.99 ea Teen Life Application Study Bible NLT

sale $22.49 | $44.99 NIV Bible for Teen Guys

sale $19.99 ea | $39.99 ea ESV Student Study Bible

girls. item# 1381147 guys. item# 1381146

blue. item# 1626015

chestnut. item# 1641137 turquoise. item# 1641136

NIV. item# 1454524 NIrV. item# 1518496

Bulk orders available at sale price if purchased during event, see sales associate for details. Also available at


God’s Word for kids

Jesus Calling Bible for Children ICB

Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible

Enjoy heartfelt devotional time with your kids as you help them grow in knowledge and faith. They’ll love the illustrations, stories and applications in this ICB Bible for kids with 160 full-page devotions from Jesus Calling. hardcover. $29.99 item# 1634934

Join the Genesis Exploration Squad as they journey through the Bible! Your kids will build character and learn how to apply God’s Word to their everyday lives as they discover the Bible’s vital truths. hardcover. $29.99 item# 1632319

Your kids are invited to investigate the Bible through features that examine evidence, survey the scene and interview witnesses to solve intriguing cases—a.k.a. kids’ commonly asked questions about the Bible. hardcover. $27.99 item# 1640483

Bibles for adventurers

Is your child ready for adventure? With the Adventure Bible, you’ll set them loose on a fun and exciting journey where they’ll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places and learn all kinds of things about God’s Word.

NIV Adventure Bible $39.99 ea gray/blue. item# 1454530 pink/green. item# 1454531


NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers $34.99 ea purple. item# 1518497 green. item# 1518498

NKJV Adventure Bible $34.99 ea pink. item# 1542345 blue. item# 1542344

Equip teens for


True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls NIV $49.99 turquoise item# 1398191

True Images connects the timeless truths of the Bible to a teen girl’s life, relationships and the things she cares about most through articles, notes, fun quizzes and more. This special edition has printed page edges in a contemporary paisley design.

NIV Revolution: The Bible for Teen Guys $49.99 blue/charcoal item# 1398195

This Bible designed specifically for teen guys challenges them to live out their faith on the edge, stand up for what’s right and dig deep into what the Bible really says. The unique features teach them about the men of the Bible and how to deal with the real-life issues they face today.

NIV Teen Study Bible $44.99 teal floral item# 1617063 $34.99 cranberry item# 1617064

This Bible will keep teens in step with all God has done, is doing and will do in the world—and in their lives. It’s targeted to the issues they face, includes fun features to take them deeper in their Bible study and will build a biblical foundation of faith.

Teen Life Application Study Bible NLT $44.99 steel city item# 1381146 $44.99 pink fields item# 1381147

This unique Bible is packed with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today’s high school students. It combines traditional study features like book introductions, textual notes and person profiles with application-oriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues and stories of actual teens.

CUT OUT AND SAVE Coupons are on the back cover!


SALE 30%



February 15–March 30

With more than 10,000 notes and features that explain difficult passages, this study Bible will show you how to take Scripture personally and apply it to your life. This is the one Bible resource that incorporates today’s top scholarship to answer your real-life questions. NLT

sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/pink. item# 1348859

Make it personal!


sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/tan. item# 1431187

in stores while you shop or at




sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/pink. item# 1527278

sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/pink. item# 1500278

sale $48.99 | $69.99 black/onyx. item# 1573102

sale $48.99 | $69.99

sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/tan. item# 1399961

sale $48.99 | $69.99 brown/tan. item# 1399964

brown/tan. item# 1348611


Check out our full selection in stores and at

SALE 30% CSB BIBLES select


March 1–30


March 2017

With the NEW Christian Standard Bible (CSB), you don’t have to choose between accuracy and readability. The ultimate purpose of the CSB translation is to draw readers into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. Developed by 100 scholars from 17 denominations, the CSB accurately captures the Bible’s original meaning in the clearest possible modern English, helping you experience the faithful and true Word of God.

sale $13.99 ea | $19.99 ea CSB Ultrathin Reference Bible brown. item# 1640673 purple. item# 1640679

sale $25.89 | $36.99 CSB Essential Teen Study Bible charcoal. item# 1640598 personal size also available.

sale $10.49 ea | $14.99 ea CSB Large Print Compact Reference Bible pink. item# 1640641 black. item# 1640637

sale $25.89 ea | $36.99 ea The Big Picture Interactive Bible CSB flower. item# 1640591 lion. item# 1640594

sale $20.99 ea | $29.99 ea CSB Giant Print Reference Bible brown. item# 1640614 purple. item# 1640621

sale $20.99 ea | $29.99 ea CSB Kids Bible power. item# 1640635 love. item# 1640634


Listen vividly [available March 7] Breathe Bible Audio New Testament NLT The Breathe Bible is a memorable listening experience that transports you into the world of the Bible. It provides life-giving air for the soul in a unique audio theater format, featuring a cast of internationally acclaimed actors and recording artists. Includes 18 CDs and a code to receive the FREE mobile app. $49.99

Jesse McCartney

Kevin Sorbo


Ashley Judd

item# 1640471

Corbin Bleu

Josh Lucas





With your help, we believe peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stories will be rewritten, and hope will be restored in one of the darkest places. Purchase a copy of The Comeback, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll donate it to a prison in your local community to give to an inmate who needs the hope of a fresh start. No one is ever too far for a comeback. Scan here to watch an inspiring comeback story.



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$9.99 ea Pashmina Scarves

[available March 1] $14.99 ea

coral. item# 1642532 teal. item# 1642531 silver. item# 1605368

CSB Compact Bible


burgundy. item# 1640575 charcoal. item# 1640576

$11.99 ea

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

A Kid After Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Own Heart

caramel LeatherSoft. item# 1640799

Jim & Elizabeth George


The Ultimate Life / The Ultimate Gift DVD item# 1642789

boys. item# 1386218 girls. item# 1264555



Worship and Believe CD

A Live Worship Experience CD

Steven Curtis Chapman

Casting Crowns

item# 1604149

item# 1587571


Bestselling films SALE

Priceless DVD After losing his family and his money, James Stevens takes a shady job hauling cargo across the country—no questions asked. But when he finds out the cargo is a who and not a what, he risks it all to save two frightened women and discovers the life he was meant to live. sale $19.99 | $24.99 item# 1629778

To Joey, With Love DVD

Miracles from Heaven DVD

God gave Joey and Rory Feek a love story for the ages. This intimate documentary filmed by the duo over two and a half years gives you a glimpse into their journey together—including the birth of their daughter with Down Syndrome and Joey’s struggle with and ultimate surrender to cancer. $14.99 item# 1629445

Upon discovering her 10-yearold daughter, Anna, has an incurable disease, Christy Beam becomes a ferocious advocate of finding a solution. After Anna has an accident, an astonishing miracle restores her family’s strong faith. Stars Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah. $19.99 item# 1614182


War Room: Collector’s Edition DVD The Jordans seem to be a perfect family, but they’re breaking from the inside out. Their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets Clara, who teaches her the power of prayer. Stars Priscilla Shirer and Karen Abercrombie. sale $17.99 | $22.99 item# 1586173



Woodlawn DVD

Greater DVD

This is the riveting true story of courage, strength and football at the height of racial tension in Birmingham, Alabama. Follow gifted high school football player Touchdown Tony Nathan as he struggles to embrace his talent, live out his faith and battle racial tensions on and off the field. $17.99 item# 1591051

Brandon Burlsworth always dreamed of playing college football but was told he wasn’t good enough. Undeterred, Brandon walked on in 1994 and defied the odds to become the most respected player in the history of the program, changing the lives of all he touched. sale $15.99 | $19.99 item# 1641088

Extraordinary faith PRE BUY

[available February 21]

Hacksaw Ridge Hacksaw Ridge is an inspirational film based on the true story of Desmond Doss’ time serving in the army as a medic. As a Seventh-Day Adventist and Conscientious Objector, Doss’ fellow soldiers didn’t think he’d be a valuable asset. But when it mattered most, he sacrificed everything to save at least 75 of his men during one of the bloodiest battles in World War II, earning him a Medal of Honor. Stars Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington. Nominated for three Golden Globe® Awards. prebuy $24.99 | $34.99 DVD item# 1642528 prebuy $29.99 | $39.99 Blu-ray item# 1642790


Gift For

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Give a gift



The latest and PRE BUY

[available March 31]

Lifer CD MercyMe MercyMe’s newest release picks up where Welcome To The New left off. Filled with uplifting lyrics, energetic beats and tender melodies, this album is a reminder that no matter what life may bring, we can find hope to persevere. prebuy $9.99 | $11.99 item# 1639372

For every prebuy of Lifer sold,

$1 will be donated to Pray America to aid famine relief in Guatemala.

[available March 3]

The Garden CD

Open Hands CD

Kari Jobe

Laura Story

Full of brand new worship anthems for the church and for personal reflection, Kari Jobe’s new album will lead you into worship of our Savior. She finds inspiration from life’s joys and hardships to bring you songs that affirm Christ as our firm foundation. $13.99 item# 1639333

With reflection, vulnerability and personal honesty, Laura Story once again brings you songs that draw from real life experiences and challenges. Each song will speak to your heart and facilitate a new spiritual connection with God. $11.99 item# 1626354


Let Them Fall In Love CD CeCe Winans CeCe Winans is one of the most awarded artists in gospel music. This album is her invitation to worship that contains a fusion of musical styles—Motown, praise and worship, retro swing and instrumental. Includes “Why Me” and “Hey Devil!” $13.99 item# 1639335

greatest music

[available March 24]

Rise CD

Chain Breaker CD

Identity CD

Danny Gokey

Zach Williams

Colton Dixon Colton Dixon’s third album dives deeper into identity— who you are when your faith is rooted in Christ—with songs inspired by personal life events. He also steps in a new direction with sound, combining pop elements with his alternative-rock sound. $11.99 item# 1640541

Driving rhythms and honest lyrics make Danny Gokey’s latest album an encouraging addition to your music library. The title track “Rise” presents the hope that Christ gives, healing brokenness, hurt, shame, fear and rejection. Also includes an exclusive bonus track, “Louder.” $13.99 item# 1626247

Zach Williams is no stranger to the struggles that life can bring—addiction, darkness and hopelessness. But he’s also no stranger to God’s redemption—healing, light and hope for the future. Each song on his first album speaks to these truths, including the radio hit “Chain Breaker.” $9.99 item# 1640467

Sing It Now 2-CD set

[available February 24]

[available March 10]

Reba McEntire

Give the World a Smile

Out of the Dust CD

This album is a deeply personal and inspirational record that Reba McEntire has been planning for more than 30 years. The first disc includes 10 traditional hymns of faith while the second disc includes 10 new, contemporary songs of hope. $16.99 item# 1641344

Various Artists

Out of the Dust

This gathering of music and fellowship features Mark Lowry, Lynda Randle, The Isaacs and more longtime friends singing timeless favorites like “There’s Power in the Blood.” $13.99 CD. item# 1616903

Husband and wife duo Chris and Stephanie Teague share their amazing story of marriage, divorce and remarriage in this artistic music album that mixes indie, folk and pop styles. Their music offers the hope of redemption in brokenness. $13.99 item# 1633148

$19.99 DVD. item# 1621454



5 50









reg $9.99–$19.99

365 Daily Devotions for Boys softcover.

365 Daily Devotions for Girls softcover.

item# 1575745

item# 1575746

Bible ABCs Match-It Game

Our Daily Bread for Preschoolers

Our Daily Bread for Kids

item# 1629859

Crystal Bowman & Teri McKinley

Crystal Bowman & Teri McKinley

hardcover. item# 1613899

hardcover. item# 1549409

Crimes and Mister Meanors DVD

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel DVD

item# 1588795

item# 1255567

Messenger’s Box DVD item# 1588796


2-by-2 Memory Match-It Game item# 1629864

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LIMITED TIME ONLY February 17–March 2 We have so many great resources for building a foundation of faith in kids’ lives—and now they’re on sale! Check out our full selection in stores and at



sale $8.49 | $16.99 The Beginner’s Bible hardcover. item# 1616613


sale $6.49 | $12.99 The Prince Warriors

sale $8.99 | $17.99 The Jesus Storybook Priscilla Shirer with Gina Detwiler Bible hardcover. item# 1602670

sale $8.49 | $16.99 I Am

sale $6.49 | $12.99 Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place

Diane Stortz

Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

hardcover. item# 1590254

hardcover. item# 1575753

sale $6.49 | $12.99 Clobbering the Crusher DVD

sale $6.49 | $12.99 Melting the Master of Mean DVD

item# 1614555

item# 1614556

Sally Lloyd-Jones hardcover. item# 1076941

sale $8.49 | $16.99 Brave Girls Bible Stories hardcover. item# 1541126

sale $6.49 | $12.99 The Activity Bible softcover. item# 1584660

Bulk orders available at sale price if purchased during event, see sales associate for details. Also available at





sale $6.97 | $9.99

sale $6.97 | $9.99

sale $6.97 | $9.99

item# 1490325

item# 1238068

item# 943230

$49.99 item# 1632224

$9.99 item# 1614508

$9.99 item# 1599744

New kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; books

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Gift Edition

Good Good Father for Little Ones

Sally Lloyd-Jones

Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett

With a beautiful new clothbound gift edition, The Jesus Storybook Bible invites kids to join in the greatest of all adventures to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great story of salvation. hardcover. $22.99 item# 1626434


With sweet, rhyming text, this stunningly illustrated book explores many of the attributes that make God such a good, good Father. board book. $9.99 item# 1626425

The Prince Warriors and the Swords of Rhema Priscilla Shirer with Gina Detwiler The Prince Warriors receive their last piece of armor just in time to face the ultimate enemy, who aims to stop them from winning any battle ever again. Book 3, The Prince Warriors. hardcover. $12.99 item# 1634923


Joanna Grace

Shop Joanna Grace and her accessories in stores and at

Joanna Grace is kind, tender hearted and ready for adventure—a great companion who will enrich your girl’s life, share her faith and support her no matter what. [available February 24]

Joanna Grace Doll 18" $69.99 item# 1638252



a. Get Well Accessory Pack

b. Sweet Treats Accessory Pack

Includes crutches, an ice pack, a cast and accessories. $24.99 item# 1638260

Includes an apron, chef’s hat, oven mitt, bowl and baking utensils. $24.99 item# 1643029


Enjoy community WITH A BIBLE STUDY

Uninvited Study Materials Lysa TerKeurst While the world tries to make you feel left out, lonely and less than enough, this six-session study speaks words of comfort to your soul and helps you find a path toward fullness. $26.99 DVD item# 1621509 $12.99 study guide item# 1621508 $16.99 book item# 1616687

The Broken Way Study Materials Ann Voskamp Go beyond fear and pain to forge a daring path into an abundant life. This six-session study beckons you into God’s intimate grace to experience His authentic, transformative power. $26.99 DVD item# 1621512 $12.99 study guide item# 1621511 $22.99 book item# 1618070

Shaken Study Materials Tim Tebow


Rather than being defined by failures, successes, broken dreams or fulfilled hopes, rediscover your confidence and identity in God—the One who never changes—with this four-session study. $24.99 DVD item# 1632776 $12.99 study guide item# 1632775 $25.00 book item# 1620170

Hands-on Bible learning Maker Fun Factory Ultimate Starter Kit Group Publishing Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they’re lovingly crafted by God and built for a purpose. With this VBS, kids experience God—the ultimate Maker—in new and wildly creative ways through games, crafts, Bible activities and more. $179.99 item# 1639125

Passport to Peru Ultimate Starter Kit Group Publishing Grab your passport for an unforgettable VBS trek where kids discover God’s good gifts for everyone. You’ll hike mountains, savor exotic flavors and be immersed in a different culture to create confident, faith-filled kids who understand the power of Jesus’ love in a diverse world. $154.99 item# 1640521

Rome Starter Kit Group Publishing When in Rome, your kids will experience the sights, sounds and smells of biblical times. Every day the Bible will come alive as they chat with first-century shopkeepers, tiptoe past Roman guards and visit with the Apostle Paul. The adventure continues in each game, craft and activity. $144.99 item# 1640523 Check out our full selection in stores and at


• Saturday, February 18 ...... 8:30 a.m.* • Tuesday, March 14 ............. 7:00 p.m.* Join us at any Family Christian location to take a closer look at this year’s popular VBS programs and learn tips for planning, recruiting and training. Please register in advance at to reserve your spot! *Check your local store for exact times.


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