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The DMZ 13 & 27 August 2011

After the end of World War II in 1945, Japan was forced to end it's 35 year long colonial rule over Korea. Despite the homegrown efforts of the Korean people to form a new government, the allied forces proposed a trusteeship to establish a Korean provisional government which would become "free and independent in due course." This trusteeship was shared between the Soviet Union and the United States, as neither country trusted the other with full dominion of the peninsula. With their common enemies neutralized, the United States and the Soviet Union became each other's largest possible threat. Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel, two young military officers, were tasked with the mission to define a line of demar cation between the American and Soviet zones in August of 1945. Under pressure and on a deadline, the two quickly selected the 38th parallel north, without consultation of an expert on Korea, because it roughly divided the Korean peninsula in half, but left Seoul within the American zone. This proposal was easily agreed to by the Soviet Union, as a similar proposal had been discussed between them and the Japanese some 40 years prior. Rusk later said had he known, he would have “almost surely� chosen a different line. While the trusteeship had met its intended goal, there was a not yet an agreement on how to reconcile the two new governments. The United Nations passed a resolution, which said the UN would create a temporary commission in Korea, free elections would be held, and that all foreign troops would leave. The Soviet Union, despite boycotting the UN for its refusal to recognize Mao Ze Dong's communist China, did not veto the resolution, and withdrew its troops in 1948, the same year as the United States. However, they did persuade North Korea to bar the United Nations from entering the 38th parallel to monitor the free elections. Anti-communist and formerly exiled Korean nationalist Syngman Rhee was elected President of the Republic of Korea in the South, while Kim Il Sung became the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the North. Both North and South Korea remained heavily dependent on their former occupiers, but North Korea and the Soviet Union were especially close because of their shared Communist ideology. With the approval and support of the

Soviet Union, North Korea invaded South Korea in June 25, 1950. The United Nations passed a resolution to recommend international intervention two days later, and United States and its allies returned to the peninsula. After pushing North Korean forces back over the 38th parallel, General Douglas MacArthur proceeded even farther north, near the Yalu River, spurring the entrance of the People's Republic of China into the war. After brutal fighting, U.N. Forces crossed the 38th parallel again in December of 1950. The war continued, with both military and civilian casualties escalated. Eventually, territory ceased to be exchanged and offensive action ceased, although defensive action and bombing continued. Armistice talks began on July 10, 1951 at Kaesong, but it wouldn't be until two years of combat later that the Korean War Armistice Agreement was signed. Under the conditions of the Armistice Agreement, the Military Demarcation Line splits the peninsula down the front line, intersecting the 38th parallel at an angle, with the Demilitarized Zone acting as a two kilometer wide buffer on each side. The MDL is marked with signs posted at intervals all along the peninsula. The DMZ is a no-man's land that can only be entered by people with permission of the controlling side's government. The Joint Security Area, also known as Panmunjom, is the only point along the DMZ where North and South Korean forces meet. On the way to Panmunjom is the Freedom Road (also known as the Unification Road), which is the only highway connecting Seoul to the JSA. Within the JSA lies Camp Bonifas, named for Captain Arthur Bonifas who was killed by North Korean soldiers in the infamous 1976 Ax Murder Incident, the Military Armistice Commission building, the Pagoda at Freedom House, Checkpoint 3, and the Bridge of No Return. USAG Yongsan will be offering two tours to the DMZ in August. One will be on 13 August and is open to the community as a whole. The tour that will take place on 27 August is for UFG Soldiers only. The bus will depart K16 CAC at 0645 and Moyer CAC at 0715. The bus will then return to Moyer CAC at 1600 and K16 CAC at 1700. There are 40 spaces available but a minimum of 10 required for the tour. For more information, please call Moyer CAC at 723-3291, K-16 CAC at 741-6030 or go to the USAG Yongsan, FMWR Facebook page.

DMZ Tour


BAR & GRILL Have you seen a logo that read R & R Bar & Grill on July's Issue of the Community Connection and wondered what that represented? FMWR's Main Post Club's name and concept will be changed to R & R Bar & Grill. R & R Bar & Grill can be perceived as a place for anyone to rest, relax, rock-n-roll but any of these assumptions are correct. R & R's mission is to provide off-post entertainment and atmosphere with an added convenience of being located on-post with affordable services and products. Main Post Club is transforming into the R & R Bar & Grill by enhancing the decorum, offering new food and beverage menus, providing a new catering service and featuring bands and DJ's on the weekends. . R & R Bar & Grill's menu headliner and star will be the 10 oz hand-packed, Black Angus burger. The menu will offer over 10 new selections of signature burgers featuring a turkey and vegetarian burger as healthy alternatives. Buffet goers can enjoy a specialty buffet offered from Monday through Friday. Weekend's at R & R will offer more entertainment and programming including performing local rock bands, Karaoke, and DJ's. Once in a lifetime experiences will be offered such as Chef's Night Around the World. Join Chef Roland, a star owner and chef of Gastro Tong Restaurant, on Thursday, 15 September for Asian Taste Sensation. The dinner will include ten unique Asian Tapas with recipes shared by the chef paired with Vinottimo wines. On Thursday, 20 October, Chef Martin, a Five Star Hotel Executive Chef, will present patrons with a six course menu with each course paired with a selected wine. Excitingly the R & R Bar & Grill can transform from a burger and buffet restaurant to an elegant, fine dining restaurant. Amazingly, R & R has the ability to be utilized for any special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday party. Patrons can rent the facility spaces and request R & R catering for the event. R & R Bar & Grill's Catering will travel to meet customers' needs outside of the R & R. Frequent visitors of the Main Post Club may have noticed a few additions in the Uptown Lounge such as a top of the line Juke Box, a new floor layout and dart board to name a few. The club will continue to be renovated until September. FMWR will introduce the Main Post Club as the R & R Bar & Grill during Rock Fest on Saturday, 3 September from 12002200. Rock Fest will be an amazing event with bands such as Over the Hill, Soto Gama, La Luna and more bands to be announced. Rock Fest will offer the public a chance to enjoy a fun filled evening of entertainment and food so bring the family because there will be something for everyone who attends. For more information on the new R & R Bar & Grill or on any of the events listed above, please call 723-8785/5678 or go to the USAG Yongsan, FMWR Facebook Page. We hope to see you there!

Rock Fest 3 September R & R Bar and Grill

Chef’s Night Around the World 15 September, 20 October R & R Bar and Grill 13

R & R Bar & Grill

You Should Have Been There CYSS Hired! Graduation

16 June 2011, Main Post Club

“The Hired! Apprentices’ dedication and commitment to excellence makes a positive impact every day.” - Colonel Huber

Battle of the Bands Competition

“I worked at the library and I was able to read a lot about careers.” - Jasmen Johnson

The Sesame Street/USO Experience


You Should Have Been There

2 July 2011, Williams Avenue

“This was a memorable event for both Americans and all the different nations that came to attend!” - Nathanael Schmitz

“It was a great Independence Day celebration. Thank you FMWR! You truly make a difference.” - Myounghee No

“The Independence Day reminded me of home.” - David Moske

“It was great to see so many people come with their Families and have a good time.” - Han Samuel

“What an awesome performance and celebration!” - Jinho Shingo Pyo

“The fireworks were great and much appreciated!” - Russell Kropp

25 June 2011, Main Post Club

“Battle of the Bands was a perfect example of ‘Katchi Kapshida’ (Let’s go together).” - Byron McGainey

“The show is aimed to help Military kids understand that moving around is a part of Military life.” - Lonnie Cooper

Independence Day Celebration

“I enjoyed it one hundred percent!” - Chris Ballentine

30 June & 1 July, Collier Fitness Center

“I’m happy that it’s something for the kids to enjoy.” - Roshinda Selvon

You Should Have Been There


Bungee Jumping

UNESCO World Cutural Heritage Site

Traditional Performance

Aug 27~29

Sep 3~5

LINKIN PARK CONCERT 8 September (THU), 2000



August 5~7 @DreamPark. Incheon

Jeju Island Tour 2 Nights, 3 Days









Information & Tours

Jeju Island, 19-21 August 2 Nights, 3 Days Price: $498 (Double Occupancy), Min:15, Max: 36 Jeju Island is the biggest island in Korea. It’s located in the southernmost of Korea and it’s only one (1) hour from Seoul by air. The island is known as the “Island of Gods” and has become a favorite retreat for honeymooners and tourists. The island’s mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and climate makes Jeju very similar to the Hawaii. UNESCO designed Jeju island as one of the World’s Natural Heritages in June of 2007. Price includes: Round-trip air fare, two night accommodations at the hotel, two breakfasts, and sightseeing with an English speaking tour guide.

Water Rafting, 6, 13, 20 & 27 August Time: 0600-1700 Price: $50, Min:16, Max: 40 Feel the roar of the river beneath your raft as you go down the white water of Hantan River! Take the adventure with your friends to forget about the stresses of everyday life!

Mt. Sorak, 27 & 28 August 1 Night, 2 Days Price: $162 (Double Occupancy), Min:15, Max: 36 UNESCO has selected Mt. Sorak as the Worlds Most Conservative Area because of the variety of plants and animals living inside the National Park. Mt. Sorak has healing powers which is said to treat the suffering that city life infects upon us. Once you experience the mysterious power of Mt. Sorak, you cannot help but fall in love with the mountains. Price includes: Round-trip bus, one night accommodations at the hotel, one breakfast, and sightseeing with an English speaking tour guide. * Our office can handle your airline reservations with United Airlines, Northwest, Delta and more! For more information, please visit our website at or come visit us at: 2nd Floor 89-10, Namyoung, Yongsan, Seoul Tel: 02-798-9998, Fax: 02-6442-0413, Email:, Facebook: MoonRabbitKorea 45



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