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Family Strong

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Vol 2, No 9 September 2010

USAG-Humphreys, Republic of Korea

School Begins and summer memories are fading fast... Remember what you did this Summer? Send us Your Photos For Our Publications USAG-Humphreys Official Web Site MWR Marketing Event Photos - View, Print or Email

Army Community Service Army Family Team Building & Deployment Readiness 753-7439 September

1 @ 0900 3 @ 0900 10 @ 0830 15 @ 1800 17 @ 0900 29 @ 1800

AFTB Level I NEO Preparation Training Family Readiness Group Training Rear Attachment Commander's Training AFTB Concept Block, "Army 101" Care Team's Training

Exceptional Family Member Program September

1 @ 1330 14 @ 1200 14 @ 1300 14 @ 1400 14 @ 1500 15 @ 1400 21 @ 1830

All classes at ACS bldg. 311


Respite Care Seminar @ ACS ADHD Support Group @ FRC Autism & Asperger’s Disorder Support Group @ FRC Asthma Support Group @ FRC Cancer Support Group @ FRC EFMP Gym Time @ Super Gym Free Bowling Night @ Strike Zone

Family Advocacy Program September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 @ 1330 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 1330 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 1530 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 1330 1 @ 1500 8 @ 1500 16 @ 1800 21 @ 1730 22 - 24 @ 1800 23 @ 1500 25 @ 0900 27 @ 1330

EFMP Exceptio nal Family M ember P Don't g rogram. o throu gh your without Korean great su tour pport fo Membe 753-3742 All Classes at ACS bldg. 311 r your fam rs. Valua ily ble info rmation program Stress Management and s are ava ilable. Enhancing Relationships & Communication Skills New Leaders Mandatory Family Advocacy Program & Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Brief Anger Management Parenting 1-4 Year Olds fact of Parenting 5-12 Year Olds a simpleing how to is s s e r St w Single Parents' Support Group always e. Kno rmy Lif tress does not give you A S The Marriage Garden an manageurally. ACS c anage your t m a Emergency Placement Care Training (Parts 1 - 3) r n e t e ttle com how to bet r life a li u o n Parenting Teenagers y o s e k tip d ma le in Emergency Placement Care Training (Part 4) stress an ore enjoyab ... m s s ce Parents, Children and Divorce the pro

New Parent Support Program 753-6287 September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 1000 2, 9, 16, 23, 30@ 1000 13, 20, 27 @ 1000 14 @ 1330 21 @ 1300 24 @ 0900

Tummy Time @ FRC Romp & Stomp @ Zoeckler Gym Playgroup @ Zoeckler Gym Daddy’s Boot Camp @ FRC Breast-feeding Basics @ FRC OB Orientation @ Super Gym

Financial Readiness Program 753-6522 September 2@ 1500 9 @ 1300 10 @ 1500 13, 20, 27 @ 0830 16 @ 1300 17 @ 1300 23 @ 1500 24 @ 1500

All Classes held at FRC bldg. 1127

Car Buying Money Management - Building Blocks to a Better Future ABC’s of Credit Reports & Credit Scoring Personal Financial Readiness Training for First Term Soldiers Credit Management-Using Credit Wisely Basic Investment Class First Term PCS "Money and Moving" First Time Home Buyer Class

Army Volunteer Corps & Army Family Action Plan September 13@ 1000 23@ 1800 25@ 1400


Volunteer Organization Point of Contact Training @ FRC Facilitators Recorder,Transcriber Issue Support @ FRC Facilitators Recorder, Transcriber Issue Support @ FRC

Family Programs cover

A Busy Month at ACS September is a busy month at the ACS, among the regularly scheduled programs, ACS is diligently working on the Job Fair for Sept. 17 and the up coming AFAP which will be held on October 21 - 22. Many laborious hours of training and organization have to go into both these programs to ensure their success. Another very important program ACS looks forward to this month is the Military Family of the Year. Nominations are open the 1st of September and will go through October 5th. The Military Family of the Year is one way, not only the military can show appreciation to Army Families but, the Garrison as well. It also reinforces the Army's commitment to the Army Family Covenant. Nominated Families will have their photos taken by a professional photographer and will receive an 11 " x 17" print of their family portrait, in addition to a dinner in their honor. If you want to nominate a family for this prestigious event, no matter the Rank, forward their info and why they embody what the Army Family can and should be, to

Employment Readiness Program September

7 @ 0900 8 @ 1200 10 @ 1300 14 @ 0900 17 @ 0900 24 @ 0900 29 @ 0900


All Classes held at the Family Readiness Center, bldg. 1127

Creating a Winning Resume Lunch & Learn "Merci, Thank You, Kamsa Hamnida, Gracias" Professional Development Interview Magic Career Job Fair 2010, Super Gym Employment Opportunities for Newcomers Resumix Preparation

Relocation Readiness Program


September 1 @ 1330 3 @ 1300 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 0800 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30@ 1800 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 1200 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 1130 4, 11, 18, 25 @ 0900 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 @ 1130 15 @ 1330 28 @ 1500

Waiting Spouse Support Group @ FRC Sponsorship Training @ ACS Newcomers Orientation @ ACS Korean Language @ ACS Lunch Time Learning about Korea @ ACS Advanced Level English Language Instruction @ FRC Wonder Wheels! Learn Public Transportation @ BBQ Pavilion by Walk-Thru Gate Basic English Language Instruction @ FRC Re-Entry Workshop @ ACS International Spouses Exchange @ FRC

Humphreys ACS Family Readiness Center Bldg. 1127

Suwon ACS Bldg. 2200

Coordinator: Philip Chang 753-6522/8321 TTY Hearing Impaired 753-3081

Bill Spearman 788-5024 TTY Hearing Impaired 788-4880

Humphreys Main ACS Bldg. 311 Information & Referral 753-8401/6761

Director: Suzanne James 753-8401 TTY Hearing Impaired 753-3082

Child Development Center Bang Jeong Hwan Motto: "Be a brave and genuine child and love and help each other."

CDC September Calendar 3- Labor Day Parade 6- CDC CLOSED Labor Day 7- Part Day Pre-school Program 3&4's 8- 3day Strong Begining Program 13-17 Hispanic Heritage Week Celebration 15- Scholastic Book Clubs 17- 1630 to 1800 CDC Hispanic Heritage Dances 17- Parents Date Night 22- CDC CLOSED Chuseok

CDC is pleased to introduce six new staff members: Kerry Rodriguez - Toddler Room Ashley Martinez - Kindergarden Room Felicia Brown - Strong Beginings Room Kendra Herrin - Infants Room/SAS Program Chi Won Sin - Preschool Room Sarah Morris - Toddler Room

Parent Date Night Reminder September 17 is Date Night! Make sure you Sign up by Tuesday, September 14 to enjoy this opportunity to reconnect with your loved one without the worries of who will be doing the babysitting or how much it will cost. Thanks to the Army Family Convenant babysitting is FREE of charge. Be sure your child is registered with the CDC and all CDC requirements are fulfilled. Dinner is served for your little one and best of all you get a breather from the crazyness of everyday trials and tribulations. ENJOY

Tips of the month Healthy habits that fight cold and flu viruses. How soon should your kids learn how to avoid cold and flu viruses? The sooner the better... HHealthy habits for kids: Handwashing It's important to do handwashing well. Always use warm water and soap. The CDC recommends that people wash their hands for the amount of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice, about 15 to 20 seconds. If soap and water aren't available, an alcoholbased gel will work too. Just make sure that your kids really scrub their hands for about 20 seconds. They are done when the gel has completely evaporated. There are always kids who resist hand washing. What can you do? Make it Fun! Make them do the dishes: doesn't sound fun to us, but toddlers and preschool age kids love playing in the sink. So instead of getting into a struggle, let them stand on a chair by the sink, give them the soap and a dish to wash. If they keep at it for a few minutes their hands will be pretty clean. Remember, as always accompany your child during this fun excercise and maybe doing the dishes won't be so boring anymore. Choose the right soap: A bar of white soap can seem pretty dull. But if you can find a soap that catches your little one's attention, with a fruity smell or cartoon character on the bottle, you might have a better luck with hand washing.

Activities at the CDC Singing and dancing, we are all having fun at the CDC!

Strong Beginings Strong Beginings is a full or part day program designed to build up to Kindergarden etiquette and focus on academic excellence which will help children transition to Kindergarden. Using the building blocks children already have, Strong Beginings refines their skills. This progrma is designed for 4 and 5 year olds and runs from 900 to 1300 each day.

Read to your Children For young children, books that rhyme and have rhythm are excellent. Be sure to read Mother Goose Rhymes often. You will find your child learning the words or words that SOUND like those from the book, and saying them back to you. You might be tired of reading that book for the 50th time but your child loves to spend time with you this way. Books with few words and bright pictures are also great to keep his/her attention. Elaborate on other things on the page too.

Share Hispanic Heritage Join us September 17 as the CDC will celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Heritage dances will be performed from 1630 - 1800. We will also explore the culture through the language, stories and books, food Dance, Music and fun! If you would like to share your culture with CDC children give us a call at 753-8601

Take advantage of great Scholastic books and book club prices. Orders can be made online and shipped to CDC for pickup. Go to put in our personalized username and password: HumphreysCDC

Coordinator -Bldg. 693

CDC Director

Joon H Auci 753-8284

Sharon Colmore 753-8601

Trainer and Curriculum Specialist

Assistant CDC Director

Nancy Chandler 753-8507

Dong Mi Ragin 753-8601

Parent Central Services Yeji Smith 753-3413


p m a

e 2 r 0 u t 1 n 0 e v Ad Action



Camp Adventure is a professionally operated youth summer camp program, for youth 1st - 5th grades, that features weekly themes designed to be both fun and developmental.


We thought it would be great to let people know just exactly what Camp Adventure is and why the program is so much fun. Next year your child can get in on the fun. Mark your calendars because sign ups usually begin in May for the 2011 Camp Adventure. No sense in missing out on the all the fun!


H Adult Comments about 2010 Camp Adventure


"It's special with this group of kids. They are fun campers. I love the field trips with the kids and dance at open camp in the mornings, where they have music, arts, crafts and activities." -Yong Mi Morrill "Our Kids love Music! Children's NANTA Experience was definately a great experience for them, especially drumming with the various drumsets and lights." -Joseph Knight, Counselor


nd e play a layw s e m ike p he ga “I like tn field trips. I lking and going oarco Polo, cooel Payne, 7 ing M ag.” - Micha t playing


“I don’t know what was my favorite trip. They’re all fun.” -Hope Yerdon, 7


"I have really enjoyed going on the field trips with the children and seeing more of Korea." -Alex Penno, Counselor



“I like going on field trip s and playing in th EX e gym.” -M the CO od, e k i l ic h s a e fo l ip Alexander, 7 ield tr ing Korean and f e h t “I like . I like eat eating rice ium like Aquar opsticks. I a Holland, 8 ch ic using odles.” -Er no


"Meeting the kids is my favorite part of Camp Adventure. I love watching kids having a good time." -Kasey Alderson, Counselor


"I love traveling in Korea. I've been to Seoul, Busan, Jeju. In Seoul, I love the food and I like the city. I took the train and the ferry to Jeju. I love swimming and the beaches in Busan." -Rob Vance, Counselor



“I like playing basketball. I like playing Hankey Pankey and with legos.” I like going to amusement parks in Korea.” -Adrian Gomes, 7


School Age Services SAS Question of the Month

Clubs Galore... School is starting and along with it new clubs and extra curricular things to do! SAS 4-H clubs are resuming with a new Magic Club! SAS kids will learn and perform exciting magic tricks. Excellent clubs like Cooking, Community and Art Clubs will also be in full swing and attracting new students. There will be new projects to tackle too. Now is the time to get in on your favorite club or clubs.

Get Involved The First PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meeting for the 20102011 School year will be held on the 9th of September at 1200 at CYSS building 570. All SAS parents are encouraged to come and share ideas and or concerns related to the School Age Services Program.

! S A S o G

What is your favorite Sport and why? "My favorite Sport is soccer because I like to have fun and it's fun to play!" -Dylan Avery "My favorite Sport is soccer because I get to kick the ball lots of times." -Preston Francois "I like football because you get to tackle people and I like basketball because you can make three-pointers and dunks. I also like dancing because I can do flips and spins" -Deionte Myers "I like football because I can play with my brother and I always win" - Isaac Camacho "I like dancing because I can dance on the video game Just Dance." -Micaya Boyd "I like tennis because it's so fun and it's good for you to get exercise." -Hannah Godaire

Day for Kids

Boys and Girls Club of America is hosting the

annual BGCA Day for Kids. There will be fun for all, young and old. Held at Outdoor Rec, September 25th from 1100-1400, there will be a 2ID Tae Kwon Do Demo, inflatable games, face painting, arts, crafts, games food and MORE. Come out for a great day and share it with your kids! For more information about this event call 753-8274


Soccer Season

is Here Stay in contact with Youth Sports for the up coming Youth Soccer practice and game schedules. For more information contact Youth Sports at 753-5601

Congratulations to Erik and Evin Rude for their 1st place titles in the 2010 USFK Youth Swim Tournament in Daegu. All atheletes did extremely well through out the Swim season! Also a special Thank You to Coaches: Heidi Ross, Charlene Cardenas and PVT Josh Johnson

Humphreys Road Runners in High Gear The Humphreys Road Runners Youth Running Club is racking up the miles and are ready for more! After competing in the Firecracker Run on the 4th of July, the runners, grades 3-8, are training for the Pyeongtaek Port Silkroad International Marathon Festival 5K, on October 10th. The runners club is open to youth after registering with Youth Sports and meet at Zoeckler track Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1630-1730. If you have a runner in your midst give them the opportunity to explore the Runners Club. For more info. regarding the Club or the upcoming 5k call youth Sports at 753-5601

September Technology Tip Let technology work for you in ways you wouldn't expect. Most everyone who reads the Family Strong also shops at the commissary. Have you ever deciphered the price labels on the shelves? These labels are printed from a database that makes some calculations based on data. One interesting aspect of these labels is the detail that shows you how much an item is per ounce, per pound or each (bottom right). This can be a beneficial tool when comparing prices and determining the best value for your buck. Start taking a look at the cost per ounce and you will notice that buying bigger is not always better.

r e b m Pte


All Children must be registered with CYSS in order to participate. Parents may reserve hourly care 48 hours in advance.

s b u l C

Art Club September 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 1600 SAS youth will create various art projects and have the

opportunity to express themselves artistically.

Community Club Wednesdays, September 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 @ 1600 Youth will work on conflict resolution strategies and

community service projects.

Cooking Club Monday, September 20 &27 @ 1600

Youth will prepare new creative recipes with their friends.

Magic Club September 14 & 28 @ 1600 The Magic Club will allow SAS children to learn and perform

various Magic tricks

Newsletter Club Tuesday, September 7 & 21 @ 1600 Learn how to interview, report and create a monthly newsletter. Technology Club Tuesdays @ 1600 Kids will learn to and explore technology, computer hardware,

software, robotics, digital photography and MORE>>>

School Age Services Manager Karla Burke 753-8507

SAS/MST Administrative Assistant Shermanita Dobbs 753- 8507

If your Child is registered with USAG-Humphreys CYS Services then he or she is also a member of the youth Birthday club. The month of their birthday all youth will receive six FREE coupons for the following MWR services: FREE Kids Meal or $2 off any AMC Meal FREE day of swimming @ Splish n' Splash FREE game of Bowling @ Strike Zone FREE game of Miniature Golf @ Augusta West FREE game of laser tag @ Outdoor Rec. FREE archery lesson @ Outdoor Rec.

Daysia B. Nurse 1 Sep Ettiene K. Allister 1 Sep Ava N. Stewart 2 Sep Ezaveon H. Moore 2 Sep Bailey B. Williamson 2 Sep James E. Connes 3 Sep Kellin T. Kirby 3 Sep Addison A. Price 3 Sep Kaleb N. Molette 3 Sep Jayla K. Parks 3 Sep Elise M. Burris 3 Sep Carissa L. Richardson 4 Sep Dong Hwa Kim 4 Sep Rosa J. Rodriguez 4 Sep Joshua F. Morgan 5 Sep Rachel Essex 6 Sep Cari C. Rix 6 Sep Jacob N. Williams 6 Sep Brian V. Huynh 6 Sep Garrison D. Johnson 6 Sep Jalen R. Session 6 Sep Alex M. Chang 6 Sep Camille J. Knott 6 Sep Sylas H. Hendel 6 Sep Treyvon J. Allison 6 Sep Cristian A. Mejia 7 Sep Dakota N. Matthews 7 Sep Gabriel A. Wickley 7 Sep Demoria L. Tucker Jr. 7 Sep Nathaniel B. Williamson 8 Sep Erik G. Rude 9 Sep Sharmarie S. Jamerson 9 Sep Sierra M. Julian 9 Sep Andre S. Peerman 9 Sep Makenzie P. Clyde 9 Sep Ya`pharah C. Brown 9 Sep John E. Stadler 10 Sep Ryan Tillery 10 Sep Joshua S. Brown 10 Sep Marlen M. Rodriguez-Gomez 11 Sep Gracianna R. Pittman 11 Sep De`mani Dail-Addison 12 Sep Kayle K. Jefferson 12 Sep Joel S. Tinsley 12 Sep Anthony M. Salem 12 Sep Kaylin N. Fontenette 13 Sep Joshua T. Wickley 13 Sep Erika M. Murphy 14 Sep Joshua M. Jones 14 Sep Dylan C. Avery 14 Sep Khalia Burke 14 Sep Isabella R. Scott 14 Sep Rhianna S. Turville 15 Sep Jaliyah D. Patterson 15 Sep John Burger 16 Sep Felicia L. Lozinski 16 Sep Joshua Caluma 18 Sep Christian A. Mosley 18 Sep Spencer D. Strange 18 Sep Randi S. Ferido 19 Sep Nakaiyah Smith 19 Sep Sam L. Wiggins 19 Sep Evin G. Rude 20 Sep Daniel P. Lopez 20 Sep Anabela E. Schmidt 20 Sep Gabriella M. Hedgpeth 20 Sep Nathanael T. Deanda 20 Sep Riley J. Laudando 20 Sep Jeffrey L. Tinsley Jr. 21 Sep Seth Raymond L. Lizama 21 Sep Bryce A. Lee 21 Sep Preston A. Francois 21 Sep Julia R. Dickenson 21 Sep Athena I. Vangraefschepe 21 Sep Joshua T. Warnell 21 Sep Machala R. Swickard 22 Sep Leia J. Smith 22 Sep Alex Saucedo 23 Sep

ďƒ­ H A P P Y

B I R T H D A Y ďƒŽ

Allen M. Mills Felipa J. Benjamin Matthew C. Mims Isaiah Bosse Stephen Richardson Keora S. Stevens Jordan D. Wheeler Janaya E. Carter Kayla M. Carter Ava S. Ammari Paul M. Jullian Jr. Melissa A. Cooper Aaron Brown Adrian P. Ruiz Lexy V. Moreno Joshua Dye Isaiah J. Blyden Adrian A. Gomes Amare D. Alford Ella D. Dudley Jase H. Strand Krystal M. Garay Rodriguez Kinley J. Bruens Lauren E. Miller Andrew B. Lilly Michael L. Alexander Jaden J. Harrison Jennifer R. Passage Ciana E. Rolle Brooke N. Thomas

23 Sep 23 Sep 23 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 24 Sep 25 Sep 25 Sep 25 Sep 26 Sep 26 Sep 26 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 27 Sep 28 Sep 28 Sep 28 Sep 28 Sep 29 Sep 29 Sep 29 Sep 30 Sep 30 Sep

Youth Sports Director Bradley Ficek 753-5601

Technology & Computer Lab Specialist

Casey Batchelor 753-8645

Work Force Preparation Specialist Shatoraca Morgan 753-5613

Middle School & Teen Back to School Here are important websites and phone numbers for schools and programs.

Humphreys American School Elementary Main Office 753-6313 Middle School Main Office 753-3191 August 30 -first day of school 1st - 8thgrades September 7 -First Day Kindergarden

OSAN American High School Main Office 784-9076 784-9098 784-9096 *if calling from a Korean cell phone precede with 0505

Youth Sponsorship Training CYS Services and ACS Relocation will be conducting a Youth Sponsorship training course for youth ages 10-18. Learn how to help new youth coming into our community by becoming knowledgeable about USAG-Humphreys, programs available to youth on our installation and Korea. Training session will be held at CYS building 570. Wednesday, September 8 from 1600 to 1700. Become a Youth Sponsor, call 753-8274 or e-mail

Babysitting List You've gone through the babysitting course and you have a few hours of babysitting under your belt. But you are trying to earn more money to by the new Ipod Touch. How can you get your name out to the parents who want and need babysitters? Come to the CYS building #570 and register to be placed on the Babysitting List. You must: -Be 13-17 -Have picture ID -Bring any babysitting certification The next babysitting course will be in October. To sign up call 753-8274

Youth Advisory Council

CYS services is looking for YOU! Kids, grades 6th - 12th, come and be part of of the Youth Advisory Council. Voice your opinions and suggestions about issues that are facing the youth at USAG-Humphreys. Meetings are held every Tuesday at the Teen Center from 16301730. For more information call 753-8274 or email You're a teenager and you have a voice, use it!

Experience the Edge! (Experience, Develop, Grow and Excel)

This program is designed for youth 11 - 18 year olds to experience out of school opportunities in "cutting edge" art, fitness, life skills and adventure activities. The Edge! provides a wide range of activies in month-long classes. All classes are offered FREE to youth 6th - 12th grade. Classes will take place Monday through Friday between 1500 - 1800. For more information, call Shatoraca Morgan 753-5613

Middle School/ Teen

September Events

Back to school might be a bummer but The Teen Center has new things to do and clubs are back in full swing... Don't get BORED! Get thee to the Teen Center! September 1 2

3 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 29 30

Power Hour, Technology Club (1600-1700) Power Hour, PC Gaming Tournament (1600), Learning Korean(1800-1900)

Power Hour, "Back in School" dinner/pool party (1600-2200) Power Hour, Youth Advisory (1600), Workforce Prep. (1600-1700) Power Hour, Technology Club (1600-1700) Power Hour, Pool Tournament (1600-1900), Learning Korean (1800-1900) Power Hour, Big Bro and Sis, Professional Bowlers Youth Clinic (1300-1600) Comm. Service Club Bake Sale -PX Grandparents Day Boys and Power Hour, Open Rec./Create a Game Girls of Power Hour, Youth Advisory (1600), Workforce Prep. (1600-1700) America and 4H Power Hour, Technology Club (1600-1700), Clubs will be campaigning Dodgeball for Prez, VP, Sec., and Power Hour, PS3 Tournament (1500), Treasurers. Here is your Learning Korean (1800-1900) Power Hour, Open Rec., chance to make a difference! Dinner and a Movie (1600) Voting begins FULL LOCK IN - Everland Amusement Park at Night! Oct 4. Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Creative Art, Army Dodgeball Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Youth Advisory (1600), Workforce Prep (1600-1700). Power Hour Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Take Advantage of Technology Club (1600-1700), Basketball. after school time to Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, finish homework and Ping Pong Tournament, maybe get some Learning Korean(1800-1900).


Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, answered. Cosmic Bowling, Youth Sponsorship. Seoul Zoo -Limited Seats, Workforce Prep. bus leaves at 0800, Cost $10.00 Designed for Kids Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Texas Hold'em (1600). 15-18 reday to enter Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, the workforce. Youth Advisory (1600),Workforce Prep. (1600-1700). This Course will help Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Technology Club (1600-1700),Indoor Soccer. you with all aspects of Power Hour, BGCA & 4-H Campaign Week, Job Readiness. Xbox Tournament (1600), Learning Korean (1800-1900). Tuesdays 1600

CLEOS Director Joseph Jacks 753-8274

Middle School & Teen Program Director Sidney Johnson 753-5614

Child/Youth Program Assistant Barbara Hoover

Korean Class

Make the most of your time here in Korea. Learn more than Khamsamhamnida and start making memories of your stay. Thursdays 1800

Operating Hours Monday - Friday 1430 - 1900 Saturday 1500 - 2000 Sunday & Holidays Closed Bldg. S-427 753-5614

Instructional Classes Home School Corner Sept 3 10 17 24

September Schedule

H Sewing Group Starting- Children will assemble pieces of a quilt . They will delight in seeing their individual pieces come together to make a full quilt by the end of the year. H Science Study-Galileo Galilei and replicating some experiments involving gravity and pendulum motion. H Japan-learning about culture, customs and land. H Art-Studying Picasso. Learning about Picasso and try to make our own Picasso inspired collage art.


Gym Bugs

1000 - 1145 Pre-school 4 & 5 Yrs CDC

Creative Dance

1515-1600 8yrs and older 1605-1635 2 & 3 yrs old 1640-1710 4 & 5 yrs old CYS Building 570

Baton Twirling 1715-1800 6 yrs and older CYSS Building 570

Sing & Dance With Me Tuesday 1000-1100 CYSS Building 570

All classes are held at the CYSS Building 570 from 1000-1130

Home School Support Group Meet with other home school families and discuss different strategies for balancing home schooling and daily life. For more information, contact Bri Hedgpeth at 010 3187 1196 or e-mail *sponsored by USAG-Humphreys Chapel For more information, contact Kristi Jones at or visit the homeschool group on yahoo


Private classes $75/month (4-30min)

Friday Art Group


1615-1645 Toddlers, 18mo-3yrs old CDC


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5Yr Old/Kindergarden 1455-1540 (CDC) 1st -2nd Grade 1600-1645 (CYS Gym) 3rd grade + 1700-1745 (CYS Gym)


6 years & older Group or Individual lessons available Times and fees vary by experience level Call 753-8274/3413 for Pricing

SKIES Unlimited

is looking for a dedicated person for a math tutor. This is a paid position and is open to anyone ages 18 or over. Primary subject matter is Algebra I & II, Geometry and SAT Prep. For more information, contact SKIESUnlimited at 753-8274/3413

Art Group Meets at the CAC Aerobics Studio at 1000 September 3 -Banner Decorating for Kids Week September 10 -Stained Glass Windows September 17 -Paper Mache Bowls September 24 -Paint and decorate Paper Mache Bowls


September 13-17 Special Programs through out CYSS. Come out and participate in a week of fun activities and events. Watch the "In The Fight Bulletin" and "Garrison Notes" for details or call 753-8274

The CDC, Says,

“Thank You” to HHC USAG, for helping the Teachers on our Saturday Training Day! The Soldiers helped with re-arranging closets, moving heavy book cases and helping the Teachers get ready for the Strong Beginnings Classroom to open!

Thank you again to Cpt. Flythe and 1SGT Phillips.

Send us your best Halloween and Sports photos for our October "Halloween" editions of Happenings and Family Strong NOTE - EARLY DEADLINE - SEPTEMBER 9 FMWR Wants to fill our October Publications with your Scary Photos Send Your Photos to by the September 9 deadline!!!

Editor, Kyra Rodriguez at

Family Strong reserves the right to accept or reject items.

USAG-Humphreys Area III Commander COL Joseph P. Moore Deputy to the Garrison Commander Dave Frodsham Command Sergeant Major CSM Jason Kim

Acting Director, Family & MWR Activities James Howell Marketing Chief Mike Mooney Family Strong Editor and Design Kyra Rodriguez Staff Chong, So-Kyong, Yu, Tae-Yol, Lee, Gun-Hack, So-Hee, Jeffery Hubbard








Remember to nominate your Favorite Military Family for the Military Family of the Year. Nominations are open September 1st through the end of the month. Tell us why your Family is everything a Military Family Can and Should be!

Family Strong

is a monthly publication of the Directorate of Family & MWR Activities, USAG-Humphreys & Area III Republic of Korea & is published under authority of AR 215-1. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the U.S. Army or any agency thereof. Use of a Commercial name or Advertiser does not constitute endorsement. Questions should be directed to:


Army Family Covenant: Keeping the Promise








Family Strong Septemmber  

Monthly Publication to information USAG-Humphreys of Famly and Youth Programs available. Sustained by the Army Family Covenant

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