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Strong Family

Vol. 3, No. 6 June 2011

Camp -Humphreys, Republic of Korea

Inside This Month’s Issue: Father’s Day Buffet @ AMC

Father Daughter Dance @ Tommy D’s Send us Your Photos For Our Publications USAG-Humphreys Official Web Site News on ALL FMWR Programs in Korea

Army Community Service Army Volunteer Corps & Army Family Action Plan (753-3266) Jun 3 @ 1800 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner @ CAC Jun 14 @ 1000 Community-Wide Volunteer OPOC Training @ FRC

Army Family Team Building & Deployment Readiness (753-7439) Jun 3 @ 0900 Jun 9 @ 1500 Jun 14 @ 0900 Jun 15 @ 0900 Jun 15 @ 0930 Jun 22 @ 1330 Jun 24 @ 0900 Jun 29 @ 0900

NEO Preparation Training for Family Members@ ACS Key Caller Training @ ACS AFTB Level 3 (Part 1) @ ACS AFTB Level 3 (Part 2) @ ACS FRG Meet and Greet, Master Resilience Training Overview, FRG Leaders, FRSAs & entire community invited @ ACS Family Readiness Group Training@ ACS Family Readiness Support Assistant Training @ ACS Care Team’s Training @ ACS

Exceptional Family Member Program (753-6277) June 1 @ 1330 Jun 14 @ 1200 Jun 15 @ 1400 Jun 20 @ 1030 Jun 21 @ 1830

Respite Care Seminar @ ACS A to Z EFMP Self Help Support Group @ FRC EFMP Gym Time @ Super Gym EFMP Respite Care On-Line Training & Respite Care Providers Package Review @ ACS Free Bowling Night @ Strike Zone

Family Advocacy Program (753-6252) Jun 1 @ 1500 Parenting 1-4 Year Olds @ ACS Jun 1, 15, 22, 29 @ 1330 Anger & Stress Management E1-E4 @ ACS, (No class on 2nd Wed of each month.) Jun 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 @ 1330 Anger & Stress Management E5-E9/Civilians @ ACS (Every Thursday) Jun 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 @ 1400 Anger & Stress Management Officers/Civilians @ ACS (Every Thursday) Jun 7,14,21,28 @ 1330 Enhancing Relationships & Communication Skills @ ACS Jun 7,14,21,28 @ 1530 New Leaders Mandatory Family Advocacy Program, Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program Brief @ ACS Jun 8 @ 1300 FAP Case Review Committee meeting@ ACS Jun 8 @ 1500 Parenting 5-12 Year Olds @ ACS Jun 16 @ 1800 Single Parents Support Group @ ACS Jun 21 @ 1730 The Marriage Garden @ ACS Jun 27 @ 1330 Parents, Children, and Divorce @ ACS Jun 30 @ 1500 Parenting Teenagers @ ACS Jun 30 @ 1800 Emergency Placement Care Training @ ACS

New Parent Support Program (753-6287) Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 1000 Jun 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 @ 0900 Jun 3 @ 0900 Jun 6 @ 1300 Jun 6, 13, 20, 27 @ 1000 Jun 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 0630 Jun 21@ 1300 Jun 14 @ 1300

Tummy Time @ Zoeckler Gym Romp & Stomp @ Zoeckler Gym OB Orientation @ Super Gym Childbirth Class @ FRC Playgroup @ Zoeckler Gym Pregnancy/ Post partum PT @ Super Gym Breastfeeding Basics @ FRC 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad @ FRC

Financial Readiness Program (753-8403/7479)

Jun 6,13,20,27 @ 0830 Personal Financial Readiness Training for First Term Soldiers @ FRC Jun 7 @ 1300 Planning a Budget @ FRC Jun 1 @ 1300 Car Buying @ FRC Jun 8 @ 1300 Money Management - The Building Blocks to a Better Future@ FRC Jun 10 @1300 First Time Home Buyer Class @ FRC Jun 15 @ 1300 Credit Management & Using Credit Wisely @ FRC Jun 17 @ 1300 First Term PCS “Money & Moving” @ FRC Jun 22 @ 1300 Thrift Savings Plan & Basic Investment Class @ FRC

Relocation Readiness Program (753-8804/8318)

Jun 6, 7,13,14,20,21,27,28 @1130 Jun 7,14,21,28 @ 0830 Jun 7,14,21,28 @ 1800 Jun 1, 8,15,22,29 @ 1200 Jun 1 @ 1330 Jun 2, 9,16,23,30 @ 1800 Jun 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 1130 Jun 4, 11, 18, 25 @ 0900 Jun 15 @ 1330 Jun 17 @ 1300 Jun 28 @ 1500

Basic English Language Instruction @ FRC Newcomers Orientation @ ACS Basic Korean Language Instruction @ ACS Lunch Time Learning About Korea @ ACS Waiting Spouse Support Group @ FRC Advanced Korean Language Instruction @ ACS Advanced Level English Language Instruction @ FRC Wonder Wheels! Learn to Use Public Transportation Depart from BBQ -Pavilion by Walk-Thru Gate Re-Entry Workshop @ ACS Sponsorship Training @ ACS International Spouses Exchange @ FRC

Employment Readiness Program (753-8321) Jun 7 @ 0900 Jun 8 @ 1200 Jun 14 @ 0900 Jun 17 @ 1300 Jun 22 @ 0900 Jun 24 @ 0900

Creating a Winning Resume @ FRC Lunch & Learn- “Merci @ FRC Interview Magic @ FRC Professional Development @ FRC Resumix Preparation @ FRC Employment Opportunities Overview for Newcomers @ FRC

Humphreys Main ACS Bldg. 311 Director: Suzanne James 753-8401 TTY Hearing Impaired 753-3081

Humphreys ACS Family Readiness Center Bldg. 1127 TTY Hearing Impaired 753-3082 Coordinator: Philip Chang 753-6522/8321

Suwon ACS Bldg. 2200 Bill Spearman 788-5024 TTY Hearing Impaired 788-4880 Information & Referral 753-8401/6761

Child Development Center Bang Jeong Hwan Motto: "Be a brave and genuine child and love and help each other."

Dates to Remember…

The CDC will be busy in the month of June. Please be sure to mark the following dates on your calendar: June 15th – Part Day Strong Beginnings Graduation June 17th – Father’s Day Luncheon at 1100 June 24th – Full Day Strong Beginnings Graduation

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

The CDC would like to congratulate the Strong Beginnings Class of 2011! We have watched you grow over the year and are so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. We wish you the best of luck in Kindergarten! Also, a special thank you to the dedicated teaching staff that has led the way!


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) The PAC meeting is scheduled for June 15th at 1200. Please come out to voice ideas, suggestions, and concerns and earn valuable WIN points!

Strong Beginnings Strong Beginnings is a full or part day program designed to build up to Kindergarden and focus on academic excellence which will help children transition to Kindergarden. Using the building blocks children already have, Strong Beginnings refines their skills. This program is designed for 4 and 5 year olds and runs from: 0900 to 1200 each day.

Call the CDC for more info. 753-8601

Parent Date Night Reminder

Parent Date Night will take place on June 17th from 1830 to 2230. A $4.00 fee per hour, with a minimum reservation of 2 hours, is charged to utilize this service. Reservations can be made from June 1st through 13th. Please be sure to indicate the planned drop off and pick up time for your child when calling 753-8601 or stopping in to make a reservation.

And The Winner Is…

The “Employee of the Month” is Brienne Matthews! Thank you, parents, for all of your nominations. Please continue to express your appreciation by submitting a vote for a staff member you feel deserves to be recognized! Remember, the management staff needs your help! Take a moment to nominate a staff member for July’s Employee of the Month. One staff member will be selected each month and highlighted in the Family Strong Magazine. Nomination forms are located at the reception desk.


The CDC would like to say farewell to Ms. Katie, Ms. Amani, Ms. Brigita, and Ms. Amberly! Our CDC family will truly miss all of you! Best of luck at your next duty station!

Babysitting List CYS Services is the place where you can find

responsible & reliable teen babysitter in the community. To get the babysitting list, visit Bldg. 570 and bring photo I.D. with you. This list will not be given via e-mail. To obtain list please call 753 - 8274 New Addition WAITLIST Expecting a new addition (or two) to your family? CYS Services has childcare available for new born & infants. Call 753 - 3413 for details

Scholastic Book Club Login and look at the wonderful selection of books in May Book Club flyers! Orders can be placed until May 10th. All orders will be shipped to the CDC and can be picked up in your child’s classroom. Go to and enter our personalized username and password to take advantage of the great selection and prices! USERNAME: HumphreysCDC PASSWORD: HumphreysCDC

Hourly Care

Hourly care is offered daily for ages 6 weeks to Kindergarten. Slots are available from 0800 to 1630. Your child must be registered with CYS Services to attend. Call 753-8601 to make a reservation. Coordinator -Bldg. 693 Joon H Auci 753-8284

Trainer and Curriculum Specialist Currently Vacant - 753-8507

CDC Director Currently Vacant 753-8601

CDC Administrators Mihui kenyon


Youth Sports

Youth Sports Director Bradley Ficek 753-5602

June 7 & 8: Pitch, Hit, & Run Competition 1700-1930 @ Independence Park. Stop by at any time on either day to test your baseball/softball skills. Events will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, depending on how many participants are at the field at one time. Please allow adequate time for warming your children up as well.

June 18: Youth Sports Trip to a Professional Korean Baseball Game. Youth Sports is inviting our spring sports athletes and their families to a KBO baseball game. The game will be played in Daejon. Tickets to the game and transportation will be provided for a small fee. Contact Youth Sports at 753-5601 for more information.

What You Get For Your Child Care Dollar


Did You Know . . .?



Total Family Income Categories $0 - 29,400 $29,401 - 35,700 $35,701 - 46,200 $46,201 - 57,750 $57,751 - 73,500 $73,501 - $85,000 $85,001 - $100,000 $100,001 - $125,000 $125,001+


Part Time*

$210 $278 $338 $408 $478 $544 $546 $550 $556

$162 $212 $260 $312 $360 $406 $424 $434 $444

Part Day Pre-School 5 Day 3 Hr 3 Day 3 Hr 2 Day 3 Hr $86 $52 $36 $132 $78 $54 $160 $94 $66 $192 $114 $78 $224 $134 $92 $254 $152 $102 $262 $154 $108 $264 $156 $110 $266 $158 $112



Total Family Income Categories $0 - 29,400 $29,401 - 35,700 $35,701 - 46,200 $46,201 - 57,750 $57,751 - 73,500 $73,501 - $85,000 $85,001 - $100,000 $100,001 - $125,000 $125,001+

Before/After School $114 $148 $182 $218 $252 $284 $298 $304 $312

Before/After Kindergarten $126 $164 $202 $242 $278 $314 $330 $336 $344

Season Fee

Developmental Sports

Team Sports for Ages 3 - 5


Category A

Soccer, Flag Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Dodge Ball


Category B

Baseball, Softball, Wrestling

Category C

Tackle Football, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Competitive Swimming, Golf, Field Hockey

STANDARD HOURLY RATE: $4.00 (Multiple Child Reductions and Total Family Income Categories do not apply to hourly care)



Your CDC fees provide a safe, secure, learning environment for your child

$45 >= $65

* Category C Sport Fees are locally determined but must be equal to or greater than amount shown OTHER SPORTS NOT LISTED: Contact FMWRC Sports POC to determine appropriate Category

Additional Information



$46 $60 $74 $88 $102 $114 $120 $122 $126

$80 $104 $128 $154 $176 $200 $210 $214 $218

SAS/K Camp (Weekly) $40 $52 $64 $77 $89 $100 $105 $107 $110

OCCASIONAL USER RATES: Hourly Rate: $4.00, limited to 5 hrs./week. Part Time (< or = to 4 hrs./day) $16.00 ; Daily (> 4 hrs.): $30.00 MIDDLE SCHOOL/TEEN OCCASIONAL USER DAILY RATE: $16.00; Hourly Rate: $4.00, limited to 5 hrs./week. (Multiple Child Reductions and Total Income Family Categories do not apply to hourly, part time or daily care)

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Patrons who do not wish to disclose financial information will be placed in Category 9 . MULTIPLE CHILD REDUCTION (MCR): A 15% MCR is offered to the second and subsequent children in all regularly scheduled Army Child Care Programs. (Full fee is charged for the child in the most expensive care option, e.g., Full Day CDC care vs SAS care). A 15% MCR is offered to second and subsequent children in all Youth Sports programs occurring during the same season. LATE PICK-UP FEES: Family fee of $1.00 per minute/$15.00 maximum. Note: If Family has children at different sites, late pick-up fees are assessed per site. *PART TIME CARE: Applies to a specialized part time program; this may include Part Time Kindergarten Care (for children attending a part time [AM or PM] Kindergarten program). MIDDLE SCHOOL/TEEN (MS/T) Before School Supervision Monthly Fee = SAS "Before" Rate.

z Staff are trained to protect, nurture, and teach z Activities promote early learning and school readiness z Facilities have „ Regular fire, safety, health, and program inspections „ Security surveillance equipment to monitor activities „ Force Protection safeguards z Parent involvement is welcome and appreciated

Your CDC fees “go further” because the Army covers much of the cost z You pay your share and the Army funds the difference z Fee discounts are available when more than one child enrolls in CYS Programs z Off-post centers usually charge more for infants, supplies, food, and field trips

Your CDC fees buy… z z z z z

220 to 240 hours of full-day care each month 10 to 12 hours a day Monday through Friday, typically less than $2 an hour 44 nutritious meals and up to 22 snacks Field trips and skills development Two weeks of "child care leave" every year

Your CDC fees help make the military lifestyle a little easier z z z z

Operating hours at convenient locations are geared to the duty day Single facilities offer one-stop care for ages 6 weeks to 5 years Hourly care is available for respite/well-being purposes Services and standards are predictable wherever you're stationed

CDC fees are a GREAT value because your child receives the best care z Army centers are inspected more frequently than those licensed off-post z Most Army centers are nationally accredited; most off-post centers are not z Military Child Care is cited as "A Model for the Nation" by Congress and national experts

All Fees effective 1 October 2010

You and CYS - Investing Together

School Age Services Live Homework Help(“” and MISA) is a live, online tutoring service available in English and Spanish 24 hours a day, no matter where you live. Free Educational Subjects supported are all grades levels of Math, Science, English, and Social is a safe online environment with tutors who are certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors or graduate school students hired by Love Home work help is a completely anonymous program to protect the student’s safety and identity. For more information please contact the School Liaison at 753-8284


Next PAC Meeting will be held on the 30Aug @1200-1300.All SAS parents are welcomed to com and share ideas and or concerns related to the School Age Services program. All attendees will receive 1SAS WIN point; once 5 points are collected a 10% discount is applied to the attendee’s childcare fee for the month. AOO PAC board members receive an automatic 10% monthly discount. Win Points PAC*chair members (president, vice president and secretary) receive a 10% discount on monthly childcare fees. PAC attendees will receive a WIN point for each meeting they attend; once 5 WIN points are collected they will receive a 10% discount on that month’s childcare fees.

Upcoming Events

Annual Summer Day Camp starts June 27

The Camp Adventure Summer Camp program offers weekly sessions for children entering the first through fifth grade. Each week is themed and includes games, crafts, field trips and more. Camp counselors are hand-picked college students who have undergone extensive backgrounds checks, assuring participating campers a safe and memorable experience. Register your children through Parent Central 753-3413 753-5973 Monday-Friday 0800-1800 Located in the CDC

June Clubs

Happy Birthday

Cooking Club (will meet on Monday 06 June,13 June at16:00-17:00) This month the SAS Cooking Club will be make fresh Kiwi, Strawberry Fruit Juice !)

Magic Club (will meet on Friday 10 and 17June at 16:00-17:00) Magic club will be learning Review Magicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Watching Video.

Science Club will meet on Thursday 09 and 16 June Science club members will begin a Volcanoes and planting project. All Children must be registered with CYSS in order to participate. Parents may reserve hourly care 48 hours in advance.

Child Development Center Bldg S-693, Room 108 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 p.m. 753-3413 Yeji H. Smith 753-5973 Candi Wight

Registration membership is currently FREE courtesy of the Army Family Covenant

Get information about CYSS Programs

Register for Child Care, School Age Activities, Sports, and other CYSS Programs Parent Central Representative available at monthly OB Orientation at the Super Gym To register for CYSS Programs: Obtain a program registration packet at the CDC (Bldg S693), Youth Center (Bldg S-570), or online at 2. Please call 753-3413/5973 to make an appointment, registration can take up to 30 minutes. 3. With complete registration packet, we do accept walk-ins. 1.

School Age Services Director Acting Director: YongMi Morrill

SAS/MST Administrative Assistant Vacant 753- 8507

Youth Sports Director Bradley Ficek 753-5602

Technology & Computer Lab Specialist

Casey Batchelor 753-8645

Work Force Preparation Specialist Isamar Molina-Osorio 753-5613

If your Child is registered with USAG-Humphreys CYS Services then he or she is also a member of the youth Birthday club. The month of their birthday all youth will receive six FREE coupons for the following MWR services: FREE Kids Meal or $2 off any AMC Meal FREE day of swimming @ Splish n' Splash FREE game of Bowling @ Strike Zone FREE game of Miniature Golf @ Augusta West FREE game of laser tag @ Outdoor Rec. FREE archery lesson @ Outdoor Rec.


Elias A. Rodriguez Garey A. Hindman Micaya Y. Boyd Esteban A. Rodriguez Jasmin N. McCray Michael K. Pierre DeJahore Dail-Addison Haley D. Palacios Sofia V. Hinchliff Yazmin K. Curnutte Riley A. Williams Hannah E. Hankerson Zavion Josiah Leggett Mykayla M. Grenz Talia N. Thompson Bradley S. Copeland Jenna A. Smith Michaud M. Sanders Jr. Jasmine A. Thomson Amirah Nia Wizzart Aminah N. Wizzart Hailey N. Rowell Tristan C. Samuelson Jada A. Wright Clyde R. Fleming Elijah Herold Grace E. Deschner Madisyn M. McCreery-Dietsch Atlanta H. Gates Jordan R. Cooper Hannah L. Davis Ryan A. Earnest Joseph A. Dixon Terry J. Cooper Taylor E. Randall Jade R. Lampe Iman D. Wilson Benjamin C. Moon Matthew C. Henderson Sarah Eggleston Aysha R. Keeling Kaylee Goff David J. Wodrich Eryn L. Davis Gabriela L. Angus Madilynn D. Knott Quincy R. Dewey Gavin H. Gilley Seginald J. Bryant Jr. Jayleb S. Klein Bailie M. Wiggins Ye Bin Kim Julian C. Kelly Elise Holland Emily L.A Jennrich Lucas Giles-Johnson Daisy L. Attaway Stephen A. Corlew Jordan R. Wilson Anna Kovacs Keely Baptista Jadah Massey Sariah N.L. Blyden Anthony Chang Patric R. Herring Skylan M. Avila Desmond T. Massey Samuel L. Montgomery Sarah J. Bellemeur Nathaniel Battle Jr. Erin E. Gonzalez Ryan L. Barrick Christina C. Kenyon Kenneth J. Spreitzer Alex M. Rodriguez Christopher M. Hall Ronan B. Huey Christain J. Wilburn Angelica L. Lockhart Jaylen D. Patterson Melina L. Dorsey Anmarie E. Jeter Winston H. Powell Camron J. Robinson Martin VanDusen Kaelyn L. Taylor Jyneil Worsley Rodney T. Burnside Jr. Amya E. Jeter Ian W. McWhirt Juel M. Lamberth Savannah A. Hoagland Karysma A. Rivers Alexia J. Harvey Alexis J. Harvey Grace N. Chang Xavier M. Joiner

Middle School & Teen USAG Humphreys Middle School/Teen Center



Lavonte is such a joy! He always has a positive attitude and a great big smile on his face! He is extremely well mannered and enjoys playing video games, watching movies and playing sports! He attends our field trips and participates weekly in our Power Hour Club! He is a great role model!

MS/TEEN CENTER BLDG 427 â&#x20AC;˘ DSN 753-5614

The Hump! MS/Teen Center

MS/Teen Center BLDG 427 â&#x20AC;˘ DSN 753-5614

Are you looking for a Job? The Hired! Apprenticeship program allows youth ages 15-18 to engage in meaningful, professionally managed, career exploration opportunities in Morale, Welfare & Recreation operations. It also offers exciting and interactive career and college prep workshops, as well as educational incentive awards for teens 17-18 years of age. The program gives apprentices valuable paid work experience and training that will better equip them with the skills needed for a highly competitive job market. HIRED! Third term has successfully started, but you can apply for HIRED! fourth term that will take place from October until December 2011. Come by CYSS School Age Services BLDG 570 and get a registration packet today! Interested! Please contact Isamar Molina-Osorio at 753-5613

Middle School/ Teen January Events

CLEOS Director Vacant

Middle School & Teen Program Director Acting Director Casey Batchelor 753-5614

Child/Youth Program Assistant Barbara Hoover- Lead Allysa Lester

Brett Peters-Coker

Operating Hours Monday - Friday 1430 - 1900 Saturday 1500 - 2000 Sunday & Holidays Closed Bldg. S-427 753-5614

USAG Humphreys MS/T Center

Instructional Classes Gym Bugs

( $ 20.00 per month )


1000 - 1045 Pre-school 4 & 5 Yrs CDC


1615-1645 Toddlers, 18mo-3yrs old CDC

Creative Dance

Tuesday 8 week session 1515-1600 6 yrs and older $ 50 per session 1605-1635 2 & 3 yrs old $ 40 per session 1640-1710 4 & 5 yrs old $ 50 per session CYSS Building 570

Baton Twirling

Thursday, June 16 Community Activity Center Two Performances 1400 & 1900 Home School Support Group Meet with other home school families and discuss different strategies for balancing home schooling and daily life. Sponsored by USAG-Humphreys Chapel For more information, contact Kristi Jones at or visit the homeschool group on yahoo


Tuesday ( $ 25.00 per month ) 1715-1800 6 yrs and older CYSS Building 570

Sing & Dance With Me Tuesday 1000-1100 CYSS Building 570

( June 2011 )

Taekwondo $ 60 per month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5Yr Old/Kindergarden 1455-1540 (CDC) 1st -2nd Grade 1700-1745 (CYS Gym) 3rd grade +

SKIES Unlimited

is looking for instructors for the following classes: Ballet, Piano, Tutoring ( Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, & SAT Prep) Art ( Painting, Drawing) & Foreign Language. For more information, contact SKIESUnlimited at 753-8274/3413

03/11: Handprint Butterfly Craft – We will be making butterflies using your child’s hand print cut out as the wings of the butterfly. Then we can use crayons, markers or paint, googly eyes and pipe cleaner to decorate our butterflies. 10/11: Paper Bag Puppets – Very simple puppets made from small paper lunch bags. You can make a raccoon, dog, cat, rabbit, bunny, mouse, pig, panda, or frog. 17/11: Wax Paper Sea – Have your children paint their wax paper like the sea (blue and green paint). Then have them cut out different sea creature’s shapes from the paper and stick them on the wax paper (the creatures will stick to the paint as it dries. 24/11: Play dough day! – We have play dough rollers, presses, and cookie cutters to use! Come create, but remember we have to leave the dough at art group so we can use it again next time!

Father’s Day Special Events

Look!! Father’s Day Special Father’s Day Special

Family Strong

Is a monthly publication of the Directorate of Family & MWR Activities, USAG-Humphreys & Area III Republic of Korea & is published under authority of AR 215-1. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the U.S. Army or any agency thereof. Use of a Commercial name or Advertiser does not constitute endorsement.

Scratch & Sniff Steak

Questions should be directed to:

Editor, Jeff Hubbard at Family Strong reserves the right to accept or reject items.

T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak Perfectly Grilled T-Bone Steak, Salad Bar, Baked Potato, Veggie, Rolls & Iced Tea or Lemonade Perfectly Grilled T-Bone Steak, Salad Bar, Baked Potato, Veggie, Rolls & Iced Tea or Lemonade June 19th Served from 1300-2030


Served from 1300-2030

Alaska Mining Co.

Breakfast Buffet The Breakfast Buffet will be served from 0900-1300, followed by the Father’s Day T-Bone Special


Alaska Mining Co.

Breakfast Buffet The Breakfast Buffet will be served from 0900-1300, followed by the Father’s Day T-Bone Special

USAG-Humphreys Area III Commander COL Joseph P. Moore Deputy to the Garrison Commander Dave Frodsham Command Sergeant Major CSM Jason K. Kim

Director, Family & MWR Activities Don Claycomb Marketing Chief Mike Mooney Family Strong Editor and Design Jeff Hubbard Staff Chong, So-Kyong, Yu, Tae-Yol, Olivia Lee Ah-Reum, Bill Cottrell Design Cheif

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Family Strong June 2011  

Supporting the Army Family Covenant

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