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Southside Family News (March, 2014)

Seed Planting Anyone?

ers to donate to the cause, for our members to donate leftover lumber supplies to build an enclosure and to also assist in the upkeep and harvesting process. As we grow, our needs will grow, but we would be excited to have you as a part of

We are very excited to announce that we will break ground on our community garden effort this coming week! A special thanks to Jason Hickman for turning the ground for us to get started! While we will begin rather small and continue to grow, our plans are to involve Westside School, the public library and the neighboring churches in this effort to better serve our community and to literally, “feed His sheep.” The garden will be located in our currently unused lot in the northwest corner of the property. We are very excited about where this could lead and believe it is a powerful way that God can use us to fulfill His purpose of reclaiming the earth and renewing it for His glory. But, we need your help! the team if this is an area to which We will be looking for seed suppli- you can bring your passion! As this project unfolds, we will bring you information through our reguShepherds lar forms of communication, but if you’d like to jump right in, please Tom Williams see Megan Brazle, Sandra Hix, Matt Matthews Tom Williams or Mason and Polly Bill Bohannon Smith. You may also contact the Lawrence Waggoner church office and leave your name Jackie Chesnutt and number and we will get in conKeith Brown tact with you! Please pray for us Lafe Caton as we being this new journey. Pray Jim Canfield that God will reveal His will and His power through this simple act.

What’s Really Going On? You may have noticed some changes around the building lately. We are working hard to better use the space we have and to declutter. Our soul-training exercise in week 16 of The Kingdom was deaccumulation. We have taken this to heart and are working to clear closets, reset classrooms, to be more efficient. As we continue to grow here at Southside, we want to work to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for new classes, new ministries, and new small groups to emerge. We believe God is working on our collective hearts and we want to do what we can to be ready. Part of good stewardship is caring for that with which we’ve been entrusted. Please bear with us as we make these changes/ updates! And if you’d like to get involved, contact the office! We would love to have you as a part of the team! And if you have an questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact Shane Sturdivant. Psst: Once upon a time, Shane was a karaoke DJ. He still breaks into a cold sweat when he hears the song, “Love Shack” by the B52s.

“Why?” If you’ve been around young people, especially very young people, this is a question you have probably heard a few hundred times. It has a rhythm to it: The explanation of a plan, a schedule, a thought, a word or a sentence is followed, (with varying lengths of contemplative pause), by the question: “Why?” It is simultaneously a source of immense pride and gnawing frustration. The growing minds of young people and their creative curiosity seek a fuller and brighter picture of the place God has made for them. Our Godlikeness woven into us at creation seeks to know how things happen and why they occur the way they do. Our Father, like any good dad, gets to the end of every creation explanation and with a joyful grin says: “If you think that’s cool let me tell you about the Hippopotamus or the Duck billed Platypus; Have you ever seen a mountain before?.... You should see the view from up there; it’s one of my favorite things.” Around every corner, through every microscope and over every horizon we see more of God and somewhere in the middle of these moments we again hear that child within us ask “Why?” Sadly somewhere along the way we lose some of our sense of wonder. Awe and curiosity are replaced with calluses formed by a few too many answers like: “That’s just the way it is.” or “Because I said so.” Maybe we ask and the kids in the room giggle at us because we don’t already know the answer to our question “Why?” so we ask it less and less and we become resigned with the way things are, or the explanation that was already given. I think God hurts for the kid in us when that cadence of creative curiosity ceases One of the best things


about our teens is that many of them are still asking this question. They ask it of: where we are going, what we are studying, and what game we are playing, where we are going to eat….. In many of those moments it is more of that gnawing than it is a source of pride. The moments where “Why?” makes us proud is when they ask; Why do people around me hurt? Why are we here? Why do I feel like there is something bigger that I am supposed to be a part of? Why did I put all this time and energy into this________ (relationship, sport, class, or image) and I still have a space in me I need to be filled? These are the good questions, perhaps the greatest questions. I think the God that created all of the things and all of the systems that have spurred mankind to ask “Why?” Millions of times says “keep asking” because he knows that He is the answer to that question and if we courageously keep asking “Why?” we’ll find Him. I suggest that a good spiritual discipline is to ask ourselves “Why?” Why do I work here? Why did I buy that? Why am I married to them? Why do I have that friendship? Why do I live in this neighborhood? When we answer these questions if we don’t find ourselves being a part of the Kingdom plan and God’s ongoing Creation, then maybe we need to re-order some things. Maybe some things need to receive less of our focus, some things a much greater focus, until the only One who has the right to be seated on the Throne is the answer every time we ask “Why?” Be sure to check out the Gods At War course that Andy and some of the teens will be leading starting this Wednesday in the Wild’s!


NEWSLETTER vol 1. 2020

Kingdom News

Pick up your copy in the lobby! E-book also available for download at: (look under media tab)

This past weekend, the teens went to ChrisTeens in Russellville. The theme this year was Missio Dei, (God’s mission), and focused on how that mission includes us. If you’d like to see a brief recap of what they experienced, you can go to!

Line-Dancing Exercise Class Begins March 13th at 6PM in the FLC 10-week class Sign up on bulletin board! Support Staff Judy Coffee Sharon Koch Michelle Johnson Susan Daniels Amy Staten Mackie Chesnutt Paul James Mike Daniels

Lessons & booklets for The Kingdom series are written & assembled by Shane, Joe & Andy. Shane introduced YouVersion & keeps it updated. It’s an easy way to preview/review the week’s lesson on your smart phone. If you’re not using this app or want help to begin, contact Shane through the church office.

The Tulsa Soul-Winning Workshop is March 19-22. Classes are offered Thurs., Fri. & Sat. with evening assemblies Wed., Thurs. & Fri. Friday night’s speaker is Duck Commander Phil Robertson – arrive early! If you JourneyLand is recruiting can attend any part of The Workshop, you will be blessed!

Prayer List

Don Harkins Karen Grigg Nancy Solis Larry Crowell Carol Little Alisa Laughlin Ricardo Anderson Abbigale Long Adrianna Anderson Bon Cartwright Harry Shelly

Response to The Kingdom series has been excellent. Using the same format as The Story, our classes, sermons & Life Groups focus on the same theme each week. The addition of study guides, soul-training exercises, YouVersion Bible app & DVD lessons provides more tools in studying The Sermon on the Mount.

teachers & volunteers for Fall ‘14.

Come be a part of serving theThanks to the various groups who volunteer to provide meals on Wed. next generation!! nights. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for prime rib!

Deacons Kris Page Dennis McDowell Ty King David Chesnutt Kevin Snyder Jim Stewart Kyle Heffley Chad Brown Roger Clark Kent Chambers Howard Conley Steve Gardner Rocky Jones Mark Lundy Ed Patterson Mike Tibbs

Although 2014 is still young, many of our families have dealt with surgeries, health issues & loss of loves ones. Please keep them in your prayers. Never forget that you are greatly loved! - Jackie

Goal: $100,000 January Total: $1173.05 YTD Total: $83,026.35

To Reach Goal:

$596/week OR $2610/month


From the desk of: some guy named Joe... It’s busy at Southside these days. Kristin Page and I are in the process of writing our JourneyLand children’s curriculum for after The Kingdom. I have been meeting with Holly Allen & Donna James to learn how we can enhance our Godly Play on Sunday mornings. Jackie and I have been planning two sermon series - “The Family Sessions” and “Good Shepherds” that will launch late summer and take us into late fall. VBS is now in the planning phases and looks to be VERY EXCITING! (Hint: It’s mid-week, 4 nights, and features kids, teens and adults!) I have been filming for a series of short films we show on Sunday mornings during the final eight weeks of The Kingdom entitled “I Am Southside.” I am doing a “Take Your Minister to Work” program - every Friday I am going to work with a Southside member, so call me or email me, I want to go to work with you! And Shane and I continue to work on Wednesday evenings, and the line-ups and class offerings look to be very exciting in the near future! I am meeting with Life Group Leaders and Adult Bible Class leaders this month to talk about what is coming later in 2014. So there is a lot happening! But I want to save some space to ask you to do 2 really important things: 1. Keep doing the Soul Trainings. DON’T STOP! Think about which spiritual disciplines have impacted you and continue to practice them. The secret behind these spiritual practices is that we PRACTICE THEM! In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus invites us to put his way of life into practice. If we want a transformed life, it is important that we give our lives to the process of transformation! Christlikeness is not about performing so we can

earn God’s favor, but neither is it about doing nothing and waiting on God to magically change us! It is about participating with God, following Jesus, re-orienting our everyday lives around him, and bearing the fruits of the Spirit in the world around us. So… keep it up! 2. Pray for Southside every day. Southside is a great church family! There is so much health, so much good, so much service, so much giving, so much love, so much care and concern, so much ‘good friction’, so much learning, so much God-exalting worship, so much community… and there is so much more ahead of us! Pray that 2014 be a year that we really step into our mission as a local church and be a force for transformation in our neighborhood, city, region and the world. Pray for our young families that they give themselves fully to the task of raising kingdom children. Pray for our senior members, that they have opportunities to encourage and bless the next generation and share their faith stories. Pray for our teens as they forge new paths for following Jesus. Pray for our elders and leaders and they calmly but confidently lead us in the way of faith, taking risks and living boldly for God. Pray!

NEWSLETTER vol 1. 2020

Many do not understand “baptism” and have questions concerning its importance and what it has to do with their spiritual welfare. So, this year we are going to study “baptism” based on the quote: “baptism is more important that you think, but not for the purpose you suppose.”

The Golden Agers have a new contact/lead person. Please contact Jimmy Moss! Why? ‘Cuz he’s the boss!

● ● ● ● ●

2nd : 9th : 11th: 21st: 21st:

Widows and Widowers luncheon (Noon in Wild’s) The Event (Bentonville Church) 6:30pm Community Bible Study on Baptism begins! (7pm in Wild’s) Tulsa Workshop (leave after school, return evening of 22nd) Golden Age Group Potluck (6:00 pm, Wild’s Fellowship Hall)

Baptism has been the common denominator in almost every Christian denomination for centuries. Some believe it’s a line in the sand that determines where we are going to spend eternity. Others are convinced of its importance; however, believe it’s simply a sign.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SCHEDULE! 5:30-6:30: Fellowship Meal (Wild’s Fellowship Hall) 6:30-6:45: Together Worship (Wild’s Fellowship Hall) 6:45-7:30: Class (Listed Below) 6:30-8:00: JourneyLand in Session

Topics of study will include: 1. The meaning of the word baptism with a study of related words as well. 2. Baptism controversies, like child baptisms and people being executed for their belief in baptism. 3. History of baptism in the Old Testament and New Testament. 4. What does baptism have to do with restoring the kingdom to Israel? 5. The purpose of baptism and what happens when a person is baptized.

You may want to participate in this community outreach by telling a friend or offering a brochure that explains it. You may want to come and bring a friend. It will be an inforI am excited about what is hap- mal environment and very relaxed. pening and what is coming. This is going to be an amazing year! The course will be 6-weeks long and meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, Many Blessings & Much Peace: in the Wild’s, beginning March 4th. Joe James

March Events Calendar (Teen events in RED)

New Community Bible Class Will Begin March 4th!

- Jack Hammond The new website is still under construction. We are aiming to have it up and running very soon! Thanks for your patience!

Classes for Session 2 (March 5th - April 9th) Option #1: God’s At War - Modern Day Idolatry w/ Andy Brazle (Wild’s) Option #2: Honoring God with our Voice, (physiology of singing), w/ Shane Sturdivant (Rm. 121) Option #3: Intergenerational Christian Development w/ Holly Allen





Bible Class















YTD Giving: $117,741.04 YTD Budget: $119,960.00 Southside Church of Christ 919 S. Dixieland Road • Rogers, AR • 72758 479) 636-1156

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