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Southside Family News (April, 2014)


thank you, thank you, thank you! During the giveaway, we were able tinct pleasure of hosting Ryan Lloyd, to set up a new bible study and one the evangelist minister from Crossof our men rededicated himself to roads Inner City Church in Newport, AR. What a blessing! Ryan shared with us what has been going on in their ministry since his visit last summer. If you missed it, let me recap for you: God is showing up in big ways! Because of your generosity and support, Ryan and his team are moving into a phase of indeginous God’s purpose. All in an afternoon leadership development. They are of diapers.” These are the seeds you working to help the church develop are planting Southside. Your kindtheir own leaders, which is a crucial ness and love are felt far and wide! step in the growth and success of It is our hope to repeat the Back any church plant. With this last visit, to School Block Party and Christwe sent Ryan’s SUV back packed to mas Party we led last year. We are the roof with diapers, hygiene items, also hoping to create a system of cleaning supplies, craft supplies and helping to provide necesseties for more. He was only home a few hours specific kids and families. We are before texting to say, “the diapers are also hoping to send them some almost gone! this community says

This past Sunday, we had the dis-

It’s official! This summer, Southside will take on a new sort of VBS: something for everyone. We want to use this platform as an opportunity to engage both the churched and unchurched in our community and not just tell them about Jesus, but SHOW them. Our theme for this year, “Live Out Loud,” is actually a clever play on the phrase, because we will be talking about the subversive and quiet ways that The Kingdom of God is breaking through; that our lives, more than our mouths, are the true testament to God’s promises of redemption and resurrection. This will be no ordinary VBS. Anticipate high energy, engaging topics, learning together as family, (regardless of age), invigorating worship by Eden Project, dramas, community service opportunities and, of course, lots of Jesus! Mark your calendars!

summer children’s ministry supplies which would include summer toys and teaching supplies. We will need your help to make these things happen. Would you be willing to commit a step further into the Kingdom work in Newport? Shepherds Tom Williams Matt Matthews Bill Bohannon Lawrence Waggoner Jackie Chesnutt Keith Brown Lafe Caton Jim Canfield


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An excerpt from Joe’s Blog series.

Baptism and You

You can find his blog at: | Just yesterday I was with my community in Trosly: a beautiful community made up of many very simple people, all of them quite limited in their capacities. Most of them can neither read nor write; they move slowly or clumsily. Some cannot even speak or walk or eat on their own. Yet I want to tell you how much life these people have given me, that they have an incredible gift to bring to our world, that they are a source of hope, peace and perhaps salvation for our wounded world, and that if we are open to them, if we welcome them, they give us life and lead us to Jesus and the good news. – Jean Vanier |

So a few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of spending a day at work with Southside member Tanya Sharp. Tanya is the Director of Special Services for Bentonville Public Schools. This means Tanya coordinates all things related to any and all Special Needs Programs for the entire school system. Tanya’s job is just absolutely huge in scope and scale. I learned that Tanya’s office runs a program that searches for special needs students BEFORE they entire the public education system (ages 3-5) to begin to resource those families for their journey through education. When I learned this, I just thought… “Wow! How?” Tanya seems to know most of the children in the BPS system by name like a shepherd knows sheep. I got to sit in on a meeting with one of the elementary principles, and Tanya had a remarkable grasp on the development and progress of every

student on that elementary campus. When I arrived in Tanya’s office she told me “Okay Joe, here we go… but I gotta warn ya, I have a pretty boring job.” Wrong! Tanya’s job is far from boring! It is highly interesting and incredibly important. When I left that day, I couldn’t shake the feeling of overwhelming joy to know that we have followers of Christ invested, not just in the public school system (at an administrative level), but also caring for the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. What a witness to the world to say that these children and families matter. We refuse to consider them a stumbling block on the road to progress. They too are human beings created in the image and likeness of the living God. They too share in the sufferings of Christ and humanity. And we (we being people like Tanya Sharp) will walk with them and care for them. The most exciting part of the day was when Tanya took me to one of the elementary schools for a tour. I tried to pay attention to the subtle things, and this is the main thing I noticed. When Tanya Sharp walks

into a building people are aware she is there. She is a leader. And here is the thing about that – she isn’t intimidating at all. She isn’t haughty or arrogant, and she doesn’t exude overwhelming authority. Nevertheless she is a leader. She leads like Jesus. She is friendly and kind. She is hospitable, welcoming. She listens to the teachers and other administrators. She spends time working through problems with them. She has garnered their respect and honor, not by “lording her authority over them”, but by being gentle, kind, honest and caring. Next time you see Tanya, thank her and encourage her. She is an amazing person, with a daunting, overwhelming job (steeped in legal issues). I am sure at times her job seems filled with intense pressure and “boring” routine checkpoints. But what she does deeply matters.

Pick up your copy in the lobby! E-book also available for download at: (look under media tab) Support Staff Judy Coffee Sharon Koch Michelle Johnson Susan Daniels Amy Staten Mackie Chesnutt Paul James Mike Daniels

You know what the above image means. I’ve been asking for a year... Love, Shane

The subject of baptism always generates interest & questions: ‘What does the Bible say about baptism?’ ‘Is it important; if so, why?’ ‘Who should be baptized?’ ‘How is it done?’ ‘Can I be baptized?’ Jesus said a great deal on the subject. If Jesus talked about it then we can know it’s important. April 20 is Easter Sunday, the day our nation is drawn to the event that changed history & eternity – the resurrection of Jesus. On this day, I want to show how we share in the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus & encourage those weighing a decision to be baptized to wait no longer. If you are one who is waiting, you are invited on April 13 at 9am to have your questions addressed. An elder & a minister will be available to assist you in the church library, across from the Ethos classroom. They will pray with you & assist you in making your decision. Make plans to attend. “Without faith it is impossible to please God, for anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” – Hebrews 11:6 - Jackie

Join us Easter Sunday!


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Spring and Summer Calendar

Dixie-Oak Community Garden Update

Seeds are sprouting! Rain is falling! Over the next couple of weeks we will be communicating to you what we will be planting and when. Green Valley Bible Camp registration is open, but not much space is left We will also be organizing an ongoIt is very important that if you want to attend Rogers week of GVBC ing to-do list for anyone to take part you need to register ASAP. Our session is July 6-12th directed by Mar- whenever they have time, (I mean, shall Brown There are 4 boys spots and 10 Girls spots left! Do not wait it’s just sitting there right?). We are to register!! All registration is online. Go to www.greenvalleybiblecamp. excited to see where God leads us com and click on register at the top. in this endeavor and look forward to you being a part of that journey! Senior Sunday is May 19th. If you are the Parent of a Senior please send Our current needs include: cardme 7-8 pictures of your student ranging from baby pics to recent plus a board, newspaper, growing stakes current picture or a Senior portrait. for vined plants, and your plant based food scraps (and egg shells). Honduras Meeting this Sunday We’ll get to hear from some of our If you have any questions, feel young college aged men on Sunday during the 10 am worship. They’re free to call the office or track working on a project to build a church building in Honduras. They’re down Shane or Megan Brazle! idea started because they’ve been a part of our medical mission trip for the last few years. If you would like to be a part of this trip which is happening July 18-25th please plan to be at a brief meeting the Handprint room in the FLC after the 10am worship this Sunday. Here is the Calendar. Some of our trips are not in their usual spots due to the snow days at school. We’ll try to add a Camp-out and or a Float trip in the late spring. March 17: Green Valley Bible Camp registration opened. June 16-18 Six Flags/Cardinals trip!! We’re going to St Louis this year!! June 27-July 4: TREK Backpacking trip to The Rocky Mountains We’ll be home on the afternoon of the 4th for your fireworks shows July 6-12: Green Valley Bible Camp Rogers Week July 18-25: Honduras Medical Mission trip If you want to go to Honduras the trip is open to 10-12th graders this year. The cost we will have to raise will be $1300-$1400 it is a life changing experience. We will have a meeting to get started putting our team together This Sunday the 6th right after the 10am service in the hand-print room of the FLC.

Register Now!

Deepest Sympathy

to Randall Rhoades and family at the passing of Stella, Randall’s mother.

Congrats to Lafe & Marla Caton on the birth of their (umm, we’ve lost count) grandbaby! Lochland James Caton born March 27th to Zach and Kimberly Caton!


“The fact that I am a woman does make me a different kind of Christian but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.” Elisabeth Elliot. How does that statement resonate with you? Are you a different kind of woman? Are you firmly attached to the body of Christ or do you feel that if you attend services more than once a week that you are covered? Are you more about the ‘religion’ of church or the ‘relationship’ of church? Galatians 5:6b To take a note from Al Maxey, “Jesus does not care about attendance and is not interested in the masks we wear.” Ladies, when was the last time you were open, honest, real and vulnerable (open to wounding, emotionally raw) with someone? Was that someone from the Southside community (people of like mind)? When was the last time you felt safe enough to share? To share your joys, your victories, your happiness, your sorrow, your sadness, your loneliness, your sins? What does it look like for you to be a Christian woman? What does it look like for you to be a member of the Southside community? We can be some of the best dressed, best smelling, best smiling women on Sunday morning that there are to be found in Rogers. But where are we on Monday morning? What does it look like to be you? The real you? Many of us fit quite well into the quote “I am not who I think I am and I am not who you think I am, I am in fact who I think you think I am.” Unknown We can all be very kind and encouraging and willing to help whenever we are asked – but it seems like that is generally for women outside of the community. What would it look like if we started turning some

The Love of Sisters

of that inside to our own family, to our sisters at Southside? We all put on that smile on Sunday and when asked, we are doing just great!. Many times that response gets a ‘Really?” from me. What would it look like if we truly wanted to know how someone felt? What would it be like if someone hurting felt like they could really share? What would it look like to the Southside community of women, if we spent a worship service ministering to a sister with a wounded heart? What if we took some extra time to hold a fellow sister while she cried, while she confessed some sin in her life, while she told her story of abuse, or failure or feelings of not being enough? Ladies, we have been studying about Living Jesus, learning about implementing some amazing and challenging soul training exercises. We have been hearing great lessons about God’s love and desire for us to love each other, to

NEWSLETTER vol 1. 2020

not have judgments and to live peaceably with each other. These are some great practices to develop as we Love, Serve, Seek, & Teach. My question is; are we doing this with our fellow sisters for Christ? Are we doing this with our sisters at Southside? Are we turning our focus outward while there are many inside who are struggling and silently crying for help? We have an amazing opportunity to minister to each other and I would encourage each of us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to take down our own walls and to be open. To be attentive to the unspoken words, to the eyes that may be filled with pain, to the heart that may be breaking. Let’s work together as women, belonging to Christ and being for Christ, who are truly loving to each other and who are there for one another We can all pray and we can all give hugs and we all have ears to listen. We can be all about the happy, the happy to DO, but can we be happy to just BE with someone in a very real way? Let us come together as true sisters to love, serve, seek and teach right here among our own family. Just think what an amazing group of real sisters that could be created within and what a strong alliance of sisters that could then Go Forth and Serve others. - Leesa Davis

JourneyLand is recruiting teachers & volunteers for Fall ‘14. Come be a part of serving the next generation!!


NEWSLETTER vol 1. 2020

Prayer List

Goal: $100,000 March Total: $3905.00 YTD Total: $85,101.35

To Reach Goal:

$586/week OR $2483/month Deacons

Kris Page Dennis McDowell Ty King David Chesnutt Kevin Snyder Jim Stewart Kyle Heffley Chad Brown Roger Clark Kent Chambers Howard Conley Steve Gardner Rocky Jones Mark Lundy Ed Patterson Mike Tibbs

Welcome to Southside! Barbara Joyner Paula Proppe (Contact information on file with office)

Don Harkins Richard Stewart Wilma Young Carol Little Alisa Laughlin Janie Billingsley Shirley Hyman Fred Barnhill Caleb Arnold Christie Dorman Bill Pippin Line-Dancing Exercise Class Thursday @ 6PM in the FLC 10-week class

We will be partnering with some local churches to begin a monthly potluck and singing! Guess what? We’re first up to host it! (How’s that for awesome?)


Southside Hospitality Needed!

We are approaching Easter Sunday (April 20th). Easter, and the weeks leading up to it, is a peculiar time of the year. It feels different. The seasons are changing and everything in creation is springing from death to life. It is an appropriate time to think about our own lives, our faith, our spiritual journey, and our future hope. But it isn’t just “us church folk” that are thinking about these things. Many unchurched, de-churched, and spiritual seekers are too. They, like all of us, attuned the newness of life that this time of year brings, sense that perhaps life-with-God is possible – important – meaningful – attainable – something to be desired. Southside friends, I want to ask you three favors. (1) Please be praying. Pray for yourself. Pray for God to do new things in your life, to bring resurrection hope to the dark places and newness of life to the dead spaces. Pray for Southside and her mission, that we be people of resurrection hope. Pray that God breathe new life into all our ministries. And especially pray for the spiritual seeker, that whomever God brings among us on Easter Sunday, that we receive them in great love, and that they hear the good news of reconciliation, renewal, restoration and resurrection. (2) Please consider volunteering on Easter Sunday. We will need additional help in Children’s Ministry, Greeting, Nursery Care, Coffee Connections, and many other opportunities to bless and serve. We need our core membership to be early to class and worship, with authentic joyful hearts ready to extend hospitality and worship our Gracious God. Reach out to

NEWSLETTER vol 1. 2020

Are you willing to serve in an extra capacity for Easter Sunday? Jackie, Shane, Andy or me and let us know you want to serve and we will find something for you to do! Please contact the office and let them know how you are willing to serve. Here’s a list: (3) It is time to get outside your comfort zone, trust the God who is calling you, and Security to extend a warm invitation to Extra Greeters church to someone you know is Ushers searching. “Do not be afraid”. Extra JourneyLand volunteers Photographers One final detail: We will offer our children in JourneyLand a special gift from the Southside family during the worship hour on Easter Sunday. Also, we are planning an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19th, at 11:00 am on the Southside lawns at the corner of Oak and Dixieland. Bring a basket and a heart ready for madness! If you have questions, or need me for anything, please feel free to contact me! Blessings and Peace, Joe James

What an incredible time we had with Les Miserables! Thanks for your support and love! Amy and Shane

We Need Candy-Filled Plastic Eggs! (Like, 1000!!!!)

Please donate as many as you can this week! Drop them by the office or bring them to the welcome desk next Sunday! Thanks!

March Events Calendar (Teen events in RED) ● ● ● ●

6th : Widows and Widowers luncheon (Noon in Wild’s) 13th : The Event (Bentonville Church) 6:30pm 11th: Golden Age Group (6pm in Wild’s) 19th: Easter Egg Hunt 11AM - On the lawn at Oak and Dixieland!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SCHEDULE! 5:30-6:30: Fellowship Meal (Wild’s Fellowship Hall) 6:30-6:45: Together Worship (Wild’s Fellowship Hall) 6:45-7:30: Class (Listed Below) 6:30-8:00: JourneyLand in Session (One Week Left in Session 2!) Classes for Session 3 (April 16th - May21st ) Option #1: What is the Gospel? w/Paul Woodhouse (Wild’s Fellowship Hall) Option #2: Prayer w/Jackie Chesnutt (Ethos Classroom)





















Bible Class


YTD Giving: $190,572.50 YTD Budget: $194,935.00 Southside Church of Christ 919 S. Dixieland Road • Rogers, AR • 72758 (479) 636-1156


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