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Military Child Month USAG-Humphreys & Area III

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Camp Humphreys & Area III Family & MWR Activities

HAPPENINGS A monthly publication of the Directorate of Family & MWR published under the authority of AR 215-1 and designed to make authorized users aware of what’s Happening in Family & MWR programs. Use of a commercial name or appearance of paid advertising does not constitute endorsement by Department of the Army or any agency thereof. For information, contact the FMWR Marketing Team


APRIL 2011

A celebration of all our kids MIKE MOONEY Family & MWR Marketing Chief April is always a very special month for everyone associated with the U.S. Military. It’s the Month of the Military Child. Long before creation of the Army Family Covenant, the military recognized the need to recognize and honor our kids with their own special month. They are, after all (as scary as it may sound), our future. And as you get longer in the tooth, you find out that those “kids” are becoming leaders in the modern Army. Right now there are a couple of Army majors running around Korea who played for me when I coached the Flyers at Seoul American High School. How did they get so old while I stayed so young? While the U.S. Military has the Month of the Military Child, South Korea takes it a a step further with a national holiday called Commander


DON CLAYCOMB Financial Management


Children’s Day on May 5. The holiday has been celebrated since 1922 and became an official holiday in 1978. It’s a bit ironic in that Korea doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But it does have a Kid’s Day. We kick off Military Children’s Month by featuring photos of “our kids” throughout our publications – including this edition of Happenings, Family Strong and the placemat at the Alaska Mining Co. – all featuring different local kids. On a more sober note, April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. None of us like to think about Child Abuse, but it’s a fact that it does happen. It happens in the U.S. Military and, yes, it happens at Camp Humphreys. The good news is that ACS has an extensive range of free programs that can help end the abusive cycle. See Family Strong for more details.

Deputy Commander

Command Sergeant Major




Business Operations




Army Community Service

Youth Services





Your Area III Family & MWR Marketing Team ( Marketing Chief MIKE MOONEY 754-8257

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Advertising Manager Design Chief Family Strong Distribution Intern CHONG, SO-KYONG BILL COTTRELL JEFF HUBBARD YU, TAE YOL LEE, AH-REUM OLIVIA 754-6472 754-6545 754-5875 031-692-2147 031-692-2147

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Absolute’s schedule 10 AMC 14-15 King Crab 16

Map of Korea 20 Butterfly Festival 23 AFRC contest 26 IAAF 29

Tommy D’s 12-13 Sophisticated Saturday

Korean Adventure 21 Baseball Schedule 24 Taste of Korea 27 Discover Seoul 31

Le CAC Cafe 18 Easter Brunch 17

Korean Festivals 22 Baseball opens 25 Cherry Blossoms 28 Big Entertainment 32

Sports Massage 34 Youth Sports 37

Lady Dawgs 35 Post Level Softball 38

Game Day 42 Yard Sale 45 Bingo, Texas Hold’em 47

Performing Arts Festival 43 Outdoor Rec. 44 Earth Day 46 Boss, Circus 49 A&C, Photo & Travel 51 Suwon 53

ACS 57 Wee Tots 63

Spring Break 59 Osan Airbase 65

Biggest Losers 36 Ath. of Quarter 40

Youth Services 61 Movies 70

pg 67 & 69 Family & MWR Events advertised in Happenings are subject to change. Please check the Weekly Flash or Daily Garrison Notes for updates. You can be added to Garrison Notes by sending your request to If you have any question, please contact Family & MWR Marketing Chief Mike Mooney at 754-8257 (010-9493-6235)

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Camp Humphreys & Area III


Alphabetical List of Phone Numbers & Hours of Operation ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS)








0630-1300 M 0830-2100 T-F 0800-2100 S-S-H

M 1100-1900 Th-F 1100-2000 S-S 0900-1700



0900-1700 M-F

1200 Saturday

BOWLING PRO SHOP 1600-1900 M-T-F-Sat 1500-1900 Sun

BOWLING SNACK BAR 1700-2130 M-Th 1130-1330, 1700-2330 F 1200-2330 Sat 1200-2130 Sun





0800-2200 M-F 1000-2200 S-S-H

1100-2100 Daily








1100-2200 M-F 1000-2200 S-S-H

0600-2200 M-F

0700-1900 M-F

0900-1800 M-F (1300-1400 Lunch)

0530-1800 M-F




0800-1700 M-T-W-F 1300-1700 Thu

1200-2400 S-Thu 1200-0100 F-S



1100-1900 Thu-Mon

753-8401 0800-1700 M-F

BOWLING (Strike Zone)

754-5722 1600-2200 M-T-W-T 0930-2400 F-S-S-H





753-8083 0600-2200 M-F 0830-2100 S-S-H


754-6121 0800-1630 M-F









Closed for Season

1000-2000 M-F 1000-1900 S-S

0500-2300 M-F 1000-1900 Sat-Hol 1200-2100 Sun


REC ANNEX (Youth Gym)



0800-1700 M-F 0900-1300 Sat

M-F 0900-2000, S-S 12002000, Holiday – 1100-1900

Closed for Season




753-5613 1430-1900 M-F 1500-2000 Sat


784-6614 0800-1600 M-F





753-8031 0500-2300 M-F 0830-2300 Sat 0830-2200 Sun-Hol



Wed & Fri - 1900





0800-1630 M-W-F

0545 M-Thu 0545-2100 F 1600-2100 Sat

0500-2300 M-F 1000-1900 Sat-Hol 1200-2100 Sun



1600-2300 W-T 1600-2400 F-Sat







0800-1700 M-T-W-F 1300-1700-Thu

0530-2100 M-F 0900-1800S-S-H

1100-2000 Daily

1100-2200 M-Thu 1100-2400 F-Sat 1300-2200 Sun

0700-2100 M-Thu 0700-2300 F-Sat 1300-2100 Sun


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Chinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, Outdoor Rec RC Car Scramble, Outdoor Rec 3 Indoor Soccer Tournament, MP Hill Gym Indoor Skiing, Outdoor Rec 7 Summer Hire Application Assistance, ACS 7-9 Eighth Army Racquetball, Super Gym 8 Outdoor Movie Night, Transformation Park, dark 9 Biggest Losers Awards Ceremony, Super Gym, 100 9 Area III Festival of Performing Arts, CAC, 1900 9-10 Overnight Camping, Outdoor Rec 10 Softball Rules Clinic, Super Gym, 1000 11-15 Spring Break Celebration, Outdoor Rec Garden Plot Registration opens 14 All-Army Texas Hold’em Qualifier, Tommy D’s 15 King Crab Nite, Alaska Mining Co., 1700-2030 16 Spring Yard Sale, Commissary Lot Humphreys-Suwon Eight Ball Tournament Sophisticated Saturday, Tommy D’s, 1900 18-22 KATUSA Friendship Week 17 Seoul Horse Race Track, Outdoor Rec 19 Town Hall, Volunteers of the Quarter, 1800 21 All-Army Texas Hold’em Qualifier, Tommy D’s 22 Earth Day, Transformation Park 23 Multi-Salute 5K Run, Zoeckler Gym, 0830 Eggstravaganza , Zoeckler Sports Field, 1100 24 Easter Sunday Brunch, Alaska Mining Co., 1000 Sapgyoho Day Trip, Outdoor Rec 27 Cirque Jungle Fantasy, Super Gym, 1900 28 All-Army Texas Hold’em Qualifier, Tommy D’s 30 Humphreys Volleyball Tournament 30 Ocean World, Outdoor Rec

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ggstravaganza Saturday, April 23, 1100 Zoeckler Sports Field *

Thousands of Stuffed Eggs & Toys


AAFES Golden Eggs


Free Easter Goodie Collection Bags


Free Photos with Easter Bunny, Chickie Chingu & Bull-gogi


Free Food & Beverage


Free Blow-Up Games


Earth Day Display


Open to Children of U.S. & Korean Military and Civilian Employees

Eggstravaganza is the largest Easter Celebration in Korea and is a festival that combines the traditional Easter Egg Grab, Celebration of the Month of the Military Child and Our Own Version of Kid’s Day. Held rain or shine. Three age groups – Walking-3, 4-6 & 7-10. Parents can assist children Walking-3. We provide bags. No baskets or other containers allowed. Limit one bag per child. Gates open at 1030, and Egg Grab will start at 1100. Please be early. It only takes minutes for the thousands of eggs and toys to disappear. There will be an Egg Recycling Area to collect empty plastic eggs. Individuals who want the empty shells for their Church or Youth Group or for personal use can help themselves as long as they last. Separate AAFES Golden Eggs for each Age Group. If a child whose parents cannot shop in the PX discovers a Golden Egg, substitute prizes will be available. Any AAFES or substitute prizes remaining will be given away at the Alaska Mining Co. Easter Brunch on Sunday. Parents: Please watch your kids


5K Run & Walk Starts @ Zoeckler Field @ 0830 In recognition of


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ON THE HORIZON A look at What’s Coming Up in Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation, designed to help you “Plan for the Future.” Dates are subject to change. See the monthly Happenings, Family Strong the Weekly Flash or the daily Garrison Notes for updates & further details. May 5-Korea Children’s Day 10-Buddha’s Birthday 16-19 – Far East HS Soccer 21-Mission Impossible, CAC 28-Splish & Splash opens 28-29 – Friendship Festival

Coming in November 5-Area III Families of Year 11-Veteran’s Day 19-Chili Cook-Off 24-Turkey Bowl Football 24-Thanksgiving Day Between 12-24 – Soldier Show

Coming in June 16-Sesame Street 17-19-BOSS Beach Blast 20-Camp Adventure Starts

Coming in December 3-4 – BOSS Video Tournament 5-Tree Lighting 5-Christmas Tree Lane 24-Free Christmas Eve Party 25-Jingle Bells Jog 25-Christmas Day 31-NY Eve Party 31-Gourmet Dining 31-Midnight Glow Run

Coming in July 3-4 – FreedomFest 9-Eighth Army Swimming 16-Boryeong Mud Festival 22-ACS Birthday 24-Christmas in July Coming in August 13-High Stakes Texas Hold’em 14-Football Rules Clinic 21-Soccer Rules Clinic 27-King of Grill Contest Coming in September 1-Family of Year Nominations Open 6-Last Day for Splish & Splash 11-13 -- Chusok 17-BOSS Han River Cruise 24-Area III Bowling Championships 24-Retiree Appreciation Day Coming in October 8-Oktoberfest 8-9 – Osan Air Power Days 15-BGCA Kid’s Day 22-Make a Difference Day 28-Return to Spooky Hallow 31-Halloween

Coming in January 2012 1-New Year’s Day 1-Fly-Away Home Shootout 1-Start of Biggest Loser’s 16-18 – King Basketball 21-Polar Bear Swim 22-24 – Lunar New Year Coming in February 2012 6-Super Bowl Parties 14-Valentine’s Day 29-Leap Day Coming in March 2012 Military Child Month 17-St. Patrick’s Day Start of Outdoor Movies Coming in April 2012 7-Eggstravaganza 8-Easter 28-Buddha’s Birthday

If you’re not receiving the Weekly Flash, get added now

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Month of the Military Child & Easter in one event April 23 Zoeckler Sports Field

Indoor Soccer The Best Goes to Eighth Army Finals April 3, MP Hill Gym

Cirque Jungle Fantasy Super Gym April 27, 1900

Performing Arts The Best Goes to Eighth Army Finals April 9, CAC

All-Army Texas Hold’em Qualifiers Thursday At Tommy D’s Starting April 14

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Tentative Schedule April 1, 2, 3, 5, 15, 17, 19 & 29 Gateway Game Room April 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 Tommy D’s April 8, 9, 22, 23 Suwon Community Activity Center April 16, 30 Strike Zone Bowling Center

Absolute Happenings April11.indd 10

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Sophisticated Saturday is an upscale dining experience and your opportunity to enjoy a touch of class at least one night a month. So put on your best duds, find a babysitter and enjoy a night designed just for you.


Happenings April11.indd 11

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t i ne e s f i f u ys) Cu B s ’ n n Holida a D e r n Korea ESDAYeaturing o my TU es F n of t KClosed o io re a Ent binat ork t or – o E 0 - 0 Tw Com ied P utle r r ef C s o anay 1100-13 g n-F Pa r Be Win k

n Mo


S RIB s T R le



b eta .95 g B ied Ve - $9 e r n-F usag a S w/


o n or ken hicke our P c i Ch ed C t & S Fri wee 50 S $7. ays esd n d We

gi & o ulg ob B f b Bee ibim 0 B 7.5


ays rsd BBQ u Th an loaf om t re Ko Mea ushro ) r s Plu ble, M eppe P a t t ee ge (Ve or Sw 50 $7. 5 9 . $6 .25 ay s $3 .95 Frid trees h or 4 $ .95 is n U EN ) o E ried F or $4 .95 w T M s (4 e h 6 T F s H 5 $ p e gi i G r .7 he wic NI Str $4 ,25 ring Bulgo eef o r i C and ate TE en u l t 3 i A $ .75 h k S Pl a o L ick g B k C i e e F Por $6 .95 Ch t Do g w/ Por ribs Ric ulgog y $4 .95 Ho t Do lled pare ich ese r r $4 .95 Ho Q Pu rk S ndw /Che ries Cu ken B Rice ic ash $4 .25 BB Q Po n Sa ili w w/F h C $4 .75 H BB icke f Ch ket 6) (7) s ( 50 1 h $ .95 C wl o Ba ks ) pia y c $2 Bo rimp Sti ia (6 Lum a Tra Sh eese ump tyle Sals h S .95 C rk L ai- s & $6 s Po angh Chip s ) e L 2 i e Sh and Fri e Fr ECIA gs (1 Gr ench hees T SP Win r H C F ili IG ken Y N Chic Ch A AY ID e SD FR sam R U Se TH

Happenings April11.indd 12

S G INh ts

Wnts eacake Ou T O 5-ce No T





1 0– 0 -20 0 0 8 1

at $T.7ommy CDa’ns-E i, -

ch ou ll-Y e, Kim rage A s RNight ic BSnacks 1600 - 2400 eve ayLate

s & Alw Chicken de Strips


p lu Dogouw/Chilli S Plain Cheese IncHot ,Dog Hot d a Pulled Pork Sandwich SalBBQ BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Plate

Chicken Sandwich Chilli Bowl w/ Cheese Shrimp Basket w/ Fries Cheese Sticks Shanghai Style Lumpia Grand Chips & Salsa Tray French Fries Chilli Cheese Fries Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Asst. Can Soda Specialty Soda (Root Beer, Cream soda, Sarsaparilla) Bottled Water Asst. Gatorade

$6.95 $4.95 $3.25 $4.95 $6.95 $4.75 $3.25 $6.75 $4.95 $4.95 $4.25 $1.75 $2.95 $2.25 $2.25 $1.25 $1.75 $1.00 $2.95

★ Friday Night Special ★ Sesame Chicken Wings Chicken Gizzard

$6.95 $6.95

3/22/2011 2:14:26 PM


Nocturnal Activities @ Tommy D’s


Texas Hold’em, 1900 Karaoke with DJ Tom 1900-2300

Fun Nite

Free Pool, Darts, Wii Games 1600-closing

THURSDAY 15-cent Hot Wings 1800-gone

Live Band & Show Ur Talent, 1700-2100 Rap & Hip Hop with DJ Bless, 2130-Closing

FRIDAY Texas Hold’em (1900)

Smooth Groove – Jazz, R & B, Ole School (1700-Closing)


Card Sales 1200 Early Birds 1300 Regular Games 1330

Top 40 1700-2000

Hot Videos 1700-2000

Grown Folks Nite



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Lunch is Served Alaska Mining Co. Daily Luncheon Buffet

Served from 1100-1300 * Always All-You-Can-Eat - $8.95 (Includes Salad Bar, Beverage & Dessert) MONDAY




FRIDAY 1 Smoked Turkey Baked Ham

4 Fried Chicken Hamburger Steak

5 Baked Chicken Beef Brisket

6 Bulgogi Spicy Pork

7 Mexican Buffet

8 Baked Fish Fried Shrimp

11 Beef Stew Italian Chicken

12 Baked Ziti Stuffed Peppers

13 Fried Chicken BBQ Ribs

14 Irish Buffet

15 Fried Shrimp Fried Fish

18 BBQ Ribs Salisbury Steak

19 Catfish Meatloaf

20 Lasagna Spaghetti

21 Southern Buffet

22 Baked Fish Fried Shrimp

27 Roast Pork Spaghetti

28 Asian Buffets

29 Smoked Turkey Baked Ham

25 26 Honey-Baked Chicken Roast Beef Fried Pork Steak Chicken Stir Fry

Soup & Sandwich Special - $6.75 April 4-8 April 11-15 April 18-22 April 25-29 Happenings April11.indd 14

Turkey BLT Italian Sausage Meatball Beef & Cheddar 3/22/2011 2:14:29 PM

AMC Evening Specials Tuesdays, 1700-2030

Family Nite Family-Size Bowl of Spaghetti & Meatballs


Buddy Bowl for Two - $14.95 Wednesdays, 1700-2030

Pasta Buffet $11.95, Kids $4.95 All-You-Can-Eat – You Pick The Ingredients, We Cook It For You Thursdays (1700-2030)

Mongolian BBQ All-You-Can-Eat - $14.95 Kids $4.95

You Pick the Ingredients, We Cook It Fridays, 1700-2030

April 1-22 -- MONSTER STEAKS 24 oz - $24.95, 16 oz - $17.95

April 8 - PRIME RIB

King $17.95, Queen $15.95, Couple $29.95

April 15 – KING CRAB - $29.95 April 29 – SEAFOOD BUFFET - $29.95

Saturday & Sunday (0800-1300)

BREAKFAST BUFFET All-You-Can Eat - $8.95 per person

Walt’s Wonder Ribs AVAILABLE EVERY DAY Succulent Baby Back Ribs

Full Rack - $15.95 Half Rack - $12.95 Happenings April11.indd 15


3/22/2011 2:14:31 PM

Alaska Mining Company reservations recommended 754-3101

Friday, April 15 (1700-2030) ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT

$29.95 Happenings April11.indd 16

3/22/2011 2:14:31 PM

Easter Sunday Brunch

Sunday, April 24, 1100-1500 ALASKA MINING CO. Shrimp Cocktail, Salad Bar, Turkey Rice Soup

Carved Ham Prime Rib of Beef Fried Chicken & Baked Chicken Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Candied Yams, Corn on the Cob, Green Bean Casserole, Collard Greens & Cherverny Rolls Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pecan Pie Assorted Cakes & Breads B&J Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

$ 17.95 Happenings April11.indd 17


3/22/2011 2:14:33 PM

NOW AVAILABLE The LeCAC Café in the Humphreys Community Activity Center now features an expanded menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Check it out!


(Available until 1030)

Grilled Bagel Egg & Cheese Sausage or Ham Breakfast Burrito Croissant Egg & Cheese Sausage, Ham or Bacon Biscuit & Gravy Muffins Potato Rounds


Burger Cheeseburger Bacon Cheeseburger Mushroom & Swissburger Make it a double -- $1.50


Chicken Salad Croissant Shrimp Po-Boy Country Fried Steak Chicken Quesadilla Deli Club Sub Italian Sub Reuben Grilled Chicken


Chili & Cheese Broccoli & Cheese Bacon, Cheese & Sour Cream Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Southwest Loaded Chili, Cheese, Bacon & Sour Cream

Chicken Loaded

Wraps $1.95 2.50 2.95 2.95 1.50 2.50 2.95 2.50 1.50 1.25 $4.50 5.00 5.50 5.50

Frito Pie Hot Wings Chili Cup Chili Cheese Dog

BEER (ID Required)

$5.95 5.50 5.95 5.95 5.50


Italian Ham or Turkey w/Cheese Tuna Deli Club

$5.95 5.50 5.50 5.50


Cajun Fried Shrimp Fish Strips Shrimp & Fish Combo Chicken Strips

$6.50 6.50 7.50 5.95

Salads $5.50 6.50 5.95 6.50 5.50 5.95 5.95 5.75 $5.25 5.25 5.25 5.95 6.25 6.95

Chicken, Broccoli, Sour Cream, Bacon & Cheese

Chili & Wings

Chicken Caesar Turkey or Ham Tuna Deli Club Garden Veggie

$4.95 6.50 2.50 4.50

Domestic - $2.50 * Heineken - $2.75



Served with choice of Grilled Chicken or Tuna

Chicken Salad Garden Chef Salad

5.50 4.50 5.50

A la carte Fries Chili Fries Onion Rings Baked Beans Chips

$1.50 2.50 1.95 1.25 1.00

For the Sweet Tooth Cake, Pie, Cheesecake Cookies

$2.50 .75

Beverages $1.00 – Coffee, Iced Tea (Plain or Sweet), Orange Juice, Lemonade, Milk, Canned Soda, Bottled Soda $1.25 – Small Water $1.75 – Fountain Drink, Large Bottled Water $2.15 – Red Bull $2.25 -- Gatorade $2.50 – Monster

Open 0700-1900 Monday-Friday – 753-7447 Happenings April11.indd 18

3/22/2011 2:14:33 PM


page designed by MWR intern Yi Ah Reum Olivia Happenings April11.indd 19

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Camp Humphreys

Happenings April11.indd 20

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Ulleungdo not for faint of heart If you like 5-star hotels, room service, great restaurants and taxi service, stop reading. Ulleungdo Island located on the East Sea midway between Korea and Japan is not for you. But if you want rugged terrain that will remind you of Jurassic Park, natural beauty that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and a cultural experience unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced, a jet boat cruise to Ulleungdo is a perfect fit. It would also help if you like the taste of squid, since the best cuttlefish in Korea comes from the cold waters surrounding this volcanic island. The only way to get there is to catch a jet boat from either Donghae or Pohang. They only run once a day and don’t run if the sea is too rough which means you can get stuck on the island much longer than expected. The island features more than 650 species of flora and fauna and is home to about 10,000 people who make their living growing pumpkin or catching squid. It’s best if you hook up with a tour group for you trip, but don’t be surprised if you end up in a pension, sharing sleeping space with a dozen other people. Hotel space is limited, adding to the spirit of adventure. 21

Happenings April11.indd 21

3/22/2011 2:14:35 PM

Upcoming KoreanFestivals Upcoming Korean Festivals Flowers, Butterflies, Anchovies and Whales available over next two months The arrival of Spring weather means that there are going to be many new and different cultural experiences throughout Korea in the coming months. In order to help you plan your Personal Discovery of Korea, Happenings will start carrying a 2-month calendar of upcoming events. Some of them will be featured in the pages of the Korea Happenings section. We encourage readers to send us pictures and suggest places Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members might enjoy.


1-4 1-10 1-10 7-10 8-10 13-17 15-17 16-21 22-24 22-24 29-May 10 30-May 5 30-May 8


1 1-5 3-7 4-8 4-8 4-11 5-10 6-8 22-29 26-29

Yeongam Wangin Culture Festival, Jeollanam-do Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, Gyeongsangnam-do Jeju King Cherry Blossoms Festival, Jeju-do Goryeong Daegaya Experience Festival Nonsan Strawberry Festival. Chungcheongnam-do Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, Seoul Cheongpungho Cherry Blossoms Festival Gyeongju Liquor & Rice Cake Festival, Gyeongsangbuk-do Gwangalli Eobang Festival, Busan Busan Gijang Anchovy Festival, Busan Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, Jeollanam-do Damyang Bamboo Festival, Jeollanam-do Mungyeong Traditional Tea Bowl Festival Jongmyo Daeje (Jongmyo Ancestral Rite), Seoul Namwon Chunhyang Festival, Jeollabuk-do Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival Hadong Wild Tea Cultural Festival, Gyeongsangnam-do Yeoncheon Jeongok-ri Paleolithic Festival, Gyeonggi-do Sancheong (Jirisan) Herbs Festival, Gyeongsangnam-do The 2011 Hi Seoul Festival Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul Chuncheon International Mime Festival Ulsan Whale Festival

You can find additional information about Festivals listed above at Happenings April11.indd 22

3/22/2011 2:14:36 PM

Butterflies are free, and so is the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, selected as Korea’s Best Festival by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism last year. Located on Korea’s southwest coast, Hampyeong boasts of tens of thousands of butterflies April 29-May 10. The flighty creatures large and small will be found in fields of milk flowers, rapes and grasses as well as special exhibition halls that include a wide collection of butterflies, animals and water plants. More than 30 demonstrations are held throughout the festival, including butterfly catching and other special activities for kids. The entire region has a butterfly theme, including the street performances.

If you have access to your own car, you can take the West Expressway to Hampyeong. The city is located two interchanges south of Gunsan AB and it should take about three hours to reach. You can get on the West Expressway at Anjung. TRAIN – The train to Hampyeong departs the Pyongtaek station at 0945, 1307, 1404 and 1537 daily. Train tickets are 27,200 Won on weekdays and 28,500 Won on weekends, with it taking 2½ hours to reach the town. The festival itself is a 10-minute walk or 5 minute cab ride from the train station. For more information, including an English version of Butterfly Festival activities,

Happenings April11.indd 23


3/22/2011 2:14:37 PM

Take me out to the ballgame! April Schedule 2-3 5-7 8-10 12-14 15-17 19-21 22-24 26-28 29-May 1

Happenings April11.indd 24

LG @ Doosan, Nexen @ SK, Samsung @ KIA, Hanwha @ Lotte SK @ LG, Doosan @ Nexen, KIA @ Hanwha, Lotte @ Samsung KIA @ Doosan, Lotte @ Nexen, Samsung @ SK, LG @ Hanwha Samsung @ LG, Hanwha @ SK, Nexen @ KIA, Doosan @ Lotte Lotte @ LG, SK @ Nexen, Doosen @ Samsung. Hanwha @ KIA Nexen @ Doosan, LG @ SK, Lotte @ Hanwha, KIA @ Samsung KIA @ LG, Samsung # Nexen, Doosan @ Hanwha, SK @ Lotte Samsung @ Doosan, Hanwha @ Nexen, SK @ KIA, LG @ Lotte Nexen @ LG, Doosan @ SK, Hanwha @ Samsung, Lotte @ KIA

3/22/2011 2:14:37 PM

KoreaProfessional Professional Sports Korean Sports

Baseball season opens

The Korean Professional Baseball Season starts April 2, featuring eight teams, a 133-game schedule and some unique sports cultural experiences for diamond fans. Korean baseball has been rated at the Triple-A level by most baseball observers, with successful players moving onto either the States or Japan. Korean Pro Baseball has been around since the 1980s, and several Koreans are currently playing in the major leagues in the States.

Hanwha Eagles close, affordable

In addition, Korea won the Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and fell to Japan in extra innings in 2010 World Baseball Professional Baseball is just a short bus or Classic finals after beating Japan train ride away from Camp Humphreys, in pool play and Venezuela to with three of the eight teams playing in reach the finals. Seoul. While basically the same as For Camp Humphreys Soldiers, though, baseball in the States, there there’s another choice. The Hanwha are some differences: Eagles play in Daejon, just an hour south by train from the Pyeongtaek Train Station -Korean teams have cheerleaders (train tickets are 8,100 won on weekdays and cheer sections complete with to 8,500 won on weekends). drums Tickets run up to 50,000 won in Seoul, but -Instead of the umpire saying “Full at Daejon, the best seat in the house is just 10,000 won for adults and 5,000 won Count, 3 balls and 2 strikes,” Korean umpires say “Full Count, 2 for children. strikes and 3 balls.” General Admission is 5,000 won for Adults, 3,000 won for Military & Middle & -A game tied after 12 innings, High School Students, 1,000 won for finishes as a tie. And in the first Children older than 7 but not yet in game of a doubleheader, play is middle school and free for kids 1-7 years limited to 9 innings. of age. Weekday games are at 1830 & -You don’t see many arguments weekends 1700. with the umpires, although that’s Like all other pro baseball teams in Korea, changing. The arguments that you the Eagles have cheerleaders and cheer do see, usually end with a sections, food and beverages, giant bow – not a blow. screens and affordable souvenir stands.

Happenings April11.indd 25


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You could win a Dream Vacation to the Armed Forces Recreation Center of Your Choice plus $2,500 and round-trip Airfare for two. Open to U.S. Military Personnel, Civilian Employees, Retirees & Family Members Age 18 & Older. Limit One Entry per Day. Official Entry Form found at ‘’ You can also mail a 3x5 postcard with Your Name, Address, Telephone Number & E-Mail Address to Great Getaways, PO Box 150304, Alexandria, Va 22315 The contest runs through June 15. Its goal is to direct you to and help you discover the great system of Armed Forces Recreation Centers world-wide. People in Korea are already familiar with the Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul. But did you know there are also AFRCs in Hawaii, Florida, Virginia and Germany? And all those AFRCs are available to U.S. Military Personnel, Retirees, Department of Defense Civilian Employees and Family Members. In addition to offering discount rates based on rank or grade, AFRCs include a wide-range of programs and activities such as mini-PXs, restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, tour centers and more. Check the site for more information & entry forms.

AFRC Contest runs through June 15 Happenings April11.indd 26

3/22/2011 2:14:38 PM

Taste of Korea

Strawberries sure sign Spring is here Strawberries are grown all over the world, and no one place can claim the bright red fruit as its own. So what’s so special about Korean strawberries that are appearing at fruit stands all over Korea right now? Taste them and you’ll know. Korean strawberries can be as big as golf balls. And when you eat them, you won’t need any sugar. They are that sweet. Strawberries have been used in Oriental medicine since 2,600 BC, with the fruit eaten and the leaves boiled to make a weak tea that was thought to detoxify the body and aid in the reduction of the aging process. Since strawberries grow everywhere, even commoners were able to enjoy them In addition to being the first fruit to ripen in the spring, strawberries are also the only fruit where the seeds are on the outside of the flesh. The average strawberry has 200 seeds on its outside – all capable of growing a new plant. In the same family as the rose (genus Fragraria), strawberries have also been used as a beauty product, its juices used as ink and a dye and the dried fruit in potpourri. But they’re still best eaten in a bowl … with cream.

Happenings April11.indd 27


3/22/2011 2:14:38 PM

Cherry Blossom Time Has Arrived

Cherry Blossoms starting to bloom Cherry Blossom festivals around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC, and In Tokyo are two of the most famous in the world, but neither of them have anything on Cherry Blossoms in Korea – especially on Jeju, in Chinhae and at Yeouido Plaza in Seoul. Even tiny Anjung-ri turns into a Mecca of pink blossoms this month, with cherry trees lining most of the main streets. The story is the same in Pyeongtaek and Songtan and on the roads to Cheonan. Korea’s biggest festivals, though are in Jeju (where the blossoms should already be blooming), Chinhae (which Outdoor Rec will visit April 2) and Seoul’s Yeouido (where blooms are expected to arrive around April 12 and peak around April 15). The above map is the Korean Tourism Associations “prediction” for peak viewing throughout the peninsula, but a lot depends on the weather. Rain and strong winds can end the viewing in a matter of hours, so your best bet is to see them early … and take lots of pictures.

Happenings April11.indd 28

3/22/2011 2:14:39 PM

Daegu will host IAAF Championship Aug 27-Sep 4 The top track and field stars in the world are expected to participate in the 13th annual IAAF World Track & Field Championships Aug 27-Sep 4. More than 2,000 of the world’s top athletes are expected to participate in the 47 scheduled events (24 for men and 23 for women). Area III Family & MWR Marketing has already been in contact with organizers and will bring you regular updates in the monthly Happenings concerning preliminary events and ticket sales. Tickets for the Opening Ceremony, to include the evening session, range from 20,000 to 150,000 won – depending on location. Morning sessions throughout the event will be 10,000 won to 30,000 won, with evening sessions 20,000 to 100,000 won. Full-day tickets will be 25,000-125,000 won and season tickets for the entire event are 200,000 to 850,000 won. The most expensive seats are adjacent to the Finish Line. Further information about tickets sales and the event itself are available at or 82-53-803-9431.


Happenings April11.indd 29

3/22/2011 2:14:39 PM

Traditional Theater Cultural Program The Namsan Traditional Theater at the foot of Namsan Mountain in Seoul has started a cultural program that offers a hands-on experience and is specially designed for foreigners. The traditional show is titled ‘Misuda,’ and is held at 1600 every Tuesday-Saturday. In addition to traditional Korean art forms, Misula includes a participatory tea ceremony where audience members dress in traditional Korean costumes and learn proper tea etiquette. Visitors also have the opportunity to listen to Korean classical music, with instruction available in English, Japanese and Chinese. In an effort to decrease the effects of language barriers and cultural differences, organizers sought the help of international students studying in Korea. Students are directly involved in the entire production, from start to finish. Tickets are 50,000 won and reservations can be made by calling 82-2-2261-0501~2 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Happenings April11.indd 30

3/22/2011 2:14:39 PM


Happenings April11.indd 31

3/22/2011 2:14:40 PM

Coming to Seoul April 1



rea *

All tic

kets 9



April 1 2 AX-Korea All tickets 99,000 W



y1 Ma

Ko AX-



ll t *A


,0 s 99


April 9 * AX-Korea * All tickets 99,000 W

Happenings April11.indd 32

3/22/2011 2:14:41 PM

sport page designed by MWR intern Kim Su Yeon Sunny Happenings April11.indd 33


3/22/2011 2:14:42 PM

Sports Massage

Open from 1130-2030 Monday-Saturday

More Choices

Lower Prices 7 minutes ($5) 10 minutes ($7) 20 minutes ($15) 30 minutes ($20)

Exclusively at the Super Gym Happenings April11.indd 34

3/22/2011 2:14:42 PM

Lady Dawgs Perfect!!! Congratulations go out to the Camp Humphreys Lady Dawgs Post-Level Basketball team which became the first post=level program in Korea to go undefeated in the regular season and capture the Pre-Season, King, Eighth Army and End-of-Season tournaments. In addition to posting a 26-0 record, the Lady Dawgs of Coach Marion Wilson assisted by Michael Brooks had three players – Jennifer Baker, Amber West and Jerri Taylor – selected for the All-Army Basketball Camp and, according to Wilson, would have had a fourth in Samantha Loving, who couldn’t be selected because she was already scheduled for a PCS to Fort Benning. In addition to the four girls already named, members of the Champion Lady Dawgs also included Salena Mabins, Shakira Devot, Sha-Mecca Twitty, Deana Wooten, Tashay Prescott, Ashley Gana, Jinovia Morrison, Alicha Bowers and Jasmin Lee. “We had others who played during the season but transferred out during the season,” Wilson said, “But these are the girls who were with us at the end. The whole Community should be proud of their achievement.”

Happenings April11.indd 35


3/22/2011 2:14:42 PM

Biggest Losers Contest

completes three-month run April 3 Participants in the 2011 Biggest Losers Contest have until 2000 Sunday, April 3, to complete their final weigh-in in order to qualify for prizes to be presented at the Biggest Losers Awards Ceremony scheduled for the Super Gym at 1000 Saturday, April 9. Biggest Losers is an annual event conducted by the Camp Humphreys and Area III Sports & Fitness Program in cooperation with the Camp Humphreys Health Promotion program. It starts January 1 and is designed to make Camp Humphreys and Area III a more healthy community. It‟s interesting to see how many military bases are now offering their own version of Biggest Losers,” said Sports Director Lonnie Herring. “When we started Biggest Losers four years ago, we were the only ones. We expect to go over one-ton in weight loss when our final weigh-in is completed this year. “But, more importantly, we know we have had a positive impact on many people and the end result is that many lives had been changed.” The top three 2-person teams and top three individuals will be recognized at the April 9 awards ceremony and, unlike previous years, winners will not be announced in advance. Each member of the top three teams and top three individuals not a member of a winning team will receive GPS Running Watches. In addition, there will be 16 more prizes given away to Awards Ceremony attendees. Like the Biggest Loser television show, winners will be the teams or individuals who lost the highest percentage of their starting weight over the course of the contest. Contact Valerie „Chooey‟ Tuinei-Flora at the Super Gym for more details. Happenings April11.indd 36

3/22/2011 2:14:43 PM

Humphreys Girls roar back, take share of Korea 10-15 year old crown The Camp Humphreys 10-15 year old Girls’ Basketball team fell behind Camp Red Cloud 12-0 after one quarter, but roared back to nip Red Cloud 20-17 to finish in a tie with Daegu for the Korea Youth Basketball Championship. Members of the Championship team included Rachel & Kaitlyn Macalintal, Cheyenne & Sabrina Hufford, Amya Jeter, Ebony Tolbert, and Kendra Berry. Berry was the player of the game, leading both teams in rebounds and making the deciding free throw with 30 seconds left to play.

Road Runners Club moving back outdoors The Road Runners Youth Running Club move back outdoors to the Zoeckler Track this month. The group meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Sign-up at the Youth Sports Office (located in the Rec Annex, BLDG 111). Youngsters ages 4-18 years are welcome.

Coming in May Registration for Summer Swim Season. (6-18 yrs) Registration for Summer Dodge-ball League. (10-18 yrs) Swimming Club -- Meets for training sessions. Monday and Wednesday evenings at the CAC indoor pool. Sign-up at the Youth Sports Office Open to swimmer 6-18 years of age.

Youth Sports – 753-5602 Happenings April11.indd 37


3/22/2011 2:14:43 PM

Post-Level Softball The Intramural Softball Season doesn’t start until May, but Post-Level teams will start tryouts and practices whenever the weather is good this month. Both Humphreys and Suwon field men’s teams while women play on an Area III team at Camp Humphreys. Check with your local sports director or at the gym for details


Tanning & Massage Facial Massage Facial Massage Back BackMassage Massage Full Body Massage Full Body Massage Swedish Massage Swedish Massage Diet Massage Diet Massage Breast Enhancemet Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Wax Waxing Tanning Tanning

Hours: 1000 - 2100






Walk-Thru Gate

Tel. 010-6479-3005

* Appointments are preferred - walk-ins are welcome Happenings April11.indd 38

3/22/2011 2:14:44 PM

STRIKE ZONE BOWLING CENTER 754-5636 Spring & Summer

INTRAMURAL BOWLING LEAGUE Organizational Meeting & Start Wednesday April 13, 1900




FRIDAY MIXED LEAGUE Organizational Meeting Friday April 22, 1900 League Starts April 29

EASTER SUNDAY $1 Open Bowling All Day April 24 MONDAYS 3-4-2 Open Bowling THURSDAYS Win a Free Game with Red Pin Strike SATURDAYS $1.00 Open Bowling (1300-1630)

Kids Bowl Free if accompanied by paying adult

TOURNAMENT Sunday April 17, 1300 8-9 Pin No Tap 10-game Marathon Entry Fee $40

YOUTH BOWLOPOLIS BOWLING LEAGUES Saturdays, 1000 Pee Wee (4-6) Youth (6-18)

SUNDAYS $1.00 Open Bowling (1300-1630) Kids Bowl Free if accompanied by paying adult TUESDAYS Bowl Your Brains Out for $9.99 per person FRIDAYS Military in Uniform Bowl Free (1100-1300)

Youth (4-18) Bowling Leagues – Saturday morning 39

Happenings April11.indd 39

3/22/2011 2:14:45 PM

Athletes of the Quarter FEMALE





E Co, 4-2 Aviation


520 Maintenance

All-Army Basketball



Jerri Taylor Bae Hyundo Marc Jones Gary, Indiana





Baton Rouge, La

Johnny’s Used Cars


Happenings April11.indd 40

3/22/2011 2:14:45 PM


recreation page designed by MWR intern Kim Su Yeon Sunny Happenings April11.indd 41


3/22/2011 2:14:48 PM

Happenings April11.indd 42

3/22/2011 2:14:48 PM

Festival of the Performing Arts

Camp Humphreys Community Activity Center April 9, starting at 1900

Two categories -- Adult and Youth (under 18) Vocal Soloist * Instrumental Soloist * RAP * Spoken Word * Vocal Duet * Vocal Group * Instrumental Group * Vocal Instrumental Group * Individual Dance * Dance Group * Comedian * Novelty Act

Top Performers Advance to Korea-Wide Festival of the Arts Yongsan Main Post Club Saturday, April 23 (1900-2200)

This program serves as a feeder to the Soldier Show and USA Express. Open to Active Duty, Dependents and KATUSAs 43

Happenings April11.indd 43

3/22/2011 2:14:48 PM

Outdoor Rec Treks – 753-3013 Saturday, April 2 (0600-2300) – Chinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, Adults $50, Children $30 (includes transportation & snack). Minimum 20 participants Sunday, April 3 (0800-1800)– Woong-in Playdoci (Indoor Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, Water Park & Golf), Adults $60, Children $40 (Includes transportation, lift tickets, equipment, ski suit, sledding and water park entry fee) Saturday, April 9 - Sunday, April 10 (0800 Saturday-1700 Sunday) – 2day Camping Trip. Three package & activity options: Option 1 -- $120 for Adults, $110 for Children – Transportation, 3 Meals (Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch) plus 3 Activities (White Water Rafting, ATV & Survival Game); Option 2 -- $110 for Adults, $100 for Children – Transportation, 3 Meals and 2 Activities (White Water Rafting, ATV or Survival Game); Option 3 -$60 for Adults, $50 for Children -- No Activities, 3 meals Sunday, April 17 (0900-1900) – Seoul Horse Race Track, Races, Horseback riding, museum. $10 adults, $5 for children. Bring extra won for betting, food & souvenirs. Minimum of 15 people needed. Sunday, April 24 (1000-1700) – Sapgyoho Day Trip, warship museum, seafood market. seafood restaurants and carnival, $10 adults, $5 children, bring extra won for admissions, food & souvenirs Saturday, April 30 (0800-1700) – Ocean World, three-level water park – Indoor, Extreme & Dynamic plus sauna, shopping mall and restaurants. Adults $10, children $5 plus admission fee – Adults 55,000 won; Children 41,000 won. Sauna – Adults 20,000 won; children 15,000 won. Saturday , April 23 Outdoor Rec will be closed. Rental equipment reserved for pick-up must be picked up on the 22nd. There will be no charge for early pick-up or late turn in caused by the closure.

Happenings April11.indd 44

3/22/2011 2:14:48 PM

First Yard Sale of year April 16 Turn those unwanted and no longer needed toys, clothes and other items into ready cash at the first Yard Sale of the season, set for the Commissary Parking Lot from 0900-1400 Saturday, April 16. A spot and table is just $10, and you can add a canopy for $10 more. If you have PCS orders within a 60-day window, the cost is just $5 for your table. Spots can be reserved by calling Outdoor Rec at 753-3013.

Free Outdoor Movies set for April 8 & 29 Outdoor Movies return to Transformation Park this month, with Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 scheduled for April 8 and Marmaduke scheduled to play April 29. Movies start at dark. Transformation Park is located across from the Commissary and between the Library and USO. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets. You can even ride your bike.

SpringFest booth reservations now open Family Readiness Groups, Units and Private Organizations are invited to reserve food booths for the May 28-29 SpringFest, planned for the area around Independence Park. The two day Festival will be along the lines of FreedomFest, with the gates open to the outside Korean community. In order to register just send your organization’s name, the name and telephone numbers of at least two contacts, E-mail addresses for all contacts and a brief description of what you want to sell at your booth to

Outdoor Rec May treks

1-Suwon Shooting Range 7-Jebu Island Clamming 7-Yeju-Sun Ceramics Complex 8-Spavis Hot Spring 15-Bungee Jumping 21-Daegu Adventure Park 30-Hwaseong Fortress at Suwon 31-Everland Amusement Park Call Outdoor Rec at 753-3013 for information & reservations

Happenings April11.indd 45

It is recommended that you not select “hamburgers and hot dogs” and look at other items such as chicken, ribs, tacos, spaghetti, ethnic food (other than Korean) and sweets. Each participant will receive a booth, canopy and 110-volt electrical outlet. Camp Humphreys does not have snowcone, cotton candy or popcorn machines available for use or rent, so they must be obtained from another source. Please call Marketing Chief Mike Mooney at 754-8257 (031-619-8257) or 010-9493-6235 if you have any questions.


3/22/2011 2:14:49 PM

Friday, April 22, 1100-1800 Transformation Park A CAMP HUMPHREYS TIME CAPSULE WILL BE PLANTED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS Unit Coins * Master Plan Drawing * Essay & Art Contest Winners Humphreys American School Item * Directorate Projects (Please call 753-3013/3255 for Time Capsule questions)


Crafts, Learning Wheel, Educational, DeCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, DPW Environmental, Painted Door Donation Booth

STATIC DISPLAYS FOOD SALES 4-2 Aviation and PTO will be selling food USO Free Lunch for Soldiers

PRIZES, INCLUDING GARDEN PLOTS Garden Plots available Got a green thumb? Grown your own fruit or vegetables in a Garden Plot from Outdoor Rec. Returning gardens can register starting April1 and new gardeners April 11. Plots are $30 for the season and only 30 are available. Please call 753-3013/3255 for details.

Happenings April11.indd 46

3/22/2011 2:14:50 PM

at Tommy D’s Wednesday

Pocket 10s Nite. $10 Buy-in, $10 Re-buy or add on through the first break. Start with 1,500 chips. 10 Bonus Points to anyone who wins a hand with pocket 10s. Drawing for 1,500 chip for those present at the beginning of play.

Thursday ALL-ARMY QUALIFIER Free 7-week tournament Overall Winner will receive $500 plus entry into the on-line All-Army Texas Hold’em Tournament where top prize in a Home Theatre System & Army Championship Bracelet Check for details

Friday Champs Nite $20 Buy-in, $15 Re-buy or add on through the first break. . Texas Hold’em

is open to all USFK ID Card holders, to include KATUSAs.

Texas Hold’em Games start at 1900 each night

Every Saturday $3,000 & $2,000 Progressive Jackpots



17 games (including Early Birds) Doors Open 1100, Card Sales 1100 Early Birds 1200, REGULAR GAMES START AT 1230


Happenings April11.indd 47

3/22/2011 2:14:50 PM

Faith Christian Fellowship Church


Donald L. Brown, Pastor

Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 am Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 pm

Happenings April11.indd 48

3/22/2011 2:14:52 PM


April Schedule 2 -- BOSS Seoul’d Out presents NANTA Cost $75.00 includes transportation, VIP seating at the show and dinner at Outback Steakhouse. 40 slots available

16 -- Korean Folk Village Cost $30, 40 slots available

30 -- Zipline Adventures Cost $45, 40 slots available

Cirque Jungle Fantasy Super Gym, April 27, 1900

Happenings April11.indd 49


3/22/2011 2:14:54 PM

You areYouinvited to to are invited

Youare are invited to to You invited

You are invited to Lighthouse Baptist Church Lighthouse Baptist Church Lighthouse Baptist Church Lighthouse Baptist Church Lighthouse Baptist A Church for the Whole Family! Church A Church for the Whole Family! A Church for the Whole Family!

A Church for the Whole Family

A Church for the Whole Family!

Sunday school Sunday school for all for all ages, „Thy Word ages, “King‟s Kids Sunday school for all ‘Thy Word ‘Thy Word “Kings Kids program” Junior is a lamp unto ages, “King‟s Kids is a lamp unto Program” Junior schoolafor all hool for allSunday Church, clean, is a lamp unto Church, a Kids clean program” Junior well-staffed nursery, my feeet and my feet and ages, “King‟s my feet and a ing‟s Kids well staffed nursery. Center Church, aServicemen‟s clean, program” Junior a light unto a light unto light unto Servicemen’s m” Junior ministry and a warm, well-staffed nursery, Church, aministry clean, Center and Ministering Ministeringtotothe the U.S. andand all ofall Korea! Friendly church U.S.Military Military of Korea my my my path!’ path path!‟ a clean, Servicemen‟s Center a warm friendly well-staffed nursery, family. family’ ministry and church a warm, ed nursery, Servicemen‟s Center Schedule ofofServices Schedule Services Ministering to the U.S. Military and all of........................... Korea! Sunday School .................................. .9:45AM Sunday Worship 11:00AM Friendly church ministry and a warm, en‟s Center Sunday School.....9:45AM Sunday Worship.....11:00AM Sunday Evening .................................. 6:00PM Wednesday Evening ....................... 7:00PM family. Ministering to the U.S. Military and all of Korea! Friendly church Sunday Evening.....6:00PM Wednesday Evening.....7:00PM nd a warm, Saturday GI Gospel Hour..........6:00PM family. Ladies Bible Studyof Thursday.....10:00AM Schedule Services

„Thy Word „ThyWord Word is„Thy a lamp unto is a lamp unto feet and is my a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my feet and a light unto my path!‟ a light unto my path!‟

Ministering to the U.S. Military andServices all of Korea! y church Sunday School my11:00AM path!‟ Schedule of .................................. .9:45AM Sunday Worship ........................... mily. Sunday School .................................. .9:45AM Sunday Worship ........................... 11:00AM Sunday Evening .................................. 6:00PM Wednesday Evening ....................... Give For more7:00PM Schedule of Services Sunday Evening .................................. 6:00PM Wednesday Evening ....................... 7:00PM Saturday GI Gospel Hour..........6:00PM Us a information Saturday GI Gospel Hour..........6:00PM day School .................................. .9:45AM Sunday Worship ........................... 11:00AM call, 7:00PM Call day Evening .................................. 6:00PM Wednesday Evening ....................... 691-2595Give Saturday GI Gospel Hour..........6:00PM ! Give

691-2595 692-2642UsUsa a

Call Give Call Us a 691-2595 691-2595 Call 692-2642 692-2642

Julie’s Realty & Relocation Co. Happenings 01.10.indd 6

Julie’s Realty where your dreams come true

Julie’s Realty !Co. Julie’s Realty&&&Relocation RelocationCo. Julie’s Realty Relocation ! Julie’s Realty where your dreams come true Julie’s Realty where your dreams come true Julie’s Realty your dreams Approved bywhere USAG Red Cloud, USAGcome Casey, true

USAG Yongsan & USAG Humphreys Housing Offices

Approved byby USAG Red Cloud, USAG Casey, Approved USAG Red Cloud, USAG Casey, with Licensed and pre-screened realty to conduct business Approved by USAG Red Cloud, USAG Casey, USAG Yongsan & USAG Humphreys Housing Offices English Speaking One-stop Service USAG Yongsan & USAG Humphreys Housing Offices USFK/SOFA personnel at USAG-Humphreys, USAG-Red Cloud, USAG Yongsan & USAG Humphreys Housing Offices USAG-Casey & USAG-Yongsan.

691-2595 Julie’s Realty & Relocation Co. English Speaking One-stop Service English Speaking One-stop Service Co. Julie’s Realty & Relocation English Speaking One-stop Service Lighthouse Baptist Church Julie’s Realty where your dreams come true !

You are invited to


Julie’s Realty where Voters in Korea Chose Julie’s asyour dreams come true A Church for the Whole Family! the Best of the pacific in 2008, VotersApproved in Korea Chose Julie’s as by USAG Voters in Korea Chose Julie’sRed as Cloud, USAG Casey, STArS & STrIpeS!!! the Best of the pacific inJulie’s 2008,as Voters inYongsan Korea Chose by Red Cloud, USAG Casey, USAG &Sunday USAG Humphreys Offices theApproved Best of the pacific in 2008, school for all Housing USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 USAG-CASey 031-865-2097-8 „Thy Word USAG Yongsan & USAG Humphreys Housing Offices STArS & STrIpeS!!! the Best of the pacific in 2008, ages, “King‟s Kids STArS & STrIpeS!!! * Offering FREE shuttle bus service (only Casey area) program” Junior STArS & STrIpeS!!! English Speaking One-stop Service USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 USAG-CASey 031-865-2097-8 is a lamp unto

12/23/09 3:30:04 PM

USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 USAG-CASey FREE USAG-CASEY shuttle031-865-2097-8 bus service031-865-2097-8 USAG-HUMPHREYS 031-652-6517-8 * Offering English Speaking Service Church,One-stop a clean, > 1. Apartment Tours Casey area) FREE shuttle bus service * Offering FREE Shuttle Service in the Casey Area USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 (only* Offering USAG-CASey 031-865-2097-8 (only Casey area) well-staffed nursery, my feet and >>2.1.Help with Housing * Offering FREE shuttle bus service Apartment Tours Paperwork (only Casey area) Servicemen‟s Center > 1. Apartment Tours >>3.2.Pay your utility bills in one-stop Helpallwith Housing Paperwork a light unto ministry and a warm, > 1. Apartment Tours > 2. Help with Housing Paperwork >>4. service 3.Translation Pay allinyour utility inas one-stop Voters Korea Chosebills Julie’s Ministering to the U.S. Military and all of Korea! Friendly church my path!‟ >>2. Help Housing Paperwork > 3. Paywith allKorea your utilityJulie’s bills in one-stop Voters Chose as 4.No Translation service > 5. commission orfamily. finder's fee therealty Bestin of the pacific in 2008, > 4. Translation service >>3. Pay all your utility bills infinder's one-stop 5. No realty commission or fee the Best of the pacific in 2008, > 6. Help with problems Schedule of Services STArSAPT &commission STrIpeS!!! > 5. No with realty or finder's fee >>4. service USAG-HUmpHreyS 031-652-6517-811:00AM USAG-yONGSAN 02-790-2097 6.Translation Help problems Sunday School .................................. .9:45AM WorshipCLOUD ........................... USAG-YONGSAN 02-790-2097 Sunday STArSAPT & STrIpeS!!! USAG-RED 031-837-2097-8 USAG-YONGSAN 02-790-2090 USAG-HUmpHreyS 031-652-6517-8 USAG-yONGSAN 02-790-2097 > No 6. Help with APT problems USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 USAG-CASey 031-865-2097-8 > 5. realty commission or finder's fee Sunday Evening .................................. 6:00PM Wednesday Evening ....................... 7:00PM USAG-HUmpHreyS 031-652-6517-8 USAG-yONGSAN 02-790-2097 *USAG-CASey Offering FREE shuttle bus service USAG-reD CLOUD 031-837-2097-8 031-865-2097-8 * Please visit us problems for all your Housing Needs > 6. Help with APT (only Casey area) Saturday GI Gospel Hour..........6:00PM * Offering FREE shuttle bus service * Please visit us for all your Housing Needs USAG-yONGSAN USAG-HUmpHreyS 031-652-6517-8 02-790-2097 (only Casey area) > 1. Apartment Tours * Please visit us for all your Housing Needs > Apartment Tours Paperwork > 1. 2. Help with Housing * Please visit us for all your Housing Needs > 2. Help with Housing Paperwork > 3. Pay all your utility bills in one-stop Happenings April11.indd 50 3/22/2011 2:15:00 PM > 3. Pay all your utility bills inyour one-stop Julie’s Realty where dreams come true > 4. Translation service

Julie’s Realty & Relocation Co.

Give Us a


Sundays - Fruit Carving, 1300-1500 ($50, 2 sessions) Mondays - Framing, 1800-2000 ($10) Tuesdays - Drawing, 1300-1400 FREE! Korean Painting, 1800-1930 ($30, 4 sessions) Wednesdays - Pressed Flowers, 1800-2000 ($50, 4 sessions) Thursdays - Sculpting, 1300-1400 FREE! Pottery, 1800-1930 ($30, 4 sessions) Fridays - Acrylic Painting, 1800-1930 ($30, 4 sessions) Saturday – Children’s Art Class, 1600-1700 ($5.00)


CAC Arts & Crafts – 753-6706 April 9 April 10 April 16 April 17 April 22 April 23

Special Classes

Paper Lanterns for Kids, 1600-1700, $5 Basic Sewing (Cushions), 1500-1600, $15 Wood Necklaces for Kids, 1600-1700, $5 Korean Paper Boxes, 1500-1600, $10 Earth Day Leaf Print Clay Token, 1200-1300 Easter Bunny Painting, 1600-1700, $5

Class registration and payment is required at least 4days prior to the class. There is a minimum number of participants required (2-3 people depending on the class). Otherwise, the class will be canceled. This is required because we need to know the number before the class in order to order the right amount supplies, and it usually takes 3 days for delivery. Also, when we have a class which is instructed by external instructors, they want to set a minimum number of participants.

Get the most out of your digital camera You may never become as good a photographer as George Smith or instructor-in-waiting Tim Hartley, but they are willing to share their experience and knowledge with you free of charge. Bring your camera and the instruction book to the CAC from 1000-1600 Saturday, April 9, and start unlocking your camera’s magic. Tim will take over the class in June, but is assisting now.

Out of Country Leisure Travel China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Guam, Saipan, Jeju & more


Happenings April11.indd 51


3/22/2011 2:15:01 PM

Protestant Women of the Chapel

Ladies Bible Study

Sponsored by the USAG Humphreys Installation Chaplain’s Office

Freedom Chapel Wednesdays 9:30 a. m. to 12 noon Childcare Available: Ages 0-2 onsite; Ages 3-5@CDC, Homeschoolers are welcome!

Evening Bible Study will be available soon! For More Info Contact us:

Join Us For Fun, Fellowship and Spiritual Growth.




Regular hours





Sundays & Holidays




Happenings April11.indd 52

3/22/2011 2:15:03 PM

What’s Happening in Suwon

Fall Back Plan Alternative Rock

Suwon Rec Center – April 16, 1900 RECREATION SCHEDULE 2 8 8 9 15 15 22 23 30

Seryu City Hunt Absolute Band Open Game Day Absolute Band BOSS DMZ Tour Open Game Day Absolute Band Absolute Band Seoul Land

SPORTS SCHEDULE 5 7 7-9 12 14 19 21 26 28

Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball 8th Racquetball Humphreys Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball Intramural Volleyball

Every Sunday & Thursday FREE MOVIES

Ranger Shop Card Ad 53

Happenings April11.indd 53

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Sat-Sun (6/11 & 6/12), 0900-1730

Sat-Sun (6/25 & 6/26), 0900-1730

PHIL 306 Confucian Practices in Asia (1)

MUSC 192 Overview of Opera and Theater (1)

UMUC: 52759 Sec. A481 Mark Monahan An examination of Confucianism as a religion and as a philosophy and its influences on the lives of East Asians.

Happenings April11.indd 54

UMUC: 52934 Sec. A461 Keith Johnston An introduction to the German theater system.

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Happenings April11.indd 55

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Vets now in own Clinic facility The Humphreys Veterinary Clinic now has a roof over its head, some desks and chairs and even some computers. What it doesn’t have yet is the equipment needed to start offering full service. Progress has been made, however, and it’s just a matter of time before Humphreys will be able to offer the same services as Osan – minus the long drive with a sick dog or cat in your lap. Meanwhile, the weekly Well Animal Clinic has been move from the Community Activity Center to the new Vet Clinic located just inside the airfield gate to the right of the CPX Gate. Signs provide directions. The Well Animal Clinic is each Monday from 0900-1200 and 1300-1500, Services include, vaccinations, micro-chipping, and health checks. It cannot handle sick pets. Happenings April11.indd 56

3/22/2011 2:15:19 PM

Getting ready for Summer Hire program Army Community Service will help Camp Humphreys youngsters age 14 and above get ready for the upcoming Summer Hire program. An Application Assistance session at 1600 753-8401 or 031-690-8401 Thursday, April 7, at the Middle School & the Teen Center. Those planning to apply for Summer Hire positions should plan to attend.

Volunteers take center stage this month National Volunteer Week is April 16-10, and ACS has a series of special activities planned to honor Community Volunteers, including the recognition of the Volunteers of the Quarter at the Camp Humphreys Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, April 19. Check Family Strong or contact ACS for a complete list of activities.

April is Child & Sexual Abuse Month Two topics people don’t really like to discuss are Child Abuse and Sexual Assaults. But they do happen ‌ not only in the civilian community but at Camp Humphreys as well. ACS will be running a series of awareness programs concerning both topics this month. See Family Strong for details.

The IMCOM Strategic Communications Team is currently testing a new logo for Army Community Service (ACS) through social media and traditional communication channels. No formal approval has yet been made. Your feedback is welcome on

See Family Strong for full ACS schedule Happenings April11.indd 57


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The Team Dental The Team Dental Hospital Hospital Find an Implantologist Find anmissing Implantologist Something in your smile?

We can help! From fillings to Crowns Something missing in your smile? and Bridges to replacing We can help! From fi llings to Crowns missing teeth with implants, and Bridges to replacing our Board Certified Specialists will missing teeth withinimplants, put that sparkle back your smile!! our Board Certified Specialists will put that sparkle back smile!! Director, Ph D. Taein-your Deug Kim

Associate Doctors Dr. S.W.You,Doctors M.S - Oral Surgeon, Implantologist Associate (University Of Illinois at Chicago) Dr. S.W.You, M.S - Oral Surgeon, Implantologist Dr. J.S.Yoon, M.S - Periodontist (University Of Illinois at Chicago) Dr. Y.B.Chang, M.S - Prosthodontist Dr. J.S.Yoon, M.S - Periodontist Dr. H.S.Lee, M.S - Orthodontist Dr. Y.B.Chang, M.S - Prosthodontist Dr. H.S.Lee, M.S - Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Lee ~ Orthodontic Specialist

. . Orthodontic school: Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital . Dental school: National University Website: www. Kyungpook Smilebeauty. Kr . Orthodontic school: Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital Phone : 031-618-2835, 2836 / Fax: 031-618-2833 . Website: www. Smilebeauty. Krfor Molar Intrusion’ was printed in the Article ‘Microscrew Anchorage June 2004 issue of Journal of/Clinical Orthodontics . Phone : 031-618-2835, 2836 Fax: 031-618-2833 . Article ‘Microscrew Anchorage for Molar Intrusion’ was printed in the

Dental school: Kyungpook National University Meet Dr. Lee ~ Orthodontic Specialist

June 2004 issue of Journal of Clinical Orthodontics #291-10, Pyeongtaek-Dong, Pyeongtaek City Tel: 031-6511-911 #291-10, Pyeongtaek-Dong,

FREE Valet Parking

FREE Valet Parking

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Pyeongtaek City Tel: 031-6511-911 Fax: 031-655-7105

Fax: 031-655-7105

We accept United Concordia Military We Insurance accept Dental United Concordia Military Dental Insurance

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Spring Break Festival

Spring Break Outdoor Rec has special activities set for youngsters For the second consecutive year, Outdoor Rec will offer a week full of activities for Camp Humphreys youngsters during the Spring Break from school. Different activities will be offered each day between April 11-15: Monday 0900-1100 Laser Tag Tuesday 0900-1100 Rock Wall Climbing Wednesday 1400-1700 Block Party Thursday 0900-1700 Archery Friday 0900-1700 Geo-caching Contact Outdoor Rec. at 753-3013 for further details.

Middle School & Teen Spring Break activities April 8 April 11 April 12 April 13 April 15 April 16

Arts & Crafts Bowling, $5 Youth Gym Laser Tag, $5 Animation Museum, $10 Rollerblading 59

Happenings April11.indd 59

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Happenings April11.indd 60

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Child, Youth & School Services

See Family Strong for full CYSS news 61

Happenings April11.indd 61

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TOP TOP REALTY REALTY The Theoldest oldestrealty The oldest realtyininAreaⅢ AreaⅢ Looking Lookingfor foroff-post off-posthousing? housing? Looking for Top TopRealty Realtyisisyour youranswer! answer! Top Realty   WeWe have been working for for thethe USAG HUMPHREYS community forfor over 1010 years. have been working USAG HUMPHREYS community over  We have been working for the USAG HUMPHREYS community for over 10 years. years.   WeWe areare an an experienced team, OurOur goal is to youyou a comfortable home soso you can experienced team, goal is find to find a comfortable home canspend spendtime time you can spend time  We are an experienced team, Our goal is to find you a comfortable home so you enjoying wonderful Korea. enjoying wonderful Korea. enjoying wonderful Korea.   WeWe work according to Humphreys housing regulations andand thethe Korean law. work according to Humphreys housing regulations Korean law.  We work according to Humphreys housing regulations and the Korean law.   WeWe have an outstanding reputation, Stop in and look at at ourour references! have an outstanding reputation, Stop in and look references!  We have an outstanding reputation, Stop in and look at our references!

Office : 031-691-0700, Hot line : 011-9904-5119 Office : 031-691-0700, Hot line : 011-9904-5119 Office : 031-691-0700, Hot line : 011-9904-5119 E-mail : E-mail : E-mail :

Your Realty Team Your TopTop Realty Team Your Top Realty Team

WalkWalk in in Gatein Walk Gate Gate Humphreys Humphreys Main Humphreys Main GateGate Main Gate

Happenings April11.indd 62

Deno Deno Deno

Howard Howard Hotel Howard Hotel


Jo Jo Jo

JayJay Jay Italy Italy House Italy House

Pizza House Pizza Pizza

Danny Danny Danny


300300 m m 300 m

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Wee Tot Programs Special Programs for our Smallest & Youngest Customers




Playgroup, Zoeckler Gym, 1000 (New Parent’s Support Group), Free Sing & Dance With Me (1000-1100) Youth Center, Free Creative Dance, 2 & 3 year olds (1605-1635), Youth Center $40, 8 weeks Creative Dance, 4 & 5 year olds (1640-1710), Youth Center, $50, 8 weeks Tummy Time, Zoeckler Gym, 1000 (New Parent Support Group), Free Storytime, Library, 1000 (Recreation), Free Gym Bugs, CDC, 1615 Toddlers-3 year olds), CDC, $20 month Gym Bugs, CDC, 1000 (18 mon-3 years old) (CYSS), $20 per month Romp & Stomp, Zoeckler Gym, 1000 (New Parent’s Support Group), Free Art Group, CAC Aerobics Room, 1000 (Recreation), Free

Children must be registered with Youth Services to Participate in Wee Tot Programs MEMBERSHIP IN THE CHILD, YOUTH & SCHOOL SERVICES PROGRAM IS FREE, BEING PAID BY THE ARMY FAMILY COVENANT Contact Central Registration at 753-3413 for Information CYSS also offers Creative Dance on Tuesdays Some Age Restrictions Apply * Call 753-5612 for Fees & Details

Meet the

BLACKS One of the three Area III

Families of the Year And More Proof That the


Keeping the Promise

The Army Family Covenant Lives at USAG-Humphreys Happenings April11.indd 63


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Gami Realty Home Sweet Home! in Korea Find it at Gami Realty!

We can help make your dreams come true.




2.2.Jin Sander 1.1.Insook Joanna

We have a variety of American Style Houses & Apartments for your needs.

3. 3.

2. 4.

Friendly pickup service to view all available properties.


We provide OUTSTANDING RENTAL SERVICES! Choose from the K-6/USAG Humphreys & K-55 USAF-Osan AB Area.

Sander 3.3.Jin 4. Grace 4. Jessica

K-6 Main Gate Walking Gate 77m Gami Realty

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Happenings April11.indd 65

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Visit our website for more information Office: 031)658-1276/1286 010-8926-3034

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Mon 월

Tue 화

Wed 수

Thu 목

Fri 금 1

생선까스 스파게티 미트소스 Fish Cutlet Spaghetti Meat Sauce

4 LA 갈비

5 돼지고기 야채볶음

6 쇠불고기

7 양송이 미트로프

닭날개 튀김 Pan Fried Vegetable w/Pork Fried Chicken Wings

비빔밥 Beef Bulgoggi Bibimbob

모듬고기 야채볶음

Mushroom Meatloaf Pan Fried Vegetable w/Meat

생선까스 돼지고기 탕수육 Fish Cutlet Sweet & Sour Pork

12돼지고기 야채볶음

13 쇠불고기

14 야채 미트로프

15 생선까스

닭고기 오븐구이 Pan Fried Pork Baked Chicken

비빔밥 Beef Bulgoggi Bibimbob

모듬고기 야채볶음

Vegetable Meatloaf Pan Fried Vegetable w/Meat

스파게티 미트소스 Fish Cutlet Spaghetti Meat Sauce

19돼지고기 야채볶음

20 쇠불고기

21 피망 미트로프


닭날개 튀김 Pan Fried Pork Fried Chicken Wings

비빔밥 Beef Bulgoggi Bibimbob

모듬고기 야채볶음

25 LA 갈비

26돼지고기 야채볶음

소시지 야채볶음

닭고기까스 Pan Fried Pork Chicken Cutlet

27쇠불고기 비빔밥 Beef Bulgoggi Bibimbob

소시지 야채볶음

LA BBQ Short Ribs Pan Pan--Fried Vegetable w/Sausage

11 LA 갈비 소시지 야채볶음

LA BBQ Short Ribs Pan Pan--Fried Vegetable w/Sausage

18 LA 갈비 소시지 야채볶음

LA BBQ Short Ribs Pan Pan--Fried Vegetable w/Sausage

LA BBQ Short Ribs Pan Pan--Fried Vegetable w/Sausage

Pimento Meatloaf Pan Fried Vegetable w/Meat


생선까스 쇠고기 스튜 Fish Cutlet Beef Stew

28 양송이 미트로프 29 모듬고기 야채볶음

Mushroom Meatloaf Pan Fried Vegetable w/Meat

생선까스 스파게티 미트소스 Fish Cutlet Spaghetti Meat Sauce


Happenings April11.indd 67

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Happenings April11.indd 68

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아침 BREAKFAST(10시 30분까지)


그릴드 베이글


치킨 시저

에그앤 치즈


터키 또는 햄


2.95 2.95 1.50 2.50 2.95 2.50 1.50


5.95 5.95 5.50

소시지 또는 햄 브랙퍼스트 부리토 크로와상 에그앤 치즈 소시지, 햄 또는 베이컨 비스킷과 그레이비 머핀 포테이토 라운드


버거 BURGERS $4.50 5.00 5.50 5.50

버거 치즈버거 베이컨 치즈버거 머시룸앤 스위스 버거

$5.50 6.50 5.95 6.50

치킨 샐러드 크로와상 슈림프 포보이 컨츄리 프라이드 스테이크 치킨 케사디아 델리 클럽 서브

5.50 5.95 5.95 5.75

이탈리안 서브 루벤 그릴드 치킨

스퍼즌스터프 SPUDS-N-STUFF $5.25 5.25 5.25 5.95

칠리앤치즈 브로콜리 앤 치즈 베이컨 치즈앤 소어크림 치킨, 브로콜리 앤 치즈


사우스웨스트 로디드 칠리, 치즈, 베이컨 앤 소어크림

이탈리언 햄 또는 터키와 치즈 튜나 델리 클럽

$5.95 5.50 5.50 5.50

바스켓 BASKETS 케이쥰 프라이드 슈림프 피시 스트립 슈림프 앤 피시 콤보

$6.50 6.50 7.50 5.95

치킨, 브로콜리, 소어크림 앤 치즈


시저 그릴드 치킨이나 튜나중 택일

치킨 샐러드



4.50 5.50

쉐프 샐러드

알라카트 A LA CARTE $1.50 2.50 1.95

프라이 칠리 프라이 어니언링 베이크드 빈 칩

1.25 1.00

그외 달콤한 간식 (For the Sweet Tooth) 케잌, 파이, 치즈케잌 쿠키

$2.50 .75

각종 음료


치킨 로디드

$1.00 – 커피, 아이스티 (플레인 또는 스윗), 오렌지 쥬스, 레모네이드, 우유, 캔소다, 병음료

칠리 앤 윙스 CHILI & WINGS $4.95 6.50 2.50 4.50

$1.25 – 물(작은병) $1.75 – 물(큰병), 자동판매 컵 음료 $2.15 – 레드불 (에너지드링크) $2.25 -- 게토레이

맥주 (신분증확인필수)

Happenings April11.indd 69




미국 맥주 - $2.50

델리 클럽 가든 베지

치킨 스트립

더블사이즈 -- $1.50

프리토 파이 핫윙 칠리컵 칠리 치즈 도그


* 하이네켄- $2.75

$2.50 – 몬스터 (에너지 드링크)


3/22/2011 2:15:35 PM








Happenings April11.indd 70










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Go Ahead, Sleep In And Still Be On Time To

Sundays @ 1700 Freedom Chapel 753-6862 Chapel Next, USAG Humphreys – “Like Us,” on Happenings April11.indd 71


3/22/2011 2:15:42 PM

Coming in May Splish & Splash, Augusta West OPEN MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND


Happenings April11.indd 72

Every May, we honor our Moms by running their photos in Area III FMWR publications. And the Mother whose photo is selected for the front cover of the May Happenings will be treated to a Free Mother’s Day Brunch at the Alaska Mining Co.. Send your photos to no later than April 10 to be considered. Photos can be with or without kids – Your Choice. Please limit photos to 2.

3/22/2011 2:15:42 PM

April Happenings  
April Happenings  

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