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KT2580 -- Family Central Language, Communication, and Music 1

Descriptive Words Activity Pack Kids build listening and concentration skills as they follow along with simple, step-by-step activities! Each pack includes a recording that leads kids through 16 reproducible activities, helping them explore basic skills as they learn to listen and follow directions. Available individually or as a complete set. Let's Talk! Oral Language Box Our oral language box is packed with exciting prompts that really get kids talking…and building essential communication skills! The 6" box contains 50 prompts highlighting fun topics kids will love to talk about—from favorite animals and books to birthdays and holidays. And, because the prompts are all open-ended, they help develop higher-order thinking skills…and give children the practice they need to boost speaking and conversation skills. Simple Sentences Instant Learning Center Students develop awareness of sentences—with a ready-to-use activity center they can explore on their own! Our instant center is specially designed for independent exploration: Just set out the materials, introduce the activity…then students use illustrated activity mats and tons of word tiles to explore sentences at their own pace! The center has enough materials for up to 4 children to work at once, including a double-sided instruction chart that gives everyone easy access to the activities…and simple picture instructions, so even nonreaders can participate. With 16 activity mats, over 60 word tiles, 4 drawstring bags, plus a write & wipe assessment card. 3-Scene Sequencing Cards Children watch a girl score a soccer goal, a boy play catch with his dog and more...with simple picture stories that are lots of fun to sequence! Kids just arrange 3 cards in logical order to complete each sequence…and if they answer correctly, the cards form a self-checking picture on back! 48 cards form 16 sequences; cards measure 3 3/4" x 4 1/2". Circle Time Song Posters and CD Circle time is more fun than ever…with delightful, rhyming songs that build essential skills as children sing! Our irresistible set features 20 original songs covering the months of the year, the alphabet, numbers and more—each printed on a giant-sized poster that invites the whole class to sing along. Plus, each song features simple, memorable rhymes set to the tune of a familiar children’s song, so it’s super-easy for kids to sing along—and remember each rhyme! 20 illustrated, full-color posters are each 12" x 18".

KT2581 -- Family Central Language, Communication, and Music 2

All Around Town Vocabulary Sorting Center Children sort the toothpaste into the dentist’s office, the backpack into the schoolhouse and more—building vocabulary skills with every match! We’ve included 8 chipboard structures and 40 full-color picture-word tiles. Students just drop each tile into the building in which it belongs. Check the back of each structure to see if they’ve sorted correctly…and pop open the roof to retrieve the tiles when they’re done! Each structure is 4 3⁄8" tall. Classroom News Playset Little reporters build oral language skills...with a complete news playset that’s sure to get them talking! Our kidpleasing playset features an authentic-looking chipboard camera and microphone, plus everything children need for a nationwide weather report—including an 11" x 16" U.S. map with 6 stick-on weather symbols. Story Wands What better way to get children excited about reading…than with squeezably soft story wands kids will love to use! The safe, wipe-clean vinyl wands feature simple questions that explore plot, character, setting and more. Just pass them out at storytime to get kids thinking about story elements…and building comprehension skills as they go! Set of 8 wands shown; each is 10". Classroom Song Band and CD Our easy-to-use song bank makes it a breeze for kids to sing their favorite tunes! 40 colorful cards each feature a popular song that’s sure to get the whole class singing and moving—from “Wheels on the Bus” to “Five Little Ducks”—with easy-to-follow lyrics on one side, and the title and a helpful picture on the other…so kids can easily find the song they want to sing next. We’ve also included a handy stand to hold each card in place, so kids’ and teachers’ hands stay free to act out each song as they sing! You get forty 9" x 9" cards and a wooden stand, all in a sturdy storage box.

KT2582 -- Family Central Literacy 1

Lakeshore Emergent Readers-Set of 20 With simple text, familiar subjects and supporting illustrations, these skill-building books are ideal for brand-new readers! Each 8-page book features repetitive, easy-to-read sentences with just one new word per page—perfect for building vocabulary and boosting reading confidence. Plus, each book features a fun and familiar topic that kids will love to explore—from bugs to birthdays! Set of 20 books. Touch and Write Simple Words Printing practice is a breeze…with reusable cards that let children touch, trace and write tons of simple words! Each card has a CVC word in big textured letters that students can touch and trace with their fingers…plus a write & wipe area with ruled baselines so children can practice printing on their own. Set of 40 cards includes 8 words per vowel. Each card is 7 3/8" x 8 1/4". Rhyming Sounds Phonics Game Children master rhyming sounds…as they sort “postcards” into their matching mailboxes! Each game mat features 4 built-in pockets labeled with a sound. Students just search for the picture-word postcards with the same rhyming sound—and slide them into the mail slot for hands-on phonics fun! Game includes 12 different 8" x 10" game mats and 96 color-coded cards—so 4 students can play at once. Picture Word Match-3 Letter Words Give kids the practice they need to master early language skills…with self-checking mats they can use independently! We’ve included 8 different activity mats, plus 48 double-sided tiles that provide 2 levels of play. Kids just place the tiles on each mat to match picture to word or word to word—building vocabulary & decoding skills as they play! Mats are 7" x 9".

KT2583 -- Family Central Literacy 2

Alphabet Sounds Sorting chart Children build alphabet skills independently...with a ready-to-use sorting chart that sets up in a flash! Our chart includes 26 letter cards and 78 picture cards divided into 4 color-coded sets. Students just choose a set and place the letter cards in order on the chart…then find the 3 picture cards that correspond to each letter’s sound. They can even flip the picture cards over to check their work! 12 1/2" x 17" chart has 4 detachable storage pouches. Sight-Word Puzzles-Level 1 Children master 60 high frequency words…as they put together fun-filled puzzles! Each set includes 20 puzzles covering the most essential sight-words…with each set gradually progressing in difficulty, so kids build skills step by step. Children just match the color-coded letter pieces to each sight-word to build spelling skills and word recognition! Blend Puzzles Children get lots of hands-on practice with blends—as they piece together a drum, a crab, a frog and a flag! Each of our easy-fitting puzzles features a cute picture clue on top, plus a matching word divided by phonics sound below. Children just fit the pieces together…and build words sound by sound! Each piece represents a different sound for easy decoding, and blends are highlighted for reinforcement. Set of 12 self-checking puzzles. 4-Letter Word Building Puzzles What better way to reinforce word building skills than with colorful puzzles kids will love to complete! Each puzzle features a familiar 3- or 4-letter word, plus a corresponding picture. Children just fit the pieces together to complete the pictures…and build simple words at the same time! Choose from 2 levels listed, each with 16 selfchecking puzzles—for tons of no-fail word building practice. Sturdy chipboard puzzles are 5" x 5". Student Pointers--Set of 8 Our student pointers are ideal for reading big books, highlighting words on charts and more! 12" pointers are super-easy for small hands to hold, and have safe, rubber tips. 8 wooden pointers. Rhyming Sounds Make-A-Match Game As children play our fun-filled matching game, they learn to identify rhyming sounds—and build the skills they need to really start reading! The game includes 60 playing cards that let you create a new game every time. Just place 8 pairs of cards into the pocket chart facedown—then kids take turns flipping them over to find the cards that share the same rhyming sound. The player who finds the most matching pairs wins! Includes a 15 1/2" x 19 1/4" chart, 60 cards and a guide.

KT2584 -- Family Central Math and Science 1

Patterning Partner Game Our super-involving game makes it easier than ever to reinforce patterning skills! You get enough materials for 2 children to play together—including 2 game mats, 12 chipboard shapes and a spinner. Plus, we’ve included stepby-step, illustrated instructions, so even nonreaders can play. Students simply spin…then place the corresponding shape on their mat to extend 3 different shape patterns! Comes complete with a guide. Clipboard Math Now kids can practice counting, addition, graphing and number comparison…with a fun, hands-on activity that gets everyone involved! We’ve included 32 write & wipe survey cards that are perfect for use with clipboards. Kids just ask their classmates fun questions like “Do you have any pets?” and “What kind of pizza do you like best?”…then tally up the answers! 32 cards; 8 1/2" x 11". Clipboards sold separately. Geometric Shapes Tub Beginning geometry students get a hands-on introduction to solid forms…with our jumbo tub of 3-D plastic shapes! 80 pieces include 10 each of 8 different shapes—from cones, spheres and cylinders to cubes, pyramids and more. Cylinder is 1" tall. 5 Senses Discovery Center Our instant discovery center is packed with tons of high-interest manipulatives that let kids explore all 5 senses—hands on! Children can listen to the sounds of jingle bells and a seashell, smell the sweet scent of vanilla…or reach into the mystery box to feel and compare the objects inside by touch alone. 18"w x 6"d x 3 1/2"h activity center doubles as a storage box—for quick and easy storage of all 26 sensory objects. Learn to Recycle! Activity Kit As children place cute picture tiles into our miniature recycling bins, they learn to reduce, reuse and recycle—and practice sorting! 6 different recycling bins each come with 8 sturdy chipboard tiles showing items that can be recycled. Children just drop each tile into the slot on the corresponding bin…then check their answers on back! Sturdy chipboard bins measure 3"; with a total of 48 tiles.

KT2585 -- Family Central Math and Science 2

All About Science Activity Readers Students classify plants and animals, match baby animals to their mothers, sort living and nonliving things, and more with our engaging activity readers! 10 paperback books feature simple text and full-color photographs that introduce children to fascinating life science topics they’ll love to explore. Best of all, each 12-pg. book includes 10 corresponding activity cards for hands-on reinforcement of each concept. Feel & Discover Earth Bag Introduce children to exciting earth science topics…with fun-to-touch miniatures they’ll love to explore! Our handson science bag is packed with 10 different sensory objects that introduce everything from plants to volcanoes…plus 10 matching photo cards with fun facts on back. Kids just reach inside each bag to grab a miniature, then match it to the corresponding card…building their science knowledge, vocabulary and observation skills—as they touch and compare! I Can Add & Subtract Math Mats Children use concrete objects to work out addition and subtraction problems…adding ducks to a pond, parking cars in a garage and more! Our fun-filled math set features 20 mats with addition problems on one side and coordinating subtraction problems on the other…plus over 150 matching foam shapes and numbers that make concepts easy to visualize—and let kids work out problems right on the mats! Mats measure 5" x 12" each. Shape Sorting Center Our easy-to-use center helps kids recognize a variety of shapes in the world around them—from circles and squares to ovals and diamonds! It includes 48 sturdy chipboard pieces depicting familiar, everyday objects, plus 8 sorting mats that represent 8 geometric shapes. Kids match each object to its corresponding shape, then flip the mats over to check their work! For lower-level practice, kids can match the objects directly to the images printed on back. Diamond mat is 12". Number Recognition Play & Learn Game Children build number recognition as they race to the finish…with a fun-filled board game that’s super-easy to play! Our game features extra-simple rules with no reading required, so even beginners can get in on the fun. Kids just spin the spinner to move from one space to the next…identifying numbers along the way. The first to reach the finish space wins the game! Game board is 11" x 17"; 2-4 players.

KT2586 -- Family Central Science 1

Can Do! Motion Discovery Kit Our ready-to-use kit invites children to discover motion…with tons of materials for hands-on exploration! Kit comes with 6 photo activity cards that make it a cinch for students to conduct experiments on their own—with no reading required! Plus, you get everything children need to complete each activity—including a ramp, balls, toy cars and more. Exploring Light Activity Kit Children experiment with light, shadows, rainbows and more—as they complete tons of hands-on activities with our easy-to-use kit! 10 activity cards guide students through 10 simple experiments—from creating shadows with a flashlight to reflecting light with a mirror. Plus, you get 23 tools and manipulatives, including a kaleidoscope, rainbow viewer, projection screen, translucent color paddles & much more. Screen measures 8" x 11". 2 “AA” batteries not included. Discoverying Nature Activity Kit Our all-in-one activity kit is loaded with everything students need to explore the outdoors! The kit features 10 double-sided activity cards, plus all the tools required to complete each one—including bug capsules, magnifiers, a tape measure, clipboards...even super-realistic Nature Colors™ crayons and pencils. Children just follow the step-by-step instructions to measure shadows, discover the parts of insects and flowers, and more! Rugged canvas tote measures 5" x 6" x 11". Extra Magnifier Kids make all kinds of up-close discoveries…with our heavy-duty magnifiers designed just for kids! The magnifiers have thick, high-quality lenses that enlarge without distorting…and the lenses are set in thick wooden frames, with chunky handles kids can really get a grip on. Plus, the six 8" magnifiers come in a sturdy hardwood storage center—so they’re always right within reach.

KT2587 -- Family Central Science 2

Fragile Specimen Viewer Our handy viewer has a magnifier built right in—for incredibly up-close examinations of the most fragile specimens! Simply place a delicate specimen like a bird’s nest or a seashell into the box, slide the lid securely into place…then invite students to observe the object through the magnifier—for hands-free discoveries. 5 1/2" x 6" x 9" hardwood viewer even has handles on the sides, so it’s super-easy to tote. Color Mixing Instant Learning Center Kids explore colors and how they combine—with a hands-on learning center that comes ready to use! Our instant center has everything children need to build skills independently: Just set out the materials and introduce the activity…then kids use color paddles and fun game pieces to explore color mixing at their own pace! The center has enough materials for up to 4 children to work at once, including a double-sided instruction chart that gives everyone easy access to the activities…and simple picture instructions, so even nonreaders can participate. With 12 color paddles, 4 activity mats, 24 game pieces, plus a write & wipe assessment card to track children’s progress. Feel & Discover Animals Bag Introduce children to exciting life science topics…with fun-to-touch miniatures they’ll love to explore! Our handson science bag is packed with 10 different sensory objects that introduce amazing animals—plus 10 matching photo cards with fun facts on back. Kids just reach inside each bag to grab a miniature, then match it to the corresponding card…building their science knowledge, vocabulary and observation skills—as they touch and compare! Match-A-Bug Activity Center Kids get an exciting, hands-on introduction to insects & arachnids—with lifelike specimens they’ll love to touch & explore! Kids just choose a bug, then search for its image on the big, illustrated game mat…building science vocabulary and observation skills with every match they make! You get 12 plastic bugs & a big 16" x 22" mat. Learn About the Human Body Stamp Set Children will love learning all about the parts of the human body…with our easy-to-use stamp sets! Perfect for science, art or even language lessons, the durable foam stamps each represent a different body part—from head to feet. Kids just follow the included reference card to stamp out a complete picture piece by piece—then label each part to create their own diagrams! Set of 8 foam stamps; largest is 2 3/8" x 3 3/4".

KT2588 -- Family Central Math 1

Count with Me! Magnetic Books Our skill-building magnetic books have simple counting activities on every page…for super-involving practice with numbers 1-10! Each book has simple text & kid-pleasing pictures children will love to count. Plus, each comes with 10 safe number magnets that stick right to the pages—so concepts are extra-easy to visualize & grasp! 3 different, 6 1⁄4" x 8" books, each with a pouch to keep magnets stored. Classroom Stopwatch Our 6-digit LCD stopwatch includes stop and start timing for 1 or 2 students, alarm and more. Cord is 20". Measurement Partner Game Our super-involving game makes it easier than ever to reinforce measurement concepts! You get enough materials for 2 children to play together—including 2 game mats, 8 measurement cards, 20 math links, a ruler and more. Plus, we’ve included step-by-step, illustrated instructions, so even nonreaders can play! Students simply draw a card…spin to select a measuring tool…then use the tool to measure the length of the object on the card. Comes complete with a guide. All-In-One Math Skills Activity Center Kids practice a variety of math skills…as they count sheep, sort circus animals, add up apples and more! 15" x 17" center is packed with 262 color-coded cards that cover 4 different math concepts. Kids just slide the cards into the pockets to build essential skills—step by step. Freestanding center even has removable storage pouches on back to keep materials organized. 60-72 cards per activity. Money Sorting Cash Registers Students get lots of realistic practice with money as they “shop” for their favorite items—then sort them into cute cash registers! 5 chipboard registers come with 25 picture tiles, plus 40 plastic coins and 10 dollar tiles. Children just choose an item to purchase, find the matching coin or bill to pay for it...then drop both into the corresponding register to complete the sale! Self-checking registers have drawers for unloading; each is 3 1/2".

KT2589 -- Family Central Math 2

How Much Does It Weigh? Measurement Center Our hands-on center gives kids an instant, visual grasp of beginning measurement concepts—as they compare & contrast the weights of big plastic buttons, wooden & aluminum cubes, and more! 24 illustrated activity cards show which objects to place on each side of the scale…as kids explore concepts like heavy, light, balance & more. With 40 manipulatives & wooden card stand. Magnetic Shapes Maze Students explore geometric shapes as they guide everyday objects through our fun magnetic maze! From an envelope to a watermelon slice, children match real-world objects to their corresponding shapes using the attached magnetic wand...and learn to recognize 6 different shapes along the way. 13" x 14" hardwood maze features 3 object magnets for each shape, all permanently encased under a clear-view top. Literature-Based Addition Center Children explore addition with a math-themed storybook…then complete skill-building activities that extend and reinforce what they’ve learned! Our math center comes with a specially selected book that introduces addition concepts in a way that’s easy to understand—and includes all the materials kids need to explore themes handson. Kids practice addition with every turn of the page…then use 28 real dominoes to create and solve simple equations! With 4 double-sided write & wipe cards and 4 markers. Easy-Grip Jumbo Pegs & Pegboard Our big, chunky pegs are a cinch for little hands to manipulate! Kids practice sorting, counting and patterning as they stick jumbo 2" plastic pegs into the flexible foam board—or even stack them on top of each other! 30 easygrip pegs in 6 colors and an 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" board. Write & Wipe Student Number Lines - Set of 30 Our handy, student-sized number lines let children explore counting, addition, subtraction and more…right at their desks! Plus, each 22" number line is write & wipe, so kids can use them again and again. Set of 30.


KT2580 -- Family Central Language, Communication, and Music 1 Descriptive Words Activity Pack Kids build listening and concentration skills...


KT2580 -- Family Central Language, Communication, and Music 1 Descriptive Words Activity Pack Kids build listening and concentration skills...